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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 1, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that had to happen. >> greg is clearly in the background. >> i never changed. >> body mercury, a rescue dog, and i will have you all know that the dog is self-taught. >> set your dvr is and never miss another episode of "the five" ." >> bret: i never know what the lead and will be. breaking at this hour, where that attorney general bill bauer will not testify to the house judiciary committee tomorrow. hugh has objected to a plan by democrats to let community staffers do some of the questioning there. we are being told by sources from the panel and at the justice department at bar will not show up. that's just one of several major stories at this hour. we will also go live shortly to caracas, venezuela, where the opposition leader has called for and overthrow the government there and hope to produce what he called the largest protest demonstration in the country's
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history today, and we will bring you there. here in washington in the meantime, this law enforcement official counterbalanced his way through a contentious senate hearing we have fox team coverage. john roberts is at the white house with efforts to keep other countries out of venezuela's business and congress out of the presidents. steve harrigan's live in caracas with that power struggle and extending far beyond of the venezuelan border's. but we start off with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on capitol hill were attorney general bill barr defended his actions and conclusions concerning them mueller report and said, enough is enough. good evening, catherine. >> good evening. officials said questions from committee stuff lawyers were a nonstarter in the attorney general would not agree to those terms. on the basis -- they said it was appropriate for him to take
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questions from lawmakers but not staffers. all of this late-breaking news as he attorney general faces four hours of intense questioning in the senate. >> we saw why mueller was concerned. >> senate committee democrats pressed william barr on this march 27th letter from special counsel robert mueller. >> this letter was an extraordinary act. a career prosecutor rebuking the attorney general. he was a political appointee at the department of justice with me. the letter is a bit's nati. >> at the bottom line conclusion for congress provided days earlier context. he released executive summaries which are rejected as piecemeal. in a subsequent phone call, the attorney general said that mueller was frustrated with revisiting media coverage but did not challenge the accuracy of the letter which mueller it declined to review. >> i said bob, what's with the letter. pick up the phone and call me if there is an issue. it was very clear with me that
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he was not suggesting that we have misrepresented his report. >> in early april, he also took part of the routine budget hearing. democrats that he should have volunteered the march letter from mueller as well as our phone call. >> i feel thatrposely misleadin. >> you told senator holland that you didn't know as bob mueller supported your conclusions but you knew, you lied to. >> conversations between them, barr said the president's actions did not constitute an obstruction offense. >> there something very different between firing a special counsel outright which suggests ending the investigation and having a special counsel remote for conflict which suggests that you will have another special counsel. >> he went further saying the mueller report did not prove intent beyond a reasonable reae
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doubt. >> if the president is being falsely accused, that is not a corrupt motive for replacing an independent counsel. >> three committee democrats fired off questions, two of them insisting barr should resign. >> this attorney general lacks all credibility, and has i think, compromised the american public's ability to believe that he is a purveyor of justice. >> you landed this man from top to bottom. and we previously thought it was possible that the federal bureau of investigation improperly spied on the investigation. >> they used to secure a surveillance board for a trump campaign aid is under scrutiny. >> how do we know that the steele dossier is not itself
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evidence of russian disinformation campaign? >> i can't state that with confidence and that's one of the areas that i am reviewing. >> barr also said the investigation is on and it's time to move on. >> we have to keep using the criminal justice process as a criminal weapon. >> after the hearing, xander graham told reporters as far as he is concerned, it's over but said he will come at the council pointed out discrepancies between bars discrepancy. >> bret: it catherine herridge live on capitol hill. we are just getting word that jerrold nadler, the house committee chairman just wrapped up a little impromptu news conference with reporters up there and saying he is looking to not only get robert mueller in front of his committee but was reacting to the news. jerrold nadler is saying all options are on the table.
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they have not issued a subpoena as of yet and they are also trying to get the special counsel robert mueller in front of the house judiciary committee on may 15th. that is trying to be locked down. but this is a reaction real-time to the decision by the attorney general not to show up at that house hearing. in the meantime, another big story. nicolas maduro is still in power tonight. one day after his top political opponent called for his overthrow. now the head of the country socialist party set opposition leaders are "walking like zombies. steve harrigan is live in caracas with what is supposed to be the largest protest in the nation's history really failed to materialize today. >> there have been a number of failures by the opposition during their three months of protest. they failed to bring humanitarian aid across the border as they promised.
