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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 24, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: when you win $768 million, first time on national. can you say my butt is warm. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day, everyone. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ if i could turn back time ♪ if i could find the way. ain't ains why in the world woulwould we be playing cher? steve: is a great entertainer. she is to the political left a very prominent member of the political left has taken a stance that even cher says come on, let's turn back time, we have got to change our mind on this thing. ed: enough is you have. ainsley: she even said i would rather be dead than red. she is going against policy of a democrat. we will get into that in a moment but she is not a
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republican. steve: you are not brian kilmeade you are in for him today. ed: no. he will be back tomorrow. not red. yankees have won five games in a row. i'm just putting it out there. steve: ed is such a yankees fan. his house key is a yankee key. ainsley: you grew up in new york? ed: grew up in new york. i love the yankees. we have a lot of injuries but we are coming back. steve: you picked a great day to join us on "fox & friends." we start with this: a so-called mother of all caravans made up of, perhaps, 10,000 migrants is inching towards our southern border. ainsley: this as border patrol releases disturbing new video of mugger. >>s. dressed in gear as well. right side of the video. they are helping the immigrants cross into the united states. ed: disturbing story. griff jenkins live from washington. good morning. >> good morning, ed, ainsley and steve. this video is nothing short
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of troubling. heavily armed smugglers escorting a family unit in this case a guatemalan woman and her son along the mexico border. this is something i have never seen. border patrol agents rarely see. if this became a regular occurrence it would mark a dangerous shift. highly unusual and highly concerning. another caravan is on the way. this one mexico's interior secretary calls the mother of all caravans officials do put it at roughly 10,000 strong. they are expected to arrive in mexico city soon. our sources on the ground are keeping a watch for it they are expected to be housed in that same sports complex as the last time we were there with our cameras. we are told its makeup is not only central americans but migrants from cuba, haiti and elsewhere. senior advisor to the president jared kushner is speaking out about a comprehensive plan. >> put toke a very detailed proposal for him.
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my hope is that we can really do something that unifies people around tcialg -- immigration. >> they expect changes and certainly a lot of things are changing, hopefully not those tactics on the border in that video that you saw, guys. steve: that's right. all right. griff. thank you very much. this mother of all caravans got started the last week of march and apparently by march 29th it had grown to 20,000, which is about half the size -- twice the size that it is right now. right now it's 10,000. one of the reasons for that is that mexico has deported thousands of people. in the crowd they think it's not just people from central america. it's people from cuba, haiti, and africa. ainsley: when you look at that black and white video of the mom and her son being escorted across the border right there. those guys that were helping her. they were wearing tactical gear, long guns, ak 47
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assaulted rifles to get her over the border. and then they turned back. the u.s. agents did apprehend the mom and the son. they have have them in i guess you call it custody or one of the shelters down there. but they are worried this is going to become a regular occurrence because those men in the tactical gear they turned back and they're worried this could lead to violence because they are armed. ed: we have not tracked down these smugglers to your point. we have heard reports in recent days children like this often recycled when they do get across the border into the u.s. and help get the parentsor adults in. then those kids are sent back across the border south so they can be used again. this is ridiculous. disgusting. steve: there is story in the news today that apparently border patrol picked up a 3-year-old child at the border on the american side, 3 years old all alone and the child only had their name and a phone number written on their shoe.
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so clearly, the child was placed there, taken to america. with a phone number. ainsley: trying to find the parents. ed: another example why kevin mcaleenan is saying mexico has to finally step up. watch? >> we are dealing with a regional phenomenon no, ma'am trafficking that operated in mexico. any solution to reduce this flow is going to have to rely on mexico to take stronger action against people exploiting migrants. we see very large groups moving through mexico towards our border. we have asked for and really appreciate this kind of train deduction of these larger groups. ed: disagree on some of the details. bought line they have to finally admit it's not a manufactured crisis like they have said for a long time. ainsley: they are saying they are overwhelmed. something has to be done. steve: overwhelming the feeling down on wall street. take a look stocks on the
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s&p and nasdaq closed at all-time highs. the fox business wall street record headline as you can see right there. also the "wall street journal" s&p 500 and nasdaq closing records. nbc wall street soars to all-time closing high on robust corporate earnings. so wall street is having a really good 2019. ainsley: twitter has to release the quarterly earnings that caused this surge. the earnings outpaced the prediction us. and set to radio lease quarterly earnings today, facebook, tesla and boeing. ed: the president making known the fact that a few months ago the market was down. a lot of media outlets are pointing out it's down under president trump's watch. you mean th stock market hit an all-time record high today and they're actually talking impeachment? will i ever be given credit
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for anything by the fake news media or radical liberal dems? no collusion. steve: let me answer you the question will he ever be given credit by the mainstream media? i doubt it. meanwhile a couple nights ago at a town hall five hour town hall over on cnn bernie sanders said something so extraordinary we played you the entire sound bilt yesterday. people have been talking about it. if you missed it, we are going to play it because it has stirred up the democrats. listen. >> you have said that you believe that people with felony records should be allowed to vote while in prison. does this mean that you would support enfranchising people like the boston marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderer? >> i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. yes. even for terrible people. so i believe that people commit crimes they pay the price. they get out of jail, i believe they certainly
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should have the right to vote. i believe even if they are in jail they are paying their price to society that should not take away their inherent american right to participate in our democracy. ed: so shocking president trump agrees with part of that which is after, after you have paid your debt to society and served your time. you should be able to get back on your feet and get a job. that's the whole point of criminal justice reform. passed to sign into law bipartisan basis. this is about while you are in prison, even if you are a terrorist, even if you have been convicted of terror or other awful crimes you should be able to vote. steve: , this ladies and gentlemen, is where cher comes. in. ed: that's where she draws the line. ainsley: she tweeted this nau deleted post do bernie sanders really believe that people in prison who are murderer hes, you reignist, child molesters boston bombers still deserve the right to vote? steve: seth moulton announced he is running for president. people in prison don't vote when you get out you should
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have those rights restored your point. stephen lynch up in massachusetts for a long time said people in prison don't vote but when you get out, then you should have those rights restored. lynch said i don't believe individuals incarcerated for serious crimes should be allowed to vote, period. ed: can i point out that cher about a week ago when president trump was talking about busing illegal immigrants coming across the border to sanctuary cities and democrats are whoa, this is crazy. cher actually tweeted at that time she said something to the effect we can't take any more in los angeles. we have some homeless people including veterans we have to take care of americans first. president trump retweeted that my point being she is taking on her own party saying some of these ideas are so radical. ainsley: she would rather be dead than red. she is not becoming a republican or conservative. she is disagreeing with some of these ludicrous policies. dan bongino is reminding us how the boston bomber is the worst of the worst. should he be allowed to
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vote? >> can you believe we are having these conversations? we are on your cable television show in front of, what, 3 million plus people actually having a conversation about the boston bomber, a savage man beast who built a pressure cooker bomb filled with ball bearings and nails, placed feet away from an 8-year-old kid and many others by the way, watched it detonate and then fled, led the police on a chase and shot up a city. we are having a conversation on your show about the leading democrat enemy states, bernie sanders, advocating for this peels of human waste to vote. can you imagine politicians pandering to this savage for a vote in bernie's america, that's the kind of place you will be looking at. his words, by the way. he supports this. not us. ainsley: can you believe he is talking about this what if it were your child with
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the bomb pack nex pack in it wod you want him to vote? steve: do we want that policy across the country? we will talk to a boston firefighter ed kelly who responded to the boston marathon bombing. his wife also ran in the marathon that day. going to be with us about an hour from right now right here on this channel. ed: how is that going to play for bernie and iowa and other states in the middle of the country. might play okay in vermont. ainsley: right. iowa. south carolina. tennessee. texas. good luck. steve: and with cher. ed: cher will say i don't like this. steve: meanwhile time to share the stage with jillian. jillian: good morning. we begin with a fox news alert. trummilitary orchestra playing as he stepped off the armored train. kim and putin will meet tomorrow to discuss the nuclear program. they will focus on the quote positive trend from
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president trump and will and kim's previous nuclear talks a driver deliberately ran into a group in california. youngest victim is a 13-year-old girl. police in sunny veil near san who he hay the suspect sped through intersection and crashed into a tree. the unidentified driver is under arrest but has not yet been charged. police believe this was intentional. say it's too early to rule out terror. well, it's official for joshed. kind of; sources tell fox news the vice president will announce 2020 white house run tomorrow with a video. biden was supposed to make it official today but those plans were scrapped. it's not exactly clear why the announcement has been up in the air. set to make first announcement in pittsburgh on monday. movie stars like fast food. matthew mcconnell hay going back to texas roots and shocking employees as a whataburger drive-thru. >> thank you. bi.
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bibye. bye. jury in he delivering from dazed and confused. he told the employees he would only say it if they got his order right. and i guest they did. steve: all right, all right, all right. ainsley: he seems like a lot of fun. i was trying to see what he was driving. seems like a white suv. steve: thank you, jillian. 13 minutes after the top of the hour now. on the ground in sri lanka as isis has claimed responsibility for the bombings that killed 350 people. ainsley: daniel hoffman says the terror group is still dangerous even after losing their physical caliphate and he is on deck. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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steve: we're back with a fox news alert. the fbi is now in sri lanka helping to track down the terrorists behind the easter sunday attacks that has killed about 360 people. video reportedly showing the attackers pledging leedges to aallegiance to the isis. how deeply was isis actually involved on christians and werners? here with insight fox news contributor and former cia station chief daniel hoffman. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: we have made a lot in the last couple weeks over the fact that the isis caliphate doesn't exist. i understand international
3:18 am
authorities have been tracking release 40 sri lankaens who went to fight with isis in the caliphate. now they want to know did they come home and is this what happened? >> right. reportedly some of them did make it home and they could have been involved in plotting this attack. what we don't know is whether the seven who were a part of that isis video yesterday who were masked any of them had actually traveled to the so-called caliphate. make no mistake, this attack was about isis seeking to demonstrate in spite of the laws of their geographic space that they are still capable of mounting terrorist attacks against soft, religious, and tourist targets worldwide. steve: sure. and they are also still good at using the internet. there they put up that propaganda with that video yesterday. is that one of the reefnsz why sri lanka has shut down facebook and some of the other social media platforms? >> that's the reason that they gave for doing that. they will also lose a means of collecting against those targets when they shut that
3:19 am
down. that apparently was one of the reasons why. no question they are extraordinarily active in cyberspace even though they don't have the graphic space they once held. they use cyberspace to recruit radical islamic extremists to mount these sorts of attacks and plan the attacks and then they use social media to the results of their despicable act. steve: sure got to frustrate you as intelligence surveillance know 10 days before this happened you know, essentially the government was given a heads up. hey, we have got some good intel. this group is going to try something. they are going to try to strike churches and nothing was done about it. >> right. reportedly the government of india passed intelligence to sri lanka indicating that one of the local sunni jihadist groups inside sri lanka planned to attack the end i can't believe embassy in colombo as well as
3:20 am
churches. that's a tipoff 10 days before the attack. then you have roughly 40 terrorists who are arrested and then there was apparently some money involved in planning the attack and discussion in cyberspace about how they would do it. there were ample opportunities for sri lanka to detect these threats and then preempt them so didn't lose over 300 people as you noted and 500 wounded in the attacks. steve: our fbi is on the ground now in sri lanka. the counter-terrorism experts. let's see what they find out. daniel hoffman, thank you for joining us live from d.c. >> thank you. steve: 6:20 in new york city on this wednesday morning. owning and carrying a gun in one state is about to get really expensive. the governor there wants to raise some gun fees by only 2,000%. are lawmakers trying to price out law abiding gun owners? it looks like it. that conversation coming up next. you are watching "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ oh something bad
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it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. ed: good morning again. headlines, the president and first lady will not stay in buckingham palace during first state visit in june. being refurbished and cannot accommodate visitors. president bush and obama both stayed at buckingham with queen liz beth. israel could name a jewish settlement after president trump. >> all israelis were deeply moved when president trump made a stark decision to recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights. ed: prime minister netanyahu will ask the government to approve the after passover.
