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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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he does the dance. >> don't run onto the field. >> kind of like the democrats with ing. didn't quite get there. never meet an episode, the special report is up next. >> this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier in washington for tonight the american public is getting its first look at a redacted version of the special counsels report on the probe of russian interference in the 201 elections. kealand inside the 400 place page report volume one page one quote, the russian government interference in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systemic fashion. volume one page two, the investigation did not establish that the trump campaign coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities. volume two page two, quote if w had confidence after a thorough
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investigation of the facts, by the president did not commit obstruction of justice, we woul so state. accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. the attorney general william barr reached a decision saying there was no corrupt intent and therefore no obstruction by the president. the presidents critics vigorously disagree and that is the battle ahead. just a few moments ago the president tweeted after watchin coverage of the report ahma i had the right to end the whole witch hunt if i wanted, i could have fired everyone including mueller if i wanted. i chose not to. i had the right to use executiv privilege, i didn't. we have team coverage night. on the white house marathon wit the presidents reaction to that report. we begin at the justice department tonight with details and substance inside this long-awaited document. good evening, catherine.
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>> good evening for the special counsel investigation found evidence of potential criminal activity outside the russian mandate and today about a dozen prosecutions were redacted. the report made the case for obstruction against the president, but now the burden falls to congress. >> after nearly two years of investigations, thousands of subpoenas, hundreds of warrants and witness interviews, the special counsel confirmed that the russian government sponsore efforts to illegally interfere with the 2016 presidential election. but did not find or other americans colluded in those efforts. >> the nearly 500 lightly redacted report provides the first in-depth look at the nearly two-year investigation b special counsel into alleged coordination with moscow as wel as obstruction of justice. the report documents ten key episodes painting a picture of the presidents response to the
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delusion allegations. in 2017 after he fired james comey, which became the catalys for the appointment. there was an oval office meeting , then attorney general jeff sessions delivered the news , the president slumped back in his chair and said oh my god this is terrible. this is the end of my presidency . the report is saying the president last outing sessions called the president said to hi you we're supposed to protect m or words to that effect. the president the consequences of the appointment and said everyone tells me if you get on of these independent counsels, it ruined your presidency. before the report was published they appeared to address the episode. >> the president was frustrated and angered by his sincere belief that the investigation investigation was undermining his presidency. >> the report says the presiden asking white house counsel to remove mueller which he refused to do. it also documents an incident where presidents president as support means to draft distancing himself from former
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white house of fire and others who have been targeted to the investigation. despite almost daily tweets about the investigation. >> the president took no act to deprive the special counsel of the documents and witnesses necessary to complete his investigation. the president provide only written answers described as inadequate. the president attorney general, special councils legal framewor to test the evidence which bars cite ultimately fell short. >> the evidence developed by th special counsel is not sufficient to establish that th president committed and obstruction of justice offense. >> the report did not exonerate the president on obstruction, w concluded that congress has the authority to prohibit it our presidents corrupt use of his authority in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice. >> it's clear the special councils office had a thorough investigation in order to preserve the evidence for futur investigators. my alleged russian collision with the predicate for the probe
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, the special counsel found no connection to the democratic e-mail that was so damaging to the clinton campaign. >> the special councils report did not find that any person associated with the trump campaign illegally participated in the dissemination of the materials. >> the attorney general is scheduled to testify publicly t the house and senate next month. also today we had top democrats calling for special counsel robert mueller to testify as well. >> outside the justice department, he thank you. senior white house aides say president trump is pumped about the report coming out speaking with his familiar refrain about the investigation, kevin quirk is at the white house tonight. >> he is right to invoke executive privilege. he effectively open the door fo his critics but the white house says this is all about history. it will prove that this was a faulty process from the very
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outset and it will ultimately say the president has been vindicated. >> not a word before leaving th white house late this afternoon for a weekend at mara lago. president trump ignored reporters before boarding marin one. an uncharacteristic choice for him. before 9:00 a.m. he had plenty to say. even but for the press conference beginning his day by proclaiming on twitter no collusion and no obstruction including various video montage adding game over for good measure. the message he took to the east room later in the morning and the wounded warrior event. >> i'm having a good day too. no collusion, no obstruction. i say it in front of my friends they should never happen to another president again. this hoax. they should never happen to
