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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 25, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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fight in. you know? when are they going to report on other stuff? i have been telling you it's all coming. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. ray arroyo is in >> how are you? i'm taking notes on the interview, good job. i'm still waiting for the private number, i'm still waiting for my presidential interview. >> sean: they have no idea. i don't reveal sources. >> ray: i'm not asking. >> sean: i might consider telling you. >> sean: i am like the clintons, i don't ask and i don't tell. you can hand it over as you leave. you're pushing me out the door? you want the 9:00 slot and the 10:00 slot? >> sean: have a great show. >> ray: i'm sitting in for laura ingraham and this is
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"the ingraham angle" from new york city. we will have a complete wrap with the interview you just heard from president trump, and joe biden's big announcement. newt gingrich is here to break it all down. plus ed henry speaking to biden sketchy history. he branded a trump a white nationalist during the campaign, but how qualified as before to be a racial healer? we will expose his record and tate smith is being stricken from sports venues over a 90-year-old recording peered at the removal of her song and statue. a member of her family is here with reaction. but first, biden's race. joe biden after much hemming and hawing finally jumped into the race with a video announcement. like us before the presidential campaigns, the video was also a redo. his advisors rejected his
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initial attempt, leading one to wonder if this is the new and improved version, what are the first video look like? he opened with racism and talk of charlottesville. >> it was there on august of 2017 we saw klansmen and white supremacists and neo-nazis come out of the open. that is when we heard of the president of the united states stunned the world and shock the conscience of this nation. he said there were "some very fine people on both sides." very fine people on both sides? >> ray: biden can quibble about president trump's verbal excesses, though it is probably best not to go there. but biden is simply wrong on this point. of the president was not referring to the white supremacists in charlottesvilles fine people. a point he made at the same press conference where he first uttered the phrase. >> you also had people that were very fine people -- on both
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sides. you had people on that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statute and the renaming of a park from robert e. lee to another name. i'm not talking about the neo-nazis in the white nationalist, because they should be condemned totally. but you had many people in that group other than neo-nazis and white nationalist, okay? >> ray: to see what i mean? facts aside, biden has used that canard that president trump gave aid and comfort to white supremacists as a rationale for his third white house run. this is the same joe biden who decades ago said this about segregation. >> i think the concept of buffing, implicit in that concept is the question you just asked, the statement in the question you just asked, that we are going to integrate people so that they all have the same access and they learn to grow up with one another and all the rest, is a rejection of the
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whole movement of black pride. >> ray: it later, we will explore biden's long record on racial insensitivity with ed henry. but today, biden said nothing of his record, experience, or ability to reach across the aisle. instead, he stuck to the charlottesville narrative and described his crusade for president this way. >> i wrote at the time, that we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. that is even more true today. we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. >> ray: a battle for the soul of the nation. there was no talk of how he would bring more jobs to americans for the economy because there is little to argue there. instead, biden has taken a page from the playbook battling for the heart and soul of the natio nation. this casting may not work out so well. biden is the man who supported the obamacare mandate that required the little sisters of the poor to provide contraceptives to their
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employees against their about religious beliefs. they are still fighting in cour court. [applause] >> ray: never true or words spoken. joe biden may have a problem. he defied his own bishops and pay for elected abortions. in the senate, he voted against the abortion ban on military bases and even parental notification when minors are seeking an abortion. so what's wrong with america's soul again? and how does biden aim to fix? he was short on details today but he did invoke jefferson's declaration of independence, quoting the famous line that all men are created equal. >> we've heard it so often it's almost a cliche but it's who we are. we haven't always lived up to these ideals. jefferson himself didn't. >> ray: in recent years we've
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seen statues pulled out all over the country because historical figures it didn't measure up to today's standards. some have targeted jefferson statue at the university of virginia. other whispered would prefer te stricken from the public square. the jefferson memorial included. but what biden did today is particularly dangerous. he founded a dog whistle to forces that mean to purge american history by turning jefferson's words on him, biden intends to show how woke he is as a candidate. but the problem with judging the past by the shifting mores of the president is that rational thought is lost. context is created with rhetoric, and even venerable public servants can be erased from the country's memory without appeal from even those still with us. for some true context on biden, his run and much more, we return to former speaker of the house
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and newt gingrich. also a fox news contributor. thank you for being here. mr. speaker, your thoughts on this before entering the democratic field and what do you think qualifies him to battle for the soul of the nation? >> first of all, i really liked what you just said, i thought it was very well done. i want to divide that into two parts. one part isn't what's going to happen to biden? later on we will have the kate smith story own, and if i were biden, in my newsletter tomorrow, i would worry about the kate smith precedent. she did 3,000 recordings in her career. two of them in 1931 involve language that is racially offensive, although at the time they were popular songs. she's had her statue taken down, we know longer use her version of "god bless america," even though the song was written at her request.
