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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 26, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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things like that. >> they do. >> dana: great to have you. >> as always. >> dana: see you next friday. thanks for joining us. i'll see you on "the five." we have fan mail friday. we also have more on biden. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, 1:00 p.m. in colorado where prosecutors are accuse ago man of homicide on the highway. a truck driver facing charges after a pile-up of dozens of vehicles. now we have incredible video from a driver that watched it all unfold. the next time you go to walmart, big brother may be watching. an artificial intelligence system to monitor everything from the freshness of the fruit to clean up on aisle three. a world war ii veteran died with no family left but total strangers. packed the church so he wouldn't go to his grave alone. we'll hear from the woman who
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made it happen as our reporting begins now. a truck driver arrested and charged with vehicular homicide after investigators say he caused a fiery pile-up that killed at least four people in colorado. it happened on i-70 near denver. officials there say the wreck involved 28 cars and semis. police say traffic was backed up because of another previous crash when a truck driver apparently lost control and plowed into stopped cars. a youtuber was live streaming this in his car. remember, there was another wreck. so live streaming that when the suspect's glad bed truck went flying by. look at this. >> you're welcome, guys. oh, my god! oh, my god! something is on fire.
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blew up up here, guys. a huge fire. there's multiple semis involved. if you believe in prayer, now is a good time to say one for those involved. i want to thank the powers that be for protecting me, because if i was a little bit further up in the line, that could have been me in there somewhere. >> shepard: investigators have identified the truck driver as this man. rogelle maderos. he's set to face a judge tomorrow. >> he can't stop, doesn't stop and collides with several cars. the carnage was significant. just unbelievable. >> shepard: investigators is a i the inferno is so hot and so intense, it melted aluminum and the pavement.
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alicia acuna live in denver. alicia? >> hi, shep. police say each of the four people killed in this accident were in their own individual cars. the coroner right now working to identify them and notify their families. place say 23-year-old rogelle maderos has a commercial drivers license and out of texas. he was seen coming into down very metro area downhill. >> you have to keep control of your vehicle. without control, doesn't matter if it's fully loaded semi or a smaller hatch back. you're responsible for your vehicle as it drives on the roadway. >> investigators say the suspect was driving a flatbed tractor trailer with a load of would not. they're trying to determine where he got on the interstate and why he didn't get off sooner. here's more from the youtuber
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that was live streaming. >> things are exploding underneath this. there's fire coming out from underneath. you can see -- we can see a car here. completely crushed. oh, gosh. i don't know if we should go underneath this bridge. i'm not sure what to do, where to go. >> the debris is so extensive and so bad, shep, police say they're having a hard time identifying what type of vehicles were involve in this crash. >> shepard: i read they're worried about the structural integrity of the interstate. >> yes. the colorado department of transportation is very concerned. the crews need to get in to check not only the integrity of the bridge but the pavement itself. witnesses described multiple explosions. >> depending on the heat, it can turn that pavement into rubble. all of the oil and the tar that
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is in there that holds it together just burned away. >> this section of i-70 will remain closed until tomorrow, this is significant. i-70, this particular portion, is very busy. it leads in and out of the mountain, shep. >> shepard: alicia acuna in denver. thanks. two separate fires tore through the same church in pennsylvania this week. happened in bethlehem, about 60 miles north of philly. the first fire started after midnight tuesday and badly damaged the church. black soot covering the floor and the ceilings, everything. the pastor's daughter says her family got a call early yesterday that the church was on fire again. she told a reporter that it was a terrible sense of deja vu. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. steve harrigan reporting. steve? >> this is a congregation of about 150. they're hispanic and really going through a lot. their church has had two fires
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in three days. tuesday night, that fire just after midnight has already been categorized as arson. the thursday fire at 2:00 a.m., they are still investigating. the parishioners there say they feel like their church is under attack. >> whoever is responsible for this, this is total destruction. >> the church had insurance and they have raised more than $4,000 for repairs. there's no sign of any connection to the attacks earlier this month over a two week period to three black baptist churches in louisiana. those attacks now have a suspect charged behind bars, holden matthews. he could face 15 years for each of the burns. remarkable evidence against the suspect, a gas tank found at the scene of one of the burnings was also purchased with his debit card and i.d. also, on the suspect's phone,