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another president again. to get all the attorney general confirmed there was no evidence of collusion with the russians by the president or his campaig in 2016, the 448 report was far less charitable on the subject of obstruction of justice as th team built what appeared to be an extensive case suggesting that possibility. even at the president surrogate took turns throughout the day defending him. >> nothing was obstructed. they can point to a single thin that was obstructed in the investigation. i think in a practical matter they let this thing out of court . >> what matters is what the department of justice and the special counsel concluded here. no conclusion, no obstruction and complete exoneration. this has been a proctology exam and he is it emerging with a clean bill of health. nancy pelosi said on twitter that the difference are start between what attorney general barr said on obstruction of wha
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mueller said on obstruction. fellow democrats take that assessment of stepbrother rebuking the president for his behavior detailed in the report in calling for a review of the report in its findings. >> it's not game over in the sense that there is a lot more we need to know that's redacted in this report. the frequent critic from california as you know the president has said repeatedly now is the time to investigate the investigators. they say that will be an unflinching look at the genesis of the probe. >> kevin quirk live on the nort lawn. let's get a reaction to the report. doug collins of georgia is the ranking republican on the house judiciary committee and joins u tonight from atlanta. thank you for being here. you're thoughts on the report a it came out today? >> i think it's been a good day for the country for transparency . it's been a good day that came forward he followed the rules h followed the law he said what h was going to do and he did it. that's refreshing change or
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because when you look at the report is slightly redacted. when you went through this the president had a chance to say that he was invoke his presiden executive privilege, he chose not to. he left report go through. it told the truth told the trut that there was no collusion it told the truth that there was n obstruction. i think that's a good day for america and frankly a bad day for the democrats. >> a lot of democrats had a problem with the attorney general setting the table befor the report came out. here is jerry nadler on the attorney general barr. >> attorney general barr appear to have shown in and and suddenly willingness to undermine his own department in order to protect president trump . his words and actions suggest he's been disingenuous and misleading. in saying that the president is clear of wrongdoing. >> thoughts on that? >> i think my chairman has also said before that collusion was
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in plain sight, i guess he is having trouble with this site lately because it said no collusion. he went to bed to attack barr character. when you don't get the story yo want, you attack they carried character of bill barr. they had no character problems with them before. i think what we have found toda is their story went off the rails and i think when they hav to come back and discern what they want to do next they can only lash out instead of being able to produce forward results on what this report said today. >> congressman, do you have problem with the ten examples the special counsel lists for obstruction and kind of punts t congress on determining that ri of a lot of specific examples here, but one that stands out i that the president efforts to influence the investigation wer mostly unsuccessful, but that i largely because the person to surround of the president declined to carry out orders or
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exceed to his request. in other words he tried to fire mueller, but it wasn't dumb because they didn't listen to them. could you look at someone who felt he was being attacked from day one. a president under attack literally from day one by force outside who didn't believe he actually won. he was frustrated. the report reflected that frustration and bill barr said that as well. at the end of the day, nothing happened. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. i want to say this even further what he chosen could have left out was executive privilege, he chose to leave then. at the end of the daily, but h did. he participated fully. the attorney at the white house 30 hours of testimony. people were made available, the documents were made available. the investigation got everythin they needed from the white hous and there was not anything kept from them at the end of the day what we find both where we need this corruption led us down the
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investigation. >> are you confidence that's going to happen from the specia report coming at the end of may or june. >> i think it well. i think he's already alluded to this. the report now has shown that there was no collusion or obstruction. but what comes up next for thos of us releasing transcripts, we look at the investigation comin forward. it's going to be out in less than two months. it's going to i believe show various problems with art and how was abused by members of th fbi. and how they can use it to thei own political gain. >> i think you have the investigation with the attorney general in utah. these are things that need to come about. we have a two-year investigatio that's invested so much and cam up with nothing, but ever empt promises from the democrats, that would also we also have to know what we got here. political corruption at the doj cannot be.
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with some folks are the facts that they we're trying how concerned are you about all of that? very concerned in the obama in menstruation when this happened and moving forward we see the systemic action by russia and yet we see all of the then protecting our election process in protecting assets around the election. this comes back and i think frankly draws into question the obama administrations lack of concern about russia and lack o concern about what they're doin on the international front. i think he goes back to show a very problematic occurrence and i think it shows that we always need to be on guard that our elections we are the free is most wonderful country in the world and people don't like that . russia is not a good actor.
