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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  April 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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us as of course it's his committee that will talk to the attorney general bill barr in the hearing, he don't want to miss that. we will never be the rage psychotic hate trump media. let not your heart be troubled. thank you for being with us. laura ingraham is standing by. >> laura: thank you. i will be on fox tomorrow morning for some of the special coverage. fantastic show. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" ." democrats grow increasingly impatient over impeachment. newt gingrich will be here to account his own experience with the clinton proceeding as well as his reaction to a charlottesville judges ruling on confederate statues. what did gordon chang to find about chinese journalists, they "the ingraham angle" investigates. speaking of deep dives, who is letitia james? looking into the new attorney
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general from new york, her bio after she comes after trump, his family and now the nra. why are you being told about this? first, making moral again. that is the focus of today's angle. there was a laugh out loud moment this morning as joe biden made his presidential pitch on abc's "good morning america." there were several nice lepers but i'm trying to restrain myself here. check this out. speak with the president has a motto, make america great again. do you have one? >> make america moral again. make america return to the essence of who we are, the dignity of the country and people changing our people with dignity. and this god awful division that is being taken to separate people. >> laura: i'm not sure why she
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had to keep interjecting there. [laughs] joe biden will make is moral again? is that the same joe biden was driven out of the race years ago amidst charges of plagiarism? is this the same catholic joe who has evolved away from his face? he was once pro-life and even voted for abortion bands 1997. only when that ban was upheld in 2007 by the supreme court, catholic joe evolved. >> with his court date it took that decision and put a trojan horse there threw actually dishonest reasoning, a lady ground work groundwork for undoing roe v. wade. that is the danger of this decision. the rationale offered to justify i think the next step they will take. >> laura: several bishops have denied him communion to his
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rabid act of the sea. i didn't even know that until today and now he is lecturing us on morality? what does he mean by his morality? >> the dignity of the country and people and treating our people with dignity. this is about restoring dignity, the dignity of work. >> laura: dignity? he is a fun person. i'm sure he is a nice guy. at age 76 is coming across as kind of a rambling left school version of obama. we know how much dignity he believes those working-class americans deserve deserved, obama. >> in pennsylvania, a lot the midwest. each administration has said that somehow these committees will regenerate and they have not.
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they claim to democrats or religion or people who are like that >> laura: now we are supposed to believe that those better klinger's will look to rambling job to retake their dignity? i've been feeling most americans don't look to the government to deliver their morality or their dignity. i think most people want to be left alone to live their lives in peace and maybe have a few extra bucks in their pocket. the argument he is trying to make is i am nicer than mean old trump so vote for me. i think you could call this the mayor pete of fact. he saw pete buttigieg as mounting religious platitudes while advocating radical policies and he thought, i can literally do that better than he can. the truth is this is a candidate and a party in a tough spot her here.
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politico reported this, democrats sweat trumps the economy. we don't really have a robust national message right now, you think? if you listen carefully the 2020 democrats aren't making the case that their ideas are going to grow the economy faster than trump or lead to bigger wage increases were lower unemployment numbers. instead they become the self-appointed, self-anointed leaders of a new liberal moral majority. >> we need to restore that moral fabric. >> this is a moral issue. this is an issue on a reflection of our values. >> i'm tired of that. >> laura: speaking of moral of deja the democrats have forgotten what they have shown america lately. after spending two years defaming president trump and calling him a traitor, democrats are proven wrong in the mueller report and yet they refused to
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apologize. how is that moral? on the issue of illegal immigration, democrats are lying to the american people about a full-blown crisis at her border. nancy pelosi won't work with him on the issue just because of politics. how is that moral? things are pretty either for joe biden as the we are more moral than trump party. where are they calling for the resignation of the chicago prosecutor? allowed jussie smollett to walk free or how about the liberal baltimore mayor on the brink of resignation tonight. a federal investigations on her financial dealings. we must've missed a joe's comments on her. morality is just busting out all over at the virginia state house for the democrats have a sitting governor and attorney general both with black face problems.
