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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 21, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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an with the mueller report. oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! (click). there's a lot of wait, lisa! lisa... commentary there right now. are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? we are back here next sunday, 11:00 a.m. if not, talk to schwab. eastern. we will see you all that a modern approach to wealth management. with the latest abuzz. [kno♪king] eric: crimmins rfl easter sunday today after a series of explosion ripped through churches and luxury hotels in sri lanka leading the entire country to be placed on lockdown ♪ for the death toll from the terrorist attack that targeted catholics and western tourists rising to more than 20 people so far and many wounded. memories. welcome to america's news headquarters on what we deliver by delivering. this easter sunday. eric shawn. arthel: arm are felt neville. officials believe suicide bombers were behind the first way of explosions striking sri lanka minority christian community during busy eastern-- easter services.
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more blast ripping through hotels. >> we believe that all the culprits involved in this incident will be taken into custody as soon as possible. they have been identified and they will be taken into custody as soon as possible. eric: we have live fox news coverage on this in a moment. first, let's go to trey live in jerusalem with the latest on a series of attacks. reporter: authorities say at least 207 people were killed this morning in sri lanka during the bombings, hundreds more injured and unfortunately the death toll is expected to rise i have heart disease, with the first run a bombing watch what i eat, take statins, but still struggle to lower my ldl bad cholesterol. targeted three churches and also three luxury hotels. which means a heart attack or stroke. could strike without warning, at least another two bombings occurred later in the day. pulling me away from everything that matters most. of police say the majority of eight bombings happened in the (siren) capital city of colombo because with high bad cholesterol,
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reports indicate sri lanka has shut down social media and imposed a curfew in an effort to stop the spread of misinformation and keeps her millions save thank you. arthel: that easter attack leaving the world in a state of shock religious and political leaders uniting in their condemnation of the attacks on the holiest day in christianity. . >> fox news alert the state department confirming several garrett is live in washington with that us citizens are among the dead story. reporter: sri lanka is home to about 1.6 million christians in after those bombings in sri lanka. this is an international search well under way at least the vast majority are roman catholics of this hits close to home to pope francis and this morning during his easter sunday 207 people have lost their and blessing he expressed his lives and 150 others are sadness after learning of easter morning attack and pray for wounded. those who were injured as well welcome to america's news headquarters here in as those who lost their lives. washington. >> on this easter afternoon this morning's bombings now >> i want to express my loving closeness to the christian community that we are 18 hours into this three churches and targeted while they were gathered in prayer and the victims of such:
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violence. reporter: at least 27 foreigners were killed in the attacks including at least one from the netherlands. the dutch foreign minister tweeted: horrified by these terrible attacks in sri lanka. thoughts are with the victims including one dutch national. at this moment the netherlands since their condolences to the sri lanka people. un secretary general's office said he's outraged by the attacks and on twitter he said i condemn that payment this-- heinous attacks on easter sunday, sacred day for christians and the un stands in solidarity with sri lanka community to fight hatred and extremism. holy sites must be respected. us ambassador to sri lanka also offered her condolences pleading deeply saddened by the senseless attacks today. our thoughts are with the victims and their family and we stand with the sri lanka people at this moment. just a few minutes ago that a statement from secretary of state mike pompeo who said at least
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several americans are among those wounded. arthel: thank you. eric: the aftermath of the mueller report. he will testify on the first week of the following month that amid revelations of the president and his behavior. democratic officials accusing the attorney general william barr of working to sway public opinion. they say it's convincing case that the president repeatedly tried to obstruct justice. republican congressman radcliffe responded on sunday morning. >> all of a sudden went to crossover collusion and say we don't give a damn about collusion. we want to look at bob mueller's finding on possible obstruction, not the investigation collusion that never should have taken place in the first place, borderline absurd.
