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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  April 26, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> that is so cool. it is the roomba of lawn mowers. for more information go to skip >> have a great weekend. >> bill: good morning. breaking news on a friday. growth in the u.s. economy is strong. the numbers are out surpassing expectations. 3.2% first quarter gdp which far exceeds the expectation. we'll have a lot more on the strength of the american economy coming up inside "america's newsroom." first, however, president trump sounding off on all the big stories of the week getting ready to leave the white house any moment. we're watching for comment on that on a 52* and rainy friday morning. i'm bill hemmer. >> you can't rain on your parade on a friday. >> bill: about time we have spring in new york. >> it's coming in may. hold onto your seat. julie banderas in for sandra
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smith. president trump heading to indiana where he will address the nra convention during our show. we'll have it for you. the president had plenty to say last night in exclusive interview with sean hannity. he weighed in on anything from the mueller saga, border security, to the 2020 race. >> president trump: these were the two that talked about the insurance policy in case hillary clinton loses. if she loses we have an insurance pollz. that was the insurance policy. now she lost and they're trying to infiltrate the administration to really it's a coup. i think it's far bigger than watergate. i think it's possibly the biggest scandal in political history in this kun traoe. let's see how high it goes up. when it goes to clapper, brennan, comey, these people. i would imagine some other people maybe a little higher up also knew it and maybe a lot higher up. i've known joe over the years.
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he is not the brightest light bulb in the group. the way the world is today is we have a strong military, we have choice for our veterans, we have the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. we are a country respected again. >> bill: president trump with sean hannity last night. today we have live team fox coverage. hugo gurdon has analysis. peter doocy reports in washington let's start with kevin corke at the white house. what did he say about the ongoing investigation in that interview with sean? >> let's be clear, here at the white house most are being mum about the prospects of the ongoing investigation. we talked about the i.g. report. the president is certainly looking forward to its conclusions. now for the folks at home who haven't been following this, there is an inspector general by the name of michael horowitz conducting a review of the f.b.i.'s use of the fisa process. the president made clear last night in his interview with
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sean hannity he believes there was abuse during the 2016 surveillance of the trump campaign and one-time campaign foreign policy advisor carter page. >> the f.b.i., i know f.b.i. guys these are the best in the world. but the people leading it, comey and mccabe and strzok and page and all of these people, the lawyer who admitted frankly how crooked things were. when that testimony comes out it has already come out partially. when that testimony comes out from the attorney for the f.b.i. you'll see. i say now we have to get down. there was a coup. it was an attempted overthrow of the united states government. >> as you can imagine critics have panned the president's perspective and suggesting it's a conspiracy to suggest the outgoing administration did this. we'll all learn soon enough thanks to the i.g. report. >> bill: what is he saying about the field of democrats
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for 2020? >> handicapping it just a bit. make no mistake it's early. think where the president was back in 2015 in any type of polling. that said, the former v.p. is in the race and now that he has thrown his hat in the ring the president is talking about it. he was asked who would win the democrat -- >> president trump: i don't know who it will be the, maybe sanders or biden. when biden makes a statement talking about the soul. look at the obama -- i heard somebody say before there was such division. people forget. there was division tremendous division. we have great spirit right now. >> bill, you just may be able to hear over my shoulder the blades are moving. that means the president is about to depart the south lawn
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on marine one making its way to indianapolis for the nra convention. if he stops to talk to reporters i got you covered. back to you. >> bill: nice to see you on a friday morning there, thanks. >> president trump isn't the only one taking swipes at joe biden. his fellow contenders wasted no time, either. in an email bernie sanders slammed the former vice president for attending a private fundraiser at the home of a corporate lobbyist. >> bernie sanders is trying to capitalize on biden getting into the race by blasting the way biden chose to start his first day as a candidate in the backyard of a mansion belonging to the head of lobbying for nbc's parent company comcast. sanders emailed the list. a big day in the democratic primary and we're hoping to end it strong. not with a fundraiser in the home of a corporate lobbyist but individual donations in response to today's news.
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contribute before midnight. it would mean a lot to our campaign. sanders made more than $18 million in the first quarter compared to joe biden's 0 dollars, so he is trying to catch up with the help of prominent pennsylvania democrats like senator bob casey. >> this is a long campaign and this is a different campaign than we've seen on our side in a long time. the prior two nomination campaigns were basically two-person races. this is wide open. >> biden is trying to tie up loose ends as he begins white house campaign number three. he called anita hill to tell the clarence thomas accuser something in private that he said in public. if he could go back he would have run her senate judiciary committee hearing differently. she is not over it telling "the new york times" i cannot be satisfied by simply saying i'm sorry for what happened to you. i will be satisfied when i know there is real change and real accountability and real purpose.
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professor hill also says she wants biden to apologize to people across the country who were offended by the hearing he ran in 1991. >> all right, peter doocy, thank you very much. >> bill: back to the economy now. this is strong. the latest gdp report is in, the economy grew 3.2%. exceeding expectations. hugo gurdon, react to this. you could look at an economic sense and political lens. >> economy is much stronger than forecasters suggested. the 3.2% first quarter growth smashes even the highest level of expectations and only a month ago that people were wondering whether it may fail to reach 2%. these are very encouraging numbers for president trump. he is doing all he can right now to build the economy, which
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is one of his strongest suits in the run up to the 2020 election. he will be talking about a trade deal with the japanese prime minister i think it's today. and he also said just recently that the chinese premier was likely to be at the white house soon. that gives encouragement there could be an end to trade disputes with china and a trade deal there. there is a lot of good news and expectation relating to the economy for president trump right now. >> bill: last night the president was talking with sean about the economy and the strength and he said this. >> president trump: when i came in we had a depleted military, we had an economy that was going down. you remember the numbers, they were terrible. now we have numbers that are incredible. the economy is setting records. >> bill: he can plant the flag on that. the question is whether or not it lasts art laffer three days ago said the important time for him is march of 2020. that's when laffer will dive
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into the numbers. >> that's the right moment. that's a mathematical -- history shows that if the economy is growing by 3% or more in the three quarters before the election the incumbent is going to win. we've got a year or slightly less than a year before we get to that point. there have been some, you know, shaky signs in the economy. the stock market had a big wobble but now the stock market has come back and the thing that the president needs to have going into the election is the economy as the wind at his back. he has been deregulating the economy and it's doing well and cut taxes. he needs to hope and do whatever he can to make sure that the voters feel the benefit of all that. >> bill: let me power through two more topics. a week since the mueller report. how do you think it has settled in, hugo? >> it's fascinating, bill. all of the people who were in love with the completely false
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collusion narrative have now dropped that and don't give it another glance and they've moved to the question of some of them obstruction. i think more of them to the issue whether or not -- to president trump's fitness for office. the report showed there was no collusion but it also i think most people believe that the president did instruct his officials to lie to investigators and this is something that the democrats are going to use. it is an election tactic. if the democrats were really concerned about presidents telling their officials to lie to investigators they wouldn't have -- clinton did the same to his people during the -- they will use that opportunity to the fullest to make president trump look bad. >> bill: i want to get to joe biden. plenty of time for that. come back. hugo gurdon live in washington,
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d.c. >> much more on the economy with larry kudlow. he is today's headliner and will join us at the top of the 10:00 a.m. hour. >> bill: a lot of topics to cover with him today. reaction to the president of the tragic case of auto warmbier. north korea said they gave the u.s. a $2 million bill to cover his medical care. what the president is saying so far. >> the pentagon is sending more troops to the southern border. >> bill: more than a dozen people are dead in a file re pile-up and we're learning what may have caused the wreck. >> the semi, he smashed in my cab in, fire immediately started like burning up inside. there was a moment, my son i believe was about four, where he actually asked me "mommy what's wrong with your teeth?" if i would've known that i was gonna be 50 times happier...
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>> julie: a tractor trailer heading down a hill slammed into slower traffic yesterday during rush hour in colorado sparking this huge fire. that driver is now in custody. police say moments ago 28 vehicles were involved including four semi trucks. no word on an exact death toll as police investigate and account for all the drivers. at least six people are hospitalized. we're waiting for an update on their injuries. >> some critical decisions about the russia investigation were made before i got there. the previous administration chose not to publicize the full story about russian computer hackers and social media trolls and how they relate to russia's broader strategy to undermine america. >> bill: rare public comments from rod rosenstein going after the obama administration in that clip as well as the former f.b.i. director james comey.
6:16 am
former arkansas governor mike huckabee and fox news contributor. you heard the comment about critical decisions were made before i got there. how did you interpret this from rod rosenstein? >> i thought it was a soft way of him saying there was a cover-up. they knew the russians were attempting to influence the election and attempting to hack the election but they didn't fully disclose that to the american people and certainly didn't disclose it to the trump campaign. instead they tried to set a trap for them. it failed. the trump team did not take the bait. and that's the one conclusion that we can certainly come away with from the $35 million worth of investigation. an unusually candid moment for rosenstein to say what he did yesterday. >> bill: this is in new york city. let's go back to another clip from last night here. watch. >> did not promise to report all results to the public because as my fellow u.s. attorneys know well, grand jury
6:17 am
investigations are ex parte proceedings and not our job to render findings. we decide whether it's appropriate to file criminal charges. >> bill: i did not promise to report all the results to the public. but that last comment we decide whether it's appropriate to file criminal charges. does bob mueller see his job that same way when you read part two of the mueller report which punted to congress? what do you think of that? >> bob mueller had one responsibility, just one. to find out whether donald trump and/or his campaign colluded with russians. on that one thing that he had to do, he found that there was no collusion. and that was overwhelmingly clear by his report. now, all the other stuff that he apparently looked into was not part of his mission. he added that because i think that there were people who were working for him who said we've got to find something. we've spent too much money. we've got too much invested and they just came away with a
6:18 am
goose egg. so i really believe that with americans take off your partisan hats and look at it objectively the president was exonerated. the only thing he was being investigated for was collusion with the russians. there wasn't any. none. in fact, the russians attempted to get them reeled in and the trump campaign rejected those overtours. >> bill: did you see the interview last night with sean hannity? >> i did. >> bill: he is talking about peter strzok and lisa page and watch where this goes with bill barr at the end here. >> president trump: but these were the two that talked about the insurance policy just in case hillary clinton loses. now she lost. and now they're trying to infiltrate the administration. this is long after the election. it is a disgrace and again hopefully the attorney general will do what's right and i really believe he will. >> bill: that is about bill
6:19 am
barr. he will testify before the senate and the house next week. on that senate committee that lindsey graham is the chair of that there are three democrats who want to be the democratic nominee. how is this going to go? >> it is going to be a theater, an absolute show. just like the kavanaugh hearings were and like everything else is in congress. we ought to close the curtain on them and can't come back until after the election. they aren't doing their job anyway. we aren't paying them because they're doing a wonderful service to the country and spare us the hypocrisy of thinking they're interested in getting to the bottom of the facts. attorney general barr, i don't know him personal. i know people who worked with him for years and one thing you can know about him. he is a guy who is totally committed to the idea of genuine justice. let the hammer fall where the nail is. and so i do believe that there are some people who are sweating through their socks
6:20 am
because they know barr to be a man who is going to let the facts lead him to a conclusion rather than to have a conclusion and then try to sum up some facts that will get him to that conclusion. >> bill: thank you for your time and have a great weekend. good luck on your show. mike huckabee. you have a little something in the throat there. i blame pollen. >> pollen, yes, it is. >> julie: we all got it. all right. all sunday masses canceled until further notice in sri lanka following the easter sunday bombings that killed over 350 people. >> bill: a russian agent who tried to infiltrate the nra learning her fate today. a live report from u.s. district court in a moment. you might take something for your heart... or joints.
