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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> we're going to show you those pictures tomorrow. that's all the time we have left. we will never be part of the hate media. and congressman, welcome backs, filling in for laura. >> thank you. >> have a good show. >> i'm jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham. tonight, the biggest revelation in the mueller report nobody is talking about. how the obama team was asleep at the wheel while russia was on the attack. and why did president obama and secretary hillary clinton ignore the truth about the attack on christianity? victor david hanson here in moments. mexican troops pull their weapons on u.s. soldiers on our side of the border? what should our response be? that report ahead. a high school student says he
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was expelled from school for being a conservative. the "the ingraham angle" obtained secret audio recordings that back up his claims. first, hours ago, speaker nancy pelosi and her leadership team told democratic members that they won't be moving forward with impeachment. how much longer can she hold out? what the big names in her party are demanding happen right now. >> there's enough information there, not only on obstruction of justice but also on collusion or conspiracy. whatever you want to call it, to move forward with impeachment on this president. >> the contusion says the president engages in this kind of activity, it's time for impeachment. >> you think this is impeachable? >> yeah, i do. >> earlier today, the last man you saw there, jerry nadler, the
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house judiciary subpoenaed don mcgahn. while pelosi is not calling for an immediate impeachment proceeding, she's letting the chairman of the judiciary off the lead. president trump bushed off the efforts. >> are you worried about impeachment, mr. president? >> joining me now is dan bongino a fox news contributor and off of "exonerated" and chris hahn, host of "the aggressive progressive" podcast. thanks for being here. you're on fox news frequently. chris, can you admit out loud there was no collusion? can you say that out loud? >> well, the mueller report says there's no collusion. i said i would trust the mueller report.
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i read the collusion section. it appears while the trump campaign was happy to getting this report from russia, they didn't form a criminal conspiracy with that, so that part of the investigation is settled that doesn't mean we should hear about what is going on in public through testimony. but the obstruction of justice portion, that is very troubling. i remember when there there was a young former place kicker from utah sitting in the chairs of one of those committees. he would have investigated this fully. so i expect the house of representatives today is going to have hearings and get the witnesses that mueller investigated to testify in public so the american people can see what happened. but the american people deserve the truth. >> chris, you know what it's like to have if goal posts moved on you. that's what the democrats are trying to do, move the goal posts. they barked about collusion for two years and now it doesn't happen. chris is willing to admit that
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it's not there. >> yeah, but i find it funny how chris throws in this snide remark that they were so happy to take information from russia. they didn't get any information from russia. they showed up to talk about adoption. secondly, the only campaign that we absolutely know took information from russia is hillary clinton. but chris leaves that part out. awfully convenient. it's like democrat amnesia. secondly, the obstruction case is going to be the biggest boomerang since eddie murphy's building. jason, don't forget this. you know this better than anyone. the way you guys in congress found out about all of the fbi malfeasance in the trump case is because the democrats complained about the handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. so -- >> i'll tell you what -- >> so chris, hold on. nobody interrupt me.
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let me talk. i don't interrupt you ever. let the democrats keep opening up this box. please. because once we get to the bottom of this, it's going to be ugly. >> chris, i want you to respond. but chris, in addition to what dan just said, i want you to hear what adam schiff said. go ahead. >> the obstruction of justice in particular in this case is far worse than anything that richard nixon did. the break-in by the russians of the democratic institutions, foreign adversary, far more significant than the plumbers breaking into the democratic headquarters. so yes, this is more significant than watergate. >> he makes that claim as if donald trump directed the russians to do it, which is totally false and misleading, chris. >> i want to make dan a deal and you, jason. i'll be happy to find out if there's any real spygate going on as long as we don't block
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subpoenas to get mcgahn in to find out if any real obstruction of justice happened here, which i think did. so i'm happy to hear it. i think adam schiff is over the top there saying this is waters than watergate. the obstruction portion makes it worse than anything bill clinton was impeached for. i think the american people need to understand and the chaos inside that white house the last two years. once that truth gets out, the american people can judge for themselves what they should do with the president. >> the special prosecutor wrote hundreds of pages about this. i doubt that adam schiff or jerry nadler, any of these other people can come up with anything. if they had something -- >> i think he did put a page together. i read the record. he put a page kept and left it for congress to be the judge. the olc memo has not -- >> the attorney general addressed that. it's not true.
