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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 22, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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joining us. neil will be back tomorrow. catch me tomorrow on "making money" on the fox business network. "the five" starts right now. ♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with emily compagno, juan williams, jesse watters. a flowerpot as her hot tub. dana perino. "the five" ." islamic terrorists killed hundreds in sri lanka on easter sunday. what is key beyond the horror was that the targeted country was aware of the threat and this nugget from "usa today." "the country's prime minister and his cabinet were unaware of the intelligence until after the attacks due to political dysfunction." political dysfunction, which is really code for deadly incompetence and taking your eye off the ball. it is something to remember, as
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our media invites us to chase phantoms of their own making, loss and fever dreams or occlusion, obstruction, impeachment, hate hoaxes, stormy and avenatti is that real evil still stalks this planet and terror is liquid, always seeking the path of leak least resistance. the path is often carved by her own distraction sparked by those who think politics is far more important than our safety which is why terror can compete with the mueller report even on easter. nothing matters except winning that news cycle. it happen far away and in america, it's a peaceful time but only because there are people you don't know making sure it's still peaceful until one day when terror strikes as at home, as it has before. we can't forget that america is terror target number one and that our number one priority isn't impeachment but security, our borders, grade, landmarks, water, food supply. everything is up for grabs in a time where terror has smartphones too and when
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something big finally strikes winning a news cycle looks where than petty it's downright dangerous. emily, we've talked about this before. al qaeda can come and go. i isis can disappear but there will always be an ideology and it will always give birth to something new. >> emily: i agree. we've talked about in the context of their needs to be some detailed and planned levels of the global messaging with islamic terrorism and those fundamentalists, we need to address it. i agree that when you hoard information and when you have political infighting that prevents you from sharing that information, that cost lives. we are on a dangerous trajectory, not to be a fee or monger but we are as well. if this is what people are focused on, it should be security first. i think yes, the messaging is important because it's traveling around the world. >> greg: dana, they had a two
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week's advanced warning? did they not take it seriously or was it just something that just got lost? >> dana: they will have to find out but what a way to figure it out, afterwards. secretary pompeo was quite gracious today to the sri lankans, say that we will help and provide this but we've been helping and we help all these countries. maybe they don't get enough foreign aid as they would like but they have to do something for us too. they have to be willing to share the information with each other or at least with us. i got the statistics today from the brain room, since 2012, 23,177 christians have been killed for faith-related reasons. 23,000. it is abhorrent, acceptable, and if we are going to provide aid and were going to provide intelligence services, sharing, military gear, whatever it is they need, the least they can do is pass it up the chain that there was going to be an attacker could have been prevented. >> greg: juan, there were
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eight coordinated detonations. this is a group we've never heard of but it's kind of the same thing, right? it mutates, changes, evolves, gets better. >> juan: this is the argument that we have here before i start that, let me say the kids that died, a fifth grader from a school in d.c. three of the four children of a danish billionaire who is the biggest landowner in britain. i just can't imagine the depth of his sadness. japanese people were killed. this was a worldwide event in that sense. it touched us all. i think it's important to keep in mind and we see it in the u.s., more security in our churches in the aftermath of this, and there were some suspicions went back to notre dame in paris. it was an accident. when you hear people say isis is defeated, i worry about it. because people might think then we don't have a threat but we do
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have a threat. we have a threat, as you described, as you said water goes wherever there is an opening. we see is this ideology shifts and we've never heard of this group. all of a sudden they pop up and they are bombing a church in sri lanka and they are going after christians. to me, it's a generational fight. the ideology unfortunately is not defeated and we as americans cannot lose sight of the fact that we are in an ongoing fight. when the president boasts for whatever reason that isis is defeated, don't be fooled. we've got to keep up not only the attention but the fight. with regard to the intelligence, we know there's some arguments about, did we know what was coming on 9/11. you can blame and say they are incompetent, they are not the u.s. government, not u.s. intelligence, not israeli intelligence. the fact is the people responsible are the terrorists. >> dana: can i clarify? after 9/11 is when we took down
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the wall between intelligence and law enforcement. that made a big difference. then we stepped up efforts all around the world to make sure those governments where you knew that there were hot spots would have what they needed in order to share the information and have the equipment. we learned a lesson. if are going to help these countries, the least they can do, they have the information. they didn't pass it on. >> juan: correct. i think we've made changes and we have adapted post-9/11 but i just don't like the idea that we would say it's their failure. people did that to us. i didn't like it. i didn't think was fair to us or our government. i think the terrorists are the ones who should be held responsible. >> greg: jesse, we've seen different responses, some are odd. would you care to pick the ones that discussed you the most? >> jesse: i have "the washington post" here and it's just kind of disgusting. christianity under attack. sri lanka church bombings stoke far right anger in the west. it's a whole article, not about
