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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 19, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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they wanted to come to my house and videotape my bible study. there are four of us from talks that are entered. there are women. if you want to watch it, go to fox nation. >> bill: great show, guys. a new entrant in the race for the white house, ap confirms. former vice president joe biden is going to give it a whirl yet again. expected to announce that he will run for the nomination. he will be number 20, so more on that inside of "america's newsroom" coming up. we have the day after the mueller matter. president trump declaring victory after we got the mueller report. democrats meanwhile ramp it up to fight for the full report for them and the others, it is not over. we will take you to the next phase. let you know what that phrase means and how it will shape up. how are you doing?
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hello to you. three hours today. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: good morning to everyone. i'm sandra smith. the mueller report funny no evidence anyone on the trump campaign conspired with sweeping and systemic efforts by the russian government to interfere with the 2016 presidential election, but the report did not exonerate the president on obstruction of justice, leaving congress to take the next day. meanwhile, reaction continues to pour in on the document. >> no collision. no obstruction. there never was, by the way. >> the attorney general did a great disservice to the country by misrepresenting significant parts of the mueller report by attempting to put a positive spin for the president on the special counsel's findings. the attorney general is not the president's personal lawyer, although he may feel that he is.
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>> bill: 's she not left her post. catherine herridge live. we begin with you, catherine. >> bill, good morning. late yesterday, william barr sent this letter to the leadership of the house and senate judiciary committee that has direct oversight to the department advising them that another version of the mueller report with fewer reductions will be available to them as well as to the ranking members and the shorthand for congressional leadership, but he warned that this is highly sensitive and confidential information. the letter reads in part "material redacted in the public version of the report is law enforcement sensitive and confidential. it should not be shared in any form without prior approval of the department of justice." some of it is governed and cannot be shared publicly absent of court order. what we are already seeing is the senior democrat, chairman of the house judiciary committee, pardon me, is making clear that
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he is going to pick up this issue on obstruction of justice. here is jerry now. >> finally, it is clear the special counsel's office conducted an incredibly thorough investigation under two preserve the evidence for future investigators. special counsel made clear that he did not exonerate the president. the responsibility now falls to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions. >> the obstruction of justice issue was decided by the attorney general and of the deputy attorney general. we learned more about the decision yesterday. william barr told reporters that he use the framework that was set up by the special counsel and mentalist of the evidence discovered by the special counsel, and he still found that it fell short. he has out that he will issue a subpoena sometime today even in a matter of hours, bill. >> bill: what are the big events in the report? going back to may 2017. what more do we have on that
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story, catherine? >> now that we have seen new details about the meeting in may of 2017, other individuals in the meeting have come to fox news and provided some additional context. remember, these are the days between the firing of james comey on may 9th and events the appointment of the special counsel. this is a critical period because it is also the time frame one rod rosenstein allegedly invokes the 25th, and what many people have forgotten is that during this time from, robert mueller also interviewed with the president to become the next fbi director after james comey was fired, so we created this atmosphere. those close to the president say that felt under siege. that part of the report states everyone tells me -- this is the president speaking, "if you get one of these independent councils, it ruins your presidency. it takes years and years, and i
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won't be able to do anything. this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me." they address some of these findings that are addressed in the special counsel report yesterday one he spoke to reporters. >> as it acknowledges, there is substantial evidence to show that the president was frustrated and angered by his sincere belief that the investigation was undermining his presidency, propelled by his political opponents and fueled by illegal leaks. >> that is the key phrase to pay attention to going forward. "illegal leaks." that seems to be a statement that is not that without some background knowledge because remember, the inspector general here is investigating classified leaks related to these investigations. >> bill: we will see where that leads. thank you. catherine herridge, great work yesterday. we will talk to you throughout the day. >> sandra: president trump calling the mueller probe
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something that should never happen to another president again. kellyanne conway criticizing the media's coverage of the investigation. >> that should make people feel very good about democracy. managed to a successful end, we are accepting apologies today too to anybody who feels like offering them. >> sandra: kevin corke live out the white house. safe to say that president is still fired up and is fighting back this morning? >> that he is, sandra. and i suspect as we see more -- it's 440 pages. we have had a chance to look it over, but i suspect that the president and his advisors get a closer look. let me take you to twitter. the president talking about it already in a series of tweets, and i want to be careful in how i catch this because i think that you might find this interesting. he said this. statements are made about me and
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the crazy mueller report, written by 18 angry democrat trumpeters, which are fabricated and totally untrue. watch out for people that take so-called "notes," when the notes never existed until needed because i never agreed to testify. it was not necessary for me to respond to statements made in the report about me, some of which are total -- yeah, and only given for me to look bad. this was an illegally started hoax. i should never have happened. we will see if he adds to that, the president's private are pushing back. they are zeroing in on the specifics, meaning no obstruction. jay sekulow sang as much yesterday in a conversation with shannon bream. >> sandra: kevin, how does the white house handle reports that sarah sanders misled the public by suggesting widespread rank and foul push back on then fbi
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director james comey? >> sometimes the smartest thing you can do in a circumstance like this is get the principal out there so that they can explain what they were thinking. sarah sanders actually out talking about it this morning. she said the statement was not meant to be reflective of specific -- it was sort of a turn of phrase. it was not doctrine. sort of a figure of speech. but she acknowledges it was not a misstatement. >> those were mueller's words. they weren't founded on anythin anything. what i said was in the heat of the moment. i said that it was in the heat of the moment, meaning it wasn't a unscripted thing. it was something that i said, which is why that one word has become a big deal. but the big take away here is that the sentiment is 100% accurate. the fbi is a better place without james comey. >> now white house officials say it is time to investigate the investigators.
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more to come. >> sandra: kevin corke at the white house for us. more to come. >> bill: good morning to you. i don't know if you had a chance to read "the new york post" this morning. he had a very interesting column. at one point, he goes after the media. he says "take that." by abandoning your standards, you misled the readers and viewers, yet refuse to admit it. they are the true dead enders, still searching for a third to justify their g their against trump." >> the thing that strikes me about a lot of the 24 hours has been the following. there was an obsession with the collusion story line for two plus years. we heard about collusion, reports, allegations. every little nugget that leaked out was speculated about, and focused on intensely throughout most of the media. and now that we have the
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mueller report and there was no collusion, meaning no cooperation between the trump campaign and the russians on any level, they've all just impeded away to the next bright, shiny object, which is obstruction. don't get me wrong. you read that volume two of the report, plenty of information in there that is distressing that reflects poorly on the present, and i don't think the idea that the president does totally exonerated, did nothing wrong, i don't think that's true, but i find it absolutely telling that after two years of focus on issue a, which is the fundamental underlying question, the biggest question that mueller had to answer, they kind of withdrawn that one, and now they are sort of gas lighting us. this thing over here matters more, and i think a lot of people are sick of these games and see exactly what the media is doing, and that's why there is a credibility crisis that many in our profession are having. >> bill: we will analyze all of that in the coming months coming forward. i agree with you that at first glance, some of those statements
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are shocking. you wonder how they wear in time. a blue dress was shocking 20 years ago. it stunned everybody across america. we are now getting word he has issued a subpoena for the full unredacted report. breaking news right now, guys. i think the important thing to note here is that william barr will share the full report with certain members of congress. jerry nadler might be on the list. the effort, however, here is to take control of the entire report, which would eventually possibly be released to the public. if you look at the reductions yesterday, some of this was easy to read. just at first glance, and i don't know how you feel about this, but there were fewer reductions than i or many others had expected. what was your to? >> i am also fascinated, bill, by all of the attacks against the attorney general. remember just a few weeks ago everyone wringing their hands.
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he might write his own summary. what is taking them so long? he will do 70% blacked out. we won't really see anything. they will not see it appeared it seems like they just keep updating their complaints against the sky based on the latest thing that i am out abou about. and we played a clip earlier of a democrat saying that what bill barr's original letter was to us three and a half weeks ago was contradictory to what we actually saw in the mueller report. now it wasn't. if you are paying any attention, bill barr told the american people about a month ago that there was going to be no collusion and no decision on obstruction, but not on exoneration, and that is precisely what we got yesterday. >> bill: thank you so much. thank you. reaction now from the white house coming up today. our headliner is the white house deputy use secretary's. it joe biden is apparently getting in the race. they say the primary will be
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easier than some might think. bernie sanders in the amount of attention that he is getting already. >> sandra: also something to add, jerry nadler moments ago subpoenaing william barr and the department of justice for the full unredacted report. also the documents referenced in the report and pertaining to the investigation. so, that we just learned. we will have more coming up on that. one republican morning the fight is not over. >> the next two years will be over. if he has already had a cloud over the last two years, at least mueller did his work confidentially. congress will not. he had an open mind going in. congress does not. >> sandra: as a top democrat issues a subpoena for the full mueller report, tom dupree will address the next. >> bill: also big concerns from north korea that they conducted weapons test.
