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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 28, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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wonderful tribute. arthel: it really is a wonderful tribute, that's it for us, back at 4:00 eastern, more news now from washington. ♪ >> a community in mourning this hour remembering the lives of 6-year-old lorie who died while trying to shield rabbi, the rabbi and 34-year-old man and 8-year-old recovering from the attack. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington, i'm kristin fisher, sad day here. leland: sad day, a lot of angles to cover on the story, it could have been so much worse, brave security guard that turned fire, i'm leland vittert, the 19-year-old suspect who fled the scene in custody and investigators are looking into his fast and manifesto he may have put online, william on the
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ground now 10:00 a.m. pacific time in front of synagogue, hi, william. >> well, leland, i listened to 911 calls and last about 16 minutes from the time first call came in of the shooting to the time the individual was in custody of san diego police, as you said the suspect is in local jail charged with one count of murder, 3 counts of attempted murder, last night they did execute search warrant at home where he lives with parents in nearby, 19-year-old nursing student at local cal state san marcos, police reviewing social media, there he claims to be antisemite, white supremacist and slams president trump and jewish and conservatives, also there he admitted or he said that he praised the attacks on jews and muslims both in new zealand attack as well as pittsburgh, he said online that he is wanted, facebook live but
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blocked by provider, i can hear your voices that i'm throwing my life away, well, i'd rather die or go to prison than not stop the evil. the gunman entered synagogue 11:20a5-foot 8, multiple magazine, assault rifle 6 and 15 shots according to sheriff, that weapon may have jammed, some say he screamed antisemite remarks others say he didn't. also we know that another 34-year-old army veteran of the israeli defense force, he got wound in legs protecting 8-year-old as well as protecting other children. >> he grabbed all the kids, run,
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run towards the exit and then grabbed him and started running and shot him in the leg. he went out, they all ran out. >> the other hero in this is off duty border patrol agent, 3 and a half hours away, he joined the synagogue, he was part of the security volunteer security, he did not have his service firearm with him, however, he did retrieve a handgun that the synagogue had hidden for this very purpose, he retrieved that, fired on the suspect as he -- hit vehicle as he sped away, the rabbi said had the border patrol been armed at the front door, the suspect would have been neutralized, he did call 9-1-1, that's the suspect, he admitted that he was part of this, he was stopped by san diego police
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officer, k9 unit, he said, stop, get out of the car, hands up or i will shoot, he did and at that point he was taken into custody, questioned by the fbi, a vigil last night here in san diego by local church, president trump called this a hate crime, he sympathized with the synagogue and offered condolences to the victims. leland. leland: william in california, william, thanks, kristin. >> joining us now for more insight former fbi assistant director of counterterrorism division, terry, thank you for coming in. i would like to start by asking you based on your experience what exactly is the fbi doing today in this investigation, just one day of this horrible attack? >> the fbi is working closely with the sheriff's office, the police department, other law enforcement agencies in san diego. they are looking at everything, they are looking at forensic crime scenes, offering all the help they can, involved in all
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aspects to have investigation and trying to bring together everything they can from interviews of everyone who knew this person, forensic and then the searches that they conduct, the social media, any other place and try to put all of that together to come up with a picture of why did this person do this, how could we continue to learn from these things so we can prevent them in the future, all of those things will be taking place. >> so your point, yesterday's shooter was clearly influenced by the has shooting tat tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh just six months ago where 11 people were killed, 11 jewish worshipers were killed. what more can be done to try to stop these kinds of copy-cat attacks because we know yesterday's shooter mentioned that in open letter that was posted online. >> well, first of all, you're absolutely right, it's not
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unusual for one of the shooters or even a lone to talk about this before, waco for what he wanted to do, what can we do, about 18 years ago not long ago, in fact, we wrote a study at the fbi on lone bombers and mass shooters, they had a lot of things in common, they had tremendous amount of hate inside and that's motivator, because even they think -- if you look at this doesn't sit or come together right, they also want to be noticed, everybody that take note of who they are and what they are doing and they come across this idea of some mass violence to try and get out there and get everybody's attention. all of those things were common. >> let's look at the internet in this really quickly, i have
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about one more minute. the shooter's letter repeatedly credits one online message board in particular for his radicalization, do you believe that more -- something more should be done to try to tamp down on this kind of hate speech that's proliferated on online message boards? >> well, we have to be careful in free society, hate speech, one hate speech may not be hate speech to someone else. how far do you go when you neighboring judgment? i think that's something that people want to debate -- >> do you think it'll make difference in times like this? >> personally i don't, wider access and social media by law enforcement, but i'm not sure that's going to stop these kinds of crimes. too much to cover, too much volume. >> understood, thank you so much for your insight.