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let's not forget mr. morality himself, a democrat justin fairfax, i will let one of his excuse was told that story. >> i broke down into tears. i feel guilty. >> why do you feel guilty? >> happened to her after it happened to me and had i had the strength for the courage to say something in 2,000, maybe it never would have happened to he her. >> laura: that is hard to watch but in the immediate aftermath of the stories and remember some democrats did urge the men to step aside but you noticed how quiet it has gotten lately? if it had been a republican, any official democrats would not have rested until those men were driven out of office. clearly democrats bitter about his wrong economy, their desperate and they are clinging
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to their morality narrative. there is another problem. they have also become the party of infanticide, was the governor who well not an blackface explained the chris lee process that he sought to expand under his state law. >> if a mother is in labor i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that is what the mother of the family to desired and a discussion would ensue between the positions on the mother. >> laura: days later the assembly passed a bill legalizing this under criminalizing late-term abortions. the reaction? >> the bill has passed. [cheers and applause] that my friends is a moral
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standing ovation. his people of the moral exemplars, are you kidding me? democrats ought to get off their moral high horses or they will get blocked right off. it is immoral to condemn and judge a man who like all of us is flawed but who gave up a really cushy life to fight hard every day for prosperity and security for all americans and he has done more for the cause of life than any president in my lifetime and i worked for ronald reagan. this record of trump is stunning, even with all the ranchers that the democrats have tried to jam. holding numerous planks out of your own eye before you start condemning others as immoral for political gain. that is the angle. joining me now with the reaction to this, matt shellac the chairman of the union. charlie kirk, founder and president of the turning point
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usa and the host of the charlie kirk show launching tomorrow on podcast one. you can catch new episodes of course of my podcast, i knew i dropped dead today. her voters to believe this democratic morality masquerade? >> they are talking reality because they can't take trump on his policies. look at pennsylvania specifically, they shed jobs and are picking them up under donald trump. look specifically at trade and immigration, popular issues with these swing photos, they can't beat them on the policy. >> if the economy was so good why is trumps popularity in the high or low 40s? >> laura: because we have a complete dishonest media never gives him a break. >> and bad news, that won't change. the economy get softer. as far as the morality is
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concerned. >> laura: are you hoping for that economy? >> of course not. >> laura: you look happy. >> i'm thrilled. >> laura: give me obama's average again? he came out of something, the last two years? >> give a present and the white house who put babies in cages, he paid a porn star and had an affair while his wife had a baby and i'm not sure which was happening when auntie bragged about assault people say, he got elected. >> laura: so you are comfortable with the democrats and the role of the moral majority. they would be, any conservative would be ridiculed. mike pence was ridiculed and they ridiculed him for saying he doesn't want to have meetings with women by himself. pico at his house clear and
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climate change, some people and i know you don't agree with where the president, with the democrats are on abortion and that is a right, you have your point. people in virginia by two and one parent check it out if the women's health was in danger then abortion -- >> a former advisor lecturing us on morality is one of the ironies of all time. here is the one thing about donald trump and why he is the most moral president. he has done what he has said he is going to do. that is the number one way you should gauge that. >> laura: he has done a lot. >> i've never seen a president go so out of his way to hold the commitments on the premises to do with the people want. >> laura: that is a important way to charge any president.
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are you trying to do what you said you would do? obama said he would renegotiate all these trade deals with nasa and china, what did he do on any of that? didn't renegotiate any deals. we bled manufacturing jobs under him. >> at the top three issues, the economy, china and securing the southern border. it is hard for the democrats because he is still on their issues. >> laura: want to remind everybody how the moral arbiters on the left and this is what they say they are now, that is the big message we we will rese dignity and morality, how they speak regularly about the president and his supporters. >> we will teach him sleep. >> whether we impeach him or no not, i would take him. pete >> you get out!
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those republican leaders president trump don't care. >> laura: politics gets heated and i'm not saying, we are all tough people. those were the people we should look to for our moral guidance? come on. if republicans say the similar things all the time, you can best be going. >> joe biden who i can understand why you'd want to take him down because he is now doing quite well. as he says, put me against the alternative and that is the person and the white house called countries as whole countries. he is running against donald trump and he uses those terms from the podium with kids listening and i think that is wrong.
