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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 20, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> house democrats subpoenaing the full mueller report. president trump today tweet, it proves no, quote, collusion with russia and no obstruction. representatives from both sides of the aisle here with whether they agree with that. >> plus, severe weather slices through the south, claiming at least four lives so far and leading to 18 confirmed tornado touchdowns. we'll get the latest from the fox extreme weather center. leland: and french yellow vest protesters setting fires and clashing with police on the streets of paris. molly line on the ground there as it happens. hi there, molly. >> leland there have been talents from some of -- there have been some threats and
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crowdi crowdi crowding notre dame. al the headquarters. leland: the president tweeting a few times from down at the golf course in florida. i'm leland vitter. >> it's great to be with you. spring has finally sprung. leland: i didn't get the memo on wearing pink. >> you didn't, but try again tomorrow. leland: i will. gillian: i'm gillian turner, thanks for being with us. ♪ >> the justice department reacting now to house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler's subpoena for the if you will unredacted mueller report. ellison barber has the latest. hi, the attorney general is set to testify in about a week and a half. you can bet democrats will have a lot of questions. they're already accusing
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attorney general barr of misleading the public on the details. yesterday, there was a subpoena for the full, unredacted report and told the department they must comply by may 1st with that subpoena. >> we have to hear from mueller and ask him a lot of questions. we have to hold hearings and hearing from other people both on the question of obstruction of justice. where, as i said, the special prosecutor invited congress to look into that, not the attorney general. we need the entire report under redacted and underlying documents in order to make informed decisions. >> around page 220, the report they currently have access to, talks about the role of congress, and says, with respect whether the president can be found to have obstructed justice by exercising his power under article two of the constitution. we concluded that congress has the authority to prohibit a president's corrupt use of his authority in order to protect
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the integrity of the administration of justice. democrats stay mueller made it clear with remarks like that that congress, not the attorney general, needs to find an answer on obstruction. republicans say it is time to let this go, that at this point democrats are just playing politics. but at least one republican says there is some cause for concern. senator mitt romney says it's good news there was not enough evidence to charge the president with conspiracy or obstruction, but he says, the report itself is not great news. in a statement writing quote, i'm sickened at the extent ap pervasiveness of dishonesty and of the highest in the land including the president. reading the report is a sobering revelation how far we've strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders. gillian: on these legal contentious issues, we know he's
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set to testify sometime in may. leland: mark your calendars for that. alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeting mueller's report indicating that it's congress's responsibility in investigating obstruction of justice by the president. our job is outlined and then talks about impeachment. that contrasts with house majority leader steny hoyer saying impeachment is not worthwhile at this point. with that we bring in michigan congressman, co-chair of the communications committee. debbie dingell. nice to see you as always. we've checked the transcripts what you said in the past about this, you wanted to wait until the facts came out in the mueller report. facts are out. are you ready to sign on for impeachment? >> i've read the report on thursday night when it came out. leland: you were up late. >> i was up very late. i didn't sleep, didn't sleep for two reasons. and it should disturb every
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american who read the report. russia's interference and will they interfere in 2020, to prevent that from happening. leland: should americans at least take comfort in the idea that there is no crime that the president and his team committed? >> so, if you read the report and that's one of the reasons i president. i am somebody who says, congress has-- >> doesn't vindicate him in terms of criminality or doing something wrong? >> the end of the report, mueller says that while he did not find evidencreport does not and clearly, people inside the white house lied. there were things that are deeply disturbing and mitt romney was very articulate in saying every one of us should be concerned what's happening for the democracy. it's the fear for democracy that makes me say to you, congress has serious responsibilities for
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oversight, and jerry nadler and adam schiff, the house intelligence, house judiciary and coming from oversight need to keep asking questions, we need to focus on other things, too. leland: we need to focus on other things is what you just said. interestingly enough, republicans are looking for apologies. here is mark meadows talking about a name that you just mentioned, adam schiff. take a listen. >> all of a sudden he's changing the narrative. it's time for him to fess up and admit he didn't have what he said he had. leland: speaking of adam schiff and democrats who pointedly said there's proof of collusion, proof that the president committed crimes, et cetera, et cetera. do they owe the president and the american people an t that report should make anybody should feel they should apologize for making statements. leland: what about the statements? >> i think we all should be careful and why i'm careful sitting on this show. leland: you have been. >> and i want to hear mueller
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testify. we're all still interpreting his interpretations. i want him to answer that question. leland: you're not on the committee. >> i'm not on the committee. leland: we'll give you an opportunity. what one question? >> do you think there was criminal-- that there were criminal things happened at the white house that threatened this country? but asking that question. leland: hold on. he said investigators identified individuals with numerous links with russian evidence, the trump campaign, the evidence wasn't sufficient enough for criminal charges. >> wasn't sufficient, i'd like him to expand. leland: and doesn't prove that the president committed a crime. >> it does not say that he did not. leland: don't we live in a country where you have the presumption of innocence, and b, things have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and this is mueller saying, i don't have the ability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt any criminal charges? >> he has clearly, when you read this whole report.
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he's clearly left open a number of questions. and nearly, in the white house-- >> and being one-- >> others in his world that are under-- >> only one in the white house. >> well, people in his-- >> you get one more question for mueller and one last word and we'll wrap it up. >> i'd like his recommendation to congress about what we should do and i'd like mueller to tell us how we hold people accountable in the white house, but keep this country together and keep our democracy strong, and make your the fundamental pillars of our constitution aren't under attack. leland: quick and we'll go. you have a town hall tomorrow in ann arbor. >> next week. leland: next week in ann arbor. what's the chance that anybody asks you about mueller report versus health care, job training, et cetera. >> it's a health care town hall, but i already know that people think i should be out there calling for impeachment. leland: interesting. >> and i want the facts. and i don't want it tear this country apart more. i am for holding people totally accountable. i think we all, republicans,
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democrats, need to do something and be worried about what the russians are trying to do interfering in our election, but i also want-- >> as you point in 2016 and 2018. >> i want our country to go. this is easter, time to remember how much we have in come mop, whatever faith and party. leland: and passover as well. >> and muslims begin ramadan shortly. leland: gillian. now for something completely different. the republican perspective on this. and let's bring in the house submarine committee, tennessee congressman, chuck fleischman. we are going to talk border. you're eager to talk about the border. i want you to follow up on congressman dingell and get your reaction to the mueller report. here is an excerpt, i want you to take a look and get your reaction from the report itself. mueller writes, if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts, the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state.
