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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 1, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." remember, my podcast, today. tomorrow, kellyanne conway. go to podcast one, subscribe. shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take all of the analysis m going to be watching in my slippers pair shannon? >> shannon: i mean, whatever it takes. have a good night. we began with a fox news alert. venezuelans taking to the streets of caracas again tonight in support of the u.s. recognizing interim president juan guaido, as he calls on his supporters to stand strong. the maduro backed military and shows no signs of backing down here we'll take you there in just minutes. and senator rick scott joins us to make an argument for u.s. military involvement. also breaking tonight, the attorney general will not be going back to capitol hill tomorrow around two, house democrats threatening a contempt citation. we will show you the fireworks from today's here and get hello,
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welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington to restart with ed henry with what he is hearing about why the ag is not going back to capitol hill tomorrow. speaker republican matt gaetz told me a short time ago that g.o.p. leaders believe the real reason that democratic congressman jerry nadler was bringing in outside lawyers to try to question the attorney general was to set this up as sort of a mini impeachment trial, to make this look like watergate or iran-contra style hearing. gates said that bill barr has justification in refusing to go because this would have been what they believed to be a show trial. just as we saw today with the sharp answers at the senate judiciary committee, where barr said robert mueller's letter of complaint was a little snooty, the ag is facing nadler down after the judiciary committee vl barr with an additional hour of questioning from staff lawyers peer the president rejected that, in an exclusive with fox business' trish regan. he got cover from a liberal commentator on cnn, who said
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barr is marti's numb nadler because the democrats should be able to do their own homework instead of have their staffers do it. watch. >> complaints with congressional subpoena is not optional, and of good faith negotiations don't result in a pledge of compliance in the next day or two, the next step is seeking a contempt citation against the attorney general. >> i guess they want to treat him differently than they have anybody else. for many, many years they have never done it this way where they are bringing in outside counsel or something. that is not the way, you elect people and they are supposed to be able to do their own talking. >> let me be a little bit snooty here, if i were babar, i would tell jerry nadler to pound sand. i would tell him to hit the road. i'll give it a couple of reasons why pay the biggest hearing you might have in your entire chairmanship, you can bother? you are too lazy to learn the portfolio well enough to ask your own questions? >> and barr may have bigger issues to deal with, anyway. he testified today he will not back off his recent use of the
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words buying to describe it the obama administration did to the trump campaign, the justice department now probing matt. he added he has multiple criminal leak investigations open, probes that could put former officials like james comey in the cross hairs. interesting timing, then, for a new op-ed in "the new york times" from comey, blaming president trump for allegedly pressing barr and other officials to sacrifice their reputations. comey writing "how could barr write and say things about the report by robert mueller, the special counsel, though that were apparently so misleading they prompted written protest from the special counsel himself." a more leaders have a way of revealing the character of those around him." said he thinks democrats are overreaching, that he should leave an mp chart nadler's hearing tomorrow. >> shannon: i like the martini part. ed, thank you very much but let's go straight to chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge, who was at the hearing all day. she is going to look at all of the fireworks.
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>> we saw why mueller was concerned. >> senate committee democrats oppressed attorney general at william barr on his letter from special counsel robert mueller robert mueller. >> this letter was an extraordinary act, a career prosecutor rebuking the attorney general. >> a political appointee with me at the department of justice. the letter is a bit snooty. >> the mother letter said that the bottom line conclusions for congress were lacking context. they urged barr to release the executive summary, which barr rejected as piecemeal pit and a subsequent phone call, the attorney general said mueller was frustrated with the resulting media coverage, but did not challenge the accuracy of barr's letter, which mueller are declined to review. >> i said bob, what is with the letter, why don't you just pick up the phone and call me if there was an issue purity was clear with me that he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report. >> in early april, barr took
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questions on the mueller report as part of routine's budget hearings. democrats is that he should have volunteered the march letter from mueller as well as a phone call. >> i feel your answer was purposefully went misleading. >> you told him that you didn't know if bob mueller supported your conclusions. but you knew. he lied. speak on discussions between president trump and then white house counsel don mcgahn i'm removing special counsel mueller, barr said the president's actions did not institute an obstruction offense. >> there is something very different between firing a special counsel outright, which suggests ending the investigation, and having a special counsel removed from conflict, which suggests you are going to have another special counsel. >> barr went further, send them the mueller report it did not prove intent beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the president is being falsely accused, which the evidence now suggests, that is not a corrupt motive for replacing an independent counse.
