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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 29, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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these apps. >> dana: if you have an i pad pro and a phone, it doesn't collectively tell you. all right. thank you for joining us. >> shepard: its noon on the west coast. 3:00 in pittsburgh where joe biden is about to kickoff his third run for the white house. joe biden set to speak in the state where he was born, which is one of the most crucial of the battle grounds. the lawyer michael avenatti goes to court to face charges that could put behind behind bars the rest of his life. a whale in norway, a secret weapon for the russians? reporting begins now. new right now and just in to fox news. domestic terror attack thwarted. we're waiting at this moment for announcement from the feds on
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details of a major counter terrorism investigation. according to the reporting of the los angeles times, in just the last few minutes, prosecutors are set to announce this major bust in a foiled terror attack plot. trace gallagher putting together what we know so far. trace? >> we know, shep, this involved the los angeles police department, the los angeles coun county sheriffs and the feds. we're expecting a news conference in the next 45 minutes or told. we're being told this person has been watched the past two or three weeks. there's no name been given. the local nbc affiliate here in los angeles is now reporting that this was a u.s. army veteran that they're looking at and have taken in to custody. this man may have been planning to go after targets like the white nationalists march, which happened in long beach, california yesterday. the santa monica pier, which is
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about two miles from where we stand right here as well as bombing a los angeles freeway and targeting some los angeles police department officers. we have not confirmed that. that's the local affiliate. we'll find out more in this. we know that this has been in the process now for a few weeks. they have been monitoring this person who we're told is a u.s. army veteran. the motivation appears to be that the shooting, the attack on that new zealand mosque. remember, just this weekend in north san diego county, we had a synagogue that was attacked and that person, john ernest, attacked that synagogue because of, as well, he was motivated by the attack on the mosque in new zealand a few weeks ago. this appears to be kind of in the same vein. we have no idea if these suspects have any connection at all. we're being told that there
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might be one common denominator and that might be it. lapd, the la county sheriff's office, the fbi, other federal agencies involved in this. as we get more information on this, shep, we'll bring it back to you. this is turning out to be a big deal. you'll recall, l.a. has been the scene of two or three terror attacks in the past 14, 15 years. we had the attack in san bernardino in 2015 where faruk and his wife went in to that holiday party in that medical office in san bernardino, opened fire and killed 14 and wounded 22 others. that ended with a shootout. both were killed in the shootout. if you go back to 2002, we had the attack at the los angeles airport. the israeli airline where a terrorist came in and opened
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fire and shot and killed two people at the el-al counter. now you have the word that the feds saying there's a potential terrorist that may have been targeting major l.a. scenes like the santa monica pier, which attracts thousands of people every day, and we're talking about the white nationalist march which happened yesterday. again, this has been going on the past two or three weeks. they've been surveilling this person that we're being told by the local nbc affiliate it is a u.s. army veteran and who may have been targeting the l.a. freeway system as well as los angeles police officers. information again very scarce on this. we're getting as much as we can. the more we get, shep, we'll come back in periodically. >> shepard: thanks, trace. that announcement from the feds is coming up. former member of the military, expressed support allegedly for isis. and isis was our lead story
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before this happened. because the isis leader is alive. it's news breaking in the last hour. we're seeing him for the first time in five years and here he is. abu al-baghdadi. he's called a global tearist. said he's responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians in the middle east among other crimes, the kidnapping and raping and rape and murder of an american woman. there's a $25 million bounty for info that leads to his capture or death. al-baghdadi is making a picture in a propaganda video. it's 18 minutes long. in it, he talks about the easter bombings in sri lanka and acknowledges the isis caliphate defeat in iraq and syria. the islamic leader praised the terror attack in sri lanka that killed 250 people in churches
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and in hotels. they say baghdadi called it revenge for isis terrorists losing the last battle against u.s. backed kurdish fighters in eastern syria. pentagon officials say they're looking to confirm the authenticity of this new video. even though the terror group no longer controls territory in the middle east, many say the islamic state is more dangerous now because the group leaders don't need physical territory to inspire their ideology. the ideology, its message and its leader live. benjamin hall reporting live in london tonight. ben? >> shep, just as you said, this is a clear rallying call to all isis followers around the world. a reminder that though the territorial caliphate has fallen, the ideology is strong.
