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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 18, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> the ugly, a sheriff sticking aside a gun message in front of the home in florida after finding marijuana and cocaine inside. police have been giving lawrence at the house for 30 years. >> "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> confront a rebellious, abusive congress. the chickens are coming home to roost. rob: it is thursday, april 18th, fox news alert just hours from now, the long-awaited mueller report will finally be made public. jillian: what you can expect and how democrats are circling the wagons. a face-off in front of the nation making millions of people very angry. >> the coveted list, supreme court justice brett kavanaugh and his accuser, christine ford just landed together.
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jillian: leaving his mark on the patriot legacy forever. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ america you and me ♪ ain't that america ♪ something to see ♪ ain't that america ♪ home of the free ♪ houses for you and me ♪ oh yeah ♪ jillian: good morning. we are laughing a little bit for the first time ever. if it was just the 2 of us. rob: my hands are so dry from the winter weather but i couldn't get a grip.
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jillian: are you good at home? you are watching "fox and friends first" this thursday. rob: thanks for getting up with us. a fox news alert, the release of the mueller report. >> a battle brewing on capitol hill how the probe is being unveiled. griff jenkins is always good, live in terms of justice with more on what to expect. >> reporter: this is the day everyone is waiting for from washington for two years, america and congress will get to see the much-anticipated mueller report. we expect to see two things, one is ties between the trump campaign and russia, where there was, we have learned, no collusion between the campaign and russia and more about efforts of whether or not there were instances of obstruction of justice. here is how they will go down, 9:30 at the doj. it will be william barr flanked by deputy attorney general rod
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rosenstein. they will the press conference, then between 11:00 and noon members of congress will get a copy of the redacted version of the report. sometime thereafter the rest of america around lunchtime will get to see it, possibly posted online to the special counsel's report, the big question is how much of it will be redacted i can't we don't have any idea but we have heard because democrats demanded the unredacted version that in the case of the roger stone case, the government wrote this, they say once the rejected version of the report has been released to the public, the justice department plans to make available for review by a limited number of members of congress and staff a copy of the special counsel's report without certain reductions which speaking of the redacted version would be color-coded and broken into four categories of redaction, the grand jury information like witnesses and
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search warrants, classified information like secret intel, sources and methods which have to be protected, the ongoing case information in the case of roger stone and michael cohen and privacy information, protecting uncharged individuals. democrats not only demanding an unredacted version but the house judiciary chairman demanding that bar cancel a press conference because he believes it is an unprecedented step to spin it but the ranking member of the house intelligence committee devon nunez had this to say. >> the constitution has three branches of government, executive branch, legislative branch and judicial branch and the executive branch and attorney general can do whatever you wants to do. not for the legislative branch to tell him what to do or how to conduct themselves.
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>> reporter: we also know that the white house, the president's attorney rudy giuliani has been preparing a counter response, whether there is a press conference, we will see something on twitter. one thing that is interesting to watch is who at the white house was spoken to go whether they are running for cover because the president will see for the first time that they spoke to the government and you know how things work in washington. it could be a very interesting morning. >> we've heard there are a lot of nervous people in the administration. jillian: getting democrats worked up even before taking to the podium. >> the attorney general today is going to set congress free. >> william barr is going to hold a news conference at 9:30. by doing so he will confront a rebellious, abusive congress under the charge of the
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democrats in the house of representatives. he will start a process which is going to lead to a series of federal grand jury's to hold accountable all the people you are talking about and he will conclude without saying it tomorrow that it all started in the white house. barack obama knew about this from day one, he authorized it, brennan and clapper informed him, everybody knows that is where we are headed and it is about time because a lot of very innocent people have been hurt, not just donald trump who has been absolutely outrageously harmed by what president obama authorized and now the chickens are coming home to roost. jillian: it has been 702 days since the special counsel was first appointed. rob: urging congress to take action on what he is calling a humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border.