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if i were biden i would say, how many different things have i done in my career that are going to rise up and bite me because they no longer make sense today? i think that is going to be remarkable and i think it will destroy his candidacy. but i think he raised the right question and i want to take it head on. we are in a battle for the soul of america. on the one side, you have a party that believes babies can be killed after they are born. well, that is a pretty definitional position. a party that believes you should have no right to buy a personal. that is a pretty definitional position. a party whose front runner says we ought to allow terrorists, the boston bomber, murderers to vote while still in jail. that is a pretty clear position. we were party who says we should have no border controls, no walls and open borders.
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i think this fight, i actually do believe 2020 is a fight over the soul of america and which version of america we are going to go forward with. >> ray: mr. speaker, i need to ask you about huge missing endorsement for joe biden. watch this. >> if you are the best choice for the democrats in 2020, why didn't president obama endorse you? >> i asked president obama not to endorse, and he doesn't want to. whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merits. >> ray: is that really what happened, mr. speaker? or is he trying to save face? >> i don't think we have any idea at this point. first of all, i don't think that president obama endorsing joe biden would carry a dramatic amount of weight is after all, he was the vice president for eight years. what would be terrible is if president obama endorsed anybody else.
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in that sense, it is kind of a wash. the challenge that joe biden has, there is no positive visionary moral reason for this guy to come out of retirement and offer himself to the country. part of what he is going to discover, and i think this is actually a great irony. biden's entire career is trying to be sort of a middle-of-the-road bipartisan good old boy representing blue-collar workers et cetera. he is now in a party which despises every single thing i just described. i think he is in for a huge shock when he runs into the left-wing democratic party because they don't want to argue with him. they just want to wipe them out. they have no interest in a dialogue with him. they just want to get rid of him. >> ray: i want to run something by you. chris christie said today that the last election was basically determined in a handful of rust belt states and 80,000 votes made all the difference.
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he sees joe biden as a real competitor to the president. do you? >> no. >> ray: why not? >> first of all, if the economy continues, and it probably will, this president is going to go into the general election next year with the lowest black unemployment in history, the lowest latino unemployment in history, the lowest female unemployment in history and an economy which has improved dramatically, the pensions and the retirement and the wealth for virtually every american and he is going to be able to offer a very simple choice. would you like to continue to have america once again move towards greatness? or do you really want to hang out with a bunch of left wing nut cases? biden is not going to get the nomination unless he is willing to try to be the grandfather of the left wing nut case. he's not going to win some fight
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for control of the democratic party. he doesn't have the base for it, he doesn't have the muscle for it. frankly, he doesn't have the skill for it. i think the left-wing of their party verges on insanity. so you're going to have a choice next year almost like 1972 or 1984 of an incumbent who has a good economy, who makes sense, it was doing things that are practical, and a democratic opponent so trapped in the left wing ideas that, for the average american, they are just not going to get an acceptable choice. >> ray: a moment ago, told sean hannity this when he reacted to biden jumping into the race. >> if you look at joe, i've known joe over the years. he's not the brightest light bulb in the i don't think, but he has a name that they know. you know, he's coming on with some little cute statements about me. he talked about the way the world is today. when biden makes a statement talking about the soul -- i
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mean, the soul appeared to take a look at obama. i heard somebody say before that there was such dissension and division, people forget there was tremendous division during the obama administration. >> ray: your reaction? >> look, i think that is a very good thing to fight over. the truth is, under obama's leadership for a year, the democratic party collapsed nationally. they lost 4,000 seats in state legislatures, they lost governorships, they lost the senate, they lost the house. underneath the pleasant list of the obama personality you had a country repudiating them in virtually every election. the problem biden has his first of all he doesn't stand for any vision of the future. second, he is not going to be able to defend obama against the left. remember, the left regards both obama and the clintons as sellouts, so the left is over
