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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  April 30, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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will see where things go. but it looks pretty violent and ugly today. hopefully things get better. >> lawrence: important for the people to duke it out. fight for the country. >> harris: we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow. for now, here's harris >> melissa: >> harris: let's gee breaking news. unrest boiling around venezuela, where a military uprising is underway. i'm harris faulkner pray this is "outnumbered overtime." opposition leader juan guaido is calling on the military to help with "the final phase" of a plan to oust embattled president nicolas maduro. chaos unfolded today in caracas, where guaido took to the streets with a group of heavily-armed soldiers. we want to warn you about this next video. it is graphic. you can see government vehicles plowing into crowds of people, driving through, not even stopping for the people they are crushing. maduro loyalists clashing with antigovernment protesters. tear gas being fired into those crowds, as well. the u.s. is standing with juan guaido.
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vice president pence issues a statement, telling people venezuela, but we are with you." rich edson from the state department, new development is the last hour. rich? >> good afternoon, harris. opposition leader one quite it was moving to assume power, urging the military leadership in venezuela to abandon nicolas maduro and support democracy. american officials are watching the development's ongoing in caracas right now. protests, town dominic counter protest, and what appears to be a veiled detent by security forces to scatter the crowd. venezuela's military leadership has largely supported maduro, and maduro says today they still support him. guaido's ambassador to the united states says this is only the beginning, and they will be more events in the hours and the days to come. >> i want to be very clear for the international community. this is not a military coup. this is a constitutional process, led by the venezuelan people. under the leadership of our civilians, the interim president
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of venezuela, one point oh. >> national security advisor john bolton tweeted, "venezuelans have made clear that the current path toward democracy is irreversible. venezuela's military has a choice -- embrace democracy, protect civilians and members of the democratically having elected national assembly, or face more man-made suffering and isolation." maduro's foreign minister, or a ari osler, replied saying "the heads of the coups d'etat admit their responsibility without scruples. the term administration in its despair tries to spark in venezuela. it guarantees peace and country. terms handoff in jr., the united states officially recognized juan guaido as legitimate leader. the state oil company, officials in the maduro regime, and those who support it. demonstration has also tried to bring aid to the venezuelan people with speech of leading the effort. all and then attempt to
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establish guaido's legitimacy. maduro has also had the support not just of the military, but of the cuban and russian governments. if maduro were to fall, there's a question as to what would come next. the united states hopes there is a traditional dominic transitional government led by juan guaido. their elections, and the democracy in the country. but there's a lot between what we have now and that point. >> harris: thank you for setting us up with what has happened in the last few minutes. red sets in. i want to bring in a public and congress in michael waltz, a florida paid also a member of the armed services committee and a former green beret. great to see you today and get some of that military expertise. let's dive in there. i'm reading some conflicting things. the associated press and raters are reporting that the defense minister has just said, "acts of violence by some members of the armed forces today have been "partly defeated," and that the military's top ranks remain loyal to the constitution."
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which i would imagine means loyal to maduro. at least that's what they want. but congressman, this is also happening. we've been watching the venezuelan opposition leader guaido and his mentor and ally, leopold lopez, who escaped house arrest earlier today, marching among the protesters, claiming that they have victory in this and the tories with them. your former military parade where the facts and all of this? >> harris, i just met this morning with the commander of our southern command based out of miami. he has testified symbol for the armed services committee tomorrow. to add your point, the bill's main dome i tell my the vilas whelen army she has moved over. and the release of guaido was not an accident. he was released by factions of the military. we're starting to that breakaway and they dell not control an ar
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base. here's where i am. it's time for the united states to continue to lead a humanitarian effort. there are millions of venezuelans and counting that i fled into colombia, brazil, destabilizing the region paid we have to do it as a collusion. if we do it by ourselves, it could give maduro an excuse for a backlash. the brazilians are ready to go, the country colombians already. we will ask the front of the dutch have former protectorate down in the caribbean to also participate. if guaido is seen as leading a coalition-led humanitarian effort and delivering the needs of the people when maduro has not, that could be the final breaking point. that could do it. also, i think guaido -- it would be helpful if they would offer an amnesty deal to the remaining members of the venezuelan men dominic military to bring them over as well. but the bottom line is -- and a lot of people were asking -- this is not hundreds of thousands of u.s. boots on the ground.
