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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 25, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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leads to a story when i was a young lawyer a partner asked me to go on young meeting thought i was important. just so that individual could use the carpool lane. serious. jillian: we got to go. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ everybody wants to rule the world ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york city. will. ed: everybody wants to rule the world about 20 democrats do. ainsley: that's right. steve: only one gets to be the president of the united states. will it be joe biden? joe biden, any minute now, will officially release a campaign video online. is he not making a speech or anything like that. he is going to put it out there as soon as it is available and we think it is
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going to be soon available. ainsley: under construction looks like they are making changes. we will bring you that as soon as it drops. steve: i'm being told it has just appeared online. now what we will do is we will take it off the website and we will ingest it in the back room. the boiler room of the fox news channel and we should have it by the conclusion of this segment. ed: he tweeted. ainsley: what did he say? ed: fox business half hour ago waiting for announcement. you could have used that any point the last couple months. we have been waiting and waiting. steve: here's the point. when you see the video something that will be missing from it, you will not see barack obama sitting right next to him saying, you he no, i endorse him. because a source who has talked to barack obama, who was the president as joe biden was vice president said, quote: he is not
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likely tone doors in the primary. he believes that for the democratic party to move on, voters have to pick their next leaders. president obama believes in the value of a competitive presidential primary. ainsley: that doesn't look good. they were together 8 years. he did tweet this out core values of our nation, standing in the world, very democracy, everything that has made america america is at stake. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. steve: #joe 2020. ainsley: number 20 just got in the race. ed: remember he ran twice before going back to 1998. as president trump pointed out heading into the midterms 1% joe he as always been single digits. urge. steve: third time is a charm, joe biden hopes. joe 2020. but you remember back in '88
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when he ran for president he had to drop out there was a plagiarism scandal he had were alleged stole part of a speech he plagiarized the kennedys. bobby kennedy and john kennedy as well. he dropped out. then he wound up running again in 2007. he came in fifth place in iowa and that's where he got 1%. ainsley: he is still very, very popular. especially among the moderate democrats. they really like him. and many people love president obama. they lovitt fact that he stood by him. although obama is saying he is not going to endorse anyone right now. here is some of the best of the best of joe biden. steve: some of the filibusters. >> [bleep] [ applause ] >> his mom lived in long island for 10 years or so. god rest her soul. and although -- wait, your mom is still alive. it was your dad that passed. god bless her soul.
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chuck graham, state senator is here. chuck, stand up, chuck. let him see him u oh, god love you. what am i talking about? a man who will be the next president of the united states barack america. >> next population personal india. you cannot go to a 7/11 or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. you've got the first sort of mainly stream fraternal who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy. i mean, that's a story book. >> they going to put y'all back in chains. ed: i don't know why america hasn't endorsed him yet. steve: me either. we will have the official video for you in just a minute. in the meantime, the big question is, during the primary season, you've got to distinguishable yourself
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from all the other close to two dozen other democrats. so, for the most part, that means going way to the left. barack -- [laughter] mr. biden to your point is a centrist that's going to be a problem. fine in the general but harder in the primary. ainsley: he will have to be attractive to the folks on the far left. the progressives, the bernie sanders people. ed: he does not enter in single digits. hig20's. 30% in some polls is all that all name snid. ainsley: they could go into the convention without having a candidate. the democratic party is split. steve: that would be a disaster for bartender bernie ss supporters. we'll talk to tez flynn a tezlya minute. rush limbaugh. >> do you realize how
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rationale it is to think that joe b get the nomination in this current crop of democrat nominees? do you realize how rational it is to believe that joe biden could be elected president? joe biden has run for president twice. biden gaffes, audio and video and archive files all over this country. newsrooms all over the place. he hasn't ever gotten close. biden is seen as the closest thing right now that they can get to recapturing the days of obama. they can't get out of the past. they can't do it. ed: upside for joe biden among others could be that we know him. we associate him with delaware because that's where he served. he represented in the senate for decades, right? he was actually born and grew up in pennsylvania. that's one of those battle grounds that donald trump arrested away from the democrats. can joe biden's message work in a pennsylvania, in a
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wisconsin, in a michigan, get those working class democrats back who went -- they became the forgotten men and women that president trump won. ainsley: many are wondering did he miss his opportunity should he have run last time? he wa was yeefing his grieving . all the polls have him on top. either neck and neck with bernie or on top. all the problems he has had with women lately and the party changing? does he have what it takes? we will see. steve: isn't it a bad sign for joe biden, new york magazine compares him. let's go ahead and look at the headline. biden's shock and awe for 2020 raise smells like jeb's in 2016. they go to talk about -- they describe joe's show of force launch. where he will launch strategically all over the country, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. ed: is that a compliment
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comparing him to jeb? steve: that's how they compared jeb back in the day. ed: inevitable and same thing for hillary clinton if you think about it. inevitable she could get the democratic nomination. that's why folks on the left are resistant to joe biden. they don't wants the inevitable. ainsley: what happened is you had president trump enter the race and he was saying he was fighting the establishment. drain the swamp. fight the establishment. he was a different candidate. that's what many people are saying about bernie sanders. ed: joe biden has been in the swamp a long time. ainsley: 76 years old. steve: if it were joe biden against donald trump. don't you think during the campaign donald trump will say during the election don't you think you are better off today than four years ago? ed: what part of peace and prosperity don't you like? steve: here is president trump talking about the out slate of democrats who would like his job. >> democrats would like to
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win in 2020. they will not win with the people i see and not win against me. only way they can maybe luck out. and that's not going to happen. maybe even the opposite. the only way they can luck out is by constantly going after me on nonsense. steve: last year joe biden said he would beat the hell out of donald trump if they were both in high school and then donald trump would refer to him as crazy joe biden. on twitter biden would go down fast and hard crying all the way. ed: joe biden is trying to say in the launch i want to restore a healthy debate. he doesn't like what the president tweets. and he was the one who said i want to meet him out in the parking lot like we are in high school. a little bit of flip flop. ainsley: joe biden did make his announcement. he did put the video up. 1 minute and 37 minutes of that video. >> charlotte is also home to a defining moment for this nation in the last few years.
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[chanting] in august of 2017 we saw nazis and clansman come out in the open. faces illuminated by torture. veins bulging and balerring the fangs of racists the same vile hurt in europe in the 1930s. and met by a courageous group of americans in violent clash. and a brave young woman lost her life. and that's when we heard the words the president of the united states that stunned the world and shocked the conscious of this nation. he said there were were quote very fine people on both sides. very fine people on both sides? those words the president of the united states assigned a
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moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it. and in that moment, i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had ever seen in my lifetime. i wrote at the time that we're in the battle for the soul of this nation. well, that's even more true today. we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. ed: wow. steve: that is about half of the video. there has been some discussion about why he didn't declare yesterday because it sounded like he was going to be announcing yesterday. in the "new york times" yesterday they wrote this: even before he enters the race mr. biden is grappling with internal tensions as he builds an organization. a launch video crafted by his new media consultant mark putnam was not favorably received by other advisors and the former president's long time aid
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devised alternative video according to two democrats briefed on the dispute. perhaps that's the new and improved version. ed: tom donilon national security advisor in the obama white house. i'm stunned by the tone of that normally when you launch it's optimistic. this is what i want for america. he may want to attack president trump over charlottesville and they will have that debate if he is the nominee, no doubt. but what would you do different have any what are you all about, joe biden? i'm surprised by souter of the music was very somber. instead of the i'm going to do all these wonderful things. ainsley: we are waiting for him to announce. it was a little strange. ed: think about it we had heard he might launch in charlottesville and some of his advisors said that's a bad idea. look like we are politicizing it. so you don't do that but then in a big -- not the whole video but a big chunk of the video you are talking all about charlottesville. steve: as early as monday of this week the talk was he
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was going to start in charlottesville yesterday and go to pittsburgh and also philadelphia. he is not going to charlottesville. because of the push back on that. and he is not going to philadelphia. he will be at a union events on monday in pittsburgh. ainsley: i wonder if the video that wasn't favorable among some of the team if that was the video that he shot in scranton there were pictures of him in scranton where he grew up outside of the house that he grew up in and that didn't look like it was part of the video. then again we haven't seen the entire video. ed: a whole lot more. breaking news on immigration as well. we will get to all of that joe biden officially entering the presidential race just moments ago. steve: could joe biden's past come back to haunt him this time around? the next guest says he has a lot to worry about. we'll be right back. the right gear... matters. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that.
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nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. steve: former vice president joe biden announced 17 minutes ago he is officially running for president in 2020. could his past policy and public positions come back to haunt him like this exchange? >> the issues that you raised about judge thomas you refer to as an ugly issue. is that how you view these conversations? >> his words. steve: joe biden's questioning of anita hill is one of the things that could come back to haunt him this
3:18 am
election. what else he has to worry about his independent voter and bernie sanders staff tezlyn figaro joins us from houston today. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: one of the things in joe biden's resume is the 1994 crime bill which he was one of the co-authors of. that's run of the reasons he got into public service. >> absolutely. my entire -- i grew up in the 1990s. and my entire adult generation, those around me really suffered a major consequence with that bill. first time nonviolent offenders who went to prison for 15, 16, 17 years. people are still in prison right now as a result of that crime bill first step act second step act. i appreciate joe biden has atoned and regrets the consequences of that bill. we haven't seen anything to see how we are going to fix it i want to talk about the policies. what are you going to do as
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president to fix what happened in the 1990s with that bill. steve: his video which runs about three and a half minutes was just dropped and we show a minute and a half from it from the parts that we saw, there was a lot apparently about charlottesville, what do you think so of that? >> schurr. a lot of people are upset about charlottesville emotional trigger race right now. certainly emotional trigger that the left is talking about and, again, it's moving us away from actually talking about policy and actually, you know, looking at these things a little bit closer. we didn't have a chance to adjudicate these issues when joe biden was the vice president. bottom line they let it slide in 2008 and 2012. all about uncle joe helping out barack obama. no one really looked at his record. the good thing about having so many candidates run we actually will be forced to adjudicate the issues. look at it a little bit closer and i think he is going to have a lot of criticism. nice guy but a lot of criticism u. steve: he is a nice guy. he is a centrist. you know, and the party has
3:20 am
moved to the left at least the vocal part of the party has. can he get through the primary? >> that's the part that i think is important. it is important to have somebody who is center. i think everyone can't follow bernie sanders lead which clearly they are all doing. some are just pretending to be progressives on tv. i think that's a bad thing. it's not authentic and doesn't match up to the resumes. that part about joe biden i like. i actually even worked for bernie sanders. i'm more moderate and more in the center. i think that's important. but as far as the energy of the party, yeah. they are moving left. but, you know, is that going to be what is going to beat donald trump? that's an entirely different question for right now everybody is left and everybody is bernie sanders and i don't know if that will work in a general election. steve: we will see what happens. joe biden number 20 in a race for 2020. thanks for joining us from houston. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile the mother of all caravans as they are referring to it is making its way through mexico and heading for our southern border.
