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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 18, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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definitely a midnight hero and that is what our midnight heroes are usually about. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, see you back here for special bar coverage tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.. i am shannon bream. >> it is thursday, april 18th, this is "fox and friends first". >> happening at 4:00 happening at 4:00 am, today is the day. rob: the full rejected mueller report due out in a few hours and it already has a lot of lawmakers fuming. >> the irony, the hypocrisy of these people who talk about dog and pony shows, put us to a dog and pony show for 21/2 years. shannon: live in the doj with what we can expect. shannon: american taliban fighter john walker linda just weeks form walking free. >> there's nothing stopping him from moving back to america.
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shannon: time is on brett kavanaugh's item people are not happy, the growing outrage after the magazines is a supreme court justice and his accuser on the same list. rob: "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ rob: not really fun unless you -- got to go out and not have fun without anybody. shannon: unless you have a credit card. rob: the nightlife system is based on that. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on
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thursday morning. study with a migraine. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. we have a lot to get to. >> the release of the bob mueller report, battle brewing on capitol hill over how the probe is unveiled. jillian: griff jenkins has more on what we can expect later this morning, a couple hours from now. >> reporter: 5 hours and counting to be exact. the entire country will get to find out. congress after two years of waiting, exactly what is in the mueller report. we expect to see a couple obvious things. one is more detail about whether there was any collusion. we know there was none but we will get more detail on that question and the unanswered question of obstruction of justice. here's how the timeline breaks down. 9:30 a.m. attorney general william barr flanked by deputy ron rosenstein at the department
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of justice will hold a press conference. that at 11:00 the report in its redacted version will go to the congressional committee. the question everyone wants to know is how much of this will be redacted. will be heavily redacted or lightly redacted? we don't know until we have in our hands. the public won't get it until the last, not sure of the time on that. we did learn in a filing, more about the unredacted version. is what the filing said, quote, once the redacted version of the report has been released to the public the justice department plans to make available for review by a limited number of members of congress and their staff a copy of the special counsel's report without certain reductions. speaking of, how much will be redacted? we know it will become a coded broken into four categories, the first being grand jury information witnesses, search
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warrant, subpoenas, classified information, the intel sources and methods, ongoing case information like a stone case in the michael cohen case and privacy information which protects uncharged individuals that their name appeared but they were not charged and don't want to expose them. democrats are up in arms furious, the house judiciary chairman jerry nadler holding a press conference last night accusing bar of taking unprecedented steps to spin the report ahead of it but the house intel ranking member devon nunez had this to say. >> the constitution has three branches of government, executive branch, legislative branch and judicial branch of the executive branch and attorney general can do whatever he wants to do. it's not for the legislative branch to tell them what to do or how to conduct themselves. rob: we also know the president's attorney rudy giuliani has been working on a response.
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we are not sure if -- one thing is for sure, we will hear more on twitter. rob: it is going to be a big day. jillian: democrats already fuming before william barr takes to the podium. rob: joe jenna versus the attorney general is going to set a corrupt congress. >> william barr, the new sheriff in town is going to hold a news conference at 9:30. by doing so he will confront the rebellious, abusive congress under the charge of the democrats and the house of representatives, he will start a process which is going to lead to a series of federal grand jury to hold accountable all the people you are talking about and he will conclude without saying it tomorrow that it all started in the white house. barack obama knew about this from day one, he authorized it,
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clapper informed him, everybody knows that is where we are headed and it is a bad time because a lot of very innocent people have been hurt, not just donald trump who has been absolutely outrageously harmed by what president obama authorized and now the chickens are coming home to roost. jillian: it has been 702 days since the special counsel was first appointed. long time. rob: bringing gas cans to st. patrick's cathedral in new york city. police say mark camparow low had more, what he told security he was cutting through the church to get to his minivan that had run out of gas but his story has been inconsistent. 's arrest comes days after the notre dame went up in flames in paris.