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jillian: the democrat joining us to secure the front lines. >> reporter: arizona senator kirsten cinema calling on her colleagues to come together and secure the border. the democrat saying arizonans bear the brunt of washington's failure to address the immigration system. we must secure the border with a comprehensive, smart, bipartisan approach calling on the department of homeland security to send additional resources and staff to arizona court. cinema just got back from a visit to the border where homeland security secretary urged congress to deal with the crisis during his first public address there. >> six injured or traumatized, too many lose their lives in the process. without action from congress, there was the human misery along the border. >> there were more than 100,000 immigrants arrested at the border in march alone. that exceeds the crisis agents
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experienced in 2014, democrats are heading back. elijah cummings inviting white house aide stephen miller to testify before the house oversight committee to explain immigration policies like the president's idea to send illegal migrants to sanctuary cities. it is not clear if miller would take up cummings on that offer. >> bringing cascade into st. patrick's cathedral in new york city, police say he has lighters and lighter fluid when he tried to enter that landmark in midtown manhattan. he told security he was cutting through the church to get to his minivan which ran out of gas. investigators say the story has been inconsistent. the arrest comes days after the notre dame went up in flames in paris. schools back open in denver after a columbine abscess
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teenage girl was found dead. she killed herself with the same type of gun used in the 1990s 9 attacking columbine. her body was discovered in a remote mountain area after a manhunt. officials closed schools thursday in response to her threats. saturday marks 20 years since the columbine shooting. >> for american taliban fighter john walker lind will soon be a free man. he is set to be released from indiana prison on may 23rd. he has been ordered to stay in the us and to supervise release but it is unclear where he will wind up. he said he plans to live in ireland where he's been granted citizenship. the doj said they cannot prevent an irish citizen from going there. he was captured months after 9/11. judith clark, the getaway driver in a deadly heist that left two that is granted parole. clark served 37 years for her role in the 1981 robbery and
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murders of two police officers and a security guard. new york city pv is outraged writing in a statement, a murderer and a terrorist because of her actions, three families have incredibly deprived of husbands, fathers and sons. rob: the president speaking with the pope in the wake of the notre dame fire, the president tweeting had a wonderful conversation with pope francis offering condolences from the people of the united states for the horrible and district of fire at notre dame cathedral. for the help of our great experts on renovation and construction. the president plans to make a personal donation to the cathedral's reconstruction, $1 billion has been raised for restoration efforts in a couple days. jillian: donald trump kicking off the wounded warrior project annual soldier run. 30 wounded veterans will visit the white house this morning, it
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is a multi-day biking event put together by the wounded warrior project. the organization provide support and service to veterans along with family and caregivers. rob: the release of the full mueller report just hours away. what will we find out and what exactly will be rejected? ned ryan says this is just the beginning, he is here with what we need to learn about the president but also what to learn about alleged spine on the trump campaign. jillian: rising from the ashes of notre dame. what some say they see in this picture, lighting up social media this morning. ♪ ♪ but a grin without a cat." hey, mercedes, end audio. change lighting to soft blue. the completely reimagined 2020 gle. with intelligent voice control
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- [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at >> a rejected version of the mueller report will be released to the public and just hours. >> with questions around alleged spying and the origins of the investigation a hot new topic,
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will today's release provide any answers on that? jillian: ned ryan, a big day, the conversation has changed. >> people want to know what will happen with the mueller report. nothing, it changes nothing, mueller cleared him of conspiracy or collusion and bar when he looked at the report, he was in the loop for weeks before he released his summary but also came to the conclusion there is no instruction of justice. i know there's going to be collusion truth is who will cling to anything inside the report and continue this farce, the fairytale for weeks because andrew wiseman and those who constructed the report will do their best to create as much smoke and innuendo as possible but when all is said and done in the smoke and dust clears we
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will come back to where we started, no collusion, no conspiracy and no instruction of justice. rob: the new york times headline, the white house and department of justice discussed mueller report before release and jerry nadler obsessed that there is a 930 pressure before the release closer to noon. the president didn't invoke executive privilege, didn't shut down the mueller report. media and a lot of democrats trying to find any way to be angry? >> of course, they are committed to the big lie. this is the things that not only congressional democrats but many in the mainstream media have been committed to this big lie for several years, they have driven the narrative and been involved in pushing this. for them to come out and say we have been wrong for the last two years is not something a lot of them want to do and will never do but the thing we need to look at is the mueller report is the end of nothing in my mind, the end of chapter 1.
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what comes next is chapter 2, titled the reckoning. who did the leaks, who put this collusion conspiracy theory in place? who used our surveillance state and law enforcement as a political weapon against a political opponent over policy differences? i think where the ends up, this was obama's doj and fbi and cia, john brennan was heavily involved and i for the last cou weeks, a lot of democrats have been focusing on obstruction because we know there was no collusion but let's be honest and say there are going to be things that will make the president look bad.