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eric: what comes next, allison barber has the latest. reporter: the mueller report has led to very different reactions. on the right the president most republicans say it's a case for the president. on the left there are more kate-- questions for congressional inquiry and some calls for impeachment proceedings to begin. house chairman of the intelligence committee adam shift told fox news sunday that democrats are going to discuss impeachment but in his words it's a difficult decision and when they will make based on country not party. rudy giuliani president trump's personal lawyer said this sort of back-and-forth is nonsense and the president's legal team said they would release a bottle-- rebuttal, but now they say they don't think it's needed. >> that may become necessary whether they go ahead with the hearings or not, whether other issues are raised by different people there's probably a point
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which we will. right now, we think the public debate is playing out as about as well as it can. no one deleted 33000 e-mails like these people didn't know one bleached like hillary did. there was no obstruction for my congressman schiff has come under heavy fire from people close to the president saying since mueller didn't find evidence of the type of collusion schiff often talked about that he now has no credibility in the intelligence chair says the facts he laid out particularly with the infamous meeting at trump tower were true. >> the only reason that bob mueller said he didn't charge a car-- crime about the trump tower meeting was because he believed john junior was too ignorant to be charged and because the russians did deliver the dirt they promised, but not that the campaign didn't try to get dirt, but the
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russians didn't hold onto their end of the bargain. reporter: he says because trance to team did not believe they could prove blonde in a reasonable doubt conspiracy occurred that it doesn't mean there was some evidence of a crime. eric? eric: thank you. arthel: era, the president spending easter sunday at mara longo on the heels of the mueller report. we are live from the mara longo estate. reporter: the president right now and first lady are attending easter services on palm beach at the nearby episcopal church, the same church where they attended easter last year. church-- services should wrap up any minute and for the one and only time i camera event for the president this entire three-day weekend in palm beach county the president gave this upbeat statement to the country. >> happy easter, everybody.
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have a good day. a lot of great things happening for our country for mac for the third straight day before he left mara longo the president shouted out tweets regarding not redacted mueller. quote do you believe this, "new york times" op-ed media and democrats zero trump an apology. they got downright and there was this one, the trump haters and angry democrats who run the mueller report were devastated by no collusion, nothing but a total hit job which should have never been allowed to start in the first place. friday and saturday the president spent about six hours at the golf club including one's liberty round with rush limbaugh. most likely no time for golf today as he is expected back at mara while for sunday easter brunch before heading to the airport to get back on air force one and head back to washington to the white house has recently released a statement on the sri lanka attack which reads the us condemns in the strongest terms the outrageous terrorist
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attack in sri lanka. again, no claims of responsibility yet and there have really been years of relative peace in sri lanka which had about three decades of war. this is the worst terrorist attack since 911 in terms of the number of lives lost. arthel: thank you. eric: house speaker nancy: they will will lead a conference call of the members of her party tomorrow to coordinate the response and chart a path forward for the democratic party strategy on the mueller findings sane democrats will quote not be silent we are joined by one democratic member of that conference. and member of the house oversight and reform committee. counseling, welcome to fox news. >> thanks for having me. easter. eric: happy easter. you will likely be on
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that call tomorrow to record do you think your party will now do? >> welcome i think the speaker will outline everything that has happened since we have been away for a week and we will have the use from members of a very large conference that has-- that represents all kinds of different individuals in the united states. eric: some of those members, some of the more progressive ones calling for impeachment putting in a bill. of course you have elizabeth warren, the senator yesterday saying she and per-- supports impeachment insane the president should be impeached. some of the representatives of the status quo in the democratic party are kind of pumping the brakes here's chairman jerry nadler hussein hold on a minute on impeachment talks. >> you don't impeach someone, you don't bring impeachment procedure
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less never when you think you can prove the president committed offenses and two they are serious impeachable offenses and three and this is the more credential thing, i don't think you should bring a impeachment proceeding unless you believe at the beginning of that proceeding when you start that you have such strong evidence of such terrible deeds that once it's laid out to the american people a fraction of the people who supported the president will reluctantly do that. eric: congressman, do you believe there are impeachable offenses in that report? >> i've believe we have to focus on what's in the report. every american should read the report into me the first section is probably the most alarming and that is mr. mueller showed specifically the russians were involved in our election. he said it was sweeping and systematic reaching 126 million americans.
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of their desire is to make america look foolish and to punish us for standing up for moral authority in previous administrations , so i think we should focus on our constitutional responsibility, having open public hearings, not politicize them, focus on the facts and let the public see this is where america works best. it's a little bit of semantics to be full disclosure. i have voted for referring impeachment to the judiciary twice. i was co-author of steve cohen's impeachment in previous congress and i feel strongly that this president should be called in front of the american public. having said that, we have never actually removed a president as you know historically in the united states. andrew johnston came within one vote in the u.s. senate so we have to focus on what is important. american voters need to know we are under attack from a foreign power and
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now wants to elect republicans and wanted to elect president trump. eric: they say there were many links between numbers of the campaign and the russians but completely computer-- clear the campaign saying there was no collusion with that russian effort. what basis have you supported those moves for impeachment? >> well, the founders didn't say anything about collusion when they wrote the constitution and impeachment proceedings. in fact, the report says collusion is not in the criminal code. its conspiracy and that is hard to prove as mr. mueller and having gone through the report twice, i'm not a lawyer, but that is separate. to me that is important. i'm not downgrading it, but i disagree that. the focus should be a year from now american voters will be deep into a presidential election and at the russians will be back and i don't think we are prepared for that.
