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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 24, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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your safety, your peace, your prosperity, the opportunity of america. important stuff. it's all happening tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern. we'll never really hate this troy trump media mob. we are them. let not your heart be troubled. our friend mike huckabee is in for laura tonight. i tried to get you to fill in for my show but you were too busy. >> mike: i would love to do it some of these days. you have high standards. i don't make those standards. >> sean: [laughs] you know what i always loved about u.s. presidential debates is you are quick. you just have it. always with a bunch of cheer. i want to say something with a complement -- i don't want to take your time. you fight hard in your election campaigns and you have a very unique ability, when it's over, you are very gracious. you go on and support the winner. as a tribute to who you are. >> mike: your very kind to say that. for me, it's about the team, about the country, not about me
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personally, that is why i was never a difficult transition for me to walk away. we did get a huckabee in the white house, just not the one i thought it was going to be. >> sean: a great sense of humor. have a great show. >> mike: thank you very much, sean. i microscopy and for laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. we have a powerful lineup tonight. a moment, president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani is going to be here to deliver a message to hillary clinton. plus joe digenova, robert ray, ari fleischer, doug schoen, michelle malkin, and more on a jam-packed news night. and if we don't dive right in, we are never going to come up with all the treasure we've got tonight. ♪ first, there are two constants in the democratic party and the media -- but then i repeat myself, can seemingly never get rid of. hillary clinton and their obsession with russia. those two came together in one
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event yesterday, it was the time 100 gala where hillary took the stage and said, it is just so dang unfair that donald trump won't be united in the wake of the mueller report. >> we were attacked. we have significant evidence that this administration did everything it could to undermine and interfere with the investigation into that attack and we are going to walk away and pretend it didn't happen? any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted but because of the rule in the justice department that you can't indict a sitting president, the whole matter of obstruction was very directly sent to the congress. >> mike: and today in an op-ed
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published just a few hours ago, she once again offered her unsolicited advice. in a piece calling for the democrats to embrace watergate-style investigations in congress, she wrote in part, "the mueller report isn't just a reckoning about our recent history. as a warning about the future. unless he's held accountable, the president may show even more disregard for the laws of the land and the obligations of his office. he will likely redouble his efforts to advance putin's agenda." no never mind that president trump has confronted putin on a level that she never did as secretary of state. so one of the president's lawyers think of hillary clinton's latest comments? here now is rudy giuliani. mr. mayor, let's get your response to what madame clinton has had to say to say. >> it's the most incredible act of hypocrisy i've seen. i mean, the woman basically voted to give 20% of our plutonium to russia.
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her crooked foundation got $150 million. a hundred $50 million. her husband got her $2.5 million speaking fee. i don't know, kind of looks like bribery, smells like bribery, sounds like bribery. i'm not saying it is, but it comes awful close. because if anyone was guilty of obstruction of justice, it is her. she did away with 33,000 emails, she destroyed phones, she had a guy do it with hammers. then she bleach bit per server. president trump didn't do any of that. in fact, she's not telling the truth. he turned everything over to the special counsel. didn't obstruct anything. there is no obstructive act that was found even by mueller. >> mike: mr. mayor, i was shocked that she would even go there. in light of the fact that she had these servers, what you just ran through combat litany of things that even jim comey went on television to basically say, yeah, this was so she should not have done, but her
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intent wasn't there, but basically he outlined a criminal case for her and then for her to come and do it, that takes some real audacity, don't you think? >> mike, every one of those acts i just mentioned as a typical thing you prove as evidence of intent. there is nothing more powerful and an obstruction case then destruction of evidence, which wasn't present in the trump situation. nor was there an underlying crime. he was found to be exonerated of collusion, that whole russian thing turned out to be a hoax. her campaign played a role in promulgating that hoax. they paid $1.1 million to the phony steele dossier. the only person who actually apparently has done business with the russians is hillary. and i think she's going to be in for quite an extensive investigation, and she doesn't have jim comey to fix the case for her this time. >> mike: mr. mayor, the president waited on us today. he had a message to the democrats in congress. it was this: bring it on.