3:25 am
golan heights is not recognized right now as israeli territory. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, ed. say it could get a lot more exiivel. the state's governor, democrat phil murphy he wants to raise fees on gun licenses and permits by 2,000 percent. they say it's all in an effort to help curb gun violence is nourish's government attempting to price out law abiding gun owners. the spokesperson for the new jersey outdoor alliance and contributor with the nra hunter's leadership forum and joins us now. good morning to you. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: how do you feel about this? >> it's really frustrating. phil if yo murphy is not a popur governor. this is a clear attempt use this as a escap scapegoat you ae a law abiding gun owners are the number one contributors to conservation in the state. we support almost 17,000
3:26 am
jobs and $1.26 billion worth of spending in the state. will more than 70% of the funding for the new jersey division of wildlife number one environmental agency in the state is supported by hunters, fishermen and trappers almost $6.6 million of this drops deer permits alone. this is a clear attempt to scapegoat gun owners because it scores political points with liberal extremist groupings. >> effects good people just trying to protect their family or conservative or go out and hunt. long guns, shotguns, rifles account for only 2% of the murders in new jersey anyway. going to effect for law-abiding citizen. look at these numbers. astro no, ma'am nickel. right now in order to carry to get that permit $20. he wants to increase it to 400. just to get i.d. card $5. wants it to go up $100 every five years. gun owners permit go up to $50. ammo tax to be 10%.
3:27 am
and firearm tax of 2.5%. how are democrats feeling about this democrat governor's proposal. >> it's funny, phil murphy mass not done a good job trrnl for the state putting together a coalition of democrats that are willing to take on these extremist agendas. so, you know, even the senate steve sweeney has indicated is he against this package. it's clear that he -- even he can't even get his own party on board with this. so, i mean, i feel good about the chances for gun owners to stop this particular bill but it's still distressing that he has taken the fight to gun owners in new jersey. will will. ainsley: governor put this as part of the budget plan and legislature has to vote on that in june. this a statement from the governor. this is what is needed to fight crime and trap gun violence and combat the trafficking of illegal guns in our state. is that a big problem in new
3:28 am
jersey. >> trafficking in illegal guns is where most of the crimes that are committed with guns come from. but i fail to understand how taxes gun owners out of their lifestyle is going to stop guns from coming in from other states. i mean, it's a false flag to scapegoat legal gun owners in the state. these guys are big these guns off the street. 98% as you just indicated gun crimes in the state are committed with handguns. less than 2%, about 1.66% of the murders in the entire state are committed with long guns which we use for hunting and, you know, target shooting and practice, things like that. ainsley: we will follow the story. let us us know how it turns out. thank you for being with us. armed smugglers he is courting migrants across the southern border. tomi lahren has been to the border and says democrats are ignoring a serious threat. she's going to join us live next. first, we want to wish a
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3:33 am
he has had a huge rivalry with their star guard russell westbrook over the last three season. at the end he made the highlight reel. ainsley: the crowd goes wild. steve: they do indeed. let's bring in tomi lahren from the west coast you know her from fox nation. good morning. >> good morning, guys. steve: great to have you. i want to ask you. the supreme court is taking up the question whether or not the trump administration should be allowed to put a question on the 2020 census which is supposed to figure out how many people live in the united states of america. whether or not you are a citizen of the united states. a lot of people that seems absolutely fair but to other people it's like why are you doing that? where do you come down on this? democrats will tell you they are worried about the citizenship question it will deter illegals from participating pate in the head count if asked about immigration stalls. the real reason they don't like the question is because the census isn't just a
3:34 am
population head count for kicks and giggles. hundreds of billions of program dollars are distributed. here is the fun part. how many each seat has in the house of representatives with that the electoral college votes for each state. if the millions of illegals, 11 to 22 million in the country are deterred from participating. the democrats losing federal dollars and seats especially states like mine. that is why they don't like that question. ainsley: isn't it amazing that the government is not allowed to know whether or not you are a citizen or whether or not you are here legally or illegally? >> illegal should never be allowed to determine representation or federal funding. american people are allowed to know who is in this country and who we are paying for. absolutely should be allowed to ask the citizenship question. i hope the supreme court does the right thing. ed: along the southern border armed smugglers escorting immigrants across the southern border. it makes you wonder about
3:35 am
the fight over a wall but also about democrats saying for weeks, for months now that somehow it's a manufactured crisis on the border when we see video of armed smugglers getting people in. frnghts if you look at the video you can see they are approaching a vehicle barrier. that's a barrier that stops vehicle but clearly does not stop people with those scary assault weapons that the democrats like to talk about from dancing all over our border security immigration enforcement. a vehicle barrier does not cut it. i find it interesting that the democrats are talking about assault weapons and gun control. but they don't seem to take issue with illegal immigrants and escorts on our border and dancing on our border security enforcement. those guns they don't seem to be concerned about. >about. steve: the other thing, tomi, griff jenkins stuarted this hour off by talking about how the mother of all
3:36 am
caravans is heading towards mexico city with the ultimate goal of the united states. 10,000 strong. it doesn't seem to a lot of people as if mexico is doing enough to turn the people from central america around on the southern border it wouldn't be a problem at our southern border if they enforced their southern border. >> why would they? they know the democrats in this country are more than willing to take them. and they also know the democrats in this country are very excited about the limited number of space at the facilities and processing center that allows illegal immigrants get into this country and get their notice to appear, notice to disappear because there is not enough room for them guess what? they are ships off to their relatives in this country into the shadows of this country. democrats love that future voters. of course, mexico has no reason to work with us or to deter people because they know the democrats in this country are welcoming them in. they are rolling out the red carpeting. especially in states like mine. ed: mexican government
3:37 am
released video yesterday showing them cracking down a bit. ainsley: tail end of that caravan. ed: entrepreneurship wants to see more they released this video. we appreciate you coming. in check tomi out at fox nation you will see a whole lot more. steve: thank you, toism. ainsley: hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: this is a quote your prayers are working. that quote those words from the family of the little boy thrown 40 feet off a balcony at the mall of america. the 5-year-old's pastor says an mri revealed no major brain damage. the family attorney will not confirm that. he remains under sedation. hospitalized in intensive care. but he is improving. look how cute. the suspect told cops he went to the mall looking for someone to kill. is he charged with attempted murder. build waterfront homeless
3:38 am
shirt. will needles and fees sis filling the streets. critics are considering legal action. construction on the 200 bed temporary shelter could start as early as june. the median home price in san francisco is over $1 million. a high school principle causing quite an onroar implementing a new dress code for parents. this is in houston. pajamas, saggy pants, revealing tops, torrential jeans, leggings, and hair rollers are all banned. parents are split over the move. >> as adults we should know how to dress when going to our child's school. i don't think she should enforce a dress code out of respect for other people's children that it should be enforced. jillian: what do you think about the parents dress code? curiously? email us at and unstoppable, the
3:39 am
jeopardy champion james making history with 14th straight win. >> 118,000, 816 and now a 14-day total of $1,051,550. jillian: he reached the million-dollar mark in record time. is he behind ken jennings on the all-time winning list. averaging $76,000 a night. that's a lo. ainsley: that's a lot of the money. still talking about the money dress code. jillian: i'm a fan of hair rollers. ed: sometimes if your kids running late you run out of the house in not necessarily your best outfit. jillian: my mom used to take me to the bus stop in her robe. steve: she was in a car. jillian: she was in the car. got pulled over once.
