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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 20, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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our midnight heroes. here a couple of them talked about it in a press conference, they were so humble saying they were just doing what they were trained to do. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. . ♪ >> jason: welcome to the special edition of "hannity": just as in america. i'm jason chaffetz in tonight for sean. it's a good day for president trump, and a great day for america. the witch hunters over. there was no trump-russia collusion! it was a giant, destructive two and a half year long hoax. the media's favorite conspiracy theory has been blown out of the water! so now they are shifting the narrative to another hoax surrounding phantom obstruction of justice claims, which, as mark levin pointed out this morning, is complete and total nonsense. watch this.
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>> obstruction was not the purpose of the investigation and he didn't have an obstruction case against the president of the united states or he would have brought it! i'm using plain english so even joe scarborough and jake tapper can understand this. volume two is crap. volume two was written for slip and fall lawyer nadler, slip and fall lawyer adam schiff. that is why he wrote it. he knew the media would run with it. volume one, mr. mueller should have come up to a microphone, six, 12 months into his investigation, and announced to the american people, i have great news, the president didn't collude. his campaign didn't collude, there is no collusion. >> jason: bottom line, no obstruction charges were filed by robert mueller, and no obstruction charges will be fired by the department of justice. there is no case. no crime was committed. and the president is calling many of the obstruction claims
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"total b.s." make no mistake, tonight president trump has been cleared in more ways than one. as sean previewed on the show all week, equal justice is coming, and it will start with the president's counter report, which my next guest says is coming next week. joining us now as attorney for president trump and former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. mr. mayor, thank you so much for joining us. before we get to the counter report, i get mont to go back to what mark lupin was talking about because this whole idea of this section two -- why does the department of justice do that if they will not bring charges? >> because they were very disappointed that they could not catch him on collusion. they were trying very, very hard to trap them some way, either obstruction -- i knew they wanted to try to trap him into perjury. now that he would commit perjury but look at all the lying in that report. i mean, the report particularly volume two -- remember, please understand what it is. it's a prosecutor's version of what happened. not just a normal prosecutor.
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prosecutors who were extreme partisan democrats who, one of them work for the clinton foundation, she was the chief counsel of the clinton foundation. they hated him. you're absolutely right. or mark was absolutely right when he said, as a good citizen, the minute they found out there was no collusion, which they knew before they started, jason, you know that, right? they have a counterintelligence investigation before this one. he's been investigated twice by the fbi and twice he's been cleared of collusion. >> jason: at the end of the report, it says that this report did not exonerate the president. i've never seen the department of justice go and exonerate people. is that the business, doj? >> [laughs] i don't know. i'm a u.s. attorney and associate attorney general in an era in which i always thought i could prove a person guilty. i never realized that my job was to find out if he was entirely, absolutely innocent and there
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was no subscription. so if we have that standard, i mean, i don't know any democratic country that has the standard of, you have to prove the negatives. it also gives you another indication, page two of volume two, how biased they are, how warped they are. they actually say, we could not be convinced that he didn't commit obstruction of justice. therefore, we can't exonerate him. but we can't prosecute him either because we don't have enough evidence to prosecute. well, that's the end of the story. when you don't have enough evidence to bring a case, the prosecutor is finished. he doesn't get to indulge all kinds of fantasies and also rely on wires like michael cohen. it's disgusting. >> jason: it really is. you are prosecuted people for lying and using that same information. now upon reflection, did the president grant too much access? the unprecedented access that the president gave was
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absolutely stunning. documents and people -- he didn't hold anything back. do you think it was a mistake in retrospect? is getting no credit for it. >> i think he is with real lawyers, really accomplish lawyers who have balance. the reason why you honestly can't make an obstruction of justice case on him, the reason why he's innocent is, how could he possibly corrupting the investigation he gave them everything? bill clinton bought them every step of the way. bill clinton was guilty. now they shouldn't have impeached him, maybe it was too personal but he definitely was guilty of perjury. we all know that, we all heard him admit it. he was guilty of a federal crime. of course he was going to fight them every step of the way. richard nixon fought them until he lost on the supreme court. he never wanted people to find out he was guilty. this is different. this man is innocent! he didn't do it! that's why he gave them everything. that's also why he was frustrated and angry at the lies he was hearing.
