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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 28, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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because politician that is people elect. paul: thank you, dan, this is it for this week's show, thank you for watching i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. eric: prayers and support residents of san diego suburb of poway grieving woman that was killed, worshipers were celebrating last day of passover. hello, i'm eric sean. arthel: i'm arthel nfl, 3 other people were hurt in gunfire including rabbi and young girl, police have suspect in custody, 19-year-old man they say has been posting antisemitic rants online, investigating this as possible hate crime. >> the suspect has been widely reported john ernst.
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no prior arrest records in san diego. we are collecting digital evidence and we are aware of his manifesto which we are in the process of reviewing to determine validity and authenticity. arthel: live in california with details, william. >> arthel, covering incidents like this, the one answer we often don't know is motive n. this case we do. police are calling this a hate crime and accounts are accurate, white supremacist antisemite. i had a lot of questions, for instance, how many shots were fired, where was the gunman, minutes ago i finished interview with 51-year-old oscar, normally
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sits in front row. this time he credits god he was standing in the back. he yells at the guy really loud and starts running at him. gunman has a weapon, ar-15 assault weapon, drops it. h guy starts running from him, leaving the synagogue. the guy gets chased. at that point he gets in the car in parking lot and this happens all under 2 minutes. >> when i yelled at him he dropped the gun, he looked at me in awe, dropped the weapon and ran. >> the shooter is in the car and grabs the weapon to fire and he's pounding on the window as fast as he can, pounds the window and this time border patrol agent arrives and says to
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stewart, clear the car, i'm going to fire. fires tat car five times, four times not to kill the guy but stop the vehicle. this is what sounded in police scanners from shots fired to captured. >> people starts running from the building, caller stated that the shooter in synagogue. >> they say it's white male in front of synagogue. suspect on the phone, we are trying to get further. [inaudible] >> gunman in the car.
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ar-15. gunman in custody. >> lives with parents, slams president trump, conservatives and the jewish faith. the student left 60-year-old dead who was trying to shield the rabbi, rabbi shot in the hand and 34-year-old who was trying to shield children, everyone has been released from the hospital, those obviously that previously arrived. one thing that we don't know, arthel, eric, the guy lived with parents, claims manifesto if you will that he had a number of friends, we don't know what he shared with them, thoughts, any kind of plans, we do know that we have now confirmed that he will be arraigned wednesday morning. arthel: william, thank you.
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eric: president trump reacting in the beginning of rally last night. >> we stand in solidarity with the jewish community. we forcefully condemn the evil of anti-semitism and hate which must be defeated. eric: ellison barber reports from the north lawn in the white house, hi, ellison. >> hi, eric, you heard the president telling crowd in wisconsin that the evil of anti-semitism must be defeated. the president, the vice president and the first lady have all condemned the attacks, first lady tweeting this calling it senseless shooting in a place of worship. vice president pence called evil and cowardly shooting and said no one should be in fear in house of worship. anti-semitism isn't just wrong he said, it's evil. on the south lawn on twitter and campaign rally in wisconsin, the president spoke about the attack, president trump says he has spoken with the mayor of poway and also the governor of
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california, before leaving white house yesterday saying the attack is hard to believe. >> my biggest sympathies go to the people that were affected, the families, their loved ones, at this moment looks like a hate crime but my deepest sympathy to all of those affected. we will get to the bottom of it. >> the president called law enforcement response courageous and incredible. he singled out off-duty patrol agent for in his words bravely returning fire. the president said the officer helped disrupt the attack and undoubtedly saved lives, eric. eric: certainly hero as law enforcement officers who took this son, ellison. arthel: fox news alert now, attorney general william barr is threatening to cancel scheduled testimony thursday before the house judiciary committee over
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dispute about the format of the hearing. molly is live in washington with more on that story. hey, molly. >> hi, arthel, fox news has learned democrats on the house judiciary committee want to have lawmakers and judiciary committee staff lawyers question the attorney general. the justice department says that's not what the attorney general agreed to originally. if william barr does show up president trump has ideas on what questions members of congress could ask him about the mueller investigation. here is the president on sunday morning futures with maria bartiromo. >> ic the most important -- i think the most important question for great attorney general, he has done a great job in a short period of time, i think -- how did this start, how could a thing like this happen to our country, it was a big con job, how could, you know, top people at the fbi be so corrupt and be so rotten and why did
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everybody let it start. >> house judiciary chairman jerry nadler wants to go to close session if lawmakers want to ask him about redacted portions of mueller's report. that sunt sit well with the justice department either. hearings on the mueller report are not the only way they are, quote, looking at this president and his past activities. >> you have financial services, looking at his relationships, his banks around the country. you have looking at his activities as it relates to oversight responsibilities they have. the justice department -- the judicial committee looking at the ways you could see on getting the people before their committee. >> attorney general barr also
