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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 25, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> who wants to be a news anchor when they grow up? >> me. >> you want to hold the microphone? >> kids, look at the camera and wave goodbye. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bill: thanks, everybody. good morning, fox news alert. it is now official, joe biden, former vice president, six-term u.s. senator is running for president. now we'll get brand-new reaction from the white house after this announcement. good morning thursday. a different setup today. we're still here. bill hemmer, welcome to new york city. >> sandra: studio n, i'm sandra smith. president trump is welcoming sleepy joe to the pack after he ended months of speculation. biden launching his third presidential bid with an online video posted this morning. biden using his big day to issue a strong rebuke of the president while making his case for change in 2020. >> i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces
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as an abhorrent moment in time. but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. who we are. and i cannot stand bying a watch that happen. the core values of this nation, our standing in the world, our very democracy. everything that has made america america is at stake. that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> bill: the polls showing biden leading a packed field of democratic candidates. lara trump is here in a moment. we start with peter doocy in joe biden's home state of delaware. peter, good morning. >> good morning. joe biden isn't proposing anything new and he is not reminding primary voters about anything he has done over the last couple decades with this video where a lawmaker known
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for being jovial strikes a serious tone talking trump. >> it's stronger than any army, bigger than any ocean. it gives hope to the most desperate people on earth. it guarantees everyone is treated with dignity and gives hate no safe harbor. >> the president has teased biden for failed white house bids in the past calling him 1% joe. now a new message for biden. welcome to the race sleepy joe. i only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign. it will be nasty. you'll be dealing with people who truly have sick and demented ideas. if you make it i'll see you at the starting gate. the announcement video has a white nationalist protestors in charlottesville along with photos of martin luther king
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junior and d-day. no photos of him to represent his service and no mention of his old boss, barack obama, the popular ex-president will not endorse his former v.p. in the primary. a spokesman writes president obama said selecting joe biden at his running mate was one of the best decisions he ever made. he relied on his knowledge, insight and judgment throughout both campaigns and the entire presidency. they remain close today. "the new york times" calculates biden needs to raise $100,000 every day between now and christmas just to have as much money as bernie sanders has in the bank right now and so his first scheduled event on the first day of his campaign up at the house of a comcast executive is a private fundraiser. >> bill: start the campaign now. thank you, peter doocy live in delaware. >> sandra: in washington the president gearing up for a
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showdown. he is promising to stone wall subpoenas from house democrats saying he is not phased by any of their threats. >> president trump: we're fighting all the subpoenas. these aren't impartial people. the democrats are trying to win 2020. they're not going to win with the people that i see. and they're not going to win against me. >> sandra: kevin corke kicking things off on a thursday morning on the north lawn of the white house. >> the white house isn't backing down with the subpoenas that they'll continue to resist. congressional democrats aren't backing down, either. they say the subpoenas will keep on coming. part of a statement that cummings that spells it out. he says this is a massive, unprecedented and growing pattern of obstruction. yesterday president trump declared to the entire country that he would obstruct congress and order all white house officials to defy lawful subpoenas from congress. there you have it.
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his colleagues on the hill are warning the white house, sandra, this is a battle that could ultimately cost the president his job. >> you ignore congress's demands at your legal peril and constitutional peril. if he wants to get into that battle by having an across the board defiance of legitimate, constitutional requests by congress, then the fat is in the fire. >> that was jerry connolly. the white house remains noting -- they're willing to let the courts weigh in as the president tells his team to stand pat. >> president trump: just so you understand, this has been litigated for the last two years almost since i got into office. now, if you want to litigate, go after the dnc, crooked hillary, the dirty cops, all of these things. that's what should be litigated.
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>> and the fight continues. by the way, sandra, we don't expect to see the president before a take your kids to work event at 4:30 this afternoon. should it change i'll tell you about it. >> bill: for more lara trump, senior campaign advisor for trump 2020 here in studio. welcome back. personal news recently. congratulations on that. the family is expanding. >> more trumps to come. >> bill: what do you think about the field of democrats expanding with joe biden? >> joe is finally in. he made us wait for so long to announce he was running for president. with the campaign it doesn't make us nervous. joe biden is among a sea of other candidates who quite frankly are all trying to out bernie one another. move so far left and become so radical. i didn't hear any proposals for the future of this country in his announcement video. race baiting as usual as we see from the democrats and identity politics is something that i
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think we'll see more of and we saw it there. >> joe biden has had some far-left policies. when you look at things like bernie sanders running on socialism, a person who claims the boston marathon bomber should have a right to vote, i mean that is so far outside of anything that i think most americans can back. but listen, joe biden has done this two times now. it hasn't been successful. maybe third time is a charm for him to win the nomination. >> bill: let's see how they engage. you are from north carolina. he is from pennsylvania. you could argue this election runs through the state of pennsylvania. he starts with a rally in pittsburgh on monday and ends the month with a rally in philadelphia. how do you see him now in all likelihood if he were the nominee to give your father -- father-in-law a really good run for his money in 2020? >> listen, pennsylvania is a state that donald trump won
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because he promised people there that he would get them their jobs back. the manufacturing jobs that were taken away that barack obama -- who i might remind folks was a partner right alongside joe biden and got a lot of nothing accomplished -- said we had lost for good and would never get the manufacturing jobs back. donald trump brought them back. that's something the people of pennsylvania are incredibly grateful for. whether you are talking about pennsylvania, north carolina, ohio, florida, michigan, people are going to look at their lives in 2020 and say is stuff better for me now than it was before donald trump took office or will we give joe biden a chance to do nothing like we saw during the obama years. >> bill: you could argue president trump cut into the voters in 2016. fox polling numbers. your interest in the election for 2020, extremely and very add up to 78%. in addition here is another one
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among clinton and trump voters extremely interested 57/57. if you add the very interested you are within the margin of error. those numbers are exactly alike. what does that tell you? >> people who voted for donald trump in 2016 are 100% coming out to vote for him. but what you are not seeing in the numbers are the people that will never tell anyone. they'll go in a voting booth. cast a vote for donald trump. they may not tell their family members. they like the way this country is moving now. they like that they have a little more money in their pocket. that wages are going up in this country and things are feeling better for them. i actually think probably the trump number might be a little bit higher there. >> bill: i thought they were very interesting the way they came down on both sides. hillary clinton, "washington post" writes the following. the headline. mueller documented a serious crime against all americans. here is how to respond and goes into a series of ideas she has. overwhelmingly she says go ahead and hold the hearings and let's see where they go.
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what do you think about that? >> it is pretty rich coming from a woman who against the direction of the f.b.i. deleted 33,000 emails. destroyed cell phones with hammers and used bleach to wipe their servers. this is just more of the same from the democrats. the mueller report showed there was no collusion with russia. the president and our campaign did absolutely nothing wrong. and they are obsessed with finding anything, bill, that they can within the report. there is nothing there. i don't know what they are trying to hold onto here. it is a little crazy. >> bill: a fight over subpoenas. what is wrong with allowing don mcgahn to sit for a hearing? >> are we done harassing people yet? this is harassment at a level that we have never seen. the number of people who work for the campaign and put their heart and soul into it who have become bankrupt. family's destroyed by people trying to play politics in washington, d.c. is disgusting.
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this is not how our country is supposed to to work. people are ready to move on and focus on things that make a difference in our country. >> bill: the subpoena fight will end up in court where it is headed. joe biden's video release he called it an abhorrent time in american history. >> a lot of people would disagree with that. you talk to people who have a full-time job instead of a part-time job, the forgotten men and women of this country who saw something in donald trump in 2016 and put their faith in him. he has delivered for those people. promises made and promises kept with donald trump. the 45th president of the united states will go down in history as one of the greatest our country has ever seen. he is doing the things that need to be done for this country and making life better for people every day. >> bill: it feels like a campaign already. thank you for your time. hope you come back. >> sandra: a whole lot more reaction coming up to biden officially entering the race and the president's subpoena
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showdown with congress. coming up newt gingrich will join us a few minutes from now and governor bill richardson is our headliner and will join us at 10:30 a.m. a lot of news to get to. we look forward to both of them. >> bill: breaking news from overseas, two months after the summit with president trump and chairman kim fell apart, now the handshake between north korea and vladimir putin. details on that summit in a moment. plus there is this on a thursday. >> president trump: there has never been a march up that border like there is today. we are confronting reality and confronting the grave security and humanitarian crisis on our southern border. >> sandra: the white house getting ready to reveal a new immigration plan while making border security a top priority. all of this as a massive new caravan heads for the u.s. >> bill: disturbing details about the backgrounds of the
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nine suicide bombers in sri lanka. highly educated, wealthy families. what this says about isis, who it is recruiting and why. that's coming up today. >> you don't suspect people. you just live, right? you can't say by just looking at a person if he is a terrorist or not. but we never expected this to happen. the lexus es. every curve, every innovation, every feeling. a product of mastery.
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because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself. >> this is a political it doesn't serve any legislative purpose. it doesn't really even serve an investigative purpose. mueller investigated it. by the way, it's the second time an f.b.i. investigation cleared the president of collusion. how many times does he have to be cleared of it? i would resist those subpoenas and let them fight for anything they get and prove their legitimacy. >> bill: rudy giuliani saying the mueller investigation is over.
6:17 am
if democrats want to squabble about it, have at it. byron york, good morning from "the washington examiner". the white house is going to fight this in the courts as long as it is required, byron. >> a lot of this isn't unusual. the obama administration exerted executive privilege for years not handing over documents to congress. the george w. bush administration asserted executive privilege for years over the question of its firing of u.s. attorneys. so these things can go on quite a long way. there is something interesting going on with this don mcgahn thing, which is the president did waive the executive privilege in allowing mcgahn to talk to bob mueller. the idea was the white house is in the executive branch. mueller is in the executive branch. they could talk to each other without waiving any privilege. then mueller published a report
6:18 am
containing excerpts of what mcgahn said for all of us to read. democrats are saying that waived the privilege. you have to come testify. it will end up in court. >> bill: i think this is probably the most interesting story of the day thus far. "politico" headline. it says vulnerable dem escape mueller-obsessed beltway. the next line, attendees at town halls across the nation rarely ask about the two-year investigation. the reason i think this is critical, byron, is you travel the country. how interest -- what's the level of tolerance for the american voter for this now do you think? >> you mean they're not as interested in it as we are? >> bill: or cable news. >> go back to november of last year, the mid-term elections. democrats did not campaign a lot on impeachment. and now there is not disinterest -- remember, most members of congress are out in their districts right now and had a long easter break and they aren't hearing about mueller.
