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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 22, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: benjamin hall picks up our reporting live in london. let's start with the latest from what is today, benjamin. >> as you pointed out police are still finding bombs that didn't detonate yesterday on easter sunday. it gives an idea of the scale and preparation, and intent which went into this attack to kill as many people as possible. as long as the van that blew up outside one of the churches that was attacked in the last
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couple of hours, police have also found a huge six foot pipe bomb at one of the airports as well as 87 bomb detonators at one of the bus stations. 290 now among the dead. 39 foreigners and several americans with 500 wounded. the coordinated bombings that ripped through churches and luxury hotels killing worshippers and tourists were carried out by seven suicide bombers from a do mess particular group as thowheek jaamath. 24 suspects are in custody. others blew themselves up when police arrived the arrest them. international officials say the group was helped possibly funded by another international terror network and sri lankans asking for other countries helping identify who it might be. how and what might happen next. >> bill: what about the suggestions and the reports that there had been prior warnings?
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>> yeah, bill, just recently sri lankan officials received a tip-off 10 days ago warning of possible suicide attacks in the capital. but they don't appear to have either acted on those or followed through on them. there have long been warnings around the rise of islamic terrorism in asia in general. over 30 are believed to have traveled to iraq and syria to fight along isis. it has been feared they might bring expertise home and major security crackdown and kur fuse and social media shut down and u.s. issued a travel advisory. the death toll is 290 but feared it may rise. >> bill: stunning story. we'll be on this throughout the day with developments when we get them. >> sandra: back home democrats set to hold a conference call today to discuss their next move after the release of the mueller report. the topic of impeachment is dividing the party.
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house judiciary chair jerry nadler saying there is evidence of obstruction of justice by the president. kevin corke live at the white house this morning. what is the sense at the white house? are we seeing them head towards impeachment in the house? >> well, i think there is a public posture and a private posture. publicly they're saying the right things. we don't think it's good for the kun traoe. privately what an administration official told me last night they don't think it will go forward to impeachment all the way. what democrats don't want to do the suggestion was is make donald trump a sympathetic figure in 2020. the belief is they'll threaten but not go through with it. the president said how can you do this? he said this, how do you impeach a republican president for a crime that was committed by the democrats? make america great again and said this. can you believe that i had to go through the worst and most corrupt political witch hunt in the history of the united
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states when it was the other side that illegally created the diversionary and criminal event and spied on my campaign. disgraceful. more on that latter statement in a moment but suffice to say white house officials believe impeachment would be destructive and proof that democrats have no plan to lead. >> democrats got beat in 2016 and they got beat because they had a bad candidate and we had a great candidate. our candidate had a better message and outworked his opponent. they've been losing every day since and constantly looking for excuses. they haven't found a method. their only option is to attack this president. >> that is the prevailing wisdom here if they want to win in 2020 democrats, that is, they better get to work and stop attacking the president. >> sandra: all right. kevin corke at the white house. a busy day. >> bill: we'll see you for the
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egg roll. tom rogan is here. here is elizabeth warren on saturday. >> we cannot be an america that says it's okay for a president of the united states to try to block investigations. so i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. [applause] >> bill: what is interesting about this is how other candidates are very hesitant and she jumped on that, tom. go ahead and analyze it. >> happy easter monday. i think the reason she jumped on that is quite clear. she is lagging behind the other candidates in the democratic primarily increasingly crowded primary field. and she knows that by making that call as one of the first to make it she can generate a bit of "media buzz". it is an obvious political ploy
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but it does reflect more of a posturing position rather than a reflection of a broader sentiment in the democratic party as kevin corke noted there. the white house's perception of democratic strategy on impeachment is quite correct actually. the democrats who would be necessary to push this over the finish line, at least to push it forward, not over the finish line in the house, are not there. so it's elizabeth warren posturing, i think. >> bill: interesting to see what kind of money raised on the trail when you talk about impeachment. john dowd former lawyer for the president was talked about the approach to bob mueller. >> to me, one, you tell mueller i respect what he is doing. number two, you tell him he has my full cooperation, number three, get it done as quickly as possible. and number four, whatever else you need, let me know.
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>> bill: what i find interesting about this is both sides are still shaping their story post mueller report. >> yeah. well, and that's going to keep going. look, the tribes are set in their battle lines. they were before the mueller report but that's only calcified the response. conservatives who were skeptical have vindication in terms of the content of that report. no smoking gun or cocked gun, even. democrats, however, because of the visceral disagreement with president trump's policies also the visceral dislike for the president, and the sense of anguish flowing from the 2016 defeat in terms of that not being expected are very much mobilized towards keeping up this narrative of that mueller missed something or the interpretation is that impeachment should naturally follow. that is further calcified by,
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as you suggest, the democrat's base which has more reason to push that narrative. >> bill: the con trails will go for months, if not years, back on the trail. mayor pete buttigieg took what some people appeared to be a shot at bernie sanders. watch this clip from new hampshire. >> the sense of anger and disaffection seeing the numbers are fine. and yet a lot of neighborhoods and families are living like this recovery never happened. they're stuck. it just kind of turns you against the system in general, which could lead to somebody like bernie and somebody like trump. >> bill: some people think it's been a pretty nice primary fight so far. is that about to change? >> it will change as it tightens and as the primaries and the caucus approach. and so you see here an effort
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to present himself as the more moderate candidate in the race. to be fair to him, it is a unique perspective because most of the other democratic candidates have been running into the left trying to chase bernie's coattails as it were. you see that with warren. we'll see what happens but with so many candidates in the race, more likely to join, it will get more bitter because candidates will become more desperate and more aspirational to taking risks to jump to the head of the pack. >> bill: nice to see you. thank you for coming, tom rogan. there is candidate number 19. joe biden on wednesday makes candidate 20. we'll be chock full throughout the week. >> sandra: democrats seem to be divided on impeachment and the president firing back. one of his latest tweets accuse
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democrats of a crime. >> >> bill: ramping up pressure on iran. >> sandra: a militia group accused of holding migrants at gun point after they crossed the border. the militia leader is now behind bars. what we're learning about this investigation. >> we just started the day. we were sitting outside and he didn't get arrested at camp. he just a friend of ours from the police department came up and just said can you come talk to us for a little bit and that was that. we heard he was arrested. we didn't know what for or what about. and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place.
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five-month highs on the news. the sanctions going into effect when the waivers for those countries expire may 2. >> bill: president trump firing back at democrats on talk of impeachment after release of the redacted mueller report. governor john sununu, former white house chief of staff to george w. bush george w. bush, hope you had a good weekend. >> it was a great weekend. >> bill: me as well. back home in ohio for a day. here is a tweet from the president. how do you impeach a republican president for a crime that was committed by the democrats, make america great again. they'll redirect the guns of justice towards surveillance, aren't they, governor? >> the democrats are going to make a serious, serious mistake. the court of opinion is going to move strongly in the president's favor as people find out the legal malice that was in volume two there. the more you read that, the more you understand it was
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andrew weissmann doing unethical legal malfeesens once again. when lindsey graham starts his investigation on the clinton side of the issue, they will have a difficult time with dealing with. the more and more they get into the weeds the more and more the american public is going to understand how political they are rather than trying to get legislation passed. >> bill: there is a conference call later today to talk about strategy on that topic among democrats. then they'll meet in the next few weeks according to add -- adam schiff they're going to discuss it. are they waiting for direction from nancy pelosi? >> i think her mind is made up that she isn't going to go down the track. the calendar, they'll get into the fourth of july and summer doldrums and there will be no way they'll find traction on this. they'll get burned. when biden gets into the race, the republican line will be why
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did the obama/biden team not -- administration not do anything about russian meddling in 14 and 15? this is all quicksand for the democrats. i think nancy pelosi might be seeing it. >> bill: she said it's not worth it. quoted as saying that a couple of times already. i don't know how that holds off tlaib and aoc, the freshmen democrats. they're all in on impeachment. here is jerry nadler on obstruction over the weekend, too. >> mueller says is that although a thorough f.b.i. investigation might very well show the evidence of obstruction of justice by the president, we're not going to do that because of the department of justice legal opinion that a sitting president cannot be indicted. barr misrepresented that to say that they didn't find obstruction. there is plenty of evidence of obstruction. >> bill: he and others are
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convinced there are crimes here. but they explain it because they believe mueller did not want to take action because the department of justice prevents them from that. respond to that. >> they explain it because they want tv time as an investigating committee and it will burn the democrats badly. nadler and schiff and the young gang you mentioned may be committed to this but i really doubt nancy pelosi is going to let this go forward, especially when it is clear that the senate might not even take up the message of impeachment that might come out of the house. >> bill: nadler was out and so was cummings that said the following regarding bob mueller. >> we need to know from the -- mr. mueller exactly what his intentions were. did he intend for us as a congress to look at this and take some type of action? or did he feel as if there was
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truly no collusion or conspiracy? >> what i hear from that, they want to hear from bob mueller and they will. there has been a request that went out for him to appear before the third week of may. but within 10 days we'll hear bill barr next wednesday and thursday in open air hearings first on the senate side and then on the house side. what do you think comes from that? you are making the case let it go and move on. easier said than done. >> i'm making the case it would be a gift to the republicans if they failed to let it go and move on. i think it will be a very dumb political move for the democrats. by the way, it is nadler who misinterprets that sentence. if you read exactly that section you will find a very convoluted legal theory that is consistent with the legal, ethically flawed analysis that
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weissmann got censored for twice already. the more people on the legal side read this the more it will be apparent and the more it undermines the capacity of this being anything but bad for the democrats. >> bill: let us know what the view is from new hampshire soon as you watch it from there. nice to see you on this easter monday. thank you for your time. >> sandra: new developments in the murder of a college student killed after getting into a car she thought was her uber ride. what the suspect faces today in court. >> bill: also we'll get an update on the situation notre dame cathedral following the devastating fire. why the efforts to rebuild are running into a lot of controversy in france. >> it came on the river and it looked fine when you are coming on the river. when you come up from the river you see the devastation. it is very sad. "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom.
