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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 19, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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i try to help. put muscle behind it. >> you're good at bringing attention to the situation. >> dana: thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino, a great show at five. meantime, here's trace in for shep. >> they say it started like any other day. but then -- >> i heard some popping noises coming from outside. i thought they were firecrackers. >> trace: 20 years later, columbine survivors are helping others heal. >> i feel the responsibility as a survivor of columbine to walk the road with the other victims of these events. >> trace: and one survivor says
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he hopes we'll all do one thing as we remember columbine. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. we begin with a new show down over the mueller report. the head of the house judiciary committee making good on his threat to subpoena the complete and unredacted report. new york democrat jerry nadler says his committee needs to see the full report to decide whether to take further action against the president. the special counsel said he did not find evidence of collusion, but he could not clear the president of obstruction of justice. the white house calling the report a total vindication for president trump, but he's pushing back on some of its findings, including claims that he tried to stop the investigation. the chief intelligence correspondent, catherine herridge, live for us in washington. catherine? >> trace, good afternoon. the democratic chairman wasting
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no time issuing this eight-page subpoena, which includes grand jury material by may 1. under the federal rules of criminal procedure, grand jury needs to be kept secret so congress needs a court order. >> some people believe that. i believe that one of the things that we need that evidence for is to determine whether to do that or not. we have to determine what the proper course of action is to deal with the president who has been shown in this report very clearly shown to lie all the time. >> the chairman and other more junior democrats appear to be at odds within their own party leadership. steny hoyer said "based on what we've seen today going forward on impeachment is not worth while at this point. very frankly, there's an election in 18 months and the american people will make a judgment." traveling overseas, the house speaker suggested a probe but stopped short of impeachment for
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now. >> the congress of the united states will honor its oath of office to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. to protect our democracy. we believe that the first article, article 1, the legislative branch, has a responsibility of oversight of our democracy. we will exercise that. >> the trump legal team has seized on their divisions, trace. >> trace: tell us about the timing of this. >> the timing matters here. the justice department late yesterday offered nadler and the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee lindsey graham a new version of the report with fewer redactions, this version will include sensitive law enforcement information, but not grand jury material. it will be available next week for review in a secure facility at the department. the letter seemed to suggest to lawmakers that they must avoid leaking "given the sensitive nature of the information, it should not be shared in any form without prior approval of the
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department of justice." we have all of this teeing up in advance of the attorney general's testimony and now robert mueller is expected later in may. i get confused about the months. may 23. maybe you have the same problem sometimes. >> trace: i do. a lot going on. thanks, catherine. where do democrats take the russia investigation from here? let's bring in chris wallace from "fox news sunday." i was listening to catherine there. you see journalists, analysts talking about the mueller report being a referral for impeachment. when you hear the sound bites, doesn't seem like there's a big appetite on capitol hill for impeachment. what do you think? >> the democratic party is split. most of the party and most of the leaders in the house, which does have -- where the democrats have the majority, do not like
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impeachment. nancy pelosi is moving away from that. steny hoyer, adam schiff saying the same thing. feeling that there just isn't going to be enough. even if you were to get an impeachment, you'd need 20 republican senators because there's only 47, you need 67 to remove the president. that won't happen. so the feeling is it's a big exercise of time. on the other hand, there's more fire brand democrats, the left wing like alexandria ocasio-cortez who very much favor the idea of impeachment proceedings. so pelosi has to walk this line on the one hand protecting a lot of her more moderate democrats who are going to face re-election in 1 1/2 years and at the other hand, not alienating the left wing. my guess is you'll see a bunch of hearings. that's planned by the house judiciary committee, house intelligence, other committees.