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they failed to spark a military uprising and you can really sense the frustration after three months as their protests grow more and more violence. venezuelan opposition leader gambled and lost. his call for military uprising to the ousted president nicolas maduro in the early morning hours tuesday failed to attract senior officers. that something he admitted himself. this is persecution, by the armed forces. >> many are driven by desperation, and that is part of the call. >> the country as ours, we need to go out on the street. he's a leader in charge and he has a plan but the country is hours of venezuelans. what if we were to go home and
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let others resolve the situation? no, it is us who need to be here. >> he has the support of the u.s. and other nations but on the ground in venezuela the balance of power remains lopsided. microphones and banners versus tear gas, guns armored vehicles. 70 demonstrators and calling on followers to keep up the pressure despite the odds. another massive crowd is building here, people have venezuelan flags wrapped around their bodies. tens of thousands of people coming out here, but will it be enough? secretary of state mike pompeo said disputed leader nicolas maduro was prepared to give up power tuesday and fly to cuba, an assertion that the one-time bus driver mocked.
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>> mike pompeo said madero has a plane ready to go to cuba to flee and the russians took him off the plane and forbade him to leave the country. mr. pompeo, please. you are not serious. >> each of home calls himself president. >> russian support for dictatorship here in venezuela the u.s. secretary of state says could entirely derail the u.s. and russia relationship. >> bret: steve harrigan live in caracas. the trump administration is telling to of madero's major allies to keep their distance. john roberts has that part of the story tonight. >> the white house had hoped to have had up venezuela quickly buttoned up yesterday morning with his departure but now this whole situation has turned into a protracted diplomatic battle of threats and wills.
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>> white house officials can't dump the pressure on cuba just had a venezuelan politics. john bolton says they are the only forces standing in the way of democracy. >> the key point here is that this afternoon, 20 or 25,000 cubans left venezuela and i think would fall by midnight. >> despite a threat to slap a complete embargo and sanctions on cuba, madero is still being propped up by outside forces but there are cracks in the regime. the administration calling out the defense minister and chief justice had said madero's time was up. >> several of them have now said it, not me, i am loyal to madero, trying to cover their tracks. and others have been arrested. >> while secretary of state pompeo today urged russia's foreign minister to stop supporting him, so far there is no signs that that will happen.
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as the mimetic tensions between russia and cuba heat up, white house counsel pat cipollone rick today refused to hand over any information about staff security clearances to the house oversight committee. in a letter, he accused chairman elijah cummings of playing politics saying it is highly improper for the committee to reduce or encourage the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information in order to launch a public political on individuals as part of advancing a partisan political agenda. cummings assist they can't conduct proper oversight without that information. >> i made a decision. they don't want us to interview anybody. >> no client was accompanied by a white house attorney and only allowed to answer general questions about the security
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process. coming suggesting congress may have to take extreme measures to get what it wants. >> we have to use every tool we have in the toolbox. whether that is impeachment, whether that is inherent contempt, i don't know. >> house speaker nancy pelosi who is in the past has cautioned against rushed to impeach president trump today said the possibility of it may invite more white house cooperation in congressional investigations. the house speaker saying, "the threat of impeachment is always there. >> bret: jerrold nadlerterrifiea skilled attorney. this is in for questioning and we ares not going to testify tomorrow. any reaction there? >> the attorney general's position all along has been, he was prepared to go talk to elected members of congress but not staff members. there is precedent for cabinet
