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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 23, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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for the "special report." fair, balanced, and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. didn't really get the skunk and the cop, needed more. >> martha: i like when you can hear the guy "that is going to go viral" appeared to be to see you, martha. >> martha: thanks, bret. all right everybody, breaking tonight, my exclusive interview with rush limbaugh, who was with president trump this weekend as he begins to move past the mueller report. and look ahead. and now joe biden believes he can beat the president in a race for the white house, reportedly just days from entering into the race. the start looking a little rocky, the date may be a moving target. we will speak to someone later in the show who is close to his campaign. good evening everyone, i martha maccallum and this is "the story" ." the president tweeting up a store, here is the latest one from just moments ago. he says "you mean the stock market hit an all-time record high? and they are actually talking impeachment? will i ever be given credit for
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anything by the fake news media are radical liberal dams? no collusion," just for good measure at an excavation point. here is rush limbaugh, host of "the rush limbaugh show, rush, thank you for being here, great to see you this evening. >> rush: thank you for having me. this is a one hour on fox i haven't done in a while, so it is great to be here. >> martha: it is great to have you back. i want to start with joe biden, you've seen him run for president twice before, in 1984 and 1988. what version of joe biden do you think we're going to get this time, and how do you think you will do? >> rush: martha, let me say, i sit here tonight come in my palatial eib southern command studio. i remained stunned and amazedded that the democrat party and the media do not understand who donald trump is. they don't understand how he won, they don't understand how he is going to win back again
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2020. they don't understand the people who voted for him or why. they hold all of that in contempt. here's the thing: joe biden is probably the best chance they've got, and he doesn't have a chance. they are probably -- joe biden? and crazy bernie? and mayor pete? three white guys, trickle of them are them are brontosaurus is from jurassic park, and that isn't going to sit well with the rest of the party, which has gone so far left. i don't think, biden is putting office announcement, i don't how badly he really wants this. and you have to really want this if you are going to have any chance of winning it. >> martha: all right, speaking of the other folks who are running, let's listen to elizabeth warren talking about her leaving 95% of college debt. watch this. >> we are going to rollback student loan debt for about 95% of students who have it.
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and part two is to make sure that we never get in this mess again on student loan debt, and that is to make college universally available, with free tuition and fees. >> martha: so there is a lot of free stuff and a lot of these plans, medicare for all, rush, free college tuition, your data goes away. the president and the approval numbers are down around 35%. is he vulnerable to all of these promises from all of these democrats? >> rush: no, the polls right now don't mean anything, martha. is anyone a member of the poll two years before 2016? they all had hillary winning in a landslide. there is way too much that is going to happen. pocahontas is not going to be the nominee. these democrats are all in the process of trying to out-leftist or out-liberal each other, and there in a contest of who can give away the most. but with elizabeth warren, forgiving college loans, forgiving that debt, and
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promising free college, medicare for all, a green new deal -- why is anybody going to need to go to college, because no one is going to need a job, because democrats are going to be given no mind giving everyone a universal basic income cared why does any of this matter? none of this is real, none of this can happen. this is disinformation, and it is really, i think it is an indication of just how little they think of their own voters. that their own voters don't even want to work. they don't even want to achieve. they don't even want to pursue excellence. they just want to have their hands out and vote for whoever is going to give them the most. what a way to ruin a life. no one would raise kids this way. why in the world he does a democrat party think -- i can answer that too -- sometimes the best questions are get are those i can answer myself there they can't win on policy. they can't win on anything of substance, so they have to demonize, they have to criticize, they have to impugn and destroy the credibility of all of your opponents, and then
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promised to give everything away, promise to be santa claus. it's not going to work against before. it might work against romney or a traditional republican, but it won't work against donald trump. >> martha: let me ask you this then, because it seems that when you go to high schools and college campuses, and even in hollywood and other places, that democrats have won the argument, to a certain extent. there is a feeling this country among a lot of people that this is the way we should live. it really breaks down the country in terms of those who think that we should be giving all of these things, and the people who are trump supporters. >> rush: martha, if you would go to the places in this country that are not on the coast, not in the elite, big urban areas there and go to the areas donald trump won the election, traditional democrat, white, blue-collar neighborhood, you're not going to find that attitude. these are the people democrats used to rely on.