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>> bill: the c.i.a. announcing its arrival on instagram.
6:24 am
a sign of the times posting this picture of a desk cluttered with items relative to the agency. a copy of haspel's first badge and notebook share what we can. 22,000 followers so far. banderas is one of them. >> julie: , no i didn't know they were on instagram until you read the script. moving on, fox news alert. a woman pled guilty to acting as an unregistered agent working for the kremlin. the hearing set to get underway in one hour from now. catherine herridge is live at u.s. district court in washington with more. >> thank you, julie. the u.s. government's position is that this woman was part of an unofficial influence operation that overlapped with the 2016 campaign and targeted political conservatives.
6:25 am
in the spy world they call it spotting and assessing. that's attack -- determining or targeting individuals of influence and then working out how they can further the interests of your government in this case the russian government. maria is connected to a powerful russian politician who in turn is connected to the russian president vladimir putin. and based on the mueller report at least in what's not redacted this was not dealt with but there was widespread reporting that the man was trying to broker a meeting between the russian president and then candidate trump but this offer was rebuffed by the president's son-in-law jared kushner. the key thing to watch today will be this former f.b.i. counter intelligence agent bob anderson, the court has given him permission to testify today and we expect him to really lay out the sophistication of this operation and we anticipate he will really discuss how far up it went within the russian government. >> julie: what are we expecting from the judge today for
6:26 am
sentencing? >> maria's legal team arrived at the courthouse a few minutes ago and what we expect is for the judge to make a decision on this one count of conspiracy acting as an agent of a foreign government. maria butina could get up to five years in prison. she has been in jail since her arrest last summer and the government is asking for 18 months and then deportation. her defense is asking for time served. the bottom line she has had significant jail time and both parties would like to see her out of the country and back in russia. >> bill: u.s. economy is growing. big number coming out 60 minutes ago. gdp surpassing all expectations. we'll see how the markets react when they open in three minutes. >> julie: more than 1,000 migrants escaping a detention center in mexico as the pentagon looks to send more troops to the southern border. >> bill: president trump firing back at north korea claiming it
6:27 am
billed the u.s. $2 million to cover the medical costs of otto warmbier's care. all this coming at kim and putin meet for the first time. intriguing details emerging from that meeting and we'll break it down coming up in adam kinzinger in just a moment. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2019 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> 9:30. strong report on the u.s. economy is up. gdp the first three months of the year is 3.2%. that exceeded predictions out there. some were thinking 2, high-end 2.5. that's a good number, good indication that we're moving in the right direction. larry kudlow is the white house economic advisor, he will join us at the top of the next hour. a lot to talk to him about that, the trade issue with china and on and on. >> julie: the issue whether or not to raise the debt ceiling
6:31 am
to pay the bills. >> bill: we're hearing the president is taking questions now from reporters at the white house. we'll do the whole thing. just wrapped up i'm told. do the whole system once we get the recording in house we'll play it for you. he talked about this a little bit, too. and talked about joe biden. the pentagon weighing a request from homeland security to send more troops to the southern border as fox news confirms some 1300 migrants have escaped from a detention center on mexico's southern border. how does that happen? griff jenkins live in washington to follow all of this. griff, good morning. >> good morning. mexico's current solution to the stream of caravans is to keep the migrants in a southern state. 1300 of them, mostly cubans, escaped on foot. mexican officials have reported that 700 have been returned but some 600 remain on the loose. the facility was overcrowded and beyond capacity. it holds less than 1,000 but
6:32 am
more than 3,000 are currently being held there as border patrol chief brian hastings updates the southern border numbers saying that apprehensions so far this fiscal year which have surpassed the total for all of last fiscal year are even higher than we have reported. >> as of yesterday 440,000 apprehensions along the southwest border. we need a change in the current outdated laws that we're dealing with for this current demographic and this crisis that we have. >> speaking of resources, dhs is requesting 300 to 400 more troops be sent to the border to help the border patrol. currently we have deployed 3,000 active duty troops deployed and 2,000 national guard with them. the pentagon is weighing this request and acting secretary patrick shanahan met with the president yesterday at the white house and we'll see what the exact numbers are when a final decision is made. while the president has been
6:33 am
recently quoting -- tweeting that our armed soldiers are going to the border, shanahan reiterated, bill, that we don't, quote, do law enforcement. we'll see what happens today. >> bill: thank you, griff jenkins watching that for us today. >> julie: president trump denying claims the u.s. paid north korea $2 million for hospital expenses of otto warmbier who died six days after his release back to the united states. the president tweeting no money was paid to north korea for otto warmbier. not $2 million, not anything else. this is not the obama administration that paid $1.8 billion for four hostages or gave five terrorist hostages plus who went back to battle for traitor sergeant bergdahl. let's bring in adam kinzinger. the president had good relations with north korea at the time. this came at the heels of denuclearization talks. everyone knew the president was making progress in north korea
6:34 am
and why it wasn't much of a surprise that because of those good relations otto warmbier was given to his family, taken out of there and they had repaired relations sort of. what do you make, though, of this $2 million bill? it doesn't seem like the president would have paid that to get him out. >> i don't think he paid it. every indication is he didn't. it is probably typical north korean bluster. it's otto's fault in their mind. he is back but his fault for being american and you have to pay the bills. whether or not we signed a bill is one thing. i'm darn sure we didn't pay it. we don't pay for things like that. look, they got otto, they beat him. they killed him and murdered him and the united states wasn't going to pay the ransom. >> julie: it is being reported the president knew about the bill at least that it was
6:35 am
talked about as part of the deal. the question is would he have to agree on a payment at the time of warmbier's release. the way north korea treats their own people let alone prisoners would say i owe you, we'll give you warmbier and you owe us the $2 million. that doesn't seem like that would happen. >> i guarantee you they didn't give otto $2 million worth of healthcare. he ended up passing away and he was abused. they may have done this to try to save face. they may not have. we don't know. maybe the details we'll find out. we didn't pay it. ultimately if they say you have to pay a $2 million bill we say yeah, whatever, give us otto back and they send him back plus the other hostages and the remains of u.s. service members and i think it's obvious. this is north korea blustering again. they are trying to show their strength because they don't
6:36 am
want to look weak in any way. we'll be in these up and downs in this negotiation. >> julie: in a statement the white house says this. we don't comment on hostage negotiations which is why they have been so successful during this administration. i have to mention all of this is coming out, of course, after a summit between kim jong-un and vladimir putin, the president of russia, the north korean leader accusing the u.s. of acting in bad faith in hanoi. if anyone has acted in bad faith, isn't it north korea? wasn't the release of warmbier surrounded by the denuclearization talks between the u.s. and the north? >> this has been a pattern with the kim family forever. they act like they're best friends now, they want to denuclearize an they play games and the u.s. says here are the rules and they walk away and blame us. this is standard. him going to russia, no problem with him speaking with vladimir putin. let's not pretend it will be a breakthrough. vladimir putin is the president of a country with a very small
6:37 am
economy. basically they sell gas. that's the only thing they're known for and they don't have -- they can't make any impact on foreign policy especially with north korea. if it was china it would be different. china and the united states are the two people that carry the future of north korea with kim jong-un. vladimir putin can pretend he is a player in the world and he isn't. all he can do is put troops in venezuela to look tough and it doesn't mean anything. >> julie: president trump discussing north korea on hannity last night. >> president trump: even today i see where president putin in russia made the statement that it's great to be able to help us with kim jong-un and north korea. we want to get rid of the nuclear weapons. >> julie: in march the president had claimed you remember that he had dropped some north korea sanctions because he likes kim. that was a quote. what happened to the relationship between these two and i wonder if the chilling relations might be due to mike pompeo and north korea and is that damaging talks?
6:38 am
>> i think the deteriorating relations is because kim jong-un doesn't want to do anything. he will try to push president trump to the point where he can get what he wants. president trump walking away from the summit was a smart move. i have think it ticked off kim jong-un. he probably thought president trump wouldn't do that. the fact he did took him offguard. he is sitting there going what will i do next? go see vladimir putin and everything else. that's where we're at. >> julie: thank you very much for talking to us, happy friday. >> bill: thank you, sir. a minute away about to see the president. he spoke with reporters for about eight minutes before departing for the nra convention in indianapolis, indiana. he was asked about the gdp numbers. wealth owe get that comment in a moment. asked about what you were talking about, about otto warmbier saying no money was paid for otto. with regard to don mcgahn. a bit of a contradiction what the president was saying and what is in the mueller report. he got into joe biden and the issue of age right now.
6:39 am
the president age 72. joe biden 76, bernie sanders, 77. how that is shaping up. a question about charlottesville. that was the one thing joe biden was hammering home in his video release yesterday when he announced he is running for the nomination on the democratic side. here we go. we'll roll the tape in a couple of seconds here and we'll sit back and watch and see what sort of headlines we gather from the white house as the president gets ready to leave. here is the shot and here we go. >> president trump: i'm not allowed to comment on the new gdp numbers until about 10 or 15 minutes from now so i won't comment on them. the country, though, is doing very well in every respect. we're just doing well. we are knocking it out of the park as they say. and we're very happy about that. we did not pay money for otto.