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our next guest says immigration is not just a security crisis. it's a financial one and tax payrolls are on the hook for it the true cost of illegal immigration coming up next. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even rooftop parking.
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3:25 am
let's bring in kristin tate. she is a contributor for the hill. kristin, you just watched that video. what's your reaction? >> well, i have always thought that joe biden would be the best person to win for the democrats. he is really the only candidate who could wins a a moderate and bring back those former blue dog democrats who voted for trump in 2016 and feel really alienated by the progressive wing of the democratic party that's shoveling socialism and open borders. if biden stays in the moderate lane, i think he could be a strong contender. ed: but are you surprised by the tone of that video? there is no doubt that he and other democrats are going to attack this president. that's part of what the resist movement wants. but in your announcement video, usually you would talk more about your optimism and where you want to take america. ainsley: more energetic, right? >> i'm surprised it wasn't a more optimistic video. this is a trap that democrats can easily fall into. they cannot win by just
3:26 am
resisting trump. they must lay out comprehensive winning policy strategies and platform. as biden continues, just running on resisting trump is not going to work. but i think he is smart enough to understand that he will have to lay out policy initiatives. ainsley: illegal immigration that was one of the reason that the folks went to the polls to the vote for president trump. they wanted that wall in an op-ed for the hill you wrote down the ongoing cost for us, the taxpayer to fund illegal immigrants in our country. tell us what you found. >> well, debates about border security often focus on national security and public safety but what's often missing from the conversation are these staggering financial burdens that illegal immigration federal, state and local budgets. in 2017, illegal immigration cost u.s. taxpayers $116 billion. this figure was derived by subtracting the total tax revenue paid by migrants
3:27 am
$19 million from the total economic impact from illegal immigration. think about what our country could do with $116 billion. we could use that money to house every single one of america's 40,000 veterans. we could use it to care for every american suffering from opioid addiction or use it to shore up our security system set to go broke. every american needs to be asking why during a period of increased cost our government is spending so much money on individuals who are not authorized to be in the united states. ed: kristin, as you know when president trump talked about sending some illegal immigrants busing them to sanctuary cities you had cher the celebrity stand up and say we can't take any more in los angeles. we have american citizens who are homeless. she seemed to be making the president's point. the point you just made about how state and local governments are being taxed with so many i services right now. >> state and local governments actually incur the majority of the cost of
3:28 am
those dealing with illegal immigration. for example in california, texas and connecticut. illegal migrants can receive taxpayer funded scholarships. probably encourages more illegal immigration and deprives u.s. citizens of scholarship opportunities and then, of course, there are a whole other host of federal costs as well. look guys i'm a libertarian. i want more immigrants coming to this country however we cannot afford to have millions of people coming here dependent on the u.s. taxpayer as milton freidman said you cannot have free immigration and welfare state. ainsley: you know a thing or two about taxes you wrote a book about it how do i tax thee. thanks so much, kristin good to see you. >> thanks for having me. ed: the president vowing his administration will do everything he can to fight the terrible opioid crisis. >> we will not solve this epidemic overnight. we will never stop until our job is done.
3:29 am
ainsley: what will it take to get that job done? our panel is here to weigh in on that next. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $409 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself, with align probiotic. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health
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>> joe: we are in the a battle for the soul of this nation i believe we will look back four years on this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. if we give donald trump 8 years in the white house. he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation who we are and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. the core values of this nation are standing in the world. our very democracy, everything that has made america america is at stake. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. steve: there is joe biden, fox news alert. former vice president just made it official this hour
3:33 am
he has entered the 2020 race. he is the 20th democrat. ainsley: that's right. is he now the 20th candidate to throw his hat in the ring his first event as a candidate will be on monday in pittsburgh. steve: although i think according to cbs down in philadelphia it sounds like is he going to have a fundraiser tonight in philadelphia at the home of the top lobbyist for comcast. so that will be interesting. because he has also got 8 u.s. congressman on the docket on the invitation. they also will be in attendance tonight in philly. ainsley: the video we have all been watching it this morning showing you clips throughout the morning. let us know what you think about that video i had he had the president ed: he had the president spoke at the heroi hair drug abe and heroin summit. >> my administration is
3:34 am
taking action against highly abusive prescription drugs. six largest drug wholesaler for illicit distribution of opioids. [applause] because we are holding big pharma accountable. they should be accountable. [applause] ed: that drug wholesaler the president mentioned now facing drug trafficking charges, two of its former execs facing life in prison. this is serious stuff. joining to us react is michael barnes director for the center of u.s. policy served as confidential council in the white house office of drug policy under george w. bush. george jonas is here in new york recovering addict and founder of the truth recovery center. and inventor of narcan pharmaceuticals. appreciate you all being here. you were at the summit in atlanta, michael, what was critical? what did you take away from
3:35 am
atlanta what the president did? >> overall the president is exactly right in his approach to opioid addiction and overdose. he talked about prevention, preventing people from using substances in the first place. intervening and getting them to treatment. the probable that i see though is that his administration is not yet fully on board. so, for example, the doj is going after the manufacturers and distribute errors of pills, that's an easy target. also they are going after addiction treatment providers who are providing the treatment that are necessary for people to enter in recovery. the fda also is preventing the -- coming on to market of new medications until 2024 using the gold standard medication unless there is a change in policy, all in all the president has a strategy but the administration really needs to get on board with what he has laid out. ed: 2024 way down the road as you point out. michael, i want to bring in jay jonas, as a recovering addict what's your perspective because it's important to hear directly
3:36 am
from. >> i feel as though going after the pharmaceutical companies is i think it's a step in the right direction. i mean talk about drug dealers. that is a positive thing. ed: you say you are proud of what the president has done so far? >> yes, very much so. he has done more than any administration has done before him. ed: go ahead. jump in. >> the problem is that we really have a problem of heroin and fentanyl. if you ask any law enforcement agent, he will say that they haven't seen a real prescription opioid medication on the street in three or more years. this is not 2010 where pill mills are operating this is an issue of chinese and mexican illicit substances. ed: let's get dr. crystal in here as the inventor of narcan we are fortunate to have you here. you have heard these two perspectives. what are your thoughts, sir? >> thank you. so, from my point of view, absolutely we have this
3:37 am
opioid crisis has been over a decade in the making. and absolutely the initiative to try and address what's happened in the past but we need to look forward. and looking forward, i'm encouraged very much by the government's recognition as opioid addiction a chronic disease. i think that's a very important standing point. when we look to the future, agreeing with michael here, we look at now what type of opioids are people overdosing on, in particular? and fentanyl is really what really worries us as a company and really as a country we also are very concerned. most of that is, in fact, coming from china. and thus as a company working on a follow-on product nasal naloxone, we think this is better suited for a fenta fentanyl overdose. chemical attack on this. he had today your point president trump has got then
3:38 am
new deal with china. put pressure on them. talked about the spread of drugs across the border from mexico. these are critical issues. he has been on top of it. what i'm hearing from all of you want to see more from the rest of his administration and pushing him in the days ahead. we appreciate all of your perspectives. doctor and michael as well as jay. thank you for coming. in we appreciate it? >> thank you. ed: jillian has more headlines. good morning, jillian. jillian: good morning to you and good morning to you at home as well. doubling down on what caused them to release that you sketch of the suspect accused of killing two indiana girls. new information in the case called for its release even though the sketch was drawn two years ago. of the man depicted in the older sketch is no longer are a suspect. one of the girls took this video of the potential suspect. another tiger attacks its keeper this time at animal sanctuary in arizona. the park's owner is recovering after he was bitten by the 11-year-old
3:39 am
bengal tiger. he also broke two bones. the tiger was not injured and will not be put down. you remember last week a zookeeper was sent to intensive care after she was attacked by a tiger in topeka, kansas. a wanted man is so desperate to escape the law he leads police on a wild run across a highway. the suspect had just got noon a car accident before sprinting across the interstate in florida. he then kr5u8d under a semi-truck and races to the other side. the weeds nearby are so thick they stopped him in his tracks. turns out he was wanted on a parole violation. hard labor, odd hours. low pay. a missouri fire department gets real with a sales pitch trying to recruit firefighters with this sign. he said most job ads are boring he wanted to add so humor to it. go outside to janice dean. janice: good morning. hi what's your name? >> jennifer. >> what's your name.
3:40 am
>> brian. >> where are you from? >> northfield, new jersey. janice: i love it you guys greenfield, north carolina all the way to see fox news. what's your name. >> mike coagulate. my big brother kyler u.s. army basic training. proud of you. hi dad thanks for 28 years usmc. look at the people we have today at 6:30. it's fantastic. we love you. take a look at the maps here in new york city. a beautiful day by the way. if you are starting it here in new york city. it's going to be i believe, in the, well, let's see, i need glasses, 49 degrees right now in new york city. chicago is 48. 62 in atlanta, georgia. so here's the system we are watching right now. we had some earlier tornado reports in louisiana, we have had tornado reports in texas and this system is going to bring unfortunately more potential for heavy rainfall, large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes and that's going to move east and then we watch this next system out of rockies that could bring snow across
3:41 am
the you were midwest over the next couple of days. wave to ed and ainsley and steve. look at these beautiful people today. signs and everything. woohoo. steve: thanks, j.d. and her people. it's 19 minutes exactly before the top of the hour on this busy thursday. president trump says if democrats try to impeach him, he goal all the way to the supreme court. but, would he have a reason to do that? ainsley: judge napolitano is on that coming up next. steve: why can't we be friends? ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ around for a long, long time ♪ so, you're open all day, that's what 24/7 means, sugar. kind of like how you get 24/7 access to licensed agents with geico. hmm? yeah, you just go online, or give them a call anytime. you don't say. yep. now what will it take to get 24/7 access to that lemon meringue pie?
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. quick headlines regarding your privacy. facebook may have to pay 5 3w-8dz fine. the hefty payout is expected to be handed down by the
3:45 am
federal trade commission. the social media giant under scrutiny after reports surfaced that the british firm cambridge analytica gained access of data from millions of users. and not only can amazon employees listen in on your conversations with alexa. apparently they can also find out where you live. bloomberg reports that workers have access to alexa's geographic location but no employees have reportedly use it to track anyone down. yikes. ainsley: all right. thank you so much, jillian. president trump threatening to take legal action if democrats push for impeachment. the president tweeting this: did i nothing wrong if the partisan dems ever tried to impeach i would first head to the u.s. supreme court. steve: let's talk to fox news judicial analyst and host of liberty file judge andrew napolitano. andrew, can congress impeach anybody they want. >> they can impeach anyone they want set forth in the constitution the courts have no say in it.
3:46 am
famous case called the united states vs. nixon not richard nixon. a federal judge whose last name was nixon. who the house impeached and fryer his trial in the senate he tried to get a federal court to say there's no basis for this. you have got to stop it. went all the way to the supreme court which said the judiciary has no jurisdiction here. it can't do anything. if the house indicts, we call it impeach, then the trial held in the senate and no court has the authority to stop it. the president was probably unaware of that case and of that case law. so, the bottom line is, nothing they can do about it because impeachment is political. has to be a legal basis for it. treason, bribery, and then there is that fudgy -- steve: high crimes and misdemeanors. judge: other high crimes and misdemeanors. when richard nixon and bill clinton were the subject of articles of impeachment the high crimes and demeanors misdes obstruction of justice.