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i have to go. one other thing. i want to go to one other thing. you know, there's other parts of this. you have elijah cummings that is put forward a document that he wants out there. the trump team actually sued to make sure that that doesn't happen. dan, is this the right move by the president? >> you mean they're looking for his financial records now? >> yeah. digging for anything. >> you know what the president should do? i'm serious. the president should flip a double barrel middle finger to democrats and say i'm a business guy. i got elected president. i don't owe you jack squat on my tax returns. why does the president have any obligation whatsoever to show a bunch of political hacks who have lied about him for three years now, fabricating absurd stories about collusion, obstruction of justice, felonious mopery.
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they made this up. now they want his tax returns and we're supposed to go yeah, no problem, fellows. you're such beacons of moral authority. he should tell them to pound sand. i would. >> i wish i had more time. not only trying to get the tax returns but his financial records for his kids and businesses. there's no financial -- there's -- >> jason -- >> gentlemen, i have to move on. i wish i could do an hour with you, chris. i think you're smart on this stuff but you're so totally wrong. i have to thank both of you. >> if the president wants us to know how rich he is, he should show us his tax returns. >> he doesn't owe you that. >> have to go. very deep in the mueller report are a number of passages that paint a story of a obama administration that was totally unprepared for the threat of
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russia. for more, we go to catherine herridge. >> congressman, the special counsel report reveals a multifaceted campaign. the operation was so bold the ground work was laid in 2014, two years before a single bat lot was cast. according to the mueller report, a russian group called the internet research agency used social media to drive a wedge between americans an amplify political differences. russian military intelligence was behind hacking operations targeting the dnc and clinton campaign e-mails. the final element targeting the trump team. the russian operation had the ability to reach millions of americans through twitter, facebook, instagram and other outlets. although the russian government perceived it would benefit from a trump presidency and worked to secure that outcome, the investigation did not establish
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the members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government. more than two years after the election, a former republican lawmaker said president obama dropped the ball and he's concerned there's no detailed plan to prevent a repeat in 2020. >> these candidates, all candidates qualified for president, are giving classified briefings. they're brought up to speed on our relationship globally. they also need to know if there's a possibility that there's a traitor or an attempt to betray them in their midsts. >> the fbi's counter intelligence investigation that laid the foundation for the special counsel was opened in late july 207 by peter strzok who was later removed over his anti-trump texts. if there was probable cause and secure a warrant in 2016 for carter page, it never panned out with special counsel investigators finding no conspiracy with russia.
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the attorney general william barr is reviewing the genesis of the russia probe to make sure there was no unauthorized surveillance. mr. barr did not offer more specifics, fox news understands its considered a very serious matter. congressman? >> catherine, thank you. here with us, john ratcliffe, member of the judiciary committee. he is from the state of texas. congressman, i want to pick up on what catherine was talking about there in the end. supposedly the department of justice had probable cause, right? to go and get this warrant to spy on somebody in the trump campaign. we get to collusion and they find nothing. what is disconnect here? >> remember what bill barr said last week? that the trump -- the obama justice department was spying on the trump campaign. the question is, was there a proper predicate? was there probable cause to believe that there was a
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conspiracy or collusion between the trump campaign and russian? so that is the question that has to be answered. to be fair, just because bob mueller found that there was no evidence of a conspiracy or no evidence of collusion, doesn't mean that there couldn't be probable cause to look for. in other words, a good reason to believe it existed. here's the problem. as you know, trey gowdy and i are the only two republicans that had the opportunity to see that probable cause evidence, to see all of those fisa applications in unredacted form. and they centered around something called the steele dossier, which was entirely false and fake. now bob mueller says it was false and fake. remember, the steele dossier said that carter page was at the center of a well-developed conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russian government. carter page wasn't charged, he was never going to be charged. the idea that he was a russian
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agent is a joke so the folks at -- sally yates and those that verified this, they have explaining to do. >> what about the fisa court itself? is the fisa court to blame for this? were they just snookered? >> no. not necessarily, jason. remember what they received when they were asked to grant a warrant to spy on carter page. the first thing they see in big bold letters are verified application, all capitols. so james comey and sally yates signed off on those are verifying to the court what is in there. they're verifying that christopher steele was a credible source. they're verifying that the steele dossier had been co corroborat corroborated. none of that was true. so the folks that signed off on, the court can only know what they're told. they weren't told that christopher steele was out to get donald trump.
