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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 1, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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was able to run to safety. he is standing by watching it burden and it blows. he's fine how my happy to report. most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. >> the option to use military force is available if that is what calls for. we hope it is not. we will ensure venezuelan democracy is restored. >> this is "fox and friends first" at 4:00 on the east coast. venezuela on fire. the uprising against the maduro regime taking a turn for the worse. parking violence in the streets. the socialist government on the brink of collapse. should the us step in? the crisis at the border like you have never seen it. an up close look at migrants pushing towards the us, live in mexico.
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have you adult yet this morning? there's a sticker for that. "fox and friends first" starts right now. good morning. once again you are watching "fox and friends first" wednesday morning. thank you for starting the day with us. venezuela on the brink of collapse, the secret police breaking with nicholas maduro, the streets filled with tear gas and firebombs. the violence breaking out as juan guaido calls for an uprising. in miami, the us is responding.
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>> operation liberty, juan guaido puts it, and his second day. it is dark in caracas as it is on the east coast. the historic day of communist and socialist demonstrations around the world. massive ones in the streets of caracas calling for nicholas maduro to leave office. yesterday saw thousands of opponents of the maduro regime engaging with rocks and molotov cocktails with forces that at one time drove into the crowd on the streets running over some people. 60 total throughout the day were reportedly injured. president maduro appeared on state television saying the skirmishes have been defeated and his defense minister stood firm saying we reject this oppression by the north american empire.
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mike pompeo dropped this, prepared to flee to cuba yesterday. russia told him to stay. >> hundreds of people on the ground today over the past several months, it is clear that maduro intended to leave and the russians made clear he had not departed this time. >> reporter: despite juan guaido's call for the military to defect to his side, failed to appear en masse throughout the day. former un ambassador john bolton and donald trump's national security adviser warned the venezuelan people a transfer of power is necessary now. >> the people of venezuela, this has been building for a long time, this effort fails they will sink into a dictatorship from which there are very few possible alternatives.
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the president wants to see peaceful transfer of power. the possibility exists. >> there may be a fracture in the maduro regime, secret police admonished maduro saying it is time to rebuild the country. maduro remains in office, not recognized by 50 countries. appears to be in control with military loyal to him for the moment. >> a boy had been shot. >> eric aided in a classroom. >> reporter: this video shows the handcuffed terrel taken into custody by police. motive is unknown. three students remain in critical condition. california synagogue shooter
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pleads not guilty in his first court appearance. 50 unused bullets after killing one and injuring three others saturday. he pleaded not guilty to sitting fire at a mosque in march. hannah k grieving as his mother's lori's funeral, she died a hero, shielding the rabbi from gunfire and that suspects could face the death penalty if convicted. julian assange will be sentenced in moments for violating his bail conditions while obtaining asylum. breaking the conditions last month after he did not surrender bail in 2012. he faces a year in jail. he is accused of conspiring with chelsea manning to leak classified documents was he will be back in court for us extradition hearing tomorrow. attorney general william barr
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heading to capitol hill about the russia probe as new reports say robert mueller complained about bar's interpretation of the report. in dc, how democrats are responding. >> reporter: the first big leak since the mueller report was released and it comes just hours before the attorney general goes to capitol hill. the washington post and the new york times within minutes of each other than robert mueller sent william barr a letter complaining about that for page summary bar sent a few weeks before the full report was released. mueller reportedly wrote the summary did not fully capture the context, nature and substance of his work as related to the obstruction probe. there is public confusion about critical aspects the result the investigation, the strings to undermine a special purpose for which the department appointed a
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special counsel, to assure public confidence in the outcome of the investigation. republican senators not so concerned about this. >> i want to know what led to the president of the united states, duly elected leader of the country have a counterintelligence investigation about against him by the fbi, treated like a spy by the fbi. we had a time in this country the fbi tried to run the country, tried to tell elected leaders what to do. i don't want to go back to that time in our history. >> reporter: jerry never of the house judiciary committee, i met with william barr, nadler, quote, did bob mueller -- bob mueller support your conclusion? i don't know whether bob mueller supported my conclusion. it appears that mueller objected in this 3/27 letter. the hearing gets underway in the last couple of months. tends to be interesting
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sometimes. >> it is important to look at the whole context of what was said. joe biden spending a second day in iowa, middle-class joe nickname. >> the more obligation of our time is to rebuild a little class. the reason is the middle class does well. >> the former vice president laying out his campaign platforms which include more work on the affordable care act. biden got a bump in the polls after announcing his candidacy jumping to a big lead over his closest competitors. a much anticipated infrastructure plan. >> we agreed on a number, $3
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trillion for infrastructure. >> to talk about how it is paid for. shannon: the white house calling the meeting excellent and productive. nikki haley has a new job at boeing. the un ambassador announced the board of directors, she was formerly elected at a shareholder meeting. at the same meeting the ceo defendant the safety record. and two deadly crashes. grounding its fleet, max gets worldwide. donald trump welcoming nascar champion joey logonoh and his racecar to the championship on the south lawn along with team owner roger penske.