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>> three committee democrats with presidential ambitions fired off questions, two insisting barr should resign for >> this general lacks all credibility and has, i think, compromise the american public's ability to believe that he is a purveyor of justice. >> republicans defended barr. >> you slandered this man from top to bottom, so if you want more of this, you are not going to get it. >> as they refocused on how the fbi 2016 russia investigation began. >> previously said it was possible the federal bureau of investigation improperly spied on the trump campaign pit >> the dnc campaign funded dossier by christopher steele and used as a cure's warrant for the time campaign is under warranty. >> how do we know that the steele dossier is not, itself, evidence of russian disinformation campaign. >> i can't state that with confidence, and that is one of
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the areas i am reviewing. >> barr also said the mueller investigation is done, and it is time to move on. >> we have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon. >> after the four hour hearing, senator lindsey graham told reporters that as far as he is concerned, it is over, but "he will come at the special counsel can point to discrepancies between barr's testimony and mueller's own account." shannon? >> shannon: catherine herridge on the hill, thank you. this is the senate judiciary chairman. >> so, no collusion, no coordination, no conspiracy between the trump campaign and the russian government regarding the 2016 election. >> shannon: let's break down today's events with democratic strategist and former clinton advisor, richard goodstein, and former solicitor general of texas, scott keller. straight up both of you here tonight, gentleman. so you heard what the senate chairman -- judiciary chairman
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said, lindsey graham had "the washington post" reacted saying "it is misleading at best. the report did not assess whether there was collusion because collusion isn't a legal term. in the end, mueller did not find coordination that would constitute a crime, but never explicitly said there was no collusion. trump, barr, anna graham have said that." >> we have been hearing collusion, collusion, collusion for so long. now, all of a sudden, there is this pivot. we don't want to talk about collusion anymore, because at the end of the day, the mueller report came out, and it said that there was no charges to be brought here. that scenario, look, i think attorney general barr is completely correct. the judicial process should not be weaponized for political ends. and that is exactly, i think, the point that senator graham was making. you want to talk about collusion, let's talk about collusion. it is not there. >> shannon: there have been a
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lot of questions about whether there was a political animus. you saw katherine's report, number of members talked about the origin of this thing and what barr is doing. he said he is working with fbi director christopher wray to look back into things we know the u.s. attorney, the inspector general of the doj, barr said he has talked with him at the doj. and senator josh hawley, who sits on the committee, tweeted this, "you want to know why the fbi spied on donald trump? launch multiyear investigations about donald trump voters, unelected elites have nothing but contempt for them. total, complete contempt." what do democrats do with that? >> a couple of things. first, hats off to the president and his supporters. most republicans believe the russians didn't even try to meddle, let alone succeed, as every intelligence -- the polls indicate that.
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they've been asking republicans, do you believe that the russians intervened? on the answer among their more do majority of republicans is now, so good, congratulations. >> shannon: i think the majority of them don't believe that the president -- >> i don't want to quibble now, but as regards the collusion, it is interesting that graham, who might have a high regard for, barr, a little less respect after today, as you've said, that mueller specifically said, we are not looking at collusion because that is not a legal term, we're looking at coordination. trump got off on a technicality with his campaign, that when he campaigned, when he said russia, steel hillary clinton's materials, that is basically what he said, and the trump campaign didn't steal them themselves, so when they used them, they were complicit in the coordination for the russians didn't do it, then wikileaks or somebody else do it. it was too attenuated to have
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anybody in the campaign accused -- >> shannon: mueller spent two years and millions of dollars, and his assignment was essentially to say whether or not there were crimes committed. barr talked about it today, a binary choice, yes we are going to charge or we are not. ultimately, he said that they weren't going to. let me bring in scott here. >> the other aspect of this, we can all go and look. we can read the mueller report, it is out there. at the hearing today, it was fascinating, because everyone wanted to talk about the initial letter, the four-page summary letter. now everyone can go look at it, and they can see with the reports died. i have to tell you, as a former chief counsel on the senate judiciary committee, the hearing today often looked more like debate tryouts for democratic presidential hopefuls, then it really did a hearing that was trying to uncover some truth. >> shannon: a lot of people would say both sides were grandstanding and showboating a bit there tomorrow that will not happen because the attorney general is not going to show up there. we had the letter from the
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assistant attorney general to chairman nadler, offering you and others the chance to review the report with reductions only for grand jury information because that is prohibited by law, before even reviewing the last redacted version, you served a subpoena instead. why wouldn't nadler go look? but has not a single democrat taken him up on this chance to come view something he says less than 2% of the material is rejected? why wouldn't he go look before a subpoena? >> we don't know what is redacted. nadler's attitude is, look, as chairman, i'm entitled, we have these secured with its facilities to review things like that, so give me credit as chairman of the judiciary committee. and the fact is, the explanation about why barr is not testifying, i think he is not testifying because somebody advised him, you are this close from perjuring yourself. we know what happened in the testimony to the house committee at congressman chris asked something where he was a deceitful.