6:40 am
no money was paid. there was a big news report that money was paid. i haven't paid money for any hostage and i have gotten i think it's 20 or 21 out. we don't pay money for hostages. the otto case was a very unusual case but i just want to let you know, no money was paid for otto. [inaudible question] >> what did you tell don mcgahn about mueller? >> i never told don mcgahn to fire mueller. if i wanted to fire mueller i would have done it myself. i had the right to. frankly whether i did or he did, we had the absolute right to fire mueller. in the meantime, i didn't do it. i'm a student of history. i see what you get when you fire people and it is not good. but there would have been nothing wrong with firing him. legally i had absolute right to fire but i never told don
6:41 am
mcgahn to fire mueller. by the way, and mueller finished out his report. no collusion, and no obstruction. [inaudible question] >> president trump: i think we beat biden easily. [inaudible question] >> what do you tell kids about getting their kids vaccinated. >> president trump: they have to get the shot. the vaccinations are so important. this is going around now. they have to get their shots. >> how old is too old to be president? >> president trump: well, i think that i feel like a young man. i'm so young. i can't believe it. i'm the youngest person -- i'm a young, vibrant man. i look at joe, i don't know about him. i don't know. i would never say anyone is too old. i know they are all making me
6:42 am
look very young both in terms of age and i think in terms of energy. i think you people know that better than anybody. >> mr. president do you still think there are very fine people -- >> president trump: i've answered that question. if you look at what i said you will see that question was answered perfectly. and i was talking about people that went because they felt very strongly about the monument to robert e. lee, a great general. whether you like it or not he was one of the great generals. i've spoken to many generals right here at the white house and many people thought of the generals they think he was maybe their favorite general. people were there protesting the taking down of the monument of robert e. lee. everybody knows that. [inaudible question]
6:43 am
>> president trump: i think we're doing very well with north korea. a lot of progress is being made. i appreciated president putin's statement yesterday he wants to see it done also. i think there is a lot of excitement for getting a deal done with north korea. in the meantime, when i came here there were nuclear tests, missile tests. we got hostages and the remains of our great heroes back. there has been no test or no nothing. at some point you'll report the facts. i have a great relationship with kim jong-un. i appreciate that russia and china are helping us. china is helping us because i think they want to. they don't need nuclear weapons right next to their country. but i also think they are helping us because of the fact that we're in a trade deal, which by the way is going very well. [inaudible question]
6:44 am
>> president trump: what we're doing is executive -- so what we're doing in the history of our country there has never been a president that has been more transparent than me or the trump administration. i let white house counsel mcgahn testify. i let everybody testify. i think mcgahn -- excuse me. i think mcgahn was in there for 30 hours. whoever heard of such a thing. i said i want everybody to testify. obviously mcgahn thought he testified fine because he was with the administration for a long time after that and i think he said he was just joining up with respect to the appointment of judges by the administration. but i let everybody testify. there has never, ever been transparency like this. so just so you understand. so we got a great -- excuse me.
6:45 am
we get the ruling, which i knew we were going to get because i have nothing to do with russia and the campaign. so we get a ruling. no collusion. we essentially get a ruling no obstruction based on the fact our great attorney general made an immediate decision. this was no obstruction. so we have no collusion, no obstruction. we had total transparency. we gave 1.4 million documents. if you can believe such a ridiculous thing. 500 people testified. we had 18 people that were trump haters, that includes mr. mueller. he was a trump hater. wait a minute, wait, wait, wait. with all of this, with all of this -- with all of this transparency we finished no collusion, no obstruction, right? then i get out the first day they're saying let's do it again and i said that's enough. we have to run a country.
6:46 am
we have a very great country to run. and frankly, when i go through it with the house and the senate and we have no collusion, no collusion, no obstruction, no obstruction and then again we have to go through it? this is a pure political witch hunt. we did nothing wrong and the only thing i did is make our country stronger, give it the numbers like people haven't seen before. what we're doing in this country financially with the military, with our veterans, you look at veterans, we now have veterans choice. nobody has ever done what i've done in their first two years. so if i'm guilty of anything, it's that i've been a great president and the democrats don't like it, which is a shame. i'm going to indianapolis. we're going to the nra and we look forward to it.
6:47 am
[inaudible question] >> president trump: easily. >> bill: that's it from the south lawn of the white house. a lot of headlines. gdp, otto warmbier, don mcgahn. joe biden, i think we beat him easily. off to indianapolis. we'll see him there in 11:00. we'll go back. i want to bring in dnc communications director xochiti hinojosa. i think the comments about joe biden were interesting. i look at joe and i don't know, i'm a young, vibrant man. the headline today, can biden beat bernie? progressive hearts are set on a different -- anyone between the ages of 70 and 79. how does a joe biden versus bernie sanders primary play out do you think? >> you just saw a very scared donald trump. donald trump has been angry
6:48 am
ever since we have had qualified candidates in the race. all of our candidates are qualified to beat him and he understands that and what you saw is that joe biden got into the race and this will ultimately be up to the voters. the democrats are having a robust discussion how we will strengthen our economy, raise wages and make sure that we are doing something about gun violence. >> bill: pretty good number on that gdp, right? 3.2%? that blew away all expectations. i think you would even admit that. >> i think that you are also seeing workers -- i talk to workers as i travel the country. so do our candidates, that aren't feeling the gains. what our candidates are discussing is how do we make sure that workers are feeling those gains? how do we make sure we have more money in their pockets? >> president trump: far higher than even the high expectations. there were many people thought it would be less than 2 and it
6:49 am
was 3.2. inflation numbers are very low. gasoline prices are coming down. i called opec and i said you have to bring them down. you have to bring them down. gasoline is coming down. we're doing great. gdp is an incredible number. but remember this, not only that, we have a great growth, we have great growth and also very, very low inflation. our economy is doing great. number one in the world. we're number one economy right now in the world and it is not even close. so thank you very much. >> bill: you can talk it down, but the reality is what it is. and the numbers point to a pretty strong economy. i want to get back to the primary here quickly. campaign manager for bernie sanders, a lot of candidates in the race now. only one bernie sanders.
6:50 am
elizabeth warren taking a shot at joe biden as well. at what point do the democrats start eating each other's campaigns? >> all of our candidates are crisscrossing the country talking about the issues and having a robust discussion on how to increase healthcare and lift wages and we'll do that with the debates as well. i think it's important that while our candidates are talking about those issues you have donald trump going to the nra convention right now. he is in the pocket of the nra and that's something that voters will look at in 2020 when the election is coming up. i feel very confident about our field and i think we'll beat donald trump. >> bill: in the interest of time i apologize for the lack of time we had today. come back, okay? see you real soon. >> julie: two california universities taking action to stop the spread of measles. the latest on the epidemic next. termites.
6:51 am
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>> julie: the measles outbreak spreading fast as two los angeles universities issue a quar antti order for students and staff at risk of contracting the virus and the number of cases hits the highest level in decades. william la jeunesse is live from the west coast bureau with more this morning. >> if you're the measles, college is where you want to be. it's spread by coughing or sneezing. the virus remains alive for hours even after the infected person has left the room. a student spent the morning at the library. there are many under quar antti. ucla117 students and staff are in lockdown until medical records show they're immune. many had to be screened because they were suspected of coming in contact with that virus.
6:55 am
>> measles, i was like what? where did that come from? how? , what? >> i saw it oh my god, what are the chances my campus out of the small amount of places it hit. it is crazy it hit our campus and it's like we're still walking around, here we are exposed and it is just wrong. it's disgusting. >> both cases come from unvaccinated students or employees who traveled outside the u.s. one to vietnam, one to thailand. early signs are common, cough, runny nose, red eyes, they're contagious four days prior to symptoms. most will be quarantined for 48 hours. if infected they could be there for three weeks. about 700 cases nationwide. the highest in two decades. 3/4 of those are in new york state. 198 total at cal state la. the president said everyone should get vaccinated. >> bill: many of the 2020
6:56 am
nominees are far left policy proposals. how will it go down. including plans with big price tags? who has the winning message? white house economic advisor larry kudlow is our headliner today. we'll speak to him in a matter of moments top of the next hour. so come on back on a friday morning. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bill: breaking news, maria butina is facing a judge at the moment. she is a russian citizen complete guilty to acting as a foreign agents to influence u.s. policy through powerful contacts in the national rifle association. she has been jailed since her arrest last july. she is asking the judge to sentence her for time served and send her back to russia. we're watching that story this hour here on "america's newsroom." in the meantime u.s. economy good numbers, new gdp numbers out. growth surpassing expectation, as we begin another hour of "america's newsroom," good morning at home and work and mobile device. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to friday. >> julie: hour two, i'm julie banderas in for sandra this morning. the economy grew 3.2% in the
7:01 am
first three months of the year, even higher than analysts expected. >> bill: our headliner larry kudlow, director of the national economic council. welcome back to "america's newsroom." good to have you on our program. got a number of topics. let's rifle through them, all right? gdp. why 3.2%? >> it's a blow-out number. i'll just say trump policies to rebuild the economy, lower taxes, regulations, opening energy, trade reform. look, this stuff is working. the first quarter is supposed to be the worst quarter of the year. it comes in at 3.2%. it tells me among other things that the prosperity cycle we have entered into is continuing, it is strong. it has legs and momentum and frankly it is going to go on for quite some time. this is the new trump economy. some people don't like that or they don't agree with that. i respect the differences but i'll tell you it's working. >> bill: i heard you yesterday say that you were thinking
7:02 am
around 2%. did i hear that right? >> no. actually >> bill: what was your prediction then? >> i was interviewed by my friend on news max and the headline was something like kudlow sees 3%. i may have gotten it one time in a row. >> bill: wow. >> julie: that's good. the president i believe was not surprised. he talked about how the gdp is incredible. he talked about inflation numbers being low, gas prices are low. last night on hannity he said the economy is setting records and we have a portion of that interview. let's play that. >> president trump: far higher than even the high expectations. a lot of people thought it would be less than 2. it was 3.2. inflation numbers are very low. gasoline prices are coming down. i called up opec and said you have to bring them down. you have to bring them down and gasoline is coming down.
7:03 am
we're doing great. >> julie: there has been discussions of trying to add a debt ceiling. i want to talk to you about increasing to a major disaster aid bill stalled on capitol hill. what is the sense of urgency now to increase the debt ceiling? >> well look, we would love to strike a deal with the house and senate, okay? we would love to. it is a very important thing. we don't want to damage the credit worthiness of the united states. personally i think over time we'll make a deal but let me say in addition to that, julie, the deal has to be a tough deal on the budget, right? we have good economic growth which will help reduce the budget deficit and the debt outstanding. that's terrific. on the other hand we've been spending too much. the president has said that if the budget caps are broken, he is willing to undergo an across the board sequester to cut both defense and non-defense spending. he means it. we want a deal.
