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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 25, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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brad to honor him, he is our midnight hero for jumping into action. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. it is thursday, april 25th, this is "fox and friends first". having at 4:00 am a fox news alert. kim jong un and vladimir putin meeting face-to-face for the first time ever. the meeting happening behind closed doors. what does it mean for nuclear talks with washington. 300 migrants using the cover of night to cross the southern border and that's nothing compared to the mother of all caravans closing and as we speak. we are live with what the white house is doing ahead of their arrival and joe is ready to go for 2020 but can the former vice president compete with his far
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left field of competitors. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ a beautiful day ♪ ♪ a beautiful day ♪ shannon: waking up to a beautiful day in new york city. we appreciate you joining us on "fox and friends first" on this thursday. let's get to our fox news alert. another very busy day as the fourth summit is happening right now in russia. kim jong-il in and vladimir putin meeting for the first time overnight. is a live look at vladivostok were the leaders are meeting behind closed doors as we speak
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and expected it the top of the agenda north korea's nuclear program amidst all negotiations with the us. dictator kim calling the summit beneficial as vladimir putin thousand russian support to help settle the situation on the korean peninsula. vladimir putin is expected to speak live next hour, donald trump and kim jong un have met twice over north korea's nuclear program. there next summit and was no agreement after a dispute over us sanctions. donald trump and kim say they are open to a third summit. much more on this coming up. another fox news alert just moments ago, new details on easter massacre in sri lanka. the father of two of the terrorists, of ice tycoon being questioned for possibly helping in that attack that murdered 350 people. chilling surveillance video showing the brothers in a hotel
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elevator just moments before blowing themselves up. the ninth and final suicide bomber confirmed to be a woman. the terrorist being described as well educated from prominent and wealthy families. the us actively involved in the investigation. >> every indication is this was inspired by isis. we will have more information about whether there were any actual connections. >> sri lanka's president is calling on the resignation of top security officials over missed warning signs. back at home some brand-new video seen first on fox showing 300 migrants crossing the border, thousands more on their way. the shocking seen as the white house prepares a new plan to reform legal immigration. jenkins joins us to break it down for us, good morning. >> this brand-new video shot by the border patrol agents, part of the rio grande valley showing a large group of 270 migrants
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being apprehended, mostly family units and unaccompanied children from nicaragua, part of the constant waves of illegal crossings in that sector averaging 1100 per day, snapshot of the overall total applications, surpassing in the first 7 months of the entire number for all of 2018. donald trump speaking out yesterday saying this could be fixed very quickly. >> we could solve the entire problem, it could go quicker than that. and if the democrats did, and things things with respect to our laws. you might be surprised what is going to happen. they will see what is going on at the border. it's easy to see. >> we learn more details that
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jared kushner will soon have a comprehensive immigration plan with two major parts. one, border security and the other is legal immigration. leading to an increase for highly skilled workers. another caravan, the mother of all caravans, estimated in a 10,000 range, most stuck in mexico at the moment and you see them hopping on the train, migrants hitching a ride toward the us yesterday, we will see what they progressed. agents tell me, when they are overwhelmed, they will be ready for this caravan if and when it arrives. here's an update for you, merits on murder charges as the search for missing boy comes to a tragic end. the 5-year-old a j was found wrapped in a shallow grave in
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illinois. 's parents reported him missing a week ago. and baker's's return in front of the camera. >> my life is my kids. >> andrew friend senior and joann cunningham led them to the boy's body, they have been on investigators radar ever since aj was born addicted to opioids. >> we know you are at peace playing in heavens playground and are happy you no longer have to suffer. >> hundreds of people paying respects to aj in a candlelight vigil last night. indiana state police claim new information in a double murder forcing them to recently release a second sketch of a potential killer drawn two years ago but never released. investigators say it accurately
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represents a suspect who may have killed libby german and abby williams on the indiana hiking trail. is believed to be the man seen in this video captured by one of the girls. the man depicted in the older sketch is no longer a suspect, not clear why police withheld the new sketch but we have a to take a look and see. william barr set to testify on the mueller report, barr released a redacted version of the special counsel's report on russian interference last week is slated to appear before the committee on may 1st. lawmakers will get an opportunity to grill the ag on mueller's findings and the handling of the final report. that should be interesting. joe biden expected to throw his hat into the ring at any moment this morning. other candidates feeling the heat. and the latest on the democrats
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quest for the oval office. it seems he is doing something. >> today's the day. joe biden has dodged what turned out to be a pretty tough for him for the current democratic front runner. watch this. >> somebody who i know i date myself a little bit here but i was at the march on washington with doctor king in 1963. and as somebody. >> bernie sanders met with drones and years at the she the people form in houston. and he marched with mlk but that quickly seemed to crash and burn. you could see him raising his hands, wagging his finger to quiet the crowd. two other candidates courting the female vote pledged to have a female running mate if they