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i want american voters to be aware of the fact that there are people who will weapon i social media to attack american democracy. if american voters are aware of that i have faith they will make the right decision. eric: at the same time are you concerned about the russian attack on our democracy tax what about what critics are saying of the internal attack in a sense that at the start of this-- that the effort was cricket, i mean, they talk about the fisa warrant abuses, do you think that should be investigated, the ig, doj, should there be a full and clear investigation of the carter page fisa warrant some americans find out what went into that and if fbi officials were or were not trying to spin it? >> i believe all of the who believe in the country believe in democracy and respect the sacrifice millions of americans in our
9:16 am
history have made to protect american democracy and the constitution and your ability to vote should be focused on that ended to make sure american voters in less than a year from now are aware of who is manipulating the process. i have faith in american voters and as lincoln said if you give americans the facts the best will come out. we have to do that and i would really hope that all of my colleagues in congress and the administration would focus on. we can be conservatives we can be liberal, but we have to focus on what is best for america and letting voters know who's behind these efforts and morality and ethics should be nonpartisan. eric: let it be known that the russians did snitch more than 70000 voter registration data information from board of election and we were back cover that story again to protect our election system to make sure it's fair to run properly.
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congressman, thank you for joining us again, happy easter. >> thank you. arthel: thank you to visitors to a popular hiking destination are told to keep an eye out for hidden explosives or we will explain plus a growing number of families seeking asylum at the border. apparently, they tried to take better in their own hands and how the fbi is responding. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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eric: officials in colorado worn hikers need to watch their step same may could come across on that needed explosives in the mountains. authorities deployed about 1500 explosives to medicaid avalanches during the winter, but nearly two dozen of the explosive devices failed to co-op and authorities say they look like brightly colored torpedoes and if you see it while hiking in the woods in colorado don't touch it and call police arthel: did the fbi arresting the member of an armed militia in mexico accused of detaining migrants and turning them over to border patrol. this comes as the us deals with a surge of
9:22 am
families seeking asylum. the trump administration call in on lawmakers to act or democratic congressman from michigan talked about the situation on sunday morning futures. >> i don't disagree, however that we have to do something to make better decisions about how we handle these problems. i think it's really important that we not view it in a one-dimensional fashion, that it's only a problem because we are dealing with people crossing the border seeking asylum. it's a problem because our entire immigration system including aspects of the asylum system is broken. arthel: jeff paulus, following all of this from los angeles. reporter: the appeal along with local police in new mexico arrested the suspect on charges of being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. investigators are releasing any other criminal background information on the 69-year old, but we know he's a member of the so-called border militia
9:23 am
group united constitutional patriots. >> we just started the day sitting outside and he did get arrested. he's a friend of ours from the police permit that came out and said can you come talk to us and that was that and then we heard he was arrested. we did know what for. we didn't know what about. reporter: video earlier in the week shows neighbors of the group ordering migrant families to sit on the ground and wait until border patrol agents arrived at. friday federal authorities warn private groups to stop policing the border but the group insists they are doing their part to help a quote stressed and overstrained border patrol. he's scheduled to make his initial appearance in federal court monday. a spokesperson for the militia group says he's confident hopkins will get through this. >> meanwhile, was law-enforcement responding to this? reporter: a day before this arrest authorities told groups to stand down and allowed law
9:24 am
enforcement to do their job. new mexico attorney general also released a statement regarding the arrest a saturday saying quote this is a dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families. today's arrest by the fbi indicates the rule of law should be in the hands of trained a law-enforcement officials and not armed vigilantes. they have previously stated it doesn't endorse private groups or organizations taking law-enforcement into their own hands and says interference by civilians in law-enforcement matters could have public safety and legal consequences for all involved. arthel: definitely making things more complicated. thank you very much. eric? eric: it's a somber easter sunday from the mast terrace attack inshes of notre dame. worshipers in france attending mass in the shadow of the tragedy as the historic cathedral with a live report from that straightahead.
