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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 18, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> new study finds men's beard have more germs than dog if you are. bacteria that they were at risk of getting sick. jillian: gross. have a good day. ♪ ed: straight to a fox news alert. today the day countdown officially on after a two year investigation we are now just hours from the release of the redacted mueller report. ainsley: hard to believe today is here. william barr holding a preference this morning 9:30 eastern time. brian: is this today? i didn't know mueller was today. we will soon learn more about what the special counsel found in his russia investigation and how he came to the conclusion that there was no collusion or conspiracy. and what went into the question of obstruction of justice. ed: trevor was march 24th that william barr came out and said these are the key conclusions. a four-page letter or so at the beginning of that on
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that friday saying hey, i'm going to -- i have got the report i'm going to give you the conclusion. democrats have been upset ever since saying we want the entire report. william barr has been going over this with representatives from mueller's team in terms of redacting grand jury information. ainsley: democrats are furious now. he is having a preference before the full report is released. we'll get into that for the nuts and bolts he is with griff jenkins at the department of justice. good morning,. griff: griff good morning, guys. this is the day we have waited for. if all goes as plans millions of americans will be able to see for them selves and draw their own conclusions on collusion and obstruction of justice about the time they are having lunch. 9:30 a.m., attorney general william barr flanked by his deputy rod rosenstein here at the doj behind me will hold a preference, go through the process, make some statements about it. and then between 11:00 a.m. and noon eastern, the congressional committees will receive the redacted
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version of the mueller report some time thereafter we believe it will be posted to the special counsel's website and available for all americans to read. the question is how much of it will be redacted. a "the washington post" article this morning says it will be lightly redacted but expect it to go into heavy detail into the behind of scenes of the firing of james comey and the handling of jeff sessions and his recusal. and whether or not democrats who have complained from the beginning they wanted edited, non-redacted version. we found out in the roger stone case filing they may get that in part. here is what the government wrote. once out report has been release to the public the justice department plans to make available for review limited numbers members of congress and their staff a copy of the special counsel's report without
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certain redactions. color coded broken down into grand jury witnesses, grand jury conditions witnesses and subpoenas. intelligence, sources and methods. the ongoing case information like roger stone and michael cohen and the privacy information protecting uncharged individuals. we also know today, guys, is that the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, has been preparing a rebuttal to all of the day's happenings. quite a day in washington. an historical one. by the end of the day all americans can draw their own conclusions on what they think it is. ed: just beginning. jiff jenkins live on the scene at the justice department. brian: 22 month probe it's gone on and on. ainsley: almost two years. brian: we have a situation where we know people have gone in and testified. what got people most concerned inside the administration, those recently left. some of the things that they told robert mueller, they are under oath and his investigators. they feel it would damage
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their relationship with the president, especially as it relates to possible obstruction. ainsley: look at that right there. don't forget how thorough this investigation was. in that summary we were told so many different attorneys have been investigating this under robert mueller. 2800 subpoenas. about 500 search warrants. about 500 people were interviewed. 230-plus court orders. and the investigation by the special counsel, by the fbi, by the house intelligence committee, by the bipartisan senate intelligence committee as well. ed: after all of that thoroughness, remember william barr march 24th came out and said this is what the special counsel found on the question of collusion. quote: did not establish that members of the trump camp conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its elections interference activity. so, we anticipate that the mueller report will say that the russians were quite active and wanted to interfere in the election but that the trump campaign didn't play ball. they did not coordinate.
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ainsley: robert mueller and rod rosenstein exonerating the president when this comes to collusion. brian: the department of justice according to them and the "the washington post" today. when we get this document it has been termed likely redacted version granular look at the way trump was expected of obstructing justice. they couldn't decide whether someone was acting like innocent wrongly accused or a method to his rantings. according to axios it chronicles the president going off on jeff sessions, rod rosenstein and bob mueller. did anyone read his twitter feed that's not even breaking news. why is he tweeting this out? doesn't this look as though he is trying to influence the investigation? no, it's like i'm telling you exactly what's on his mind and if you put yourself in his spot and he feels as though he is wrongly accused in his attempt to become president has been hampered by investigation, he think it's not anything that might be exactly the way you act.
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which makes, robert mueller say to himself, ranting of an innocent man. ed: on the question of collusion the door was shut essentially by william barr in his letter to congress some weeks back about what robert mueller did not find. the question of obstruction of justice is still out there. ainsley: no conclusive evidence. basically what barr said while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, had also does not exonerate him. that left a question only. william barr working with his deputy rod rosenstein who has been a trump critic sometimes sat down and said this does not meet the threshold of obstruction of justice. however, democrats would say we want to seat underlying documents of how you got there key part of what rudy giuliani has said again and again. the question of obstruction. even if mueller couldn't come to a conclusion. if on collusion and conspiracy there is no underlying crime there, by the president, or anyone close to him, how then can you say he obstructed
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justice on a crime he didn't commit? brian: i agree with you wholeheartedly ed, according to the "new york times," the department of justice had already had numerous conversations with the white house lawyers about the conclusions made by lawyer which explains why rudy giuliani, jay sekulow and emit flood might be ready relatively quickly with their 40-plus page rebuttal to the 400 pages we are about to read. ainsley: all right. let the mueller madness begin because the democrats are upset about this. they are upset that this preference is going to take place at 9:30 to provide overview of the report without the public -- before the public does get to see it. so have you several democrats crying foul, that are demanding that he cancel this preference. there are pictures of democrats that have demanded that he does that including adam schiff who has said for months and months now that he has seen evidence, the word evidence of collusion. shot down by robert mueller, the at the veteran, special
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counsel, the democrats have propped up for a long time. ainsley: they are saying they want to seat full report before the preference. ed: you should let the full report speak for itself they say in their statement. the attorney general should cancel the preference and provide the full report to congress as we had requested with the special counsel's fact-gathering work concluded it is now congress' responsibility to assess the findings and evidence and proceed accordingly. brian: they could show up private setting left and right and in a secure location they can read the whole report. i imagine unredacted, many people have already left town. among the things that are going to be redacted grand jury testimony. intelligence, ongoing investigation, privacy of unindicted third parties to protect their identities. after all, why should their reputation be ruined if they had nothing to do with the investigation except given the information they know. meanwhile, here is what chairman nadler had to say about the series of events that are coming his way today.
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>> the attorney general appears to be waging a media campaign on behalf of president trump. the attorney general has taken unprecedented steps to spin mueller's nearly two-year investigation. ed: so, interesting. they are already charging that william barr is essentially colluding with the president trying to cover some of this up. they have been calling it a coverup for weeks now democrats on the hill, without giving the attorney general of the united states a chance to present the actual report. carefully going through and redacting grand jury information as brian has said and other key points. it seems to me they haven't learned a lesson. at the beginning of all of this it was there was collusion. we have evidence of it before there was actually a full investigation. then they find out from robert mueller actually there was not collusion. now they are saying there is a coverup. william barr is part of a coverup with the white house before they have actually seen the evidence. ainsley: deputy a.g. rod rosenstein is going to be standing beside william barr at the preference today.
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he allowed the fisa court to survey carter page, so democrats, you know, the president didn't fire him. he allowed him to stay a part of the investigation and mueller team. ken starr talks about the powerful symbolism of letting rod rosenstein be next to bill barr. listen. >> the attorney general is doing exactly what i think is wise. he is explaining before everyone gets all wrapped up in the specifics of the report, what the process was. that strikes me as very orderly. very wise. very prudent. the person who launched the investigation, rod rosenstein, is going to be with the attorney general of the united states. how fitting and how proper as mr. lincoln would say that at the very beginning was rod rosenstein now can hat theconclusion is rod rosensn attesting to the integrity of the process that's unfolded in these recent weeks.
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i hope that symbolism is not lost on people on capitol hill that's very, very powerful. ed: he made that point, ainsley, that having rod rosenstein there is pivotal. remember who bill barr is democrats are trying to paint him as some sort of trump partisan. served in the bush 41 administration. is he not someone who has been close to this president. brian: cia attorney as well. i would bring this up, too. this is the way the department of justice acts. jeff sessions was out of his element and way over his head. he recused himself. when you see and read i'm sure it's there the president of the united states ranting on jeff sessions and how he wanted to get him back in and involved. and doing it to maybe don mcdan who is the president's attorney who really had a problem with. then you understand that anything the president might have obstructed was actually out in public. so he probably could have came to a decision himself. meanwhile, when it comes to what could be next with the with the inspector general report coming up in may, it seems that republicans are ready to investigate the
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investigators. ainsley: you are talking about michael horowitz looking into christopher steele. that report is supposed to come out in the next few weeks. is he looking into christopher steele and his credibility. he would be the agent over -- the british agent, worked for the agency for 20 years. helping our bureau the fbi when needed. brian: they were paying him the former british spy to essentially dig up dirt on president trump. he was collecting dirt and with the dirt digging operation of fusion gps paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton campaign. that information used to get the fisa warrants that brian was talking about a moment ago to surveil carter page, rod rosenstein was in on renewing, you know, presenting the documents to renew that surveillance. the president yesterday talking with larry o'connor from wmal radio n washington yesterday at the white house suggesting there is going to be a whole lot more to this investigation. watch. >> it is unthinkable with strzok and page and comey and mccabe and all of
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these characters, of brennan and clapper and, you know, you look at what comey did as the director of the fbi. it's a disgrace, it's a disgrace to our country. brian: that's a little of his interview with great larry o'connor. we want to know what you think. what do you expect of the probe and what do you expect and the day after mueller? where do you think both sides are going to head? ed: will democrats be satisfied no matter what william barr says? ainsley: how far do you want to take this? do you want to find out who really have behind all of this? two years of our lives have been focused on this. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. mueller report hours away being released preference maybe sooner. if you think all the quells of collusion will be put to bed. byron york says in bold think again. he's on deck. nything. even rooftop parking.
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3:18 am
don't think they are going to give it up just because of this. look what happened after bill barr released his letter outlining what he called the principle conclusions of the report and he quoted mueller saying the evidence does not establish that there was a conspiracy or collusion between russia and the trump campaign. immediately people on the left said maybe he couldn't prove a criminal conspiracy but maybe there was some other sort of conspiracy. or maybe he couldn't prove that beyond a reasonable doubt but maybe there is evidence that the rest of us can believe i really think we have already seen and they already tipped their hands that they are going to continue to believe in collusion. brian: right. trump tower 2 meeting that we didn't know. it's not going to be michael cohen moscow tower talks. we know about it already. rudy was smart maybe crazy like a fox so to speak. comes to object destruction no underlying crime how can you obstruct. if you are surprised by the
3:19 am
obstruction assumptions read the president's twitter feed, right? >> they will have more to talk about obstruction. if the barr summary is pretty accurate, mueller did not reach a conclusion about on or about oobstruction. that's a question right there. he is a prosecutor. he has all the evidence. why didn't he reach some sort of collusion? there will be a lot of ammunition. we know that already for trump's critics who say that firing james comey or the lester hold interview or something else was proof of obstruction right there in front of our eyes. so i don't think that argument is going to go away at all. brian: can we put impeachment to bed and focus on the election or no? >> if you believed in impeachment before the mueller report, why would you stop believing in it now? and this is a question where clearly you have a conflict inside the democratic conference in the democratic party in the house of representatives. you have a lot of the leadership like nancy pelosi wanting to move on, these are the more senior people. wanting to move on.