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let's watch and we'll get your reaction afterwards. >> the subpoena is ridiculous. we have been, i have been the most transparent president and administration of the history of our country. i thought after two years we'd be finished with it. no, now the house goes and start subpoenaing, they want to know every deal i have ever done. we are fighting all the subpoenas. look, these aren't, like, and partial the democrats are trying to win 2020. >> mike: mr. mayor, the floor is yours. your response? >> this is a completely political harassment. anybody can see through it. jerry nadler, adam schiff, cumm, they will prejudge the case a year ago. unfortunately, because they have an inability to control their mouths, we have plenty of statements that he's guilty of obstruction, guilty of collusion. adam schiff has evidence of collusion that he never turned
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over to mueller apparently or lying, one or the other. this is not impartial arbiters and there is a very good ground to resist the subpoenas as a legitimate hearings by the congress. this is a political hearing. it doesn't serve any legislative purpose. it doesn't really serve an investigative purpose. mueller investigated it. by the way, it is a second time an fbi investigation cleared th. how many times does he have to be cleared of it? so i would resist those subpoenas and let them fight for anything they get and prove their legitimacy. >> mike: one of the things they want to subpoena is the physical body of donald mcgahn from the white house counsel. some of us are asking ourselves, i thought they were terrible things that were sacred. one was a husband and wife testifying next to each other and the other was that you cannot compel a lawyer to testify against his or her
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client. so what am i missing? help me out. i'm not a lawyer, i am proud to say, you are. so you help me to understand this understand this. >> [laughs] i find it to be extraordinary. their requests defy every constitutional norm i can think of. the reality is that michael cohen trash the attorney-client privilege when he tape his client and lied to him about it and then actually doctored the tape. there is no reason to interrogate donald mcgahn any longer. he was questions for 29 hours. he must have given his entire history going back to birth for 29 hours. mueller couldn't get out of him what he wanted, it just isn't there. so this becomes no harassment. it becomes really a violation of separation of powers. congress is going so far here, they are interfering with the ability of the executive branch to function. 81 subpoenas before the report was even filed. i mean, they decided this before
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they read the report. jerry nadler was overheard on the train coming down from new york to washington taunting and impeachment. a week ago, one of his aides with herds doing the same thing. so they can go try to fool somebody else, but not donald trump. >> mike: i guess i'm having a hard time understanding, impeachment is not going anywhere, not with us senate in republican hands, and is going to be a bigger failure than it was with bill clinton in 1998. what are the democrats want to push it? it actually helped bill clinton. do they not think the same thing will happen to donald trump? >> let me make a distinction. bill clinton was guilty of a crime. it's called perjury. when the dress was produced, he had to stop lying about it, otherwise they would still be lying about it now. he and hillary would be trashing monica lewinsky. he got caught and he had to admit he committed perjury, lying under oath. maybe it wasn't seery enough ts
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enough, maybe it was personal, but it sure was a crime. in this case, the president was found to have not committed an underlying crime. the reality is, the president's conduct is he easily. this is a man who was falsely accused and everything they like to say is obstruction as a man trying to defend himself against very unfair, exaggerated, falsified charges. >> mike: yeah, i think i would be pretty ticked off of someone were accusing me of something like that as well. can't blame him. mayor, stay with me. the trump world is now ramping up a campaign to turn to collusion tables. targeting under cover democrats who were involved. it is not just the trump world. award-winning journalist bob woodward taking on the intelligence. >> the dossier, which really has got a lot of garbage in it, and mueller found that to be the case, early in building the
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intelligence community assessment on russian interference, i think it was the cia pushing this, the idea that they would include something like that in one of the great, stellar intelligence assessments as mueller also found out, is highly questionable. needs to be investigated. >> mike: back with me, rudy giuliani. i want to bring in joseph digenova, former u.s. attorney as well as robert ray, former whitewater independent counsel. joe, let me start with you. bob woodward was no trump fan for sure and certainly not a card-carrying member of the republican national committee. basically he was saying, this was the work of john brennan. >> there is no doubt, this is pretty simple stuff for career prosecutors like rudy and myself. it has been evident from day one that there was a brazen plot to exonerate hillary clinton illegally and then if she lost the election to frame
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donald trump. this dossier was a knowing part of that, it was created by hillary clinton, it was created knowingly by john brennan as part of a scheme to do everything they could to harm donald trump. the problem for brennan and clapper and comey and baker and all of them now is that the fisa court is already communicated with the justice department about its findings, and their findings are that for more thane election of zone trump, there was an illegal spying operation going on by fbi contractors, four of them, to steal personal information, electronic information about americans, and to use it against the republican party. there are going to be indictments. there is going to be grand juries. john brennan isn't going to need one lawyer. he's going to need five. >> mike: robert ray, let me bring you in on this. you've also served as a federal prosecutor in the whitewater investigation.