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the video shows baghdadi in a casual conversation with three others. it's entitled "in the hospitality of the prince of believers." it's 18 minutes long and appears to be in good health despite recent claims that he was dead or injured. in the video, he says the recent sri lanka bombings were revenge nor the fall of the caliphate. that counters claims that it was in response to the new zealand mosque shootings. he said isis will be avenged. he accepteds pledges from other isis affiliates in africa. a reminder that the caliphate has followers across the world and re-igniting fears that the territorial caliphate could emerge in africa or asia. shep? >> shepard: ben hall live. and the terrorists in sri lanka could be getting ready for new
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attacks. one catholic archbishop says he wants the government to prepare as if on war footing. military and police are going door-to-door in muslim neighborhoods in eastern sri lanka searching for anyone with ties to extremists. more than a dozen people died after militants detonated a bomb at a safe house. officials say the father and two brothers of the eastern bombings mastermind died in that explosion. jeffery, a director of the sufon group which provides strategic services to governments and organizations. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: big picture. the lack of a caliphate doesn't stop them. >> that's correct. as previously said, it's the message. it's the same problem we had with al-quaida. as long as there's a message out there that's going to encourage people to do these acts of
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terrorism, these acts of hatred, they're going to continue to do it. >> shepard: are there resources, manpower, money being devoted to winning the battle of the ideology? >> i think we need to do more against the ideology. here in the united states, a lot of money is being spent on the operational side to identify and thwart attacks. but sometimes defeating the ideology is different because you don't have to step on rights of freedom of religion and speech but we have to make sure we stop the message of hatred. >> shepard: they're winning a battle online. are we fighting a battle online to try to knock down the crap that they say? if there's an entire generation or two of people that believe we're the evil empire and all bad comes from the united states, that is a loss. are we fighting that battle? >> i think we are. the way to fight it is to show the youth, as you just
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indicated, that the west is there to help them. to try to prove that the message of hatred is wrong, that we need to work together. >> shepard: it's engrained from very young ages. and their leaders offer messages that indicate that the united states is the bad guy, that the west is bad, that you have to follow their teachings. as long as that message isn't countered, how is this ever going to stop? >> you see it where we offer aid to countries that are destroyed by typhoons, hurricanes or in war. you see it when, again, the u.s. with u.s.a. i.d. are working with the people. we have to show the populous we're here to help you. we're not the big enemy. we have to counter the message. how we're doing it is difficult. >> shepard: thank you.
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>> you're welcome. >> shepard: more news breaking now. word that the broadcasting icon larry king is recovering after a heart attack. happened last week. went to cardiac arrest. tmz is reporting that larry king had trouble breathing for months and was at home getting ready to go to the hospital thursday when he had the heart attack. the 85 yard went to the cardiac intensive care unit set to be released today. larry king. william barr is threatening to back out of a hearing on the mueller report because of who may be doing some of the questioning. now a top democrat is threatening a subpoena. distract and delay. that's coming up as our reporting continues on this monday afternoon. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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the justice department officials say barr may skip the house judiciary committee hearing on thursday, just skip it, if committee lawyers will be questioning the attorney general instead of the members. democratic chairman jerry nadler of new york scheduled to vote on letting lawyers from both sides, republicans and democrat, ask barr questions after the usual questioning from lawmakers. a justice department official said the attorney general agreed to appear before congress so members of congress can do questioning, not lawyers. chairman nadler says if the attorney general does not show up thursday, they'll send him a subpoena. john roberts rolling on the north lawn. hi, john. >> it's unclear whether william barr will show up for that hearing at the house judiciary, which is scheduled for thursday. it's been said that democrats are trying to change the rules by having staff attorneys question barr.