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whether or not it's going to go to impeachment, i tend to think not. among other things, pelosi said if you're going this route you have to have bipartisan buy-in. although there was a lot of damaging information, i'm not sure it was the kind of game-changer that is going to get republicans to jump ship. you haven't seen any sign of that so far. >> trace: so you make a great point there. you say it's going forward now. you know the hearings are going forward. they want mueller to testify. what is the end game? what do they want to do with this? where do they go? >> there's some talk about a censure of the president, which would be a vote of the house. a great deal short of impeachment. or it might just be hearings that embarrass the president. remember, we saw this with the republicans, with hillary clinton in 2015 and 2016. i continued to pursue an issue
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and hold hearings on it. it gets attention, fires up your base. may take away some, probably not a lot, but some of the -- in that case clinton supporters and in this case trump supporters. that's all you want to accompli accomplish, keep the issue enough. democrats know they have to have a legislative agenda on the issues that affect people's lives like healthcare, like opioids, like jobs. my guess is you'll see legislation passed by the house and all of those issues even if it go nowhere in the republican-controlled senate. >> trace: we've seen records all day, republicans want them to keep talking about impeachment. they think it benefits them. you're talking to adam schiff on "fox news sunday." what are you trying to glean from him? what do you want from adam schiff? >> we're going to be talking to rudy guliani first, the former
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mayor of new york and the president's personal lawyer. talk to him about what is and isn't in the mueller report. he claims total exoneration, case closed, i think, guliani said. it's not closed. legally it is. politically it's not. with adam schiff, the question is what are you going to accomplish. schiff is one of the people, chairman of house intelligence, that talked a lot in the run up to this report about evidence of collusion. now you have the special counsel saying we didn't find collusion. we did not find a case we could make on the issue of collusion. much more indefinite when it came to obstruction. firm in giving the president a clean bill of health on collusion. we'll talk to adam schiff about that. >> trace: it's going to be fascinating. not a single american indicted for this. you'll have rudy guliani and adam schiff on "fox news sunday." thank you. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: more on fox's top story coming up, including
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kremlin's response and another democrat ready to jump in to the presidential race. how former v.p. joe biden could change the race for the white house. and somebody is reportedly shopping around undercover video of robert kraft from the alleged prostitution sting. that's coming up. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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no word on how much the person wanted for it. a police spokesman says his department has taken every department to secure the video and he doubts cops or prosecutors would have leaked it. kraft faces two counts of solis hitting prostitution and has pleaded not guilty. two sources close to joe biden says he will announce next week that he's running for president after months of speculation. his recent speeches have looked more like campaign events. one source telling fox his announcement is planned for wednesday and the theme will be the battle for the soul of america. biden would start his campaign as a frontrunner and have strong name recognition in a very crowded field. we're talking about at least 16 other candidates trying to win the democratic nomination. let's bring in gabby orr, the white house reporter for political. gabby, he's billing himself as the calm experienced joe biden. he says that he is not too old
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and that he's still in sync with the current democratic party. what do you think? >> that's right, trace. there's a ton of people on the democratic side, including many members of this progressive base that say that that is not true. joe biden is out of touch with the current democratic party. if he wants to run in the centrist lane, he won't find support for those that went a candidate that focus on climate change, income and equality and it's pushing some of these ideas forward that we've heard proposed from a number of the other current democratic contenders that are quasi socialist in nature. things being criticized by the republican party. things very much appealing to a lot of progressive democrats but causing some concerns among more moderate democratic individuals, including former vice president. >> trace: although, gabby, joe biden has been in this game a
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long time. he and his people know how to crunch the numbers. they believe they have a clear path to the democratic nomination. so you know, that is saying something. joe biden we said in the lead is the early frontrunner in this thing. do you believe he has a clear path or at least a foreseeable path to the nomination? >> he is doing extremely well in a number of battleground polls. he has the best name i.d. probably of any democratic candidate at this point in the race. he's polling ahead of the pack in new hampshire, florida, ohio. a number of these key battle grounds and states that the president won in 2016 but that have a lot of the voters that joe biden, again, pragmatist, a center candidates, somebody that wants to appeal to bipartisanship. she would be targeting the voters that president trump would be going after in the rust belt and battleground states.
12:17 pm
that's where he sees his path forward. if you talk to people on the trump campaign, they say they think joe biden is going to enter this field next wednesday and he will constantly be pulled to the left and create problems with him if he makes it to the general election. >> trace: i have to go. very quickly here, gabby. the whole inappropriate touching thing gone away? >> i think his campaign handled it well to begin with. it will be a persistent question if he enters necessary week. >> trace: thanks, gabby. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> trace: the same week notre dame burned, cops say a man walked into st. patrick's cathedral in new york with gasoline and lighter fluid. ahead why cops say they busted him in a different cathedral days earlier and where they say he was headed next. and a billionaire's daughter set to plead guilty in a sex trafficking cult case. first, the parents that locked up their kids for years are about to get a taste of their
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...and more. it's just the tip of the iceberg. upgrade now to get more into what you're into. thanks! just say "watchathon" into your x1 voice remote to upgrade and keep getting more of what you love. >> trace: the california couple that chained their kids to beds, tortured them sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years. louise and david turpin getting emotional and wiping away tears as their children got up on the stand and described years of abuse by their parents. police uncovered the turpin's so-called house of horrors after one of the daughters escaped by jumping out of a window and calling 911. investigators say the smell of human waste in the filthy house was overwhelming and the children were apparently only allowed to shower once a year.
