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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 22, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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police officers in this world do that just don't get recognized. >> dana: that's right. taking the initiative to help rather than punish. the good news is, he got the job! thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast. 2:00 p.m. in indiana where cops say a teenage girls managed to record the man suspected of killing her friend and her. now police releasing new images of the suspect who may be as, police put it, hiding in plain sight. more trouble for the lawyer michael avenatti. he's already facing charges that could put him away for hundreds of years theoretically. now he's accused of stealing from the former girlfriend of an northbound player. plus, a report that this royal family wants to send prince harry as far away as popular because meghan is too popular.
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now buckingham palace is responding. our reporting begins now. reporting begins this monday with the horror on one of the holiest days on the christian calendar. and we have just learned one of the dead is a fifth grader from a presee -- prestigious schools in d.c. bombers murdered nearly 300 people and hurt more than 500 more in sri lanka on easter sunday. an island nation in southeast asia with the population with that about the same as florida. officials say they did have warnings. the country's health minister said they were told about possible threats ten days before the easter sunday bombing. the government admits they failed to act and a spokesman said they're "very, very sorry." this is the latest in the string
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of attacks on houses of worship stretching across a handful of states and continents. we'll take a deeper look at that later on. first, investigators in sri lanka are blaming the bombings on a regional extremist group. they say the attackers may have had help from an international terrorist organization. the result, the deadliest violence in sri lanka since their civil war ended a decade ago. six bombs went off in the capitol. three at churches, three at luxury hotels. the major calling the bombings a gruesome attack on humanity. >> innocent people, worshipping on a day such as easter sunday.
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they go seeking the lord. at a time like this, for someone to destroy human life -- >> shepard: officials say the victims were from 11 countries including the u.s. among the dead, three children of a fashion executive, the richest billionaire in denmark. alicia acuna with more on the american victims. first, benjamin hall live in london. ben? >> hi, shep. in fact, today police in sri lanka still finding bombs that didn't detonate. it's a reminder of sheer scale of this attack and the intended coordination. today there was another blast after police found three more bombs in a van near a church and tried unsuccessfully to diffuse it. nobody was injured. and they found a huge six foot
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pipe bomb at the airport and 87 detonators at a bus station. 290 are dead, 590 wounded. the fear is that could rise. the coordinated bombings that ripped through packed churches and luxury hotels were carried out by seven suicide bombers from a group. up till now, they were only known for targeting buddhist statutes. as the investigation ramps up, sri lanka has declared a national emergency and enforcing curfews. they have declared tomorrow a day of mourning. now the sri lankans are asking for international support to get to the bottom of what could be a wider network. shep? >> shepard: ben, what are we hearing about connections to other terror groups internationally? >> shep, this is the big question. but certainly the level of coordination, the expertise
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certainly point to some help from the outside. a fact that a foreign intelligence agency gave a tip-off ten days prior. but there's long been warnings about terrorism all over southeast asia. sri lankans have been said to travel to iraq and syria to fight and they may have brought their expertise home. the u.s. has posed a travel advisory warning people that there could be follow up attacks. at this point, everyone is being cautious. shep? >> shepard: thanks, benjamin. more than 30 foreign tourists are reported dead in the easter sunday attacks and 28 other foreigners hurt. the u.s. state department confirmed four americans are among those killed. one of those is dietrich kowalski. he was from denver and alicia acuna is there live. alicia? >> and dee drake kowalski just
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arrived at the hotel in sri lanka right before the explosion when he was killed. that's according to his employer. the 40-year-old man from denver posted on facebook saturday that he was headed to the country on a work trip for pearson education. the company ceo says that kowalski was going spend a week there and excited to return. his brother derrick confirming on social media that it's with great sadness that his brother was among the victims that passed away in sri lanka. as we know that he saw his friends as family, why would like to share our grief over this tragic incident. today mike pompeo addressed the attacks. >> this is america's fight, too. i spoke with the prime minister of sri lanka this morning and our embassy and other parts of the government are offering help. we urge any evil doers be
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brought to justice and america is prepared to support that. >> the president has been tweeting his support, shep. >> shepard: i mentioned a fifth grader that went to school in washington d.c. was among the dead. >> yes. fox news has confirmed that a fifth grade boy from washington d.c. was among the victims. the principal informed the families in a letter letting them know that kyran was there and he was on leave from school as they called it. quoting from the letter, the principal said this is obviously an unexpected travesty for his family and greater community including friends and the class of 2026. he was passionate about learning and adored his friends and couldn't wade to return to sidwell friends.