6:19 am
this is one of the reasons you're seeing, i think, the committee chairmen in the house want to have mcgahn come testify because they can turn it into a tv show. in other words, they worry nobody is going to read the report but if they can have one witness come and tell a compelling story on television perhaps they can get momentum behind their desire to investigate or possibly impeach. >> bill: if you go back to watergate. that's when things captured the imagination of the american people. >> that's exactly what they're thinking. >> a former c.i.a. agent in virginia, democrat, she had a town hall, no one asked her about the mueller matter. there is the california democrat by the name of josh harder who says there is 10 times the amount of interest among voters for healthcare and immigration and student debt than in impeachment investigation of donald trump. go ahead.
6:20 am
>> well, the trump white house also did something pretty brilliant when the attorney general bill barr gave the principle findings of the mueller report before the report was actually released in which he basically said no collusion and kind of fuzzy on the issue of obstruction. most americans don't follow this that carefully. so when they hear okay, mueller found no collusion, they file that away as the answer to this whole thing. what democrats are doing is fighting against this widespread perception and they hope hearings and mcgahn testimony would help them. >> bill: i'm getting a note that stephen miller will not testify about the immigration policy before democrats in the house. this would be the oversight chairman elijah cummings apparently. he says the invitation to appear will not be anticipated on behalf of miller. quick thought on that, byron, have to run. >> this is a broad fight. remember the fight over the
6:21 am
census citizenship question, over the white house security clearances, the white house is basically saying no to a lot of these investigations and they can delay things for a long time. >> bill: president said yesterday the only way democrats can win is to constantly go after me. let's see where that strategy goes. byron york live in d.c. >> sandra: facebook getting ready to face the music. the social media giant gearing up to $5 billion in fines over the privacy issues they have. details straight ahead. an update on the notre dame cathedral as investigators search for the cause of the fire that almost destroyed the paris landmark. what they're now finding. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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>> bill: for an update on the
6:25 am
fire at notre dame. investigators conducting a thorough examination of the damage to the structure of the cathedral and apparently it is secure. hoping to find out exactly what caused the fire officials believe it may been a short circuit tied to renovations. it hasn't been confirmed. >> sandra: kim jong-un and vladimir putin meeting face-to-face in russia amid stalled nuclear talks with the united states. putin says he is ready to share details in president trump in an effort to revive those negotiations. greg palkot has more from london this morning. >> good morning. a mixed message coming from the summit involving vladimir putin and kim jong-un. the first time the two met. the first time this trip that kim set foot on russian soil in the eastern part of the country vladivostok and it happened as
6:26 am
talks between u.s. and north korea regarding its nuclear program are not in the best way. these talks went on longer than expected. a two-hour one-on-one, more extended staff meeting and dinner. the two were on the formal side but seemed friendly enough. no real agreements that came out of it but important messaging coming from putin. he said that moscow and washington agree on the need for north korea to give up its nuclear weapons, but he said the pyongyang needs more security guarantees suggesting the idea of talks with the north should be expanded to include guess what, russia and china and others, international guarantees. for his part kim jong-un spoke of the need to boost bilateral relations between russia and north korea. he didn't seem to get what he wanted from putin. some word about some relief from the economic sanctions that are killing that country. but following the failed hanoi summit between kim and president trump, what kim got
6:27 am
was more global face time. finally as you noted, yes, putin said that he would brief president trump on the findings of this meeting. he will be briefing the chinese leadership. he goes to beijing tomorrow. again, i think there will be a bit of a mixed feeling in washington maybe the feeling of with friends like these who needs ta, ta, ta. back to you. >> bill: breaking news now from the southern border. a new caravan making its way north as we get new information about exactly what mexico is doing to try and help deal with the crisis there. >> sandra: new reaction from president trump to biden officially entering the race as the 2020 field grows even bigger. and president trump trying to move on from the mueller probe telling congress he is done with investigations. we'll hear from former house speaker newt gingrich on all those big headlines. he is coming up next. >> president trump: so you have no collusion, no obstruction. now we're finished with it and
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>> president trump: i have been the most transparent president and administration in the history of our country by far. we just went through the mueller witch hunt. now the house goes and starts subpoenaing and want to know every deal i've ever done. i say it's enough. >> sandra: president trump saying he is done cooperating with investigations vowing to fight any subpoenas from house democrats. newt gingrich is the author of a new novel "collusion." he joins us now. mr. speaker, always good to have you on the program. good morning to you. >> good to be with you. >> sandra: want to start first with the president. go ahead. >> i think he is right. i think he is right. look, it's one thing to say -- people tend to forget this. when ken starr reported on bill
6:32 am
clinton he found him guilty. used the word guilty on 11 different charges. totally different thing to have somebody after two years of investigation say there is no proof, no criminality and suddenly have on a purely partisan basis the democrats jump up and hunt for new things to start fighting over. there is no grounds as a private citizen for pre-presidential candidate trump to have to give them all this stuff and notice what they've gone after. they're saying we'll dig through the family basement until we find something. i think the president is right to just close it down. tell them to do the best they can and ignore them. and have his lawyers fight their lawyers from now to the election. let the country decide in 2020. do you want real growth, lowest black unemployment, lowest latino unemployment, a chance to fix healthcare or do you want this kind of investigating baloney? >> sandra: a fight that could end up in the courts. meanwhile hillary clinton she has a warning to her own party
6:33 am
over impeachment. she has penned an op-ed published in the "washington post" mueller documented a serious crime against all americans. here is how to respond. in that she makes it very clear go hold substantive hearings that build on the mueller report. fill in its gaps but do not jump to straight up and down vote on impeachment. it won't work. >> well, it won't work. first of all you know in the senate, which the republicans control, that there is zero possibility that they would ever convict. second, i think for democrats from marginal districts. districts that trump carried or clinton barely carried, to have to go back home and explain you aren't working on healthcare, not working on economic growth, not working on education but here is investigative hearing number 73, i think that weakens the chance of reelection for an entire class of democrats who are going to be very
6:34 am
uncomfortable if that's how their party is defined. >> sandra: that's not stopping some democrats running for president, including eric swalwell, from saying things like this. listen. >> you are no longer maintaining he is effectively a russian asset. >> no, i think he acts on russia's behalf. i challenge him to show me otherwise. >> sandra: what does that tell you, mr. speaker, about how 2020 is shaping up? if democrats are willing to keep hammering messages like that? >> look, we live in the age of the kardashians, anybody who wants to pretend they are a presidential candidate get to be on tv and shoot off their mouth. it doesn't mean the rest of us have to take them seriously. trump has been much tougher on russia than obama ever was. the sanctions have been much more intense against russia. he has stood up to the russians in a number of cases. we're selling weapons to the
6:35 am
ukraine that obama would never sell them in order to stop the russians. so i think this idea that somehow there is some secret, invisible relationship is just goofy. but i think again you have so many democrats running and they are so desperate to make noise that they will say a wide range of things that have no basis in fact but gets them through the next interview. >> sandra: joe biden is officially in the race and i'll read a portion of his statement. he says we're in the battle for the soul of this nation and he goes on to directly take on the president in this video launched this morning. here is joe biden. >> we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an abhorrent moment in time. but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and
6:36 am
fundamentally alter the character of this nation. >> sandra: battle for the soul of this nation. he takes on the president in that launch video and doesn't talk a whole lot about his own past and experience. >> look, first of all, i agree with joe biden. we are in a battle for the soul of the nation. you have democrats now who favor killing babies after they're born. you have democrats who favor allowing terrorists and bombers to vote while they are in prison. you have democrats who are for open borders letting anybody in who wants to. you have democrats who want to take away your right to have private health insurance. let's go down the list. this is a fight over the nature of america and the future of america. and the difference and the choice next year will be the widest choice maybe in modern times. and i think biden is going to find it difficult to navigate because he would like to be a good old guy, just a general nice person. but everybody on the left is
6:37 am
going to say to him where do you stand on all of these issues? and he is pretty rapidly going to discover this is a much tougher environment for a democrat than it was while barack obama was shielding him from any kind of hard questions. >> sandra: can he beat president trump? >> well, conceivably. if the economy would go really bad. if the president has a bad campaign. you don't know. look, they just elected a comedian by 73% of the vote in ukraine. italy has two populous parties in charge of the government, one was founded by a comedian. you go around the world where you notice people are unhappy. the question is going to be can the democrats offer an alternative the people decide is better? if it's trump versus perfection i think president trump has problems. if it's trump versus the most likely democrats on their ticket vowing for the things they claim they favor i think
6:38 am
he will beat them by a surprisingly big margin. >> sandra: always a good discussion with you former speaker of the house newt gingrich offer of the novel "collusion." >> bill: the white house working on a new immigration plan as we get a new report out of mexico where the government there claims to have deported 15,000 migrants. but thousands more making their way to the u.s. border as we speak. william la jeunesse is live on that from our west coast newsroom. william. >> bill, agents tell me they can't fix this problem and those who can won't. that being congress. some new video from south texas showing agents apprehending 271 migrants who because of loopholes they can't deport. most have no legal right to be here. president trump blamed democrats on capitol hill putting politics before policy. >> president trump: we could solve the entire problem i say
6:39 am
45 minutes but it could go a lot quicker than that if the democrats would agree to do certain basic common sense things with respect to our laws. >> a new caravan moving through mexico with many jumping on the beast. a huge freight train to avoid police who have begun cracking down on migrants without papers. but the caravan still numbers over 7,000. >> if we travel by bus they are going to pull us out and deport us to our country. that's why we decided to travel by train. >> also yesterday president trump threatened to send armed u.s. troops to the border and close any part of the border where the caravan attempts to enter. u.s. currently 5,000 troops assisting border agents with enforcement. >> they helped us repel two attempts by caravan to enter the united states by helping us fortify ports of entry. that has been an essential partnership. >> the other part of this, the administration yesterday
6:40 am
offered a 5% retention bonus for veteran agents willing to serve another year and the agency is down from 22,000 to 19,000 agents now and they are offering hiring incentive to get people to serve in those remote areas. it's difficult to keep agents in some areas. >> bill: thank you from our l.a. newsroom. >> sandra: tiger woods is packing bags and going global paib the pga's first event in japan in late october. the first october petition there -- his first competition there in 13 years. he cut down on international travel during his back surgeries but he is on his way. >> bill: but first he plays here in new york at beth page, the pga championship and then pebble beach in california for the u.s. open that you'll see here on fox. i say but first. >> sandra: you are still enjoying the moment. it happened. >> bill: the glow is good.