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here now -- i just was looking, i don't know if you've seen this yet, but the amherst college book of definitions, which is hysterical, has one short set of definitions of how weird the left is becoming. i think that a biden and his team have almost no idea what is going to come out from the left because the left is going to say first of all, he's old. he's white. he is male. >> ray: we are going to get into all of that in a moment. mr. speaker, thank you so much. i'm sorry, we are out of time. the big question you raised a surrounding biden's candidacy, does the new radical left trust him enough? today's note, if this is any indication, the answer is clearly no. they read, while we are going to support the democratic nominee, we can't let a so-called centrist like joe biden divided the democratic party and turn it into a party of no we can't.
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here now, former clinton pollster, mark penn and john updike, a democratic activist and president of open primaries. what did the biden announcement today tell you? did it seem rather desperate and he was overcompensating? particularly on the racial issue? >> i thought it was a good announcement. i'm detecting a lot of fear of biden tonight. i think he is eight points ahead of trump in the polls, he is 30% or so of the polls in the democratic party. he's waited until there are 19 other candidates in, which i think is good but there are probably 19 candidates are to go after him. i think he showed he is going to be values-oriented, center-left candidate, and the democratic party needed that choice. they were too many choices on the extreme left. let the voters decide what the democratic party stands for, let not anyone prejudge that. >> ray: you are really representing where the energy of this party is right now. when you look at joe biden, can
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you support joe biden? would you support him and what did hillary clinton's campaign teach you? >> first of all, i'm an independent, not a democrat. i voted for democrats, i have voted for republicans. i've voted for third party candidates think what biden is going to have to face is a left wing of the party that has wind in its sales. they are saying, why should we go with another centrist, moderate democrat. it would happen with hillary in 2016. she snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and lost to donald trump. they are going to need a true believer and joe biden has to face some tough questions. to be what i both to look at this, this is kind of the middle america reaction. watch. >> i have to say, i am so moved by that video. >> i mean, our uncles were in normandie, we were the good guys
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in this country and now we are not. and now we are not. people look at this country in horror and say what happened to america? it is not just about policy right now. he will get to that. but america, look at this and say, do we want this america back? or don't week? >> ray: do you want this america back? biden is leading in the polls, beating the president by eight points today. it doesn't matter at this point? and as donny deutsch said today, does the country need a hug and will biden give it to them? >> a lot of voters are very concerned about the president's style, especially suburban voters. biden is very reassuring to those voters. he can reassure suburban voters, vice president for eight years, a good leader during that period, and he can reach out to working-class voters. i think he represents a very, very strong candidate. probably the strongest candidate in the field today, would be my guest. but he's going to have to stand
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up to the primary. can he defeat bernie sanders? that remains to be seen. >> ray: do you agree with the analysis and does he have a women problem given the fact that anita hill has rejected his apology, and of course there is the grope and sniff thing. >> can we get back to four years ago, six years ago, stop the chaos? biden runs a real risk in doing that because if you look at the electorate, the electorate is not risk averse. they are furious with the political establishment. >> ray: but get back to what? economic malaise, wages lighting? uncertainty in the world? trump has moved the ball in the issues. doesn't that make it a much steeper climb? >> they are furious that our government is incompetent and incapable of addressing the real issues that people are faced with. they look at both political parties and they say, we are
7:19 pm
tired of them blaming each other. this whole thing is a problem. and if biden simply says, let's turn back the clock, he doesn't have a vision to go forward and address those things, he's not going to gain traction. >> ray: we will leave it there. thank you very much. moments away, ed henry breaks down what some are calling bide biden's racial insensitivity. don't miss that. later, four days after the sri lanka massacre, some of the newest democratic stars are reacting, but others haven't said a word. you will not believe this appeared to state right there. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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- there but what are wes to get our messactually saying?ys. any message is a story. and all stories tell the tale of the times we live in right now. how do you want to be remembered? how do you want your story to play out? our own experiences make the best stories, and your words carry a lot of weight.