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>> nascar is not only a thrilling display of thrill and power but the american spirit. no matter who wins the race you never forget what matters most, god, family and country. shannon: loganoh gave him a helmet he read during the meeting and he said was amazing and he wanted to pinch himself. kind of cool seeing the nascar car there at the white house. fox news alert, chaos in venezuela, the socialist regime on the brink of collapse. our next guest fled from venezuela, joining us with the lessons america must learn about the perils of socialism. ♪
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>> we are supporting the venezuelan people, it is time to get it right and build their economy so we can have free and fair elections. griff: the fight for freedom. erupting in the streets of venezuela against the socialist regime, the country on the brink of collapse as millions flee its borders. what lessons can americans learn from the socialism collapse? daniel martino joins us with more. thank you for joining us this morning. i understand you left venezuela three years ago, you still have family there. what are your thoughts as you
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watch these violent images going on between the government and citizens in the streets of venezuela? what were your thoughts? >> yesterday morning i was very hopeful we would release these regimes that have been oppressing me and my family for so many years. i am 20 years old and that is how old, for 20 years. i'm really tired of seeing what is going on, so many people starving, escaping as refugees and all because of this regime in power illegitimately. lou: members you speak to, what is it they tell you about what they are experiencing? >> the government has taken away internet. they took it away on purpose to stop communication so people could not attempt protesting the
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regime. there is no electricity they can access so they have to get out of their homes for containers with water to survive and cook. some people cook with wood instead of their kitchens because there is no electricity to cook either. heather: your own experiences before you came to america, the long lines waiting for food. >> that is right and this is due to the terrible to socialist policies they have implemented and some of the policies we want implement it in the united states which are price control. when the government cut prices companies cannot make a profit so they stopped producing many of the goods and i had to make lights myself 4 hours, to go to the supermarket 2 days a week, unimaginable in america.
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julie: breakdown of venezuela's socialist decline, the hyperinflation you talked of, chronic shortages of food and medicine and antigovernment protesters, over 130,000 who have been arrested since 2014 and 3 million venezuelans including yourself, including your parents who have fled. what would you say to some of our leaders or the people who are running on the democratic side for potentially president, promoting the socialist policies? >> bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, the main candidates for these policies, price controls have never worked anywhere. nationalization of the means of production like they propose have not worked anywhere in the
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world. do we have to try in america something that has never worked anywhere in the world, telling what venezuela has come to learn? 85% of venezuelans think socialism is the worst political and economic system ever devised. 20 years of dictatorship. shannon: you are a college student. we continue to hear polls where younger people don't understand the significance and what socialism can lead to. do you talk to your counterparts, students that don't get it? >> i have talked to many people about what you said. our job, especially my job, someone who experienced terrible consequences of socialism is helped by that. most of those people will understand.
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i don't think they understand what socialism means, they don't want price control, shortages, food, medicines, they just want better quality of life and they think companies are evil which i don't deny they are but that doesn't mean government is the answer. usually government is the problem. shannon: thank you for joining us. we will keep your family members in our lives and hearts. they are in venezuela, and pray for their safety, thank you so much. 19 after the top of the hour, mexico says they are trying to stop migrants from across the border illegally but are they doing anything about it? griff jenkins went to see for himself, what did you find? >> reporter: breaking overnight another attempt by migrants at a shelter to escape last night but the southern border to see how easy it is to sneak into mexico, that is coming up.