12:23 pm
william la jeunesse is here with more. >> what was bizarre, despite what you said, one of the girls asked for mercy for her parents. another one said they ruined her life. so this couple pled to torturing 12 of 13 children and sobbing at times. they said despite the abuse, sexual assault, they loved their children. >> i'm truly sorry for everything. i love them more than they have ever imagined. >> i miss all of my children and i will be praying for them. i lost the opportunity to have contact with them. >> at 25 years for life, earliest age for david, 83. louise, 75. the oldest son spoke following a statement from their sister. >> sometimes i still have nightmares of things that had
12:24 pm
happened such as my siblings being chained up or getting beaten. >> i believe our parents feared if they asked for help, they would lose their children. our parents didn't know we were malnourished. >> yet the four kids that did speak said they still loved their parents despite the conditions of abuse. >> trace: this is the first time we heard from the children. >> and maybe the last time for a while. they said they're not interested in selling their story. the kids painted a complicated picture of what was going on. the parents were religious and used that faith against them. one child said their mother was overwhelmed raising 12 kids and gave up. at the time the police found the kids, they were age 2 to 29. an attorney representing the seven adult children said all are living independently, some going to college, ride bicycles. he claimed most of them were pleased with the sentence but didn't want any contact with
12:25 pm
their mother or father. >> you know, you heard the sentencing today, you heard all the counts for our clients to be in a position of forgiveness. it's remarkable. >> so bottom line,25 years to life. they're not getting out a day sooner. the kids are trying to live a normal life. >> trace: awful story. thank you. two more people planning to plead guilty in a new york sex cult trial including daughter of a billionaire. this comes after actress allison mack best known for her role in the hit tv show smallville pleaded guilty in the case earlier this month. this afternoon, claire brothman set to appear in federal court. prosecutors say she stole at least two people's identities and illegally brought somebody in to the united states. the other woman set to plead guilty today. kathy russell, the bookkeeper for the cult known as nexium. nexium posed as a self-help group. the folks running it were
12:26 pm
forcing women to become sex slaves. the accused leader of the group, keith raniri set to gone 0 trial next month. a fox urgent. kim foxx's chief prosecutor, april perry is resigning. her office dropped off the charges against the actor last month causing outrage. they say jussie smollett lied about a racist attack against him. mike tobin reporting live from chicago. mike? >> trace, just a short time ago, fox news learned that a third employee from the state's attorneys office, the director of external affairs. this comes as we just learned the chief ethics officer announced she's retiring. this chief ethics officer, the person that advised kim foxx that she needed to step away
12:27 pm
from the jussie smollett case. it is now known that foxx never formally recused herself. texts show that she made recommendations to the deputy prosecutor handling the case. perry is stepping down to take a private job in the tech sector. >> we never had an ethics officer in cook county. what i wanted to make sure is any decision i made, even the appearance of impropriety would be vetted by someone other than myself. >> and mat roterg announced that he is retiring. he told our matt finn that that's why he submitted his resignation before the controversies boiled up and the timing of his retirement now is based on the fact that he's turning 67 years old and he wants to retire.
12:28 pm
the specific timing is built around a fishing trip. and cook county is also hearing the case of r. kelly. we got a statement from kim foxx, among other things, she wants to ensure the handling of the smollett case is transparent but she will issue no further statements while the inspector general is reviewing the handling of the case. back to you. >> trace: thanks, mike. ahead, we'll get russia's reaction to the mueller report. and also, remembering the massacre at columbine. we'll hear from survivors and those that lost loved ones on that april day 20 years ago.