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shep? >> shepard: thanks, alicia acuna. the white house is looking to increase the squeeze on iran's economy. this time they're doing it by targeting any country that tries to buy iranian oil. now we're hearing from the iranians themselves. we'll have that coming up. and the special counsel robert mueller left some conclusions to congress in his report. but will lawmakers take any action? we just got new words from nancy pelosi. we'll let you know what's up there. house democrats get set for one heck of a conference call today. that's coming up as reporting continues on this monday afternoon. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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front slams on his the hbrakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> shepard: the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, is set to hold a conference call with house democrats less than two hours from now to discuss the mueller report and what to do going forward. some democratic lawmakers have been pushing to impeach the president. others have urged caution.
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speaker pelosi said she's not for impeachment. today she sent a letter saying the president has engaged in highly unethical and unscrupulous be hey i don't remember. he said democrats views range from proceeding to investigate the findings to proceeding directly to impeachment. she says they have to go on a path of finding the truth. the mueller report pointed out ten times that the president may have obstructed justice. the report did not exonerate him. if you haven't read the mueller report, it's available online. today the white house easter egg roll, reporters asked the president about impeachment. >> shepard: this morning he tweeted that democrats cannot impeachment even if they want to.
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john roberts reporting live from the white house. john? >> it's been 21 years ago since there was talk about impeaching a president after a special counsel released a report. the president taking on the talk swirling around washington. he said only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment. there were no crimes by me, no collusion, no obstruction. you can't impeach. it was the democrats that committed the crimes, not your republican president. tables are finally turning on the witch hunt. the democrats are split over the idea of taking on impeachment proceedings. many remember what happened to republicans after they impeached president clinton 20 years ago. he was acquitted by the senate in that letter to her democratic colleagues, nancy pelosi writing "while our views range from proceeding to investigate the findings of the mueller report or proceeding to impeachment, we agree that we should proceed around a path of finding the truth." listen to this. "it's also important to know that the facts holding the
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president accountable can be gained outside of impeachment hearings." senator elizabeth warren lagging in the polls in key battle ground states like iowa and new hampshire in the democratic primary said impeachment, i'm all in. listen here. >> we cannot be in america that says it's okay for a president of the united states to try to block investigations into a foreign attack on our country or investigations into that president's own misbehavior. so i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. >> even if the house took up impeachment proceedings, even if they decided after they took a vote that they voted out articles of impeachment, it's
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unlikely that they would vote to convict the president in the senate. as happened to bill clinton in 1998, a quit him of the impeachment charges. one thing for sure, shep, all of this material in the mueller report has given the democrats a lot of material to go after the president politically for a long time to come. >> shepard: the democrats have subpoenaed his finances, the president's finances. they want his tax returns. today the president and a group of his businesses sued them, right? >> yeah. this is elijah cummings. he issued a subpoena to mazars u.s.a., the accounting firm for the trump organization and other entities. today, eric trump in a lawsuit through the president's outside attorneys fired back that there is no legitimate legislative purpose for this subpoena. here's part of what the lawsuit reads.