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they're the people the democrats have lost. these are the people that vote for trump, and they love trump even more than they did in 2016. the majority of this country is not yet at the place where it wants everything given to them. of course young people want things given to them. kids always do. people that are not yet mature come haven't lived enough, but we are doing a great disservice to our kids by shortchanging their humanity, shortchanging their opportunities to excel, to become something, to become larger than themselves. they are nothing more than ponds that can be bought with votes, and i don't think there is a majority of our population -- up against donald trump is the key element here. i don't think there's a majority of the population that is serious about thinking this is the way the country ought to be run. the student loan forgiveness, what about people who took loans and pay them back? what are we going to do, give them reparations? are they going to ask for refunds? where does all of this stop?
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it isn't going to happen in the first place. all of this is disingenuous, and dishonest. and it doesn't get anywhere near the heart of the problems that we are having in this country, which i happen to think revolve around the dissipation of our culture, the dissolution of our society, and so forth, and they are the culprits for this, and they need to be stopped. this kind of stuff is not the route back. and the fact they are talking about joe biden or krazy bernie, who is leading everybody at the stage, it is a testament to how bankrupt they actually are. >> martha: i want to play something for you from hillary clinton, the time 100 conference she was at, where she says -- i know how much you love the time 100 conference and how much you love hillary clinton, so here she is talking about why she believes president trump should be indicted. listen to this. >> there is enough there that any other person who has engaged
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in those acts would certainly have been indicted. the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the congress. if you read that part of the report, it could not be clearer. >> martha: what is going through your mind as you are listening to that, rush? >> rush: i was trying not to listen to that. this is the irony. hillary clinton is who tried to rake a presidential election, martha. hillary clinton and her pals in the obama department of justice and the fbi, they are the ones who colluded with the russians. they are the one that gave us this entirely, totally bogus steele dossier. can you think about irony? four hillary clinton to be talking about impeaching donald trump, hillary clinton needs to be investigated, she needs to be indicted, and she needs to be in jail.
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many of her coconspirators in this whole sordid affair, which amounted to nothing more than a silent coup to overcurrent ovee election results in 2016 -- you talk about sour grapes. this is a woman who has been rejected by the american people twice, rejected by her party in 2008. she had to rig the primaries against krazy bernie in 2016 to get the nomination. she is the last person who ought to be listened to about what ought to happen to donald trump. she hasn't accomplished anything anywhere near what donald trump has accomplished. she is in no position to sit here and say what she saw in the mueller report -- well, she can say because she's an american, but she doesn't have credibility on any of this as far as i'm concerned, and i'm not alone. >> martha: jared kushner also spoke at the conference today, and i know you talked about this today, here he is talking about the russians actually did on facebook. yeah, let's play that. >> the investigations and all of
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the speculation that happened the last two years has had a much harsher impact on the democracy than a couple of facebook ads. they spent about $160,000, i spend $160,000 on facebook every three hours in the campaign purity look at the magnitude of what they did on what they accomplished, i think the pursuing investigations have been way more harmful. >> martha: very interesting to hear from him today on that and a lot of other things, rush. >> rush: well, here's the thing. he's right, martha. everybody, america, please, there was never any evidence of collusion between trump and russia. the collusion, as i said, was hillary, the dnc, and the russians via steele. but the russians -- when mueller announced the indictment of the russian troll farm, rosenstein without an announcement, nobody paid attention to this, but the end of the announcement, nothing in these indictments suggest a single vote was changed.