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>> i will be honest. this idea that he is the presumptive nominee i don't accept. >> laura: i don't mean to sound like that, joe biden is fun. he is like a fun cool person anyway. i don't agree with his politics. do you think he has dropped a few steps? he seems a lot less joe biden and not to saying something. he seems like he has dropped a couple of steps. >> it was unclear if the measured like that, deciding to be different not cognitively put a different persona. you are talking about a president who can't pronounce a word like origins, that is an the white house. >> laura: i need to get to this, there was a headline that sent democrats the other networks into a fit of frenzy. it read the following, "mueller
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complained that bill barr's letter trumps probe. here are some of the reaction. >> i think he should resign and if he does not he should be facing impeachment. >> unprecedented stunning rebuke the attorney general. devastating his credibility and in the department. >> he was trying to cover up basically presidential involvement with russia and possible presidential criminality. >> laura: deep inside the reporting were two lines they don't seem to be quoting. "when he pressed him whether he thought his letter was inaccurate mueller said he did not but felt the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreting the investigation." his office made no effort to battle the wrong coverage of collusion so this letter is a bit odd to be leaked now.
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he said he didn't want to review the synopsis. he had the option of reviewing the synopsis and he said it's okay. >> will the real bob mueller please step up? we had to wait for his report, no wrongdoing in the democrats say we have to see them, there must be wrong doing! now he is speaking up and saying the attorney general mischaracterized the report and a singular way? there is no specific detail. >> i agree. have them stand up and put his hand up with a live testimony. that is what will resolve all of this. what is beef as with bill barr. when he said no collusion that was not a term that mueller is asked. he said he could not establish. >> any legal framework you exist in a binary sense. that is not how it works.
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you have to have facts and evidence. >> laura: they couldn't establish intent. they could have taken him to court and they decided not to. >> they took it to congress. >> he doesn't have the goods. >> laura: panel, great conversation. newt gingrich is next on a surprising confederate statues ruling from a charlottesville charge will tell us why this charge will tell us why this matters a lot in a webut some of us turn outhose dreams...... into action... the bookers. the doers. the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers! because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... is right there for the booking. be a booker at the world's #1 choice for booking accommodations.
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>> laura: a major victory for the defenders of our nation's history and a big rebuke for those trying to erase america's past. in the wake of those deadly protests and charlottesville, virginia, the city council voted to remove two confederate statues but a charlottesville circuit court judge just wrote that the statues are war monuments that are protected under virginia state law and cannot be moved without permission or a change in the law. newt gingrich is joining me now, the former speaker of the house and the author of the new book
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"collusion." the judge is saying that people are making these confederate statues got to be something other than what they actually are, a reminder of our war history. what are your thoughts? >> i think you move towards a totalitarian state when you start creating a memory hole and you decide which parts of the past you want to erase. you have to lie about who you are, it is funny, the left has decided that robert e. lee is unacceptable and yet in 1975 the senator joe biden voted to give him his citizenship back something he lost in the civil war. this remarkable change, i think the whole effort on the left to erase american history is wrong and i think people ought to stand up for it. you are not standing up for the values of those people were standing up for the fact that they were a significant part of
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american history and deserve to be studied as american history and i think in fact studying the role of slavery and the civil war helps you better understand america. >> laura: it understands our scars, our lessons, the great struggle for freedom of all people and it is bizarre. have you been to new orleans? that huge pedestal there were they removed the middle of the night. i don't think anybody knows where that went. now it is just a stark reminder of this taliban approach to american history. i'm not endorsing slavery, no one is but they are saying this is what we came from and i think we should build new memorials to expand the conversation. it is very odd. i want to move onto the the dirty politics in washington.