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schools back open in denver after a columbine abscessed teenage girl is found dead, she killed herself with the same kind of gun used in the 1999 attack. her body discovered in a remote mountain area of colorado after a daylong manhunt. officials closed schools thursday in response to threats, saturday marks 20 years since the columbine shooting. >> urging congress to take action on what he is calling a humanitarian and security crisis at the border. a democrat joins the post for the front lines. >> reporter: this shocked a bunch of twitter users. kirsten cinema calling on her colleagues to come together and secure the border. the democrats tweeting this year arizonans fear the brunt of washington as failure to address a broken immigration system.
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we must secure the border with a comprehensive, smart bipartisan approach, calling on the department of homeland security to send additional resources and staff to arizona ports. cinema just got back from a visit to the border where acting homeland security secretary urged congress to deal with this crisis during his first public address there. >> injured or traumatized, too many lose their lives in the process. they continue to process human misery on the border. >> there were more than 100,000 immigrants arrested at the border in march. that exceeds the crisis agents experienced in 2014, democrats hitting back now, elijah cummings inviting white house aide stephen miller to testify before the house oversight and reform committee to explain
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immigration policies like the president sending illegal migrants to sanctuary cities like san francisco. it is not clear if miller would take up cummings on this offer but the congressman believes he is the primary force behind the immigration policy. >> in a tactical guided weapon with a powerful warhead. claiming that kim jong un supervised that launch but the us has not yet confirmed that report. this comes months after donald trump and kim jong un's vietnam summit which ended with no deal. it has been a long time since they tested anything. us envoy is meeting with russian officials to discuss north korean denuclearization. kim could meet with vladimir putin as early as next week. shannon: john walker lind will
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soon be a free man he is set to be released from indiana president on may 23rd. he has been ordered to stay in the us under supervised release but it is unclear where he will wind up. he said he plans to meet and islands where he has been granted citizenship. the doj said they cannot prevent irish citizen from going there. the former islamicist fighter was captured months after 9/11. >> 3 tornadoes touched down in the texas panhandle and oklahoma. of the storm is forcing dallas airports to cancel 400 flights. you can see some incredible video of a tornado in the distance, multiple homes are reported to have been damaged, the severe weather system moving into the south and southeast today. it is that time of year, taking a met millions of people over the next 3 days. jillian: donald trump speaks to the pope tweeting just had a wonderful conversation with pope francis offering condolences for
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the horrible and destructive fire at notre dame cathedral. i offered to help on renovation and construction. according to newsmax the president plans to make a personal donation to the cathedral's reconstruction, $1 billion has been raised for restoration efforts. that shows how much it means across the world. >> the countdown is on to the mueller report release. we are expecting to learn a lot today but will we learn anything about alleged spying on the trump campaign. the other side of the story. the former fbi director will be here with what we can expect. jillian: what lori laughlin and daughters is being investigated in the college admissions scandal. ♪
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>> the rejected mueller report set to be released hours from now. jillian: with spying and instruction of justice lingering what will this report tell us? >> you to weigh in his former deputy assistant director of the counterterrorism division, thanks for coming on this morning. anyone expecting a lot of big surprises today would have to believe bob mueller allowed bill barr to misrepresent his report for the last few years. >> exactly right. the biggest thing that came out in the last few weeks, everybody will be asking will we see more about that in this report? a lot of that information in the kind of things being talked about behind the scenes will be heavily rejected. that is where we will get information we may not be aware of and what really drove this.
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as far as if this could please anyone, if you take the perspective of this was ever about donald trump and russia collusion, the democratic party -- it has been about the resistance all along and what they initiated, all this is going to be as an attempt by one side to start covering the tracks and it will be a lot of noise in the ag will now become the person in the crosshairs of congressional committees. you will see a lot of reductions. the question of collusion. we know that story, there is no story there so that leaves obstruction of justice. i'm a little disappointed there which i think bob mueller should have made a decision and made a call. those of us who worked in this work for a long time realize if there is insufficient evidence
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there is no story very there but unless the evidence comes along, he left a big opening for the democrats to say go find new evidence. this is going to go on and on because this is it. this is what the democratic party wants to hammer the president and that what makes this sad. this could have been a great lesson for all of us about intelligent interference in our election and our country's processes. i hope it turns out to be fat. i hope there is a big section in this report about that topic but i think it will be quite limited and we will lose the idea that for years the russians in particular have tried to interfere with the electoral process. shannon: a lot of people have been focused on donald trump, focused on bill barr, focused on bob mueller but what do you think of rod rosenstein? >> it is kind of ironic. one of the big arguments for the
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last few years is the president is obstructing justice, he will fire rosenstein. rosenstein will be sitting next to the attorney general to release this and talk about it. that says a lot. will that come out and be emphasized? i don't know. i am surprised he is still around. i wondered about his role in this but he is a pivotal character because he launched this and he knows a lot of things about the spying part, the opposition part. the world of bruce ohr and his wife, it is unusual for him to be running in fbi asset for the part of justice, that tells you this was never right to begin with. >> what about the fbi's reputation that is in shambles at this point especially at the very top? what do you say? >> it is a shambles. current fbi just can't say much. however i will tell you this.