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. customize each line by paying for data by the gig or get unlimited. and now get $100 back when you buy a new lg. click, call, or visit a store today. heather: steady stream of migrants rushing through mexico to the us border, the wave coming despite increased pressure from washington to stem the tide. griff jenkins is on the ground in southern mexico where things of gotten chaotic. >> reporter: there was another attempt from migrants to escape, 300 trying to get out of here at 6:00 last might.
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no one was injured, no one got out. the problem is the flow of migrants across mexico's southern border from guatemala. we went down to find out how easy or hard it is to do that. the river separating mexico and guatemala. guatemala behind me and in front of me mexico. you see the boats we are passing, this is how people pass unobstructed by any federal immigration or police, it's not a port of entry. no record of the crossings. and if you take it, and towards the united states. that is what we are going to make. to make the other boat successful without any immigration folks. >> reporter: once here there is clear evidence officials are
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cracking down on migrants except one cuban woman whose cousin is in a shelter behind me. here's what she had to say about the crackdown. >> police, immigration cracking down. >> save the cubans. from month to month to month. blocking the doors. that is a lot of stuff. >> reporter: meanwhile 1800 miles north of where we are standing in new mexico, another large migrant group, crossing into the us, many of them would like to do the same. the trump administration looks at ways to make it more difficult to go through the asylum process. heather: on the river did you see any border patrol agents or
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immigration officials anywhere? >> reporter: no one in terms of federal police or immigration officials, although a quarter of a mile up the river, unofficial port of entry where immigration officials are but you could stand on that bridge and crossing illegally on that raft all day long. heather: amazing work, thank you. 26 minutes after the top of the hour. attorney general william barr on the hill today, senators get their first shot to grill him, releasing the mueller report. what can he expect and will the ag, and it is all just the latest charade by democrats and he is live next.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert, venezuela on the brink of collapse. violence and chaos on the streets of caracas as opposition to juan guaido:uprising. the head of the secret police breaking with nicholas maduro saying, quote, the time has come to seek new ways of doing politics. the trump administration is prepared to take military action. >> the president has said from the outset that nicholas maduro and those supporting him, all options are on the table. >> the options use missouri forces available. we hope it is not. heather: maduro saying, quote, we reject this aggression by the north american empire. florida congressman and the son
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of cuban immigrants mario diaz defend the us backing of the venezuelan operation, welcomed into this country to undermine the us. >> does the situation in venezuela present a national security threat to the united states? what do we know? 25,000 cubans in venezuela, russian troops in venezuela. hezbollah, iranian presence in venezuela, chinese presence in venezuela. is a potential risk for national security interest of the united states? absolutely. some may disagree, that it is a problem. i don't. it is a national security threat for the united states. heather: mike pompeo says the community and the pentagon are monitoring any potential threats
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posed by the venezuela crisis. we will stay on top of that. in the meantime, just hours from now, attorney general william barr back in the hot seat before the senate expected to be grilled over his handling of the mueller report. weigh in on what we can expect. thank you for joining us. a very busy day. what can we expect. what will happen today? >> the senators want to go through the mueller report, the 448 page mueller report. in the end the report summarizes there was no collusion on behalf of donald trump, the trump campaign. the report spells that out. the attorney general will reemphasize that along with the
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fact that there was no obstruction of justice. the issue is whether senate democrats in the committee are going to want to build a case for impeachment which i think they probably will. that is unfortunate but there is nothing there to impeach. and the end what we all learn is we in washington don't walk and chew gum well at the same time. and continuing to investigate, if they want to do that that is fine but we lose the fact we don't legislate and that to me -- heather: getting the work of the people done seems to not be on the top of the agenda for many folks. day 2, video of congressman jerry nadler, a statement from
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him, the recent washington post article that came out about the mueller report. in his statement jerry nadler says the special counsel concerns reflect our own. the attorney general should not have taken it upon himself, for -- more favorable to the president was only a matter of time before the fact caught up to him but we want to follow that up by the doj statement on this particular report that came out because if you look at the entire context which nadler does not appear to be doing. they say the special counsel emphasized nothing in the attorney general's march 24th letter was inaccurate or misleading but he expressed frustration over lack of context and media coverage regarding the obstruction analysis. what about that? >> the exact point. i have read the entire report. i don't know how many people
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read the whole report. the attorney general, i am a former united states attorney, he accurately did summarize what the report said in his march memo. at that time, he couldn't release the report because redactions needed to be made. anyone who read the report can see where those redactions have taken place because at that time, grand jury information is not allowed to be released to the public. and the way they interpret it, the fact of the matter is they can read the entire report right there.