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win the nomination. >> would you pledge to have a running mate? >> i will have a woman running mate. it is really clear. >> i pledged i would ask a woman to serve the vice president. shannon: always happening as we wait for joe biden to make his 2020 campaign official. his website is locked today perhaps undergoing renovations for the 2020 launched. it is supposed to be a video message. shannon: we had announcement for the announcement multiple times. we are watching this for a while and we asked what you think about joe biden's chances as he makes his way into a crowded field and here is what you had to say. i would not vote for him, he is a lifetime politician and has no
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history of accomplishment. lucas on twitter has a different opinion. another twitter user simply writes 0, zero chance. keep your opinions coming in. thank you so much. joe biden may be considered an early front runner for the democratic spot on the second but molly hemingway, senior editor at the federalist says he's going to have to fight like never before to win. >> people are getting behind joe biden because they think he could beat donald trump but a lot of what we know about joe biden was under this protective umbrella of president obama he didn't face a lot of scrutiny because the media were not interested in going after the obama administration. he is the front runner and has a lot of support but he has to fight for this nomination. he has to debate in advance issues and take on things so i
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don't think it will be handed to them on a silver platter like it was with hillary clinton four years ago. >> that video announcement is expected today at 6:00 am sharp. something else happening today, the arizona cardinals are on the clock as the nfl draft kicks off tonight. round one starts at 7:00 eastern in nashville tennessee. tyler mary is the favor to be taken first overall by the cardinals, around the out the top 5 picks are the jets, the raiders and the buccaneers. the jets, we will see if they do any good. fox news alert, vladimir putin and kim jong-il and holding their first summit in russia discussing the rogue nation's nuclear program, gordon shanks is the us and china will be watching closely and he is here live to break down the high-stakes talks. >> it is happening!
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>> what is the procedure? >> sound the alarm, why the office could disappear from netflix. >> on the travel
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>> natalie fox news alert, kim jong un meeting with vladimir putin, they will use their first ever meeting to discuss the nuclear program but given the timing, how will this impact washington? here with his expert insight is nuclear showdown, gordon chang get. thank you for joining us. as this develops and russia, what do you expect to be the main point they are discussing? >> kim jong un needs really from un sanctions and vladimir putin
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will not give it to them because the united states has a veto on the security council. they expect vladimir putin to work on donald trump to have a deal on something that would give him something. i don't think that will occur because donald trump has given kim relief by not vigorously enforcing sanctions for 11 months which he could have and which i think donald trump will go back to that vigorous enforcement. right now kim is hurting. >> we are look at live pictures were talks offended and we are told they will be going to dinner in 3 hours. the talks have gone on. from the body language can you tell if anything was successfully accomplished. >> i don't think much -- >> i don't think -- these two guys will be friendly because the kim family has always liked these leaders, they played off russia versus china and south
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korea so kims are masters of keeping everybody guessing. so they do have an affinity for moscow and this has been traditional, let's go back to kim jong un's father and grandfather. this is going to be a lovefest. heather: this is vladimir putin, he met with his father kim jong-il and is a list of international summits, keeping everybody in play, four times with china, three with south korea and twice with the united states and just wrapped up with russia. >> rashida tlaibs legitimacy. this is what all dictators create and what this does is helps bolster his position where his position is more or less okay. what happened, people around the world respect me which is why we have seen a flurry of diplomacy
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last year. shannon: you mentioned the shared border. talk about that. >> russia and north korea have an 11 mile border and although it doesn't sound very long this is critical to the chinese because this 11 mile border prevents china having access to the sea of japan or what they call the east see. the chinese want control over that north korean port so the chinese have made investments into it but at the same time the russians have been making investments because you have moscow and beijing competing for the affections of north korea. can't be much in the way of investment because of sanctions but this is what kim wants. shannon: we look at life pictures, much different from the last summit with the united states. and how we saw that end in
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vietnam with different ways, canceling the plan appearance together, clearly this is intended for everyone to get live pictures of the two of them together and shaking hands and smiling. >> it's not only meant for beijing but washington because the hanoi summit at the end of february didn't end with the deal and that was a good thing for donald trump. he said i can walk away, he wanted to show the chinese in trade talks i can walk away from kim. i can walk away from you too. this is going to be an important play as we see these issues come together. >> that is a message we were sending is the summit and it but the message russia and north korea were sending with live pictures just now. >> which is basically saying to
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trump you need my help and it would be good to have russian cooperation but russia has been openly violating those sanctions with ship to ship transfers on the high seas with the un security council prohibits russia was involved in that long with chinese friends. heather: we will let you know if anything significant transpires. we appreciate it, great time to have you with us and we will be right back, stay with us.