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now, the report does not go on to so state. the president's not in the clear on obstruction of justice, right? >> well, let me say this, first of all, happy easter and happy passover to everyone who is watching. i think that's the only thing my distinguished colleague ms. dingell, and i can agree on. the president has done absolutely nothing wrong. the american people have seen the democrats call for an investigation. gillian: well, i want to stop you there. the reports itself actually lays out ten instances in which mueller presents evidence the president actually did try to commit obstruction of justice. he was only stopped by the goodwill of his own staff who didn't carry out his orders. ten instances laid out in the report. >> let me basically say this, the president has done nothing wrong. he has been totally vindicated. this is a situation where independent investigations have said he has done nothing wrong,
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nothing criminal. you can have certain opinions involved in that, but it's gone on far too long. gillian: congressman, there's a difference between nothing criminal and nothing wrong. the report, mueller clearly states it does not exonerate the president from wrongdoing. >> well, he basically found him guilty of absolutely nothing. you can get into subjective, but we're a nation of laws. if the president had done anything wrong, and remember, the democrats kept moving the goal post. listen to their response. it's totally chaotic. they try to change the goal post. they argue the world is round. the world is flat. the american people are tired of the taxpayer waste of dollars. they have been looking into this. democrats have asked for report after report. they are not going to be happy until they basically see an election in 2020. they are all over the place. gillian: congressman, your own colleagues for many months the beginning of the year took to our air and other networks to say that the president would
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never even consider, would never call for the firing of robert mueller, but what has been laid bare in the report itself is that on june 17th, 2017, the president picked up the phone, called his white house counsel, don mcgann at home and asked him to do exactly that. how do you defend that? >> president trump allowed mueller to do his job. congress allowed mueller to do his job. mueller did his job. and he has been vindicated by the report, by mueller, by barr, and the american people are tired of the chaotic way that the democrats have continued to attack-- >> clearly we're not going to get off the talking points. let's move on to the bore he der. department of homeloversee. top tier leadership is in turmoil this week, in many instances without senior leaders. are you uneasy about the situation and what are you planning to do about it? >> well, fortunately, i've gone to the border with the president, with other congressional leaders, it is a state of chaos.
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we are being overrun, it is a situation where caravans are coming in. gillian: what about the department of homeland security that you oversee, congressman? >> well, i don't oversee it i understand under the submarine committee of appropriations. they're doing the best job they can based on the magnitude of this crisis. we talked about the mueller report. the american people want us to focus on border security, on the economy. on keeping america moving in the right direction. he have' been to the border, the people, the men and women are doing a tremendous job there with limited resources. what i'm saying is, whether you're on the homeland security submarine committee-- subcommittee. support the president, look at the truth what's going on in the border and let's deal with the crisis which is crisis with a capital c right now. >> do you think that the 0
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president's ousting of kirstjen nielsen was the right thing to do at this moment. >> i don't know if it's an axing or not. i think she decided to go on her own. gillian: we know from our sources, congressman she left at the request of the president. >> well, that's between those two. i would say that any be cabinet employee serves as an employee at will and an employer at will. if the employee wants to stay or go, they can go. if the employer, the president wants them to stay or go, that's up to them. what i am saying is we are seeing a chaotic situation at the border, like we've never seen before. unprecedented numbers, disease, potential terrorism, we are being literally overrun in this country and the democrats are sitting on their hands. i am asking every republican, every democrat, every american to look at the crisis that this this is from every perspective and sit down and solve it, not in a bipartisan way, but nonpartisan way, we owe this to the american people. gillian: congressman, we're
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coming unagainst a hard break. thank you for your time. happy easter, happy passover to you. >> thank you, same to you. gillian: be sure to watch fox news sunday tomorrow. chris wallace talks to president trump's attorney rudy guiliani and the house intelligence chairman adam schiff. check your local listings for time and channel there. also, on sunday's fox news channel's media buzz, howard kurtz will talk to harvard law professor alan dershowitz about the media's coverage. mueller report. that's tomorrow 11 a.m. eastern. leland: 2020 dems on the trail this weekend all over the country talking about the mueller report and whether it rises to the level of impeachment. garrett tenney with us on this. >> i want to start with the field of 2020 democrats will get bigger this week with the addition of former vice-president joe biden. two sources with knowledge of biden's plans, he is expected to
9:16 am
declare his candidacy on wednesday, though it could slip to thursday. the theme will be the battle for the soul of america and the site for his campaign rollout, according to the philadelphia inquirer will be charlottesville, virginia. for months the 76-year-old has led every poll of 2020 democrats even without officially entering the race. this week in boston, biden gave a preview of his pitch to blue collar workers at a union rally for grocery store workers who are on strike. >> guys, that's not hyperbole, that's a simple fact. that's a fact. the middle class built this place and you know who built the middle class? unions, unions. not a joke. as he enters the race, one of the leading questions facing democratic hopefuls, whether congress should impeach trump following the release of the mueller report. democratic leaders largely resist that, but julian castro and elizabeth warren are calling for it. she doubled down on her position at an organizing event in new
9:17 am
hampshire. >> there are a lot of folks who say, this is politically charged, democrats shouldn't go here. just stay away from it, there's an election coming up. but there's some things that are bigger than politics. i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. [applause] >> and nancy pelosi has said that they're going to be having a phone call on monday to decide what steps to take going forward. looking ahead to the next week with biden, we've known for some time his team has been preparing to enter the race, with donors, they want a splash with donations in the first 24 hours, something we'll keep an eye on. leland: keep in mind seth moulton possibly putting his name in the ring as well and so many of the fundraisers have been tied up by the big guys. hawaiian congresswoman and
9:18 am
presidential candidate tulsi gabbard will be joining us. and she has a primary challenger in her home state. 1 p.m. eastern we'll ask her about that. gillian: this hour, thousands of yellow vest protesters taking to the streets of paris amid backlash over massive donations raised to restore the notre dame cathedral. molly line has the latest. >> tens of thousands have been called for the yellow vest protests happening in paris and other cities across the nation. they're protesting despite the fact that it's easter weekend and denight what happened with the notre dame cathedral. the protesters have blocked streets and this is their 23rd saturday of protests. they're throwing bottles, some have set fires and police responded with tear gas and stun grenades. many equipped with riot gear.
9:19 am
the protesters ransacked businesses, along the champs-elysees. and the some are reportedly angered by the billion dollar outpouring to notre dame. helping living people instead of a monument. one yellow vester noted that humans should be more important than stones. if humans had more money they, too, could help finance the restoring of notre dame. i find this disgusting. one postponed a speech when the notre dame cathedral caught fire. they believe they're unheard and unaddressed. some yellow vest protesters threaten they'll come to the streets outside of this wounded cathedral. a lot of tourists in the area. police say they will be stopped,
9:20 am
that that confrontation will happen and they'll keep them away from the streets where so many tourists have gathered today, gillian. gillian: we know that income inequality in france is growing perhaps more quickly than anywhere else in europe. thanks for that picture, molly. leland: we are going to break down the mueller report next. how can president trump push back against possible impeachment hearings? what do the redactions mean? it's been 20 years since the columbine high school mass shooting. how the victims are still dealing with the trauma. and a dozen tornados leaving at least four people dead across the south. adam klotz tracking the storm lines from the weather center. >> leland, these are the reports from the last 72 hours. the red icons are tornados. and potential flooding in new england. i'll have that and the complete forecast after the break.
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go to and get 2 months free. >> spring storms being blamed for the death of four people. they've left a trail of destruction across much of the south. 14 tornados have been confirmed in mississippi, while four others suspected in virginia. now, the weather concerns shift
9:25 am
north. meteorologist adam klotz is at the fox weather center with the forecast. adam, what can you tell us? >> well, there's a little bit of good news, a little bit of bad news with the system. i think that big tornado threat, the big thunderstorm threat is beginning to wind down as you see the frontal line begin to move off shore. that's where we've seen the worst of the weather. it's going to pump up a lot into new england. we think no longer tornados and more of a flood threat. and this is the future radar. it's the time stamp and it's behind me. all of this moisture will continue to push into new england. even if this frontal boundary moves out it's a bit of a conveyer belt bringing lots and lots of rain to the area and the ground is soggy and more rain throughout the course of today. there are large areas here, we're talking about flood watches and warnings stretching across new england and up to philadelphia and new york. you're likely to see heavy flooding especially in low lying areas, creeks, the rivers. a lot of rain has fallen.
