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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 29, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: good morning, april 29th, happening at 4:00 a.m., border agents are no match for the human smugglers who are using new tactics to lure thousands of migrants across our southern border. how the trump administration plans to plug the illegal loopholes. bill barr playing hardball with democrats, threatening to be a no-show at mueller hearing. big bend gets clock cleaned at landon marathon. hilarious disaster, "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends first" on monday, thank you so much for starting your day and brand-new week was as always we appreciate it. we begin with some heart-breaking news, hundreds gathering to show support after the deadly attack on california synagogue, gunman killing one person on last day of passover. rabb initiation the attack came face to face with the suspect
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and gun jammed. >> thank god we will not let anyone or anything take us down. terrorism like this will not take us down. >> rabbi thanking president trump to call him and console. >> he shared condolences on behalf of the united states of america, he was so comfortable that i'm grateful to our president for taking the time and making that effort to share with us consolation. heather: 19-year-old in custody facing murder and multiple attempted murder charges, more on this coming up. berkas are banned in sri lanka. those cover the majority of the face bike the berka are not
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allowed. multiple reports that several family members were killed in recent raids, over the weekend officials corrected the number of victims killed in easter attacks to 250 people. migrants on southern border, agents reveal human smugglers are using radio ads to encourage them to make dangerous journey. aisha joins with more as the president quotes border as disneyland. >> yeah, the word is out as they say, heather, smugglers promising a way to the american dream, that's what border patrol is telling fox news, 414,000 people apprehended at the southern border for fiscal year 2019. past last year's total, 62 apprehensions are family units and unaccompanied children.
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2700 people were pretending to be part of a family chief for el paso sector tells fox maria bartiromo that these people are not trying to escape custody, they know u.s. asylum laws will protect them. >> in el paso sector are 90% from those countries. those people know that as long as they are being apprehended by us they are likely to be released. they know that they will be released, serves huge job. >> in the meantime the president is slamming democrats for ending the family separation policy saying that the border is now like disneyland. >> we go out and stop the separation, the problem is you have ten times more people coming up with families, it's like disneyland now, before you get separated, people would say let's not go up. >> president weighing in on
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working with congress on latest immigration reform package. >> we are going to a much bigger package, we are making a plan where we are talking about immigration laws that are much more larger scale, we are doing a plan based on merit. >> the president also criticizing congress for immigration court system which he says facing a backlog of cases, heather. heather: all right, we will talk much more about this as well coming up with a guest, thank you so much. >> sure. heather: appreciate it. border agents say they are overwhelmed, they've been saying this and the trump administration is demanding attention, the texas congressman will hurd says democrats are not long. >> some things congress can do, some things that we can fix right now within dhs, we also have to be addressing root causes, the reason the majority of these people are coming northern triangle, el salvador, guatemala and honduras is for
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violence, i spent 9 and a half years as undercover officer in the cia, my hope we should start problem before it gets to doorstep, we should be increasing intelligence on human smugglers, why are men and women in border patrol and ice being told to handle everybody as if they're asylum seekers. if you're trying to sneak in the country you should be and you have 3 opportunities to apply for asylum, that is your motivations and you should be deported immediately. heather: border agents also tell fox news that our immigration system is being overwhelmed because of the majority of asylum seekers that are claiming the family county and those claims complicate the deportation process. well, today the parents accused of killing 5-year-old son to be arraigned, disturbing new details, aj told doctor, the boy
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said, maybe mommy didn't mean to hurt me, appear to have large bruise last year and child protective closed the case citing lack of evidence. the police say the boy's parents confessed to killing son and burying him in shallow grave near home in illinois. horrible. well, suspect is now linked to 7 deaths after finding 2 more bodies in tennessee home. michael cummings, they said pulled weapon while they tried to take him over custody. parents, relatives and 12-year-old girl were among those killed. police say cummings will be taken into custody once released from the hospital. attorney general william barr warning house democrats that he might not show up at their hearings this week to discuss the mueller report. this comes as the left push for
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obstruction gets new support i should say from the obama-era doj official. doug luzader, good morning, doug. >> good morning. objecting to the format that house democrats are planning to use if and when barr actually testifies before the house judiciary committee later this week, now, barr had initially agreed to testify about russian election interference, democrats made unusual move to not have just members of congress question barr but staff attorney. that was too far. appeared to appear before congress, therefore members of congress should be the ones doing the questioning, he remains happy to engage with members on the questions regarding the mueller report, democrats are trying to make the case that the president obstructed justice during the mueller investigation, conclusion that mueller didn't reach even as he provided ammunition for both sides.