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editorializing about radical islam, murdering people. it's editorializing and saying oh, christians are upset that churches are being bombed. they are making christians and conservatives out to be the villains for reacting to terrorist attacks. look at some of the leading democrats, how they characterize it. they didn't use christians. they didn't say churches. he actually said easter worshipers were under attack. you don't call muslims ramadan-worshipers. you don't call jews passover-worshipers. it's a made-up phrase. why did they make up phrases like this? it's one of the reasons people don't trust liberals because they are not in touch with reality. they do this because they are pandering to muslims because a lot of liberals feel they are so upset with how other people think about them and if they are thought up to be insensitive, it drives him crazy. second of all, they think their own rhetoric causes islamic
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extremism. remember, blame america first? they think islamaphobia causes radical islam so they do whatever they can to sanitize it. buzzfeed actually came out, one of their editors, and said president trump, imagine how outraged he would be if whites were the victims of the sri lanka attack. i found that completely despicable to play the race card after a terrorist attack. it's what they did in catena. remember, bush? he would've acted faster if they were white victims in louisiana. when i step back and think about it, conservatives are pretty color-blind when it comes to life. they don't talk about the different races, babies and the warms. they want to protect all life. have a lot of conservatives in the media who talk about stopping the carnage in the south side of chicago. i think it's really unfair when the media always, no matter who does that, if it's a white perpetrator, muslim perpetrator, hispanic perpetrator, they just take the violence and they tried to turn it against the president
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above country. >> you can see that there's enough information they are not only on obstruction of justice but also on collusion or conspiracy, whatever you want to call it, to move forward with impeachment. >> i've called on the house to initiate impeachment proceeding proceedings. [applause] >> juan: president trump mocking the move on twitter. he says: "only high crimes and misdemeanors can lead to impeachment. there were no crimes by me no collusion, no obstruction, so you can't impeach. it was the democrats that committed the crimes, not your republican president! tables are finally turning on the witch hunt!" trump also dismissing the mueller report and impeachment threats earlier. >> are you worried that your staff... [indistinct] >> are you worried about impeachment, mr. president ? >> juan: all right, dana,
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let's go to the reality here, what are the odds that this conference call, nancy pelosi is holding. >> dana: it's happening right now. the most publicized conference call. you can bet there's 20 reporters on the call. >> juan: one argument is about accountability. saying that congress has a responsibility to hold the president accountable. the other argument is that it's only 18 months until the next election and there's a danger that you just energized trump's base because he will save the democrats are trying to get me out. >> dana: i think the democrats by their own admission have been dividing into hostile camps. or as president obama reminders, circular firing squad is when you turn your guns on each other. on one side you have the cautious old guard, the establishment, think we remember what happened to the republicans when they did it to clinton. that the republicans have egg on their face and you have the former speaker newt gingrich saying that looking back on a that might've not of been the
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best thing to pursue. then you have the firebrands saying you don't understand, we want this. there was a survey, they pulled democrats. 51% of those who are very liberals that we want impeachment. 31 per say worth the democrats time to pursue. i think what could happen is that you will get hearings and you will have ongoing things in the walk up to the line of impeachment. it will be harassment, considered harassment from the president's perspective but they won't quite actually go to impeachment because they know that it won't pass in the centage. the other thing i would point out, in the commercial break we saw that the house judiciary committee has subpoenaed donald mcgahn, the president's former lawyer. he was at the question of the obstruction piece. >> juan: jesse, mueller is going to have to testify at some point and of course, as dana pointed out, your -- several
2:17 pm
congressional committees launching their own investigations. is impeachment redundant? >> juan: i don't know, juan. i can't believe you just crashed surveymonkey that. >> dana: we don't put them online. >> jesse: juan, don't cite laurence tribe. he was out there for two years saying that there was collusion. he probably got it more wrong than anyone else besides adam schiff. maxine waters, no relation, that might've been one of the dumbest thing she's ever said. can you believe what she just said? let's impeach trump for collusion. did she not read the mueller report? there's no collusion and she wants to impeach for collusion. juan! how could you not notice that? it's the dumbest thing she's ever said. >> juan: i will let you argue it. >> jesse: president trump survived the coup and the
2:18 pm
democrats are freaking out because they thought the mueller report was going to deliver the goods and it didn't. he has a fat war chest, hot economy and democrats have dozens of people running for president and they are all crazy. they know they can't win at the ballot box so they have to impeach another media wants them to impeach because they feel like they have to justify the hoax they perpetrated for two years. >> juan: the media wants it? >> jesse: yeah, they've been begging for it. >> juan: nancy pelosi has been very clear that given the senate is in republicans hands and there's been no real departure of republicans from president trump, she doesn't see the benefit of impeachment. that's from not only nancy pelosi but house leadership and with the exception of elizabeth warren, all of the democrats running for president. >> emily: pelosi and some of them have been cleared in that regard but plenty have not and are furthering the impeachment flag on the left. two things strike me.