9:26 am
widespread, an inch to two inches in the area. if you live farther in the country, sunday for thanksgiving, outside of new england and the mountain states, i think it's going to be a beautiful easter sunday for folks in the countries. gillian: hopefully this means there will be extra may flowers for most of americans to look forward to. thanks, happy easter, adam. leland: president trump tweeting in the past couple of minutes about the mueller report reinforcing his message with a few statistics including what he says, zero collusion and zero obstruction. former federal prosecutor and professor at university of memphis law school and author of "rethinking u.s. election law", steve mulroy with us. first thing's first, if you were the ranking members on house
9:27 am
judiciary, conceivably where any kind of impeachment hearings would start, the democrats were talking about, if you were their counsel. how would you start blocking and tackling for the president ahead of the hearings? >> it's an excellent question. the first question is what do my clients want to do? i mean, are they determined to go forward with impeachment proceedings or are they trying to decide whether that's the right thing to do? >> i'm saying that if you're republicans, conceivably defending the president. >> i'm sorry, i misunderstood the question. well then, so i think i would start out by emphasizing that on the primary thing that the mueller report was supposed to investigate, you know, links and contact and possible conspiracy between the trump campaign and those russians that were trying to interfere in the election, the mueller report said there was no reason for charges and i would say that would be reason alone to not try to go forward with any kind of impeachment
9:28 am
proceedings. on the other hand, they are going to have to wait and see what mueller himself says when he testifies in may. i think that's going to be an important decision point. leland: that brings up an interesting point. because bill barr came out strongly and parsing the difference between bill barr's summary and commentary versus the actual quote. that's have been litigated the past couple of days. now that we know that mueller is going to testify, we had the congresswoman from michigan and her questions for mueller earlier. does barr have a risk that mueller comes out and undercuts a lot of how he summarized things? >> i think there is that risk. i suspect though that mueller will be very circumspect and will be reluctant to go much beyond the actual text of the mueller report itself. and if that is the case, then you're left with the current debate, which is are there material differences between the
9:29 am
way that attorney general barr characterized the mueller report in his four-page summary and the actual report itself? i think there are some nontrivial differences-- >> barr said that the special counsel, quote, found no evidence. reading from the mueller report, a statement that investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts. >> right. leland: they seem to be contradictory. >> absolutely, yes, yes, i think that's right. and i think another contradiction, arguably, that he seemed to characterize mueller's decision as saying there's no points in going forward with obstruction aside from the fact that there was a sitting president, you know, and the sitting president has immunity under the department of justice policy. there wasn't any evidence of it. but that's not what mueller actually said. mueller said something quite different. leland: real quick, if you have five lawyers you'll get six opinions. understandable in you disagree with another former federal prosecutor. take a listen to hoenig on cnn
9:30 am
and we'll get your reaction. >> i think that bill barr's credibility and independence are in the trash, going out of his way to make excuses and arguments that don't hold up and contradicted flatly by the report. leland: do you agree or disagree. >> i don't know that it's in trash, but undermind his credibility the way he's been characterizing the mueller report. leland: well, save some barbecue for us. gillian: ahead, vice-president joe biden expected to announce a 20 bid for the presidency just four days from now. it will be his third bid to become the nation's commander-in-chief. and president trump is spending this easter weekend at mar-a-lago. phil keating is there on the ground. phil, what is on the president's agenda this weekend? >> gillian, he's been tweeting
9:31 am
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>> president trump is at mar-a-lago this easter weekend. so far he's got golf and twitter on the agenda. he sounded off on the mueller report earlier this morning. phil keating joins you now from the sunshine state. phil, what can you tell us what's in store for him this weekend? >> hi, gillian. for the second straight day in president trump's long easter weekend in palm beach county. two issues are dominating. the mueller report and golf. he's returned to the trump golf for two and a half hours where he remains.
9:36 am
before he left for mar-a-lago he shot out this tweet recording the mueller report. the greatest witch hunt in american history is no collusion with russia and no obstruction, pretty amazing. trump is also threatening retaliation against those who pushed for the two-year investigation. on the obstruction of justice probe, mueller listed ten things that happened that could be criminally connected to obstruction, but declined to indict the sitting president, but also wrote he could not exonerate him leaving further steps up to congress. massachusetts senator and trump foil elizabeth warren took up the debate, and wanting the full unredacted report and will see a less redacted version. and there were photos of the celebrity round of golf.
9:37 am
lexi thompson paired up, and the white house took the photos and provided them to the media and did not allow the travel pool to come in and take photos and videos of the events. the president has no public events scheduled this entire weekend, however, we expect he's going to break away from his mar-a-lago resort in the morning to attend easter services. gillian. gillian: phil, do you think before we check back with you later, you could dig into who won? >> i'll try. gillian: thank you. >> i would assume it would be the president. i think-- >> i think that's probably safe. >> rand paul once said something along that line when the president plays he always wins. here to weigh in not on golf scores, but other matters. and weigh in on golf scores if he wants to. and steve, over the past couple of days, folks have called in, do they think the president won
9:38 am
on the mueller report? >> they certainly do, leland. no question about it and here in the great state of michigan as you put it, people are thinking of other things not the mueller report. if you look the at mueller report, disagree with what one of your guests said, extending this, people of tired of this. bob mueller is not going to offer more on testimony in capitol hill, than he did in this. and democrats could get back peddling, he'll not go farther than the report he issued, and in michigan-- >> the argue, the debate, this is baked in how people feel. latest fox news poll how did the mueller investigation make you feel about donald trump. 10% better. 16% worse. 65% no change. noteworthy this poll was taken before the report came out. after barr's summary letter, before the report came out. do you like that 65% number?
9:39 am
>> i think it's true by confirmation is alive and well. and thursday most people weren't watching every nuance taken apart. most people were at work or soccer practice. most aren't focused on the mueller report. donald trump was not an agent of the russian government. he was not compromised. no conspiracy and they know that. leland: they're worried about their own pocket books. >> certainly. leland: health care, whether they can send their kids to college. how the economy is doing. >> sure. leland: this is the latest poll out of michigan specifically against a couple of possible democratic candidates. this from firehouse strategies, optimist consulting both republican firms. 2020 democrats versus trump. joe biden loses by a point. bernie sanders a point. beto o'rourke more than ten.