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the reputation of the fbi has been on the line before and it is made in the trenches by men and women who work hard every day and they will overcome this. we need to focus on what the fbi did in connection with political spying and the democratic party. shannon: thank you so much, appreciate it. >> a migrant surge has been crippling our southern border, very difficult to handle but pete buttigieg says come on in. >> my community in indiana. i could use 30,000 taxpayers to help us fund. >> carly shimkus has reaction to his message to illegals. ♪
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>> the mueller report due out a month after the russia probe ended. how is impacting donald trump's approval rating? rob: carly shimkus with a new fox news poll. >> we have similar report related poll numbers courtesy of our fox news polling department, showing the president's approval ratings have remained steady since the russia probe ended at about 45% approval, 51% disapproval. this should be no surprise considering 65% of people polled say mueller's investigation has not changed how they feel about the president. in response to this poll here are two trump supporters doing just that, supporting the president, despite a negative media and cultural barrage he
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has remained steady in the polling, is he on instagram chiming and saying i'm proud of being an american, while donald trump is our president, i will be voting for him in 2020. disapproval rating higher than approval rating as it usually is for the president. pete buttigieg has an idea what to do with immigrants. >> donald trump recently said the country is full but south bend indiana mayor and presidential candidate pete buttigieg didn't agree saying he wants those illegal immigrants to move to his town. watch this. >> somebody thinks america is full i tell you my community indiana isn't. we were built for 130,000 people and when we got 100 now. i could use 30,000 more taxpayers to help us run. >> one twitter user says i would check with the residents first. in the timing and saying there are thousands in arizona you can have. the president has expressed interests in busing illegal immigrants to towns that are
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more friendly to them so this may be music to the president's years. rob: income not so much. let's talk about this, time magazine put brett kavanaugh and christine ford in the same magazine. >> they released their list of 100 most influential people yesterday and supreme court justice brett kavanaugh and his accuser christine ford appeared on it. this sparked negative black - from ford's supporters, you put her on the same list as the man she said assaulted her, so disappointing. a reporter named laura bissett set a matchmaking time's most influential 100 people list because you accuser prominent man of sexual assault and then finding out he is on the same list. how many ways can we keep
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re-traumatizing ford? the other side of that story comes from these two tweets, one being from chuck ransom who says she influenced what? she miss identified or at worst she lied and tried to destroy a man, michael chiming and i agree it is disappointing they put supreme court justice on the same list as someone who made accusations of no merit and made it less likely for people that were actually assaulted to be believed. the bottom line is the saga between these two continue. >> time tried to make everybody happy and made nobody happy. 26 after the hour, rashida tlaib jan a new tactical weapon test in north korea after a long drought in this kind of behavior. what does this mean for denuclearization talks with the united states? rebecca grant said kim is firing
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a warning shot and she will talk about that coming up. >> the attorney general has taken unprecedented steps to spin mueller's to your investigation. >> democrats calling foul before they even see the mueller report. todd pyro joins us with reactions from lawmakers and your comments.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert, house democrats demanding attorney general william barr can't wait press conference ahead of the mueller report released this morning. >> they claim it is an attempt to shape public perceptions. todd pyro is live with reaction on capitol hill. >> reporter: seemingly the entire democratic establishment apoplexy the ag is holding an uncle and 30 news conference to introduce the mueller report to the public. chuck schumer attacking bar who was confirmed unanimously by the
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senate his first go around as attorney general. schumer tweeting the process is poison before the report is released, bar shouldn't be spending the report at all but it is doubly outrageous he's doing it before america is given a chance to read it. bar doesn't want americans to make up their own minds. what is he so afraid of? nancy pelosi joined the top democratic tagteam tweeting bar has thrown out his credibility and the doj's independence with a single minded effort to protect donald trump. above all else the american people deserve the truth, not a sanitized version of the mueller report approved by the trump administration. jerry nadler has taken his time in front of the cameras to push the same narrative. >> reporter: the attorney general appears to be waging a media campaign on behalf of donald trump. the very subject of the investigation at the heart of the mueller report.