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>> now, sources say that the subpoenas go far beyond just a request for the president's financial record. they're asking for the financial records of all the president's business entity, his personal financial records, even the financial records of the trump family children, including baron and tiffany trump. the oversight committee chairman elijah cummings said the president uses baseless legalities to protect himself. this complaint reads more like political talking points than a recent legal brief and has inaccurate information. the white house is engaged in unprecedented stone walling on all fronts and they have refused to produce a single document or witness during this entire year. the president's attorneys point out that the suit was based on testimony from michael cohen
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that the president misstated his net worth on many times when he was a private citizen. the lawsuit pointing out that michael cohen is a felon that pleaded guilty to lying to congress. quite a battle. >> shepard: who do we thank for the bag pipes? >> somebody out on pennsylvania avenue just out there entertaining folks. >> shepard: give them a wave. thank you. the white house is looking to squeeze iran even more by cutting its main source of revenue. oil experts. the secretary state mike pompeo announcing that the u.s. will not renew waivers that let seven countries and taiwan buy iranian oil without facing american sanctions. the waivers expire next week. secretary pompeo said any benefits of buying oil from iran will not be worst the risk of u.s. penalties. rich edson has more. >> some republicans criticize
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the administration for letting any countries import iranian oil without facing sanctions. the secretary of state says that is finished. the next step of escalation in this policy against iran. >> with the announcements today, we made clear our seriousness of purpose. we are going to zero. how long we remain there depends on iran's senior leaders. >> iran said they were prepared to this announcement and threatened to close the strait of hormuz, the narrow waterway that borders iran. 20% of the world's trade passes through. so with this, many countries are still importing iranian oil. china says they oppose the sanctions and so-called long arm jurisdictions imposed by the u.s. our cooperation with iran is open, transparent, lawful and
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legitimate. thus it should be respected. pompeo says the president intends to enforce these sanctions and a senior administration official adds that anybody that has been importing iranian oil has been living on borrowed time. there's a concern about aisle prices. after this news started breaking, the price of crude spiked. shep? >> shepard: thanks, rich. the celebrity lawyer michael avenatti is in trouble yet again and this time it involves the ex of an nba player. but first, new information in the murders of two girls. police are now releasing new video of the suspected killer which one of the young victims captured on her own cell phone just before he murdered her. that's next. veteran families know what it means to serve. renting. moving. renting again. stop renting. let newday's operation home help you buy a home
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>> shepard: there's new information now about the deaths of two teenage girls in indiana. delphi is the city, about 60 miles north and west of indianapolis. searchers found the remains of 14-year-old liberty german and 13-year-old abigail williams in a wooded area near a hiking trail in february of 2017. today police released this sketch. it's an updated sketch that they tell us of the suspects. for the first time, this video found on liberty's cell phone with audio. >> the question to you, what will those closest to you think of when they found out that you brutally murdered two little girls? two children. only a coward would do such a
12:26 pm
thing. >> he also said he believes the suspect is hiding in plain sight. mike tobin with more. >> the most important update here is that new sketch that police have released. saying this is the man that they believe killed these two indiana girls two years ago. the new sketch being circulated does not look much like the one that was previously circulated. state police gave a broad age range between 18 and 40 years old. they say the sketch is the result of information of two years investigating this case. they released a video clip. this is taken from one of the victim's phones. previously a still was only available. police say the killer is from or familiar with the town of delphi. the superintendent spoke directly to the killer. >> directly to the killer, who
12:27 pm
may be in this room. we believe you're hiding in plain sight. for more than two years you never thought we would shift gears to a different investigative strategy. but we have. >> it was february 13 of 2017. abigail williams and liberty german with dropped off at the delphi trails. the cause of death has never been released. the superintendent speculates that this killer has told someone or his behavior changed dramatically after the murders and they're looking for all the help that they can get from the public. shep? >> mike tobin. new legal troubles for michael avenatti. he's facing new charges after prosecutors say he stole nearly $2 million from an ex-nba player's girlfriend. according to investigators, avenatti reached a multimillion dollar settlement with the pro
12:28 pm