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think about what you want to say before you say it. or send it. ♪ >> ray: welcome back to "the ingraham angle." with nearly five decades of public service, joe biden is kicking off his campaign, touting himself as a racial healer. with this long record, there are bound to be some skeletons. with biden, his racial pronouncements could be the most troubling of all. for more, let's bring in fox news chief national correspondent who was with me in new york. >> great to see you. a fresh example of joe biden struggles to please the left on issues of race. he recently tried and failed to patch things up with anita hill. he had 28 years to try to fix this. he served as chair in '91. he felt that the all white male
7:24 pm
panel did not treat her as an african-american woman fairly when she lodged the allegations against clarence thomas. it was only this month, biden finally called to ricks express regret. anita hill said it fell short of an actual apology and she cannot support him. "they had a private discussion where he shared with her directly that she had he admires everything she's done." in 1975, biden said schools should stay segregated. recently a spokesperson said that forced busing would not achieve equal opportunity and he stands behind that appeared in '94, bill clinton signed into law and anti-crime bill. at the time, biden said it wasn't needed because of predators on our streets. african-american leaders have condemned that appear to biden's current team says that violent crime rates were super high. this comes after a whole lot of
7:25 pm
race related gaffes. >> out of nowhere, the largest growth in population is indian americans. moving from india. you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> first mainstream african-american and america who is articulate and bright, clean, bright guy appear to because they're going to put you all back in chains. >> ray: there is a lot of nostalgia for joe biden but he added that primary voters typically rejected the anointed one. we saw that with clinton, when obama is on the sidelines, as many former presidents try to do. in the case of clinton, she won the election a loss to the general.
7:26 pm
>> ray: come over here and join me on the panel bid we want to bring in a larry elder, who is the nationally syndicated talk show host and shane harris, who is the former national action network executive. it's not like biden made one gaffe. he's arguably the most racially insensitive democrat since lbj, if not robert byrd. how will this impact his reception in the black communit community? >> you know, it's good to be on with you, and i have gone on to start my own national civil rights group, i am a proud former staff member of the national action network. but one of the things that is important to address about joe biden's connection with the african-american community and sort of his history and his record is that many of the candidates have challenging records when it comes to racial justice and issues regarding racial reconciliation in this country, so i think that while
7:27 pm
we do see biden's history around the crime bill and some of the other issues that i think are very critical, we are all very critical of, we also have this sort of forgiveness. i'm a reverend, i believe in. we have a reconciliation process and we want to give people the chance to correct those mistakes, and i think at the start of this campaign, he is on to through even some of his recent hires like simone sanders how he will deal with racial justice and how he will rewrite those wrongs historically. >> ray: i'm glad you brought up simone sanders. she was working for bernie sanders, former cnn contributor. she was his spokesperson back in 2016. here is what she said after that election about who should not be leading the democratic party. listen, i want your response. >> we don't need white people leading the democratic party
7:28 pm
right now. it's diverse and it should be reflected as so. >> ray: if she didn't think the dnc should be run by someone who is white, why should she think the country should be? >> whatever happened to mlk's desire for a color-blind society where we evaluate people based on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin? if biden is trying to portray him somehow as a racist or racially insensitive, that is tough. comments he made about busing in 1975 were comments that were made by a lot of people. fast-forward, busing is very unpopular and in 1979 here in california, the past and initiative to get rid of the mandatory busing. in the early '70s there was a gallup poll showing that the majority, almost half of blacks opposed busing. regarding the crime bill, the majority of the congressional black caucus supported the bill before they turned against it. and biden was the vp to the
7:29 pm
first black president. so to argue that joe biden is bigoted or racially insensitive is a real heavy lift. >> ray: earlier on, he thought of that stacy abrams to be his running mate. what was that designed to do? and did you hear echoes of that in this speech today? >> clearly going right to charlottesville in the opening announcement might be an appeal to african-american voters in particular, but i think it is a broader message where joe biden is trying to prosecute a case towards president trump directly in the primaries instead of going after bernie sanders. that may backfire because he's got to win the nomination first. on larry's point, there are explanations for what joe biden did and i try to give you both sides on that in the '70s, '80s, '90s. but the question is going to be, if you're going to stand behind some of that and be strong as they come here is the context, or is he go going to go on an