3:40 am
ainsley: not going in the school in bath robe or pajamas. steve: apparently the principal said quote you cannot wear a shower cap of any kind in the building. ainsley: who says that? you will. janice: i would love to have pajama day on "fox & friends." can we have that? i have a big birthday coming up next year for me 5-0. can i wear my pajamas on that day? ainsley: fox onesie. here on fox square everyone wearing pajamas on my birthday. what are your names and where are you from? >> henry. >> gulf coast australia. >> trey from st. louis, missouri. hey, guys. janice: and. >> elijah from minnesota. janice: thank you elijah from minnesota. we will do the weather. i wish i could wear my pajamas. beautiful day in the
3:41 am
neighborhood. i want to talk about real quick across portions of texas and oklahoma in towards louisiana. see the potential for strong storms including large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes as well heavy rainfall. that's what we will be talking about over the next couple of days. hello new zealand, and missouri. thank you for coming. ed: happy birthday a little early. ainsley: during the commercial break i'm going to order her a fox onesie. when did she say she turns 50? steve: soon. ed: bernie sanders plan to let boston marathon bomber vote and elizabeth warren free college for all. steve: is it just to pander to voters some say? talk to david brody about that. he's next. ♪ it's all been done ♪ it's all been done ♪ it's all been done
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ed: socialist democrat bernie sanders thinks every u.s. citizen even convicted felons in prison should be allowed to vote in our elections. watch. >> i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. yes. even for terrible people. i do believe that even if they are in jail, they are paying their price to society, but that should not take away their inherent american right to participate in our democracy. ed: okay. and while the other democratic candidates running for president haven't come out in favor of, this at least not yet. many do believe in restoring voting rights to convicted criminals. this s. this just one of many policies that critics say are pandering to voters ahead of 2020? here to answer cbn host of political correspondent david brody. good morning, david. >> good to see you. ed: we are going to kick of some of these dangerous
3:46 am
policies. allowing terrorists vote. >> bumper stickner 2020 felons for bernie? really? seriously? look, think about this for a moment. basically is he for illegal immigrants coming into the country and he is okay with felons voting and donald trump in 2020 saying make america safe again, great again and all of that marinate on that for a moment. that's tough preliminary sweating. ed: elizabeth warren talking about free college for all. watch this. >> we're going to roll back student loan debt for about 95 percent of students who have debt. make college universally available with free tuition and fees. and put more money in the pell grants so that students of color, so that our poorest students have real access to college. ed: everybody should be for
3:47 am
supporting young people getting a great education but we're going to somehow wave a wand and say you no long investor student debt. some people say this could cost a trillion dollars or more. >> right. also increase college tuition. there is a article by the daily caller out on that. democrats all you can eat buffet and everything is free on the buffet. you don't even have to pay. less than golden corral which is hard to do by the way. will this interesting. even though it comes across as far left, let's be concerned about this here because have you genx's and millennials out there. 49% of them feel like they want to live in a socialist country. that's a harris poll. conservatives need to take this very seriously. free stuff. who doesn't like free stuff? lots of problems. ed: president has talked a lot about cracking down on illegal immigration. democrats saying let's decriminalize crossing the border illegally. how does that work? >> well, julian castro out there basically saying in
3:48 am
essence let's not make it crime. we will make it a civil penalty. this policy is basically not just open borders. forget that it's no borders. the problem here is once again there is an out-of-touch reality here with democrats. they have to understand that look, when it comes to swing voters, independents in the middle of this country they want the border secure. ed: david, when it popped up here in new york and popped up in virginia as an issue. the idea on late-term abortion, some of these laws that people say are radical, well, not happening nationally. and now you see these democratic presidential candidates saying i'm for that it's all good. >> right. look. viability, that's a problem for them. right? in other words, science and polling are both against the democrats here. late-term abortion, i mean, clearly, the baby is viable there. and the polling shows even among democrats, 71% of democrats want late-term abortion legal. ed: alexandria ocasio-cortez talked about the green new deal and people in the democratic party saying one
3:49 am
congresswoman. hang on. not so much. >> that's right. the u.s. senators who were for that, basically. mcconnell brings the bill up on the floor of the united states senate and they vote present. i know they were playing politics. look, if you are talking about getting rid of airplanes and you are okay with transportation. everybody is going to take a train and horseback. who knows and then you have digestive cowell issue and world is going to end in 12 years? come on, give me a break. ed: overplayed when you look and read the details hotly debated in 2020. >> voted president for a reason. you bet. ed: ever have a job interview that didn't go so well? >> my name is pam. >> you said pam or pam. >> i'm saying pam. i'm sorry. who is this gentleman sitting behind you? >> >> ed: that would be extreme example. what would be the results of helping you nail the interview. have that advice in will
3:50 am
college prep series. ♪ that's what i like but. ♪ ched to liberty mutual, because they let me customize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ repair the enamel on a daily basis. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. ♪ my go-to toothpaste ♪
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3:53 am
>> generally comfort be in an offers setting i would say. >> i get cooped up, i will go into an offers that's never been used before. >> i am no good before 11:00 a.m. >> i also get headaches from computers so i can't be around them for too long. steve: make sure on a job interview you wear a tuxedo. ainsley: tell them all the things you hate to do and not coming to work until 11:00 a.m. steve: interviewing for a job first one particularly can be stressful. how can you avoid a disaster like the one we just showed you. ainsley: for day three of other post college prep series we are breaking down
3:54 am
the interviews dos and don'ts. joining us is brian brenberg chair of the program and business here at kings college in new york city. it's sad we have to tell people how to present themselves, unfortunately. >> that video doesn't miss the mark in many ways. ainsley: exactly. >> first interview. it is stressful that can cause you to do some strange things. steve: because you are transitioning from college life to business life. your first tip is, you know, when you are in college, you show up late a lot. don't be late and make sure you know what you are talking about. >> there is no party when there is a job interview. have you got to be there on time. they expect to you hit that minimal mark. that means plan ahead by the way. we gotten used to looking at our phones i will map it out in the morning and get there on time. no, no, no. go there ahead of time. know the route, know the traffic. know what you will do if there is a problem. they expect you there no matter what. no excuses. steve: they are taking an uber.
3:55 am
>> depends where you are living. the point is accidents, unexpected things can happen. ainsley: put a cushion in there at least. >> at least. ainsley: you say do be mindful of body language. >> so often we focus on what we are going to say. think about it's all about the words coming out of our mouth. we know what people take away from us are things like our eye contact and our smile. you need to have energy when you are saying if you say you are excited for the job and you looked like you are scared out of your mind the interviewer is going to read you are scared and not ready for this. be mindful. >> ainsley: confident, shoulders out, hand out. smile. >> have somebody give you feedback on that. do a practice interview and ask them how you look. steve: don't just tell. what does that mean? >> interviewer is going to want to ask you about your characteristics what you bring to the job. one of the common mistakes of a young employer. young job seeker is to simply say i'm a very hard worker. i'm very creative i love this country. means nothing to the
3:56 am
interviewer. talk is cheap. anybody can say that instead, tell a story, give an example. show them what you can do and let them draw that conclusion. ainsley: ask questions. >> a good interviewer is going to give you a chance to ask questions at the end. nothing looks worse than to sit there and say i have nothing to ask. no, no. be curious about the company. what do you need to learn to see if it's a good fit for you. steve: they want to know if they hired the right person, so send a thank you note. which is classy. >> it absolutely is. it seals the deal. the problem a lot of young people have send a note thanks for the interview. appreciate it. no, no, no. mention what you talked about in the interview. remind them how are. ains contains it be email. >> email is okay. hand written note is better. steve: what about emoji. >> stay away from emoji. that's easy one. no smiley faces. steve: thank you very much. continue our series with post college prep. once you get that job, how do you make a good
3:57 am
impression. that tomorrow. ainsley: thanks, brian. joe biden set to officially enter the 2020 race tomorrow. steve: rush limbaugh says even with biden democrats don't stand a chance. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at
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♪ we didn't start the fire ed: that was just a warm-up. now we are really fired up. get it? steve: hour two of "fox & friends" for this wednesday. ainsley: the first hour flew by. you are here for brian making it more fun. ed: absolutely. good to be here. steve: two more hours and we start with this. so-called mother of all caravans. the caravana madre. made up of 10,000 migrants inching toward our border. ed: this as border patrol releases disturbing new
4:01 am
video of smugglers armed with assault rifles helping immigrants cross into the u.s. steve: we have not only got new video. we have new numbers. they are jaw-dropping and griff jenkins joins us live from washington. griff? >> they are good morning. i have been talking to border patrol agents all morning. the ones i talk to say they are troubled and deeply concerned with that new surveillance video that shows heavily armed smugglers escorting a family unit. in this case it was a guatemalan woman and her son along the u.s. mexico border. taken into custody without incident. and the smugglers turned back across the border. one agent tells me you have got to note a couple things troubling. one area unimpeded no wall or structure to stop anyone. this is not normal. this raises the tension for real violent conflict especially if it becomes a regular occurrence it marks a very dangerous shift in tactics. meanwhile as you mentioned. another caravan on the way. this one mexico coy's interior secretary calling the caravana madre or mother
4:02 am
of all caravans. 10,000 strong. it's headed to mexico city. our sources on the ground are keeping annual eye on it they are expected to be housed in that same sports complex as the last time that we were there with our cameras. we are told this makeup though includes migrants not only from central america but also from cuba, haiti and africa. cbp also saying today to twitter just moments ago that there are new numbers for the total apprehensions for this year. just in the last seven months of fiscal year 2019, they have raised 413,000 sur passing the entitle year for fiscal year 18. that's significant not only because it's such a large number and only seven months but because we are in the heaviest trafficked part in april and may when it is most conducive to travel across that border. we shall keep this updated. we have reached out to cbp for comment. we seal what they have to say. steve: are your people in
4:03 am
border patrol suggesting what the ultimate number for this year could somebody in last year it was 4 million area it sounds like it could double that. >> they when i spoke to mexico's interior secretary i asked her what she thinks shoe. he said on camera to me that there were more than 800,000 central american family units alone. they anticipate. so by any logical guess that number could reach as close to a million. ainsley: in that video when we saw the mom with her 8-year-old child and saw all the men in tactical gear armed in that video and they put the mom and son underneath that fence one of them comes over with themmenned the other goes back to the mexican side. do they -- are these individuals people that like families hire to get them across the border to protect them? >> they nor doubt, ainsley, that the cartel controls that border every single person that comes across. what you are seeing them go
4:04 am
through is actually just intended to be a barrier for vehicles. it is not intended to stop people from coming across. that's why in this specific area they very frequently see large family groups just peaceably coming to be apprehended and become part of our catch and release system. the fact that they're having armed smugglers escort them which you only see in the case of large contraband like narcotics is very, very significant. and troubling. ainsley: our agents did get the mom and son because of catch and release they are here to stay. >> indeed. steve: it's as troubling to see the smugglers with big guns because we have the men and women of the border patrol on the southern border and they don't need to get shot at. ed: democrats said this was a manufactured crisis. see bits of information like this disturbing video. add that to the numbers. the fact in seven months border apprehensions have now reached what they were
4:05 am
in the previous 12 months. five more months to go in this fiscal year. this is going to keep going up and up and occupy. steve: the president would say see, that's who i'm talking about. this is why we need to do something about our southern border. nancy pelosi yesterday at the time 100 forum says she wants to talk about the president about infrastructure because clearly the two sides can get together on infrastructure yet, when you have this problem at our southern border, the two sides are nowhere near. ainsley: the number this morning is 20. because in 2020 there are 20 people on the democratic side who want to be president. guess who number 20 is? joe biden. is he supposed to get in the race tomorrow. remember, he was going to today. they changed that plan. that was scrapped. and a video is supposed toen released tomorrow saying hey, i'm in. steve: tomorrow night then he is going to have a big fund raiser monday have a trip to a union hall in pittsburgh. that will be the first time we see him out on the stump and then next week he is going to iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina.