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this is a coalition effort, that will move that piece in if we don't do it, the chinese and russians will. the cubans are already there in the thousands protecting madura >> harris: how much damage does this do for maduro for you to see those -- and i put these in these terms, because what you're talking about is trying to get a coalition against the coalition. remember, has has russia in it. we'll get to that in a moment. what does it do for all of this to see a military tank rollover people? >> i think it just shows the true colors of the maduro regime. their only concern at the end of the day with their own survival. keep in mind, his entire inner circle, those protecting him, those are all cubans. the castro regime security officials. the cubans are the ones propping up maduro. without them, he would not be in power. they are also the ones persecuting any military members who side with what is an important point, which is
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guaido's constitutionally-backed ascension to power. this is not a coup, but at the end of the day, the leno group -- with the trump admission recent disturbing credit for this. an entire group of south american and international allies on the side of reason. >> harris: it's interesting. historically it was very rare for president trump to recognize and opposition leader, and one white it was the legitimate leader. so you talk about a difference. again change, if you will. that plays a role in that heavily. i know you've been closely working with florida senators marco rubio and rick scott. you have been very vocal about the maduro regime and the crisis in venezuela. three of you now have just introduced a bill. quickly tell me about what you're trying to do. >> we have introduced a bill that basically says that if you are doing business with the maduro regime you can't do business with america. my colleague, mario diaz from miami, is also -- this is bipartisan. donna showed layla and others.
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this is democrats and republicans in florida who see this as a feature. i think this is more broadly a big opportunity for the united states to reinsert itself in latin america where the chinese are all over the place. half the countries in latin america signed up to one belt, one road. which is basically chinese payday lending and takeover scheme. for the assault powerful in america. they have seen what socialism will do. very moving toward the united states. but we have to seize the moment and the moment is now. >> harris: i want to further it, i want to bring in communism, too. the socialism is the economic dissolve, the disruption, the tragedy that has happened in venezuela. but the communist part of this is important, too. >> it is always worth remembering, venezuela was the wealthiest country in south america. still sitting on the world's largest known oil reserves, and the place is a disaster, with 3 million people fleeing. destabilizing colombia, starting to destabilize brazil.
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we have to -- again, this is the moment. their lives are on the line. portions of the military have broken away, and i think we need to step in with a coalition and support this effort and pushed over the finish line. otherwise the cubans are going to solidify their hold. keep in mind, if maduro goes, i think the cuban regime is not long to follow. because they shifted their dependents from the soviet union to venezuela years ago. so this could have massive effects for the region. >> harris: it is fascinating to watch this unfold. the violence has just been sold-jarring today, to see some of the things that are played out on the streets. i got it, and you talked a little bit about the game change that this has been with the trump administration. we will stay on the story today. i almost called you colonel wilds, because i have for so long. congress melts, thank you very much for being with me. fox news alert, top democrats calling for meeting with the president on fixing the nation's
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infrastructure "constructive." veiling to meet again in exactly two beats. senator schumer, as well. it was the first meeting in months as tensions are running high democrats-led administration donna investigations in the trip administration. chuck schumer insisted they can work for the american people and perform their oversight responsibilities at the same time. watch. >> i believe we can do both at once. we can come up with some good ideas on infrastructure, and we want to hear his ideas on funding. that is going to be the crucial point, in my opinion. and the house and the senate can proceed in its oversight responsibilities. the two are not mutually exclusive and we are glad he didn't make it that way. >> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts out from the north lawn. john, as we watch this unfold live, it sounded really warm and fuzzy between lucy, schumer, and how they were describing that meeting. boy, that's a departure from