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6:18 am
does that do? >> his -- he wants to be able to pound away on this argument there is still some sort of cover up being perpetrated. the fact is they were a good number of reductions. i think it was a lot fewer reductions on many people anticipated, but there still are a bunch in the report. if it is under one of those reductions, a smoking gun, that will implicate the president, i think he is mistaken. the redacted material would be the attorney general falling into 1 of 4 well-recognized categories. he can push back and say this one went too far or it was unnecessary. maybe he is right about that, and a court will decide i should not have been redacted. it is also possible that as some of the ongoing proceedings come to light but they will be able to be removed. i think the purpose is a strategic one. to be able to hint that there is a cover up. >> bill: he said he is going
6:19 am
to share the unredacted version with certain members of congress. would jerry nadler be one of those? >> probably not. if they are talking about limiting it to the very top levels of congress, classified information, i don't think he would be included. >> bill: 's may be a political sense. then ultimately, you want -- democrats would want to have a vote in committee, and then for the house, to release all of it to the public, right? that would be the next logical step. >> i think that's a start. i don't think they will be satisfied until the entire report is unredacted. it is no question that there is a strong public value and transparency and putting it out for the american people to see everything that can be seen, but within the confines of law. it is not an absolute, and i think the attorney general has apparently gone through the report, decided what can be kept public, what needs to be put
6:20 am
behind reductions, and we'll see. i think it will change over tim time. >> bill: eric swalwell, the democrat from california, he is running for president. he called for bill barr to resign. "russia attacked us, it reveals russia and donald trump's team, and they impaired the investigation. yet our attorney general access trumps defense attorney. you can represent both. bill barr must resign." no one took the bait from russia, but what was clear watching the coverage yesterday was that so many democrats have turned their fire on bill barr. is that fair to say? >> i think that is fair to say. i think that there were a lot of democrats who are hoping that the report would have reached a different conclusion, underlying collusion's with russia. and when they didn't get that, i think they said what can we do now? and i think barr represents the target. his press conference explained
6:21 am
why he reached the conclusion that he did. i think it opened him up to charges that he was acting more as the president's personal lawyer then rather as an impartial arbiter of the law, so i think they see barr as a more vulnerable targets on the president. >> bill: james comey 12 hours ago tweeted this. are those green shoots? shades of 2010? the economy turning around. he said "so many answers," but this was the tweet that preceded that. "so many questions." do you want to analyze that, or do you just want to say pass? >> it is sort of like a weird james comey haiku. i cannot make heads or tails of it. >> bill: thank you, tom. >> sandra: now, it is time to investigate the investigators. pete king will be here to weigh in on that just ahead.
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>> sandra: new developments on the fire at notre dame cathedral. they now believe that a short-circuit in the electrical system most likely cause that fire. we are live in paris on this good friday. good morning, greg. >> sandra, indeed, it is good friday in paris, but a very special one just days after the notre dame cathedral was gutted monday night and tuesday morning and horrible fire. usually on this solemn day of
6:26 am
the christian year, there was a cross procession marking the passion of jesus christ on his last day for christians before his crucifixion. now that is an area that can't be gone near. we are near us now. 300 yards away. i will ask my cameraman, martin, to zoom in. i think you can see the cross. this is the head of the way of the cross procession. it is the second way of the cross. the second station right now. and you can hear the prayers, and we've been listening to the music. i'm going to pause for just ten seconds or so just to give you feel for the serenity of the moment. ♪ a very quiet time.
6:27 am
prayers being set right now, sandra. to run down the actual fire, right now we have been watching over the last 24 hours. woodwork, netting, it is still unstable. there are six different points in the church that are threatened with vulnerability still. the firefighters who were honored yesterday in a series of ceremonies did an amazing job. they saved to the basic structure of the church. they also saved the artifacts. most of them that were inside. and yes, as you know, the investigation into the fire is still going on. it is zeroing in on a short-circuit, and electrical system that was involved. the scaffolding, the elevators that were used around the spire and the renovation process. also, a computer glitch, and a smoke detector was involved with perhaps making it to the point
6:28 am
where it took a half an hour for the first engine to arrive, and for the real damage to happen. restoration already being planned. meeting today, french president with you and officials. already $1 billion has been raised. one insurer claims that it will be $8 billion to actually bring the church back to something as it was. it again, this is going on right now. there is nothing in france that is without controversy. there are some questioning the amount of money being spent on this church when other poor people might need the money as well, and also a plan for saturday. yet another yellow vest. a violent riot in the center of paris leading up to of course easter sunday. and as we watch and wait for this procession, this solemn
6:29 am
profession procession on this holiest of days of the christian calendar, most solemn day, i should say of the catholic year, we bring you back from paris. not far from the church that is still very close to the hearts of not just christians but everybody around the world. back to you, sandra. three to thank you. beautiful sounds on the streets of paris there. the way of the cross ritual continues. >> bill: hard to believe it was just monday. the electrical fire was what caused it. probably a sense of relief. i think there was a lot of speculation as to what was behind it, and france is paying all through this. excellent reporting there. it now prominent democrats calling for impeachment, as others suggest that is not such a good idea this close to an election. so what is the strategy on the left? >> sandra: and money blasting bill barr, saying he
6:30 am
misrepresented what was in the report. we will get reaction from a democrat and house oversight committee ro khanna will be joining us next. >> bill: first, though, before the break, observances in france just outside notre dame cathedral. ♪ ok everyone!
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our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. >> barr has revealed himself as an agent of the president. he clearly misled over a period of four weeks from march 24th right there his press conferenc conference. >> sandra: jerry nadler issuing a subpoena moments ago for the full unredacted
6:34 am
mueller report. meanwhile, top democrats are calling on robert miller to testify following the release of his redacted report. let's bring in a row, who is a member of the house oversight committee. could you have you on. we appreciate it. >> always good to be on. >> sandra: nice of you to be here. the most recent news here is that jerry nadler wants a full report still. is this something that you are calling for as well? >> i think it's reasonable for congress to see the full report. congress' powers are at their peak when we are investigating the executive branch, so let's get the full report. let's get me a letter to testify, and i think we can have closure. >> sandra: not ruling out calls for impeachment. where does your party stand on that? >> there's only one person who matters.
6:35 am
nancy pelosi. she sets the agenda for house democrats. she is going to set the agenda. she has said let's let mueller testify. have the committee do their work and gather evidence. it is premature to be making any other judgments. >> sandra: her exact words were that it is not worth it. it is not the political divisiveness to do just that. we have heard from the house majority leader. impeachment is not worthwhile after seeing the mueller report. the election is an 18 months, and the american people will make the ultimate judgment. it is not something that can agree with? >> i agree with nancy pelosi. frankly, anyone who has been in the caucus knows that she calls the shots and makes the judgments. i think her position has been that we should have mueller testify. we should have all the committees do their work. if mueller wanted us to, have congress exercise their
6:36 am
oversight, but she has been very clear that there has been some very shocking evidence that can get some bipartisan support in order to start an impeachment inquiry. >> sandra: some freshman members of congress, they are not in agreement with that. alexandria ocasio-cortez has tweeted this out. "pointing to -- it is our job, as outlined in the u.s. constitution as such, i will be signing on to the impeachment resolution." so, how divided is your party right now? >> there are different members of congress with different opinions. they will learn that the person whose opinion matters is the speaker of the house. i am not supportive of that resolution, and i don't think it is going to get broader support. every member of congress obviously has the right to express their opinion.
6:37 am
>> sandra: so did you have a chance, congressman, over 400 pages to read the entire report when it was released? >> i've read about 200 pages. here's the thing that i think every american can agree on. it is outrageous what the russian state to interfere in our elections. it wasn't just the clinton campaign. they were targeting former secretaries of state, the president of the united states, he was unwittingly it's retreating russian agents. we should be appalled thought a second rate power like russia had the audacity to interfere in the american election. let's fix that so it never happens again. >> sandra: it seems, though, in the hours that have followed the release of that redacted report, congressman, that many members of your party and the media are not accepting the findings of the report. are you? >> i accept the findings of the report. bob mueller is one of the most thoughtful public servants.
6:38 am
he did a thorough job, and i accept the findings. i do think that mueller, on at least obstruction of justice, congress examined the evidence, and i think that is why it is so important for the american people to hear from him directl directly. >> sandra: we know adam schiff is not accepting the findings of the report, and mark meadows, chairman of the house freedom caucus, is saying that it is time for him to fess up. >> adam schiff had this wonderful press are just a few moments ago. that is a different adam schiff that has been on every sunday show and cable news network, saying i've got evidence. we are going to find a president guilty. now all of a sudden, he is changing the narrative. you know, it's time for him to fess up and admit to the american people that he didn't have what he said he did. >> sandra: he said he had evidence of collusion. he said you accept the findings of that report. no collusion. so is it time for adam schefter to fess up?
6:39 am
>> i know mark meadows well. i know adam shift. i think his point is more about the russian interference. they did say that he wanted trump to win. now, it is clear that mueller concluded there was no coordination or criminal conspiracy, and i think adam schiff has acknowledged that that he made that conclusion. no one is disputing his conclusion on this. >> sandra: congressman, i just wonder what is next for your party with all of this. it seems like this is not going the way -- the report is out, and it seems like there's narrative is still going to be run by your party. final thoughts? >> let me suggest three things. one, we should work in a bipartisan way to make sure no country interferes in our election. second, let's look at places where we can collaborate to get things done for the american people. infrastructure and lowering prescription drug prices are two places. it let's actually do something
6:40 am
that is going to help people's lives in this country. >> sandra: congressman ro khanna, we appreciate you coming on the program. >> thanks, sandra appeared to be one of the big setback war. peace talks between the american government and the taliban are now on hold as a disagreement over who should be there at the talks. live again as he has been all week. steve, hello. >> bill, it's a quiet friday morning. no explosions. children flying kites in the air behind me. of course, that could all change if the taliban were to come to power. they were defeated on the battlefield 18 years ago. one of the reasons i have been able to come back and strength on those battlefields is opium. about 90% of the world's heroin comes out of afghanistan. most of it is grown in taliban-controlled territory. they take in an estimated
6:41 am
$200 million a year from the opium trades. that has been able to keep them equipped in the battlefield. both the taliban and still have some real challenges ahead, including from another group. even more extreme, more radical than the taliban. isis and afghanistan. the taliban control over half of afghanistan. they are in a strong position waiting for the americans to leave, but they have a new enemy of their own. isis. tell the bandleader say isis is even more brutal than they are here in afghanistan. there is an estimated 2,500 isis fighters. they are recruiting heart, and their presence here might be a reason u.s. forces haven't stayed even after any peace deal with the taliban. >> bill: thank you, steve. >> sandra: one county declaring a state of emergency at after a surge of migrants there. the solution that they are looking for now from washington. plus, the president sliming the
6:42 am
mueller report. what will come of the investigation of the investigators? republican congressman pete king on that next. >> believe me, if they had an obstruction case to make, they would have made it. they did not. as something fast. then one day you decide it just needs to be safe enough to get her to college and back. principal. we can help you plan for that. oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight.