4:06 am
keep in mind joe biden has run for president twice before. it didn't work out. back in '88 he had to drop out because he reportedly plagiarized a speech by u.k. politician by the name of neil kinneck. 2008 the day after the iowa caucuses he dropped out because he only had 1%. eventually become vice president to the guy who did win the race that was barack obama. ed: both times he ran before he was in the single digits as president trump has pointed out by calling him 1% joe. he pointed that out in the midterms. look at these poll numbers because you have to remember that context when you look at the current polls. yes, joe biden is at the top largely because of name i.d. 27% in this poll. bernie sanders at 20%. mayor pete 8%. kamala harris 8%. elizabeth warren at 6%. here's the point. joe biden as a former vice president, name i.d. very high. been in washington for decades. he is at the top. when he has run without barack obama on the ballot
4:07 am
with him. in single digits. is his best day th the first day? you have so many candidates chipping away. steve: big question is he was vice president to barack obama. where is barack obama? you would think he would come out and say you know, joe is my man for 8 years and was at my side. ed: barack obama did not come out and defend him during the hugging and kissing allegations. steve: will be he be anywhere to see in the next week. people i talk to in washington say no. ainsley: the democratic party do you want the centrist, someone more establishment that would be the joe biden or very, very progressive? that's bernie sanders? it's a split party right now. ed: martha had a great exclusive with martha on "the story." we can talk all these candidates reaching 20. ainsley said all you want. it's going to come down to the key issues that president trump is focused on. russia thinks the president
4:08 am
is going to wi ---rushlimbaugh - >> they don't have a chance. joe biden and crazy bernie and mayor pete? three white guys, two of them are brontosauruses from jurassic park and that's not going to sit well with the rest of this party which has gone so far left. biden is putting off this announcement. i don't know how badly he really wants this. and you have to really want this if you are going to have any chance at winning it. steve: see, the key is when you are in the primary, to win the primary, have you do the to go way in this case to the left. he is going to stay in the center. the big question is will that be a message that will resonate with the primary voters on the left? because the party has moved way left since he was vice president. ed: will biden go along with the resist movement on the left question ofism people.
4:09 am
reaction to the mueller report? steve: impeachment is that a big thing on the left? ed: harry reid the former senate majority leader saying look, democrats, focus on the election in 2020. don't be talking about impeachment. it's a mistake. guess what happens? maxine waters goes on television and mentions impeachment seven times in five minutes. watch this. >> impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. impeachment. which are you going to impeach. the congress of the united states we are going to have to do it. we are going to have to impeach. i just wish it was sooner than later. steve: okay. i guess we know where she is. remember we heard from sources on the conference call on monday night at 5:00. she would go yeah, i'm for impeachment. i'm not trying to talk anybody who is on the phone into my point of view. ed: nancy pelosi on that call was saying look, folks. we will keep investigating. let's stay away from impeachment from now. her former colleague harry reid he weighs at a forum out in las vegas yesterday
4:10 am
saying democrats should just forget about this. focus on the election. focus on 2020. watch. >> impeachment is a difficult decision. some say mueller's report was an invitation for impeachment. but, we have just a short time until the next election. if impeachment proceedings go forward and they might go forward, i think this country will be spending inordinate amount of time on impeachment and nothing else. i don't think we can afford that. ed: will the base listen? they want to go after the president. ainsley: the problem is when you look at that report, there was no collusion. when it comes to object destruction they said there wasn't enough evidence. the president maybe mentioned that he didn't want mueller to investigate. keep in mind. this investigation all started with this unverified dossier. that's why he didn't want the investigation. he said because it's bogus. it's false. i didn't do anything. he never got rid of mueller. he never fired mueller. it never actually happened. what basis can they impeach?
4:11 am
steve: it's not criminal. it's political. they feel is he not the legitimate president of the united states and that's one way to do it. ed: mueller did not come to a decision in the report on the question of obstruction. democrats saying that's an opening that basically mueller was laying out the facts as he saw them and is leaving it to congress to make a decision. steve: we are going to talk to rudy giuliani the president's attorney about 20 minutes from right now about these issues and many more. so stay tuned for that. ainsley: meanwhile jillian is here and has headlines for us. jillian: hello. we have update on terrible tragedy we are following. begin with the fox news alert. sri lankan president asking press secretary and national police chief to resign over missed warning science ahead of the easter attacks. now in sri lanka helping hunt down the terrorists. new video claims to shoat islamic militants pledging
4:12 am
their allegiance to the islamic state. look at this brand new surveillance footage reportedly shows the moment one of the bombers walked into a hotel before blowing himself up. 359 people are now council firmed dead. a woman plummets 200 feet to her death in grand canyon. they call a for help but the 7-year-old accidentally fell before they could get there this is the third falling death in the grand canyon area this year. officials now reminding visitors to stay on designated trails and walkways. this morning the president and first lady head to atlanta for a drug abuse drug ae summit. declaring it a public health emergency. he and the first lady will speak at four day long summit which expects 3,000 people. new england patriots star julian edleman firing up the hometown hockey fans with a cold one. [cheers]
4:13 am
>> the crowd roaring ago edleman chugged a beer on the big screen. plenty to cheer bag b. in game two. beat the toronto maple leafs to advance in the stanley cup playoffs. having a good time. ed: almost trying to be like gronk. ainsley: although he kept his shirt on and wasn't throwing out beers in the crowd. remember that in the parade? jillian: yep. ainsley: horrific story back in the press after two years. a killer hiding in plain sight. thousands of tips pouring in after police showed the sketch we just showed you the of the person that killed two girls in that indiana community. ed: next guest former profiler. she shares what the evidence tells us about the killer. flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion,
4:14 am
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4:18 am
ainsley: indiana police delivering a very strong message to a murderer on the loose as they share new evidence with the public. investigators releasing this sketch of the killer of abigail williams and young liberty german two years after they were found dead on a hiking trail. our next guest is former fbi profiler who worked on high profile cases like the unabomber and killer. aerial joins us now thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome. ainsley: we had our morning meeting after the show we were all talking about this our whole staff two young girls after two years new sketch being released we saw in that press conference. why do you think after two years shifting gears now. >> i think there are a number of reasons shifting gears. one of them is the age of the case. it does sound like listening to the chief in his press conference that there is new information that has come in. not that sketch because the sketch was actually drawn two years ago. but it does sound like they
4:19 am
are taking a new approach and possibly because they have developed additional new information and they want to breathe some life into this case after two years. again, generate a lot of leads from their viewers. ainsley: if you look at that composite it's a young guy. if you look at the video one of the young girls got on her cell phone that we saw -- we have been seeing for several years now that video that man he looks much older. was this guy involved? >> it's unknown at this point. but, it's two separate composites and likely two separate people. and viewers should not confuse that and it's also likely this crime was committed by one person. not that there is out of the realm of possibility that these two are involved together but i don't think so. i think it's one person and they have to direct the investigation towards the older guy on the railroad
4:20 am
track as well as the younger guy at least right now because nothing has been released that says just focus on one or focus on the other. let's listen to the video or watch the video and listen to what the man says when he tells the girls guys down the hill. watch this. >> guys, down the hill. guys, down the hill. ainsley: mary ellen it's hard to detect what he is really saying. is there any way to connect the dots is there any way they can sketchy video and audio is really unclear. >> what you can capture from that video he is saying guys down the hill. and if he is referring to the two victims, what does come across is this is someone who doesn't sound angry, doesn't sound agitated. doesn't sound stressed out. sounds like somebody that's more in control and calm and really was able to take immediate control of the situation. and i think that's part of
4:21 am
his personality. ainsley: i hope we can find out who this guy is and connect all the dots hire because there are so many questions. thanks very much, mary ellen. >> you are welcome. ainsley: bernie sanders wants to let felons like the boston bomber vote. ♪
4:22 am
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ed: time for news by the numbers. first $2,700. how much former fbi director james comey and his wife each donated to amy klobuchar. maximum amount is 2800 per person. comey and klobuchar know each other from law school. next, nine hours. that's how long this accused buffering glar was stuck in a chimney. firefighters pulling him out of 16-inch opening at car dealership in tulsa. is he now under arrest accused of trying to steal
4:25 am
copper from the business. you. 768 million bucks how much this wisconsin man just won the third largest powerball jackpot ever 24-year-old manuel franco took the lump sum. he says friends should not ask for money. is he ready to say no. steve? steve: don't call him. meanwhile, senator bernie sanders of vermont stirring up controversy for supporting voting rights for prisoners. >> you have said that you believe that people were w. felony records should be allowed to vote while in prison. does this mean that you would support enfranchising people like the boston marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderer. >> i believe if they are in jail they are paying their price to society. that should not take away their inlibertarian american trite participate in our democracy. steve: well, our next guest was one of the first firefighters to respond to the boston marathon bombing,
4:26 am
which killed three people and injured more than 260. his wife katie was also one of the marathon runners that day and he joins us right now. the general secretary treasurer of the i recollect national association of firefighters ed kelly. so your wife katie was a couple blocks away when the pressure cooker bombs went off. >> she was. she finished the marathon when the first bomb went off. steve: you were one of the first responders. >> truthfully though i wasn't one of the firtsz ones. we had firefighters on finish line and boylston and first two trucks ladder 17 about a block away from where the bombs went off. i grabbed my gear and ran up there with another firefighter that just finished the marathon and ran back up there to help steve: a lot of people say convicted felons when they serve their time should be able to vote. the president with the first step bill had that point of
4:27 am
view. you have is a same point of view. what bernie sanders said at that town hall is while they are in prison. killers, rapists should be allowed to vote in elections. >> it's ridiculous. i think, you know, society has rules. if you break those rules, we have repercussions. one of those repercussions you lose right to vote in my opinion. when you talk about terrorists that from nigeria to afghanistan attack polling places to attack the very fundamental principle democracy which is the ability to vote. why would we ever let a murderer or the children like the boston marathon bomber children have a voice? steve: we had a tweet from cher. she has since deleted it really bernie are so are you serious about that? why did bernie sanders say that night?