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i think the attorney general understood that there is no possible way that you can charge corruption when there -- charge obstruction when there is no corrupt intent. >> jason: was it also the road called into a privilege on his interactions with his attorneys? was that the right call? >> i wasn't there then, i'm not going to second-guess what was done before i was there. >> jason: fair enough. >> i got what was handed to me. the attorney-client privilege to me is sacred. the executive privilege is sacred also but it's a limited privilege. in other words, there are ways in which you can get around it. they would have if they could. but because we give them everything, they didn't have any need for any more information except to try to do to him even worse than what they did to flynn, which is to trap flynn into perjury. what they did to general flynn is a disgrace. the people who did that should be penalized for that, at least ethics violations. they trap him into perjury. they ask him a question he knew the answer to and instead of
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showing him the document that could have refresh his recollection, they hated and they hit him with a perjury cham to turn on the president. they don't tell a story. he didn't. he didn't because it's not true. the man's an honorable man. they did at the that with paul manafort. they kept him at salary solitary confinement. couldn't break them. they did and with other witnesses. the only guy that flipped on them was michael cohen and then michael cohen, as you know, like before the house two weeks ago. did you read about that in his report? did you read about how their star witness fell apart and lied about not asking for a job, lied about not asking for a pardon? didn't hear about that. >> jason: no, no, no. let me ask you, was there any evidence, the special prosecutor, did they grant immunity or even offer immunity to anybody in this case? >> i don't know that they did. i wouldn't know that particularly. i don't know that they did. >> jason: fair enough.
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let me ask you another one because our time is so short. when do you think a special prosecutor actually knew -- i mean, really did know that there was no collusion? did that happen before the 2018 election? >> let me put it this way, his lead investigator knew there was no collusion before the investigation started because he announced very dramatically after the first investigation of collusion, there is nrzok is su, baby he didn't tell mueller but about eight months into it, he had to know there was no collusion. he had to know it. he had to know how stupid the whole situation with papadopoulos is and why didn't he investigate the possibility that papadopoulos was set up, which is almost obvious from the fact that somebodyav information, who is a counterintelligence guy, and then he gave it in turn to another counterintelligence papn the middle of a typical counterintelligence dirty trick. you can smell that if you know anything about this business. mueller knows a lot about this
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business. why didn't he investigated? he didn't want to look for the truth. he wanted to look to national trump. i don't blame bob, i blame bob for being asleep at the switch. he had a bunch of bad people doing this. he wasn't supervising them. he was like "the wizard of oz." he was behind a screen somewhere and they were doing all the dirty work. >> jason: i think it is important and why we some point figure out what did they actually know, there was no collusion out there because there never was, at any point, and how long they let this drag on. let me ask you about this counter report that you are working on and coming out with next week. what should we expect? what is going to be in here? >> first of all, we are going to put it out when we think it's necessary. we didn't think it was necessary at the end of this week because everything was answered. we got a lot to go here, we've got this testimony that is going to come out. i'm not sure exactly when we are going to put it out. it will eventually be put out and it will be very, very telling because we can't tell the whole story. we'll wait for the right time to put it out.