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heather: to the reading room, they take copies out. and the unredacted version. to they make any difference in the overall finding. >> i have not read the unredacted report. it doesn't make any difference. whether democrat in the house should lead to the impeachment of the president, that is a waste of time, being able to legislate. the more hours and days that congress and the democrats investigate and try to impeach the president are days we can't to the people's work.
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heather: it will be a busy couple days. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. he lied about hate crime and was cut from his star's role on empire. jussie smollett is still getting a paycheck. todd pyro with the outrage still growing over the case.
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heather: no conflict of interest, kim fox demanding the investigation into her office's handling of the jussie smollett case the drop. prosecutor fighting a subpoena to testify in court. todd pyro with more on the legal battle. what is happening? >> when i took the attorney hat, good morning to you. fox proclaiming neither she nor her top deputy need to appear at
1:41 am
a hearing on whether or not a special prosecutor should investigate how she and her office handle be jussie smollett case. he argues the request violates a state law giving prosecutors wide discretion on whether to charge or dismiss adding she had no conflict of interest despite recusing herself for having what she calls a colloquial conflict of interest. >> i recused myself out of abundance of caution. i wanted to make sure when i started my term that any decision i made, even the appearance of impropriety would be vetted by someone other than myself. >> reporter: one of many items expect it to be at issue is the infamous text writing i recused but when people are accused of overcharging cases 16 count on a class for becomes exhibit a. i can see where that can be seen
1:42 am
as excessive. fox studios announcing is renewing empire for a sixth season but without jussie smollett's character at least for now. the studio extending options for the upcoming season but no plans for his character to return. he's going to get paid possibly for doing nothing and reportedly making $125,000 per episode. this option agreement with studio leaves open the possibility he could return to the show at some point. jussie smollett was removed from the last two episodes following his request on felony charges of filing a false police report claiming he was a victim of a racist and homophobic attack. heather: people referred to him as a third-rate actor. kim fox did that originally in text messages, called him that. >> reporter: colloquial -- heather: that an actual term?
1:43 am
colloquial conflict of interest. thank you so much, appreciate it. >> a gunshot, there was a boy shot through the side of his arm. >> we just waited for email. heather: a gunman opens fire at unc charlotte. police charging the suspect with two counts of murder. howard monroe joins us from police headquarters as investigators try to uncover a motive. what is the latest? >> good morning. a busy night here in uptown. in the last 20 minutes, we had charges that kristin terrel will be facing, two customer, four counts of attempted vertical four count of assault with a
1:44 am
deadly weapon, firing a firearm on school grounds, shooting a weapon on school grounds. tristan terrel, there is miscommunication whether or not this occurrence was involved at all. this current semester, he was on campus, others saying he was not. it has been a shocking night for many of those on campus. it happened yesterday just before 6:00 am, the last day of classes for students over there at unc charlotte. going into finals and then they have to deal with something like this. moment after the shooting the campus was put on lockdown and students were placed and held up into whichever buildings they were in, dorm rooms or other campus classrooms and stuff like that. students didn't know what was
1:45 am
going on, they put in their campus alert systems and let them know what was going on. there were issues with that. other than that, everyone else was safe on campus pretty quickly to make sure everybody was safe. tristan terrel facing two counts of murder and four count of attempted murder. we do not know when he will appear in a court. howard monroe, "fox and friends". heather: the officers got here so quickly because they were there for that end of your concert. we appreciate the update. the left claiming to the booming us economy under donald trump. >> he interpreted a healthy economy, president obama should
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take credit for that. >> the economy is doing so well. where do you think that started? heather: is that true? our next guest sets the record straight. ♪ ill nervous about buying a new house. is it that obvious? yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance. yep, they've been doing it for years. what are you doing? big steve? thanks, man. there he is. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and renters insurance.