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did he live, perjure himself? no. did he give an answer that was honest? no, he absolutely did end. among other things, i think he decided he has had it. he couldn't even decide what suggestion was, did the white house suggest that you investigate your political rivals? and he kind of reminded me of bill clinton, what is the definition of "is." he was like, what is the definition of "suggest." >> shannon: he said there was a lot of discussions with a lot of different people. he said he would have to think about it, which i think is a smart thing to do if you worry that we know mikey would give an answer that will get you in trouble here all lawyers would feel that way. scott and richard, great to have you both. supporters of opposition leader juan guaido are not backing down on the streets of caracas, tonight, right here in d.c., at the venezuelan embassy, pro- pro-maduro protesters squared off with guaido supporters. we have more on the deepening political crisis. steve? >> venezuelan opposition leader
8:14 pm
juan guaido gambled and lost. his call for military uprising into ousted president nicolas maduro in the early morning hours tuesday failed to attract senior officers. something guaido admitted himself. >> difficulties are probably coming because of the pushback, the persecution, the internal witch hunt by the armed forces. speak with the crowds of venezuelan people, many driven to desperation and hunger by the maduro regime, continue to follow the 35-year-old called to marge. >> the country is ours. we need to go out onto the streets. guaido is the leader in charge, he has a plan, but the country is ours. what if we were to go home and let others resolve the situation? no, it is also needs to be here. >> guaido has the support of the u.s. on more than 50 other nations, but on the ground in venezuela, the balance of power
8:15 pm
remains lopsided paired microphones and banners versus tear gas, guns, and armored vehicles. 70 demonstrators were hospitalized tuesday. guaido is calling on his followers to keep up the pressure, despite the odds. >> another massive crowd is building here. people have legs, venezuelan flags wrapped around their body, they are on motorcycles, trucks, cars. the tens of thousands of people coming out here. will it be enough to push nicolas maduro out of power? >> secretary of state mike pompeo said disputed leader nicolas maduro was prepared to give up power on tuesday and fly to cuba, an assertion the one-time bus driver mocked. >> mike pompeo said maduro has a plane ready to go to cuba, to flee, and the russians took him off the plane and forbade him to leave the country. mr. pompeo, please, you are not serious. >> the venezuelan crisis is now
8:16 pm
more than just a dispute between maduro and guaido, each of whom calls himself president. russian support for dictatorship in venezuela, mike pompeo told his russian counterpart, russian foreign minister sergei lagger off, could derail u.s.-russian . shannon? >> shannon: steve harrigan in caracas, thank you so much. as the situation in venezuela reaching a tipping point and i? florida senator rick scott was just at the venezuelan border, but joins us next. ♪ performance organics. finally organics that work. tested and refined by plant scientists... for twice the results, guaranteed. don't grow a snack, grow a feast. don't grow a flower, grow a million dollar view. this new organic collection of soil and plant food is what you always wanted. no compromise, just results, guaranteed. miracle-gro performance organics.