4:28 am
do you think that's what he said that dough car tsarnaev should wind up voting? or is that something he made a mistake on. >> i think senator sanders is a pretty intelligence man not that i agree with all of his standards. i think he is in this game long enough. i don't think he misspoke. i think he knows exactly how he feels. i think that's a dangerous for the leader of our democracy and person who wants to be the leader of our democracy saying that people who attack our democracy deserve a voice to vote and how we protect ourselves. which is the first obligation in a democracy. steve: have you got to feel good that there have been a number of prominent democrats including seth moulton he said bernie is wrong about that. >> yeah, i mean i think who is running to his defense on this one? i don't see where someone that killed five people now with, you know, the three people that were killed in the bombing that day including little martin richard from my neighborhood
4:29 am
and dennis simmons died from the injuries he sustained some time later. steve: the president is supposed to keep the people of the united states safe. >> first and foremost. steve: my job is to keep you safe but at the same time the people who have actually taken lives should be able to vote that seems at odds with the job. >> when you look at what is going on in this world, there is seriously -- there is serious movements to attack democracies. you saw that last weekend in sri lanka. we saw it on 9/11 down on the tip of manhattan here with 343 of my brothers and almost 3,000 of my fellow americans were murdered. absolutely first and foremost the role and responsibility of the commander-in-chief of this united states is to protect the citizens. steve: all right. thank you very much for your service. >> god bless america. indeed. steve: thank you, sir.
4:30 am
straight ahead on this wednesday. hillary clinton wants president trump to be indicted. >> any other person who has engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted. steve: real have any well, the president's attorney, rudy giuliani is here as you can see. i think he disagrees with the former first lady. ♪ ♪ our everyday diet is very acidic.
4:31 am
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4:33 am
it can cause damage to the enamel. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. with pronamel repair, more minerals are able to enter deep into the enamel surface. the fact that you have an opportunity to repair what's already been damaged, it's amazing. i think my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. >> i think there is enough there that any other person who has engaged in those acts would certainly be indicted because of the rule in the justice department that you can't indict a
4:34 am
sitting president, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the congress. steve: so is that what happened? let's talk to rudy giuliani president trump's attorney and former mayor of new york city. bernie, is she right? [laughter] i have a hard time reacting to that i mean, there is a woman who really obstructed justice. the president didn't delete 33,000 emails. he didn't have somebody smash up telephones. and he didn't have someone wipe out a server and bleach bit it among the few things that she did. the president was innocent of the underlying crime. steve: collusion. >> collusion delusion. no collusion. if you are innocent on the underlying crime, then everything they are talking about is an effort for him to defend himself. if i tell somebody that i'm innocent, please, testify on my behalf and say what happened, am i obstructing justifiable or am i
4:35 am
defending myself and serving justice but these commented demd prosecutors never heard that in american law or roman law or any law they turned it in we assume is he guilty. if he says to somebody don't cooperate or cooperate he is saying it because he wants the truth to come out. what he said was cooperate but tell the truth. but they don't buy that it's the truth. so this day they don't buy there is no collusion. they had two investigations to approve it the counterintelligence investigation and the words of peter strzok no there there. and then this one. how this ever got started in the first place is the next investigation. and ms. clinton better get a lawyer. steve: she said the reasonable he wasn't indicted because there is a doj standing you cannot indict a sitting president.
4:36 am
>> there used to be a policy you can't indict a clinton no much how much evidence they destroy and how much they lie and no matter how often they committed perjury. you can't indict a clinton it's against the democrat justice department rules. this is not a democrat justice department not a republican justice department. i prosecuted republicans and democrats i didn't think either one of them had a virtue. ed: you think william barr is going to follow up? >> i have no doubt. i have no inside information zero other than the fact this is a moan no believes in justifiable. if you believe this justice. this can't help but anger you and frighten you. if this can be done to the president of the united states a frame up like this. believe me this wasn't by accident. this wasn't like oh, this collusion. something like this has all the markings of counter intelligence guys setting up papadopoulos, setting up the meeting with don jr.
4:37 am
starting appear investigation on what papadopoulos said is worthless. he just said the russians have dirty information and they start this gigantic investigation. comey starts it. right after he finishes with hillary? and he takes the same people investigating hillary who were in love with her, peter strzok and hated trump. puts them in charge with it? all those things have to be explored and more. and i ask you to keep your eye on ukraine because in ukraine a lot of the dirty work was done in digging up the information. american officials, leaders, ukrainian officials were used. that's like collusion with the ukrainians and actually in this case conspiracy with the ukrainians. i think it gives some information information about joe biden from ukraine about his son hunter biden about. a company he was on the board of for years which may be one of the most crooked companies in ukraine. ukrainian russian company. not ukrainian big difference there. the guy they tossed out and
4:38 am
manafort got in all the trouble with the guy who owns it worked for -- pulled 10 billion out of the ukraine has been a fugitive when biden's kid first went to work there and biden bragged about the fact that he got the prosecutor general fired. prosecutor general was investigating his son and et investigation went south. steve: i'm sure we will hear more about that now that biden is getting in tomorrow. ainsley: that's what everyone said but after james comey had that press conference when you committed the crime using your secret emails and then smashing smashing them bleach bidding which shows intent. >> and comey came to the opposite conclusion. there was no proof of intent. and she made several false statements and she had her people destroy it o none of
4:39 am
them indicted how about the guy who actually did it, boom, boom, boom. they weren't indicted. nobody tried to turn them the way they put manafort in jail and in solitary confinement to turn him. i mean, they used every lever at their disposal to get him. it was an enthusiastic over zealous i believe unethical group of prosecutors. some of them with a long history of lack of ethics and they still couldn't get him. even they couldn't make obstruction case so they had to throw this garbage out and then leave a lot of facts out you read about cohen. you don't read about why you can't believe cohen. they had a duty to lay out the things that made cohen's testimony incredible. the fact he perjured himself in front of congress for which he should be indicted. ed: there have been reports. >> for sure. ed: you are on the inside the president is upset that aides testified in front of congress and they were taking notes and that was used in the mueller report.
4:40 am
quote. there was no reasonable to go any further, especially in congress where it's very partisan, obviously very partisan. i allowed my lawyers and all the people to go and testify to mueller. you know how i feel about whole group of people who did the mueller report. i was so transparent they testified for so many hours the president said they have all that information that has been given, i could have taken the absolute opposite route. is he talking about the fact that he could have invoked executive privilege. >> like clinton did day after day after day after day. and now, is he already -- he has given them everything. i'm not making this decision. this is white house council. executive privilege. i wouldn't give him a damn thing. i would make him go to court and justify their investigation. i don't think they can. i would also have them go to court and say how can we expect fairness when a guy like cohen comes in front of you. elijah cummings says i'm going to throw the book at you if you lie. then he insults accommodation by lying to him at least seven times. i will give you one quickly
4:41 am
just like that. i never asked for a pardon. read the report. the report says he asked for a pardon. i know he asked for a pardon because he asked me through his lawyer for a pardon. his lawyer has testified he asked for a pardon. another one of his lawyers i got five witnesses for that one. i never asked for a job i will get chris cuomo's tape where two days after the elections he says i want to be chief of staff and i will play it against his tape which says i never asked for a job. perjury personally. steve: go after him. >> if cummings doesn't go after him and joint referral, then i would say he has proven he is illegitimate chairman who is conducting a committee hearing for the democratic national committee not for congress. this is not a congressional hearing. they are making a mockery of a correctional hearing. what legislation are they going to pass don't commit perjury? what are they going to pass with i had taxes the irs investigated his taxes.
4:42 am
they exist to come after us if we don't pay our taxes. we know they are damn good and they are confidential and they don't leak. if they haven't gone after him on taxes, that six-year period, then there is nothing wrong with his taxes. they can't investigate his taxes better than the irs. they want his taxes to embarrass him. because, you know any. steve: it's just all political. >> that's why a court has a very good chance of ruling this is obstructive, this is harassment, this is not the proper use of legislative power but fight every subpoena they are entitled to nothing. this is like the judge saying i'm going to hang you but let's have a little trial first. steve: mayor, always a pleasurable. ed: thanks for coming in. steve: wide ranging. ainsley: and the yankees are doing well. >> well, that's because i prayed to god. [laughter] i pray for the yankees. probably the wrong thing to pray about. steve: wall street getting a big win.
4:43 am
stocks hitting record highs in the s&p and the nas. stuart varney has a little skip in his step ♪ ♪ the best is yet to come ♪ ♪ i can't believe it. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ed! ed! we struck sprinkles! [cheers] believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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jillian: smollett's legal team fighting to keep records sealed. he has a right to policy. the prosecutor dropped all charges against him for staging a hate crime. the brothers who who smollett accused of the attacks. suing him. fisher-price facing lawsuits over rock and play sleeper. the company is accused of selling the product despite knowing it was dangerous. more than 30 infant deaths have been linked to the
4:47 am
sleeper in 10 years. fisher-price only recalled it two weeks ago. ed: thank you. big day on wall street as s&p 500, nasdaq closed record highs after months long recovery. ainsley: can we expect the numbers to continue to climb? steve: let's dial in stuart varney approach the bench earlier host of varney and company on fox business. i read this morning that the expectations of earnings have been dialed back. all the companies the majority of them are exceeding expectations. >> we are in earnings season. that's the time when the big corporations tell us how much money did you make? that's what they are telling us right now. the expectation was the profits would go down. instead, we got profits going up. very nicely. i challenge you. going and look at your 401(k). look at your ira i guarantee you will smile. since president trump was elected in november of 2016, the value of all stocks has gone up by $9.4 trillion.
4:48 am
middle america has a piece of that, your 401(k) your pension plan you got a piece of that. it's gone up because of the trump growth agenda. it's been wildly successful. the economy is expanding. the market is at record highs. i know your question was will it continue? and my answer is yes, it will continue if profits continue to go to record. ainsley: today you have got facebook, microsoft, tesla and boeing releasing. what can we expect? >> big ones are microsoft and facebook. giant technology companies will get their results at 4:00 eastern time this afternoon. both stocks, microsoft especially i have some microsoft stock. go up rapidly in advance of the official numbers. that suggests, a very strong report. we will see at 4:00 this afternoon. ed: reports suggesting the president's tax cuts helped some states and their revenues rebound. that's the opposite of what
4:49 am
democrats predicted. >> well that is accurate. i believe 41 states are now bringing in more money than they did i think 10 years ago before the crash. you are back to where you were before the crash. that is entirely the result of president trump's growth agenda. the economy is growing. 3, maybe a bit more than that, 3%. the stock market record highs. in comes the money to state governments. it's a success story. it's a trump growth success story case closed. not closed. steve: success story. you don't hear about it on a lot of the other channels. >> oh, jeesh, i wonder why. you are not going to see anything really positive about president trump mr. it's politics, diplomacy, markets or economy. you won't see poivelg stuff in the establishment media. you won't see it come to fox business and varney and company and we'll set you straight. ed: 9:00 a.m. >> 9:00 a.m. eastern. ed: we will take a peek. >> thank you very much.