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>> i can tell you i personally prosecuted obstruction cases on far, far less evidence than that and, yes, i believe if he were not the president of the united states he would likely be indicted on obstruction. >> i can't think of one thing that that president trump did to stop mueller from doing his job, he never claimed protective privilege from my point of view, i've heard all i need to know and look at how all of this happened. >> now, if barr and house democrats can find a way to work this out in theory, barr will be in cop -- capitol hill this week heather right now it's a big if. heather: we will see if that happens. thank you so much. >> thanks. heather: have a good day. dc to pittsburgh, joe biden pulling first campaign rally today, biden's campaign says former vp will discuss plan to,
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quote, build middle class where everyone comes along. biden pennsylvania native has been endorsed by the state's democratic senator bob casey. another 2020 democrat pete buttigieg is having lunch with reverend al sharpton in new york city, sharpton and buttigieg will dine at the same time where he met in january. the meeting comes paul gigot -- pete buttigieg stepped up to african-american voters. >> we are sending many of them to sanctuary cities, i said we will give them to you, we said, we don't want them. heather: how would city leaders respond, national vice president, live on that up next.
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they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! >> 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived at our borders, now we are sending many of them to sanctuary cities, i said, we will give them to you, they said we don't want them. heather: president trump announcing he's sending migrants to sanctuary cities, how will the city leaders respond, here to weigh in is the president of the local 2544 national border patrol art, thank you so much for joining us this morning, we appreciate it.
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>> thank you for having me, appreciate it. heather: what about that? sanctuary cities to provide sanctuary, should they welcome them with open arms? >> well, you know, i hate to say it and put it bluntty, it's time to put your money with your mouth is, they've been asking for sanctuary cities and that's what they have to offer. what better places that have said we are okay with them being here. heather: let's take a look at some of those sanctuary cities. we've heard plenty of them from them in the past, seattle, berkeley, oakland, san francisco , other side of the country, we have new orleans,
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chak, new york city, philadelphia, baltimore, what's the risk to the cities? >> some of the risk is obviously something that we saw on the border towns themselves, just recently when the caravans were coming through tijuana, the people of tijuana, you know, they've had enough, they said, you know, there's a lot of mess being behind, garbage being left behind. some of the individuals come into the united states and records are run on them to see if they have committed crimes in the u.s. before but there's no way to tell if they've committed crimes in their own country, so what you're doing is, you know, the reality is you're allowing criminals to come into your country and that's something that no citizen should allow, you know, i speak to people on both sides of the aisle many times and at the end of the night, everyone wants the same thing, they want to be secure in
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their own home. doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're standing on and i think you should have security in your own home and we should certainly have security on our nation's borders. heather: you know, it's interesting that you mention crime because that's when we hear city leaders be the most vocal when it's illegal immigrant accused of crime doing the best to protect them but now that this word has come out and actually came out, what, a couple of months back in april and the president said he would do this, immediately we heard from the governor of california, gavin newsom saying this is illegal you can't do, all of a sudden they are reversing what they were saying that before. >> tall people that are saying they were okay with it and hit with the reality of it they change their mind. another thing that people need to start paying attention to is, you know, back when this all started president trump said a
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lot of the individuals were criminals. now the reality is you are seeing kids that are being exploded and coming and bringing themselves through the ports of entry and also between the ports of entries but you have the smuggling organizations that are using children that people can gain entry known that if they are accompanying a child they potentially get released in the united states. you know, there's so many stories and the reality has hit us pretty hard of some of the kids being used by people that aren't even the parents, that aren't related. some of the kids when you speak to them, they themselves say that the individual, someone they met along the road. heather: you talk about the individuals who are falsely claiming to be a parent to a child -- >> definitely. heather: we have a stat for that, 2700. that's 3,000 people have tried to cross the border in just the
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fiscal year of 2019. 62% of those border apprehensions are family units and unaccompanied children, i don't know if you were watching over the weekend, maria bartiromo was on the border of the weekend and heartbreaking story, two little girls who had crossed the border, lost their mother along the way, they were here by themselves, it's just horrible what is happening to everyone, the families including these children, many of whom are brought over here and understand taken back and used again, they go back and forth. >> right, and the sanctuary city policies, that's what's causing a lot of this crime to be committed. it is on the hands of these individuals that have been wanting sanctuary cities, what they do is they create this magnet for this illegal trade, they create this magnet for illegal aliens coming into the united states and they're creating that magnet of crime where these kids are being
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exposed to these issues. heather: hopefully someone is listening to you, art, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. appreciate hearing your firsthand experience, thank you. >> thank you for having me on, appreciate it. heather: well, the time is about 20 minutes after the top of the hour and tail of two champions the women's basketball team set to visit the white house today but the virginia men's team isn't going. why the cavaliers declined their invitation?