3:20 am
wanting to focus on the legislative agenda. but you are going to have the investigative committees, the judiciary committee, the intelligence committee investigating this stuff all the way until the next election. brian: byron we do know there will be immediate pivot from investigating the investigators. that will be interesting to see how this whole thing started and what, if anything, the previous administration had to do with that byron we will watch together and find out if the president's answers to the questions he was given by the mueller probe will also be somehow in the 400 pages. we will be watching, byron, i look forward to your analysis. >> thank you, brian. brian: homeland security counsel says emergency action is needed to stop the border surge. what are they recommending? the council chair joins us next. (mom vo) it's easy to shrink into your own little world. especially these days.
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. a man is behind bars accused of bringing gas cans to saint patrick's cathedral. mark also had lighters and lighter fluid when he tried to enter the new york city landmark. he initially told security he was cutting through the church to get to his minivan which ran out of gas. but investigators say his story has been incon sis tint. his arrest comes days after notre dame went up in flames in paris. this is a live look at the french president's home in paste where is he honoring the 400 firefighters who battled the massive cathedral blaze. paris' fire brigade chaplin will receive a for saving the jesus crown of thorns. running with french and american flags before their graduation. north korea no longer wants secretary of state mike pompeo involved in nuclear talks overnight state media claiming the regime wants someone who is, quote: more careful.
3:25 am
this coming after kim jong un reportedly supervised the testing of a new tactical guided weapon with a powerful war head. today a u.s. envoy is meeting with russian officials to discuss north korean denuclearization. kim could meet with vladimir putin as early as next week. certainly keep you updated. ainsley? ainsley: good deal. thank you so much, jillian. acting homeland security chief kevin mcaleenan urging congress to take action on the border crisis. >> arrive sick, injured or traumatized and too many lose their lives in the process. without action from congress, criminals will continue to process human misery along our border. ainsley: this as the bipartisan homeland security council has recommendations recommending emergency steps to go down and handle the surge of migrant families arriving at our southern border. brian: what are they actually recommending? what can they do to actually help deal with this crisis? karen tandy charl chaired that
3:26 am
subcommittee and also former head of the dea good morning. >> good morning. brian: 600 percent increase in family migration in the last year. we have heard this before. over 53,000 family unit apprehensions last month alone. they are now expected to receive 500,000 of these arrival in the fiscal year. before we get to the recommendations, what does it say about this crisis and how dire it is? >> our border is collapsing plain and simple, what's happened is central american families, which consist primarily of one adult and a child, are being encouraged by drug traffickers and smuggling operations to bring a child and get across a board. why is that important? it's become a swinging door. they get across the border and then get released into the united states because customs and border protection is doing all they can and doing it valiantly
3:27 am
there are no transportation services. there is none of the services needed either to take care of these endangered children and they are in danger or to address the security at the border. ainsley: karen, let's go through some of the council's o recommendations. the first one is the flores fix to roll back regulations for detaining migrant children and family units. explain why that would be helpful. >> so what happened in 1997, there was a court opinion that held that minors, that children are limited to 20 days in detention. so customs and border protection keep them longer than 20 days if they were unaccompanied minors coming across the border. what happened after that more recently in the last year was that the court took that opinion and added on to it, expanded it to also include these family units. so even though the child is
3:28 am
accompanied, even though the child has a parent or a guardian with them. the court said you also are limited to 20 days as to these family units. ainsley: the whole family gets out after 20 days? >> what happens is is customs and border protection has a hard stop at 20 days. there is no place to put these people. they are surging beyond the wildest numbers and what happens they get released, given a notice to appear. and they disappear into the united states. now, i will just give you one quick set of numbers, very quickly. over the last seven months of these family units, 2600 of them filed claims for asylum. only 100 of them appeared for that claim. ed: talk as well about making those claims at the port of entry. why would that be different than what's happening now? >> i think the important thing about that is drug smugglers and these human smuggling organizations are
3:29 am
the ones that are putting these people in danger. they are mostly entering between the ports of entry in the most remote areas that are just colosally dangerous. if you limit the asylum claims and entrance into the united states through the port of entry you take the whole profit side out of this for the smuggling operations. most importantly, you protect these children. they are injured, they are traumatized. it's terrible what's happening to them. they are being pushed by these organizations through rars wire to get into the u.s. ed: you took a serious look at bipartisan group of folks harman a democrat who used to serve in congress. we appreciate you serving this country trying to grapple with this issue. we will see how it plays out in the days ahead. ainsley: thank you so much, karen. >> thank you so much. ainsley: attorney general william barr promising full transparency with the mueller report's release. democrats are attacking him anyway. ed: the judge says the less
3:30 am
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>> it's very important that the public and congress be informed of the results of the special counsel's work. my goal will be to provide as much transparency as i can consistent with the law. i can assure you that where judgments are to be made, i will make those judgments based solely on the law. i do think it's important that the public have an opportunity to learn the results of the special counsel's work. we will color code the excisions from the report and we will provide explanatory notes describing the basis for each redaction. ainsley: what more can he do? transparency at its finest. still, the democrats aren't happy. let's bring in judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst host of fox nation. >> good morning.
3:34 am
ainsley: democrats not happy because he is releasing it after the preference. >> he can have a preference and explain how they got there and the procedure and how they decided what to redact and what the colors mean. would i like to be at the preference? yeah. ed henry would too, you guys would too. would have you liked to have read the report before his preference? this is his style. i give him credit for doing that except 5:00 in the morning ready to start reading this thing and now i find out i won't get it until 11:00 or 11:30. it's been two years we can wait a few more hours. brian: testify probably in the next couple weeks after everyone has had a chance to read the report it seems like it's partisanship. he is putting it out there. >> what is the report? the report, we think it's about 400 pages is a summary of the underlying evidence. what is the underlying evidence? that's more than a million documents that came from the white house and the campaign alone. that's probably close to another million documents. transcripts of
3:35 am
conversations, transcripts of grand jury testimony. notes of fbi agent interviews. so, if they the president doesn't like the 400 page report, they are going to want to underlying information so that they can second guess bob barr -- ed: william barr. brian: obviously democrats are on their heels because they don't like this 9:30 preference. schumer said this hand picked attorney general meaning bill barr, has thrown out credibility. we see some of the negativity there. they say this. after seeing the preference and knowing the report is going to come out and be lightly redacted. they have called for bob mueller to come in and testify. i got news for you, they are not -- the republicans are not going to push back. ed: i agree with you and i agree with the democrats. bob mueller should testify and ask him whatever they want. look, much of what is and we haven't seen it redacted.
3:36 am
the law requires the attorney general to redact. iif you redact more than the law requires, he is going to lose some credibility. if he redacts less than what the law requires, is he complying with, excuse me the clip that you just ran at his confirmation hearing where he said is he going to err on the side of transparency. there is a tremendous desire on the part of americans to see what is in there. this has consumed us for two years. ainsley: it's wonderful in our president is not colluding with another country. but it seems that the democrats really -- they are upset by these findings. >> well, we don't know what the findings are. ainsley: no collusion. >> if there is anything in there that they can use to undermine his legitimacy or undermine his credibility or weaken his re-election chances, of course, they are going to do it. that's what they do. brian: we already know there is after mueller life for the anti-trump democrats and they subpoenaed nine banks.
3:37 am
the records of nine banks. the biggest banks of the world as they relate to donald trump's financial dealings. robert mueller, the people say william barr's department of justice says they are going to allow certain members of congress to be able to see the report without certain redactions after its public release but they have got to see it in a secure location. ainsley: can't take notes. judge: those members are the members top security. congressman schiff, senator graham, senator barr and senator warner. the chair and ranking member of the jewish area and intelligence committees from both houses have those levels of clearance and they can see it. there is a federal statute that permits the intelligence committee chair and ranking member who have top security clearances to see anything. now, can they reveal what they see? if they do, they are going to undermine their credibility. >> they will never have a secret shared with them again. they can do so with impunity
3:38 am
if they do it on the floor of congress. ed: schiff has been saying for two years he has seen evidence of collusion mueller contradicts that his credibility is in question as well. judge, we appreciate you coming in. judge: a pleasure. appreciate you up here from d.c. ed: a big day. good to see you: jillian has more news. good morning. jillian: a state trooper saves a assaulted by illegal immigrants. is he due in court today. he was taken into custody in ohio after being pulled over for a traffic stop. the trooper became suspicious when he saw the 15-year-old girl and neither one of them had identification. that's when they found out she was reported missing in new jersey. the drama hahe has previously bn deported. another privacy mess for facebook. social media site accidentally uploaded email contact from 1.5 million new users without permission. the glitch has been fixed and facebook is notifying all affected users. they say the information was
3:39 am
not shared with anyone and is being deleted. well, don't mess with grandma. a 65-year-old fends off a 300-pound half naked burglar who tried to break into her car. >> he better be glad i didn't have a gun because i would have shot him. but hit him right here because i was going a-ya. jillian: pretty animated. high school days of playing softball. canine tracked the suspect down and arrested him. jillian: feels pretty good as he battles pancreatic cancer. >> i wanted once again to thank you for your continuing messages of encouragement and support. i'm touched beyond words. jillian: the iconic game show host show wraps up 35th
3:40 am
season. he says he plans on returning to jeopardy when it comes back this fall. i recall him saying he has a three year contract, right? he has to be there a couple more years. ainsley: wish him the best. brian: champion playing in a way in which we have never seen before since ken jennings, i think. ainsley: he looks really good. he looks great. we are all pulling for him. ed: janice dean outside with a little weather. janice: is he a canadian icon. we love him. get better, alex. we love you. we have tourist what is are your names. >> randy ralph. janice: and. >> kelly. >> thank you,. >> eric from rochester. janice: thank you coming from rochester. look at the maps. severe weather i want to talk about. 53 here in new york. the storms across the central u.s. are making their way eastward and we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for parts of texas into louisiana. and arkansas and today you will see some tornadoes. we saw tornadoes yesterday. heavy rainfall is possible as the storms move southeast and toward the plant and the
3:41 am
northeast on friday and saturday, so there is your threat through tonight across portions of the gulf coast, lower mississippi valley. and then friday for parts of florida up toward mid-atlantic as i mentioned and we are looking for tornadoes. so no weather radio could save your life. you need one if you live across the gulf coast and know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your neighborhood. say hi to steve, ainsley and brian my friends. up early. we're so grateful. > ainsley: good morning rochester and where is the other? janice: i'm sorry, ed. i'm sorry did i say steve? ed: that's okay i'm leaving. ainsley: i didn't notice it either. brian: we will take it out for the west coast when we re-air the show. democrats already crying foul about barr's redactions of the mueller report. wait, it's not even out yet. ed: they are mad. >> is he going to redact whatever he wants. >> the attorney general barr is not allowing the facts of the mullen report speak for themselves.