2:19 pm
when adam schiff says is it in the best interest of the country to pursue impeachment? maybe it's yes. absolutely not. the colossal effort being undertaken by the house in terms of the collaboration, the finance committee, intelligence, ways and means, 100-plus subpoenas, most of them require votes on the committees to do so. they are subpoenaing the u.s. treasury department, deutsche bank. what are they not doing? they are not legislating. all of that effort is taken away from what we elected them to do and when we talk about impeachment, it's not just the expected $2 million but those man-hours that will detract from what i would love to see just how about working on building bridges rather than continuing to burn them. >> dana: infrastructure week. >> jesse: is out this week or last week? >> dana: every week. >> emily: the second point is it's interesting president trump went to the courts to block the
2:20 pm
subpoena of the accounting firm because it undermines the power of the legislative branch. saying that the court order matters more. i will get down the rabbit hole of what happened with eric holder but we saw what happened with the contempt issues. what are we going to do? arrest him and prosecute him? the doj would do so. it's impossible -- >> juan: let it all out. we want greg to talk. everything she said but at half speed. it went flying over my head. i swear to god. do know i'm tired of? i am tired of the collusion drama queens. these are the people that are always tweeting, like i am sickened. i'm literally shaking. no, you're not.
2:21 pm
people literally shaking, when you're mugged or you hear terrible news. they are not literally shaking. the best analogy is from glenn reynolds in usa today. he compares the last holdouts of collusion to a doomsday cult. do you know, they set the apocalypse date and they get it wrong so they move it. it's a brilliant analogy and i'm stealing it from him. we are seeing the arbitrary nation of the weapons being used to get rid of trump. because they didn't get collusion, they are moving to obstruction. it really doesn't matter. to your point, it really is a cool, a slow-motion coup. they are undoing the will of the people. just win, baby, as al davis would say. just win and you don't have to undo the will of the people. if you do that, you're going to have angry people who are going to come after you. i'm not saying it's going to be violent. i'm you're saying people know when you're stealing from them and this would be a stolen election. you've got plenty of time to win, baby. >> juan: one less thing for all of you.
2:22 pm
when bill clinton was impeached, republican said yeah, he lied. he's a liar. he is dishonest. he was ordering people to do things that are wrong. if you apply the same standard. >> greg: we have evolved since then. i have evolved. >> juan: all right. msnbc under fire for ambushing robert mueller outside his church on easter sunday. that video is next right here on "the five" for you to see. there was a moment, my son i believe was about four,
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[laughter] >> jesse: want to know how the mainstream media spent easter sunday? check out this despicable video of and msnbc reporter ambushing robert miller. >> will you testify before
2:27 pm
congress? >> no comments. >> if he were anyone but the president, would mr. trump be indicted? now that you've finished. >> sir, why didn't you make out recommendation to commerce one way or the other? >> to the attorney general accurately characterize your positions on conspiracy and obstruction? >> i think it's accurate to characterize director mueller as being tight-lipped in response to my questions. [laughter] >> jesse: even i, would not ambush someone coming out of church on easter sunday. >> greg: are you sure? >> jesse: we didn't have a lot of rules with those ambushes. one rule was you don't ever ambush anybody on a religious holiday. >> greg: that is bigoted. atheists don't have any protection. >> jesse: sorry. >> greg: that's not fair. so i don't go to church. that's just wrong. >> jesse: you're going to get
2:28 pm
it, greg. >> juan: it's a public sidewalk. he's not in the church. it's not in the pews. he can ask the guy. it is one answer. >> jesse: i agree. listen, i've got people coming out of aa meetings. >> greg: that's terrible! >> jesse: in front of their children, i've got people on private property. >> greg: you are worse than this reporter. >> jesse: i have never pulled the trigger on something like this on easter leaving church. >> greg: but you got them outside of aa? >> jesse: i was ruthless, i'm not going to lie. >> dana: you don't work weekends. >> greg: that's true. [laughter] >> dana: can i say -- >> greg: i love that they gave you this segment. >> juan: just broke it down. we need you to defend the guy. i don't know. >> dana: this is one of the reasons i didn't make it in local news. because i was asked, there was a murder trial and i was sent as a
2:29 pm
young daily reporter and i had to go to the courthouse and i was supposed to ask the woman whose child had been killed right before the trial was supposed to start, i was supposed to get up to her and they said don't come back with out an interview. i circled three times and i said i'm not doing that. i want home and i called my dad and i said i think i just got a degree in summing i can't do. anyway, here i am. it's easy to be here in the studio commenting. i wouldn't have been able to do it. >> greg: there is a point to that, and what you were saying, somewhere. what we do, we don't ever have to be faced with this sort of question every day. i think you get into a mind-set where you actually don't see what you're doing. you're just going out there. having said that, i would say the media is a religion in need of a reformation. social medias like the gutenberg press.
