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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 26, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> emily: that was actually hilarious! yes, the famous pedal taverns pushed off the street. it's hilarious! >> dana: see you monday. >> president trump says he feels like a young man at 72 and he could beat joe biden easily. the economy grows 6% annual clip, far outpacing expectations. and we'll look at both sides of the debate over a universal basic income. this is "special report." good evening, i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. president trump says he's taking a couple of victory lap says he is heading into the weekend. the president spoke to an enthusiastic support of group today at the national rifle association in indianapolis. once again, claim exoneration
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courtesy of the mueller report. chief correspondent john robert john roberts. >> throw a pretty big boat in the nra said he'd withdraw the c signature of a controversial united nations arms control dea. the president insisted he survived an attempt to overthrow the government. >> they tried for a coup, they didn't work so well. i didn't need a gun for that one. >> president trump drew cheers as he ripped the former officials who laid the groundwork for the russia investigation. >> corruption at the highest level a disgrace. spying, surveillance, trying for an overthrow. and we caught them. >> a strange moment as the president was taking the podium. someone in the audience through a cell phone up on stage. it landed far from the
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president. the man who threw the phone was removed from the events. the secret service investigating whether he presented any threat to the president. on his way out the door this morning, president trump contradicted the findings of the mueller report, insisting he never instructed former white house counsel john mcgahn to have robert mueller removed. >> i never told don mcgahn to fire mueller. if i wanted to fire mcgahn, i would've done it myself. i have a right to. i'm a student of history. i see what you get when you fire people. it's not good. >> that was one headline from the president's departure. the other, in response to joe biden's campaign video, where biden talked about his response to the charlottesville violence. >> he said there were "a very fine people on both sides." "very fine people on both sides?" >> i was talking about people who went because they felt very strongly about the monument to
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robert e. lee, a great general. whether you like it or not, he was one of the great generals. people were there protesting the taking down of the monument of robert e. lee. everybody knows that. >> later this afternoon, president trump had trade on his mind, meeting with japanese prime minister jens abbe. the u.s. hoped to have an agreement in place for japan to buy more an american agricultural goods. that agreement will have to wait. >> we have made chance to have a long trade deal with japan. >> there was renewed hope with a new trade deal with china today after president using paying xijing ping that in p unfair competition and put in an abiding enforcement system. >> made a lot of headway. we've talked about more and gone further towards reform that ever
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in u.s. china relations. but it's not done yet. >> president trump and prime minister abe will have a lot of quality time to work on the u.s. japanese trade relationship after the bilateral meetings at the white house. abe and his wife will join the first lady to celebrate the first lady's birthday. the president and prime minister abe will hit the links in northern virginia. and as you know, business always gets done in the golf course. >> shannon: john, thank you so much. earlier in the day, the president says he's feeling vibrant and young at age 72 and thinks he has a big advantage in energy over 76-year-old joe biden and our democrats other democrats looking to take his j. normally what would be considered friendly territory. here's correspondent peter dooc peter doocy. >> this is joe biden's first campaign. it's the first time he's asked
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himself about what's appropriat appropriate. >> i actually thought in my head when i walked out here, do i -- we are friends. >> biden is much more familiar with fund-raising. his campaign has $3.6 million in the bank. the highest of any total democrat running. his record as long. he recently called anita hill about the regret of the 1991 hearing he shared where some lawmakers doubted her claims about misconduct against claimant's comments. apology not accepted. hill tells "the new york times," i cannot accept "i'm sorry what happened to you." i will >> i don't think i treated her badly. >> this is what biden said in 1991. >> it is appropriate to ask professor hill anything any member wishes to ask her, to
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plumb the depths of her credibility. >> president trump's focus isn't on an old hearing, it's on old age. >> i am a young, vibrant man. i look at though. i don't know about him. >> trump is 72. biden is 76. >> if you look young and vibrant compared to me, i probably should go home. >> the president is also trying to tag him as a medical president joe." >> i should tell you this, i feel like carrie truman. i went to the back room and fell asleep until it was over. >> believes they kept things we could at 1600. >> not one single whisper of scandal. >> but president trump alleges that someone in the obama administration is responsible for may be the biggest scandal in political history, even