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my question is where were the investigators and where was the protection at that point in time ? >> collins joins us from atlanta , thank you. >> good to see you. >> for a perspective from key democrat is chairman of the democrat national committee and he joins us from austin, texas. thank you for being here. as i did with congressman collin , let me ask your thoughts on this day and the release of the report. >> i think it was a sad day for the institution of presidency and a sad day for the institution of the department o justice. there is more work to be done. i heard the congressman speak and i think it's important to just quote directly from the report. i understand the talking . , no collusion, no obstruction, this is what he said, see are not hearing it from tom perez o anybody else, no spin this is what they said. moeller if we had that the
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president did not commit obstruction of justice, we woul so state. based on the facts and the applicable legal standards however, we are unable to reach that judgment. so the notion that there is no obstruction is just hogwash. as you correctly point out, there are a list of really really very serious things he tried to fire c7 and the only reason he didn't succeed is because people he directed to d it wouldn't carry out those orders. if you try to rob a bank and yo don't succeed, that doesn't mea you haven't committed wrongdoing . he tried to get jeff sessions t recuse himself. that is a problem. he tried to get jim comey to la off of michael flynn even thoug he knew that michael flynn had potentially committed a crime. >> those things did not happen as we noted, but let's listen t rudy giuliani the president attorney answering what you're talking about there. >> the president did not have a
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guilty motive. the president was and is considered under the law now because there's no finding of a underlying crime, he was an innocent man being accused of something he didn't do. and, he found a lot of irregularities in the investigation. >> the determination there by the attorney general who then determined that there was not corrupt intent. now it's up to congress. >> brett, if you're asking me that, i am someone who spent te years or so of my life at the department of justice including prosecuting cases under the obstruction statutes. 18 united states code talks about efforts to corruptly persuade someone. has lindsey graham correctly pointed out, you don't have to say i'm going to obstruct justice for obstruction of justice to occur. you don't have to say and these are his exact words, you don't have to say go live for me, for obstruction to occur.
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the notion that mayor giuliani says the president said that he didn't have the corrupt intent so that doesn't mean he had corrupt intent, that is for the trier of fact. there are so many examples throughout this of problematic behavior at a minimum where he appears to put himself ahead of the american people. that for me is the biggest question. why did he trust vladimir putin assessment of russian interference over his own intelligence community? that is really troubling. at the end of the day we need a president who is looking out fo the american people and not for themselves. that is what congress have to continue their work. >> a couple more things break you quoted from the mueller report the obstruction side, another quote from the report itself, the investigation did not establish that they coordinated in its election
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interference of activities. lots of democrats who spent a lot of the past 23 months talking about that the presiden was an agent for russia. is there something that the democratic party has to say moeller did not find it? >> i think the distinction between something that may rise to the level of a conspiracy. it said the investigation did not establish that they coordinated with the russian government. >> chris, i think the question you have to ask your, and it's different question from the question that robert mueller is asking. is there a pattern of corrupt behavior by this president? is there a pattern of behavior where the president is putting his own interests ahead of the american people interest? when you get a call from a
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foreign actor, before an adversary that says hey, i have dirt on your opponent, and i want to help you win. what you should do first and foremost is say no, and then call the federal authorities. what we know from the investigation is that is not what they did. >> here is where the decision lies now. it is with that democrat-controlled house of representatives. they have a decision whether to go forward with articles of impeachment. you are 18 months from an election. do you think politically, as th chairman of the democratic party , that that is the right thing for the democratic party to do? >> i think what the democratic party is going to do over the course of the next 18 months is walk and chew gum. what do i mean by that? we are going to continue to focus on the issues that matter most across america. we're going to continue to tell americans that we are the ones
3:20 pm