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>> bill: it was a landslide victory in this election in ukraine. they elected a comedian as their president. he has no political experience but stars in a tv series where he plays a school teacher who was elected president. he took 73% of the vote in ukraine. the incumbent president who conceded defeat says he will leave office but not politics. >> sandra: something to watch that. >> bill: yes. >> sandra: play out there. >> bill: so he plays the tv series, right? art and life just like boom, how about that? >> sandra: so it happens. onto this story we've been watching for you for some time. the man charged with murdering a college student after she mistook his car for her uber due in court today in south carolina. he is charged in the march 29th kidnapping and murder of 21-year-old samantha josephson.
6:25 am
jonathan serry, what do we know about his possible defense here? >> nathaniel rollins parents say their 25-year-old son told him he is innocent and they believe his story. take a listen. >> nate passed out at a house party. he checked his pockets when he woke up. he checked his pockets, didn't have his keys. he walked outside to try to find his vehicle. he found the vehicle, opened the door, seen his keys and seen the blood inside the vehicle. >> if this ising to be his defense legal analysts says he needs to find witnesses to corroborate the story. >> a lot of party-goers could verify that alibi. without that it seems like a stretch. i'm sure the father wants to believe his son. but without some witnesses that alibi doesn't really hold up. >> prosecutors have yet to say
6:26 am
for sure whether they are going to pursue a death sentence. just that it's one of the options they are considering, sandra. >> sandra: what are we hearing from uber as well as the university, jonathan? >> both have taken immediate action, uber sending out emails to its riders reminding them about safety measures they can take to protect themselves. the company also adding a feature to its app that sends you a reminder to validate the identity of your ride and the driver as it is arriving. it is also partnering with the university of south carolina to launch a national campus safety initiative. listen. >> time someone uses a ride share service they should stop before entering the vehicle and ask the driver plainly what is my name. our goal is to make checking your ride before you get into the car synonymous with using uber.
6:27 am
>> a well-lit ride share pickup zone is being established in the five points area of columbia, south carolina, the spot where samantha josephson disappeared. on may 11th the university is going to award so many an that's diploma posthumously presenting it to her parents. the university president says this is something no parent should ever have to do, sandra. >> sandra: tough story. thank you. >> bill: 27 past. the insults flying back and forth. president trump and senator mitt romney reigniting their feud. we'll show you what sparked it this time. >> sandra: the f.b.i. arresting a militia leader accused of detaining migrants as border patrol agents struggle with the surge at the border. hector garza of the national border patrol counsel standing by. his reaction coming up. >> infrastructure needs to be addressed. immigration needs to be addressed. we're finally seeing some democrats come to the realization this is not manufactured. [knocking]
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>> bill: 9:30 in new york. markets are open now. the big board off 90 points at the opening. we saw the futures trending lower earlier today and you heard the news from mike pompeo last hour announcing the end of u.s. sanctions waivers for countries that import oil from iran. well oh he see how oil plays on the market. a big week of earnings. facebook will come out, amazon, microsoft. the oil story is a big deal. >> sandra: the longest winning streak for oil prices in five years seven weeks of gains. something to watch there as they make six-month high. >> bill: closed on friday, right? three-day weekend. open nou. >> sandra: the leader of an armed militia groups accused of ordering migrants at gun point has been arrested. the national commander of the united constitutional patriots
6:32 am
is charged with firearms possession by a felon after the governor of new mexico ordered an investigation into the group. hector garza, vice president of the national border patrol council is with us. thank you for coming on the program this morning. we appreciate your time. what can you tell us about this particular group? >> so first of all what i want to make it clear is as border patrol agents we appreciate the support that the american public gives border patrol agents with border security. i've never worked with this group out of new mexico. we have worked with the texas border volunteers in south texas. the texas border volunteers have done an amazing job in reporting and observing different criminal activities along the border and responsible for saving a lot of people abandoned by smugglers. what we do ask is that border security work is left up to the border security experts, border patrol agents and any organization that is operating
6:33 am
along the border do so and follow the law as they try to help achieve border security. >> sandra: there is a big difference between those that would impersonate law enforcement officials at the border and in this case he is being charged with felon in possession of a firearm. here is the new mexico attorney general issued a statement following his arrest. a dangerous felon who shouldn't have weapons around children and families. today's arrest indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not armed vigilantes. however, the spokesperson for the united constitutional patriots, they call themselves the patriots group saying we are not worried about his arrest. he believes he will be cleared. here is jim bendy. >> i am confident that mr. hopkins will be through this -- he will fare well. the a.g. has declared war on american citizens at the order of the aclu.
6:34 am
>> sandra: your message to these private groups policing the border as obviously you continue to deal with a surge of asylum seekers. >> this individual will have his day in court and that's why he will have due process for that. again, border security work should be done by border patrol agents. we ask these organizations follow the law and make sure that they are able to possess weapons and doing the right thing, not invading private property and that they operate within the boundaries of the law. now as border patrol agents we appreciate the support the american public is offering us. we need a lot of help and resources. and it is a difficult job and we're trying our best out there. >> sandra: meanwhile we lean on you to give us an update as you could as we start off the new week what you are seeing at the border and the situation that is there today. >> well, the situation on the
6:35 am
border is very desperate. as a matter of fact what we've been seeing is an increase in fraudulent families. most of the apprehensions that border patrol agents apprehend are made up of family units. that's an adult parent and child. but due to the good work of our border patrol agents we've uncovered a lot of families aren't actual families. some kids are being recycled and some people are borrowing kids in order to be released into the american communities. great work for the border patrol agents that go out every day. it shows you how bad a situation we have on the border. people are abusing our immigration laws and we need to stop that. >> sandra: what we've heard from you and so many this will come to congress to fix the laws as far as looking for a solution at our southern border. are you seeing signs that there is going to be some sort of bipartisan effort to get that done and to improve the situation at the border? >> it is very difficult to tell
6:36 am
as the elections are coming up in 2020. you know how things roll in politics. what we can tell you we have great communication with president trump. we have great communication with cbp and dhs and we're trying to achieve border security and making sure these magnets are done away with. that's what is driving the illegal immigration. we hope and ask that congress acts and that they do fix the laws to discourage illegal immigration. >> sandra: what is your priority, hector? >> our priority is to achieve border security. we achieve it and keeping our border patrol agents safe. once we achieve border skaousht it will make a big difference in our country and save a lot of families being victimized by illegal aliens and solve issues we have in the sanctuary cities and all about safety and the safety of our american people, the safety of our border patrol agents and we want to achieve border security, plain and simple. >> sandra: hector garza, thank you for coming on.
6:37 am
>> bill: one source of friction over illegal immigration is the cost. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles to break that down for us today. good morning. >> good morning, bill. most studies show illegal immigrants have government services because they don't pay income taxes or those who do get money back through tax credits. roughly 75% do work but more than half this year will still need welfare to get by. >> the latest central american caravan numbers more than 6,000. most arrive without a penny in their pocket. how do they get by? asylum seekers qualify for work permits. others work under the table. the majority also receive taxpayer subsidized benefits. >> when people claim asylum. they're eligible for benefits. >> many federal benefits are
6:38 am
supposed to be off limits. in practice many are not. 25,000 according to hud receive subsidized housing. also 26 states offer state funded benefits like cash assistance. 11 offer medical care. others like california offer food stamps and disability. >> if those states don't have a growing economy and jobs that are open. immigrants or anybody else won't see them. they'll stay to the most -- the biggest draw. >> because of their lower income adults and their children are entitled to a host of programs, some qualify legally as asylum seekers, others by using stolen identities. >> there is a cost to communities for sure. whether it is uncompensated care at hospitals or in education system and other ways. it is never really been measured but it's very real. >> so u.s. expects about a million illegal immigrants this year. the cost of services in the billions. yet in 2018 the census showed more than half of central
6:39 am
americans here still live in poverty. >> bill: the dollars and cents from l.a. today. >> sandra: a little sports here. they're calling it one of the best double plays in mlb history. oakland as center fielder loreian owe making the catch against toronto. leaping high above the wall to rob the blue jays of a home run. he was not done yet. he throws the ball back into the infield. sailed over the first baseman's head taking out justin smoak. >> bill: reds took three of four from the padres. life in the river city back home. a long season, right? they play like 1,000 games in baseball.
6:40 am
sarcasm, 162. 20 minutes before the hour. several americans among the dead overseas, christians were the targets on easter sunday in a country that was relatively calm. are we now entering a new age of terrorism? general jack keane will analyze that coming up next right here,. >> sandra: a frightening scene at home. details what happened when a woman entered a church holding a 10-month-old baby and a gun. >> from behind me came this young lady and she had a baby and she also had a gun. we got all of our people outside just praying. praying for safety, praying for protection. who saved by adding a hotel, which led to new adventures, ♪ that captured their imaginations ♪ and turned moments into memories.
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>> sandra: we have an update for you on the situation over a subpoena for the president's financial information. we are getting word now that the president is suing to block that subpoena for the financial information documents and other
6:44 am
things. this is jay sekulow, counsel to the president saying we won't along congressional harassment to go unanswered. they released a statement saying that this request lacks any legitimate legislative purpose. is an abuse of power and another example of overreach by the president's political opponents. we look forward to vindicating our clients' rights in this matter. the president suing to block the subpoena for his financial information. we'll bring you more on this as we get it. >> bill: in the meantime the death toll is staggering. nearly 300 dead in sri lanka. terrorists targeting churches and five star hotels easter sunday morning. there were at least seven suicide bombings and victims from all over the world including several americans. general jack keane retired four star general. chairman for the institute for the study of war. good morning to you, sir. a country that went through 25 years of civil war and strife.