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pope francis delivering his easter message addressing the bloodshed in sri lanka after those explosions ripped through churches and hotels killing and wounding hundreds of worshipers and tourists. why christians and catholics are being attacked in their houses of worship. visionworks can do more than just make you see great. the right pair of glasses can make you look amazing, too. get two complete pairs of single vision glasses for $59 or two progressives for $99. and choose from over 500 frames. visionworks. we're here to help you. i never count trthe wrinkles.s. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on, is staying happy and healthy.
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or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking "slow turkey." talk to your doctor about chantix. eric: the latest terrace attack has targeted christians, catholics and western tourists. pope francis condemning the massacre in sri lanka after a series of coordinated explosions rocked churches and luxury hotels in and around the capital of colombo during easter sunday services spirit the death toll so far has climbed to more than 200 people with more hundred point of 50 others wounded. this marks the worst violence in sri lanka since the south asian countries civil war ended a decade ago.
9:30 am
we are live in the new york city newsroom with more. reporter: tranny is a relatively young country and its history has been marred by bloodshed took it gained independence from britain in 1948 and there has nationalist class is as religious and ethnic groups battle for power with the civil war raging from 1983 until 2009. according to the united nations as many as 40000 civilians were killed in the last stage of the world alone with its many as 80000 killed over 26 years. the country is roughly the size of ireland. the bloodshed started with insurgents launched deadly attacks, suicide attacks in the sri lanka army fought to take them down. most of the civil war happened in the northeast, the top green area of the map, but in 2009 by sri lanka government claimed victory over the
9:31 am
insurgents. in the year since the war the nation grew deeply divided among ethnic lines and recently nationalist groups have stoked fears that minority groups are gaining on influence. >> during the years of war we had lots of explosions in colombo. but it's been 10 years of peace and we got used to that. reporter: more than 200 people were killed in the coordinated bombing during easter services overnight and it's the most recent in a way that terror attacks in houses of worship around the globe. just last month a gunman killed 50 people in the mosques in new zealand and closer to home a gunman killed 11 people at a synagogue in pittsburgh in october. the attack in sri lanka was said to been carried out by suicide bombers but no part no as
9:32 am
claimed responsibility for the bombing and national curfew has been put in place until further notice and social media networks have been temporarily blocked. eric? eric: sulfate-- so shameful. arthel: let's bring in monsignor james lisanti from our lady of lords and host of the show personally speaking caring on the catholic channel on serious xm. monsignor, thank you very much and happy easter. unfortunately it is a somber beginning to a glorious day. >> it is an thank you for having me on. it's a reminder that the world is very divided and most of the pilot-- violence in the world today is related to people who say they are speaking for god which is a reminder that god doesn't create life to destroy it. john paul ii i thought was great in that twice during his reign he brought together the leaders of all religions and he would say every
9:33 am
path to god is a good path and we may not worship the same that we have mutual respect for each other in this killing today in sri lanka and the other acts of violence done in the name of god breaks your heart because god must be shaking his head in shame. i created a beautiful world and people are using my name to hurt one another. it's a waste of love. arthel: would you be open to calling them into mutual conference of various religious leaders to get together to discuss that very thing that listen, we have to tone down the religious rhetoric and we have to try to alleviate some of this killing in the name of god or whichever person you subscribe to? it has to stop because it's hatred no matter who you are doing in the name of. >> no one can be silenced in the face of this. one thing we learned it during the holocaust is that silence eight state oppressor and every
9:34 am
major religion needs to say when our people do the wrong thing this is the wrong thing. arthel: excuse me, i know you have a lot of scripture and i would love to hear it but i want to ask you pointedly unmasking which you lead the cause in getting these religious leaders around the world to get together to discuss hey listen, we have to tone down the religious rhetoric and come together to make sure our places of worship are not attacked in the name of a higher being? >> absolutely. i would be glad to be a part of that, but religion has to speak out against that violence and the example i want to use is back in the '90s there were some christians attacking abortion clinics because of what they believe, but it was my church that said you cannot be pro-life and against the compromise of any life. we don't attack clinics. we respect those people even if we disagree. what we said in the '90s as catholics and what every religious leader should say is if
9:35 am
we are really believers we believe god can be used as a reason-- every religious leader should be doing and i have been doing it and i will continue to do it and i would love to be part of an international effort to say among all religions let's force peace by challenging people to walk away from violence you can't be a godly person and believe it's right to kill another person has a different perspective of god. it's contradictory. arthel: excellent point you make. here's the other question, this may be far-fetched but i will try it. would you be open to communication with some of the terrorist groups, heads of those groups to get together and start a dialogue and maybe come up with a truth if you will to say places of worship are off-limits? >> absolutely, and i think another thing every religious group can do is challenge people before they become radicalized. we know people get sent to prison in prison can