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bigger than watergate. that's ordering surveillance on his campaign. biden may not have heard a whisper about it at the white house, but he'll hear about it now. >> shannon: our panel will talk about it in the back and back of the show. a senior senior demonstrate anl that president trump could nominate action defense secretary patrick shanahan to the pregnant wants to give senao confirm shanahan before a big meeting in asia at the end of may. the inspector general cleared allegations that he show favoritism to his old employer, aircraft many fracture boeing. a russian agent could spend up to a year and a half in prison. a judge sentenced maria bettina today. good evening, catherine. >> showing little emotion. told a federal judge that she came to the u.s. to better
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herself and secure an advance. says she made bad choices and felt ashamed and embarrassed. prosecutors said that she worked on the half a wealthy and powerful politician who is close to the russian president vladimir putin. according to her plea agreement, issues or contacts in the nra to get back channels to american conservatives and didn't report her activities to the u.s. government. also met frequently with ambassadors sir jake loosely asked who is surrogate history after was alex her lawyers told reporters she was a minor player and not mention in the unredacted special counsel roster report. >> i found it curious that what was mentioned what she did was during the time of russian election interference alleged by the judge. when in fact had she been involved, i would imagine,
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special counsel or mueller would've mentioned it somewhere in the 400 pages if she had anything to do with it. >> the the russian and the seas demanding is demanding immediate release calling her "a political prisoner. >> shannon: a few months back, coast guard lieutenant was accused of plotting domestic terror attack. what are we finding out about -- he could be released? >> he was indicted on weapons and judge charges on february. the government has failed to meet the threshold for continued detention after no terror related charges were related. the judge says he still has grave concerns when he purchased weapons and search for targets which included supreme court justices, prominent democratic politicians and tv personalities district judge presiding over
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the case on the basis to the danger posed by the community d. >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you very much. vice president mike pence reacting to a story we brought you last night. former fbi agent peter strzok, lisa page seemingly suggested having a ball inside the trump transition team after the 2016 election team. brennan says pence says he's offended and the pair must be held accountable if they broke the law. the nasdaq and s&p to record highs this week. the s&p finished ahead 14. nasdaq was up 28. for the week, the dow was down 600 of a percentage point. the s&p gained one and a fit. the nasdaq was up almost two. 3.2% gdp showing was the best first-quarter performance in four years and far better than
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was forecast. let's get analysis now from fox business network anchor gerri willis in new york. good evening, gerri. >> the country's economic soldiers firing on all cylinder cylinders. expanding at a rate of 3.2% in the first quarter. gdp is a measure of the country's total production of goods and services. they had like numbers surprised investors and traders that roundly beat expectations of a 2% expansion. the quarter marks the third time in four quarters the growth was hit at 3% but looking at beyond the topline numbers, some economists all troubles for two reasons. one, consumer spending was weaker than expected, getting 1.2% versus 2.5% in the fourth quarter. versus big ticket items like cars and trucks was also weak, spending by average americans typically responsible for
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two-thirds of economic growth. business investment was also week. second, much of the gain was due to strong inventory investment. in other words, corporate buyers were stockpiling goods, but some analysts said that a buildup of inventory in the first quarter may rob from spending in later quarters as company simply draw down on their stockpiles rather than place new orders. trade had a positive impact, experts go back stocks ended the day higher with tech heavy nasdq setting all the time highs, more indications of the economy comes straight this week, monthly job reports on friday. >> shannon: gerri willis in new york. thank you. the hunt is on in southern mexico for hundreds of cuban migrants who apparently walked out in overcrowded detention facility yesterday. casey stegall has an update from dallas tonight. >> mexican police in riot gear posting up outside of micro
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detention facilities this week trying to keep a good crowd at bay following the mistake cuban immigrants being held as they await our asylum claims. this man describes an revolt of sorts taking place inside a small warehouse. holding facility located in the far southern mexican town of topper they await to begin asylum claims in the united states but relatives of those being held say the conditions are unsanitary, cramped, and tensions were rising. according to the national immigration institute, as of thursday evening 700 of the escapees voluntarily returned on their own. officials with u.s. customs and border protection say the wave is a new and unexpected trend that they are. federal data shows that nearly 6300 cubans have surrendered at u.s. ports of entry over the