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they weren't told that the steele dossier was paid for by hillary clinton. so the court was at the mercy of the people that verified this information. that's what bill barr will look at. that's what he's promised to look at and what need him to look at. >> congressman, thank you. you prosecuted terrorism cases and one of two people to have actually seen that document. i never heard that, that it was said at the top that it was verified in bold capitol letters that is important for people to know. thank you. also from texas, the texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. says sitting her with us. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> amazing things happening in texas. texas is a red state. >> and we're going to state red and the president is going to
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kick their butt no matter what team they line up. couple things are happening. the last election was real. beto o'rourke raised $80 million. >> crazy. did 80 million. >> and some things happened that would not normally happen. this election will be different. first of all, when president trump ran, people put their hopes on him. they didn't know him well. they said we need this guy. here's sanity in a world of insanity. now he's delivered. when you run for office, you say what you're going to do and do what you say you're going to do that's what he's been done. where he's stymied, it's not his doing and he will get it done. he's a trusted member of the family. people have your back when you become a trusted member of the family. so in texas, the leftist democrats, the billionaires and millionaires are going to pour money to texas thinking they
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have a shot. the president will have to pour money. senator cornyn is on the ticket. >> i read there's something like -- since the mid-term, which wasn't too long ago, there's like 400,000 -- >> newly registered voters. >> how did that happen? >> we're a growing state. >> you're not growing that fast. >> about 1,000 people a day. it's fast. our registration goes up 8 to 10% every election. we're going to register a lot of republicans. no matter who the democrats have, let's say it's bernie. we do a lot of hunting in texas. that ticket won't hunt, this could be a mcgovern type of year. trip will do better in michigan. he won by nine. it will take money and time but texans will turn out. we turned out despite the fact that beto made a charge. i received 1.5 million more
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voters. so republicans will be there. the margin were different. but this election -- the world is crazy. >> i have about 30 seconds left. tell me about the politics at the border. how is that playing? >> the democrats want open borders. they're willing to take the lives of babies on botched abortions. they want a weakened military. texans like americans are smart. they have common sense. they know all of the policies are failed policies. the border is important in texas. we have already passed a total number of people crossing the texas illegally than all of last year. >> and you have a voter registration issue we have to deal with as well. >> trump will win texas. we're going to have his back and he will have a huge victory and put an end to socialism. >> you have to win texas to win the presidency. >> count on it. >> this year, an attack on christians. so why can't barack obama and
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hillary clinton just say as much? victor davis hanson has some thoughts. later, he claims he was kicked out of the connecticut high school for being a conservative and he has recordings to back it up. you don't want to miss the
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>> explosions across the world are making sunday tough. >> it's on people's mind as they go to church. >> more than 200 people were killed and 800 injured in sri lanka. this is something that you have to think about in a religious house. >> it's something to be concerned about. there's a rising of the rest collection. everybody should do that safely. >> it's a hard story. hundreds were killed and hundreds more were injured after a well-coordinated terror attack rich through churches in sri lanka. a little terror group targeted these folks because of their faith. a tweet send out by barack obama
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and hillary clinton, they both used the phrase easter worshippers. many found it as a way to gloss over the anti-christian motivation behind this massacre. so what does victor davis hanson think? he's a fellow of the hoover institution. sir, i appreciate you joining me tonight. when you hear -- you saw a chorus of this. a lot of democratic leaders. representative kilde, the governor of colorado. they all talk about easter worshippers. why does this happen? >> we saw the same thing with the notre dame tragedy. it was a tourist destination rather than a church. for the liberal modern progressive mind and the constituencies that they represent, this is part of western civilization. it's ironic, jason. the majority now for the first time really in the last two
11:24 pm
decades of the world's 2.5 billion christians are not in europe or the united states. people much poorer than we are in africa or asia and latin america and south american, they believe they have hope in conditions far less free than our own. we have freedom and affluence and we abuse that and lose our faith. >> jason: i appreciate your thoughts on that. i also want to get your thought on this. i want to play with you -- played this video for you. it's an nbc news reporter confronting mr. mueller outside of a church on easter. watch this. >> we waited for him easter services, tried to be as respectful as possible. you testify before congress, sir? >> no comment. >> you sure about this? >> no comment. >> why didn't you make a
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recommendation to congress? >> it's accurate to characterize director mueller as being tight lipped in response to my questions. >> jason: they're laughing at the end of that. what are your thoughts? >> yeah. again for the media and the progressive swath of the population, an easter service is not a safe space. the safe space is a racially segregated place on campus. the other aspect, mueller was a god of deity until he didn't bring back a verdict of collusion. so in this news cycle that the progressives follow, he's no longer a saint. >> jason: very true. i also want your -- i read this piece that you wrote in national review. you talk about the efforts to demonize bill barr.
