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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 27, 2019 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> president trump is heading to wisconsin today where he will hold a make america great again rally in green bay tonight. one day after the speech to the n.r.a. and welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm kristin fisher. leland: nice to be with you, nice to be with you at home. a little bit of news out of the n.r.a. speech, we'll get to that in a minute. the president is golfing with japanese prime minister shinzo abe at this hour. ellison barber live from the white house. it's so windy they had to hop in the motorcade rather than take marine one out there.
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>> and they will be later, if they could have happened on marine one. i don't know enough about golf to tell, but that. they were stet to play a game this morning and probably spent time talking about trade. the two leaders left the white house earlier today, this comes on the heels of the u.s. and china meeting for two days in d.c., trying to negotiate a bilateral trade deal in the oval office. the president said those talks are going well and suggested that an agreement could be signed when he visits japan in may. the u.s. wants japan to get rid of tariffs so they can have for access to the market. listen here. >> we will be discussing strongly agriculture because as the prime minister knows, japanese puts massive tariffs on agriculture, agriculture going for many years going into japan and we want to get rid of the
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tariffs because we don't tariff their cars. we're trying to bring some balance to the surplus. >> and on americans autos we'd like to proceed to further negotiations that we're now having that would be mutually beneficial outcome for both of our countries. >> once the president and prime minister make it back to the white house from trump's national golf club, president trump is set to head to wisconsin for a campaign rally for the third year in a row. the president is skipping the white house correspondent's dinner. he reportedly ordered his staff to do the same. president trump says he's expecting a full house at the rally in wisconsin. leland. leland: live coverage of that as it happens into wisconsin in a while for a preview. ellison barber at the white house. thanks. kristin: president trump-- >> and a fox news alert now, just coming in. oliver north screen left there is not going to be an n.r.a.
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president again. oliver north saying today that he will not seek reelection. the executive vice-president, wayne laperriere has sent a letter to board members earlier this week saying that north was threatening to release damaging information about him unless he stepped down. north is now declining to run again. although there is some mixed reporting on this. north maintains that the n.r.a. is dealing with a quote, clear financial crisis. working our sources on this, in light of the president's speech there yesterday as we have it. kristin: it was a meaty speech yesterday. and president trump is threatening a power battle between the two branches of government. gillian turner to explain and it's going to get ugly. gillian: it is. something to look forward to. congress returns on monday after two days-- excuse me, two weeks of recess
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and democratic leaders are considering their options for taking on president trump in a post mueller report world. they will look closely and drilling down when attorney general bill barr appears for his two hearings on the hill this coming week. the speaker of the house says her party isn't quite there yet when it comes to moving forward with impeachment proceedings, but when it comes to subpoenas and investigations, they're going full throttle. >> the justice department may have not decided to use its full power to impeach, to indict. congress will not be silent in terms of using our constitutional power to find the facts for the american people. >> recent days have born out an epic showdown pitting president trump's executive prerogative over the congress's subpoena ours, and for multiple white house officials denied. the chairman of the house judiciary committee, his
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subpoena for the biggest, don mcgann stands. we've asked him to replay and testify on may 21. this evening's represents one more act of obstruction by an administration desperate to prevent the public from talking about the president's behavior. the president himself in characteristic form insists he's under siege. >> i have been the most transparent and administration in the history of our country by far. we just went through the mueller witch hunt. now the mouhouse goes and subpoenaing everything i've ever done. i say it's enough. >> speaker of the house pelosi and the senate minority leader schumer will meet with president trump together on tuesday at the white house. the official agenda focuses on infrastructure, though it will be pretty hard for any of the three to ignore the elephant in the room. maybe it's a wooley mammoth. kristin: there's been so much talk about infrastructure,
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hardly any action, so, i don't know, we wi'll see. leland: whenever chuck and nancy comes to the white house, there seems to be news out of that. a little bit more on that and the house investigations into the president. and we bring on the california congressman oversight committee, mark, nice to see you, sir. appreciate it. how are these multiple investigations anything other than a fishing expedition? >> well, the founders wanted congress to be a co-equal branch of government and they're explicit and provided us oversight of the administration. it's my hope that it's left partisan, but it is what it is. leland: congressman, when you had somebody in your caucus, maxine waters, not just somebody, but an influential members of your caucus on march 21st of 2017 said get ready for impeachment. you can understand why the president and republicans as a
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whole are a little skeptical this is in good faith when you start asking for tax returns and every deal the president's ever done. >> yeah, i can speak for myself although i have a lot of respect for representatives waters. i think we need to provide oversight. that's what stood the country well when we've provided oversight. leland: and are you overstepping the oversight mandate here? >> i'm sorry? >> are you overstepping the oversight mandate? >> i think we should be aware of that. i want the american public that we want to get to the truth so they can see for themselves. leland: where is the line? if you're skeptical of it and cognitive of it, where is the line and have some democrats stepped over it? >> part of is that there isn't a bright line. you know it when you see it as an individual and i think we have to be aware of that. leland: so, tax returns, knowing it when you see it? >> if you let me finish. every american president since
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nixon, as i assume you know, has allowed their tax prurns to go to ethics to see if there are conflicts. we think this one should. leland: proving to the divide in your party and you speak to this a little already, we'll get to chris cox yesterday at the n.r.a. speaking and others of your party. >> friends, do you think that nancy pelosi and alexandria ocasio-cortez are mainstream in the united states of america? are they in for a rude awakening in november next year when the real america goes to the polls? >> and here are the tweets from alexandria ocasio-cortez and then ilhan omar talking about it. cortez saying, civics lessons for the n.r.a. as much as they may not like it, the bronx and queens are part of real america, too. we'll skip over to ilhan omar's tweet next in which she says,
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can the real america please stand up. this ain't it, chief. is america as divided as that sound bite and those tweets would lead us to believe? >> it's unfortunately more divided than i would like to see it. i would hope that we would focus more on what we have in common and understand that we're a big country with very divergent opinions. leland: we certainly are. given to what gillian and kristin were talking about minutes ago, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi go to the white house and there's always talk of having some kind of legislative process when it comes to infrastructure. is that possible in the environment we have today? >> well, i'm on the transportation infrastructure, we take pride, both parties, members on that committee of saying it's the least partisan committee in congress. we hope so. the roads are not partisan. how you get to work, how you pick up your kids are not partisan.