9:40 am
is michigan locked down for the president? >> i wouldn't say locked down. the president called my program in 2016 on that date the stock market was 18, 613. today it's at 26, 559. you know, he won michigan, as you know by just over 10,000 votes and as to that conversation i had with him that morning went on to win m michigan and the stock market went up 43%. that's retired teachers, retired firefighters people who believe in following the american dream. more telling to me, i talk to democrats every day here, you know what, can't argue with the fact my paycheck has gone up. leland: and-- >> say that again. leland: you are one few home who reach across the aisle. >> i talk to a cross-section of people every day. first of all, they're seeing bigger paychecks, an economy a that's working for them. a state in michigan for ten years was getting beat up financially and you look around,
9:41 am
there are houses being built. cranes in downtown grand rapids and cranes in detroit. leland: a new governor in michigan will kill that? >> i don't think she's pragmatic and she wants to win the state house and is an uphill climb for gretchen whitmer in michigan. leland: what's the problem for president trump? >> say that again. leland: what's the potential problem for president trump in ten seconds for 2020. >> if he doesn't connect with those who-- the democrats danger is overplaying their hand. the president has to reconnect with michigan, pennsylvania, those who brought in the election by 10,000 votes. leland: he was in grand rapids a few weeks ago. >> he was. leland: steve, appreciate it as always. >> thank you. leland: thank you. all right, gillian. gillian: today marks the 20th anniversary of the columbine
9:42 am
high school shooting. it left 13 people dead and more than 20 wounded. fox's alicia acuna is in littleton, colorado, she's cover the way that they're honoring those who were lost. >> this is a day of reflection and what the families are calling recommitment. i'll have more on that when we come back. i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. yea. [quartet singing] shoot the j! shoot, shoot, shoot the jaaaaaay... believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent on a john deere x300 series mower. because seasons change but true character doesn't.
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>> today, april 20th marks 20 years since the shooting in columbi columbine high school. they're honoring the victims and remembering them as well, hi, alicia. >> hi, leland. remember, reflect, recommit, that's the theme of today's service here at clement park which abuts columbine high school. later today there will be an invite-only memorial service for the victims, family and survivors. this is the second day of remembrance here in littleton.
9:47 am
late yesterday a prayer service was held. 20 years ago today 20 high school students and -- 12 high school students and one of their teachers were killed and while the term school shooting has become more common in the american lexicon and children are taught how to prepare for the attacks. the most kids at columbine had done was a fire drill. april 20th, 1999 the local fire departments could not communicate with their radios and s.w.a.t. teams and responders waited three hours outside before entering the building. before this date, there was no active shooter protocol. that has now changed. the principal at the time, frank deangelus spoke with fox news leading up to today. >> 20 years later, i still have that survivor's guilt and trying
9:48 am
to do everything that i can that unfortunately their kids lost their life and die in vain. every morning i recite their names and mr. sanders' name. >> and it went into a lockdown when the fbi said there was a credit threat by a florida teen. and deangelus says he's amazed how much security it took just to keep that memorial service safe. in terms of the columbine high school students today, they are all participating in a day of service, volunteering around the community, trying to give back. that's part of the recommitment here, leland. leland: the wounds still very fresh in colorado, especially in littleton. alicia acuna there. thank you. for people in high school at the time there was a loss of innocence. it's something you never thought possible that you would be in danger at high school in that way. there was before columbine and now everything after columbine.
9:49 am
gillian: you know, the miami herald reported a couple of weeks ago that of the students who were present for the shooting on that day, nearly as many who were killed have now committed suicide in the wake of the shooting that day. so a tremendous mental health cost. leland: right. gillian: toll on this community as well. leland: survivor's guilt that the principal pointed out. we leave you for a couple of minutes with pictures of the victims. 12 students and one teacher. [running through woods] so i think we're going with a family van. a family van? was that her choice? naaah man, that was my choice. this thing's got reclining seats, dvd player, it's got a built-in vacuum cleaner. you ever seen my kid eat crackers? yeah... so you see how that works? mm-hmm. sometimes you gotta go straight for the source. car loans fast from navy federal credit union...
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and your words carry a lot of weight. think about what you want to say before you say it. or send it. the north korean ministry going after mike pompeo and national security advertiser john bolton after they laid out terms for a potential third summit with the united states. what will it mean for future negotiations? we'll bring in the man for u.s.-china dialog at georgetown university and former cia director for east asia and the pacific. dennis wilder. dennis, it's great to have you with us. >> good to be with you. gillian: i want to get your reaction to the specifics of what the north koreans said about secretary pompeo and john
9:54 am
bolton. on pompeo, the foreign ministry says i wish our dialog counterpart would not be pompeo, but another person who is more careful and mature in communicating with us. and then on bolton, they gave him a little bit easier of a ride, describe him as having no charm and being dim-sighted. is this kind of par for the course with the north since they're not really that good at diplomacy? >> yeah, this is very ham-handed stuff from the north korean leader. gillian: it sounds like a bunch of third graders. >> it is. they're trying to get around these people and get to another summit with the president. kim overshot at the last summit and thought he could get a deal that he did before, i'll partially shut down the facility and you give me sanctions relief. the problem is we've seen that deal before and that's not real denuclearization so the president rightly walked away.
9:55 am
gillian: but now he's openly talking to the press about going back for round three. despite the fact that the first two collapsed from underneath of the negotiations, the second summit only lasted half the time it was supposed to before it fell through. we're going to go back and do it again? >> well, i don't think the president should go back and do it again until the north koreans are willing to negotiate with pompeo. i think the issue that has been laid down here today is that the north koreans want to get around pompeo. and they think, wrongly, i think, but they think they can get a better deal by going directly to the president. i think what the president has to do at this point is make clear, you have to negotiate with my negotiator, my secretary of state first. let's hear that you're serious about denuclearization, let's hear what you're really going to do to get rid of those nuclear missiles and those nuclear weapons and then i'll have a third summit with you. the problem with giving him more
9:56 am
summits without anything is it's increasing his international standing. he got to go to singapore, go to hanoi and meet with the leaders of vietnam. we don't want to give him more international standing. that's not-- >> and the president's time. i think the commander-in-chief, his time is extremely valuable. we have to leave it at that. dennis, thank you very much: greatest efforts on the migrant crisis at the border. to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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and up, and up. ♪ ♪ leland: from washington, nice to be with you on a beautiful saturday, finally. jim jill i know. -- gillian, i'm gillian turner. here is what is making the news right now. president trump spending the weekend in florida, tweeting about the report, quote: pretty amazing. saying the outcome of the mueller report is everything he hoped it would be and talking about how republicans are preparing to defend the president against possible impeachment hearings. leland: plus, thousands of migrants traveling towards the u.s. border this week as we wait for president trump to nominate a new dhs secretary. what former kansas secretary of state kris kobach says he would do about it. gillian: plus, thousands of
10:01 am
protesters causing chaos in the streets of paris. why they are still angry. ♪ ♪ leland: all right. ellison barber. >> reporter: democrats are set to hear from the attorney general in about a week and a half. attorney general bill barr will testify before the judiciary committee in both chambers of congress. he's going to testify before the senate on may 1st, the house on may 2nd. but that's not all that democrats are asking for. they also want to hear from special counsel robert mueller, and they want more of his report, no redactions and all of the underlying documents. yesterday the chairman of the house judiciary committee issued a subpoena for it and told the
10:02 am
justice department they must comply by may 1st. >> we have to hear from mueller, ask him a lot of questions, we have to hold hearings and hear from other people both on the question of obstruction of justice where, as i said, the special prosecutor invited congress to look into that, not the attorney general. we have to look into all that. we need the entire report unredacted and the underlying documents in order to make informed decisions. >> reporter: chairman nadler's subpoena is premature and unnecessary, a spokesperson said there are minimal redactions in the report provided thursday, and they've tried to make arrangements for chairman nadler and other members of congress to review the report with, quote, even fewer redactions. democrats said the offer they got from doj is simply if not acceptable in part because doj's proposal would prohibit discussions of the full report even with other committee members. they say as a co-equal branch of government, there needs to be a
10:03 am
mechanism to insure access to grand jury material. democrats say they are going to do more, and they think that's what the special counsel wanted. on page 220 of the report it says this, quote: congress has authority to prohibit a president's corrupt use of his authority or in order to protect the integrity of the administration of justice. democrats are pointing to that as proof that congress, not the attorney general, needs to find an answer on obstruction. among some of the most progressive democrats, there is talk of impeachment, however, it's not a big group, and leadership right now is not going that far. leland? leland: ellison barber with us on that. here to talk more about the fallout, republican national committee spokesperson liz harrington. liz, good to see you, as always. >> you too. leland: how worried are you about potential impeachment hearings? >> not at all. i'm not exactly sure what the high crime or misdemeanor would be except that president trump
10:04 am
won the presidency in 2016. leland: is there a chance hearings could be done for president trump? bill clinton ended with the highest approval numbers ever. >> well, yeah. they're going to overreach because the american people know there's no there there. $35 million later and all we have to show for it is a 448-page wannabe resistance spy novel that left out the spying. [laughter] leland: well, okay, from the report it identified numerous links between individuals with ties to the russian government and individuals associated with the campaign. the evidence wasn't sufficient -- that's not didn't find anything. >> no, reading the report it's very clear that this was 19 democrat lawyers hand picked by robert mueller who really were upset with the outcome of the 2016 election. so you read page by page, and there's innuendo and suggestions of impropriety, but at the end of every chapter -- leland: but, hold on, hold on can. [inaudible conversations] >> no obstruction.