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where things have been. >> the outcome of the language was utterly different than the last time they were together. and the tone and tenor of the meeting was completely different than the last time they were together in the situation room. that was back on january 9th, where the president basically said to nancy pelosi, "are you ever going to give me any money for a border wall?" she said no, so he said, "we've got nothing more to talk about." got up and walked out and left them sitting there with nothing but their cups of coffee in front of them. this time the meeting lasted for about 90 minutes. according to both senator schumer, and nancy pelosi, the tone of the meeting was very cordial. listen to senator schumer here. >> there was goodwill in this meeting. that was different than some of the other meetings we've had, which is a very good thing. first, we agreed that infrastructure is crucial to the future of america. we agreed it creates jobs. we agreed it keeps us competitive. we agreed that, for 25 years,
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this kind of ability could pass would make america a better place. >> infrastructure is one-way dominic area where president trump believes he can work with democrats, and the democrats today seem generally interested in working with him. listen to house speaker here. you go they are excited by the conversation that we've had the president. to advance an agenda of that kind. we agree that it would be big and bold. they will announce how big and how bold. >> thanks. >> what remains to be seen is another -- we will meet again to talk about how it will be paid for. >> how do you measure big and bold? according to chuck schumer, somewhere in the neighborhood o. it wouldyear on infrastructure,d
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again, no word on this point on how that would be paid for. they were in agreement on infrastructure predental immigration did not come up at this meeting, but there is certainly plenty of points of departure between the white house and democrats. immigration, certainly, it's one of those. as well as investigation. a couple of i words for you there. the most recent letter departure and immigration is the executive order that the president talked about last night, which would change the asylum process, to a large degree, here in the united states. the proposal that the president is looking at, it would streamline the court proceedings for elaine to pass the initial few determinations. it would educate all asylum applications and immigration courts within 180 days of filing. but here's a controversial part -- it would require people applying for asylum to pay a fee for claiming asylum, and also pay a fee for work permit applications.
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the opposition is criticizing the proposal. here senator angus king of maine earlier this morning. listen here. >> it's clearly designed to try and impair people's ability to seek asylum. people would probably find the money because they are feeling with their lives and they'd have to do it. for me, the first thing i thought of was the poll tax in the south designed to disenfranchise african-americans. >> back in 2016, the latest year for which there are figures, a little more than 4,000 people were apprehended at the border. some 73,000 of those people claimed asylum. asylum was granted to little more than 20,000 of them. it will be 20%, the people who claim about the microphone. this just a fraction of the people across the board. >> harris: john roberts outside the white house. thank you. i want to bring in rbob cues cusack, editor in chief of "the hill. that meeting in the white house, democrats coming out, the
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leadership, she ran pelosi, in a much different tone and tenor, as john just described. we do see the relationship between the presidents dominic president and democrats >> this is not just for transportation but the entire year. the fact that it went well as a good sign that maybe things could get done, whether it's transportation or prescription drug pricing. other issues. there were no congressional leaders in this meeting, $2 trillion is a huge amount of money, especially with the deficit the way it is. remember, mitch mcconnell runs the son and says he doesn't want a transportation bill to be another stimulus. that actually costs less than $1 trillion. that will be very difficult, when you get into the details of this bill. >> you at one report -- "how can you do investigations when you are doing this?" pelosi said when asked about it, "we can't ignore the needs of the people.
