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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  April 20, 2019 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ ed: i feel great jed feels only all right. have to tease out. >> she didn't get much sleep last night. jedediah: adorable. cutest thing you will ever see. ed: i are giving away. jedediah: got to tease it. pete: april 20th, it's legal across america. i don't know anything about
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it. ed: charles has some special cbd oil. jedediah: they goat the brownies and now the burgers. passover. lots of good holidays. ed: fallout from the release of the mueller report from the justice department. pete: really? ed: top democrat issues a subpoena to see the full unredacted report. jedediah: leaders on the left are scrambling what to do next. pete: i'm already bored. are you? okay. garrett tenney joining us from washington. >> one. issues here the grand jury material which under federal rules must be kept secret from congress except by court order that court battle may be coming sooner rather than later. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler has issued a subpoena for the full mueller report including all underlying records and records as well as the grand jury material by may 1st. the justice department has offered congressional leaders to use some of the
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redacted material in a letter to the attorney general friday nadler said i am open to work with the department to reach a reasonable accommodation to access to these materials. however, i cannot accept any proposal which leads most of congress in the dark. justice department shot back saying nadler's subpoena was premature and unnecessary. other democratic leaders piled on saying as the special counsel stated the conclusion that congress may apply the obstruction laws to the president's corrupt exercise of the powers of office accords with our system with collection and balances and the principle that no person above the law. the department now has a department to submit the full report and underlying evidence to congress so it can fulfill its constitutional responsibilities. president trump is again slamming the report. even after sayin saying it vindicates him tweeting that the mueller report is a big fat waste of time, energy, and money. $30 million to be exact. it is now finally time to turn the tables and bring justice to some very sick and dangerous people who have committed very serious
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crimes, perhaps even spying or treason. this should never happen again. house speaker nancy pelosi conference call monday with top house democrats to discuss the next stepping to be taken with the mueller report. back to y'all. pete: next stepping of the mueller report. garrett, thank you very much. pete: nadler, remember, during the clinton impeachment days saying do not put out the underlying documents. must putt out the information. it would be irresponsible. now put everything out there. ended on the series of tweets from the president including he just flawtly called the mueller report b.s. essentially and talking about all the taxpayer money spent and how he wants to turn the tables and make sure justice is brought to those who brought the investigation. corey lewandowski had a blunt way of saying what he thinks will happen next. >> justice should be blind but not deaf-blind and stupid.
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perpetrated these crimes. time to be on the offense of the greatest crimes against america that we have ever seen. this makes watergate look like baby -- unelect a duly elected president. brennan, recall strzok, page, james baker they need to be held accountable. pete: i think he is speaking for a lot of people who, listen, the report came out, what like noon on thursday and what did i do? not read it not interested. i mean i read like two paragraphs and then i got bored and then i went on and did everything else with my life like play with the kids, hang out, do whatever. i already know everything that's in it. it's already been reported. it's already been leaked. there -- save yourself the time. don't read the report. ed: string of texts from pete on thursday night. maybe enjoying cold beverages and lashing out at the report. pete: reminding ed of all the things that didn't happen. jedediah: you basically read about the amount that
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mueller should have written two paragraphs summarizing everything rather than the x amount of pages op-ed. ed: especially out 2020 democrats elizabeth warren leading the pack now by saying it's time for impeachment. she tweets to ignore the president's repeated efforts to obstruct an investigation into his own disloyal behave would inflict great and lasting damage on this country. and it would suggest that both the current and future presidents would be free to abuse their power in similar ways. the house should initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of the united states. pete: this is called a flaj ling presidential campaign. pocahontas was undercut the day she got the nickname pocahontas and flund the filibud the entirflund theentire reactio one else will say it she will stay openly and hope that it catches traction. jedediah: impeachment new collusion.
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now many feel part 26 the mueller report was put out there to incentivize democrats to follow through with impeachment. if he had a case for obstruction we all know he would have been charged. pete: i don't understand how you obstruct something that didn't happen. ed: if there is not an underlying crime. jedediah: to noe collusion trying to obstruct because he aloud the investigation to follow through. pete: do they do to impeachment? jedediah: that may be where they go. we have some sound on democrats talking impeachment already. >> now believe impeachable offenses have been committed and i believe it's worth while it put in history's file what this man has done. >> do you want to move forward on articles of impeachment? >> i may very well. i want to hear what barr has to say when he comes before the judiciary. i want to hear what mueller has to say. >> there is nothing in there that says to you right now we should pursue articles of impeachment? >> we should go farther away from impeachment. i think it's a conversation we have to have as far as how do you hold this president accountable.
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>> they are well within their rights to be consideringism peoplened i will leave it to congress to decide what to do next. i think he may well deserve it? >> mayor pete, particularly eric swalwell who has been saying for years now there is evidence of collusion. pete: still hiding it. evidence he had but on the collusion part the part that swalwell and adam schiff have been saying there is evidence of collusion they were proven wrong by bob mueller who they held up as the paradigm of virtue. his findings would be the key thing. he has now said they were wrong. they are saying peopl impeachmet any way. jedediah: if you went out and peddled a narrative that wound up being false, i mean, you would have to come out and say i was wrong if you wanted to maintain any credibility whatsoever. amazing people proven false well, what other hat can we take that we will be right or prove ourselves right or hoard together and this impeachment stuff is cereal
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really controversial could backfire. newt gingrich went through this himself. he will talked about it on "fox & friends" friday. take a listen. >> the country, at the end of the debate, said, you know, we are more worried about the economy, we're more worried about healthcare. we don't think this rises to the standard of removing a president. i thought it was appalling that we had a president who had broken the law on 11 different counts. he did lose his license to practice law in arkansas. he was clearly guilty. but, at the same time, the country rendered a larger judgment. at some point you've got to give it up. pete: at some point you have to give it up. pete: i don't know that they can or will. they may transition once they get to the debate and have actual discussion about issues which is what elections are about. the one that didn't win the presidential election in 2012 i think it was. yes, his name was mrs. romney. well, he put out a statement
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about this. we were all waiting for it. it came out on twitter. thank goodness. mitt romney said it's good news that there was insufficient evidence to charge the president of the united states, which i never was, with having conspired with a for adversary or having obstructed justifiable. the alternative would have taken us through a wrenches process constitutional crisis. the business of government can move on. even so he, i am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and individuals highest office of the land including the president. reading the report is socialerring revelation. he is sober, don't worry, of how far we have strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders. ed: very dramatic reading. pete: he is really serious. my hair looks too much like his. slicked back, you know. i was going to be president but i'm jealous mitt romney i never was. ed: senator hegseth there. pete: that will never be my
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title. ed: mike huckabee lashed out do you know what makes me sick not how disingenuous you were to take donald trump's money and four years later jealousy trash him and then love him again when you bugged to be secretary of state. it makes me sick that you got g.o.p. nomination and could have been. jedediah: he wants his support all the time when he is running. and then all of a sudden when he wins, he wants to be the guy beloved by the left. the guy that the mainstream media admires. that mainstream anti-trump republican. the rational republican. guess what? he was the author of romney care. his presidential campaign was enormous joke. it was. conservatives laughed around the country at it maybe the steamght liked it. but, you know, mitt romneys and jeb bushes of the world did not deliver for conservatives. they did not deliver for a lot of people. president trump came in. he had a strong message particularly on immigration. he was willing to do a lot of things that many republicans for years were not willing to tackle. they are so jealous and they
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can't handle it. pete: jealous mitt. shall. jedediah: what are you saying? were you waiting with baited breath to see what mitt romney would say i was. tell us at will will. pete: how many pages did you read? i got past paragraph did. did you get past paragraph 2? >> ed: if you want more dramatic readings let us know. jedediah: could be a new segment dramatic readings by pete hegseth. two teens arrested overnight in the shooting of a young journalist in northern ireland. political science believe mckee was hit by a stray bullet reporting on riots that broke out ahead of the commemoration of irish independence. treating the shooting as the terrorism. the teens have not been identified or charged. violent storms are moving east after killing at least five people in the last three days. one of those killed, an 8-year-old girl when a tree fell on to her florida home.
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mississippi under a safety emergency after tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses. travelers this holiday weekend feeling the impact of more than 2500 flights cancelled yesterday. as secretary of state mike pompeo refusing to step down as north korea's will will replaced at the united states top negotiator. >> president trump is obviously in charge of the overall effort but it will be my team that will continue to lead the u.s. efforts to achieve whichever kim committed to do back in june of last year which was to denuclearization. jedediah: north korea is blaming pompeo for a deal not being made at the summit. ed: he is not listening. pete: it ain't going to happen. the land of the flee. number numbers reveal people are moving out of new york in droves. where are they going? ed: not flea like that little insects.
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jedediah: it's in secret many workers are taxed to the max. total population of new york city decreased by nearly 40,000 people last year. pete: what are the reasons behind that math? ed: here to discuss brian brenberg right here in new york city. you moved into the city? one of the rare people who did. >> i am one of those rare people. increasingly rare because people are saying i don't want to be a part of this high tax, high regulation place.
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pete: where are they going? deeper than that. is it just hey my wages are down because i'm paying more? >> it's a number of things. one, it's the cost of living in places like new york or chicago, l.a. are very high. regulation is very high. so if you want to start a business, it's incredibly difficult to do it. you hear that from both on both the right and the left. everyone concedes it's tough to start a business. and, your taxes are high. people don't want to deal with that especially with the new tax plan. you can't deduct those salt deductions. i want to keep my money where it's cheaper to live. jedediah: i hear about this flood from new york florida. >> it is orlando. tampa, houston, destinations. arizona talking about phoenix. even in the mountain west talking about salt lake city and utah, denver. it's kind of that
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south-southwest mountain west and you are seeing people migrate from the midwest. new york city increasingly makes it difficult to raise a family. build a business. have a life here. i'm doing it in the city. everybody hears doing it in the city some way, shape or form. it's tough and real opportunities and real competitors. ed: a lot of people california. i get texas, no state income tax. california has got some regulations and taxes and all the rest. >> there is migration and birth rate. places like california people are still having kids. population is not dropping. it does mean people are moving out. what we are seeing in new york is not only people moving out but birth rates as well combined. combined effect is population loss that's significant. pete: a lot of the the states highlighted are traditionally conservative states. they did elect ronald reagan back in the day. they are not there anymore. jedediah: it's a rarity. pete: folks who move out of
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new york take the politics to north carolina, south carolina, florida, texas? >> actually, it's the other way around. they might take their politics with them. i don't think their politics aline with the state they are leaving. the reason they are getting out thereof is because they don't like the policies in their state. they are so fed up that they are not going to take it they will vote with their feet. first they vote with their feet and pull the lever at the voting booth. i don't think you are seeing really hard left folks leave new york city. this place has shifted under my feet. i'm out of here. i'm going some place where it's actually more amenable to what i want to do and what i believe. jedediah: hopefully when they get there they will remember why. pete: we always forget a little bit why. jedediah: got to remember everything. ed: get your paycheck and taxes are lower every few two weeks it's hard to forget, actually. jedediah: now that the mueller report is release wanted. think congress go l. get back to solving the immigration crisis? pete: probably not. voters want them. to say it's their number one concern.
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retired ice director tom homan is here with a message for washington next. ♪ living in america ♪
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pete: welcome back. couple quick headlines, survivors marking the school shooting. one teacher killed in the high school attack happened this day in 1999. another ceremony planned for tonight 5-year-old boy thrown from the third story of the mall of america improving. >> our child is showing real science of recovery. we feel your science of love and support for they seem to be working.
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pete: he remains in intensive care new test results have shown progress. the stranger accused of throwing him is charged with attempted premeditated murder. wow. jed? jedediah: president trump's immigration crack down intensifying as the white house calls out congress to do something about the crisis at the southern border. ed: this sass a new fox poll tops the list of voter concerns followed by the economy. will 2020 democrats finally get on board? pete: retired ice director and fox news contributor joins us now. you know. this top of mind for voters. both sides see it very differential. what does this mean that it's a top concern? it means the democrats are vested in keeping it open or people care about securely the border? >> i think most of america is watching what is happening. it's unprecedented. big issue. if democrats are smart. they will try to work with the president and secure the border and close loopholes. i give them zero credit. i don't think they dual that i think they want this president to fail number one
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issue. they want to be able to point to 2020 and saying this was your number one promise and you failed. this is bawl politics and winning an election. this isn't about securing the nation at all. ed: has the president made some progress. i note months ago democrats were saying it's a manufactured crisis at the border. some of them still saying that even on the campaign trail this week cory booker on the left said there is a crisis. different ideas than the president on what to do about it. jeh johnson president obama's former homeland security secretary you know him well he has been saying for weeks now that's a crisis. does that at least show that the president by sticking with this, they haven't acted in congress yet but by sticking with it, has he put enough pressure that the debate is changing? >> absolutely. look, i think the president is the only one that's doing anything about the border crisis. have you had a number of executive actions. upheld by the court. declared a national emergency. the president is the only one fighting the fight right now. the democratic leadership in congress hasn't offered up one idea. not one.
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since the crisis started over a year ago. the president is the only one in a fight and thank god we got them in there fighting. it's important. jedediah: tom, democrats also want to win an election though. at some points they realize that i am congratulation and the economy. healthcare are issues that people are talking about around their dinner table. people are not talking about mueller and collusion anymore around their dinner table. they are talking about pocketbook issues. if they want to win an election. i think they are going to wake up soon, no? >> look, i think -- yeah. i agree with you. i think they will throw some band aids on the solution. i have done this job. did i it for 34 years. congress hasn't fixed this system in three decades. this system, the illegal immigration has been going on t for 50 years. congress has not taken a serious step toward fixing the problem. he is the first president since ronald reagan trying to secure the border. is he actually taking
3:27 am
action. ed: react to what the vice president of the united states mike pence he wrote an op-ed for the president is doing his job. of the men and women of law enforcement are doing their jobs. now it's time for congress to do its job. close the loopholes immigration laws driving the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border. note he mentions humanitarian crisis. democrats have been trying in recent days to say it's a crisis but a humanitarian one. and then they don't follow up with what they will actually do about it. pete: let me double down on what ed said. one thing totally bipartisan and easy to solve. they don't even have to give the president credit for it what would be the one thing they could actually do? >> look, i don't care if republican or democrat. number one response is to protect america, secure our border and protect our sovereignty. protect this nation. stop the politics. stop the resistance of trump and do what's best for this country. if they did that you would
3:28 am
solve the crisis. jedediah: thanks, tom. pete: a long way from that. jedediah: they feel like obstruction is the solution. ed: happy for your service 34 years. pete: good stuff. democratic is list comrade cortez congresswoman shall. town hall meeting this week. i tried go. ed: at the didn't let you in. >> they wouldn't let me. in more on that. ♪ ♪ my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family.