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president trumps refusal now to cooperate with fees and less democrat subpoenas, it is now intensifying the democrats push for impeachment. >> i think he has escalated the conflict. the president has passed the gauntlet and he is prepared to fight tooth and nail and we are prepared to fight him back. >> laura: finally they got around to evoking executive privilege. owen mcgann was in the white house counsel's office. what is your advice for the president? >> ester with the obvious reality, a republican senate is not going to convey to the president of anything. it is not going to happen. therefore the democrats in the house can jump up and down and scream and hold their breath until they turn purple it doesn't matter. they will not have any ability to get things done in terms of
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impeachment. these people have proven they have no interest in the truth, no interest in the facts and if you give and they will just demand more. i think he is very wise to draw a firm line in the ground and say no, we will not. i think the attorney general bill barr is very wise to not agree to allow lawyers were on the staff to ask questions. it changes totally the relationship and frankly allows purely professional politicians who are trained lawyers to sit in there and spent weeks preparing ways to track. that will do fine against members of congress but nobody will go in with the series of well-trained staff lawyers that do very well. >> laura: it is preposterous. as you mentioned, he shows up tomorrow and two days of testimony and 24 hours after
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this reported mueller letter. bill barr says he is not going to show up for the second session if democrats don't back down on their demand for like an extra hour of questioning by lawmakers and committee attorneys. jerry nadler is saying, barr is in the attorney general will not have a choice. >> it is not up to the attorney general to tell the committee how to conduct their business. we will decide what the most effective way of asking questions are not as our decision. we will have to go to subpoenas if he doesn't show up. >> laura: i guess bring it, we will see you in court. eco-the subpoena normally is unenforceable. they will not be very effective in subpoenaing the attorney general and they look, the more they do this the more tired the country will get. if he can get the democrats into
11:28 pm
publicly being so focused on this kind of game, the country will be very tired of the democrats as people who are trying to help solve americans problems. >> laura: i have to ask you about the timing of this leak tonight on the letter to barr which is being completely mischaracterized. people are frothing at the mouth. they are like, he was telling him he is mischaracterizing the report. it is so patently ridiculous. like bill barr would misrepresent the report, it is crazy. what do you make of the timing? >> i assume somebody wanted to leak it to maximize the embarrassment of barr to set up the questions for the hearings the next two days. the deep state and washington has played these games for the whole history of the country, this is not something new. jefferson and hamilton is to
11:29 pm
subsidize newspapers to attack each other while they are both serving in the cabinet. we have had a long history of this stuff. after all the noise you shrug your shoulders and say so what? he had every opportunity to come out the day that barr released his letter. mueller could have at any point decided to refute it and as i understand the actual key sentences, the distortion is by the news media. it is not by barr. >> laura: he said i don't disagree with the outcome of your synopsis, it was the way the media was pounding. >> think about this. the media that mueller is complaining about are the people who are using his complaint to further distort what is going on. you couldn't make this up. >> laura: want to congratulate you, your new book is out today
11:30 pm
called "collusion." it is a novel and everybody has to read it. it is not about mueller! it is so typical to just time it perfectly. congratulations, we are all reading it. i tweeted about it today. thank you so much. coming up, one of our next guests says almost all chinese journalists here are spies. >> tech: you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well sooner or later... every chip will crack. >> mom: hi. >> tech: so bring it to safelite. we can repair it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance, it's no cost to you. >> mom: really? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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♪ >> laura: why isn't a full on disengagement from china a realistic and smart approach for this country? are they not thieves of american ingenuity? $600 billion annually, do they not pose a security threat? china's mining intelligence from an estimated 23 million records of american federal workers, why are we not doing more to isolate china as we did with the ussr? since i asked that question in three weeks ago american officials and media outlets are speaking out more freely about the threat of communist china. "wall street journal" calling out business titans and a piece noting, u.s. law prohibits companies from exporting satellites to china but the u.s. doesn't regulate how a band
11:35 pm
width is used once that device is in space. that has allowed china to essentially rent the capacity of u.s. built satellites. some of america's biggest companies including carlyle group has facilitated china's effort. then there are american officials, chris ray just this past friday. >> no country poses a broader more severe intelligence collection threat than china. china has pioneered a societal approach to stealing innovation in any way it can from a wide array of businesses, universities and organizations. >> laura: green lit by the chinese communist government. my next guest says there are two enemies in particular that require serious repercussions. the author of the book, the coming collapse of china.