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nothing suggests the outcome of any election was changed. no american is named in the indictment having to do with it. there was never any evidence for this. there was never mueller -- when he got the file from comey, it was empty. all they had was the dossier, and we all know that it was made up. it was opposition research. this was not even an investigation of trump. what it once was an attempt to overthrow the 2016 elections, and the mueller investigation, i believe, was actually many things, including a cover-up and a distraction to keep people from understanding what really happened. donald trump accomplished one of the greatest achievements of his life against all odds, with no assistance. his own party wasn't even that much behind him. he has done something that few americans will ever do, and they are trying to take it away from him, and they are trying to sully his reputation, simply because they don't like him. this is a sordid situation. i think our country was at great risk during this whole thing.
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and there needs to be an investigation. i hope the attorney general is serious, because these people need to be investigated. we need to be told who they are, what they did, even though we already know. and they need to be indicted. >> martha: you say the attorney general is on it. >> rush: because they came close, martha, to throwing away the united states constitution. unelected people came close to actually pulling off what is a coup , and it should never happen again for the american people, those that watch cnn don't know it, "the new york times" is trying to back off the dossier now. "well, maybe it was russia" -- no kidding. they've known that for a year and a half. everyone in the media has no may have been lying to the american people about this in an effort to get rid of trump appeared he survived it, and if they think they're going to take them out after all of this, they are delusional. >> martha: as you say, "the new york times" is now looking into the dossier. they say that mr. steele's
4:13 pm
russian informants could have been pressured to feed him disinformation, which is something we reported some time ago. >> rush: collusion! was working with russians? steele, hillary clinton's guy. bob woodward said the other day -- he's trying to link the dossier to putin, not hillary! the dossier traces right back to hillary and her campaign with the dnc. >> martha: they paid for it, and that is much we know. i want to talk about a piece today, the former press secretary for bill clinton. he talked about going down the impeachment road, we don't need to go down the impeachment road because it is going to be good enough father as we move forward that the president will be under continued constant investigation. all of these subpoenas are out there. but here's what he said about you, rush. he said publicans today are the party of rush limbaugh,
4:14 pm
sean hannity, tucker carlson, a coalition in the face of every demographic trend in america will mean the long-term realignment of the federal government behind the democrats. what say you, sir? >> rush: i'm honored they think this. some days i'm just an entertainer. some days i'm a has-been. now i'm the face of and the reason for the republican party. i think that all of this just adds up the fact that they are frustrated. they haven't been able to quote unquote defeat me in 30 years. they can't defeat trump come haven't been able to stop him, and i think they are frustrated. they have thrown every weapon they have in their arsenal at him, and it hasn't worked for things they've used over the years that have been readily available to get rid of and take out any republican they want, they have bounced off of trump. and i think they are really frustrated. rush limbaugh, sean hannity,
4:15 pm
tucker carlson, we are not in politics. we are media titans, but we are not in politics. it is the party of donald trump right now, and the republicans that don't realize that had better get on board. >> martha: that's interesting, because i know you said you are frustrated by other republicans in your party, who you feel should be rejoicing right now, should be fund-raising off of this mueller report finding. you don't think they are doing that. >> rush: i thought it was strange, for two years, everyone is waiting with baited breath and biting their fingernails, what is muller going to do? and then here comes the news, no collusion, no obstruction. where's the republican party with the celebratory emails to their voters? even fund-raising, or just celebrating the victory, where are they? you don't hear them. the reason is, martha, because this is a battle not between two parties, this is a battle between the washington establishment and the
4:16 pm
deep state, i call them the administrative state, at outsiders and americans who feel disenfranchised or unattached. the fact that the republican party, there are still many people in their -- like mitt romney, says he was sick and? he was sickened? by what he read in the mueller report? this is the same guy, mitt romney, who they said didn't care what an employee's wife died of cancer. the same guy they said didn't pay his taxes for ten years. the same guy who they said beat up somebody in prep school. the same guy who said he had a file of nothing but women. they destroyed mitt romney, and here he is, on their side. what does that tell you? it's strange, and i think the republican party, i know the first nine months of trump's term, they thought the russian stock was real, afraid to get behind it. that is gone, and there is no reason to get
4:17 pm
no reason not to get behind him, unless you don't like his voters, and i think that is key. >> martha: i saw pictures of the weekend, you played golf with the president on easter sunday. everybody would like to hear a little bit, what his mood was really like and what he wants to focus on now, and you know, whether -- >> rush: actually, it was friday, the day after the mueller report came out, and lexi thompson, who is just, she is just a sweet -- she is an lpg pro, and when we showed up, there is no way i am in trump's cart, not with lexi thompson in the group, but i was in trump's card, lexi had her own. everybody had a great time, there were five of us in the group, including those from the pga tour. for those who would like to meet donald trump, i tell you, he's everything you would hope he would be. he makes everybody the focus of attention. everybody has a great time. he is a tremendous host.