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we really appreciate it. leland. leland: president trump reacting saying the nation stands in solidarity with the jewish community. ellison barber at the white house. the president spoke about this a couple of times ellison. >> that's right, he did. the president said the attack is hard to believe in rally in wisconsin last night. offered sympathies to those impacted and vowed to get to the bottom of what happened. >> the strength of our nation is sound in the heart of people so true tonight america's heart is with the victims of the horrific synagogue shooting in poway, california, just happened, our entire nation mourn it is loss of life, praise for the wounded and stand in solidarity with the jewish community, we forcefully condemn the evil of anti-semitism and hate which must be defeated. >> the president also spoke about the attack before leaving
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for wisconsin telling reporters gathered on the south lawn it appears this was a hate crime, he praised law enforcement on the south lawn on twitter and at the rally, he called the response courageous and incredible. at the rally president trump singled out border patrol agent for bravely returning fire, the officer helped disrupt the attack and without a doubt saved lives. leland: member of house oversight committee, good to see you as always. i was taken by a tweet on your account either late yesterday or early this morning where you said our country needs a reckoning with itself in respect to the shooting in your state, what do you mean by that?
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>> leland, thanks for having me on the show, first and foremost condolences and prayers to those affected south of here. what i meant by that, we consistently are seeing domestic terrorism take place in our country and we have, regardless of republicans, democrats, independents need to work together to get to the root of the issue. we have more hate groups and hate crimes occurring this year than we have seen in decades and we cannot standby, we need to work together to make sure -- leland: reckoning requires at least partly a moment of self-reflection. in that what can the democratic party do because it seems as though that's the only way we can talk these days, one party to another, what responsibilities do the democratic party have to do in terms of hate and anti-semitism there? >> i think we all are bringing to the attention whether it's anti-semitism or islamic phobia or any other minority denigrated
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by the president and others is wrong regardless of what side of the aisle it's on, so we need to work hand in hand to fight that. we also need to make sure that we have appropriate gun violence laws in place and i'm proud of the fact that the house did pass background checks recently which can help bring down gun violence in our country but that's just the first step in the right direction. leland: california, though, has the strictest gun laws, will that keep someone whose heart is filled with hate -- >> california has the laws in place we have lowest gun violence in the country. do they eliminate all violence, absolutely. we can save one kid, one member of congregation that's good. >> chicago certainly has its own issues and very strict gun laws.
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moving to the issue that i know that you have a lot to say on which is border, the border and immigration in your state, the president talking with maria bartiromo on sunday morning futures, we will get your reaction. >> we go out and we stop the separation, the problem is you have 10 times more people coming up with their families, it's like disneyland now. leland: president wrong with yet presence on the border in your state? >> we do have a humanitarian crisis and representative will hurd republican from texas on your show earlier today and made great points, we have to recognize if we want to address the issue, it's in the just at the border but where it's happening. leland: congressman, you say humanitarian crisis, we do not have a security crisis and sovereignty crisis? >> i'm more concerned about the humanitarian crisis that's taking place and we can get -- leland: what exactly is humanitarian crisis?
10:13 am
>> let's go back to what congressman hurd said. people willing to travel 2,000 miles and as maria pointed out on your show, the fact that a woman would bring her child and two other children, 2,000 miles to our border and go through that challenge and not knowing what is at the other end tells us the crisis is taking place in home country. so when the president talks about economic aid from those countries that's -- leland: let's get back to issue of the border, the issue is there's crisis in home countries, the triangle specifically, honduras, guatemala, el salvador, et cetera, that's one issue, but in terms of the border, if you all of a sudden closed the border and did not allow people to come across i-- illegally, how would that not solve the problem? >> we should have border security and i've been consistent on the fact as well as democrats as well.