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might not be the level of obstruction or collusion but how much are democrats going to hang on every little bit? >> they will do everything they can to continue this. i would remind people inside the executive branch, the head of the sector branches the president has the right to fire anybody. they serve at his pleasure, james comey, democrat hate james comey as much as republicans, they are just using this as an attempt to continue this theory of obstruction of justice. james comey was fired because he was inept and corrupt director of the fbi. donald trump had the right to do that and as you mentioned earlier there was no attempt to obstruct the russia investigation, no attempt to fire mueller. he let this run its course. any attempt for instruction of justice. rob: the fact that they want the unredacted report they also want access to all of that underlying
2:19 am
evidence. they are looking for access to a ton of negative information on the president that they can hammer him with. >> the fact of the matter is some of that grand jury stuff is never going to come to light. recently not going to happen. i would argue i want as many underlying documents to come to light as well. the fisa applications to come out, the memorandum that laid out the scope of this and the justification for it to be released as well. we want as many underlying documents, when all is said and done it will help the president to show what a scam, what a farce and what he fairytale this was. jillian: we will see in a few hours. it is 19 after the hour. time magazine putting brett kavanaugh and his accuser on their top 100 list but not everyone is happy about that decision. rob: nobody is happy about that. carly shimkus is here with a lot of anger.
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. rob: the mueller report due out today after a 2-year long investigation. how has it impacted the president's approval rating. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the fox news poll. >> on mueller report day we have mueller report related poll numbers to get to courtesy of fox news polling department. they show the president's approval rating has remained steady since the russia probe ended. at 45% approval 51% disapproval. this should be no surprise considering 65% of people polled say mueller's investigation has not changed how they feel about
2:24 am
the president. in response to this we have two trump supporter tweets, they are supporting the president, when twitter user says his poll numbers have remained steady despite a negative media and cultural barrage. on instagram, she will be voting for him in 2020. meantime all lies on capitol hill as we are re-8 is wait for the redacted version that will come out on lunch time on the east coast, breakfast time on the west coast. rob: time magazine trying to appease everybody and fails miserably. >> time magazine is an across hairs after they put supreme court justice brett cavanagh and his accuser, christine ford, on 100 most influential people list. christine forward supporters left outraged including actress jessica chastain who tweeted this. you put her on the same list as the man she said assaulted her, so disappointing.
2:25 am
christine ford over brett kavanaugh. laura bissett weighing in on twitter saying imagine making time's most influential people list because you accuse a prominent man of sexual assault and then finding out he is on the same list. how many ways can we keep re-traumatizing forward? reaction from the other side as well, chuck on twitter says she influenced what? it best she misidentified, at worst she lied and tried to destroy a man. the moral is that they tried to appease everybody and in doing so made both sides angry. >> i see jesus and a lot of people do. >> everyone at home wiped the sleep out of your eyes, you want to focus on this photo because some people say they see the silhouette of jesus christ in the flames of the notre dame cathedral. photos like this are going viral online.
2:26 am
they sparked next reaction. chris on twitter says remarkable apparition, even looks like he's carrying the cross, i to see the cross, another twitter user saying sorry, whether you see it or not real miracles did happen as french officials say the notre dame cathedral was 15-30 minutes away from being totally destroyed. >> you don't think you see it? >> i see it in some pictures. i'm on the fence on this one. >> i get what people are saying. >> the religious version of the blue gold dress. >> the real miracle is that a lot of that art and really sacred stuff out of the church. >> we can all say amen to that. >> 26 after the hour. democrats spending the mueller investigation from the beginning. >> they are trying to set up this what is bar hiding, no evidence he's hiding anything
2:27 am
and they will try to set up the narrative the trump didn't -- did instruct us as. >> what will the narrative be today? dan is coming up next. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you.
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with a range of sizes for all body types. depend® fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. >> house democrats demanding attorney general william barr cancel his press conference ahead of the mueller report released this morning. >> this is an attempt to shape public perceptions before the release. todd pyro has reaction. >> after today everything will be done. >> the democratic associate apoplectic the ag is holding a 9:30 am news conference as a way to introduce the mueller report to the public. chuck schumer attacking bar who was once confirmed unanimously by the senate for his first go around as attorney general.