that are saving your health care , if you have a pre-existing condition were going to fight t keep your healthcare. republicans want to take it away . >> on the issue of impeachment. >> again, chris. >> brett. >> brett. i love both of you. as i've said, walking and chew him him. i think oversight is an important part of our responsibility. as it was for the republicans and they did no shortage of oversight. i think there are more question to be asked asked here. i am confident that our democratic leaders of the relevant committees will continue to conduct that oversight in an appropriate manner. we don't know whether obstruction occurred. there were 954 reductions. the president himself said a fe weeks back that the entire report ought to be released. i tend to agree with them because what we saw today tells
3:21 pm
me we need more tomorrow. my focus is the democratic national committee is going to be that kind zip code by zip code talking about the issues that matter most in persuading the american people that we hav your back on health care on goo jobs that pay a decent wage,. >> we appreciate that. we're going to cover all of that . you have speaker pelosi saying president trump isn't worth it. you have house majority leader saying it's not worthwhile at this point. the election is coming up. we will see how the leadership goes with the question of impeachment. mister chairman, you're always welcome back and we appreciate your time. take the panel joins me for additional coverage of the reports release next. we don't follow the naysayers. ♪ ♪
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jesus, what happened? ...and more. it's just the tip of the iceberg. upgrade now to get more into what you're into. thanks! just say "watchathon" into your x1 voice remote to upgrade and keep getting more of what you love. >> it would have to be quite overwhelming and demonstrative and so much that it would generate bipartisan support for the idea that it renders the president unfit for office. many of us think the president is unfit for office, but unless it's a bipartisan conclusion an impeachment would be doomed to failure. i continue to think that i can is not in the national interest. >> at them shift talking on another network about impeachment. this as the reports two volumes
3:26 pm
448 pages we spent much of the day digesting all of that. let's bring in our panel early. mollie hemingway, executive director of the georgetown institute of politics and politics cofounder and president . britt, you have been kind of absorbing all of this today. you heard the interviews earlier . you're thoughts on this day and what stands out. >> it's interesting to hear wha he said about impeachment. i think he is entirely right about that. he's not right about everything but i think he's right about that. that does not mean however that they're going to take this obstruction of justice matter and beat trump over the head with it to the extent they can. there's a legal argument you ca hear being outlined that says this the only reason that he di not find obstruction of justice is because he was bound by justice department policy not t charge a sitting president and
3:27 pm
therefore he could not in fairness he couldn't make an accusation without delivering a indictment and because he couldn't indict, he didn't do it . the implication of that is of course that trump is indeed guilty of obstruction of justic and we're going to be hearing about that for some time now. i think that's where this is no going. i think the lesion is dead as a doornail. >> earlier today, other democrats saying that the attorney generals preface to al of that coming out was essentially him protecting the president. take a listen. >> attorney general barr has an unsettling willingness to undermine his own department in order to protect president trump . >> the thought that will barr would do anything to tarnish hi own image or reputation is
3:28 pm
completely ridiculous. >> thoughts? >> he was george h w bush attorney general coming back fo his second tour gave a press conference where he explained again the summary conclusions o the special counsel report. he has an obligation to protect the fbi and the department of justice which he oversees. they have been hurt tremendousl by this story where they participated in this russia collision hoax that kind of embroiled the country for several years, they had all these powers going against a political campaign. they behaved in an appropriate manner start in the campaign during the investigation agains the trump campaign and he selectively is leaking information to damage the president. i think he cares greatly of restoring the credibility of th department of justice and that will require holding people accountable and getting the special counsel report complete and wrapped up. i think he did a remarkably goo job of just laying out the facts . he's also let us know though that our reckoning is coming fo
3:29 pm
the people who participated in this and destroyed the trust that the americans have in the fbi and the department of justice perky politically it seems like the signals are getting from democratic leadership is this may not be worth going down the impeachmen road. >> i think anybody would tell you that impeachment, that has got to be rocksolid. i think adam schiff was right. if you shoot for the bear and ms., president clinton in the '90s. having said that, i think that you are going to hear them continued to talk about some of these issues, particularly as they pertain to obstruction. look, i walked into the day not knowing what to expect thinking this may end up kind of fizzlin and we all retreat to our parties and quarters. we are retreated to our parties and corners, but i saw some rea interesting things on the obstruction issue.