7:30 pm
apology to request market was already apologizing for some of this. >> hold on, we also have to observe the reality that many on both sides of the platform when you talk about republicans and democrats have a bad history when it comes to african-americans. this country does not have a good history when it comes to african-americans, and i think that joe biden is starting off not just with charlottesville, addressing the african-american community, but a white woman who was killed in that racial battle that took place down there is charlottesville, and the conversation around it was bigger than just blacks. it was about the division in this country. joe biden addresses the division in this country that really needs to be addressed because the president clearly is not about bringing people together. clearly not about ringing racial justice. clearly about dividing us.
7:31 pm
>> ray: a lot of people would disagree with you given his record on criminal justice reform, wages going appear >> i was at the white house. i was at the white house with van jones for criminal justice reform. but we've also got to acknowledge the reality of how this administration has dealt with racial biases and some of the real race riots that have happened in this country and to the rise hate crimes. speed >> ray: criminal justice reform was not popular in republican circles. quickly, there is a familiar refrain among some of the democratic front runners. bernie sanders had this to say at the national action network meeting. >> we have a president today who is a racist. who is a sexist. who is a homophobe. who is a zita pope
7:32 pm
and who is a religious bigot. >> ray: at your reaction to that quickly. ten seconds. >> i think it is pretty rich for this to be set at the national action network, which is held by al sharpton, who was involved in the crown heights riots, who had all sorts of horrible things to say about homosexuals, and for sanders to denounce racism from there is pretty rich. >> ray: i'm up against a hard break. her rendition of "god bless america" is a classic, but her statue has been banned from sports arena over what critics call racist songs from the 1930s. a member of her family is outraged. he is here exclusively to respond peer to stay there. as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
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♪ god bless america ♪ land that we love >> ray: that was the legendary singer katie smith and the song she made famous, "god bless america." tonight she is in a the headlines for another reason.
7:37 pm
an anonymous fan contacted the franchise saying a song smith recorded nine decades ago is racist. not only was "god bless america" written for her, the performances of the song help to sell over $1 billion in war bonds. that is not all. royalties from the hit went on to benefit boy and girl scout programs across the country. kate smith's family is outraged. one of those members joined us now. bob, you were married to kate smith's niece. what did you and your wife think when he saw that a statue erected to salute your aunt in 1987? it was taken down in the dead of night. >> we were shocked. we didn't expect, never heard anything about it coming up. we had not heard about the yankees, because that it happened just before that. when we heard it, my wife's reaction was just heartbroken. she was so close to her and all
7:38 pm
of her life. we called her aunt catherine. she came to live with us in the last few years of her life. she had become extremely ill down in raleigh, north carolina, where i live in where i am right now. >> ray: the song in question that they're talking about is a song from something called the george white scandal. this was a broadway hit in the '30s. what people are not reporting, kate smith recorded this when she was in her 20s, no doubt at the behest of her recording company, columbia. in crosby recorded this song, paul robison recorded the song. should we not listen to any of their tunes anymore? >> if you take "white christmas," you should even listen to it anymore because in the movie, been crosby was in the middle of a minstrel show. so where do you draw the line is the real question. and when do you use your own
7:39 pm
intelligence to realize that we are all americans and we have been have different ideas about some things. >> ray: i have a real problem about this latter-day revisionism where they back and condemn people for one thing. judy garland was in blackface, you've got a governor in virginia, he is in blackface. nobody cares. he is still in office. this is something your aunt said in 1945. she said, racial hatred, social prejudices, religious bigotry, they are the diseases that eat away at the fibers of peace. one thing the peoples of the world have got to learn if we are ever to have a lasting peace is tolerance. those don't seem the words of a racist to me. >> they are not. she never was a racist. the idea that she is racist only came because she sang a song, not wrote the song, she sang a song and the verses in there don't even say or indicate that she was any kind of racist.