10:05 am
leland: telling don mcgahn to fire robert mueller isn't wrong? >> not firing someone isn't obstruction -- leland: i'm asking whether it's the right thing to do or not. >> being upset that a band of resistant bureaucrats within the justice department took it upon themselves to smear this president, accused him of treason -- leland: nobody. no, ma'am, robert mueller never accused him of treason, and nobody in the -- ma'am, ma'am, no, hold on. the facts are important here. nobody, not one person in robert mueller's office ever accused the president of -- >> what is the -- leland: ma'am, no, no. you said they accused him of treason. they didn't -- >> they used a dossier that accused the president of working with the russians. there was never any collusion -- leland: i'm not sure, how did robert mueller use the dossier? >> that's why we're all here to begin with, that's why the spying of carter page -- leland: i'm still confused -- okay, we'll leave that. go to what mitt romney had to
10:06 am
say about this report, the republican from utah. i'm sickened by the extent of dishonesty in the highest office of the land. reading the report is a sober revelation of how far we have strayed from the aspirations and the principles of founders. tell me this, if this report had been written about a democratic president, i can't imagine you would have the same feelings about out. why is mitt romney wrong? >> the vast majority of republicans are sickened by an out of control obama justice department that took it upon themselves to spy on the political party out of power -- leland: okay, so you -- hold on, is this -- [inaudible conversations] there are. >> the american people and the pervasiveness of dishonesty is if james clamber, john brennan -- clapper, john brennan, adam schiff. that's the pervasiveness -- leland: but none of these people -- [inaudible conversations] none of them -- >> they should be mentioned in the report -- [inaudible conversations] leland: isn't about the president of the united states held to a higher standard? >> of course.
10:07 am
he did nothing wrong, there was no collusion! leland: hold on -- >> there was no collusion, the entire premise of this report -- leland: -- the decision to fire mueller was not wrong? lying about to the american people about the meeting in trump tower wasn't wrong? >> this is such a misconception. if the president wanted to fire robert mueller, he would have done it. he didn't need don mcgahn to do it. and he would have -- leland: then why did he tell him to? >> -- to stay out of the way, because he knew he was innocent from day one. there was never any there there just as peter strzok said in may 2017, okay? that's the real scandal here. they knew there was no collusion, and yet they started the special counsel report anyway. leland: all right. so far i haven't heard anything different than the talking points from the -- >> i haven't heard any talking points from the democrat party, apparently. leland: i think these are just questions. thank you, ma'am if, appreciate it. gillian? gillian: tension between u.s. and mexican troops along the southern border heating up now
10:08 am
after mexican troops questioned u.s. soldiers who they believe overstepped their bounds south of the territory. jeff paul's covering the dust-up. jeff, any chance for a speedty resolution here? >> reporter: gillian, this involves two u.s. army soldiers one week ago, but it's only now that u.s. military officials are confirming what some are reportedly describing as a somewhat tense exchanges. in a statement from northern command, it says though they were south of the border fence, u.s. soldiers remained in u.s. territory north to have actual border. after a brief discussion between the soldiers from the two nations, the mexican military members departed the area. throughout the incident the u.s. soldiers followed all established procedures and protocols. in the all happening as the president says he's going to call more military to deal with the influx of migrants from central america being ap rememberedded at the southern border. acting secretary of defense
10:09 am
patrick shanahan says the pentagon has yet to receive a formal request but is expecting to provide the help. we'reust awarded a contract to build soft-sided facilities in el paso, texas. the process facilities are at a breaking point, and the shelters should help in the transferring of the unprecedented number of families and unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally each day. but those who live in the impacted border towns have mixed feelings about these shelters. >> i think it's a good idea because at least they don't, they're not on the street. >> we can't accept everybody coming in seeking asylum as much as we want to. the tents are not going to stop asylum seekers. we need immigration reform. >> reporter: the facilities are each expected to house up to 500 people with showers, toilets, laundry and other living needs. cbp is expecting the shelters to be up and running as soon as the
10:10 am
1st of may. gillian? gillian: for more insight, let's turn to former kansas secretary of state kris kobach. kris, thanks for your time this afternoon. what do you make of this dust-up along the border? >> well, it's just another flare-up, another manifestation of this tension that we have with mexico. mexico has not been doing enough to stop these caravans that are going through it, and the thing that we most need mexico to do right now is sign a safe third country agreement. we already have one with canada, and if i can explain what that is, it's basically an agreement that says whoever claims asylum in one of our two countries has to claim asylum in the first country they set foot in. so if they walk through mexico on the way to the united states, they have to claim asylum in mexico first. we already have an agreement like that with canada, it's working really well, and that would stop these people from coming to the united states from central america and making what is usually a baseless asylum
10:11 am
claim here. they should make their claim in mexico. we have to put pressure on mexico and have them sign that thing right away. i think the way we do that, the way we put pressure on them is publish a proposed regulation to stop people who are illegally in the united states from sending those remittances home. that would hit mexico in the pocketbook, but it's a situation -- gillian: once the migrants are here in the united states, president trump said this week he's considering this policy where dhs rounds them all up and buses them into ang shoe ware -- sanctuary cities. does that so the problem? -- solve the problem? >> you know, what i would prefer to see is the individuals come in and then instead of being released into any city, keep them in a processing center kind of like -- gillian: so you disagree. just to be clear, kris, you disagree with that policy proposal from president trump? >> well, no, no, i don't disagree with the principle of it. the principle is, look, these sanctuary cities are breaking u.s. law, and they are supposedly welcoming people who
10:12 am
are illegally in the united states, and the president's saying, oka wou your word. i think the best -- you know, if we're not going to be able to construct facilities is so we can keep people confined and in u.s. custody while processing the claim and send them right home, then you could consider the president's policy. the best of all possible worlds is to actually hold on to them and get those immigration judges en masse down to the border, and as soon as their claim is begun denied, put them on a passenger plane back to their home country. we are giving them a six-year ticket, a piece of paper that says come for your asylum hearing in six years, oh, and by the way, here's a work permit that allows you to work in the united states for six years. it's a gift. back home people who are trying to come to the country legally are waiting in line for a two-year permit. gillian: what about in new mexico, reports that the sort of civilian militia, vigilante-type
10:13 am
folks are actually taking it upon themselves to detain migrants they believe have crossed the border illegally. they're rounding them up. i don't know if we've got pictures, but a lot of them wearing military fatigues, camo, carrying shotguns. they round these people up and get custom and border patrol agents to take over. is this the kind of law enforcement you think america needs right now? >> i think the news reports may be describing that inaccurately. what i understand is happening is -- and i've been to the new mexico border just two weeks ago -- what's happening is the individuals are not coming in under cover of darkness trying to sneak into the united states, they're looking for border patrol agents so they can make a fraudulent claim of asylum -- gillian: yeah, but the key here is should americans be taking it upon themselves to round up people they believe have crossed the border illegally and then turning them over to cbp? it sounds kind of like the wild