6:41 am
20 minutes before the hour. we're learning disturbing new details about the killers who tar g*eted christians on easter sunday. the father of two bombers has been arrested. the backgrounds of the bombers are beginning to emerge. what we're learning about them and what it tells us about who isis recruits. bernie sanders facing pushback for his pitch about prisoners like the boston marathon bomber given the right to vote in jail. in a moment we'll talk to boston's former police superintendent and chief. he was at the marathon. he was first on the scene during a shoot-out with the brothers. dan linskey is on deck next. >> i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. yes, even for terrible people. customize my insurance. ue and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. haven't you missed enough? ask an asthma specialist about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> sandra: the pentagon watchdog clearing shanahan of any wrongdoing.
6:45 am
the inspector general's decision opens the door for president trump to nominate shanahan for defense secretary. he has served as acting pentagon chief since the resignation of general jim mattis in january. >> some of the suicide bombers, most of them are well-educated, and come from maybe middle or upper middle class families, quite stable financially. so that is a worrying factor in some of them have, i think, studied in various other countries. >> bill: sounds a lot like the killers in boston at the marathon. troubling new details out of sri lanka as the wealthy father of two suicide bombers has been arrested after the easter sunday attacks that killed more than 350 people. what does it tell us about who isis is recruiting? we'll bring in dan linskey.
6:46 am
former police superintendent and chief in boston. welcome back to our program here. well to do families, well educated. it appears two brothers were involved. a woman involved as well. we think about the black widow theories. so many similarities to what you learned about the brothers in boston. what do you take from this? >> it looks like it was an organized group thought out and planned that had logistical support. we've seen this before where individuals who come from good homes, good education, good opportunities go the other route and go against society that has embraced them and given them opportunities. seems like folks who have no reason to rebel had everything on a silver platter did just that in sri lanka. >> bill: do you think the external group was necessary to pull this off? does it have the hallmarks of isis, someone from another country to do it? >> isis, al qaeda. somebody who is able to get people radicalized. we had the religious leader who
6:47 am
was clearly known to people. we had members of the muslim community reporting him to government that he was trying to jihad people and get them engaged in the process. there was someone that put these folks together and united their mission and helped them with training, logistics and support to do this. >> bill: really turns your stomach. reuters said they went to the home of one of the bombers and the brother blew himself up killing his wife and three children inside their home. this is just sick stuff and tough to get your head around it. in the meantime you had this question the other night. i bring this up because you are from boston. i'm curious to get your reaction, the question from a student from harvard with bernie sanders at a town hall. >> do you believe people with felony records should be allowed to vote while in prison. does this mean you would support enfranchising people like the boston marathon bomber? >> i think the right to vote is
6:48 am
inherent to our democracy. yes, even for terrible people. even if they are in jail. they are paying their price to society but that should not take away their inherent american right to participate in our democracy. >> bill: how is that being received in boston, daniel? >> when i first heard it my initial thought was to send something on twitter that would have been sent in anger. and i waited and calmly thought about it. the anger comes from the fact we're talking about the boston brothers. we shouldn't talk about them because we reinjure people. if you do something that society determines requires you to be taken away from society and put into custody because of the nature of your actions you forfeit the right to vote and be involved in our democratic process. now, there has to be punitive side of our system and there has to be redemptive side of our system. once you served your sentence,
6:49 am
come back to society you should be involved in all the ability to be part of a community and see a second chance after you have paid your dues. that being said, the boston brother will not return to society. we don't need to debate if he should have the opportunity to vote in any election. >> bill: daniel linskey from boston today. sir, thank you for coming back here today and we'll look for more details as we learn them out of sri lanka and the killings on easter sunday. >> sandra: we have the stunning new details and a warning from the u.s. health officials. the cdc saying the measles outbreak has risen to levels that have not been seen since it was eliminated 20 years ago. we'll have more on this coming up.
6:50 am
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>> bill: the dow was off 200 points. the story of the moment is over on the tech-heavy nasdaq sector. it is hitting a brand-new high at 8,135. tech earnings have been good. facebook is booming now. heck, i remember the nasdaq when it was at 2,000. 2,000. i mean, that was not too long ago. >> sandra: the reason why the dow unlike the nasdaq is going down, the dow is down triple digits. 3m missed expectations. that's the big weight there. nasdaq story of the morning. all time high. measles cases in the u.s. hitting the highest levels in 20 years. the cdc is now warning -- reporting 695 cases of the virus in 22 states. widespread. david lee miller is here with more. david. >> it is now a priority to stop
6:54 am
the spread of this disease and they'll work on the problem 24/7. the overwhelming majority of the cases are in orthodox jew i shall communities here in the new york city area. there has been a large outbreak of the disease in washington state according to the cdc. the primary reason the disease is spreading in new york is an epidemic of misleading information that prevents people from immunizing their families. a doctor treating people in an ultraorthodox jewish neighborhood. >> there is a lot of misinformation of the anti-vaccine. peach and some hotlines. some of the misinformation is that it causes autism. contain mercury, that the disease itself will actually protect them from cancer, the disease itself will protect them from other things.
6:55 am
>> hundreds of anti-vaccine demonstrators for a bill that would require tougher guidelines on exemptions. the committee approved a proposal that will let public health officials decide if a child can go without a vaccination before beginning school instead of a doctor. as the debate rages the cdc warns measles is highly contagious. if someone with the virus just left this studio, the virus could still spread because of contaminated air or surfaces for up to two hours. unless vaccinated 90% of people close to someone with measles will contract the disease. so it is a very serious problem. >> sandra: very serious warning. when i said widespread. 700 cases, 22 states. >> that's right. the fear is that number will continue at least in the short term, continue to increase. >> sandra: we'll continue watching it. david lee miller. >> bill: he is in, joe biden
6:56 am
now officially running for the democratic nomination. new reaction from former new mexico governor ambassador bill richardson. he is our headliner next hour. president trump vowing to fight subpoenas from house democrats. the a-team is on deck. they weigh in top of the next hour. come on back. was so frustratin. my skin... it was embarrassing.ratin. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur.
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7:00 am
welcome to the race, sleepy joe, see you at the starting gate are the words from the president as we welcome you to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" from studio n this morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. how are you doing? >> sandra: doing well. >> bill: former v.p. announcing his bid by way of video at 6:00 a.m. today. crowded field of democrats now at number 20. last hour lara trump and newt gingrich predicting it could be an uphill climb. >> joe biden is among of sea of other candidates who quite frankly are out trying to out bernie one another. joe biden has done it two times. maybe third time is a charm. >> biden will find it difficult to navigate. he wants to be a good old guy, general nice person. everybody on the left will say to him where do you stand on all these issues? he is pretty rapidly going to discover this is a much tiefer
7:01 am
environment for a democrat than it was when barack obama was shielding him. >> bill: mike emanuel picks it up live in washington there. good morning. >> president trump used his branding skills by offering a new nickname writing welcome to the race, sleepy joe. i hope you have the intelligence to wage a successful primary campaign. it is nasty. if you make it, i will see you at the starting gate. after fox reported yesterday former president obama does not intend to endorse early in the primary process and may not during the primaries, today mr. obama's spokeswoman said president obama has long said that selecting joe biden at his running mate in 2008 was one of the best decisions he ever made. he relied on the vice president's knowledge, insight and judgment throughout both campaigns and ten tire presidency. the two forged a special bond over the last 10 years and remain close today.
7:02 am
two quick endorsements came from two. >> i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an abhorrent moment in time. but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. who we are. and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> outside group justice democrats which helped elect folks like alexandria ocasio-cortez to congress is not impressed. justice democrats tweeted this morning while we're going to support the democratic nominee, we can't let a so-called centrist like joe biden divide the democratic party and turn it into a party of no we can't. some on the left clearly want a new voice and new leadership. supporters note biden's reputation as someone who fights for working families. >> bill: mike emanuel live in washington, d.c.
7:03 am
>> sandra: let's bring in our a-team. guy benson is here, political editor of town and jessica tarlov, a fox news contributor and as we make our way through studio n this morning we finding our cameras stay with us. >> nice and cozy. >> sandra: biden is in the race. what does it mean for your party? >> i was really excited to see the video go up this morning. i thought he did a great job making the case about this abhorrent moment in time. i have think it's really important that joe biden frame this about being against donald trump and not the gop overall. he will need the union workers who do support him. independents as well. i think there will be more videos to come and more of an introduction about who he is, his history, his voting record. certainly the polls indicate he is the one. he has been leading. we'll see how it goes. he could either drop more or
7:04 am
the argument could stand is a trusted and stable frontrunner. he is still on top. >> one of the raps on joe biden he is better in theory than he is on trail as a real candidate. of course he was elected twice as vice president underneath barack obama on those tickets but we'll see. he will be out there on his own now and yes, he is leading in the polls, no question about that. i think he will be trying to push this return to normalcy idea, which may not be a bad play for him. but we've already seen the left flank saying he is a centrist. we'll fight him in the primary and whether he has the agility as a candidate to combat that and hang onto that polling lead in a very crowded field, i think is very much an open question. >> bill: how nimble will he be. "new york magazine" , the headline. how biden plans to steam roll the 2020 democratic field.
7:05 am
the line. the overarching plans to flex his political muscle. he is trying to portray himself as the most electable candidate. the union rally and ties. this is where donald trump saw a lot of success, northeastern ohio, western pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. if this is a biden/trump match-up those are the people who will get the most attention in the race. >> absolutely. the people most excited about joe biden's candidacy. footage of him filming outside his childhood home in scranton. i'm interested to see if brown endorses him early. brown announced he wouldn't be running for president. he has a strong case to make to those people who delivered the three states critical to president trump's win. i think he will be very successful. i'm just excited that we finally know. >> bill: this is where the battle is played out if these are the two.