7:04 am
we want to work with the democrats on that. we'll see. my hunch is it will take awhile. >> bill: you said this will go on for a long time. how long is a long time? as you frame your answer, your friend art laffer on our program three days ago said there is an intersection of economics, the economy, and politics in this equation here. he will not start diving into the real numbers until march of 2020 in order to give a forecast for what happens in election and whether it's joe biden, bernie sanders, or whoever else on the other side. how do you forecast or put that schedule in your own analysis? >> well look, nobody smarter than art laffer, my dear friend and mentor for that matter. the trend line, the momentum is towards a new prosperity cycle. the president is rebuilding incentives, he is rebuilding confidence, he the rebuilding
7:05 am
optimism. individuals have money, wages are rising with the job numbers that have been terrific. that's very important. businesses now are going back to invest in, you know, modernize plant, equipment, technology, job training is very important. my colleague has worked on that over a year. productivity is rising. this is all good. a much happier, more optimistic country. if i'm not mistaken president trump's approval rating on the economy across the board is near 60%. now, is this going to last? all right? i believe it will as long as these policies are in place. as long as the incentive model -- the president ended the war on business. he has ended the war on success. he is basically saying you should keep more of what you earn. he is basically saying to small businesses we'll cut the
7:06 am
paperwork back and make it easier for you to start a business and prosper. i might add, new business formation is rising sharply. a great number. he is making good trade deals. one piece on trade, usmca, united states, canada and mexico is a really pro-growth trade deal that will help farmers and manufacturers and auto workers. it also helps technology and new investments because of patent protection and intellectual property protection. that thing could grow the economy by another half% per year if it's put into place hopefully this spring or summer. we're working with speaker pelosi and democrats to make it bipartisan. look, if the policies and the principles remain in place -- and i believe they will -- then i believe this new prosperity expansion cycle is going to go on for a whole bunch of more years. that's the way i think.
7:07 am
>> bill: everything you are saying is on the growth side now. will you deal with japan on the agriculture issue, yes or no? >> yes, talks are going hot and heavy. prime minister is going to be here. he is a good man. the president likes him. they are a great ally of ours. i like him. he is a smart guy. it is not done yet. i don't want to get ahead of the curve. our lead trade guy, we're moving toward it and working hard. we'll see. >> julie: you just mentioned china and trade and i want to get back to that real quick. the president will be meeting with china's president soon to complete the trade deal. is that going to get completed? >> well julie, we don't know that. i think the president would like to meet with president xi and close the trade deal if the trade deal is to quote potus, a great one for america. we had a long meeting on this yesterday. it should help both sides.
7:08 am
we aren't there yet. lighthizer and mnuchin going to china last week. their top guy will come to washington the following week and we'll see where we are. we made a lot of headway, no question about that. we've talked about more and gone further towards reforms than ever before in u.s./china relations, it is not done yet. >> bill: have you seen this bloomburg report? china's xi signals approval of trump's trade war demands. is that true, larry? >> well, i like the headline. i would like to believe it. but our top guys, you know, lighthizer is not ready to say that yet and i won't get ahead of lighthizer, the best trade negotiator i've ever seen and i've been around a couple of centuries. we'll have to wait. i like what it says if it's an accurate quote. like it a lot. we need a great deal for the
7:09 am
u.s. bill, we need an enforceable deal. that's a very important part. we also want to open up their commodity markets to our exports. usa in the number today 3.2 gdp. a big factor was exports. if mexico and canada, that's a good one. if china opens the door, we will sell them tons and tons of goods and services and agriculture products. tons. but they have to open the door. they have to open the door. >> bill: if you were on a 100 yard playing field moving left to right, are you at the 50 or 20 going into the end zone? >> i'll get into trouble. only because -- i will say we're on about the 7-yard line. maybe even the 5-yard line looking into the end zone but as you and i both know, and
7:10 am
maybe julie is a football fan, too. the last couple of yards are often the hardest. as a life long new york giant football fan i can tell you that from experience. we're making good progress. it's not done yet. i love the xi headline if it's real. we'll see. >> bill: on the race for 2020 we just had one of the members of the dnc on with us last hour and the economy will be front and center, larry. and this will be prominent in in pennsylvania, michigan, ohio and wisconsin. when you hear mayor deblasio talking about eliminating glass and steel skyscrapers, when you hear talk of the green new deal and at some point biden will be asked if he is on board these ideas or not. how will that go? what do the white house and president say about that? >> that's a very important question.
7:11 am
the socialist wing of the democratic party can't win. they cannot win. nobody wants to have universal healthcare, cut gdp by 15%. the green new deal which would destroy -- that socialist message is a sure loser, okay? now, i've known joe biden a long time. i happen to think he is a good man i'm speaking personally. great sense of humor. always kind to me. i loved interviewing him when i had a job like yours once upon a time. what i don't know is whether joe biden will run on the kinds of pro-growth economic policies that donald trump has put in place. and whether vice president biden will work to keep the prosperity cycle going. he wasn't very clear about that in his announcement speech. i'm not going to jump on him. i want to wait and see what he is saying. but i think his party is going the wrong way. i have think deblasio is going
7:12 am
incredibly the wrong way. you have 180 million americans, 180 million americans who would lose their healthcare insurance policies under this medicare for all? and they would destroy medicare and the energy sector. joe biden is a blue collar guy, i get that. here is the point. under president trump blue collar workers are booming and blue collar employment is booming. the best since i was here since the 1980s. wages are booming. will mr. biden promote growth policies or will he promote big centralized government collectivist policies like the rest of his party? we'll have to wait and see. a strong economy is usually a big winner come election time. that's all to say. >> julie: are you sure you don't want to come back on tv? i feel like you have to come back at some point. you're great.
7:13 am
thank you. >> i appreciate it very much. >> bill: larry kudlow, thanks. >> julie: fox news alert now. the president and v.p. are heading to the nra convention in indianapolis, the three-day event kicking off shortly. the president is slotted to take the stage in about an hour. there is a crowd of 80,000. the president tweeted heading to indianapolis to speak at the big nra conference. love being in indiana. the nra is getting stronger and doing great work. having their powerful support has been vital to maga. mike tobin is in indianapolis with more. >> first up will be the vice president mike pence returning to familiar ground to address the nra convention. he won't speak for a long time. complete with an introduction from nra executive director the president will speak 12 minutes after him. 5 million members and rows of booths at this massive
7:14 am
convention center the president enjoys a great deal of the support from the nra. not without some dissatisfaction faction. trump supported the ban on bump stocks. he hasn't signed any legislation that supports gun owners rights after the nra spent money on the election and addresses the nra when much has been written about internal conflicts within the organization. a debate whether the group strayed from its original mission and become too political. finances have been strained following the mass shootings and movements like #boycott nra. meantime you have the field of democrats vying for the nomination. all pushing for gun control in one way, shape or form. booker said i'll bring a fight to the nra like they've never seen before. harris promising executive action if congress doesn't do something. the president is on his way here and the people are expecting to hear support from the president of the united states in less than an hour and
7:15 am
a half. >> julie: thank you very much. >> bill: nervous religious leaders in sri lanka canceling all sunday masses in the wake of that massacre last easter sunday morning. new fears it could happen again. we'll check in live today. >> julie: joe biden facing criticism from all sides over his 2020 white house announcement. can he beat bernie sanders to win the nomination? >> bill: president trump calling the launch of the russia investigation attempted coup. our a-team will come up in a moment here and we'll analyze the latest comments next. >> president trump: now we have to get down. this was a coup. an attempted overthrow of the united states government. card d, or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your payments by over 600 dollars a month. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you
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it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> president trump: we had total transparency. we gave 1.4 million documents, if you can believe such a ridiculous thing. 500 people testified. we had 18 people that were trump haters, that includes mr. mueller. he was a trump hater. we finished, no collusion, no obstruction, right? then i get out, the first day they're saying let's do it again. and i said that's enough. >> bill: president trump a moment ago last hour taking fresh aim at the mueller matter.
7:20 am
the obama administration facing fire for its handling of the russian meddling. a-team, juan williams, dan henninger and tom bevan. hello. pretty good panel here. are you guys awake yet? >> i think this is the a-team. you think it's a pretty good panel. tom and dan are excellent. >> bill: a plus or a minus? >> are you drafting for the new york giants? >> bill: many would suggest the president should walk back from the mueller matter. >> i am one of those people indeed. if you are sitting on an economy that's up to 3.2% when the "wall street journal" economists polled said it would be 2.6% you must be doing
7:21 am
something right. i do think that the president sort of compulsionively feels he has to talk about these things because he gets up in the morning, looks at the "new york times," "washington post". he sees the pages are full of stories about obstruction and impeachment and news that's being spun against him. so he will be his own spinner and try to spin it back against them. the question is, are the american people tired of this story out there? that's really the big question. i think they are. >> bill: we did this story yesterday. "politico" had a piece about all the democratic town halls among the contenders and members of congress. they are seeing so few questions from the american people about the mueller matter. it rarely comes up was the point of the piece. >> there is a disconnect between what is going on in the country and what's going on in washington trump said we just finished this and now they're starting it all up again. he wants to highlight the fact the democrats are using their congressional powers to pursue and persecute him and
7:22 am
investigate him and continue to investigate him. he wants to justify the administration's position is we're done. we aren't participating in in anymore. we won't offer anyone to testify, not giving you any documents, we're done. that will be what the headlines carry for the next, you know, six, 9, 18 months. and it will take -- it will have a political price for him but it also has risk for democrats. if they get to the election and look back and all they have to show is two years of relentlessly pursuing this president there could be blowback. >> julie: how much political price will be paid by democrats juan? he talked about transparency and the testimony taken and 30 hours here and so forth. the transparency he has something to back it up there. we know the testimony happened. these subpoenas, what do you think of the president now protecting future inquiries and allowing for this to just move on? are democrats going to move on?