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rather than letting the facts of the report speak for themselves the attorney general has taken unprecedented steps to spin mueller's nearly to your investigation. >> the democratic and does not end there. new york times report claims doj officials had numerous conversations with white house lawyers about mueller's conclusions which aided the president's legal team as it prepares a rebuttal. the times report has not been independently confirmed by fox news. keep in mind like the american public democrats in congress have not yet seen the report and also reminded the special counsel works for the attorney general so at the end of the data special counsel's report is the attorney general's report. there is no obligation for bar to release a report but there is an obligation for the ag to redact information that could put american security in jeopardy. >> the conversation is going to spiral in so many directions today. shannon: people are starting the spiraling. we asked if you wanted to hear
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from bar or only want to see the mueller report. overwhelming amount of you want to hear from the attorney general. lori on facebook says despite what democrats think, we do have brains and can make up our own mind. nick tweets they don't want him to hold a press conference because it will undercut their talking points they have already prepared and tweets isn't tweeting. taxpayers paid for the investigation and bar is the boss of the doj. let him do his job. unclear what tweets, we will find out throughout the course of the day. >> something was missing from the teleprompter. >> democrats not alone in their anger over the press conference. >> many in the media rushing to judgment ahead of the report's release but like nearly every time before the media will be wrong again.
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>> the media freak outs of been marked by one thing, they have been wrong about everything, literally everything, they are trying to set up this what is bar hiding, they have no evidence he's hiding anything like they tried to set up the narrative the trump is going to fire mueller and they are going to try to set up a narrative the trump instructed justice and bar and rosenstein made that go away through a secret cabal. it is all nonsense. they have been wrong about everything, trying to save their reputations that been flushed down the toilet bowl. they have nothing else to go on. rob: the mueller team had to come out publicly which they almost never did to rebuke a so-called bombshell report from those feeding january the claimed donald trump told michael cohen to lie to congress, they quickly came out and squashed that report. other news and another big story, north korea launching a test of a brand-new weapon with rashida tlaib looking on, this is the first since the beginning of the summit with donald trump.
1:35 am
jillian: what does this mean for future negotiations? here's doctor rebecca grant, thanks for being here this morning, this did catch people off guard. what do you make of it? >> reporter: the keyword of this test is tactical. we haven't seen a picture of it but what we do know is it is probably short range. rashida tlaib's to a test range to watch it, don't know what it looks like, possibly a small unmanned vehicle or a little rocket but us strategic command said this was not a ballistic missile test so kim is showing off but is moving within the letter of his agreement not to do ballistic missile tests. rob: the common sense of this is the simple fact that rob: -- kobach want to give up nuclear weapons but needs the sanctions off of his country. it sounds like he was trying to dupe the president and charm him into getting his own way and now but it doesn't appear he is not here we go again.