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there's pictures of the three churches burning before police arrived on the scene. he could face a long time in jail. all three churches, more than 100 years old. they're described parishioners as charcoal. they have raised more than $2 million already for repairs. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan, thanks. soldiers in sri lanka shooting it out with suspects believed to be linked to the easter sunday attacks that called 250 people. a military spokesman said the gun fire started as troops were raiding a building 200 miles east of the capitol. no update if the soldiers captured or killed the suspects. meantime, we're getting the first look inside st. anthony's. one of the church's terrorists targeted. you can see a pile of shoes and other belongings people left behind. streaks of blood, broken glass from bottles and pews toppled
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over. catholic leaders cancelling all sunday masses over further notices over concerned that terrorists could be targeting their congregations. the government urging muslims to pray at home instead of masks. u.s. embassy officials say pee should stay away from all places of worship in sri lanka this weekend. vice presidential candidate -- the presidential candidate, joe biden, former vice president, bringing in lots of cash. have you heard what he's raised in the 24 hours since he jumped into the raise? we'll have that store you ahead along with strong numbers on the economy as president trump prepares for a major sit-down about an hour from now with the prime minister of japan. at issue here, trade and discussions that really could affect all of us. this comes after president trump's speech earlier today when somebody chunked an ob at the stage. the secret service
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>> >> shepard: fox urgent. campaign cash. big bucks for joe. joe biden's campaign says they raised $6 million in the first 24 hours. that beats early fund-raising numbers of his rivals from the democratic presidential nomination. today president trump tike a swipe at the former vice president. reporters asked how old is too old to be president? >> i am a young, vibrant man.
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i look at joe, i don't know about him. >> shepard: the president said he would never call anybody too old, but he thinks other candidates make him look very young. president trump is 72. that is just four years younger than joe biden who is 76. the deep field of democrats running for president in 2020 includes 37-year-old mayor, pete buttigieg. he would be the youngest. joe biden and bernie sanders are older than president trump. biden responded on "the view" with a little jab of his own. >> look, if he looks young and vibrant compared to me, i should probably go home. >> shepard: the former vice president went on to say that folks should watch him and judge for themselves whether he has the energy to be president. peter doocy reporting live in d.c. hi, peter.
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>> he's not going home. joe biden chose to focus his decision on trump has paid off so far. he says they raised $6.3. that's more than any other democrat running and he's continuing to focus on trump, accusing the trump administration of causing more trouble. >> not one single whisper of scandal. not one. [applause] >> shepard: biden has president trump's attention as the republican trying to get re-election is trying to cast the former vp of acting older than he is, which is about four years older than trump. >> i would never say anyone is too old. they're all making me look very young, both in terms of age and i think in terms of energy. i think you people know that better than anybody. >> shepard: biden continues to focus a lot on trump and little on policy proposals. he says those should come later. they called it the apology tour
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on "the view" and he talked about anita hill. she's upset because he did not accept his role as a host on a phone call with her when he was provocatively questioned about misconduct by clarence thomas. he said -- >> in 1991 then chairman biden urged lawmakers to be aggressive. >> if you go back and look -- >> it is appropriate to ask professor hill anything any member wishes to ask her to plumb the depths of of her
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credibility. >> i don't think i treated her bad did. >> biden has been asked about anita hill for years. his answer as a candidate is not any different as a candidate than as a former vp. >> shepard: he said he believed her and he voted against clarence thomas, which he did. stocks in the green. started in the red. and then we got word on the economy that it grew to faster past than last quarter and faster than economists predicted and up went to market. the commerce department report the gdp grew by a rate of 3.2% for the first three months. the analysts are warning that this could be temporary. we'll have more on this. a lot of this is consumer spending. numbers look good in retail. first, a live look at the white house where the president is set to meet with the japanese prime minister in about an hour. the president says he's going to talk up trade with china again. john roberts is reporting live in the yard. hi, john.
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>> shep, good afternoon to you. it's pouring here at the white house. ceremonial guard assembling for shinzo abe's arrive value. the lightning and thunder now begins here. there's cautious optimism from the white house about words that xi jinping said. the chief economic advise tore the president, larry kudlow on fox news with his assessment of what he said. listen here. >> i think the president would like to meet with president xi and close the trade deal if the trade deal is "a great one for america" to quote potus. we had a long meeting. made a lot of head way. no question about that. we've talked about it more and gone further towards reform than ever before in u.s.-china relations.