3:42 am
red he had remember jerry nadler didn't want the starr report to come out in full. david brody will react next on ddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission. puberty means personal space. so sports clothes sit around doing a little growing of their own. ohhh. ahhgh. so imagine how we cheered when we found tide pods sport. finally something more powerful than the funk. bye. i love you too! he didn't say that. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor.
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that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans, from unitedhealthcare.
3:45 am
jillian: good morning, welcome back. quick headlines now. israel's president officially nominates prime minister benjamin netanyahu for a new term. comes a week after his political party won a majority in the israeli elections. netanyahu is expected to create the most conservative government in the nation's recent history. and she has been condemned for anti-met particular remarks about israel. now democrats are rejecting support from congresswoman ilhan omar. north carolina congressional candidate dan mccready and georgia congresswoman lucy both refunding donations from the minnesota lawmaker. a spokesman for mccready says he quote believes there is no place for divisiveness in politics. ed? ed: democrats have made it pretty clear they will not be satisfied with the redacted mueller report. >> it isn't up to the
3:46 am
attorney general who has said basically that the president is above the law and the rest, so he is there to redact whatever he wants. >> the attorney general barr is not allows the facts of the mueller report to speak for themselves. >> there was obstruction and compelling evidence possibly even of collusion. >> we're not going to allow this attorney general hand picked by the president to oppose the obstruction case. ed: what can we expect to hear from them when the report is released? i think we just got a teaser. here with more cbn chief political correspondent david brody. good morning, david. >> it's good to see you. ed: interesting we ended that montage with adam schiff who is supposed to be chair of the house intelligence committee yet for two years now he has been saying he has evidence, evidence of collusion. and, yet, robert mueller didn't find it. >> no. he didn't find it look, donald trump has the ultimate trump card, right? no collusion. we know that and by the way can we stop saying this is from the barr letter. sure, it's from the barr letter, barr was quoting
3:47 am
robert mueller's report. let's get that on the record for a moment. look, i think what we are going to see with democrats today is a lot of those minions and "despicable me" and all those yellow guys? every democrat today is going to be a minion. little robert muellers going around saying look, here what happens we found and try to connect the dots and adam schiff is going to have some sort of collusion vin diagram going on etch asketch all over the place. ed: they have been talking the talking points literally for weeks now maybe not collusion but there is obstruction. >> you will hear a lot of this today. yeah there is obstruction. there is obstruction. here's the problem. robert mueller says there is no obstruction. there is no charges of obstruction. ed: he couldn't come to a conclusion. >> he couldn't do it. they wanted a special counsel they got it they said mueller is a fair guy.
3:48 am
now all of a sudden mueller doesn't know what he is talking about. that doesn't work, ed. ed: interesting. what about the third narrative of redactions. we heard this from the beginning, leading to the beginning of william barr putting out that letter in late march and democrats are suggesting this shows there is a coverup. >> right. well, a couple things here. we heard the word redactions. i think what we are going to hear today and going forward from democrats is overredaction. overredacting. overredacting. that's what they are going to say. one redaction for them is overredaction. so this is what -- we know the end game there, right? this is all going to court. we know it's going to happen. barr is going to find himself in court and congress -- or the democrats in congress are going to try to figure this out. i think it's going to be a nightmare. in honor of passover bill barr passing over redacting some of what is in the report. perfect timing, ed. ed: interesting. i have got 30 seconds, david, what about a new narrative that seems to be tested in the past few moments we have breaking news that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer put out a statement ahead of the barr
3:49 am
news conference saying we want bob mueller to testify? >> well, of course they are going to say that because, once again, this is the nook and cranny strategy. any nook and cranny they have to figure out a way to bring mueller in front of congress. got to figure a way to bring barr. already complaining about a preference with bill barr. the media complaining about a preference. let me get this straight bill barr is going to have a preference and ask him a question about process no, no, no, no. we don't want to do it. we don't want that preference? what in the world? it's upside down. ed: if he didn't have a news conference they would come out and say why wouldn't he have a news conference. thawnctthanks for breaking it al down. >> thanks, ed. ed: vets healthcare at a town hall meeting last night. our own pete hegseth tried to go but they locked him out. he is here live with the inside scoop ♪ said and done ♪ i'm proud as anyone ♪ that's where i come from ♪ $329 a month for 36 months.
3:50 am
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♪ ed: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez attending a town hall last night on veterans healthcare. she was just one of the speakers arguing against the president's mission act which gives vets more choice in the care. something we have talked to them a lot about. ainsley: congresswoman saying they are trying to fix the v.a. for insurance corporations and ultimately trying to fix the v.a. for for-profit healthcare industry that does not put people or veterans first. pete hegseth joins us now to react to this. pete, you served our country and you tried to get into this town hall, right? pete: i tried. when we saw this town hall was happening right in our own backyard we applied for media credentials and access to go to the event. now, the organizers this is what they had to say. i think we have the email unfortunately we are at capacity and unable to credential any more media
3:54 am
for this event thanks for your request. is that true? ainsley: also denied access to fox news in general. pete: they denied all access. we have photos from i like to call her comrade cortez. her instagram story. this is a picture of the auditorium. it appears that there were. ed: there haven some empty seats. >> you could have landed a chopper there. >> and, you know, listen, i haven't pulled every member of the media most members of the media are not veterans themselves who are quite passionate about this topic which is why i wanted to go. it would have been great to get insight on it and ask her a question. it was a very typical left wing event. ainsley: that was her video. pete: that was her video look at the audience here. brian: pete, let's talk about the major issue that's the choice. people choice if they can't get to the v.a. or v.a. is area let them go private using the money allocated to
3:55 am
it. pete: totally opposed to it all in with the unions. i want v.a. for all. all americans. medicare for all. it is canadian style v.a. healthcare is what they want for everybody. she makes that argument. points to the number of vacancies, positions at the v.a. not filled. well, we have added over 47,000 jobs in the v.a. since 2004. wait times have still gone up. more veterans are getting care in the community. and they still can't get good care. so if you add it all up, she doesn't know what she is talking about. i will say it she doesn't know what she is talking about when it comes to delivering for vets. talking to guys, i talk to guys every day. i just want the best possible care. if it's the v.a., great. if it's a private provider, great. this administration is committed to that all the rules aren't written. it's not perfect yet. that's what they want to happen. the left is saying no. same system for everybody, government run healthcare. brian: for or profit also means there is incentive for excellence. because if you don't make a profit, you lose money.
3:56 am
ed: competition. brian: the v.a. has no competition. >> no competition so they treat vets as numbers. i have been talking to someone right now they were at the mayo clinic they needed crucial care. the v.a. denied it. said no, go back to your v.a. clinic where they are now waiting for another month. ainsley: why do they deny it if we have choice. >> the v.a. decided baited on matrix cost too much for specialty care go back to the government run system and wait in line instead of giving that veteran -- at that point their cancer may have gotten that much worse. this is what government run healthcare looks like when the veteran doesn't get to choose. ed: important issue. this is one where i join with the congresswoman in trying to ban you. i have been trying to keep you off the weekend show for a long time. banned you from a town hall. pete: you are stuck with me. ed: look forward to working with you this weekend. brian: getting along better at least on camera. wait almost over. full mueller report set to be released hours from now.
3:57 am
ainsley: reaction from andy mccarthy and dan bongino live in the next hour. brian: andy the happiest in that shot. patients with serious are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage. new government restrictions would allow insurance companies to come between doctor and patient. and deny access to individualized therapies millions depend on. call the white house today. help stop cuts to part d drug coverage that put medicare patients at risk.
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4:00 am
ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. today is the day the countdown is on. after a two-year investigation we are hours away from the release of the redacted mueller report. brian: right. finally, attorney general william barr decides to hold a news conference about two and a half hours from now, 9:30 eastern. ed: live at the justice department we will soon learn more about what the special counsel found in his 22 month russia investigation and how he came to the conclusion that there was no collusion and what went into the question of obstruction of justice. a big day for sure. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live outside the department of justice right now. good morning, catherine. >> good morning, guys. the timeline has finally firmed up. we know the news conference will be the:30 eastern. shortly thereafter.
4:01 am
the mueller report will be physically delivered to congress and then shortly after that it will be publicly released. a lot of this is influx for all of the entire day yesterday until late in the afternoon when the president broke the news himself on a radio show and he also made a bold prediction. >> this should never happen to a president or to this country again what took place. and you will see a lot of very strong things come out attorney general barr is going to be giving a preference. maybe i will do one after that. we will see. >> almost immediately after that the justice department publicly confirmed the news conference and then shortly after that five house democrats chair committees three of which have direct oversight for the justice department called on the attorney general william barr to cancel the news conference on the basis they said that they had not seen the report already. and they felt the news conference was more evidence that the attorney general was working to shield the president. now, today, we will not have
4:02 am
the special counsel robert mueller at the news conference. that's really in line with the special counsel regulations that dictate that the report was confidential to the attorney general and it was his calling what would be public and what would be sent to congress. attorney general, as well as the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. we expect an overview of the report and the process on the redactions. it's important to note that democratic congressman jerry nadler even in advance of today threatened to issue a subpoena as early as tomorrow or monday if the report he got was virtually identical to what was publicly released. but late yesterday there was a justice department filing and it indicates that there will be a second version of the mueller report with fewer redactions that will be available to a limited number of lawmakers and their staff. guys, back to you. brian: i know the sirens are getting very loud, catherine, quick question for you. do you think this report is coming out in a way, 400 pages that would need some clarity before i read it?