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right now, i think it's effective for people to see how this report wasn't so dishonestly put together. it's really disgraceful and they should be jason: now the genesif this report, the so-called fisa abuse, i know we know that the inspector general michael horowitz of the department of justice is looking into this, judiciary report, within the next 60 days. attorney general barr has said that he's doing things, it's been previously announced that the u.s. attorney in utah, mr. john huber, is also looking at things. what can you tell us about the next step, which is finding out how this whole thing came about and how it got put in place in the first place? >> there's no doubt in my mind, and we touched on that, as we talk about in our counter repor report, somebody manufactured this and fed it to papadopoulos to get it started. i think a lot of it happen overseas. i think a good place to look is the ukraine. italy. england. i think counterintelligence
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services their work with people that were trying to hurt president trump. i think that is how it started and that is how it was generated. then you look at -- you know those fisa affidavits as well, better than i do, and the reality is, if you couldn't aff, you should turn in your law license. they didn't do basic things to corroborate the steele dossier. if you read the steele dossier, it reads like a sensational movie or something. it's ridiculous on its face. but then there are a few facts you can cooperate. they say that michael cohen not a frog in a particular day. comey never even bothered to corroborate that. all he added was call of the passport office. he didn't bother to corroborate whether michael steele had gone to russia. he hadn't gone to russia and seven years. how ridiculous is that? somebody gave me a report on what happened in russia, i would ask them, witness -- how many
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times have you been there? oh, i was there seven years ago. well, to heck with you. this is gone, this is a piece of junk. >> jason: didn't even have to ask him, could have looked it up in about 3 minutes and figured it out. >> i helped to start the fisa court. i know the solemn obligation you have, you have to act as both prosecutor and defense lawyer because no one ever gets to test the other side of it and then you get to invade somebody's home and eager to invade their private thoughts and you get to take away all their privacy. if you don't test that statement before you put it before a judg judge, pretty bad. then you put your name on it and there's something wrong with that, got to get prosecuted. >> jason: mr. mayor, you've been very -- >> it's deliberately wrong. that's the part i should warn people about. it could be mistakes. we don't know that until we investigate this. there are so many mistakes, however, that it starts to seem like a pattern. >> jason: mr. mayor, you've been very generous with your time. congratulations to you and the legal thing for the president.
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mr. mayor, thank you. >> thank you. >> jason: with a mueller report finally in the rearview mirror, real abuses of power are coming squarely into focus. from the horwitz investigation into fisa abuse to the john huber investigation into leaks to attorney general barr's promise to investigate how and why the trump campaign wasn't spied on by our own federal government, a deep state reckoning is on the horizon. joining us now the reaction, former south carolina congressman, fox news contributor, former chairman of the oversight committee, second-best chairman of the oversight committee, trey gowdy from south carolina. thank you so much for joining u us. you know, i read the report, i know you read the report, i was really struck by this, how most of this information really was classified. i mean, i can't believe they went to such great lengths and put out so much information. what was your take? >> the same. particularly on the coordination, the conspiracy, the collusion section, the
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sources and methods, i really thought about half of that would wind up being redacted. i can tell you haven't been on the house intelligence committee, and how judiciary, we had a really tough time accessing some of the information that wasn't publicly disseminated yesterday. >> jason: now, it's a very -- at the very end of the report, i want to put up this graphic and read part of what it said at the end by mr. mueller. he said "bakes and the effects of any applicable standards, we are unable to reach a judgment accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him." you've been a prosecutor for decades. is that with the department of justice does? do they exonerate people? >> no, thank goodness, each of us, including the president of the united states is presumed innocent. so you need not be exonerated if you have sufficient evidence to indict someone, then do so. let a jury of 12 of your peers determine whether or not the evidence is sufficient.
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to say that we don't have enough to exonerate, how would you do that anyway? i mean, the jury verdict is not guilty or innocent. it is guilty or not guilty. the burden is on the government. if you have enough, special counsel mueller, or ag barr, then indict. if you don't come as you know, jason, i was not a fan of this report being made public for the very reason you just cited. at least when you are charged, you can go to a trial, defend yourself, and have 12 of your fellow citizens estate not guilty. here, there is no jury. if there were a jury, it would be hung, 50-50. >> jason: i think that's the point. a part of this is the idea that -- i think it was a cheap shot at the end to say that it is not exonerate him because that is not what the department of justice does. the only one i can actually make you or put you into that guilty category is a jury of our peers. you and i both went through the issues with hillary clinton,
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everything from benghazi to the emails and everything in betwee between. how do you see how donald trump was treated differently versus, say, hillary clinton was treate treated? >> oh, gosh. how much time do you have? just the duplicity in the d.c. media alone. president trump answered questions that were sent to him by mueller. i sent questions to a president once. they didn't even get acknowledge, much less answered, but there is no media outcry. the media was disappointed that the executive branch got to review and executive branch report report was made public. see if you can follow that logi logic. mad that an executive branch report is being reviewed by the executive branch. contrast of that, secretary clinton was investigated by an accountability review board that she picked. cheryl mills was able to read that report and offered changes. in fact, she did offer changes, no media outcry.