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we need to invest in infrastructure. leland: give me a wish list of three things that you think both sides could get behind and we could actually see congress legislate on? >> well, we've got over a trillion and a half dollars worth of unspent needs so we need to go with what the engineers tell us, how do we move beam as efficiently and effectively as possible and commercial goods. leland: forgive me, but what is an unspent need? >> bridges, roads, who are deteriorating, these are engineering definitions. i know that's not exciting. the biggest challenges to identify revenue. we can do efficiencies to make it more efficient, but the analyst says that that won't get us with are we need to go so the biggest problem is coming up and identifying do we increase the gas tax, when that's an imposition on americans, do we do something else. leland: especially-- >> somebody's got to pay for it. leland: especially an imposition when it comes to rural america. mark, gentleman from california,
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we appreciate you being here. >> thanks for giving me the final. leland: you're welcome to come back anytime. good to see you. enjoy a saturday in california, sir. >> i will. leland: all right, kristin. kristin: now for the reaction from the republican side of the highly. let's bring in michigan congressman and thank you for coming on the show last minute on a saturday. we appreciate it. >> no problem, saved me from a little yardwork. kristin: happy to help. so let' start where-- just want to ask you something about what your democratic colleague was saying with leland vittert a few moments ago, leland was asking if he thought that democrats had crossed the line in terms of their oversight mandate. do you believe right now that democrats have already crossed that line? >> well, i think they have gone well beyond what i think maybe they intended initially. that's why we had the mueller investigation going on. 30 million dollars, two years,
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you know, i went and saw avenger end game last night with my kids and it feels like some of my colleagues are trying to rewind time to sort of change up what happened in the past, and you know, the simple fact is that the mueller report is out. it's been conclusive and earlier when you played that clip with nancy pelosi saying it's time for congress to dig in and find the facts, that's exactly what the mueller report was all about. kristin: the flip side to that is something that maryland governor larry hogan, a republican, something he was talking about this week. he was up in new hampshire, obviously considering running as a primary challenger to president trump, and he was very critical of republicans in congress and in governor's mansions all over the country, saying that they should be joining him in speaking out more about some of the things that were detailed in the mueller report, president trump's actions in the mueller report. listen to what governor hogan said a few days ago in new
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hampshire. >> it it's very frustrating and i know there are a number of my colleagues, in the house, privately saying they're concerned. and there are no pre files in-- no profiles in courage here, they're afraid of being tweeted about and very few are willing to say what we really think. kristin: congressman, your thoughts, are you afraid? >> i'm not afraid, i'm sick and tired of regoing over and over again the same material and i think the american people are. i know my constituents are. and even at the end of the day, if people don't like the tone and tenor that the present presents his message with often tim times, it's resonated with middle america. look at 2.3% economic growth this last quarter and that's what people are looking for and we're seeing the democrats, i
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believe, overplay their hands once again and they're trying to relitigate the mueller investigation. at the end of the day we've got to move on. kristin: moving on, i know president trump and republicans would love to really drill down and focus on the really good economic numbers pan the great case study is happening in michigan, so much so, i've been told you actually have had to hit the pavement in your own home business? >> yeah, my family is in construction and real estate here in michigan. very small, it's a third generation sand and gravel operation. we're down a man, it's a very tight labor market and waiting for my son to come back from college to end up working there in the summer, so my cousin, my business partner took the first shift yesterday and i took the afternoon shift, just literally keeping our gravel plant operating because we need sand and stone for all of the ready mix concrete that's going out and building here in west michigan, so we have got strong manufacturing happening, strong
9:15 am
real estate, strong construction. and 3.2%-- i'm sorry 2.3% growth is well beyond what most expected and i think between the reform and the tax cut, this is the kind of america that we should be expecting economically. kristin: really quick, one more issue where republicans and democrats frankly could move on from the mueller report is infrastructure. we know the talks are set for next week, but we've heard about infrastructure over and over again, yet, nothing has been done. so, what's the chance of something actually happening now? >> yeah, and i heard my colleague from california talk about gas tax. it's got to be something more than just that, however. in fact, our governor in michigan proposed a 45 cent per gallon tax, gas tax, that just is not flying and you add on additional federal tax on top of that, i just don't think voters are going to look at that positively. so we're going to have to think a little differently in how we deal with electric cars and those things using the same
9:16 am
infrastructure, but not paying a gas tax. so, but it's definitely something that could be and should be a bipartisan push forward. kristin: yes, if there's going to be any bipartisan compromise on an issue, that's likely where it will come. congressman, thank you. >> thank you, appreciate it. good being with you. >> well, several democratic candidates are tackling working class issues as they gather in las vegas, they're trying to win back union voters as they address the forum on wages and working people and our david spunt joins us with more, what are you hearing? >> they're gathering in about an hour. noticeably absent is joe biden, the newly announced candidate. would he announce, when would he announce? that's over. he's running now that he's under the same intense scrutiny as the other 19 candidates, but biden has something to be grateful
9:17 am
for, he raised 6.3 million dollars in the first 24 hours after announcing his campaign. the former vice-president made the announcement on thursday, followed by a fundraiser later in philadelphia with heavy hitters in pennsylvania politics, that certainly gave him a boost, but biden is also talking and taking some heat on his age. he's 76 years old. a year younger than bernie sanders, by the way, and the way that biden behaved during the clarence thomas supreme court confirmation hearings in 1991. happened almost 30 years ago, he's answering questions for his interactions with anita hill, a law professor who says that clarence thomas sexually harassed her. sources close to biden tell fox news, that he called hill to talk about the way things went down in 1991 and biden was asked about this very topic yesterday on "the view." listen. >> i think what she wants you to say is i'm sorry for the way i treated you, not for the way you were treated. i think that would be closer.