4:03 am
because for the layman and this is for the entire country, you need to know what these colors mean. you need to know how this is put together. so is it there is a sense politics aside that we all need a primmer? >> for folks like us following every single detail familiar with the key players and what the mechanisms and the pro-says will be, but for the public at large, it will be helpful to know the categories of redactions. the grand jury information, why that's redacted. classified information to protect sources and methods. shielding ongoing investigations. as well as protecting the privacy of third parties who were not indicted in the course of the russia investigation. and there are also going to be i of executive privilege. and where that may also apply in the redactions in the reports. so, it will be a way to in effect set the table for the public who will be able to read the report for themselves and reach their own conclusions about the issue of collusion as well
4:04 am
as the issue of obstruction, guys. brian: are you going to be able to ask questions? >> yes. we will be able to ask questions. i'm not sure whether there will be any limitation on the scope of those questions. we were told very firmly by the justice department that will will be questions were reporters. ainsley: that will be 9:35 that preference. thank you very much, catherine. ed: interesting the democrats moving the goal post. started with we have evidence. we have evidence of collusion with russia, that's adam schiff, eric swalwell, others. they don't have that so they say well, we think there is on strukd of justice. actually robert mueller says i didn't come to a conclusion. can i argue there is evidence on each side he essentially said to william barr in the summary. then they say there is a coverup because william barr has been sitting on the report and wants to do these redangzs. no, no, no. that's not the case i will testify before congress. he testifies before congress and says i have it out by mid april. now here we are mid april. people getting the redacted version and chuck schumer
4:05 am
and nancy pelosi this morning seem to be moving the goal post again saying that's still not good enough. ainsley: now they are asking for mueller to certify. listen how they framed this statement. we believe only way begin to restore public trust is for special counsel mueller himself to provide public testimony. they also go on to talk about how a.g. barr is partisan. he is slanted. irresponsible testimony. indefensible plan to spin the report in the preference later this morning even though that preference hasn't even happened. brian: one of the big controversies from the white house perspective is there will be a mass of details jonathan swan a great reporter on axios. the president unloading on about mueller, about sessions. about rod rosenstein to, i guess, don mcgahn and others. i have news for you, we all heard it. we have teen it, we have interviewed him. we read his twitter feed. is he doing it nonstop in front of the public eye which might have made it
4:06 am
challenge for robert mueller to figure out are these the randings of a innocent man or someone trying to membership me. he kept everything top secret. ed: said for 22 months the president is going to fire robert mueller because he wants to shut down the investigation did he ever fire him? no. brian: behind the scenes he told us, don mcgahn yeah the president told me to fire him and i told him no. is that obstruction? ainsley: so much hypocrisy in this. remember when the democrats loved james comey didn't indict hillary and she blamed him for losing out elections a few days before the election and then they hated him. they liked william barr. now they don't like him because he didn't find any collusion. ed: now all of a sudden is he a trump guy. insider. part of a coverup. ainsley: all of america should be happy there wasn't collusion. thought the case. brian: congressman jerry nadler, never happy, says he wants the whole report released. watch him rant. >> we have repeatedly said what is demanded by the situation. and that is that the judiciary committee be given the entire report and the underlying evidence.
4:07 am
>> there is a matter of decency and protecting people's privacy rights, people who may be totally innocent third parties what must not be released at all. it's grand jury material. it represents statements which may or may not be true by various witnesses. salacious material. all kinds of material that it would be unfair to release. ed: ainsley said a moment ago hip hypocrisy. there you go. starr report. because he was defending bill clinton. because is he a democrat. he was saying grand jury material. we can't release it that's exactly what william barr is saying now as the attorney general. chief law enforcement officer in the country. that of course you can't release grand jury information out there. so there are going to be sensible redactions and a debate about whether or not william barr went too far. the bottom line is, i have been told by a source familiar with this process, that, in fact, either robert mueller or representative of his team throughout this process of redactions has
4:08 am
been literally at a table in a conference room with william barr and his team and rod rosenstein. ainsley: they are the experts. ed: my point being robert mueller either himself or his surrogate have been literally at the same table. so, if he has opposed things, in terms of don't redact that and they redact it anyway. when he testifies, inevitably before congress and before the public, he is going to be able to say i didn't want them to redact that this has been a transparent process. ainsley: have to fault law and they're the experts. they know what is needs to be redacted and what doesn't. they know what's top secret and classified. they are not going to put information in there so we can all read it you have to trust the system. you have got mueller, have you got rosenstein and then have you got william barr. you have democrats and republicans working on this. brian: ken starr has been down this road before same rules different drama. here is what he said. >> what has been amazing to me is that throughout this
4:09 am
process of the special counsel investigation, there has been complete and -- as far as we know, complete cooperation with the mueller probe. including what was so extraordinary as you and i know the very fact that executive privilege was apparently never invoked so there is transparency. people want transparency. the white house, the president himself was whatever you thought of the investigation, was transparent and cooperative. i think by the way that gives the lie to the idea of obstruction. it simply is a matter of good government that the white house should be informed. brian: the white house is informed. they got a briefing already on within the mueller report. at least it looks as though emit flood did and that's going to help them from the rebuttal ready to go. rudy giuliani and jay sekulow. expect rudy giuliani and jay sekulow on every show everywhere. they will make themselves available. ed: think about what they have said, you can't
4:10 am
obstruct something if there is nounder lying crime. if part one of the mueller report says there was no collusion/conspiracy coordination between trump and the russians there is no underlying criminal activity by the president of the united states. how can you say well, there is no crime but you obstructed justice even though you didn't commit a crime. boom. ainsley: 22 months plus actually longer than that. america appears is ready to move on according to this monday moth university study saying most americans want to see unredacted copy of the report. but they don't want to pursue the investigation any further. look at that congress should move on, the majority say, 54%. congress should continue to look into it 39%. don't know 5%. and depends? ed: 2% say it depends. brian: i really don't want to be bothered. i want to keep shopping at the mall and leave me alone. other thing that is important they ask people what's the most important issues to them immigration number one by a wide margin. number two is the economy.
4:11 am
number three is healthcare. ed: president focused on the economy and healthcare like a laser. brian: 10 more minutes after the hour if i wait two more seconds it will be 11. 11 seconds after the hour. democrats hitting new heights like. this is he basically a lackey and sycophant but the president of the united states of america and that's all it's going to be. brian: our next guest has something to say to maxine waters. waters.brian. ed: former federal. prosecutor andrew mccarthy knows this caseor inside and out. brian: he is so happy. sh plate . an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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(danny) it's time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you. brian: 15 minutes now after the hour. not just showing you a random suv. in that suv is william barr, the attorney general who has two hours and 15 minutes to arrive for his own preference that he called last night. ed: looks like the house next door is for sale as well. ainsley: there is a car stopped in the middle of the road. brian: life used to sob simple on that block before picked up the phone and answered the request for donald trump. brian: serious day for him, obviously. he is having a news conference just about two hours from now. that will of course be live here on the fox news channel. joining us now with a little preview is fox news contributor former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york andrew mccarthy.
4:16 am
good morning, sir. >> good morning. ed: what do you expect to hear from william barr this morning. >> i expect a variety of things. a summary of the report. an explanation. brian: different one than the one we read? >> yeah. now all of the facts are going to be out it would be routine for the justice department to do this if we were dealing with a 15 i page indictment. here we are dealing with a 400 page report. it's extraordinary in the sense that usually in the justice department if you don't charge anyone, the government says nothing. so, just the fact that they are speaking about a case in which charges aren't going to be filed is extraordinary. but he has to explain the redactions and how that all works. whether it's grand jury or classified information, the other reasons that they may redact. i understand there is two versions of the report, one that's going to be made publicly available. one that will be available to at least some members of congress who have security clearance. that needs to be explained. and i also think there are a number of things that are attendant to this investigation that are
4:17 am
critically important. not least the attorney general and his testimony last week talked about an inquiry into the origins of the investigation. not just the fbi and the justice department but other intelligence agencies. what caused this investigation to start. brian: do you think that's in that? i thought it comes after it. >> no. no. i think it's in the press conference. the attorney general has the opportunity to lay out the report. to say explain what's in the report. to say explain how the report is being conveyed to the public. and also to talk about what next steps are, which would be the obvious thing i think he would talk about at a press conference. ainsley: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are not happy with the summary. they want mueller to testify so they can ask him the questions. do you think they will or should this be over? >> you know, ainsley, i think a lot of this is filling the air wheel we were waiting for the report to come. once we have a concrete report in front of us and we can read it, the next steps will kind of suggest them selves. so, you know, while we
4:18 am
didn't have the report in front of us, they want to complain about barr's letter. you know, their worst imagination of what's in the report and the big coverup and should mueller come in. now we are going to have the report. my experience, this is extraordinary event. but, you know, you are frequently in a situation where there is a lot you don't know and what do you know. and what tends to happen in these situations is the thing you do know is what occupies everybody's attention. it's just the way it works. ed: you compare william barr to his predecessor jeff sessions seems like the grown up in the room and saying i'm taking control of this now. i have gotten this from mueller going through painstakingly the redactions and whatnot. just recently confirmed. impeccable credentials. a lot of people say hey wouldn't have been my pick but he sure is qualified and was a bush 41 guy. served as attorney general before. now all of the sudden democrats are trying to paint him as some sort of lackey of the president. a trump insider part of a coverup.
4:19 am
listen to maxine waters. >> the fact is barr, to do anything that would be respectful to the members of congress, he auditioned for this job. he was chosen to protect the president of the united states. he is basically a lackey and a sycophant bu for the president of the united states of america. and that's all it's going to be. brian: is a sycophant? >> you know, bill barr is a very savvy, smart, scrupulous lawyer. and he has got thick skin and big shoulders. i'm sure he can take. this but, you know, just take a step back from it, these are the people or for two plus years spun a narrative that the president was an agent of the kremlin. if that's where they are coming from, why should would he be surprised by any of the stuff. this is who they are. brian: bother you that the white house got briefed already? is that routine?
4:20 am
>> last i checked, i looked at the constitution right before i came, in the president runs the executive branch. he runs the justice department. so, the attorney general briefed the president on something that all of america is going to learn. in a couple hours. i kind of think most people in america. brian: be prepared to work for 20 straight hours. we are willing to pay your fees. ed: great to have you. brian: 10 minutes before the the bottom of the hour did you know the attorney general is in a coverup ask the folks at cnn. >> do you think there is a coverup. >> what do you think in the four page summary could be a coverup? brian: dan bongino is here he says the real coverup is about to be exposed. ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ [farmers bell] (driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug!
4:21 am
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jillian: good thursday morning. welcome back. quick headlines now. a man is behind bars accused of bringing gas cans to saint patrick's cathedral. mark also had lighters and lighter fluid when he tried to enter the new york city landmark. now this comes days after notre dame went up in flames in paris. former american taliban fighter john walker lind will be released from an indiana prison on may 23rd. he will be on supervised release but unclear where he will wind up. he says he plans on living in ireland where he has been granted citizenship. and terry mcauliff is officially ruling out a 2020 presidential bid. the former democratic virginia governor tells cnn he can help more people at the state level. and minnesota senator amy klobuchar who is running will participate in a fox news town hall. that will be on may 8th. so mark your calendars.
4:25 am
ed? ed: thank you, jillian. the redacted mueller report isn't even out yet gets what? guess what there is a coverup. >> barr is either white-washing here or worse case scenario engaged in covering something up. is he now looking more partisan. >> there this is a guy donald trump chose there is a reason. >> the guy who protects the boss. >> do you think it's going to look like a coverup? >> what's specifically in the four-page summary do you think could be the coverup. >> donald trump got his man. he wanted somebody who was going to be loyal. he wanted a protector. he wanted a fixer. ainsley: joining to us react to this is the contributor and author upcoming book exonerated dan bongino. brian: did you get. >> you know what's in there? zero realed to crimes hence the title of the book. i had no problem putting that on the title in that book because i knew he was going to be exonerated and
4:26 am
any other rational person. ed: mueller shut the door barr shut the door. obstruction the door is ajar. what are we going to see today? >> the obstruction canard is a scam from the start. here is what is going on here when you learn to read the tea leaves. mueller knew instant takennously upon his that it was a hoax. how? andrew weissman is chosen as chief bulldog. weissman has already been briefed in 2016, months before mueller want appointment about where the dossier came from. brian: hfrom. ed: he was at the fbi. >> we know it frommor's own testimony. weissman knows this case is a dog. there is nothing there. mueller, in their effort to keep the investigation open into trump, to damage his presidency has to keep this thing open. he can't just come out on day two hey, ladies, gents.