2:31 am
today is thursday. schumer tweeting the process is poison before the report is released. bar shouldn't be spinning the report at all but it is doubly outrageous he is doing it before america is given a chance to read it. bar doesn't want americans to make up their own mind, what is he so afraid of? nancy pelosi joining the top democrat in the anti-bar tagteam tweeting bar has thrown out his credibility and the doj's independence with this single-minded effort to protect donald trump above all else. the american people deserve the truth, not a sanitized version of the mueller report approved by the trump administration. jerry nadler decided he wanted to be on tv talking about this. is pushing the same narrative. >> the attorney general appears to be waging a media campaign on behalf of donald trump. the very subject of the investigation at the heart of the mueller report. rather than letting the fact of the report speak for themselves the attorney general has taken
2:32 am
unprecedented steps to spin mueller's nearly 2-year investigation. >> speaking from the heart on that prepared statement he read from but democratic anger does not end there. the report claims doj officials had numerous conversations with white house lawyers about mueller's conclusions which have aided the president's legal team as it prepares a rebuttal. the times report has not been independently confirmed by us here at fox news. keep in mind like the american public democrats in congress have not yet seen the report. a reminder the special counsel does work for the attorney general. at the end of the data special counsel's report is the attorney general's report. there is no obligation under bar to release the report but there's an obligation for the ag to redact information that could put american security in jeopardy. >> nobody else is going to be fired up.
2:33 am
it is quiet. >> after 2 years of guessing what this is going to be your speculating, this anger is a bit rich i would say that we are going to do -- who is going to read 400 pages into hours. >> keep in mind until a month ago they were all like the mueller report is the greatest document in history even though the last 4 weeks, not anymore. obviously democrats completely changed their tune. we mentioned social media before. i live. there are people in comments on social media. we asked what you thought about democrats pushing bar to cancel his press conference, most of you feel the same way. time commenting on instagram they need to keep this up. they are helping trump get reelected. liz on facebook says he is the ag, he can do what he wants, nick tweets they don't want him to hold the press conference because it will undercut their
2:34 am
talking point that they have already prepared. >> talk about social media comments. >> i went with the joke. >> all right, all right, thank you, appreciate it. democrats not alone in their anger over bill bar's press conference. >> many in the media rushing to judgment ahead of the report its release but dan says like every time before the media will be wrong again. >> the media freak outs of been marked by one thing, they have been wrong about everything. they are trying to set up this what is bar hiding? no evidence he's hiding anything just like the narrative the trump would try to fire mother and that he did obstruct justice and it was bar and rosenstein that made that go way through some secret cabal. it is all nonsense.
2:35 am
they been wrong about everything and are trying to save the reputations that have been flushed down the collective toilet bowl. they have nothing else to go on. >> the mueller team even had to review the bombshell report from both feed in january. we never heard from the mueller team until something like this happens, the report claimed donald trump told michael cohen to larger congress about mueller and his team and refuted that report, north korea with a new tactical guided weapon, a big development and this has a powerful warhead, state media claims kobach provide this launch, the first in a long time, national security analyst doctor rebecca grant waiting on this test. >> the keyword about this test is tactical, don't know what it looks like but us strategic command said this was not a ballistic missile test so kim is showing off. he is in the letter of his agreement not to do ballistic missile tests. >> so interesting to see vote today us envoy meeting with russian officials to discuss north korean denuclearization, kim could meet with vladimir
2:36 am
putin of russia as early as next week, that the complicate everything. n for a black panther getting another chance freedom. affordable lovely a prosecutor clearing the way to get a new appeal here. the prosecutor blocked the hearing over concerns it could affect more cases in the city. he has been on death row for decades shooting and killing daniel faulkner during a traffic stop in 1981. >> smugglers sneaking illegal immigrants into the united states. they are flying back and forth over american soil. 10 illegals account sneaking into texas. official think smugglers used it to look out for police before sending the group over. border patrol says it is the first known time smugglers used a drone as a lookout. democrats. content to ignore the surge of migrants at the southern border. dan patrick is willing to pay cash to see the crisis with
2:37 am
their own eyes. listen to this. >> i will put out $100,000 bounty on your show. i will get any democrat $10,000 to their favorite charity, come to texas and go out in no man's land with me where these cartels drop off pregnant women, children and old people and they die. come with me, democrats or whatever state you want to be from where you don't have a clue what is going on. i will take them out and give them a gallon of water and see how long they last and they will realize it is a crisis and i will taken to a cantina where we just rounded up 59 young girls and before we can help them the drug cartel lawyers either to spring them and they are scared to death to say anything. this is a crisis of unbelievable proportion. >> ice arrested 280 illegal workers at one texas business, the largest in a decade.