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heather: with the trump economy booming democrats trying to steal the spotlight. >> the economy is booming and continued after president obama. donald trump despite his inauguration speech talking about doom and gloom inherited a quite healthy economy and president obama should take
1:50 am
credit for that. >> the economy is doing so well. where do you think that started? heather: two years into the trump administration which president deserves the credit? liz harrington joins us to weigh in. thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. the democrats, they know the economy is first and foremost in voters minds. they got to tackle it somehow. so successful with the trump administration. they have to figure out how to spin it and they are attempting to claim the obama administration is what is responsible for the success now. what do you think of that? >> these are the same people who blamed everything on their predecessor. barack obama said he couldn't drag the economy out of the ditch. and yet they were in the white house, obama and biden, for eight years and never saw
1:51 am
economic growth so they are trying to take credit for the unprecedented economic success of their successor, donald trump. how can they take credit for something they said was impossible? something they said was the new normal, high unemployment, less jobs, less pay. that is what they told us. barack obama said you would need a magic wand. you didn't need a magic wand. donald trump came in, instituted programs policies, the last two years of the obama administration, the manufacturing jobs today, never coming back, have grown 6 times that rate. heather: let's talk about the unemployment rate. we can compare the first 26 months of both administrations. the trump administration the first 26 months, 4.1% unemployment rate compared to former president obama with 10%. >> it is incredible.
1:52 am
they promised to kickstart the economy with a stimulus plan, said they would create 1 million jobs, joe biden was in charge of that stimulus plan and they didn't create the jobs, they changed the metric, it is going to be jobs, shovel ready jobs and the recovery summer that never happened. their policies failed and they were in place for eight years, never got gdp growth we are seeing now. heather: we can bring that up for people as well. >> donald trump versus president obama, 3.2% gdp for trump after two years, 1.6% gdp for president obama after eight years. all you needed to do was unleash the power of the american worker and the economy. make america a good investment again and that is what we did with the tax cuts and deregulation.
1:53 am
america is a good bet again economically, no longer the highest text place on earth and you see what the american people can do if you get the government off the back of the american people. they get back to work and now they are working again, wages are rising, they are getting to keep more of their hard-earned money and the government taking less from them. julie: we expect to hear more along these lines as we get closer to the campaign from the trump administration, highlighting the positive things happening in the economy? >> absolutely. the record is unmatched. democrats do not run on the issues so they are trying to take credit but the american people are smart, they know there was a change the game in when donald trump came into office, change in policies. that is a direct result of this booming economy and you can bet we will be talking about a bit until election day. heather: great to have you with us.
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>> bernie sanders suggesting disney use record profits from
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its new blockbuster to pay workers more. what would be truly heroic is if disney used its profits from avengers to pay middle-class wage. and and sometimes, sometimes this happens. >> his ability. heather: that was a good movie. how can you make it better? by giving yourself a sticker apparently. rewarding grown people with stickers for doing everyday tasks. my parents don't pay my rent is available for $16 on amazon.
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time for the good, the bad and the ugly. high school runner, setting a school record with a 9.8, 9.98 finish. talk about turning trash into treasure. new york city is trying to sell this trashcan for $400, the transportation agency putting renting items up for sale. and finally the ugly. the campaign ad called america, anything is possible. one of the artists featured in the ad isn't american. the artist shown is danish. thank you so much for joining us.
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"fox and friends first" continues with carly and rob who get two stickers for good job. >> this is a horrific scene and violent clashes, and the people of -- >> is a time for the us to step in? the options the trump administration are keeping on the table.


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