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do you have confidence that we are ever going to get to the bottom of this, and by the bottom of it, find out who just was feeding at the bottom of the river here, and that people are going to be held accountable for the violation of civil liberties, for the corruption, the cover-up, and the attempted coup of a sitting elected president. >> the start of getting to the bottom of it is going to be, as expected, the release of the inspector general, michael horowitz a's report, sometime, i think the attorney general indicated in either may or june of this year. i think that will have to happen first before the attorney general then conducts the investigation that he is indicated in testimony before the congress that he intends to conduct. yes, governor, i do think we will get to the bottom of this, and i think to put sort of a bow on this so that it is clear to the american people why they should care, this is an
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instance, an example which is dangerous in a democracy with a full powers of the united states government are mixed up with politics in order to affect an auction. that ought to be something that is equally of concern to a 22 month investigation to determine whether or not there was collusion between russian government officials and the trump campaign and the candidate. this is something that of course has been completely passed over while the country has been occupied for the last two years with one investigation, and i'm not necessarily suggesting that a special counsel is necessary in order to get to the bottom of it. i think the justice department is fully capable of looking at this. frankly, i trust bill barr, and he knows both the intelligence community and the justice department well enough to understand what is going to be necessary to find out where the truth is. >> mike: mayor, you and joe
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both have also been prosecutors. i would think that a lot of people would be concerned about those civil liberties violations here. if this can happen, then people at the highest levels of the department of justice and the fi and the intelligence agencies can use their power as political weapons, then none of us are safe, our processes aren't safe. frankly, i worry a whole lot less about what the russians did and lets face it, they tried and they did everything they could, but what they did was way less impact than what these federal agencies did and we, as taxpayers, paid for it. so help me understand why aren't we hearing the cries from the civil libertarians? >> because they haven't absolutely one-sided view of th, so does "the times" and "oppose." the story of the corruption is put out there for several years. they covered it. they just don't want to really go into detail on it. i think the investigation is
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going to end up being very, very intense. i agree that attorney general barr is exactly the right guy to do it, he is a great sense of justice. there is nobody that knows much more about the fisa court then joseph digenova, who was one of the original lawyers on the fisa court. what they did with this court is an outrage and it's got to be corrected because we all can be invaded like this. >> mike: i think that is what scares us. joe, rudy just mentioned that your personal knowledge and experience with the fisa court is legendary. we know that. why does this matter to the average american sitting at home with a bowl of popcorn and a soft drink? why does it matter to them what happens in this entire investigation? >> because it's about the rule of law and privacy. the obama administration, for more than four years but before the 2016 election, allowed four contractors working for the fbi to illegally surveilled american
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citizens illegally. the fisa court has already found that. by the way, robert ray mentioned that there is the horwitz report coming out in may or possibly early june. there is another report that everybody has forgotten about involving james comey alone. that will be out in two weeks. that report is going to be a bombshell. it's going to open up the investigation on a very high note. there will be criminal referrals in it. the fisa court abuse is the center of this entire abuse of governmental power. the chief judge of that court has already ruled that the fbi broke the law and that the people at the head of the justice department, sally yates, john carlin, the assistant attorney general come on all knew about it, and applied to te court. the fisa court about it. >> mike: robert, if you were advising jim comey, sally yates,
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some of these other folks we've heard so much about, would you tell them to lawyer up? >> [laughs] >> not to be funny about it but that is an understatement. the core of this, joe is absolutely right. what i want to know is who at the justice department knew about what disclosures were going to be made to the fisa court and who specifically withheld information because they did know about the origins and the derivation of the steele dossier. how come the political connections of the clinton campaign wasn't disclosed at least in a footnote in the fisa application? there were people at the justice department to know about that, i think the point of the investigation, who knew it, when did they know it, and why didn't that information make it in to the fisa application, which was delivered to the court. look, we've all recognize now with the benefit of hindsight, that is kind of a rather important thing to have known. i will say in addition to all of
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that, one of the things also, apart from prosecutions, there is a real question here about procedures within the intelligence community and the fbi, the justice department, about how to deal with presidential campaigns when this sort of thing happens. frankly, what i saw, at least initially now from the mueller report, there was an awful lot of leveraging going on by the justice department, the intelligence community of donald trump and that period after the election when he first took office, that frankly, the president is right, should never happen to another president again. >> mike: joe, very quickly if you've got a word you want to add. >> there is a hero and his entire story and it's not a lawyer. all the bad people in the story are lawyers. there is a hero. his name was admiral mike rogers. he was out of the national security agency. he discovered the illegal spying. he went personally to the fisa court and briefed the chief juk with her for months to uncover the people who did it.