12:17 pm
it's a statement that the spokesman from the doj saying the attorney general agreed to appear before congress. therefore, members of congress should do the questioning. the committee chairman, gerald nadler says staff attorneys would get more substantive answers from the attorney general. >> there's valid reasons for wanting to be able to have counsel ask questions. we've seen any number of instances under the five-minute rule where a witness will give an unresponsive answer and you can't follow up. >> democrats are in the majority and can run the hearing anyway they want to us. we understand that chairman nadler has scheduled an extra hour of questioning, which would be the hour that was handled by staff attorneys, but republicans who are on the house judiciary committee disagree with that
12:18 pm
plan in a statement saying -- >> at the moments, barr is not expected to show up as you pointed out at the top, shep. gerald nadler is threatening to subpoena him if he doesn't show up. the department of justice has shown its willingness to ignore subpoenas. they wanted john gore, who is the attorney who is in charge of the civil rights division at the department of justice to give a deposition to the house oversight committee last week and the department of justice said no, not going to happen. shep? >> shepard: on lawyers questioning witnesses in congressional committees, the republican asking what is the
12:19 pm
precedence here. what is it? >> nothing in the last couple decades. if you go back to the reagan administration, democrats are pointing out that there is precedent because the then attorney general, edwinmeece and george schultz were questioned by staff attorneys about the iran contra affair. if you go back to 1973, james schlesinger was questioned about possible cia involvement in watergate. so there's precedent but you have to go a long way back to find it, shep. >> shepard: john roberts live at the white house. thank you. ahead, a funeral for the woman killed in saturday's synagogue shooting. we hear from the suspect's family. have you heard this? it's the first time since the attack. plus, attorney michael avenatti facing a judge and some serious felony charges in california. and of course, we're still waiting for the news conference or at least a statement to be
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>> shepard: fox news urgent. we're tracking reports of a software glitch that is causing problems in airports across the country from new york to los angeles. if it sounds familiar, it's because this is the third time in about a month that a computer issue or series of them have created a headache for air travelers. david lee miller with the latest. he's at j.f.k. in queens. david lee? >> shepard, fasten your seat belts. it going to be a bumpy ride. due to the computer glitch that you mentioned, there are delays
12:25 pm
from coast to coast affecting a number of major airlines. jet blue one of the airlines. they issued a statement. jet blue customers may experience issues with booking or check-ins. saber, the company that the airlines use to handle the technology, the reservation system, they're having a problems. saber has issued a statement that reads -- >> at this hour, we do know that alaska airlines and jetblue and american airlines are among the major carriers that are affected. as for the situation here at j.f.k. airport, interestingly,
12:26 pm
shepard, i went in terminal 4, the international terminally and anecdotally, my observation, doesn't seen any more hectic than on a usual day. but that's hectic. shepard? >> shepard: this company has had issues before, right? >> that's right. there was a computer glitch in march that affected thousands. in 2016, saber has a hotel reservation system that was hacked and information was compromised. exactly what went wrong here, we don't know. we're told, again, that there are significant delays affecting many airlines from coast to coast, including j.f.k. and lax. >> shepard: thanks. a huge fire at a zinc plant in north carolina has burned it serve out. deputies went door-to-door
12:27 pm
telling folks in the area to evacuate overnight. according to local news outlets, crews are testing the air and water nearby. the fire started nearby. here's the location now. it's in moorsboro, 50 miles west of charlotte. that's where this happened. fire officials say they found hazardous materials on firefighter's gear so they had to pull them from flighting the flames. the company released a statement saying all workers are okay. no word on how this crazy fire started. just five minutes before a gunman stormed into the synagogue in southern california, the fbi apparently got a tip about a threatening message that he posted on social media. investigators say it was already too late. they didn't have time to stop him from doing that shooting. about two hours from now, family and friends will attend a funeral for lori gilbert kay.
12:28 pm
she was the only person that died in the shooting. the gunman hurt an 8-year-old girl and the rabbi. the rabbi lost a finger when he raised his hand to protect himself from the bullet. two of his congregants confronted the suspect, chased him out of the synagogue. for lori, it was too late. >> i see lori on the floor. her dear husband, dr. howard kay, who is like a brother to me, is trying to resuscitate her. he faints there laying on the floor next to his wife. the daughter comes up screaming, daddy and mommy, let's go. it's the most heart wrenching sight i could have seen. >> shepard: the attack came six months after a gunman killed 11
12:29 pm
people at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. william la jeunesse is on scene outside the synagogue in california. william? >> shepard, let's begin with a 19-year-old suspect, a nursing students at cal state san marcos. according to "the washington post," an hour before the attack, he made a post saying he planned to live stream this shooting but facebook blocked it. someone saw that, which may have led to the tip to the fbi. although as you said, they didn't have the time or location or name to track it down. moments ago, the family released a statement. let me read it.