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jedediah: good morning. i got a new puppy. that is my baby daisy. daisy buchanan after daisy from the great gatsby. she is so small. that's my husband holding her. she is 2 pounds. she is minuscule. and by the way, i slept an hour and a half last night because someone did not want to stay in her play pen. she cried. my husband slept on the floor and i slept on the couch and we pinned ourselves in with her. pete: your wonderful husband slept on the floor. jedediah: he got up and made me celery juice this morning. husband of the year award. he is the best. pete: you couldn't keep that dog penned in?
3:33 am
jedediah: she was crying. she is amazing. smallest of the litter. she had to have a little surgery. there was a delay. i said i will take her. give her to me. pete: i have a $50 cap on what i will spend at the veterinarian. over 50, put her down. jedediah: i spend more at the vet for emma. i co-parent another dog than i ever paid for myself at any doctor. pete: it's good. to say each their own. jedediah: that's right. ed: welcome to the family. veterans healthcare obviously much more broader, bigger issue that we talk a lot about. pete, you dig into this a lot and wanted to get more info. pete: earlier in the week we found out that comrade cortez was going to have a town hall in the bronx where she reportedly represents. she advised nurse groups, veterans for peace. all left wing events. ed: i would probably go. pete: let's go. we applied for press
3:34 am
credentials through their process. istlesz really excited to go. this is, i think this is the tweet about the -- no, excuse me. this is the email that i got back when we emailed to say i would like to attend. they said unfortunately, we're at capacity. and there was such a wait for her unable to credential any more media for this event. thanks for the request. ed: very popular. pete: she put out instagram story this is from the congresswoman herself of the room. i was interested. ed: from her. jedediah: oh, seems like a lot of seats free. pete: all that yellow stuff. yesterday jed they saw your name and said no. jedediah: as brian kilmeade said you could land a helicopter in those empty seat. jedediah: what would you have done? would have you been a troublemaker? pete: i would have asked her a question. aren't all press troublemakers? isn't that part of your job in the press to ask the
3:35 am
questions that no one will ask? >> do you think calling your her comrade instead of congresswoman? pete: part of it we should be able to discuss and debate. they have a certain view: will money should stay in v.a. hospitals. i have a different view. let's have that debate and discussion. instead they said no. jedediah: would have added coverage to it if you had been there that's something like aoc and bernie sanders. when bernie sanders does events. he wants that he invites that he did the town hall. is he not afraid with someone with a differing opinion to ask a challenging question. he feels an opportunity for him to defend himself in a really good way to get his point out there. i don't think she has that level of confidence. she doesn't are like to be challenged. pete: does she have any depth or v.a. or veterans issues? this is her depth. ed: she would have gotten
3:36 am
more attention for the important issue of veterans healthcare if she likes to engage. she likes to engage on twitter where she can control the message much like the president does. the president engages with reports reporters all the time who attack him. he engages and takes questions at pool sprays she should do the same. pete: she is welcome on the show any time. yesterday jed chance she will handle it well and come out looking good. pete: good for her. jedediah: fallen marine corps patrol robert hendriks will be laid to rest next week. long procession carrying his body home yesterday. he will be laid to rest wednesday. he and two other marines killed by roadside bombs in afghanistan earlier this month. debt collectors may soon be able to text and email consumers in an attempt to update their communication system. the consumer financial protection bureau is considering the changes. they say they are long overdue for the update and this will make it easier to
3:37 am
contact millennials. critics worry it will lead to a flurry of text, emails and calls. will sports teams cutting ties with an american icon. ♪ god bless america ♪ land tha that we love. >> the philadelphia fliers become the late toast ban late singer kate smith's rendition of god bless america. comes as long as shoes once sang with language deemed offensive and racist recently surfaced. the fliers also covering a statue of her outside the arena. and 2020 democratic presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand flexing her muscle in iowa. the new york senator arm wrestled a college student and wins before setting a rematch. >> she let her win. [laughter] >> gillibrand lost round 2.
3:38 am
she had to write a $500 check to the young democrats of iowa. ed: she might be able to take pete. jedediah: i give her credit for that i like a good arm wrestle. jedediah: my dad used to practice with me when i was a kid. my dad is pretty strong. ed: adam klotz. pete: i do not know that i would want to arm wrestle adam klotz. adam: do you want to arm wrestle? ed: where are we going to do it? pete: let's do it. this wasn't my idea. ed: later in the show. pete: i will arm wrestle you, ed. adam: winner takes on ed. diving into the forecast. it was a wild weekend with weather over the last couple of days anyway now heading into the weekend. big storms across the southeast running into the atlantic. those are still coming down right now across portions of the mid-atlantic.
3:39 am
this is the cold front. 44 degrees in atlanta. real cold front. any time warm air and cold air meet where you see the possibility of bad weather. mid-atlantic running up into new york, boston, up into portland maine. all areas continual to watch next couple of days. here is the future radar. this is a slow moving line mostly off the coast. if you are a little farther to the north this. is taking you heavy rounds of showers new england. back side of this heavy showers popping up. rain off and on. large area here, particularly when you run up into new england talking about flooding a possibility. all flood watches and warnings stretching all the way from d.c. up to new york. a little farther north, guys. billing storm system up and continue to watch over the next couple of days. will. pete: i do love when you are wrong. you were wrong in my neck of the woods. supposed to be terrible but it was beautiful. adam: it rained, right? jedediah: we got a lot of sunshine before that will.
3:40 am
adam: see if we are wrong about arm wrestling. pete: is president trump's 2020 dream about to come true. >> who do you think your top opponent will be. >> i dream about bide. that's a dream. ed: dream about to go. biden set to internet race on wednesday. his plan? run as obama 3.0. didn't quite work for hillary. will it work for him? we will discuss it next. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate...
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ed: airlines in the u.k. could be adding more to luggage pressure pad to weigh passengers before flights. goal get more accurate aircraft weight to cut down on fuel costs. the company estimates it
3:44 am
would save $975 million worldwide. that's a lot of money and maybe a lot of weight. these guys might have an issue with that policy. look at this, two world strongest man cram into economy plane seats. squeezed side by side flight london to scotland, unsurprisingly, no one was willing to switch seats. maybe pete and i should go on a trip together. pete: ed, we should. let's plan it. jedediah: joe biden expected to formally announce 2020 run this week major advantage crowd of opponents. would be satisfied if he were their candidate. pete: this as the former vice president reportedly hires more than a dozen communication officials campaign staff. could this strategy be biden's beth path to victory here analyst at the independent women's forum patrice. >> a you recall pleasure to be here. running the obama playbook
3:45 am
would only work if you are obama. joe biden is not obama. he is going to have to defend not only his past record but also the fact that the president -- president trump is running on a very strong economic record. why change direction if things are going well. and he can't defend that. pete: part of the appeal. jedediah: fox news poll out in march if the 2020 election was held today back in march. 47 percent said they would vote for joe biden, 40 percent said they would vote for trump. joe biden was actually leading trump there. do you think anything has changed since the mueller report has been released and since it's been found there is no conspiracy or no collusion. do you think so those numbers would still look like that today. >> they may have pumped up more for the president. 13% of americans who really weren't sure what would come out of the investigation and maybe were uncertain. about 86% were very certain whether they believed him or not that, you know, it wouldn't impact their vote. that 13% leads more to the president maybe that will give him a little bit more
3:46 am
of a bump. important for conservatives to be talking about where you are? are you better off economically now is? is your life better off than 2016? that makes a really solid case for continuing the policies of pro-growth, deregulation that have gotten our economy and growth where it is. pete: joe biden has to win a primary before he gets to that election. how does he manage that dance? already a liberal. gone much further left. how does he manage that? >> well, he is actually more of a moderate. i think that's probably a dirty word in democratic politics right now. is he going to not just have to defend the obama policies. he is going to have to go back to his record. creepy uncle joe, issues aside. he voted against bus desegregation back in the 1970s, he was against some abortion rights in the 1980s. he has a criminal justifiable he certainly supported the crime bill. he voted for the iraq war. those are things that i think a lot of leftist and progressives are going to say wait a minute.
3:47 am
i don't know about that. but then you have got that moderate slice, those voters who may have voted for president trump because he was, you know, torpedoing the whole system who may be interested in joe biden this time around. how does he walk that fine line? particularly in the primaries? i don't know how he is going to do it. he will have to come out and seem more leftist. again, his past record doesn't demonstrate that. jedediah: trump is playing it up like he is not worried. yeah, joe biden is great. i secretly think he is a little bit concerned about that. and about the fact that he is probably going to get advice from a lot of people who counseled president obama and that may not work for him as it did for president obama. president obama i think had something very special in terms of charisma and the way he approached a crowd. do you think secretly trump is a little worried about biden? >> there are some reasons to be worried. certainly biden speaks to kind of those working class manufacturing folks. people who felt left out of any sort of economic progress. they voted for trump in 2016. trump may have to really woo those people, keep those
3:48 am
voters on his side compared to biden. biden his charisma, the coalition that put obama is in office is not necessarily behind him. young voters are not enthusiastic about him. people of color are not enthusiastic about him. until he can cement those core democrats it's going to be hard. pete: biden has a bernie problem. is obama 3.0 a winning strategy? >> no. pete: quick answer. thank you. >> thank you for having me u. jedediah: eat clean and get lean. bestselling author of shred and blast the sugar out knows what it takes to get fit. pete: ultimate diet guide to guarantee results. ♪ ♪ - my family and i did a fundraiser walk in honor of my dad,
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ed: warmer weather means hot bodies is it possible to get one a hot body? next guest says he knows the secret we want to talk to him. it's called clean eating dr. ian smith's new book clean and lean. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. ed: new year's resolution starts fading getting into april and start cheating on the diet. >> fading? they are gone. they are way gone. clean and lean two great clean eeghtsd reducing processed ingredients, intimate and fasting. a feeding and fasting window. exinel the two of them one plus one does not equal two it equals three. average weight loss in 30 days up to 15 pounds. we have a facebook book called cleaner get leaner.
3:53 am
you should see the post. one lady in canada lost 11 pounds in 13 days. amazing. combining tease two programs. ed: break them down. will break them down. intermittent fasting. you mention that and we hear about it i know i personally. well bla is that really like? can i do that? >> it's not starvation and everyone is doing it already to some degree. have a feeding window. start eating at 10:00 a.m. in the morning 8:00 p.m. in the morning. 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. fasting window no. snacks. water, herbal tea and coffee with milk. this is why you can't have calories though. during that fasting period your body needs energy and go somewhere to get the energy. goes into fat stores. threes and three meals every day. every day book laid out for you. exchange meals as you want. for example here is scrambled eggs and religion isies, turkey bacon, whole grain toast and fruit.
3:54 am
good all around? >> absolutely. for example we like to have protein. it makes your body digest longer. keeps your blood sugars longer. nice salad with chicken. put fish on it if you don't like to eat meat. tofu for vegetarian. a lot of verng tarren options in the book. what's wrong with a steak? ed: protein again? >> make it a lean steak. instead of white potato we have sweet potato. lower guy see mic index with a sweet potato than when a white potato. ed: portion control. >> 2068 ounces. you will be eating a lot within your feeding window. people complain there is too much food. eat until you are satiated until until yonot until you are. you see these cerealials on the plane. crack lynn oat bran? ed: no i think it sounds healthy because of bran but
3:55 am
a lot of sugar. >> be careful of added sugars. >> yogurt. >> greek yogurt less fat maybe i'm projecting. >> you are doing it right. fruit already on the bottom. buy the regular greek yogurt and add your own fruit. canned vegetables, canned fruit what do you think? ed: too much sodium. go frozen. >> this is okay. in its own juices. as long as it's canned in natural juices or water completely fine. pork chop? yes or no? ed: too much fat. >> protein too much fat. >porkchop fine. antibiotic hormone free. how about a diet soda? ed: no. >> very good. it has artificial sweeteners makes you want sugar. ed: i have lost a few pounds. but then you hit this plateau. what's your advise. >> double burn. work out about 15 minutes in the morning. 15 at night and eat within that fasting window. fasting reduces belly fat. ed: you gave us great tips.
3:56 am
hopes everybody implements it. >> great stuff. military dad thought his wife was surprising him with a gender reveal. he was stunned when he got some double trouble. ♪ >> it's twins. >> it's a joke. pete: meet the family behind that gender reveal going viral here live ♪ was ahead of its time. still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. there's never been a better time to become part of the mercedes-benz family. visit the mercedes-benz spring event before april 30th for exceptional lease and financing offers on the 2019 c 300.
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4:00 am
what's happening? pete: ted is working our camera. have you read more than two words in the mueller report [buzzer] jedediah: cover to cover. pete: you and everybody else. jedediah: every time i would turn the tv on ed's face. pete: there is ed. ed again. jedediah: hey, ed, how are you doing? pete: ed brings you the news. ed: really? jedediah: it was good. pete: you are a hard working. ed: always a good time with you guys. pete: it is. ed: hope you feel the same way. pete: we love you, ed. we are having an arm wrestling. ed: that's not my specialty. pete: this is kirsten gillibrand taking on a staff. she won the first one. and then the volunteer one the second one. and adam klotz gave out
4:01 am
weather and talking a lot of smack. jedediah: you can't hold the table with your other hand that's cheating. ed: a lot of rules around it. pete: adam klotz will game the system for advantage no doubt. ed: struggle in congress really just beginning. the mueller report comes out. some think this is over. that's what rudy giuliani said. it's over, the democrats just don't know it yet. in fact, steny hoyer two days ago the number two democrat in the house said it's not worthwhile to pursue impeachment. so much grief from the left he is tweeting we need to see the full report before we decide what to do. it shows that the resist movement wants impeachment. jedediah: elizabeth warren to ignore a president wants' repeated efforts investigation into his own disclose behavioral would inflict great and lasting damage on this country and would suggest that both the current and future presidents would be knee to
4:02 am
abuse their powers in similar ways. impeachment proceedings against the president of the united states. there is elizabeth warren, you know, not doing so well so far in the campaign. many other democrats ahead of her. she is trying to figure out what can i do? jump on the impeachment parade. will. pete: down in the polls, down in the money. reportedly hired all this staff. more staff than anybody else in the presidential campaign. i don't know what the staff are doing where she thinks he will win. find one stop and hope tom styer don't united states to your campaign he is not running for president, the only one who isn't. it's such a sad, pathetic grudge. jedediah: we redundant with bernie sanders issue. bernie sanders is so much more charismatic and compelling. millennials liked him last time around. she has to compete with that and she doesn't compete with that very well to be perfectly honest.