7:06 am
>> if you look at how biden is going to try to put forward a show of force in terms of establishing himself as the biggest guy in the race and the man to beat it may not be fundraising. he has a long way to catch up with guys like bernie sanders. between major endorsements and the backing of one of his key constituency, unions. joe biden can hold down every person for voted for hillary clinton and maybe peel off some trump voters in places like pennsylvania. that combination would be enough if he pulls it off to beat the president. >> sandra: speaking of bernie sanders, he has had to respond to a lot of criticism that he has received in the wake of saying that felons should have the right to vote including the boston marathon bomber. he has responded. here is bernie sanders. >> i was criticized rather strongly because i said that when we talk about the right to
7:07 am
vote, that right should exist to people who are currently in jail. i said that because the right to vote is essential in a democracy. if you are a citizen, you have the right to vote. [cheering and applause] >> sandra: how is that going over, jessica? >> not going over well for bernie. kamala harris said she would be open to a conversation about this and moved to where i think it's more reasonable to have a sliding scale as it were depending on what you did to end up in jail, whether you maintained your right to vote. the country seems to be more in favor of giving felons the right to vote. they got thrown into it. bernie sanders is hanging tough on that. i think it will be fine for his
7:08 am
base. bernie very much like trump has that core base that doesn't leave him and i think that making a case that the right to vote is a right if you're a citizen of the united states of america is not something that will turn off those who already support bernie. >> we curtail and take away all sorts of rights of people who are convicted of felonies and go to prison. it is absolute lunacy to have people in prison voting. i don't have a problem restoring that right when they paid their debt to society but not when they're behind bars depriving other people of their life or freedom depending on the crime. i don't think it's a good idea to think certain crimes in prison and some you won't. does he believe paul manafort voting behind bars, a corrupt politician, should he be voting for his cronies behind bars?
7:09 am
it's crazy. >> bill: i want to squeeze this in. cory booker says he will choose a woman to be his v.p. first booker, the question and answer. >> do you pledge to have a woman running mate? >> i will have a woman running mate. it is clear we do that. >> bill: so not to be one up eric swalwell, the democrat from california tweeted this. i'm a white man and i know i can't speak to someone else's experience and i pledge to pass the mic and ask a woman to serve as v.p. to the ladies, what do we think about this? >> very kind of them. >> generous. >> bill: if they cared that much they would step aside. >> that's the blow back to that. >> the diversity of the democratic party, cory booker symbolizes diversity having an african-american at the top of the ticket. it rings kind of blah.
7:10 am
i guess they felt like. >> sandra: they might say i would rather he answer i'm going to pick the best person for the job, not just -- >> you're in a democratic primary now, not a general election. those two aren't polling as well as other people are. >> democrats are obsessed with identity and feel like they have to do this. i love it's not just i'm considering it. i will pick a woman. any woman will do. there is no suggestion as to like i'm looking at these people because they're qualified. i'm going to check that box at some point and i'll figure it out later. it is such an obvious pander, not necessarily surprising coming from either of these two. >> i wouldn't go that far. i think they're trying to get out there and say to the people who are going to be voting >> and they're vetting you. >> perhaps right now. i don't think i'm being vetted for that. >> sandra: thank you for our a-team this morning. >> bill: here we go. the president yesterday before he left the white house. >> president trump: we're fighting all the subpoenas.
7:11 am
look, these aren't like impartial people. the democrats are trying to win 2020. they're not going to win with the people that i see. and they're not going to win against me. >> bill: president trump bracing for battle. democrats demand financial records in multiple investigations. how oversight committee chair elijah cumming accusing the administration of massive obstruction. the president vowing to resist what he calls partisan demands. catherine herridge live on the story today. good morning. >> good morning. the president taking a firm position after providing dozens of interviews to special counsel robert mueller and over a million records. then he seemed to pivot and question the need for his business records that are part of a separate house investigation. >> president trump: now, mueller i assume for 35 million dollars checked my taxes, checked my financials, which are great, by the way. you know they're great. you just have to look at the records. they're all over the place.
7:12 am
>> former white house counsel don mcgahn is at the center of the special counsel obstruction findings because of a legal opinion that allows for sharing information within the executive branch. but privilege still stands if shared with outside parties including congress. in the last how stephen miller will also refuse a congressional subpoena before the oversight committee. cummings responded issued a statement that reads in part. this is a massive unprecedented and growing pattern of obstruction. president trump declared to the entire country that he would obstruct congress and order all white house officials to defy subpoenas. the white house expanded the policy to employees at federal agencies. the oversight committee also wants testimony on the census and the justice department official told fox news the
7:13 am
committee provided no legitimate or constitutional basis for excluding a justice department lawyer to protect privilege and if that changes they said the attorney general william barr will have no objections. >> bill: thank you. back with our a-team on this. guy, hillary clinton wrote a piece in the "washington post". she thinks these hearings should go forward. what are the theatrics involved here to get a former white house lawyer sitting in front of a table in a bank of members of congress? >> i think the trump campaign and republican party are thrilled when mrs. clinton decides to wade back into our politics. they would love to her to churn out an op-ed until election and do tv interviews. that's a foil until there is a nominee the president would love to again run against. it worked out well for him last time. he was tweeting about her just yesterday. i think this is a confrontational posture that the democrats and the white house frankly both relish. i think trump's default mode, the one where he is most
7:14 am
comfortable, is being pugnacious and punching hard and taking the fight to the enemy and saying the political enemy. i think the democrats and their base whether they will move forward on impeachment or not, they want to see the house democrats, the new majority, chairman fighting and standing up to trump, holding him accountable the quote they say all the time. the optics of this work for both sides for now. >> sandra: that was the point in hillary clinton's piece. hold the hearings, dig deeper but warned on impeachment saying it could be a big mistake to go down that road. >> she would know, having been married to a president who was impeached and living through the 90s and what it does to the first family and country. she thinks is -- her piece was smart. i enjoyed listening to her at the time 100 as well as nancy pelosi. they're on message with each other. congressional oversight
7:15 am
committees, do your job. let's see where the evidence takes us. you're correct, holding the trump administration to account is incredibly important to democrats. it doesn't mean necessarily that the russia investigation which was only the number 12 most important issue to democrats when they went to vote in the 2018 mid-terms should be the focal point of that. this is about more than just the mueller report. it is about the taxes, ethics abuses. >> sandra: do you fear as your party continues to focus on those issues that the president and republicans are focusing on the economy and immigration and bigger issues. >> no, i've read the president's twitter account and he isn't focusing on anything but that stuff. still tweeting about 13 angry democrats, the mueller report. this morning it's sleepy joe. the president wants to campaign all the time. >> bill: guy, you were making the point he relishes this battle. >> i think the democrats have to be careful of spraying a
7:16 am
bunch of new investigations. we were told for two years, russia, collusion, obstruction. let's move on from that and investigate seven other things. >> it's obstruction of justice. >> there is fatigue for a lot of americans. he didn't collude with the russians. for them to be looking at 18 other issues, go for it but it seems excessive. >> bill: how much do americans care about the mueller fallout? >> no much. >> town halls, they rarely bring it up. that's the point of the story. >> sandra: it is the handshake reverb brateing across the globe this morning. kim jong-un meeting with vladimir putin two months after president trump walked out of his second nuclear summit with the north korean dictator. former u.n. ambassador bill richardson is our headliner this morning and will be joining us live. >> >> bill: facebook getting ready to fork over $5 billion in fines.
7:17 am
>> sandra: elizabeth warren making the facebook sign look like pocket change. she is talking trillions of dollars for free college. charles payne has been digging into the numbers and will be here next. >> make sure we never get in this mess again on student loan debt and that is to make college universally available with free tuition and fees. shaving has been difficult for me. i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs. so it's a daunting task. oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it gives a nice smooth shave. just stopping that irritation... that burn that i get is really life changing.
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>> bill: another alert right now. f.b.i. and officials searching baltimore mayor's two homes and office at city hall. f.b.i. spokesman saying multiple agents are also executing court authorized search warrants at her boutique, job training center and the home of one of her aides. she has been on paid leave since april 1. she faces allegations of selling her books to businesses that get funding from government agencies. >> anyone who has outstanding student loan debt can have up to $50,000 worth of student loan debt canceled out so long as their income is under $100,000 and then it steps in up to there is no help for anybody whose family income is
7:22 am
above $250,000. that's it. the debt is gone. >> sandra: senator elizabeth warren pushing her trillion dollar plan that uses cash from the wealthiest americans to wipe away millions of colleges loans. charles payne, sounds good. how does it sit with you? >> it doesn't make sense mathematically. it is one of these things if you start to campaign on this stuff and start to make these promises and have to live up to it ultimately it won't be the rich who have ways of evading this kind of stuff but maybe the upper incomes and you heard her say up to $250,000. if you're a household making $130,000. you're a plumber and didn't go to college, they will they'll tax you to pay for the college tuition of people who did. it doesn't make sense. it is upside down. we were made big promises by the obama administration when they kicked the banking industry out of students loans. it got worse. so you have to be careful
7:23 am
because if you're a college, you can start to charge higher tuition knowing you'll get paid. either the student will pay you back or the taxpayer will pay you back. >> bill: "wall street journal." students loans were supposed to make money for the feds. oh oh, did you read that piece? >> yeah. listen. there was some -- there have been some programs and there were some programs under president obama that were generating money. i don't know that the federal government should be in this business at all, right? if they hadn't kicked out the banks and there was more responsibility, then you wouldn't have some of these onerous tuitions where there are no jobs out there. great that people go and study what they feel good about but in the economy if the jobs don't exist someone has to pay for the debt. i don't know if i want federal government in the business of trying to make money on student loans or what they've done is push out the private sector. >> sandra: facebook find $5
7:24 am
billion over privacy issues. >> they said the fine -- they're guess mating 3 to 5 million. they set money aside. the more important thing to me they're essentially saying that everyone out there knows we're doing all kinds of stuff with your privacy. the stock is exploding today to the up side because we've said okay, we don't like it but the users -- the users have gone up, revenues that they're making from aous years have gone up. users are saying we don't like it but all right. it's amazing. we really have said to them do what you want with our privacy as long as it's a free platform. >> bill: larry kudlow was on with david asman fox business yesterday talking gdp. watch. >> i'm hopeful the gdp on friday will come out 2 1/2 to 3%. i love the drop in unemployment claims. i love the rebound in retail
7:25 am
sales. i love the fact that businesses are spending rapidly. i love the fact that inflation is going down. >> sandra: he has a track record of guessing what that number will be and being right. >> i talked about this a week or so ago. a lot of folks who play that guesstimate game. one is the atlanta fed. on march 1 for the first quarter their estimate was 0.3%. you know what it is now? 2.8% and they aren't the highest. economic data point after data point after data point. this morning we found out that business investments last month through the roof. that was not supposed to happen this year as the benefits from the tax cuts faded. businesses are investing big-time money. the first quarter could be the only beginning. >> sandra: they predict a good number tomorrow. markets down today. but the nasdaq hit an all-time high. >> the nasdaq will hit new
7:26 am
all-time highs. the dow unfortunately is 30 stocks being weighed down by the number three stock 3m. a massive miss. that's a company-specific issue. they have issues to work out. >> sandra: thanks, charles payne. >> bill: another alert now. he is one of the most wealthy people in sri lanka. the father of two of the alleged easter sunday bombers has been arrested. >> sandra: this historic summit between kim jong-un and vladimir putin. now putin says he is ready to share the details of the meeting with president trump. we'll speak to former new mexico governor bill richardson. he will be here next. >> my team will continue to lead the u.s. efforts to achieve what chairman kim committed to do in june of last year, to denuclearize.