10:14 am
west. >> these individuals are coming in, they're looking for cbp, and there may be an american standing there, you know, who's patrolling the border, and he may say, yeah, look, i'll call cbp for them, there's probably -- gillian: isn't that a problem? doesn't that make -- law enforcement, cbp is saying it makes their job more complicated. >> it depends on how you define patrolling. if they're simply picking up the phone and calling cbp, that's been happening for decades. ranchers, ordinary citizens have been saying, look, i see 100 people, 300 people, will you please come and address the situation. so that's all they're doing -- swil jill kris, it kind of changes the -- [inaudible] if those people are standing there wearing military fatigues and carrying guns, doesn't it? >> it's hard to generalize because a lot of people, it's is so dangerous on our border. there are many people i know who live on the border who won't venture outside of their house without a gun because the cartels are so dangerous.
10:15 am
i hesitate to cast judgment on the situation, but i do know this: most of the aliens are coming in, and their looking for the -- they're looking for the border patrol. maybe they walked up the these people and said, hey, are you border patrol? if that's all that happened, then i don't want see a problem. now, if these people are making arrests, that's a different story. gillian: all right. kris kobach, thanks for your time today. >> my pleasure. leland: we are getting pictures out of paris. as you can see, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of what are called yellow vest protesters in the streets rallying against tax and inequality issues. there is a connection between those two things. molly line on the streets in the city of lights as it is saturday evening with more. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, leland. some 60,000 police officers were mobilized by the french government despite the fact that this fire happened at the notre
10:16 am
dame cathedral, that did not deter the yellow vests from taking to the streets today. this is the 23rd saturday they have protested in the streets blocking streets, throwing bottles, setting small fires. police have responded with water cannons, tear gas, stun grenades. in the weeks past the protesters have trashed businesses. they are predominantly middle and lower class citizens voicing their fury over the economy, high taxes, the leadership of emmanuel macron, and now some reportedly are quite miffed by the billion dollar outpouring to restore notre dame. the french interior minister has vowed, quote, we will take all necessary measures to avoid misbehavior, stop violence, the rioters. the orders we have given to the security force it is are clear: react at this point, systematic dispersal of crowds, arresting of violent individuals. some of those profirsts had threatened to come here as part of their protests, but those
10:17 am
large crowds that have been in other parts of the city have not appeared here near the cathedral. french police, however, have made more than a hundred arrests. the protesters have begun to bit possessor. leland? leland: until they do, molly, thanks so much. also overseas egypt's president casting his vote at the referendum today that could extend his rule until 2030. it also includes an amendment to broaden the military role. the nationwide vote is being held over three days asto get a. critics say they are concerned that the concentrated power could return egypt to an authoritarian government, some would argue it already is. gillian: could make that argument. parts of the northeast could see flooding this weekend from a storm system that damaged parts of the south already. so far five people now have been killed by the storm including an 8-year-old girl from florida.
10:18 am
the governor of mississippi declared a state of emergency friday because of the damage left behind by multiple tornadoes. leland: america's finest in action, racing against the flames to try to save a man from his burning car. we'll tell you how this ended up. plus, a long island community turning out to say good-bye to a young marine who made the ultimate sacrifice to his cup. his story next. and hundreds of wounded warriors hitting the road to support each other as they recover from injuries along with a big thank you from the white house. >> today america proudly salutes you and all of your fellow warriors. you are incredible warriors. ♪ ♪ money? it's racquetball time. ahhh! carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee?
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gillian: a u.s. marine killed in afghanistan made his final journey friday. a funeral profession brought him to his hometown on long island. the 25-year-old was killed in a convoy bombing earlier this month. he was among three other americans killed in that same incident. his funeral will be held on wednesday. leland: wounded warriors from around the country came washington to take part in the 16th annual soldier ride d.c. this week. it's a two-day adaptive cycling
10:23 am
event that helps veterans rehabilitating from injuries on the battlefield connect with each other as they make their way across washington. you can see some of the landmarks there in the video. washington, d.c., virginia and maryland. in between biking events, the vets got a chance to meet with president trump at the white house. >> in 2004 i was seeing myself serving in my third tour overseas when i was severely injured by a rocket attack. fast forward a little bit, i'm at walter reed waking up, recovering, and unbeknownst to me there was a group of friends somewhere in new york coming up with this crazy idea. how about we ride a bicycle across the country for. we're a young organization doing great work, and that was the wounded warrior project. [applause] no matter how difficult the challenge is, whether you fall down or crash or if it seems like the miles never end, if there's someone holding you or helping you get back up, walking
10:24 am
along your side with you, if there's someone supporting you and helping you realize the finish line is just a little bit further, anything is possible. recovery takes time, and it take it's hard work, but at the same time if you're willing to put in the time and with support, you can overcome everything. you might fail, but you will eventually succeed. >> each of you is a living testament to the outstanding determination, persistence and patriotism that made in the greatest nation ever -- this the greatest nation to exist on the face of the earth. may god bless our military and, very importantly, our great country, the united states of america. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ leland: and there are soldier rides all over the country. if you want to learn more about the wounded warriors, log on to their web site, i've been on a couple of these soldier rides, and one of the
10:25 am
things that soldiers who have been wounded will tell you time and time again is how nice it feels to do something that is a normal activity. they spend so much time in rehab, so much time completely detached from their lives before, to be able to do something normal as to ride a bike, it's a completely different experience. gillian: i've got a good friend who does physical therapy with some of these folks, and she says the most rewarding thing for the her is seeing them make these tremendous leaps. you know, she's seen people who were wheelchair-bound walk again, folks who were never projected to run again run, it's truly incredible. leland: the warrior spirit both in terms of on the battlefield and how they attack their wounds as well, this is jeremy ya pauley -- jeremiah pauley talking talking about no matter how injured a warrior is, they'll find a way to get them on a bike. gillian: just a couple years ago they were beset by huge funding
10:26 am
scandals. the organization made a concerted effort to rebrand kansas city and to continue, you know, carrying out the mission. they're doing a great job today. coming up next, what's at stake for the all those celebrity parents and their children in the college admissions scandal? we'll bring on a criminal defense and litigation attorney to break it down. plus, elizabeth warren hits the campaign trail in the new hampshire. what she has to say about the mueller report. >> the mueller report hands this now to congress, and the fundamental question for us is if, is some accountability. ♪ ♪ not this john smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health,
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leland: on this saturday 2020 presidentl candidates as split as the democratic party on the issue of impeachment of president trump. garrett tenney joining us as the 2020 candidates are fanned out across the country. hi, garrett. >> reporter: good to be with