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a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. >> trace: updating fox's top story. russia pushing back on the mueller report saying there's no evidence the kremlin interfered in the 2016 presidential
12:33 pm
election. of course, the past two years, u.s. intelligence officials has said the russian government did in fact disrupt our democratic process. the state department correspondent rich edson live with more. rich? >> russian officials say they didn't interfere in the election or any country's election. the kremlin's spoke person says the mueller report is essentially a waste of money. he tells russian state media that in a similar situation, our audit chamber would have probed to what the taxpayer's money is wasted on. it's up to u.s. taxpayers to ask such questions. the mueller report confirms there was no russian interference in the 2016 presidential election even though the second sentence of the special counsel report calls russian interference sweeping and systematic. trace? >> trace: mike pompeo is now respondi
12:34 pm
responding. >> he's been meeting with japanese officials at the state department. we asked him if he plans on bringing up the findings of the mueller report with his russian counterparts. he says he's been raising this issue with them for years. >> the work they've done to interfere with elections with ours and others is serious and real interferences. i don't think there's been a discussion between a senior u.s. official and russians in this administration where we have not raised this issue. >> pompeo mentions russian interference in venezuela, ukraine. he also has previously discussed what russia has in supporting the assad regime in syria, the poisons of a former russian spy in england and occupation of crimea in ukraine. he said the mueller report that the u.s. will make clear to russia this is unacceptable behavior and the united states
12:35 pm
will continue the raise the cost of what is russia's maligned behavior. trace? >> trace: rich, thank you. 20 years ago a pair of teenagers walked into their high school and started killing classmates. they gunned down 12 students and a teacher in what was at the time the deadliest high school shooting in american history. on april 20th, 1999, news crews arrived at the scene in littleton, colorado. they arrived as the massacre was still unfolding. viewers watched in horror as swat teams moved in, as bleeding teens scrambled to safety. as parents waited to find out if their children were alive or dead, we were there when it happened. two decades later, shepard smith is catching up with some of those that were there when the first shots rang out. >> it started like any other day. >> i went to the school library,
12:36 pm
studied for a test. >> we walked through the library heading out the back door. >> i found a seat in the library to read a magazine. >> i heard popping noises. i thought that they were firecrackers and seniors pulling a prank. the teacher ran in, completely frantic. she yelled at us to hide. >> we got under a table with two students we didn't know and we waited. >> i ran maybe ten feet and hid. pulled the chair in next to me and thought that i had a great hiding spot. >> immediately they're shooting off their guns, taunting, making fun of students before they killed them. like a game. >> i turned around to see a shooter leaning down behind me. i knew my turn was coming. it did. >> each of them fired multiple shots. i was hit twice. corey was killed instantly. >> shot and killed isaiah and
12:37 pm
then shot matt. >> the swat team there is still rescuing students from inside that high school. this is columbine high school, littleton, a suburb of denver. >> there's shooting all around me. >> we heard them screaming after they shot up something and they would go woo! >> excitement in the hallways as they gunned down their classmates. that's the reality live from littleton, colorado. >> we're in the burbs for god's sakes. this was a safe place. >> the swat team, the bomb squad. people from atm, federal and state agencies as well as local all out there. certainly before they put any of the investigators in to figure out how this happened and to get the victims out of there, they wanted to get the bombs first. >> they were shooting people
12:38 pm
left and right. >> scenes that people in combat don't witness. people wondering what went wrong and what in the world do we do next. >> how can somebody do that? whether or not they had problems or they were angry, they took other kids lives. >> one picture that spoke a thousand words today is this, a boy trying to run from two classmates that were going on a rampage inside. >> the first thing i saw is a young boy, his legs covered in blood. being a nurse, i knew that it was my responsibility to stop. >> police here, sheriff's officials saying this was a well-planned mission a suicide mission, which ended exactly as the students had expected. >> just a few hundred yards from the school where we have been reporting all day. kids coming in with flowers.