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officials to speak with staff attorneys. it happened in watergate and it also happened during iran-contra. so far the department of justice, like it has in other cases, has dug in its heels here. all we are waiting for is to see if jerrold nadler jerrold nadls the extreme step of subpoenaing the attorney general. but we do know from two other examples with the white house thinks of subpoenas. >> bret: john roberts live on the northland. the battle between the presidents and congressional democrats for testimony of his advisors, his financial records and other matters certainly intense at this time as we are talking about it. but that acrimony is nothing new. tonight, told correspondent david spock takes a look back. >> speak to the subpoena is ridiculous. so we are fighting all the subpoenas. >> that's a microcosm of the legislative branch, it goes back
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years, almost 200. >> congress and the president in many ways are supposed to fight. they are not your mom and dad. >> in 1984 congress censured andrew jackson who refused to supply requested documents from the cabinet meeting. this censure was later expunged. nearly 150 years later congress issued a subpoena for the watergate tapes. when president richard nixon refused the supreme court stepped in and forced them to produce the tapes. >> i'm trying to tell you the truth. >> in 1998 president bill clinton faced a subpoena but it was later withdrawn. months later the house of representatives stepped in and voted to impeach him. >> checks and balances to a large extent rest on contention. >> president trump is suing to banks to prevent subpoenas for him is robert mike records. because the latest episode of presidential harassment. >> even if the courts decided to
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take on the battle between white house and congress it could take months if not years before anything gets resolved. the election is just 18 months away. >> bret: up next, joe biden is surging in the polls and shaking plenty of hands in iowa and we will bring you there. but first, here's where our fox affiliates are covering tonight. in charlotte of vigil is being held for victims of yesterday shooting on the campus of the university of north carolina charlotte. the chancellor says the two people killed and four wounded were all students. 22-year-old tristen tyrell is facing two counts of murder and several other charges. box 23 in portland, maine, as the state becomes the first to be on single use food and drink containers made from styrofoam. supporters say the law will reduce literate and lakes, rivers and coastal waters and it takes effect in 2,021. and this is a live look at seattle from our affiliate.
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the faa mandates new flight control software and parts for boeing 787 dreamliner aircraft. the agency says the move is to address what it calls on safe automated operating condition of certain products on that plane. boeing is already under fire after two deadly crashes of its new 737 next steps. that's two nights look at from outside the beltway on "special report," we will be right back. ♪ because they have to. we do difficult things. because we like to. we think it's... fun. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger built for the strangest of all creatures.
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comcast business. beyond fast. ♪ republican senators are pushing a new plan to provide disaster aid to hurricane ravitch puerto rico. it's aimed at breaking a weeks long impasse and offers greater flexibility in bringing appropriated disaster funding to the territory. they have sharply criticized puerto rico's handling of the disaster. the federal reserve is leaving its key interest rate unchanged and signaling no rate hikes or cuts are likely in coming months. i made signs of renewed economic health and unusually low inflation. the fed will have as its benchmark rate which influences many consumer and business loans in a range of two and a quarter percent, to want to and a half.
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investors hoping for a rate cut were not pleased on wall street. the dow plunged, losing 163. the s&p 500 dropped 22 and the nasdaq felled 46. former vice president joe biden is riding high in the democratic presidential primary polls in the first few days after his formal declaration of candidacy. he is in iowa tonight with a look at the early numbers, peter doocy. >> joe biden has been around for decades but has polls were flat until he said this. >> i am announcing my candidacy are for the president of the united states. now, he's a clear and rising. 26 points ahead of sanders in a quinnipiac poll. he is trying to keep it going in iowa with the surprising claim about china. >> if they are not bad folks, but that's guess what, they art competition for us.