7:27 am
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there goes our first big order. ♪ 44, 45, 46... how many of these did they order? ooh, that's hot. ♪ you know, we could sell these. nah. ♪ we don't bake. ♪ opportunity. what we deliver by delivering. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> bill: 10:30 in new york.
7:31 am
want to go overseas. a millionaire spice merchant is now under arrest in sri lanka said to be the father of at least two of the suspected suicide bombers in the attacks on easter sunday. he have is accused of helping his sons. now, isis claiming responsibility. sri lankan officials have blamed a small, radical group inside of their country and here is mike pompeo's latest comment on that. >> every indication is that this was at the very least inspired by isis, the capacity for a local group to pull off a complex simultaneous attack. it could happen but it is probably the case that there were others assisting them. >> bill: a journalist joins us live from sri lanka with the latest on the twisted story today. rebecca. >> the situation is very tense here in sri lanka. arrests and searches are continuing following those deadly easter sunday attacks.
7:32 am
the defense secretary has stepped down following what is being seen as failure to act on intelligence that was given to authorities here. also churches in colombo, in sri lanka have been told to stay shut. catholic churches. today there was an explosion in the central bank in colombo, also a bomb scare. you can really see how things are very tense here. we are getting more details about the suicide bombers behind the attacks on sunday. we know there were nine suicide bombers, one of them was a woman. all of them were from sri lanka largely from well-educated and quite wealthy backgrounds according to the sri lankan government. two of them brothers. they were seen in cctv footage
7:33 am
reportedly showing them in the hotels moments before they detonated their devices. they are said to be the sons of a wealthy spice trader who has been arrested and is being questioned about whether he may have been involved in helping them. isis has claimed responsibility for this attack but the investigations are continuing into exactly how involved isis may have been. these attacks seem to have been very well coordinated and well funded. the united states, the f.b.i. is on the ground helping with these investigations. but as there is that ongoing threat and warning of the ongoing threat it is certainly a situation where people in sri lanka are still very much afraid. back to you. >> bill: as you can imagine. thank you, reporting from the sri lankan capital. >> sandra: fox news alert. two months after the trump/kim summit fell apart another major meeting on the world stage.
7:34 am
this time the north korean leader meeting russian president vladimir putin in their first one-on-one in eastern russia. putin saying kim is willing to give up his nuclear weapons but needs security guarantees first. to our headliner this morning, bill richardson, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and former governor of new mexico. welcome. what about this meeting? >> well, it's not much substance. no economic assistance went to kim but it fulfills the objectives of the two leaders. for putin it shows he is still a major player on the world stage. for kim it shows he is not isolated diplomatic me and kim is building support in two areas with russia. give me sanctions relief. cheat a little bit on my border. let some of the oil come in and secondly, i think he is saying russian needs to be part of the countries that supervise any deal between the u.s. and north
7:35 am
korea. the way they used to 10 years ago, the six-party talks included russia but they've been excluded the last 10 years. >> bill: he made interesting moves. i know you've dealt with the north koreans in intimate ways 99.9% of the world has not. he did a short interview with a newspaper or television reporter there when he was in vladivostok and made a short statement on camera. most people think it's just the way you do it. with people from north korea and chairman kim, it is not the way they have done it. >> they are very isolated. they do most of the press through the spokesman. it shows that kim was hurt with not coming back with something. he is speaking to his own people saying look, i'm here with putin and trying to get the united states to give me
7:36 am
sanctions relief. it is very unusual. he is speaking to his own people. they have a strategy and they're probably not very good. >> sandra: what are the expectations of the next potential one-on-one with president trump and kim jong-un. >> i'm worried, sandra. i hope the president is not too hasty in saying let's have another summit. he has to enable the secretary of state, they want to narrow the differences. we have not decided what our strategy is and the north koreans want us to have full sanctions off. we don't want that to happen unless they take concrete steps towards denuclearization which they have not. okay, you dismantle some of your weapons and missiles totally and you get some sanction relief. >> sandra: to be clear, you in the past have given president
7:37 am
trump credit for getting kim to the table. >> that's good. but i think you need to narrow down the differences. we haven't decided what full dee nuclearization is. he has 40 nuclear weapons. that is what keeps him alive and negotiating. even if he gets rid of half of his missiles. not target the united states, japan, south korea. it is worth negotiating. so i just hope the president is patient. just let his people work a deal. >> bill: he wants to maintain power, he wants to keep his nukes and wants economic relief, too. and so far pompeo and trump have not given in on that. let's talk about joe biden now in the race. how does it go with bernie sanders and joe biden head-to-head during a primary. how does biden fare against president trump if he gets the nam nation? >> i think biden would be
7:38 am
trump's toughest opponent. in states like michigan, pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, blue collar states he will be very strong. this is going to be an interesting primary. it sets up a generational fight between those -- the older members of the party with the new generation. but also a policy fight. in other words, the moderates versus the progressives. not necessarily both of them clashing but a clash of ideas. so it will make the primary a lot more interesting. i think joe biden will be very tough. >> bill: they'll go after him. >> i like him and beto for my part of the country. anybody could emerge. 21 candidates now. >> sandra: part of the whole story with democrats right now is the talk -- continued talk of collusion and wanting to investigate the president further. hillary clinton says don't go with the impeachment thing. it will be a big mistake for the party. where do you stand on all that? >> i agree.
7:39 am
you can't just be an anti-trump party. you need to talk about the vision, issues, putting money in people's pockets, national security. healthcare. debate on the issues. that's what the american people want. let's stop this fighting. it doesn't mean -- the congress has a right to investigate and balance of powers and sometimes i think the president over does his executive power but the primary will be very important to determine the soul, not just of our party, but the country. if i'm president trump's advisors and looking at joe biden or beto or kamala harris, i would be a little worried. >> bill: finally you were listening to the report from sri lanka. we know they were well-educated and well to do as well in sri lanka. shades of mohammed atta who flew the plane into the towers here. >> i'm worried. isis is still alive and recruiting outside of the
7:40 am
middle east in asia and going after people with language skills, social media specialists that agitate. i'm worried. i think it's not just a fight between the tigers in sri lanka and the buddhist majority. i think it's deeper. we should be concerned and coordinate intelligence, our cyber capabilities. this is not good. the tragedy of those people in sri lanka is heartbreaking. >> sandra: we appreciate your time this morning. bill richardson, thank you. >> bill: the mueller matter is in the books. house democrats want to investigate. president trump remains defiant. our next guest argues he is not sure the public cares about this. howie kurtz explains as the tempers go off in washington >> democrats have a tition to make. are you going to talk into
7:41 am
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7:45 am
i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. >> bill: house democrats outraged as president trump vows to resist any and all their subpoena is, will the public care? >> it is a constitutional showdown. just because trump survived the mueller investigation can't thumb his nose as congress demanding documents and testimony but these are process stories and familiar to americans. republicans did it to obama, democrats did it to bush. the media lurch from one crisis to another when it comes to covering donald trump. president sometimes contributes it to. the battles over subpoena will quickly become background noise for most americans.
7:46 am
>> if impeachment is used rather than a constitutional remedy the liberals who are pushing it don't care if it's forlorn or not. they want to be doing something cathartic regardless of the real world consequences. >> first of all i think a lot of americans are sick and tired of all the investigations after two years. my point is the impeachment debate in the media among the liberals has changed. suddenly they want to wield the power of impeachment against donald trump almost as a punishment to brand him with a scarlet eye and they understand that this would completely obliterate any democratic agenda for the next year and they understand there is zero chance the senate will convict. some of them are saying in the media is we should do it for history because they want to use the impeachment power as a 2 by 4 to whack trump and use it as an instrument of revenge rather than the grave constitutional process that is reserved for trying to remove
7:47 am
an unfit commander-in-chief. >> sandra: interesting what you pointed out what is unusual about the president's approach. he isn't waiting for the subpoenas to come one-by-one, a more blanket approach of saying i've given enough. no cooperation. >> which he loves to be on the offense so he is saying i'm not cooperating with any of this knowing full well it will drag on and get bogged down in court. he can sort of run out the clock. democrats could overplay their hand if they're asking for all of these people. i understand why they want to talk to don mcgahn, a key mueller witness and asking for tax returns. there could be a sense it is partisan. often these investigations are partisan on the hill. the president relishes the fight. he likes to be -- >> bill: i think you are on to something where the american people are on this. a piece in "politico" last hour. attendees at democratic town halls rarely ask about the two-year investigation.