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", after being drafted by the new york giants is shot and roommate
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killed, shooting outside of house party, his teammate simmons killed in the shooting. the giants released statement saying that they spoke to corey and they are praying for his recovery. we are learning more about the tragic death of lorie kate killed in synagogue, her husband was a doctor called onto do cpr, rushed over to help and he fainted when he realized it was his wife that he was treating. unbelievable. lori loughlin to enter not guilty pleas, that means they will not be in court today, tmz
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reports the couple is claiming they had no idea how the scam's ring leaders would use their money. chicago's to be prosecutor facing subpoena in fallout of jussie smollett case. retired judge is pushing for fox to appear in court to appear what she dropped all 16 charges against the entire actor, the judge also asking both fox and smollett to handle all documents, jussie smollett staged hate crime against himself back in january. the bailor's women's basketball team heads to white house today to celebrate ncaa championship, the lady bears will become the first women's team to celebrate a championship with president trump meanwhile uva team
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declined white house invite. well, the time now is about, what, 20 minutes after the top of the hour, not quite sure but a deadly attack on california synagogue, we will talk more about that, less than a week after christians were killed in easter sunday bombings in sri lanka, how do we stop attacks on religion, our interfaith panel here to discuss.
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heather: welcome back, top headlines for you, president trump calls rabbi injured in synagogue attack and the rabbi thanking the president for showing support, gunman opened fire in synagogue, the last day of passover killing one person. and today the parents accused of
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killing 5-year-old to be arraigned in court, police say the two confessed to killing aj and burying him in shallow grave near their home in illinois, the boy was beaten to death. attorney general william barr might not show up to hearing this week for mueller report. disagreement of who gets to ask questions at thursday's house judiciary committee hearing. two of the four victims are identified overnight in deadly crane collapse in seattle. freshman sarah wong inside one to have cars crushed by the crane, she was aspiring nurse at the school. local media identified second victim as marine and iron worker, the cause of the collapse is under investigation. u.s. navy reviewing training and safety procedures following the second recent death of recruit,
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died during boot camp last week, she went into cardiac arrest during last physical fitness test n february another recruit died during fitness test a week before she was supposed to graduate. 5 men who were trapped in virginia cave are free after several hours. the men somehow got stuck when rain it too slippery to escape and one of them did get out and called 911. rescue team called to pull them out one by one, one of them air-lifted to the hospital and the others appeared to be okay. thank goodness. >> for another house of worship now many morning president trump offering his condolences to the synagogue. >> america's heart is with the victim of the his or her risk synagogue shooting, our entire nation mourns the loss of life, praise for the wounded and
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snandz solidarity with the jewish community, we forcefully condemn the evil of anti-semitism and hate heather: comes after easter attack, is religion under attack? author in the land of indivisible women, ahmed and head master of saint benedict, father lahey and rabbi abraham cooper, thank you for joining thus morning, we certainly appreciate on very important topic. >> thanks for having us. heather: is religion under attack? >> most definitely. we know that religious persecution is rising around the world but what happened in san
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diego, we are very concerned of anti-semitism. 50% of all hate crimes are targeted at america's jews, 1.4 jews, if we cannot protect jews in america, 40% to have global population of jews, no other country will be able to protect them. we must rise to combat anti-semitism, very frightening. heather: father leahy, brothers and sisters are under attack as much as religion is under attack, brothers and sisters and here in the united states are experiencing hate at a unacceptable level, ridiculous level because of who they are. heather: rabbi cooper. >> well, targeting houses of worship especially in democracies, something that terrorists like isis, al-qaeda have done and unfortunately we are now seeing here in the united states lone-wolf white
1:34 am
supremacists neo nazis and others who are taking page from islamist terrorists and targeting houses of worship, as you know, freedom of religion is one of the key and core values of the americas, they know who they are hitting, they know why they are hitting and obviously for jewish community to have this happen on last day of passover, we say memorial and victims of holocaust is really devastating. heather: yeah. >> tomorrow we have another funeral to go to of our wonderful, brave, amazing woman who took the bullet for her rabbi. >> it was seen at the very least you could go to place of worship and be safe but clearly that's not the case these days, if you can take at all the recent attacks on houses of worship, it will bring it home to people at home that this is in fact,