athlete but only gave his client $194,000. with the rest of it, he put that on the private jet. avenatti telling a los angeles times that his client received far more than $194,000 and we'll prove it at trial. and no monies were ever embezzled from anyone and i look forward to the documents being presented at trial. avenatti is already facing a long list of charges in new york and california. prosecutors have accused him of trying to extort millions of dollars from the following. nike, dodging taxes, bank fraud and stealing millions in settlement money from other clients including a mentally ill paraplegic man. michael avenatti has denied all of it. the attorney became a household name when he represented stormy daniels in her legal fight against president trump. let's turn to alex little now, former federal prosecutor. one more thing now for him to
12:29 pm
have to fight. >> you know, he is at this point looking like a disney version of the villain. the kind of disney character, the lawyer that did everything wrong. another example. $3 million and he takes it to buy a jet? can't get worse than that. >> shepard: were there details how he presented that to the client? >> he said, they made me my fees and we'll get it in monthly installments. don't believe it. >> shepard: what do you see? >> this is about greed. most of these crimes are about greed or addiction. if you don't have that, you point to this is the guy that wanted to spend a lot of money. he was trying to bring in money. when there wasn't enough, he cut corners and stole it. >> shepard: he said you can accuse me of anything you want. i haven't done this. how does the evidence stack up? >> at some point this is a courtroom and this will be hashed out. federal prosecutors don't get the papers wrong. if she got $2 million, she will
12:30 pm
know about it. easy to trace. these cases are difficult to argue you way out of. he likes to fight. he may have found a fight that's too big for him. >> shepard: there's a lot of fights. one in los angeles, new york, now this one. who decides how this works? >> courts in california and new york will have separate proceedings. one will pick a trial date there and then go foot another one. >> shepard: is it a long process? >> depends. if he has good counsel, don't be surprise that he changes his tune and say maybe i did it, take sympathy on me. >> shepard: given this stuff, what might sympathy look like? >> we don't know his personal life. lawyers make decisions like this, he made a series of bad decisions according to the indictment that led him to steal money. that happens to lawyers. he's not the only one. >> shepard: thanks, alex. >> thank you. >> shepard: the number of measles cases is growing and getting close to a record high. researchers at the centers for
12:31 pm
disease control and prevention say there's 626 patients with measles this year that makes 2019 the second worst for measles since the feds said they eliminated it effectively back in 2000. this last week the cdc confirmed more than 70 new measles cases. in parts of new york, you can face up to a $1,000 fine. ahead, a major development in the murder of daniel pearl. 17 years after terrorists abducted and beheaded him. of fatherhood. but i'd rather be here with my little man than anywhere with migraine. "i am here." and i aim to say that more. aimovig... a preventive treatment for migraine in adults... reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. the most common side effects are pain, redness or swelling at the injection site and constipation. aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig.
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>> shepard: updating fox's top story now. at least 290 people killed, more than 500 hurt in easter bombings in sri lanka. the locations stretch across continents and all kinds of faith. lauren green reporting live outside st. patrick's in new
12:36 pm
york city. lauren? >> you know, shep, houses of worship from a security standpoint are soft targets. they welcome the young and the old as places of refuge and faith. the bombings of churches in sri lanka are the deadliest in recent years with 300 killed as you talked about. synagogues and mosques see their share of blood shed. there's 3,195 on houses of worship since the 2000. they hit a peak in 2014 and now on a downward trend. but mosques, synagogues, other places of worship can't led their guard down. near holy days, they're more vulnerable. we're out in of the woods yesterday. passover is sunday at sun down.
12:37 pm
shep? >> shepard: thank you. 17 years after terrorists kidnapped and beheaded daniel pearl, counter terrorism officials in pakistan said they captured the last remaining suspect in the journalist's murder. pearl disappeared in pakistan back in 2002 in the southern city of karachi months after the attacks of 9-11. he apparently thought he was going to interview an islamic leader but walked into a trap. his captor as cued him of spying for israel and demanded the release of prisoners at guantanamo bay and killed him. trey yingst has more. >> shep, a counter terrorism unit in pakistan has captured the final commander of the taliban off shoot unit wanted
12:38 pm
for the murder of daniel pearl. the operation to arrest this alleged terrorist was led by the pakistani security forces. the suspect was taken into custody in a raid about 100 miles north of the capital city of islamabad. another suspect mohammed onwar was also captured. but the first man is the prime suspect. he's expected to face the highest charges in the case. >> shepard: already, trace, several arrests. >> yes. following this murder in 2002, four suspects were arrested and face trial. three of the suspects were ultimately given 25 years in prison. one of them sentenced to death. despite this act of terrorism against a journalist, what happened following the death of daniel pearl 17 years later, there's the daniel pearl foundation where his family raises money to promote objectivity in journalist and promote unity around the world.