4:03 am
ed: president is focused on the issues she is going on impeachment. have you learned anything so far from the report that's changed your mind about the trump campaign and/or russia's involvement in the presidential race? this poll says 70% no 15% yes and 15% don't know. reuters online survey. interesting because i frankly don't think after all of this to pete's point? did you read the report not read the report not going to change any minds on the left or right. people have been dug in about the president. pete: 7-0 percent. ed: $30 million in taxpayer money. pete: russians ran twitter and facebook ads and somehow it's a giant conspiracy? it's a giant joke. people know that. we are past the day where the news man reads you the news at night teleprompter 6
4:04 am
to 7 and you believe it because he must be credible because he lives in new york city and fancy tie? >> we are done with that you are lying to us. we don't believe this. bob mueller have taken the -- criticizing mueller for being extremely fair. he was so fair that he wouldn't do what any rational partisan would do when which is bring impeachment charges. people don't buy it. jedediah: people at home are talking about the economy. they are talking about how things that affect their day-to-day. they are talking about money. they are talking about immigration. and issues that affecting their pocketbook. send their kids to summer camp this year. pete: all the basic stuff you are doing. email us. what do you think? i still want to hear from people how many pages they actually got through. how many words or paragraphs before they geese bored. ed: couple days ago joe biden was out there talking to union workers he said i
4:05 am
haven't read it yet. see if he will read it this weekend. is he announce is he running for president next wednesday. interesting he will do it in charlottesville, virginia. where that was that racial strife early in the administration u clearly trying to suggest he is going to be a uniter. trying to politicize what happened there. a new poll says questioning would you be satisfied if this particular candidate wins the democratic primary? joe biden, among democratic primary voters 78% say they would be happy with bernie sanders. 75%. kamala harris 61%. you see on and on. interesting elizabeth warren hasn't gotten traction but 61% among democratic primary voters it goes down from there. mayor pete there at 43%. so it's interesting because what i take from that more than anything, biden and bernie at the top. jedediah: bernie sanders is right on his tail. that tells you what joe biden is going to have to do coming out. he have to cater to hard left base he knows that bernie sanders -- if he goes
4:06 am
moderate right now at this period he will learn all those. pete: he can't do it. the left is infected with the idea that progressivism translates to electability. we talked to a lot of voters. bernie supporters say he is the most electable because they relate to him the most. ed: more socialism before all the others jumped in. jedediah: i think it's true, actually. ed: joe biden wants to find middle lane. maybe be a slightly moderate version of bernie and others on the left. is that going to work in the fire in the democratic party right now is on the left. is on the resist. we had a guest on, a senior policy analyst from the independent women's forum last hour saying will biden is no barack obama. watch. >> he is not obama. he will have to defend not only his past record but also the fact that the president, president trump is running on a very strong economic record. he voted against bus desegregation back in the 1970s. he was against some abortion rice in the 1980s.
4:07 am
criminal justice, he certainly supported the crime bill. he voted for the iraq war. those are things i think a lookout of leftist and photographics are going to say wait a minute. young voters are not enthusiastic about him. people of color are not enthusiastic about him. until can he cement those core demographics it's going to be hard. pete: there is no rational for the biden candidacy other than wanting to beat trump up. or he feels he has to do it. run twice before. didn't win. his son tragically passed. '88 and '08. his son urged him to run. he feels that you understand that for the guy. he is also clear-eyeds i know as people are this democratic party isn't the one he was in before. now clear how he make us it without contorting himself in ways. jedediah: he has electability issue. mitt romney is the most electable candidate. jeb bush is the most electable candidate there is a democrat establishment and republican establishment. and they go based on the
4:08 am
sense of electability that often really out of touch with who is actually electable if you talk to voters around the country. that's what's going on right now on the left. have you jobsd, establishment saying this is the guy you want to win and going around the country actually, no, bernie sanders we have our eye on him. ed: reports that joe biden is hiring staffers from the campaign of barack obama which was successful, obviously and hillary which was not. is it going to be a retread? well, that doesn't sound that appealing but interestingly, it's appealing to jeff flake who was the republican senator attacking president trump all the time all of a sudden he says he might possibly support a 2020 democrat. watch. >> i'm on record of saying that i would support a democrat. i hope the democrats nominate somebody with broad appeal. joe biden comes to mind. that's who strikes fear in the heart of a lot of republicans because he could speak to the rust belt. somebody like amy klobuchar, for example, works very well
4:09 am
across the aisle. cory booker announced initially. he works well with the other side on a number of issues. jedediah: here is the thing though, don't tell me you are a limited government republican and be like well i don't like trump so i'm going to vote for a big government democrat. no, the issues still matter. you don't have to like trump's character. you don't have to want to be best friends with him. if that suddenly makes you want to support policies like medicare for all and the green new deal. or far left policies, then stop lying about. pete: he has the syndrome. eric swalwell is in the race. pete: is he really. ed: $1 could buy you half a bag of chips or save from us a crumbling government. get it? how will you spend yours? so we just. pete: ohio will you solve yours. ed: i like the salt and vinegar lay's chips. i just had the clean eating.
4:10 am
pete: my son boone 60% of his diet are l.a.'s potato chips. jedediah: i have the avocado oil sea salt potato chips. keeping up with the times. pete: half a bag of chips or eric swalwell. ed: actually i would love the salt and vinegar rather than giving $1 to you eric swalwell. push back. pete: what social media director of his thought that was a good idea. half a bag of chips guy. ed: can't give money to either side. pete: i can give money to candidates. ed: i would love. to say. jedediah: would you give the money or would you take the chips? this seems like an easy question. ed: give your money to eric half a bag of chips? jedediah: i think you are going to win. whose chips would win. pete: l.a.'s original potato chips.
4:11 am
ed: salt and vinegar. jedediah: we have headlines for you while pete eats. the california parents beat, starved and shackled 12 of their 13 children sentenced to life in prison. in tears as two of their children address the court. >> it may have taken my whole life from me but now i'm taking my life back. >> sometimes i have nightmares of things that had happened such as my siblings being chained up or getting beat. jedediah: couple will be eligible for parole in 25 years. construction crews have stabilized the notre dame cathedral saying walls no longer. computer glitch might be to blame for the massive fire. the cathedral rector said it could take three months to determine an official cause.
4:12 am
white house getting ready for eastier. melania trump will receive exquisite gift. well played. commemorative egg inscribed with be best. encourage children. the commemorative egg is part of a tradition dating back to 1977. i like that. >> ainsley will be there live. "fox & friends" monday morning. jedediah: pete and i will be here on the couch. pete: we will still eating chips. ed: speaking of chips. failed presidential candidate mitt romney sickened by the president after reading the mueller report. now former utah congressman jason chaffetz says romney has it all wrong. he has a bag of chips. he likes barbecue ♪ walk 500 miles ♪ cooper! did you eat all of your treats? ♪ help! i need somebody
4:13 am
♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
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4:16 am
failed presidential candidate mitt romney tweeting out saying is he sickened by reading the mueller report. jedediah: utah senator i'm sickened by the pervasiveness and dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land. including the president. readings the report is a sobering revelation of how far we have stray interested in the aspirations and prince pells of the founders. ed: that's a lot to unpack. filled in for hannity. >> monday and tuesday filling in for laura ingraham on the ingraham file. ed: you work closely with mitt romney. >> i spent 100 days on the road helping him. i disagree with the senator's assessment here. i wish he would express the same sort of outrage against
4:17 am
the democrats, the national media for dragging us through two years of an actual hoax. there was no collusion. if they had a case on obstruction, they would have brought it. they didn't because it didn't happen. pete: what is he doing? does he want to be beloved by the establishment and media types and d.c. types? what's at play here? >> i don't know. i disagree with the assessment: look at the contrast with barack obama. remember, barack obama, i was 8 years in the oversight committee. two years as chairman. every single time you wanted to get at something and look at something from the irs to how they gave 100 plus million dollars to the iranians, to fast and furious, to benghazi, every time it was just, you know, stop, don't get those documents. we are not going to let you talk to anybody. donald trump did something i have never seen. waived privilege. let everybody go talk to herb. ed: a million pages of documents. >> open and transparent as possible. why can't mitt romney actually celebrate that and pat him on the back and say the reason we know these
4:18 am
real intimate details is because donald trump was open and transparent because he hadn't done anything wrong. and ultimately, did he fire mueller? no. did he obstruct justifiable? no. should he have fired comey? absolutely he should have fired comey. and, when he knew that general flynn had done something wrong and lied. he fired him. barack obama, remember when susan rice went out to the world and told us all a lie benghazi happened because of youtube video? that was a lie. what did barack obama do? he promoted her when donald trump figured out that general flynn lied to the vice president, he fired him. who is the right person in this case? every single time it's donald trump. >> republicans want to investigate the investigators. democrats now pushing for impeachment, pulling out elements of the obstruction mentioned in the mueller report. where does it go from here? >> i think that democrats, they are all about the power grab, right? they are just trying to grab power. anything they can do to take down donald trump. they invested two years. this is what the resistance
4:19 am
movement looks like. when you can't run on policy. when you can't win the debate and the argument then have you got to distract. the only distraction they have are these nuggets that are there that they are going to try to blow up into something else. i think america is tired of it. i think they have figured out the democrats' game on this. and i think ultimately every time they do it, they are actually helping donald trump win in 2020. >> nadler is going to subpoena the full report that will be leaked within what, 10 seconds? >> the attorney general has already told him that nadler can come in and see the full report. and so i don't know why. pete: james, thanks a lot. >> a military dad thought his wife wasurprising whim a gender reveal. but he was stunned when he got double the surprise. >> it's twins. it's a joke. pete: meet the family behind that gender reveal going viral.
4:20 am
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ed: $14.5 million that's how much concern's new airport welcome sign cost. it's already broken. technical difficulties are making part of the led display go dark. the airport now working to fix it next, 21, that's how many people were arrested for a string of rental car thefts. chicago police say the suspect swiped more than 100 mercedes-benz from car to go which has now suspended service in the windy city.
4:24 am
only one suspect facing felony charges. $1 million that's the estimated street value of drugs seized at a california border check point. border patrol agents arresting a mexican man accused of smuggling nearly 50 pounds of fentanyl and meth into america. jed? jedediah: thanks, ed. gender reveal going viral for two times the surprise? >> guess. >> blue card. >> what? >> blue? >> it's twins. it's a joke. >> swear to god twins. [laughter] >> messing with you. >> that military dad doing a serious double take unable to believe that he and his wife are expecting twins. joining us now is staff sergeant nicholas, his wife
4:25 am
and their kids emerson and julian, staff sergeant kerry. thank you so much for being here. let me start with you. you are the star of this video. your wife was holding back the news on you there hello by the way. >> hi. pete: tell them we say hello. good to see you. thanks for being here. staff sergeant, tell us, your genuine reaction in that moment? confusion? >> my genuine reaction at that moment was just utter shock. she had gone to two ultrasound appointments before that. and we were just thinking we were having one baby. so at that moment when i bit into that cupcake and there was pink and blue. i was totally. it did not compute in my brain. jedediah: staff sergeant, i have to tell you i love that i would have fainted. i would have had the exact same reaction coupled that with passing out. carey, i'm curious, what was your reaction to his reaction to that? because had you to find this hilarious? >> oh, priceless.
4:26 am
i'm so grateful that i was able to capture it the shock of my husband and then the joy and excitement of my parents amend the kids. it was priceless. pete: so you have elm more son who is 5 and julie who is 3. they will don't have ear pieces in so they can't hear us. about 5, 3, and 0, and 0. that will be a full household staff sergeant. i know you know how to run a military unit but are you ready for four under your commands. >> oh, boy. yeah. after that day a couple minutes to get used to the idea of it but now, you know, we are coming around to the idea. and we're just looking for cars now. pete: got to upgrade. that's true. jedediah: i hear each of the kids got their wish because emerson and julian, remind me emerson wanted a boy and julian wanted a girl? how did that go, carrie? >> emerson wanted a little sister and emerson a brother. jedediah: that's great everybody wins. pete: i love that i hear
4:27 am
that emerson has already identified the names of these two young ones coming? can you share what her names are? >> yes. emerson do you want to tell everybody what the baby's names are going to be? >> no. yeah. i want to tell them. >> okay. look in the camera and tell them what you want the names to be. >> margaret and brownie. >> and what do you want to names the babies. >> margaret and brownie. >> you want to name them margaret and brownie too. >> it was rain burea rainbow ane this morning is. pete: i support that i wanted to know if you guys will follow through on those names? [laughter] pete: staff sergeant rainbow probably doesn't go over that well at the barracks. jedediah: i snow you guys were reluctant at first to release the video. i have heard from so many people on this that say, you know what? i totally relate to it. i would have had the same reaction, it was such a human priceless reaction. thank you for putting this out there. made some days for so many
4:28 am
people. pete: it really did. >> our pleasure. thank you for having us. pete: serious note staff sergeant and carrie thank you. you just got twice as large as a family. enjoy. jedediah: congratulations to all of you. >> thank you for having us. pete: take care, guys, appreciate it what a good story. jedediah: great story. pete: economy is marking another major milestone as weekless jobless claims hit a 50-year low. jedediah: charles payne says the economy is on fire. is he breaking it down. here he comes. charles is on the way ♪ ♪ i'm winning ♪ i'm winning ♪ i'm winning ♪ i'm winning ♪ ♪ (nature, ambient sounds, birds in flight, running water) (car horn - barely audible) (car horn - increasing in volume and intensity) (car horn - loud) jane, this is jim from onstar. i've contacted help
4:29 am
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ed: the economy marking a big milestone. jobless claims hitting a 50 year low. jedediah: number of people filing for new unemployment benefits fell to 12,000 marking the lowest level since september 196. pete: our next guest says the economic records don't stop there. charles payne fox business network joins us now. >> i'm telling you it's the most undertold story in the country and best story in the country. this is an example of everyone benefiting. 192,000. september 6th to be more
4:33 am
precise 1969 what was the top song at that time? pete: beatles? >> honky tonk woman. ed: so he what is behind this. >> the economy. one thing about the economy and it's interesting is that it feeds on itself at a certain point when it's great it gets greater and will important to have flexion point. our flexion point was the removal of a lot of regulations in this country which by the way helped small businesses more than large businesses. a large business has a lot of lawyers and accountants. it's a small business or the would be entrepreneur who maybe 5s $15,000 to open up a cbd. i can't spend $2,000 on a permit. you remove that you lower taxes and then you unleash particularly from the larger
4:34 am
business unleash spending, hoarding a lot of money because taxes were going up. perfect sort of brew biggest spike in retail sales in 1.5 years. all time high. you see it on all fronts. buy a home, spend more money. 401(k). >> house thing is the most important right now in the sense that if you saw any fragility in our economy over the last year it was in housing a lot of factors not a lot of starter homes. interest rates going up at one point and some sort of anxiety out there. yeah, this is the highest amount of purchase applications in 9 years. what was interesting in the last week is mortgages actually went up still have powerful force out there. household formation ultimate thing for long time growth. if people form households.