12:19 pm
it's not done yet. >> looks like there could be a break through. the key points in xi's speech is when he said we will establish a binding enforcement system for international agreements. this is something that he has never said before and an absolutely critical element in signing a new trade deal with the united states. xi promised "to eliminate improper rules, subsidies and practices that impede fair competition and distort the market." but as important as it is for china to end things, as important as it is for china to address things like intellectual property, theft, forced technology transfer, restrictions to the chinese market and ensure there's robust system of enforcement in place, u.s. officials say the real critical part of this is monitoring. they say having an enforcement regime in place means nothing in less you can monitor what china is up to. shinzo abe will be here shortly
12:20 pm
at the white house. trade will obviously be on the agenda. supposed to be a picture of shinzo abe. the united states and japan hope to have in place some sort of an agreement for japan to lower tariffs on u.s. agricultural goods. we're told the talks on that didn't go well yesterday. so may not be in place by the time the two meet this afternoon. there's shinzo abe. here's what larry kudlow said about that process. listen here. >> it's not done yet. i won't get ahead of the curve. bob lighthizer is working on that. we'll see. >> the president and abe will have a lot of quality time to talk about trade. they'll be meeting in the oval office this even. they will get together for dinner for the first lady's birthday and then to play golf tomorrow. >> shepard: the president was at the nra thing.
12:21 pm
did somebody throw a cell phone at him or in his direction? >> that's what it looks like. that's what the u.s. secret service is investigating. it was as the president was walking up on the stage. you see something there fly across in front there. there it is in slow motion. lands on the far side of the stage. it doesn't like like whoever through that was throwing it at the president. it landed about 20 feet away from him. the secret service contained the individual. they're trying to figure out what his intention was and whether or not there should be charged brought against him, state or federal. i've been monitoring my phone because i'm hoping to hear -- just got something a second ago. no, no from the secret service. but we do hope to have a statement from them very soon on what happened there, shep. >> shepard: thanks, john roberts. out in the rain. the russian woman that admits she was working as a secret agent for the kremlin in the
12:22 pm
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> shepard: so she admits she's a russian agent. today she got sentenced to eight months in prison. maria butina pleaded guilty last year to trying to infiltrate the nra and other conservative political groups here in the united states. catherine herridge reporting live in washington. hi, catherine. >> maria butina addressed the court explaining she came to the u.s. to better herself and get an advanced degree. she targeted the nra but her legalism for gun rights was genuine. prosecutors made the case that butina was guilty more than a paperwork problem. her failing to register as a foreign agent for russia.
12:27 pm
they said she was building a back channel communications link with american conservatives and the russian government. she met multiple times with government officials including moscow's ambassador to the u.s., sergei kislyak. butina promised him contact information. then took notes for the russian foreign ministry. there were multiple unsuccessful efforts the court heard to bring together the russian president and presidential candidates. she worked for a wealthy politician named alexander torsion that was very close to putin. after the hearing today, butina's lawyers pointed to the fact that she doesn't even appear in the special counsel investigation in the part about collusion, at least not the part that is unredacted. here's her attorney. >> i found it curious that that was mentioned, that what she did
12:28 pm
was during the time of russian election interference alleged by the judge when in fact had she been involved in any of that, i would imagine special counsel mueller would have mentioned it somewhere in his 400 pages if she had anything to do with it. >> maria butina has been held in one of two jails, d.c. or virginia since july after last year and looking at eight or nine months. both sides could agree that once the sentence is finished, they would like her deported immediately, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge, thanks. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: remember the woman that pretended to be a millionaire, german heiress ranking all over new york? it's all caught up with her now and she could go to prison. a jury convicted her of swindling tens of thousands and more. investigators say her real name
12:29 pm
is anna sorkin. she out with celebrities and claimed she had a $67 million fortune. prosecutors say in reality she didn't have a dime and tricked all comers into paying for her jet setting lifestyle. the jury took less than two hours to rich a guilty verdict. sorkin is facing up to 15 years behind bars. her defense attorney insisting that she was a entrepreneur that got in over her head and planned to settle her huge debts later. we know that was a load of it. her sentencing is may 9. ahead, we'll uncovered video of robert kraft from a prostitution sting being released to the public. the new england patriots owners attorneys are in court at this moment trying to prevent that release. one woman's mission to honor a fallen hero who didn't have any family left.