7:48 am
we don't really understand -- we have a bit of an echo chamber throughout cable news. we don't really understand where the american people are on this just now. >> there is a media political bubble in places like washington and new york. we lose sight of the fact for most americans with busy lives and not following every twist and turns elections are about the future. they want to know about the kitchen table issues, economics as others and immigration and issues that matter to them. our obsession with the latest tweet, the latest investigation, the latest subpoena is not shared by a lot of people. i think some of the candidates on the trail are finding that out. >> sandra: interesting to watch. very interesting to see where this all goes and how the president handles it and how democrats respond. howie kurtz, we appreciate all that. thank you. a driver plows into eight people in a crosswalk. police say it was intentional. more ahead on the charges that driver is now facing and whether they have a motive.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
>> sandra: a man police say intentionally drove his car into a group of pedestrians is
7:53 am
charged with eight counts of attempted murder. it happened in northern california tuesday. authorities say the driver is a local resident who appears to have acted alone. and is not part of any known terrorist groups. >> then he didn't have like applied the brakes. when he crashed the tree here. >> sandra: we have our reporter live at the crash site in california. >> bill: good morning. witnesses say they saw several of the victims fly into the air after the car rammed into the group of pedestrians along this very busy street in sunnyvale and getting conflicting narratives about the driver. 34-year-old isaiah peoples. he thanked jesus just before he was arrested. he never expressed any remorse and kept on driving until he
7:54 am
smashed his car into a tree. he was arrested without incident at the scene. the f.b.i. now assisting in this case. authorities say it's still not clear why peoples drove into the crowd. they say he apparently didn't know any of the victims. as the evidence suggests that the crash was intentional. eyewitness who called 911 peoples sat in his wrecked car muttering the same thing over and over. >> i was yelling at him what's the matter with you? what's the matter with you? and he was inside the car the airbags had popped and he was just sitting there and saying thank you, jesus. thank you, jesus. >> according to his family peoples was an army sharpshooter in iraq and discharged in 2007 because he suffered severe bouts of ptsd and reportedly hospitalized for a time for what his brother described as psychotic episodes.
7:55 am
the suspects' relatives describe him as a quiet churchgoer. they speculate he wasn't in his right mind and may have had some kind of seizure. here at the scene people have left flowers. four people are still in the hospital. the youngest victim 9 years old. a 13-year-old girl remains in critical condition and now 34-year-old isaiah peoples set to be arraigned on eight counts of attempted murder. we expect another update from local police later this morning. back to you. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: the fundraising already in full swing for former vice president joe biden after announcing his bid for 2020. he will have to raise a lot of money. can he raise the cash and maintain his frontrunner status? more on that at the top of the hour coming up here. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400.
7:56 am
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7:59 am
>> sandra: former vice president joe biden putting the speculation to rest officially making his announcement. he is running for president of the united states. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." if you didn't hear it yet he is in. i'm sandra smith. good morning. >> bill: another hour. ifm -- i'm bill hemmer. biden enters the race in the crowded democratic field. there are now 20. he announced this morning saying america is in danger of losing its soul. slamming the president for his response to the deadly violence at a deadly rally in
8:00 am
charlottesville, virginia. >> he said there were, quote, some very fine people on both sides. very fine people on both sides? those words the president of the united states assigned a moral equivalent between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it. in that moment, i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had ever seen in my lifetime. >> bill: peter doocy live in wilmington, delaware. peter, good morning. >> joe biden isn't bragging about his decades-long resume. he is not talking about it at all. instead he is trying to turn his first day on the trail into a dialogue about president trump's response to the race riots in charlottesville in 2017. >> i believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an abhorrent moment in time. but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house,
8:01 am
he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are. and i cannot stand by and watch that happen. >> biden is already being hit hard from the left. the progressive group justice democrats which brags about their role in helping get alexandria ocasio-cortez elected is reminding social media users that biden voted in favor of the iraq war as mass incarceration and against gay marriage. they tweeted this. while we're going to support the democratic nominee we can't let a so-called centrist like joe biden divide the democratic party and turn it into the party of no, we can't. biden is getting some support from his old boss barack obama but it is not an endorsement. obama spokeswoman sent us this. president obama has said selecting joe biden in 2008 as his running mates is one of the best decisions he ever mied and relied on the vice president's knowledge and judgment
8:02 am
throughout both campaigns and the entire presidency. they forged a special bond over the last 10 years and remain close today. the 76-year-old former vice president will make his way to philadelphia today for a private fundraiser. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in politics editor chris stirewalt. good morning to you. can joe biden raise the cash? >> yeah, he will raise a lot of money. politics like much of life is an expectations game. you have to not -- he needs to raise more than the other people who are running who are in the b list. bernie sanders, maybe he is the standard, maybe that's the threshold. i don't know he has to be better than bernie sanders but demonstrate he can raise big bucks quickly. i would imagine part of the delayed announcement is making sure you have the funders lined up so he can come out between
8:03 am
now and monday and say look at the donations, number one. number two, look at the endorsements. pennsylvania senator bob casey endorsed him today. look for other democratic party stars to endorse biden. he needs to show that maybe not can clear the field, but let's say close the field. >> sandra: lara trump, senior advisor to the trump campaign was on our program earlier this morning, chris. she said this. >> joe biden is just among a sea now of other candidates who quite frankly are all trying to out bernie one another. move so far left and become radical. i didn't hear proposals for the country in his video there, race baiting as usual as we see from the democrats and identity politics is something that i think we'll see more of and we saw it there. >> sandra: interesting. a lot of the right are pointing out in his video announcement
8:04 am
he talked about targeting president trump but not a lot of policy proposals. >> it was one video. one announcement video. he didn't need to release a white paper. biden here is trying to get -- he is looking past the nominating process. he wants to elevate himself and say he is standing on the same tier and same platform as the president. he wants it to be about biden versus trump and trump versus biden. the trumps have a careful choice to make. lara trump makes the right argument to say he is just one of a bunch. he is just one of a bunch of these people and he is no different. the president, though, i think probably feels the credible threat that biden would represent in a general election. but he is calling him out by name. he is elevating him and you notice his tweets about him are different than when he talks about other people. so trump obviously understands biden is formidable. >> sandra: the president talked
8:05 am
about sleepy joe this morning after the announcements. he writes welcome to the race, sleepy joe, i only hope you have the intelligence to wage a successful primary campaign. it will be nasty and you will be dealing with people with sick and demented ideas but if you make it i'll see you at the starting gate. the fox polling on the candidates. among democratic primary voters and those that would be satisfied if any of these candidates win joe biden tops that list at 78%. bernie sanders and kamala harris and warren tied. >> among that 22% who say they wouldn't be satisfied if it was biden, how hard are they going to come at him? how hard does he have to go back against him? we've been sort of in this fluffy pink cloud of a
8:06 am
democratic primary where they haven't been going hard at each other and not much wanted to try to differentiate one another. that changes now. biden's entry in the race means that people like kristin gillibrand and others will start coming for him and have to hit him. they know if he is allowed to operate in the separate space as the grand old man of the party and allowed to be that, they have no shot. we'll soon find out whether or not he can hit back. >> sandra: we're about to get a live look at him in wilmington and going to philadelphia tonight before he hits the campaign trail. was it a surprise for the obama's not to come out and endorse biden? >> no. it wouldn't be appropriate at this point. if biden were running in 2016 as the sitting vice president maybe it would have been different. what i think is interesting, though, there was the back channel statement put out that our mike emanuel reported from team obama that was saying
8:07 am
we're not going to endorse anybody. don't think that will happen and putting that out in front of biden even though the president today the former president put out through a spokesman very kind words for biden making it clear he will stay away. that's interesting. >> sandra: it's official biden in the race making it 20 for democrats running for president. thank you for kicking off our 11:00 a.m. eastern hour. thank you, sir. >> it's not much substance. no economic assistance went to kim but for putin it shows he is still a major player on the world stage. for kim, it shows he is not isolated diplomatically. >> bill: bill richardson reacted to the putin/kim summit. one topic on the agenda is the nuclear program in pyongyang. greg palkot is watching from our bureau in london.
8:08 am
>> ambassador richardson got it correct. mixed messages coming out of the summit of kim jong-un and vladimir putin. the first time the two had met. they met in the port city in the eastern part of russia of vladivostok and it happened as talks between u.s. and north korea regarding north korea's nuclear program are not in great shape. the talks went longer than expected today. there was a one-on-one plus broader staff meetings and a big formal dinner. a bit on the formal side. friendly enough. there are no real agreements but a couple of important messages coming from vladimir putin. first, this is probably good news for the trump administration. he said moscow and washington agree on the need for north korea to give up its nuclear weapons. but putin said pyongyang needs more security guaranteed, not just from countries like the united states but from other countries like, for example, russia.
8:09 am
now for his part kim jong-un didn't get one thing that he probably wanted from putin. the easing of economic sanctions that have a strangle hold on north korea but following the failed hanoi summit he did get an important thing that he was looking for, bill. global face time. putin has said that he will talk to president trump about what was discussed at the meeting. that's a good thing. first he goes to beijing, tomorrow, where he says he will also speak with the chinese leadership and we'll see where it goes from there. >> bill: thank you, greg palkot in london. congressman lee zeldin will join us to talk about the summit in russia later in the program. >> sandra: now a trainful of migrants is in mexico heading for the u.s. border. what president trump threatens to do if they try and cross. >> bill: also the president slamming house democrats targeting his taxes and the
8:10 am
full mueller report. how will it shake out? we'll talk about that with michigan democrat dan kildee coming up shortly here. >> president trump: we're fighting all the subpoenas. these aren't like impartial people. the democrats are trying to win 2020. hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom,
8:11 am
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- [woman] with shark's duo clean, i don't just clean, ♪ i deep clean carpets and floors, so i got this. yep, this too, and this, please. even long hair and pet hair are no problem, but the one thing i won't have to clean is this because the shark's self-cleaning brush roll removes the hair wrap while i clean. ♪ - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. >> bill: the nsa wants the white house to drop the phone surveillance program. the "wall street journal" reporting the agency says
8:14 am
logistical and legal issues. it collects calls and texts without a court order and exposed by the former intel contractor snowden. if the white house decides to drop the program surveillance will stop by the end of the year. >> sandra: we have a live shot up right now. wilmington, delaware. there is joe biden. let's listen. >> i asked president obama not to endorse. we should -- whoever wins the nomination should win it on their own merits. welcome to delaware. >> the message about the debate about president trump. you will have to get through the democratic primary first. why are you the best choice? >> that will be for the democrats to decide. thanks. >> what about the mueller report >> all the stuff in time. >> president trump, should he
8:15 am
be impeached? >> thank you. >> sandra: there is the now official candidate for democratic presidency, joe biden. he is in delaware at the train station there on his way to philadelphia for a fundraiser happening tonight and kick things off on the campaign trail next week. there he is again officially announcing this morning that he is running for president. joe biden the former vice president, the obamas putting out a statement, not officially endorsing him but talking about his track record as the vice president. joe biden put out a video announcement this morning. let's listen if we can.