4:35 am
you have to buy things. had a couple on. two more kids coming. in do you know how much money they will add to the economy. get the economy moving like that that's organic growth. retail sales important. retail sales in. i say media this close to talking america into a recession the media now we have come out of that. consumers sole important. wages going up and spending that money. two thirds of the economy. it's fantastic. jedediah: thank you, charles. ed: stick around for arm wrestling. >> put my referee hat on. i need a whistle though. pete: i have a bad arm. jedediah: here we go. ♪ jedediah: headlines for you guys, overnight explosion at electric facility injured 8 firefighters one of them critically in arizona. officials say they were investigating a battery fire when the blast happened knocking off their helmets and face masks, three
4:36 am
firefighters were flown to a burn center. authorities say none of their injuries are life threatening. four other firefighters were taken to hospital for. kim foxx is staying quiet about the now dropped jussie smollett case. foxx says she will not comment on the alleged hoax until the county's inspector inr general reviews how the case was handled. it's unclear if she was fired or resigned. it comes as two other staffers announced plans to resign in may. another spokesperson says their leaving is not tied to the smollett case. next week a group of global experts will start reviewing how the faa approved boeing 737 max jet flights control systems. they will look at the plane's automated system and how it interacts with pilots. the review is expected to take 90 days. boeing has been working on a software fix following two deadly crashes that have grounded the fleet. and another state is preparing to do away with columbus day. vermont governor phil scott
4:37 am
saying he will likely sign a bill to abolish the holiday replacing it with indigenous peoples day. a handful of states have already made the change. opponents of the holiday say christopher columbus represent as violent part of american history. pete is triggered and those are your headlines. ed: he has been writing checks he might not be able to cash. pete: i'm getting ready. ed: adam, are you ready? adam: he is saying is he nervous, i'm nervous, too. big sworms swept across the country. behind me these are all the storm reports over the last 24 hours. this is a huge area across the southeast running the mid-atlantic. every one of those red icons that is a tornado warn storm. we continue to see that cold front stretching along the coast. 44 degrees back in atlanta. that cold front is where we are going to continue to see big storms popping up. here is what we are currently looking at. heaviest rain moving off the coast. very heavy rain in new york. we will start to see major flooding across new england.
4:38 am
even though maybe some of those biggest storms as far as severe weather moves out, we are still talking about a possibility of a huge area where flood warnings are in place. still a lot of big rain on the way. now i'm wrapping weather and tossing it over to you guys. ed: bring in charles payne from the great state of minnesota pete. pete: hold on, kristin gillibrand arm wrestled one of her staffers on the campaign trail. she won once and lost. charles payne is going to be our rep. there is right there. if she can do it. then we can try it out as well. and we brought in charles payne specifically for this. we did a segment. that segment as a cover for you. neither you or i want to arm wrestle him. ed: let me hold your jacket. any rules? >> over the top. a lot of side wagers going
4:39 am
on. where do the hands go? left arm. ready? 1, 2, 3, go. ♪ [cheers] >> that was over. if there. pete: i feel like bernie sanders in 2016. the whole thing was rigged. ed: oh my goodness. [laughter]
4:40 am
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pete: after that i can't believe you are making me read headlines here i want to boycott the rest of the show. loferl's daughter seen partying it up at $3 million mansion. olivia james spotted at hanging out youtube star hollywood home while her mom looking a. at possible 40 years behind bars. local lynn is accused of paying to get her daughter into the university of southern calvary. mississippi raising the bar on reading. third graders are preparing for higher standards this year that requires them to pass a test in order to move into fourth grade. makes sense to me. education officials have checked 20% of students will fail the test. ed, i would like you to take that test. ed: interest in the 2020 presidential race already at
4:44 am
election day levels. that, according to a fox news poll. jedediah: 52% saying they are extremely interested in the race. why voters still so invested this far out from election day? ed: here with his take is joe concha media reporter for the hill and radio host new york city wor good morning, joe. >> good morning, guys. ed: what do you think is driving this? >> i think that a lot of candidates already had town halls, right, for a full hour of prime time. already treating this as if we are in, say, april of 2016, instead of april of 2015 where we are something like 560 days away from the election. but, you know, i keep hearing that well, maybe this is a two-man race between biden and bernie. and if you look back at the way biden has performed as a candidate. very underwhelming call him jeb bush. run for president three times. i think he may be too old, too white, too establishment at this point. remember, if you are looking at hot frontrunners are now. remember when the 2008
4:45 am
election ed and jedediah was supposed to be rudy giuliani. 2016 jeb bush slam dunk your nominee well before donald trump had announced. remember in june of 2015 when he jumped in let's not look at polls too much now. biden and bernie way ahead of everybody else. that's who your two frontrunners are. >> biden is the frontrunner for the democratic establishment. and bernie frontrunner for the voting base what about buttigieg? there has been a lot of talk about him. do you think someone like him could challenge the name recognition of a bernie sanders and a joe biden? we have a lot of time here to go. >> sure, jend. he fits what the democratic party is right now. in terms of he is seen as an outsider because he is just a mayor of a small town in indiana and boy does he check off a lot of boxes. harvard graduate. road scholar. afghan war vet. openly gay. fluid in french. classic pianist. mayor of a small town as i mentioned and gaffe prone.
4:46 am
he does he have well in interviews and town halls. let's face it guys, this comes down to being a personality contest more than anything. think who has won. i get that donald trump had a clearer message than hillary clinton. it helped that he was on tv and performed great at those rallies. barack obama same thing in the senate for five minutes and then he becomes the nominee. george w. bush very likeable. bill clinton charismatic. ronald reagan an actor. go down the list. and you need that personality aspect. i'm not saying it's everything. but, boy, is it important. ed: i want to ask about another outsider. if you look in deep fox hole democratic voters would you be satisfied if this person gets the nomination. 78% say biden. and 75% sanders. kamala harris 61%. elizabeth warren, some of the women there. interesting we mentioned pete buttigieg already. beto o'rourke in the middle. is he not out but he is not up. the media hype, joe, early
4:47 am
on was boy, beto is the next obama. it hasn't quite worked out that way. >> no. it hasn't. i think tucker carlson had a great comparison this week that basically the media loved beto o'rourke and cheated on o'rourke with buttigieg because buttigieg let's face it if you watch them in introduce. watch them at rallies like you see beto there right now. it was underwhelming. he just seems very unsure of himself. i don't think he is ready for a prime time stage. buttigieg despite being half the age of biden 37 compared to 76 compares well. in terms of who the younger fresher candidate. no one saw buttigieg coming especially o'rourke. he is su sur planting o'rourke buttigieg is. jedediah: i think sanders over biden. >> i would agree with sanders only because he is the better candidate and has the more definitive message. joe biden hasn't announced yet and been on apology tour last month. reason why they call him jeb
4:48 am
biden isn't as good as a candidate. bernie sanders provides the biggest contrast i think donald trump would love to run against bernie sanders in the end because it comes down to two things, guys, do you love capitalism or do you love socialism. i got to think the american people believe the independents are going to side with capitalism. ed: put the president in a strong decision. we shall see. joe concha, thanks for coming. >> in happy easter. ed: you heard the biblical story of noah's ark told over and over again. jedediah: todd piro giving us inside look at incredible life sized noah's ark coming up next. ♪ ♪ termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
4:49 am
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pete: welcome back. just in time for easter weekend. "fox & friends" got an inside look at the incredible true-to-form life-sized noah's arc. ed: if you had a chance who would you send to noah's ark here to tell us about the ark encounter "fox & friends" correspondent todd piro. todd: we know the story. of course books and movies have told the tale time and time again. now they have brought it to life right in the heart of america. i got to take the closer look so check it out. ♪ ♪ todd: i'm here with the man in the know here at the ark body. we are south of cincinnati in williams town, kentucky with a full-sized noah's ark. todd: can we go check it out? >> let's do it. todd: so this is the inside
4:53 am
of the ark. >> it is. 132 bays of teaching at the ark encourt. if you look at the dimensions in scripture. translate that into english measurements 510 feet by 85 by 51 feet. ed toed this to this is really is life size of the ark it? >> is see all three decks that are here. it's a fascinating structure. todd: i know there is a whole big book about it it's called the bible. disticketsly as can you, what is the story of the ark? >> the ark goes back to the time of noah's day. the bible says judge the world. build an ark to save his family and land breathing representatives of each of the animals. so in addition to the represent politic ca canreplical animals. >> we have zoo outside and inside n. here we have touch them and pet them. todd: kids love. this kids love this stuff. this is a great family
4:54 am
attraction. ♪ todd: why are we taking the kids to the ark. >> amazing to show the kids. >> come here and experience it brings it more to life. >> i thought it was going to be normal boring museum thing, not only did it give you the biblical side but gave you a lot of scientific facts to go with it. todd: when you look at the numbers, interesting organized religion in the united states is down. yet, you guys are seeing so much success. how do you reconcile those two. >> the ark encounter in particular doesn't just reach out to certain christians. people muslims, jews, even nonbelievers here in droves they want to know could the ark have actually happened. could you really fit all those animals on the ark. whether their religion is hinduism or judaism or christianity, so this place has really attracted a lot of people. ♪ todd: this right here is one awesome door.
4:55 am
what is its significance? >> only one darke to the ark. you had to go through that obrador to be saved. salvation from the flood through salvation of eternity through the salvation of jesus christ. todd: what do you want to be main take away. >> i want them to realize the bible is true when it comes to noah's ark and the flood this really could have occurred. because that history in the bible is true. the message of the gospel. the message of jesus christ is also true. jedediah: wow, todd. todd: football field and and a half it is big. we were talking about it while we there were when we went through education we learned at 3:00 monday afternoon. your brain is focused. a way for kids to really get a sense as to history. they get to touch it and feel it and get to see it they get to hear it i think that really helps people.
4:56 am
ed: looks like they cut out a lot of your jokes. todd: there was a lot of camel stuff. we will air that on fox nation says no one. there is more of me on a camel. pete: bible come to life and people learn from that. todd: it was amazing. jedediah: of course i look at the animals. that's the first thing that pops out at me. being there in person. ed: the snakes she backs up. jedediah: except that what's the one thing? todd: that door is huge. that's one big door. also, again, just the massiveness. it was great. ed: bring the kids. not far from cincinnati. pete: have to manage a male and female every species on one boat. makes our job look really easy. thank you so much. will will. pete: some students at indiana christian university upset because vice president mike pence was invited to give a commencement speech. ed: imagine that marc short joins us on that and a whole lot more just ahead.
4:57 am
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♪ pete: 8:00 on saturday morning. sleep, in got to get up early tomorrow. easter tomorrow. get dressed up. don't get dressed. maybe put on a robe if you want. it is nasty weather. jedediah: what happened with that arm wrestling? pete: called absolute victory. ed: charles payne was the referee. all of a sudden adam making a come back. look at that.
5:01 am
pete: i saw a third hand i spy a third hand. jedediah: do you have gypped? pete: i feel like bernie sanders in the 2016 election. i was about to win it and they rigged it at the last minute. ed: might feel like president trump after the 2016 election. he won and then he felt turns on him. investigation opened. witch-hunt. pete: not your best analogy. [laughter] can i see where you are going with it. the president up early and tweeting this morning. this is what he had to say. the president tweeted despite the fact that the mueller report should not have been authorized in the first place, and was written as nastily as possible by 13 or 18 angry democrats who were true trump haters, including highly conflicted bob mueller himself, the end result is no collusion, no
5:02 am
obstruction. jedediah: we got a headline in the "wall street journal." mueller report dismisses many steele dossier claims. as a reminder the official who signed off on the fisa warrant application to sign on carter page who was a trump campaign manager. let's remember james comey, sally yates, rod rosenstein, andy mccabe. ed: others involved like john brennan the cia director under president obama. james clapper the director of barack obama. maybe mueller didn't find active collusion. maybe there is passive collusion. you see them why are they spinning? because they are worried that the next phase as we look forward is not, you know, what's been happening over the last two years. but where did this all start? and the investigation begins on that now. in fact, corey lewandowski was on with me last night. i was filling in for martha on the story. he said now that the mueller report is in. now that the white house is trying to turn the page. the focus will be on investigating the investigators. >> justice should be blind it shouldn't be deaf, blind
5:03 am
and stupid. justice people who perpetrated these crimes and time to be on the offense against the greatest crimes against america that we have ever seen. this makes watergate looks like baby talk, ed. this was trying to unelect a duly elected president. comey, clapper, mccabe, brennan all the household names we now know, strzok, page, james baker they need to be held accountable. pete: you mentioned that fisa warrant application on carter page. remember they released it? all black because basically the whole thing was redacted. i didn't read any of the mueller report. two paragraphs in i quit. i scanned it because it was so boring. i scanned it and there was some redactions because they said they would be. they were as transparent as they could be with most of it because there is nothing to find there. i think comparison to go back and understand why these redactions. why did it start? who was involved in what were their motivations? was it legitimate? these are honest, ernest questions that journalists should be paying attention to if they're trying to get the facts.