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so i can't speak for you, jason, we were in d.c. the same amount of time, the most disappointing part of my 80 years is the duplicity of the d.c. media, far more than the democrats. >> jason: explained to people a little bit more that had read. i felt it, you felt it, but that headwind was so different than what donald trump is dealing with it. clinton and obama, it was such a stark contrast. >> the d.c. media never met a republican investigation that should have started, and they never met a democrat investigation that should never end. so they are thrilled that the next two years -- look, i heard your intro, i think the next two years are going to be just like the last two years. i don't think yesterday resolved anything. they are going to have more congressional hearings, the media will applauded, as opposed to the hearings that you and i were a part of, we were on defense, not just from the democrats, but also from the
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media. look, i understand that congress has a low approval rating, and in some instances, hard earned. lots of our fellow citizens also don't trust the media like they used to and they need to look no further than their own handling of republican versus democrat inquiries to see part of why that is. >> jason: there are ten points in obstruction, i look at those and i think, you know what, gosh, they are giving all this criticism to donald trump for things he actually didn't do! how did you read it? >> well, jason, let's go back to the beginning. there is nothing about this investigation that was normal. as a counterintelligence investigation that was made public, that never happens, as a criminal investigation where you are actually presumed guilty and you have to prove your innocence, remember, adam schiff had evidence of collusion before the investigation even began. remember, 60 house democrats voted to move forward with
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impeachment before bob mueller authored a single solitary syllable. so that is not the justice system. that is a quasi-political investigation. add to that, you are being accused of treason, a crime for which, by the way, you could be put to death -- and make no mistake, that is what they are alleging -- that candidate trump could littered with a hostile foreign power to impact our democratic process. that is treason. so that is what they accused him of. i don't know how you would react, jason, if you were accused of something that you did not do, which now mueller has said you did not do. somewhere between vigorously defending yourself and losing your mind is where you would have been. so look, some of the stuff doesn't read well but you have to put it in the context. no part of what this investigation was is a traditional counterintelligence or criminal investigation. of >> jason: locum i think of history writes the truth, it
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will write that donald trump was more open and transparent than anyone i have ever seen before and far more than barack obama that we dealt with. mr. trey gowdy, thank you for joining us. coming up, no collusion, no obstruction, but that is not stopping democrats from calling for impeachment of course come and get jewish 2020 2020 contender is on board. that and more on the special edition of "hannity": justice in america continues. ♪
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xfinity watchathon week has sadly come to an end. what, what, what! no! but don't let that stop you from watching the best shows and movies from showtime, hbo, epix... jesus, what happened? ...and more. it's just the tip of the iceberg. upgrade now to get more into what you're into. thanks! just say "watchathon" into your x1 voice remote to upgrade and keep getting more of what you love. >> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity: justice in america" with the democrats' collusion conspiracy exposed as a hoax, it looks like a new round of party infighting is on the horizon.
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it looks like as nancy pelosi and steny hoyer are signaling against impeachment, that's not stopping ranked file lawmakers from pushing their own ageneral at a and refusing to fully accept mueller's no conclusion finding. take a look. >> you accept the conclusion there was no criminal conspiracy. >> i accept that conclusion for now. but there's a need for continuing investigation. there are clearly offenses. >> impeachable offenses? >> there may be, there may be censurable offenses. >> do you accept the central counsel's conclusion on that point? >> to a degree. but, again, we need more information. >> i believe impeachable offenses have been committed and i believe it's worthwhile to put in history's files what this man has done and impeach him. the base wants impeachment, they want it badly. >> that was mr. cohen who i had the pleasure of serving with in congress. wow.