4:27 am
they keep it open for 675 days. this case was a disgrace. there was no reason for this to stay open that long. brian: people point out 37 indictments. 5 guilty pleas, five sentenced to prison, five trump associates convicted or pled guilty. total indictments for collusion is zero. people say wow, what a great probe. look how much they got. nothing directly involved. that's for stuff they did in their past. >> i was a cop in new york city. that's terrific. probably 20 people indicted. 1,000 people brought in too requirerikers island. manafort, they pled guilty, final. those crimes had nothing to do with the crime that was oddly being investigated. nothing. zero. not one scintilla of evidence collusion happened. ainsley: "new york times" is reporting talked to trump lawyers about the report. this is the headline white house and justice department officials discuss mueller report before the release. we had andrew mccarthy on earlier. he said he read the constitution, that the white house is entitled to this.
4:28 am
to know what's in the report. especially when there is no crime. when there is no collusion. he reminded us that the president is over the executive branch and he is over the doj. but, on another network, chuck todd was saying that the attorney general, he said that this is shameless, it's uberous and he says this is actually collusion. >> the only collusion here is colluding on. >> this is actually collusion. >> in case you are wondering what collusion looks like it looks like the attorney general briefing, the attorney general lawyers briefinbriefing. >> we have to be compliant here so i'm trying to control my new york. these aren't serious people. chuck todd, rachel maddow they are not serious people. ainsley, they missed the two biggest stories of our generation. they missed the fact that collusion was a hoax and spying was real. they got the story backwards. they thought collusion was
4:29 am
real and spying was a hoax. they missed the two biggest stories of our generation. we are supposed to take chuck todd seriously? one other point, this is collusion? i mean, does he realize people saw that, it was on the air not a blog talk radio. he said that on a major network and said that? how is that? the president invoked no executive privilege whatsoever. the barr summary written in conjunction with mueller indicated no effort whatsoever to obstruct the probe and mueller was never fired despite the hysterical rantings of people like chuck todd and others that he was going to fire mueller and that the walls were closing in. and you are still insisting there was an effort to obstruct this? i mean, are they concerned about what their grand kids are going to think about their reputation? brian: this is how it is going to play out today. look all the time president trump yelled at don mccann sessions is incompetent that mueller needed to be fired. and that session should unrecuse himself and rosenstein was corrupt and going to wear a wire.
4:30 am
that's going to be all in this. look at all this obstruction. rantings of a guilty person. >> brian, that's fine. the president is entitled to a an opinion. he is the chief executive in the country involved in a case where he feels like his reputation is being maligned for a crime that never happened. it's not that he didn't commit it. it's that it never happened. you have got it understand. they were investigating a bank robbery where no bank was robbed. it's not that the bank was robbed and trump didn't do it. no collusion between anybody on his team and russia at all. is he entitled to his opinion. one other thing. you just presented me a series of bullet points, barely enough. devil's advocate. can i present five or six others. what about andy mccabe testifying on the hill. no effort to obstruct probe. what about jim comey's own memo where he says trump asked him to investigate, quote, satellite -- that might have been involved in wrongdoing. how is that obstruction? he is asking the fbi. ed: william barr said in his letter to congress that the mueller team had represented to him as the attorney general that they had never been blocked in any information that they
4:31 am
wanted. all of trump's comments using all public. you are going to obstruct an investigation and do it publicly in front of the national media? come on. ed: damage, thank you: every angle for you all morning long. all-star panel is here with some key perspective that may surprise you about what's coming. ♪ ♪ still fresh...
4:32 am
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4:34 am
>> bret: news breaking moments ago from the justice department. the appointment of a special counsel. >> the special counsel, robert mueller, has impaneled a grand jury and is already issuing subpoenas. >> we didn't win because of russia. we won because of you. >> breaking right now about who might turn themselves in this morning former campaign manager paul manafort and a business associate of his rick gates.
4:35 am
>> special counsel? >> no i'm not. what has been shown is no collusion. >> did mr. mueller take appropriate action in this case? >> yes, he did. >> have you seen good cause to fire special counsel mueller? >> no. >> >> today the special counsel robert mueller indicted 13 russian nationals, three russian companies. >> no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. >> the special counsel is recommending no jail time for flynn. >> the fbi raided the florida home of long-time trump advisor roger stone. >> robert mueller's report has officially been submitted to the attorney general. >> they found no collusion whatsoever with russia. this was an attempted coup. this is an attempted takedown of a president. >> the president states that this report is a complete and total exoneration. factually accurate? >> contents of the report,
4:36 am
isn't it? that's why i'm suggesting that we wait until the report is out. brian: and the wait is over, kind of. a couple hours. let former deputy assistant attorney general under george w. bush tom dupree here. former cia analyst buck sexton also here on our panel and former federal prosecutors francey hakes is here. let's start with you, if we can francey. what we can expect today when william barr comes to the podium. when he comes out. how much are we going to get his opinion and how much are we going to get a tutorial on what we where to get? >> well, brian, i think we are going to get a tutorial. i don't think bill barr is going to inject his opinion in this at all inspite of what the democrats say. i think he is going to be very caller about being a neutral arbiter kind of like a judge here. is he going to describe the facts. he will describe the facts in the report that support the conclusion that he has already summarized for us
4:37 am
and i suspect there will be something in it for everyone to love and something for everyone to hate. ainsley: buck, you said this is a reminder of the media getting it wrong the last two years. i don't think the media has realized that and will make it right or apologize? >> i'm quite sure that the media is not going to apologize and the media is doubling down. there was a bit of humiliation that was dolled out to them when we knew that there would knob charges either on obstruction or on collusion, conspiracy once that came out. but now you are going to see a lot of media outlets that are desperate to find something in this report to justify the insanity that they have been reporting on for two years. they are going to work very hard at a kind of special interpretive analysis here to say well, there weren't charges, look at this thing. they are going to dig deep into the redactions and suggest that's where the real collusion happened or -- i mean, it's all
4:38 am
nonsense and all politics for them. speaking of politics, the democrats are going to try to use obstruction. there will be some, i don't know if the whole party will go in this direction to create a narrative that you there needs to be at least investigations going toward or hearings going toward impeachment based on the obstruction evidence but not charges that will be in this report. i think that's pretty likely. ed: buck, you are talking about moving goal posts. let's bring in tom because you served inside the justice department and talk about the task for william barr today as we get ready for his news conference and lay out this redacted report. the news conference was a blow to them a few weeks ago when the attorney general came out and said no collusion and that he and rod rosenstein who has been a trump critic determined after looking at all of this that there was no obstruction. so now they want to focus on redactions. talk about that. >> yes. and, look, i think as far as the attorney general's news conference this morning he appreciates that the time for spin is over because this report is going to be in the public domain within a matter of hours. i think we are going to get
4:39 am
a very quintessential bill barr just the facts, ma'am approach. as far as the battle over redactions. today really marks the starting gun for what will likely be a months' long slog line through line through the mueller report. we know the democrats since they don't have the ammunition they want to support the collusion theory has to find a new line of attacks. i suspect that new line of attacks is going to be that the attorney general engage in a coverup by redacting material. so we are going to see a line-by-line battle through the mueller report that may well play out in the courts concerning whether barr properly or improperly redacted pieces of it. brian: we know the things that the trump administration didn't look good for them during this process. number one the trump tower meeting came to light. number two, we find out about the moscow tower. the negotiations were going on according to michael cohen and not deny into the fall of 2016. rudy giuliani got that out already into the public domain and took some heat for it. do you expect to hear
4:40 am
anything that we don't know about a trump tower meeting 2 or something like that or do you think the public has already been braced for those controversial things? >> brian, i do think there may be things in it that represent the russians reaching out to members of the trump campaign and the trump campaign rebuffing them. i think we may see that i just want to remind your audience having a meeting with russians is not illegal. it's not collusion. it isn't a conspiracy. it isn't colluding to throw the election. nor is doing business in moscow. now, whether or not everyone told the truth about those meetings or the subject of those meetings is another matter. but, as long as they told the truth to the special counsel, then no one committed a crime in engaging in any of that conduct. ainsley: tom, what do you make of the timing here? i always like to look at that we will be talking about it today and tomorrow as we enter into a holiday weekend. >> you know, it is interesting.
4:41 am
it may not be entirely coincidental. the fact is this is not a report that is immediately going to disappear into the dust bin of history. this is something supreme are going to be focused on and debating it. 400 pages in it. it's going to be a lot to digest. look, the fact is i think there is going to be something for everyone in this. the democrats are going to cherry pick certain things that don't make the president look good. and beating him up for the next few weeks or at least trying to do it since they don't have the fundamental finding of collusion. brian: warren commission some people have said is an apt example. even though the conclusion say lee harvey oswald acted alone they keep readings it and asking questions and make movies and writing books on it. >> we have accountability for the spying, brian. the true thing, the real stuff that happen finally has someone look at it here was that there was spying on a presidential campaign. we know that. let's see if they can justify it. ed: good points by all. tom will be hosting
4:42 am
outnumbered by the way noon eastern. don't miss that coming up, the best experts to break down the biggest story of the day. former fbi assistant director mark morgan, dana loesch, david bossie, jason chaffetz former committee chair all here live. ♪ ♪ let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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if ywhen you brush or floss, you don't have to choose between healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax. jillian: good morning and welcome back. a cop killer and former black panther is getting another chance at freedom. the philadelphia prosecutor clearing the way for gentleman mull to get a new appeal hearing. the prosecutor originally blocked the hearing over concerns it could effect more cases in the city. he has been on death row for decades for shooting and killing officer daniel faulkner during a traffic stop in 1981. ice agents can no longer make arrests inside new york courthouses without a warrant. the new directive hailed by immigration advocates who argued illegal immigrants
4:46 am
were afraid to show up to court. so far no comments from ice. rod literally leaves his mark on the patriots. watch this. [shouting] [cheers] >> using the lombardi trophy as a baseball bat it happened while the pats celebrated their super bowl win at the red sox home opener last week. the bunt left a big dent on the trove he retired last month. that's not cool though. you don't want to dent the trophy, right? ainsley: it's awesome. he is gronk. he can do whatever he wants. they will remember that forever now. jillian: it's the lombardi trophy. brian: you have so many trophies that they have. ainsley: now you know it's the real one. brian: you get so many trophies it's not like the stanley cup where it's the same one. ed: not like they only have one. patriots have multiple. ainsley: oh, burn. brian: the jets keep their super bowl do they keep
4:47 am
their super bowl in a case from 1969? >> turning to a fox news alert. the president teasing he could hold his own press conference this afternoon on the mueller report that drops today. ainsley: his personal lawyers are already preparing a rebuttal. ed: griff jenkins is live at the justice department with what we can expect this morning. >> i think, guys, we can say we expect by the end of the day to know exactly how president trump feels about the mueller report. now, he has not tweeted and i have been checking to see if we had a tweet this morning. and he only has one event this morning at 10:30 a.m. in the east room. that is a wounded warrior event. as you mentioned, ainsley, on a local radio show here with host larry o'connor the president teased he might hold his own press conference. listen. >> this should never happen to a president or to this country again. what took place. and you will see a lot of
4:48 am
very strong things come out tomorrow, attorney general barr is going to be giving a press conference. maybe i will do one after that. we will see. >> now, what we do know is that the president's legal team led by rudy giuliani is preparing a rebuttal and will issue that at some point today. it is expected to be about in the neighborhood of 40 pages. and it's going to be interesting because not only will they, of course, double down on no collusion. we already knew that we expect to address that obstructions of justice part that was left unanswered, is the president out of the woods? well the president's legal team will lay out perhaps almost counter point to every instance of anything that could be considered an instance of obstruction. we'll hear a lot more about the firing of fbi director james comey and, of course, recusal of attorney general jeff sessions. we also expect that this will in some way have something to say about the
4:49 am
democrats relentless pursuit to get an unredacted version in their countering and then, of course, we will probably hear more about the genesis of the entire mueller investigation. guys? ed: going to be a lot more about that coming down the road. jifgriff jenkins appreciate the report. ainsley: some say attorney general barr is hiding the facts some members of congress will get to see a less redacted version of the mueller report. brian: does this prove the attorney general is being transparent? we will think about that in the break.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
>> attorney general appears to be waging a media campaign on behalf of president trump. the attorney general has taken unprecedented steps to spin mueller's nearly two-year investigation.