3:47 am
we know it can be a basis for impeachment but the courts won't get involved. steve: meanwhile it sounds like the house with its oversight responsibilities would like to call in house members to talk about security clearances don mcgahanna. mcgahn. drawing a line we are not letting anyone come. >> when they invite to you testify you can ignore them. when they subpoena you have to do something. either comply with it or bring it to your lawyer and have your lawyer challenge it which apparently is what the president is going to do. don mcgahn doesn't work for the government anymore. he could walk in to jerry nadler's committee hearing room and just take the oath and start testifying i don't think he is going to do that i think is he going to defer to the white house wishes which is to challenge the subpoena. ultimately a judge will decide. when the president of the united states aloud don mcgahn to be interrogated by
3:48 am
fbi agents. federal prosecutors and, perhaps, we don't know this, a federal grand jury, because that's kept secret, did the president wave, give up his executive privilege? arguments on both sides. if he did, once it's given up, it's gonel forever. if he did not, then he can hold back some of the things that congress wants to ask don mcgahn about. steve: because congress does have oversight authority of the executive branch. >> yes. and the subpoenas are presumed to be valid. so it is the president's legal team's burden to prove why that subpoena would invade some right that the president has. look, when richard nixon did this, about the tapes, he lost. and the supreme court came down on the side of the courts and the congress to subpoena these things from the president. ainsley: what's going on liberty file on fox nation? >> oh, boy. today on liberty file on fox nation, senator mike lee when the government came into existence and the
3:49 am
people consented to it, does that consent bind us? steve: great question. he had goad to fox nation to get the answers. ainsley: thank you, judge. steve: straight ahead on this busy thursday. you know how it's important to make a good first impression. right? >> why do i want you as my assistant? >> access to the club. >> what do you think of your new assistant? >> i want to punch you in the face so bad right now. >> don't try that brian brenberg says it's especially true for young workers. he is back for day four. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at
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ainsley: today's college grads will be working for and alongside people of you different generations can lead to expectations how work gets done. next guest says it's important for young employees to make a good first impression. back for day four of our post college prep series is brian brenberg chair of the program of business and finance at kings college in new york city. hey, brian, professor, good morning, good to see you. >> you bet. ains he's will the's get through to make a good first impression. you never get a second chance. >> right. day one. ainsley: you say don't assume you have the answers. what do you mean? >> you are coming into your workplace with your diploma and so eager to share all the things you learned in college. you have to recognize it's going to take you probably 3 to six months to get to the point where you are a real contributor. have the humility to know that restrain the urge to tell everyone what they're doing wrong and instead have a posture of learning. i want to understand how this place works. show me how that happens. ainsley: that's great advice and be able to take
3:54 am
constructive criticism. okay. you say do show your colleagues you are ready to learn. >> this is really, what i mean is notebook and pen glued to your hands for three months. you never go to a meeting without them. one of the worst things can you do as new employee show up at meeting at empty-handed next boss looks at you do you not understand you have so much to learn how are you going to take notes you? really want to have them, show them the many are and humility to say i'm here to learn. give me information i'm going to put it down on paper. i'm going to look at it i'm going to remember it i want to get better at what i do. ainsley: this is good one. don't be glued to your phone. >> there is this impression amongst millennials and genz all they do is look at their devices all day. don't perpetuate that don't walk around the office with your device. don't give people the sense you are not paying attention to them. you may be taking notes on your phone they probably think you are texting somebody. don't do that. ainsley: bring a notebook.
3:55 am
you say do prioritize face-to-face meetings. >> one of the best things can you do is get to know people in the office. build trust with. they get to know their names. make your first priority learning everybody's name. they will be more likely to answer your email or pay attention to what you are doing if they have trust in you and that's going to start with a face-to-face relationship. ainsley: this is a good one. don't wait for someone to tell what you to do. >> millennials genz have this reputation of being coddled and mike co-managed as kids which means they don't have initiative or creativity. if you are sitting at your desk waiting for somebody to tell what you to do you will perpetuate that stereotype. don't do that think about being active. how can you contributes without anybody getting you into the game. look around for opportunities. ainsley: last one you say do proactive. >> this is looking for pain points in your colleague's lives. what are they doing? what does their work involved. where are they having trouble. where are papers piling up. offer your help. they may not need it. that's a good way to show that you are looking for
3:56 am
ways to learn and be a contributor without someone always having to hold your hand. ainsley: these are great tips. thank you so much, professor. >> you bet. ainsley: you will be back tomorrow continue post college prep. >> back tomorrow one more piece. ainsley: tomorrow the tech takeover and the importance of building our children's skill set. >> how do you navigate that world? it's tough but you can do it. ainsley: thank you so much. joe biden officially entering the 2020 race this morning and former president obama's team just weighed in. that's next. >> the president of the united states, a sign of moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those --nd ke this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined.
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steve: this is a fox news alert. exactly one hour ago joe biden who was vice president of the united states for 8 years announced he would like to be our next president. he put out a 3 minute and 30 seconds video and here is a portion of it edited. >> i was is there in august
4:00 am
of 2017 i saw clansman and nazis come out in the open and that's when we heard the words of the president of the united states that stunned the world and shocked conscience of this nation. he said there were, quote: some very fine people on both sides. in that moment i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i have ever seen in my lifetime. we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. but if we give donald trump 8 years in the white house he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and i can not stand by and watch that happen. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states we can't forget what happened in charlottesville. even more important we have to remember who we're. this is america.
4:01 am
ed: a lot to unpack. ainsley: aggressively attacking our president based on comments made after the charlottesville incident. it's anti-race, anti-hate, antiwhite supremacy. i was thinking when he announced it would be cheerful music and pomp and circumstance and proud to be an american. the american flag. it was a different tone. ed: usually you get in and want to reflect that optimistic tonal and tell us, tell the american people what is your vision for america? i got it there is a resist movement in this country that wants to take out donald trump over everything, basically. especially something like charlesville. and if you think that's a moment that you want to highlight, it seems to me it would be-could be part of the video. but it seems it turned out to be a dominant part of the video the music is somber, down beat, down cast, tear the president down. and less about what you would do differently. >> right. it's not the typical ronald reagan morning in america
4:02 am
kind of video. we had tezlyn figaro on. she used to work with bernie sanders last time around. we talked a little bit about how charlottesville takes up so much of this launch video. and here is her observation. >> a lot of people are upset about charlottesville. it's an emotional trigger. race right now certainly an emotional trigger that the left is talking about. and, again, it's moving us away from actually talking about policy. and actually, you know, looking at these things a little bit close. we didn't have a chance to adjudicate these issues when joe biden was the vice president. bottom line they let it slide in 2008 and 2012. it was all about uncle joe helping out barack obama. no one looked at his record. the good thing about having so many candidates run is we actually will be forced to adjudicate the issues. look at little bit closer. i think he is going to have a lot of criticism. steve: some news has broken in the last hour, we thought that the only event was going to be the launch of the video. and then on monday there was going to be -- he is going
4:03 am
to be attending a union meeting in pittsburgh. that is true. however, we understand now mr. biden is on "the view" tomorrow. also, senator coons, chris coons, who currently holds the senate seat that joe biden did, became the first official u.s. senator to endorse him. he was followed by pennsylvania senator bob casey. ed: let's brings in dan bongino former secret service agent. host of the dan bongino podcast. dan, good morning to you. >> good to see you guys. good morning. ed: what's your immediate reaction to that video? >> well, he goes right to identity politics, of course. and there is a reason he does that, biden. i mean, think about it, ed. is biden really going to run on hey, let's just go back to the economy of four years ago by the time the election comes around? he has nothing of substance. what's he going to run on? the takeover of the student loan market in the obama
4:04 am
administration bankrupting it? obamacare and that disaster? they couldn't even get a website up and running. are you going to run on the 1% growth rate? let's return to 1% growth? what's he going to run on? so some focus group came to him and said, listen, you got to go back to the spurious nonsensical ridiculous charges that donald trump is a racist. it's tired. it's old. and i will be honest with you, ed. i'm a little disappointed. i thought biden you guys just hit the nail on the head was going to come out with that bill clinton hope arkansas type ad. look at me, i'm here. and we are going to come back and what does he do? comes out with a tired old donald trump is a racist. this stupid ad with no basis in fact at all. it's really disappointing. ainsley: so. some of the people, well, many people in the media have been asking where is president obama? why isn't he standing next to him? why isn't he endorsing him? and president obama spokesperson said. this said president obama
4:05 am
has long said that selecting joe biden as his running mate in 2008 was one of the best decisions he ever made. he relied on the vice president's knowledge and insight and judgment in the campaign in the entire presidency. the special bond last 10 years and remain close. sources close to president obama said he is going to remain neutral and not going tonal doors. president obama is excited about the extraordinary and diverse talent lineup of democratic primary candidates. he believes primary in 2007 and 2008 not only made him a better general election candidate but a better president, too. and because of that, it's unlikely that he will throw his support behind a specific candidate this early in the primary process preferring, instead, to let the candidates make their cases directly to the voters. what's going on there? what's happening behind the scenes? >> i'm not sure the relationship between obama and joe biden is as rock solid as everybody in the left wing media wants you to believe. he made no effort to push joe biden into the last race against donald trump.