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tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me now. i'm still clear. how sexy are these elbows? get clear skin that can last. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. >> sandra: memorials marketing 20 years since the columbine school shootings will be released. the florida woman who killed herself after threatening the high school. events honoring the 13 victims of the 1999 school shooting. he was said to be obsessed with a muscular, traveling from miami to denver, buying the same kind of shock on the columbine killers use. her body was found 40 miles from the school. police say she died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> they still had no evidence of any type of collusion, but he was willing to create the need
6:46 am
for a special counsel. that's what needs to be looked at, and that's what i think bill barr is going to do. >> bill: how did it all started and why? that is a hint of what is to come. good morning to you on this good friday. getting ready for easter weekend. how are you, sir? good morning. >> the here is the reaction frm the president yesterday. >> i said this should never happen to another present again. this hoax. it should never happen to another president again. >> bill: before i get to the question, i want to read to you what the trump campaign sent out. just the last two lines of it. "now that the conspiracy theories have been exposed for the pathetic hoaxes they always were, the obama era doj must answer for their misdeeds that they perpetuated to the american people. it just as will be served."
6:47 am
go ahead and tell us what you think will happen next. >> i have been involved in this now for two years now, being on the intelligence committee. i heard almost all of the witnesses bob mueller would have heard, and they were under oath. i never saw any evidence at all whatsoever of collusion. it goes back to wife when this started the first place. connor page gave speech, when barack obama had spoken just several years before that. there was no evidence at all. coming back to the campaign with any information. same with george papadopoulos. whatever he did or didn't do, he never shared anything with the campaign. they were not involved in this. it is really almost sacred in our country. it is a culmination of democracy. so to launch all law enforcement investigation, counterintelligence, based on the flimsiest of evidence.
6:48 am
she actually had a chinese communist working in her office. and she removed them. that is what they should have done in this case. all former u.s. attorney's. so this, to me, it is a bad excuse to investigate. whether it was james comey, andrew mccabe, the entire fbi, up until a few weeks ago, he was still talking about treason. this was to me a coordinated effort by certain people at the top levels of the government, and that should be investigated. i would say the same thing if it was hillary clinton or bernie sanders or anybody else. >> bill: july 2016. that is around the time when george papadopoulos had this conversation at a bar at 11:00 in london. do you believe that is when the surveillance of the trump campaign begin? >> it appears. was that 2015 or 2016?
6:49 am
i think it was 2016. in any event, that appears to be when it started. there was talk with people involved in the dossier before that. again, with george papadopoulos, why do they suddenly come and give information to him? especially when he has a history of being involved as a source for our government. again, there are so many unanswered question pete dominicks. there is no question. it's also certain things that mueller left out of the report. they never thought donald trump was going to win. they wanted to damage hillary clinton because they wanted to wink at her. that is not even mentioned. >> bill: that was when the papadopoulos thing came up. one last thing, ro khanna, the
6:50 am
democrat from california, he just said let mueller testify, and then we can arrive at closure. is that where it ends? >> let me just say, i would hope so. i just heard that ro khanna -- i thought he was extremely reasonable. he and i probably have a different perspective, but i think it is time to resolve it. this is going to be used as an 18 month investigation of president trump. i went through all of those instances of supposed obstruction of justice, and to me, people on the mueller staff who couldn't get donald trump on any criminal -- just allow this investigation to go forward. i don't see any reason why this couldn't be wrapped up in a matter of months. >> bill: that is the decision they are going to have to arrive at. peter king, thank you. have a great easter weekend.
6:51 am
>> sandra: now, new developments in the jussie smollett case. why are some top deputies from kim fox's office now resigning? we will have a life report on that next. not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra.
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6:54 am
would you mind passing my book there. >> sandra: to top deputies resigning from the attorney's office after the charges against jussie smollett were dropped. we are alive in chicago with all of that. good morning. >> both of these ranking executives are scheduled to work there last day. perhaps most notable is the resignation of the chief ethics officer who is not giving a reason for her departure, other than think she is returning to the private sector. kim fox revealed that she refused recused herself from the
6:55 am
smollett investigation. it was later reviewed kim fox never illegally recused herself. kim fox touted her as the first ethics officer and a strong advisor. >> we never had an ethics officer in cook county. what i wanted to make sure when i started my term was that's any decision i made, it would be vetted by someone other than myself. >> also resigning is the director of conviction integrity unit. our fox affiliate in chicago. previously thought about leaving. it coincides with some travel plans. b2 kim foxx is standing by her offices decision to drop the charges. but her decisions were heavily criticized and are under review now? >> yeah, also you recall the national district attorneys association and the prosecutor bar association have rebuked he
6:56 am
her. her entire office should have been removed from the case. the president has also called for a federal review. >> sandra: matt finn and chicago for us. that story continues. >> bill: this morning, a lot of speculation. apparently joe biden will be in for the rates were 2020. the a-team will weigh in on his chances. the fight, we are told, is far from over. hogan gidley straight ahead top of the hour. come on back. good friday. >> there was no collusion, and certainly no criminal conspiracy with any russians. when i need to find it negative information about hillary clinton, i look no further than hillary clinton. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself. so, every day, we put our latest technology
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7:00 am
>> sandra: as you can imagine, more reaction pouring in. the white house claiming victory. just a short time ago, subpoenas for the full and unredacted report. welcome back to "america's newsroom." good friday morning to you. you are not anti-easter, are you? >> sandra: you know, i didn't put on the purple. i'm in trouble. >> you look beautiful. good morning, everybody. mueller steam did not declare collusion. here is a sample of that. >> the facts that are now established by this report are damning, whether they should
7:01 am
have resulted in indictments, they are damning. we should call for better. >> laying out the best evidence he has against the president. >> the ultimate arbiter will be the american people. those parts that are redacted i think should be open to the american people. >> the timeline of the report will be reflected by the report itself. which means no collusion, no obstruction, and i think generally, people are ready to move on. >> bill: live in west palm beach, florida, near mar-a-lago. how are you doing, phil? arriving late yesterday. good morning. >> good morning, yeah. stormy morning here in west palm beach. in more ways than one. despite what has been a very dreary and rainy morning here so
7:02 am
far, the presidential motorcade has left mar-a-lago and has recently arrived down the street as his international golf club, where clearly, the president is going to brave the elements and hope that this rain stays dry for a while. despite that, the 448 mueller report, clearly still on the president's mind this morning, revealed in new tweets, including some harsh language. here is sarah sanders this morning, pushing back on some of the findings in the report on cbs. >> so you're saying that the president has never said that this is not to be true. >> correct. he has never asked me to break the law, and when the president wants to do something and make a decision, he does it. he does not sit around and ponder. >> air force one landed around 6:30 last night in west palm beach, and the presidential appeared to be
7:03 am
having a good day at the time. right after that report was released yesterday morning, a small crowd of supporters greeted him wildly on the tarma tarmac. numerous red maga hats, they were close enough to hear that president tsai multiple times thank you and even said one time "game over." he has no official public events all weekend long. the first family is expected to be here through sunday. we do expect the president on sunday to do what he did down here last easter sunday, which is attend easter services at bethesda by the bay on palm beach. the weather is supposed to actually worsen and get more hellacious of the day goes on. but the upside, bill, it is supposed to be spectacular. >> bill: sounds more like florida. phil keating there life. >> sandra: it is about that time. let's bring in our a-team.
7:04 am
judy miller is a fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research, pulitzer prize-winning author and fox news contributor. james freeman from "the wall street journal," and also a fox news contributor, and ed henry, our chief correspondent. recipient of a new award. >> thank you. >> bill: i know you love easter. >> sandra: thank you for that, ed. >> now it is the war on easter. >> sandra: where does it end? >> bill: where do we begin? >> sandra: your thoughts? >> that was just a phone call i was getting from bill. we compared notes. i just want to take a deep breath, you know. it's over, and the democrats don't quite know it yet. now it is a political battle, but the door is shut on collusion. they have not just said that there were allegations of collusion, but for two years, they said there was evidence of collusion. thousands of subpoenas, all the rest. no, that door is closed.