4:53 am
brian: well, that is the house judiciary chairman jerry nadler the democrat accusing attorney general bill barr of spinning the special counsel's conclusions as the redacted mueller report is set to be released just hours from now. ainsley: some congressional committees are going to be able to see the report without certain redactions. many are saying isn't this proof that the attorney general is being transparent? brian: here with reaction is somebody who has been inside the department of justice former doj attorney and president of the public interest legal foundation christian adams. christian, first off, who are these people going to get access to the report without most of the redactions? what qualifies you for that and where do you read that? >> what qualifies you for that is you are a hill staff for a democrat or you are a democrat congressman or senator. of course, we all know by now, brian, that trump derangement syndrome has no cure. so, these folks are going to get it are going to read the secret information about grand jury testimony, which you can't reveal by law.
4:54 am
it's going to have classified information it. >> of course we know they can't be trusted. we will probably find out exactly what the mueller report says in three, maybe four hours, some time later this afternoon because we have seen how they leak like they did with dr. christine blasey ford during the kavanaugh hearings. they can't keep a secret. so hopefully by the end of the day or not hopefully they will be telling us all we need to know. ainsley: congressman nadler said they are not agreeing to keep it secret. listen to this. >> the department of justic justice -- today said that some members of congress may get access to some of the redacted information only for use in secret. the judiciary committee has no knowledge of this and this should not be read as any agreement or acknowledge or accurate on our part. ainsley: christian, what's your response?
4:55 am
>> nowhere is trump derangement syndrome more of an epidemic than gerald nadler's you were west side district. don't expect any reasonableness from him. i am sure he will be leading the charge to leak the terms and the contact with mueller. if anything maybe the attorney general is being too transparent. there is grand jury testimony here. this is a group of people on capitol hill completely deranged about the president and cannot be trusted to not leak illegal information. brian: think about the context. jerry nadler chair of the judiciary committee they would be overseeing potential impeachment proceedings. keep this a secret. adam schiff chairing the house intel committee have access to some of the redacted material and for two years he has been saying i have evidence of collusion when the facts don't support that. >> they want to keep the lie alive. that the president does is not deserving of this
4:56 am
office. they have activated crazy base that will not let them quit on this crusade to discredit the election of 2016. it isn't going to end because the attorney general is attempted to be courteous and cooperative. they don't know anything different, ed, they are going to keep on raving about the president no matter what the facts are, no matter what the truth is. and they will never care that the obama justice department was spying on a republican presidential campaign. brian: that's the aftermath of mueller. i think that's where the attorney general is going to be looking soon to see how this whole thing started and no one is stopping a barack obama appointed inspector general in michael horowitz from doing just that. christian adams, thank you so much. >> thanks, brian. ainsley: thank you. >> >> thanks, guys. brian: a lot coming our way breaking details from the department of justice. catherine herridge is standing live with the attorney general bill barr and give us an idea of what he will say this morning. ed: plus, mark morgan will
4:57 am
be here. he has worked closely with bob mueller and james comey at the fbi. david bossie is here, corey lewandowski and jason chaffetz all here coming up. ♪ . . ♪
4:58 am
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brian: straight to a fox news alert. we're over an hour a way from the release of the redacted mueller report. ed: we got breaking news what we expect to hear from attorney general william barr. he was seen leaving his home here in virginia within the last hour. he is at the justice department in washington. that news conference he will lead with rod rosenstein live on fox news channel at 9:30 eastern. ainsley: what details will the attorney general provide before the report is released? our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live at the department of justice with breaking news. good morning. reporter: we just had a on the record briefing from the justice
5:01 am
department spokesperson who confirmed that attorney general william barr will address the issue of executive privilege at the 9:30 eastern news conference. executive privilege and olc memo, office of legal counsel memo covers some of the most sensitive interviews with the mueller investigation with senior key white house staff. under that legal opinion they could share information within the executive branch including the special counsel but once that information went to an outside party like congress, some limitations might apply. we're told the attorney general will address interactions with the white house over the last few weeks on the mueller report as well as the redactions in the report. we're told the news conference will last between 20 and 30 minutes. heading into the news conference this morning the attorney general's demeanor was described to us as calm. i will send it back to you. brian: does not surprise me. he always seems to be calm. what is interesting
5:02 am
"the new york times" has been reporting they have been briefed for the legal team for the president, in order for them, they can put together their rebuttal in a relatively short period of time. do you know how extensive the briefing of the white house was of the mueller report prior to today's conference? reporter: what we know now from the justice department spokesperson that the attorney general will address the nature and degree of these interactions with the white house in the last few weeks. you remember at the end of march when the mueller report concluded and we got the bottom line conclusions from the attorney general the justice department said the white house had been given a head's up but not consulted to provide input as part of the review. but what has my attention this morning is that the attorney general addressed, will address the issue of executive privilege and because of its very nature there would have to be discussions with the white house over whether the privilege would be invoked. that may go a long way to
5:03 am
explaining the interactions over the last few weeks, rather than allowing the white house to put a rebuttal together. brian: ed: what do you know about the redaction process as well? we'll hear more about that as you reported. one near the process representatives of mueller team have been involved at least some level what has been redacted. that would suggest some buy-in from the mueller team and rod rosenstein as well? reporter: the tone really has been set from the outset it has been a three-party process if you i will, the attorney general, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and also the special counsel. at least publicly there is this united front on the redactions but there are some very difficult legal questions what can be made public and the attorney general said his goal is to make as much information as public as possible. these are complex issues going to the grand jury information, sources, method, intelligence, ongoing investigations into the southern district of new york
5:04 am
for example, shielding individuals who are not prosecuted as a result of this investigation. now we know again this morning this emphasis on executive privilege, and whether that will also count for additional redactions in the report, guys. ainsley: catherine, thank you for that breaking news. reporter: you're welcome. ainsley: keep in mind, when you look at this investigation over the course of the past 22 months, nearly two years, there have been indictments, 37 indictments, seven guilty please, five sent to prison. five trump associates convicted or pled guilty, 12 -- indictments for collusion with the russians, zero. ed: that where this started. brian: you have nearly 500 search warrants. approximately 500 witnesses were interviewed. 230 orders for communication records, yet they say there is no collusion with another government. you know on the surface what is
5:05 am
most interest with everybody, what the russians did, how they did it, what they were hoping for and what did they get? if they wanted to create confusion and angst in our country, this is a grand slam home run. ed: some of that information may be classified. we heard that secretary of state mike pompeo for example, came over to the justice department yesterday presumably being briefed about some of this. this has big, big implications beyond legal. ainsley: the four-page summary we all read talked a little bit what russia did, how they tried to sway the election and how the president was not colluding or the campaign was not colluding specifically with russia. ed: at all. brian: lindsey graham said they were not colluding with each other, so how would they go with another country? ed: on the question of collusion, he found, robert mueller, actually bill barr said, quote, did not establish that the members of the trump camp conspired or coordinated with the russian
5:06 am
government in its election interference activities. to answer's point the russians could have tried to interfered all they wanted but the trump camp did not play ball. so that undercuts the entire democratic narrative. on obstruction of justice william barr said in his report in march, the report concludes the president did not commit a crime but it robert mueller did not come to a conclusion about obstruction of justice. but the attorney general said in the letter back in march, consultation with rod rosenstein number two of at justice, who has been a trump critic says no this does not reach the bar of obstruction of justice that will be debated. ainsley: mueller and barr were so smart to put the summary in so we could all see it how thorough the investigation was, subpoenas, interviews, court orders. there was investigation not only by the special council, fbi,
5:07 am
bipartisan senate intel, how intel, everyone in america would be able to read the report it was thorough. it was not supposed to be partisan yet people on both sides were involved in this. ed: none of those found collusion. brian: when the format came out for today we would get the report around 11 or 12, there will be a press conference prior to the release every democrat went crazy. finally this release a short time ago, this according to, well democrats, here are some of the things they were saying. chuck schumer prior to his statement that he just put out said this yesterday, hand-picked attorney general, hand-picked attorney general, should emphasize this has thrown out his credibility and -- ed: elijah cummings said debasing the rule of law. charging that the attorney general of the united states is debasing the rule of law. saying presiding over a
5:08 am
dog-and-pony show, hakeem jeffries democratic lead another house. rather than saying hey, we pushed this investigation for two years, we put our faith in bob mueller as democrats. he found there is no collusion. >> we're glad our president is not colluding. ed: we're glad america did not collude with the russians. they're attacking the attorney general. they're attacking his personal credibility. ainsley: which they didn't do until the summary came out. ed: this gives him a chance to push back, lay out this painstaking detail what the process has been. so he can restore the credibility. brian: justice department officials had numerous conversations with white house lawyers about conclusions by mueller. people told "the new york times" that they said the president's legal team is preparing a rebuttal to the report and stratguys where it goes from here. the other part of the strategy, jay sekulow, rudy giuliani will be everywhere over the next few days. that is great. that shows you have nothing to hide. meanwhile the media up in arms about the fact we're going to get information prior to getting
5:09 am
the report. ed: normally want more information. >> is this press conference a way for to get out ahead of any information that we might find in the report and put his spin on it? >> we want the public to take this report seriously to believe the justice department is credible you would probably think twice about putting the head of justice department out on tv to do spin for you. >> becomes the first cabinet secretary to plunge into the defense of trump's conspiracy pool. ed: talking about conspiracy pools, people in the media have been pushing conspiracies of russian occlusion, getting ahead of actual facts. how much credibility do they have to attack william barr and attack the president, their hole russian collusion narrative, how many times did we see the same pundits, the walls are closing in. papdopoulus is pleading guilty. he could be flipping on the
5:10 am
president. turned out time and time again not to be true. brian: dan bongino was on the couch. he talked about the media and their role from here on in. >> these are not serious people anymore. chuck todd, rachel maddow, they're not serious people. ainsley, they missed the two biggest stories of our generation. they missed the fact collusion was a hoax and -- was real. they got the story backwards. they thought collusion was real and spying was hoax. they missed two biggest stories of our generation. we're supposed to take chuck todd seriously? ainsley: chuck todd is saying actual collusion that doj officials talked to the trump campaign about what was in the mueller report. ed: the white house. ainsley: white house what was in the report according toking "new york times." andrew mccarthy read the constitution said about this the white house is entitled to know what is in the report. the investigation is done. it is already finished. if the president wants to know what is in the report now he is entitled to know ahead of all of
5:11 am
us reading it. ed: i laugh. he read the constitution this morning got up. the president leads the executive branch. ainsley: over doj. ed: which reports to him. here is what we're about to announce. would be normal and proper to say here is what is coming out. brian: north korea is about to launch another rocket. we don't know to what degree. we know about venezuela what is happening over. there immigration, $40 million to set up tent cities. that is most part people at the polls care more about. after mueller thursday, we'll see if we do in fact turn the page. ed: we'll turn the page now go to jillian. jillian: let's start off with this story. a man is behind bars accused of bringing gas cans to the saint st. patrick's cathedral. he told the security he was running through the church to get to his minivan that was out of gas.