4:06 am
none. as a matter of fact, there is some reports out there his team told him to stay out of it because it was hillary's turn. you know, what kind of loyalty is it? joe biden for almost down sizing significant stuff by obama, why isn't obama out there now? one more thing hanging out there. you know, this thing going on with ukraine right now and his son. i don't know how much obama knows about it or doesn't. but it's a serious thing. it's been reported on pretty extensively about pretty heavy corruption in ukraine that his son hunter may have been involved. in who knows, maybe obama has some information on and this little hesitant to get behind him. steve: i'm sure the rnc put out statements ronna mcdaniel tweeted this out about five minutes ago. she said if joe biden wants to keep score in 8 years biden and olbermann had a net loss of 193,000 manufacturing jobs in just over two years. donald trump has created
4:07 am
453,000 manufacturing jobs. don't let biden take us backwards. that touches on what you were talking about earlier it's the economy. >> right. let's not forget the record. the obama-biden economic disaster was the worst recovery from a recession in modern u.s. history. listen, don't take my word for it. i'm actually begging the audience not to take my word for it. go look that up yourself. we measure economic growth by shockingly growth rates. the growth rates were the worst in modern u.s. history recession. when ronald reagan said are you better off now than you were four years ago? trump could just take that line and repackage it now. and all of these union workers and middle class workers that joe biden thinks is he going to get. these aren't stupid people. i have a lot of friendly union contacts having grown up in new york. i will tell you 100 percent behind donald trump. it's because they are working and working at
4:08 am
substantially higher wages than they were before. it's not a history. ed: dan, what about the way that the russia investigation started and all the talk, especially from your book forward we're talking now about how the fbi, the justice department and the cia folks like john brennan from the obama days may be held accountable. joe biden had not just any seat at the table. he had a big seat at the table. we'll don't yet know what he knew or did not know about the dossier and all of the rest. how does that play into his campaign? >> well, it's significant because it was the large es political scandal involving political spying in u.s. history. i wouldn't even say in modern u.s. history. we know human intelligence assets were used. we know national security letters were used. why know secret surveillance court were used to spy on the trump team. that's not in dispute. the problem is what's the connection to the white house? well, there are two texts from peter strzok, andy mccabe and others going to come back and hawntsd biden
4:09 am
and others in the white house. first the white house is running this. the tweet between lead investigators and the fbi. what were they running? were they referring to the crossfire hurricane case? because if they were they are in a world trade. that was in august. the second is in october where andy mccabe is talking about a meeting at the white house between the cia, him and some of the investigators, and he says we need to speak with one voice on this. on what? are you talking about the crossfire hurricane case? because there is not going to be any plausible didn't if those texts are about the white house. ainsley: you know, dan, when you see joe biden making that plea antiracism, antiwhite supremacy, it might actually be a winning message especially after bernie sanders was on stage yesterday at this women's forum in houston called she the people forum. he was answering questions about racism. the who host said what do you to fight white supremacy and white supremacy violence? his comments got some
4:10 am
michaemoans andgroans. i was at the march in washington in 1964. the crowd started yelling i know there were moans and groans because he was dodging the question he wouldn't answer it. went into rant about minimum wage and medicare for all and wasn't giving them what they wanted to hear. >> well, this is the strategy amongst the left that has worked for them for a long time. the strategy is. this. it's not vote for us. it's don't vote for the republicans because they're -- fill in the blank. put an ist at the end of something racist, misogynist. it's not based on fact in reality it's based on a political strategy not to get to you vote for them but to vote against the republican. that's kind of -- it's going to tail off because sooner or later you have to put
4:11 am
meat on the bone. donald trump has done that in the form of economic growth. and going to have a hard time now, i think biden or anyone else selling them exclusively on identity politics message. in other words, those guys are the bad guys. because people are now seeing the results. what's so bad about this? economic growth? wages increasing? i'm not sure it's going to work. biden does have one advantage. i would be remiss if i didn't put it out there. primary elections are name i.d. fights. that's it. there is no party next to you. no other sheet sheet name i.d. fight only and biden unquestionably has the name i.d. advantage and he is going to be testimony at the top of the lot of ballots too that are in alphabetical order. those things can make a difference by 1 or 2 points in plurettle plurality races. steve: he will show up at this event in pennsylvania. he is from scranton, pennsylvania. that's one of the states democrats need to win to take back the white house.
4:12 am
he has a home state advantage regarding that. the fact that it's a primary, in the primaries most of the time you poll to your extreme. is he a centrist guy. so how does he stay in the center yet appeal to all those progressives who have really gone way left? >> right. but, steve, that's assuming it's a majority wins primary which most of them aren't. they ar blur rattleblur rattle . bernie, buttigieg, beto, kamala harris, elizabeth warren, don't assume these are all majority race -- if they were, i would agree with you. blur rattle. plurality. we routed in the next one when we had name i.d. and i took 90 percent or something like that. plurality wins races progressives are going to eat themselves alive. you display bernie with 24%. buttigieg with 5%.
4:13 am
plurality races the name i.d. matters. almost everything in these states. steve: do you know what that would mean then? that could mean by the time we get to the convention next summer, no democrat might actually have enough votes to win in the first ballot which means a brokered convention which means the bernie sanders people are going to be terrified hey, they are going to steal this from us again. >> yes, don't forget, steve, the dems changed the rules. we numbewe neutered the super delegates. linked heavily to the establishment go against biden and vote for bernie? not a chance in haiti. don't believe the super delegates have been neutered nonsense not true. good point about second or third ballot. ed: pointed out that joe biden can be a gaffe machine when he run on his own without barack obama by his side or he by obama's side
4:14 am
as v.p. he has just gotten single digits in part because of the gaffes. let's listen to some of them and get to you react. >> this is a big [bleep] deal. >> his mom lived in long island for 10 years or so. god rest her soul. and although she is -- wait. your mom is still alive. it was your dad that passed. [laughter] god bless her soul. chuck graham, state senator is here. stand up, chuck. great to see. god love you, what aim talking about? >> a man who will be the next president of the united states barack america. >> delaware, the largest growth in population is indian american. from india. you cannot go to a 7/11 or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> got the first sort of mainstream african-american
4:15 am
who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. i mean, that's a story-book. >> they are going to put y'all back in chains. ed: there he is talking about race and just as he does in the announcement video, thinking that the irish prime minister's mom had died. god bless her soul, dan. not rest her soul. [laughter] >> yeah, this guy is like the teddy rukspin of gaffes. put a quarter in and a gaffe comes out. is he has a gift for it i'm not sure how much of the other gaffes hurt him. he had the comments about obamacare. i think what does hurt him though is some of these comments which in this woke generation i'm using air quotes talking about indian americans like that and put y'all back in chains? what does that mean? the comments about obama that first guy was clean? i mean what does that mean? he took a shower?
4:16 am
i mean i honestly have no idea what that means. i think that's going to hurt him with this woke generation? how do you run on identity politics when you talk like that about people? and listen, guys, is he a male white which doesn't mean anything to me or anyone who judges people on their character but to the woke generation that's almost everything. ainsley: remember when president obama said in january we need new blood in the party. that raised some eyebrows because joe biden is 76 years old. >> joe biden has been running for president since 1902. [laughter] ed: close. steve: all right, dan bongino joining us from the beautiful state of florida. dan, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, dan. >> thanks, guys. steve: meanwhile, we have another fox news alert. brand new video seen first on fox news showing nearly 300 migrants crossing the border under the cover of night. ainsley: right now, thousands more are on their way traveling in the mother of all caravans. ed: griff jenkins live in
4:17 am
washington as white house tries whole new plan to try to reform legal immigration as well. good morning, griff. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and ed. interesting you won't find anything about the crisis at the border in joe biden's video. from border patrol you get this new video shown first here on fox. agents shooting large group of 271 migrants being apprehended yesterday. most of them central american family units and unaccompanied children. one of the many ways of illegal crossings every day and part of the overall border apprehensions hitting 418,000 last week surpassing the total number of all of 2018 in the last seven months. president trump says this could all be fixed very quickly. >> we could solve the entire problem. i say 45 minutes but it could go a lot quicker than that if the democrats would agree to do certain basic common sense things with respect to our laws. i have spoken to some
4:18 am
recently. you might be surprised what's going to happen. ed: he didn't give them any material. >> advisor jared kutcher will soon present the president with comprehensive immigration plan. one part border security the other will be legal immigration proposing a shift towards a merit-based system. remember that mother of all caravans. it's stimented to be in the 10,000 range. mostly central and southern mexico. many hopped a train called the beast yesterday steaming north towards the u.s. agents say they are stretched then but they will be ready when this arrives soon. ed, ainsley, steve? jillian: following a number of stories. we begin with this fox news alert. billionaire father of two easter sunday suicide bombers now arrested on suspicion of helping his terrorist son. is he a well-known spice mogul in sri lanka. video shows the brother inside hotel elevator moments before blowing themselves up.
4:19 am
u.s. now actively involved in the investigation. >> every indication is that this was at the very least inspired by isis and i think we'll have more information developed about whether there were any actual connections. jillian: 359 people are confirmed dead. parents are due in court on murder charges as the search for a missing boy comes to a tragic end. 5-year-old a.j. friend found wrapped in plastic and dumped in a shallow grave in illinois. police say joanne cunningham and andrew led them to a.j.'s body after reporting him missing one week ago. they have been on investigator's radar ever since a.j. was born addicted to opiates. >> he no longer has to suffer. >> hundreds attended a vigil for a.j. last night. russia wants north korea to give up nuclear weapons. vladimir putin speaking with kim jong un saying north korea needs guaranteed securities before it gives up its nuclear program.
4:20 am
he is ready to brief president trump about the summit that just wrapped up overnight. president trump and kim jong un did not come to an agreement at their summit earlier this year in vietnam over disagreements about sanctions. that's a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: man there is a lot going on. ainsley: yes, there is. thanks, jillian. steve: some democrats are pushing for impeachment. fisa abuse from the department of justice is going to come out shortly. ed: going to be something. next guest who investigated president clinton says this could be one of the biggest scandals washington has ever seen. allergies with sinus congestion and pressure? you won't find relief here. go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d.
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♪ >> time now for news by the
4:24 am
numbers. first, 56 tons that's how much ground beef being recalled amid a growing e.coli outbreak. the affected meet comes from a factory down in georgia more than a 156 people across different states have been impacted by hamburger. next, two. that's how many times overtime it takes will hurricanes to eliminate the nhl's defending champs. the hurricanes washington capitols 4-3 in game seven. they will new york islanders in second round of playoffs tomorrow night. finally 400 pounds. that's the size of this huge alligator apparently, yeah, right there. running late for tee time. sean taking a stroll across the golf course before cooling off in nearby lagoon. that's some of your news by the numbers. ed: move to the back. thank you. a number of democrats moving for impeachment even after release of the mueller
4:25 am
report. >> i think made it pretty clear that he deserves impeachment. >> the tools that we are given for that accountability is the impeachment process. >> i believe congress should take the steps towards people. >> we are going to have to impeach, i just wish it was sooner rather than later. ed: all of this happening as michael horowitz is gearing up to release his own report of potential fisa abuse. could those results derail any impeachment plans here with insight is fox news contributor former deputy independent council during the white water lewenski probe saul alinsky. >> what do you expect from this inspector general report? >> i expect it's going to be very, very hard-hitting. michael horowitz is a person of impeccable integrity. ed, a lot of people don't know this in 2010 eric
4:26 am
holder come up with unprecedented radical interpretation of the inspector general's powers. horowitz is the inspector general. and said all of the sudden inspector general you can't get any national security information, including what's called title 3 surveillance type activities for national security. ironically, this is the kind of stuff that was probably done we know know was done with president trump. michael who are swits leading this investigation. you can expect him to be very ethical. very hard-hitting he will not seek to expand his charter. i don't want to go overboard. i don't want to be like people who for two years
4:27 am
said mueller is going to destroy the trump presidency i think it's going to a major political factor. ed: these could be the officials in the firing line if you will who signed off on the fisa application. james comey, sally yates, andrew mccabe, rod rosenstein and dana boente. joe gin have joe degin have a wn lawyer wraps program last some of these folks may face criminal prosecution. what say you? >> i'm skeptical about people facing criminal prosecution. i will believe it when i see it and i certainly would be very surprised if dana boente or rod rosenstein were seriously imindicated
4:28 am
in this. it's something quite different when you are talking about something that happened with the people in the obama administration who authorized surveillance of the political campaign of the opposition party of their main candidate. that's very, very shocking and something that should concern us all. so, again, i wouldn't go, joe has been wrong before. we don't always make correct predictions. so don't -- i don't think we should get ourselves too excited about. this i think we want a fair router. and if there were abuses, i think horowitz will not hesitate to spell them out. ed: you make an important point democrats spent two years jumping ahead of the facts on collusion. it's important to let this report come out and let the facts leading the way. solsaul wisenburg we appreciate you coming in today. former to obama spoke to
4:29 am
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(vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. >> we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. but if we give donald trump 8 years in the white house. he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation who we are, and i can not stand by and watch that happen. the core values of this nation are standing i our stande world, our very democracy. everything that has made america america is at stake. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. steve: there you have joe biden and a fox news alert. the former vice president has made it official 90 minutes ago. he officially entered the 2020 race with this video.