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>> shepard: lawyers for the new england patriots owner bob kraft are in court right now trying to keep video of him and others in a day spa in south florida from becoming public. investigators say kraft paid two women for sex acts in that spa. they videoed it. kraft's attorneys say the hidden cameras violated their client's constitutional rights. we're learning what kraft told the cops when they busted him in the first play. he wasn't shy about cops knowing who he was. phil keating outside the courthouse. first, heated moments i hear during the proceedings. >> yeah, it was quite contentious. kind of like a mini trial happening with bob kraft's high profile legal team moving from the controversial videotape issue and straight to the heart of the investigation. and that is the search warrant itself which ultimately led to
12:35 pm
all of the secret hidden cameras being placed inside the asian massage parlor. looking live, this hearing has been underway for four hours. they just stopped for a ten-minute break. kraft's attorney spent three hours drilling detective andrew sharp that obtained the sneak and peek warrant which allowed cops to hide cameras. cops accused the jupiter p.d. of exaggerating and all of the warrants and evidence should be tossed out. >> there's an affidavit that goes before a judge, right? >> correct. >> signed by a judge, right? >> right. >> sworn to in front of a judge? >> yes, sir. >> that ends up with a video sneak and peek warrant that videotaped private citizens naked in massage rooms. >> the search warrant request,
12:36 pm
the affidavit, described the investigation as a human sex tasking ring, which is far more serious than misdemeanor prostitution sting. nobody has been charged with human trafficking. the point that kraft's defense team is making. as for now, all of those videotapes of these alleged sex acts remain seals, shep. >> shepard: can you take us back to arrest day and let us know what happened then? >> yeah, the jupiter cop pulled kraft and his driver over in his white bentley after they allegedly left the asian day spa. according to the officer that made the traffic stop, they asked if he was a dolphin -- kraft asked the officer if he was a dolphin fan. he said he was very polite. he said he owned the new england patriots and needed to get to kansas city for the afc championship game. he told him -- he showed him his
12:37 pm
super bowl ring, which presumably he was wearing inside the day spa. shep. >> shepard: thanks, phil. let's go to stewart kaplan now, a former fbi agent and criminal and civil rights attorney. good to see you. >> good afternoon. >> shepard: you had to figure something would have to change in strategy. the sunshine laws are hard to beat in florida, so instead of talking about we want to keep the video from the public, they're trying to get it all tossed. >> rightfully so, shepard. i'm so happy not to say that i condone what bob kraft allegedly may have done, but i'm so glad that we have a person that has the resources to fight this type of overreaching by law enforcement. >> shepard: explain why this was an overreach. >> first of all, when you take a look at the affidavit that was submitted in connection with getting the warrant, first of all, when you use a health inspector and you try to dress her off to send her in there when you're waiting outside in the back parking lot so she can
12:38 pm
do what is called a looksy inside, that in an of itself is exactly what the fourth amendment says to prevent unreasonable search and seizures. the fact that they directly sent her in there to take a look inside the premises, not because she was interested in looking or to do a health inspection, but because detective sharp solicited her to go in there to take a look. that in and of itself was an illegal search. the fact that that is included in the affidavit, every things borne out from there should be thrown out. when you look at the affidavit -- >> shepard: why is that illegal? explain why. >> okay. so law enforcement has to -- because you have a fourth amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. if you are committing a crime, the police must establish probable cause, go before a judge and get a warrant issued to search your premises. they can't circumvent that.