9:18 am
>> well, but i'm sorry the way she got treated. in terms of-- i never-- if you go back and look what i said and didn't say, i don't think that i treated her badly. >> senator kamala harris, amy klobuchar and elizabeth warren a knew names taking the stage in las vegas, they'll address a union crowd, which is interesting. biden's always framed himself as a union candidate from blue collar scranton, pennsylvania. it will be interesting to see if others jump on the union band wagon because joe biden has speaking in front of unions for decades and now some of the other candidates want a chance. kristin: he has and he's coming off the huge fund raising number, 6.3 million in the first 24 hours. >> big money. kristin: that's got to put pressure on the democratic rivals. david spunt, thank you. l . leland: russian meddling in the 2020 election is a tomorrow concern for the intelligence
9:19 am
community. fbi's christopher wray calling it an intelligence threat, through the social media campaigns. and the way that the russians interfered in the election. and warns that leaders like vladimir putin are adapting continually. speaking of vladimir putin, he's talking about maria butina, what he said about her, her lawyer, her sentencing here in the united states. we'll be right back. was ahead of its time. still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. there's never been a better time to become part of the mercedes-benz family.
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a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> vladimir putin defending admitted russian agent maria butina. today, putin spoke out. a federal judge gave mer 18 months on conspiracy charges yesterday in u.s. federal court after she serves her sentence, butina head back to russia. >>. >> it is an outrage. it is so. it is unclear what she was sentenced for. what crimes she committed. they took, caught, locked the girl up, nothing to charge, nothing to charge. it would seem totally
9:24 am
ridiculous, they sentenced her to 18 months. leland: speaking to the judge before her sentence, butina expressed remorse admitted instead of building peace, i created discord. she's going to be deported after she serves her sentence. with that we bring in her attorney, robert driscoll. appreciate you being with us. according to the president of russia, at least, they have nothing to charge, nothing to charge. why did she plead guilty? >> she pled guilty to acting as a torn agent. not to defend vladimir putin, i don't envy where the president is when he has to speak to president putin about this, it's difficult to explain what she did wrong. i think-- >> if she didn't do anything wrong, why is as her lawyer, did you haver had plead guilty? >> because the statute that we have, as interpreted by the doj, acting as an agent for a foreign government without registering, means you violated the law and are subject to a 10-year felony.
9:25 am
but what exactly you have to do is kind of unclear and it's been unclear in this whole case to the sentencing. leland: you saw her be sentenced yesterday. obviously, you didn't want 18 months you wanted time serve, put her on the plane yesterday. there was some talk about that possibly happening. do you wish you'd gone to trial on this and get a jury to believe your arguments? >> i'm glad we didn't because of the risk and i think that, you know, you have an independent life tenure federal judge who bought what the doj was selling on this, i'm not sure i would have done that much better with a jury. leland: you know what i thought was interesting was in the entire 400 page mueller report, butina's name doesn't come up. it's a completely separate investigation. yet, yesterday it came up at sentencing, why? >> that frankly infuriated me because mueller's team did interview maria and chose not to include her in the report at all. leland: my understanding is that maria or miss butina cooperated extensively with the u.s.
9:26 am
government. >> totally, 50 hours of interviews with the fbi, with the u.s. attorney's office, with the mueller team for, i think only an hour or two with them, but and she had nothing-- the mueller team never wanted anything to do with her, nothing to do with election interference and to have the judge raise that at sentencing was a bit frustrating, almost as if the judge had read the news accounts rather than pleadings, it was-- >> was this like a red scare. >> i find it hard to believe that anyone of another nationality would be treated like this. and i can't imagine someone with charges this nonspecific. not one classified document in this entire case. five terra bytes of data. leland: and i know you'll look over here the next nine months as well. and another person you're becoming a fierce advocate for,
9:27 am
is carl klein, asked to testify about clearances. and jared kushner and his security clearance. important question, he's going to testify this week before congress. what's he going to say? >> well, he'll answer whatever questions congress has unless he's instructed not to answer my white house counselor by me. i think he's talk about the process by which people get clearances, any changes in the process. it's my understanding he's -- the white house's position i frankly concur with it, i do not think they'll allow him to testify about anybody's 86 file. leland: and perm-- asking about whether the president or somebody put their finger on the scale with regard to-- you've talked to him.
9:28 am
has he indicated to you that the president or anybody else put their hand on the scale. >> i think when it's over there will be no evidence of that. leland: on the record with that. if he didn't do anything wrong why does he need white house counselor personal attorney before they agree to testify on capitol hill? >> and a mob analogy, and my client is a civilian. the white house counsel, are a bunch of made guys for the republicans and shooting it out over how far can we go on executive privilege versus congressional authority. my guy is just a civilian and so he needs his own lawyer. leland: are you worried that he's going to be conceivably caught in the middle and contempt by congress or-- >> i'm protecting him all along, making sure when the white house instructed him not to go, i made sure that i knew what do j's position was on the constitutionality of subpoena. i've got to make sure my guy
9:29 am
isn't the one that goes to jail at the end of this. you know what i mean? even though he's not the focus-- >> and you said make sure, you're worried about the process? >> and any to be worried-- i'm not worried about the substance of this, but make sure the procedure works. leland: and always good to see you. we'll watch wednesday. take care. kristin: at least 15 people, including six children are dead after sri lankan security forces raided a suspected terrorist safe house friday. believed to be linked to the easter morning bombings that killed hundreds throughout the country. rebecca is reporting live with more. hi, rebecca. >> it's coming up to one week now since those deadly easter sunday suicide bombings on churches and hotels in sri lanka which killed more 250 people. you can see that things are still ongoing here, in terms of the situation.
9:30 am
sri lanka still on very high alert. that's been ongoing arrests, ongoing raids today and late last night, local time, there was that shootout in the east of the country, on the east coast of sri lanka, where security forces engaged in gunfire with what is suspected to be a terrorist hideout. what happened there, some of the suspects ended up blowing themselves up and 15 people in total were killed according to the military and six of those people were in fact children, we hear. at another location in the east, there were searches that went on and found explosive materials. and again, alongside that, there was what appears to be isis uniforms, and an isis banner that was seen in another video, when isis claimed this attack which was being linked to a local jihadist group. now, things are still very tense here. and sri lanka still on edge as
9:31 am
we go into another curfew in columbo, the capital here tonight. and until the early hour morning, the search continues with suspects out there. and masses will not be held in churches again, it's seen as too much of a risk given the current situation. back to you. kristin: live in sri lanka. thank you so much, rebecca. leland. leland: the president heads to wisconsin. a few hours for a rally there. a radio host on what he needs to tell local dairy farmers. oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive.