11:36 pm
he is joined by the president of research institute and author of bully of asia, why their dream as a threat to the order. to say that chinese journalists and students here in this country need to face the music, explain? >> for decades the community and even china without a security clearances has known that most of the journalists for the state media organizations have been spies. you go back agency which is the press outlet and they not only to press releases and articles, they provide classified intelligence briefings for senior leaders. just on a personal level i remember 2007, 2008 i gave a presentation about korea and washington, d.c., and afterwords this journalists from eight legal dale in virginia, he came
11:37 pm
up to me and wanted to talk about china. clearly there is an ongoing intelligence agency effort and it is on journalists and they do you students. >> laura: is speaking students, washington, d.c., as a mecca for recruiting international students and a lot of it is great and fine but there is a special effort now underway in major american universities to recruit for chinese students to come here and many of them, admission officer told me on sunday, many of the students are sponsored by the chinese government to come here. we didn't do that during the cold war. i studied in russia during the cold war for semester. there was no reciprocity. we didn't deal with it and that way so why are we dealing with china in this particular open arms approach? >> there has never been reciprocity with china.
11:38 pm
i was the first scholar who went there in 1979, how many scholars today sent to the united states which are marked 50,000. there has never been reciprocity and we welcome them with open arms. everybody who leaves china has to get a passport and an exit visa from the government, they are visited by security forces and they are told that when they are in the united states they should keep your ears and eyes open for any technology, any intellectual property that would be useful to the government and they are told they can state and the united states and feed information back or can get the information and put it on a flash drive and take it back to china but the recruiting is done on the way out. in that sense, a lot of the chinese scholars and students are here for one purpose and that is to lift as much intellectual property from our country and take it back to china. >> laura: i keep going back to this and no one has a good dancer.
11:39 pm
why do we not treat china as we treated ussr? the word adversary, an enemy in many ways trying to break down interest from the globe and exporting their communist values to other countries. china is much bigger and more powerful than the soviet union was in the 1970s today. yet we take a completely different approach. isn't this the power of wall street and global business interests that drive this connection between the united states and china? it is all about the cash. >> certainly and that is our fault for creating those relationships. the 2017 law that requires every organization to spy if demanded and china has this grains of sand approach where they collect information from businesspeople, tourists, scholars, you name it.
11:40 pm
they just bring it back and assemble it. >> laura: why are we doing this? the same question i asked about our southern border. we worked her tail off to make our country the shining city and then we leave our border open and now we open our arms to the communist government of china. i don't understand it. we are inching for this trade deal, unless they will stop cheating, spying, picking up our technology i don't see why trump would do any trade deal with china. >> they should do a trade deal with china because we have to understand the big picture and that is china declared a cold war on us in 1991. we know that he told a senior communist leadership america depleted the soviet union in the first cold war but there is a new cold war between china and united states and we are going to win this. i was 28 years ago and they've been at work with us for almost
11:41 pm
the last three decades, they are the new evil empire. we need to shut down the transfer of technology. >> laura: absolutely and they are not spending trillions of dollars fighting war. they are saving. we are unveiling a new segment with one of our favorites, we go through the news
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♪ >> laura: a new segment with one of our favorite guests, congressman, we are calling this the news whip with the minority whip which is cheesy. >> let's try it out. >> laura: the president hosting a number of democrats for negotiations on infrastructure. here was some of the reaction from both parties. >> you want to get money, build
11:45 pm
bridges, how do you feel? >> will he be able to deliver? in the past he often has sent. there is work we need to do with roads and bridges. >> they are excited about the conversation we had with the president. >> laura: they were all smiling and so happy coming out of that meeting. i was nancy pelosi sogeti? will they blow 2 trillion on infrastructure? >> how do you pay for it? it is taxes. that is where they will want to go. it has to be paid for, that is where i think it breaks down. >> laura: look at nancy pelosi now, that was today. look at her smile versus during the immigration meeting. she was biting her lip. a tale of two nancy's. what is going on? i guess they started at 1 trillion and he was like let's do a 2 trillion.