10:31 am
you. busy weekend, and few things excite the democratic base like the idea of impeaching president trump. a number of 2020 hopefuls are pushing for impeachment proceedings following the release of the mueller report. senator elizabeth warren set things off on friday when she became the first candidate to call for impeachment, and since then almost every candidate who's had an event or done an interview has been asked about it, and several such as julian castro and pete buttigieg are jumping on with the impeachment wagon. >> the mueller report hands this now to congress, and the fundamental question for us is, is there going to be some accountability here. >> i think it would be perfectly reasonable for congress to open up those proceedings. >> reporter: other democratic candidates are being a bit more careful and saying they first want to hear from robert mueller. so far democrat leaders have been staunchly against the idea
10:32 am
of impeachment though, and they are saying that they first want to hear from special counsel robert mueller. one person who will likely also have to weigh in soon is former vice president joe biden. sources with knowledge of biden's plans tell fox news he's expected to enter the race on wednesday. the theme of his rollout will be the battle for the soul of america, and the site for his campaign rollout will be charlottesville, virginia. for months the 76-year-old has led nearly every poll of 2020 candidates even without officially entering the race. the big question now is how long he'll be able to keep that top spot once he's officially running. leland: there's been a lot of questions about his best day being his first day on the trail and how long that can hold out, also how much money he can raise with the fundraisers being tied up. garrett, thank you so much. gillian: let's bring in democratic campaign consultant and fox news contributor doug schoen and go pac chairman and gop strategist david avila,
10:33 am
thanks for being here on this easter weekend. doug, i'm going to go to you first because you say democrats are off the rails, and i want to hear you tease that out for us a little bit. >> sure. look, we've heard from the special counsel. he said no collusion and no basis to go forward on obstruction. i know there's a lot of nuance, i know there's a lot of facts on both sides, but i also know something else. that's what the voters are going to hear, that's what they care about and what they really want the candidates to talk about are their positions on issues like unemployment, on health care, education, income inequality and how we're going to get america moving going forward. that's where the election will be decided, and i think david would agree with me that to just spend full time on impeachment or related topics, more
10:34 am
investigations is a fool's errand. gillian: well, here's the thing though. the devil's always in the details, right? and, david, while you might agree -- i'm not going to speak for you, but i am for a second -- you may agree with doug that the party, the democrats need to focus on 2020 and shore up their candidates. is the party at all concerned by some of the nuance, as doug calls it, that's in this report? >> well, you're speaking well for me, gillian, because i do agree with doug, and let me take it one step further which is what you don't hear from democrats is things like what are we going to do to make sure russia doesn't have an impact on our 2020 elections? gillian: good point. >> as the three of us have discussed numerous time, russia has been trying to impact our elections since the '60s. nikita khrushchev used to brag about it, and we don't hear anything about the need for voter id, making sure those who
10:35 am
aren't citizens don't vote in america. in fact, you hear -- you see just the opposite. in california in some cities now, you don't have to be a u.s. citizen to vote. in vermont, in montpelier, you don't have to be a u.s. citizen to vet in local elections. democrat policies are going more to making our elections less safe, not more safe. and just as we need the general election to be safe and secure, doug's vote in the democratic primary should be protected too. gillian: david, what about some of the revelation in the mueller report? no collusion, no obstruction. great, but what about some of the revelations about the president directing staff to lie, the president directing his staff to do things that could be obstruction of justice, you know, like ordering his white house counsel in 2017, don mcgahn, to try and get mueller fired? do you feel good about that? >> not one of those statements is going to change a voter's opinion of the president. finish voters have their opinion
10:36 am
of the president. and ultimately, he will be reelected because things in america are going in the right direction. the economy is very strong, our military continues to be rebuilt, he's working on bringing border security. if the election is about and remains on the impact this president has had on moving america forward, he wins re-election. gillian: all right. doug, warren, elizabeth warren said just this morning, reiterated her calls for impeachment. does that indicate to you this thing's not going to go in the direction you hope it's going to go in? >> no, it doesn't indicate that. it indicates, to me, that elizabeth warren in particular is lagging in the polls. she's behind mayor pete, she's behind bernie sanders, and she's behind joe biden. to me, gillian -- gillian: meaning she's not really a concern for you, she's not a primary contender here. >> right. yeah, she's trying to get back in the hunt. the real question to me is on
10:37 am
wednesday when joe biden announces, as reports indicate, will he call for impeachment or will he, as i suspect, stop short of that. gillian: yeah. david, what do you think? just quickly, we've got to wrap up, but is there a chance biden would call for impeachment? >> it would be out of character, but in this field of democratic candidates, who knows? gillian: sometimes you've got to distinguish yourself, you know? >> that's not going to distinguish anybody. they're all going to say more investigations, which is a mistake. and i want the democrats to win, gillian, make no mistake. gillian: gentlemen, thanks for your time, as always. we'll check back with you soon. leland: coming up, the latest chapter in the college admissions scandal. why some children might get brought into the legal battle alongside their celebrity parents. plus, a dramatic rescue out of new jersey. how these officers' quick thinking saved the day. >> give me your hand! ♪ ♪ grilli ng would help take
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gillian: harrowing footage out of new jey where four police officers and a handful of good samaritans are being praised for their quick actions that saved several men from that burning car. according to police, the car collided with an suv causing both vehicles to burst into flames. two of the men rushed to the hospital with severe burns but fortunately, all four have survived. ♪ ♪ leland: on thursday, the mueller report came out. tmz reports that lori loughlin's daughter olivia was spotted partying just days after her mother pleaded not guilty to conspiracy charges related to the college admissions scandal. with us now to discuss, criminal defense attorney alex little. alex, good to see you. reports may have gotten lost in the mueller news that a number of these kids now are getting target letters from federal prosecutors. you think about going after
10:43 am
somebody's kid, that's almost like tactics prosecutors use against the mob. >> yeah. this is a really aggressive tactic. it means the prosecutors have sent a letter and said we think you've committed a crime, we're giving you notification of that, and we want you to talk talk tos about next steps. you don't see this in the most criminal cases in federal court. leland: this really seems to be pitting the kids against the parents at some point and holding the parents hostage. if you don't plead guilty, we're going after your kids. does that signify the prosecutors have, perhaps, a weak case? >> you know, it signifies they're probably worried about going to trial. they don't want to play this out and get maybe a juror to say i don't think this is serious enough for conviction. they want to push hard to get everybody to plead guilty before seeing the inside of a courtroom. leland: if this does go to court, do prosecutors have an issue with the argument that, look, people make donations autotime to try to get their kids n. how is it if you have $6 million for an art building you're a philanthropist, you
10:44 am