2:38 am
>> 3 tornadoes touched down in the texas panhandle and oklahoma overnight, the storms forcing airports to cancel 400 flights. >> you can see a tornado in the distance kicking up a lot of dust. multiple homes reported damages. >> more severe weather on the way and janice dean is live. >> starting yesterday, going through today and tomorrow a strong line of storms moving to texas and oklahoma, kansas, still report your, several storm reports from the panhandle through oklahoma toward kansas and we still have the potential for strong storms today so that line is moved eastward, we have is a thunderstorm watch and parts of texas through louisiana towards arkansas, severe thunderstorm warning there as well. there is a severe threat today across the gulf coast towards the mississippi river valley towards the panhandle of florida so hail, damaging winds and tornadoes will be likely and there is the threat as we go through the overnight as well so
2:39 am
have your with the radios on, do not be anticipating those sirens because sometimes they will not go off. you need your radios to be on. across the mississippi river valley to the southeast towards the mid-atlantic up towards the northeast on friday and then again the threat is ongoing today and tomorrow, heavy rainfall on top of that, flash flooding will be a concern and there is your forecast today, the big story will be severe storms that will continue today through friday in 2 parts of the southeast towards the mid-atlantic. this is the time of year we see tornado activity and we are getting that. >> my friend johnny in central indiana texted me two minute ago saying we are having a crazy lightning storm that will come up at 5:30. >> you can see that line right there. >> keep you posted. 39 after the hour, the mueller report not out just yet. you can already order this thing online, the company offering customers preorders.
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we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at >> hours from the mueller report released, one company wants to make sure you can read the 400 page document anywhere. >> tracy carrasco with more on the special offer. >> barnes & noble will offer a free download of the mueller report on the knock tablet on the greeting apps. you can go to download once it is released. it is strong demand from customers who wanted to read this and make sure they could get the mueller report to them as quickly as possible so if
2:44 am
you're interested in reading that go there, the knock tablet or reading apps. very interesting. rob: this $2000 beautiful foldable phone that you can't get to break. >> it isn't on store shelves but reports already breaking. another of reviewers got their hands on this retailing for $1980. they are already tweeting about it breaking, this is affordable phone samsung has been hyping up. they say it can't hold a lot of the falls, is blacking out, the screen is flickering. it goes on sale next week on the 26th. samsung saying preorders already sold out but they are going to look into these issues of it breaking already. we heard samsung had issues before with the galaxy node 7
2:45 am
catching on fire, exploding so hopefully this doesn't turn into another issue like that. jillian: i can't get over the price. >> it is a big thing. >> it. into a regular smart phone. >> i want to see it fold again. really impressed, thank you so much, johnny cash headed capitol hill, he will replace a confederate figure representing arkansas in the statuary hall. >> the republican governor says the move is meant to show off the state's more recent history. another confederate statue will be replaced with a civil rights icon. >> let's check with brian kilmeade for what is coming up. >> the best thing i have ever seen on television was you
2:46 am
sharing your script with rob as they struggle to catch up. i will be re-watching that. it shows you guys have each other's back. let's show you what is coming up in the next 3 hours, mueller, mueller, and more mueller, the white house has been briefed already and it is characterized as lightly redacted. william barr will have a person before the release of mine:30 so we have an understanding of what we are about to read. what are democrats going to understand they are not in control of the department of justice, they lost the election. our lineup includes this, judges napolitano has been booked, we met all his demands. i believe he will be insightful. dana lash has an opinion, we asked for it. corey lewandowski is here. is a man very self-assured as is jason chaffetz who lives in utah but was comfortable in new york city. that is our lineup it sounds as if we are bragging, we're just telling. unless you want to add something.
2:47 am
rob: see you soon. jillian: coming right back.