4:18 pm
he is funny. every hole, he talks about that green is better than any green on any other golf course except his other courses. that late, that is better than anything they have at pebble beach, everybody knows it. he encourages you when you don't hit the ball well. he makes everybody have a great time, and it features breakfast before hand and lunch afterward afterwards. there's not a whole lot -- >> martha: did you win? >> rush: um, well -- i tell you -- >> martha: [laughs] that was the hardest question so far! >> rush: he took away my strokes on the back. because i didn't deserve any, he said, i was playing -- did i misunderstand your question? >> martha: no, that is my question, i wanted to know if you won. >> rush: oh! i was on his team. he picks whoever is playing the bass and puts himself on their team. he may change teams to arco or
4:19 pm
three times in a round. it is just fun, martha. >> martha: i can tell. >> rush: playing teams against each other, it is a faux competition, but it is just fun. if somebody hits a bad shot, he tells them, drop another ball, where you're having fun. >> martha: everyone is having fun. let me ask you one last question. i'm curious, when you are with him, if you felt that any of the stop is weighing on him. i know elijah cummings wanting to dig into eight years of financial records is something that some in the trump camp are not happy about, and they're pushing back on hard beer did that come up at all? >> rush: p -- to me, and around me, he is one of the most confident people, he talks about this stuff, but he does not, at any moment, express any concern. certainly no fear. he is reassuring.
4:20 pm
he knows who he is, he knows how people see him, he knows he is the president, he knows people are reluctant to speak, they will be respectful. and so he anticipates things they are thinking or wondering about, and he will provide answers to things. but mostly, he didn't have any time sit down and tell me what he thought of mueller or what he thought of this or that, he doesn't -- he can't tell who is going to speak and who isn't, but that wouldn't go along with the recipe for these things, which is fun. but he doesn't hide from any of this. i would lunch after the round, he was telling lexi about the golden showers story and how ridiculous it is, and everyone was laughing -- the fact that the media believed it. the fact that people actually thought that trump would hire some prostitutes to urinate on a bed obama had slept -- we're laughing ourselves silly.
4:21 pm
>> martha: great to talk to you, thanks for spending so much time with us. great to see you, sir. >> rush: thank you, martha appeared martha. >> martha: you back. andy mccarthy is coming up next. more of "the story" after this. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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♪ >> i'm really of the mind that
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the mueller report is part of the beginning. it's not the end. maybe, as churchill's famously said, the end of the beginning, because there is still so much more that we should know and act upon. obviously, that is what the congress is trying to figure out what to do right now. >> martha: hillary clinton echoing the calls for other democrats to want to keep the investigations going into president trump, choosing to probe each and every facet of the president instead of going all in on impeachment. joining me now is andy mccarthy, former federal prosecutor and fox news contributor. good to see you tonight. he wrote a very interesting piece today about the trump tower meeting, but first i want to get your reaction to what hillary clinton said there. >> i think she is an interesting person to have that message coming from, since the justice department obviously tanked a case against her, but i think
4:26 pm
she is giving voice to what we are hearing from the democratic base. why i think the real trajectory on impeachment fight is going to be more on the campaign trail that on capitol hill, because the base wants trump impeached. anybody who wants to get that kind of attention is going to call for impeachment, it is not that surprising. >> martha: yeah, you know, just thinking back through her whole story, as you say, think about the destruction of servers with hammers and all of that stuff, and you have to wonder what kind of uncomfortable subject for her to talk about, having such an investigation for herself, she knows what that feels like. in "the washington post" today, saying "why impeach? in other words, when an investigation could swing the 2020 election, why try to persuade a dozen republican senators to boot trump from office when you could take the easier path of committing convc and voters to?"