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heather: hillary clinton speaking out on the mueller probe with an op-ed in the washington post and her interpretation is different from the attorney general's. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with what she is saying and how social media is
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responding. >> hillary clinton coming out swinging and washington post op-ed, the former president's political rival, our election was corrupted, our democracy assaulted, our sovereignty and security violated. special counsel robert mueller's report, nobody should be able to decide america's future intimacy is held accountable the president may show even more disregard for the law of the land and the obligations of his office. clinton is urging lawmakers not to rush to an up or down vote on impeachment but to conduct a longform investigation into whether the president's and discretion rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors better advice falling on deaf ears to some remember she was recently the subject of an fbi investigation that some say let her off the hook. radio host larry elder posted this, it shows 2016 paul, the
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longer version of that, majority of americans think she should have been charged and he quoted her saying i think there is enough there is it any other person who engaged in those acts have been indicted, something she said in the interview yesterday. jr tweets i don't disagree with hillary clinton but surely she must realize this plays directly into the gop narrative that mueller and potential impeachment were just sour grapes over a lost election. on twitter, hillary clinton, writing an op-ed piece, a crime against the american people. a lot of people looking at the twitter feed, taking a longform approach. >> are interesting, the go to the things in the op-ed she talks about going firsthand vladimir putin seeks to weaken our country but at the same time bill clinton at the time she was secretary of state was going to russia receiving checks of $500,000 for single speech so she wasn't that concerned.
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let's talk about the next thing where twitter is allowing people to report tweets that mislead voters. >> they launched a new tool that lets people report misleading tweets all about voting and making sure people are informed with the right information so social media company letting users flag tweets that mislead, misleading information to vote and voting registration information about the official date or times of the election or things like that. they are going to come to the united states later. some people feel it is difficult to clean up the platform. steve says twitter falling into a deeper hit trying to do this, nothing can go wrong. this twitter user says it could be an important step. this coming after robert mueller's report found a lot of election interference. shannon: it depends on what happens next after individuals
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report the tweets. who determines how quickly those tweets will be taken down. it shows things like cast your vote or the election is tomorrow and it is really next week. that is what they are talking about. let's talk about mcdonald's. >> mcdonald's sucked into the plastic straw debate because a couple locations in the uk changed plastic to paper straws and customers say they want plastic straws back. there's a petition 30,000 have signed calling for it. brian on twitter said what good is a straw made of cardboard and becomes unusable? another user timing and saying mcdonald's straws make me laugh, you can drink out of that. another says rubbish, that person is british. >> of used tried the paper straws?
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>> i have. sometimes they are pretty like you get the metal wedding but are not good. >> i tried to use one yesterday with us movey and no way, not possible. thank you so much. the time is half past the top of the hour and coming up a 3-year-old boy found with nothing but a phone number on his shoes, armed smuggler escorting migrants into our country. this is the crisis at the southern border. border agent brian terry was murdered trying to stop things like this from happening. his brother joins us with a message for congress up next. 't.
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overnight. the world leaders say that a good talk about north korea's nuclear program installed negotiations with the us. expected to speak live in the next hour. the white house preparing a new plan to reform legal immigration in the us, this comes as a shocking new video shows 300 migrants using the cover of night to cross into texas. it is a small group compared to thousands in the mother of all care of and inching towards the border right now and joe biden announcing his 2020 white house run at any moment. the former vice president expected to make his candidacy official in a video posted to social media. he will be the 20th democratic hopeful to enter the race. now to another fox news alert, the millionaire father of two suicide bombers reportedly being held by police for possibly
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helping his terrorists son, this comes as we learn more about the islamic militant. rebecca bundit is live in sri lanka. >> reporter: good morning. we are in shutdown, there are reports of an explosion that took place in a town just east of colombo. there are no casualties, not clear if that was a controlled explosion. a lot of information going around is very active and that comes as we learn more and more about the suicide bombers involved in deadly attacks which took 350 lives. there were 9 suicide bombers in sri lanka, well educated, middle-class backgrounds.