2:30 pm
an untenable situation for everybody. we now know what's fake and what's real. it's so easy to call everything out, that i think the media has no respect anymore. >> jesse: i think the reason why why they did this, msnbc wanted to humiliate robert miller bigoted rachel maddow was humiliated herself. >> juan: oh, stop. you know it's funny to me, you used to say you liberals, you made robert mueller your hero. now after the mueller report, after you spin, you say mueller is the hero. msnbc is attacking robert mueller. >> jesse: i don't think they attacked him. they just nailed him on the street. >> juan: people who haven't read the mueller report engaging in willful ignorance in order to make mueller their hero. that's what's going on. given what you've done in your professional career, why are you fending out reporter during his drive on public streets?
2:31 pm
>> jesse: i already told you we have like three rules. do you want to hear their war rest? no weddings, no funerals. no religious holidays. that's it. i did everything else. >> juan: jesse. >> emily: mueller was not some hollywood celebrity where he emerges. he was coming out of easter service. he already -- we know what he thought. it was in the report. the fact that they were celebrating the questions afterwards on msnbc, like yes, those are exactly the questions the public wanted to know but it doesn't matter because you didn't get any answers. there was no comments. you know you when you're coming off the heels of something like peaceful like yoga or church and you check your phone too soon. i feel like, way to ruin it. >> dana: i had a facial on saturday and i get the car and
2:32 pm
peter asked me 20 questions about am i taking the car and i was getting flustered. i said i just came from a facial where i was relaxed and now you're asking me 20 questions. >> greg: the thing that we are overlooking is that by going after msnbc, we are not going after brian stelter. what? >> trump and his allies are telling big lies. right now the most popular one is no obstruction. there is no conspiracy found in the mueller report, but there is no integrity either. so what's the role of the press in this broken environment? in part, our role is to keep collecting facts, all of the facts so citizens can make up their own minds. i think it's also our roles with an upper and morality. especially if others won't. >> greg: [laughs] he's the hairless hall monitor. he just appointed himself the arbiter of morality after laying
2:33 pm
the red carpet out for avenatti, the most amoral vermin since the invention of the cockroach. he embraced avenatti because he did stelter's own bidding. you can't sit on your soapbox because it might break. you can't start lecturing us until you come clean about the mistakes you made. >> jesse: elizabeth warren unveiling an ambitious big government plan to eliminate student debt. that's next. billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can...
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has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. ♪ >> dana: elizabeth warren proposing perhaps her biggest policy idea yet. she wants to wipe out student lone debt for 42 million americans. she explains how her plan would work. >> anyone who's got an outstanding student lone debt can have up to $50,000 worth of
2:38 pm
student lone debt canceled out so long as their income is under $100,000 and it kind of stepped in up to, there's no help for anyone whose family income is above 250,000. that's it. >> dana: how would her over $1 trillion proposal be paid for? a wealth tax on millionaires and billionaires. i like talk about policy stuff. she is flooding the zone with policy proposals. every day. you can't catch up with her because she's throwing things out there. in a granite state poll today, she's at 5%. six months ago in august, she was at 17%. she has lost that much around despite the proposals. >> jesse: mayor pete and sanders are surging in that same poll. i like the thought behind it. i don't think republicans should see ground to democrats. republicans have to come out with the idea themselves about how to tackle student loans debt
2:39 pm
because it is a huge problem. her idea is unconstitutional. you can't seize wealth from people. you have to have an income tax and i don't think she really cares if it's unconstitutional or not. it's more of a p.r. gimmick. instead of that, why don't they create a foundation that large corporations hen americans and other foundations can contribute to tax-free. students with overwhelming debt can apply to see if they can wipe out some of that debt for them. it has to be done through the private sector because the private sector is the entity that is severing the most from students with overwhelming debt because they are not moving out of their parents' basements and spending money. >> dana: and they are defaulting. could this be the mother of all moral hazards? if the only entities on the hook are the taxpayers, the cost for college is not going to go down. >> greg: this is theft. this money isn't disappearing. it's being taken from somebody.