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the fisa court has already been told and has already told the justice department who lied to that court and that has been given to bill barr already. >> mike: very powerful. let me ask something. if we ask this question, what does it matter to the person at home? at the highest levels of government can trample the constitutional rights and the constitution, through which we elected president, and step all over it, and elected president, imagine what it could do to you? think about that. if the if the president of the united states can be walked all over by the powers of our gover, then you are not safe. >> mike, joe and i have probably looked at 100 fisa applications at different times. the reality is, you take this very seriously, because they can't be contested on the other side. if you read the steele dossier, which i have done, and you don't figure out integral pages that it's a piece of phony crap,
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you don't belong being an investigator. i would like to ask jim comey, when he said it was unverified after having it for five months, why the heck did angie verify it? you could have checked whether michael cohen was in prague in a specific date. all you had to do was call the passport office. he would have found out he's never been in prague. you could have found out that michael steele hadn't been in russia for seven years. he didn't bother to find that out. recall that being grossly negligent. remember who else was grossly negligent? the one he let off the hook for obstruction of justice. so i think jim comey has got a lot to answer for because you just don't sign those things cavalierly and you could not have read that as a trained professional and not become extremely suspicious. it reads like a lurid, silly novel. >> mike: thank you, all. let me say one thing.
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i certainly don't want any of you to be prosecuting me. [laughter] ahead, as joe biden really want to jump into this crowded democratic field? will today's party even accept them? former clinton pollster has an interesting t
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>> mike: welcome back. joe biden's 2020 rollout is looking kind of like the crash of the hindenburg. he hasn't even officially announced yet. first he was supposed to kick off his campaign today. now he's going to do tomorrow. this follows a steady stream of controversial stories about his past that includes beaches and policies deemed inappropriate bt standards. then of course there is the inappropriate touching allegations. alarm bells going off all over the place but his campaign is going full speed because there is no stopping amtrak joe now. >> we got to stand together and if we do, we will take back this country! i i mean it! don't give up ask my keep it going! >> mike: is joe ready to take on front-runner bernie sanders? is he prepared to answer for his racially insensitive remarks? what about fund-raising? i mean, he's got $0 while the other candidates have millions
11:27 pm
of the bank. former clinton advisor and fox news contributor doug jones says biden is just the wrong candidate at the wrong time. joe mike dubke joins me along with ari fleischer, former white house press secretary and a fox news contributor. gentlemen, happy to have you. doug, i'm happy to have you. let me ask the simple question. you say he's the wrong guy for the wrong time. why? speak of the democrats now, governor, are seeking a more progressive candidates, younger candidates, fresh faces, people of color, and to a great extent, women. joe biden is none of that. in traditional politics, as i grew up with it, i think ari as well, the person with the most experience was deemed entitled to raise up to the next level. now experience is almost a
11:28 pm
disqualifying force. >> mike: in "usa today" op-ed today, political commentator ashley pratt noted that biden's inappropriate touching sure hasn't hurt support among women as early polling reveals that his high numbers are powered by women. but not all democratic women feel the same. let's watch. >> here's the thing, joe biden is probably the best chance they've got and he doesn't have a chance. there probably -- joe biden? crazy bernie and mayor pete? three white guys, two of them are brontosauruses from jurassic park and that is not going to sit well with the rest of this party that has gone so far left. i don't think -- biden is putting off this announcement. i don't know how badly he really wants this, and you have to really want this if you are going to have any chance of winning it. >> mike: there may not have been exactly the clip we are looking for but it's a doggone good one. i will tell you that right now.