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scheduled to testify on wednesday before the senate judiciary committee and at this point the ag is expected to appear for that hearing. arthel. arthel: molly, thanks, molly. eric: just days after the crowded field of democratic primary former vice president joe biden happens to be leading, new washington post abc poll, bernie sanders is close behind him. bernie and joe, they've got 18 others to beat in primaries and right now a lot of voters say they have not been ready to commit to just one name right yet. following closely the close race in west coast news room. >> hi, eric, presidential hopefuls, yesterday several 2020 candidates visiting labor farm in nevada outlining big democratic talking points, raising minimum wage, getting rid of union-busting laws and at
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forum in las vegas, senator kamala harris highlighting need to raise minimum wage to at least what she sees a living wage. >> federal minimum wage is 7.25, that's $15,000 a area, nobody can't live off of $15,000 a year in this country. >> now, senator elizabeth warren with one of her biggest campaign
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>> joe biden is the only diagram -- democratic candidate running for president that could beat
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donald trump. arthel: yeah, can any democrats beat a good economy under president trump's watch? >> you know, that's one of the things that obviously president trump has going for him. it is a strong economy. gdp numbers which came out last week are indicators of that, over 3%. 3.2%. very impressive and we are going to get latest job's report. below 4%. that's something the president is counting on, banking on in terms of withstanding the onslaught. arthel: speaking about former vice president biden, you're
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right. we don't know who the democratic nominee, meanwhile is there a democratic strong face? >> one name that gets mentioned and that is the mayor of south bend, indiana pete buttigieg. it's pretty remarkable what he has accomplished in the few months that he's been in this campaign. the attention he's garnered and fox news will be doing town hall meeting with pete buttigieg following bernie sanders, that was something that i think because bernie sanders did it, arthel, i think we will see many of those democratic challengers, joe biden also to do town halls because as you know the dnc has said they will not have a debates that can be run by fox
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news. arthel: fox audience needs to hear what the democrats have to say as well. candidates depend on voters as well. meanwhile party leaders, union members, telling candidates that they need to talk about issues that matter to working families, so which platform, and voters rights, do democrats need to win back the white house? >> well, white-working class voters and even the union households which will be demographic groups will be going after both by republicans and democrats in 2020, what we saw in 2016 is that donald trump candidate was very successful in winning over those groups. those are the groups that were often described in the 1980's, arthel, as the reagan democrats, that's the group the democrats are trying to win back in 2020 and we are already seeing an effort with all those democratic candidates speaking out in las
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vegas to sciu and they will be doing all they can to win back the white-working class voters and union councils in 2020. arthel: john, you get to answer by giving me one number. after labor day how many democratic candidates will be standing. >> only when we get to iowa that we will see a lot of them drop off. it was the iowa caucuses that was the last stand for joe biden when he ran against barack obama after getting 3% of the vote. so a lot of the candidates, the money dries up, the support dries up and they decide to pull the tent. i think they'll be in the race at least for a while. arthel: maybe the money running up earlier. we will have plenty of time to keep talking about it and we will soon. eric: celebrating mass in their
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$400,000, 23-year-old suspect, plowing to cars and causing those deaths, authorities arrested him on suspicion of vehicular homicide. prosecutors are expected to provide charges this coming friday. >> celebrating mass at home watching arch bishop delivering on live television broadcast, churches remain closed across the country as authorities make new arrests in connection with the easter terror attacks, multiple vigils held today to remember the victims, more than 250 people died in the series of coordinated bomb blasts targeting churches and high-end hotels. jeff paul has more live, jeff. >> now, arthel, the bishop held because many churches are closed
1:23 pm
out of fear because there could be more possible attacks, priests and nuns condemn the attacks that not only killed more than 200 but left at least 500 injured. the opposition leader were also in attendance as the showing of unity. but for many the local roman catholics watching service on tv or listening to it on the radio was the only way they could worship this weekend. they've been advised not to participate in religious activities in their churches in light of attacks that hit hotels and churches. >> it's contradiction to kill someone in the name of god, god the all merciful, god all love, god who has created my brother and my sister. >> now, despite warnings, catholics brought to nearby cemeteries after families of church goers prayed for relatives, all happening while
1:24 pm
the country has deployed 10,000 churches and continue to hunt members of groups who believe carried out attack, also learning sri lankan have entered one mosque in area and conducted search operation, police reported that mosque possibly linked to one of the islamist groups and locked it up as they left. in recent days, soldiers have went after certain militants in raids and several of those militants have been killed in shootouts, arthel. arthel: live in jerusalem, thank you jeff paul. eric: well, iraq has harsh words for trump administration, number one state sponsored of terrorism. complaints next.