6:45 am
it has been very calm over the past decade. this is a stunner. go ahead and analyze what you are hearing and seeing out of colombo the capital and two other sites. >> the scale of this attack, the sophistication, planning and resources that were required, the fact that there were three different cities involved, eight or nine different targets. would suggest they're local organizations, a radical islamist organization that you referred to before. the national thowheek jaamath. probably could not do something like this by themselves. likely an international organization in some fashion was supporting them. they had two objectives here, one certainly the christian population in that country, which is the smallest minority in the country, only 7%. they obviously attacked those churches and created carnage. and also in the last year there has been 86 incidents against
6:46 am
christians in sri lanka dealing with discrimination, threats, and actually acts of violence. not on this scale that would gain global attention. the second objective were the luxury hotels. why them? because westerners are in those hotels and as a result of that, it gets global media attention. and this radical organization wants that attention because after all, bill, remember, this has always been an ideological struggle. radical islamists disagree with the order and they want to trample on it and they want the take over. that's at the heart of this. >> bill: it is only theory not based in fact. you have the isis fighters who have now left syria and western iraq and we've been told for some time they would go back home or find a way to spread out and spread their terror across the world. that has to be a theory.
6:47 am
you would need expertise to pull off something like this. >> yes. the intelligence analysts who worked in sri lanka do believe another organization is involved. they have 24 of the suspects in custody. all of them sri lankans, all likely a member of the local radical islamic organization. hopefully they can see if there are ties to a larger international network which they believe there is. on the surface of it as you point out it seems likely that is the case. >> bill: several americans among the dead, british, indians, chinese, japanese, portuguese, all countries saying they lost citizens here. look at the war against religion here. go back to christchurch new zealand in march of this year. the attack on the mosque there. gunman killed 50 worshippers inside. two different mosques. in the philippines in january double suicide bombing at a cathedral there in pittsburgh, pennsylvania in our country
6:48 am
back in october. shooting at the synagogue. just try and make sense of the war on faith, general. >> there certainly is that taking place. and certainly not just anti-christian. it is anti-jewish, etc., that's out there. and the reality is when you are dealing with radical islamists, organized religion is -- they're clearly non-believers. because it's organized and there are people of faith, they want to undermine that. that's why they believe that it's in the their interest and they have a right to do it to attack those non-believers and to kill them. that's clearly part of their entire indoctrineation. we've seen this pattern take place for years now. it is continuing in syria, continuing in iraq and egypt as we speak. it is a harsh reality and part of the fanatical movement out there. >> bill: there were
6:49 am
intelligence warnings to the government of sri lanka. a government that's in a bit of disrepair at the moment. all those among the bombers said to have citizens of that country, that's intriguing. the group itself very little is known. had you heard of it before? >> no, i had not to be frank about it until this incident happened. they have not been very aggressive in that country. i think the interrogation that comes out will help identify clearly what the link is. as you mentioned, about 10 days ago the intelligence services in sri lanka did receive from foreign sources that there was an indication that there was going to be a wide scale attack in sri lanka. that never got out to all the government agencies. what the preliminary reporting is telling us. as a result of that there what to be an in-house serious investigation to figure out what happened here.
6:50 am
kind of what we did post 9/11 to determine how could this happen when there was some indication that there was some knowledge that these terrorists were in our country? they will have to get to the bottom of that. >> horrific to see, general. thank you for your time and analysis. jack keane in washington thank you, sir. >> sandra: trouble for o'rourke. two top advisors leaving his campaign. what it could mean to the presidential candidate as more democrats join the field. >> bill: congressional democrats planning their next move as the party grows more divided over the issue of impeachment after the mueller report. >> that he obstructed justice in many ways and the mueller report shows -- in their hundreds.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> sandra: possible signs of trouble for beto o'rourke's campaign. he lost two top advisors. his team tight lipped on exactly why they left. peter doocy is in washington with more on all this. good morning. >> good morning, sandra. both of the staffers reportedly leaving are bernie sanders alums. one of them becky bond wrote a book trying to boost bernie's 2016 campaign called rules for revolutionaries and aided o'rourke's attempt to unseat cruz in texas last fall. the other staffer worked on the beto for texas campaign as field director. reached out to a campaign spokemen about why they're leaving so soon after the launch. becky bond told buzz feed, launching a presidential campaign without a big staff or even a campaign manager was no
6:55 am
easy feat. we're glad to be part of the team that nearly pulled off an upset and broke efforts launching beto's campaign for the presidency. as o'rourke staff shrinks the field of candidates grows. seth moulton is in. >> i'll talk about patriotism, security and democrats have ceded that to republicans and we have to stop it. we have to take trump on on the core values that make us strong. >> bill: he was one of the few democrats in the house who tried to replace nancy pelosi as speaker. that's something that could affect his ability to seek leadership in her house. so he is looking for a promotion elsewhere. >> sandra: all right, peter doocy, thank you. >> bill: breaking news from the white house a short time ago. administration putting iran back in the cross hairs.
6:56 am
what action they just took to try to squeeze tehran. we've got the latest on that. come on back top of the hour right here. y and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. bombings killed nearly 300 people. many celebrating easter in sri lanka. 24 people in custody so far in the connection with those attacks and the u.s. warning more attacks are possible. no claim of responsibility yet
7:00 am
but authorities are blaming a small radical islamist militant group. another alert. president trump taking legal action to head off a congressional subpoena. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you. house democrats last month asked for 10 years of financial records. that request coming as some democrats want to impeach the president for obstruction saying the mueller report is filled with evidence of it. house judiciary chair jerry nadler was making his case on sunday. >> mueller says is that although a thorough f.b.i. investigation might very well show the evidence of obstruction of justice about the president we aren't going to do that because of the department of justice legal opinion that a sitting president cannot be indicted and it would be unfair to lay out the facts justifying an indictment without giving the president the opportunity in a trial to clear his name.
7:01 am
so because of that legal doctrine we won't charge him with obstruction. barr misrepresented that to say that they didn't find obstruction. there is plenty of evidence of back on twitter saying how do you impeach a republican president for a crime committed by the democrats? make america great again. catherine herridge picks up our coverage in washington >> good morning. in the last few minutes a court filing over subpoenas for the president's business and other financial records. we're still pouring through this 14-page filing but it makes the statement that members of congress are overreaching their bounds of authority. it reads in part congressman cummings, head of the oversight committee, has ignored the constitutional limits on congress's power to investigate article 1 of the constitution does not contain an investigation clause or an oversight clause that gives power to enact certain legislation.
7:02 am
the house judiciary committee chairman is seeking testimony of don mcgahn. he is at the center of the construction findings in the mueller report. he was asked to fire the special counsel but refused. critics say he allowed f.b.i. agents to interview mike flynn without prior notification which is the standard. he also assured those close to the president his testimony to the special counsel was unremarkable. all of this as the question of impeachment further exposes divisions among democrats. >> i think it's certainly the case that an impeachment would be unsuccessful if the republican party continues to place party above country and continues to back the president no matter how unethical or dishonest his conduct may be and sadly that's where we are right now. >> as we continue to pour through the mueller report, what we find are morehead lines and if you go to the appendix it contains the president's written answers to the special
7:03 am
counsel showing some 30 times he could not recall the information. his lawyers are making the case that they never considered an in-person interview for the president because they say the special counsel investigators had an agenda. >> i would have been disbarred if i let him testify. so many indications they wanted to trap him into perjury they were not in good faith. >> a fuller version of the mueller report is available to lawmakers but doesn't contain grand jury material. barr reads the department of justice has also made arrangements for chairman nadler and other congressional leaders to review the report with fewer redactions in light of this congressman's nadler's subpoena is premature and unnecessary and will work toward legitimate requests. >> sandra: let's bring in
7:04 am
america's a-team. david avella, bill mcgurn and jeanne zaino. david, i start with you first. where do you think democrats are going next with this fight? >> every hearing that nadler holds get president trump votes and costs democrats votes for 2020. which is absolute appropriate. it's about 2020 to them. they get their buddies at the state level do the same. states are saying let's make people's tax returns be part of a requirement to get on a ballot. >> sandra: interesting you say that. jeanne, digging through the lawsuit the president fighting back against the subpoena to see his financial documents, case in point number one in the introduction. they make the case that the house of representatives, the democratic party, has declared an all-out political war
7:05 am
against president donald trump. >> i'm not so sure. it may cost votes in the general. in the primary this is what the base wants and why they're pursuing this. you see a fight between the leadership in the democratic side and the constituents that feel their base is pushing for more action on the president. and so i'm not sure it will cost votes in the primaries. i think in the general you may see some of that. >> i agree with jeanne on that. congressman nadler has been waiting two years for this chance. he won't give it up. the problem that they have with the mueller report is -- i think adam schiff has alluded to it. it has to be somewhat bipartisan or it doesn't work. forget about the senate. i don't think there will be enough democrat votes in the house to impeach donald trump if only because some of these people ran in republican districts and won and i'm just not sure they will go there. so i see this as fueling as it
7:06 am
excites the base but look, first they don't accept the 2016 results, now they don't accept the mueller report with all these run-by democratic contributors to hillary clinton. you don't know what they'll do. >> bill: the conversation suggested you have the votes in the house but not the senate so don't go there. >> that's just a total count of democrats. look how hard it was for them to pass obamacare. >> all that focus is on the base and on washington, d.c. the voters this potentially impacts is swing voters. here is what you don't hear being discussed. the biggest finding of the mueller report is that the russians tried to get into our elections, since the 1960. you don't hear one democrat talking about anything to do to help make our elections more secure. in fact, they want to do the opposite. they want to get rid of voter i.d. allow non-citizens to vote as you can do in vermont and parts of california. all the things that make our election safer the democrats are against.