4:27 pm
>> i don't see why those things are mutually exclusive. i've never thought that the impeachment effort was about impeaching trump, impeachment is a political process and part of an array of political tools here, i think, and it has always been about -- obviously if something falls out of the investigation though looks like it is fire alarm impeachable, they may go for it, but i think what they are trying to do is gradually drive his numbers down so he is unelectable by the stretch run of the campaign next year, and therefore you don't really have to make a choice. some of them can pretend to take the high road, while jerry nadler and adam schiff and the rest of those guys on the committee do the scut work. >> martha: there is also a piece today by andrew cohen, donald trump is no richard nixon, he's worse. it's a continuation of that narrative. do you agree with that statement, first of all?
4:28 pm
>> i do think we ought to prove something against him first. i mean, nixon, if you think about it, martha, the history of the united states, nixon is the only president who really would have been impeached if he had hung on and tried to stay in power. we have never otherwise had an impeachment. we have now had a two-year investigation where a federal prosecutor found no crimes against trump. i know we are going to have this argument about obstruction, but we are only having it because congress has a different standard when they're looking at impeachable offenses than federal prosecutors do. i think they ought to prove a crime on him first. >> martha: you could just write "the story" apparently. andy mccarthy, great seeing you today, thank you very much for your good to see you tonight, circuit >> thanks, martha appeared to be on real soon. you bet. he is definitely running, that is the line from ed rendell, who is preparing a big fund-raiser for his friend, joe biden.
4:29 pm
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♪ >> martha: after months of anticipation, controversy, and a little bit of confusion, former vice president joe biden, we understand today, will enter the 2020 race. he is expected to announce via video message on for thursday, the first official stop at a union hall in pittsburgh a few days later. joining me now, ari fleischer, former white house press secretary and fox news contributor beard and ed rendell, former dnc chairman and pennsylvania governor, who is helping to organize the fund-raiser for the former vice president on thursday. good evening to both of you, great to have you both here. let me start with you, a lot of everything you pick up and read
4:34 pm
on this says we think it is going to be thursday, first it was going for a wednesday in charlottesville, then it was going to be thursday, and then there was a little tenuous mess about that, as well. what is going on here? >> i can't tell you, i am not really an insider in the campaign. i was asked to help with the fund-raiser, which is that david cohen's house, and i said i would. great responses on the fund-raiser, i think among democrats, there is a real desire to have joe biden not only be a candidate, but be the next president of the united states. >> martha: is there any part of you, ed, that feels like it might not happen on thursday? i know you say you are not an insider, you spoke to the vice president ten days ago about helping out with this. how solid do you feel about thursday, as in announcing day? >> as in announcing day? well, i suspect something will happen on thursday because we wouldn't be having the fund-raiser event until he was formally announced, so the fund-raising event is in the evening, the early evening.