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>> president trump will host some counter programming to tonight's white house correspondent's dinner with a make america great again rally in green bay, wisconsin. live coverage here on the fox news channel as it happens. this marks the third consecutive year that the president is
9:36 am
skipping out on the correspondent's dinner and to weigh in, milwaukee based talk radio host, republican media consultant and former deputy assistant to president george w. bush. nice to see you, both of you. steve, to you first. the president won wisconsin by a little bit more than 20,000 votes. if things stand today, does he have even that kind of support right now in wisconsin or are people defecting? >> well, i think it's a couple of good trends here. the one market law school had him up a couple of points from january. that's a good trend. the other one is in the most recent supreme court race, conservative candidate won by 1%. so a couple of things in his favor, but a lot of folks are listening to his message as we get closer and closer to kind of launching the 2020 campaign if we're nor already there. >> tariffs hurting harley davidson, a milwaukee company, the income revenue down 27%.
9:37 am
dairy farmers hurting as well. what do people there, your listeners want to hear? >> well, the farmers, they're going to want to hear that congress is ready to move on the united states-mexican-canada trade agreement. there are a lot of things that make it easier for wisconsin farmers to sell their products, milk, cheese, that has to happen. on tariffs, the president has kind of pulled back on the criticism of harley and he said he's willing to go after the european tariffs that have really, really hurt the company locally in milwaukee. >> you have planned these visits for presidents and presidential candidates before. we'll take a look at one of the polls that steve was talking about. trump approval in wisconsin, strongly approve 30%. somewhat approve. 16%. put that together. it's 46%. somewhat disapprove 8%. strongly disapprove, 44%. which numbers do you focus on when you're planning one of the
9:38 am
rallies? >> what you want to do, you want to reach out to the people who are swing voters, who you know it's already a tough slog for republicans, the blue wall in 2016, trump crashed through that in michigan and pennsylvania as well. trump has got to say look in 2016 i made campaign promises, i'm delivering, but just as my friend just stated, the down is with the congress. they need to get on the trade agreements and ratify them. the president can say, look help is on the way, it's on your doorstep. we can help farmers and harley and manufacturers in wisconsin, but i can't do it alone. i would urge the president to beat up on congress and to urge wisconsin people to call their democratic representatives and ask why. leland: how much forgiveness, brad, do swing voters have, when the president says, well, i've done my part, it's not my fault? do they buy that? some of the polling out of
9:39 am
wisconsin show that joe biden and bernie sanders comes out way ahead on that. >> the president has at that state the help he's given the harley davidson and farmers. there is causing change and effect and we shouldn't hurt the industries that have been hurting, waiting for congress to act and finalize these trade agreements, but you know, a lot of harley's problems were self-inflicted. labor costs, now they've made a five year deal with labor and they had a declining market of people that want to purchase motorcycles. it's not necessarily the president's fault, but the president has been there nonetheless. leland: steve, does it worry you that you're seeing polling, a generic president extremely competitive, if not beating the president in wisconsin? >> i think realistically the two
9:40 am
candidates that i think can make it in wisconsin are are bernie sanders and vice-president biden. biden has a realistic chance, i think the president-- but bernie sanders, i don't think that the swing voters are willing in an election that counts for president for bernie sanders. leland: i'm sure you would agree there are some voters in madison, wisconsin more than happy to. steve-- >> the president's never going to win the madison vote. leland: i think that's-- i think we can all agree on that one. steve, brad, nice to see you gentlemen. 8 p.m. is when the speech is and we'll cover it live. anthony scaramucci joins media buzz on the president's latest comments from the media and talk about the speech as well. and maria bartiromo hosting sunday morning futures from the southern border, 10 a.m. eastern
9:41 am
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>> more than a thousand students and staff members at two california universities have been placed under quarantine as they prevent the spread of measles in los angeles county this month. jacqui heinrich with more. >> it's the most sweeping effort to contain the measles after cases across the u.s. reached a 25-year high. more than a thousand students and staff members are quarantined on campus or sent home until they can prove their immunity to that disease through medical records or tests. by yesterday afternoon, about 325 students have been cleared to return to their normal lies. those under quarantine were banned from using public transportation, including planes, trains, buses and taxis or else they would face prosecution. and the number of cases have
9:46 am
climbed, more than three dozen in california, and five in l.a. county. the surge is blamed on m misinformation by anti-vacars. >> it's sort of like a wakeup call, i wasn't worried about people not being vaccinated, but since this actually happened, i'm like, oh, this is a problem. >> the surge in cases is 30 years after measles was said to be eradicated. and an outbreak is defined as three or more active cases. one of the outbreaks is in rockland county, new york, a state of emergency has been renewed for a second time. most have been unvaccinated people in orthodox jewish communities. some say that it causes autism or contains mercury or that it
9:47 am
would protect people from cancer. >> some misinformation that would cause autism, that the vaccine contains mercury, that the vaccine, that the disease itself will actually protect them from cancer, that the disease will protect them from eczema. >> several states are considering cutting back on the number of immunization exemptions they'll allow. this week, washington lawmakers moved to remove person or philosophical exemptions, but medical and religious reasons are valid. kristin: that's quite the incentive to get vaccinated. if you don't get vaccinated you'll be quarantined and kept on campus. leland: a community mourning the loss of this five-year-old boy, why his parents are charged with first degree murder. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
9:48 am
than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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9:51 am
>> an illinois community mourning the death after five-year-old boy friday night. andrew freund, jr. was found dead seven miles from his home. police say he died after multiple blows to the head. hundreds of people helped to search for the boy for several days after he disappeared. >> some of us are grieving because it feels so personal, others are grieving over the loss of what could have been for
9:52 am
a five-year-old who will never have the opportunity to grow up as our children will do in this community. leland: police have arrested the boy's parents charging them both with first degree murder. each held on a $5 million bond. their court appearance monday >> medicare for all has become the bumper sticker campaign promise for several 2020 democratic presidential candidates, but according to new polling more americans are focusing on health care costs, rather than making sweeping changes or repealing obamacare. for more insight let's turn to bipartisan policy center vice-president and former from the senate committee, bill hogueland. and many are thrilled that joe
9:53 am