11:46 pm
we are $22 trillion in debt. there can be no deficit spending and no new taxes and that is where it breaks down. i think she is smiling because she got to get away from the capital. they have bogged her down, this my rate of anti-semitism, socialism, the boston marathon bomber bulging. >> laura: that is the new morality. america moral again. congressman, some think that the president is looking for infrastructure for immigration trade. we will give you infrastructure and you to give us some stuff on immigration. a new poll reveals the percentage of democrats was to the border as a crisis shipped 17 points in january. if democrat voters are coming to this conclusion finally that this is a real emergency, allow the president have to negotiate
11:47 pm
here? >> may be the infrastructure is the wall. people get that we need to secure the border, republicans and democrats, how do you do that? you have to have some physical barriers and i'm not talking about washington democrats by people on the mainland of this country want a secure border and i know that. they know the drugs that are coming across on the violence. they see this caravan. >> laura: caravans. >> laura: all the problems it is bringing and all these interior problems, catch and release. >> laura: how did 5g become infrastructure? we thought it was a shovel ready. we have to mention bernie sanders. he mentioned he is trickling down to get the felons to vote but it doesn't end there. >> at a time when the republican party and donald trump are working overtime to suppress the vote to make it harder for
11:48 pm
people of color, we have to make it clear in my view that if you are an american citizen if you do something terrible we cannot take away your right to vote whether you are in jail or whether you left jail. clearly what republicans are doing is trying to deny people up color the right to vote. >> laura: that is it. >> that is the most offensive thing. president trump has been celebrating the fact that african-american unemployment is the lowest in history and fernie want to celebrate that. he wants to give felons and present the right to vote while they are in prison. we are for everybody being able to vote one time in each election and they are having problems with those laws that make sure you have the integrity to vote for everybody. protect everybody's right to vote except felons. if you are in federal prison you shouldn't be voting. >> laura: do you know joe biden? >> i have met them a number of times. >> laura: he doesn't seem like
11:49 pm
the old joe biden. >> if you had to compete in this field of socialists, it's a different world out there. >> laura: congressman, thank you. the new york attorney general is at war with the trump administration, but what we know about her? an inv
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♪ >> the attorney general is independently elected and she has elected and the state to enforce the law. the nra is originally chartered in this state. she has jurisdiction and she believes it may have been the illegal activity and she is pursuing that case. the president's accusations that it is a politically motivated, it's all garbage. you don't do that and new york. >> laura: never. it is totally clean and new york. president trump is a slamming letitia james of accusing her of trying to destroy his ally, the nra. her real goal is to take down president drop. trace gallagher and our west coast newsroom on all the details.
11:54 pm
>> letitia james is the first black woman ever elected to a statewide office in new york and the state's first female attorney general and she campaigned primarily on an anti-trump agenda adding, we will use every area of the law to investigate president trump and has business projections and that of his family as well. we want to investigate anyone and his orbit who has not violated the law and deter first three months in office she has subpoenaed bank records through various trump as asians and tax documents. critics say she should not be using the office to wage partisan political battles, the president has called the agenda unfair and illegal and now letitia james is also keeping her promise to investigate the tax exempt status of the national rifle association. here she is on msnbc tonight. >> we have issued letters requiring certain entities to
11:55 pm
retain documents on communication. some of those entities have received subpoenas. it is critically important that the nra follows the law just like any other charitable organization and the state of new york. >> the outside counsel says it will cooperate quoting the nra is prepared for this and has full confidence in its accounting practices and commitment to good governance. president trump wasn't too accommodating, "the nra is under siege in the new york state ag who are illegally using the state's legal apparatus to take down and destroy this very important organization and others. it must get its act together quickly. stop the internal fighting and get back to greatness fast." also reportedly issuing subpoenas to the nra related businesses. >> laura: thank you so much. why did beto o'rourke have to abandon the campaign trail and
11:56 pm
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.. >> laura: it is time for the last bite. beta >> beto o'rourke announcing he had an urgent matter to attend to in el paso and it wasn't the border crisis. >> been on the road the last 6 or 7 days, get a chance to come back home and to see them and
12:00 am
address some crises we've got in our house. our baby turtle went missing last night and it does not look good. >> if you see beto's turtle please tweet. i have pets, incredibly important, we hope that gus walks home soon. that is all-time we have tonight. shannon: we need to bring your pets to work night. >> sealing the deal with you. shannon: a fox news alert. a lot of breaking news to get through. in venezuela the country's opposition leader taking a step toward toppling nicholas madero's regime. the final phase of operation liberty. we are monitoring the situation live. a new wrinkle, william barr heads to t


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