4:35 pm
i'm sure there will be something on thursday. >> martha: what did you think about the fact there was discussion about a charlottesville announcement on wednesday, what do you make of this rollout so far? >> not crisp. martha, if there is one day a candidate can control, that is the announcement day. that is 100% a plan today, under the campaigns control, the staff's control, it just doesn', thursday, no charlottesville, do something else, and the focus on the fund-raiser is the other thing that is just a little bit odd. you want your folks to be more grassroots, not money. >> martha: ed, what you say to that? and what do you say to the union, rollout, some people look at that and it feels a little bit more like something you might have done a decade ago, but not necessarily the way things worked, the way things happen today. >> first of all, i don't think anyone who votes starting february of next year will
4:36 pm
remember what the rollout was. >> martha: probably true. >> secondly, for democrats, we have to win back, the democrats who voted for donald trump in 2016, those working-class democrats, mostly the middle part of the state, from around pittsburgh, et cetera, a union hall with union workers is a good message to send. it's a message to say "hey, donald trump didn't do what he said he would do for you, i'm the real deal." >> martha: we've got to leave it there. we'll have a lot of time to talk about these, as you say, in the early going. ari and ed, great to see you. thank you for being here. still ahead tonight, breaking news on the 2020 candidate that he says checks all the boxes for the democratic party, and it is not joe biden, actually. plus, a story with a 93-year-old world war ii hero who looks
4:37 pm
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built for the strangest of all creatures. ♪ >> martha: the white house today confirming that the president will travel to the united kingdom and also france in june to mark the 75th anniversary of the d-day landin landing. "the story" will be there, as well, and so will my next guest. george champa is a world war ii army veteran. he was among the 73,000 american soldiers landed on the shores of normandy on june 6th, 1944. >> i was a skinny kid when i landed, a little, skinny, 18-year-old when i landed on d-day. it was very frightening for me, and i had a horrible job. my job was to help gather the dead, and we initiated temporary
4:42 pm
cemeteries at normandy and throughout france, belgium, and germany. we initiated about 17 temporary cemeteries. handled about 75,000 dead soldiers, that is american and german. the germans didn't pick up their dead. i don't have much time to talk, i understand, so i will just tell you it was a very frightening experience because i was a nervous little kid growing up, trying to get into the air corps, my eyes weren't quite good enough, so i got put in as a replacement for the company that was short one night. i ended up over there in england a couple of months, and then we lost 18 of our guys on an exercise just before the invasion. we had six survivors, lost 18 of the first platoon, and so we knew there was a war on when we heard that, no dry runs. we had a few moments,
4:43 pm
frightening moments on the way over to normandy, almost got torpedoed, and a navy gunner shot them down before we could release the torpedo. the ship rocked and rolled, went up on deck to find out what happened. anyway, i was in five campaigns throughout france, belgium, and germany, including the battle of the bulge, and then we ended up about 100 miles from berlin, where we had a temporary cemeteries there that was disinterred right after memorial day. our government didn't want any cemeteries left over there, no temporary cemeteries, so those bodies had to be disinterred, prisoners digging the graves, re-identify remains, putting in boxes to send back to holland and belgium. >> martha: george the kind of work you did is the kind of work a lot of 18-year-olds did, and
4:44 pm
you saw so much in all of these campaigns. you say that about ten years ago, when you are 81, you became a filmmaker at that stage of their lives. if you could just give me -- 30 seconds, half a minute or so, why you decided to do that. i will try to talk to you in normandy again so we can continue. go on, sir. >> okay. well, there was a lot leading up to this, but in 2006, i started a 5o1c nonprofit, 100% nonprofit, only going to do one film, and on my website, you can read what my mission was to teach young people about the high price of freedom. people like me, that did the work we did come of the medics don't get much credit for what they did, we saw with the high price of freedom is. every day, for 11 months, the company collected the dead. i saw bodies in all shapes and forms, and it really bothered me. i never forgot it, so i tell people, when they hear those
4:45 pm
words "the high price of freedom," you have to really think about what that means the right that means seeing american soldiers, 18, 19, 20, like i was, 18, that are dead. in all shapes and forms. and you never forget that. you see some really terrible situations. >> martha: it's amazing, and i encourage every want to go to her website, which is and also young history teachers, so they can learn about the sacrifice that was made. we wish you the best of luck, and i hope we are going to see you in normandy, sir. thank you so much for your service and being on to be 26 6 tonight. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: my thanks to george. there are now 19 announced candidates vying for the democratic nomination, but brit hume says there is one who stands out from his pack. he's next. steven could only imaginem 24hr to trenjoying a spicy taco.burn,