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last five months. the dhs says that number is on track to nearly double the total for all of 2018. political repression in that country and the failing economy are the top reasons more cubans are flocking to the u.s. in applying for asylum. outside a store in havana, more than 100 people sit in line for a chance to buy frozen chicken. this woman says they ran out by 10:00 a.m. and no new shipments arrived. she described the situation as bleak. cubans still make up a relatively small number of apprehensions. for context, under 7,000 when you compare that to the more than 440,000 total migrants. the feds say they apprehended at the southern border in the last five months. shannon? >> shannon: casey stegall, thank you. up next commission every american get a salary from the
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government, even if they don't have a job? but first, here's what one of our fox affiliates are covering. attorneys for new england patriots order robert kraft asked a judge to throw out a video shows him paying for avenatti at a massage parlor. they violated his rights when they installed videos in the spot in january. an iraq veteran who plowed into a crosswalk intentionally targeted the victims based on their race and his belief that they might be muslim. isaiah jewell peoples was reportedly on his way to a bible study. at 13-year-old people, girl remains in critical condition, part of her school to relieve pressure. and this is a live look and chicago. one of the big stories, a cook county judge criticizes state attorney kim fox for upholding a double standard by prosecuting a woman for filing a
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>> shannon: the kansas supreme court ruled for the first time today that the state constitution protects abortion rights. it prevents the state from enforcing the first in the nation's ban on second trimester method for ending pregnancies. it represents a big victory in a state with a republican-controlled legislature. one of the issues you may be hearing a lot about during the presidential primary season is the idea of giving every american adult a guaranteed income even if they refuse to work. correspondent david lee miller looks at both sides of that debate. >> this is a deeply american idea. this is not left or right, it's forward and necessary as our economy continues to evolve. >> the idea he's referring to is universal basic income. ubi. it's a hot topic these days, with supporters as varied as
3:21 pm
democratic presidential candidate andrew yang to fellow entrepreneur and businessman elon musk. it's a fixed income that every adult regardless of economic or employment status would automatically receive from the government. in the amount designed to be enough to help with bills aren't expected expenses, but not to live on. proponents believe that this will help with income disparity and loss of jobs to automation and ai. recently, the mayor of newark, new jersey, announced he's looking into the idea to combat poverty in the city. >> we believe in the idea of a universal basic income especially in a time where studies have shown that families that have a crisis of just $400 in a month may experience a setback that may be difficult even impossible to recover from. where a third of our city still lives in poverty. >> the state of alaska has been paying its residents a yearly stipend from oil sales since 1982. and this year, the city of
3:22 pm
stockton, california, became the first city in the u.s. to institute the program, giving monthly $500 prepaid debit cards to 130 residents. critics say it won't lead to more people working. >> the way to do that is to help grow the economy by creating the conditions for private businesses to be able to create those jobs. >> supporters argue it's not meant to replace employment. >> it's not enough to replace a full-time livelihood, but it's enough to have your head make up, make better decisions moving forward. >> they've discussed some form of universal basic income plan been among them democrats, senator kamala harris and south bend, indiana, mayor pete project pete put a pete buttigieg. >> shannon: spoke with chris wallace today for a segment on this weekend's fox news.
3:23 pm
>> i believe president trump's intention to put pressure maximum pressure on iran in order to bring iran to its knees so we would succumb to pressure is doomed to failure. >> shannon: you can see the full segment on sunday. up next, the role of gun control in the 2020 presidential race. first, beyond our borders tonight. a lot of churches in sri lanka have canceled all sunday masses until further notice. stomach over concerns they remain a top target of islamic stately terrorists. authorities say a suspected local terror leader blew himself up in those bombings. the cyclone the united nations is warning of massive flooding. cyclone kenneth has maximum sustained winds of 136 miles per hour. the power of a category four
3:24 pm
hurricane. in the closed circuit cameras capture and the explosive at great britain's largest deal plan as series of glass at the factory injures to go people and shakes nearby homes. the explosions were caused by a train used to molten metal into the plans. other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be back. ♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering.