7:07 am
which was the key finding of the mueller report that the russians tried to hack our election. >> bill: interesting moment jerry nadler on "meet the press" on nbc on sunday. >> you think this is impeachable? >> yeah, i do. i do think that -- if proven -- if proven, it hasn't been proven yet. if proven some of this would be impeachable, yes. obstruction if justice would be impeachable. sglaoul -- >> you'll see if you can prove it? >> where the facts lead us. >> it was a long pause. >> a pregnant pause as we say. jerry nadler did make news there. he had a caveat at the end which said if we can find the evidence. but again, you know, i think democrats do feel that bob mueller set this up for them to make this decision and i agree. i think it's a question of do
7:08 am
democrats vote for impeachment? i'm not sure that's a done deal yet. again, there is this fight in the democratic party between do we pursue an agenda and maintain oversight or do we continue barreling down this path at this point? >> sandra: interesting to contrast jerry nadler's there with this word of caution from elijah cummings over the weekend. >> i'm not there yet. i can foresee it possibly coming. but again, the fact is that i think we have to do -- be very careful here. the american people, a lot of them, clearly still don't believe that president trump is doing things to destroy our democracy. and has done a lot of things very poorly. >> right, look. this is their dilemma. david raised a good point before. for two years we've heard
7:09 am
russia, russia, russia. the evil russia, evil putin. the question is whether people in capitol hill are interested in russia if it doesn't bring them to donald trump. when romney brought it up he was mocked for it during his campaign. did they ever take this seriously. now we'll move the goalpost and continue to go until we find a crime. >> bill: on 2020 now we believe joe biden will get in on wednesday. moulton entered the race today. you are up to 19. dems obsessed over finding candidate to beat trump. >> they should. a guy who couldn't beat the most flawed democratic nominee. bernie sanders couldn't beat hillary clinton and joe biden who has run twice and lost. that's their leaders. they're obsessed and they need somebody else. >> sandra: that's who is leading. real clear politics. if you got the presidential
7:10 am
nomination biden would lead 30% to sanders 22 1/2, o'rourke a big drop there to less than 9%, harris and buttigieg. >> these early polls, let's be clear are reflecting name recognition primarily. they always do. so we have to see how this thing pans out. but democrats are right to obsess about beating the incumbent. of course the party in opposition wants to beat the incumbent. they have to find a vehicle to do that. and that vehicle is going to be through the midwest and the rust belt. that's where this issue of impeachment becomes a problem for them because they've got to appeal to pennsylvania, michigan, minnesota, those white democratic voters that went and women in particular that went republican towards donald trump. they need to pull those back. joe biden is a way to do that. >> bill: from the hill piece a poll released late last month showed age, race and gender take a back seat to
7:11 am
electability. "new york times" piece over the weekend. what was the headline? something similar to is a white man going to lead the democratic party again? >> right. that's what they say. they say they want to beat trump. all these people have their favorite horses. once it consolidates we'll see. a lot can change. the debates will matter. who stands out. right now you have people tweeting out like elizabeth warren for impeachment because there are 19 people competing for this one pie and they're going left to do it. they're talking impeachment and so forth to do it. it is a very diminishing return. >> the rules have changed. the democrats have now put california -- california has put itself now up to super tuesday in the democratic primary. you get past iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, now you have texas and california. 15% of delegates to the democratic convention will be decided in those two states and how harris has a great advantage with her home state of california and spending time
7:12 am
in texas. this nomination will be over after the first month because 46% of the delegates will be decided by super tuesday. >> bill: will democrats dominate another white man? the headline. round one is done. thank you, panel. thank you, guys, 12 minutes past the hour. another alert. pakistan confirming the capture of the final terrorist wanted in the murder of american journalist dan pearl. trey yengst joins us. >> a counter terrorism unit in paris has captured the lead commander in the taliban off shoot unit suspected in the murder of daniel pearl. the pakistani security forces conducted an operation to capture him. the suspect was arrested during a raid in a province 100 miles north of the capital city of islamabad reportedly running a militant training camp near the
7:13 am
afghan border when he was captured. another suspect was also captured and is considered to be a lower ranking member in the terrorist group involved in the killing. the first man arrested is the prime suspect in the murder of pearl. he served as a correspondent for the "wall street journal" and killed and a video of the murder was released online. four other suspects involved in the kidnapping and killing of pearl faced trial after the initial incident in 2002. one received the death penalty and the other three received 25 years in prison. despite this horrendous act of terrorism just over 17 years ago the family of journalist daniel pearl has set up the daniel pearl foundation to promote objectivity in journalism and tolerance around the world. >> sandra: the trump administration taking further action against countries doing business with iran. will sanctioning some of
7:14 am
tehran's biggest oil customers work? money man charles payne is on deck. >> bill: the white house responding to the easter sunday massacre seen and heard from overseas. >> the united states stands ready to help and anything that we can do and look forward to helping bring these individuals that are responsible to justice. >> is the attack the latest strike in a war on christians by terrorists? that story next. , call newday usa. home values are rising, and with newday's va cash out home loan, you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's increased value. you could get 54,000 dollars or more and lower your payments by over $600 a month. with automatic authority from the va, newday can say yes when banks say no. take advantage of your home's increased value. call newday usa now. go to or call 1-800-405-6714
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customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. >> bill: parishioners who usually attend easter mass. firefighters were hon areed for battling the fire at the french treasure. french president vowing to finish reconstruction in five years. more than a billion dollars pledged in that effort thus far. he wants it done before the olympics in five years. >> we mourn the loved ones of the victims. some were u.s. citizens. this is america's fight, too. we urge that any evil doers be brought to justice expeditiously. today our nation grieves with the people of sri lanka and
7:19 am
stand committed and resolved to confront terrorism together. >> sandra: that was secretary of state mike pompeo earlier on the deadly sri lanka easter day bombings. 290 people were killed at churches and hotels in and around the capital city. some we're learning were americans. authorities there believe a radical islamic militant group is to blame. the bombing is apparently targeting the christian minority and they could be part of a disturbing global trend. since 2017 there has been 16 attacks on churches, mosques and synagogues worldwide. two of them here in the u.s. at a pittsburgh synagogue last year and a church in texas in 2016. walid phares is a national security and foreign affairs analyst. thank you for being here this morning. if you could first, sir, respond to what we saw happen over the weekend. >> absolutely. there is a lot of confusion and fog in the international media. first of all who did it, the
7:20 am
name of this organization. once you translate it from south asia to arabic you have a brand which has been used by both al qaeda and isis, more al qaeda than isis in terms of creating local chapters all encouraging local jihadis to form the networks. that's the name. in the report you mentioned that christian communities were targeted. it is obvious that al qaeda and isis have declared many times in many ways are the enemies, christians, jews and moderate muslims. >> bill: this country hasn't seen this type of violence. >> it's true in a country you haven't seen this type of violence or the jihadists before. this is their encounter. this is the equivalent of their 9/11 or first attack in london and first attack in madrid.
7:21 am
what will you go about it after that? sri lankan authorities. they knew there were jihadi networks. this is the moment where they encounter the blood shed. the question is what are you going to strategize to stop the next wave to come? >> sandra: as far as the growing global trend of these occurrences, dr. phares, as we led into you with the trend that we're seeing today. >> well, in sri lanka, of course, the christian minority is small. muslim minority is small which would encourage the jihadists or terrorists from other sects to engage because they have no defenses. it's really up to the sri lankan government, which by the way is an ally of the united states in the war against terrorism specifically isis and al qaeda and i believe personally that this is a strike conducted against the
7:22 am
christians but it is really a strike against sri lanka's national security as an ally. >> bill: we learn that intelligence warnings went out a week or two ago and that government has been in a state of disrepair for some time as you're well aware. it strikes me you need a sense of expertise, walid, in order to execute something like this with the level of success that they did. >> absolutely. you look at almost a dozen attacks coordinated against churches and hotels. i'm sure almost we'll know from the expert and from the government that they targeted audiences in these hotels. they knew these are worshippers or these are individuals from these communities gathering for easter. so they knew what they were doing. my real concern is this may not be just local organization. obviously the perpetrators are local but i suspect there is a
7:23 am
link between those jihadists in sri lanka and the national networks. >> sandra: what should the message be from the united states. we've heard messages from the white house several times this morning. this played out over the holiest days over the weekend doctor, as far as the response we should have as a nation. >> i think the government, the administration, the secretary, the white house did the right thing by immediately stating that we are in solidarity with sri lanka. we need to communicate that very strongly to the government of sri lanka, to the public in sri lanka, and we need to share information with the sri lankan authorities. also probably getting some sort of regional support of sri lanka from india and from the other countries around so that they don't feel that they are alone, which would open another wound, the old sectarian wound inside sri lanka. if the government of sri lanka fails in stopping the jihadists other problems may show up. >> bill: it strikes me as easy
7:24 am
targets. easter sunday morning. a relatively peaceful country. they battled a civil war for 25 years. that was extinguished 10 years ago, doctor. >> yes, many analysts are trying to link the two. i don't think so. the fight between the sects in sri lanka is over. of course there are political tensions. the jihadists are a new threat and i hope it unifies everyone in sri lanka to make sure it doesn't happen again. my concern is this jihadists, this is the first salvo. >> bill: how much do you subscribe to the theory it was technology exported out of syria and western iraq out of isis. >> i looked at videos and material from syria and iraq
7:25 am
and libya. this is a material, these are lessons adopted from syria principally but also from around every battlefield where the jihadists are operational including northern sinai in egypt. >> sandra: appreciate you coming on with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: breaking news. f.b.i. arresting a militia leader accused of detaining illegal immigrants at gun point. the latest on that investigation in a moment. >> sandra: a reporter hounding special counsel robert mueller outside of his church services after easter mass. the backlash on that straight ahead. >> sir, could i ask you a couple of questions? will you testify before congress, sir? pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this.
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>> bill: reaction this morning after the f.b.i. arrested a militia leader accused of detaining migrants at the border at gun point. jonathan hunt is watching that story from our west coast bureau.