12:39 pm
they can't just go into your private areas without a warrant unless and in fact they have an arrest warrant and arrest you at that particular time. the fact that the jupiter police department, this detective, detective sharp, reached out to this health inspector and got her to go in on their behalf -- >> shepard: so he says we're hearing stuff. would you go in there and look and tell me what happened? is that kind of what you're talking about? >> stop right there. that's an illegal search. it was done at the direction of the jupiter police department. look no further. illegal search. everything borne out from there forward should be thrown out. then when you talk about the reliability of the information contained in the warrant, they have blogs or reviews from march of 2018. this investigation did not start until october of 2018. we're talking about six months prior just because someone posts something on line six months ago, that in no way has any reliability. you have to go and refresh that
12:40 pm
reliability. the fact, also, look, shepard, they could have used an undercover officer. they could have used a confidential informant. they could have gone into the place. they didn't need to do this. >> shepard: we'll see how it plays in court. it's good of you to be here. thanks. political chaos and cries of corruption in baltimore city. the governor and every member calling for the baltimore city mayor to resign while her lawyer claims she's too sick to even function. her lawyer says the mayor is not lucid enough to make her future about now. investigations heat up about whether she received kickbacks. katherine pugh needs to be physically sound before making a call on resigning. her staff says she's been recovering from pneumonia. yesterday the feds raided her two homes and the baltimore city
12:41 pm
hall. they're investigating whether mayor pugh used sales of her healthy holly childrens books to disguise government kickbacks, $800,000 she brought in over the years. the mayor called the deal a regrettable mistake. for a moment today, something rare in part of midtown manhattan. it was completely silent. it came during a good-bye to a hero. not a sound. firemen lowered the casket of the marine staff sergeant christopher slutman for his funeral service. slutman was one of three marines killed in afghanistan when a roadside bomb exploded there. he was a decorated new york city fireman and served for 15 years. the commissioner called slut map a protector of those in danger, a defender of those that needed
12:42 pm
him, a rescuer to those that needed saving and a leader that demonstrated valor here and abroad. slutman leaves behind a wife, shannon and three daughters. he was 43. a packed house in military salutes at a funeral nor a world war ii veteran. ♪ almost everyone here had never met the veteran. robert graham died earlier this month. he was 97. he earned bronze and silver stars for his service in the pacific. and when a young woman volunteered at his nursing home learned that he had no family at all surviving, she turned to the internet. jacqui heinrich picks up the story from there live in new york. jacqui? >> shep, beth regan met bob
12:43 pm
graham four years ago. she said bob expected a quiet send off with his wife of 60 years already gone. but beth had other plans. she took to social media and ask everyone she knew to spread word about his funeral. thousands did. nearly 800 showed up including police, firefighters and veterans. it was a hero's good-bye with full military honors, a police escort from the funeral home to the church, a pipe and drum band, 21-gun salute and the playing of taps. at the end of the service, the folded american flag was handed to beth. >> we really valued each other. i valued his wisdom and insight into life. he had a great perspective on my situations. i really held him close to my heart. that's why i wanted to do something so special for him. he gave me so much during my four years of knowing him. >> today was not the first time that beth showed bob how special he was. she would sit with him and listen to his stories from the war. she planned his 95th birthday,
12:44 pm
arranging for other marines to visit. she said bob was humble and surprised that any would not would come see him insisting that he wasn't a big deal. he certainly would have been surprised to see those crowds today. shep? >> shepard: jacqui heinrich in new york. thank you. defense officials could be changing rules for members of the military at the border. coming up, a new plan for our troops there. plus, a different side of the opioid debate. we'll take a look at people in pain that need these pills but it's getting hard to get them. and who isn't angry after the nfl draft? this time around, it's a bunch of brides-to-be and their friends that are raging mad. and like all of new york and -- i don't know. angry. whatever. i can't believe it. that there's a lobster in our hot tub? lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this.