12:39 pm
they set up a makeshift memorial. now 20 years later a permanent memorial stands. a place to reflect and remember those that died. >> what i want people to remember about daniel, besides his kind nature and intelligence, he was someone that took open his weaknesses. >> rachel had a fun, mischievous bubbly side to her. her personality was outgoing. she had a deep sober side that people didn't see. >> he was a very silent force. she was a man of few words unless he was on the field. i think that we just always wanted to make him proud. >> columbine also forced changes in the response to active shooters. >> the protocol was that secure the perimeter. we had a school resource officer exchanging gun fire and not go in until swat aarrived. i can attest to this because i
12:40 pm
was on the street with the officers. they were ready to break rank to go in that building because they knew there were kids' lives in danger. >> the students he couldn't protect are never far from his mind. >> i still have the survivor's guilt and trying to do everything that i can that unfortunately the kids lost their lives. every morning i wake up and recite their names. >> after the shooting, austin eubanks abused drugs to cope with his grief. he's clean now. >> i can't tell you how much it means to work with organizations or with individuals and have my personal story or my expertise be able to change the trajectory of their lives. >> craig scott says he uses his story and his sister's legacy to motivate and inspire kids. >> my hope is that the 20th anniversary that people would
12:41 pm
stop if they want to do anything in remembrance of what happened at columbine, do this. tell your family you love them that day. >> for casey johnson, an author and mother, finding a way to tell her story took some time. she now says she's using her past for good things. >> i almost feel this responsibility as a survivor to walk the road with the other victims of these events. cheer lead them along the way. let them know there's hope and goodness still to come and it's worth the journey. >> trace: you know at the time the horror at columbine was the worth shooting with 12 students and one teacher killed. that tragic distinction did not last long. in the two decades since, several school shootings have surpassed that number including virginia tech, park land and sandy hook. tonight in littleton, colorado,
12:42 pm
a community vigil is scheduled at clement park, site of the columbine memorial. tomorrow students will spend their saturday volunteering for private service projects around the neighborhood and even though current students hadn't been born at the time of the shooting, the current principal told a local newspaper that he hopes columbine can show other schools hit by tragedy that they too can come back stronger. there's a lot that needs to get done today. small things. big things. too hard to do alone things. day after day, you need to get it all done. and here to listen and help you through it all is bank of america. with the expertise and know-how you need to reach that blissful state of done-ness. so let's get after it. ♪ everything is all right what would you like the power to do?® ♪ all right
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>> just days after the world watched notre dame cathedral go up in flames, cops arrested a man in new york city for entering st. patricks cathedral with two cans of gasoline, lighters and lighter fluid. it happened wednesday night in the middle of arrested the man without incident and before anything happened. we're learning more about the suspect. he's a 37-year-old college philosophy dealer and he dropped $3,000 on a plane ticket to fly to italy last night. instead, he's in jail. he's charged with attempted arson and reckless endangerment and trespassing. lauren green outside
12:47 pm
st. patrick's on this good friday. lauren? >> hi, trace. mark is in police custody and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. place are not sharing what he told investigators. but he stressed he's not connected to any terrorist group. just before driving to st. patrick's, he bought the ticket on a flight to rome that would have left last night. he's a college professor that lives in new jersey. he's been working on his ph.d. in new york and teaches philosophy in manhattan. the school releasing a statement saying the individual was hired this year and was a part time online instructor this semester. we're taking steps to terminate his employment. he was also a published author. he's book is described as highly creative events and some of the
12:48 pm
most philosophical questions, trace. >> trace: lauren, this was not his first run-in with the law. >> actually, this is his second brush with the law this week. two days before his run-in at st. patrick's, he was arrested in new jersey cathedral basilica of the sacred heart. >> he refused to leave, resisted arrest and got into an alter kay with sheriff's and was arrested that night. >> police say he was respectful but adamant about not leaving. they later charged him with three minor offenses. lamparello's neighbors said he seemed like a nice gay. they said that "he wasn't weird." i'm not sure what that means. take it for what it's worth. >> trace: thanks, lauren.
12:49 pm
you can see behind lauren, there's nypd officers with long guns. it's good friday, which the second holiest day of the year in christianity. >> yes. the police presence has been very heavy the last week. the church is packed. it's standing room only at st. patrick's on this good friday. >> trace: lauren green, thanks so much amount spokesman for the paris fire brigade says it's a miracle that notre dame cathedral is city standing after the fire that caused the roof and spire to collapse. he says that workers have stabilized the building and there's more risk the walls will fall down. investigators still working to figure out what sparked the flames. the cathedral's rector reportedly told a business group that it may have been a computer glitch. police think it's an electrical short circuit. molly line is reporting live. when are you learning, molly?