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rush limbaugh is always good for a good word. let's go back to this issue of the accusations of joe biden. his being too much of a hands on candidate, if i could use that phrase. ari, how much is that a problem for biden in the field of democrats? >> i don't think it's a problem unless kirsten gillibrand or one of the female candidates makes it into a direct problem, confronts him over it, and therefore whittles down some of his support. i think his problem is much more structural, bigger, and fundamental, governor. joe bided to me is like your old pair of shoes, your favorite pair of shoes that you keep in the closet. you probably bought that when you went to the junior prom in 1988. the first year joe biden ran for the presidency. and you like there was a shoes, they were comfortable, they were enjoyable to look at. now you try to put them on again, they are not as comfortable as you thought. they don't release it anymore. i think that is where joe biden's. he doesn't fit anymore in the modern-day democratic party. he has to denounce all the
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positions you should take as a senator in the apostrophes have a needs and approach of the 80s and even into the approach of the 90s. i just don't see the attraction other than his name and i.d. and his image for an hour of being vice president. that is not going to last. that will not run well on the democratic primary. >> mike: doug, joe biden has been in government really has her entire life. he's never run a business, never signed the front of a paycheck. his experiences all government. it seems like we are dealing with an electorate that would like to have some folks who have succeeded at something. would that be a big problem for joe biden going up against a billionaire businessman who can say, i run businesses? i've worked through the processes of government and had to fight them off. does that somehow handicap him? >> governor, the polls against donald trump showed joe biden with the least double-digit leaf not more. i think if he gets nominated, and that is a huge if, then i
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think he would be a credible candidate. but the democratic electorate, which has changed fundamentally really in the last five years or so, doesn't really want somebody with his kind of experience who's just been a professional politician, and i think that explains the appeal of bernie sanders, mayor pete and the like, fresh bases, nonpolitical, nonestablishment. >> mike: ari, does it may be look like that joe biden is perhaps the jeb bush of the 2020 cycle? no disrespect to my dear friend jeb bush. he was the anointed one. he had $130 million. it's like, we've seen that before, we want someone new. how much of a problem does that hold for joe biden? >> the differences, jeb was able to raise money. i'm not sure how we will be able to. hillary clinton and the cycle, you look at hillary clinton in
11:32 pm
2008. hillary in 2008, it was her is because it was supposed to be hers, senior leader, then along comes younger barack obama, more progressive. you look -- he was able to defeat hillary clinton much to l surprise. that is where i think the democratic party, as doug as indicated, the energy is over on the left. there is attention that people who are pragmatic wants to beat donald trump. what is joe biden's constituency? bernie sanders have a powerful constituency of liberals and progressives. what does joe biden have? there is none of that. no institutional, and here joe biden constituency other than remnants, memories, and that is what i meant about the old shoe. that won't last. >> mike: i want to say to both of you, you are two of my very favorite people. i love to watch you come alive to be around you because you ard thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much, governor. >> mike: the laws are put the
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many of these people are ill they're sick, they're alone. they don't have the money to afford things that many of us, most of us, take for granted. people, who don't have enough money to even buy some matza the unleavened bread as the bible describes it. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support. ♪ >> i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. yes, even for terrible people. >> mike: welcome of those terrible people that sanders thinks should have gotten the right to vote include the boston
11:37 pm
marathon bomber. along with child rapists and murderers. his plan is ordering shooting these guys are shocked. >> i'm stunned, as you can see on our faces, and the responses that you have committed a crime, like the boston marathon bombings, if you have assaulted or abused a child, i don't think americans -- most americans would want people like that. >> you know what it frames, trims a proposition for voters as these people are way out there in the democratic party. wow, have they gone far left. >> mike: when these guys say it. but hey, it gets crazier. alexandria ocasio-cortez's chief of staff now offering his thoughts. he tweeted this. "what's the reason not to let incarcerated people vote? shouldn't the people most affected by unjust laws have some say in electing people to change them? "so now we are the point where the democratic party thinks the laws that were the boston marathon bomber behind bars are unjust.
11:38 pm
this somehow failed to understand that if those are truly unjust laws, it's up to congress to change them. here to debate, david bossie, former trump deputy campaign manager and fox news contributor, and attorney alan orr. alan, i will start with you. of love to get an insight from a democrat, tell me, is what i just saw a scene proposal to the democrats to run on a 2020? >> when you are talking about bernie sanders specifically, he is talking about what they arty do in vermont and maine. they already have the place where these people can vote, even when they are incarcerated. >> mike: no matter what type of crime. murder, rape, you can vote what you are still incarcerated. >> there are some levels where people can vote. >> mike: you think that's okay? i'm asking you. >> absolutely. i think the concept of the prison system we have come to the prison complex that was built, we need to allow some people to vote. there should be some people that are excluded but specifically after people have done our time, they should be allowed to vote.