7:30 am
jonathan. >> good morning, bill. the man arrested is part of a group that has made no secret of its work posting videos on facebook showing their members dressed in military-style uniforms heavily armed and rounding up immigrants they find in remote locations. their actions have been roundly condemned by the aclu, customs and border protection and the governor of new mexico. in a joint f.b.i./police operation the group's leader, 69-year-old larry mitchell hopkins was arrested in new mexico near where the united constitutional patriots as they call themselves have been based. >> a friend of ours from the police department came up and just said hey, can you come talk to us for a little bit and that was that. we heard he was arrested. we didn't know what for or what about. >> the f.b.i. says mitchell was arrested for being a felon in
7:31 am
possession of firearms and ammunition. new mexico's attorney general saying in a statement, quote, this is a dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families. today's arrest by the f.b.i. indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not armed vigilantes. the group by the way announced an emergency on its facebook page yesterday in the wake of the arrest and also said both pay pal and gofundme have suspended its accounts. so they're asking for donations again to be sent by check. hopkins, by the way, is due to make his first appearance in federal court later today. we'll keep you updated throughout the day on how that goes. >> bill: thank you, sir. nice to see you, jonathan hunt from l.a. >> sandra: gop donors who stood on the sidelines in 2016 coming around for president trump. this time around they're writing big checks for his reelection campaign. our a-team is back.
7:32 am
david avila, bill mcgurn and jeanne zaino are here. what are we seeing? >> donors are responding to the fact economy is doing great, america is kept secure. the president is working on border security, working on bringing improvements to our healthcare system and donors are responding accordingly, including small dollar donors. people like to talk about big donors. president trump has increased his-the money he is raising from small dollar donors. the story we don't talk about much is the fact that michael bloomberg has pledged $500 million to defeat president trump. tom steyer has pledged his fortune. if this were in reverse the media would be screaming how big dollar donors are trying to win the election for republicans. you have democrats that will benefit from billionaire trying to win the election and we hear barely a peep out of the press. >> sandra: "politico" says
7:33 am
trump wins over donors, they launch an ambitious fundraising network aimed at supporters of his past gop rivals. >> he is the incumbent president. if you're a gop donor of course you'll donate to the incumbent president. i would say bill barr's summary and the three weeks that followed was very good for the president and for fundraising because it sort of took away any momentum, any moderate republican thinking of challenging the president, which didn't make a lot of sense given the poll numbers, but thinking about it, aka bill weld would remove themselves from the process. that's what we're seeing now. >> i think david makes the point about the economy. when donald trump came into office a lot of people who voted for him did so just on the basis he wasn't hillary clinton and the supreme court nominees. a lot of other stuff was a question. well, the economy is roaring now. he has produced. like a lot of these people have seen what a trump presidency means. and they like a lot of it. they may not like all of it but
7:34 am
they like a lot of it and looking at the democrats. i don't think anyone looking at them thinks this prosperity will continue under any of them. >> bill: republicans have an option with the 45 club, the trump train or the builders club mimicked after what george w. bush the pioneers club. 30 million cash raised in quarter one. 99% of the donations are $200 or less. 40 million cash on hand to date so far. that's how the money stacks up. >> sandra: meanwhile a lot of people talking about this moment when robert mueller was taken aback by a reporter approaching him after easter sunday mass over the weekend. watch this. >> sir, could i ask you a couple of questions? will you testify before congress? >> no comment. >> if he were anybody but the
7:35 am
president would mr. trump be indicted? >> hard to believe a reporter would approach him after leaving mass. >> the breaking news moment was no comment. that made breaking news. what is next? bob mueller likes to go to a salt and pepper restaurant on a friday night. this is outrageous. >> the clip goes on longer. the reporter said some characterize it as an ambush of a man coming out of easter services after church. >> it is. people wonder why the american people hate us in the press. we do these things and don't respect boundaries. not only mass but easter mass? to a cost this man? not an isolated incident. mitch mcconnell was harassed. some of the other members of the trump team at a restaurant. kellyanne conway that was harassed? this is not the way we're supposed to do politics. >> sandra: i think he wished he could have found his keys faster. >> absolutely. let's all be clear and honest.
7:36 am
this is the way you get headlines, right? to your point there was a breaking news. so you encourage people to act this way. it is why people don't like the press. and yet this gets all the clicks and it gets all the looks and all the likes. >> bill: i don't know what we're marinating on day four of the mueller report. you heard the talk on sunday on the shows. bill, where do you think the con trails are leading us from thursday to where? >> for most americans, they saw two year investigation and if you read the report they followed every single possible russian lead that your great waunt had a cheeseburger in a restaurant that george papadopoulos went to. i think most people think no collusion. on obstruction. i think the prosecutor is supposed to charge or say
7:37 am
nothing. he did a james comey. well, we aren't going to charge but here are these bad things. >> bill: what have you concluded as to why he did that? do you think there was pressure among the group of lawyers that worked with him? >> he had a whole team of people that were hillary clinton supporters. some of the people were in the same justice department that was playing games on fisa and all sorts of things. so i don't know. but it the really jarring. special counsel -- a prosecutor's job is to make his statement through his charges and he punted on that. >> sandra: we know democrats are holding a conference call do da to decide how to proceed. >> he does punt but he punts because you can't indict a sitting president. it is unfair to move forward on this and not give the president a chance to fairly respond. and so my takeaway is we need to think about these sort of -- the special prosecutor law. do you run these investigations letting the american people
7:38 am
think you can indict? it is outrageous. >> the prosecutor is supposed to file charges or not file. that's a james comey to say i can't do it. >> his hands were tied by the fact you can't under department of justice indict. it is true. >> go back to bill barr. he made an excellent point. you don't have to have an underlying crime to prove obstruction. however, if there is no underlying collusion or conspiracy, what was the president covering up? and therefore the answer is maybe he had other -- maybe he was just irritated. even the point about calling don mcgahn to fire the special counsel. that would have been very unwise. without doubt i'm sure the journal editorialized many times he should let the investigation go through. he has a constitutional right to do it. >> bill: as we get ready for barr and mueller getting to testify we have a group of
7:39 am
politicians trying to get a group of lawyers telling us what they meant. if that doesn't make your head hurt, i don't know what does. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: the white house taking a new approach on iran trying to squeeze tehran. will hitting the oil industry bring tehran back in line? >> sandra: the economic indicator that could be key to president trump winning a second term. charles payne will be here on all of that next. >> they want to try to beat him at the ballot box they'll have a super tough time doing that. the economy is so strong. ow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals.
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7:43 am
>> we've made our demands very clear to iran. in your pursuit of weapons. stop sponsoring and committing terrorism. halt the arbitrary detention of u.s. citizens. our pressure is aimed at fulfilling these demands and others. >> bill: mike pompeo announcing
7:44 am
and end to those who have waivers to buy oil from iran. turkey, south korea, japan and others. what's the effort here, to squeeze tehran to what end? >> to squeeze them until they say ouch. this is interesting because the trump administration said this was going to happen and gave the waivers which threw a lot of people off. this should not be news per se to a degree if you listen to what pompeo said. 40% of their income comes from oil. they've squeezed $10 billion already. this is designed to hurt and designed to get them to become real citizens of the world and not sponsor hamas, hezbollah, or what is going on in yemen. >> sandra: 25 rounds of sanctions, 2,000 people and identities. look at what is happening with oil prices now. the money man is here. seven weeks of gains in oil.
7:45 am
longest winning streak in five years. >> it could go back to the mid 70s without a doubt. it has been range-bound for a long time. it gets down the 40 and bounces back towards the 70s and goes down. higher gas prices will come along with this. president trump and mike pompeo also articulating the idea the effort would be to get saudi arabia, united arab emirates and others to step up. we have a strategic reserve that has quite a bit of crude oil in it. i'm not saying the administration, they haven't said anything official about that but it is a back stop if gasoline prices were to run away. >> bill: you want the tweet from today? saudi arabia and others in opec will more than make up the oil flow difference in our now full sanctions on iranian oil. iran is being given bad advice by john kerry and people who helped him lead the u.s. in the bad nuclear deal.
7:46 am
big violation of logan act. >> they were given bad advice if someone. president trump is not playing around here. unfortunate they would be -- anyone would suggest to them that you'll get around this. you won't get around it. the idea we can make all of it up depends. venezuela has broken down badly. libya has serious issues. it will be a challenge to make up all the oil. >> sandra: the president touting the strong he -- economy. i've never happier or more content. our country is doing so well. economy the talk of the world and may be stronger than it has ever been before. have a great day. what is going to be the key factor when it comes to the economy and the president's ability to win a second term? >> what i think. it's interesting. the hill had an article talking about wages. i've talked about this for a long time. what we're seeing now with wages is shared prosperity. when democrats say we're going to run under the banner of
7:47 am
shared prosperity whether it's socialism, whether we deliver it via higher taxes, their argument, sort of a tin plate they always argue is that prosperity is not shared evenly in this country. since may of last year wages are up on average 3.14% a year-over-year which is really phenomenal. blue collar workers 3.2%. we're going on a year of growth. year-over-year wage growth not seen in more than a decade. so we are seeing shared prosperity in ways that we haven't seen it in a long time in this country. that will make it hard for democrats to say let's dump this because you have seen pay raise and try something else. >> sandra: wage growth shaping up as key 2020 factor for trump since he took office wages have gone up 2.4%. >> that's what i don't like with the hill's article. they don't like to give
7:48 am
president trump credit. they talked about the first two years of his administration? >> bill: they don't? >> no. the first two years of his administration. i'm talking about since the tax cuts have gone into effect and since we've been accumulating less regulatory efforts now the wage growth is booming. not 2.4%. it's 3.2% for those who aren't supervisors. it is ramping up. the article is a little disingenuous. that's all i'm saying. >> sandra: they give the president credit. more people are taking home more pay as a rut of the gop tax cut. >> there is a big difference between 3.2 and 2.4. the momentum is the key, i think. that's really the key. can it keep this momentum up going on for another year? that's a big question mark. >> bill: the challenge from democrats. tim ryan wants to be the nominee. check it out. >> unemployment is low and the stock market is high but 40 to
7:49 am
50% of american families today can't withstand a four or five hundred dollar emergency. we have to get out of this idea we just want the american people to survive. i'm a kid from steel country and i know what the problems are. i understand what people are going through every single day. >> bill: they'll run on the economy. see how it goes. in new york aoc has a challenge. >> she has a few potential challengers. >> bill: i have word of an anonymous multi-millionaire who wants to challenge her. >> a big time conservative willing to back a challenge. that would be a mistake. i think you can challenge aoc right now in the district but the way she won. someone knocking on doors. going to the project. >> bill: you know how many democrats are in that district? 75 to 80%. >> you won't take a check from
7:50 am
the republican donor but she can be beaten by another democrat. you do it by going in now. i would go into the projects. i would knock on doors. i would meet people in supermarkets. she can be beaten. this thing has gone to her head. also she is taking issues that really are authentic issues and she is using them and conflating them to promote things like climate change. that's not what they need in the bronx right now, right? they don't need that right now. i was in a charter school in the south bronx. it was the lowest economic category in this whole country. that county is the worst off in this entire country. they can't afford to sacrifice for climate change. it was a beautiful easter. thank you. >> sandra: one pro sports team taking down a statue of the late singer kate smith after new allegations of racist songs sung by here 90 years ago and not the only team taking this action.