1:34 am
reportedly we see in that tv footage of them in the shangri-la hotel just moments before they. themselves up. the sons of a very wealthy trader in sri lanka being held for questioning. isis has claimed responsibility for this deadly attack. investigators looking at that with the help of the fbi. certainly with coordination and funding that was involved, a lot of views that isis had some control and mike pompeo, the secretary of state commented there seems to be a link with isis somehow. >> every indication is this was inspired by isis. the scale and complexity of the attack for a local group to pull
1:35 am
off a complex simultaneous attack, it could happen but it is probably the case that there were others assisting. >> reporter: reports coming through of searches going on and warning of ongoing threats so things certainly very tense on the ground in sri lanka. back to you. heather: we appreciate it. back at home these are the scenes of the border crisis, heavily armed smugglers measuring illegal immigrants across the southern border into arizona and a 3-year-old boy dumped in a texas field with nothing but a phone number written on his shoes. the border agent, brian terry was murdered in 2010 while protecting our country as well as those trying to cross it and his brother kent joins us with a message to congress. thank you so much for joining us this morning, we appreciate it.
1:36 am
what would your brother have to say about what we are seeing happening at the border today? >> images of these armed cartels, militia along the border, this tells you the dangers our agents go through every day. you see that image right there, that is how my brother died, protecting open borders with armed cartels with drugs or pushing people across the united states. shannon: are we doing enough about the armed cartels? as we look at these images we mention your brother not only trying to protect people on the side of the board of trying to protect people who are caught up in this trying to cross the border. >> could your people question?
1:37 am
>> i wondered what you think of the armed cartels and was more we can do to protect against those particular groups that are there at the border? >> we need stricter border policies. these congressman and senators on both sides need to put their differences aside, politics aside, work with this president, get this border issue secured, whatever they got to do, protect americans first, protect illegals coming up here. all they are doing with this image of this little boy coming across is putting them in danger on both sides of the border here and it needs to be stopped, put their personal agendas aside and fix this. >> have you heard from democratic candidates who are potentially running in 2020 or donald trump himself that seems
1:38 am
like a viable solution, that you say that is a good idea, that would help? >> i heard from the white house, donald trump wants to work with both parties to get this resolved. there are other things we need to focus on in this country. americans first. there is infrastructure and other things to focus on. they need to stop playing little games because there are lives at stake on both sides. you put agents in harm's way by playing little games back and forth with dc politics. just resolve this because i don't want to see an agent's family go through what i have been through especially eight years now and it is something i will never overcome. shannon: we wish the same and thank you, we appreciate the work he was doing at the border, appreciate your entire family
1:39 am
and so sorry for what you have gone through. we don't want another family to do that. thank you. time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. a campaign announcement from joe biden expected today. how does the former vice president stack up against the crowded field and can he win against the far left? we will debate up next.
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heather: joe biden finally expected to launch his presidential campaign adding to a record-breaking number of democratic hopefuls. latest fox news poll numbers show the vice president leading bernie sanders but anything can happen. who gets the nomination? here debate is democratic strategists robin byron.
1:43 am
thank you for joining us. looks like joe biden is finally going to make his much-anticipated announcement via video on social media but as we said anything could happen. what do you think? we looked at the pole head to head between biden and bernie and looks pretty close so far. >> it is far more likely one of these two candidates, biden is going to grab the democrat nomination but the question isn't so much, hasn't been so much is joe biden going to run but which joe biden is going to run because the options we are seeing is apologist personality where he is going around apologizing for his political career trying to appeal to the far left which doesn't have much tolerance anymore for a lot of his past policy positions which
1:44 am
they find problematic or are we going to see the joe biden emerge that will openly say he loves john mccain it is willing to reach across the aisle and work with republicans to accomplish things on behalf of americans in a bipartisan basis? shannon: what do you think? the mccain family, there was word yesterday they are going to support joe biden? >> that would be wonderful. i was on the staff in 2008. i know joe biden personally. he's a great guy. what he has got to work on is messaging for the youthful because it is going to be crucial. look at 2016, 41.9% of registered voters sat home. the question is can joe biden deliver a message exciting enough to get those apathetic people out to the polls? especially that crucial youth vote? i'm anxious to see what he has got to say. he has got to deliver.
1:45 am
he has the name id and can raise the big dollars but it comes down to that messaging and going after apathetic voters. shannon: interesting he mentioned the youth vote was the latest fox news poll comparing joe biden, bernie and the rest of the 2020 candidates, look at the top of the list here, the youth vote not sure. do you think they will turn out for that? >> i do have to point out it is ironic the party of identity politics seems to be loving old white men right now and also think it is ironic that bernie sanders is appealing to younger millennials, the youth vote more than joe biden. that is an important question, a hurdle joe biden has to face and this is the last shot for moderate democrats to grab this nomination because the party is moving more and more to the far left. >> you get the final word. can either of them beat donald trump? >> that's what it boils down to.