4:33 am
ainsley: he is now the 20th candidate, look at that, to throw their hat into the ring. ed: the former veep is expected to attend a fundraiser tonight in philly. hold first campaign event on monday in pittsburgh. robert wolf, former economic advisor to the obama-biden administration founder and cio of 32 advisors and ceo of u.b.s. americas. good morning, sir. >> good to be here. ainsley: one of president obama's good friends and good friend of joe biden. >> over a decade i have known him very, very well. ed: what do you think about the tone of this video. usually we would see this is my vision of america. here is the american flags and this is what i will do differently than donald trump. instead it appears a little bit dark and negative. >> i would disagree. i thought it was powerful and compassionate. if there this polarizing environment it's contrast to the president. the truth is i think he is saying we have to bring people together and this is not the right way. and i'm going to show you the right way.
4:34 am
i think it's very powerful and i think there is a reason his polls, the monmouth poll come out top in the democratic field. poll came out he was plus 8 over trump. i know polls mean nothing at this point. he has really been rests sonating thresonating the last w weeks he looks like the most powerful candidate to go against president trump. steve: or it just the fact that he has the best name recognition you? look at those 20 faces and did you go well, i know that one and i know that one. but, joe biden was vice president for, you know, 8 years and he has been a u.s. senator for decades. >> yeah, i think there is no question early on name recognition matters. we know at this point in 2008 or 2007 rudy giuliani was beating hillary clinton and barack obama came president. the guy backing obama when he was 1% i know many things can change. i would say it's a little different. i would say name recognition is actually more important today because when there is a field of 20, you know, you
4:35 am
are going to have a lot of people get 10 to 15%. and then all of a sudden name recognition on stage doesn't cost you money to introduce yourself there is going to be a fight for money. >> who we go outside and ask people on the street do you know who this candidate is some people see that picture who is that and running for president. where is president obama and wondering why he is not endorsing joe biden or hasn't come out and said this is the guy. >> former presidents never endorse. maybe the only one who did was president bush endorsed his brother. they just don't endorse. they sit on the sidelines and wait for the primary to actually take place. they don't like to put their finger on the scale. it's not a surprise. >> who do you think they will vote for. >> i think he will vote for whoever is the nominee. >> i have been with him for over a decade. i mean, their love for each other is real. there is no question that, you know, michelle and joe and jill and joe.
4:36 am
ainsley: does that mean he wants him to be president. >> i think he would love him to be president. i don't think president obama wants joe or any of the field to beat president trump? ed: would barack obama really want to see bernie sanders as president as a socialist and i ask you to frame it, you know, in a broader context here. how does joe biden beat bernie sanders in this primary when he has got money, he has big crowds and he seems, bernie, to have real energy? >> there is no question you cannot discount bernie sanders. you would say today until joe biden announced he was absolutely the frontrunner. he had the most money. he has the most grassroots. he has been running for four years. and he has a lane that really no one is matching yet. the populist left. that being said within the party, we're not sure if he just has the highest floor at 20% and does he have possibly a ceiling at 30%? we don't know. but it's clear that one of the reasons i think the polls for vice president biden has gone up. he is viewed as the
4:37 am
candidate that can best beat bernie sanders and president trump. i think there is a loft democrats that want to see that. steve: you were talking about, one thing bernie has got he has the online support. he has got all these small donors which joe biden doesn't have. doesn't really have the digital footprint that the other candidates do. but you were talking about what their lane is. >> yeah. >> what's joe biden's lane? >> you know, i think a few things. and i know we hate putting people in lane because it's for the party. he was the number one surrogate during the midterms and could go to literally every place. steve: he did. >> from the coast to the rust belt to the south. he is the one person that plays well everywhere. he could go for conor lamb and he could go for andrew gillum. i think that's really powerful. because we lost the blue wall of michigan, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania to president trump. steve: all the candidates he helped owe him. >> they owe him back. i think he is going to have incredible amount of support. the other thing i would say on fundraising small donors
4:38 am
are critically important gets grassroots support out. 18 million is greater than 12. 12 million is greater than 9. all joe has to do is show he can raise. i know as a fact someone given to joe and i have given to five other candidates. ton of people have given to joe because they want to show support. i don't think we have a money issue with joe biden. the other thing i think ainsley to your point, whether you have name recognition, you don't have to pay for ads to introduce yourself. there is a big difference when we go on stage in june where there is 20 candidates or 22, i think there is two more that's going to enter. and all of a sudden people know joe. you don't have t waste seven minutes introducing himself. ainsley: he has the experience, too. >> he has the experience and he has a few gaffes that i saw you guys put out. ainsley: will that hurt him? >> no. it makes him regular joe. everyone has gaffes. we even have gaffes. [laughter] steve: he does appear to be a very likeable guy. >> yeah. steve: he has a great stage presence.
4:39 am
that's what you are talking about. >> i think, you know, president trump really won the union vote. i mean, he was, you know, whether i was supportive or not which we know where i was, there is no question industrial america voted for this guy. i actually think today these unions and industrial america they are going to look at joe because he is a kitchen table candidate. he is someone that when you talk at the kitchen table about your problems, wages, and infrastructure and trade. ed: but wages are up manufacturing jobs have been created. >> i'm a facts guy, too. i can give you facts where people are still hurting. and i can give you facts where things are better. i think in this environment we are going to see both sides of the equation. i don't think people feel great. and we're -- i think there is much better we can do. that doesn't mean it's not better. okay? i want to be clear. i'm positive on the economy. i think the president has done a good job on the economy. i can tell you a lot of things that haven't worked
4:40 am
well like trickle down economics. no disrespect. they are not trickling down. ed: robert wolfe appreciate your insight. ainsley: always love having you on especially today joe biden. >> i tried to get you tweeted his launch video 10 different ways. steve: we have been working. ainsley: sorry i haven't been reading my text messages. >> i can't believe you don't want to tweet out joe's launch video. ed: i'm sure we will. steve: we will have it on our facebook page. >> there you go. steve: 20's minutes now before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with news. jillian: good morning. a teenager is behind bars for the murders of a postal worker. the 17-year-old is accused of shooting a mail carrier in new mexico after intervening in an argument between the teen and his mom. jose hernandez was shot dead at the scene. he reportedly tried pending off the shooter by spraying him with mace. he was 12 year employee of the postal service and army vernal. cast of empire is calling
4:41 am
for jussie smollett's return. the actor was cut from the end of the fifth seasons amid allegations he staged a hate crime against himself. writing to fox extifsz in part quote is he honest and above all filled with integrity. togethertogether as a a united t we stand with jussie smollett and ask that our co-star brother and friend be brought back four our sixth season of empire no. further word on disasmghts willful defiance. the bill passed by the stat senate would bar teachers and staff from suspending students if they disrupt school activities and fail to listen to reprimand. it applies to grades 4 through 12 until year 20205. governor jerry brown recently vetoing a similar bill now moves to the state house of representatives. have you ever wanted to fake a vacation to impress your friends? >> hey. i'm in hawaii, too. >> very, very cool.
4:42 am
[chanting] >> i love that movie. now you can fake that vacation because a company actually named fake a vacation will super impose your photo to on images from popular places doctored pictures range from 17 to $80. i feel like this is a result of social media and the world we live in. ainsley: really. why would you want to fake a vacation. steve: one under water with a shark behind you? come on. ed: answer is easy look good on instagram. ainsley: be better than that, world. everyone wants everyone to be jealous of them go on great vacations posting pictures. thanks, jillian. brand new video showing nearly 300 migrants caught crossing the border into texas. and the mother of all caravans right behind them u. steve: our next guest patrols the border every day and says they need all the help they can get right now.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
patrol has released this video of nearly 300 migrants caught crossing the border in to texas. this as they reveal new numbers on our southwest border apprehensions. the numbers so far this year already surpassing the total number of apprehensions last fiscal year. and thousands more could be on the way. the so-called mother of all caravans is heading towards the united states with as many as 10,000 migrants. joining us right now to weigh in is the border patrol agent and vice president of the national border patrol council hector garza. hector, good morning to you. >> good morning. well, you look at this video. 300 overnight. the mother of all caravans heading our way. why so many now? this caravan is no accident. results of policies, result of congress not acting and continuing to encourage illegal immigration that's why we continue to see
4:47 am
asylum seekers abusing our immigration laws. frankly president trump is doing everything in his power to be crisis but democrats and some activists are doing everything behind his back to undermine his authority asigh limb seeker abusing our laws using the laws to their advantage if people don't like the laws regarding catch and release and things like that change the laws. it comes down to congress which, you know, both sides dug in and not going to get together on this. >> you know, steve, we made it very clear that this falls squarely on the hands of congress. the members of congress are not acting. they have already admitted that there is a crisis on the border. you hear what senator bernie sanders saying and cory booker they are acknowledging there is a crisis on the border. the question is what are you doing about it? the reality is that members of congress are not acting. >> well, when it comes to mexico because a lot of these people come from the triangle countries in central america and then they are able to get into
4:48 am
mexico. mexico needs to do more. and it sounds like, you know, the pressure campaign the president has put on mexico has worked. because this mother of all caravans currently at 10,000. a couple of weeks ago it was 20,000. and a lot of those people were turned around by mexico and placed back into their countries. >> yeah. you know what, steve? president trump has been doing a great job. and is he putting the right pressure on mexico. and that's why now they are acting. but no other president has held mexico accountable like president trump. we are very supportive of president trump for doing that yeah. they are acting. they are moving and stopping some of these caravans because not the situation at the border will only get worse. steve: all right. hector, thank you very much for joining us today from san antonio. >> thank you. steve: thank you, sir. meanwhile, 12 minutes before the top of the hour. have you seen her on fox nation and now have you seen her father in the nba as a player and a coach. this morning abby and jeff are cooking with friends. what he can do with a frozen pancake coming up.