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>> most are holding their fire on biden but not bernie sanders. >> i helped lead the fight against nafta and he voted for nafta. >> i'm proud of my record. >> biden was also proud to receive the support of the firefighters union. >> we know he's open to endorsements because he got it to the management of the firefighters. rank-and-file might be another issue. >> president trump agrees, and added, i've done more for firefighters than this dues sucking union will ever do and i get paid zero. >> i wonder why he's doing that. >> another candidate, mayor pete booted jazz, saying that he would be okay with some religious or personal exemptions to vaccines. now he says he believes only medical exemptions should be
3:23 pm
allowed to. he's trying to build a following wild biden is trying to fill obama's legacy of specifically an obamacare. it was a big deal or something to that effect. thank god my mom wasn't around. >> barack obama is one of the only democrats that biden wants to talk about. he's focusing on stead on president trump as if it was already the general election and biden is hinting he will ignore the other primary candidates until the primary debates. to be one of peter, thank you. this is a fox news alert, the department of justice just releasing a statement moments ago about the attorney general's decision not to testify. today "the attorney general testified before the senate judiciary committee for over five hours. the attorney general also voluntarily released a special counsel's confidential report with minimal reactions to congress and the public and made an even less redacted report to determined that a lawyer and
3:24 pm
congressional leadership which they have refused to review and it made available to the committee by volunteering to testify this week. even after the attorney general volunteered to testify, hearing that it was unprecedented and necessary. each have a constitutional obligation to respect and accommodate one another as legitimate interests. chairman nadler's insistence on having staff questioned the attorney general, a senate confirmed a cabinet member, is inappropriate. further and lighter, the fact that the house judiciary committee are themselves attorneys and the chairman has the ability and authority to fashion the hearing in a way that allows for efficient and thorough questioning by the members themselves. the chairman's request is also necessary. the attorney general remains happy to engage directly with members on their questions regarding the report and i look
3:25 pm
forward to continuing working with the committee on their oversight request. that is a statement from kerri kupec, department of justice spokesperson just seconds ago. i've next, we take a rare look at the lack of security along mexican southern border and guatemala, and how that affects immigration to the u.s. stay with us. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen, blem. and i just didn't listen. until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor
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>> bret: a federal grand jury in las vegas has just returned a three count indictment against three alleged members of the gang known as ms-13. they are charged with involvement in a kidnapping and murder. the government says all three defendants are in the country illegally. today, national correspondent william la jeunesse continues his reporting from the southern border and we look at how a focus on the youngest and most vulnerable is fielding the search of migrants heading to the u.s. >> the journey for most central americans begins crossing this river into mexico. it often ends under this bridge in texas. >> i want better for my family and right now the government is not supporting my children. >> why so many large groups like this one? children. in 2014 in south texas 37% of adult central american children traveled with children. this year 77%. 1% five years ago and 47% today.
3:30 pm
a california judge ruled migrant adults with children can't be detained. and, that's the largest group ever. >> we are hoping for the protection. cartel see something else, mone money. for single men, $8,000. unaccompanied minors, 4,000. other costs for scouts, bribes and enforcers. data cartel revenue more than a million dollars in the rio grande valley alone. >> the family paid for everything.
3:31 pm
>> they repatriate children, and the bill's is uncertain. today's congress sent a $4.5 billion emergency spending request for humanitarian aborted operations on top of the 8 billion the president already asked for. >> bret: william la jeunesse along the border in texas. homeland security officials say they will begin a pilot program as early as next week, using dna testing of the border to determine whether children traveling with adults are really the biological children or have a definitive familial relationship. individuals will be asked to voluntarily submit to it being a cheek swab and the results will come back in about two hours. we will know the summers whether the first parents who confess their part in the college admissions scandal will end up in prison.
3:32 pm
they have agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and that could be bad news for other parents and kids to paying bribes to get their children into top schools. correspondent molly line has the latest in a from boston. >> is there anything you want to say to get the children in school? >> bruce isakson, the president of a real estate develop firm and his wife, divina. reached a plea agreement with the u.s. attorney and have been fully cooperating in the investigation, pleading guilty to charges related to mail fraud. mr. isaacson also pled guilty to conspiracy to launder money and conspiracy to defraud the irs. prosecutors allege that the couple funneled $600,000 through the ringleader of the admissions scam. pain via rick's fingers phony foundation via to for exam cheating on bribes for coaches
3:33 pm
ultimately securing a spot on the ucla women's soccer team for one daughter and the crew team at usc for another with a bribes deducted as charitable contributions. in a statement, the couple expressed regret writing in part, they were profoundly sorry for their actions, adding that they failed to set a good example for their children but instead have harmed and embarrass them. bruce isaacson faces up to 45 years in prison and his wife faces 20 but prosecutors have recommended sentencing at the low end of the guidelines for both. meaning for bruce, a possible three or four years and for divina, less than three years. that will depend on what the judge decides to do a sentencing in late july. 14 parents embroiled in the scandal have chosen to plead guilty including the actress felicity huffman who is due back in court later this month. >> bret: the president attorney general pushes back against democrats on the senate panel at a tough hearing over the mueller report. we will get reaction from our panel when we's come back.