biden is in the race. and see this for medicare for all. i know, you're not advising the former vp, his platform has not come out yet. if you were advising him, what do you think the health care platform would be. >> i'm not advising him, but if i were, be pragmatic about it. medicare for all is an extremely expensive program and those people who have looked at that, estimated cost could be from 30 to 35 trillion dollar over a ten year period and put that into perspective if you'd have to try to pay for that, you'd have to almost double the personal payroll taxes over the next year. be practical about it. if you're going to do health care reform, and no surprise coming from the bipartisan policy center, be bipartisan about it. build upon. don't talk about repeal and replace, talk about the affordable care act
9:54 am
vice-president-- with president obama putting together. that's where i would advise him to go. look at improving and building upon the affordable care act. it needs improvement. no question about it. there are significant issues as relates to the cost of health care millions of americans, but there are ways to improve upon the existing act to make it more affordable and expand coverage to americans who still need coverage. kristin: when you look at kind of the middle of the road candidates, beto o'rourke, buttigieg, klobuchar, they have not adopted a full-throated support of medicare for all. they're kind of stuck in the middle. what would you see them running on. >> i imagine you'd see them running on what's called medicare for some. 55 to 60, or 55 to 65 and you're seeing legislation introduced along those lines. they're looking at a way to expand coverage, but doing it in a reasonable way that's paid for and doesn't add to the federal
9:55 am
deficit going forward also. kristin: you spent many years on capitol hill. i believe you said 20, 25 years on capitol hill. i'm curious, president trump has now really been pushing congress to take some action on health care. given your time and tenure on the hill. what's the likelihood of him actually getting anything done now on health care? >> i think the things that can get done are probably those dealing with the drug crisis now. the legislation is moving in the house and senate as relates to addressing drug prices. i think there's bipartisan support for that. i don't think going back and reopening, repeal and replace of the affordable care act is going to happen at all in this congress. but i do think there are things they can do at the margin. and also thing, called surprise billing. this is the fact where people who find they get a bill because they were out of network, so to speak, in terms of their services they got and they were surprised when they got the bill. there is legislation here i think could move forward on surprise billing that could be
9:56 am
helpful to many americans out there. >> and final question, i shg, you think it's support for the democrats to make it medicare for all as a litmus test headed in the primary? >> in fairness, i worked for republicans the time i was up here. and i don't think it's smart for them to move to medicare for all because they're not telling us how they're going to pay for it. kristin: bill, thank you so much. >> thank you. kristin: and we have live pictures out of wisconsin as the president heads to green bay for a make america great again rally. >> and the democrats in las vegas with the latest polls say who will take on president trump. h, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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10:01 am
rally. taking place at the same time right here in dc, let's go to ellison barber live at the white house this morning. ellison. >> president trump speaking to nra convention yesterday, indication will probably spend a significant amount of time rally tonight attacking democrats trying to tie the entire party to the most progressive members while also the administration's effort and immigration usually a big topic. here is what the president said during speech in convention in indianapolis. >> democrats are obsessed with delusion and witch hunt. far-left radicals in congress want to take away your voice, your jobs, your rights and they especially want to take away your guns, you know that, they want to take away your guns, you
10:02 am
better get out there and vote, you have socialists and far-left democrats that want to destroy everything that we've done. >> president trump began with prime minister shinzo abe, he and the prime minister were discussing trade as well as issues related to north korea. trying to negotiate a bilateral trade deal, u.s. wants to get rid of tariffs on american agriculture products so american farmers can have more access to japanese market and avoid tariffs on cars they export. in the oval office friday, president trump said the talks are going well and he thinks they could sign some sort of agreement when the president visits japan in may. kristin. >> ellison barber live at the white house, thank you. not a bad day to play golf with the japanese.
10:03 am
leland: little hard. i would be interested what comes out of that. that's going to be something that's so important in tonight's speech in wisconsin. this is a state the president fairly won, 20,000 votes. harley davidson has been hurt by the president's tariff's program and to sell to that constituency. >> ly talk about that right now with kayleigh mcenany who is at the site of the president's rally this evening in green bay, thank you for stepping out and talking to us. >> hey, kristin, any time, happy to join you. >> president trump is going to be in pretty heavy on talking about trade and jobs, what do you think president trump will talk about tonight? >> yeah, i think exactly right now. how can you not talk about the hottest economy record. the second longest economic growth if we make it to july, in
10:04 am
fact, the longest, that's a contrast with the obama years, the slowest recovery we have seen in record in modern history. so complete reversal from the obama years, usmca very important here in wisconsin, we are going to gain access to markets if democrats step up tactics. >> reports say that president trump won in 2016, they asked voters if the 2020 election were held today how would you vote and 42% said that they would definitely or probably vote for president trump, but 54% said that they definitely or probably vote for somebody else and 46% were in the definitely camp saying that they would vote for somebody else. what is the trump campaign going to do between now and next november to try keep those numbers from going in the wrong direction for the president?
10:05 am
>> kristin, that reminds me a lot of numbers we saw in 2016 from wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, none of which predicted the president winning, he went onto win all of those states, no republican won since 1980's, we believe the polling is better than the one you mentioned. trade successes, america first on the world stage, we have no doubt he's going to hold down the rust belt. we have a list of couple of other state that is we are looking at. >> j must a few minutes we will have the former republican governor of massachusetts on the show, he is, of course, challenging president trump in the primary and the republican national committee which he used to be the spokesperson for, both considering challenging president trump in the primaries, both come out and
10:06 am
visit call of what the rnc has done in terms of pledging unwavering support this far out for president trump. why did the rnc do that and do you agree with it? >> let me start by saying if you ask voters behind me, many camped out here last night. i was here, i saw camp site, you ask them, who, they don't know who they are. republican voters, 93% support this president, that's the highest party approval rating of any president in modern history. more than reagan, more than clinton, more than barack obama. rnc is reflecting the voters who support them, more republican votes than any nominee than the history of the party. i understand that upsets the establishment. people here have never been more energized. >> no doubt that ratings are high, but the challengers, or potential challengers, why not
10:07 am
give them a chance, why have the rnc go out and, you know, put this statement so far ahead of the game and governor hogan, i interviewed him while in new hampshire, what the rnc is doing now is worst than what the dnc did back in 2016 with bernie sanders. your response. >> yeah, not true. it's actually party even cancel primary ahead of time, certainly consider support among voters. i understand they're disgruntled figures out there. >> kayleigh mcenany great to see you in wisconsin, a lot of folks will be watching the president's rally tonight and a lot of folks are going to go to white house correspondent's dinner.