5:12 am
his arrest cops days after notre dame went up in flames in paris. speaking of that crews are working to rebuild notre dame after the massive fire. they're restoring the structure above the cathedral's above the buell rose windows as firefighters inspect the roof's damage. they hope to completely rebuild in five years. authorities are investigating what caused notre dame to go up in flames. workers, security staff are being questioned. officials believe the fire was an accident. the parents of a new jersey man who died from a rare brain-eating amoeba file a wrong wrongful death lawsuit against a water resort. they owner says a new water filtration system, excuse me has been installed the family alleged that the park dyed water blue-green to mask its quality. they want one million dollars
5:13 am
and a trial by jury. a diver who helped save a soccer team from a cave in thailand gets rescued. you remember this story. josh was exploring underwater cave in the tennessee when he lost the line connecting him to the surface. divers found him within a air pocket within the cave more than a day later. he is okay. emergency responders said he was asking for pizza. i feel like that is what i would ask for too. brian: takes a different breed to be a cave explorer. jillian: yes. ed: pepperoni or cheese? ainsley: hawaiian for me. brian? brian: no pizza. ainsley: don't eat meat on peas say, cauliflower. ainsley: that's a good one. how will the agency restore its good name? ed: up next former assistant fbi director named mark morgan who used to work with mueller and
5:14 am
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ed: just moments ago the attorney general of the united states william barr arriving at the justice department ahead of his news conference just about an hour or so from now on the mueller report. waiting in the wings is the highly anticipated inspector
5:18 am
general's report about how the fbi handled the finishing of this entire russia probe. brian: that is a lot of at that hose. with many former fbi doj officials wrapped up in the controversy can they restore somewhat after sullied reputation from 2016? ainsley: let's ask former fbi assistant director of the fbi's training division mark morgan. >> good morning. ainsley: will they be able to do that, restore their reputation? >> i think so. one of the key words is past leaders. they're gone now. a very select few at the top echelons of the fbi. tens thousands of fbi employees continued to do their job. they were not involved in this. they have been protecting the american people. just this week the fbi announced arrest of over 60 medical professionals facilitated in illegal distribution of opioids. that is the kind of stuff that the fbi has done, continues to do. brian: college admissions scandal as well. unearthed that. that is still going. you know all the players.
5:19 am
this whole investigation must be surreal to you as the text messages emerge and an agenda becomes clear. how soon do we pivot how this whole thing started in mark morgan's mind? >> i think that is key. the ig is already doing that. they have two investigations going on that is spot on. how bus the fbi in part rebuild its reputation i think this is part. we need to look at how this started. we need to take a look at the actions of the top leaders. we need to look at the adequacy of the predication. the motives behind the actors. we're talking about people in high powers of position. we should be taking a look at this. every american citizen should want this to be looked at. i know the fib does as well. ed: you worked with robert mueller. the democrats hold him up as a pair gone and virtue. maybe he doesn't deliver the goods they wanted and all of sudden they don't like him so much. >> absolutely. not because i know bob mueller
5:20 am
and i was in the fbi for 20 years, just as an american citizen, when is enough going to be enough? every time something doesn't happen for a certain political party they consist chastise that person, attack that person. that is reckless and irresponsible. i know bob mueller. he is a man of integrity and character. the american people through this report will see that. brian: polls show people wan to move on after the mueller report. immigration is at the top of the list which is another one of your expertise. thank you, mark morgan. >> you bet. brian: congresswoman manages even waters torches the attorney general before she sees the mueller report for example. >> he is basically a lackey and sycophant for the president of the united states of america and that is all it is going to be. ainsley: our next guest is pretty fired up about that. dana loesch. we'll hear from her. ♪
5:21 am
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♪ jillian: good morning to you, some quick headlines right now. north korea testing a new tactical guided weapon with a quote, powerful warhead. the state media claiming kim jong-un supervised the launch. meanwhile the rowing machine wants secretary of state mike pompeo out of nuclear talks, calling for someones quote who is more careful. overnight the kremlin confirms a summit between putin this month. a u.s. envoy is in moscow discussing north korean denuclearization with russian officials. keep an eye on that. ainsley: thank you, jillian. democrats piling on attorney general william barr ahead of
5:25 am
the mueller report release. maxine warrants giving this scathing critique. >> i never expected barr to do anything that would be respect ful to members of congress. he auditioned for this job. he was chosen to protect the president of the united states. he is basically and a lackey and sycophant for the president of the united states of america and that's all it is going to be. ed: joining us now to react is nationally syndicated radio host dana loesch. >> good morning. ed: presumably the audition is in reference to memo some months ago that william barr wrote that the president has vast executive power when it comes to these investigations which is a legitimate power to assert. to take that memo and say he is a lackey seems like a bit of a stretch? >> that is more than an stretch. that is an olympic sport that maxine waters performed there with that ridiculous rhetoric.
5:26 am
all barr did simply refer to the authority the constitution vested in the president. democrats are losing their mind. for two years we were promised all kinds of sordid details. we were promised everything under the sun with regards to russia and it is all crashing down. today will be with this report the biggest let-down since geraldo opened capone's vault. i remember watching that on tv as a kid feeling so let down. i know how democrats will feel today. they will be so incredibly let down when the report comes out. everything that they said that trump did, trump didn't do. it was hillary clinton and the fear of violating fusion gps and dnc and their law firm. we could go on and on. that is where, i'm really interested later this month to see the report on that. with regards to bill barr, interestingly enough i never heard any of these democrats say this about eric holder, who congress found, they held him in contempt of court. he was not giving the documents necessary related to
5:27 am
"fast & furious." eric holder, someone who him and his documentation the president of the united states at the time, barack obama, exerted his executive authority to shield those documents and some of those we don't even know what they say to this day. amazingly it is bill barr that democrats have the problem with. brian: here is the thing. i don't think bill barr could care less. i don't think it is possible for a guy to be more unfazed by the derision coming from democrats. almost as if, almost as if he can't be bothered with it. >> no. because he is doing his job. he realizes that all that those people are doing, this weeping and gnashing of the teeth, it is for the cameras. these people were, this is what this ran on. they ran on impeachment. they ran on trashing the president. they ran on undermining american faith in our own voting system. they were undermining faith in our systems not anyone in the
5:28 am
administration. and now everyone who voted for them is seeing the real story. so they're in a crisis situation while they're also in the midst of a civil war within their own party as socialists try to take it over. they pretty much have. it is just a formal name change at this point. ainsley: it is such a double standard, all of sudden they care so much about obstruction, meanwhile hillary clinton had classified information on secret servers, that is a crime, that is illegal and intent was proven when she destroyed all of them. whitewashing, destroying the sim cards. but she was never indicted. >> no. their party stands all of these individual that are making, casting all these aspersions on bill barr's character simply doing his job, nothing on his record as these individuals do, these are members of a party that actively worked to rob people of a fair election. it is a strong accusation that stand. and it merits further
5:29 am
investigation which i know ig horowitz is look with regards to fisa abuse, et cetera. i completely understand, if you all remember when lindsey graham says i hope y'all never get power, during the kavanaugh hearings. americans are seeing the true ambition, the malicious ambition of these individuals and depths they will sink in order to get it. brian: they subpoenaed nine banks for information on the trump organization. that happened yesterday. so they already pivoting. they will go into what he did prior to being president. what he put together as he tried to buy the buffalo bills. how does that solve the immigration issue? how does that answer our problems with north korea? or we're moving our economy forward or china trade deal? zero. >> yeah. brian, you make a legally great point, really fast. this is exactly what democrats did in 2016 cost them the election. voters wanted to hear how they pay their bills, on their health care, didn't want to be lectured
5:30 am
on pronounce. democrats have twice embarrassed themselves during this president's term. ed: dana loesch. thanks for coming in. breaking news from the hill what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are calling for this morning. ainsley: president trump has been saying no collusion, been saying that from the beginning. today will it help exonerate members about his campaign? corey lewandoski and david bossie were on the campaign. they're here live. ♪ got it?