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sri lanka. growing list of recent terror attacks on houses of wereship around globe. jackie live in new new york cits room. jackie. >> two radical islamic groups and just month prior gunman killed 50 people in mosque in new zealand. the shooter left 74-page manifesto against immigrants. today marks 6 months since shooting of tree of life shooting, federal authorities called it a hate crime and shooters says that he wanted to kill jews, mark on worshipers,
1:30 pm
today is easter for orthodox church and followers around the world are gather to go celebrate under a cloud of worry. in travis county, texas, deputies have been training leaders in houses of worship to be prepared and vigilant. >> we have become relaxed during welcoming here in the community, it's a reminder to stay aware of your surroundings, have a plan, be ready, think outside the box. >> right now, u.s. lawmakers are working to get a national great program to incentivize states to allow local law enforcement to go to judges to take guns out of the hands of people who are mentally disturbed. eric. eric: all right, thanks, arthel. arthel: washington state's department of labor industries now investigating four companies in connection with last night's construction crane collapse that killed 4 people in downtown seattle. multiple cars pinned beneath the train which broke in half, came down amid high winds.
1:31 pm
>> really, really strong winds for a short period of time, right around the time is when we heard the crash. i wasn't sure what it was. like i said, we heard a lot of construction at all times of the day. arthel: like there has been a growing number of construction sites in seattle recently as tech companies headquarters advance. eric: new reports that medicare will collapse in 7 years unless something changes. bernie sanders has made the social program and how to fix it, major part of platform, medicare for all proposal. social security is in trouble kevin cork has the details. >> medicare trustees report that the medicare hospital insurance trust fund is projected to be depleted by 2026. >> 2019 status for social security and medicare programs paint alarming picture of america's most indispensable
1:32 pm
entitlement program. >> we need to change the trajectory of health care to ensure the solvency of medicare and medicaid. >> the reports summarizes that a current projections medicare's hospital insurance fund will only be able to afford 89% and social security programs are likely to exceed total income of 2020 for the first time since 1982. while medicare and specifically medicare for all have been subject of political debate among democrats this year, trump administration officials say the program is also increasingly vulnerable, the health and human services secretary azar instead of trying to expand, entitlements cover americans of working age, we need to fulfill medicare's problems to our seniors. >> the american people want and we are going to deliver a medicare for all single-payer
1:33 pm
system. >> headlines large 2020 democrat contenders who back some form of medicare for all but sanders specifically advocating a single-payer system. >> they are going to hurt your it's so badly. >> according to report the news, forecast that funds could be depleted by 2035 and that could bring to deduction in payouts to retirees and beneficiaries. >> baby boomers nearing retirement age and big drawn on social security the need to address shortfall is paramount and urging lawmakers to do something about it sooner rather than later. in washington i'm kevin cork, fox news. arthel: top diplomats slamming trump administration for doubling down on iran's sanctions and threatening to pull out of the nuclear deal. we have the details next.
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eric: tensions with iran again threatening to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal. that echos president trump last year, iran's new threat in response to the administration's slapping more sanctions against tehran. gillian with much more from washington. >> iran's foreign minister and u.s. national security adviser john bolton could not be further apart in bilateral relationship and president trump so-called maximum pressure campaign is working. >> i think it's working, i think that's what they are word about. >> trump's intention to put pressure, maximum pressure on iran in order to bring iran to its knees so that we would succumb to pressure is going to failure. >> the team announced policy switch this weekends, u.s. will no longer roll out waivers that continues to buy oil from iran.