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you get a lower health care pat demott costs , bigger paychecks." they list some of the ways they agree, critical to the american people, so on and so forth. >> nancy pelosi -- they just won the house on an agenda, not on impeachment. do i think the investigation is impossible? it could be a distraction, yes. but nancy pelosi needs to say, "we need to create likely democratic house because we've got this x, y, and z done." not just passing the house. so she incentive to work with the president. we talk about this bill, some are talking about housing in clean energy. it's a massive build. the conservative congress are going to say no way. >> harris: real quickly, just because this is breaking today, where are we in this discussion about socialism and democratic socialism in this country, as we watch venezuela may be shift into a new zone but certainly
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devolve into violence? >> socialism is definitely going to be a driving force going forward, both in the 2020 primary and in venezuela. i interviewed secretary of state mike pompeo yesterday, and the instruction has taken a hard line. it seems to be seeing dividends paid look for joe biden. i think it's going to be interesting what he says about medicare for all and the green new deal. i think he's going to be pushing back on the left in the coming weeks. >> harris: bob cusack of "the hill," leadership there. good to see you today, a lot of breaking news. let's get to this. joe biden's and i will right now, one day after kicking off his 2020 camping at pittsburgh. a new poll shows him out of the pack, he picked up some points. can he maintain that momentum? we will get into it. plus, tensions rising as the attorney general threatens to boycott has to share hearing on thursday over the proposed format. how both sides are responding. ♪ >> the harassment of bill barr is complete disgraceful to this
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>> harris: attorney general william barr is heading to capitol hill tomorrow, we are told, to face the senate judiciary committee for the first time since release of the redacted mueller report. meanwhile, his feud with the house judiciary committee has escalated. chairman jerry nadler is planning a vote tomorrow on leading committee lawyers question barr. the attorney general has threatened to skip that house hearing if that happens. here is house speaker nancy pelosi with a message for william barr >> harris: house judiciary
10:23 am
committee member greg steube is here, replicant congressman of the great state of florida. good to see you. let's see whether or not it matters who questions william barr? >> you come to congress here for members of congress to ask you questions. barr is presenting to the senate, has no problem with the rules and the ways of the b committee. you would have them ask questions and not staff asked question for the last time they were asked allowed to ask questions goes be contra affair. i think attorney general barr is very willing to come to congress and testify and hear from member of congress. >> harris: i'm wondering why -- maybe pond isn't the fair board , but why you would put it to other lawyers went north of 80% of congress is a lawyer. >> especially in the judiciary committee, especially on top of that, staff can give you
10:24 am
questions as members of congress to ask those questions to the attorney general or any witness. staff can certainly provide you that information. i don't know why it would be necessary to allow staff to ask the questions when you are elected a member of congress to at represent your district. you should be asking questions. >> harris: is there anything you really want to see answered by william barr, just in terms of what we know and what we don't know from the mueller report? >> what i would like to know is how we got to where we are today. what basis was there other than a russian dossier that was promulgated by the clinton campaign to begin and get a fisa warrant to spy on the trump campaign. those the questions i would have for the attorney general, and what things moving forward, as the idea rather investigations, as to the investigation of the investigation and where that is all at. >> harris: i don't think we seen anything that would signify that william barr has fear, but here's what chairman nadler says.
10:25 am
>> if the attorney general is afraid to subject himself to questions or you can follow up, that may indicate lack of confidence in his own position. more to the point, we have to get to the bottom of these issues. >> harris: correctly if i'm wrong -- what are the facts? is there evidence of fear with william barr going to the panel to test by customer ask because he fearful. he is testifying tomorrow, and chairman never says he wants to get to the facts. we have had 22 months, $25 million of a mueller investigation pre2800 subpoenas. 500 witness interviews, 500 search warrants. we have plenty of facts and evidence that was in the mueller report to be able to ascertain if the trump campaign colluded with russia. the answers to that is no, at the attorney general, with rod rosenstein, agree not to move forward on the obstruction charges. they didn't get the answer they wanted from that investigation, so now they feel like they need to do anything and everything they can to try and investigate the president. >> harris: it's interesting --
10:26 am
rod rosenstein has announced he is quitting, by the way. he's resented by the middle of the month or so. i want to give you last word on where you think we go from here. >> i know where i would like to go, but i think the democrats are going to continue to investigate this president because the mueller investigation conclusion that there was no collusion is and what they wanted. they want to move forward with whatever evidence they can to try and impeach the president. i don't think that's they make people want. i know that's not what floridians want and not what i'm hearing in my district. >> harris: it may not be what some democrats want, either. he saw speaker pelosi come out of the white house with chuck schumer today and they were singing all tubes of bipartisanship on infrastructure and other things and moving forward. representative, think you for being on the program today. good to see you. a terror plot foiled in california as an army veteran is accused of planning to kill dozens of people. the break that led to the arrest, and violence in the streets of venezuela. it's where we have been all day as this news continues to break. the opposition leader
10:27 am
juan guaido has called for an uprising against the disputed president maduro. the steps the trump administration can and should take it. the power panel slides in. ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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bringing all of it up to our high standards. by the time we're done, our cars are beyond "certified." they're carvana certified. so whether you have it delivered or pick it up, we do it all so you can rest easy. >> harris: breaking news, let's get an update. a military uprising underway in venezuela. opposition leader juan guaido is looking to get rid of disputed president nicolas maduro with thousands of protesters in the streets. some of the military. we heard about that earlier in the newscast, about those defections and the joining now with guaido of some of those military leadership. the trump administration is throwing its support behind guaido, as it has since january. time now for the power panel. dan heninger, deputy editor for "the wall street journal" editorial page paid a lot of good reporting from the journal today on this. judy miller, the pulitzer prize winning journalist and author. judy, i will start with you.