1:46 am
>> turn out, the 2008 model we had for obama won't work in 2019 so we have to have something fresh. shannon: interesting we have not heard from president obama at all either. we will see if he has something today if joe biden is interested. a grim milestone to tell you about for the measles outbreak as it hits the highest mark in 25 years, what you need to know and the nsa ends the controversial surveillance program launched after 9/11 so what comes next? ♪
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heather: the measles outbreak is breaking the yearly record for the 21st century. 69 new cases reported in the last week bringing the number to 695 cases across 22 states marking the worst year since 1994 where there were 963 cases reported. the highest number of outbreak sitting new york and washington state. more than 100,000 pounds of ground beef is recalled as a massive e. coli outbreak rose, the affected meet comes from a plant in georgia. more than 156 people across 10 states have been infected with e. coli since the beginning of march. the cdc says they ate beef at home or in restaurants. to protect yourself cook ground beef thoroughly, wash your hands and avoid cross-contamination. donald trump and first lady milania speaking at a drug
1:51 am
addiction summit in atlanta promising to fight the opioid crisis and save american lives. >> my administration is deploying every resource at our disposal to empower you, to support you and to fight right by your side. we will never stop until our job is done. >> the trump administration has kept ending the opioid epidemic at the forefront of its to mystic policy. the basement show the cdc 70,000 people died from overdoses in 2017. the nsa wants to stop spying on you. the wall street journal reporting the agency is asking the white house to retire the program that analyzes your calls and texts. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness here to explain. >> this is the program put into place after 9/11 and the national security agency recommending to the white house
1:52 am
that it end the surveillance program that collects information from us text messages and phone saying the logistical and legal burdens of it outweigh the benefits. this is a major reversal from what the agency had argued earlier, saying it was vital to the protection and safety of americans and senior officials reportedly believe the spying program provides limited value to national security and it is too difficult to manage logistically. it is up to the white house to decide what to do, not the nsa, no word what the white house will do with this program. heather: netflix losing friends and the office. >> possibly. this is something that could happen as we see more of these new streaming services pop up, nbc universal, disney, warner media, all of those will start taking their content off of
1:53 am
netflix, putting content up on their own streaming services so the office could go to nbc universal streaming service, this is something that according to the wall street journal they are considering, they are discussing the options for that although netflix did tweet out yesterday don't worry, the office will be on our platform until at least 2021. friends, this was another show people would be concerned would be taken off of netflix but they worked out a deal, $100 million to keep friends on netflix at least through the end of the year and warner media could take the show off of netflix, put it on their streaming service but we will wait and see. netflix in their earnings calls that this is something they had anticipated, they are prepared for, they will put more money into their content instead of having to pay for those other shows. heather: some fresh original programming. thank you so much. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the our. kamala harris says former drug
1:54 am
offenders are first in line for legal pot jobs. >> felony convictions should not be the barrier to them having employment in an industry they were part of before it was an industry. >> reporter: the former prosecutor says they weren't criminals, they were ahead of the curve. ♪
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heather: kamala harris wants former drug users to be the first to profit off of legalized marijuana. >> people who were arrested for marijuana sales were young men of color. some of those young men should be first in line to get the jobs available and there felony convictions should not be the barrier to them having employment in an industry they were part of before it was an industry. heather: the california democrat making those comments before presidential for them in houston so we asked if you agree with the senate and your comments pouring in with similar views. this is a joke, right? linda commenting on instagram marijuana is a drug period. do you want to contribute to the escalating drug problems that
1:59 am
are in existence for your own selfish benefit of securing the vote and jonathan writing let's not give those 2 qualified people. unbelievable. says he wanted the job advertisement to have humor in it. a few weeks ago we learned amazon employees can listen in on conversations with alexa. they can also find out where you live. bloomberg reports amazon has access to alexa's geographic location. no employees have used it to track anyone down. finally the ugly. a crook thinks he has the perfect disguise for robbing a store as he takes it off to carry his loot. police are searching for this
2:00 am
man, using a grocery bag as a mask, surveillance video shows him taking it off of his head and stuffing it with cash and cigarettes. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. rob: thursday, april 25th. in just hours joe biden set to announce his candidacy. jillian: the moves other democrats are making as they struggle to stay in the spotlight. what is being called the mother of all caravans inching towards the southern border, donald trump calling out congress. >> we could solve the entire problem. i would say 45 minutes but it could be more than that if democrats would agree to do certain basic common sense things. rob: his immigration fix while border agents keep shattering.


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