12:39 pm
shep? >> trey yingst live in jerusalem. chelsea manning has to stay in prison because she refused to testify in front of a grand jury. a judge ordered her to stay there until she agrees to answer questions. she was in prison for seven years for leaking classified documents to wikileaks. jennifer griffin reporting live at the pentagon. jen? >> shep, the three judges, one appointed by president clinton, refused to overturn the ruling. manning served seven years until president obama commuted the sentence three days before leaving office. she's been held in an alexandria prison cell since march when she refused to testify in a case
12:40 pm
against julian assange. manning who was a private first class in the army, was subjected to legal electronic surveillance after her court martial in 2013. prosecutors are trying to establish that assange helped manning hack the password to a dod network needed to obtain hundreds of thousands of classified documents. assange is fighting extradition to the u.s. after being arrested april 11th. his lawyer is using an argument based on press freedom to make assange a political prisoner, which would prohibit him from being transferred to the u.s. >> it's my suggestion that julian assange hacked u.s. computers. he didn't get materials that chelsea manning didn't already have access to. this is something that journalists do all the time. >> manning's lawyers are
12:41 pm
expected to make a statement and could appeal to the supreme court. manning's unwillingness to testify may hurt the u.s.'s attempts to get assange back to the u.s. >> shepard: coming up, what happens when there's no money left in social security when you retire? there's a new letter from the feds that predicts that. there's a new democrat running for president. we'll take a look at seth moulton and the very crowded primary field. and plus what if a presidential impersonator like a comedian actually became the president? hello, ukraine. but first, the body of a u.s. marine killed in afghanistan now home in new york after a funeral procession through three starts. staff sergeant christopher slutman died in a roadside bomb two weeks ago today. this morning police escorted his
12:42 pm
remains from dover air force base in delaware through new jersey and new york. slutman was a decorated new york firefighter and firefighters along the route paid their respects today with trucks flying flags on the overpasses as the procession drove below. slutman leaves behind a iranian oil without facing and three daughters. funeral services are set for friday. [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ plants capture co2. what if other kinds of plants captured it too?
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>> shepard: a comedian with no political background that played the president of ukraine on tv is now going to be the actual president of ukraine. he won the election in a landslide. voters have chosen zelenskiy as their need leader. he got 73% of the vote in a run-off with the incumbent. zelenskiy promised to fight corruption and compromise with vladimir putin to improve relations that have deteriorated since 2014. so far, president putin has not congratulated the incoming leader. a spokesman said it's too early to comment. on television, zelenskiy played
12:47 pm
a high school teacher that became the president. whether he can negotiate with the former kgb man is another matter entirely. a new democrat in the 2020 presidential race here at home. massachusetts congressman seth moulton is announcing his bid for the white house. he's 40 years old, served four tours of duty in iraq before running for congress. he first won his seat in 2014. last year he opposed nancy pelosi's bid for house speaker and argued that the party needed a new direction. 19 people are trying to win the democratic party presidential nomination and take on president trump. that is not yet including joe biden, though a source says he will likely jump in this week. let's go to a.b. stoddard, associate editor at real clear politics. so moulton is in. what do you say? >> well, shep, i don't think he will be in the final running. seth moulton is a marine.
12:48 pm
he served in iraq and he will be a distinct voice on what he says will be his themes of patriotism and security and surface. he will stand out that way. in terms of national name recognition, nobody know whose he is. he will face awkward questions why he's not supporting his home state senator elizabeth warren. he is known, as you mentioned, by progressives as one of the leading voices against nancy pelosi, who did not find someone to challenge nancy pelosi. so she ended up winning and endeared herself more to progressives that think she's done a great job without a challenge in january. so seth moulton is running like many democrats are because they think it's a great way to build up their name i.d. i don't know that he will be a strong contender when we get to iowa. >> shepard: what is with the biden slow pace here?