4:50 am
good to he so you all. ed: san francisco approved a homeless shelter on the waterfront. what do people think about the mess. lawrence jones will join us next. ♪ we humans are strange creatures. other species avoid pain and struggle. we actually... seek it out. other species do difficult things because they have to. we do difficult things.
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4:54 am
trunk, i saw my first needle. guys, it's a mess but it's something that you have got see for yourself. take a look at this. >> >> there is feces everywhere. homeless people. needles. is that the norm around here? >> unfortunately it is. it's devolved, the city has become so many worse in the last 10 years it's a disgrace. >> see people in the area needles. >> serve shooting up right on the streets they don't care. selling dope, crack, whatever. >> it's a bad situation. i don't really know what the solution is going to be. >> what do you see at this typil day. >> drug use, people shoot up right in the middle of the street. >> while the kids are crossing. families are going. >> everything. he is corrects alhe is cream.>>s
4:55 am
human waste and needles everywhere. >> i wouldn't bring my kids to the playground. >> how many pounds of feces 5 to 10. >> needles? >> 10 to 20 every day. >> every day. >> that can vary 5 to 10, 10 to 20. >> and poop? >> the biggest thing is the smell. >> i have my grand kids here. sometimes i have to pick them up and carry them. i don't want to step on a needle. >> our political leaders are not dealing with this. they are not dealing with it. it's corrupt. >> this is the normal. it's crazy. steve: how are they going to fix it? >> a lot of people say that it's a money issue. but, when you look at the numbers for san francisco, the median household income is 93,000 already. they have the money. i mean, where this is located where i saw the people that looked like they were on the walking dead all doped up surrounded was all
4:56 am
the big tech companies. this is not just bad area. this is a city that has quite frankly made this the new normal. you see people shooting up on the street out in front of cops out there and they are doing it because it's allowed. they have a crime enforcement problem. they have a poverty problem as far as the people getting out on the street. but, they have the money to get focusing on issues like sanctuary cities that focus on the issues that actually impact neighborhoods. >> high taxes in the city and state and think tax dollars used to clean up the city. clearly they are not. lawrence, thank you for bringing that to us. ainsley: fisherman warp and that area now look what is happening. american cejt kennel club agility premier cup takes place tomorrow. this morning the top dogs from around the country are here for a preview with janice. ♪ ♪ show you how to walk the
4:57 am
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♪ ♪ "we built this city" on rock and roll ♪ steve: look at all the skyscrapers the mayor doesn't like. ed: can't build them in the city. ainsley: what does that even me, built the city on rock and roll? explain that to me? steve: in the heart, dna of the city. ainsley: got it. steve: we built the show on the news. ed is in. ed: great to be back. steve: brand n.o.w. numbers from the government show border apprehensions so far this fiscal year surpassed the total number of apprehensions in the last fiscal year. ainsley: startling new numbers,
5:01 am
as mother of all caravans, with as many as 10,000 migrants heading to our border. ed: griff jenkins is live in washington with all the details. good morning, griff. reporter: as they say the numbers don't lie. cpb tweeting this number, the total number of border apprehensions for the first seven months of this fiscal year 2019, is 418,000, surpassing the total for all of fiscal year 2:08 which is just over 404,000. over the southwest border there have been 414,000 arrests compared to 396 now last year. well those numbers, they are going to grow. another caravan on the way. mexico interior secretary calling it the mother of all caravans. officials say it is roughly 10,000 strong. let me give you context. officials in the rio grande sector said they had nearly
5:02 am
9,000 apprehensions there alone. officials are having to set up tents in the rvg to house migrants. this is frustrated for overworked, overwhelmed agents. it does nothing to change the policy in washington where they want so desperately to see change. another troubling thing, in the video heavily armed smugglers with a woman and her son. they call this highly unusual, highly concerning. one agent tells me, if this becomes a regular occurrence, this is dangerous shift in smuggler tactics, this could lead to violence own the border. yesterday we heard from senior white house advisor jared kushner says they're working on a plan on immigration. he will present to the president this week or next. whenever it comes, it can't come soon enough for men and women on the border and on the interior where they have to deal with the migrants being released because
5:03 am
we have nowhere to put them. guys? steve: griff, thank you very much. you look at the numbers. this is something every american should be concerned about. so many people are coming across. not just what we do with the people, how to help them any way we can, this is a security issue which we heard a million times. ainsley: president said he will demand mexico will do more. appears they're doing a little bit more. they're cracking down. they arrested 400 illegal immigrants. it was back of a caravan. they scooped up caravan. put them in the buses. moms and kids all these men. put testimony in the buses said you have to go back to your country. they closed visa offices, demanded the group turned around. ed: they're taking that action in mexico under our president, president trump, they are demanding their liberal president do more. he issued a demand on twitter. mexico's soldiers recently pulled guns on our national
5:04 am
guard soldiers, probably as diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on border. better not happened again. we are sending armed soldiers to the border. mexico is not doing nearly enough in apprehending and returning. steve: we heard the story before. why guns are drawn, the guns are drawn on border patrol people. over there is where people are sneaking across. ed: are they in cahoots with some of the -- steve: that is the suggestion. that is why the president tossed down the gauntlet. he did it in the "washington post." he had an interview with the "washington post" yesterday where they were talking about how suddenly in the wake of the mueller investigation the house of representatives is asking for all sorts of cooperation with the white house. for instance, they have asked for don mcgahn, the president's former attorney, to come up and talk to them. they have asked for the former white house personnel security
5:05 am
director, carl kline to come up and explain the security clearance thing. they have requested the president's tax runs for years. the treasury department yesterday said no the second time. so now it will become a, well, if you're not going to do it, we'll fine you in contempt. ed: the president was furious, in the mueller investigation he agreed to turn over about million equivalent pages of white house documents emails, every white house witness that cast called testified. he never invoked executive privilege. in an interview with the "washington post." time out here. there is no reason to go any further, especially in congress where it is very partisan, obviously very partisan. i allowed my lawyers and all the people to go testify to mueller. you know how i feel that whole group of people that did the mueller report. i was so tans parent, they testified so many hours. they have all that information that has been given. i could have taken the absolute opposite route. he could have invoked executive privilege. could have stonewalled the mueller investigation. he opens up, is transparent to
5:06 am
the mueller probe. congress says, we want more. ainsley: former mayor of new york city, one of his attorneys, rudy giuliani was sitting right there next to ed a little while ago and he had this to say about that. >> he has given them everything. i'm not making this decision. this is white house counsel, executive privilege. i wouldn't give them a damn thing. make them go to court to justify their investigation. i don't think they can. i would also have them go to court, how can we expect fairness when a guy like cohen comes in front of you. elijah cummings says i will throw the book at you if you lie. he insults cummings by lying to him seven times. if cummings doesn't join the referral, he has proven he is illegitimate chairman who is conducting a committee hearing for the democratic national committee, not for congress. ed: he is talking about double standards. if there is, a trump official, has a comma out of place, in their testimony, perjury.
5:07 am
someone aligned with the democrats, like michael cohen, well, maybe it is not perjury, even if you have it under oath. steve: according to "the washington post" the people talk to them, the white house lawyer called by the house of representatives for testimony, we're protected by executive privilege. we're not going to come. which is going to set up a power struggle. it could wind up in court. ainsley: we'll see. democrats are trying to find something on him. joe biden might get in the race tomorrow we're being told when he release as video. a guy he would be running against and there is outrage, there is lot of outrage of the comment bernie sanders said in the town hall letting prisoners vote. listen to this. >> you side you believe people with felony record should be allowed to vote while in prison. does this mean you would support enfranchising people like the boston marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderer? >> we think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy.
5:08 am
yes, even for terrible people. so i believe that people, commit crimes, they pay the price. when they get out of jail, i believe they certainly should have the right to vote. i do believe even if they're in jail, they're paying the price in society. that should not take away their inherent american right to participate in our democracy. ed: had ever chance to put a caveat, but if terrorist, that would be different. he said, no matter what. you're in jail, rapist, you deserve voting rights. steve: boston bomber, tsarnaev why can't he vote in the 2020 election? we had head of national firefighters association, ed kelly, came up from washington, d.c., this morning. he lived in boston most of his wife. his wife was actually two blocks away from the finish line when the pressure cooker bombs went off. he said this idea of bernie's felons in prison can vote is
5:09 am
dumb. >> i think that's a dangerous platform for the leader of our democracy, a person wants to be the leader of our democracy, people that attack our democracy deserve a voice, vote. society has rules, if you break those rules, we have, there is repercussions. one of those repercussions you lose the right to vote. when you talk about terrorists from nigeria to afghanistan attack polling places, attack the fundamental principle of democracy, the ability to vote, why would we ever left a murderer, who murdered children like the boston marathon bomber have a voice in our democracy? ed: even cher tweeted this was a dumb idea. then deleted it because the left freaked out. why is cher. when you lost cher you know it is a pretty bad idea. steve: steve scalise, the minority whip said on this channel, democrats want to take
5:10 am
away more rights from law-abiding citizens but want to give more rights to people who broke the law. ed: because they might vote for democrats? steve: have to ask steve scalise. ainsley: if your kid were next to that backpack was on the ground, that the bomb was in, would you want that guy to be able to vote? i mean, the worst of the worst. convicted sex offenders. steve: one thing if you go to prison, serve your time, come out -- ainsley: you've served your time. steve: to be in prison serving time tore killing people, that is something different. ainsley: a lot of people still believe when you get out prison you shouldn't be able to vote abuse you were a felon. ed: let us know what you think, friends at we have pleasure to turn it over to jillian. jillian: at least eight people are hurt after a driver deliberately rams into a group of people. there youngest victim is a 1 girl. police in sunnyvale near san jose say the suspect sped through a intersection and crashed into a try.