10:32 am
with the violence that broke out, and that horrific scene that played out in real time of a military vehicle not stopping when they got to a crowd of protesters. but ruling over them. >> right, this is the way a counter-coup happens. where this is the way a counter-uprising happens. we are now going to see whether or not there is a plan b for the opposition leader guaido. because this is his moment. this is a make or break uprising. this will not happen again. if it doesn't succeed now, i think this effort to unseat nicolas maduro is finished. that is why so much is at stake for the united states, for russia, which has sent a small number of men into venezuela to tilt the scales for the cubans, who have sent thousands of soldiers, a great deal is at stake in our hemisphere. >> let's keep in mind, the
10:33 am
cupid's been there for years. they basically prop up maduro, cuban intelligence, and they are absolutely ruthless. they have no qualms about rolling a tank or a vehicle like that into a crowd of people. guaido and the opposition uprising has got to come to grips with the fact that the cubans and the russians are willing to do whatever you need to do to protect that government. >> harris: you talk about what's next for guaido. representative michael waltz of florida, former green beret, was on with me a short time ago. he says the venezuelan army chief has moved over. that matters, and it matters that leopoldo lopez, the ally and mentor of guaido, was in the streets today. >> there are two factors you want to look for today. one is the number of people who will actually turn out in the
10:34 am
streets of caracas, venezuela, a country of -- >> harris: 700 already in prison. >> and soon they will kill them because dan is right, these people will not hesitate to do what is necessary to hold onto power. two, will the military stay bought? right now, maduro has paid him off. he has paid off the chief will they go? >> harris: representative walt says now there has to be amnesty for those remaining military. there's got to be a period of bringing them over. go ahead, dan. >> you're getting ahead of yourself. you on what is the window light customer you say this is tight, what happens here. >> not just the venezuelan military, you also have the informal militias, the thugs, the real power behind maduro. they are willing to do whatever is necessary. these street militias. if they start opening fire on these crowds of people, if they start fighting with the soldiers
10:35 am
who have gone to the other side, really -- as judy is suggesting -- it could be something similar to what happened in turkey with flight and erdogan. but the turkish military put it down. you can expect the venezuelan military to move in force against those people in the streets. >> harris: i want people to pay attention to their screens. some of these pictures are live and some are from moments ago as we kind of watch this. this is life, i'm told. we can hear gunfire a short time ago, you see people who have come out, it's impossible to tell from this distance each area, but there were intense crowds in some areas.