1:39 pm
he then came out of the gate swinging today on fox news sunday taking shot tats united states. >> the united states came to our region and spent $7 trillion and the only outcome is we have more terrorists, more insecurity, we have more instability. people in our region are making the determination that the presence of the united states -- [inaudible] >> we should not rely on
1:40 pm
signature of a president of the united states. >> critics point out that iran isn't democracy nor views to respond to public opinion, eric. eric: number one state sponsored of terrorist in the world. arthel: let's bring in national security and military analyst rebecca grant, always good to have you dr. grant and if you would allow me, i will start by throwing out questions, here we go. all right, is there bite to iran's bark, what do we see to happen if they pull out of iran nuclear deal, how threat is untethered iran? >> well, what a great set of questions, first of all, there are two layers here, one is really important, iran is actually threatening to pull out not just from the bilateral, multilateral nuclear deal but from the big un nonproliferation
1:41 pm
treaty. they have threatened before but this would be huge move. if they do that, that's a clear sign to the whole world that they are planning on building nuclear weapons. so, yes, i think i'm hearing a little bark in that bluff this time. arthel: let's talk about what got us here, you know, folks watching and listening, earlier this month the united states -- demanded that iranian oil stop by may, that is why iran is threatening to pull out of nuclear deal. here we go back, dr. grant, if we do pull out which countries are standing by to continue to do business with iran and what kind of leverage over the united states would that provide them if any? >> really hard to say at this point but you're right, arthel. the may first deadline is critical one.
1:42 pm
there's been waivers and the point here is that the trump administration is saying, okay, we are not going to waiver anybody buying iranian oil that includes china and many, many others, iran is completely desperate. you could hear the desperation in the package and what they are saying at this point. now, the european companies have started pulling out, everyone, they started to pull out business from iran many months ago. so right now iran is really running a risk of losing all of the rest of people it does business with. trump's goal zero oil export and that will bottle up iran's mischief in the region. that's the policy that we are aiming for. arthel: the reason i put that out there, russia and china are part of 2015 deal, you never know how they will react to certain things, they don't always follow the rules treaty or nor treaty. how are ending the waivers for countries, the waivers for the countries buying oil from iran and restoring those sanctions on
1:43 pm
iran affect the stability in the region, also relationships with our allies like germany, britain, france, those countries, they don't want to upset decrease flow of commerce, but for our viewers is international waterway for which iran, they provide security. >> right, and so they have threatened many times to try and close the strait. military forces there and u.s. navy has more ability to keep that straight open. iran is just not that good in the navy there, they are not really able to close that straight down and, again, it would be another -- they are about subtle, terrible diplomats, they could trade and do business and be part of international agreements but every move including all the bluster and attacks we heard this morning really go in the
1:44 pm
opposite direction. they are showing that are aggressive, they are the number one state sponsor of terrorism and that european allies and others will try to trade with them. nothing will change them. i think the trump administration's point of view we need to put maximum pressure on iran and try to bottle up their influence and get them back on track. arthel: do you think that will happen soon, short answer from you? >> i think it'll take some time but i think tough sanction's policy is important and let's see the reaction from other big players, china, russia, our european allies and let's see iran's navy a little more bottled in the strait. arthel: dr. rebecca grant, thank you. >> thank you. eric: guess who called fox news this morning, president trump, sounding on the crisis at the border, what he said when he come back it's racquetball time. (thumps) ugh!
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>> it's a disgrace to our country what's going on, the worst immigration laws ever. we go out and we stop the separation, the problem is you have 10 times people coming up with their families, it's like disneyland. what we need is new laws, when somebody comes in we say, sorry, you need to go out. eric: he told maria that the
1:49 pm
country needs reform immigration system blaming many of our current laws, calls the emergency crisis at the border so what laws can be changed and would that address the issue, immigration attorney and jenna, trump 2020 adviser board member, let me start with you. report level right now, inflow that we haven't seen in a long time. 92,000 people this month trying to come over the border, what does the president need to change and how can he address that? >> the president has been strong and widely so on immigration policy in saying that congress needs to address that. remember the executive order from earlier last year where it was basically a call on donning make sure that they addressed this legislatively even within emergencies to address border crisis and declaring national emergency but really we have to understand two primary things,
1:50 pm
eric, the first one constitutionally congress vested with the authority to provide the rule on immigration. and so with that understanding of congress' obligation we also have to understand the constitution in context, the right that our government is obligated to specifically preserve and protect are the rights of american citizens. so any immigration discussion that we have has to be in good-faith from both sides recognizing as president trump has said country over party and making sure that we understand that any sort of immigration reform has to primarily be to protect border security and address first what's in the interest of u.s. citizens first. if everyone can approach that in good faith and not just be looking at 2020 or scoring political points on either side, we can and reasonably come to the table and say let's address this and make sure that we are allowing people that qualify but they have to have the specific criteria first not just we are
1:51 pm
open borders policy that the democrats seem to want. eric: not all democrats -- democrats don't talk about open border, some of them are, they support billions of dollars in security, they just don't want the wall, rachel brings the other issue, what legally can change that democrats have the house and opposed many issues that the president proposes? >> well, as jenna indicated there are constitutional rights that apply here, i actually disagree that they only apply to american citizens, constitution applies to everybody and applies to aliens and citizens alike, whether you're u.s. citizen or you're not, that's important distinction that we need to make here to be absolutely sure that everybody understands that the constitution that we get to apply to some people and not others, if you live within our borders, the constitution applies to you.