5:11 am
the unidentified driver is under arrest but not has yet been charged. police believe this was intentional. say it is too early to rule out terror. dictate tore kim jong-un arrives in russia with his summit with vladmir putin. a military orchestra played as he stepped off an armored train. they will meet tomorrow to discuss north korea's nuclear program. russian official says they will focus on positive trend from president trump and kim jong-un's previous nuclear talks. president trump weighs in after the supreme court takes on the census citizenship issue. the president tweeting quote the american people deserve to know who is in this country. yesterday the supreme court took up the census citizenship question, a really big deal. make america great again. critics claim the question will intimidate non-citizens not participating in the 2020 census, then skewing the numbers. the high court is expected to make a decision this summer. >> >> this is the one of the greatest basketball shots you
5:12 am
will ever see. watch. >> under five. launches a three. oh, my! [cheering] jillian: wow. portland trailblazers guard damian lillard, nailing a shot from 37 feet away. eliminating the oklahoma shunnedder from the nba playoffs. he is after the shot, waving good buy to the opponents. bye-bye. ainsley: that is rubbing it in though, isn't it? jillian: kind of like it. steve: jillian, thank you very much. isis claimed responsibility for the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka, that killed 350 people. striking despite losing most of its territory. how do we stop them now. ainsley: our next guest fought terrorists for a living in israel. aaron cohen is on deck.
5:13 am
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onmillionth order.r. ♪ there goes our first big order. ♪ 44, 45, 46... how many of these did they order? ooh, that's hot. ♪ you know, we could sell these. nah. ♪ we don't bake. ♪ opportunity. what we deliver by delivering. ed: we are back with this fox news alert. the fbi now on the ground in sri lanka helping track down the terrorists behind those easter sunday attacks that killed 359 people. isis of course has taken responsibility for the attack despite their caliphate being
5:17 am
annihilated. our next guest actually fought terrorism himself. he was a member of israel special operations counterterror unit. he joins me now. founder of cherries, a leading manufacturer of law enforcement products for terror readiness. aaron cohen from los angeles. good morning, sir. >> good morning. ed: what is your reaction big picture what it means for isis and us, all around the world fighting them? >> well it means that isis is deploying the type of terror attacks that terrorists have been doing since the '70s which is that they work through a series of osmosis. they are masters in guerrilla warfare. people shouldn't take this lightly what that means. guerilla warfare is essentially when they have been hit, and conquered militarily on battlefields where they taken piece of land like we saw in
5:18 am
syria and iraq and before we essentially went in there and diminished, demolished them completely and they go back on the internet and chat rooms and mosques, they preach hatred for the next wave of recruits. they use the internet, the dark web, to build, plot, plan, execute a wave of what we call know mad or solo terror attacks. these are equally dangerous. we saw these attacks with the north vietnamese during the vietnam war. saw these attacks with hamas in israel. saw these with hezbollah in southern lebanon. when the marine barracks were attacked by that terror group. this dispersion allows them to regroup. it allows them to function very much like the cia would, very much like our intelligence unit would. so it is very dangerous. tough keep pressure on them. ed: keep pressure on them. i'm reminded last administration in america, president obama talked about isis being the jv
5:19 am
squad. here we are years later how they can still take deadly action as well with that context, the fact that sri lankan officials were told and apparently they didn't do much at all to stop isn't. >> i feel like barack obama doesn't have any position to speak intellectually on terrorism, based on any type of lack of military training, he never has been in forward area or counterterror capacity. so he is way beyond his level of expertise. what i will say unlike jv or junior varsity sports teams, terror organizations are extremely well-funded by countries such as iran, who continue to not only pay terrorists to carry out acts of terrorism but fund their families in case they're lost in the acts of terrorism because they're looked at heroes. the fact sri lanka was able to be attacked by a terror group which essentially had no name at
5:20 am
first before isis connected the thorns, the fact this terror organization is connected to isis as a smaller proxy organization, and or a puppet organization for isis and the fact is, that isis is able to connect these threads to wannabe know -- nomad terror groups, but they want to be a part of essential terror group like sis ace and extremely well-funded and the pressure must stay on. ed: president trump talked about the pressure wiping out the caliphate but as you lay out it is still very chilling that the remnants of isis can still do a lot of damage. aaron cohen we appreciate you coming in today. >> thank you so much. ed: kamala harris vowing to do whatever it takes for gun control if she is elected. >> have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws, if they fail to do it i will teacake sieve action.
5:21 am
ed: our friend katie pavlich says harris has it all wrong. she is here live to explain. ♪ i knew about the tremors. but when i started seeing things, i didn't know what was happening... so i kept it in. he started believing things that weren't true. i knew something was wrong... but i didn't say a word. during the course of their disease around 50% of people with parkinson's may experience hallucinations or delusions. but now, doctors are prescribing nuplazid.
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the only fda approved medicine... proven to significantly reduce hallucinations and delusions related to parkinson's. don't take nuplazid if you are allergic to its ingredients. nuplazid can increase the risk of death in elderly people with dementia-related psychosis and is not for treating symptoms unrelated to parkinson's disease. nuplazid can cause changes in heart rhythm and should not be taken if you have certain abnormal heart rhythms or take other drugs that are known to cause changes in heart rhythm. tell your doctor about any changes in medicines you're taking. the most common side effects are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your parkinson's specialist about nuplazid.
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♪ steve: you want some headlines any got them right here. first up a judge says expected to block a strum administration that could cut federal funding for providers who refer patients for abortion. a u.s. district judge in oregon made comments after hearing arguments from 20 states. they claim the change attacks planned parenthood and obamacare as well. for the first time ever a pharmaceutical company and two executives have been charged with drug trafficking linked to the opioid crisis. lawrence dowd and william
5:25 am
petaruski of rochester drug cooperative both face life in prison. they are accused of distributing tens of millions of unnecessary doses of oxycodone and fentanyl. ainsley, that is some of the news. ainsley: thank you, steve. 2020 democratic presidential hopeful senator kamala harris says she will put major gun control in place if she gets elected, no matter what congress decides. >> i will give the united states congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. if they fail to do it, then i will take executive action, starting with universal background checks and renewal of the assault weapon ban. ainsley: fox news contributor katie pavlich joins us now to react to this hey, katy. >> good to see you, ainsley. ainsley: what does she want to do? >> she hasn't said specifically what she wants to do. number of democrats on the many
5:26 am
a pain trail when they say common sense or reasonable gun safety laws, they're talking about gun bans. it was interesting to me to watch kamala harris speak more harshly of second amendment rights than she did about the boston bomber voting or about felons in prison now. she was more willing to convict gun owners saying you don't have the courage to actually pass gun safety laws when the fact is, it is actually pro-gun groups and regular everyday americans who have been at the forefront of making sure that felons don't have guns, putting safety into their communities through education in different programs, training programs for children, to make sure they're not around guns. so when she is proposing universal back ground checks, what she is saying, if you're a father who wants to pass down a check to your gun you can't do that unless you go through pa bureaucratic or get a license from the federal government. when she talks about gun safety laws, she talks about a ban on assault weapons, if you look at the data, according to the clinton justice department that
5:27 am
didn't actually have an effect on crime. the majority of crimes in this country committed with guns are committed with handguns. when it comes to addressing the issue of violent crime and firearms, going after second amendment rights of everyday americans. she is not actually addressing issue. ainsley: is this a winning message? she represents california. that might be a good message out there. what about middle america or the heartland or the south. >> look at electoral map, kamala harris to win the nomination for the democrats what she would have to do to beat donald trump this is not a message. gun quon fistcation, gun control by executive fiat, taking away gun rights through tyrannical executive orders without due process that doesn't play well in ohio, michigan, wisconsin. in her town hall she said you can go hunting giving you permission to do so. the second amendment doesn't say the right to go hunting. it says the right to bear arms. you can't come in as president simply wipe away second amendment rights of americans
5:28 am
without going through congress first. ainsley: think about the voters who have guns, they do do it, hunt as a sport, teach their sons how to hunt and bring the meat home and those men and those women want to have guns to protect their families in case someone breaks into their house. >> right. ainsley: she is telling them i will take away those rights. that is not something they want to hear. >> she is doing it in a way that convicts them of a crime that has not been committed. she is saying they are the problem. the reason we're talking about gun control in political sense we have seen the mass shootings, absolutely who are risk and awful but if you look as at facts cases, federal government and local government failing and using second amendment rights and law-abiding americans as a scapegoat. parkland is perfect example. everyone failed at local school level, local sheriff level, and local government level. dylann roof was not able to pass a background check yet he did, he slipped through the cracks.
5:29 am
the fbi background system. instead of people focus on obeying the law, fix people that are already in the system the government not doing the job to prevent these things from happening. >> katy, we can't get enough from you. we'll watch you again on "outnumbered." thank you, katy. >> thank you. ainsley: president trump meeting with twitter ceo jack dorsey in the oval office. now some big changes are coming to twitter. of carley shimkus has the new features that will be rolled out. she is coming in next. come in, carley. i had a heart problem.
5:30 am
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♪ steve: yesterday in the oval office the met with the ceo of twitter @jack dorsey, who announced big changes the to the social media site. ainsley: the company vowed to
5:33 am
stop any attempts to mislead voters. ed: carley shimkus joins with us details. what is going on. >> he slammed the platform for conservative bias before but jack dorsey appears to getting on president's good side. president trump writing quote, great meeting at white house with the jack from twitter. lots of subjects discussed regarding their platform and the world of social mead you in general. look forward to keeping an open dialogue. twitter announce today it is adding a reporting feature to help prevent election meddling. this include stopping misleading misinformation how to vote, register to vote, i.d. requirements and information about the official, announced date or time of the election. the changes will start in india and the eu then roll out globally. the president's meeting with twitter ceo jack dorsey cops a week after the release of the mueller report that definitely showed attempts russian meddling
5:34 am
made in the u.s. elections. important stuff here. steve: it has to do with misinformation regarding the elections but it doesn't have anything to do in reading what they put out on the blog at twitter, doesn't have anything to do with fake news. that was a big problem last time. >> sure, this could be considered fake news. text your vote, if you want to vote for somebody, that counts this time around. they have a way of preventing that, exactly. it's a positive step. if you're right, talking about fundamental points of fake news, hammering one particular candidate over another, this doesn't appear to cover that. steve: still okay. >> i thought it was pretty interesting the change in tone the president had before and after the meeting with jack dorsey where he hammered twitter on twitter before the meeting calling for congressional regulation. then after the meeting he said they had a really great discussion. steve: why would that be? that is his way of negotiating. ed: "the art of the deal." hit them hard beforehand. >> absolutely right. we'll see if the regulation of twitter comes out to play.