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>> complaint for congressional subpoenas is not optional and it's good faith negotiations don't dissolve in a pledge of complaints in the next day or two, the next step is seeking a contempt citation against the attorney general. trying to blackmail the committee and to not follow what we think is the most effective means of eliciting information we need to. >> bret: chairman jerry nadler about the attorney general not showing up to testify tomorrow in the house. the doj is saying it was unnecessary and inappropriate the way they structured the hearing. obviously he did testify today and one viewer, a prominent one, watched a little of it. >> i guess i need to treat her differently than anybody else and for many years they've never done it this way but they are bringing in outside counsel or something, then you elect people
3:39 pm
who are supposed to be able to do their own talking. he did a fantastic job today i'm told. i got to see some of it and he did a fantastic job. turns out there is no collusion on course obstruction. >> bret: president trump in that whole interview at 8:00 p.m. on fbn. let's bring in the panel. and marc thiessen. then overall, a lot happened at this testimony and, her sense of how the attorney general fair to. >> i think that depends entirely on who you talk to. i mean, this is a perspective where you are going to have very different reactions to what's going on and while i know there were some comparisons going on to the kavanaugh subject, they are similarly aware and people watching it perceived as
3:40 pm
different things. personally, i think barr did a pretty good job fending off the questions he received from a lot of the different democratic senator's. i think it didn't serve him well to people on the panel who were interested in creating a 20/20 moment with themselves and i think he comported himself well enough when it came to the president and come up that someone he views as someone who can defend him in a very effective manner. >> a very big moment of a lot of the questioning was, after bill barr put up the four pages where he comes to conclusions in them mueller report before releasing all redacted report, he gets a letter from bob mueller saying he has concerns. then he picks up the phone and this is the exchange where he picks up the phone call. i asked him if he felt that my
3:41 pm
letter was misleading or inaccurate, and he said, no, there were notes taken. and if there is he can, and is how us. >> this is a common theme which is bob barr -- i'm sorry, bill barr tells us what bob mueller thinks, or feels, and then later either maybe we either read a report that mueller wrote or we might have testimony and self. i think right now the credibility of his very low and they feel that after he got that letter from mueller, he came up and testified. he was asked, are you aware of the mueller concerns, and, --
3:42 pm
>> bret: lindsey graham says he's not going to call mueller up. he's had enough. they offered him a chance to review the member. it's kind of rich to come around and complain about the coverage when you had a chance to review the memo before hand and get some suggestion. this was a shakespearean drama and the title was much ado about nothing. bill barr has been completely open about this. he overrode doj regulations to release this report with very few reductions. he's given congress on unredacted copy of the report that they can review. they put out a short summary because he didn't want to leave the country in in suspense when they went through the reduction process and this was a complete nonissue except the democrats aren't trying to find anything
3:43 pm
because they didn't get the russia collusion story because it turns out the underlying crime didn't happen. they are having trouble letting go and they are trying to go after bill barr in this way. >> bret: this deals with the republican, and >> knowing what we know now that basically the allegations made therein were secondhand your , hearsay or unverified. the steele dossier was not part of the russian disinformation campaign. >> i can't state that with confidence and that is one of the arrows that i'm reviewing. i'm concerned about it and i don't think it's entirely speculative. >> do you share my concerns about the pfizer warrant process? >> yes. >> do you share my concerns about the counterintelligence investigation and how it was open and why it was opened?
3:44 pm
>> yes. >> it seems like he set on moving forward with his own investigation and obviously tracking the inspector general's investigation as well. >> i think that all these republicans have questions about the way this was spun up are certainly operating a defense of the current president. investigations like this could not be spun up without meeting various thresholds. you cannot weaponize the criminal justice system in the country in that way without degrading our faith in all of these institutions. >> bret: we won't speculative with that's going to look like, or what the results are going to be, it's like bob mueller wanted to get that letter out, or his team did. you don't write it down unless you are going to do it. >> as people have said to come it's very unusual for someone like him to go to paper. in other words to want to memorialize his concerns about
3:45 pm
barr's letter. it's unusual that he would do that and i'm sure he will be asked about it a lot if it finally becomes before congress. it's been on a bottom line, the first thing he was charged with, he does not find conspiracy or collusion cooperating with the russians. >> it's not a legal term. >> he didn't do it. the president of the united states did not conspire with russia to steal the election and the fact is, if you are donald trump, if you are accused of a crime, and you would be pretty ticked off. and you missed the american people's time and tax dollars. >> he dating great detail, and democrats were serious. they would say the president didn't do this, we should now get to the bottom of what rush of data and try to figure out a way to stop it from happening.