1:35 am
happening so the next question takes politics out of it, politics aside, what needs to be done on all sides to end the violence, dr. ahmedi will start with you. >> i think all people, all decent people, all people of faith, all people of all beliefs must unit to combat extremism and combat hate and that includes islamism and anti-semitism, we can do that in many ways, with anti-semitisms is essential learning holocaust education in every school in america. we need to combat delegitimization, far too frequently. we also need to show that muslims, christians, jews, people of faith, we really recognize each other and we stand with each other. this friday i will be in a synagogue and i recommend all americans show support by doing
1:36 am
the same. heather: standing together seems more important than ever, father lahy. >> i will go to israel to spend time both with gentlemen rish brothers and sisters and also with muslims in the northern galileah and we have to spend more time thinking about connectiveness rather than differences. heather: absolutely, rabbi cooper. >> heather, social media companies, can and have to do a lot more, secondly i applaud the president for making the call to the rabbi but the president and nancy pelosi, we have to stop weponizing the fight against hatred. we need to come back to
1:37 am
bipartisanship and if it comes from the far right or the far left or islamists, you know, the american people are pretty smart folks, we need to be straight, i think also that will give law enforcement and intelligent services more opportunities to be online and to follow the evil doers. heather: social media, absolutely good point. >> if i could say something heather. heather: quickly. >> media executives were prosecuted for their role in genocide and i fully support rabbi cooper's view, social media companies for hosting anti-semitism or antichristian or antimuslim sentiment. heather: so difficult to keep up with which is a horrible reality that we are in. thank you all for joining us, we appreciate your insight, great stuff. >> thank you. >> thank you. heather: well the time is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour, why has the situation at our border reached crisis levels
1:38 am
fox's maria bartiromo on the ground and found out there's radio ads in south america telling people to come on in. >> if you want the american dream we will help you out, we will teach you how to get it in the united states. heather: more from maria's ride-along up next.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", at the crisis at the border grows maria bartiromo went there to get a firsthand look, here she is now on a ride-along with border patrol in el paso, texas, busiest area for illegal entries in the country. >> for the most part it's single adults, family units, cuban, for
1:42 am
the most part they are guatemalan, el salvadoran, hondurenos, nicaragua, northern triangle region. maria: is the word out that if you're coming from that region you are going to probably be able to stay? >> the word is definitely out. i mean, they are advertisements by radio. listen to your radio on your way to work, on the way to grocery store and the country is advertising, if you want the american dream, we will help you out, we will teach you how to get it in the united states. it's right across the river, they look for an agent. >> the river is dry right now so it's easy to get through. >> correct. >> family group. maria: family group crossing while we are right here right
1:43 am
now? did somebody tell you in honduras that you'll be able to stay and get to oklahoma if you crossed? [speaking in spanish] >> a lot of people told me. maria: they want to see you right now, they want to get apprehended. they want to get processed. >> they want to get processed, given the papers, they go north and have legal papers to be wherever they are going to be. they are by themselves. maria: how long have they been by themselves? [speaking in spanish] >> 10 year's of age. maria: 10 and 8. traveling for how long? [speaking in spanish] >> they were traveling, their mom sent them back, she said she will go buy something for them to eat and never returned.
1:44 am
maria: what do you say when you hear in the media this administration, border patrol, ice, putting kids in cages, they are locking people up, these are humanitarian crises, what do you say to them? >> i say first i'm a father, i'm a father of two children. i go home with my head held high. all i can do is my job and do it to the best of my ability. heather: breaks your heart. earlier this month el paso sector agents apprehended more than 71,000 immigrants between october of last year and april of this year, that is an increase of 60,000 from the same time period the year before. something has to be done. well, how about this? the new avengers end game leaving global box office records in the dust.
1:45 am
i don't want to see it, don't give anything away. $1.2 billion worldwide during opening weekend, chattered u.s. earnings with estimated $350 million, to me movie demand, disney released in more theaters than ever than any other opening before. i can't wait to see it. don't tell me what happens, the time now is about quarter till the top of the hour and with more jobs and less poverty the democrats are in panic mode over the president's booming economy. >> issue after issue the democrat party has never been further outside the american, we are number one economy and not even close. heather: democrats put up a 2020 fight if the economy is this strong, we will debate.