5:04 am
ed: surveil trump advisor remember that are carter page who at the end of all of this in the mueller report didn't do anything wrong. carter page was surveilled a long time. months and months. never indicted him and never did anything criminal. why in the world were they following around listening in on his calls or whatever they were doing in terms of surveillance. i think the bottom line is when we got a look at some of those fisa warrant you are right, largely redacted. new pressure in this new investigation moving forward to find out what other information was blacked out of those fisa warrants that people like james comey don't want you to see. jedediah: republicans are going to be focused on what the was the justification. what will democrats be focused on. talking about collusion for it seems some time of -- now it's shifting to obstruction. talking about impeachment. take a listen. i think they might still be stuck on the collusion still. >> you accept the specific collusion that there was no criminal conspiracy in. >> i accept that conclusion for now. but i think there is a need for continuing
5:05 am
investigation. there are clearly offenses. >> impeachable offenses? >> there may be impeachable offenses. there be centrallable offenses. >> do you accept the special counsel's conclusion on that point? >> to a degree. but, again, we need more information. >> i believe impeachable offenses have been committed. and i believe it's worthwhile to put in history's file what is this man has done and impeach him. i don't think it's going to happen politically. the base wants impeachment. they want impeachment badly. ed: the most honest threatening he said there the base wants him out. they have from the beginning. the base the resist movement. >> does he accept the conclusion he never fought in vietnam as well. does anyone really brought that one out? these are clowns. they are clowns. and people see through their ruiz of reis i tans to this president. they are going to fight for this report unredacted. they are not going to care
5:06 am
about redaction. they are going to find in the media and leak it to them because they want to continue. they don't want to hope that our president elected worked with russians. they are hoping for that they should be cheering. they want it without that. which of course we knew from the beginning. >> that's actually very sad when you think about it, too. everyone should be celebrating saying great, the president there was no conspiracy with the russians, great, okay, next, move on, no obstruction charge made here, okay, great. move on next and talk about the i. they are so determined to get him out. and they really some democrats believed that mueller would find something that could pull a collusion charge he didn't. so now they are pulling to object destruction. now they are pulling for impeachment. seems like there is never going to be enough information that comes out proves this stuff that satisfactories them. this ship has sailed, move on. ed: media stirring this up. president tweeted the fake news media doing everything to stir up and anger the
5:07 am
pols as and as many people as possible seldom mention the fact that mueller report had at its principle conclusion the fact that there was no collusion with russia. the russia hoax is dead: you see the report, you will see there was no collusion. the president came out and said he was exonerated. now the report is out. if he is exonerated why is he still fighting that battle? pete: he has been the only one able to fight that battle from the beginning. if he had not set the tone of what he was up against, then we would only be listening to the yahoos over at msnbc msnbc and cnn ramming narratives down our throat. that's why they hate him. he has a twitter account with 50 million followers and they don't. he gets more viewers on twitter stream than they do on their cable channel prime time. it's like a newspaper that i prints himself every single day. it overwhelms whatever they are trying to spin. jedediah: i know everyone here and everyone at home has been waiting with baited breath to see what mitt
5:08 am
romney would say. good news has arrived. mitt romney has said: will will will will will you ed: that's interesting.why is mo do this become the new michael avenatti rit of the senate of the past praise the president on some things, go after him on other matters because he has praised him as a senator in recent months on other issues. taxes, the economy and other matters. supremsupported his presidential campaign back on last hour and says he doesn't know what romney is doing. said look, it was the president who was
5:09 am
transparent and actually turned over a lot of documents. watch. >> donald trump did something i have never seen. waived privilege. let everybody go talk to everybody. the guy is as open and transparent as possible. why can't mitt romney actually celebrate that and pat him on the back and say the reason we know these real intimate details is because donald trump was open and transparent. because he hadn't done anything wrong. and ultimately, did he fire mueller? no. did obstruct justice? no. pete: you can't obstruct something that didn't happen. mitt romney said reading the report is a sobering revelation. mitt, we know you are sober, we got that i think he is there to continue the resistance from the never trump republicans who hate the fact that he upended the system. really small lane with no constituency right now. so i don't know what he thinks. jedediah: he wants the adoration from the left. because he never gets the adoration of the right. he was the author of romney care. he didn't have any guts when he ran for president. it was a terrible, terrible
5:10 am
campaign. he had never been a solid conservative a conservative have been very weary of him for a long time. he want to now be the guy that people on the left and the media say this is the republican we like. ed: john kasich, jeff flake. jedediah: compete with each other. ed: he was the media didn't like him. pete: did you like him, ed? ed: i covered him. pete: find out in the break and let you know. ed: what do you think? jedediah: we have headlines. killing at least five people in the last three days. one of those killed an 8-year-old girl. when a tree fell on to her florida home. mississippi under a state of emergency after tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses. travelers this holiday weekend feeling the impact with more than 2500 flights cancelled yesterday. an officer and four others are hurt in a hit and run in new york. police say the officer was investigating a stabbing at
5:11 am
a bar when a minivan plowed into a woman and hit the officer and three other people. their injuries not life-threatening. the stabbing vic is in critical condition and it's unclear what started the fight inside the bar. the current flu season in the u.s. is now the longest in a decade. the centers for disease control releasing new numbers on the five month long outbreak. health officials say there was a second wave with a nastier strain showing up in february. the cdc estimates 35,000 and 55,000 flu-related deaths this year. and debt collectors may soon be able to text and email consumers in an attempt to update their communications system. the consumer financial protection bureau is considering the changes. they say they are long overdue for the update and this will make it easier to contact millennials. probably true: afraid will lead to a flurry of text, emails and calls. pete: thanks pok pocahontas. that was her baby.
5:12 am
jedediah: texttexts with debt, brutal. ed: mueller report is out and now we can move on, right? that's exactly what the trump administration wants to do. jedediah: marc short tells us how coming up next. ♪ ♪
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
♪ ♪ >> no collusion. no obstruction. this hoax should never happen to another president
5:16 am
again. jedediah: president feeling vindicated after the mueller report finds no evidence of collusion. pete: how does the administration plan to move forward and focus on their 2020 agenda. ed: joining us now is the chief of staff of vice president mike pence marc short former white house aide. >> thanks for having me on. ed: you have the president saying investigate the investigators. that's going to take some time. tweeting a moment ago about the strong economy. how does the trump administration plan to deal with possible impeachment on one hand from democrats who maybe still want to resist? how do you plan to move forward with your agenda? >> well, ed, i think the american people are ready to move on, too. after multiple years of investigations and hundreds of subpoenas and literally millions of pages of documents handed over. i think speaker pelosi will have a problem containing people inside her conference and they will look to harass this president. there is lot we can still do for the american people. the vice president was at the border just a week ago and seeing the heart wrenching humanitarian crisis that's there. and seeing walking through
5:17 am
some of the temporary detention centers and seeing the fact that customs and border patrol are talking to us about young children paired up and recycled back. the families are paid hundreds of dollars to basically use that child to bring them across the border. 30% of the women are sexually abused in that pathway. we are asking for congress' help to help us control the problem at the border not only a humanitarian crisis, do i u. guys but that same day we were there they told us they apprehended two iranian nationals in that yuma sector the week before trying to evade customs and border patrol. it's also a national security crisis. pete: marc one more question about the white house. you are there every day. the mood inside the white house now that this report is out? >> well, pete, as someone who is on the campaign, i guess i wasn't too surprised because i always knew there was no russia collusion. i guess there is a sense of relief that this is over but there is also -- there is also -- we have so much more
5:18 am
to do for the american people. in your last hour, you were talking about the record economy and the fact that there has been over 5 million jobs created since donald trump was elected president. 500,000 manufacturing jobs alone. lowest unemployment ever for african-americans. most unemployment ever for hispanic americans. we have a trade deal that we're submitting to congress that we think can actually help continue to improve the economy. it's a better negotiated deal with canada and mexico. we are calling on congress to act on that. there is so lot that we can still do to benefit the american people. again, we hope that democrats will work with us. and actually doing things that benefit our economy and the american people. but they still seem stuck and wanting to do more harassment. jedediah: i got to ask but vice president mike pence and commencement controversy at taylor university. you have students outraged that the vice president would be coming to speak. saying they are triggered. they are shaking. they feel attacked. what do you make of all this? last i checked a university is supposed to be a place you go or a college to find diversity of thought. what's going on here?
5:19 am
>> yeah. it's a great question. jed. i think the vice president is very encouraged by the invitation. speaking at multiple commencements. excited to share with young students the pathway they have graduation. future in robust economy. you are right. unfortunately on many campuses today there is no longer freedom of thought or freedom of expression or even celebrate the diversity of ideas. one side of the debate continues to be shut down. that's unfortunate. you will actually hear the vice president talk into that controversy when he speaks at commencement. ed: speaking of universities my recollection is that you went to uva. congratulations on that. we haven't had a chance to do that. >> it was pretty exciting pathway and great victory for the team and coach bennett is somebody who is certainly -- is he someone who is a mentor for so many people. ed: marc short, thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. pete: thousands of people expected to mark today's date 4/20. ed: what's that.
5:20 am
pete: by smoking pot. marc short not one of them. jedediah: this as support for smoking marijuana reach as new high. our panel is weighing in next. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting. i got clear skin with cosentyx. 3 years and counting. clear skin can last. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you. cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx.
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before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me now. i'm still clear. how sexy are these elbows? get clear skin that can last. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx.
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>> welcome back, two quick headlines for you. rolling stones front man mic jagger spotted in public since his heart surgery. this picture was taken last week after he left the hospital. he was seen in new york city watching his girlfriend's ballet performance. good for him. good for him. touching 41st birthday surprise for famed designer
5:24 am
joanna gaines. surprises her with breakfast in bed. posting a photo of youngest of five kids on instagram yesterday she writes sweet kids surprised me this morning with all my favorites, flesh flowers, hot donuts, breakfast tacos and a pretty color pallet. chip gaines making all men look bad. now to you guys. jedediah: today is 4/20. a day thousands will use to celebrate marijuana. a drug that remains illegal federally. but support for legalization hits a new high with 65% of americans saying it should be legal in a new cbs news poll. bring in our panel to discuss joining us now is dr. jennette family and emergency medicine. nuke with smart approaches to marijuana and steve fox president of strategies a natural cannabis policy consulting firm. welcome all of you. this is obviously a hot topic right now. especially as we near election. doctor, i want to start with you what are system of your
5:25 am
concerns about leelingsz. some say it's a gateway drug what do you think. >> it can be considered a gateway drug to other drugs such as cocaine and heroin. some studies that show that possibly those who use marijuana may end up using or abusing prescription drug opioids. so that is a concern and also. you know, if you are mixing marijuana with other medications, that can impair your judgment. that can cause, you know, decrease in reflexes and reaction. some people get behind the wheel. so that is of great concern. but there are also some significant medicinal and therapeutic benefits of marijuana. i have seen it do wonderful things to treat intractable seizures and nausea and vomiting in cancer patients and strong anti-inflammatory. we have to look at the pros and cons of this drug. jedediah: what about that? what about the medicinal benefits and about people who say they don't experience pain relief with traditional medicine in the same way they have with marijuana use many support holistic and argue that's not a traditional path of
5:26 am
medicine what do you say to people who would support path of legalization. >> i'm all for if the science is out there and goes through a rigorous clinical trial and research, absolutely, i want folks to have those medications. that's why the fda has approved a number of marijuana based medications already. what we are talking about with medical marijuana is we have ultrea and philip morris purdue pharma representatives running pot companies and selling extremely hypo tent marijuana gummy bears, candies and ice creams even curb coal also a i'm from colorado those are the products on the market medical marijuana. certainly support good medicine. when i have big executives selling me gummy bears i don't think that's good medicine. look for the support for legalization really it's about how you ask the question. a lot of these polls say yes or no. people either want medical or maybe see folks not go to jail. it's not that they want this massive commercial market being run by big tobacco companies and big pharma companies which is what we have got in legalized states
5:27 am
now. when you have a question in a different way. we did a national poll three weeks ago found that only 68% of americans want other options, other than full legalization of marijuana. and it's because, you know, cookie monster being used to advertise products in colorado right now. nobody wants that. nobody wants a pot shop in their neighborhood. people have complex views on this and we have to break that issue out. not just full legalization. jedediah: steve, what about the role of the fbi if this does become legalized. that would have to be amped up and changed. true marketing to kids would be the chief concern. how would they tackle something like that? >> yeah. well, first of all, let me address what luke was saying because there were a number of inaccuracies, purdue form suit call and ultrea and others are not selling anything in the united states right now. we need a little correction now. in terms of moving forward, yeah, there will be fda involvement when cannabis is legal. there will be marketing restrictions as we have in colorado. and elsewhere.
5:28 am
there is no cookie monster in colorado. >> i'm sorry to say this i live in colorado and cookie monster was just used two months ago at a pot shop. my daughter 2 years old i fsz walking down the street a cannabis lobbyists telling us everybody everything is going to work out great. look how it's going in states that legalize marijuana. we have 151% increase in drunk driving fatalities in colorado since legalization. he doesn't want to talk about that. we have ultrea making 4 billion-dollar investment in the marijuana industry. he doesn't want to talk about that. jedediah: steve, quick response to that. >> yeah. sure. filibuster. yeah, i mean, there are all kinds of benefits. the reason it's increasing in popularity is because regulating cannabis works. it's taking it out of the criminal market. it's putting it in regulated stores. it's generating tax revenue for education, drug treatment and other purposes. jedediah: there has been actually increase in crime and increase in violence and increase in motor vehicle accidents. we really have to take a look at this very closely especially if it gets in the
5:29 am
hands of children. jedediah: doctor, very, very quickly. what about those who say this could be a solution to the opioid crisis? you have about 10 section on that. >> actually, you know, we have to look at it as each individual, there is not a one size fits all. we need personalized individualized plan of care for each patient. it's not just a choice between opioids and marijuana. there are so many other options such as injections, and nsaids. ibuprofen, surgery. it's important to talk to your doctor to see what's the best plan of care for you. jedediah: obviously we can't solve this problem today but appreciate your perspectives on this complex issue. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. jedediah: monster energy super cross making a stop on world championship series tour right here on "fox & friends." and we are taking you along for the ride. a virtual legislative that off road motorcycle racing, that is coming up next. ♪ save on the gear you need at bass pro shops and cabela's
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pete: well, add this to the growing list of things that millennials killed driving and getting your license and getting a car is now a thing of the past. ed: keys and paper towels. jedediah: "wall street
5:34 am
journal" headline driving, the kids are so over it. this makes me so sad. i took my driving test in a snow storm and it was the thing to do. when you were able to get your license, you were excited and a sign of adulthood. maybe that's the problem they don't want to become adult. ed: now first car uber or lyft. ride sharing is so big. you don't dream of that first car. pete: it's true. i remember my 16th birthday i took my driver's test on my birthday and drove to my birthday party. if i failed the test i would have been a big loser instead i passed by 1 point and it was my parent's pontiac grand am which no longer exists. came with a sense of independence. can i go wherever i want. ed: if you have a picture with you and your first car when you couldn't wait to get into it send it to us. pete: what was your first car. >> chevy impala. jedediah: i is a nissan
5:35 am
ultima that someone stole and i was traumatized. still feeling the pain. pete: i drove my pontiac grand-am into the ground. i destroyed the engine. ed: pontiac gone. pete: kids, get your license, it's liberating. ed: crazy, virtual reality you feel like you are on a track. jedediah: turning to some headlines for you. first though secretary of state mike pompeo refusing to step down as north korea demands he be replaced as the united states top negotiator. >> we will continue to negotiate. still in charge of the team. president trump is obviously in charge of the overall effort but it will be my time special representative bingham will continue to lead the efforts to achieve whichever kim committed to do back in june of last year which was to denuclearization. jedediah: north korea is blaming pompeo for a deal not being made at the vietnam summit earlier this year.