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>> shepard: a defense official now confirms to fox news that the pentagon is getting ready to loosen some rules for the military at the border giving troops what they're calling an expanded role there. jennifer griffin has the details from the pentagon. jen? >> shepard, i'm told by senior administration officials that the president could announce that acting defense secretary patrick shanahan is his choice for defense secretary any time
12:49 pm
in the coming four days. the hope is the senate will have time to confirm shanahan before he travels to asia for a big upcoming defense conference at the end of may. the decision comes just a day after the pentagon inspector general cleared the former boeing executive of exerting any unfair influence with his former employer and his business dealings with the pentagon. the pentagon will sign off on a dhs request for 300 to 500 more troops to the border. mostly lawyers, cooks, drivers and medics. the pentagon is preparing to loosen rules allowing migrants to work with troops. the legal authorities of the troops are tightly over seen by pentagon lawyers. what will change is that u.s. troops will now be permitted to have incidental contact with migrants. for instance, if a soldier is serving food to migrants at a
12:50 pm
customs and border patrol protection facility or transporting migrants, cbp would have custody but the soldier could drive the bus. the troops are not entering a law enforcement role according to pentagon officials. dhs has issued a waiver so that the army corps of engineers can begin replacing 26 miles of border wall near the yuma sector. >> shepard: thank you. we reported about efforts to control the opioid crisis in america, including federal crackdowns on prescription painkillers, this week the feds filed criminal charges against a former pharma ceo for the first time. he says he's a scapegoat and vows to defend himself. last week, 60 doctors and medical workers were charged for
12:51 pm
overprescribing and in some cases exchanging pills for sex. but this crackdown is having an unintended consequence on patiences dealing with chronic pain. they've been wrongfully cut off from the meds that they need. there's the rub. gillian turner with more. >> as the trump administration is trying to curb the epidemic, new evidence is emerging that government measures to stem the crisis are causing severe consequences for those americans that have chronic pain. hundreds of doctors and hospitals and patients are now reporting being refused opioids that they have been relying on and using responsibly for years. a new report from the new england journal of medicine is ringing alarm bills about doctors abandoning their
12:52 pm
charges. they wrote -- >> clinicians might stop prescribing opioids even in situations which the benefits might outway their risks. the american academy of pain medicine blames new cdc regulations that they say adopt a one size fits all approach to opioid use. they say it's causing a critical failure to appreciate the decisions to taper or discontinue opioids. health groups say patients suffering from cancer pain, a cute sickle cell crises are in pain without being treated. >> we've heard from thousands of patients that have been forcibly tapered off of medication or dropped from care completely by their doctors. this is inhumane and morally
12:53 pm
reprehensible. >> the fda commissioner said last year that despite the nationwide opioid crisis, the reality remains. for some patients, opioids are the only drugs that can treat severe pain, shep. >> shepard: thanks, gillian turner. quarantined in california. two major universities are isolating staff and students after they say hundreds of people may have been exposed to measles. this is happening at ucla and cal state l.a. university health officials told more than 280 workers and students that they needed to stay home unless and until they can prove that they're immune to the measles, this comes after the centers for disease control and prevention reports 700 cases in the united states this year in 22 states. that is the highest number of cases in a quarter century for any calendar year. sometimes you look up while you're shopping and see a surveillance camera, right? you generally don't see
12:54 pm
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get real relief with cosentyx. ♪ >> shepard: a sea of crowds in nashville for the nfl drafts. nashville is also a popular bachelorette party destination and some brides to be say they are not thrilled. other ladies say they plan to take it in stride. >> we're still planning on using uber and if it takes two hours it take twos hours. it is what it is. >> apparently a lot of the bachelorettes didn't realize the nfl would be in town for their big day. take a look at bananas. they look pretty fresh. that's because the store has high resolution cameras and artificial intelligence alert workers when a banana gets bruised. part of a new walmart retail lab and a market on long island outside of new york city. the fox business network christina partsinevelos lus has this. christina. >> i like the use of
12:59 pm
bananas. giving shoppers a real glimpse at the future of retail. walmart has rolled this out already. cameras very obvious on top of all the aisles. these cameras can detect if a shelf is empty. they send a message to employee on the store and that employee can immediately go restock the shelf. walmart is saying this is a great experience for the shopper because they will never run out of food. problem is for the consumers what does that mean for your privacy at the moment walmart is saying that none of these cameras can recognize faces they don't recognize ethnicity or track your movement. in the future this could be a major privacy concern. the other thing too is the preservation of jobs as walmart rolls out morrow bottoms and not just walmart. you have amazon go using ai technology and a lot of their new physical stores. you can walk in and not even have to pay. no cashier just tracks you with the app. in the store. so it knows exactly where you are going. it's not just amazon you have walgreen's and kroger's
1:00 pm
as well trying to guess your age. all of this means privacy. back to you, shep. >> shepard: or lack of it. >> lack of it. rushing to give it back to you. >> shepard: kristina, thanks a lot. wall street is going to end on an upnote today and neil cavuto will have all the details starting right now. ♪ ♪ >> neil: all right. they are not racking to getting fox business these super heros are separating the weekend's opening of the avengers and they are not alone. what they are really separatinrealcelebrating is an y that is back with a vengeance. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto and this is "your world." you are going to have to work with me, america. anyway, the former vice president joe biden is making the 2020 presidential campaign all about dumping president trump. he could be a tough sell at the corner of wall and broad with an economy that's anything but in the dumps. get to it with deirdre
1:01 pm
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