10:36 am
others on bridges and overpasses, as you are seeing there. we are quickly, i saw you clean up the word "coup." there's a lot of going back and forth about that now. this is a country that has driven out, if you will come a 3 million people. you changed your wording. why do we need to be careful with that word today? >> i think the issue of legitimacy is one of the things that the people are divided over. it is nicolas maduro the legitimate president? >> harris: which would make it not a coup. >> exactly. or is juan guaido really the man who should be the interim leader before the venezuelan people finally have a chance in a free and fair election to decide, rather than an election that is rigged in favor of maduro? that's what that stake. if you want it's important to get what's at stake there. judy and dan, thank you very much. fox news alert on this, an army veteran under arrest accused of plotting terror attacks in retaliation for the new zealand mosque metzger left they say he scouted a california location where he wanted to kill 50 people. >> he requested the construction of improvised exclusive devicee planned to use in the attack. he allegedly purchased several hundred 3-inch long nails to be used in ied player less
10:37 am
as a shrapnel, specifically because the nails were long enough to penetrate the human be internal organs. >> harris: oh, my goodness prejonathan hunt come alive in los angeles. jonathan? >> mark steven domingo is 26 years old. he's a former infantryman who served in combat with the u.s. army, converted to islam, and according to prosecutors, wanted -- as he put it -- to give americans "a taste of the terror they gladly spread all over the world." >> our biggest fear is this was a rapid what we called radicalization to mobilization to violence. sometimes we get asked what keeps you up at night, this is a case that keeps us up at night. >> investigators say that domingo posted an online message on march 3rd saying that "america needs another vegas event." an apparent reference to the
10:38 am
2017 mass shooting in las vegas that killed 59 people. he then began discussing seeking revenge for the new zealand mosque shootings that killed 50 people in march. at that point, an fbi informant began talking with him onlin about his plans. domingo allegedly talked about bombing the busy santa monica pier, and then talked about a planned white nationalist rallied due to took place in long beach this last week in. he bought nails, as he heard. he handed them to a man he believed to be a bomb maker but who was actually an undercover police officer. he was arrested just two days before his planned attack. after he was given the bombs that he believed to be real and began surveying the area where he intended to set them off. federal agents also rated the domingo family home. >> this whole thing is surprising to us. to all of the dimming of family and relatives. of course, we complied.
10:39 am
we did not resist. we allowed them into search the house. they showed us the warrant. >> the u.s. attorney in charge of this described domingo as a man consumed with hate and bent on mass murder. the u.s. attorney also praised the joint effort by law enforcement agencies to identify him and prevent what prosecutors called a "chilling terror plot," harris, that could have killed hundreds of innocent americans. >> harris: jonathan hunt, thank you for the latest on tha that. joe biden is hitting the campaign trail in iowa today and getting good news from a new poll. can the former vp keep up the momentum? ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug.
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10:44 am
2020 announcement earned him an 11-point boost among likely democratic voters, cementing his front running status -- at least for now. joining me is jose armistead mundo, former deputy national press secretary for the democratic national committee for the last time you and i saw each other we were in a i would for town hall discussing this very issue. he gets a boost. what you make of it? >> i'm not surprised. i think joe biden will be one of the, if not the come a front runner of the primaries. he's a likable guy, he is someone who has been in the senate, he served as vice president three years. the people already know him. he is a common face. he's in the right place. all candidates and present have to go to i would. somebody said. >> harris: i want to be delicate with this, but i thought democrats are going to go for some diversity. he's a man, he doesn't have a tan, and he's over 75. you haven't changed the game, as he had said you might.
10:45 am
i don't mean you personally, but you were part of the leadership of the dnc. >> outlook, harris. we have to recognize that the american people will decide who they want to nominate for the democratic party to lead the nominee of the party. that's first and foremost. that doesn't mean that if he is the front runner we have more diversity on the ticket. it's a little bit too early to jump into that, but the american people will decide -- >> harris: but it's not too early, jose! is that it would be delicate about asking about it, but it's not. you got cory booker, others saying, "i'm going to pick a woman." this is a conversation the democrat started. >> it's true. i'm with you on that. we need to understand that -- cory booker, kamala harris, julian castro, most of those guys and girls are a little bit more to the left. they are more progressive. i think the american people, we have to have a more moderate candidate. that moderate candidate is joe biden. >> harris: okay.