7:40 pm
the verses talk about how the black folks taught the white folks how to sing. the real truth of her life is, the 90 for many, many years, is that she thought that god bestowed on her the gift of a great voice and because she always saw that as a gift, she thought it was her job to give that gift away. and she gave it to america. and that is the nature of this incredible woman. >> ray: you know, it takes me because without kate smith there would've been no "god bless america" ." berlin wrote the song for her. she even had the rights for them and ended up giving it away. i want you to react to what the philadelphia flyers say. they say, "we cannot stand idle while material from another era gets in the way of who we are today. "you are a lifelong democrat are you stunned by what you are
7:41 pm
seeing from people across the political divide on this? >> i am, i am amazed on it and that is why i'm on this show tonight. i have a lot of good friends, i'm in business, i'm an architect. one of my former clients, the contributors to the republican party north carolina, he sent me several articles today about this thing. >> ray: bob, i'm so sorry, i'm out of time. but our thoughts are with you with the rest of the smith family. for two days out from the easter massacre in sri lanka, and one reformist worries that a new holy war is in the offing. she is here next to explain and she's got a message for some freshman democrats over their responses. you do not want to miss this. with instant confirmation... i got it! what? what? l.a. bookers book apartments and vacation homes as easy as hotels. ridin' scooter! l.a. baby! l.a. baby! be a booker you're welcome. at
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and memorable experiences all come together. come in today for huge savings on great brands. like hobbs creek men's short sleeve henleys for under $10. and save $50 on cabela's alaskan guide model geodesic tents. order online for free 2 day shipping ♪ >> ray: there seems to be a vastly different reaction to these religiously motivated attacks, like the one in
7:45 pm
sri lanka on easter sunday. take alexandria ocasio-cortez. no stranger to sanding off on twitter over pretty much anything, she sent 14 tweets out about the new zealand mosque shooting. regarding the tragedy in sri lanka, not a single tweet or public comment. kirk, eli and omar wrote this. as countless people attend easter services, our prayers are with the people of sri lanka who lost loved ones in this attack. no person of any faith should be fearful in the house of worship. a muslim reformer and the member of the council on foreign relations. what is wrong with her tweet? she doesn't talk about the victims or the perpetrators? >> exactly, in both cases not mentioning that it was specifically the persecution of christians and it was perpetrated by radical islamists, or islamists masquerading as muslims. she is one of only two muslim congresspeople in the united states, that is a great oversight and it is a disservic
7:46 pm
disservice. >> ray: and african vatican cardinal, the followers of christ are all over the world of victims of wild and foolish deeds. i condemn this radical violence. what is right there and why are we seeing these attacks spread all over the world? >> those are courageous sentiment that he said. the political totalitarianism , so everyone that it does attacks in sri lanka is an islamist and that is very important, that distinguishes it from innocent muslims, who themselves are also victims. but it's admitting that christians are submitted to persecution. one in three christians, the number one persecutor of christians, north korea. number two, china. >> ray: is unbelievable. then we see in africa, this pattern is becoming routine.