7:05 am
makes me wonder why bob mueller didn't make a call and say this is where they should have gone. instead, leaving it open. >> bill: wild speculation here. does he not make a call because of the pressure of those around him on his team? >> this is the way the fbi traditionally operates. they gather the facts, and then they turn it over to the attorney general to make a conclusion about whether or not someone should be -- >> bill: they gathered plenty of that. >> look. the democrats and people who are anti-trump said mueller is our guy. they hung everything on me other. when he didn't do it they wanted him to do, they have been left in the cold, and that's the problem now. the challenge for democrats. what do you do now that mueller has refused to do what they
7:06 am
wanted him to do? >> yeah, and i think this is kind of -- you can't take too seriously this new subpoena. it's coming so quickly after the publication of the report, so you know it was undone out of careful consideration. okay, so now we get it, and it's largely unredacted. what's been redacted? it's mainly big sections about the structure of the internet research agency, et cetera. so mueller has told us no americans, no americans were involved in this. what do you think you're going to learn about trump from the structure of this agency? it has nothing to tell you because he's already told you. >> he wants to say it's just the facts. i would argue that on section one, he did make a call. no american colluded with the russian, so he did make a call. they will be no criminal
7:07 am
charges. well, there is this. is that. and i think it -- >> sandra: but does it behoove the democrats to continue with this? this is the latest we have heard from nancy pelosi on talks of impeachment. >> let me assure you, it's that whatever the issue or challenge that we face, the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect the constitution of the united states. to protect our democracy, but we believe that the first article, article one, the legislative branch, has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy, and we will exercise that. >> sandra: so what does that say to you? >> that so she's hunting. her number two in the house was even clearer about that. let the voters decide in 2020. and i think that the wisest part of the party, that is the centrist part of the party, and its leadership, do not want to
7:08 am
go where they want to go. >> bill: i am just consuming this. adam schefter was on cnn around 5:30 last night. he was on with wolf blitzer. wells asked him repeatedly about this impeachment thing. he did not give a clear answer. and what he seemed to say was you, there is a political equation to this, which we all fully understand. then wolf blitzer said you've got the votes in the house, so you can tell us now. this is the internal debate the left is having now. >> and i think that reflects the pelosi comments as well. how do you please the left-wing of the party? show them that you are resisting donald trump without completely alienating centrist voters by making the next two years of overturning the results of the 2016 election?
7:09 am
>> sandra: the freshman congresswoman, ocasio-cortez, she said many take dominic know that i take no pleasure in this. we all prefer working on our priorities. green new deal, medicare for all. but the report said this squarely puts it on our doorstep. >> i was watching "the five" yesterday. [laughs] >> let me just be honest. in all seriousness, i think the first part of the tweet is she wants to jump in on impeachment, but she's actually making a smart point later about getting the student loans. if you want to pick immigration, infrastructure of the economy, here's the point. let's talk about real issues. that is ultimately why they are feeling that pressure. their base once you resist, resist, and it hasn't gotten very far. the 60 "60 minutes" interview.
7:10 am
they were asking nancy pelosi what they've gotten done. they haven't gotten anything done. that is not always the barometer. you need twodays or whatever. you got to start getting things done. they are in charge. >> you are away on easter break. you come back, and you are working, but this is going to take up so much of their oxygen. now you are gone and august, and you are sick into 2020. speaking of which, a quick time out here. potentially a major announcement about 2020. joe biden apparently reportedly is set to enter the race. if true, he would be number 20 on the democratic side. we are tracking that live in washington. what have you found out there, doug? >> that ap is now confirming an "atlantic" magazine report. no real surprise here. the film crews at the different locations, including his childhood home in scranton,
7:11 am
pennsylvania, . it will come via video message. at 30% support, two bernie sanders 22.5. beto o'rourke stands at 8.8%, and kamala harris at 8.5%. the recent spate of #metoo accusations have not seemed to have had an impact, especially after he has said to have pulled back on the touchy-file stuff. >> i had permission to hug her, i want to say. [cheers and applause] i don't know, man. yesterday, he spoke shop. his remarks hearken back to an obama era message of "you didn't build that." >> workers are not being treated across the board with dignity. they are not being treated like
7:12 am
that matter. let me get something straight with you all. wall street bankers and ceos did not build america. you built america. we built america. ordinary middle-class people built america. >> now fox news can confirm that he is going to be announcing next wednesday. his biggest liability as we all know may be his age. he 76 years old. he would become the oldest president to take office if elected. he may accompany his video message with the rollout rally perhaps at the philadelphia museum of art. perhaps in charlottesville, virginia, . the 2017 white supremacist rally. >> bill: we can add to this a moment ago. now confirms joe biden will be in the race officially next week. back with judy and james. our a-team. let's frame it this way.
7:13 am
this is what the atlantic said. the primary, joe biden believes, will be easier than some may think. you see the clear path down the middle of the party, especially with bernie sanders occupying 20% of the progressive base, and most of the other candidates fighting for the rest. james. we will start with you. >> there is definitely a hunger among the democrats, despite its legitimate media coverage of the aoc types, there is an appetite for a moderate. you see that even when he is not running. ultimately, he may have a challenge and that he's not a great candidate. we've seen that in his previous runs for president. if people want moderate, it's possible some of the other options will break through. he is maybe a smarter, sharper, more accomplished option for democrats who want a moderate. >> sandra: what do you think, ed? will he save the day?
7:14 am
>> he is legit. >> obviously, he brings a lot of money. >> he does. it's i think that is why he is at the top of the polls early. he is at the top of the polls, then they get in there, start bringing up the old issues. they got back to the hugging and kissing. there are all sorts of things that are going to come in. i think sanders is a greater force. sanders is more formidable than the democratic party assumed early on. and i am not sure, james, that there is a real hunger in the democratic party for a moderate. the hunger is for that resist. keep down trauma. you look at the gala poll. they identify themselves as moderate or even conservative. >> in your case, it would be howard schultz and michael
7:15 am
bloomberg. we are about to find out. but there is market here. >> about the energy, the dynamism of the party is with the left. that is the problem. >> bill: how much concern is there, the center left portion of the democratic party? how concerned are you with bernie having a real shot at this? >> i think the center is very concerned about burning, number one. he is the one who truly, truly bothers them because he could use the "i was robbed" argument. i could have beaten trumps the last time. he went with a safe, experienced vet. she was a terrible candidate. let's not make that same mistake. that's the danger for the biden party. >> let me tell you a secret. i was on the a-team several weeks ago, and i made the point
7:16 am
that i was talking to her republican from pennsylvania who is a formidable person in the state. the only democrat he is worried about is joe biden. the ones who go president trump, they told me that it would be joe biden. i said that on the a-team, and a friend of mine texted me and said he was sitting with the president, watching the segment, and he said i'm not buying that because every time joe biden has been in the rice on his own without obama, he's one single digits. so that is directly from the oval office. if that's what they believe. they could be around this time. >> he's got an opportunity if he wants to run, but don't overwrite his appeal in the midwest feared he moved out of the midwest and the eisenhower administration. >> sandra: all right. they call them the a-team for a reason. >> i say the latter. >> happy easter.
7:17 am
>> thank you. >> sandra: all right, thank you, team. the white house declaring victory after the release of the mueller report. will they now try to turn the tables? hogan gidley will join us. he will be our headliner. >> bill: also they have turned their focus on bill barr. former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy has a closer look at that, and the phrase " "correct, corrupt intent." standby. >> he cannot represent the united states and be -- we need an attorney general who has credibility with the american people. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently.
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7:21 am
>> the attorney general did a great disservice to the country by misrepresenting significant parts of the mueller report. by attempting to put a positive spin for the president on the special counsel's findings. the attorney general is not the president's personal lawyer, although he may feel he is. >> sandra: attorney general's before taking a some from the democrats. holding a press conference on the findings before releasing it yesterday. the former u.s. attorney and
7:22 am
fox news contributor. so they really are taking on this before, andy. what do you think? all of 24 hours now since we have gotten that report. >> i think it's a mistake. barr is a very sharp guy. he will do very well in the testimony. take a look at what they claim, and what we now know. barr got this report within 46 hours or so. we have the findings, which we now see he accurately and faithfully provided to us. he said that he would try to provide a report that was as little rejected as possible because he wanted -- there was no issue. the most unflattering stuff for the president all involved information that probably -- not probably, no doubt the white house could have asserted executive privilege. they could have advised him to do that. all that information got put
7:23 am
out. and i think the report is an accurate reflection of what barr said it would be. he put it out to the public in a way that was maximally disclosing what was in it. >> bill: if you listen to a lot of the democratic reaction, they have a target on bill barr. they are making him the bad by here. he was in kentucky yesterday. >> if you asked for a poll of the most respected lawyers in town, mueller, rosenstein, and barr would all be on the list. bill barr at age 69, the attorney general, that he would do anything to tarnish his own image or reputation is completely ridiculous. >> bill: do we expect barr to testify?