4:49 am
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♪ ♪ steve: our next guest is one of the newest medication of the fox family. have you seen her showing off her hometown and
4:53 am
competing on the quiz show on fox nation. ainsley: and she did a bible study with us on fox nation. one of my good friends. today she is cooking with friends and sharing her family's favorite breakfast recipes. ed: abby joins us with her dad and normer nba coach hornacek. how proud are are you of abby. >> she is a hard worker. worked hard her whole life and i'm proud she is with you guys. steve: busy except sometimes on the weekends you would actually make. this what do you call this breakfast? >> the easiest thing i knew how to make. >> frozen mini pancakes. ainsley: why is it when mom goes out of town dads make will pancakes. >> dad had this concoction. >> for all you dads out there need to make something that's not healthy. we're on the health kick
4:54 am
now. frozen pancakes. put them on a plate. put some chocolate chips on them. pop it in the microwave. ainsley: paper plate. >> such a dad thing. ed: buy frozen ones at cosco. >> grocery store. microwave only takes about 30 seconds. steve: melts. through the magic of television. >> spread it there you go. and we have the sprinkles. >> going to have a very hyper child. >> spread it like butter. then you end up with these. >> how do you eat them? >> is he eating them wrong. have to eat another one. that is not right. you have to roll them up like a little taco. >> oh, roll them up. some people eat their pizza like that. ed: we see abby. >> these arin are soggier.
4:55 am
steve: that was delicious. that was good. ainsley: what was abby like as a kid? >> she is an athlete. she had two older brothers, has two older brothers and she always wanted to be them. >> better than them, right? >> whatever sport we played the kids played she'd was right there. ed: how is her jump shot. >> it's pretty good. >> how is your crepe. >> not as good as moms. when mom was in town she would make crepes. i'm not the best cook in the family i will be honest. eggs, vanilla. my mom always liked to put extra hav vanilla. never use a measuring spoon. poured it right in there to this day i can't get it right. this looks right to me. crack the eggs. i always like to say the shell extra protein because i really cannot crack them without the shells. >> a little crunch doesn't
4:56 am
hurt anymore. steve: as do you that we have a surprise for you. ed: we heard it's a special day ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you. [cheaters] ainsley: happy birthday, abby. >> dad did you make that with sprinkles and mini pancakes? >> this is so nice. thank you so much. ainsley: we like to say on this show we are glad you were born. >> oh, thank you. it's all for my parents because i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them in every single way, you know? dad, thank you. ed: happy birthday, you get to see even more of abby this weekend hosting fox nation in-depth on the fox news channel sunday prime time 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks for coming in. ed: live in delaware with the latest.
4:57 am
plus, david webb here to react next. steve: happy birthday, abby. >> thanks, guys. ♪ ♪ ♪ when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪tum tum tum tum smoothies. also available tums sugar-free. we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, . ..
4:58 am
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5:00 am
steve: 8:00 in new york city. we start with a stocks news alert. former senator and vice president joe biden is running for president. ainsley: making his run for the 2020 white house. ed: peter doocy has the latest. good morning, peter. reporter: good morning. joe biden's decades of public service are not part of his pitch to primary voters. instead biden focuses heavily on president trump's comments after the charlotte race rao i i don't think so there were very fine people on both sides of the dispute. that is something both sides insisted was taken out of context. >> i believe history will look
5:01 am
back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. but if we by donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever, fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. reporter: that video is 3 1/2 minutes long. two words biden never says, are barack obama. the former vice president, rather the former president is not endorsing the former vice president and obama spokesperson sent us this. the president obama has long said selecting joe biden as his running mate in 2018 is one of the best decisions he ever made. he relied on the vice president's knowledge, insight and judgment throughout both campaigns and the entire presidency. the two forged a special bond over the last 10 years and remains close today. biden joins a campaign where
5:02 am
most are swearing off big checks from wealthy donors. biden will take a different approach. the first thing on his schedule day a visit at the home after senior vice president of comcast for a private fund-raiser. we're here at his house just in case he comes out to get the paper. ed: peter there were a lot of reports about the fits and starts. which day he would announce. some of that may have been housekeeping. i wonder when there were reports, some of your reporting he was originally thinking about launching the campaign in charlottesville. some thought that might be politicizing a painful episode. why come out in the video and go front and center on charlottesville? reporter: we know where that reporting all came from he was thinking about launching with a focus on charlottesville. that is almost his entire focus in this video, 3 1/2 minutes.
5:03 am
joe biden and his team clearly do not think he needs any introduction because they don't talk about his service here in delaware. they don't talk about his service as the vice president. they're talking about something that happened after he left the obama white house and how it is received down in charlottesville and whether or not that is something that democratic primary voters are really hoping to focus on as they hope to unseat president trump will be seen in the next couple of days, but, obviously the focus on charlottesville in the last couple of days is now obvious. steve: peter, "the new york times" reported yesterday regarding the launch video, they wrote yesterday, a launch video crafted by his new media consultant mark putnam was not favorably received by other advisors and the former vice president's aide devised an alternative video. is this the original video or is this the alternative video?
5:04 am
reporter: we don't know yet because the only two versions of the video we've seen are this one and a spanish language version. but something that they are going to try to do which that "new york times" article also calculated, they need this video to raise them a lot of money. the way "the times" crunched numbers they need to make $100,000 a day, every day until christmas just to match the money bernie sanders had in his bank account on the 1st of april. again watch the video and this is something that biden and his brain trust, people who the former vice president, front-runner, now he is in the 20th, for 2020 on the democratic side, this is something they think is going to help them clear the field but whether or not that is possible remains to be seen. ainsley: peter, i was hearing he didn't announce yesterday because he didn't want to take away from she the people, that forum for women in houston. that is why he waited until
5:05 am
today. reporter: he has been waiting, he has been waiting for decades potentially to do this, at least since 2018. that is the last time that he ran. any delay at that point might raise eyebrows because the thought would be, well if he had so long to come up with a script for a video, or to pick a location for a first event why is that something that all of sudden after years of thinking about it is changing the day before? ainsley: today is take your kid to work day. you and your dad are working together for a long time. every day is take your kid to work day in the doocy household. reporter: it is. and i'm expecting that i'm going to find a curvy couch somewhere here. ed: peter appreciate it. he will be all over the campaign. watching on the channel in the meantime. let's check in with the host of reality check, david webb on fox
5:06 am
nation. >> good morning. peter should sit on steve's lap. take your kid to work. steve: peter is 6'6". he would crush me. ainsley: we have video when he was a young kid here at fox. steve: he was seven david, among the important insights from peter, he was talking about in traditional campaign, a new face, pete buttigieg you would talk about your resume'. with joe biden you don't need to introduce yourself because everybody knows you, you've been around but i wonder if they made an deliberate attempt. everybody hates washington. if his video was about 40 years or so as senator. he came from the swamp. they want to run from that as quickly as they can. >> he does want to run from his record. owe didn't want to talk about his rest may, ed. if you look at his rest may going back to the reagan years, joe biden has been on the wrong side in his votes and statements against the communists, when
5:07 am
reagan took his strategy against communism that worked out for the world. >> biden has been on the wrong side of foreign policy decisions that this country has been successful in the outcome. i want to first debunk a lie in this video because it is what it is. i have it right here. even cnn at the time reported that president trump, i will read this for you, was not referring to all that were there in charlottesville as good people. cnn reported that. they now ignore it. president trump said i'm not talking about the neo-nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally. they split that, they edit it. move forward to where joe biden is today. he comes from a failed barack obama presidency. he has to distance himself from that. he doesn't mention it as you mentioned in the video because now people will look back at failure versus success. how does he run against trump's success and what is going on in this country for very
5:08 am
blue-collar people and eight million obama voters who than went voted for trump. those eight million matter because they have to get them back. steve: one of the other things regarding joe biden is his record. he was a u.s. senator for a while and he was one of the authors of the 19994 crime bill, the crime act, which he has you know, been talking a lot about now. a lot of people don't like it. >> well here donald trump and the republicans co-opted a democrat wedge issue by doing something. i want to go back to something that has been very important to the american people. they're going to sell you identity politics and racism. i have spent a good amount of time in the last week, one, interviewing the president, dr. ben carson, jaron smith, scott turner yesterday an hour on my radio show about opportunity zones. 8061 zones in this country not based on race but economics. what they have done, they have
5:09 am
taken areas below the poverty line where poverty rates are 37%, wages have now gone up 8%. it is continued to increase as they do on binded strategy to tackle issues that actually matter to the blue-collar voters that have been lied to by the democrats for decades. ainsley: david, robert wolf was on our show earlier. former economic advisor to president obama of the he is really good friends with president obama and very good friends with joe biden. this is what he says, he thinks his friend joe biden can win all of this. listen. >> i thought it was powerful and compassionate. i think, listen in this polarizing environment it is an incredible contrast to the president. the truth is, i think that he is saying we have to bring people together. this is the not the right way and i'm going to show you the right way. it is clear one of the reasons i think the polls for vice president biden have gone up he is viewed as the candidate can best beat both bernie sanders and president trump. i think there is a lot of
5:10 am
democrats that see that. he was the number one surrogate during the midterms. he could go to literally every place. steve: he did. >> from the coast, to the rust belt and the south. set one person that plays well. ainsley: david, what do you think? do you think biden can win everything, win it all, go to the white house? >> anything can happen in politics, right? let's examine how biden's path to victory plays out. he has to get back 8 million voters i talked about. he has to go against the economy which is what voters cast on their kitchen table issues. he has to go out the sell the obama legacy or avoid it, tied to him about it opponents in the democrat primaries in a field that mirrors the 2016 republican field where everybody said trump is never going to win it. jeb bush has $250 million. ted cruz catching fire. and look what happened. trump comes in. by the way incumbents, typically have five% edge in the second
5:11 am
election. how does he overcome that? the economy, things that matter, opportunity zones, the success for americans, we look at what's going on. we need changes how we approach our national policies, our foreign policies and the administration is doing that. joe biden has to run against success. instead of change as obama did, americans don't want a change from success to failure. steve: you know how politics work. generally states vote for somebody who is from that state and one of the reasons donald trump is president is because he won pennsylvania. joe biden spent a lot of his life in scranton, pennsylvania. that is one of the reasons why he is heading to a big union meeting on monday just to remind people, hey, look, i have had your back for decades. >> fundamentally false, steve. let me remind everyone, someone who has been in pennsylvania in and out of that state most of my life. scranton is one thing. harrisburg was a failure.
5:12 am
it went bankrupt. joe biden is going to pittsburgh. that is mike kelly territory. mike kelly, republican congressman, that area. well-loved, blue-collar guy who understands the people. pennsylvania failed under ed rendell. it failed under democratic rule. philadelphia is a mess. there is no other way to put it politically. the people are suffering. they were going to kill coal, kill energy, kill the key issues that matter to pennsylvaniaian and biden will go out there to run against that? trump won narrowly against hillary clinton but he won because he changed significant percentage of voters in the lehigh valley, other areas, the need to bring back what they have to maximize for their economy and their families. ainsley: the president, all those manufacturing jobs he created, remember krugman was saying this is never going to happen, pipe-dream basically. president obama said the same thing. the numbers are astronomically high bringing back those jobs.