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explain to the viewers, what your thoughts are on this way of demonizing attorney general barr. >> i think they're very afraid of william barr. they don't know him that well from. what they have seen of him, he's followed the law to the letter no matter the public pressure on the partisanship. he give a synopsis of the mueller report and they were furious because he was right. more importantly, the only thing that will stop this hysteria from cycles of logan act clause, 25th amendment, mueller is going to wear the real culpability is. we're going to get referrals from the house and the senate and there is real legal exposure there. a fisa court was deceived.
11:27 pm
russian nationals gave information to a paid employee of gps who was in turn paid by hillary clinton. we know that james comey leaked a classified memo. we know that certain people, andrew mccabe in particular, probably james comey as well, lied to federal investigators or lied under oath to congress. bar is not the type of person in the case of clapper and brennan, that's okay. he's a professional. he understands there's nothing that the left can do that will sway him if there's culpability. it's a very scary thought. that will change the news cycle if there is culpability. >> jason: it's a great piece. i encourage people to look it up. thanks, victor. mexican troops pulling their weapons on u.s. soldiers on our side of the border. the stunning report before mark morgan and tom holloman tell us don't just dream about your next vacation.
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>> jason: a shocking story coming from the border of mexico as mexican troops disarming an american soldier while on the united states side of the border. trace gallagher is in our west coast newsroom with the latest. trace? >> jason, this happened nine days ago in el paso county.
11:32 pm
two u.s. soldiers were swiftly approach at gun point by five or six members of the mexican military who were apparently carrying assault rifles. the u.s. soldiers say it happened so fast they didn't have time to activate their gps tracking device, which also doubles as an emergency beacon to notified 911. the mexican military members ordered the soldiers out of the car, told them to move to the front of the vehicle and removed one of the soldier's service weapons placing it inside the u.s. government vehicle. the soldier says he gave up his weapon to de-escalate the situation but there was certain because the u.s. soldiers couldn't identify any seals or symbols on the mexican military vehicle. fortunately one of the u.s. soldiers spoke a little spanish and was able to explain the situation. one soldier says he also heard someone south of the border yell
11:33 pm
let's go and their left. the entire encounter lasted less than 30 minutes. turns out, the u.s. soldiers were south of the border fence, but north of the rio grande. meaning they were in the united states. authorities acknowledge that because the area is dried out and filled with brush, it's often difficult to tell what sort of the border you're on. when u.s. soldiers get in their vehicle, they contacted customs and border protection who quickly reresponded. we're told the u.s. soldiers followed all procedures and protocols. jason? >> thank you. joining me now with reaction is mark morgan, a former border patrol chief under obama and tom holman. mark, i want to start with you. this actually happens more often than we would know, right? >> absolutely. this is a one-time event.
11:34 pm
this illustrates how difficult it is to patrol the southwest border. i'd like to know more about the situation. sometimes mexican officials are working for the cartels. if you listen to trace's explanation is, i'm not sure 100% the actual mexican government officials. >> that is part of the point here, right? it's not as if the united states is trying to break in to mexico. why would they have troops right up on our border. >> right. from my experience, i would suggest they were there possibly supporting the mexican cartels. that is a large call assumption. it's not far off pace. >> you had this experience, tom. you detained mexican officials on our side. >> yeah, when the story broke, i remember 30 years ago, as a young agent, we got a call mexican military on a ranch.
11:35 pm
the rancher called us. fully automatic weapons. we showed up, several other agents. we found him. we handled it differently. we disarmed him and arrested him. we turned him over to the commander and gave him the automatic weapons. mark is right. when you get a call like that, you don't know if there's mexicans in fatigues 0, military lost in a training exercise or don't know if they're working in a security detail. it's a scary situation and it wasn't until after this situation happened, it's like wow that could have went bat. carrying a six-shot ruger. it happens more times than you can guess. >> now, part of the issue here, mark, that there evidently wasn't a wall or fence. if you can't delineate where the border is, it sounds as if
11:36 pm
there's confusion. because there was no wall, right? >> that's right. this is another -- it's not manufactured, this is another example that 60% of the border is wide open. meaning it doesn't have enough of the multilayer approach. if you had that at the right levels, i think this issue wouldn't have happened. >> the number of apprehensions, fox playing this story earlier, it's unbelievable. 164,000 apprehensions in the first seven months. that's more than all of last year. now, it's done on a fiscal calendar. we're still about seven months in this calendar year. we're to the fiscal year. the trajectory here, the numbers are overwhelming. >> there's going to be over a million. i'll put it in this context. i've done this 34 years. this is the worst i've ever seen it. have we arrested -- >> jason: why? >> we arrested more than a million a couple decades ago. 95% were mexican nationals.