12:30 pm
>> now, the gunman entered the synagogue lobby saturday morning wearing sunglasses, a tactical vest with an assault rifle and firing at the rabbi. he lost a finger and could move another. lori key stepped in and took the next round and he fired four more times, probably under 12 according to witnesses. an ex-israeli soldier took shrapnel as he tried to protect children. he charged the shooter leaving him no time to reload, a border patrol agent drew a weapon and shot him him five times in the car. >> shepard: that's it? i'm sorry. william, sorry. talking to producers. please continue. i didn't know the mic was open. >> yeah, i thought we were going to a sound bite where the rabbi describes going face to face with this guy, he had the glasses on. i couldn't see his eyes or soul.
12:31 pm
and the army navy veteran describe how he ran towards the game. if gun jammed. he saw this guy coming at him so he left to the parking lot and that's when the border patrol agent say step away, i'm going to shoot. bam, bam, bam. shot five times. hit the car four times. he sped away. calls 911 and claims the attack and arrested by san diego p.d. shepard? >> shepard: william la jeunesse. this urgent just in. the health department forcing two schools in new york city to close down because of the measles outbreak. health officials say the school violated the department's orders to keep out students that haven't proven that they have been vaccinated. it's been the worst year for measles in 25 years now after the feds declare they eliminated the disease in the year 2000. since october, there's been 423
12:32 pm
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dad, it's fine. we have allstate. and with claimrateguard they won't raise your rates just because of a claim. that's why you're my favorite... i know. are you in good hands? >> shepard: a fox urgent. steel city, pittsburgh, p.a. any minute now, joe biden will hold his first campaign rally at a local union hall. president trump was the last presidential from the republican party to win pennsylvania. joe biden was born in pennsylvania and picked up a major endorsement.
12:37 pm
the firefighters union is on board. he has to win the democratic primaries first. peter doocy is live with more. >> shep, biden kicked off his campaign by criticizing president trump's character and now he's criticizing the way the president reacted today to biden receiving that firefighter's union endorsement. so the president said this on twitter. i'll never get the support of dues crazy union leadership. those people that rip off their membership with high dues and being paid a fortune. the members love trump. they look at our record, win. so biden snaps back on twitter. i'm sick of this president snapping back at unions. they exist for all of us because unions fought for those rights. we need a president that honors them and their work. now some biden allies that say today's news that shows people
12:38 pm
that went for trump last time might be open-minded. >> who would come out and endorse? today you have the firefighters association. the union backed him. that's a big get for him. you know, a lot of union members went for trump instead of hillary clinton. that's a great get. >> last week, biden said he didn't want barack obama's endorsement right now. today he said he's proud to be back by the firefighters. shep? >> shepard: what is he doing differently than past campaigns? >> specifically here in pittsburgh, his pitch is actually similar to the one that he brought to voters when he was campaigning in 2016. >> if there's ever a time we need that is now. so folks, we can't let this happen. we can't elect a man that belittles our closest allies and
12:39 pm
embraces vladimir putin. a man who seeks to sow division among our allies for his own gain. disorder around the world. >> we expect to hear more from biden about president trump a few minutes from now here in pittsburgh and later in the week in iowa, shep. >> shepard: peter doocy on scene in pittsburgh. when he starts talking, we'll bring you more. caitlin owens from axios. hello, kaitlyn. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: is there anything percolating that could lead us to the simple question of whether democrats are looking for more somebody like joe biden or somebody who is younger or a woman or something else? far to the left, the center? do we know yet? >> no, i think we have no idea. the two frontrunners so far in the polls are joe biden and bernie sanders who other than their demographics, they couldn't be more different as far as democrats go. so it's a big question facing
12:40 pm
democrats this primary, is in this giant field, do they want to select someone that is soon as more electable, beat trump like joe biden that might attract more trump voters that are willing to switch back to democrat or elect somebody in the primary field, a woman, a person of color, someone that is more liberal and inching with their left base. >> shepard: everything i read suggests that you have to beat trump. that is really high on the list for a democrat. but the thing that seems unknown is which of those two kinds of candidates is more specially fit to do so in this cycle at this time. the democrats are all over the place right now. >> right. it's funny. some voters are thinking who can beat trump. and the liberals, are they going to vote for somebody like biden because he's deemed more electable or vote for someone