3:30 pm
when mueller said specifically we would have exonerated if we could and we didn't, and then when he said and i think the direct quote was the evidence does indicates that a thorough fbi investigation would uncover facts about the campaign and th president personally that the president could have understood to be crimes or would give rise to personal and political concerns. he is pointing out that obstruction could be real. i can't indict him, congress, you may want to look at this an he puts in the report a strong rationale for congress to look at it. >> two things, there are embarrassing parts of this they were said things said by the white house of this report says were not true at the time that the president said that were no true. it says that he told people to do things they didn't do them and that is one of the things that prevented them from going forward with obstruction. overall, do you take this as a positive for the president? >> sure. i think it's important one we'r
3:31 pm
stepped in one of these media frenzy is to step back and take the long view. how is this going to be looked at six years from now six days from now. after all the hyperventilating is done in a matter what democrats end up doing beyond this, the bottom line, the headline is whether you like trump or not, it is no collusio and no obstruction. as a legal matter, those issues are both dead. they're not as a political matter and that is what the democrats decide to do next. >> i would say any time anybody starts in on trump on obstruction of justice, the people have the opportunity to look at what these people said about collusion. if they are among the pack of people and it's a considerable pack you've banged on that drum for two years which turned out to be drilled down that hole an it turned out to be a dry hole, i'm not sure how much credibility they will have, bu they will certainly try you can imagine, might not like hearing from adam schiff or from the majority leader that impeachmen
3:32 pm
is not a great idea, and he was a little restrained about it today. that is the only remedy they would have if they wanted to tr to convict donald trump of obstruction of justice and they will certainly try to do that i the court of public opinion whether they go forward with it in the congress in impeachment proceeding remains to be seen. >> the thing i guess a lot of people look at is is there really going to be an investigation to the start of this thing? is there really going to be people that you think should be held accountable for the beginning of this investigation? a lot of times he goes into the ether and people just move on. >> that country was held hostag by a collision theory of very b the president president of the united states was a foreign agent. it totally sidelined the department of justice, it hampered our ability to do foreign-policy. it was a very negative thing. there needs to be a accountability. where being given indications
3:33 pm
there will be accountability, but it's important after the american people tolerated this investigation because they were told there was reason to believ the president was a traitor. the idea that we quickly move o from this like okay, i guess it was our bad, there was no collusion, but now we're tryin to go on obstruction is patentl absurd. people need to be concerned. >> it's pretty detailed in the context is that the russians have. are you concerned with the leve of activity that the russians took to try to interfere with the 2016 question are. >> what i mostly concerned abou is it doesn't include all the activity. we know there was a campaign that worked with russians to interfere in the election. that was the hillary clinton campaign. according to the author of that dossier, he used kremlin forces sources, there's nothing in the document about that. i wish we had seen more about russia's efforts because we don't have any information abou the actual campaign. >> wonder what's going to be in the inspector generals report.
3:34 pm
>> i have a problem with people who say that this was a big fraud or a waste of time. at the end of this investigation pointed to specific cases of russian interference that we should all be upset about. it has said that the trump campaign knew about it. maybe they didn't coordinate th activity, but they knew about i in real time. this is an investigation that resulted in dozens of indictments and convictions and some guilty pleas from some people who did some really bad things. does that correct connected directly to the president of th united states? is not necessarily on the coordination aspect. >> but that's where it is you say not necessarily. i kept reading, no, there is no established coordination. it's not like a level of criminal activity. >> it says no criminal conspiracy, but he says that there was some contact between them that they were aware. >> the investigation did not
3:35 pm
establish that the trump campaign coordinated with the russians for election interference burke the flame be more specific saying there was contact and that they knew abou the activity even if they didn' coordinated and the obstruction question, he points. strongly to the fact that there could be something they're even if he couldn't indict. to get you guys are going to come back. we have another panel coming up. up next another delay in afghanistan peace talks involving the we are there. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm begging you... take gas-x.ed beneath the duvet ♪ your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort... fast! so we can all sleep easier tonight.
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>> form reaction to the mullah report in a moment that there are other things happening around the world burdened with karena is confirming that they had testfired a new type of tactical guided weapon believed to be short range. they also demand they remove mike pompeo. personally investigators think an electrical short short circuit most likely cause the fire at the notre dame cathedral . today france paid a daylong tribute to the firefighters who saved the landmark very just days after that massive fire, police say a man was arrested after entering st. patrick's cathedral with two cans of gasoline. security stopped the 37 -year-old, new jersey, man afte he entered the landmark cathedral in midtown manhattan just before 8:00 p.m. last night . on the markets, the markets stocks were up today the dow
3:40 pm
gained 110 s&p 500 finished ahead five. the nasdaq rose two. markets are closed tomorrow for good friday so for the week tha doubt was up a half percentage point the s&p lost about a tent the nasdaq finished ahead aroun a fifth. we have been in afghanistan a week and wanted to continue tha reporting talks between the taliban and the delegation of afghan citizens will not be hel tomorrow as scheduled. the terror group pulled out of the session over the makeup of the afghan contingent. tonight steve harrigan continue his week of reports from the site of america's longest war. >> first ever peace talks between afghan government officials and that taliban scheduled to begin on friday in cutter have been canceled by th taliban. the spokesman ridiculed the size of the 250 person government delegation. think the negotiations were not a wedding party and some hotel. the government officials say they still hope for direct talks .