7:51 am
7:52 am
(speaking in foreign language) i'm sorry i don't understand... ♪ help! i need somebody ♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone
7:53 am
7:54 am
t-philadelphia flyers removing a statue of the kate smith from the team's arena over the weekend with an outcry over
7:55 am
racist lear acts from her songs. >> we've seen this before. a new chapter in the store he. political correctness gone awry. it seems like it's a no-win situation. what were the philadelphia flyers supposed to do. last week somebody went to the new york yankees and say you play god bless america since 9/11. the person who sang some songs in the late 1930s around world war ii that had racist driven lyrics. whether it's a satire or not it was a problem. the yankees said we'll suspend use of this god bless america song. it's not in line with where we are today. the flyers have used kate smith's rendition of god bless america aren't using it anymore and take down the statute. they say we cannot stand idle while material from another era gets in the way of who we are today. >> sandra: that image is something. >> bill: did the yankees have a
7:56 am
choice on this? >> i don't know if they have a choice. whether they believe the statue should come dawn. we can't erase history of what takes place. someone finds video of us singing god bless america under kate smith 10 years from now, are we in trouble? how far does this go? do we change history? taking down a statue of kate smith. you remember how i felt when they took down hussein's statue. kate smith? >> to be debated thank you. >> bill: easter egg roll about to get underway. it's the news of the day. it's next.
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert from the white house where we're awaiting president trump. he will be speaking shortly at the easter egg roll on the south lawn of the white house. first lady melania trump holding the annual event for children. the tradition dating back to 1878. president trump will blow the whistle in two minutes from now to start the race. we'll take you tlao live when it begins. to those deadly terror attacks shaking the island nation of sri lanka to its core. suicide bombers killing nearly 300 people at churches and hotels on easter sunday morning. several americans among the dead. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i hope you had a good
8:01 am
easter weekend. this is tough to take from overseas, close to 300 dead. tore through three catholic churches and three luxury hotels in sri lanka. police arresting 24. there were warnings before the massacre that came on the holiest day on the christian calendar. president trump tweeted the united states offers condolences to the great people of sri lanka. we stand ready to help. benjamin hall is live in london and begins our coverage this hour. >> we're now learning the identity of one of the americans tragically killed yesterday in the easter sunday attack. he is 40 years old and from denver. he arrived at the hotel for a work trip. he worked for an education publishing firm. his brother saying we'd like to share our grief over this tragic incident. in sri lanka bombs are still being found and the
8:02 am
investigation continues. back to you in a bit, bill. >> bill: thank you, benjamin hall with breaking news. the white house and the president now speaking. >> president trump: 41 years we've been doing this, i don't remember the first one but the last three years we have had an awfully good time. i have to thank our first lady. she worked so hard on this event. and without her it would not be like it is. it's as beautiful as i've ever seen it. melania, thank you very much, fantastic job. thank you, honey. i want to thank the white house historical association for the incredible job they do. they work with the first lady and all of us on making the white house and keeping the white house a special place. it is to me the most special place. there can't be anything like it. and we take it really very seriously and it is in great shape, that i can tell you. it is in great shape. also our incredible marine corps band. thank you very much. beautiful.
8:03 am
wouldn't be the same without you. and a group of people that do a wonderful job. i love them. i know they like me, too. it's the egg farmers of this country. the egg farmers. and they brought thousands and thousands of eggs. i don't know if you can use them all. i have a feeling with these young, very ambitious children they'll all be gone. and maybe most importantly i want to wish everybody a very happy easter. our country is doing fantastically well. probably the best it's ever done economically. we're setting records on stock markets, setting records with jobs, and unemployment numbers are the lowest they've ever been. 50 years in many groups historically the lowest numbers we've ever had. regulations, low taxes, our country has never done better. and do we love our military?
8:04 am
our military is literally being completely rebuilt. [applause] we are completely rebuilding our military. it was very depleted as you know, a lot of the military folks can tell you. it is being rebuilt to a level that we have never seen before. all with great product, the best product in the world and you know where it's made? in the u.s.a. that's where it made. it's all made right here. happy easter, enjoy yourselves, i'm coming down now to be with you. first lady is coming with me and maybe i'll get this great easter bunny to come with us. thank you very much, everybody. happy easter. thank you very much. >> bill: that's one good looking bunny with the eyeglasses on every year. good stuff from the south portico of the white house. meanwhile there are developments in the democratic push for the trump's money
8:05 am
records. i believe john roberts is on the other side of the white house. good morning to you, john. >> president is on the south lawn. we're on the north lawn this morning. we'll get to the lawsuit in a second. first talk more about impeachment. the first time in 20 years that we've been talking about impeachment here in washington, d.c. in the wake of a special counsel's report. it was the end of the clinton administration when the house voted articles of impeachment and the senate failed to convict the president. the senate acquitted him. now we talk about it all over again. the president with a tweet saying only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment. no crimes by me, and no collusion or obstruction. it was the democrats who committed the crimes. a split in the democratic parties whether impeachment proceedings would be prudent. moving to impeach president clinton after the starr report didn't work out for republicans. many democrats fear the
8:06 am
political blowback of a perception of an overeach if they went to impeach president trump. others like senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts making political news by embracing the idea. listen here. >> we cannot be an america that says it's okay for a president of the united states to try to block investigations into a foreign attack on our country or investigations into that president's own misbehavior, so i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. [applause] >> it should be pointed out elizabeth warren is lagging far back in the pack of candidates and looking to gain momentum. impeachment proceedings would be in the house. even if the house voted out articles of impeachment to the senate it is highly unlikely given the balance of power the
8:07 am
senate would vote to convict president trump. kellyanne conway dismissed the entire idea. listen here. >> it's a ridiculous proposition they're putting forward. >> trump sues to block financial records subpoena. attorneys for the president are seeking to block a subpoena for the president's financial records. the lawsuit dismisses the subpoena as nothing more than a political game writing the democratic party with its new-found control of the u.s. house of representatives has declared all-out political war against president donald trump, subpoenas are their weapon of choice. the lawsuits says its goal is to expose plaintiff's private financial information for the sake of exposure for the hope it will turn up something the democrats can use as a political tool against the president now and in the 2020 election. the lawsuit also argues that
8:08 am
there is no legislative purpose for the investigation. therefore, it is irrelevant and not allowed. the lawsuit also names the trump organization's accounting firm but not because they're suspected of any wrongdoing but if they aren't named in the lawsuit they couldn't be enjoined by the court. that's the reason why they're in there. >> bill: off to a new week on a monday. john roberts from the north lawn. thank you, sir. >> sandra: the mueller report also the focus of heated debate with president trump firing back at democrats over renewed talk of impeachment as party leaders are set to hold a conference call this afternoon to discuss their next move. james freeman is the assistant editorial for the editorial page. you are looking live on your screen tr first lady and president as they have blown the whistle to begin the easter egg roll. some running around frantically to find the eggs. 30,000 expected at the white house for this wonderful event
8:09 am
today. we'll leave the pictures up as we discuss what is the next move for democrats in washington >> i think clearly on that conference call you mentioned speaker pelosi is going to say let's move on to some issues and let's try and assembly some kind of legislative record. you saw kellyanne conway holding up the sheet. the democratic house has been largely defined by trump resistance and you can count on saying speaker pelosi to say let's move on. >> sandra: how do you impeach a republican president for a crime that was committed by the president, make america great again is the tweet by the president. >> that's what we didn't get from the mueller report. we may get it from the attorney general barr. the inspector general of the justice department. how did this begin and the use of surveillance tools against the party out of power get started? that's really what we haven't
8:10 am
learned. we saw the full case against the president in the mueller report. not much to it. now i think we'll learn more about how the government came to spy on a political opposition. >> sandra: what are you reporting as far as the divide within the democratic party? we now know nancy pelosi is going to host a conference call at 5:00 p.m. eastern time today to try to get together on this. as we do see some members of her party calling for impeachment but yet she has said it is not worth it. steny hoyer said it is not worth it. >> well, i think the best barometer are the democratic candidates running for president. they have the general election, but now they're trying to persuade democrats. they're only talking to democratic voters. the only one who is out there loudly right now saying impeachment is elizabeth warren who is sort of a former rock star in the party has now dropped back into single digits.