10:08 am
nice split screen on cable news tonight. thank you. >> we are excited. leland: fox news alert, nra president oliver north saying in letter that he's not running for second term. letter read during nra meeting today. >> police note i hope to leave with you today as nra president endorse for reelection, i now inform that will not happen. >> the president spoke to the group yesterday, this comes after wayne lapierre sent letter to board members earlier this week that he was threatening to release i was about it unless he stepped down. nra is dealing with a, quote, clear financial crisis. >> 2020 democratic candidates with several hopefuls set to speak at national forum on wages
10:09 am
and working people today. they are taking front and center . >> noticeably absent is joe biden, now, joe biden recently announced that money he raised $6.3 million in 24 hours after announcing campaign on thursday. the former vice president made announcement followed by fundraiser in philadelphia with heavy hitters, that certainly gave him a boost. let's look at real clear politics, right on the top there, bernie sanders at 23%, all the way down to elizabeth warren at 6.5% right there. beto o'rourke not even on that list, 900-pound elephant in the room, though, on the democratic ticket no doubt joe biden to catch up for the other candidates.
10:10 am
while doing fundraising he spent the last few days answering questions about women that have come forward and he made them feel uncomfortable by invading personal space in last decade. addressed the issue yesterday. >> are you sorry and are you prepared to apologize for those women? >> here is the deal, i had to be much more aware of the private space of men and women. >> other candidates are making headlines when it comes to money and returning money, beto o'rourke and pete buttigieg, have returned money from lobbyists, they will not be part of campaign. candidate everyday on donations. >> we received 100,000 donations, democratic primary debate june and july, fundraising, i'm thrilled that americans are stressing for new
10:11 am
ideas, new energy and experiences. >> thank you. leland: the democrats are the ones with a choice. the imagine challenging president trump. kayleigh mcenany with kristin fisher a moments ago, she doesn't take seriously. rnc says she doesn't take it serious watching voters. >> i was around in '91, '92 where george h.w. bush
10:12 am
popularity was 91% in december of '91. a month and a half before new hampshire primary request pat buchanan came in, got 37%, it was beginning and tend of george h.w. bush. leland: i'm glad that you brought that up. jimmy carter faced ted kennedy in 1980 and as you pointed out, georgia h.w. bush taking on by pat buchanan. >> reagan in '76. leland: the sitting president lost. is it worst playing spoiler, democratic president rather than former u.s. president? >> i'm not in love with the job being done in washington. i'm going to the white house correspondent's dinner tonight. i'm not surprised that the president has forbidden administration from going.
10:13 am
he doesn't want people to know everything that he's doing. i will give you one big example. you mentioned jobs, we are going to lose by 20% of the jobs in this country to artificial intelligence and robotics and machine learning and self-driving vehicles in the next 15 years, maybe even 10 years. i don't see anyone making plans to educate those workers so they can get -- leland: a lot of democrats talking about it. let's talk about getting your message out. fundraising among candidates, the president raised $100 million for reelection. sanders on top. 6 million, warren 16.4 and pete buttigieg around 7. biden not on the list. he raised $6 million in first 24 hours. you haven't declared any fundraising, where on the list would you stand? >> i just spent last week in new york in the millions, not 25 million, but just started and i'm confident based on the
10:14 am
response we are getting and beyond. >> they're not all thrilled with the situation. >> a lot they want to do and only happy to take the money. leland: very interesting. you're still not going to give us any names? >> oh, no. >> i have to keep raising money. leland: all right, what is going to be one differentiator in new
10:15 am
hampshire trying to make the argument. 38% in new hampshire, that's going to be huge. >> yeah. >> i'm talking about how to get jobs. when i was governor i kept spending in real dollars year over year and i was ranked by the wall street journal and the cato institute the most fiscally and been republican for 20 years but then i was the first of four, we had 4 republicans in a row because we were good stewards of the taxpayer's money. no such thing as government money, it's only taxpayer's money. legal a lot in washington who don't quite understand that paradigm.
10:16 am
we appreciate you being here, sir. come back to talk with us. >> thank you, thank you. leland: good to see you, sir, thank you so much. all right, elon musk, he has a laundry list of things. newday's operation home lets veterans buy a home with no down payment. in fact every day, my team helps veterans buy a home
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10:20 am
leland: record highs and markets responds to latest gdp report with gdp growing 3.2% in first quarter of 2019. here is the president. >> 3.2. the same quantitative easing that the previous administration had, 3.2 would have been much higher than that. america's future has never been brighter and yet democrats have never been angrier. leland: with that we bring pwc
10:21 am
mitch roschelle. beautiful day for some golf. if you were looking at twitter you know where the conversation goes, first quarter, all what we have been talking about recession come and recession come and good friend of mine said, a little bit like planning a funeral without a body, so the recession has been canceled? >> i don't know that it's been canceled. if you look around the world there was and still is in europe and asia and that caused markets to slide, mainly exaggerated because the u.s. economy is very strong, i wouldn't say we are firing on all cylinders but many cylinders and doesn't look like a recession near the horizon. leland: okay, still seems as though group of people dedicated to talk about how things could be better, record earning, what else do people want?
10:22 am
>> it's interesting, if you dig into the first quarter gdp number one of the things that was alarming, i said in fox business, the consumer wasn't as strong, our market dependent on the consumer, not surprising given the stock market volatility. >> maybe the consumer was a little slow because they are listening to guys like you saying that a recession was coming. >> i did not say a recession is coming, somewhere in the horizon. leland: is there a point to be made that there was so much pessimism in discussion in the beginning of the first quarter, is there discussion that that's really what's hurting consumer president, that would be the president's argument? >> i think that the media across the board was talking recession so much in first quarter as the stock market was sliding that we start talking the consumer into recession, they didn't stop holiday shopping, slowed down january and february, the
10:23 am
shutdown at the time. there was a fear in the water but right now if you look at where retail sales are heading and other economic indicators on the business front, they are picking back up again, 2019 shaping to be pretty good economic perspective. leland: whether or not the president is right about the economy, not only are they angry, they talk about all of the time that america is in crisis, things are terrible, how it is really so awful. is that just people who like talking about it? >> i think economic indicators are noisy by definition. but it's hard to politicize a strong economy and i think many of the candidates that want considerable change were hoping to see that there would be economic slowdown.