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the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories, the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ heather: the president's winning agenda gaining more steam ahead of 2020 because democrats have no economic platform. >> issue after issue the democrat party has never been further outside the american, high tax, high crime, open borders, we are now the number one economy anywhere in the world and it's not even close. heather: so can anyone beat president trump at f the economy stays this strong? here to debate senior policy analyst from the independent women's forum, virginia house delegate mark levine, thank you very much for joining us this
1:50 am
morning. >> good morning, heather. heather: let's take a look at the numbers, let's break down the booming economic numbers, 3.2% growth in the first quarter, 196,000 jobs added in march unemployment, rate of 50-year low. so, mark, what about that, that's good news. >> well, depends on people's paychecks, right, the question are healthcare costs going up, is your tax refund higher or lower, what about medicare and social security, do you agree with the president's plan to cut social security or medicare, do you agree with democrats if you want lower healthcare costs. what's the bottom line for ordinary american, if you're a farmer, is it easier for you to sell your goods, i think times are tough for a lot of americans, manufacturing jobs coming back, how about the coal jobs that the president promised, are those coming back? what's the bottom line for
1:51 am
americans? they don't want the massive debt, remember the republicans used to care about debt, the tea party? how about your tax cuts are higher or lower? heather: perhaps indication of some of the points that democrats are going to try to take in this time where we have this economy that's booming. >> they are, but this is trump's economy and it's a great economy, you talk about how regular families are doing, look at tax cuts, when pretty much every taxpayer's paycheck, smaller refund may not be a bad idea because you get to keep money to pay for healthcare costs, medicare, medicaid or prescription. when we look at small business optimism being record high, that means small businesses are able to hire and expand. when you look at people, cut
1:52 am
consumer confidence, they can go out and buy a car, why, you have historical unemployment rate, for women, for minorities, people are able to leave their jobs and find a new one, and by the way, wages are actually rising, when we talk about how regular people are doing, i think they are actually doing really well! heather: mark, when you talk about taxes, you have bernie sanders and elizabeth warren raising taxes on platform? >> if you own multinational corporation, yeah, your taxes might go up, if they want, for example, cut some of the taxes that ordinary people pay and use it maybe so you don't spend so much time in traffic. >> i think the challenge is when bernie sanders talks about and even elizabeth warren talk about education and -- and student loan debt. >> yeah. >> or actually getting rid of it entirely. , the reason why is going to happen because taxpayers will foot the bill, not just the
1:53 am
wealthy and bernie sanders has admitted that everybody will have to pay for. i think they are too. the problem is it's because government has been involved in the higher education process. heather: we have about 30 seconds left, mark, final word and patrice, i will let you respond quickly. >> i think people realize that college costs are through the roof, healthcare costs are through the roof, people are spending more time in traffic because the president is promising infrastructure and he has broken words to the american people. heather: patrice. >> when you look at why healthcare costs are so high and higher education is so high is because of government. the president has wanted to get government out of lives and industries so private sector can deliver better costs and americans appreciate that. heather: thank you both for joining us, we appreciate it. the time now 8 minutes until the top of the hour and "the new york times" publishing this,
1:54 am
antisemitic cartoon of president trump and the israeli prime minister, so how did this happen as attacks on religion reach alarming new heights? when we started our business
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pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. heather: welcome back, new york times apologizing for printing this antisemitic cartoon. it shows president trump walking a dog with is laly's prime
1:58 am
minister netanyahu's face on it. all the more unacceptable. the new york times without proper oversight is to blame. alyssa milano to not speak negative of democratic hopeful. retweeted quote, #, i pledge to not speak negatively about anyone running for president, do you, some people in social media say her call is against our democracy adding critiquing candidates is what primaries are for. we asked you what you think and most of you agreed with critics. goes to show how bias she really is.
1:59 am
if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all and bobby tweets, if she just doesn't speak, i would be happy. now time the good, the bad and the ugly, first the good, talking about lucky ducks in illinois, a couple of officers spotted the ducklings that fell in storm drain. they fished them out getting the family of ducks back in a row. and now the bad, a new study shows americans are among the most negative people on the planet. according to gallup 55% with a lot of stress last year. the united states 4 points behind greece. finally marathon runner dressed as big bend, got stuck and couldn't cross. volunteers to help him, added 30
2:00 am
second of final time and did not break the world record. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thanks so much for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. rob: all right, monday april 29th and the gun jammed, turns out the shooting at california synagogue could have been much worse. carley: opening about what happened inside and comforting call from president trump. rob: and as another caravan closes in the president is sounding off. >> the problem is you have 10 times more people coming up with their families, it's like disneyland now. carley: this morning also hinting at a border fix plus she didn't have a prom date so her grandfather stepped in. rob: the rest is viral history. why the two are lighting up the internet this morning. carley: "fox & friends first" continues right now.


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