3:41 pm
>> they will need to talk to th end that is not sufficient. there are issues they need to talk to the united states about the future of afghan peace and cease-fire and all the other of peace. >> others say the only effort of . >> that taliban strategic objective despite what's going on in negotiations is not to share power. the objective is to force the collapse of the government of afghanistan so that they can take power. >> power gained by force. taliban forces launched the offensive this month to take power over as much territory as possible before any peace agreement even in the heavily guarded capital fear of the terror attack is constant. attacks by suicide car bombers are changing the face of kabul. >> glass walls are going up all over really cutting the city an
3:42 pm
pieces. people who have the money and can afford it, embassies and hotels trying to keep themselve safe from suicide bombers perky those without blast walls like this furniture maker continue t toil away in the open air head down with little protection fro the violence which began with the soviet invasion in 1979 and has not stopped yet. steve harrigan, fox news. >> steve harrigan is there all week. we will have another report there. more on the panel with the mueller report after this. it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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west palm beach florida, the president just arrived on air force one. he is shaking hands with lots o folks there at the airport he's been doing it for the past few minutes. there you see the secret servic surrounding him, he's spending the easter weekend at his florida compound. we are back with our panel.
3:47 pm
senior editor of the federalist. former cia analyst looks 16. we welcome to the panel. the president tweeted right after the report came out a picture in here it is. game over. he later talked about that. no collusion or obstruction. you're thoughts on this release? >> he's out of criminal jeopardy . in that sense game over is appropriate. we we're promised a lot here by most of the media for two years and that has not been delivered at all. we we're promised there was going to be some moment a smoking gun moment where we would see this smoking gun effort to show collusion with russia and it never materialized . i would just say this is a presidency unfairly maligned an boxed into a corner and now fighting out of that corner because it was imperfect in tha process we are being told we're supposed to condemn. it's ridiculous at this point and i think what mueller did on
3:48 pm
obstruction just shows that there were political considerations taken into account all along the special counsel was looking up. i think the president, it's a good day for him no question because he is not facing criminal charges, but now were going to get into the congressional obstruction game and i think the democrats were run with it. >> if you looked at the report, the reductions were not that extensive. very few reductions in the second part. the first part had some various notes about it about grand jury testimony, about classified information. if there was all this about we didn't get the unredacted version. >> i think that is the wrong thing to focus on if i'm a democrat on the hill, there is plenty of other things here to focus on and they will get to see the report, the full unredacted report, one would hope. it is this issue of obstruction that i think will continue to hang over the president and tha democrats are going to hold onto
3:49 pm
. >> the obstruction issue i thin is interesting because it's the bulk of the report or a majorit of the report focuses on it. with concerning about it is tha mueller change the center. the standard is your innocent until the government proved you guilt. in the section on obstruction h said trump is guilty and he can't prove his innocence. that's a very dangerous standar to put for someone. if he thinks he has the goods o him, he should have charged him. he didn't have the goods, he didn't charge them. and all of the method that caused. the idea that they will now be tolerant of an obstruction prob seems to not understand. this is an attack on not just the president but the people wh elected him. could you democrats had a problem when jim comey did it with hillary clinton that way. >> as they rightly should have.
3:50 pm
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3:54 pm
government to undo the election. i think we are clear now that that is where the evidence has taken us and people should accept that including people in the media today with patting themselves on the back when the should be soul-searching instead . >> we learned a couple of thing in this report. one validated that the russians did try to interfere in this election to benefit donald trump . the trump campaign knew about i in real time and thought it would benefit them. number two, that there are stil a lot of questions about obstruction. he didn't feel he could indict, but he pointed a lot of smoke a it. the question now becomes it may not have risen to the level of criminality, but are the american people okay with it? there are going to be a lot of people that say fine, no big deal, but just as many people will be worried. >> the democrats, are they worried. >> there are people who worked on it were desperate to get trump and that they failed.
3:55 pm
it is evident and what they included, how they wrote up wha they included and what they lef out. every little thing is hyped. literally few tweeted what that might have been related to a russian when it comes to the trump campaign. the area melodramatic and it ends with nothing. it also leads up what we still need to note, which is how this russian narrative ever got infected into our system of government so we need to find that out so we can make sure that opposition research from a hostile political campaign is not used to undermine administration like it was here. >> when we come back, honoring the brave firefighters in paris.
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: >> i'm having a good day too, it was called no collusion, no obstruction. there never was, there never will be. >> martha: with that, the criminal part of this two years saga, over and done. the president we did today and his campaign said now the tables have turned. good evening everybody, i martha maccallum and this is a "the story" ." the trump team ready to go after the roots of this investigation, and the door cracked open by mueller to prove their case in
4:01 pm
impeachment proceedings.


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