9:36 am
sometimes be a breeding ground for turning people into extremists. i think locking people away without making sure we challenge them to think peacefully is a waste of an opportunity to shape people to see that mutual love and respect for the way people come to god is the application of every religion and those who believe in nothing and it's the only way to stop the violence. again, if i can reiterate the most pilots in the world today the most division is caused by people in the name of god. house in full is that? arthel: it is ridiculous. it's hypocrisy at the highest. what i want to mention, i understand your points about some people who are in jail become a little bit more extreme in their religious viewpoints, but they are not the ones mostly speaking we are talking about who are out in some of these other countries and in our
9:37 am
country as well committing these attacks on places of worship. i know the one at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh was according to reports , so again it's all in the name of hatred so we have to do it home also, but do you see my point? >> what we did today in my church, we had a thousand people at mass and we ended the homily by playing broadway cares has become out with a version of what the world needs now is love sweet love. the killing of homosexuals in orlando again by haters and it was wonderful to see how the people singing along with that and we know in our heart love is better than hatred, but it's not enough to just sit back and say someone should do something that i think your point is well taken and today we say we will make a commitment to try to bring together religious leaders around the world and make a change jerk you can't keep saying someone somewhere ought to do something. we are the chamber.
9:38 am
we are the change that needs to happen. arthel: to your point, you can't go to church every sunday and walk out of church and hate the person that doesn't look or love like you. >> exactly true. arthel: got to go. >> at the end of mass we said best test of your christian faith, watch what you do in the parking lot. looking holy in church and then going outside and disliking people, contradiction. arthel: amen. happy easter. >> think you, my friend. happy easter. eric: parishioners and notre dame in paris celebrating a swear-- easter elsewhere this sunday after flames ripped through the cathedral monday. thankfully, all is not lost because easter brings the spirit of resurrection as the church plants you read though rise again which is the very meaning of this easter sunday.
9:39 am
covering today's ceremony announcing paris, hi molly. reporter: hello. easter celebration that had been slated to be in the notre dame cathedral until the fire were moved to the nearby church. thousands crowded inside on this holy sunday to worship. one of the organist who played for the service the first row filled with firemen who were r bravery talk aboutshop notre dame in following christ example and he did not forget the tragedy in sri lanka. >> we follow christ's on the way of the cross. christ fell and each time he got up again and brothers and sisters we will get up again like our cathedral will rise again, our church will be washed of the blemishes. we are about-- especially thinking of our brothers in sri lanka who were massacred reporter: french president
9:40 am
focused on the rebuilding of notre dame throughout the week, but today offered his condolences writing, we are deeply saddened by the terrorist attack against churches on hotels in sri lanka. we firmly condemn these acts and stand by the people of sri lanka and our thoughts go out to the loved ones of the victims on this easter sunday. where the notre dame sits has been reopened to the public with folks walking by on this beautiful sunday nights are parts remain closed as they assess the cathedral but that is at least some good news on this sunday. eric: notre dame will rise again. thank you. arthel: as millions celebrate easter sunday, a new poll showing a sharp decline in the number of americans who belong to a church. we will have those details next. plus democrats taking aim at attorney general william barr accusing him of protecting the president after the robert mueller report is released. our next guest worked with the agn reacts to that.
9:41 am
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arthel: christians around the world the celebrating easter, but at churches today a new gallup polling showing a troubling trend for church membership. fox news senior religion correspondent lauren greenhouse more. reporter: while puce may fill up for the holiest days of easter and passover this weekend a new poll shows the membership is declining. >> disappointing because it appears to be two people are more related-- believing in religion practicality survey shows between the
9:46 am
1930s and 90s the percentage of americans who belong to a house of worship hovered around 70%, but in the last 20 years that has dropped it to 50% with the generational trend much of the driving force pro maloney else who make up the biggest percentage of those who don't identify with a religion baby boomers and older make up the bulk of those who are members and attend regularly. >> people coming into adulthood are much less interested in religion than that generation passing away. reporter: the drop in membership doesn't mean americans are religious or believe in a higher power, more than three quarters of americans 77% identify with some organized religion. >> i think being devoted and taking the time to do that for mac new york's archbishop is confident the trend can be reversed if church leaders can tap into what's overwhelming.