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jillian: move over, beto o'rourke, there appears to be a new rising star, pete buttigieg drawing a crowd of 600 people in iowa after expecting just 50. >> is the rise to the top for real or a flash and hang? here to react is tim mclaughlin. let's have a look at the poll here, 2020 democratic paul and joe biden at the top even though he hasn't said he would run officially. buttigieg is rather impressive and closing in on kamala harris. >> no question about it. only a few months ago or a few weeks ago people were saying
2:51 am
pete who? what has happened is you forced him to look in terms of polling, if you look at the recent poll in iowa and new hampshire use third now to joe biden and bernie sanders so he has made an impressive showing and when you look at these. >> we have already seen the rise of beto were there was so much interest, that appears anyway something to be fizzling out a little bit because you have a lot of interest on pete. what does that say about the democratic party looking for fresh blood? >> when you saw this a while ago in national polling where it was 6 out of 10 of democratic primary voters saying they wanted somebody new, somebody different. it also points to a weakness in the democratic field. there is no real front runner. bernie sanders and joe biden are up at the top of the pack but a lot tends to be name id but the truth of the matter is the democratic primary voters are looking up. there is no clear
2:52 am
front runner at this time. >> the question i have been asking is what kind of candidate is he going to be? the more moderate? more leftist? on capitalism he said it has a lot of people don't which is why people talk about socialism, didn't a fighter what he is. he forced public option on healthcare which is moderate these days, supports the green new deal, on immigration he is almost open border. he's kind of a quasi-mix in a way. >> one of the criticism he has been getting, he hasn't really taken a firm position on issues, i am for medicare for all but don't want to necessarily do it right away. >> take if you wanted but he wants to have insurance. some of the extreme voices on the left are saying we've got to repeal the trump tax cuts, he said we don't want to go that far but we want to get rid of them for corporations or the rich or other stuff. that is what he is getting
2:53 am
criticized for, not taking firm positions at a loss the voices on the left want to make sure he is sufficiently liberal enough to get their votes. jillian: polls don't mean it is playing out but when you look at guys like beto o'rourke what do you make of the interest in them and someone like joe biden if he decides to announce? do you think people will have the interest in joe biden? >> i don't think he is playing in the same league as joe biden. he heard beto o'rourke and elizabeth warren, people looking for the new fresh face. joe biden is establishment. jillian: in general the interest these younger candidates are bringing versus so much who want to joe biden to run and now you wonder if they want that. >> think about the nickname joe
2:54 am
biden got from the president, calling him sleepy joe. you are not seeing the excitement people have for joe biden. rob: we shall poland bernie sanders against donald trump even among primary voters bernie barely beats donald trump which tells me a more moderate candidate has an easier time in the general election and buttigieg seems to be riding both sides through this bruising primary. should he choose to stay towards this. >> the problem is in the center you probably can't win the democratic primary. that's nothing like a lot of democrats are worried about. look at the firing squad of the democratic primary, whoever -- too liberal to be unacceptable to the general election voters. rob: this is interesting, thanks. 54 after the hour. rob grahn kautsky leading his
2:55 am
mark on the patriots organization in more ways than one. ♪ . .
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♪ jillian: all eyes on washington today as it is the day that many have waited for. we will finally get a chance to see that mueller report. we are expecting a preference with attorney general bill barr at 9:00 a.m. this morning. rob: we will see the report 9:00 and noon. jillian: all on fox. rob: salute to service at military base overseas. service members taking part in football training drills at jearmd. there to help sign autographs. rob: gronkowski leaves his marks on the pats. >> super bowl win super bowl home opener next week. he left a big dent on the trophy. he retired last month. that's not good.
3:00 am
>> new study finds men's beard have more germs than dog if you are. bacteria that they were at risk of getting sick. jillian: gross. have a good day. ♪ ed: straight to a fox news alert. today the day countdown officially on after a two year investigation we are now just hours from the release of the redacted mueller report. ainsley: hard to believe today is here. william barr holding a preference this morning 9:30 eastern time. brian: is this today? i didn't know mueller was today. we will soon learn more about what the special counsel found in his russia investigation and how he came to the conclusion that there was no collusion or conspiracy. and what went into the question of obstruction of justice. ed: trevor was march 24th that william barr came out and said these are the key conclusions. a


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