11:39 pm
>> mike: after they have done our time. big difference. it's different to say after you have done your time, proving yourself to be responsible. i'm all about restorative justice. i worked on this committee with the president and the people involved. up early for that. we're not talking about people who have been restored. we're talking with people who are sitting there because they murder people. >> this is outside the mainstream. this is outside common sense. bernie sanders wasn't talking just about vermont. he was talking about all people across the country that are incarcerated. that would include nikolas cruz, the parkland murderer, who murdered 16 kids in that school and park florida we have the son of sam, still in prison. or were we expecting with these people, the worst of the worst, are not going to be able to vote? it is insane policy. but it is so good for donald trump to be able to run against that because if the american people will reject it. >> mike: speak to that. >> i don't think the american people will reject that.
11:40 pm
most people in jail never went to court. 90%. >> mike: the issue is bernie sanders is saying people who have done evil things -- we are talking the boston bomber -- >> you are talking but the people that are convicted. we know there are rapists and murderers that vote every day. voting was not part of their crime. people can be alcoholics and still be good lawyers. >> mike: got it. here's a thing. why did the democrats want inmates to vote more so? relating that more of the inmates are democrats? >> i don't think that that is -- i think what they are saying is people who are disenfranchised, because 30% of the population of people of color but they represent 60% of the jail so therefore these laws and institutions are affecting these individuals. >> mike: they were convicted in a court of law. >> hold on. when you are in prison, you lose your right of assembly, you lose your first amendment right. you lose a lot of rights. >> mike: you lose your second amendment rights. >> you lose your right to vote.
11:41 pm
that is what law-abiding citizens get to do. those that are incarcerated do not and they ought not to be able to vote and they ought not -- look. this is a conversation we are glad to have. >> mike: we are in a virtually out of time. we could talk about this for a long time. i'm sure we will during the break. 2020 democratic democratic candidates desperate for attention now say they are going to nominate a female vice president, likely voters even care. plus, why don't democratic women seem to be turned off by joe biden's inappropriate touching issues? michelle malkin well tackle both of those issues when we come
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♪ >> all during 2016 online, there are people saying, i sure would vote for a woman, just not that woman. now some of these women they said they would support, they are running, and, oh, i'm not voting for that woman. i think people don't understand unconscious bias.
11:45 pm
there is outright nasty sexism and misogyny. a lot of it is unconscious. >> mike: what on god's green earth is she talking about? this never ending dissent into identity politics has now gotten so ridiculous that 2020 democratic candidates who are men now reflexively say, they will nominate a female vice president, no matter what. >> i will have a will one running mate. to me, it's really clear that we do that. >> it would be very difficult not to select a woman with so many extraordinary women who are running right now. >> i pledge that i would ask a woman to serve as vice president. i would put forward a diverse candidate. >> mike: joining me now is michelle malkin, conservative commentator and kelly hyman, democratic political analyst. michelle, we'll get to the mail democratic candidates who are freaking out. but let's start. what the heck with hillary clinton talking about? >> util, governor huckabee, the
11:46 pm
2l in hillary stand for twice a loser. she is still grievance mongering. she will cling very bitterly, for time immemorial, to this gender card and the idea that the only reason she lost is because of gross systematic misogyny and sexism. in terms of unconscious bias and unconscious sexism and misogyny, well, it certainly was conjures on the part of her misogynistic husband. i think a lot of conservative and independent woman will not forget the misogyny that hillary clinton showed in her bitterness after her second loss about blaming them and of the most sexist way saying that independent woman voted for donald trump only because their husbands did. dripping with explicit misogyny. this primary that we are seeing
11:47 pm
now, this primary field of the 20 desperate liberals who all think the same, act the same -- >> they are not desperate >> yes, they are. that is what this is about. the pandering that is going on here to try to prove their progressive bona fides is leading to some bizarre results, as governor huckabee has had. you've got these white men who are tripping over themselves to sell flagellate when if they really meant what they said it wanted to walk the talk, would step aside and yield their candidates lead to stem on of color. >> mike: that will be a great place -- kelly come hang on. let me just pick up where michelle left off. if these democratic males who are running for president really believe that there needs to be a novation of gender, then why don't they say, i would love to be the vice presidential candidate for any one of our women democrats who are running because there are several. why wouldn't that be a better