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we won our top story at the bottom of the hour, president trump told supporters at the national rifle association today that gun rights are as safe as long as he is president. guns can be a big issue in the 2020 presidential race into that senior correspondent mike toobin looks at what some of the democratic candidates are sayin saying. >> gun owners versus democrats, a familiar theme from the president cling to his base at the national rifle association convention in indianapolis. >> all of the radicals in congress want to take away your voice! your jobs! your rights! and they especially want to take away your guns! >> we will bring a fight to the nra like they have never, ever seen before. stayed with them or confidential hopefuls have been pushing for gun control. senators cory booker and kamala harris in competition to be the most outspoken on the issue. >> i will give the united states congress 100 days to get their
3:29 pm
act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety and if they fail to do it, i will take executive action. >> front runner joe biden voted for the firearms protection act and as vice president spearheaded the assault weapons ban. he now says he's for sensible gun control. >> the facts are assault weapons and magazines with 30, 50, 100 rounds are unnecessary and dangerous. >> groups like gun owners of america say a surefire way to lose an election is to come out strong against guns. >> you are not seeing people across party lines to support gun control. went you see is pro-gun democrats will cross party line and vote republican. >> positions in the democratic field range from keeping guns from democratic abusers from closing to the
3:30 pm
>> we need to sell anymore weapons of war. >> outside of chicago says legal rifles of any kind are used in so few crimes, a band would not budge crime statistics, but it would force to belay people off. >> i think these contradictions do not care about the facts, if they look the data is there pit they just do not want to hear it because it does not coincide with their narrative. >> the nra declined to principate with this report. a spokesperson said if the nra offers criticism of a democrat, it raises a candidate's status and sends donation their way. >> shannon: mike toobin, thank you very much. the driver of a semi cost that caused a 20 a vehicle crash on interstate 70 last night is facing multiple vehicular homicide charges. shows us what happened from denver. >> seconds before a horrific crash. >> my god! >> a youtube youtuber show thea
3:31 pm
semi plot into cars killing four people in a fiery crash. >> there is a complete fire... holy [bleep], things are exploding! >> it appears the semi driver lost control. >> 70, 80 miles per hour. cut into the traffic as soon as he hits the bridge, it's into the cars and automatically exploded. >> at that time of day, we know that i-70 can be jammed up. he can't stop, doesn't stop. >> in all, 24 cars and four semis in a massive pile up that shut down interstate 70. >> that can go into rubble. all the tar in there that holds it together just burned away. >> police arrested 23-year-old who has a commercial driver and sly appearance 's brakes failed. he's charged of four counts of
3:32 pm
vehicular homicide. investigators say he's cooperating as they continue to untangle the scene. >> the carnage was significant. just unbelievable. >> what the [bleep] -- why was the car flying so fast? speak of the questions are now asking, along with warnings to drivers. >> we lose site that vehicles or deadly weapons. we lose site that we need to be more careful when we are driving. >> they do not believe drugs and alcohol were a factor, the suspect is inspected to make his first court appearance tomorrow and authorities say the interstate 70 eastbound is closed indefinitely. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. welcome another brand of sleeping rockers is being recalled after five infants died in them after the past seven years. kids 2 recalling nearly 700,000 rocking sleepers sold since 2012 at walmart and target, also toys are us. this comes after two weeks after fisher-price recalled
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>> i am a champion for the second amendment and so are you. it's not going anywhere. it's under assault. it's under assault. but not when we are here. not even close. >> when i am president of the united states, we will bring a fight to the nra like they have never, ever seen before! >> shannon: two sides of the debate. let's talk it with our panel, matthew continetti, tim farley, host
3:38 pm
and tom rogan, commentary writer for the "washington examiner." the president speaking to the nra today. how do you think a place going into 2020? >> it's not just trump and booker who see it differently but it's trump and the entire democratic field and i think democrats are making a huge mistake, shannon. what they underestimate is the gun issue's effect in 2016 and i think a lot of these swing voters, a lot of voters are made of the margin in those key swing states, this typically independent or democratic voters who swung for trump, someone who cares deeply about the gun issue. the second amendment helps donald trump in 2020 and hurts joe biden or the whole rest of the field. >> we have 70 people now in the field who are further and further left, and you litmus test today whether a bulging i.c.e., the electoral college, or whatever it is. where do you think joe biden will thread the middle -- >> ride shotgun. >> he said shooting up in the air, you'll hit someone outside.