2:40 pm
what about carlos, home loans, how about my loan to the pawn shop? how is that any different? credit card debt. it doesn't hurt the people that you want to hurt, colleges. they already made the money. you want the colleges, with their bloated bureaucracy and infrastructure, you want them to be poked. let's face it. because the loans were so easy, that's what inflated the infrastructure and inflated the tuition. tripled the tuition in over two decades because they got the money. i am for free college. i want college to be free just so the massive bureaucracies are destroying. there's a way to do that. if corporations reject the virtue signaling of advanced degrees and embrace online academia, online colleges can do it. that could be free. military service, priority over college. alternative education, trade schools. make elite diplomas that cost so much money worthless.
2:41 pm
that's great because the problem is the loans are too easy and she is so desperate. she is like a child banging pots and pans in the kitchen where she can't get enough. she wants noise and it's not working. >> dana: this wasn't detailed in the proposal but if your debt is forgiven, it's like winning a car on a game show. you have to pay taxes on it. let's say you get $150,000 forgiven, you still have to come up with 25% of that to pay the taxes. >> emily: do you remember that scene in "16 candles." she was like breakfast is served. it's a total oversimplification and missing the point. when she talks about eradicating tuition, what do we think the majority of tuition covers? pensions. we have talked about this before, the entire pension debacle, so she thinks any type of union would go for this method it makes any fiscal economic sense that two plus two
2:42 pm
equals four, he doesn't in this case. in california, this generation is literally paying for the genus decision of 10 in 20 years ago to eradicate extra payments for their pension. it is so much more complicated than she's making it seem. she should incentivize businesses to hire students to have interns, hire employees. >> dana: juan, do you think other democrats are going to come forward with some sort of plan? does it help the people who needed the most? >> juan: greg was saying he wants to hurt the colleges but i think the idea is to help students. students who already have accrued substantial debt and are out of school. their plans are known place, some people talking about it to help in the future, people would incur future debt. there are so many people right now struggling with student debt. when you think about this,
2:43 pm
whatever she said, i think it's reasonable to my ears, what strikes me is original plan from the republicans. the republicans aren't debating it. they are giving up on the whole idea of running up crazy tax debts and deficits. trump has no plan or leasing the deficit rising every day. she wants to use this money to help young people who are trying to move ahead. by the way, greg, those online schools, a lot of fraud. we saw it recently, by the trump administration, pointing out secretary devos and others. you've got to look at what's good for young people. >> greg: there's a lot of fraud in all colleges. i think online is the way to go home. and i hope that's what happens. >> dana: jussie smollett's brother making a shocking claim about the troubles after. details ahead.
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>> emily: jussie smollett is still refusing to admit he staged a hate crime attack and his brother is going even further, claiming the disgraced actor is really an assault victim who has been falsely accused by police of making it
2:48 pm
up. his brother saying "jussie a stronger following an attack like this there's a normal amount of trauma everyone would suffer. some of my siblings as well as jussie's partner and closest friends." what struck me about this in addition to the ludicrous aspect was the fact that if they're trying to start a paper trail of there being a physical manifestation of damages if they are laying the groundwork for a lawsuit by jussie smollett against the city of chicago, i just hope they are not. what do you think, greg? >> greg: even have to have a tremendous number of people involved in this frame up, like 10,000 people. as someone who does experience night terrors, i experience them without ever perpetrating a massive hoax which embarrasses your family, your coworkers, people who defended you.
2:49 pm
i can say go screw yourself. he ran up his victim debt card. everyone has a victim debt card. he wants more. he wants to get an extension. you're not getting any more from me. by the way, night terrors, they are bad. i have had them. >> emily: what's the difference between a night terror and are normal nightmare? >> greg: sleep paralysis. you feel like you're awake. >> jesse: i am going to see your "16 candles" analogy and raise you "wedding crashers." the freaky son todd, member the weirdo? it doesn't make people feel bad for you. it makes people laugh at you. night terrors is when you come home from iraq and afghanistan. >> dana: thank you.