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and it gets worse, because 2020 candidate senator elizabeth warren is the impeachment chorus tweeting the house should initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the united states, end quote. echoing her are congresswoman rashida talib all despite the findings of no criminal wrongdoing by the president. joining me for reaction is sarah carter and congressman mike turner of ohio and andy biggs of arizona. to the three of you, thank you for joining us here. i want to start with mike turner, you're in ohio but you're also on the intel committee. they're singing the tune of impeachment. what's your reaction to that? >> this is part of the process of trying to delegitimize a republican president. they did it with george bush's election where they alleged they colluded with his brother governor of florida. they took that to the supreme
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court. then now with trump, they said they stole the election and hillary clinton funded material to get surveillance over the trump campaign. but, you know, in the heartland right here in day ton, ohio the the headline that hit everybody's doorstep today was no collusion with russia. that's got a big impact. the presidential tweet, that's the headline. it will make it difficult for people like adam shift going around saying there is collusion. now they're seeing their shift. now they want to go from collusion to saying they want to go after the president because of his opposition for their efforts to pursue him for crimes he didn't commit. i don't think people will buy it. they'll take the four words with no collusion with russians to be the end of it. >> sarah, i want to get your impact on this. senator warren, she wants to have impeachment. how will it go?
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>> i don't think it will go well. it will backfire. it will backfire on the democrats. the american public is sick and tire of this. they know now based on this report, no collusion, no obstruction. now you're hearing in your own report that even dodd mcgann, his story changed multiple times, president trump's former lawyer and there was a section in the report that specifically stated that his story was confusing. so, as far as the obstruction is concerned, there's no obstruction there. this is coming from -- it's -- you know, from elizabeth warren who was basically called out for lying on her card and calling herself an american indian. and we know that she's not. this is going to backfire on her. this is going to backfire on the democrats. adam shift is another one that's been very much pushing this conclusion illusion narrative consistently at president trump. and i think the american public is going to get tired of that. and i'm going to tell you
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something else, the most important thing i believe jason is that coming up when the investigation start on the part of william barr and when the investigations are revealed that michael horowitz is conducting over the past year, it's really going to backfire on them. >> andy biggs, you're a congressman on the east side of the phoenix valley there in mesa, arizona, an important the democrats you serve in the house, do they really love mike pence that much? do they want to be the president? or are on this crazy train to who knows wherewithal of this impeachment talk. >> they're on the crazy train. there's a significant number that are skittish and wisely so. they don't want an impeachment process. it will hurt them. the 40 districts we call swing districts that support trump that may be a democrat picke up the last term election. but nadler subpoenaing these documents and he's going forward, i think they're doing a market test to see if they're
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able to keep the middle that they're hoping to get by if they go to a full impeachment. they want to do a full impeachment. they think the base is ginned up enough to do it. but there are wise heads or politically minded heads when pelosi or stenny hoyer is saying, hey, this is going to hurt us if we do it. you know nadler, you know shift, they want to go forward and test it to see if we can stay in there. >> you had more than 60 democrats sign up for impeachment before it cuts through the report. congressman turner, you serve an important role on the intel committee. you see day in and day out behind closed doors. how does he have any credibility. i don't understand how he has security clearance and why he's on the committee at this point. >> well, it is very troubling, certainly all of the republicans on the committee called for his removal as chair of the committee, not just because of the misstatements that he's made where he's come out and he said he saw evidence of collusion where there was no evidence of collusion.