10:24 am
i think that got taken away easily with the first-quarter number. >> interesting point there, going forward, what does the consumer continue to look at, not just the stock market, is something to take a look at? >> i think low interest rates as we enter home-buying season and car-buying season. that can be tremendous catalyst. economy continues to grow stronger and stronger and they pumped the brakes on further increases caused the rates to go down. leland: is there any fears on wall street that americans continue to see how great things are in wall street they might get a little bit angry. >> i don't see that. leland: okay. >> there's a possibility. there are some profit numbers and companies but i don't think
10:25 am
they are angry on how wall street is doing. leland: wall street has biggest headline on how amazon doesn't pay taxes. mitch roschelle, appreciate you being here on saturday, good to see you. >> thank you. >> you're looking live atlas vegas where california senator and 2020 democratic presidential hopeful cam dollar harris is taking part in service union forum focused on income and inequality. let's listen in. >> and when organized labor is attacked, income inequality grows. what do we do to address that and what do we do to hopefully correct, part we need a president of the united states which is the president that i intend to be who will fight for working people and specifically
10:26 am
will fight in a way that will be about supporting right to strike, supporting right to organize, clamping down on corporations that in any way try to impair or disable the ability of unions to organize. fighting for 15 and will be about recognizing that we need a department of labor that is run in a way that respects the dignity of labor and these are the things that can and must be done to correct the workforce in our country. >> thank you, thank you. [applause] >> so we have seen surge of activism, teacher strike, yeashz, -- arizona, kentucky, los angeles, we have seen
10:27 am
marriott workers. with all of the activism, is that causing democratic leaders talk about what this might mean, create more opportunities for labor, labor legislation? >> well, first of all, i think that all of the fights point out that we are -- we have an economy in this country that is not working for working people. i am proud in my career on the ticket line with organize labor, i'm proud to have stood in particular with the teachers in oakland, west virginia on what they needed to do to advocate per wages and what i think it highlights there's still so much work to be done and the barriers to organize labor being able to organize and strike are something that have grown over a period of time and we need to address that. we need to address that both through legislation but also
10:28 am
through bully pulpit that comes with the president of the united states to speak about the means and rights that workers have to be able to organize and fight for their rights. so generally speaking, have to be more specific. >> all right, that's senator kamala harris speaking at a forum hosted by one of the largest unions in the country and, you know, union workers have been critical of a lot of democrats in 2020 field saying that they're focusing too much on the issues, green new deal and medicare for all. they want them to know -- focus on issues that kamala harris is talking about. leland: you think about how president trump won in 2016, flipping union workers in pennsylvania, in michigan and in wisconsin. noteworthy, that's also the constituency of joe biden, the natural constituency of joe biden and he's not there. >> he's not there but he is going to be on the event on monday, i'm sure we will be
10:29 am
talking about some of the issues near and dear to the union leaders' hearts. a lot more 2020 candidates speak target forum and we will bring it to you live. we will be right back.
10:30 am
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is boost®. delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. look for savings on boost® in your sunday paper. leland: fox news alert, we are learning more about the nra president oliver north and what he said in a letter about not running for another term as president. this comes after organization with pretty serious accusations as well. marian more in los angeles. hi, marian. >> retired oliver north, urgently needed changes in the nra and calling it nra leadership forum.
10:34 am
that will not happen. north goes onto say there's a clear crisis in the organization that needs to be dealt with. the announcement coming after effort by a few members to force out long-time executive wayne lapierre. lapierre sent letter to the board thursday saying that north was trying to push him out by threatening lapierre with damaging information. lapierre writing, quote, i believe the purpose of the letter was to humiliate me, discredit our organization and impropriety that hurt our members and second amendment. lapierre received 2 standing ovations in the crowd gathered at the nra convention on sat going after the mainstream media and lawmakers seek to go restrict gun rights. scrutinizing nra operations. lieutenant colonel north boast
10:35 am
known for role in iran scandal in 1980's was at end of first term of president of nra, last day will be monday. leland. leland: more on this as it happens throughout the weekend, marian, thanks, kristin. >> back to the race with 2020 presidential nomination, we have a big story this week, addition of former vice president joe biden to already crowded field. joining us now to discuss democratic strategist and host of the keep it in perspective podcast kristin and former obama campaign regionam director robin byro, guys, finally happened, joe biden has officially entered the race and i would like to start both getting your reaction on how the former vp actually announced. a grade of how he had done on
10:36 am
twitter announcement and appearance on the view yesterday and robin, i will start with you. >> sure thing. we didn't get the announcement that we were hoping for. stacy abrams joint announcement. that didn't happen. democratic emotional heart story and following meeting he had with the firefighters and continuing with message, probably got 100% name id, he's got a fight. >> kristin, do you think it was a smart idea or go with big rally? >> i think the twitter video, was appealing to america's higher ideals. he said directly that the country has not only lived up to ideals and do we continue down the path or do we actually go
10:37 am
back and live up to ideals and not just democratic primary voters but undecided voters, swing voters that was quite persuasive. i have to admit, it caught me off guard. i thought it would have been a rally, i thought it would have been reference time as vice president but he took a completely different route and one thing he did we are all here on saturday talking about it. >> surprised us and we are talking about it, that's always good. let's talk about money because bedden, -- biden, raised $6.3 million, more than any contenders officially in the race but at the same time candidates like beto o'rourke, he sent out fundraising e-mail to supporters, the good news, more money, we have more people contributing in our first 24 hours, so heading into the 2020, what is more important, more
10:38 am
money or more smaller individual donations? robin. >> you know, let's not discredit the fact that he got 97,000 unique donors, individual donors who was astounding, i was happy with that number particularly. i thought that the fundraising number was lower than i expected. 6.3 million, i was suspecting more like 8 to 10 million. he has to get solid marks in both categories in the citizens united. we have to be able to fund raise and he came solid but not what i thought it would be but still props to joe biden. >> and christian, right now you have beto o'rourke and pete buttigieg saying they will be giving back some money that lobbyists gave them, is that a smart idea? >> well, i think the move is designed to appeal to democratic primary base, democratic primary voters. from a moral standpoint, good
10:39 am
thing to do. i encourage everyone i know, democratic voters to be single-issue voters, the issues needs to be getting the current president out of the white house and everything else sort of out among each other after the fact. we need to focus on that single issue and so whatever it takes to get there it's what we need to do. >> finally, real quick, a lot of the 2020 contenders are in las vegas speaking at forum hosted by one of the largest unions in the country and the union leaders have been pretty critical of the 2020 field, they are focusing on green new deal and medicare for all but they're not focusing on the bread and butter issues that actually get voters to the polls, so what would be your advice to the candidates speaking today, what is the statement they need to be making, robin? >> absolutely, we need to pay attention flyover states, joe biden has edge on that regard. all candidates need to pay attention, that's where we lost
10:40 am
in 2016, 41.9% of those voters stayed home, we have to vote to recapture those votes, crucial. >> yeah, huge part of why president trump won in 2016, he was able to get those votes and democrats trying to win them back. robin and christian, thank you very much. >> 2019 starting in the united kingdom. back in a minute there's little rest for a single dad, and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief...