7:23 am
>> he is breaking the law. the constitution says that the congress is an equal branch of government and has responsibility to hold the executive accountable and if they decide they're issuing subpoenas they're well within their legal constitutional rights to issue those subpoenas and is in violation. >> bill: he is en titleed the fight in court. >> he won't win. >> bill: that's a battle for the calendar. >> he can slow walk it. he can try to slow walk it and say the election is coming and any subpoenas are issues would be vacated after the end of this congress and he can hope to move on. it's very clear that the law is on the side of the congress. but let me speak to the economy for just a moment because the economy gdp numbers look great. what you are missing here is that there is tremendous economic anxiety in the united states today. anxiety that people like jamie
7:24 am
diamond goldman sachs speak about. the fraying of the middle class. people having a tougher time -- >> jamie diamond had some very positive things to say to maria bartiromo >> bill: how does the "wall street journal" analyze that answer juan just gave? >> what we would focus on is the fact so many people are coming into the jobs market now who were on the sidelines and they are getting jobs and people who had jobs say a minimum wage level are moving up. for instance the journal had extraordinary article about this phenomenon a few weeks ago. young woman in mississippi, single mother, 23 years old. working in a day-care center is now working as an apprentice welder making $28 an hour. that kind of phenomenon has been repeated all over the country. yes, there may be a degree of anxiety but that's what politics is about. giving people opportunities. this economy is clearly doing
7:25 am
that. >> julie: there is no question. get back to the gdp and growth rate and gas prices and the economy booming and all that. when you talk about anxiety, $20 trillion debt might bring somebody a little bit of anxiety. i don't like to have a balance on my visa. that is the anxiety that's now at the table because if the debt ceiling isn't raised we can't pay our bills. how does that affect the economy as good as things are now? that is a bit of a scary number. >> it is. but it is not been part of the discussion. fiscal restraint has not been part of the discussion for the last couple of years. people aren't as concerned about that. juan, the numbers don't support the ideas there is a ton of anxiety. cnn poll and other polls from recently, people feel the economy is roaring and doing great. their personal finances are better than they've been. if the question is, you know, are you better off now than you were four years ago? on the economy at least right now people are saying yes. the president is getting credit for that. >> i think that what you're
7:26 am
seeing from the democrats what the president said was socialism. warren on student loans this week. people are also talking about wait a second, what's going on with the farmers and the impact the trade tariffs are having on the farmers? i notice the coal mines are still closing. wait a second, what about stagnant wages? i think if you were out there saying what about the cost of education, healthcare and the like, you've got a clear path for democrats to say oh, the president wants to brag about the stock market and what is going on for the rich in this country. but what about you and your family? >> that will be the discussion. the democrats' solution is to over free stuff for people. that's why this election is setting up to be. >> bill: was that an a, a minus, how did you score that, juan? >> a plus.
7:27 am
>> bill: bring you back a bit later. roll this. >> julie: the feds going after a judge in a sanctuary city. now we can roll it. >> the grand jury has found probable cause that a judge intentionally interfered with a federal investigation by letting a fugitive out of the back door of the courthouse so the feds wouldn't get him. >> julie: the judge helped a previously deported migrant evade ice agents. >> bill: one key house democrat threatening jail time for trump officials if they fail to comply with a congressional subpoena. how about that play out? >> if a subpoena is issued and told you must testify we'll back that up and use any and all power in our command to make sure it's backed up. hey mercedes,
7:28 am
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>> bill: 10:31. sunday masses have all been canceled in the country of sri lanka. church officials scrapping
7:32 am
services this weekend after the deadly easter sunday explosions that killed more than 300 people. they fear potential attackers may still be out there and worry they could target places of worship again. so far dozens of suspects connected to the bombings have been arrested in that country. >> julie: a massachusetts judge finding herself on the other side of the law. this woman judge shelly joseph indicted for helping an illegal immigrant escape an ice officer. laura engel is following the story from new york. >> this case almost reads like a movie script but it is all very real and led to an indictment and charges which were unsealed yesterday against newton district court judge shelly richmond joseph and leslie mcgregor. both pled not guilty after being accused of scheming to let a dominican man deported twice and barred from entering the u.s. until 2027 slip out the rear door of the newton
7:33 am
district courthouse as he was being arraigned on fugitive and narcotics possession charges. she asked an ice agent to wait in the lobby and had mcgregor take the man where he could go to a door and not being detected. >> you can read it better than hear it. one possible motive concerns the man had been misidentified by the feds. joseph's lawyer condemned the charges, the massachusetts district attorney says they must uphold the law. >> it is about the rule of law. i remind the public we don't get to pick and choose the federal laws that we follow. >> this prosecution is
7:34 am
absolutely political. shelly joseph is absolutely innocent. >> the suspect who was released last year was apprehended. joseph and macgregor could face up to 50 years in prison if convicted on all charges. >> bill: a federal judge passing sentence on a russian by the name of maria butina. she tried to influence u.s. policy in washington, d.c. chris staszak, the former senior investigative counsel on capitol hill and u.s. assistant attorney general. she wants to go home. no more prison time. she has been in jail for several months. prosecutors want her to serve a year and a half. what comes of this? >> we'll have to see what the judge says. she wants to go home. at the end of this one way or the other irrespective of what her sentence is she will go home and guarantee this. when she gets home vladimir putin will have a cup of coffee with her and say thanks for taking one for the team and have a long career in the
7:35 am
russian government if she wants it. she is accused of being a spotter. not necessarily engaged in espionage of sending second receipts to russia but trying to identify people in the u.s. government she could exploit for access or information. that's what she was sent to do and that's what she did. she will be sentenced. she will go back to russia at some point. >> bill: they send out a lot of feelers. they don't have high political costs. if one pays off it's great. if they don't, well, they're out. >> exactly. it's low risk, high potential reward. >> julie: i want to talk about the president switching gears on declassifying fisa material. we have him appearing with shanahan tee last night. >> will you declassify the fisa applications, the 302, the bucket of five? >> president trump: yes, everything will be declassified and more than what you just
7:36 am
mentioned. it will all be declassified and i'm glad i waited. i thought maybe they would obstruct if i did it early. i think i was right. i'm glad i waited. >> julie: the president says he trusts the attorney general barr to do what's right in the campaign and the spying scandal. can he do it? can he have it all declassified? >> the president definitely has the legal authority to declassify information. as the commander-in-chief and founded in the constitution, there is no question. i think what this really gets to and you can't blame him. you have people on capitol hill saying we want everything out about the mueller report. well, if you want that out, it is only favor that you also have everything out that led up to that. the questions about the f.b.i. personnel at the time. peter strzok and others which is public record sending derogatory emails about the president. the american people should know what led up and the christopher steele role. you can't have it both ways. either you want everything out or -- >> bill: legally you're saying he can release. >> absolutely.
7:37 am
no question about it. the president even has the authority, any president to grant security clearances, too. no question that he can do that. >> julie: all right. >> bill: the question of subpoenas down there in washington and democratic congressman jerry connolly had an issue on this. he will say you go to jail if you defy this. he was on cnn. >> if a subpoena is issued and told you must testify, we'll back that up and we'll use any and all power in our command to make sure it's backed up. whether that's contempt citation, whether it's going to court and getting that citation enforced, whether it's fines, whether possible incarceration. we'll go to the max to enforce the constitutional role of the legislative branch of government. >> julie: connolly there is threatening to jail trump officials if they don't comply with subpoenas. can he do that? >> first of all, jerry connolly personally can't do that. he is not the chairman of the committee. chairman cummings is, there is
7:38 am
a legal process for that. you can hold someone in contempt. for example. eric holder was held in contempt when the republicans held congress for the same thing. not giving documents. he didn't go to jail. so i understand what congressman connolly is saying and it certainly does make headlines and there is a legal process for contempt. but you are talking at least a year, two years before anybody goes to jail. >> bill: if the president says we'll defy the subpoenas can he win? >> depends on what the subpoena is for. there are many subpoenas. he can win. the power of congress. i used to work on the house oversight committee. i wrote subpoenas. they can be challenged. the powers of congress to investigate is broad and case law settled. president obama and president trump have the right to fight subpoenas. >> bill: if they choose to fight it will take a year or two.
7:39 am
>> julie: go into the next election. >> bill: fighting the subpoenas and contempt absolutely a year and we go into the next election. >> bill: thank you for your expertise. chris staszak in new york city. thank you. >> julie: joe biden trying to mend fences with anita hill but having none of it saying his words aren't enough. will biden's past treatment of her come back to haunt him on the campaign trail? >> bill: president trump en route to indianapolis addressing the annual nra convention at 11:30 eastern time. one hour from now. we'll bring it to you live when it begins. come on back right after this. i wanna keep doing what i love,
7:40 am
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7:44 am
that was the president taking questions on his newest 2020 contender vice president joe biden. let's bring in the a-team. juan williams, dan henninger and tom bevan. he called him sleepy joe in the past which is mild coming from the president. this would be fascinating quite frankly to see a joe biden against a donald trump. i don't know how biden will compete with him. how do you think? >> biden does have his biggest asset is that he does make that connection with blue collar workers in the states that democrats need to win in pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, seems to have a better connection with them than some other democratic candidates. his biggest asset in the race is his electability. even biden not their first chance think biden has the best chance of beating trump. >> julie: except former president obama. >> who is not endorsing him. biden has to say even though some of these other folks might
7:45 am
want to go with some other candidates because their heart is with them for whatever reason biden's entire rationale for his candidacy is i can stand on the debate stage with donald trump and win. none of these other candidates can. >> you know, the rationale for joe biden's candidacy is he can appeal to the voters that trump brought over to the republican side in the last election. those impacted people in pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. that's why i was struck by his video in which he said donald trump is the greatest threat to the united states in our lifetime. how does he appeal to these voters who voted for donald trump by saying your vote was the dumbest thing you've ever done in your life? they thought they were not voting for the greatest threat to the united states in our lifetime. that simply did not compute with me if he will appeal to these trump democrats and he is saying your vote was the stupidist thing you ever cast. >> bill: that was clever.