12:41 pm
that is more in line with their idealogical views? because people say someone is more electable doesn't mean that they get elected from a primary. >> shepard: starting in pittsburgh and moving to philly what is his strategy beyond that? do we know for biden? >> i don't think we know yet. he did give us a little hit when he came out swinging at trump. he's trying to fully lean into i can beat donald trump narrative. i think that he is -- this is his strong suit. he can ride the middle and that he's the most electable against trump. so i would expect him to lean into that message the whole way through. we'll see. >> shepard: pennsylvania is important. what are you getting from folks in -- pittsburgh is one thing. philly is another. might as well be in two states. but they have similar folks, a lot of blue collar. in the past you'd be like in way a republican would win there and he did.
12:42 pm
>> right. so i think this union endorsement is symbolic. this is who joe biden is going after, the working class voters that see the democratic party is too out of step with them, that may have voted for trump in 2 6 2016. joe biden is saying i can get their votes and nobody else can do it. we'll see how that goes for him. it's clear that that kind of middle lane, more moderate democrat, that is where he wants to be right new. especially in a state like pennsylvania. >> shepard: thanks very much. appreciate it, kaitlyn. i'm cutting us short because we have breaking news. i've been promising that we have more on the foiled terror plot in los angeles. now we have this. dateline los angeles from associated press and i'll read you what i just got. u.s. authorities, quoting authorities here, army veteran who converted to islam plotted
12:43 pm
bombing in california as revenge for the new zealand mosque attack. trace gallagher with the details. this is quite a turn, trace. >> it is, shep. we just got the affidavit in this thing. it's very extensive. it's several, two, three dozen pages. we know the suspect is 26-year-old mark steven domingo. resides here in los angeles. apparently he is in fact a u.s. army veteran that went to war in afghanistan and was trained in combat. apparently what the affidavit says is that the fbi has been following him now for a few weeks and apparently they made the arrest a couple days ago when they handed him what he thought was an explosive device. it was an inert device. clearly this was a sting. he was planning to use this device. one of the targets the affidavit says has been confirmed. in fact, he was trying to target
12:44 pm
the white nationalist march that mapped in long beach. there were targets on the santa monica pier as well as the l.a. freeway system and we're talking about some los angeles police officers. the news conference on this will be involving the l.a. county sheriff's department, l.a. police. should take place in the next 110 or 12 minutes. the suspect has been going online and a recent convert to islam and convert other like-minded members to islam. the attacks or these planned attacks were in response to the mosque shooting in new zealand. two mosque shootings in new zealand a couple weeks ago. in poway, california, 95 miles from here, there was saturday an
12:45 pm
attack on a synagogue there. john ernest, a 19-year-old that committed that attack. he too apparently said the motivation was in response for the attack on the mosques in new zealand. so we don't know, nor does the affidavit lay out whether there's a connection to the two. the press release notes that. so it is significant that in two ways, you have two significant events that have at least the common -- the same common denominator. shep? >> shepard: thanks, trace. the news conference just minutes from now. fox news will have live coverage. michael avenatti, the later pleading not guilty to stealing from his own clients and fraud charges as well. avenatti used to represent stormy daniels in her case against president trump. michael avenatti is accused of taking money from his client's settlements and mislabelling them to look like legitimate
12:46 pm
payments. prosecutors say he used some of the money to buy a share in a private jet. the feds seized that jet. in new york, michael avenatti is facing separate charges. among them, trying to blackmail nike for $20 million. he denied those accusations. jonathan hunt is live with more. >> shep, michael avenatti was taking to twitter 5:00 a.m., hours before he arrived at the courthouse, tweeting his anger the way his case is being handled, referenced to a presumption to a right of nuns. he says we don't convict someone in america based on a one-sided argument and a press conference, even when he's one of the biggest enemies of the president and his son. the reference there to the president a clear implication that avenatti believes he's only being pursued in the courts