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we just don't agree that building a wall down the middle of the rio grande is the way to do it. we need port security and we have obligations under the united nations to deal with asylum seekers when they come to border. leland: obligations there. congressman, always good to have you, we appreciate the conversation as always, you're heading thank dc, safe travel. >> thanks, leland. leland: kristin. >> joining us now republican congresswoman, congresswoman, i would like to start by get getting your reaction of the horrible shooting yesterday at the synagogue in california? >> well, it's obviously horrible, i serve on the homeland security committee and we get monthly briefings on terrorism and that includes domestic terrorism. we will find out later what exactly motivated this young man obviously it was hate, i assume he had some kind of mental illness issue and so obviously
10:15 am
it's terrible, i feel bad, i pray for the families that are affected and we can only continue to -- to keep working to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future. i mean, there is some antisemitic movement going including in the united states congress by some of our members and this has to stop and i don't know if that played a role or not but it has to stop. >> are you in some way accusing democrats in congress of having some sort of responsibility of yesterday's shooting? >> i don't know, we won't know until law enforcement totally looks into this. what i'm saying is antisemitic behavior no matter who it comes from is not helping and it could have helped influence this man, it may not have but it's wrong,
10:16 am
we have members in dhoong have antisemitic comments and that should be uncalled for. >> is there anybody in particular that you want to call out? >> i think everyone knows who i'm talking about. >> are you -- house and senate are returning from their easter break or two-week recess tomorrow, are you going to be doing anything in the house to confront some of your colleagues about that? >> democrats didn't condemn anti-semitism and didn't take colleagues off of foreign relations committee and i think she should have been taken off of the committee because of her repeated comments, now, this may have nothing to do with what
10:17 am
just happened but i did just recently meet with israeli-american group and they're very concerned about the anti semitism growing in the country and needs to stop. >> clearly comments from omar. president trump has, you know, really spoken out when people have placed some of the blame or accused rhetoric of having hand in any kinds of these mass shootings, so i'm sure there's going to be a lot of blame back and forth when you all return to capitol hill tomorrow. i'd like to get to some of the political matters that you all will be dealing with when you return to work and one of the big things on the calendar the attorney general bill barr is suppose today testify on house judiciary committee member on thursday but now he may be a no-show because he doesn't like some of the stipulation that
10:18 am
chairman nadler is trying to impose, particularly chairman nadler may want members of committee staff to question the attorney general not just members of congress, do you agree with those stipulations, are you okay with that or do you have a problem? >> i have a problem with what chairman nadler is trying to do. this is different than what's normally done and i think he's just trying to have political show so that when attorney general barr is testifying and then he wants to either go into closed-door meetings and talk about redacted sections of the mueller report or if he wants to have attorneys from his side interrogate attorney general, the attorney general, i mean, that's just not precedented and i talked to the republican ranking member and he does not -- he agrees that attorney general barr should not have to be forced to answer to attorneys
10:19 am
on the staff of the democrats. >> congressman, we will see you on capitol hill here, we will see if the attorney general decides to testify on thursday. >> it should be interesting. the democrats -- yeah, the democrats continue to try to undermine the president. >> i have to leave it there, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> leland. leland: observing mass in home state by watching a televised broadcast, churches across the country are forced to closed door amid fears of more bombing, sri lankan president and leaders attended the mass held in small chapel, also candle light vigil, killed 250 people and injured hundreds of others, tight security remains in place with police with bomb-sniffing dogs, the islamic state is claiming
10:20 am
responsibility for friday's explosion where they say 3 of their militants blew themselves up during a police raid. >> we are learning new details about the deadly train collapse at google campus this weekend. dan is on the ground. dan. >> yeah, we are learning the weather may have played some role, killed 4 people when a crane came toppling down from the ground here in seattle. that story coming up ♪ ♪ ♪
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leland: crews right now working to save 5 people trapped in cave in southwest virginia, the 5 were plan to go spend the weekend inside the cave, slippery to get out, however, one young man was able to escape and call for help. crusade the men are weak and unable to climb out of the cave, we are told they are okay inside, cave rescue team is now coming in to assist with the rescues, police say the men are expected to be pulled out safely. >> four people are dead and several others injured after a construction crane on a building
10:25 am
of google's new seattle campus fell on saturday. dan springer life on the ground in seattle with the story, hi, dan. >> hey, kristin, it happened yesterday afternoon but this is still active scene, you can see behind me we have crime tape and police vehicles in the areas as investigators start the long job of finding exactly what went wrong yesterday after crane toppled in and crashed 6 weekses and killing two motorists and 2 crane operators. in fact, collapse was being disassembled when it fell, witness said something definitely looked wrong, the crane was leaning before the crash and investigators looking whether wind was potential factor, the national weather service report that there was strong wind just before the tragedy.