8:11 am
she is firing out ideas every day whether it's free college, unconstitutional wealth tax, now impeachment. most of the democratic candidates are not saying that. some of them even explicitly saying voters are not asking about this. >> sandra: interesting to hear sarah sanders this morning. she was being interviewed from the easter egg roll at the white house as this continues there. i'll sort of read from what she said. she said democrats in 2016 -- let's go -- we'll listen to her earlier today. >> democrats got beat in 2016 and they got beat because they had a bad candidate and we had a great candidate. our candidate had a better message, a better vision, and-out worked his opponent. they've been losing every day since and constantly looking for excuses. they still haven't found a message. their only option is to attack this president. >> sandra: that was the message of the white house this morning. >> you go back to 2016, the question is not is trump
8:12 am
popular enough to win reelection. it is compared to what? back in 2016 she mentioned the bad candidate the democrats put up. trump you might not know it from coverage is actually in our poll 10 points higher now than he was when he got elected in 2016 in terms of people's feelings toward him. do you like him or not like him? so trump is sitting there and his approval rating at minus 8. congress is at minus 43. so to the extent that an impeachment rush defines the democrats, that's not good for them. >> sandra: partisan politics. and one day in washington where we can set those things aside the easter egg roll continues. first lady and president are signing cards that will be sent to members of our military, a very special part of this tradition at the white house. >> bill: the president has the whistle. stand by for more from there. new panic today after police
8:13 am
detonate a bomb one day after terrorists targeted churches and hotels killing more than 300. just the latest attacks on houses of worship worldwide. what can be done to stop the bloodshed? >> what was supposed to be a joyful easter sunday was marched by a horrific wave of islamic radical terror bloodshed. using multiple cleaners on grease can be expensive, and sometimes ineffective. for better value, tackle grease with dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. it provides 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, which cuts through tough kitchen messes, pre-treats laundry stains, and even tackles grease build-up on car rims. tackle tough greasy messes around your home, and save money with dawn ultra. brand power. helping you better. i'dbecause i know there t to adare so many of youterans, who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years,
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>> heartbreaking a country that has stroefsh so hard for peace in recent years has been targeted by these terrorists. we mourn the loved ones of the victims. some were indeed u.s. citizens. this is america's fight, too. we urge that any evil doers be brought to justice expeditiously and america is prepared to support that. >> sandra: a show of solidarity there from secretary of state mike pompeo earlier today after deadly bombings in sri lanka killed nearly 300 people. several we're learning were americans. among the dead. daniel hoffman is a former c.i.a. chief of station and fox news contributor. dan, good morning to you. as we learn the horrific details of these attacks talk about the coordination that we're learning was involved in carrying these out. >> yeah. it is a national tragedy in sri lanka and this terrorist attack really bears all the hallmarks of an al qaeda attack where you had three churches and three
8:18 am
hotels frequented by foreigners all attacked over a short amount of time and over distance. that's a traditional way that al qaeda likes to mount attacks. multiple spectacular attacks to drive first responders to multiple areas and achieve maximum effect in the press afterwards. what is surprising about this attack is that no one thus far has claimed responsibility. >> sandra: what do we know about who did it? >> well, we don't know a lot and right now there is a lot of speculation because there were reportedly some tip-offs including 10 days ago that a local sunni jihadist group was planning a terrorist attack but i would caution viewers that may have been a tip-off for another attack that hasn't taken place yet. we just don't know who is responsible for this one. the security services in sri lanka are in the unenviable position of conducting forensics to determine what happened and then try to determine whether there are
8:19 am
other threats out there that they need to preempt. just today a ninth improveized explosive device was found near the airport. there is a lot of concern. >> sandra: what about that the local security services and authorities are there facing accusations that they missed warns and failed to act. what did they know and when did they know it? >> that's the question that will be asked. this is by all accounts an intelligence failure. security services are responsible for penetrating local extremist groups, understanding their nexus to other overseas trans national groups and collecting intelligence so they can preempt attacks. that didn't happen in this case. as a result we have almost 300 dead and 500 wounded. one of the things we'll be looking at is the number of sri lankans who traveled to the
8:20 am
islamist caliphate and have kurnd. when they part of this group? those are open questions. i don't believe it was a locally-conducted attack. there are too many people. 24 arrested. it is a massive undertaking with a support network that would demand international collaboration. we don't have a lot of facts. >> sandra: the history of these attacks on places of worship we've put together a list dating back to early 2017, dan. and the growing trend that we're seeing bringing us to today. >> yeah. it is so tragic. this is a way for terrorist groups, frankly, to spark sectarian violence. in some cases in egypt, for example. they attack coptic christians to demonstrate the government of egypt can't defend its own
8:21 am
citizens. these poor people are targeted by ruthless terrorists. the locals in sri lanka should understand these are soft targets and they are absolutely areas or people on whom al qaeda and others have focused in the past. there should be heightened security awareness of these targets. that's another area the sri lankans will look at. i'm sure our embassy team in sri lanka is working with our partners there tracking the forensics and determining whether there are any threats going forward to our people and installations in the country and beyond. >> sandra: a lot of work still yet to be done. dan hoffman, appreciate your analysis. >> bill: new developments in the murder of a college student who got into the wrong uber car thinking it was her ride. why the suspect is in court today.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> bill: a man accused of murdering is south carolina college student after she mistook her car for an uber ride is in court today. he is charged with murdering the student last month. >> this was to be nathaniel rowland's first appearance in court. he will be represented at the hearing by his attorneys but not attending in person because he has not posted bond. meanwhile, the defendant's parents insist their son is innocent and can explain what happened the night of the crime. listen. >> nate passed out at a house party. he checked his pockets when he woke up. he checked his pockets, didn't have his keys. he walked outside to try to find his vehicle. he found the vehicle, opened the door, seen his keys and
8:26 am
seen all the blood inside the vehicle. >> this is the defendant's car. legal experts say if there is evidence linking rowland to the crime a new advance called touch dna makes it possible to find it with a very small sample. >> we used to have to have blood, semen, something like that in order to do a dna test. now it's skin cells. if he was there and he touched her clothes or handled her body or anything like this his dna should be on that. >> samantha josephson's murder has prompted uber to add a safety reminder urging riders to verify their driver and car before getting inside. >> we are committed to take action to keep our communities safe. by partnering with universities and the communities we serve, we can do just that. >> samantha was a senior and
8:27 am
political science major at the university of south carolina. on may 11 the university will award her diploma posthumously and her parents will attend the graduation to pick it up. >> sandra: border patrol agents copying with a surge of migrants at the southern border many coming to look for economic opportunity as other federal agencies are also feeling the strain. we'll look at the real impact of illegal immigration. >> bill: president trump weighing the fallout from the mueller matter. one op-ed caught our eye. the writer is our guest coming up. >> democrats should want to work with the president and hopefully they'll start to see what they're doing and continuing to attack the president is not a winning message. they should know that by now. they keep losing. president trump keeps winning. ♪
8:28 am
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>> sandra: many immigrants come to america seeking economic opportunity. a significant number of them
8:31 am
also take advantage of public programs. so what is the real cost of illegal immigration? william la jeunesse joins us to break it all down. william. >> well, sandra, easiest cost to calculate is education. because migrants work illegally the net cost or benefit is difficult to calculate. some studies put the direct taxpayer cost at $100 billion. it doesn't calculate their productivity. what we know, 75% work but a census survey shows more than half use at least one welfare program to get by. the latest central american caravan numbers more than 6,000. most arrive without a penny in their pocket. how do they get by? asylum seekers qualify for work permits, others work under the table. the majority also receive taxpayer subsidized benefits. >> when people claim asiel
8:32 am
imthey get work documents, court date. can get benefits. >> many federal benefits are supposed to be off limits. in practice many are not. 25,000 received subsidized housing and 26 states offer state-funded benefits like cash assistance. 11 offer medical care. others like california offer food stamps and disability. >> if those states don't have a growing economy and jobs that are open, immigrants or anybody else aren't going to see those states as the biggest draws if you will. >> because of their lower income adults and children are entitled to a host of programs. some qualify as asylum seekers, others by using stolen identities. >> there is a cost to communities for sure whether it's uncompensated care at hospitals or education system. it has never been measured but it is very real. >> the u.s. expects one million
8:33 am
illegal immigrants this year. despite using these safety net programs more than half of central americans here do still live in poverty. >> sandra: thanks for breaking it down for us. thanks. >> bill: a ton of reaction in the wake of the mueller report. michael goodwin writes trump's best move forward ignore the dems and focus on policy. as president trump searches for the right responses to the mueller report he would be wise to follow the idea that revenge is a dish best served cold. michael goodwin wrote the piece "new york post." good morning to you. explain. >> well look, i think the president obviously is furious at the mueller report. furious at the tone and the content, furious at the makeup of the panel that robert mueller assembled as he calls them the group of angry democrats. i think there is a lot of backup for the president's concern in that report you read the language. it is extensively citing "the
8:34 am
new york times," the "washington post" as the source of information or the source of information that leads to allegations that leads to an investigation. there is a real circular quality to the report with the media, with the democratic party. having said that, it is over. the president was not -- there was no finding of a crime in either case, obstruction or collusion. i think the president should view this as a gift and he should look at it that my lease on the oval office is renewed and he needs to make the most of it. >> bill: the other side. congressional dems can't help themselves and committed to keeping the impeachment flames burning and the 2020 candidates are acting that trump was guilty as he said he was the day before the report cleared him. the party is not ready to move on. the reason trump must be. understood the point you made there. the president just said this
8:35 am
today. only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment. it was the democrats committed the crime. tables are turned on the witch hunt. to your point he hasn't turned the page. >> i think it will take him some time also. i can't blame him. bill, no president has ever been through this. the fact that mueller was appointed in the first place is still a mystery. the whole thing about the russian dossier, the use of it by the f.b.i., james comey, clapper, brennan, susan rice, on and on. all their actions are subject to a real investigation. william barr the new attorney general and i write in the piece the president finally has a real attorney general. i think he will get to the bottom of this. i think he will find out what really happened in the summer of 2016. i don't believe papadopoulos, i don't believe that whole thing is what started the investigation. >> bill: summer of 2016 or
8:36 am
perhaps before. there is a 5:00 conference call today among democratic leadership in the house. how do you gauge which way they go on this now? >> look, i don't think they'll settle it today. i think what they'll probably start to do is try to lay out some framework for pursuing the investigations. how far will nancy pelosi and even chuck schumer let the house go? because if it goes too far, they really are going to wreck not only the 2020 election for president, they could well elect -- turn oval the congressional races as well. this will have a huge impact in 2020. >> bill: what i find interesting. those stumping over easter weekend there is a sense of trepidation to even answer the question and watching jerry nadler and elijah cummings and others on the sunday shows you can sense the apprehension in their voice as well.