1:52 pm
what congress can do and needs to happen we need to hire more immigration judges to be able to address all of the issues and all of these claims that are being made, one of the biggest problems that we have is that docket of immigration courts and they have for many years but with continued influx are congested. it takes many, many years for a person to have their case heard, if we hire more immigration judges we would be able to address this issue and cases can be heard in much more faster fashion. eric: lindsey graham, for example, complaining that he wants to change the fact that if you have a child you're not allowed to go back to country, he says the loopholes in the law as they exist now, so are those loopholes -- that's his term. >> right, well, i disagree with many of his terms and many things but with regard to what the law actually is right now, we -- people have the right to
1:53 pm
come to the country and seek asylum. we are a member of the convention that allows people to do this, so it's very important to realize that you're not allowed because you don't like what is happening, you're not allowed to simply say, we are not going to apply it or we are going to pretend that this doesn't exist, we will make it somebody else's problem that would be equivalent of criminal justice case saying, well, let's forget about the court and amendment and let police officers handle prosecution. that's not what -- >> eric, i do think that there's an important distinction here that no one has a right to enter this country or a right to claim citizenship, that's why congress has to go back to the table and they establish the law. the law can change. so a right -- declaration of independence acknowledges that rights are endowed by creator and constitution is obligated to preserve and protect for
1:54 pm
american citizens within our jurisdiction. eric: so what do you think should change? what should then change? look at asylum cases, overwhelming people ask for asylum from 3 central american countries that we are talking about, are turned away, does that mean when they get there their cases are not legitimate? >> well, some of them aren't. washington examiner talking about how asylum is being used to circumvent. it's never meant for people come pathway to citizenship necessarily unless the law changes. it's for brief and then go back to country when the issue is revolved on the basis of which they first seek asylum. congress has -- eric: 10 seconds. do you think it'll king? >> i think that it needs to change. i think that we need to put resources where it can best help people. we need to remember that our country is a great country because we have humanity and we need to remember that these are people down there and they need
1:55 pm
help. >> we have laws. eric: legal ways to do it and illegal ways to do this. thank you both, we apologize for some audio issues but we have that sometimes. >> thank you, eric. >> thank you. arthel: snow moving hitting the midwest not one or twice, who got hit the hardest, we will next. ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> tech: you think this chip is well sooner or later... every chip will crack. >> mom: hi. >> tech: so bring it to safelite.
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>> no in the spring is and adam has details. >> we talk ab big snowstorm moving through midwest yesterday you know what though it is spring so that doesn't stick around 51 degrees this chicago areas outside of chicago got as much as a foot of snow, obviously, that all melting today and much warmer temperatures but that system continues to push on off just becoming rain along east coast another system we're paying attention to this one coming further in the plain states across montana, up into north dakota actually area here where snow isn't as heavy as you saw yesterday but because of the winds some of these conditions are worse. everything here in the red this is a blizzard warning which means that visible with that snow and wind whipping around it down to quarter with of a mile three hours or more and wind forecast deeper blues winds up to 50 miles an hour. at times getting up to 70 miles an hour. thing with this is, though, is with all of this any snow they're going to see will be momenting over next couple of days. >> well that's the good news because man, warming up. yeah please it is april. >> wow.
2:00 pm
thanks adam and that -- lots of snow. i'm telling you what, with that what does it for us thank you for joining us. thank you for staying with us. choosing the fox news channel. >> sometime use don't say it. >> correct title of the sock if you immediate to look it up is whoop there it is. the first word is whoop there it is. whoop -- ♪ >> whoop w-h-o-o-p. did you know that in maybe the title was whoop? or maybe oops? [laughter] oops there it is. poop there it is. tag line is poop there it is. you thought it was whoop. oops, whoop or poop that is about to be the theme song for the trump white house for their response to the mueller report whoop there it is. oops there it is. they it. the white house whoops --


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