5:36 am
a florida man is arrested, accused of threatening members of congress. he sent voice mails full of explicatives and racial slurs to cory booker, congressman eric swalwell and tlaib. the man made harassing calls to nancy pelosi's office in the past. he faces up to five years in prison. and it looks like someone needs a spelling lesson. contractors in florida ironically misspelled the word school on a crosswalk mixing up h and o. the city quickly correcting the mistake but it quickly went viral. get your hiking shoes ready today only get into any u.s. national park for free it marks the start of national park week encourages exploration of national treasurers. national park week ends next sunday. and those are your headlines. ed: lots of energy. ama super cross making a stop "fox & friends" middle
5:37 am
of the world championship series tour. pete: ed and i are about to get a virtual lesson of off-road motorcycle racing right here in studio. ed: joining us now is sean brennan. >> this stuff looks really really cool to me. explain how it works. >> this is amazing. one it's designed to get anybody on a motorcycle if they are not able. to say here we in the middle of new york city. so, this is designed so you guys can really experience what our racers go through when they're racing super cross. also just to show the normal fan and normal person and what it's like to be on two wheels. jedediah: explain to me what these two guys are about to experience. >> my goodness, like they are in their own video game. jedediah: oh. >> they are actually going to be racing our monster energy cup track which is our all-star event in las vegas in october. they are going to be racing with our elite athletes. jason anderson and ryan. and they are going to really feel like what it is like to actually race.
5:38 am
>> are you at the starting gate, ed? pete: why is ed getting a head start, always. jedediah: see on the monitor is, that them over there? >> that is what they are seeing in their goggles. they are seeing. >> it's pretty intense. ed: sweeping turns. jedediah: we are seeing. when does ed fall off his bike? squeeze with your legs, ♪ oh, it doesn't really feel like you are on the bike? >> their heart straight spiking right now. so, jedediah, these are 240-pound motorcycles so what you are seeing. >> passed ed. physically feeling with their bodies still manipulating a 240-pound motorcycle. jedediah: give us an idea of how popular this is around the country and prevalent. >> this is our 45th year of
5:39 am
super cross. it was invented in southern california. we have 50,000 plus fans at metlife stadium next saturday. super excited to be back here. this will be our tenth super cross in the new york area. we are really excited to be back. yeah, we average 50,000 in attendance and our fan fest where this is where our fans will be able to come and experience this on their own. we'll have 20,000 people out there. pete: i'm tired. jedediah: what's that like? ed: when you are doing the hills your stomach is like up and down. and i'm sweating. jedediah: is he sweating. i can be a witness to that. ed: you feel your heart rate it's amazing. pete: unreal. jedediah: you were in the moment. ed: these guys that do this are athletes. i'm telling you i'm tired from this. i can't imagine and the crowd and -- wow. jedediah: do you have any motorcycle guys or girls that ride real motorcycles
5:40 am
and this is so cool. >> almost like our hero where you have a real guitar player adapts to the game. same way. we have had jeremy mcgraph the king of super cross on this and he is like i don't like. it's too different. jedediah: thank you. ed: jed is going to give a try later in the show a little costume change. jedediah: democrats more divided than ever following the release of the mueller report. >> we are not farther away from impeachment. i think it would be perfectly reasonable for congress to open up those proceedings. jedediah: but party leadership seems a little more hesitant. which way will the party go? ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't.
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♪ god bless america ♪ land that we love ♪ jedediah: the philadelphia fliers become the late toast ban late singer kate smith's rendition of god bless america. it comes as the song she once sang with language deemed racist surfaced. covering a statue of her outside the arena. a $1,000 settlement to a former employee who sued over a blue lives matter. the flag shows support for law enforcement. the woman who is fraternal claimed that the flag demeans the black lives matter movement. ed: mueller report finds no collusion for the trump campaign and russia. some increasing their calls to impeach the president. >> i think it would be perfectly reasonable for
5:45 am
congress to open up those proceedings. clear that bob mueller and his report left that in the hands of congress. >> that's a conversation we need to have now. we're not farther away from exeevment. impeachment. figure out how to hold this president accountable. pete: some in the party leadership seem hesitant to head down that road. nancy pelosi holds a call with house democrats on monday. joining us is jason nicoles. thank you for being here. setting aside your dislike of the president, what is the best -- try to set that aside, what's the best approach for your party and the country? >> well, again, i think that it's okay after you read the mueller report, again, we need to look at impeachment as a process and not outcome. what mueller did was basically punt to congress. and congress has an opportunity to open proceedings to see whether this is something that needs to be done.
5:46 am
and the other thing that weave twehave to understand abot impeachment it's not based on a crime. it goes through a political process. again, i don't think that -- i think it's reasonable to do so but at the same time, we also have to think about as a party about the political costs and we know that there will be political backlash if impeachment proceedings go forward. ed: you say not based on a crime but high crimes and misdemeanors. obviously the congress would have to come up with how they define. that is what described in this report really high crimes when they did not find or did not charge the president with obstruction or collusion conspiracy? >> again, i'm not so sure that mueller's report was supposed to charge the president. it was supposed to investigate what was going on and i actually believe that they found several cases of obstruction and certainly did not exonerate him of that. i think that what mueller
5:47 am
said was. pete: there is a presumption of innocence in this country, right? >> right. pete: you don't try to prove you are not guilty. he was, mueller, trying to find whether or not there were going to be criminal charges. >> and he didn't exonerate him. pete: as close as can you come. >> it wasn't his job to charge him. he basically said this is congress' job to go forward and congress has an opportunity to do so. so i think that that's what we are looking at. i do think that this will have a political cost. and i 100 percent agree with you. again, we have to understand that public opinion cannot drive. pete: it's gonna because most people have made up their mind already regardless of the report. the report changed very few minds. 70 percent said it didn't change their mind. is it a good idea for your party to pursue this? this is -- the mueller report is top on no swing voters' list and they are sick of it in washington. is this a good idea for you guys? >> again, i think that the 2020 candidates need to focus on their visions for america. there is no question about that. how can we make america
5:48 am
better than it is today? so i think that's what they need to focus on. but congress and members of the house judiciary committee and others, they need to focus on what's right for america because they have been elected already. and one of the things that needs to happen is to see whether this man is fit to lead us forward. pete: you are in a bit of a catch-22 because jobless claims 50 year low. unemployment is the at historic lows. wages are up. so what are they running on making the country better? >> running on issues of healthcare which is a major issue. we know that many americans have gone broke because of healthcare. we know that you know, obamacare needed some fixes. so i think healthcare is a major issue that we need to run on. we need to run on education. we need to run on many whole host of issues. that haven't really been addressed. the economy is not the only issue. pete: of course. >> we know economies go up and they go down.
5:49 am
there are many other fundamental issues that we can fix in this country and we can make better for the nation. these candidates need to come forward with vision to drive us forward. pete: james carville said it's the economy, stupid. we will see how that plays out in 2020. >> thanks a lot, guys. pete: it's been 10 years since the housing crisis brought the country to a halt. ed: could another one be on the horizon? our next guest says yes. charles payne said no. we will talk about it coming up. ♪ ♪
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5:52 am
ed: 10 years after the mortgage meltdown could housing crisis be on the
5:53 am
margin in maybe. the government maintains many of the incentives that drove the last real estate crisis. here with more is james freeman our friend from the "wall street journal" also author of borrowed time which digs into this very issue god to see you james. >> good to be here. thank you, ed. ed: what is your case for saying we are headed for another potential crisis. >> government incentives driving us all to invest in housing. encouraging people to borrow. encouraging banks to lebsd. lend. we still have at love that same architecture. taxpayers are standing behind $7 trillion of mortgages. and we have seen some signs lately. this is -- it's not like the housing market has been roaring. kind of modest growth. loans are starting to get riskier. and that's what i think has to be a concern. ed: some banks have recently started announce ideas of yeah, your credit score can be i believe in the low 6s and that's fine. that's subprime that got us
5:54 am
in the last problem. >> we seen just thi in this week a rollout of a no income, no assets. you don't verify th the assets of the borrower. you may recall before the housing crisis you also had ninja loans. you don't have to show you have a job neither. you wonder how could this ever happen? i think it's only when people believe crises will always keep rising and that was largely because of a lot of government incentives. ed: on the other hand we had charles payne on from the fox business program talking not only about unemployment but housing he had been concerned a few months ago but recently positive news. tell all sides of the story. this week biggest spike in mortgage purchase applications in nine years, for example. mortgage rates are still, as you know, kind of near historic lows. there are positive signs as well. how do you mix that? >> i think people in that industry are expecting a pretty good spring selling season. and i definitely think it's
5:55 am
hard to say there is a bubble right now if, especially if you are trying to sell a house in new jersey or connecticut. i don't think people doing that think there is a bubble. what i am saying is that eventually we will get another crisis if we don't get government out of housing. if we don't create all the -- get rid of all these incentives that push investment. ed: we don't learn the lessons of the past. we knew back 10 years ago that no income, no asset. you don't even have to have a job. somehow can you get a mortgage, that's not sustainable. what county trump administration do? what is the trump administration doing? >> marc collaborated oversea overoversee fannie mae and freddie mac. don't do it overnight. slowly reducing the number of mortgages, the amount of mortgages that get government backing. and what you do is you eventually want to replace
5:56 am
government subsidy with market discipline and that's what keeps manias from occurring. people know they are going to bear the consequences. ed: minimize the risk for taxpayers they were on the hook 10 years ago. >> consistent with the great work the president has been doing cutting regulation. this is another market where you want to reduce the government role. it's not that, you know, we are still going to be able to borrow for housing it probably becomes a little more affordable. just try to learn those lessons and the book "borrowed time" goes into some of them. ed: thank you for coming. >> in thanks, ed. ed: still ahead congressman michael waltz rachel campos-duffy and anthony scaramucci all coming up live ♪ i feel good ♪ i knew that i would now ♪ i feel good ♪ i knew that i would ♪ in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too
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♪ just getting started, already get a party, ain't nothing like around here ♪ ed: we're just getting warmed up pete: kind of true. if you just woke up now, we've been warming up for three hours, just for you, for this final hour on 4/20, april 20. jedediah: unfortunately it's raining outside but we're bringing in the sunshine. pete: the sun is shining where our viewers are. jedediah: i've got viewers in new york. you've got let me tell you a lot of closet conservatives in new york. i was shopping this week and a lot of conservatives came up to me and said oh, we love you on the show and i was like are you a closet conservative? pete: what were you buying? jedediah: i was buying clothes for my new puppy. ed: hope you bought a rain coat. jedediah: i went to an organic baby store and bought clothes for the puppy. listen, don't ask if you don't want an answer. pete: i'll always get an honest answer from you.
6:01 am
ed: i brought you more apples with almond butter. pete: you can't make butter out of almonds people, and it's not very good. i said it was good on the show i have a chance to retract that statement. it's not like peanut peanut butter. ed: anthony scaramucci will be here. pete: or a bag of chips. ed: for his first reaction to the mueller report. pete: is there more fallout? there's just more stuff, based on the mueller investigation the justice department, firing back as a top democrat issues a subpoena to see the full un redacted report. jedediah: the president also weighing in this morning. ed: our correspondent garrett te nney is live in washington with the latest. reporter: this is not a fight president trump is sitting out. he's already tweeted three types about the mueller report report today including this one. despite the fat that the mueller report should not have been authorized in the first place and was written by 13 or 18 angry democrats, who were true trump haters including highly- conflicted robert mueller himself, the end result is no collusion, no obstruction.