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♪ >> martha: white house hopefuls jockeying to position on the democratic side, but one name is searching a bit right now ahead of the pack, and the new polls show pete buttigieg, mayor of south bend, indiana, kind of moving up into a solid third place right now, the first primary states. these are the poles that are the
4:50 pm
most interesting, i think, we look at new hampshire or ohio -- iowa. he is in third place at 15% right now, trailing only behind the political heavyweights of bernie sanders, and just barely, joe biden, who is supposedly going to announce later this week. buttigieg garnered attention on the national stage as well, establishing himself as a smooth political operator and want to watch. watch this. >> i think he has made it pretty clear that he deserves impeachment. i'm going to leave it to the house and senate to figure that out, because my role in the process is to relegate trump-isms to the dustbin of history. people susceptible to xenophobia and racism, when they feel out of touch with political environments that they are in, overall, and we better pay attention to that. i would not be running for president today if i hadn't come out. one of the things about scripture is different people see different things in it, but the very least, we should be able to establish that god does not have a political party. >> martha: here now,
4:51 pm
brit hume, fox news senior political analyst. brit, good to see you tonight. do you think this young man, this mayor of south bend, has staying power? >> i do. i don't know that he will have enough to go all the way this time around, but i think the 37-year-old mayor pete is a very big talent, and i think you got a taste of that in the clips that you just showed, he is self-possessed, confident, seems thoughtful, has kind of a different take on trial. yes, he thinks he deserves impeachment, but he is not going to urge that on the house and senate, then you heard him talk about reasons why people might feel alienated and gone for trump. he repeatedly said, martha, that he thinks it is more important than attacking trump for people to try to figure out why so many people voted for him. i think that is a shrewd bit of political analysis and the right way to look at this, from the point of view of democrats. you know, his off-the-cuff responses seem to me to be --
4:52 pm
he's a very, very good on his feet. he was in a rally in iowa the other day, i'm sure you saw the clip, where somebody yelled "sodom and gomorrah" at him, he is gay. >> martha: let's take a quick look. >> thank you. the condition of my soul is in the hands of god, but the iowa caucuses are up to you. >> martha: yeah, that is the moment you were referring to. go ahead. >> look, he might have had that in his hip pocket, anticipating something like that. but it didn't sound that way, did it? he's poised. that was a good answer, politically speaking, that was pure gold, that answer. look, personally, i have all kinds of disagreements with him on issues, but i'm just trying
4:53 pm
to assess him in terms of pure talent. seems intelligent to me. he seems knowledgeable. he seems thoughtful. he seems pleasant, so you like him. and your bernie sanders out there, he has a big following, but he seems to make no effort whatsoever to be pleasant or likable. buttigieg seems to be likable. >> martha: 4 feet away from him the other night, i know exactly what you are getting at. >> you got the full brunt. >> martha: oh, yeah. there was an interesting moment, one other buttigieg moment, when he responded to the back and forth he has had with mike pence, and i did an interview with ric grenell, who kind of went after him, saying he was launching a hate hoax against mike pence, and here is how he dealt with that in this town hall appeared watch this. >> the current ambassador to germany, richard grenell, is also -- he weighed in on this, saying you've been "pushing this hate hoax along the lines of jussie smollett for a very long time now, several weeks."
4:54 pm
how do you respond to that? >> are not a master fisherman, what i know obeyed when i see it, and i'm not going to take it. [applause] >> martha: do you think you will have to answer that more fully? >> well, it will come up again, i'm sure. when pete buttigieg went after mike pence, they were both in indiana when penciling know mike pence was governor. had a good relationship, and pence praised buddha buttigieg. was trying to get victim status, which doesn't hurt as a democrat for the question was inevitable, and i don't think had a good answer. the substance of the question, but i think the answer he gave was pretty darn clever. >> martha: yeah. chris wallace has a town hall coming up with pete buttigieg on sunday, may 19th, so we will be watching that, brit. >> okay, martha, i will, too. >> martha: thank you so much, good to see you, brit hume and
4:55 pm
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♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the democrats say they despise donald trump, they seem to mean it, they tell us they will do anything to prevent him from continuing as president. but if that is really true, why are they working so hard to sabotage their own chances of replacing him? why democrats are suddenly saying things that almost guarantee trump's reelection as president? and just the past few months, democrats have said things that are so out of the mainstream that it is very hard to imagine voters will back them. just last night on cnn, watch bernie sanders, the front runner, endorsed voting for felons who


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