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now the mueller report, without question, settles that issue. but the issue is he is using the committee solely for the purposes of suing president trump with his vendetta against him. the adversaries are north korea, china, russia, and iran. we need to look at the way they're impacting our national security. as long as adam shift believes the greatest threat to this country is donald trump, our adversaries is getting a pass and our committee needs to get back to work. >> you're right. there's a huge opportunity cost by not focusing on other true threats to this nation. i got 30 seconds left. sara carter, where does this go next? >> we know where it's going. it's going to deep investigations to the genesis of the origination of this investigation into president trump. i believe there will be indictments. i believe people will be held accountable for this. and that's why i think, jason, that any type of impeachment proceedings or hearings of that nature are just going to backfire on the democrats.
1:32 am
>> congressman biggs, last word. do we actually see people in handcuffs held accountable for the genesis and the abusing the fisa court system? >> we'd better. because the american people demand that. and i -- if we don't, it's just another crime in history. >> thank you all three of you for joining us on this beautiful friday night. up next, the main stream media is having a hard time letting go of their favorite hoax. coming up, we'll show you how some are now foaming at the mouth over impeachment fantasies. that and more on this special edition of "hannity" continues.
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>> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity," following the mueller report, democrats were not the only ones clammeri forimpeachment.
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their good friends in the main stream media were obsessed. according to cnn, msnbc, and the broadcast networks mentioned the word impeachment 309 times over a 24-hour period. as we predicted, there are no apologies from the media mob for the relentless 2 1/2 year proliferation of a hoax. instead, they're doubling down. watch this. >> this is leaving the legal realm and now entering this realm of morality, ethics, imteachability. >> guessing, just throwing it out there quite differently than attorney general barr does. >> road map to impeachment proceedings. maybe more. >> congress can decide whether or not it's criminal conduct. in other words, perhaps there's enough evidence here to start impeachment proceedings. >> while the mueller report could be a road map for impeachment. >> and laying the body on the tracks to -- to sort of push donald trump away from some of the actions, it almost certainly would have led to his
1:38 am
impeachment. >> if democrats decide what they read in the mueller report equals a high crime, they can move forward in the house with impeachment. you have a presidential candidate, a serious presidential candidate telling them to do that. >> they wonder why nobody is watching over there. joining us now is trump 2020 campaign national press secretary, kay leigh mcer inny, fox news contributor doug shone and tom fenton. thank you all three of you for joining us. doug, i want to start with you. you're on set in new york. your background is a democratic party. >> i am a democrat. >> this drum beat going on with the media and the high profile players like elizabeth warren, where does it take them to the election. >> it takes them towards defeat. this is silly. i mean, people want to hear discussion of the issues. health care, immigration, education, income and equality. the president -- >> they're making a choice not to do that. they want to talk all things
1:39 am
trump all the time. >> right, by doing that, by talking impeachment, they're going do what was done in 1998 by the republicans, overplaid their hands when i was working with bill clinton. all it's going to do is help donald trump get re-elected. huge mistakes by the democrats and their friends in the media. >> kay leigh, you're tied to the trump campaign, obviously. what are you hearing in the heartland. what do you think real americans think of when they see this. the special prosecutor says that collusion they were talking about, yeah, there wasn't anything out there. how does that play in america? >> yeah, in the heartland, they want legislating, not investigating. they don't want impeachment. every single poll shows it. doug is spot on. but you have certain democrats, 2020 contenders, we heard from two, who are so desperate because they have flailing campaigns that the media is not giving enough attention to, they're willing to divide the company, to destabilize the government, and call for 's what we saw with liz
1:40 am
warren. we have the aiding and abetting for from the main stream media that waits for the talking points and saying, quote, road map to impeachment. they're aiding and abetting the 2020 democrats. it's not what the american people want. they do so at their own peril. >> judicial watches. you were able to do things in the judicial watch that i as chairman of the oversight committee in congress couldn't do which is sat on one case, good for you. this is, though, the playbook of the resistance movement, right? they are doing things right out of their playbook, the democrats, aren't they? >> right. and it's all part of one giant effort that began during the presidential campaign. the baton was handed off to the mueller operation. and the anti-trump partisan, the mueller team, wrote a report that they knew would generate interest and impeachment. and so the democratsap take up the baton.