12:49 pm
>> well, i think joe biden had the luxury of waiting a long time. a lot of stories about him wanting to wait to get to the second quarter to slow a strong fund-raising, showing a cash splash as they say. getting in at the end of the first quarter would have shown smaller numbers. so i guess he's got that lined up. of course, he has the best name i.d. and eight years as vice president and he thinks he can be the last one on stage. that's probably true. i think it was probably smart tore see how the conversation gets going. he will still have to face a lot of criticism before the debates. as we head into the votes about his past and how much he's evolved. we'll see him apologizing and explaining himself a lot. >> >> shepard: biggest positive for him and biggest negative. >> i think joe biden is the most electoral candidate against
12:50 pm
president trump. depends on whether the democratic voting electorate will pick him and whether or not they will prize electability and choose something -- someone that is more representative of a change in the future. joe biden's appeal is i can win the midwest, i can win over the trump republicans and win back people that voted for obama. i can do this job better than anybody else and return us to normal. i can do it in four years and i'll be a healer. if he stays on that message, he has a good chance. if he tries to be a progressive and deny a lot of positions he's taken in the past, he will have more trouble. >> shepard: a.b., thank >> thanks. >> shepard: all right. the cost of social security will exceed the program's income next year for the first time in nearly four decades. that means that the program will have to dig into its savings to keep paying benefits to tens of millions of older americans that rely on it for daily life.
12:51 pm
of course, that savings account could hit zero in 15 years. fox business network's edward lawrence live in washington. edward? >> shep, it's going to run out of money 2035 according to this new report here released by the board of trustees. how this there effect a retiree? the average benefits right now is $1,500 a month is what they're getting. in 2035, the social security would only be able to pay 75% of those costs. let's say that happened right now that would be $1,100 a month is what a retiree would take home. they have to do more with less money. think about this. 50% of all workers right now don't have a pension. 36% of everyone that is working in the private work force have no savings at all. 59 million people without savings that rely or will rely on social security. on the medicare side of this, it's costing all of us a lot
12:52 pm
more money. medicare is broken to two parts. first, the hospital insurance part that will run out of money in seven years. the costs keep going up. the bills keep mounting on this. the second part of that is the supplemental insurance trust fund. that will remain funded because of a new law that says that general fund money can be used to supplement that. it's going to be a growing cast for taxpayers. that fund is increased at 6% per year. the economy is growing at 4%. costing us more. the board of trustees say we have to do something now. shep? >> shepard: we had a royal wedding, a royal baby and maybe a royal exile? there's word that prince harry and his bride could be kicked out of the kingdom. better no egg on this easter bunny.
12:53 pm
[bleep], [bleep]. >> slow down, bunny, this is downtown orlando last night. wow! vicious. a club promoter took this video. good grief, bunny. posted online with the caption happy easter and only in orlando. he told our local station there, the fight started when a man bumped into a woman and the bunny jumped in. a police officer broke it up. no arrests made. when fighting, remove said suit. . but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. ♪
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12:58 pm
the duke and duchess of sussex as they are known are reportedly so popular among the commoners that their superiors in the palsa want the spotlight back on them. this comes amid rumors of a feud between the brothers, princes william and harry said to be not doing great and now the palace is responding. jonathan hunt with that. the reporter with the right accent. >> an intrigued episode of "the crown" some sort of overseas role is planned for harry and meghan post-baby, if this is a palace coup aimed at removing harry and meghan from the spotlight and stopping meghan in particular from becoming in the words of one observer as bigger than diana. william and harry appeared to
12:59 pm
avoid contact. with body language experts declaring the brothers seemed almost like strangers. buckingham palace said little so far saying any speculation is exactly that. speculation. shep. >> shepard: so africa, huh? >> if it happens it will likely be somewhere in the commonwealth. canada and australia apparently have been ruled out because they would be too high profile. that leaves africa the most likely destination. harry and meghan are particularly interested in environmental issues as demonstrated by a nine-picture post on their own instagram feed. a particular affinity for botswana's people. my mom who is the last word on all things royal said the rumors of a blood feud are complete nonsense and if harry and meghan are planning on leaving england it's precisely because of this sort of "newspaper poppycock." her words, shep. >> shepard: good to see you,
1:00 pm
jonathan. thank you. should news break out we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on the fox news channel. final bell ringing on the corner of wall and broad. a slightly down day. "your world" with neil cayou have to's team starts now. >> president trump taking the impeachment gloves off as democrats signal the investigations are still very much on. welcome, everyone. i'm charles payne in for neil cayou have to and this is "your world." nancy pelosi expected to hold -- in for neil quavuto and "your world." the president is facing off against democrats two fronts. impeachment and finances. >> john: democrats, charles, really are split over whether or not to go ahead with this. they like dangling the political carrot and the possibility of impeachment out there but w


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