12:50 pm
>> good evening, trace. that was a good solid rundown of some of the theories they're exploring. all of them related to the renovations here at notre dame. worth noting, they believe this is an accident. a little more information that you mentioned. the possible causes and electrical wiring problem a short circuit. the safety of the structure is the focus. they're using scaffolding, netting to prevent more damage. worth noting that key investigators have still been unable to get in there because of this structural integrity and soft through the rubble inside. so the search for answers may certainly take several weeks or longer. the french president, emmanuel macron meeting with people from the united nations to begin gathering information discussing the possibilities as far as rebuilding and reconstruction is concerned, trace. >> trace: molly, how are
12:51 pm
catholics observing holy week after the fire? >> the faithful are not able to get in to notre dame this weekend. that could be the case for many easters to come. they were able to observe some of their rituals on the streets surrounding the cathedral. they got to begin on the bridge behind me. take a listen. >> that is catholics walking the way of the cross a traditional procession that emulates jesus christ. it took on a unique significance in paris. this afternoon with the themes of easter, hope, renewal so close to the hearts of those praying, the great spiritual home will rise from the ashes. either weekend services have been moved to two other large churches in the city, trace.
12:52 pm
>> trace: thanks, molly. thanks so much. some teachers can be tough. one educator is facing serious backlash for what she apparently wrote on a second greater's math quiz. first, from colorado, an attack of the bear hug. a satellite tv technician under arrest after a customer said he hugged her tightly after finishing a job. the 70-year-old woman is a former deputy that says she pushed him away fearing an attack. the accused bear hugger says he often hugs people and that he apologized before leaving. he says he will fight the charges. ♪ limu emu & doug what do all these people have in common, limu? [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need!
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>> trace: there's an online petition accused of writing "absolutely pathetic" on a math assignment. laura has more.
12:57 pm
>> if you see the words written across the top of your child's paper, your heart will drop. now the father of the student that received the shame and criticism is hoping the school will drop the teacher that wrote those words. take a look at this image of the second grader's math assignment which has gone viral after his dad posted it on facebook. the remarks in red allegedly written by the teacher said "absolutely pathetic." he answers 13 in three minutes. a sad face to make her point. the father was so upset that he posted it on facebook and prompted an online campaign to have the teacher fired. now there's 12,000 signatures and shared on social media. the description page says that she's a teacher that thinks it's okay to bully and talk down to their students. the superintendent of the district was made aware of the issue tuesday according to the
12:58 pm
associated press, which reports that the district met with the teacher and is investigating the incident. the superintendent telling the a.p., this is a personnel issue and the results are not going to be dictated by social media. it will "be dictated by the facts and evidence." there's a counter petition for the teacher to keep her job with the reason that what she wrote on the student's paper may have been wrong to do, reprimanded for but not fired over. so we reached out to all parties. haven't heard back. the school district and the officers are closed for the office and spring break. we'll keep you informed. >> trace: thank you. live on the news deck. thank you. a fox weather alert now. deadly storms moving up the east coast. tornado warnings in effect right now in several north carolina counties as well as south carolina. if you're there right now, check your local news. plus, an eight-year-old girl in florida is dead after the storms ripped through the southeast. the sheriff in leon county says
12:59 pm
the tree ripped through their house. it happened in woodville south of tallahassee. officials say the storm killed three others. jonathan serrie reporting live with more. >> the storm system continues its eastern path and impacting the atlantic states. while the tornados are possible, there's straight line wind with the storms. a photo of two cars flipped over in a walmart outside of jackson. storm conditions are blamed or the two traffic fatalities. in alabama, authorities say heavy winds caused a tree to fall on a mobile home killing a woman inside and injuring her 10-year-old son. for communities still under storm watches and warnings, driving could be treacherous.
1:00 pm
many people heading out on the roads for what should be a busy holiday weekend, trace. >> trace: it's amazing there's thunderstorms around tornadoes this time every year. jonathan serrie reporting live. i trace gallagher in for shepard smith. have a solemn and prayerful good friday. "your world" starts now. >> neil: both sides are digging in even though the mueller report is already well out. democrats demanding every word of it. democrat -- republicans demanding to see what started it. jerry nadler firing off a subpoena today demanding the release of the full mueller report, redactions and all and any evidence. republicans are vowing to get to the bottom of the investigation of the investigation. so are we really going to get all of this in due time here? or is this dragging on for many


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