2:50 pm
>> jesse: i'm not going to make a request to make an analogy. smollett is the media. they both perpetuated a hoax. they both got caught and instead of being contrite, they are doubling down on the hoax. they need to lay low, stop having their team right beds and wait until it blows over. >> emily: isn't this the brother jussie smollett pretended to be when he was pulled over? >> dana: thank you, exactly. and kim foxx, she's the one who said in the text message that was revealed last week that he is a liar. she says that he lied to the cops. i would say to the brother, next time you think your brother is having a night terror and you are witnessing it, he is an actor. >> emily: totally. juan, what do you think? >> juan: it's natural for her brother to stand up for another brother.
2:51 pm
it's his brother and he felt he should stand up and say you know it, give my brother the benefit of the doubt. >> emily: do you think he believes that your do you think he's just standing up for him? >> juan: i don't know because i'm not in his head but i think jussie smollett continues to say that it happened as he says. obviously the chicago police don't feel that way. even charles barkley doesn't see it that way. >> dana: even kim foxx. >> juan: i'm saying jussie smollett hasn't changed. the police, prosecution. he's not facing charges. at some point you've got to think why is the system, why is the government continuing to pursue a man who really has been charged with nothing? they have their investigation, no charges. >> greg: wait, are you talking about trump? [laughter] >> juan: there was a mistake. >> emily: all right, you guys. "one more thing" is up next.
2:52 pm
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♪ >> juan: the easter bunny was at the center of attention in orlando last night, and not because he was throwing chocolates at kids, he was throwing knuckles, take a look at the video. [laughter] at first but seemed hopping to break up the fight, but then he gets in the fight, and he never gets out of costume. my favorite part of this video, his shadowboxing at the very end. the easter bunny, yes, the easter bunny and muhammad ali, i guess he was just hopping mad. [laughter] >> jesse: so everybody sent me this video over the weekend, an 8-year-old girl during her aoc impression. watch this. >> socialism is so amazing,
2:57 pm
socialism actually is short for social media, did you know that? i am on social media, so i am a socialist, and it is three of the most successful countries in the world are socialist too, facebook, and twitter. i have a lot of friends from facebook. >> jesse: her name is ava martinez, and she does a great impression. i think that i should have her on "watters' world" ." >> greg: i would not be surprised if you have her on "watters' world." oh, mean, this is great. take a look. ♪ ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great do we need a little break from the animals? i love this, sometimes animals can be real jerks. take a look at what the elephant aide, came up behind his elephant buddy and said, let me help you, and you can tell, we watch that again, you can tell that it was completely
2:58 pm
premeditated, probably said, i'm tired of your crap, and what if that elephant could not swim, that is attempted murder right there. that's why elephants are great. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great >> dana: i will raise your "pretty in pink" and "wedding crushers" and do "when arden met stella." she got to meet her sister stella for the first time, and she was very excited to get a puppy. we have a puppy, and arden is two years old. >> greg: that is like "the harry met sally" dining scene. >> dana: she can be a therapy dog, that's what the plan is for the little one as well. congratulations, arden.
2:59 pm
>> greg: yes, i guess so. all right, emily, it's up to you to finish the show and a good way. >> emily: this weekend it was easter and i wanted to share a few photos of my family, so here are my three nieces, that is little leona dying eggs, and that is little riley dying eggs as well, so this is them in the guard, that is leona with the little chicken basket that i think is so cute, bunny basket, whatever it is. josephine on the left, violet in the middle, leona on the right. >> dana: it was cold? >> emily: that was in seattle, that is violet with her basket, and they went to the tulip festival. >> greg: are those the tulips? >> emily: yes. >> greg: take your child to work and earth day to bring some earth to work day. everybody bring a pail of dirt and pour it on your bosses desk.
3:00 pm
do it tomorrow. set your dvr, never missed an episode of "the five" ," "specil report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: hey, greg, happy earth day. house democrats are tearing down another gauntlet in a bigger battle over the mueller report, there would be a point man for impeachment, jerry nadler has subpoenaed a white house insider in a future player in the special counsel narrative, former white house counsel don mcgann is the subject of that subpoena. the weighting response from the trump team, john roberts starts us off tonight without breaking news. good evening? >> good evening, waiting a response, unknown if the white house will get executive privilege, also unclear at this point how much more congress can learn again that is not


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