1:41 am
all to distract from the fact that they were caught in what was in essence criminal activity targeting the president. making up false allegations and elicitly using the fbi and d.o.j. to spy on the c false al. you know, i -- i think an impeachment fight might be very interesting because the president is going to be able to present witnesses and it would be good to hear what congress knew and who in congress was cooperating and colluding with fusion gps, with peter struck. and some of the moore operation in terms of pushing these false information -- these this false information out to their friends in the media. >> doug, this creates quite the predicament. because democrats say they suddenly have this new awareness for openness and transparency and they're pounding their fists for it. they didn't do that in the eight years i served in the congress with barack obama. but they may get that with the
1:42 am
inspector general's report. they may get that with barr looking at this further. then what do the democrats do? >> i mean, my point would be i don't know what the facts are about what the fbi did vis-a-vis hillary clinton fusion gps. i'd like to know. and i think the american people have the right to know. let's get all of the facts out there and then have it as an issue in the campaign for people to decide. especially if the democrats push impeachment. >> no, this is where they jump so quickly and so fast into the impeachment lane. now they're caught in this place. kay leigh going to 2020, the media is already signaled that they're just going to continue to pound on donald trump. how in the world does he get that message out? i mean, he's done it in the past, how does he get that message out? >> he stays focused on achieving for the american people. they feel it in their everyday lives when you see wages growing twice as fast for those in the bottom half of the income spectrum, all of the
1:43 am
extraordinary economic metrics we talk about all the time on the show. you can't change the reality of what people feel. but i will say, the media negativity. this collusion of words and attacking president trum think it serves him well in the long run, it exposes the left and the bias of the main stream media and serves as a tail wind for the president. keep on being negative, main stream media. people see through it when you say the word "impeachment" baselessly 309 times in one day. >> i got 30 seconds here. contrast how hillary clinton was treated versus the way donald trump was treated. >> irks it's remarkable. well, the fact is hillary clinton was treated the way she was treated and one of the ways they covered it up, the vehicle for covering it up was to distract the public with the attack on president trump. it's two sides of the same coin. and with regards to impeachment in terms of the corruption under the obama add administration, i half jokingly say, but we should
1:44 am
remember who's responsible for this targeting of president trump. barack obama could still be impeached. >> thank you all, three of you tonight, kay leigh, doug, tom, i really do appreciate it. coming up next, we have the latest from the smollett scandal in chicago and the update from the house of horrors case, oh, an awful thing. two parents were convicted of torturing 12 of their children for years. that and more in this special edition of "hannity" continues. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. i love the custom ink design lab because it's really easy to use. they have customer service that you can reach anytime. t-shirts help us immediately get a sense of who we are as a group. from the moment clients walk in, they're able to feel like part of the family. - [spokesman] custom ink has hundreds of products for your business and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today >> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity, justice in america". there are new developments in the jussie smollett hate crime
1:49 am
scandal. >> fox news can confirm three executives in the office of kim foxx are either resigning or no nothing to do with the jussie smollett case. but the timing is fascinating. begin with the most notable departure, chief ethics officer april parry who resigned april 15 to work in the private sector. she advised kim foxx to recuse herself from the smollett investigation. foxx remained heavily involved in the case, by texting her chief deputy justice about dropping the charges against smollett -- quoting just because we can charge something doesn't mean we should. along with parry, the director of the office of conviction and integrity unit, mark muller moved on resigning the day before the charges against smollett were dropped. he said leaving had zero to do with the case.