11:48 pm
way for them to prove how truly focused they are on elevating women? >> that might also be a possibility. ultimately it's going to be up to the viewers and they will make a determination on which democratic candidate is best for the job. that could be a woman or man for the job. sexism does exist. as a woman -- , we know that. it is this in politics. a lot of time people won't vote for a candidate because she's a woman. >> mike: okay. let me stay with you, kelly. you say sexes might exist -- i don't argue that point. i think it truly does. >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> mike: here's what i want to ask. if it does exist, and there is a problem with women not getting their fair shake, then why would women ever think it would be okay in the democratic party to select a mail to be their standard-bearer? why wouldn't they just say, we will be the party that says, men, don't apply for the job because it is going to be a
11:49 pm
woman's job this year. >> because we are an all-inclusive party. so by that -- >> mike: are you? >> we want the best candidate. we want someone who will unite our country and not divide our country. over the american people decide to vote for and choose is the best candidate to bring forward. as i said before, we need someone who is going to unite us and not divide us. whoever that is, the democratic party will pick. >> mike: michelle, was only about dumb i got about 20 seconds. kelly, she says the democratic party is an occlusive party but i don't know any pro-life people who are getting invited. >> you can talk to the few independent democrats for life out there, feminists for life, a fantastic pro-life group, and the and tolerance they have felt. as i said, this is the identity politics primary. i think ultimately it is a recipe for self immolation. the left will eat itself. >> mike: we got to go cook. kelly, michelle, great to have you with us. happy to have you here. the college admissions scandal took an interesting turn as
11:50 pm
former federal and made martha stewart waited for the very first time, what she said by the celebrities facing potential jail time. that is what is coming up
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
- there are so many ways to get our message out these days. but what are we actually saying? any message is a story. and all stories tell the tale of the times we live in right now. how do you want to be remembered?
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how do you want your story to play out? our own experiences make the best stories, and your words carry a lot of weight. think about what you want to say before you say it. or send it. ♪ >> mike: the college admissions scandal heating up as
11:54 pm
lori loughlin enter has been reportedly claimed they didn't know that what they were doing was illegal. for more, we go to trace gallagher and the west coast newsroom. >> governor, good to see a pre19-year-old olivia jayde woods reportedly furious for hey bribing her into the university of southern california. but now, "us weekly" says they haven't made amends with sources saying the daughter now realizes her parents were trying to be what was best for her. meantime, lori loughlin and her husband want the legal process to stop against them until the fencer number all the evidence. they are facing money laundering charges for allegedly funneling their $500,000 bribe through a charity. legal experts say the government likely has bank records and wire transfers, et cetera, at the attorneys will want to see how damaging the evidence is before proceeding. as for their defense strategy, it appears to be the old "i didn't realize i was giving bribe money" with sources saying that she had no idea how the
11:55 pm
$500,000 would be used and certainly didn't think it would grease the hand of the women soccer coach, except the criminal complaint says mossimo giannulli sent at least $100,000 directly to the usps is a student athletic director. we should not the former women soccer coach has struck a plea deal, is cooperating, and that could hurt loughlin's story. finally, former and made martha stewart with us about potential inmate's, lori loughlin and felicity huffman. what. >> what kind of advice would you have for felicity and lori about what may be to come as you have had to walk through the valley had come out the other side? >> i feel sorry for them. they might have made a bad mistake. >> mike: as you know, martha stewart served five months at a minimum security prism and called it awful. then again, she thought being house arrest and her $12 million mansion was worse. governor? >> mike: thank you very much. good to see you. we'll be right back with "the last bite."
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>> m >> time for the life break, and the wrong promo. >> he is better looking than i am.
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>> not does look the same. that all-time we have got. i am mike huckabee. measure saturday and sunday at 8:00 eastern. >> north korean leader kim jong un and vladimir putin meeting for several hours in the far eastern russian city of vladivostok. following shorter 1-on-1 talks the two leaders say they have good docs about joint efforts to resolve standoff over pyongyang's nuclear program amidst all negotiations with the united states. and they sat down for broader
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