5:35 am
ted cruz has been big on this. elizabeth warren for different reasons. i do think that is the -- ainsley: we'll see if they follow suit. >> absolutely. thanks guys, appreciate it. ed: we'll bring in jillian. she has to the the headlines. jillian: update on a story we've been following. police release a 911 call in the case after nine-year-old boy missing for nearly a week. his father called police last thursday after realizing his son was gone. >> we have a missing child. we canvased the neighborhood. went to the local park. local gas station down here where we sometimes take him to buy treats and no idea where he would be. jillian: crews searched local ponds and nearby park yesterday. police previously said they don't believe aj was abducted. his mother is not cooperating with investigators. zookeeper mauled by a tiger is identified as long time
5:36 am
employee and mother. she was attacked at topeka zoo in kansas last saturday the tiger punctured her head, neck and back. zoo employees credited for saving her life by using food to lure the tiger away. ortega is out of intensive care and expected to make a full recovery. the zoo blames human error for the attack. pop star britney spears is speaking out against rumors that she is being held against her will. >> all is well. my family has been going through a lot of stress and anxiety lately. i needed time to deal. i will be back real soon. jillian: after the hashtag free brittany spread on twitter. spears checked herself into mental health facility. fans question if she was force god do so. she has been reportedly under intense stress as her father is in the hospital. high school principal causing uproar implementing a new dress code for parents in
5:37 am
houston. pajamas, sagging pants, revealing tops, torn jeans, leggings hair rollers, forget them. you can't wear them, they're banned. parents are split over the move. >> as adults we should know how to dress going to our child's school. i don't think she enforce the dress code out of respect for other people's children, that it should be enforced. jillian: the high school is hoping the dress code will create a professional and educational environment. and that has a lot of people talking this morning. even us. we were talking earlier. ainsley: kids, you're doing great. the parents. ed: coming to school in p.j.s and sloppy clothes shows you have no respect for yourself. ainsley: may says as elementary school employee you would be surprised by things parents wear to school. steve: you should have expanded on that. terry said i don't like it. it is our job as parents to
5:38 am
embarass our children. ainsley: i like that. steve: i don't think it is our job. sometimes we -- jillian: we enjoy it. janice: i'm on teen pajamas, by the way. i love pajamas. do you guys have pajama day at school? >> yeah. janice: what are your names. >> kendall. >> drew. janice: do you like pajama stay, what would you say if i on my birthday, would you come to pajama day on "fox & friends"? >> yes. janice: would all of you guys do it? >> yeah. janice: i love it. you're all invited next year. let's look at the weather. 63 in new york. 53 in minneapolis. we have storm system moving across texas, louis, missile, the gulf coast. that could bring the potential for strong to severe storms unfortunately. watch that area. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. we could see the potential for
5:39 am
flooding rainfall across the gulf coast. keep that in mind. there is the threat through this evening. beautiful day in new york city. want to give the current conditions in new york? >> mostly sunny. >> and 64 degrees. janice: you're amazing. you've fantastic. round of applause. you guys can fill in for me anytime in your pajamas. all right, steve, ainsley, and ed. steve: in other words they would be allowed on "fox & friends" but not at that high school? ainsley: right. ed: jd in the p.j.s. ainsley: with rollers? her hair. steve: thank you, janice. hillary clinton claims the department of justice policy saved president trump from getting indicted. >> any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted. ed: but wait. wasn't she let off the hook by the justice department over the emails? our next guest says a little
5:40 am
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nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. ♪ jillian: welcome back, quick headlines now. soda, coffee, how do you get your energy boost? soon you could have both. coke is coming out with a blended drink mixing soda with coffee. it has less sugar than coke. less caffeine than coffee. it is aimed at those that want a mid-afternoon pick me up. if that doesn't work, a candy company is rolling out a new line of caffeinated gummy bears. they are made with real cold brew coffee and expresso shot of caffeine. they start at $7 for a small cup. steve: steve thanks, ainsley.
5:44 am
hillary clinton breaking her silence on the mueller report. look at this? >> there is enough there, that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted. what i thought it was saying is, look we think he obstructed justice. here are 11 examples why we think he obstructed justice but we're under the control of the justice department and their rule is you can't indict. steve: some have said she was actually let off the hook by the department of justice from that whole email thing. former white war independent counsel, former federal prosecutor robert ray joins us now here in studio f. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: is she right. is that the reason mueller found what he did, because there is doj ruling that you can't indict a sitting president? >> the report raise as reasonable question whether or not that was so. that is why the attorney general before the report was released
5:45 am
to the public, went back to the special counsel apparently on more than one occasion as he said in his press conference to inquire, let me be sure i understand this. are you saying and the answer that came back is, no, that is not what i'm saying. so i know people in some quarters don't want to listen to what the attorney general actually said but while that is a reasonable question hillary clinton has it exactly wrong. that is not the reason. steve: but at the same time had she not set up that private email server at her house to skirt the state department rules, she probably would be president? >> i think that there was obviously as we now know lots of discussion in the justice department about how it was, you know, appropriate to resolve that investigation. if you recall also there was a scathing op-ed piece by the former attorney general michael mukasey shortly before the election saying he couldn't understand why under the
5:46 am
relevant statutes the reasons that jim comey indicated while a prosecution was not appropriate actually really were department policy but the bottom line is the exercise of discretion and departmental policy is what hillary clinton has to thank for the fact that she wasn't charged with a criminal offense. steve: you mentioned james comey. during one of his two infamous press conferences he said this regarding hillary clinton. although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. and i know much has been made of that expression, reasonable prosecutor, because a lot of reasonable prosecutors said i would have done it. >> there was the whole other question which is at the time that statement was made james comey was not a prosecutor although he had been one. he was the fbi director. so that was the a situation which you have a currently-serving fbi director who formally was a prosecutor
5:47 am
stepping outside of his lane to resolve a criminal case which is judgment that the department should have made based on application of department policy and this is a situation where you have a special counsel who is a former fbi director who is in the position of being special counsel who has decided that the traditional, you know, prosecutorial factors and the exercise of discretion would not be exercised by him but ultimately had to be exercised by the attorney general bill barr. steve: sure. it is pretty clear with the mueller report there was no sewclusion, no cooperation with the trump administration, the trump campaign and the russians. they, russians tried but the trump people didn't bite. >> not insignificant finding by the way. steve: that is what it is all about. we heard there was russia collusion. turns out there was not. when comes down to the obstruction stuff that is more ambiguous, it looks like this? was there intent? we don't know. we're not going to decide. >> democrats want to ignore the fact that there is ambiguous
5:48 am
evidence. of course prosecutors deal with ambiguous situations involving making a determination to exercise discretion one way or another in deciding whether or not to bring charges. all of that has of course has been overlooked. people look to the report. democrats said, obstruction, the evidence there is absolutely clear. you know i beg it differ. and not only do i beg to differ which really doesn't matter, the special counsel himself indicated he begs to differ. in his own words, the words that were quoted before the report was released by the attorney generals the obstruction piece presents difficult questions of law and fact and i might also add, policy as well. and discretion in that sense has been exercised both by the special counsel and later by the attorney general. all of which hillary clinton has in effect ignored. notwithstanding the fact she has been the beneficiary of that prosecutorial discretion several times, not only in connection with the email investigation but
5:49 am
going back to my own investigation, whitewater, and the firing of the travel office employees where i made the judgment based upon the exercise of discretion that a properly instructed jury that would be evaluating a case like this probably would not convict and therefore i exercised my discretion not to prosecute her. steve: who knows the subject better than you. robert ray. >> nice to be with you, thank you. steve: coming up, top dogs are on fox square ready to compete. look it there. and he is off. we'll check in with sandra smith for a preview of coming attractions. >> good morning steve. in sri lanka another bomb reportedly found and detonated there. new video surfacing of the bomber in the hotel. plus we could get reaction from the president as he is set to depart the white house a short time from now as he says there is no reason to go any further with house democrat demands for additional testimony. so where does that fight go
5:50 am
next? "the washington post" calling out elizabeth warren's trillion dollar education plan. yes, "the washington post." we will have more on that. kellyanne conway, donna brazile, bill bennett and more. join us live in "america's newsroom," wednesday morning top of the hour. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. and relief from symptoms caused feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin ♪ by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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5:54 am
ed: he every dog has its day. ainsley: oh. >> tomorrow is the big day. steve: first dog's name is? >> first dog going to go is riot. he is a lab bro door. -- labrador. steve: this is what they will see tomorrow. >> with the handlers running through the obstacle course. we have a border collie. janice: vocal. >> yes. there you go. ed: go, go, go, yeah. [applause] >> good girl. it's a lot of work. they really trust the handlers because none of the courses are set up the same way twice. they compete for time and different jump heights. tomorrow the top 60 kay nine competitors compete for $10,000 in cash prizes. this is paisley.
5:55 am
a golden. go, paisley, go. ainsley: do they go for time? >> they go for time. the dog with the best time wins. ainsley: how do you teach them to do this especially going in and out of the polls? >> these wonderful ladies here do wonderful work. they teach the dog to trust them, take them through each individual step at a time. ed: we've been trying to train steve for years. steve: that explains when i come in the studio there are papers on the floor. >> well get you through a weave and jump height. how about that? steve: the event will be tomorrow? >> tomorrow from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at nycb live. it is first premier agility cup. ainsley: is there one type of dog really good at this? >> not one type specifically. i tell you something, you go up against a border collie. it might be a big much. they're food at it.
5:56 am
he is a border collie. he is very fast. labs are really good. goldens, yeah. >> the set is little bit more elaborate. >> any breed of dog can do it. doesn't matter if you have purebred dog, a rescue dog, doesn't matter. any breed of dog can do it to trust that are handler. >> tickets? >> can get on or ticketmaster. steve: people watching i could teach my dog to do that, will you branch out so people across the country can do it? >> we do agillty all across the country. we have the championships sometimes in oklahoma. sometimes in nevada which are great. there are agility training centers all across the country, people willing to train your dog. look into it. we want you to be at certain age to have all your shots. ed: brandy, appreciate it. more "fox & friends" on the other side. ♪
5:57 am
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6:00 am
if you want more information about the akc agility cup visit >> go to fox nation for the "after the show show". see you tomorrow. >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning, everybody. starting with an alert. f.b.i. agents now on the ground in sri lanka where the death toll is rising. we are getting reports today of another bomb found and detonated by authorities. upper right-hand corner of the screen you see the new video possibly showing one suspect inside a hotel attacked on easter sunday morning moments before a bomb went off killing dozens. much more on these developments inside today of "america's newsroom." first back here at home president trump digging in. made it to midweek >> sandra: good morning.


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