6:02 am
democrats are not so sure that there wasn't any obstruction of justice though and they want to see the entire mueller report, including the nearly 900 portions that were redacted. the justice department plans to show congressional leaders a less redacted version next week, which still does not include any of the redacted grand jury material, which by law, must be kept secret. that is not good enough, for house judiciary commit chairman jerry nadler who has issued a subpoena for the full report without any redactions. in a letter to the attorney general, friday nadler said i am open to working with the department to reach a reasonable accommodation for access to these materials, however, i can not accept any proposal which leaves most of congress in the dark. the justice department shouted back saying that nadler's subpoena was premature and unnecessary but other democratic leaders are backing them up saying in their own letter to the justice department given the comprehensive factual finding provided by the special counsel 's report some of which will only be fully understood with access to the redacted
6:03 am
material, we cannot agree to the conditions you are placing on our access to the full report, nor can we agree to an enrage ment that does not include a mechanism for ensuring access to grand jury material. now, these are just the first steps the democrats plan to take in the wake of the mueller report, house speaker nancy pelosi scheduled a monday conference call with top house democrats to discuss what steps come next. ed: try to figure out what to do , appreciate your time. pete: i can't wait. jedediah: removing this president is something unbelievable. collusion, anything, conspiring, obstruction, now impeachment, obstructing what? like he left the whole investigation go through, everybody was interviewed who needed to be interviewed all the documents were handed over also what are you obstructing if you didn't do something wrong to begin with? he didn't do it and guess what? mueller found he didn't do it so -- ed: even the house democrats voted to impeach him you need two-thirds of the senate you won't get 67 senators now. pete: it would be all about the process. you're in d.c. you follow this are democrats do they want this
6:04 am
process? you see kind of the grandparents of the house, nancy pelosi and steny hoyer steny hoyer are saying hey kids don't do this. ed: the hard left want it and they've done something and you have others like pelosi is trying to be a little more pragmatic and say do you know what? over 100 days have already passed for the new house democratic majority and they haven't got a whole lot done in terms of everything they promised voters, so the base wants more and more attack trump when the party leaders are saying we actually need to present something to the voters. jedediah: the question is too where will joe biden stand because there are reports and rumors. pete: well we have another topic but my rundown is redacted so it must be a scandal can you read it? jedediah: [laughter] pete: i don't know what the next topic is. ed: these are like pete jokes. jedediah: you want to do it pete pete: sure i'll get yours, it's not redacted so we asked democrat primary voters which candidate they've be satisfied with, joe biden 78%, uncle
6:05 am
bernie 75, and it goes down from there, but it shows you in my mind, this is a bernie/biden race, the old school democrats think that biden is the guy that can potentially beat trump. bernie is there. jedediah: the question is where will joe biden fall as i was saying before, pete interrupted me with a joke. pete: sorry. jedediah: everyone is arguing that he's the moderate coming in may be the voice of reason. he needs to cater to that base, bernie sanders is right on his tail who is garnering that hard left base and i think he's going to feel he needs to cater to it and win that primary in which case he needs to pedal that impeachment process. ed: he has an opportunity if he wants to be a more moderating force in the party is he sort of the grown-up in the room saying look folks you've already made your points about the president two years of an investigation they didn't find collusion let's focus on the economy or healthcare issues does he do that? pete: if he did that and we have leigh carter on with her dials?
6:06 am
ed: well it's just simply too early to tell whose going to runaway with this, watch. >> i keep hearing that well maybe this is a two-man race, between biden and bernie, and if you look back at the way biden has performed as a candidate very underwhelming you remember he's run for president three times and he may be too old, too white at this point so let's not look at polls too much now and say oh, biden and bernie they're way ahead of everybody else that's who your two front runner s are. jedediah: and guess what? everyone's favorite republican, jeff flake i know you've all been waiting, it's a tie with him and mitt romney and everyone at home is waiting to see what john kasich will say, and jeff flake has comments on the 2020 democrats, democrats that he possibly supports take a listen. >> i'm on record saying that i would support a democrat my hope that the democrats nominate somebody with broad appeal, joe biden comes to mind.
6:07 am
that's who strikes fear in the heart of a lot of republicans for running, because he can speak to the rust belt and somebody like amy amy klobuchar for example, works very well across the aisle, corey book era nounsed officially, corey works well with the other side on a number of issues. pete: he's so popular that he raised cbs on the internet. jedediah: [laughter] the republicans though are like well i don't like trump so i'll just vote for a big government democrat and abandon all the principles i claim to have. no problem, no harm. ed: did anyone care whether he votes for a democrat or a republican? jedediah: no one cares. pete: have a single person. no, it's amazing. you hate that much. you will go to the enemy. ed: kind of a tea party conservative from arizona. pete: yes. ed: and got triggered. jedediah: he has evolved as they say. pete: he spent a lot of time with john mccain too so that could have been a thing too. ed: don't sleep on eric swalwell
6:08 am
pete: he does what? hears what he tweeted he tweeted this about giving to the president campaign. $1 could buy you a half bag of chips, or it could save us from a crumbling government. how will you spend yours? kaitlyn come on in. jedediah: come on in. ed: we have our correspondent. i think the avocado oil chips. jedediah: with sea salt delicious. pete: i tried one in the break. jedediah: what do you have to say? pete: not bad who knew you could get oil out of avocados. ed: would you stick with half a bag of avocado oil chips or give the money? jedediah: i would take the chips and we asked the viewers. an e-mail from jean, send swal well a full bag of popcorn because he will be watching. ed: this came from rob, i'll spend my dollar on salt and vinegar chips. that's what i got. pete: i'll take year-old stale chips over representative
6:09 am
swalwell. you know what we should put some of these open in the green room and a year from now taste what they taste like. jedediah: we'll have you do that pete: i'd rather do that than vote for eric swalwell. ed: some of these gimmicks we'll see whether he raises money. jedediah: do you know why i haven't eaten any chips yet tell everybody why. pete: she hasn't sanitized her hands yet. jedediah: i need my hand sanitizer. ed: may i prepare you? jedediah: this is what you don't get to see and then organic hand sanitizer. pete: those chips were in a sealed bag so i don't know how the germs got in there. jedediah: on my hands from shaking hands with people. ed: with pete you got to watch that. well the internet was not happy with swalwell saying i'd rather buy some chips. jedediah: also which chips do you want, salt and vinegar? or do you want to try my avocado oil because you know you want to give it a shot. you know, it never causes you to go at ray. we've got headlines coming up two teens are arrested overnight in a deadly shooting of a
6:10 am
journalist in northern ireland. police believe she was hit by a stray bullet while reporting on riots that broke out ahead of this weekends commemoration of irish independence. authorities are treating the shooting as terrorism. the teens have not been identified or charged. fallen marine corporate robert hendrix will be laid to rest next week. a procession carrying his body home to long island, new york yesterday will be buried on yesterday. corporal hendrix and two other marines were killed by a roadside bomb in afghanistan earlier this month. and a judge rules the people of flint, michigan can sue the federal government over the city 's water crisis. many residents blame the epa for waiting too long to intervene after led started going into the city's tap water and the contamination started in 2014 but went on for years. the epa has not commented. airlines in the uk could soon be weighing more than just your luggage. a company wants to add pressure pads to the check-in process to weigh passengers before flights. the goal is to get more accurate
6:11 am
aircraft weights to cut down on fuel. ed: no more potato chips. jedediah: the company estimates it would save $975 million worldwide that's a lot of money guys. ed: that's why i'm switching to greek yogurt and walnuts i don't want to eat those chips. pete: what do they do when the last guy gets on and says you have to drop five pounds or get on another flight? ed: i've got another idea, jed, we've been teasing her like avocado oil and your husband makes you what? jedediah: celery juice in the morning it's amazing. ed: tomorrow why don't we do like a buy or sell a taste test you'll bring in your favorite healthy options? and the caveman here, can try them. jedediah: he's like i'm not doing that. pete: i'll be honest i've tried some things you have that are decent. jedediah: i don't have time to make it by tomorrow. you have to give it some time. he will make fun of me. ed: we've got a whole team of people. they got your back. jedediah: well i'll believe it when i see it, groman.
6:12 am
ed: it'll be fun. jedediah: i don't know these producers i don't know if they have my back on this one. they better deliver that cash use cheese, well, is all i'm saying. pete: they might give bad products that lead me stray on the flavor? i'll bring pizza hut and a cheeseburger. ed: pete the meat eater having celery juice you can not miss it meanwhile, republicans ramping up calls to investigate the investigators after the mueller findings all but shredded that anti-trump dossier. pete: so will there be a reckon ing, congressman michael waltz is live with your reaction , next, enjoy your chips >> ♪ keep on rocking in a free world ♪
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republican lawmakers ramping calls for investigations into the origins of the russia probe. this as we find that many of the anti-trump dossier claims are now being debunked by the mueller report, so will there be a reckoning here so react is republican congressman michael waltz of florida thank you very much for being here appreciate it. you're on capitol hill, you're a tuned to what's happening you see the democrats having their own internal feud but when it comes to the origins of this is there energy, where is the source of what may happen to get to the truth of that? >> well i do want to see particularly the department of justice look at any potential fisa abuses in the court system that happened, but you know, more broadly, the democrats have to decide, do they want to govern, do they want to show successes, as you all have been talking about, or do they want to continue to investigate the investigators, pete? you know, i'm of the camp that the big winner in all of this is vladimir putin, you know, his
6:17 am
intent was to tie us up in knots have us opposing each other and as long as we're opposing each other and distracted we're not opposing what he's doing around the world. pete, our electoral system is absolutely under attack. it goes to the heart of our democracy. i was struck by the report that said that some county networks in florida were penetrated. it said at least one was penetrated. i think we need to look at that but even more broadly, we have to go on offense here. america needs to go on offense. we need to put the world on notice whether you're the chinese, the russians, the iranians if you go after our government and the heart of our democracy, we're going to go after yours. pete: fair enough. fair enough. >> defense isn't good enough. pete: well that's true but there does have to be a reckoning and accounting if we've got problems inside our own system if people with swelting intelligence and positions of power to spy on political opponents so how far should republicans or the inspector general or the justice department go to figure out whether this was a poison tree
6:18 am
to begin with? >> well look we've had what, mccabe, strzok, page, i mean the corruption i think at the top of the fbi has been exposed. we should continue to expose it and i'm very concerned about the bar in terms of getting a fisa- backed warrant and i think we absolutely ought to look at that, but at some point, pete, we do have to move on to the issues that americans are expect ing the congress and expecting others to deal with, whether it's infrastructure, health care, or what have you, at the end of the day, as long as we're tied up at this, the russians are continuing to win and i guess my point is they're going to continue. they tried again in 2018. they are trying again now and we have to protect our electoral system it's down at the county level and it's very vulnerable so we can't spend too much time tied up in knots and ignoring the real threats that we're facing. pete: we'll see what your house democrat colleagues say about that in the coming weeks and
6:19 am
months but the story, it broke in the news recently that former u.s. taliban fighter, john walker lynn, is going to be released, so we celebrated his capture, as someone whose a trader to our country. we know we covered on this program a lot whether it's eddie gallagher, guys in the battle field that made tough calls and now they are locked up by their own government and now we see a guy like this is going to be released. >> so it's unbelievable to me that he only got 20 years, in federal prison. he's now going to be released he's directly responsible for the death of our first casualty in afghanistan, mike span, a cia officer, and his daughter recently wrote me asking that we look into either keeping him detained, or continuing to press charges against him. listen, pete, he is jihadist. pete: what are we doing? what are we doing? >> i don't know that unfortunately i don't know that we can extend his sentence but i want the bureau and i plan to get after this, i want the
6:20 am
bureau to look if he's continuing to conspire to join terrorist organizations, and if so, he needs to be charged and he needs to be kept in prison. pete: stay on this story for us. >> he's an absolute trader. pete: i know you will stay on it given your background of service to our country. >> it makes my blood boil but meanwhile happy easter in this free country. pete: happy easter, sir thank you very much appreciate it. well, you remember when nancy pelosi said this? >> president trump must stop holding people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis. pete: it was that actually looked like a hostage video. anyway well she and other democrats now changing their tune admitting the crisis is real, so will democrats finally admit that trump was right? rachel campos-duffy weighs in, coming up next. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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ed: good morning, quick headlines passover officially underway millions taking part in the eight day jewish holiday that started last night. it remembers the jewish exodus from slavery in egypt this year 's passover being celebrated maybe a little differently for the first time in more than 800 years jews can eat rice, beans and corn during this time. and the start of passover fell on good friday for christians, pope frances offer ing some prayers for peace, during a solemn mass in rome. good friday, of course marks jesus' crucifixion and death, tomorrow is easter. the day of his resurrection. pete: that's right thanks, ed. well democrats starting to acknowledge that there's a real crisis on our southern border. >> we all agree we must secure our border, but we do want to work together for comprehensive immigration reform. >> do you think, sir, that there's a crisis at the southern border? >> it is. >> we have a problem at the border. >> we do have a problem at the
6:25 am
southern border democrats should not deny that we don't. nations should have borders borders should be respected. jedediah: so they finally admitted. pete: i like that. jedediah: here to react fox news contributor rare el campos duffy , so good to have you here. rachel: good morning and happy easter. jedediah: what do you make of this transition suddenly there's a crisis that didn't exist before? rachel: well baby steps because they know they are on the wrong side of this issue with the american people, the american people can't deny what they're seeing. they're seeing caravans and food age getting out there of what's happening at our border so the democrats are trying to play it both ways saying okay fine, we finally admit there's a crisis but we're not going to do anything about it. none of the solutions they've put forward work on the focusing on comprehensive immigration reform, they talk about legaliz ing those that are here, alexandria ocasio-cortez is still screaming and crying for us to abolish i.c.e.
6:26 am
none of these solutions will stop the flow of people that were coming over, and can i just say one thing because my husband was just at the border this past week down in yuma. the border patrol says that the democrats or the agents there, maybe not the officials at the top, but the agents are saying that the democrats rarely ever come to the border. if they do come down there they want to see detention centers which is definitely worth looking at those conditions, but they don't want to go on the patrols they don't want to see what's happening on the shear number of people coming over and the conditions that the children are in, which is really frustrating for me because they have this dismantle of compassion they are trying to wrap around their policies and positions and if you actually see the conditions for these children, what happens to them not just on the journey, not just the sexual assaults, but also on the fact that you had marc short on and he's absolutely telling the truth. these children are being recycl ed so they come over the border for maybe their parents, or maybe other adults and sent back over to help other adults come over.