11:37 pm
they were removed and reentered. i arrested the same ones three or four times in a shift. they were quickly removed, this million people coming now, they're not leaving. they're taking advantage of the loop holes and will be here for years. even if they do show up in court, 90% will lose. they're not leaving. >> i went to the detention facility in arizona. there were people from 150 different countries there. don't just think this is mexican or hondurans. there's people from all over the world. they know this is how you get in the united states. >> tom is right. that's part of the false narrative that you hear well, back in the 2000s, numbers were higher. it's false. it's time to describe it. we removed 90% back then. this year with the million anticipated because of the broken laws, we'll allow 650,000 to 700,000 into our country. so it's a complete false narrative. that's why our system is
11:38 pm
overwhelmed. >> jason: we can keep saying congress, congress, congress, but just trying to enforce the current law, i mean, is a very difficult thing. can't thank the men and women doing the job that you have done in the past. we thank you for your service and thank you for joining us today. mexican troops on our side of the border disarming our army? unbelievable. 2020 candidates have made the issue of reparations part of their platforms. now a serious effort is -- by house democrats could make this a legislative reality. and why is one college newspaper endorsing the idea of segregated housing? seriously? that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> has proposed a commission to study reparations. if that passes and you are
11:42 pm
president of the united states, would you sign that bill? >> yes. >> when i'm elected president, i will sign that bill. >> yes, i would. i already support that bill. >> jason: while reparations didn't have the support of barack obama, it's a litmus test for the 2020 democratic candidates. now with many supporting it, the debate has new momentum in congress. sheila jackson lee pushing to create a commission to study the impact of slavery and reparations. joining me, don joins, attorney and former georgia state representative. thanks for being here. i want to go to you first. why is this an idea? here we are in 2019. why is this an idea that is suddenly catching on? is it just election year politics or something that is real? >> you know, this has been an issue that has come up in american politics since the 70s.
11:43 pm
now we have candidates that are really willing to open up and speak about it and a young progressive group of people in colleges that are looking forward to the reparations issue. listen, all we're talking about is studying an issue where american has given reparations after world war one, for internment camps, all kinds of situations. so why not discussing the idea for one of the most horrible portions of american history, slavery. let's discuss it. >> jason: horace, your thoughts? >> this is a school, a ruse. the democrats and progressives have no actual agenda to offer black americans or for that matter any working americans in this country. fdr, famously said, all we have to fear is fear itself. progressives today, all they
11:44 pm
have to offer is fear. they go with division, they go with the effort to separate us. there is no scenario where checks are coming out to people. this is just a substitute for having to go forward with a real alternative to the booming job creation plan that president trump has presented. >> jason: and president obama obama didn't support it. bernie sanders doesn't support it. and why is it coming up now? does it always come up just before an election? >> well, as you mentioned, barack obama didn't support it. it did not come up before every election. because barack obama was black doesn't mean that he has to support every issue that other black people support. i'm not sure why mr. cooper is afraid of reparations. >> it's a scam. >> i don't know why you only believe it has to be checks cut.
11:45 pm
>> it's a scam. there's no -- >> jason: hold on. >> there's no living former slaves. >> jason: i have to turn to something else that gets under my skin. it's happening in williams collage in massachusetts. the school's editorial board has endorsed racial segregated housing on campus, this is happening. the williams record writes that the college a predominantly white institution and students of color feel tokenized. it will have a more safe community for minoritized students. and this is happening here in d.c., too. george washington university. if they had done this in idaho or utah, are you kidding me? now it's happening in massachusetts. i don't know what your thoughts
11:46 pm
are on this. is this is a good idea? segregated housing? >> let's be clear. the affinity housing that they're requesting is not only race based, it's based on gen r gender. why is it that these young adults can not have a discussion about what makes them comfortable in their school? i'm a proud graduate of a historically black college and university. one of those schools that only african americans go to. i see nothing wrong just like reparations with exploring the ideas of what works for them. listen, america -- >> moving the segregating schools -- i have 20 seconds left. >> i love this. we want to wrap discrimination bigotry in the rubric of the first amendment. brown v. board ruled segregation
11:47 pm
is inherently unequal. it's 2019. we need to move on passed all of these things, put up a real agenda. if you want to compete with what president trump is doing, put up a real agenda. >> jason: segregating schools and putting -- i hope we continue this discussion because i think it's worth having. i didn't think we would have to have it in the year 2019. thanks for your input. we have to move on. a high school student says he was expelled for being a conservative. he has audio clips to back it up. that's coming up next. the latest innovation from xfinity
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>> 16-year-old michael mancini said he was expelled from high school for expressing his conservative views. it started because he disagreed with what is shakespeare portraying genderism in a positive light. this is the secretly recorded audio he took when speaking with the head of the disciplinary committee. >> when you speak your mind and you are offending people in the room, that can be seen as part of harassment.