7:46 am
i'm glad you said it. >> they noticed it, too. >> how do you think joe biden and bernie sanders fare against one another? >> that's so fascinating to me. >> bill: this is a hum dinger, juan. >> picking up i agree with tom and dan said. electability is joe biden's strength. democrats think he has the best chance. favorability rating among democrats off the charts. but i think again another reason to say that he has a good shot is it's harder to hang the socialist label on joe biden than it would be on bernie sanders and the ironic part is i think sanders is closer to trump than -- it's almost like you say two sides of the same coin in terms of their populous appeal to voters. >> bill: i remember being on the floor in philadelphia for the dnc and bernie sanders had enormous support even that late in the game. i think this is going to --
7:47 am
this is going to be very interesting to see these two heavy weights go up against each other. >> definitely. the other thing, too, is the longer this remains a wide open scrum and that progressive vote, right, is spread among four or five other candidates the better biden's chances are. if you have folks dropping out and you have the progressive vote behind another candidate it could be trouble for joe biden. he is in a good spot right now. but he needs this race to remain sort of a scrum for the foreseeable future. >> julie: he reached out to anita hill. i wonder if that could be trouble for him. it doesn't work out so great. anita hill to the "new york times." the focus on apology to me is one thing. he needs to give an apology to the other women and to the american public because we know how deeply disappointed americans around the country were of what they say. not just women. women and men who have lost confidence in our government to respond to the problem of
7:48 am
gender violence. does biden resurrect himself from this? the shoulder rubbing and that came out and it seems that was understood that was innocence. he is trying to make good here and it seemed to backfire unlike the shoulder incident. >> it was a real downer on the day you announce for president in a battle with anita hill. he said he spoke directly to her. that conveyed a message than what we heard from anita hill. he will have to be relitigated. i don't know that it will hurt him in the long run with people who are focused on electability. but he will have to deal with it in the primary process. bill was talking about biden versus sanders. you can imagine that people are digging up dirt of just this kind. this is not to be discovered. this is found gold if you're a political opponent. >> this is a problem. the young democratic left and most of them support bernie sanders. they are unforgiving and a
7:49 am
simple apology in their world is not enough. so joe biden is going to have to come across more to the left wing of the party and every time he does that, it compromises the idea that he can run as a left of center candidate down the middle and compete with donald trump. that is a big dilemma for biden that he will have to negotiate for at least the next year every day he is out there campaigning. appeal to the left but hold the center as well. >> he has the longest record. him talking about reparations for slavery that won't make a lot of folks in the democratic party happy. he has to thread the needle between trying to be woke enough but not so woke that he renders himself vulnerable in a general election. >> i like the think where trump says he hates to bring up anybody's age. he is afraid biden might hold his youth and inexperience against him. >> julie: trump has a lot of energy and doesn't act his age whatsoever. he has more energy than i did
7:50 am
when i was 30. great to see you all. thank you, gentlemen. a plus. we're in agreement. >> bill: more news for the new england patriots. we're live in florida on that. ts veterans buy a home with no down payment. in fact every day, my team helps veterans buy a home without paying one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. if you're a veteran paying 1500 dollars or more a month in rent, newday's operation home can help you buy a home for what you're paying in rent. and you don't need a down payment. why rent when you can buy?
7:51 am
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>> bill: news breaking in sri lanka. sri lankan military spokesman saying soldiers in that country have engaged in a gun battle with suspects linked to the easter morning attacks of last sunday. apparently the eastern province of sri lanka there is an ongoing story coming to us now. it is about 8:22 in the evening in sri lanka. they had already canceled all the catholic masses for this weekend fearing just this, that more suspects would be out there willing to do harm and the possibility of more explosives as well. so it's something we're keeping an eye on for you here. the lingering effects of these nine suicide bombers, julie, that took the lives of 300 people on easter sunday morning. that country is rattled for good reason. we'll stay on it and let you know what we're learning inside "america's newsroom." back home now. lawyers for the new england patriots owner bob craft in court asking the judge to block
7:55 am
the release of surveillance tapes. phil keating is on that from west palm beach. what's on the tapes? >> alleged sex acts inside of a massage parlor and that's the evidence in all of these cases. billionaire bob craft's legal team aiming at the heart of the case to get the charges dropped and the case tossed out. they're arguing to this judge that the search warrant that was obtained by jupiter police never should have been granted in the first place. craft's hearing has been underway for about an hour. he is not here. two judges have already ruled that the highly controversial videotapes not be publicly released for now. the patriots owners lawyers never want them to be released even if his case go to trial saying they're an unconstitutional violation of fourth amount rights and jupiter police exaggerated the need for the warrants saying it was a far more serious human sex trafficking investigation
7:56 am
which the defense says it was a raouz and nothing more than a massage parlor prostitution scene and shut down 10 massage parlors and arrested johns. the hearing will continue for the next several hours. >> bill: updates when we get them. >> julie: we're awaiting president trump's arrival in indiana about to take the stage of the nra's annual convention in indianapolis and we'll bring you that speech as soon as it against right here on "america's newsroom." this and even this. but i don't have to clean this, because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> individuals have money, wages are rising with the job numbers that have been terrific. that's very important. businesses now are going back to invest in, you know, modernize plant equipment, technology, job training is very important. >> bill: white house economic advisor larry kudlow with us one hour ago in a just-released gdp number. the u.s. economy grew 3.2% the first quarter of this year far exceeding analyst expectations as we say hello on a friday. third hour begins now. >> julie: is it friday? >> bill: that is a fact. not fake news. >> julie: only the real deal here on a friday. i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. the gdp number coming out at president trump prepares to speak to the national rifle
8:01 am
association convention a few moments from now. earlier today the president tweeted this. heading to indianapolis to speak at the big nra conference. love being in indiana. the nra is getting stronger and doing great work. having their support has been vital to maga. >> bill: john roberts starts from the north lawn. >> good morning. the president was on his way out the door of the white house we asked a couple of questions, first about the mueller report and the president double down on the assertion that he made on twitter yesterday that he never told his then white house counsel don mcgahn to call rod rosenstein and have robert mueller removed as the special counsel despite numerous citations in the mueller report that the president called mcgahn on at least two occasions, told him to call rosenstein, and have mueller removed. listen to what the president said this morning. >> president trump: i never told don mcgahn to fire mueller. if i wanted to fire mueller, i would have done it myself. it is very simple. i had the right to.
8:02 am
i'm a student of history. i see what you get when you fire people and it is not good. but there would have been nothing wrong with firing him. legally i had absolute right to fire him but i never told don mcgahn to fire mueller. >> the mueller report states while there is significant evidence the president told mcgahn to have mueller removed there is also evidence to support the president's contention that he only wanted mcgahn to call rosenstein to discuss what the president perceived as conflicts of interest that mueller had in running the investigation. unclear whether we'll hear more from mcgahn about this. the president said he will block testimony from mcgahn and white house staff saying the white house gave mueller everything he asked for, interviews, 1.4 million documents and that enough is enough. the president also this morning responded to joe biden's campaign launch video in which biden zeroed in on the president's comments post
8:03 am
charlottesville that there were good people on both sides. first a segment from the biden video and then the president's response. listen here. >> in that moment i knew the threat to this nation was unlike any i had ever seen in my lifetime. i wrote at the time that we're in the battle for the soul of this nation. that's even more true today. >> president trump: i was talking about people that went because they felt very strongly about the monument to robert e. lee, a great general. whether you like it or not he was one of the great generals. people were there protesting the taking down of the monument of robert e. lee. everybody knows that. >> likely we'll hear a lot more from the president of all of this and other topics as well when he addresses the nra and later this afternoon when the president meets with japanese prime minister abe in the oval office. we'll get a chance to throw him more questions. a very busy friday.
8:04 am
>> julie: president trump weighing in on the growing democratic field as two frontrunners faces ka lateing attacks from within their own party. here is the president last night on hannity. >> president trump: i don't know who it will be. maybe sanders or biden. i think that when you look at joe, i've known joe over the years. he is not the brightest light bulb in the group i don't think but he has a name that they know. he is coming on with some cute statements about me that he talked about the way the world is today. >> julie: let's bring in john mccormack washington correspondent for the national review and a follow at the national review institute. it is interesting the president was selective which democrats to attack last night on hannity. did you foresee the president's predictions on who his contenders will be based on that interview.
8:05 am
>> he was asked about five candidates and attacked three. bernie sanders having a lot of energy and being misguided. the ideology. he called joe biden not having enough energy to go up against the leader of china. and he called kamala harris saying she was nasty inside the beto o'rourke was a fluke and buttigieg won't make it. i think the president is kind of focused and has a message what the general election will be for these candidates but i think right now the real action is within the democratic primary with joe biden getting in. he has a big target on his back now. >> julie: let's talk about the big target on his back. the second joe biden -- before he he have earn announced women had come out saying there was inappropriate affection, which he apologized to not right away but eventually with a video on social media. now anita hill. he apologized to her and didn't
8:06 am
except the apology. that backfired. a lot of eyes will be on joe biden. when you compare him to bernie sanders who has a young demographic behind him, no tolerance, zero tolerance due to the #metoo movement you wonder if joe biden is coming in as the underdog already and he just now announced his will to race. >> he is out of the step with the progressive base on a number of issues. the question is does he become like the rest of the party on medicare for all. does he endorse that or take a step towards it. on the issue of abortion. he supports legal abortion throughout the country, he has opposed taxpayer funding abortion and voted for the partial birth abortion ban. the smart move for biden to stick to where his position has been as a typical liberal as of 2017, not a liberal as of 2020. because his whole rationale for
8:07 am
being the most electable p candidate is that he won't abolish all health insurance. he said listen, i'll do whatever i can if i'm not the nominee but i don't think you can win if you want to abolish health insurance and take away people's health insurance throughout the country. where he actually comes down on having a policy that improves and makes obamacare better, i don't know what that is. he will be in for a big fight. >> julie: a quote from the "wall street journal." can biden beat bernie? that's the burning question. biden can clear the field to take on bernie sanders and steer democrats to the center left than off the socialist cliff. mr. sanders' faction appears to be a solid one fifth or quarter of the electorate. parter big wiggs think mr. sanders will lose to mr. trump. that's fascinating. at this point you have bernie sanders and joe biden not new to the party. both have lost in the past.
8:08 am
so that fresh breath of air that the democrats were so hoping for is not there. so it will be interesting to see how joe biden competes in the democratic party which has turned left since he was last in office. the party is not what it was when he was under the obama administration. >> in a way i think that bernie sanders would be the ideal foil for biden. a lot will come down in the early states. they reshape the race. iowa is crucial, but where biden has a lot of strength is with african-american voters. in one poll he is up double digits in south carolina. a neck-and-neck race in iowa and new hampshire. if biden can score an early win and be strong i think he has a good path to recreate the hillary clinton coalition to win the nomination. the same nomination over bernie. it is very early and you could see somebody like kamala harris surging at the end and winning
8:09 am
iowa. >> julie: thanks, have a great weekend. >> bill: fox news alert. russian agent maria butina facing sentencing in a federal court after she pleaded guilty to acting as an unregistered agent for the kremlin. we're hearing she made a statement to the judge and catherine herridge is tracking that now outside u.s. district court in washington what was said? >> good morning. i was just inside the courthouse and we've had maria butina addressing the judge and the courtroom. she began by saying she came to the united states to better herself and to get an education but she understands that now she has done tremendous harm. i want to read from some of the quotes we're getting from our producer jason donner who is inside the courtroom. she told the court i didn't register a reference to the foreign agents registration act because i didn't know to. the key section. the u.s. has always been kind to me and never my intent to
8:10 am
harm the american people but i did that. it hurt me, my friends and family but it has harmed my attempts to improve relationships between the two countries. i feel ashamed and embarrassed for the international scandal. my reputation is ruined. i'm not the evil person depicted in the media but my choices have caused this. we've heard from the judge in this case who is taking the government's position that maria's crime was much more than just failing to register. that she was acting as an agent of the russian government while she was inside the united states. the government has said this morning that maria butina met with the russian ambassador on multiple occasions, kislyak, a very important influence in the operation during the 2016 campaign because of his outreach to members of the trump campaign. the court was told that maria butina promised the russian ambassador she would collect the contact information of
8:11 am
prominent conservatives and this information she understood would go back to the russian government. the u.s. government has said this morning that maria butina was executing a plan to establish an unofficial back channel with the russian government and that this back channel was of significant importance as well. so it wasn't just about registration, it was really about the issue of acting on behalf to further the interests of the russian government. we're getting some reports from the courthouse that she has been sentenced to 18 months and that would include nine months time served but we're waiting to independently -- we have that independently. 18 months, 9 months for time served. she will remain incarcerated in this country. both sides have sought to have her deported as soon as the sentence was complete. back to you. >> bill: she wanted to go home. prosecutors for pushing for that year and a half is that right? >> that's right. the prosecution wanted 18 months.