6:27 am
this is cruel and hardly compassionate. ed: you're right rachel well this will be a big topic in 202t of the voting will be hispanics in fact they are projected to become the largest minority group in 2020 at 13.3% in 2020 surpassing african americans, with immigration and borders being such a big part of the discussion, what does that mean for the 2020 election? rachel: well, hispanic americans are like every other american, so yes they are concerned about what's happening at the border, but they are americans who care about their families, and their economic standing and there is absolutely no question that hispanic families are doing better under trump and president trump and republican policies. hispanics are highly entrepreneurial, they love the changes to regulations and taxes they start more businesses three times the rate of the average american, so they like these policies, unemployment at record lows, so despite some of the most negative press we've ever
6:28 am
seen, especially when it comes to hispanics and spanish language television which is practically an arm of the democrat party, you're seeing approval numbers for president trump at 50% among hispanics, so hispanics are persuadable, they like results when it comes to economic policies that make their families lives better and the only thing the republicans need to do to win them over in 2020 is show up in their communities and keep talking about these results, because with what the democrats want to do is talk about russia and mueller and everything else and cloud out all of the amazing economic news that is truly a blue collar recovery. ed: very well said. well rachel, thanks a lot. we appreciate you coming in happy easter to the whole family rachel: happy easter to all of you. jedediah: thanks so much. with the mueller report out are democrats finally ready to move on? >> i think there's a need for
6:29 am
continuing investigation. there are clearly offenses. >> impeachable offenses? >> there may be, itch peachable offenses. ed: anthony scaramucci think he just drove into the studio. jedediah: [laughter] ed: he weighs in before he goes offroad with supercross. >> ♪ you're unbelievable wow! ♪ strange creatures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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6:33 am
>> you accept the specific conclusion that there was no criminal conspiracy? >> i accept that conclusion for now, but i think there's a need for continuing investigation. there are clearly offenses. >> impeachable offenses? >> there may be impeachable offenses. >> do you accept the special counsel's conclusion on that point? >> to a degree, but again, we need more information. >> i believe impeachable offenses have been committed and i believe it's worthwhile to put history's file what this man has donald impeach him but i don't think it's going to happen politically. the base wants impeachment and they want impeachment badly. ed: bringing in anthony scaramucci former white house communications director you came from the investment world it seems to me there are some of the democrats in the media who invested in an outcome. >> there was no question, as in the investment world, you learn that you get overly emotional or
6:34 am
overly attached through your investment you can make really bad decisions so they're going overboard right now, so looking through the report are there things in there that i'm not in love with? certainly but let's start with the prime aphasia thing. he didn't do anything wrong. the president did not commit collusion so how could you expect him six months into the presidency not to be frustrated or to express that frustration and indignation about an investigation that turns outlasted over two years, so to me, they would be way smarter they want to beat him and beat him at the ballot box and have a super tough time doing that because the economy is so strong , and he's generally very light. as long as the president gets out there and he lists the things that he's done with the american people over the last two and a half years, he's going to get re-elected. jedediah: you've got this new focus by democrats on obstruction and of course impeachment as a possibility. does that go anywhere? >> i don't see how it could go anywhere. i think the smartest person is actually speaker pelosi.
6:35 am
she said earlier six weeks ago no impeachment. she's staying there. i get that people are trying to raise money off the notion of impeachment. i get the fact that they have fired up their base with a tremendous amount of anger so they therefore can generate revenue and capital off that but again it's another very big mistake because the middle of the country being moderates and independents have had enough and the right is so far back in the rear view windshield, so to me, their best strategy would be okay, who can we put in there, that can compete with the president, on things like the economy, national security and things like that. pete: as we go into the summer the democrats will be going at each other. what's the best thing this president and the white house can do, what should they be doing to lean forward to with the mueller report behind them to set the tone? >> well i think the president has got a real issue at the border. and he tried to cut an immigration deal with them before the mid-terms and so if i were offering him that advice i'd say here are the five of six things the american people really want. a growing economy, rising wages,
6:36 am
they want this thing addressed at the border and they want a resolution on the daca/dream situation. all of which the president has presented viable, common sense, resolutions to and so to me i would just be repeating that over and over again and i would tell the president to relax. you won this thing and in victory, you remember winston churchill said that you and i are old enough to remember that. ed: he looks at me. >> pete is the young one, in victory, be gracious in the victory, let it slide, go play golf and hang out. you're winning. no need to shoot down at these people. ed: before we move on to other topics, joe biden expected to get in this coming week. bernie sanders did this town hall with fox a few days back. he's got a lot of energy. how much do you think as a capitalist the president is itching to take on the democrats actually nominate sanders? >> well i mean if they nominate sanders the only thing i would say to the president is remember what secretary clinton said
6:37 am
about you, what secretary clinton said is i'm desperate to run against you. of course he cleaned her clock so we just always have to be on guard. bernie sanders in some ways and i know the president used to say this on the campaign was a formidable guy. he's got energy, he's got charisma and he can attract a crowd. ed: money. >> so i don't want to be one of those people that loves the president and supports him and says we've got nothing to worry about with bernie sanders. i would say this guy is formidable let's explain to the american people why a socialistic experiment for 150 years on planet earth has not worked and why we have the best strategy, we have the best system to lift all boats in a society so to me i'm not saying i'm worried about bernie sanders but i'm also not going to say that's a no-brainer. let's keep our guard up and let's push very hard. jedediah: i can assure you i'm not the only one stocking up on popcorn for those debates the sanders/trump debate. i have to ask you about this new survey about millennials finding out they are financially dependent on their parents 17%
6:38 am
of adults receive financial support from their parents in the last year also 58% of adults it is 18-34 said they couldn't afford their current lifestyles without assistance from their parents. i read this, this is a huge problem. why is this happening? >> i think this has to do with my generation frankly so what basically happened to us i have three millennials so what basically happened is our parent s sort of let us do whatever we wanted to do and maybe it was a little scary so we're snow plowing for our kids, helicoptering in on top of them and make sure we're making their lives as easy as possible. that may or may not work. my kids seem to be doing pretty well but i'm always pushing them to work hard and i think the key to self-esteem and your personal success is hard work, but i think this is a huge problem and i think as they say, the fish st inks from the head down. we're a bunch of babies we baby these people so it's my fault. i've had to cancel my son will be mad at me but i've had to
6:39 am
cancel my credit card. stop using my credit card! jedediah: [laughter] >> i don't even want to tell you what's on there when i look at it i'm like are you kidding me? stop it. stop using it. ed: we're going to get to the motorbike in a minute. pete: can you give us one item you found on there? ed: just one. >> it would be after dark. pete: we have a fox after dark app. maybe later fox nation we'll do a segment on it. ed: anthony thanks a lot. jedediah: turning to headlines a new clue in a 45-year-old murder mystery. police in texas releasing this letter, addressed to a detective from someone who appears to claim they killed a teenager in 1974. the note is not signed, and it's unclear when it was sent. the detective retired in 1976. carla walker was beaten to death after being abducted from a bowl ing allie. virginia's embattled governor would not resign after a photo of him in black face surfaced
6:40 am
recently but now ralph northand wants a confederate monument removed. the democrat is pushing to get rid of an arch honoring former confederate president jefferson davis and the board voted in favor of removing it and a military dad does a serious double take as he and his wife babies gender is revealed. >> do you swear to god? >> [laughter] jedediah: the soon to be father and his family joined us earlier >> we were just thinking we were having one baby so at that moment when i bit into that cupcake and there was pink and blue i just did not compute in my brain. jedediah: i love this so much the gender reveal video is definitely going viral. 2020 democratic presidential candidate kirstjen nielsen flexing her muscles in iowa, the new york senator arm wrestles a college student and wins before
6:41 am
setting a rematch and gilligrand lost round two and a bet and had to write a $500 check to the young in iowa. pete and adam came out on top and with a little help from charles payne, got help we admitted it there you go, charles put it right over-the-top and someone i don't want to mention who is a little bitter about it. pete: is that a rigged match if you've ever seen one? >> it looked pretty rigged i'm on your side pete. pete: i've got the mooch i'm good to go. give me your credit card! >> i'll helicopter in and push the table over for you. jedediah: adam do you hear what they're saying about you adam? it was rigged. >> i can't say whether or not charles helped you but there was no collusion on my side. it wasn't planned. pete: it's true. i don't know what happened. >> i was not involved in any way with that. so what i am involved with is the forecast the last 72 hours there have been big storms sweep ing across the eastern half of the country now running into new york city so even though i won the arm wrestling contest
6:42 am
they still sent me out in the rain let's take a look at the maps across the country as are beginning to see the heaviest rain move into the mid atlantic running up into new england and we'll see rounds of showers unfortunately, here is your future radar even once we get this big line of storms off the coast there's still pop-up showers across the eastern half of the country for the second half of the day and still big flood advisories stretching from really the d.c. area all the way up across new england, guys rain unfortunately in the forecast here, you can even deal with the wind picking up off and on trying to take my umbrella away so storms in the forecast for the rest of this saturday back into you. ed: adam, thank you. i'm still trying to get over what's on scaramucci's credit card. pete: [laughter] ed: the 2019 monster energy ama supercross making a pit stop here on fox & friends. pete: ed and i got to take the bikes off road last hour, now it's anthony scaramucci's time, and jed, both of them, coming up >> ♪ ♪
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6:46 am
pete: welcome back quick headlines, zillow is suing real estate rival compass saying that it stole its employees and intellectual data. zillow says three of its workers broke non-compete agreements to work for compass giving the company its sales numbers, customer list and trade secrets compass denies the claims. and amazon founder jeff bezos will reportedly avoid paying spousal support when his divorce is finalized. on top of that the daily mail reports mckenzie bezos will get 4% of amazon common stock right now that's reportedly worth i can't even read this nearly $37 billion. ed: [laughter] pete: about $1 billion more than the original estimate. jedediah: wow. pete: when 4% is a lot of money.
6:47 am
ed: george mason university some of the students it's getting wild because justice brett kavanaugh is supposed to be teaching an adjunct deal. pete: they get to have a supreme court justice. ed: even if you don't like him just hear from him and listen to him soak it in. he was going to teach a summer class as you see there, their law school. some of the students are actually saying this poses a threat to their mental health. they are triggered to the point that they say they can't possibly have him anywhere near him. jedediah: you know, i blame the parents though or the guardians of these students. what happened to backbones? you got to toughen these kids up they should be able to sit in a room and listen to someone that even if you don't like them or agree with the person who cares. ed: i want to add you see pat mason for survivors and there are some folks on campus saying look, they are sexual a because or assault survivors they say this triggers them. we don't know about their own personal experiences. we should say in fairness to justice kavanaugh he was accused of these things, it was never
6:48 am
proven so to assume that he was guilty is also wrong but we don't want to minimize the survivors and what not. pete: the university of george mason president had this to say, even if the outcome is painful, what's at stake is very very important, for the integrity of the university, basically saying you don't have to agree with everything every professor says, welcome that person in, and, you know, hear what they have to say ed: the in thinking receipt of the presumption of innocence in this country. how about that. jedediah: in law school. that's the thing i was going to say about the survivors absolutely. this is a guy who they did not give him a presumption of innocence, he was charged with things that there was no proof that was brought, no corroboration, so this is just villifying someone because you want to. this guy has been through the mud for what? so let him come speak, be grateful that you have someone there that has this huge resume, all of this wealth of experience and if you don't like him, listen and move on. pete: don't take the class. ed: one of the people leading the effort worked for hillary
6:49 am
clinton tried to stop the kavanaugh confirmation so he fails at that and now he's beating up on him for being a professor. pete: it never ends, so you might wonder why jedediah you were more comfortable in this? jedediah: i wish i could do the show like this every day i'd be very happy. pete: because the 2019 monster energy ama supercross is revving its engines here on the show. ed: adam and anthony scaramucci taking the bikes off road the virtual reality race coming up live, next.
6:50 am
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pete: monster energy ama supercross making a pit stop on fox & friends during their world championship series tour. ed: earlier in the show pete and i tried out the virtual off road cross but this hour we're
6:53 am
bringing in anthony scaramucci and we had scaramucci making meatballs a couple of weeks ago this is a whole lot different now he's making making records. peter strzok he's going over jumps in his own world. ed: here is the manager for the motorsports division what is the experience right now? >> right now as close to being on a motorcycle as you can possibly be. these are 240-pound motor cycles and they are getting the feeling of what it's really like to be actually racing one of these bikes. ed: if you look at the monitor on one side that's what jed sees in the virtual reality. jedediah: that is correct. >> and also our monster energy cup in las vegas. ed: what did you see what is it like? >> it's crazy it really feels like you're riding a bike and the hills i have slight vertigo and before this segment ed was like be careful but it's actually okay. pete: my heart was racing and you get a little sweaty. >> i come from a family of motorcycle feel so this is a shout out to the family on long island my cousin bobby was riding these things 30 years ago
6:54 am
great fun. ed: we put one of these bikes on your credit card i hope it's cool. >> i wouldn't know any better given what the my sons do. ed: jed, how realistic was it? jedediah: it's super realistic i could do that for a while. you definitely feel like a little, i felt like i was on a ride. >> actually a video game, right ed: where can folks find this on the web in order to go find one near their home and try it out? >> they can come to metlife stadium next saturday, monster energy supercross is back in the new york area, we're thrilled to be back at metlife and this will be in our fan fest, starting at 10:00 a.m. next saturday morning , so come on out and get on a bike and experience it just like you guys are. mooch was it like the white house? >> well a little longer than my white house experience. it was equally challenging though, what can i tell you? ed: kind of a wild ride. >> unpredictable. pete: some bumps in the road. jedediah: it's super fun if
6:55 am
people like video games which i do. pete: what a respect for the athletes that ride those bikes just getting it you got to have guts, be strong. >> they are part nfl middle linebacker, that's a 240-pound motorcycle that they are putting exactly where they want it to be on the track, but they also have to have the endurance of an elite soccer player so they are racing at 94% of maximum heart rate. ed: mooch you want to put it back on one more time as we head to break? >> why not, right? ed: this guy was a titan on wall street and now he's out there on the open road. pete: stay with us as we go to break. ed: more fox & friends just moments away. >> ♪ we got a one way ticket to the open road, come on ♪ my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up
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pete: we end it with puppyies. jedediah who is this? jedediah: this is daisey. i've never been so excited to get home and look at that. i can't wait to get home. ed: well tell your husband he needs to make an extra dose of the celery juice tomorrow morning to bring it in for pete, not just you. we will be trying healthy snacks tomorrow. pete: does it go with gin? jedediah: no you do it straight, straight celery. oh, yeah. pete: blend it, have you ever had blended celery, adam? >> i don't eat celery. jedediah: you're lucky i'm not bringing in straight kale. pete: a straight vegetable gangster right there. what's the most unhealthy thing you'd be willing to eat for us? jedediah: i was already asked for that i'm not ruining my body for hegseth, i'm not doing that. ed: we can have jed try un un health it stuff. pete: blind taste test. i love people thinking about food it's easter weekend we got
7:00 am
easter tomorrow family will be together, cooking, enjoy it. ed: have a great time we'll see you on easter sunday tomorrow morning bright and early. pete: we'll be with you tomorrow morning on fox & friends adam will probably be here too. >> i'll be here. neil: it is all pundits and politicians are talking about. the mueller report. >> robert mueller. >> mueller. >> mr. mueller. >> robert mueller. neil: well it might be the rage in washington but apparently robert mueller is even on average folks list of worries here at home, but do you know what is? immigration. the border, trying to get in and the growing anger of politicians who can't figure this out. today we interrupt mueller mania with some crisis intervention, the crisis at the border. it might be news flash but apparently it is not news to you , and he was chief of staff


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