10:26 am
>> became strong wind, blew my hat of my off and we heard the crash. >> four others were injured including woman and 4-month-old baby, their car was cut in half amazing injuries were minor, one man remains hospitalized but will recover. this happened on mercer, extremely busy area downtown. if this happened during weekday, rush hour, 10 times more vehicles on the road. gly construction, building contractor released statement today saying, quote, our sympathies and deepest condolences go out to families, friends and colleague of those killed in this tragic accident. we are hopeful to those who have been injured and wish that they return to full health as quickly as possible. the company did not comment on a possible cause but they said that they are cooperating with
10:27 am
investigators, this area of seattle has been loaded with cranes for many years, in fact, seattle has led the nation in number of cranes for the last 3 years and this area in particular, using cranes as a result of home of amazon headquarters. >> dan springer live on the ground, thank you. leland. >> former indiana senator died earlier this morning, mayor of indianapolis, stayed there until 2013, ran for president in 1996 unsuccessfully, lugar died of complications of neurological disorder, he was 87 year's old. with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer.
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10:32 am
have written, 19-year-old was taken into san diego central jail earlier this morning, he faces one count of first-degree murder and 3 counts of first-degree attempted murder. saturday's attack left one person dead, 60-year-old who died protecting the synagogue's rabbi, three others injured including rabbi and an 8-year-old child. leland: president trump said attack is hard to believe and visited pittsburgh after attack 6 months ago there at tree of life synagogue. the attack happened also on a saturday and president trump was in indianapolis there to give a speech before the speech he asked rabbi ben to offer a prayer. >> we pray today for moral clarity, let us not dismiss this as an act of insanity but let us see it for what it is, an act of evil. those who love god hate evil and this is a nation that loves its
10:33 am
god and this is a nation that hates evil. leland: rabbi joins us now from indianapolis, rabbi, hard to imagine that 6 months later after prayer there we are speaking for exactly the same reason again. >> beyond belief, absolutely beyond belief. leland: is this becoming a trend you feel like is anti-semitism in america making resurgence? >> more antisemitic acts than deniable. i maintain that america is not a racist nor antisemitic society, the percentage of bad actors is small, but we know all too well that it only takes one bad actor to wreak havoc in a community and that's what we see.
10:34 am
leland: we are watching vigil from san diego, the sight of latest shooting, do you think of what's happening in religious centers in the couple months or so, we had tree of life, 50 killed in new zealand mosque, 250 killed on easter services in sri lanka, what is happening in the world? >> i believe that at least a piece of it is the decline in adherence to religious values and adoption of secular values. now, i'm not at all saying that every secular is a potential mass murderer, but i think there's a sickness in the soul of our society and i believe that a symptom of that is our decline in religion in society. leland: the president in rally in green bay took a minute to talk about some of the issues
10:35 am
that you just spoke about, we will listen to him and chat about it. >> our entirenation mourn it is loss of life, praise the wounded and stand in solidarity with the jewish community. we forcefully condemn evil of anti-semitism and hate which must be defeated. leland: can it be, can anti-semitism be debated? you yourself and the synagogue were victim of it? >> yes, we were fortunate enough to be on much more less severe end of the continuum but i absolutely think it could be defeated. i think that america is a fundamentally decent nation with fundamentally good people who live here and i think that ultimately we can defeat the minority among us that wish to perpetrate evil on the rest of us. leland: will a lot of people around the world during other times of rise in anti-semitism
10:36 am
in history who said sort of the same thing. is there maybe a blind eye to the syndrome, what makes this rise of anti-semitism defeatable in your mind where others were not defeated to such horrific results? >> maybe it's wishful thinking on my part but i don't think so. i think that the -- the make-up of american society and the structure of american society and government is such that what has happened elsewhere will not happen here, but we have to be vigilant. no question about it and to bury our heads in the sand -- leland: rabbi, jews will pray that you are right and next time we speak
10:37 am
on a time perhaps not so tragic. thanks as always. >> thank you, leland. >> joe biden hitting the campaign trail with his first rally of the 2020 presidential primary tomorrow in pittsburgh. we will bring in top radio panel to see how america is reacting to this former vice president's candidacy coming up. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ we're oscar mayer deli fresh your very first sandwich,m... your mammoth masterpiece. and...whatever this was.