8:12 am
the defense wanted much less for her time served. also they highlighted her cooperation, the fact she provided information voluntary tore f.b.i. as part of this investigation and said she had been forthright with investigators. the judge in this case has not accepted that maria butina was in the united states simply to build a better relationship between the u.s. and russia and that her enthusiasm for gun rights was genuine. in effect as the government maintained it was part of this effort to infiltrate the nra as well as prominent conservatives in this country. 18 months. she gets credit for nine months she has already served. both parties have sought deportation when the sentence is complete. >> bill: district court in washington, d.c. >> julie: president trump hitting back following claims north korea billed the u.s. $2 million to cover otto warmbier's medical expenses.
8:13 am
>> bill: the president went after bob mueller for not looking at the steele dossier. saying the scandal is one of the worst in washington history. >> president trump: this was a coup. it wasn't stealing information from the watergate apartments, this was an attempted coup. i can't believe it. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball!
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8:17 am
bomb in afghanistan earlier in month. a decorated new york city fire department member. he leaves behind a wife and three young daughters. >> president trump: we did not pay money for our great otto. i haven't paid money for any hostage and i've gotten approximately i think it's 20 or 21 out. the otto cast was an unusual case. no money was paid for otto. >> bill: president trump denying the claims that the u.s. paid $2 million to north korea to cover medical expenses for otto warmbier who died six days after his release from detention in north korea. want to bring in daniel hoffman, fox news contributor. nice to see you. how do you put these reports together? how do you mesh this whole story? where did this come from?
8:18 am
>> the state department special envoy who visited north korea and accompanied warmbier out of country claimed that north korea pay $2 million but the president denied it. if we want to honor as we should otto warmbier's memory we need to continue call north korea to account for their heinous crimes against humanity, their violations of human rights in their own country. they have a massive -- they imprison their own citizens. it's a factor trying to pursue nuclear disarmament with the rogue regime. >> bill: what do you have make of the meeting with putin this week. some of the read-outs were intriguing. what did you read between the lines? >> i think it was intriguing. this was kim jong-un's first travel outside of north korea following the hanoi summit where president trump walked
8:19 am
out of what would have been a bad deal. it is the first time he has met with vladimir putin. putin met with kim jong-un's father. there were no substantive agreements at this meeting. both russia and north korea are trying to position themselves for their own reasons as potentially disarmament talks may pick up down the road. >> bill: do you see putin being some sort of assistant on this effort? if you read the comments he doesn't want north korea to be nuclear, either. that was the read-out. >> i'm not inclined to look at russia to help with anything. maybe an arms control agreement and counter terrorism now and again. what vladimir putin wants to do is assert russia's diplomatic status in the region and remove all u.s. troops from the korean peninsula. most importantly what he wants is maintain good relations with kim jong-un. remember, north korea was the soviet's former client state
8:20 am
when putin was a kgb officer. if things do open up he wants to prey on north korea's natural resources and extract maximum gain for russian's economy. >> bill: i don't know what the u.s. does next. the comment about 90 minutes ago before the president left the white house, dan. >> president trump: a lot of progress is being made. i appreciated president putin's statement yesterday. he wants to see it done also. i think there is a lot of excitement toward getting a deal done with north korea. when i came here there were nuclear tests, missile tests, rocket tests. we got our hostages back. there has been no tests, no nothing. >> bill: a lot of that is true. the last comment is not. wasn't there a test 10 days ago? >> it was a tactical battlefield weapon. we don't have a lot of details about that. what the president is right about is we're trying to maintain what is a fragile
8:21 am
alliance including russia and china to enforce sanctions against north korea. it is not perfect but the hardest sanctions we've ever mounted against north korea and having an impact on north korea's free-falling economy and probably one of the reasons why kim jong-un felt at this time he needed to reach out to russia. he has his own elites to have him bring tangible results to eliminate the sanctions. >> bill: right now back on the train. good to see you. >> julie: 1300 migrants escaped from a mexican detention center. why some call it a black eye for the government. >> bill: also hundreds under quarantine after a measles scare on two american college campuses. >> measles? i was like what? where did that come from? how, what, when, where? are so mu who have served our country honorably.
8:22 am
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8:25 am
>> julie: 1300 mostly cuban migrants staged a masses cape from a detention on mexico's southern border. half of those who left voluntarily returned but about 600 migrants are still on the loose. the incident highlighting reports of overcrowding at the center which is meant to hold less than 1,000 people. >> bill: measles outbreak leading to a quarantine at two california universities. from l.a. william la jeunesse is looking at this story. good morning. >> about 700 cases nationwide and many experts blame the anti-vaccination movement for this outbreak. a cal state la infected students exposed thousands of students at the library.
8:26 am
many are quarantined at home or segregated. ucla 117 on lockdown. they could remain for days or quarantined for weeks. someone returned to campus after flying overseas to vietnam and thailand and infected others. >> measles? i was like what? where did that come from? how, what, when, where? >> it's crazy that it hit our campus and we're still walking around here we are, exposed. it is just wrong. it's disgusting. >> they can blame lawmakers or regents. measles spreads by coughing or sneezing. the virus remains live for hours. a carrier can infect others four days prior to symptoms and 90% of those exposed, but not vaccinated, get sick and become carriers. >> unfortunately what ends up
8:27 am
happening is the potential for illness outweighs any other side effect and that risk is quite high. measles actually kills people. >> moments ago president trump said everyone should get their shots. it is a state, not federal issue. the elderly and very young are most at risk. >> bill: william la jeunesse is on that story. >> julie: dramatic video from colorado appearing to show a semi truck barreling down the shoulder of the highway ahead of a deadly chain reaction crash. >> oh my god! >> julie: a fiery 28 car pile-up and now a driver is facing charges. >> brutal stuff. president trump attacking the f.b.i. probe into his campaign saying the investigators have their sights on a political coup. >> president trump: this was an attempted overthrow of the united states government. a disgraceful thing. i think it's far bigger than
8:28 am
watergate. i think it's possibly the biggest scandal in political history in this country. well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. try downy fabric conditioner. unlike detergent alone, downy helps prevent stretching by conditioning and smoothing fibers,
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so clothes look newer, longer. downy and it's done.
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8:31 am
>> bill: indianapolis, indiana, the nra, the president arriving in indiana a moment ago. we expect to see him and the vice president mike pence, a hoosier himself. >> julie: colorado has multiple fatalities after a fiery crash. a tractor trailer heading down a hill slammed into slower traffic yesterday during rush hour. the driver is facing charges. we are live in denver with the story. hi. >> lakewood police have now just confirmed to fox news the name of that semi truck driver who was arrested. he is now facing multiple counts of vehicular homicide.
8:32 am
the way it all happened yesterday was traffic was stopped for another accident that was up ahead when the collision blew up at rush hour late in the afternoon yesterday. we still don't know how many people have died. authorities are only saying multiple fatalities right now. once they got through some of the debris lakewood police counted 24 cars and four semis that were involved. authorities say this area of i-70 will remain closed until tomorrow. colorado department of transport tags plans to get in to inspect the scene's road and overhead bridge. here is an up close look from a youtube driver who was streaming with a dash kam. >> things are exploding underneath this. there is fire coming out from underneath. you see -- we can see a car right here completely crushed, completely just -- oh gosh, i don't know if we should go
8:33 am
underneath this bridge. i'm not sure what to do or where to go. >> as you just heard the accident included multiple explosions, preliminarily they are worried about the pavement. depending on the heat it could have turned to rubble. here is another look as the same driver with the dash kam moved away from the scene. >> my god! let's go farther away from that. maybe not -- i don't want to die in a giant explosion of a tanker truck or whatever. >> the suspect is scheduled to be in court tomorrow afternoon, julie. >> julie: tragic. thank you. >> president trump: if i wanted to fire mueller i would have done it myself. it's very simple. when i go through it with the house and the senate and we have no collusion, no collusion, no obstruction, no obstruction. then we have -- again we have
8:34 am
to go through it? this is a pure political witch hunt. if i'm guilty of anything it's that i've been a great president and the democrats don't like it. that's a shame. >> bill: president trump on his way to convention in indianapolis. he arrived there. we'll take his speech when it begins. today's "wall street journal," how did mr. mueller spend two years investigating russian interference, cyberhacking, meetings with trump officials and trolling and not consider the possibility that the dossier was part of the russian interference effort? kimberly strassel is a fox news contributor and joins me on this. there is a lot in this piece. explain the point you're making now a week later. >> well, i think the point is if you read through the mueller report you can find almost no mention of the steele dossier. and some of us had really
8:35 am
wanted mr. mueller to look at this on the grounds that if he went through all this investigation and did not find any of those allegations to be true, then we had a right to know how the f.b.i. ever came to have the charged lodged at the highest levels of law enforcement. i'm arguing he had a more important reason to do this, which is that he was supposed to look at the question of whether or not russia interfered in our election. there are legitimate reasons to worry that perhaps the dossier itself might have been disinformation from the russian government. he should have considered that. >> bill: why don't you think mueller went there, kimberly? >> i don't think he went there because he spent all the years he did leading the f.b.i. and much of this document does read as a defense of the f.b.i. it seems very much as though he just didn't want to touch anything that would bring any disrepute on the agency. look, we have a lot of reasons to wonder about this. most of this dossier according
8:36 am
to christopher steele himself, is sourced from russians. some of them which he claims are close to the kremlin and was known -- we know for many years the state department he was sending along reports to the state department. the state department received more than 100 of them starting back in 2013. so did anyone in the kremlin know he had that connection to the united states government that this was going on? was he used for malign purposes? >> what you're saying is mueller was covering for the f.b.i. >> well, i'm just saying i think that what he did is a total dereliction of duty. your job is to look at russian interference in our elections and here is this central document which has caused so much political mayhem for two years. you ran a clip of the president talking about how this all started and why we're continuing to go down that road. you don't examine that question.