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♪ >> shannon: without the military behind him yet, does venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido need help from the u.s. now more than ever? my next guest is one of the most prominent voices advocating for our military to have a role in what is going on in venezuela. let's bring in
8:21 pm
senator rick scott, republican from florida who just visited the venezuelan border. governor -- well, governor, too. >> if you stop me in the capital, i still forget. >> shannon: let me ask you, because, as formerly florida's governor, you see a lot of the impact and what is happening down there, now you've been to the border on the colombian side paired what did you see? >> first off, a lot of venezuelans in our state clearly care about what is going on, so i went down there, and your heart goes out to them. i talked to two schoolchildren that had to cross a river. that day, the water was up to their chests. these little girls walking by themselves, a couple hours to get over there because there is a school you get to go to and they get food, went to a food kitchen where the usaid pays for 5,000 meals. it is the only meal. you get either rice or beans, some soup. these moms are on the beach, on
8:22 pm
the street, by themselves. it is really dangerous. i went to where we have a lot of aid at a different bridge, but they wouldn't let us come acros across. your heart goes out to them. this is genocide, maduro is intentionally killing his citizens. i believe it is time for the american military and the military every democracy around the world to say, enough is enough, we are going to stop this genocide. >> shannon: a couple of things, first of all, are you worried about the tipping point right now, a lot of people who support guaido were more hopeful there would be military defections by this point, more folks joining in the street, although there have been thousands. why do you think needs to happen at this moment, and are you potentially advocating for u.s. military involvement beyond humanitarian aid? >> here's what is going to happen, if maduro doesn't stand aside -- we can think of what we would like to do, but let's look at reality.
8:23 pm
if maduro doesn't step aside, all of the bad actors are there, china, russia, it is going to impact panama, brazil, all the countries in that region paired their 2,000 miles from florida. they can come right up through central america come up through mexico come into the united states. we artie know there are terrorists trying to come across our border. we can all decide, oh, gosh, we are worried about you and our military, but let's remember, if maduro doesn't step aside, we will have it there eventually. >> shannon: i want to play things from congresswoman ilhan omar, talking with the u.s. getting involved in venezuela and someway. here's what she said. >> a lot of the policies that we have put in place have kind of helped lead the devastation in venezuela. we sort of set the stage for where we are arriving today, this particular bullying and the use of sanctions. >> shannon: how much is the
8:24 pm
u.s. to blame for the current situation? >> maduro made the decision to kill his citizens. maduro made the decision to be a murderer. maduro made the decision not to let in humanitarian aid. maduro has made these decisions. america is trying to bring democracy there, and freedom there, think about these little kids. but no, she is completely wrong. she ought to go down there. a lot of these people are pure socialist, why don't they go live in caracas? why don't we have all of these people moving to caracas? because you are going to starve to death. and no food, no water, no medicine perigee is completely wrong. >> shannon: let me ask about the foreign influence, because russia, cuba, china, and others have been singled out as it propping the maduro regime. the president has warned cuba a full embargo could be coming if they don't get uninvolved. here is the foreign ministry's take on my phone call. stress on the washington side
8:25 pm
that the interference in a sovereign state is a gross violation of international law, russia pointing the finger at us. >> the national national assemd juan guaido as a leader, under the constitution he is the interim president. maduro did not get elected, any real election, so one point oh is the leader appeared russia is just a bad actor. cuba is the one that is basically keeping maduro in power. i support everything the president is doing to hold the regime accountable. a all of the problems in this hemisphere, nicaragua, venezuela, there caused by that regime. so the sanctions, all of the stuff should happen. >> shannon: we will continue to watch day by day as this played out. senator , thank you. tough questions for the vatican as the pope help fund the migrant caravans south of the border. a trace is on that case next.
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♪ >> the president has a motto, make america great again. do you have one? >> make america moral again. make america return to the essence of who we are, the dignity of the country, the dignity of the people, treating our people with dignity. >> maga is over because biden is coming at you with -- a little awkward to say, i will admit, but it will look fantastic on his hat. >> shannon: that is quite an acronym. former vice president joe biden is running high in the presidential primary polls. to the front wonder in iowa tonight, correspondent peter doocy on my biden seems to be ignoring the rest of the primary field, at least for now. >> joe biden's been around for decades, but his polls were flat until he said this said this. >> i'm announcing my candidacy
8:31 pm
for president of the united states. >> now barack obama was former number two is a clear number one, and rising. 24 points ahead of bernie sanders in a cnn poll, 26-point ahead of sanders in a quinnipiac poll. ideas trying to keep it going and i with the surprising claim about china. >> they are not bad folks, folks. but guess what? they are not competition for us. >> most democrats are holding their fire on biden, but not bernie sanders. >> i helped lead the fight against nafta. he voted for nafta. >> biden didn't take the bait. >> i'm proud of my record. >> biden was also proud to receive the support of the firefighters union firefighters union. >> he asked president obama not to endorse him, but we know he is open to endorsements because he got it from the firefighters management, rank and file might issue. >> adding "i've done more for firefighters than this dudes-sucking union will ever do, and i get paid zero."