7:24 am
jerry nadler is the chair in the house. the most significant thing i see is the profound disagreement between mueller and barr, with what constitutes obstruction as a matter of law. help us get an understanding for what you were talking about. evidence of corrupt intent. >> bill, in the barr memo that we learned about the attorney general confirmation hearings, he takes the traditional position that you can find the president guilty of obstruction on the basis of inherently corrupt acts, like perjury, tampering with evidence. he uses the clinton precedents from watergate, but if the president carries out his article to prerogative, his
7:25 am
prerogative as an executive, issuing pardons, firing subordinates, weighing in on investigations, he is permitted to do those things. that doesn't mean that if he uses his power, he is above the law because congress can always impeach him, but it is not the place of a federal prosecutor to second-guess the chief executive on the legitimate carrying out of his prerogative. the mueller people on the other hand believe that any act of president can be the basis for an obstruction charge. if a prosecutor decides later on that it was improperly motivated or craftily motivated. and if that's where you're coming from, obviously the behavior, the volume of behavior that could qualify as obstruction is very different than the more narrow area of behavior that we would see him
7:26 am
barr's analysis. >> sandra: i just want to and and -- whether or not congress wants to look at it as part of a political impeachment, what options do democrats have as we continue to watch them react to this? >> sandra, i think he is overstating it in the president's favor. there are things in there that come awfully close to actionable obstruction. i'm thinking in particular the episode involving leaning on him to change his version of events about whether the president ever pressured him to fire mueller? that's a pretty troublesome one. and i think in general, where the democrats go with this is they say that this was so close to criminal obstruction that mueller himself was not decided
7:27 am
that it wasn't. he said he couldn't decide one way or another, and democrats then go from there and say for impeachment, we don't need a penal offense. we need something that we can beak confident is enough of an abuse of power to be characterized as an impeachable offense or a high crime and misdemeanor. this could be a road map for that. my sense is that the dynamic here is that the face of the party will want him impeached, even if the cooler heads don't. they will pull the presidential candidate in that direction, and that i think we'll have a free-for-all. >> bill: andy, thank you. thank you for coming back today, and thank you so much for yesterday as well. >> help tell mike have great weekend. >> bill: we will take you there live next. >> sandra: showed robert mueller be called into testify
7:28 am
on capitol hill? our headliner, deputy white house press secretary will be here today. what the white house is saying. >> fool's gold. no collusion, no obstruction. [cheers and applause] there never was, by the way, and there never will be.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
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7:33 am
attorneys, a partridge and appeared true. we know that there is no collusion, a complete and total exoneration, and the american people were lied to for two plus years, and someone has to answer for that. >> bill: does the white house have a problem giving him that? >> i'm shocked. jerry nadler is irrelevant in the situation. the american people now know that regardless of what the democrats were saying about the president, lies that they were telling with zero evidence and zero proof, now he wants to go deeper. when does this stop? if we gave him all the tax returns, unredacted as well, he would still want something else. the democrats have nothing to talk about. they don't want to talk about their agenda, about making america socialist. making their agenda of infanticide, or the green new deal that would destroy this company's economy. no, they would rather talk about
7:34 am
this president. it is absolutely ridiculous. the american people don't care about this because they know that he did nothing wrong, and so now we have proof saying so. >> bill: so you wouldn't have a problem with the full report? >> look. we are not going to deal with jerry nadler in that matter. we have already cooperated so much. we will continue to do so. this is just more political grandstanding by someone who has nothing to run on, nothing to talk about, other than trying to attack a man, who has now been proven completely innocent of any crime. >> sandra: we remember back on march 25th, this was adam schiff talking about evidence of collision that he has. watch this. >> they said whatever conclusion he reaches as a prosecutor, there is a big difference between whether there was evidence of collusion, and i think that evidence is in plain
7:35 am
sight, and whether you can establish a criminal conspiracy or doubt, i respect that he could not. >> sandra: it's out. no collusion, and no mark meadows, chairman of the house freedom caucus, says it's time for adam schiff to fess up. what does the white house have to say to him? >> it's even more than that. he was on another network. they asked him about moving to impeach the president. he cited was nancy pelosi. she said it wouldn't be worthwhile to do that, but he said the reason we want is because we need overwhelming and demonstrable evidence against this president. wait a minute. you've been on network television telling everyone you have this evidence. just like the special counsel, it's time to put up or shut up. if you have the evidence, show it. the problem is he doesn't, he's been lying to the american people. he's been lying to all of us, accusing this president of treason for two and a half years. what is most odd about this is now that we know that
7:36 am
president didn't collude with a foreign power, upon hearing this, the media was almost selectively upset at the fact that our president wasn't guilty of a crime. they don't want to get to the truth. they want to get to that president. >> sandra: let me repeat the words of kellyanne conway. your colic. she said "i'm going to double down on that you not only sewed done i should adam schiff resigned, he should produce the evidence he says he has. he ought to put up or shut up." is the president calling on him to resign? >> i have not spoken with the president directly about that, but listen, if the shoe fits, kelly and is absolutely right. put up or shut up. i didn't even know she had said that. the fact is he should do that. he said he has the evidence, and now he is caught and alive. they have set up green rooms for him. they have refused to condemn him for these comments. they cover his ridiculous press
7:37 am
conference yesterday as well. someone has got to hold these people accountable if you're not just the voters, but when you look into how all of this started in the first place. the campaign was spied upon, there were wiretaps, and it was based on a fake, phony dossiers that we know came from the hillary clinton campaign. someone has to be held accountable. >> bill: here is bill barr on what he says will be the recommendation from congress. >> in an effort to accommodate professional request, we will make available subject to appropriate safeguards to a bipartisan group of leaders from several congressional committees a version of the report with all reductions removed except those relating to grand jury information. >> bill: we know bill barr is going to be before congress for two full days in about two weeks' time. miller, in all likelihood, perhaps mid-may, he will be before that committee as well. what is a concern that you have that the democrats are just going to hit you over the head
7:38 am
with the second volume of the mueller report it with the obstruction issue? >> no concern whatsoever. it wouldn't be any different than any other day here at the white house. 90% negative news coverage. they actually ran and won by narrow margins. it now all they have done is attack him, refusing to address issues like the southern border, immigration, health care. so listen, we have no concerns, nowhere whatsoever. we already know. we already know how the book ends, bill. no collusion. >> bill: they thought like climatic -- ultimately, it did that save your case? >> what saved our case was the fact that the president did nothing wrong. he submitted testimony, meal or had all this. the media is moving to bill
7:39 am
barr, which is ridiculous because he has a long history of impeccable credentials. this is not his report. they have seen all of the information. they did not have anything to get him on as far as collusion. nothing to get him on in relation to obstruction. it is a complete and total exoneration. and that's what we are excited about. not just for the administration. for the american people. >> sandra: the president is down in florida. how is he going to spend his day? it's hard to believe that the report came out. we know jerry nadler is no subpoena for the full unredacted support. what are his plans for the day and the rest of the weekend? >> he is going to spend time with his family. so glad he gets to spend time with them. he is relaxed but also engaged when he is down there. he wants to accomplish a lot more in the last two years of his term, but i imagine he may play a little bit of golf.
7:40 am
we will see. but quite frankly, he deserves the time. he will have a good easter with his family. >> bill: do you welcome joe biden into the race of 2020? >> absolutely. the president will beat anyone and everyone. anyone running against him is running against the prosperity of the american people. he has some -- >> bill: a good easter weekend weekend. tune out to the border battle. declaring a state of emergency. they deplete the national guard. now, some private citizens are taking things a step further. live from our west coast newsroom. jonathan. >> good morning, sandra. ground zero seems to shift on an almost weekly basis. california one week, arizona, texas, and announce new mexico where private citizens are apparently acting as vigilante
7:41 am
groups, stopping into tanning immigrants, as you can see in this video, the men and women dressed in military style uniforms. they carry weapons and appear on videos that we have listen to to identify themselves as police officers when they find immigrants who have crossed the border and remote areas. they then detain those immigrants while calling the real border patrol agents. they call themselves the united constitutional patriots. >> we are simply out here documenting and helping border patrol. believe it or not, they need our help. you guys have seen how well we work together. okay, there is no issues there. we get along great with border patrol. they get along great with us. so whatever. speak >> the aclu has said the p administration file racism have emboldened white nationalist and
7:42 am
fascist to flagrantly violate the law. this has no place in our state. we cannot allow racists and armed vigilantes to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum. we urge you to immediately investigate this atrocious and unlawful conduct while the governor issued a statement herself saying "if migrant families are made to feel threatened, that's completely unacceptable, and it should go without saying that regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone." now, the vigilante action comes as the border patrol reports a surge of migrants crossing into new mexico with 720 migrants detained in one 24-hour. just this week. the governor withdrew national guard troops from the border there, saying that president trump's claims of a crisis were not true. sandra. >> sandra: jonathan hunt, thank you. >> bill: meme inspired by the
7:43 am
"game of thrones." hbo is not happy about that. >> sandra: they didn't like it. >> bill: we will tell you how the company is pushing back. >> winter is coming. it's not the highlight of fatherhood. but i'd rather be here with my little man than anywhere with migraine. "i am here." and i aim to say that more. aimovig... a preventive treatment for migraine in adults... reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. the most common side effects are pain, redness or swelling at the injection site and constipation.
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7:47 am
>> bill: all eyes on the release of the mueller report yesterday. how did wall street take the news? he is here. hello, sir. another 100 points on the dow yesterday. >> good session. pretty good session. we are inching closer and closer to the all-time high. i think for a moment yesterday, once the report was released, you could see were all the training sort of paused. so wall street was rubbernecking the report, kind of checking it out, then when it sort of felt like okay, no collusion, no obstruction, this is a political issue. it will challenge the white house in terms of the white house being able to do what he can do. in the meantime, wall street is able to focus on initial jobless claims. the lowest in 50 years.
7:48 am
u.s. mortgage applications to buy homes, the highest bike and nine years. retail sales coming in at the highest level in two years. we are talking about an economy that is an absolute juggernaut, and a stock market that is an absolute juggernaut. and we had two hot ipos yesterday. don't forget about that. oh, by the way. it z-m. z-o-oh-m. the reason i am saying this, it is up 56000% in the last 30 days because people thought it was zuma. >> sandra: okay. that is necessary. okay. well, here's the tweet. so it up on the screen. the president tweeted this out after the release of the mueller report. no collusion.