11:52 pm
>> i had these two girls screaming in my face. that made me feel uncomfortable. harassing me. >> you make comments in class and make those people feel uncomfortable. the initial burden is on you. >> jason: we reached out to the school and have not heard back. joining me now is michael mancini and he's father, ted. thanks for joining us here. you said, michael -- i'm sorry you're having to go through this. but what is it that was so disagreeable at that school? >> well, i said that it was historically inaccurate for shakespeare to promote transgenderism in a positive light. we talked about the bock written in 1601 to 1602. they would have not normalized that or portrayed that in a positive light. it would have been looked at mental insanity. >> jason: ted, you heard there was a problem and then your son
11:53 pm
is being expelled. as you dove in, what did you find? >> i found that it's really heavy liberal bias. with the tapes that you just played, if you do on the website, therealche therealcheshshireacademy. comp , you can see it all. if someone is offended, you're on the hook for that and it's you're fault if they attack you. >> jason: michael, was there a fight? pushing, shoving? >> no pushing or shoving. just yelling. >> jason: and you said there were two girls that yelled at you and trying to intimidate you. did anything happen to them? >> i was not told. i was told they were punished. i was never told exactly what.
11:54 pm
>> they weren't given a disciplinary hearing like michael was. >> not even close. >> so what are the lessons you're learning here? you were asked to take a position in this class, correct? >> yes, i was asked to take my position. >> they asked him his opinion. after he stated his opinion, the teacher said can you please elaborate? after he elaborated, the girl got upset and screaming and yelling at him. the teacher was ten feet inn't fro of him and couldn't hear him. now that's what they're bringing him up for. he was attacked by them. but that was okay. >> jason: michael, i have a short amount o time here. you were also asked to take a quiz during a white privilege seminar. what was that all about? >> i was not part of a white privilege seminar. that was a required work station.
11:55 pm
i didn't go to that. that was one of the work stations on martin luther king day. >> he was in workshop. there they had the buzz feed survey as to how privileged you are. some of them were white privileged, toxic masculinity. when michael was offended, he asked why is that okay. and then they started that since you're a majority a white straight male, the bar to offend you is set higher than for others. stating that he doesn't have the same rights and privileges as everybody else. >> jason: michael, i wish you the best. for every dark spot, something good to learn from it. i hope you learned from it and take it as a positive and remember if you don't like being treated that way, make sure nobody else is treated that way. but it's good of you and your father to join us here tonight.
11:56 pm
we appreciate it. we appreciate it. we'll be right back with the it's going to be passover in just a few days. and these people are in desperate need. these are very difficult times for israel and the jewish people. as the government spends more and more of it's resources for battling terrorism. the situation has become a crisis. every week the lines get longer and longer. there are more people who come than they expect
11:57 pm
because the numbers keep growing. its difficult to have to see people in this situation needy for food. especially at this holiday season of passover. this should be a blessing to you. this $25 food box will provide one desperately needy family here in israel with food, with hope and with a note inside each of these saying that's its from christians and jews in america who seek to bless them. with your phone call right now a food box will go out to one desperate family in israel. inside the food box is a special note that will bless them and let them know that america stands strong in solidarity with israel in their struggle for survival. many of these people are ill they're sick, they're alone. they don't have the money to afford
11:58 pm
things that many of us, most of us, take for granted. people, who don't have enough money to even buy some matza the unleavened bread as the bible describes it. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support.
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has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. >> time for the last bite. during today's white house easter april donald trump had a surprising conversation while helping kids color cards. >> what is happening?
12:00 am
a young guy said he is building that wall. do you be leave him? very conservative. >> sounds like he is a conservative. i am jason chaffetz in for laura ingram. shannon, take it from here. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. democrats upping the ante, another subpoena and facing tough questions about their seeming unwillingness to investigate the steel dossier which the new york times says is full of false claims fronted by hillary clinton and the dnc. the first primary, bernie surging in the polls and says even the boston marathon bomber should get the vote from jail. we wait to see if joe biden makes it official this


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