8:32 pm
>> i understand the president has been tweeting about me this morning paired i wonder why the hell he is doing that. mayor pete buttigieg also clearing a spokesperson's comment to buzzfeed that he would be okay with some religious or personal exemption to vaccine. the campaign tells fox he believes only medical exemptions should be allowed. mayor pete, who recently met with hillary clinton, is trying to build a following, while biden is trying to build on obama's legacy. specifically regarding obamacare. >> i told president obama it was a big deal, something to that effect. thank god my mom wasn't around. >> barack obama is one of the only democrats bite and wants to talk about. he is focusing instead on president trump as if it is already the general election, and biden is hinting he will and nor the other primary candidates until the primary debate. shannon? >> went all right, peter doocy, thank you very much paid president hopeful and democratic senator kirsten gillibrand unveiling a plan to use tax
8:33 pm
dollars to fund federal elections. she calls it "democracy dollars," and eligible voters would get up to $600 in vouchers to donate to federal candidates for office. and apparently buckling under pressure, beto o'rourke has signed the no money from fossil fuel pledge. the move was a complete reversal apparently from last month, when he was reportedly refusing to sign. 700 more illegal immigrants surrendering to border patrol in arizona, as key democrats on the house appropriations committee pushback against president trump's request for $4.5 billion in emergency spending for the border crisis. there is also pushback tonight against the pope for sending $500,000 to help migrants at our southern border. correspondent trace gallagher has more pure and good evening, trace. >> good evening, shannon paired pope francis has been very direct opposing president trump's wall on the u.s.-mexico border. watch this.
8:34 pm
>> a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges is not a christian. >> some are accusing the pope was taking an indirect dig at the u.s. and the trump administration by donating a half million dollars to assist about 75,000 central american migrants who are stuck in mexico. the money, raised for the peters pens collection, the pope's charity, is aimed at providing food and shelter, but the president of the lip onto into stewed, a conservative catholic organization that has criticizee he skeptical about the basis for the donation, pointing out that $500,000 divided among 75,000 people is about $6.60 each, enough to buy a whopper meal at burger king. quoting here, "this has all the appearance of an expensive publicity stunt aimed at poking the united states in the eye, but all it will really
8:35 pm
accomplish is proving that you can't just throw money at a problem and expected to fix things" there the pope's charity says the allegation of more money is being evaluated, but te initial 500,000 will greatly hee mexican bishops. in the meantime, because of the pope's opposition to a border wall, during a house subcommittee hearing this week, louisiana g.o.p. congressman clay higgins asked a catholic bishop about the wall around the vatican. if churches lock their doors after hours. here is. watch. >> many of them do. i would point out, while you refer to the vatican, also has arms and bracing an opening to the world, if you have been -- >> as we do. 328 ports of entry, legal entry into the united states of america. >> 70% of the central american migrants identified as catholic, the church, of course, very influential. catholic leaders say they are trying to dissuade people from
8:36 pm
leaving their home country. shannon? >> shannon: trace gallagher live for us tonight in l.a., thank you. a growing list of democrats says bill barr lied to congress and should immediately resign or be impeached. >> the next step is seeking a contempt citation against the attorney general. >> shannon: set to weigh in on some late breaking news. ♪ ruggling family. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles] i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there. helping families like mine save a little money changes everything. this is personalized guidance. this is wells fargo. plants capture co2. what if other kinds of plants captured it too?