give it to the crew coach, you're a felon? >> if you go to a nice restaurant, you don't want to see what's going on in the kitchen, and i think private universities don't want the public to -- leland: does that come out? can defense attorneys go after universities and say, all right, what percentage of people whose parents gave over x get in, etc. >> oh, 100%. if i'm a defense attorney, i'm going straight for the jugular and getting those universities to tell me everything about the admissions process because the idea is these defendants have somehow perverted that or tricked the university. if i'm a defense attorney, i say, wait a minute, you know much more than you're letting on. leland: ooh, that could get uncomfortable and interesting as well. >> absolutely. leland: all right. if you were a defense attorney, would you want to take this to trial? at least some of these parents seem to be digging in. >> it really depends. some of these defendants, i think felicity huffman's guilty plea makes sense, it's not going to affect their life -- leland: well, unless they go to
10:45 am
jail. >> you know, there's very little likelihood given the facts of this case that they're going to see jail. leland: okay. >> for folks they've accused of higher numbers where the fraud is in the 600,000 or million dollars or bribery, there's a chance they'll see jail, and those folks may just be, like, let's fight. leland: kim kardashian has weighed in, evidently. meaning they, her kids, couldn't get into a school, i would never want to the use privilege to try to force them into a situation where they wouldn't thrive in anyway. speaking of thriving, and kim kardashian's thoughts on chide raising, where does this play for the kids? if all of a sudden you're a 50 or 60-year-old hedge fund manager and you have the felony conviction you talk about, all right. if there are kids who are then implicated in this, that changes the calculus. >> well, i think on the one hand, remember, these are very privileged kids, millionaires and multimillionaires, so they're going to be okay. they're not going to be out on
10:46 am
the street. but it absolutely puts pressure on them in a way that i don't think is commensurate -- leland: what do you think's behind this? is this just doubling down, or do they think they have something different here? what's happening? >> no, i think it's doubling down. i think it's also a sense of, gosh, these people really did something wrong, and we're going to punish them. there's that true believer sense in some prosecutors' offices, but they're going for the jugular. it's what they've been trained to do, and it's what they're doing here. leland: all right, alex little, thanks so much, my friend. >> thank you. leland: good to see you. gillian: prosecutors now seeking an 18-month prison sentence for a russian national and gun rights activist who admitted to being a secret agent for the kremlin. she bleeded guilty in december -- pleaded guilty in december as part of a deal with prosecutors. according to a new court filing, her lawyers asking she be credited for the nine months she's already spent in prison, and they also want her sent back to russia. she's expected to be sentenced
10:47 am
here in washington on friday. leland: the 2019 new york city international auto show is open, i draws folks from around the world including jacqui heinrich who's there picking out her new car. hi, jacqui. >> reporter: hey, there. there are more than 1,000 cars here to see and more than a million people coming to see them. we're showcasing concepts like a.i. and futuristic vehicles, and we'll tell you why the industry is seeing the biggest boom in nearly two decades. ♪ ♪ drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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leland: well, the oldest operational shn the u.s. navy, the uss blue ridge, got to hong kong on saturday. it sailed through the south china sea, and as we have reported, china has long been wary of the u.s. presence in the hotly-contested waters. the u.s. says those patrols are just routine to maintain stability. now we're told the ship's crew will experience the city through community relations projects and divided tours. the goal, they say, is fostering relationships in the pacific. ♪ ♪ gillian: this year's new york international auto show is expected to draw a million people to the jacob javits convention center in manhattan.
10:52 am
it's got nearly a thousand cars and trucks on display, and jacqui heinrich has seen each and every one, and she's here to tell us about it. she's going so that everybody else doesn't have to. >> reporter: and you know what? it's a great assignment, gillian. we're at the new york international auto show at the javits center. it is the longest running and most attended auto show in the country start anything 1900. with the economy booming, auto sales were back to their all-time the high of 17 million national sales in 2017. , but that number plateaued in 2018 and now is showing a fall in sales across the industry for the first quarter of 2019. nearly every major to maker reported -- automaker reported weak sales for march. moves made in washington can have an impact. >> the industry is very concerned. the impact on vehicle sales and the cost of cars would be enormous, loss of jobs in both on the manufacturing sector and on the retail sector that
10:53 am
employs a million people around the country would all be seriously impacted. >> reporter: despite the uncertainty out of d.c., car companies continue to make advancements in the next generation of their fleets including driveless vehicles, electric cars, hybrids and futuristic concepts. this morning governor andrew cuomo gave away a new rav-4 to the olivier bagley, a purple heart veteran who's now a detective in the nypd. >> we always say that the heroes are the guys who didn't come home, so we always have this feeling that we don't really deserve any of this stuff in the spotlight. but it's still a great honor too get recognized. it's aamazing. >> reporter: well, despite -- or besides, rather i should say, being a lot of fun, most people actually have the intention of purchasing a vehicle in the next 12 months. last year that number was 68% of
10:54 am
attendees had plans to buy a new car within the year. gillian? gillian: it's kind of ironic it's in new york city considering -- >> reporter: i know! you don't need one. [laughter] gillian: anyway, great reporting. thanks. >> reporter: so true. leland: well, ahead of yesterday a surprise visit from the easter bunny. what one ohio man was treated to just -- [laughter] a couple of days early. ♪ here comes peter cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail -- must ♪ easter's on its way. ♪ ♪
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leland: happy passover, to our jewish viewers who are watching. gillian: very good. thank you. leland: i learned something after four years in the middle east. gillian: my family will celebrate passover tomorrow as we often do. they're celebrating today because they weren't able to get a off work yesterday. sometimes i get confused about what day it is. i have a weird schedule. leland: it happens to the best of us. wherever you're celebrating passover, enjoy that. and obviously everybody is getting red d ready for easter s well. gillian: pope francis is preparing tore easter. he delivered a homely last night to thousands in the holy capital. he decried all the crosses of
10:59 am
suffering in the world. he will lead an easter vigil service tonight as well and a service tomorrow morning. leland: the easter bunny is often busy on easter so he came early to one ohio man. a little surprise, caught on camera. the bunny walking up to the home a few days before the holiday and then they did the macarena before retreating down the front -- i don't know why that makes -- the bu bunny left. gillian: it's a drunk easter bunny, i think. leland: what would possibly possess -- >> gillian: i would be terrified if i saw that outside my office win. leland:window. leland: you would be terrified if it was september. gillian: that would be a little more -- leland: that would be more disturbing. may your easter morning you mayt be as tire fi terrifying as tha.
11:00 am
rudy giuliani and adam schiff will be on tomorrow. you'll be back tomorrow at 1:00 as well. our friends in new york continue from here l. se.see ya. arthel: a new political battle intensifying in washington. jerry nadler issuing a p subpoena for the unredacted mueller report along with the underlying evidence. the justice department is pushing back, calling the move, quote, premature and unnecessary. hello, everyone, welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. eric: i'm eric shawn. the justice department is saying that chairman nadler and other lawmakers can review the report with fewer redactions soon. but chairman nadler says that does not go far enough. adding that he wants to hear from the special counsel himself. >> the barr revealed himself as an agent of the


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