7:49 am
no obstruction. game over. "game of thrones." hbo is apparently responding to this. they put the statement out. we can understand that the enthusiasm now that the final season, we still prefer our intellectual property its not be used for political purposes. they just wanted to put that out there. >> they were probably high-fiving themselves. president trump's tweet, it's got 360,000 likes. 360,000 likes. >> bill: you know what we call that? free advertising. by the way, he is a guy that is going to attack them. did them a favor for the few people in this country who might now watch the show. >> sandra: do you watch it? >> no. >> sandra: hammered us. >> sandra: the last season was a little bit confusing. i >> sandra: i felt so left out. >> bill: have a great easter,
7:50 am
folks. thank you. >> sandra: mike pompeo and talks with his japanese counterpart this morning, following where that north korea wants to free them out of any future negotiations. we will be live at the state department next. country h. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. call 1-833-844-6702 i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners who need cash. with home values rising all across the country, now's the time to use your valuable va home loan benefit. newday usa can help you refinance and get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by 600 dollars a month. and since they've been granted automatic authority by the va,
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>> sandra: as we head into easter weekend, church membership is down. gallup saying it dropped 20% in just the last few decades. live outside st. patrick's cathedral here in new york city. hey, lauren. >> hey, sandra. it is the holiest week for christians and with easter and passover, and while the pews are typically overflowing this weekend, that new gallup poll says that there are a number of people who actually belong to our church or a synagogue a mosque. the percentage of americans who belong to a house of worship hovered around 70%. but in the last 20 years, that percentage dropped dramatically to 50%. a generational trend is much of a driving force for millennials, making up the biggest percentage who have no identity with a specific religion. the baby boomers make up the majority who attend regularly. >> people who are coming into
7:55 am
adulthood these days are much, much less interested in being attached to religion down the generations passing away, so the turnover is altering the composition of u.s. society. speak out about the drop in membership doesn't necessarily mean americans are not religious or do not believe in a higher power. 77% still identify with some organized religion, even though that number is down, and the declining church membership is greater among catholics and protestants. timothy cardinal dolan is confident the trend can be reversed. >> believes doesn't persevere unless you belong to a group of people that share your most interior values. >> so, and trusting, by a political affiliation, those who are republican. among democrats, a nearly 25% decline. sandra. >> sandra: new york city.
7:56 am
st. patrick's cathedral. thank you. >> bill: fox news alert, jerry nadler issuing a subpoena for the full and unredacted mueller report. so how far will that fight go? chris wallace joins us top of the hour. come on back. ♪ applebee's bigger, bolder grill combos. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood.
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ed! ed! we struck sprinkles! [cheers] believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> sandra: fox news alert, the house judiciary committee now issuing a subpoena for the full mueller report. the day after the redacted report was made public.
8:00 am
welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the president claiming the total of indication say it makes us convincing case for obstruction. bill barr made it clear, saying that the bottom line was no collusion. >> after nearly two years of investigation, thousands of subpoenas, hundreds of warrants, and witness interviews, the special counsel confirmed that the russian government sponsored efforts to illegally interfere with the 2016 presidential election. but did not find that the trump campaign or other americans colluded in those efforts. >> bill: hey, catherine, good morning. >> thank you. just a short time ago, they issue this eight page subpoena requesting the unredacted mueller report as well as all of the underlying evidence and
8:01 am
specifically the grand jury materials. but there is a legal catchier. under the regulations and the code of criminal procedures, he must get a court order to get the grand jury material released. that is not a call for the attorney general. he was pushed on the legal issue this morning. >> we need that evidence to determine whether to do that or not. we have to determine what the proper course of action is to deal with the president who has been shown in this report, very clearly shown to lie all the time, a culture of lying, and in the plain meaning of the term, colluded with the russians, not to criminal conspiracy. >> it's worth noting about the time the subpoena was issued this morning, not just 12 hours ago here at the justice department. sent a letter to lindsey graham that he would make available another version of the
8:02 am
mueller report with fewer reductions for law enforcement sensitive information, but it would not include the grand jury material. what we saw yesterday is that the attorney general addressed this issue of the obstruction, which is what congress has focused on, and he said in this case, he took the legal framework that was laid out by the special counsel, and then he applied the evidence to the legal framework, and he still found that it fell short. >> we accepted the special counsel's legal framework for purposes of our analysis, and evaluated the evidence as presented by the special counsel in reaching our conclusions. >> what congress wants, at least i democrats, to get robert beal or on the hill within a couple of weeks. may 23rd, and that shortly before that, the attorney general is also scheduled to testify before the house and senate. >> bill: catherine herridge leading our coverage this hour. thank you again.
8:03 am
here sandra. >> sandra: let's bring in chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday." i know you have a big show coming up this weekend. you joined us during the break yesterday morning. you had almost a full day to take this an end i just it. what are your thoughts on everything this morning? the reaction? >> i think the decision, and you just heard that from katherine's report by william barr, to make a conclusion on the question of obstruction, it seems even more troubling, and perhaps even more politically charged when you read the report. because it becomes clearer that the reason why robert mueller didn't make a finding on obstruction wasn't because he didn't feel capable of doing it, but because he thought in direct contradiction to what bill barr said yesterday, that under department guidelines, there could not be an indictment of a sitting president, and he very much left it to congress to make that decision. so the fact that barr decided to interpose himself and to make
8:04 am
this decision himself, although congress could go ahead and do what it wants, really seems to go against the grain of what robert miller was suggesting in his report. >> sandra: now there is a question to whether or not it will be released. at that is out there now. senator mcconnell said this on the redacted report. here he is. >> the only thing that the gang of eight, which i will be a part of, will not be shown, which is prohibited by law. that is about as open as they can possibly be. and the leadership group, they are purely bipartisan. >> sandra: it just makes you wonder where this will all go, if that would eventually happen, or if the white house before that. we just asked hogan gidley. he hadn't spoken to the president on that.
8:05 am
do you think that's going to happen? >> this has to be decided by a court. the main thing they're talking about is grand jury testimony. it is in fact the case that in the past, that attorneys general have gone to the courts and said -- gotten a court to agree. gotten a judge to agree to release that information, to give it to congress to fulfill its constitutional duties. bill barr chose not to do that. it now is on jerry nadler as the chairman of the house judiciary committee. this is going to end up, i suspect, taking months if not longer to determine whether or not they are going to release that information. given the kind of ill will that there seems to exist now between house democrats and the attorney general, the idea that they would simply sit down and wait and accept whatever barr decided he was going to redact and not redact, that ship seems to have sales. i think they are going to contest this and say we want to
8:06 am
see it everything that is in there. we are going to be talking about all of this, and there is plenty to continue to talk about 24 hours after the release. we are going to have rudy giuliani. he says that is his total exoneration. we will be talking to him to live, and then an interview with adam schefter, one of the people who has led the charge against the president. and we will talk to him about what was determined after this almost two-year investigation by the special counsel, robert mueller. >> sandra: he had said all along that he has evidence that there was collusion. kellyanne conway was calling on him to resign because he hasn't shown what that evidence was. so that's going to be a fascinating interview this weekend. >> i think we might actually get into that on "fox news sunday." >> sandra: chris, thank you. >> goodbye. >> in cooperation with the national community, relevant to
8:07 am
you and committee, we will continue to press north korea, to abandon all weapons of mass destruction. encourage every country to do so. >> there is mike pompeo secretary of state talking tough on north korea. he is meeting with japanese officials after the north tested a new weapon. do not take part in any more talks. watching all of that from the state department. rich, good morning. >> good morning. this is after north korea said that they tested a new tactical weapon, and also called the secretary of state and said he is talking nonsense and about the administration should replace him. meeting with his japanese counterpart, nt addresses comments comments from north korea. >> nothing has changed. president trump is obviously in charge of the overall effort. i will continue to lead the u.s. efforts to achieve what we committed to do back in june of
8:08 am
last year. >> these negotiations appear stuck. kim jong un says he also expects the united states to change their approach. he wants economic sanctions lifted before north korea fully dismantles its ballistic programs. he's given the united states until the end of the year to change its position. we also asked the secretary of these negotiations can continue without giving him relief from economic sanctions first. the secretary says yes, they can go on. secretary also says that u.s. and the world will continue to fully and for sanctions against north korea. now as for this ballistic or nonballistic missile test, they noted that it was not a ballistic missile and other has been no change in the pentagons' posture towards north korea. kim jong un also appears to be ready to meet with russian president vladimir putin. it is expected that that is going to happen this month. it would also be the first time that the two leaders me. >> bill: rich edson,
8:09 am
state department. >> sandra: security is beefing up at st. patrick's cathedral for the weekend as we learn more about the man accused of attempting to set it on fire. >> bill: democrats demanding action, claiming the ag has split congress. ira lewis worked with bill barr at justice, and he will weigh in on that followed. coming up life. >> regardless of what the democrats were saying, the life they were telling with your evidence and zero proof, now he wants to go deeper. what does this ever stop? billions of mouths. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. so you can...
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8:13 am
>> bill: new information now on amen -- he booked a flight to italy and was also arrested at a new jersey church earlier in the week. new york city police say that he walked into st. patrick's with two cans of gasoline, lighter fluid, and lighters two days after a fire almost destroyed notre dame. he was arrested and remains to this day in police custody. >> sandra: jerry nadler is issuing a subpoena this morning for the full mueller report and the underlying evidence, as democrats accused deputy at maternal -- let's bring in guy lewis, former u.s. attorney who served with barr at the justice department under president george h.w. bush. good morning to you, guy.