9:47 am
>> we have seen these trends over-- come and go and if we can reemphasize the natural and supernatural connection between belief and belonging we will be back up their. reporter: declining church membership is greater for catholics than protestants. political affiliation chose modest to climb for republicans while among democrats a nearly 25% decline. lauren green, fox news' between washington attorney general bill barr centered criticism from democrats who say they heed distorted the findings of the mueller report to favor his boss are they right or is he calling them like he sees them? e to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! ah! that was a stunt driver. that's why esurance has this drivesense® app.
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>> the fact of the matter is that bill barr the use himself as the presidents lawyer, not the attorney general of the united states of america and he, i think, deliberately representative misrepresented saying there was no evidence of collusion and that's not what the mueller report says. when he said there was no obstruction and that essentially mueller wanted him to make that the decision. eric: that his house intelligent committee adam schiff on fox
9:52 am
sunday this morning ripping into attorney general william barr accusing him of misleading congress about some of the key conclusions in mueller report and they are vowing to push ahead with plans to investigate the president for obstruction of justice. mr. bar is set to return to capitol hill for two days of testimony early next month. let's bring in guy lewis, a former attorney that served with it ag at the justice department under president george hw bush you know the criticism that barr is acting like the president's lawyer, not the people's and as one democratic congressman put a quote barr lighter his teeth. do you buy that? >> eric, i don't buy it one bit. this really is a perfect example of why prosecution and politics don't mix, i mean, the politics there are no rules. they don't play by rules prosecutors, we play by
9:53 am
rules, by constitution, policies and department of justice and that is exactly what bill barr has done here in terms of both reviewing the mueller report and making the determination he has made. eric: some say he misrepresented the fact that there was no conclusion on obstruction of justice, not that it was clear but because the doj rules can't indict a sitting president at least that is the view. >> well, that is the department's policy as we see, but when you take a step back and look at this thing truly there was nothing that the attorney general could have done frankly that would have been without criticism. had he not released this letter guess what, people would have been griping. had he released a 14 page later they would've said that's way too much and again you are misrepresenting. had he not made a determination he would
9:54 am
been subject to criticism, but he did what he is supposed to do. he is the attorney general. at the end of the day the buck stops with the attorney general and it is his determination whether to go forward or not to go forward. eric: one point of contention has to do with his claiming that mueller didn't really talk about going to congress, but let me read you something from the mueller report specifically about obstruction of justice issues. quote we conclude, as has authority to prohibit it a president script use up resort-- authority to protect it justice and to conclude congress may apply to exercise the powers of office. according to the constitutional system of checks and balances and the system that no person is above the law so it seems mueller is throwing it to the house. what will happen their limit in the house they will look at this and you can already see people are coming out on all different sides of this issue. what's important and i
9:55 am
think what people need to understand is that barr is a man of integrity, a man of honor. he crosses his teas and dots his eyes. i first met him 30 plus years ago when he was attorney general in the 82nd airborne division rideout general noriega and we prosecuted here are in south florida and in that case what he cared about was making sure we followed the rules, making sure the constitution was adhered to and that the defendant got a fair trial. i'm telling you people should be proud of this attorney general as i am. eric: finally, do you think he will go full board into investigating the alleged fisa warrant abuses and how this started in the first place with that now discredited dossier and exploded with the carter page fisa applications, do you think he will do a complete investigation of that? >> good question. i think he will only because that's what he said he would do, to
9:56 am
look at it and i know that the inspector general michael horwitz is also looking at it, so i think the department will get back on track, go about their business and they will try to write some of these things that frankly sort of deviated left or right from the department's policy. i just know this, eric, when general barr looks at a case he doesn't care if you are a democrat, republican, independent, nonaffiliated, he makes a decision based on the lawn the facts. eric: guy lewis, thank you and happy easter. arthel: that does it for us. happy easter lisa jones! hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? laughs/umm..
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