3:39 pm
>> the nra has been dropping in dues the last couple of years, the polls show they drop in popularity. but for people who the second amendment is a big issue, a massive issue, very important. for joe biden, he's a pragmatist in a lot of different ways but he comes from pennsylvania. i know he centered from delaware, but a lot of people owns guns. bernie sanders had a problem with hillary clinton calling amount in nra and what he did -- is not the most important issue for him. booker is saying a comic while harris is saying it. they are pushing it hard. vice president biden will bide his time, but he also had a chance under president obama to try to get something done. his blue ribbon panel, they came up with suggestions much of which were executive actions or just around the fringes, couldn't get anything significant done. >> shannon: today he made his
3:40 pm
appearance on "the view," and the president talking about how he can take them on and "easily beat them." here's the both of them talking about they are vim and vigor. >> i am the youngest person -- i am a young vibrant man. i look at joe, i don't know about him. >> that's the first time i've ever been referenced that way by anybody else. it's usually the other end, hyper joe. if you look young and vibrant compared to me, i should probably go home. >> shannon: they have young, they have diverse, they have all kinds of people in the field who offer something different than what they've seen before. i mean, bernie invited are at the top of all the polling for them, older white men. >> the challenge is that the more moderate, if you were to be the nominee,
3:41 pm
which he has a mind -- he doesn't have to take the same risk that democrats have to take to move up the polls. but the challenge for him is that he recognizes the political constituency in the democratic party, that activist base that were some of these other candidates to drop out cut galvanized someone around like kamala harris or into bernie sanders' ticket. the next couple of weeks, it could be very interesting to see whether his strategy is to skew to that more uncomfortable, not take risks in the general election popularity, or whether he's trying to preach to that crowd. of course, trump is backing on this being a long and brutal fragment. they are moved to the left. >> former vice president having decades worth of public service so there's a lot of proponents for his service to pick through and now he's having to talk about the 1991, mission her
3:42 pm
just as hearings of clarence thomas anda hill. she said she wouldn't characterize it as an apology. she was asked about it today on "the view," so here he is today versus 1991. >> i'm sorry the way she got treated -- i never -- if you go back and look at what i said and didn't say, i don't think i treated her badly. >> it is appropriate to ask professor hill anything any member wishes to ask her to plumb the depths of her credibility. >> shannon: the world has changed since, it's a different conversation that he'll have to have. >> the experience is baggage but he was saved this afternoon by the announcement that he has raised more in the first 24 hours. >> anymore numbers we can put
3:43 pm
up? >> the "view" interview was bad. he spent the rest of the show apologizing for various infractions he has made over the years, culminating in this extended discussion of a supreme court hearing that happened 28 years ago. which was 20 years after he was elected to the senate in 1972. almost his 20th anniversary. biden is weighed down by his 40 years in public life and it's going to be a big problem for him to turn from the past of the future, which is what presidential elections are all about. >> we've heard a lot about clarence thomas and also the -- a lot of people might've not remembered that it was joe biden who talks about his foreign policy chops, it was joe biden who suggested to president obam president obama, advised against the bin laden raid. >> there are other things he
3:44 pm
talked about, breaking things into thirds. the iraq situation that a lot of people -- >> robert gates said that joe biden was wrong in every foreign policy, the former secretary of defense as he was wrong in every foreign policy -- >> but a lot of people who like him, they look to that. >> that's why i think he's a democrats' best opportunity. whatever they think -- it's fascinating to see this run to the left of the identity politics issue and the expansion of the state, but ultimately all the strategist note that you've got to get those 2016 votes back in the midwest. if you don't do that, what's the point? >> so far for him, great polling and great fund-raising numbers and we'll see as this goes on if they sustain. next up, the fighting lightly around. cuban immigrants escape, plus winners and losers.
3:45 pm
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>> our economy is now the hottest anywhere on the planet earth. just this morning, we learned that the gdp smashed expectations with the economy growing at an annual rate of
3:49 pm
3.2% in the first quarter. >> shannon: we are back with our panel on this economic news for the white house said we aren't doing the happy dance because we expected this all along. >> it's obviously a good thing for a president to have a caveat, we are 557 days away from the election. absent though any other problem with the economy, that usually number one issue per international incidents sometimes bring us together. sometimes tear us apart. the war in iraq brings us together. jimmy carter with the iran hostage crisis tears us apart. >> shannon: real clear politics average on how potential voters feel about the trump economy, 51.6% approve, 42% disapprove. he's got a nine-point advantage on a very important issue going into the election. >> we saw in 2016, he's a very effective campaigner. one of the things really doing is to say, look, look at democrats in terms of their
3:50 pm
policy suggestions. look at what that has meant in front in terms of the biggest state, more generous -- youth unemployment, an employment here, under plumb in there. gdp, the other employment rate is under high. there's narrative. >> there are democrats and say these things look good on paper but we are out here that it's not translating for me and that's their plan to say that it may look good on paper, but it's not affecting middle-class americans. >> but that's belied by the polling you just said which is this overwhelming approval of trump's it's something democrats will have a lot of trouble contending with considering that every step along the way they've opposed his economic agenda from election day when paul krugman of "the new york times" said that the wall street index would collapse, to nancy pelosi calling the trump tax cuts armageddon. they have all been proven wrong.