8:14 am
what do you make of the attacks that we are seeing from some democrats when it comes to william barr and calling into question his credibility? >> good morning, guys. i am not surprised, to be honest with you. you know, there was frankly nothing we could do that would fully please the other side. an eyewitness who saw the events transpire. the other side would say well, we wanted it on tape. i would show them the tape. it was black and white, we want it in color. they would come up with some other excuse or reason. it sort of reminds me of that. >> sandra: here is jerry nadler. he has made it clear that he has issued a subpoena. here's what he said earlier on "good morning america" ." >> he has revealed himself as an
8:15 am
agent of the president, not the attorney general hired by the american people. he is a defense attorney. he clearly misled over a period of four weeks from march 24th -- >> an agent to the president. not the ag for the american people. and he clearly misled over a period of four weeks. talking about william barr. >> i don't buy it one bit, sandra. you look at the report. look out the mueller report. look at what he was actually saying in his four-page letter from a few weeks ago. it attracts very closely. this isn't just before who is pulling the stuff out of the air. he's got a team of dedicated professionals, lawyers. rod rosenstein also participate participated. look. he has been attacked by the president over and over. he is participating in this. all of this represents their
8:16 am
collective best judgment. and then you take a step. i've noticed before. i don't expect people to believe, but looks, barr is a fine man. he's an honorable man. he is not the kind of guy that would come in there and violate his oath and do this kind of thing is that jerry nadler is accusing him of. >> sandra: why not make a final determination of the obstruction of justice? >> that's a good question. so in truth, this was barr's ultimate decision. i mean, you've got mueller, who is a special prosecutor. he is appointed and still works off of the office of the department of justice, so barr's ultimate decision here, and in terms of transparency, as i understand it, he has agreed to provide the unredacted report to various members of the congress. what makes this so unique and
8:17 am
different is that there is so much politics involved. i mean, prosecution, politics, they are terrible about fellows, and in this case, you are seeing it play out. >> sandra: adam schiff, he held a press conference in terms of the report and that he said this. >> when the attorney general gives the perception that the president fully cooperated in the investigation when he didn't, that he provided all of the information materials, when they didn't, when the president in fact deprived of the special counsel of the single most important piece of evidence, that is his own verbal testimony, that misleads the american people. >> sandra: you read the report, how do you respond to that? >> i can see where honorable people would argue over whether or not the president, whether or not mueller should have pressed to the present for an in-person interview. i understand that. that is a fair debate, but the
8:18 am
president's team turned over a million plus documents. they await executive privilege. wait a second, i don't know if i make the same kind of call. and the president granted it virtually unmitigated access to his own circle of advisors. the white house counsel. family members, staff members, et cetera. so look, i appreciate the politics of claiming that the president was stonewalling. i just don't see that the facts bear that out. >> sandra: guy lewis, great to get you on the program this morning. >> bill: many more users impacted by a security problem. so how did it happen, and what does it mean for your account? >> sandra: plus, democrats ramping up efforts to investigate the president, but could too much focus to the real democrats in 2020?
8:19 am
special report anchor bret baier will join us next. >> there is a lot to be very concerned about here, even if it doesn't rise to the level of being criminal or impeachment, the president has been absolutely appalling in his conduct, and we should expect better. duncan just protected his family
8:20 am
8:21 am
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8:22 am
>> sandra: facebook updating instagram users that exposed millions of passwords. they said the number was in the thousands. facebook says instead of passwords being securely encrypted, they were stored as readable format and accessible to employees. the company says there is no evidence that passwords were improperly accessed, and the problem has been fixed. oops, i guess. >> bill: good thing i can't remember any of my passwords.
8:23 am
[laughs] it's a moving target for me. what was that again? you've got that. you've got this now. >> sad day for an institution of the presidency and the department of justice, and there's more work to be done. so the notion that there is no obstruction is just hogwash. >> bill: indicating democrats will continue, even after being cleared of collusion. bret baier anchors the special report. how are you doing, my friend? you talk to tom perez. what did you take from that? >> he was laying the groundwork for following up the obstruction investigation, but when i pressed him on whether or impeachment should be the road that democrats take in the house, he wouldn't go there. and i tried a couple of different times, a couple of different ways. he wouldn't say. listen, you have a real split now, and i think this is where the story goes.
8:24 am
democrats like nancy pelosi who said donald trump is not worth it. just last night, they said it's not really worth it because you've got an election coming up. you have the left of the party jumping on to impeach donald trump based on what is in the mueller report on the obstruction of justice question. and i think that's going to be a real battle. politically, with only 53 days of legislative days, you know, the balance between yes, we can walk and chew gum, but at some point, you've got to make a decision. >> bill: let me give you exhibit a. the tweet from aoc. she says miller's report is clear. it is our job, as outlined in section one, article two. i will be signing on to the impeachment resolution.
8:25 am
>> i think you are seeing not just on this issue but on a lot of issues, nancy pelosi might have some challenge with the left of the party. especially in the wake of this report. it's going to be a tough political decision for the democrats in the house. and frankly for the democrats on the campaign trail. who all will be asked specifically -- >> bill: we had the sound bite queued up. here is how we framed it, bret. i think steny hoyer and others would like him to say more of the following. watch. >> there is only one person who matters pure nancy pelosi. she sets the agenda for house democrats. every member of congress has an opinion, but nancy pelosi is going to set the agenda. let's have mueller testify. let's have the committees do
8:26 am
their work and gather evidence, but it's premature to be making any other judgments. >> bill: here is what steny hoyer said it going forward on impeachment is not worthwhile at this point. there is an election in 18 months. the american people will make their judgment. >> i think it is a judgment for democrats to make. you look at the legality of what was found in the mueller report and the decision by the attorney general, which takes it to no concern see, no coordinating with russia by the attorney general's interpretation, and it is his role to weigh in. no obstruction. but then mueller lays out those ten things. and that is where this all goes. there is embarrassing things in this report for the president, for the white house, things they said that just were not true. but the legality stuff, he didn't lie to prosecutors. he didn't sit down with prosecutors. >> bill: it's not going to be
8:27 am
a good look. bill barr is testifying before the senate committee and the house committee. democrats i imagine will read from the report, and they will pull through what you are indicating here. some of these embarrassing moments. i think at first glance, it gives you a bit of a shutter. i just wonder how it wears over time. >> i think a lot of the factors go into that equation. that is the inspector general's report, which we are expecting to get in june. what about these other investigations, the origin of the investigation itself. there is really only one mention of the dossier in the mueller report. he didn't go down that road in the beginning pretty much at all. i think that will factor into it as well. >> bill: what is the talk with you and your colleagues there? filing the subpoena for the entire unredacted report. how significant is that?
8:28 am
>> the talk here, we are really ready for easter weekend. [laughs] >> bill: you are not alone. >> jerry nadler will get -- probably get his unredacted report. the reductions were not as extensive as a lot of people thought, and i would imagine that before barr testifies, that will happen. >> bill: happy easter weekend. thank you, bret. >> sandra: catholics in paris marking good friday today after a devastating fire at notre dame cathedral. >> bill: also after the release of the mueller report, is he out from under the report? ari fleischer has a lot to say about this. but first, the spirits >> the next few years will be worse. if the president thought he had a cloud, congress will not. he had an open mind going into the investigation. congress does not.
8:29 am
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8:32 am
>> sandra: good friday taking on added significance in paris today as catholics they are participate in the way of the cross ritual near notre dame cathedral. as we learn more about the fire that nearly destroyed the paris landmark. molly is there now. probably, good morning. >> good morning, sandra. though the faithful can gather inside of the cathedral for the easter celebration this weekend, perhaps for many users to come, they were able to get very close. walking on the streets nearby for the procession. it all got started on the bridge nearby. this is a very solid procession. i good friday tradition comes dominant, if you will. the way of the cross. it emulates jesus christ carrying his cross to calvary. hope and renewal so close to the
8:33 am
hearts of those praying. this arises from the ashes. the safety of the structure is still being assessed and the area immediately around the cathedral remains close. french president emmanuel macron has promised a very speedy timeline. the cultural arm of the agency to begin discussion about the very difficult task ahead. the focus has turned to saving and restoring notre dame, but also this coming weekend, he may not be able to ignore the predominantly middle and lower class protesters dubbed "the yellow vest." they have complained about the economy and high taxes and have become a bit miffed by the billion dollars outpouring. that is their traditional day of protesting, despite this fire and despite this being easter weekend. >> sandra: and i will take it from there.
8:34 am
molly line in paris. thank you, molly. >> bill: i say it in front of my friends. this should never happen to another president again. this hoax. this should never happen to another president again. >> bill: president trump's initial reaction yesterday, claiming vindication and wanting to move on from the mueller matter. ari fleischer, fox news contributor with me now. great to have you back on. i haven't heard your analysis yet, but i did see a tweet from you. you are encouraging bob mueller to be in the room with bill barr yesterday. it did not happen, but why did he think it would have been important? >> because i think it will help heal the nation. it is important for the nation to hear scott muller's voice. democrats have asked a series of hard questions. it will be appropriate for him to take it on head on. it would help the nation to understand.
8:35 am
>> bill: okay. hogan gidley just an hour ago. a quick look at this from the white house lawn. >> stating our case was the fact that the president did nothing wrong. the media is moving to discredit attorney general barr, which is ridiculous because he has a long history of impeccable credentials. about this is not his report. it is the mueller report. they've seen all of the information. they did not have anything to get him on as it relates to collusion. >> bill: he went on to say it is a complete and total exoneration. if you put your old hat on there, how do you think the white house should approach the next phase? >> i think it's over unless the white house stops that from being over. the democrats are about to walk the plank and fall off of it into the ocean with their conspiracy theories and their collusion theories and their obstruction theories. let them walk the plank and fall into the ocean. but what i am wrestling with
8:36 am
this morning, bill, the president's tweets this morning. if i were the president, i would have basically declared victory with the mueller report and everything that came out and move beyond it. just let these people deal with it. so the president's tweets suggested that he was upset with something in the mueller report, which only makes it look like he's got something to worry about, so that's the part that i don't understand from the present, but i think the white house can and should move beyond this. it's over. >> bill: did you see michael goodwin's post this morning? >> i did. >> bill: it finally sets trump and america free. i will read two from it. donald trump is now free to be present without the cloud that has hovered over him. no president has ever survived something like this. this is not the end of russia, russia, russia. they can't let go because they have put all of their rags and
8:37 am
the rotten basket. they will do all that they can to delay the inevitable. they must get back to governing. they will find themselves in the political wilderness." you saw it, you read it. >> that is my point about let them walk the plank. if they want to continue to make this the only issue they have, which is what they have really done for two years, let them. but the white house shouldn't engage in that. particularly the president, the tweet this morning. move beyond it. there was no collusion. nothing to bring on obstruction. stick to those facts and move beyond. i think there are three key things that i learned yesterday from the mueller report. we all have something to worry about with russia. they have always interfered with our elections, they are a problem, and we need to deal with it. no collusion. and that's a huge win for the president. these last two years have really just been a witch hunt, as has
8:38 am
set. on obstruction, the president and his entire team need to realize how close they came to being charged with obstruction. laws are restrained, and even presidents must be charged with the restraints. some of the activities that the mueller report charged him with is too close to obstruction. and that's the lesson i hope everybody at the white house takes with them going forward. it's an ethics matter, particularly with the president. it was a good day for the white house yesterday. moving out of this, learn the lesson. to speed what are you saying that they dodged a bullet on obstruction? >> well, i think there is no question. i think they were divided. they punted, which was rather odd that he couldn't reach a conclusion. that means they punted it to the person he reports to. the attorney general weighed in and made his determination. it's over.