5:13 am
>> talk to the people in pennsylvania. let them tell you what is going on, not some poll or some pundit steve: in the polls joe biden is ahead? >> steve, remember how long we have to the election? remember the trump effect? he was going to lose and flame out. track something better way to measure this. i traveled across this country. you go to michigan, go to rome yo, dearborn, go to the midwest, areas where they have large concentrations of failure for americans and now they're seeing their success. they're seeing it turn around from spokane, washington, all the way down to florida. go through these areas of country as i do. when you talk to people, they say this is what matters to me. i know i can take care of my children, take care of my family. i know i have a long term job, not a subsidized, remember under obama bideen, shovel ready jobs
5:14 am
that were not shovel-ready? remember joe about the fing. that trump team, i spoke to kellyanne about, they welcome the debate on health care, versus a health insurance card. ed: as well as the economy, david webb. wages up. unemployment down. part of the case president trump will be making regardless hot nominee wind up. david on "fox nation"'s reality check. catch him there all day long. appreciate you coming in, david. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: he has the likability factor. experience of being the vice president for eight years. unfortunately his son passed away but that a lot of people had compassion for his family. steve: why he didn't run last time. >> that's right. we'll see. steve: joe biden running for president. ed: a lot of other headlines this morning. we got jillian. bring them on in. jillian: good morning to you. let's begin with a fox news alert. new video just in showing the fbi searching the home and
5:15 am
office of embattled baltimore mayor, kathleen pugh. she went on medical leave after coming under suspicion for lucrative book deals. her company made 800,000-dollars selling self-published books to a hospital network that has a business relationship with the city. breaking this morning, millionaire father of two easter sunday suicide bombers arrested on suspicion of helping his terrorist son. a well-known spice mogul in sri lanka, surveillance video shows the brothers inside of a hotel elevator just moments before blowing them up. the u.s. now actively involved in the investigation. >> this was at the very least inspired by isis. and i think we'll have more information develops whether there were any actual connections. jillian: 359 people are confirmed dead. attorney general william barr set to testify before a senate committee on the mueller report next week. barr, who released a redacted
5:16 am
version of the special counsel's report on russian interference last week is slated to appear before the committee on may 1st. mark it down. lawmakers will get an opportunity to grill the ag on mueller's findings as well as his handling of the final report. actor ken kerchival who standard alongside larry hagman on the hit show, "dallas." >> that is rich track of oil. >> you wouldn't recognize oil dripping out of your crankcase. >> you can't stand that barns oil will be bigger than ewing oil. ainsley: the two battled for 14 seasons. j.r. always got the best of him. he died in indiana on sunday. a cause of debt wasn't released. he was 83. steve: back in the day it was the biggest show in the world. ainsley: it was. ed: who shot j.r.? ainsley: dallas and falcon's
5:17 am
crest? was there an s on falcon's crest? my mom and her cousin, they we would get together with all the kids. steve: and "dynasty." ainsley: we didn't watch "dynasty." ed: we're getting nostalgic. ainsley: maxine waters doubling down on calls to impeach president trump and calling supporters unpatriotic. steve: the republican running for her congressional seat. he says she is the one who should be kicked out of office. that candidate joins us live next. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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5:21 am
69 cases reported to the cdc in the last week alone. bringing the total to 695 across 22 states. california is one of those states. lawmakers are advancing tougher rules on vaccinations. senate health committee approving a proposal, state public health officials instead of doctors, to decide which kids can skip shots before attending schools. dozens of protesters flooded the capital to protest the bill calling it medical tyranny. steve: fox news alert. former vice president joe biden officially entered the 2020 race, 2 hours 22 minutes ago. biden is the 20th candidate to throw their hat in the ring. ainsley: as the party continues its push left, can joe biden come out on top? ed: california republican congressional candidate omar navarro joins to us react. good morning. omar. >> good morning. ed: what is your immediate reaction to the idea as we heard from dan bongino earlier, that
5:22 am
quo biden is putting what dan called identity politics front and center. >> that is the typical playbook of the democrats. they use identity politics to divide community. they divide my community by using identity politics. i'm latino growing up. aye parents are from mexico and cuba. i have grown up seeing democrats from los angeles using identity politics at their best. ainsley: what will happen with the democratic party? you have so many very progressive and bernie sanders is doing well according to the polls and you have those more central and those are probably likely vote for joe biden? >> you know, one thing i've seen from the democratic party that they have been pushing a lot of people away from the democratic party. of course you see a lot of inciting violence going on all over los angeles and california. a lot of people are conservative can't even go out there. when you see democrats, democrats are going after republicans and physically, not emotionally.
5:23 am
i think that is the problem that is going on right now. we have someone who is running for president who had eight years as vice president. i believe that ultimately will come down to successes of donald trump. he has created 4 million jobs. he had over 400,000 jobs in manufacturing. he has done a lot of good things. this is president we'll keep in the next election. steve: of course you would like to replace maxine waters in that district there in los angeles. you're the republican. she's the democrat. i don't know if you heard but she thinks the president should be indicted. watch this and impeached. >> many people around this president who have interacted with those from russia, from the kremlin and with putin. where are they coming from? and i think when you ask yourself this question, you better be concerned about whether or not these are real patriots or whether or not they're in the pockets of the president of the united states. steve: she has been pushing impeachment. you tweeted yesterday on waters
5:24 am
yesterday, we must impeach you from congress for encouraging threats towards americans and our president. i know since you are part of a protects class in our country nothing will happen. the people can stand with me. they can empower me to stop you. they will. then you've got a link right there to donate to your campaign. what has been the reaction to that tweet by your campaign? >> yeah. as i research it more i looked at the constitution. i look at article i. i look at section 5 in the constitution and clause two and i look you can actually expel a member of congress for disorderly behavior. for me that is something that is viable. you can do that. all you need 2/3 majority of vote from congress. ultimately people can support my campaign. go donate at omar you have to do something about it. that is what i'm doing since day one. steve: in your district how many would like to see the president of the united states impeached because she represents the people of your district?
5:25 am
>> you know when i walk around in my district and i talk to voters, i talked to difficult voters, talk to the hispanic community, 54% of my district, you have to look at it that way. you have to look what are the demographics. when i look at the demographics, i talk to the voters knocking on doors, people want to see someone that will unite them. they see maxine waters are dividing them. they are tired of it. they had her over 30 years. she has been in public service 40 years. it is time for a change. time for someone that will bring back jobs, bring back stability and common sense into our district. i feel i can do that. ainsley: omar, we wish all the best. thanks so much for coming on with us. >> thanks for having me on. ainsley: you're welcome. steve: meanwhile straight ahead on this thursday a florida sheriff sounding off after announcing a major meth bust in his county. >> i love it when they tell us this drug doesn't kill people. i love it. when people tell us this is
5:26 am
low-level, non-violent crime. ainsley: those drugs were smug littled through the southern border. nine suspects are here illegally. the sheriff, sheriff grady judd joins us live with a warning for he one next. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you won't find relief here. congestion and pressure? go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray only relieves 6 symptoms, claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. where he actually asked meon i be"mommy what's wrongr, with your teeth?" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again.
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and now, save $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends saturday.
5:29 am
steve: fox news alert. two hours and 30 minutes ago joe biden got into the race and the president of the united states moments ago tweeted this. ainsley: welcome to the race, sleepy joe. i only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign. it will be nasty. you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick and demented ideas. but if you make it i will see you at the starting gate. ed: tough talk for biden and rest of the democratic field. referring to the green new deal
5:30 am
and "medicare for all" and they have not said how they will pay for it. >> he will be on "the view" and at a event in critical state of pennsylvania on monday. ainsley: let us know what you think, friends at it is 8:30, another fox news alert, a brand new video seen first on fox news, 300 migrants crossing the border under cover of night. ed: thousands more are on their way. traveling what is known as the mother of all caravans. steve: griff jenkins covering caravans. he has been in a caravan he joins us from washington, d.c. griff, apparently sounds like the white house is coming up with a plan to fix things. all they need is some help from some people across the aisle. reporter: that's right, steve. by the way you won't see anything about the border in biden's new video. this new video that border agents in texas shot shows a large group of 271 migrants being apprehended at night, most
5:31 am
of them central american family units, unaccompanied children, one of many ways these illegal crossings happening every day in part of the overall border apprehensions we learned hitting 418,000 last week, surpassing the total number for all of fiscal year 2018. president trump says, this could be fixed very quickly. >> we could solve the entire problem, i say 45 minutes, but it could go a lot quicker than that if the democrats would agree to do certain basic common sense things with respect to our laws. i've spoken to some recently. you might be surprised at what is going to happen. reporter: what's happening white house senior advisor jared kushner is presenting the president with a comprehensive immigration plan soon. one part will be border security. the other legal immigration, proposing a shift toward as married baste system. that mother you have a caravan,
5:32 am
officials estimate in southern mexico, they're hopping on a train called the beast yesterday, steaming towards the u.s. agents say while they are stretched thin and overwhelmed they will be ready for this group when it arrives as well. steve, ainsley, ed. steve: griff, i have a question for you, the mother mother of al caravans right now is 10,000 strong. a few weeks ago it was 20,000. where did the 10,000 people go? reporter: that number came from olga cordero, mexico's interior secretary. she early on said she thought it would be about 20,000 based on what they're seeing gathering in honduras, el salvador and guatemala. now what they have is some 10,000 broken up into several groups because mexico has tried to thwart them coming by not making it as easy to get a work visa to run around the country. it is going to be very interesting as we learn more about this caravan because it is comprised of a different makeup than the last ones we've seen to
5:33 am
include countries outside of central america as well. ed: griff jenkins live in washington. >> thanks, griff. as the crisis at the border intensifies the battle to keep dangerous drugs out of america is spilling into our states across our country. ed: just this week officers in polk county, florida, arrested 44 people and seized 50 pounds of meth with a street value, yes, of $1.4 million. that came into our country from mexico right across the southern border. steve: among those charged in the raid, nine are in the country illegally. polk county sheriff, grady judd joins us now from tampa. sheriff, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. how are you doing today? steve: doing okay. tell us more about the drugs that were seized there in florida and where you believe they came from. >> i've got to tell you it makes me absolutely crazy. you want to pull your eyeballs out when you find out the leader of this group was a navarro he
5:34 am
was an illegal alien. he was the main person. the person that was setting up the drugs in mexico was a person that we deported from this country, and two other of the multi-kilo dealers just arrived from mexico two months ago. it is like we need some help here. we know that meth and meth related deaths in our last complete year of data, 2017 was almost 1,000 deaths in the state of florida alone. now extrapolate that over the entire country and you can see it is not just people coming across the border. it is criminals coming across the border with meth that is killing people in the united states. ed: sheriff i was literally talking to someone here in new york city yesterday who said to me i don't understand why the president talks so much about the border problem, this person says, isn't it something isolated to texas, arizona a few
5:35 am
states? i hear your story and you're actually on the front lines. can you explain to us how this is not an isolated incident and how the drugs that flow across obviously, they go all around the country. this is not isolated to border states. >> you're correct. i believe some people are naive. some people are in denial but go ask the victims of the almost 1000 people who died from meth if something needs to be done? think about that. now that is just the state of florida and that doesn't count the rest of the nation. they are making&importing, bringing across the illegally, thousands of pounds of methaphetamine. they're doing it with illegal aliens. one of these guys was stopped on four difficult occasions -- different occasions, wasn't detained t was documented.