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♪ ahhhh!
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♪ we're here. ♪ ♪ >> while much of the country enjoying spring weather parts of midwest are feeling the freeze with snow on the ground. weather putting a stop to some people's plan this is weekend forcing cancellations over 400 flights in o'hare airport and postponing baseball game between chicago white sox and detroit tigers. no in april. there you go. leland: first campaign rally tomorrow in pittsburgh, coverage of that here on fox news
10:42 am
channel. last night president trump gave his reception of the growing democratic 2020 field. >> can you imagine joe, crazy bernie, you look at the candidates -- pocahontas. leland: all right to discuss radio host, good to see both of you, robert, first to you any part of the assessment that you disagree with? >> the president knows he's in strong leadership position when it comes to reelection, since 1900 only four presidents haven't been reelected. president trump wants to ride in on the strong economic numbers, most of the candidates haven't
10:43 am
helped. they talked about abolishing the electorate college. they are not talking about bread and butter issues that people care about. leland: john, you're in pittsburgh where the former vice president is going to be tomorrow, can joe biden do two things one avoid being labeled that which robert just talked about and at the same time win the democratic primary? >> well, people have to understand that this is -- this is democrat country here in pittsburgh. hillary clinton won pittsburgh, but donald trump crushed her in the metro and pittsburgh was the second largest metro in trump's favor in that election in 2016. leland: you see voters thinking object flipping? >> no. leland: the polling in pennsylvania has biden winning head to head against trump. >> yeah, that's fine, but when i say that hillary was crushed in
10:44 am
washington, westmoreland county, surrounding counties, washington county where i live 15 minutes from where i'm sitting right now and hillary clinton got destroyed out there by donald trump. so unless -- if joe biden is going to be, stay out from the rest of the candidates, i don't know, maybe come in tomorrow and offer free shoes for everybody, i don't know what else he could do except go the other way. you go the other way, big difference between the primaries and the general. leland: that's for sure. you mentioned free stuff. the former vice president did not show up at a union event in las vegas yesterday, a number of his other 2020 hopefuls did and they offered a lot of free stuff, just take a listen. >> minimum wage and fight against 15, but really we have to get to universal health care.
10:45 am
everyone should be able to have health care. >> have no -- i like the green new deal. recognizes that we can do both of those things. leland: all right, you each get 15 seconds, john, first, does any of that resinate with primary voters in pittsburgh? >> primary voters maybe u general election, absolutely not. in pittsburgh, yes, outlying areas, absolutely not. leland: robert to you, classic quandary for the democrats, nominate someone so far left they can't win the general? >> pushing the conversation, they are putting things in forefront. of course, they'll get tempered down for the general election but they are the party of big ideas, republicans can't keep running just on the idea of tax cut for the rich and trickle-down economics.
10:46 am
leland: there's a lot of ideas, a lot of ways to spend money, not a lot of ways to spend for it being offered these days, robert, john, appreciate having you guys here. a lot more to talk about. >> thank you. leland: good sunday to you, kristin. >> one of those democratic presidential candidates, with one-on-one interview coming up next do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back? about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up
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>> there are now 20 democrats officially running for president in 2020 from the very well known former vice president joe biden who candidates who don't have the kind of name recognition on the national stage like the mayor of miramar, florida, thank you for joining us on a sunday. >> good afternoon, kristin. how are you? >> i'm great, let's start by talking about this huge crowded field. how do you try to stand out when you've got 19 other candidates, a lot of whom have entire national profile and there's another mayor, pete buttigieg getting so much attention, how do you stand out? >> well, coming on programs like yours, as mayor i have been successful in solving issue in florida's 13 largest state in
10:51 am
miramar, living wage u we can can have stronger voice in gun control. one of the fastest-growing economies in the country with more fortune 500 companies than any city in south florida, the city of miramar to be able to translate the experience nationally. i look forward to continuing getting message cross. i was in pennsylvania this past weekend, i will be in iowa tomorrow as well as new hampshire later in the week, but i get a chance to meet more citizens across this country, our message is resinating. >> one of your key proposals is a pretty bold plan to try to solve the student loan crisis, you want to forgive the nation's $1.5 trillions in student debt, that's a lot of money, how would you pay for that? >> well, i'm glad to be the first candidate to propose the debt forgiveness and $1.5 trillion, it's stopping mobility of college graduates.