1:36 am
>> reporter: is frustrated with sanctions pressure and he knows our envoys are talking about denuclearization but don't forget north korea keeps a big conventional army, stunning cyberweapons. this test is just him showing off and it may or may not have a big impact. we have not heard any response to the white house so far and they may not give us one if they know it is just a small test, they may just ignore it and frustrate kim even further and keep the process moving forward. >> you talked about what they may do. what do you think they should do? the united states, the white house? >> i want to see the process continue. we know there are talks going on, discussions with president moon of south korea, to try to possibly set up a third summit and this is really a un initiative and these are un imposed sanctions with russia has been pretty decent about
1:37 am
going with us in the un security council so keep going for now and try to get back to a third summit and some real denuclearization steps. rob: they have been pretty good about following up with the sanctions imposed on north korea but there is the potential of a summit between rashida tlaib vladimir putin. with the russians break their ties with us and go with north korea? >> we are in about a potential summit. a putin has met with president moon. there is no date for the summit but i wouldn't be surprised if it happened partly because vladimir putin has business on his mind. russia would like to build a pipeline into south korea. they have to go through north korea to do it. there are a bunch of reasons, not least of them rashida tlaib vladimir putin love summit, they want to show off and they want to show off in front of the us and china by having this meeting. >> what is in russia's best interests? is it to stick with the united
1:38 am
states or tell north korea what they could potentially do with the summit? >> i think in this case a putin and russia need to stick with the un plan and keep the pressure on. a lot of sanctions on russia as well. they can't move forward with their business ideas unless they get progress on north korea. for the moment they are still in favor of pushing for denuclearize in north korea to benefit russia. rob: maybe he just wants to antagonize the united states. let me meet with kim jong un just to take off donald trump. thank you for your time, appreciate it. very interesting. shannon: she said she recused herself from the jussie smollett case but kim fox was caught texting all about it. >> a warning regarding the justice system. ♪
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rob: democrats rejecting support from congresswoman omar, democrat in georgia congresswoman, refunding donations from the minnesota lawmaker. a spokesman for mccready says refunded omar's cultivation because he believes is no place for divisiveness in politics. omar has been condemned for anti-semitic remarks about israel. >> donald trump is weighing in on 2020. >> could be the mayor from indiana. i would like running against him. could be bernie, could be biden. i think sleepy joe will have a one -- hard time. may be bernie has the most spirit but it will be interesting to see going forward. >> there are 16 democrats running for president. that is announced his run in
1:43 am
february. buttigieg launches run earlier this week. biden hasn't announced. rob: text messages revealing a different story is chicago laptop prosecutor recused herself from the jussie smollett case after dropping charges against him. >> i recused myself out of an abundance of caution. what i have said continuously, when i recused myself from this case was i was not involved. >> her to breakdown what this is about the state of the, justice system is attorney deborah long, thank you for being here, appreciate it. before we breakdown the text messages what do you think has happened in chicago? >> it shows everyone watching that criminal justice system is not always fair. i have had many clients i believe are deserving of outright dismissal and i worked very hard in those cases, they
1:44 am
are not indicted. here they indicted jussie smollett and then dismissed the charges. many hours of police work went into this was at the end of the day he should have had to pay back more money and his charges were dust dismissed, that letter. usually my clients, we work so hard to get the dismissal and when we do we are thrilled but here he made up fake racial and homophobic -- just really not -- rob: be leaving he did this, they never got an apology or admission of guilt from him. let's go to these text messages from kim fox, the first one on march 8th. so i'm recused but when people accuse us of overcharging cases, 16 counts on a class iv felony becomes exhibit a. that is a lot of charges in this case, but they swung it all the way back the other way and let him completely off the hook so now you have a good everybody.
1:45 am
>> absolutely. it is a lot of charges are usually people don't even get accused of filing a fake police report. many people do it but don't get indicted, they don't have 16 counts. he compares this to our kelly to head four victims and only 10 count indictments, 16 count indictment -- >> let's show the text you are talking about. >> with 14 victims, for victims, 10 counts of washed up celebrity who like the cops, 16 on a case eligible for deferred prosecution, indicative of something we should be looking at generally just because we can charge something doesn't mean we should. >> other prosecutors need to take this message to heart. many times people are charged with crimes that should not be. this highlights that the prosecutor's office has a lot of controlling what they choose to charge someone with and they should have not indicted the
1:46 am
case because if they knew they were all totally going to dismiss it they should not have impaneled a grand jury. shannon: generally speaking overall i feel the country was so into with this and watched it so closely, this whole thing unfold because so many people say if i don't have connections, i don't have money, i don't have the wealth to get out of the situation how is this fair to the rest of the country? >> from my experience as somebody famous the prosecution goes above and beyond to prosecute the case and make an example of them. . went the opposite way. often times, i think the prosecution often goes after people that come from economically poor neighborhoods and they have a difficult time getting themselves out of it but here the prosecutor's office chose not to make an example of this. they could have made an example and said you can't file a false police report but they dismissed it which doesn't send a positive message. rob: for a da we did here from
1:47 am
upset police officers in chicago saying the district attorney kim fox is almost like a criminal advocate, not merely tough enough on criminals to have the job she has. >> you severally a progressive prosecutor and it is important for the prosecution to share discovery. we recently have a new bill in new york state where the prosecution will have to turn over more discovery materials but i think overall the police and the prosecution have to work so closely together and the police did a really good job in this dismissal doesn't give them confidence. they are not being rewarded for their hard work. jillian: new trouble this morning for lori laughlin. is her daughter the target of a little investigation? kim jong un national burger chain is getting high. we promise you have never tasted a burger quite like this. we will claim what this is.