5:31 am
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ed: back with this fox news alert. a battle brewing on capitol hill as we await the redacted release of the mueller report. brian: oh, is that today? democrats firing preemptive shot before attorney general william barr 9:30 eastern time holds his
5:34 am
news conference. ainsley: capitol hill senior producer chad pergram is live in washington with latest from congress. hey, chad. reporter: hey there. the jerry nadler the chairman of the house judiciary committee he thinks barr should cancel the press conference at 9:30. the reason he says the attorney general is trying to prespin this. listen to jerry nadler from last night. >> attorney general appears to be a waging a media campaign on behalf of president trump, very subject of the investigation at the heart of the mueller report. rather than letting the facts of the report speak for themselves the attorney general has taken unprecedented steps to spin mueller's nearly two-year investigation. reporter: now listen to this statement that came out before the crack of dawn this morning from chuck schumer, senate minority leader, nancy pelosi speaker of the house. they say quote, barr's actions resulted in crisis of confidence in his independence and impartiality. that's why they want
5:35 am
robert mueller, the special counsel to testify before congress as soon as possible. now on the other side of the aisle republicans are mostly trying to ignore this. they believe that the president was exonerated in the memo that barr put out in late march and sent to capitol hill. that's why many of them saying there is nothing to see here. what i talked to lindsey graham, chairman of the senate judiciary committee right before congress went out a week ago. he said i'm done. i'm done with the mueller report. meantime you talk to other democrats, they say that the reason this is coming out right now when congress is on a two-week recess, they want to bury this before easter and passover. ed: chad pergram breaking it down what he does best for us. been nearly two years since the special counsel launched the investigation into the alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia. brian: all the while the president maintained there was no collusion. >> only tell you one thing,
5:36 am
again that was proven today, no collusion. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, there was no nothing. there was no collusion with russia. you know that better than anybody. there was no collusion with russia. no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. the collusion delusion is over. [cheering] there was no collusion, no nothing. no collusion, whatsoever with russia. there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. ed: got it? ainsley: no collusion. how do his former campaign aides feel? let's bring in the coauthor of trump's enemies, former trump campaign manager corey lewandoski and former deputy campaign manager, and fox knew contributor david bossie hey guys. >> good morning. ainsley: former members of the trump campaign now be exonerated? >> well the answer is yes, ainsley. look, let's just remember what took place here. the government spied on dave and me and kellyanne conway and members of the trump family
5:37 am
because they didn't like the messaging that donald trump was using. the rhetoric that he was using, the words he was using. this happens in third world dictatorships. we need to hold the people who did the spying accountable. democrats want to put that behind us, nothing to see here. took place under previous administration's watch. there is not one person held accountable for spying on americans and their politics. >> if i could expand i hope during this morning's press conference the attorney general will tell the american people that he impaneled a grand jury to investigate the investigators. so we get to the bottom of this insidious, insidious, danger to american democracy that took place during the obama administration. we need to know what obama knew and when did know it. what did clapper and brennan, rice, rest of them had to do with the beginning of this investigation. brian: ever since you guys won you had nine seconds to celebrate and non-stop, russians made you do it. do electoral recount, lost the
5:38 am
popular vote, no sense of biggest upset in election history. let's see how it happened. i got to ask you, david and cory, you want to weigh in, there is many reports out among the people you call your friend on your speed dial, there is a sense of paranoia among the trump aides former and present, took an oath, they talked about what happened. maybe the president with his temper said anything happened inside the white house worried about their relationships with the president. easy for you to duck this, be honest is tension high with his staffers? corey, you want to start? >> look, brian i will tell you right now there is no tension with me whatsoever. if people were dishonest they should have tension. brian: what if they were honest what happened behind closed doors? what happened if they told the special counsel? >> brian, look it, president i'm sure was frustrated by this whole hoax, this whole delusion that we cheated to win the election. i'm sure he said that to many staffers. he said it to me because i'm
5:39 am
insulted by the fact that they accused of us stealing and lying to win the election when we won fair and square. was there frustration by the president's part? you bet there was. did he relay that to people? i'm sure he did. does that mean a crime was committed? absolutely not. there was no crime and no collusion. >> if coy the democrats will try to pull out salacious sentences and words throughout this entire report they can try to grab on to. that is to build a false narrative to continue perpetrate this lie on the american people that is from the very beginning. look, president trump justice a service when he fired that dirty cop james comey and that is what this is all about. the president did america a favor in firing him. i thank him every day for it. he is paying the price because these democrats, all of whom who said james comey was a bad fbi director and should be removed of course say that was the obstruction of justice. it is ridiculous on its face.
5:40 am
we're going to be very forward leaning here going forward. i look at today as the beginning, not the end. this is the beginning of the investigating the investigators. they want to go after this president and continue this charade, we're game. let's go. ed: wow. corey what do you say about the "new york times" report this morning suggesting that the white house counsel aides there gotten head's up what is in the report. congress upset with their prerogatives, that they haven't gotten the head's up yet. does that make it harder for bill barr, corey, to assert his independence? >> no. look bill barr is a man of the utmost integrity. he served as a previous attorney general under the bush administration. he has unbelievable amounts of integrity. what we've seen is the justice department reports to the administration. if they shared specific components of the report with the white house counsel i think that is in due process but bill barr has not changed any decisions based on the potential
5:41 am
sharing of that information. he is a man of the utmost integrity. he is going to lay out exactly what is in that report at 9:30. who better than the attorney general to do that? ainsley: corey, david, thanks so much. great to see you. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. brian: busy day. ainsley: more on the left, many on the left are still holding out hope the mueller report is going to trigger an impeachment. so can that actually happen? someone who spent years working inside the department of justice will be here next. ♪ the right gear... matters. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck.
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♪ jillian: good morning, some quick headlines. another privacy mess for facebook. the social media site admitting it accidentally uploaded email contacts for 1.5 million users without permission.
5:45 am
the glitch has been fixed. facebook is notifying all affected users. they say the information was not shared with anyone and is being deleted. 60 of the america's biggest companies are paying no taxes despite earn billionses. according to non-partisan think tank the corporations used several loopholes and tax breaks unpresident trump's new tax haw. ed. ed: thanks, jillian. reporters camped outside of the justice department as we speak as they await the attorney general's news conference on the mueller report happening less than an hour. ainsley: happening 45 minutes from now. as attorney general mr. barr vows transparency, democrats cast doubt on his ability to remain impartial. brian: stunner. joining us with his take, former doj attorney, senior legal fellow heritage foundation. hans, welcome back. do you think barr calling press
5:46 am
conference would get this type of blow back. >> no i'm sure he is surprised i'm surprised. it is routine for the justice department to hold a press conference after they made a decision of all kinds, including prosecutions. i don't remember any of the folks complained couple weeks ago when the u.s. attorney announced in boston announced all the indictments in the campus bribery scandal. that shows you, this routine. ainsley: is this, isn't this just, we're going to tell you what the process was, how we came to this conclusion before you read the report, what we redacted, color-coding system? then you read the report who is to say he will not have another press conference after this? >> no, that is exactly right. that is what a lot of the press conference is going to be, explaining how they went through, what the procedures and rules under which they had to put redactions into this report. ed: we've been wanting to get to this all morning. interesting democrats when you lay it all out some of the nasty
5:47 am
things they said about the attorney general. chuck schumer calls him hand-picked attorney general. nancy pelosi throwing out his credibility. elijah cummings, debasing rule of law. jeffries, presiding over a dog-and-pony show. this is a man with integrity, who served under bush 41. has not been a trump insider, yet they try to tear him down? >> you know what is going on here. remind me what one much my professors in law school said, when you don't have the facts on your side, you don't have the law on your side, attack the lawyers on the other side. that is what is going on here. the entire -- democrats remind me frankly of monty python and the search for the holy grail. their holy grail they thought would bring down this president, the russian election collusion claim has turned out to be a complete hoax. now they don't know what to do, hans, there is something else going on there. now looks as though nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they were
5:48 am
caught on their heels yesterday. they can't figure out what to do. this morning they issued a release calling for robert mull lower to go testify. actually that will not bother republicans at all. they want to see bob mueller testify. do you see any downside or this lengthening the process? >> i think it will lenten the process but if they believe robert mueller is somehow publicly give information that was protected by grand jury secrecy or involves classified information, he is not going to do that. ed: appreciate your insight this morning. >> thanks. ainsley: thank you. ed: just over half hour from now attorney general bill barr takes the podium at the news conference we've been teasing. what about the parallel investigation, the one investigating the investigators? >> this should have never happen to a president or to this country again. you will see a lot of very strong things come out of what's happened is unthinkable. ainsley: jason chaffetz who
5:49 am
chaired the oversight committee will dig into that next. brian: first, getting ready for their big show, sandra smith with bill hemmer. sandra you know what is happening at 9:30, right? >> no clue, no clue. fill us in. ken starr joins us at the top of the hour. today the is day the mueller report is released with redactions sometime before noon eastern time. released to congress. attorney general barr will hold the briefing live at 9:30. we'll take that live. president is set to speak at 10:30. we'll listen to that. chris wallace, bret baier, martha maccallum and shannon bream. they will all be joining us top of the hour. patients with serios are being targeted for cuts to their medicare drug coverage.
5:50 am
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ainsley: just over 30 minutes attorney general bill barr will hold as press conference about the release of the redacted mueller report. brian: we saw him leave his house. we saw him pull into work. we learned the report is as long as many suspected, around 400 pages. what will we learn at the end of the presser? anything about the potential spying of the trump campaign be revealed? ed: the attorney general said it wasn't potential. he said it was spying. former leader of house oversight committee, author of deep state, jason chaffetz. >> good morning. ed: what do you expect to hear from the attorney general. >> reflection of the summary he has already given. i think it will exonerate mr. trump. i think it is very telling when the attorney general put out a statement and said, not only did the president rebuff the push by russia to try to collude, but did so multiple times. that was one of the most telling
5:54 am
things if democrats are scram plink. i don't think they know what to do. it is part of their demise. i think it is a big part why i think donald trump will be reelected in 2020. ainsley: so what happens next? >> so importantly, probably the most explosive and consequential thing going on right now won't be revealed today, that is the report about it inspector general michael horowitz. horowitz as the inspector general was appointed by barack obama. he was confirmed by the senate unanimously. for the last year is looking at what senior echelon at the fbi do with, this highly documented bias and animus towards donald trump did they take inappropriate action to spy on the president and his campaign team? we already know the answer is yes. what degree of prosecutions will come out next month. brian: does is provide you christopher steele decided not to cooperate with michael
5:55 am
horowitz. he made up the series of memos that made up the dossier. >> he won't cooperate and he should. remember the fbi determined he was not credible they should not use him in any way, shape or form and yet the fbi bypassed that and did it anyway. that is what so concerning. >> does he have to participate considering he didn't live here? >> he doesn't. the inspector general has limitations on just department of justice personnel. we do hope for those of us who want to see the full truth there are people within the fbi that are looking broader. i think brennan and clapper and some of these others, susan rice, these people are also part of this and they should be examined as well. ed: last point, what about james comey, strzok, page, the insurance policy, there is a lot to be reckoned with here. >> there is. there is also the fisa court. i think you will see chief justice roberts will have to take action, mueller report, ig
5:56 am
report, then you see the supreme court actually get involved. brian: lanny davis, retreated by michael cohen, michael cohen, seven days,0 hours, what team mueller knows, can fill in bulk of redactions. nice try, mr. president. truth will tell all. your reaction. >> the truth will hit the fan in 35 minutes from now. hillary clinton's attorney thinks that, friend that is what is going on here, he is going to be sorry, sorely disappointed. ed: jason chaffetz. appreciate your insight. we'll be on the story all day long. more "fox & friends" couple moments away. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exam and x-rays
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6:00 am
not only here. you imagine in russia, our allies and everywhere else. >> we'll be back tomorrow morning breaking it down for you. head over to fox nation for the "after the show show". >> or to the radio. >> bill: good morning, everybody. 9:00 here in new york city. this is the day finally. we're 30 minutes away from a news conference with the a.g. bill barr as we await the impending release of the redacted mueller report. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. got a cast of thousands for you today as we get ready for a significant day for our country and the world. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. democrats crying foul accusing barr of trying to spin the report before congress and the public see it. some calling on the a.g. to cancel his news conference amid reports he has already briefed the white house. >> bill: we have gotten a few details. here is what we can expect today. the a.g. and deputy a.g. will brief at


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