7:47 pm
in africa, i will run through this. in nigeria, in 2012, 41 people killed in a car bomb. in 2017 in egypt, two churches were bombed on sunday killing 45. i could go on and on. on the way to the egyptian monastery where ice hasn't gone down 29 people including children. here's the big question. how do you stop this customer christians can't do anything about it. we catholics can't do anything. what is the answer? >> the answer is that people of faith and decent people around the world can do things in all of our capacities. you are bringing light to this to your audience. i write about these ideas. we stand as catholic and muslims together repudiating extremism but also teaching our governments not to fear naming the ideology and the followers of those ideologies. of those attacks you mentioned. i was in egypt days after the churches were attacked and muslim soldiers gave their lives trying to stop suicide bombers from coming in. i was in iraq after isis, and
7:48 pm
i've just been in rwanda where muslims and christians joined forces to shelter individuals from. so, there is much that ordinary people can do but politicians not wanting to name it because they are afraid of political correctness or islamophobia is and empowering only the radical and islamists. >> ray: the attacks are increasing. they are widening. violent attacks on christians have doubled from 2017 to 2018. 11 christians die for their faith each day. let's talk about this perpetuation of these atrocities. in sri lanka, the attackers were educated in the west. in the u.k. and australia. what does this tell us? >> not only educated but wealthy. one of them, the son of one of the wealthiest spice traders in sri lanka. islam is
7:49 pm
him attracts all kinds. they were extremely impoverished, we know bin laden was from of the wealthiest saudi families. there are many routes into this radicalization, and also, there were women that perpetrated some of the suicide bombings in sri lanka. but women are well known by israeli scholars to be the smarter bomber. you cannot underestimate. this ideology welcomes all newcomers, so muslims particularly have a role to distinguish real islam from its imposter. >> ray: thank you so much for being here. we will continue to follow this. two very different judges, two very different stories. one it rips prosecutor kim at foxx for letting jussie smollett off the hook. another is charged with sneaking and illegal out of her courtroom to avoid i.c.e. agents. trace gallagher brings us the wild tales. here come the judges.
7:50 pm
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>> ray: two judge is committed two very different realities. one an update to a story we covered when we first broke. a boston-area judge charged with an undocumented immigrant escape a courthouse to elude immigration officers.
7:54 pm
another a judge rips into the prosecutor who let jussie smollett off of the hook. for details on both, trace gallagher in the west coast newsroom. >> trace: good evening jose is an illegal immigrant who has been deported twice. he is wanted drunk driving warrant and a massachusetts court room before a judge shelley richmond joseph on drug charges. if dean perez made bail and i.c.e. agent hallway waiting to rearrest him. here is the conversation picked up on courtroom audio between judge joseph and the defense attorney medina-perez and they speak softly so listen close. >> trace: it is unclear what they said when they turned off the audio recorder but the defense lawyer later told the judge medina-perez needed to get his property downstairs which the judge allowed. that is when prosecutors say the court officer wesley macgregor
7:55 pm
also charged use his access card to slip medina-perez out the back door. the lead federal investigator said "the people of this country deserve nothing less than to know they are appointed and elected representatives that are working on their behalf while adhering to and enforcing the rule of law, not a personal agenda." after indicted judge joseph pled not guilty and cried leaving the courthouse. the attorney says this case is purely political. speaking of questionable legal moves, chicago judge has put county kim fox for a double standard. turns out after dropping charges against jussie smollett for allegedly staging a hate crime hoax and filing a false police report, candace clerk for filing a -- judge martin said ms. clark is not a movie star. she doesn't have a high priced lawyer and decimals good time. i didn't create this mess. your office created this mess.
7:56 pm
the judge ended by asking why miss clark is being treated differently than jussie smolle smollett. ray. >> ray: and the empire wants smollett back on the show, important announcement next, stay right there. oh! oh!
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may 11th in new orleans and the details on my website raymond arroyo. i will see you there. i'm raymond arroyo arroyo and shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" machine and i'm finishing up finding the right . i will be reading that as you start. >> shannon: thank you so much. and i'm going to raymond >> ray: do that. >> shannon: good to see you, raymond, see you tomorrow night. okay we began fox eight news alert. breaking news you heard president trump weighing in on joe biden 2020 presidential bid and a live report on that coming up, former vice president spending lunch night big dollar corporate fund-raiser attended by all the biggest established democrats. primary contest shaping up for big corporate money versus senator bernie sanders inside a tight establishment. president trump calling them mueller probe attempted against the united states government and


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