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the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ jillian: we are hours from the mueller report release. one company wants to make sure you can read the 400 page document on the go. >> more on a special offer. >> barnes & noble will make the mueller report available this morning, users can download it through the note. they can also get it through the look apps or you can free download it, barnes & noble says they have been seeing strong demand for this in 20 make sure customers have this available and ready for them as quickly as possible. on on 29 april they will be releasing a special edition of
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the mueller report with extra reading material included in that. i don't think i have seen this from a company like this before where they are issuing a government document but it is widely anticipated. jillian: you have to pay to download this? >> know. they are allowing you to download it. jillian: let's talk about cbd burger. >> the latest trends, that is a component of cannabis, in everything from face creams and jellybeans and carl junior getting in on the trends, the first major fast food chain to offer a burger with cbd but it is not the actual burger itself. it is called the rocky mountain high cheeseburger delight. two beef patties, pepper jack cheese but that is not what will get you high. maybe it is the sauce on top,
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the santa fe sauce, 5 mg of it, but the special burger only available one day on 420. according to this business insider it could be expanded nationwide. it is everywhere. rob: this is not the stuff that gets you high. you will not get high eating this burger. the benefits they say marijuana has, you are not going to be -- >> i feel like it is a ploy. >> if you eat the burger and burn one down at the same time you will feel it. >> i don't know carlos junior is into that, probably not. rob: dozens of medical professionals, distributing millions of opioid pills, 60 people including 31 doctors across 7 states are facing federal charges.
1:54 am
>> so-called medical professionals behave like drug dealers, the department of justice will treat them like drug dealers. >> a serious crime prosecutor say some doctors even traded prescriptions to opioids for sex. the largest takedown of perception opioid dealers to date. >> one of lori laughlin's daughters is reportedly under criminal investigation according to the daily mail. federal prosecutors are launching a probe to see what that daughter new about her parents plot to get her into college. laughlin and her husband face four years in prison after pleading not guilty in the college admissions handle. felicity have impeded the and faces 10-month behind bars. >> everybody talking about the mueller report today. jillian: what do voters care about ahead of the 2020 election? brand-new fox news poll. rob: in seen video of a car
1:55 am
rolling down the road, scary crash. jillian: wait until you hear what happened before the crash? we will tell you about it. - there are tens if not hundreds of thousands of jews in israel and the former soviet union who are not going to be able to celebrate the passover.
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immigration is the nation's most important issue, 10% say the economy. >> healthcare, climate change in race relations round out the top 5. we want to know what issues you care about, let us know on facebook, instagram, twitter and email. >> time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a cancer survivor delivers easter baskets to kids in the hospital. >> it has is in it and different things for treatment or anything. >> evan jurgensen delivered treats at the same texas children's hospital where he was treated. >> a car speeding 100 mph, moments before crashing the car hitting the guardrail and flipping upside down. a little blue many soup, police in wales said was the result of a road rage race and they are lucky nobody was killed.
2:00 am
>> the ugly, a sheriff sticking aside a gun message in front of the home in florida after finding marijuana and cocaine inside. police have been giving lawrence at the house for 30 years. >> "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> confront a rebellious, abusive congress. the chickens are coming home to roost. rob: it is thursday, april 18th, fox news alert just hours from now, the long-awaited mueller report will finally be made public. jillian: what you can expect and how democrats are circling the wagons. a face-off in front of the nation making millions of people very angry. >> the coveted list, supreme court justice brett kavanaugh and his accuser, christine ford just landed together.


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