10:52 am
>> how do you pay for it? >> well, actually it'll be a combination of things, we will repeal the trump tax cuts that basically benefited major corporations for not paying taxes as well as the richest of americans and we feel that the burden should be spread across to help this economy move forward. >> let's talk about the mueller report and you are one of the i believe 3, there maybe more, last count, one of 3 democratic 2020 hopefuls to support beginning impeachment proceedings, but i want to pop up a poll from the washington post in abc news, this poll found that 31% of the people polled that mueller report, 53% said it did not clear president trump. at the same time when the same people were asked do you believe that congress should begin impeachment proceedings, 56% said that they should not begin impeachment proceedings, so even though majority of americans according to poll believe that
10:53 am
the mueller report did not clear president trump of wrongdoing, they don't want congress to go down impeachment road, are you at all concerned about the kind of impact that that might have on your party if congress goes down the impeachment road? >> well, i'm focusing on the issues that are important to the american people. i think the mueller report did not exonerate the president, what it did show recommendation of congress to do job in terms of oversight. it's the congress' job to determine what to do next but as presidential candidate i'm more concerned that americans can get access to health care, one job to take care of their families and we can do things that can directly benefit and have an impact and action and congress has to do their job, my job as candidate is to resinate with the american people so they can have chance at the american people. >> mayor, i have to ask you about a report in miami times they put out report last week saying that your campaign is in trouble and specifically cited the fact that there's money
10:54 am
trouble and talk of staffers leaving after missed payroll, is any truth to that? >> well, the campaign is doing very well. i just got back from pennsylvania like i said earlier before our campaign continues to move forward. we have made our response to those allegations and i look forward -- >> was there missed payroll? >> no, there was not, those allegations are being investigated and we are moving forward in terms of reaching out to the american people so i'm excited and those who want to support the campaign can go to >> mayor, thank you so much. best of look in your campaign. >> thanks so much for having me, have a great afternoon. >> leland. leland: president trump sits out white house correspondent dinner for a third year in a row, kristin fisher didn't, a report from the scene when we come back
10:55 am
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>> well, they call it nerd problem for a reasonst last night white house correspondent dinner here in d.c.. the event hosted by author historian ron. but his biography of the alexander hamilton used oz basis for hit broadway musical hamilton. nowhere, they have problem of comedian the past couple of year so they try to find somebody as dry as you possibly can find. >> i'll tell you he was as funny
10:59 am
as a historian could possibly be. >> dinner like that and how was the food? >> but we have big news and a special congratulations for a very own ed henry who was awarded with the smith award for his interview last year with embattled former epa administrators it was a great interview and congratulations to ed henry. >> start of the beginning of the end in terms of the type of administration was there. >> it was so i had a great time i got to see ed henry but more had important thing. >> tajted and beautiful as you are, that don't need to go to bed early before a show and prep for a long period of time i'm not blessed in that way it just happens. >> leland that's all i have to say. to all of the weekend team that copy out we had a good time. >> we're not showing pictures of that. we just ran out of time but not so much that we ran out of time can't tell you about chris wallace interview with with iranian foreign minister coming
11:00 am
up. and john bolton reak reacts if nowhere they have what we would say slielgtly different views of the world. slielgtly different it is a great interview, and that's coming up next. see you guys. i'm chris wallace another shooting at a house of worship in this country and president trump pace new foreign policy challenge. from iran and north korea. >> you want to just let you know no money was made for auto. president denies u.s. paid $2 million to secure the release of autowarmbier and north korea holds summit with russian president putin in a year after pulling out of nuclear daily with iran are the trump administration ramps up pressure on the islamic republic. >> interacting with iran should do its diligence and err on side of caution. we with sit down with iran's top diplomats to discuss a new ban


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