8:16 am
we can't pick up much of his microphone there. stopping to talk to workers there as he heads off to philadelphia for a fundraising event. i want to bring in congressman dan kildee. as he makes his way he has to raise serious cash, can he do it, congressman? >> i think so. obviously he is a very well-known candidate. i think he will be able to raise the money to be able to put his message out. i look forward to the competition of ideas. there is a lot of people running, that's for sure. but i think there will be a natural narrowing and i think joe, regardless of how it plays out, i think he will be in this right down to the end. >> sandra: he was asked there. you saw peter doocy as one of the reporters at the stake-out position and asked about another reporter on the ground why should democrats vote for you? he said democrats will have to
8:17 am
decide that. what was the case that he made in that announcement video this morning? >> well, i think he paints a picture of an america that is more unified. obviously his focus on the charlottesville issue is one that i think is more of a direct challenge to president trump than to the other 19 or so democratic candidates. so i think in many ways what he was trying to show he has the strength to go toe-to-toe with president trump. we have maybe preferences among the 20 or so candidates out there. for many democrats the biggest question they ask is whether or not we have a candidate that can really go to battle with president trump and advance democratic agenda. obviously we'll see what happens after that. i think that's what joe biden is trying to demonstrate. >> sandra: all right. time will tell if joe biden is that guy. i want to ask you now about the
8:18 am
president's plan to fight these subpoenas coming from house democrats. this is the president this morning in a tweet. i never told then white house counsel don mcgahn to fire robert mueller even though i had the legal right to do so. if i wanted to fire mueller i didn't need mcgahn to do it. he wasn't fired and allowed to finish his work on what i and many others say was an illegal investigation. how far is your party willing to go to investigate this president? >> well, i think on the specific question that the president raised we have to get an answer to that question. if the president directed mr. mcgahn to fire the special counsel, that's a substantial question. what we do with that information, i don't think any of us are really yet prepared to make that determination. i think the american public and congress with its oversight responsibilities, we have an obligation to find out if, in
8:19 am
fact, that's the case. mr. mcgahn according to the mueller report makes a fairly clear statement that that is what took place. it may take further testimony from mr. mcgahn before one of the committees with oversight responsibility to come to some conclusion on that. >> sandra: the question, though, is how far are you willing to go? hillary clinton is advising her own party don't go down the route of impeachment. this would be a big mistake. she says continue with the investigations, continue with the hearings, substantive hearings she is calling for. this could drag out. it will go to the courts and drag well into the time of the election. is it worth it for your party to do this? >> i think it raises a good question as to how far we need to go. i do think we have to find the balance. we have to conduct our oversight responsibility. there are serious questions that we need to have answers for and we need to pursue those. but what secretary clinton has said and frankly what speaker
8:20 am
pelosi has been indicating i think is the approach we ought to be taking right now. not necessarily drawing a conclusion but letting the facts reveal themselves as we go through this process and then make judgments accordingly. some of my colleagues have already come to conclusions about what they would like to do regarding this president. i'm not one of those. i will say what i have seen is quite concerning and does beg the question as to whether or not some of these allegations are true. we need to find that out. >> sandra: congressman dan kildee from michigan. you want to mark five years since the flint water crisis begin. how are you looking back now? >> well, you know, the water crisis was a failure of government at every level. and every level of government has a responsibility to put the pieces back together. we're five years in. the recovery is underway. i appreciate you asking the question because very often in flint we feel like we had this moment where everybody was paying attention but that
8:21 am
attention has faded. we are still in the recovery process and it is going to take a while. one day at a time. >> sandra: congressman dan kildee, thank you for coming on "america's newsroom," sir. >> bill: 21 past the hour now. the measles epidemic spreading fast. cdc confirms 700 cases in 22 states. tell you where the outbreak is hitting the hardest. startling accusation from eric swalwell about president trump's relationship with russia. former congressman jason chaffetz reacts to this in a moment. >> you no longer are maintaining that he is effectively a russian asset. >> i think he acts on russia's behalf and i challenge him to show me otherwise. dealing with psoriatic arthritis pain was so frustrating. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this.
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buy homes with no down payment and no closing costs. now there's no reason to rent when you can buy.
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8:25 am
>> sandra: a stunning twist in the durst case. lawyers are trying to get evidence from an hbo documentary thrown out. they say the confession was edited. according to a transcript, i don't know what you expected to get. i don't know what's in the house, oh, i want this. killed them all, of course, i want to do something new. there is nothing new about that. he was right, i was wrong. the burping, i'm having difficulty with the questions. what the hell did i do? hbo aired durst's comments this way. >> killed them all. >> editors for the jinx defended placing the two sentences together toened the series on the dramatic note. he goes on trial december 3
8:26 am
charged with the murder of his friend, susan berman, in 2000. >> bill: measles outbreak and cdc confirms 700 in 22 states and the outbreak is spreading fast. what are you finding out? >> the dramatic statistics that you mentioned are for -- emphasize this, reported cases of the measles. no one knows how many people have the measles and haven't sought help. in the near term the cdc says the number of people infected with the virus to continue to rise. the overwhelming majority of cases are in orthodox jewish communities in the new york city area and washington state. according to the cdc misleading information about the vaccine is keeping people from immunizing their families. for some people it can be a mild illness but authorities warn it can also be deadly. >> 2 out of 1,000 kids with
8:27 am
measles die. i can't tell you whether your child will have a mild or severe illness why take the risk? vaccinate them and protect them. >> hundreds of anti-vaccine demonstrators voiced opposition to a bill. after a contentious -- they will let public health officials decide instead of a doctor. according to the world health vaccination, 2.6 million people a year died from measles worldwide before the vaccine and still more than 100,000 measles deaths each year. that could be making the situation worse in the u.s. the cdc stretching the solution to prevent the uptick from increasing in measles cases a simple and safe vaccination. >> bill: david lee miller on that today.
8:28 am
thanks. >> sandra: democratic candidate for the white house who called president trump a russian asset refusing to back down despite the conclusions of the mueller report. jason chaffetz will be here to react. >> bill: apparently the government of mexico is taking action to address the surge of asylum seekers as the white house looks to reward border agents for dealing with the crisis. >> president trump: more people than ever before. some are not people we want in our country, and i will say border patrol has been incredible. there has never been a march up that border like there is today up throughout mexico. the best simple dishes ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
we're on the move. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. terminix. defenders of home. >> sandra: the mexican government said it deported 15,000 migrants this month but thousands more are on the way to the u.s. border as the trump administrations finds new ways to combat the crisis. >> the administration has tried
8:32 am
different things before and failed. the problem agents say is not at the border apprehending people, it is the asylum process undermining the same border security. the hundreds of families you see funneling into south texas this week. president trump blames democrats for putting politics before policy. >> president trump: we could solve the entire problem i say 45 minutes, it could go a lot quicker than that if the democrats would agree to do certain basic common sense things with respect to our laws. >> the new caravan in mexico has many jumping on trains to avoid police who began cracking down on migrants without papers, still the caravan reportedly numbers over 7,000. >> if we travel by bus they are going to pull us out and deport us to our country. so that's why we decided to travel by train. >> interior minister says
8:33 am
300,000 central americans have entered mexico illegally the last three months. tuesday their foreign minister rejected the u.s. effort to stop them there by denying entry to any asylum seeker who refused protection in mexico. >> we will not accept an agreement for being a safe third country. this is mexico's clear position. this idea for such an agreement i don't know who planted it but we will not accept it. >> bill: president trump vowed to stop a caravan by shutting down the border and adding more national guard and a 5% retention bonus for border agents and a higher pay for border patrol in more remote areas.
8:34 am
>> there is evidence of collusion and coordination. it doesn't go beyond a reasonable doubt. it doesn't mean he is a good guy. we know the russians helped him. the campaign expected to benefit from the russians helping him. why won't he show us his taxes and finances? if this guy is able to be blackmailed by a porn star, how do we know he won't be blackmailed by vladimir putin? >> bill: that man wants to be the democratic nominee eric swalwell doubling down on claims president trump put russia's interests ahead of the u.s. he also refusing to acknowledge that the mueller report failed to establish any criminal conspiracy with russia on behalf of any american. former utah congressman jason chaffetz. good morning to you and welcome back here. eric swalwell is not alone. >> no, but he is in the minority and he may flail all he wants. swalwell has never let facts, evidence and witnesses get in the way of a good story he
8:35 am
wants to spiel. now he is running for president. somebody has to come in dead last. that's what he is gunning for and where he is headed. >> bill: newt gingrich characterized it like this. >> you have so many democrats running and they are so desperate to make noise that they will say a wide range of things that have no basis in fact but gets them through the next interview. >> bill: is there something to that? >> yeah. i think he is absolutely right. it is surprising anybody interviews him. he gives the same answer no matter what he is. doing it for two years. there was a serious investigation. everything was in the clear for donald trump. and at some point somebody is going to say why are we even asking this guy? he doesn't offer any witnesses or any evidence, nothing new. but he comes to a conclusion that really very, very few come to. it's just not there. >> bill: he was asking several times to take it back and he did not do that.