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-maid? uh, i'm not the... -♪ is she an alien, is she a spy? ♪ ♪ she's always here, someone tell us why ♪ -♪ why, oh, why -♪ she's not the maid we wanted ♪ -because i'm not the maid! -♪ but she's the maid we got -again, i'm not the maid. i protect your home and auto. -hey, campbells. who's your new maid? >> you like to congress. >> america deserves better. you should resign. >> we are going into an area where you seem to not even be willing to be the least bit critical in your summarizations. i believe that because your credibility. >> this attorney general lacks all credibility. >> the next step is seeking a contempt citation against the attorney general. >> shannon: all right, day one of the attorney general's capitol hill testimony. in day to now apparently off. the house judiciary committee is
8:41 pm
refusing to budge over demands committee staffers be the one to question barr pair they say there'd happy to engage directly with members. tonight, "the wall street journal" editorial board praising barr, saying a real attorney general, bill barr gets smeared for refusing to duck and cover like loretta lynch but let's bring in fox's concerto leslie marshall and radio host todd starnes to discuss, great to have you both with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: everything we saw today, brit hume tweaks this, remember when i got all over eric holder for stonewalling congress? fonda in contempt for being barack obama's wingmen. leslie, a different standard for the attorney general? >> i don't believe there should be, but this attorney general, right now, what we are seeing, shannon, somebody who was even with the summary acting more like the president's personal attorney that the attorney general for the united states of america, and his loyalty must first and foremost be to the constitution,
8:42 pm
the american people, and not the president. we have some people say misled, he lied. he lied to congress, and then -- they did not believe he was credible and trustworthy before, and he has proven it now with misleading congress with regard to the conversation and the dates of conversation with special counsel robert mueller. that is why we are hearing so many democrats, not just those running for office, but so many democrats calling for his resignation. >> shannon: they did, they piled up today for "the washington post" editorial board said this: [is long past time they stopped hearing his views on how mr. mueller feels in here from a special counsel himself and should enable mr. mueller to speak publicly under oath at the earliest opportunity. address his substantive findings on the president's behavior and also the attorney general's of his word."
8:43 pm
>> absolutely. i saw two things today, first, looking at the democrats on thes like going back to the 2016 presidential election night, and watching all of those hysterical people at hillary clinton's campaign headquarters. that is what i saw on capitol hill tonight. it was repulsive. it was disgusting. i saw something else. i saw a great american statesman in the attorney general, william barr. he stood up to those bullies, and he told it like it was. he did not back down. and look, at the end of the day, shannon, it is over. it is absolutely over appear the democrats realize they screwed up. there was nothing there, no collusion, and now we have to get to the bottom of who perpetrated this horrible, horrible fraud on the american people, and i do believe that the attorney general is serious about getting to the bottom of that. >> shannon: leslie, he did talk about it today. said he talked to the inspector general of the doj, talk to the fbi director
8:44 pm
christopher wray, attorney general john huber, excuse me, u.s. attorney john huber, there's a lot going on. how people comment on that quickly. leslie, you first. >> look, i'm sorry, todd, but i don't think you are watching the same hearing that i was today. in addition to that, the american people have been screwed, if you will, but by russia interfering with our elections, and that should be something that both democrats and republicans are concerned about. and not thinking that this is some kind of witch hunt specifically that continues against donald trump, our president. >> shannon: todd, would you agree with that? it is a nonpartisan issue that brescia very much wants to divide and conquer this country and interfere with our election elections? >> i do agree the russians tried to screw with us. under the obama administration. that is where we need to start looking, start investigating, and find out who signed off on these attacks on the trump campaign. and the trump presidency. >> shannon: much more to come
8:45 pm
on that front. all right, todd starnes, leslie marshall, great to have you both on. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: annual may day rallies turning violent around the world pier check this out, in france, protesters setting fires, smashing storefronts, and attacking a hospital on a day some protesters dubbed "armageddon." arresting people at mayday rallies, and in turkey, as well. setting fire to and s.a.g. of the president, demanding he reform policies in the philippines. two-time olympic champion runner lost an appeal against international rules designed to decrease high testosterone levels in some female runners. the south african runner who won the gold in the 800-meter london games and 2016 rio olympics will be for steve's medication to limit testosterone levels. and check this out, babysitting
8:46 pm
a royal baby. take a look, there is a diamond and gold dummy up sometime at $1300 gucci baby tracksuit, we are told it is about welcoming meghan markle and prince harry's first child. and it is a big night for the walkway movement, organizers with their first ever town hall in the heart of progressive los angeles. walkaway founder brandon straka and actor isaiah washington join us next. [spanish recording] so again, using "para", you're talking about something that is for someone. ♪ pretty good. could listening to audible inspire you to start something new? download audible and listen for a change. that we're playing "four on four" with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock..