8:37 am
how do they come down on the side of making the best path forward with a limited number of days in congress. and knowing by the fall all the oxygen in washington will be consumed by the race for 2020. >> sure. you take members like schiff and cummings and nadler in new york. their seats are safe. they themselves are safe. they don't have anything to worry about. i think it's the marginal seats that nancy pelosi is worried about and also the fact that if we as democrats get nothing done, what are we going to go to the electorate with in 2020? donald trump is a bad guy? well, okay, a lot of people believe that. and the mueller report confirms some unsavery behavior, but what do we have to show that we can do better? that we can govern? i think that's the dilemma that pelosi is trying to force on them. i agree with you she is saying but what do we do about it that will help us?
8:38 am
>> bill: she stated her case already. she doesn't believe impeachment is the best course forward and wants to move on. she has a lot of members in her party who will not be willing to let go of this. does she win this argument? >> particularly in the primary season. the primary audience for this is really let's kill trump. doesn't matter what else we do. that's all that matters to a lot of the primary voters. but again, pelosi is going to stress to them we don't just think of the primary, think of the general election. don't just think of your district. think of the districts that we won in 2018 that were marginal districts and swing districts. what about swing states. we don't win swing states if impeachment is our only platform. >> bill: very thoughtful. we'll see who wins that debate. michael goodwin, nice to see you. >> sandra: a new lawsuit filed to block a subpoena from house
8:39 am
democrats for financial records of the trump organization is out there now. what does andrew napolitano think about that? the judge will be here to weigh in next. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. go to, or call 1-877-806-8332.
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>> bill: the last remaining suspect of the murder of an american journalist is now in custody. for the abduction and murder of wall street journey reporter of andy pearl. he was working at the south asia bureau chief where he was kidnapped and beheaded in 2002. khalid shaikh muhammed has confessed to murdering daniel pearl and he is being held in gitmo. >> sandra: fox news alert. a legal battle with democrats ramping up. the president filed a lawsuit to block house democrats calling for him to release trump organization financial records after the house
8:43 am
oversight committee subpoenaed several years of records. let's bring in judge napolitano. judge, good morning. good to see you. they still want these documents. i believe it's six years' worth of financial records from the president. now the president is firing back. >> so the question is if the subpoena goes from the house of representatives to a third party to his accountants can the president jump in the middle of that and seek to quash the subpoena. the answer is yes just as if congress subpoenaed your records from your accountant or my records from my accountant or a situation with anybody watching us now. the complaint actually asks the court to second guess congress's motivation and courts are reluctant to do that because the courts and the congress are equal branches of government and don't get in the business of second guessing the motivation of either. however, congress has to have a legitimate legislative purpose for wanting the president's tax returns and financial records.
8:44 am
they can't just get them because he is the president and because there his predecessors have exposed this type of material about themselves and they can't get them because they want to torment him. they have to have a legitimate purpose. so congress will have to answer this complaint, establish a purpose. it doesn't have to be a purpose directly out of the constitution. it could be something related to what congress does that could suffice. if they can't show the purpose they will lose. >> sandra: the president's legal team put out a statement and said that the request for these financial documents lack any legitimate legislative purpose. they call it an abuse of power and say it is another example of overreach by the president's political opponents. jay sekulow said we won't allow congressional presidential harassment to go unanswered.
8:45 am
>> congress will have to state for what purpose they want this. it is a low threshold. they once investigated the contents of roger clemens urine. what purpose was that and that was upheld. once they state something even related to a congressional purpose the court, i think, will allow this to go through. >> sandra: we'll see where it all goes and we're now left wondering where democrats go next with the release of the mueller report and talk of the i word. we know democrat leadership are having a conference call at 5:00 p.m. today. what will they and can they do? >> my insight is to whom everyone have been putting the question this morning. a judgment call on their part. do they want to feed the desire of the base of many of them to pursue this to the end or do they want to look to 2020 and see whether it will explode in their faces? i think that congressman schiff over the weekend and speaker
8:46 am
pelosi on good friday said essentially the same thing. impeachment will fail without a broad national bipartisan consensus for it. that consensus does not exist now. they know how they can develop that consensus if it is developable, to parade all the witnesses who testified for mueller's grand jury that produced all these allegations in front of the house judiciary committee. but that might bore the country to death and might explode in their faces. at this point it is not legal, it is a political judgment that the leaders of the house will make. >> sandra: it is not stopping adam schiff from saying this. >> the fact that you may not be able to prove beyond a reasonable proof a criminal conspiracy don't mean there is an absence of evidence of crime. >> he keeps pounding on the criminal conspiracy crimes. i would love to know what he
8:47 am
knows. technically what he said is correct. the standard of proof in an impeachment case is not beyond a reasonable doubt. it is a lower standard. he also said over the weekend we aren't going to shoot ourselves in the foot by attempting to do the impossible. >> sandra: there is a fight over the census citizenship question hitting the supreme court. here is jim jordan on that and i will get your take on the other side. >> why? why? why don't we want to know? that's the question we need to answer not from you, frankly from them. because you can go talk to anyone across this country. everyone would say ask that question. the only people opposing it are democrats in washington, d.c. >> sandra: this is sparking a lot of legal battles whether or not to include a question about citizenship. >> you can get the long form or the short form. how many people reside permanently in your household. you fill out the number.
8:48 am
the long form has questions about how many toilets, what kind of construction, what's the education. then if the supreme court upholds it, it has this question. you only have to answer under the law the number of people residing there. congress may want to know or the -- not congress, it's the commerce department may want to know the answers to the other questions but you can't be punished for not answering them. you can be punished for answering untruthfully the number of persons residing there. >> sandra: they argue that undocumented immigrants would be less likely to fill out the survey by the critics. >> that may be so. under the constitution undocumented immigrants are counted in the population for the purpose of representation in the house of representatives. and jim jordan is arguing the reason they don't want to answer this question is because they don't want to be exposed
8:49 am
since they don't belong here in the first place. i think the supreme court will give us a hint as to where it stands when they have the oral argument on this. >> sandra: all three topics, let's see where it all goes. great to have you here. >> bill: what do we know about this group thought responsible for killing nearly 300 on easter sunday? that's prompting new security at houses of worship in our own country. what to do to protect the churches, synagogues and mosques. we'll take you to saint patrick's cathedral in a live report next. aww, you did the laundry! it's got to be tide. ensure max protein... to give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. (straining) i'll take that. (cheers) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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8:52 am
>> bill: church attacks in sri lanka sparking concern for safety of all houses of worship here at home. security experts refer to these locations as soft targets for terror, lauren green is on fifth avenue across in st.
8:53 am
patrick's cathedral here in new york. >> there have been 16 violent attacks on places of worship worldwide in the past two years ago. sri lanka the latest in a sad history. the shootings and attacks forcing houses of worship to seek ways to protect themselves. it's difficult to be both a refuge of safety and a secure fortress. unformed offices and automatic rifles are greeting worshippers at st. patrick's, the high holy days put police on high alert. terrorists know they can cause optimum damage and loss of life. following the sri lanka easter bombing the governor said we'll continue to do everything in our power to ensure the safety of all new yorkers. across the country many houses of worship lack resources and knowledge about security. unaware there are millions of dollars in homeland security grant money that can help fund
8:54 am
protection efforts like personnel training, security cameras, metal detectors. one security expert we talked with while prevention may be difficult steps can be taken to minimize the risk of attack. >> i tell houses of worship that the outside of the facility needs to be monitored through camera or actual people out there. because they can usually spot incidents from the exterior and prevent something from that to escalate. >> the holiday celebrations aren't over yet. the jewish passover continues through sundown on saturday and millions of orthodox christians are just beginning holy week and they'll celebrate easter this coming sunday. >> bill: attacks in sri lanka targeting christian minorities are the latest acts of violence of houses of worship around the world. 16 attacks on churches, mosques and ingotion over the pass two years. 1,000 people killed since february of 2017. 37 victims in the united states
8:55 am
from pittsburgh, to sutherland spring texas, eight attacks in the middle east. >> sandra: will they or won't they? democrats divided on impeachment after the release of the mueller report. what do they do next? been excel. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. wgreat tasting, heart-healthys the california walnuts.ever? ♪ so simple, so good.
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learn more at retire your risk dot org. >> sandra: chicago police arresting a dozen teenagers, the chaos when 100 students clashed in city streets last week. 200 officers to arrest 31 people, large crowds also gathering in downtown chicago fighting. police charging those teens with reckless and disorderly conduct before releasing them back to their parents. >> bill: from them and newsroom news vault, the custody battle over ian gonzalez who was rescued off of the coast of florida while fleeing cuba. armed immigration agents stormed
8:59 am
the havana neighborhood in a predawn raid on this day in the year 2,000. seizing the 6-year-old boy from his home with relatives to be reunited with his father, two months later he was returned to cuba with his dad. today, he is 25 years old. how about that? >> sandra: amazing to look back on the story that captured the nation. what a day, what a morning this was. a >> bill: how was your easter weekend? >> sandra: was lovely. >> bill: did you find your basket? >> sandra: you have a tradition. >> bill: we do the golden egg, whoever gets the golden egg gets pumpkin bread. it is a high honor. jenna founded in like 30 seconds. a >> sandra: that's what i was waiting for. that's good stuff. happy easter monday to you and the news will continue, democrats have a conference call today, we will see where the week goes from here. thank you for joining us,
9:00 am
everybody, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert on the easter sunday terror attacks in sri lanka that killed at least 290 people, wounded more than 500 and multiple churches and hotels. earlier today a van parked near one of those churches exploded, fortunately no injuries have been reported from that one. but sri lanka's president now giving the military sweeping wartime powers to arrest and detain suspects. here is a counselor to president trump kellyanne conway with reaction from the white house. >> obviously sri lanka is on his mind, nobody ever, but in the place of worship in the mosque in new zealand, the synagogue, the tree of life in pittsburgh, and obviously the church in charleston, south carolina years ago. people should feel safe in their


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