5:36 am
it was catch-and-release. he self-deported, came back and self-deported and came back. why? because that is the drug trade. so when we think we're catching them all, when we think there is not a drug problem, we're just wrong. ashley: sheriff, we saw in the video you were holding that bag of meth. there were 50 pounds of meth you got in this bust. what can that do to someone? >> i can tell you, it kills people. that 50-pounds is just one operation we're doing this year. these folks were dealing and bringing across the border, just this one group, hundreds of pounds of meth, dealing in millions of dollars. oh, did i tell you? the illegal alien in charge of the operations, kids were receiving federal assistance, wick assistance. ed: what a horrifying story, thanks for giving us details. you're on the front lines. we appreciate your service. >> thanks for what you do.
5:37 am
>> thank you very much. steve: at least those are off the street. ed: absolutely. steve: it is 25 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with some news about, i think it is called operation varsity blues? jillian: let's get you caught up on this story we're following. here is a quote. we didn't know. lori loughlin and her husband unveiling a brand new defense for their roles in the college ad mingses scandal. they said they didn't know they were breaking the law when they paid $500,000 for their daughters to get into usc that is according to several reports. actress felicity huffman who pleaded guilty for her role faces up to 10 months in jail. helping an elderly woman, this is all caught on camera. >> he is killing me. >> trying to get out. jillian: texas deputies,
5:38 am
firefighters get her out in time after the flames blocked the backdoor. the flames started after a bolt of lightning hit the woman's out. no one was seriously hurt. a crook thinks he has perfect disguise to rob a store until blows it. he is using a grocery bag as a mask, threatening the clerk with a knife. surveillance video shows him taking the bag off his head before stuffing it with cash and cigarettes. no one was hurt. the arizona cardinals are on the clock as the nfl draft kicks off tonight. round one starts 7:00 p.m. eastern in nashville, tennessee. oklahoma quarterback kyle letter murray is favorite to be taken first overall. rounded out top pickss 49ers, jets, raiders and buccaneers. joel, our floor manager will be watching. ainsley: the worst team gets the first pick, right? steve: one way to put it.
5:39 am
jillian: teams can trade. there is a lot that goes into it. ainsley: if you're the best player you don't want to be on the worst team. steve: jillian, thank you very much. meanwhile today is take your child to work day. and i preface that before we see janice dean with -- janice: oh, my gosh the cutest weather report of all time i think on the fox plaza. oh, my gosh. i am a little biased we have that the my, theodore here, these are my kids. what are the current conditions in new york? >> mostly sunny. >> and it is 64 degrees. janice: that's fantastic. you guys, what are you doing here today? >> bring your kid to work day! janice: are you guys excited being here? >> yeah! janice: that is fantastic. it looks really good in new york today. mostly sunny skies. we have a system across the texas area, mississippi,
5:40 am
louisiana, we see the potential for strong severe storms. know what to do if there is a watch or a warning. it is going to be hot, hot, hot out across the southwest. 98 degrees in phoenix, you guys. you guys will stay with me. we'll talk near the end of the show what you're doing here, what you will do today. are you excited? >> yeah! janice: are you guys excited? oh, my gosh. best weather report of all time here on "fox & friends," right? wave to steve and ainsley and ed. ainsley: all the kids fox employees? they're so cute. the little girl in her pink dress. ed: we'll interview them in a little while. steve: we are. when my children were of that age, they used to love to come to take your child to work day because at noon they get pizza. ainsley: ice cream and pizza. ed: now one of them is covering joe biden. steve: he certainly is. ed: we showed you president trump's tweet on joe biden. the group that helped elect alexandria ocasio-cortez,
5:41 am
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steve: joe biden wants to replace donald trump. he officially announced he is running about two hours and 45 minutes ago and now donald trump is responding via twitter and he has previewed a nickname we think he may be using for mr. biden. >> said, welcome to the race, sleepy joe. i only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign. it will be nasty. you will be dealing with people who truly have very sick and demented ideas, but if you make it i will see you at the starting gate. ed: interesting, he is previewing, going after the entire starting field, you may get the nomination or one of those other folks have green new deal, "medicare for all," all the ideas are expensive, haven't explained how to pay for it, the president calls them demented
5:45 am
ideas. the warning shot. it will get nasty. the president may be saying he will get nasty in general election but also in this primary it could get pretty nasty among the democrats. remember allegations against joe biden some are believed pushed privately by democrats to keep him out of the race. it is not just what will come from the right but what is happening in primary might get ugly. ainsley: joe biden announced at 6:00 when all the morning shows were started. here is a video that he posted online. >> i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time, but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. steve: that is a portion of the video. the video is 3 1/2 minutes long. that is toward the end of it. the first minute 1/2 two, minutes, focuses what happened
5:46 am
in 2017 where the activist was killed in charlottesville. we had a former bernie sanders staffer tez figueroa with us, we asked her about the prominence of charlottesville in the biden announcement and she had this to say. >> a lot of people are upset about scharre lotsville. emotional trigger. race certainly an emotional trigger the left is talking about. it is moving away from talking about policy and actually, looking at these things a little bit close. we didn't have a chance to adjudicate these issues when joe biden was the vice president. bottom line they let i had slide in 2018 and 2012. it was uncle joe helping out barack obama. no one really looked at his record. the good thing about having so many candidates run we will be forced to adjudicate the issues and look at it a little bit closer and i think he will have a lot of criticism. steve: he is getting criticism actually from some democrats. we'll play the tweet for you in a moment but first he is getting
5:47 am
some criticism from some conservatives like dan bongino. >> is biden really going to run on hey, let's go back to the economy of four years ago by the time the election comes around? i mean he has nothing of substance. i mean that to run on. what will he run on? takeover of the student loan market in the obama administration bankrupting it. obamacare, that disaster. they couldn't get a website up and running. you will run on the 1% growth rate? let's return to 1% growth. what is he going to run on? some focus group came to him, listen you have to go back spurious nonsensical charges that donald trump is racist. it is tired, it is old. ed: couple points. is this naked political as well for joe biden? high minded conversation about race, or i want to get african-american voters in the primary that will be pivotal? i think bongino's important is important, president trump has a very simple rejoinder whoever
5:48 am
winds up at as the nominee. are you better off than you were four years ago. steve: or eight years ago. ed: joe biden and two terms. steve: i mentioned some democrats are already critical of mr. biden. the justice democrats have come out and what they are saying they will oppose him in the primary but the primary only. ainsley: joe biden, this is what they write on twitter. joe biden stands in near complete opposition where the center of energy is in the democratic party today. democrats are increasingly uniting around progressive populist policies, like "medicare for all," a green new deal, free college, rejecting corporate money and ending mass incarceration and depourtation. we don't need someone who voted for the iraq war, for mass incarceration, and for the bankruptcy reform act while voting against gay marriage, reproductive rights, and school desegregation. ed: the key justice democrats is this group on the left that helped fuel the rise of alexandria ocasio-cortez and the
5:49 am
justice part is, they want to talk on perceived centrists in the party. they, took out joe crowley the congressman seen as more of a establishment figure. ocasio-cortez took him out in the democratic primary. for the folks pushing the green new deal coming out of the box to say we're against joe, he is old news basically, he is not the new blood in the party, is pretty interesting. steve: joe biden has trouble on his left and trouble on his right. he is going for the center. joe biden is in it to win it. ainsley: one of his good friends is on, robert wolf, worked for president obama. president obama loves this guy. it is great friends. he said he will not endorse him. moist presidents don't endorse. the obama in january said the party need new blood. that raised eyebrows. is he not for joe biden? we'll see. coming up next it is take your kids to work day.
5:50 am
we're celebrating with the sons and daughters of our staff members next. steve: and a lot of people who work here at fox. we'll check in with bill hemmer who works at fox. >> true story. good show today, guys. question for you all, how much does america care about the mueller matter? there is a new report that might tell us a lot. we'll get into that today. the field is 20. joe biden is one of them. how do you campaign against him? lara trump is here live. details about the killers of christians in sri lanka well-educated well off. it will turn your stomach. bill richardson joins sandra and me in ten minutes. we'll see you at the top of the hour. really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa"
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♪ steve: well it it is national
5:54 am
take our daughters and sons to work day. ed: here at fox news we're celebrating with children of hard-working parents that help us make tv every single stay. ainsley: they're looking a front row look at what we do every single morning. what is your name? >> coal wallace. ainsley: what do you want to be when you grow up? >> basketball player. ainsley: who is your favorite basketball player? >> kyrie irving. steve: what is your name? >> celia. steve: do you have any idea what will happen on take our daughters and sons to work day? you get pizza later. [laughter]. ainsley: and candy. ed: did you want to say something? what is your name. >> val. ainsley: sal, what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be, i want to be, i want to be what my dad is. ed: what is that? >> a fox news guy. steve: what is your dad's name. >> anthony. >> what does anthony do?
5:55 am
>> puts the light in the studio and he, and he, and he hangs them up. steve: that's right. ed: hey. steve: anthony has been working on our show for a very long time. ainsley: yes the more lights you have the better we all look. yes we do. ed: your aunt works here? >> yes. ed: what does she do. >> i don't know what she do but her -- ed: what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a doctor. ed: great. >> i heard doctor, that is great profession. what do you want to be when you grow up? an artist. >> an artist. what is your name? >> brian. janice: are you excited to be here? >> yes. janice: mom and dad work here. what did you do they do? >> he organizes come merges. janice: what do you want to do? >> i code.
5:56 am
steve: you want to get paid for playing video games. some kids in the studio. dave, get as close to the kids as possible. kids look into the tv, so everybody can see you all. there you go. ed: yeah. ainsley: look at this cute one. steve: there you go. janice: best day ever. steve: ever. ever. kids, thank you very much. ainsley: wave to your families. more "fox & friends." wave to your families. we love you. ♪
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> it is like a party here in studio f. by the way, since we have all these kids on daughters and sons to workday we would like to remind you we have another audience participation program. sends us an email. address is @ friends live at fox you could be part of the big crowd. >> who wants a pizza?
6:00 am
>> who wants to be a news anchor when they grow up? >> me. >> you want to hold the microphone? >> kids, look at the camera and wave goodbye. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bill: thanks, everybody. good morning, fox news alert. it is now official, joe biden, former vice president, six-term u.s. senator is running for president. now we'll get brand-new reaction from the white house after this announcement. good morning thursday. a different setup today. we're still here. bill hemmer, welcome to new york city. >> sandra: studio n, i'm sandra smith. president trump is welcoming sleepy joe to the pack after he ended months of speculation. biden launching his third presidential bid with an online video posted this morning. biden using his big day to issue a strong rebuke of the president while making his case for change in 2020. >> i believe history will look back on four years of this president and


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