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10:44 am
leland: trump administration increasing punish on iran in an attempt to isolate tehran economically, here is the iranian foreign minister firing back on fox news sunday. >> so you say this, israel, saudi arabia and united emirates
10:45 am
all trying to exercise regime change? >> at least, at least. they have all shown interest dragging the united states into a conflict. i do not believe that president trump wants to do that. leland: all right, more on fox news sunday tomorrow with chris wallace, john bolton, national security adviser, also be there with mr. wallace to interview, gulf affairs ali ahmed, nice to see you, sir, appreciate it. they don't come out unless they are worried? >> iranians are not for making a deal. they are astute in making deals. we have a thing that iranians make deals, that's what they do. leland: do they keep deals? >> you know, depends on the circumstances. you can say either/or.
10:46 am
leland: it seems as though they are more worried now that the u.s. administration for better or for worse has decidedly decided with the saudis in war of yemen, proxy war, sided with the emirates, kuwaitys and decided turn, correct? >> not only the trump administration. most wars, what they have done to protect, in 1991, 2002. leland: still by americans in the middle east, a lot of it, the majority of it come in the hands of either iranians or iranian sponsored terrorists.
10:47 am
>> the first suicide bomber in april 2002. leland: you have been critical about the saudi regime. it brings up important policy question which is the united states sided with stalin to take out hitler, is that the choice being made here in siding with the saudis to counteract the iranians? >> i think the country has trouble and i think it's very weird to see the united states, and brought in modern age is supporting for the past 60 years, absolute that does not allow women to do anything. leland: we have tried to idea of democracy in the middle east, we tried it in iraq and didn't work so well. at some point the arab countries
10:48 am
internally will spill the kind of blood and engaging behavior they had, is it upon the united states to protect own interest before export our values to saudi arabia? >> i remind you what trump did before campaign, the united states sent about $8 trillion, my tax money. i don't think it's worth to protect. leland: you have something in common. we had her on the show making arguments. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. leland: thank you very much. much more on chris wallace's interview with the iranian foreign minister tomorrow fox news sunday, check your local listings for time and channel. the best simple dishes ever?
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>> after tieing the knot waiting for arrival, kitty logan lives us live from london.
10:53 am
officially announced and quite interesting that the instagram account, many think will be used for photos of baby once it arrives. it's a private affair, the birth quite unlikely that they'll be public photo as we have seen with previous royal births, the couple seems to be planning privately as a family at home. speculation, of course, about the name, the favorite is diana, of course, that was harriet's late mother if it's a girl, boy charles, james or arthur.
10:54 am
people bet on whether the name will have red hair but royal experts say if it's boy will have full title of the earl burton. the pregnancy announced in october. they have move today a new home cottage close to windsor castle where they were married and away from other royals, there have been several media report that is the baby may well be born at home, new home. the child will be queen eighth grandchild and also interestingly should have the opportunity to have u.s. and uk citizenship, kristin. >> wow, so much speculation. we don't know the gender, due date, the hair color. keeping us in suspense, i like
10:55 am
that. good for them keeping it privately. leland: elon musk and sec deal over twitter account. the answer when we come back out of pocket for closing costs. if you're a veteran paying 1500 dollars or more a month in rent, newday's operation home can help you buy a home for what you're paying in rent. and you don't need a down payment or one dollar out of pocket for closing costs. who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride which took them to the place where they discovered
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. . . kristin: elon musk and the s.e.c. finally reaching an agreement over the tesla ceo's twitter use after both parties were told by a judge that they had to renegotiate a deal
10:59 am
earlier this month. regulators laying out what musk can and cannot tweet about in the settlement, that list includes production data, information about the company's financial condition, earnings forecasts, the settlement also notes that this list is not exhaustive and the judge must a approve of the deal. the big question is, is elon musk really capable of adhering to those guidelines. i don't know if he can. leland: his track record is not so good it's not great. leland: no. and he's not actually in a great position. tesla stock has taken a couple haircuts. kristin: it has. leland: you would think he would want to speak out. enthusiasts like you would need to hear from their man. kristin: i would argue this is good news for elon musk and tesla. can you imagine if president trump was given a lists of things he could not tweet about. leland: many have tried, none have succeeded. kristin: all have failed. leland: the press has failed to
11:00 am
get him to the white house core doesn'tcorrespondents dinner. kristin: which is tonight. leland: you will be there. therefore, i will study late into the evening, news from new york now. arthel: a busy night ahead for president trump. he is gearing up to host a rally in the crucial battleground state of wisconsin, after hosting the japanese prime minister at the white house and expressing hopes for a new trade deal with our ally. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel no. ericneville he.eric: thank you. president trump touting a strong report on the economy. the commerce department says our country's growth is at a rate of 3.2% in the first quarter of this year. the president saying those numbers show the u.s. is right on track. >> inflation numbers are very low. the gasoline prices are coming
11:01 am


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