8:37 am
i'm not sure how you go there except for with the intent purpose of shielding the f.b.i. from any criticism of the fact that it used this dossier. >> bill: you also point out michael cohen went to prague, not true. carter page was exonerated. the dossier, nothing verified with regard to president trump now. and paul manafort with tax evasion charge for doing work with ukraine. you kind of run the table 0 for 4 on that, kimberly. >> yes. in the end the bottom line is that mr. mueller did not bring a charge against anybody related to russia for the period of time in which he was asked to investigate. there was nothing there. and so i think the question has to be how did we ever get to a place where the f.b.i. was conducting a counter intelligence investigation of a presidential candidate when
8:38 am
clearly they had really nothing in terms of evidence? >> bill: the closing line from the piece. thanks to the special counsel we know republicans weren't playing footsy with russia but thanks to buzz feed we know democrats were. america deserves to know how far that interaction extended. does the i.g., inspector general, answer all of that perhaps in a month from now? >> let's hope so. because again i think if the i.g. is doing his job and looking at the question of the f.b.i. and its use of the dossier as part of a fisa process, you cannot do that job appropriately unless you ask all the questions about what the dossier is, how it ever managed to get to the f.b.i. the political influences behind that all the way to the white house and within the clinton campaign and also potential russia's involvement with it, too. >> bill: one last thing here. did you hear rod rosenstein in new york last night? it is rare we've heard him
8:39 am
speak. i'll just play the clip now. it runs 12 seconds. >> the previous administration chose not to publicize the full story about russian computer hackers and social media trolls and how they relate to russia's broader strategy to undermine america. >> bill: he went over a few things, too. going after james comey, etc. what do you take from his comments when we're waiting for the department of homeland security to give us the details how they will coordinate the next election and make sure there is no funny business going on? >> well, he brings up a great point, which is through all of this last two years of finger pointing, the obama administration is completely skated out of this. if the question is russia's interference in our election in 2016, who was still in charge during 2016? it wasn't donald trump. it was the obama administration. they appeared to have done very little to have stopped that, to have alerted people that it was going on, to have given a
8:40 am
defensive briefing to donald trump's campaign to let them know there was this effort happening to try to target some of the people in his campaign. all of that i think is again not good job record. >> bill: kimberly strassel. thank you for your times. we'll see what the i.g. says. the "wall street journal" is there to read it today. thanks, kimberly. >> julie: severe weather sweeps through the south and major damage behind and five people dead. where the storms are heading now. court documents casting doubt on a filmed confession by robert durst. how will it affect his upcoming murder trial? we'll talk to a former assistant district attorney next. which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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>> bill: deadly storms hitting the south killing at least five people. severe weather causing major flooding in texas, a woman and her two children were killed when their car was caught in
8:44 am
floodwater near ft. worth. there is severe whether tonight and they'll head to the mid atlantic by this weekend. >> julie: new scrutiny in the murder trial of real estate heir durst. editors on the hbo documentary spliced two different durst statements which ended up sounding like a confession. now his attorneys are trying to get that evidence thrown out. dan schorr is a former assistant district attorney and former prosecutor. thank you so much for talking to us. in the comment he made on a hot microphone you hear him during a bathroom break which some have interpreted as a confession to multiple murders sounds like this. we'll air what actually aired on hbo and tell you what was really said. go play it.
8:45 am
>> killed them all. >> that's not exactly what he said? now we're learning the video was spliced. here is what he told hbo filmmakers. even if the sound was spliced it is quite shocking. i don't know what you expected to get. i don't know what's in the house. oh, i want this, killed them all, of course, i want to do something new. i'm having difficulty with the question. what the hell did i do? that is nothing like what actually aired on the documentary and i understand why his defense lawyers would say this is not evidence. you cannot admit this. but the judge has admitted this was not exactly what was said in the documentary. does it get thrown out? >> the prosecutors always offered the transcript of the actual conversation. the transcript, what people heard on the hbo documentary is
8:46 am
never offered into evidence by the prosecutors. they filed actually what he said. the jury won't hear the way it aired. what about jurors who might have heard it while watching it? will they be influenced by a possibly misleading order of the statements. >> julie: how difficult is it going to be for this to get thrown out as his lawyers are urging now? >> they won't get the audio thrown out. it is not taken illegally. prosecutors can present it in the correct order so it isn't misleading to the jury. the jury pool may have heard it on hbo and have a conviction of should he be convicted. >> julie: if the jurors heard the sound they say he confessed and guilty. it wasn't a confession. his words were mixed in the spliceing and editing of the show. >> the defense lawyer will have to root out the jurors who saw this and have a conclusion based on it.
8:47 am
the other part is at trial the audio will come in and you still -- that statement he makes killed them all, of course, is still ambiguous. is it a confession? not falling that initial question that seems like he answered the question. >> julie: how do they defend that statement there even if it wasn't said with all the other words, killed them all, of course, why would you say that? >> the prosecution can still argue it's a confession. defense will say it's not. this case can't ever rise or fall just on that statement. there has to be other evidence. handwriting by him and misspelling of a woman's name connected to a letter when a woman died. putting him in california when he was living in texas during the murder. it might be a confession. whether the filmmakers were right or not is different than law enforcement that always presented the recording in a logical way which is the way it was said. >> julie: the fact that he went forward and did this documentary and knew he had a microphone on and his legal
8:48 am
team had to know he was mic'd during this thing. why not view the documentary before it aired to make sure their client wasn't being incriminateed or his words weren't taken out of context? >> for those who followed the story there have been bizarre twists for decades. the lawyers i read said don't do this interview. he wanted to do it anyway. >> julie: those comments were made in a bathroom. >> even stranger. they weren't tied to video for a couple of years. they are saying they didn't know about these and found it later. there are so many twists and turns to this case. >> julie: his trial begins in september. we'll continue to watch. dan schorr, thank you very much. >> bill: half an eye on indianapolis now. the vice president, mike pence at the microphone there. the convention for the nra. after the vice president concludes his remark in his home state of indiana we'll hear from the president. we'll carry that live for you. in a meantime a federal judge
8:49 am
ordering the release of a coast guard officer accused of being a domestic terrorist. why that decision? the answer in a live report next. the bookers. the doers. the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers! because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... is right there for the booking. be a booker at the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations.
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>> julie: fox news obtaining the previously unseen death certificate for boston mob boss whitey bollger. it reveals the 89-year-old died of blunt force injuries to the head that happened last october when he was assaulted in his prison cell in west virginia. he was a fugitive for 16 years and sentenced to life in prison in 2013 for his role in 11 murders. >> bill: new developments in the case of a coast guard lieutenant accused of plotting a domestic terror attack. a federal judge ordering the release of the man as he awaits
8:53 am
trial on firearms and drug charges. we're following the story live in washington, d.c. now. >> that federal judge says the coast guard lieutenant a man prosecutors described as a domestic terrorist bent on committing acts dangerous to human life can be released before his trial begins. lieutenant christopher was arrested in february charges related to firearms and drugs. he says he is not guilty. prosecutors say the charges are just the tip of the iceberg. according to court documents the defendant is a self-identified white nationalist claiming to murder innocent civilians and had a hit list with names of prominent democrats, supreme court justices and some broadcasters. so far prosecutors haven't charged him with any terrorism-related offenses. the judge said the current charges alone don't warrant imprisonment pending trial. legal experts say it demonstrates one of the challenges of the u.s. criminal code. >> here is an easily defined
8:54 am
term under u.s. law. the vast majority of charges under the terrorist, garden variety murder of the mass variety even where there is a hateful intent typically can't be charged as domestic terrorism for a variety of reasons. >> yesterday's hearing the judge said he would release lieutenant hassen if defense can propose suitable conditions of release. there are conditions for bail and the judge can deny them. he is still detained. the government says they will oppose any conditions of release. if the judge decides to release the lieutenant, the government says they'll appeal it to another judge. >> bill: thank you. appreciate that in washington, d.c. >> julie: president trump sounding unimpressed with the democratic field for 2020 as we get new reaction from joe biden next. with all that usaa offers
8:55 am
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>> bill: mike pence, the vice president, with his introduction for the present. nra, back in his home state of indianapolis, indiana. we believe at the end of his remarks are now upon us. if that's the case, we should see the president next. a big convention there, tens of thousands have gathered, indianapolis, indiana. the home state of the who's here come mike pence , going back there with a warm reception for those who have gathered. the president left the white house, julie, what was it? 9:30 9:30 eastern time? >> julie: a couple hours ago. >> bill: talking about the gdp number, which was a big one. 3.2% for the first few months of this year. a few other things, too prayed like an election and joe biden. >> julie: he also treated this morning about how the nra has done great things and he wants to praise the thousands of people in that crowd. a thousand people are expected to be here.
8:59 am
so the vice present their speaking, just moments from now the president will be taking the podium. he will be talking a lot more than the nra. a lot of content covered. >> bill: in the meantime, we have this. the >> julie: with sticky back in time. on this day in 1983, quarterback john l.a. was selected over all in the nfl draft by the baltimore colts despite warning the team not to select him. elway would use the threat of playing baseball to the new york yankees for a trade to the denver broncos. he would go on to lead them to five super bowls, winning just two of them. where were you in 1983? >> bill: i was lost. [laughs] >> julie: traveling somewhere. >> bill: arizona and san francisco seem to be very happy with their picks as the nfl draft rolls on. nice to be with you, jules. >> julie: great to see you. it's friday, in case you didn't know. you get off now. >> bill: i appreciated prayed
9:00 am
the president is on deck and you'll see that in a matter of moments. in the meantime, make it a great weekend, everybody. we'll see you on monday. >> julie: "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, vice president pence speaking at the annual nra convention and indianapolis. any moment now he will introduce the president. he's expected to weigh in on a whole host of topics, you can bet. including the democratic 2020 hopeful. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today is the host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. in the center seat, guy benson. political editor of "town hall," cohost of "bension & harf" on fox news radio, and a fox news contributor. your title gets longer every time. [laughter] >> lisa: after law


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