3:51 pm
trump needs to make that case again and again in the election. >> shannon: another case he likes to make is about the wall. talking about how they will make progress next year but we have this story on the issue of immigration, 1300 or so cuban migrants being detained at the southern border in mexico, their southern border, who escaped him walk away, left from the detention facility. we are told that many of them had been gathered back in, but this administration is very tough in mexico saying, listen, if you do not help us with this problem -- >> i do not think we are going to build a wall of the southern border of mexico. i think it's another story and a lot of the stories of people trying to go somewhere else either through mexico or to the united states. until there is an issue like this, something that brings her to call parties together it's not going to change much. i will say it's a great issue for president trump, great issue for democrats because they can raise money off it. he's got a greater case of overwhelming number of people coming through the southern
3:52 pm
border. it's just another point, another story of how bad things are. >> shannon: a lot of people saying cuban-americans, why they are going to mexico versus coming through florida versus many have done to touch u.s. soil, a different way of doing it. it adds to the conversation about what people are really doing and escaping as they go through mexico. >> it could be the sharks in terms of the water, there's obviously very tragically a lot of risk coming through, but to tim's point, the political expediency for democrats here is fund-raising. the political expediency for president trump actually in terms of people like chase johnson backing up the idea of a crisis at the border, it's tipping in trump's political order. >> shannon: let's get with winners and losers. >> my winner is james whole tower that fast is to reach $1 million in winnings and he's just getting started. he's turning jeopardy into the world series of poker. i'm not sure that's a good thing, but it makes for good
3:53 pm
television. my loser is kamala harris. she pulled her flip-flop of sorts related to whether we should give the boston marathon bomber voting rights, like bernie sanders is advocating. kamala does this unusual thing where she sidesteps difficult issues by saying we need to have a conversation about them. i think she needs to have a conversation with her staff about her lackluster performance in the polls. >> tim? >> i hate that word conversation. i'm not a big follower of the nfl draft but the big winner is kyler murray, all this about tweets, but i still think it's a great story. the loser of the week is the english language because we had the webster's dictionary put down stan, gig economy -- >> kim yeon chul is my winner,
3:54 pm
playing games. my loser of the week is joe biden. "the view" interview was not exceptional of some with his experience to have a better run out. a bad start apart from the fund-raising. >> shannon: panel, thank you very much. when we come back, notable quotables. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. can we talk? we used to play so beautifully together.
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cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. >> shannon: finally tonight, notable quotables. >> we are talking eastern sunday. >> i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. yes, even for terrible people. >> my god! >> we are with 28 vehicles
3:59 pm
involved. that number is significantly higher than we had last night. >> the investigations in all the speculation that has happened last two years have had a much harsher impact than a couple of facebook ads. >> escaped with a tone that's reminiscent of pinocchio in the movie "shrek 3." >> they do not want to get to the truth. they want to get to the president. >> there are more people eager for impeachment. >> i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> old, white male career politicians like bernie sanders and joe biden is not what the democratic party had in mind for 2020. >> i do not want to go backward. i want to go forward. >> never take drugs. don't drink alcohol. don't smoke. enjoy your life. >> shannon: that you have it.
4:00 pm
that is "the special report" tonight. i'm shannon bream in washington but i will see you back here tonight at 11:00 eastern on "fox news @ night." and "the story" hosted by martha maccallum. >> martha: thank you, everybody. joe biden when deep in the american suburbs to present women that he is their guy. he did it by starting his campaign with "the view," facing questions that his campaign was to get out of the way. >> you reached out to anita hill. what she wants you to say is "i'm sorry for the way i treated you, not the way you were treated. >> well, but i'm sorry the way she got treated. >> so i invaded your space. i'm sorry this happened. >> martha: good evening, i am martha maccallum and this is "the story" were it not one question about issues but he says he will get to those


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