8:36 am
you dealt with subpoenas all the time in your old role as a congressman. here is elijah cummings statement, a growing pattern of obstruction. president trump declared to the entire country he would obstruct congress and order all white house officials to defy lawful subpoenas. they expanded this policy to employees of federal agencies. where does it go based on your experience through it? >> look, when i was in the position of offering subpoenas, which i did dozens of times to the obama administration, they took them as mere suggestions. didn't even acknowledge them. i can't name one subpoena that was fully complied with in the obama administration. so i have the greatest respect for elijah cummings. this is a new phenomenon. the democrats never came to
8:37 am
this conclusion. the president has executive privilege. you can't get the general counsel to the president of the united states come testify before the committee. it's ridiculous. when i tried to get ben rhodes to testify. he wouldn't come testify about the iranian payments and the white house claimed executive privilege. that was the end of it. so this flailing that they're doing, the overreach, the power grab that they're trying to have, it won't fly because they've got to have a legislative purpose in order to justify these documents. and when they try to go after all of his tax returns and all of the president's financial instruments, that's not a true legislative purpose. they are going to lose that fight in the courts. >> bill: if they go after don mcgahn, the fact that he sat with mueller for 30 hours based on the mueller report, have they already surrendered that
8:38 am
executive privilege in that case or not? >> no, they surrendered executive privilege within the executive branch. they can say look we'll cooperate with the special counsel and that should be evidence enough. the guy spent 30 hours. by the way, donald trump does not get enough credit for being open, transparent. waiving privilege for his personal counsel and executive privilege. he did all that. why should he have to do with congress having gone through it with the special prosecutor that the democrats lined up and supported and said we'll believe mr. mueller. you don't have to waive that privilege again for the congress. that's ridiculous. >> bill: my guess is they don't give into this easily. how do you believe it plays out? do you go to court, decided in three months or six months or a year from now, jason? >> well look, we tried to get after eric holder because we
8:39 am
think they inappropriately claimed executive privilege on the fast and furious documents. that was a decade ago. it is still in the courts. they still don't have the documents on fast and furious. so if they get entangled in this legal brawl they will be in the courts through the next add min -- they'll lock each other up. get in the corner and the next thing you know it will be 2021. >> bill: if you think about the strategy on behalf of the white house they'll buy time and that appears to be the political calculus. >> yes. and the problem for the democrats is they reached far -- they have this separate power grab in place and reach for everything. they send out hundreds of requests instead of being very focused. they overreached and now they are trying to get don mcgahn. general counsel to the president. name a time when that's happened before congress? it doesn't happen. there is precedent that says there is executive privilege. when the democrats overreach like that now they want the
8:40 am
narrative they're trying to hide something. no, they overreached and they tried to ask for too much and they are not going to get anything. >> bill: very good. come back soon. look forward to talking to you and seeing you in new york. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: another college coach coming clean in the college admissions scandal admitting taking a bribe for recruiting a student. how much money a former coach at the university of texas actually took. >> bill: also historic summit in russia. will today's meeting between vladimir putin and chairman kim help or hurt the u.s. effort to denuclearize the korean peninsula? lee zeldin will be our guest on that next. like other loans. percent and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit.
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>> bill: a third coach pleading guilty. he was a tennis coach at the university of texas at austin. he recruited a student for never played competitive tennis. he will say he cooperated with
8:44 am
authorities. he just is one of many caught in a high-profile college bribery scandal. >> sandra: north korean leader kim jong-un and russian leader vladimir putin wrapping up their first meeting and discussing denuclearization. lee zeldin joins us now to discuss this. good morning. clearly kim is trying to rally international support for sanctions relief. how far did he get with this one-on-one with putin? >> i think it's a good thing that the rhetoric that is coming from vladimir putin that has quite frankly coming from kim jong-un as well today has been one that has not been provocative. one that has been seeking progress. this is something that is
8:45 am
beyond a bilateral issue throughout this entire process the united states has said that all the good options are on the table including china. russia is also a permanent member of the united nations security council. will you look back at august of 2017, unanimous vote of the u.n. security council that effectively cut off over 1/3 of north korean exports included a yes vote from russia, a nation with veto power. so having them involved in the process is nothing new. and i think that the way the rhetoric has come from today's meeting in russia is one that actually could potentially help the process with good communication between all parties seeking a verifiable total denuclearization of north korea. >> sandra: vladimir putin concluded the meeting issuing an assurance to north korea. what is the meeting and the outcome of this meeting and
8:46 am
what does it mean for continued talks between the u.s. and north korea? >> the united states wants a deal with north korea. north korea wants it even worse. the sanctions, the maximum pressure campaign has been working on north korea. north korea, kim jong-un specifically is concerned about kim jong-un and the kim regime. it's seeing a potential here of how north korea can benefit from a deal. north korea believes that beyond just their relationship and the deal that is cut with the united states, there are these other nations in their region both from a military standpoint and an economic standpoint, diplomatic standpoint where kim jong-un wants to protect north koreans interest and protect himself. he is known to be homicide all but not suicidal. he will talk to some neighboring countries and hopefully all the neighboring countries assist with putting this pressure on kim jong-un to understand this is a deal that needs to be cut and it is one
8:47 am
in the best interest of north korea for kim jong-un to sign onto. >> sandra: we had bill richardson on earlier, the former ambassador, u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and he was very specifically making the case that president trump should hold off on another summit until there is a more concrete strategy. here he is in his own words. >> i hope the president is not too hasty in saying let's have another summit. he has to enable his team, the secretary of state. they want to narrow the differences. we haven't decided what our strategy is. >> sandra: so how do you respond to that? and what do you think about the next potential summit with kim? >> well, first off i think president trump deserves more credit dealing with korea than his adversaries are providing. while there was a second summit, i would believe that president trump wouldn't want a third summit without there
8:48 am
being progress. i don't think president trump would want to be sitting down in a third summit to have to walk away. i'm glad that president trump walked away from the second deal. we've learned our lesson hopefully from iran that we shouldn't be cutting a deal just to cut a deal. and in the case of iran on so many different fronts the sunset provision with the flaws in the verification and other different activities that were not dealt with at the table, the united states paid a heavy price that we're still playing catch-up with. i believe to bill richardson's point the president understands that already and the president himself would want further progress before the next summit. >> sandra: congressman lee zeldin thank you for coming on "america's newsroom" this morning. great to see you. >> bill: up next "outnumbered." here is melissa and kennedy for a preview. good morning to both of you. >> how are you? joe biden making his 2020 run official and already progressive women are complaining about all the attention he and bernie sanders
8:49 am
are getting. is this just identity politics or a fair way to promote diversity? are democrats falling into the circular firing squad trap that former president obama warned about? >> it seems like it. the white house blocks another request for a top aide to testify before congress. president trump vowing to fight the investigations whether it's a winning strategy. >> all that on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> bill: business owners who won a city contract in l.a. must reveal ties to the nra because of a new law. now the gun rights group is taking the city to court. our report comes up on that next. ter & shrimp. or new colossal shrimp & salmon with a citrusy drizzle. tender, smoky, and together on one plank... ...but not for long- so hurry in! my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i?
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activities, vacation rentals. i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call. get the data options you need and still save hundreds of dollars... do you guys sell other dogs? now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. >> bill: the national rifle association suing the city of
8:53 am
los angeles. it stems from a new law that mandates a business seeking city contracts to disclose any ties to the nra. the nra says that is against the constitution. jonathan hunt has that story live in l.a. and picks it up from there. >> good morning, bill. the new law here in l.a. went into effect april 1 forcing any company that wants to do business with the city to reveal whether it has any connections to the nra. it was passed in the wake of a series of mass shootings including one at a bar in thousand oaks, california in which 12 people were killed. councilman mitchell ferrell championed the law saying nra has been a roadblock for gun safety reform and saying los angeles shouldn't give public funds to nra-linked contractors while the city tries to promote gun safety. the nra filed a lawsuit as it opens its annual meeting today.
8:54 am
they say the l.a. city law violates first amendment and 14th amendment and nra attorney said the law would force nra supporters to drop their memberships for fear of lose laong their livelihood saying it's modern day mccarthyism and my clients are confident no judge will let it stand and it claims the city law is an attempt to silence nra's voice as well as the voices of all those who dare oppose the city's broad gun control agenda. councilman dismissed the nra legal challenge saying in a tweet the nra lawsuit against the city of los angeles is an act of desperation by an organization in trouble. now, this legal fight, bill, is likely to come up tomorrow when president trump addresses that
8:55 am
nra convention in indianapolis as the president speaks in support of the second amendment, by the way, the secret service has banned all guns from the venue. bill. >> bill: thank you, jonathan hunt live in los angeles. >> sandra: the world health organization weighing in on the smartphone debate saying they should be off limits for children under a year old. it is the first time the organization has issued screen time guidelines for very young children. officials also saying parents shouldn't let their kids look at a screen for more than one hour a day under the age of five. critics are quick to point out there is not a whole lot of evidence supporting these restrictions. >> bill: we might be able to learn something from that, right? you know what i'm saying. joe biden is in but he did not get an endorsement from former president obama. why would that be the case? it's coming up next. we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us.
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♪ >> a part of the rehabilitation sports program for men wounded in combat, these game guys are really on the ball. >> sandra: this, from the "america's newsroom" involved. on this day in 1947, president harry s. truman inaugurating the first white house bowling alley. he did not use it much himself, but how without employees did. he close the bowling alley in 1955 but it was brought back under later presidents. the 1-lane bowling alley is still in the white house basement today. you and i never had a chance to bowl. >> bill: how is your game? >> sandra: i think i may be okay. it's been a while but i might be able to take you on. someday we will do that. maybe a christmas party. >> bill: i'm not bad, you know x not growing up in the midwest, we got that thing. >> sandra: that's it for us. got anything else close to mike >> bill: i really enjoyed the three hour tour today.
9:00 am
period especially in the setting we love. >> sandra: bill calls this the shoe box. we will be back in our studio. don't ask me 25 starts >> melissa: fox news alert, new action to former vice president joe biden making it official. announcing his third bid for the white house, and right off the bat going directly at president trump. now the president responding. oh, boy. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, miss kennedy herself. town hall at her and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. syndicated radio host and fox news contributor, leslie marshall. and it joining us on the couch today, chris bedford, editor and chief of "the daily color" news foundation. we have a lot of news today. >> chris: old-fashioned political news. >> melissa: we will get into that. [laughter] no doubt about


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