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>> shannon: almost a year ago, brandon straka launched the viral hashtag #walkaway campaign on social media. he said he is walking away from lies, most narratives, and race baiting of the democratic party. tonight, the grassroots movement is hosting a first of its kind town hall in los angeles. more liberals speaking out about their distaste with the democratic party. joining us now, #walkaway founder brandon straka and actor isaiah washington, who is lent his voice to this. gentlemen, great to have you tonight point >> thank you. >> shannon: brandon, i want to play something you said about this walkaway idea, and what launched it. we will let folks hear it. >> if you're a person of color, lgbt person, a woman, or an american immigrant, the democratic party wants you to know you are a victim and destined to stay that way.
8:51 pm
>> shannon: brandon, how did you come to that place and decide to launch this movement? >> well, i voted for hillary clinton in 2016, and that was around the time i started, like so many people on the left, to become very upset that donald trump was elected president. i think the liberal media really went into turbo mode at that point, really demonizing donald trump, demonizing all of his supporters. it started to become very clear to me that something wasn't right, because the world i was living in in reality wasn't matching the narrative i was hearing with the liberal media coached which kept telling me if you are black, you are in danger, a brown person, you are in danger, and i wasn't seeing it or feeling it or hearing it when i was talking to trump supporters. so i did a lot of research, lot of homework, and what i found out is the liberal media is typically manipulating minorities, taking advantage of us, and scaring the hell out of us to get us to vote the way they want us to vote. >> shannon: you state is not about politics, you want people who are getting things done.
8:52 pm
you have had praise for this president because of criminal justice reform. have you taken heat over that? >> i'm sorry, shannon, could you repeat? >> shannon: i know you said, for you, you've been supportive of the president getting criminal justice report on, not necessarily supporting a certain party or anything, but have you taken heat for saying something positive about the development? >> yar, it's a great issue with me being black and this created for supporting president trump doing a good thing. that really disturbed me, and it hearkens back to what i've always suspected about ten years ago with him the liberal media. law enforcement call a good shooter or a bad shooter. since trump has been in office, he hadn't seen as many shootings on tv, as much. i think we are seeing them from
8:53 pm
anna garner, all of these issues, that we need to hate everyone who wears a uniform before the election. obviously, a lot of -- happening, why am i seeing this dashcam stuff every day, all day? i feel like there needs to be a class action lawsuit against cnn and other organizations that are using us, to pick us against one another, and misrepresentation, making up news that is negative. right now, i can stand on it with brandon. we both have been victims of that, and i've decided years ago that i'm not going to play that game anymore, i'm going to look at the policy, not the emotions. i'm going to see who is doing what, how, why. this is what this administration is actually getting done, and that is why we are here. >> shannon: brandon, quickly,
8:54 pm
you state is not running to the republican party, but walking away from groupthink, or a mind-set that tells you you have to be a certain way or be with a certain group. >> absolutely right. the #walkaway campaign, sadie is a journey, not a destination, we're not telling people what to do, were not leading people out of groupthink into groupthink, if you are a minority in america or in the democratic party come on the left, you have a choice. you don't have to vote democrat. you can do your research, your homework, search for truth, and there is a seat for you at the table, for you, no matter who you are, if you are an american. >> shannon: we should want all americans to go out there and do their research, and find the truth for them, and how lines with their particular convictions. brandon and isaiah, you are spiking a very interesting conversation for thank you both for making time in the middle of your event out there. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: tonight, we've got more than one big night including one who literally lay down his life to save others. >> tech: you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
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♪ >> shannon: when gunfire erupted in a classroom at the university of north carolina at charlotte, 21-year-old riley howell jumped into action tackling the government to the ground. he lost his life in the process. if he is being credited with saving many others. riley howell did just that, he's our first midnight hero tonight. ahead of tomorrow national day of prayer, our next heroes involve some divine intervention. two florida teens found themselves stranded far out to sea and fighting to swim back against the current. the 17-year-old soccer players say they started praying to god and crying out for help, just in time -- our second heroes tonight, captain eric wagoner and his crew found them in a fishing boat named the amen. for us crying out to god to send
9:00 pm
someone to us and a boat named amen, there is no it wasn't him. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." what a weird day it was in washington. hard as it may be to believe, two weeks after the release of the mueller report. but on capitol hill tonight they are still yelling about russia! it's as if the most exhaustive federal investigation in a generation never even happened. it's as if the russia collusion story was completely real and not a ludicrous hoax published by ruthless partisans. it's as if facts no longer matter at all, only emotion and ambition and the overriding will to power.


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