1:50 am
and kyra ellis is no longer with the state's attorney. no reason was given for her exit. meantime here in california, david and louise turpin, the parents in the so-called house of horrors case were sentenced to life in prison for severely neglecting and abusing 1 of their 13 children. the -- 12 of the 13 children. they kept the kids shackled to their beds, allowed them to shower once a year. beat them regularly, fed them one meal a day. the 17-year-old daughter escaped the home by jumping out a window and calling 911. during sentencing, some of the children read impact statements detailing the abuse with one daughter saying, quote, life may have been bad, but it made me strong. my parents took my whole life from me, but now, i'm taking my whole life back. one of the children also asked for leniency for the parents saying they did their best to raise them. the turpins also read statements apologizing for their horrific behavior. they'll be eligible for parole
1:51 am
after 25 years. jason? >> trace, thank you. that's hard to watch and hard to hear about. joining us with the reaction is attorney and fox news contributor emily campano and fox news contributor rachael campos duffy. my favorite duffy for the record there. rachael, it's hard to transition from, you know, in talking about this house of horrors. what -- what -- how do we learn from this? what do we do with this? >> well, first of all, 25 years to life seems like a good sentence for them. and it's sad to see that the kids have compassion for their parents after all that's happened and a year later thriving and surviving. i think there are some lessons for us in the general public. these were 13 kids living in a house and yet the neighbors never saw them outside. and i think that's kind of a red flag. all of us like to be good neighbors who aren't intrusive or nosey.
1:52 am
but if there are 13, i know, i have eight. my neighbors hear them if i want them to or not. that kind of a red flag when it involves children, we need to check on it, ask someone to check in on that. there are lessons for us as neighbors and citizens in protecting the children that live around us. >> no, i think that -- yeah, i think -- >> that's a strange and awful situatiomessage, a great mom to a lot of lovely kids. emily, was justice properly served? i don't know what you do with somebody who destroys these kids, 12 and 13, in 25 years, they're up for parole. >> i will say that at the time the turpins accepted the plea agreement in february, the da made the point is, look, what they received the sentencing equivalent to first degree murder. that's appropriate that the fact they've taken the lives of these children. there's that argument. and given that these children testifying read their victim impact statements, that's partly why that's an argument for
1:53 am
accepting the plea to begin with. the kids wouldn't have to do it or prolong their pain. just goes to the fact there's a level of catharsis associated with that. in 25 years when these parents are up for parole, these kids who will then be grown adults more than they are now will read their impact statements again. there's no way they will be actually parole in 25 years. >> i need to transition now to the jussie smollett case. rachael, i want to ask you, you have people fleeing this office. and what do we make of what fox is doing and not doing. how do we make sense of it? >> we've got to see what the ig, they're investigating why this case was dismissed. clearly the cops thought they had jussie smollett dead to right and they're angry and should be. this is a case where he perpetrated a hate crime on donald trump's voters by accusing them falsely in this hoax. and i think that's why this case matters, a lot of people, not just the cops, are very angry
1:54 am
that jussie smollett got away with this. i know i'm one of these people. i want to know why this is dismissed and why possibly michelle obama's former chief of staff, a lawyer for jussie smollett might be involved in pressuring kim foxx who said she was going to recuse herself and in the end never did. >> it's so important for the inspector general there to look at that. but emily, with given your legal backgrnd,hat do you see happening there in this mystifying case out of chicago. >> hopefully transparency and exposure. when kim foxx was elected, he t ethics ironically a hallmark of her service. there wasn't an officer inscribed in that office until she got the position. so ironic to me that now everything is falling and opening up i want to point out that as a long time federal attorney and managing attorney and managing director of a top ten federal agency, there was never a time i texted or used
1:55 am
government phones to text back and forth with my team and certainly not about anything that would be including case strategy or something as so, to me, it's shameful, not only the volume of information and communication that they engaged in after her colloquial recusal, but also the level of mockery she made of the chicago police department in those texts. so, again, i hope the ig uncovers some type of closure for us as does the federal government, their investigation. >> thank you for joining us on this friday night. more of this special edition of "hannity: justice in america" after the break. stay with us. - there are tens if not hundreds of thousands
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oh. >> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity: justice in america". that's all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. we hope y'all have a happy easter and a happy passover. shawn will be back on monday. the ingraham angle is up next.
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