8:39 am
i think we are uncomfortable with the people in the white house. they should not have been engaged in the on presidential behavior. that's my point about restriction dominic obstruction. they need to submit to those restraints. it's called the law. instructing your staff to lie is the thing that got to me when i read the mueller report. they didn't lie, to their credit. but that is the issue that worried me. >> bill: why it is not made public. they hear stuff all the time that is wacky and doesn't make sense. and they cannot prove. >> true. >> bill: they have been doing this since 1970. you got back 102 years to soviet russia, that's what they do. they're subversive. >> absolutely, bill. the racial divide in america, but the difference today is technology.
8:40 am
where there was no facebook or internet in the old days of the soviet union, now there is. such an easy way for any outsider to post something, tweet something, and it can be nefarious and try to divide us. the obama administration dropped the ball in pointing it out in public, deterring russia from doing it. going forward, our government needs to unify against russia on these matters. i have set forever that an attack on one party is an attack on all parties. and i mean that. we need to blow the whistle on russia. that is an ongoing issue. it's nothing new. but it doesn't mean it's any less serious. >> bill: thank you. good to see you. i ari fleischer. >> sandra: declaring a state of emergency amid reports that armed citizens are taking about border crisis there into their
8:41 am
own hands. former new mexico governor susana martinez is standing by on that with her reaction next. >> where simply out here documenting and helping of stressed and overstrained border patrol. -- believe it or not -- needs our help. buy a home for we paying now in rent. and you won't need a down payment because, at newday, your service is your down payment. and every day, newday helps veterans buy a home without spending one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. no down payment, not one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. why rent when you can buy?
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>> bill: the department of labor showing the number of americans filing for unemployment. the lowest level since 1969. weekly jobless claims falling. sustained strength. unemployment rate currently at 3.8%. it is the lowest we have seen in 50 years. >> sandra: on new mexico county declaring a state of emergency over the spike and migrants, urging the governor to deploy the national guard amid reports that they held migrants at gunpoint until border agents were able to
8:45 am
arrive here let's bring in susana martinez. good morning to you. can you update us on the situation there at the border and what is happening there? >> first of all, we can't deny that there is an absolute crisis on the border. a security crisis. and of the militia of course, it comes from the frustration that is taking place by the people who live along the border that are taking matters into their own hands, which i don't recommend. i would rather have the border patrol there on the ground and taking care of those -- business there. because the militia cannot enforce laws, and it can be dangerous. however, this comes to be an action of congress. people see it every single day, and this is the result from that. so i suggest to the aclu and stuff, they need to start encouraging congress to act and write the laws that they say
8:46 am
only they can do or tweak those laws. fix those laws. do it now because it's really a crisis that cannot be denied any longer. >> sandra: can you speak more specifically about what is happening here in otero county? the neighboring el paso there. governor grisham is being urged in this declaration to send it national guard troops down to the border there. i know that this is something you did recently as the governor there. what are they asking her to do? >> well, they are asking the governor to send the national guard, but to enforce actually federal law, which they cannot do. border patrol is the only one that can enforce the actual immigration law, however, i did send the national guard when i was governor to assist of the border patrol by fixing their vehicles, making sure their equipment is working. so that they have boots on the ground instead of inside shops,
8:47 am
fixing their vehicles, et cetera. they are not able to enforce those laws. we have checkpoints that are a mile or two away from the border that no longer are manned. those border patrol agents are now down the border, and i guarantee you that the drug cartel knows exactly which border patrol checkpoints are close and are smuggling drugs write down that corridor into the rest of the country. >> sandra: you deploy 200 national guard troops to the border in april 2018. those were pulled off of the border. why? >> you know, i can't answer that question. i think the only one who can is the governor. she visited the border, and she said that she didn't see a crisis. well, i lived on the border for about 48-49 years, so i have seen how this has developed. i was a prosecutor on the border before i became governor. so the people right now that
8:48 am
live there, and the militia that has been created is out of frustration. i mean, pure frustration that congress won't do their job, and they are being impacted daily. you know, visit is absolutely a good idea, but to have the national guard, they are not enforcing it. but they are helping the border patrol do so. >> sandra: you to put them to the border just ahead of the president's state of the union, saying that she was rejecting the guttural contention that there is just an overwhelming national security crisis of the southern border, which are some of the safest communities in the country, so otero county is now threatening legal action if she doesn't respond to their demands to deploy at national guardsmen the border. is this demand is not met, they say they will take action themselves. you are advising against that, however. what is the solution, governor?
8:49 am
>> you have law enforcement officers who are there. if there are any crimes being committed, such as your home is being broken into, damage is being caused. drugs are being traffic through your property, absolutely they can call 911, and law enforcement will come and answer those calls. to simply enforce immigration laws, it has to be someone from the federal government. who actually will enforce the law. however, having the border patrol partnering with them, boots on the ground at the border itself. they are pulling all of their resources to that border. there is a crisis. you cannot deny it anymore. even the democrats in congress are saying that there is a crisis. the problem is they are not coming up with solutions. they are not sitting down at a table with the president and saying we admit that it is a humanitarian and security crisis, and that we have to fix
8:50 am
this problem. that is what the people are demanding, or they are taking matters into their own hands, and that's not good for anyone. >> sandra: it is quite a situation there. governor susana martinez. we appreciate it. >> bill: as peace talks stall, the war-torn country faces a new threat. what we are learning today about isis in afghanistan. hey mercedes, how about letting your hair down a little? how about a car for people who don't play golf? hey mercedes! mix it up a little. how about something for a guy who doesn't want a corner office? hey mercedes, i don't even own a tie. do you think i need a mahogany dashboard? hey mercedes, can you make it a little cooler in here? [ a-class ] i am setting the temperature [ a-class ] to 68 degrees. we hear you. we made a car that does, too. the all-new a-class. all-new thinking starting at $32,500. at the mercedes-benz spring event. going on now.
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>> sandra: dad saves his 14-month-old son from a pack of dingoes and australia. they attack the child at a popular tourist destination in queensland. >> he grabbed the boy and drag him away from the camper, and the parents walk dominic woke up to the baby screaming and chased
8:54 am
after him. they had to fight the dingoes off. >> sandra: what a story. the toddler was airlifted to the hospital with a fractured skull and puncture wounds to his head. he is recovering, we are told. >> bill: peace talks in afghanistan hit a snag. the government unable to agree on who would attend the meetings. this is the -- the country faces a new threat from isis. back live in kabul, as we have been all week. >> bill, it's hard to imagine if there is a group in afghanistan that is too brutal, too extreme for the taliban, but that is exactly the case with isis in afghanistan. there is about 2,500 suspected isis fighters here. they are recruiting heavily, and some people say because of their presence, it may force the u.s. to keep the military presence here in afghanistan even after any deal with the taliban.
8:55 am
speak up part of the negotiated peace should be we are not going to trust you. that you are going to prevent a safe haven because you have no record of ever having done that. >> the taliban were defeated on the battlefield 18 years ago. now they are back. they control more than half of the country, and one reason why they have been able to come back is opium. about 90% of the global heroin comes out of afghanistan. the taliban controls most of that in the south. they make about $200 million a year off the heroin trade. that has been able to keep them in the field, and u.s. forces. also it has created a tremendous cost was heroin addiction at home in afghanistan. bill, back to you. >> bill: steve harrigan in kabul, afghanistan. sandra viewed >> sandra: president trump reacting to the mueller report, saying it is based on fabricated testimony.
8:56 am
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>> sandra: today's newsroom vault comes to us courteous of the almanac on fox nation. on this day in 1775, the battles of lexington and concord kicked off the american revolution. a few hundred patriots and militia men a stand against british suppression. their bravery inspired 16,000 new englanders to join the fight, sparking the siege of boston. remember, for more content like this you can watch bill bennett, patriot almanac on fox nation. you can sign up at we encourage you to do that. meanwhile, i think that's it for us. i think you just did the easter slam. >> bill: on that computer laptop. you have a great and happy easter, you and your family. to be shake on easter? is that we do? >> sandra: we will head back home to ohio. thank you for joining us, for
9:00 am
coverage of the mueller report this week. a big week. we'll see you back here monday and one from erica's newsroom. meanwhile, "outnumbered" start now. >> dagen: this is a fox news alert, new reaction from president trump and fallout over the release of the redacted mueller report as his legal team claims victory after the former special counsel did not find sufficient evidence to bring any charges relating to collusion between his campaign and russia. and the president telling supporters, game over. now it's back to work. this is "outnumbered," i'm kennedy. here today, fox business network anchor dagen mcdowell is here along with fox news contributor lisa boothe. fox news contributor and correspondent, kat timpf is with us. joining us on the couch, the host of "bulls and bears" on the fox business network, well represented today, it is david asman. he's "outnumbered." nice to see you. >> david: nice to be here. >> kennedy: this is a very important day as we digest the mueller report.


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