12:47 pm
because of his frequent public clashes with president prior and his prior representation of stormy daniels who has claimed she had an affair with the president. avenatti, you might remember, once considered challenging president trump in 2020. if he's found guilty on any of these charges, he will be otherwise occupied next year and could spend the rest of his life in prison. >> shepard: this is dozens of charges. >> yeah, 36 charges in all. just here in california, shep. they include wire and bank fraud stemming from cases in which avenatti was very successful in winning millions of dollars in settlements for his clients. it's what prosecutors say he did with that money that has landed him in a hole heap of legal trouble. they allege he pocketed much of the money for himself. sometimes giving the clients mall advances to put off
12:48 pm
suspicious that he was stealing from them. those are the charges here. avenatti also faces separate charges in new york where he's alleged to have demanded millions about claims nike was payi paying high school athletes. he was blackmailing the company. avenatti says he's 90. when asked to enter a plea, he said loudly "not guilty" to all charges. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt live in los angeles. well, there may be new russian spies. and they may be whales. this whale found in norway wearing a harness. why norwegian officials say russian's military may have trained it.
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>> shepard: a fox urgent. we got a statement from a spokesman for larry king's organization. they say contrary to reports from tmz, larry king did not have a heart attack and his heart did not stop. in a statement, his representatives say he was scheduled for an angioplasty and before that procedure, he experienced angina and went to the hospital early to be examined. larry king, they say, has been recuperating in the hospital and
12:53 pm
scheduled to be released soon. his doctors say they expect him to make a full recovery. larry king, on the mend and tmz got one wrong. fisherman from the far north of norway say they spotted a whale wearing a harness. officials say they believe that the whale escaped from a russian military facility where it had been trained by the russians. to do what? we don't really know. but norwegian officials released this video of the beluga whale. it swam up to the boat. it's tame. the harness could carry a camera or a weapon. a whale! the harness had a tag on it for a company called equipment st. petersburg and there's a russian navy base nearby. officials removed the harness and the whale is in good health. there's word boeing executives
12:54 pm
did not tell airlines that a safety feature which had been standard on older aircraft was not automatically included on its 737 max jets. that is a according to the reporting of the wall street journal. the "wall street journal"'s parent company and fox news share common ownership. two crashes killed more than 300 people. so far, no response from boeing. earlier today, the ceo faced shareholders for the first time since the company grounded the 737 max need worldwide. jeff flock reporting live in chicago. jeff? >> the ceo is expected to take responsibility for the crashes or to resign. you'd be disappointed. he says the design of the aircraft and thinks it was more pilot error than anything else.
12:55 pm
>> we confirmed it was designed per our standards and certified per our standards and we're confident in that process so it operated according to the design and certification standards. >> what do the family members of those lost lives on the crashes say about that? well, perhaps the protesters that came out here with their signs, give you some indication. also, we heard from their attorney. no surprise, they're filing lawsuits. listen. >> can you imagine the gal of saying this over all of these reports and obvious evidence of a defect in this aircraft? >> that's a tough one, shep. obviously this will be determined when the investigation is completed and then i suspect we'll spend a lot of time in court somewhere. >> shepard: lots of work ahead. jeff flock live.
12:56 pm
thanks very much. final bell is sounding in wall street. four minutes from now. neil cavuto will have all the best in business and your headlines of the day when "your world" begins in four minutes.
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>> two breaking news events we're watching closely this hour. law enforcement in los angeles about to hold a news conference on a domestic terror plot that was thwarted in california. also this hour, joe biden kicking off his democratic presidential bid with a rally at a union hall in a battleground state of pennsylvania. we'll have both of these live for you. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." we begin with trace gallagher in los angeles with more. i'm sorry. let's start with hillary vaughn. let's go there first. hillary? >> hi, charles. former vice president biden's pit stop in


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