10:46 am
i mean, it's interesting. i know the follow-up naturally should be, is that irrespective of diversity? that we will move on. venezuela today. i want to hit it with you because you were born there. this is the one area, as a democrat, from the dnc leaderip where you say, "i agree with president trump." why? >> i will say it again, i agree with the present. i think he has done the right thing for my native country of venezuela. with happening today, harris, is very important. i want to be very clear. this is not a clue. this is a retake of democracy of the venezuelan people. this isn't the smack this is in the constitution brayed that the right to get him up. i'm happy for the united states and the international community. over 50 countries across the world recognize president guaido as interim president. >> harris: i had on the representative michael waltz from florida earlier, we talked about with the military situation would look like. he said america's building already a coalition, some of
10:47 am
those countries you mention. what do you think the next steps should be for america? as you look at the trump administration, how is it different than what we've done in the past? >> sure, first and foremost the venezuelan people right now have to come -- that if you go to the streets. >> harris: they are in. >> that's right. but this is not just going to end today. they've got to stay at it. the military forces have to continue to go to the right side of history, they have to be with president guaido. what president trump at the united states of america have to do is, number one, ensure that the humanitarian aid continues to go to venezuela. they have to be ready to defend democracy. what that looks like? we don't know. could be an intervention, or not. time will tell. i think there are a lot of things happening, developing every single day. i can tell you that we are as close as we have ever been in the last 20 years of this dictatorship. >> harris: did you ever think in your lifetime you would see what you are seeing now? >> honestly, i had -- i'm very
10:48 am
happy come as a venezuelan. my father lives there, i have a lot of family down there. i have been there, i was there two or three years ago. it's horrible. horrible to see people die because lack of medicine. horrible -- -- >> harris: or disagree with the routine >> that's exactly right i've got to say, i'm super optimistic. i think we are almost there. but we've got to stay pushing. >> harris: jose everest of mono, put on his president trump for a moment to talk to venezuela. thank you very much, good to see. as the president is calling for new asylum restrictions, a new caravan of migrants is headed to mexico. a live report from our southern border. coming up. ♪ t we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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10:53 am
new mexico. the determined field is urging people who visited a nonclosed albuquerque spa to get tested for the virus. after a so-called "vampire facial," which involves injecting a person's blood into their own face to improve the skin prayed they do not have a license to draw blood, which only a medical professional can do. the trump administration has released updated guidelines on the silent, it happened yesterday pray this is a new caravan of migrants, right now on your screen, coming from as far away as africa and bangladesh, making its way toward the seven tip of mexico. william la jeunesse is live at the border in mcallen, texas, as the care caravan moves near. >> that's where the journey begins. for many, this is where dan's on the banks of the rio grande river for others, getting caught to stop by the border patrol here is just a bump in the road. what president trump is trying to do with his plan, he's trying
10:54 am
to plug that asylum loophole. deliver some consequences. that's what's treating the resources, the manpower, the detention space. we have some video shot earlier today when the border patrol was tracking a group of about 20 migrants on the ground and with the helicopter. a thousand printings a day, 30% of the nation's total. about 20,000 asylum-seekers, family and unaccompanied minors, the rest are single men looking for a job. >> one thing that's different here, these are all young men. you don't see any children. that's why they ran. if you have a child, a family, you can claim asylum and get released. as young men, that wouldn't happen. >> we always talk about the caravan. in fact, there's a river of migrants coursing through mexico at any time from around the world. the shelter down at the border that rick shot this morning shows that cuba, haiti, africa, asia, and many will end up here.
10:55 am
>> you can only enforce the law. these families will continue to come, to find these cases. because people know what they can get away with, what they need to do in order to get here, i get further into the united states using children as a loophole. >> similar, he also can use congress in this bill from senator johnson and wisconsin. that would tighten the initial incredible fear interview, meang few people get through. add judges and bed space. eliminate work prevents for between the ports of entry. allow them to hold for more than 20 days, it would stop asylum shopping. if you go through mexico come you stay in mexico. and it would allow people to repatriate unaccompanied minors have their parents still back in central america. i will wrap with you right now. basically, the point is that the problem may be here but the
10:56 am
solution is in washington. frankly, they can't arrest their way out of this problem. harris? >> harris: william la jeunesse, thank you very much come on our southern border. i'll be right back what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable. and 149 dollars is all it takes to get screened and help take control of your health. we're life line screening... and if you're over 50... call this number, to schedule an appointment... for five painless screenings that go beyond
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>> harris: stay with fox news all day for the breaking news from venezuela. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: military uprising unfolding in venezuela as juan guaido calls for the end of the regime of nicholas maduro. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." chaos unfolding in the streets of the capital city of caracus. supporters of guaido clashing with special forces. we have u.s. reaction from the state department, but let's begin with phil keating in miami. phil? >> reporter: dana, disputed president nicholas maduro remains in power, but the


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