3:46 pm
>> at the end of the line for everyone in their career, at some point they become a media critic. this it was his pages of media criticism essentially from bob mueller. i do think somehow we need larger contacts for this very detailed argument that we are having over the nature of the obstruction which is not something that should somehow change the narrative dramatically or replay will cale will be right back after the break. don't tell your mother.
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3:51 pm
congressman charlie crist out of florida where he asked about reports that members of the mueller team were upset with how the findings were being characterized. this is the mueller letter. it says, the summary letter of the department to congress. and we are communicating that, and there is now critical aspects. and that undermines the central purpose for which the department for the outcome of the investigation. in the testimony, he said basically he was upset, and he wrote these letters, in an effort to make sure they had it on the record. >> but i repeat, they offered to
3:52 pm
make suggestions for how the summary would come out. turn that down and then turn around and complained that he didn't like the way that it was being covered, and he turned down the opportunity to edit. so, sorry, you had your chance and you didn't do it. what it came down to is he wanted the executive summary released. as barr explained today, he even suggested edits and reduction so they can be released. but barr said today that the reductions -- even if they agree to, he couldn't do it because the intelligence community would let him do it. but the whole report is out now. be one including the 19 pages that were in question. there were a number of democrats who called for barr to resign including 2020 presidential candidates and this is the irony of ironies in an op-ed.
3:53 pm
james comey, how trump co-opts leaders like bill barr, and a moral leaders have a way of revealing character of those around him. and more often, proximity to an amoral leader reveals something depressing. i think that's at least part of what we have seen, with congresspeople lacking inner strength. and that adds up to something you will never recover from. it takes character like mr. matus' to avoid the damage. >> he wants compared himself to a giraffe and if he is he's the most emo giraffe we've ever had in the role of heading such a powerful agency. i have heard enough from james comey, this is just -- this is ridiculous. barr is an institutionalist and has a view of the executive that
3:54 pm
is not one that is at all going to be at odds with the things that a lot of republicans have believed. he has served has served on a honorably in the past. the idea that his soul is being eaten is ridiculous. >> may be barr is doing exactly what he believes in. he believes in a strong executive and this is a chance to increase the powers of the executive. maybe he's just carrying out the mission he's believed in for 25 years. >> there are some republicans out there, in case the investigation of democrats turns out something that relieves indictments on that side of the issue. >> that's exactly what they are doing. now, it pivots. we've been investigating donald trump for the collision hoax for two years and it now, we are going to find out how this got started. it will start with the obama administration and it -- if they think donald trump looked pretty bad from -- because of his
3:55 pm
cooperation and because he allowed mcgann to spend 30 hours with the special counsel, we will have the same thing happen on the other shoe on the other foot. >> bret: art panel, thank you. when we come back, making college graduation a family affair. ♪ . . only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ onmillionth order.r. ♪ there goes our first big order. ♪ 44, 45, 46... how many of these did they order? ooh, that's hot. ♪
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by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that. ♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight a graduation like no other. >> i mean, we have always been pretty close as a family so doing something like this it's, i mean, there is not many people that can say they walked with their sibling and their parents. >> bret: pat mcgill father of ryan and reagan mcgill graduated at college alongside his three children this weekend. a campus police officer for two decades, even busting his kids at parties. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report" fair balanced and you unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha mccallum on a busy day starts right now. >> martha: busy day indeed. breaking tonight, chaos in venezuela as secretary of state mike pompeo says this: >> military action is possible. >> if that's what's required, that's what the united states will do. >> we're live tonight with the reaction from a democratic presidential candidate tulsi gabbard who says we should stay out of it. plus matt gaetz and eric swalwell on breaking news that attorney general william barr will not appear before their committee tomorrow. congressman swalwell says this move could lead to barr's impeachment. first, the chairman of the judiciary committee on the senate sidekicked off today's barr hearing by saying he was pretty much over the whole