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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 2, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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someone to is to keep living at a boat named amen, no way it wasn't him. we will that you decide. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. >> determining whether a crime has been committed, we need to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon. we have multiple criminal police investigations underway. heather: this is "fox and friends first," sparks flying on capitol hill, william barr facing down senate democrats for 5 hours about the mueller report. the new battle brewing as he plans to be a no-show today. showdown over socialism, the maduro regime reaching a tipping point in the struggle for venezuela.
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the white house just gave a warning to vladimir putin and then there's this, she lost the 2016 election in historic fashions a wise 2020 democratic presidential candidate mayor pete buttigieg teaming up with hillary clinton? "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you. that is a really pretty shot of the nation's capital. a little foggy. maybe some steam coming off from yesterday. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning, thank you so much for starting your day with us. they were for fireworks on
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capitol hill during the heated hearing on the mueller report. william barr refusing to testify today before the house after revealing the doj is investigating multiple criminal weeks. todd pyro live in studio with his intense battle with the democrats. we knew there would be some grandstanding and that type of thing but the back-and-forth is really something. >> this was cavanagh 2.0 and you are right about the steam coming off of the capital. no return for the attorney general, he will not testify before the house judiciary committee. democrats vowing to hold the hearing anyway and threatening a possible contempt citation against the nation's top prosecutor. >> i understand why he wants to avoid that scrutiny. when push comes to shove the administration cannot dictate the terms of our hearing in our hearing room. the committee will convene at 9:00. >> this after a feisty day of
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testimony surrounding the letter from robert mueller which many on the left says is proof that william barr and his 4-page ceremony -- summary mischaracterize the mueller report. not so says the ag. >> i asked if he was suggesting the march 24th letter was inaccurate, he said no, but the press reporting had been in accurate. i asked what his concern was and he said his concern focused on his explanation of why he did not reach a conclusion on obstruction. he wanted more put out on that issue. he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report. >> reporter: despite countless accusations that william barr exonerated the president william barr echoed the following.
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>> information and put it out to the public. we do so to make a decision. we felt the evidence developed by the special counsel was not sufficient to establish the president committed a crime and it would be responsible for the department to release a report without stating the department's conclusions. >> reporter: a calls from the left for william barr to resign donald trump sticking by him. >> he did a fantastic job and it is all a big hoax, this whole thing with russia, there is no collusion, no obstruction. >> bar testifying the doj has multiple criminal week investigations underway in response to unauthorized media contact by government officials during the investigation and on many shows we spoke how they are getting this information and look like the attorney general is looking at that. >> forward system out there as well. i read yesterday on twitter their comment was mueller liked the lyrics of the song but
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didn't like the backseat, the music that went along with it. you liked the just of it. >> the big take away is we all thought we would be closer to an answer. lindsey graham said this is over, we are moving on. shannon: more on this to come. democrats using robert mueller's letter to accuse the attorney general taking special counsel's investigation into his own hands but alan dershowitz, harvard law school professor says at the end of the day bar is right and mueller is wrong. >> he defended very articulately his conclusion that there was no instruction of justice and the president can't obstruct justice by firing, by pardoning, by doing anything article 2 of the constitution authorizes him to do. mueller and the report take a different view of that. an interesting constitutional legal issue. the best president when barr was attorney general for george hw
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bush when he hardens caspar weinberger at the special prosecutor said he did that to obstruct the investigation. he did that to prevent the culmination of the iran contra investigation but nobody suggested a president can obstruct justice by pardoning. the president can obstruct justice by firing, he is right and mueller is wrong, the president did not obstruct justice. >> the house has called on robert mueller to testify before may 23rd. in the senate, chuck schumer is demanding judiciary chair lindsey graham do the same. thousands of protesters in the streets of venezuela for a third day as the crisis intensifies. opposition leader juan guaido speaking out for the first time since calling for an uprising against nicholas maduro's regime. a new warning from the us.
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>> juan guaido tells us this will be over soon but his call for a military uprising didn't pan out last night. thousands of venezuelans filled the streets of caracas overnight heating his call but security forces remain loyal to nicholas maduro. the venezuelan military used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the crowd of mostly young men who were throwing rocks. earlier in the evening he insisted this uprising was close to being over. >> to abandon the dictator, to join the process of rebuilding venezuela. we remain united. the armed forces are listening to us and we are making progress, very close to achieving our freedom. >> reporter: what is taking so long? mike pompeo blamed russia for the delay in ousting maduro. he says the embattled leader was ready to go on tuesday but changed his mind after the russians convinced him to stay
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put. russia has denied that. donald trump called last night to share his support for juan guaido as the us makes it very clear military action is possible if juan guaido -- of maduro does most of down. >> i have been watching them on the streets where people are being killed and he is doing rallies, very brave. and it is from a constitutional standpoint the way it is supposed to be. >> for now the standoff continues and it is amazing how many people are still protesting as 3 million people have already fled the country. shannon: thank you. we will have much more. in the meantime a couple headlines for you. emergent manhunt intensifying for the gunmen who shut two indiana judges.
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bret jacobson, drew adams, shot in a whitecastle parking lot while attending a conference in indianapolis. and argument broke out with strangers just before the shooting. circuit court judges are now in stable condition. southern indiana community came together praying for a speedy recovery. >> we are hanging onto our faith. that's how we are getting through this. >> police do not believe the judges were targeted. the convicted terrorist who plotted an attack on the new york city subway will be sentenced today. he qualifies for life behind bars what could get a lighter sentence for cooperating with authorities. a native son of afghanistan, he pleaded guilty in 2010. he has since met with law enforcement 100 times volunteering information about al qaeda. at the time of his plea, eric holder called him, quote, one of the most serious terrorist threats to our nation since 9/11.
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a new health scare as thousands of migrants are marching to the us. moment ago an ambulance leaving a shelter in mexico. officials confirming measles cases across the group. griff jenkins joins us live from mexico where the ambulance just left. >> reporter: there's quite a lot of activity as you can see behind me, two buses going into this shelter but really it was ambulances, not one but two going in here half an hour ago. we don't know why they were here. they have since left. we saw three doctors in the health deporting come out. they would not talk to us. it comes from lawmakers yesterday publicly discussing the concern that migrants may be carrying diseases confirming there are two cases of measles, syphilis and those things saying
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there were no cases of ebola which was the real concern among the people on the ground. we shot this troubling video, a gentleman in a redshirt was convulsing at one point. they poured water on him and trying to get officials inside the shelter to come out and attend to him. they never did come out so the migrants put a end to a taxi and drove to a hospital. we don't know what happened with him. this comes as we went 45 miles north to one of the stops of all the caravans dating back to last october and talked to mexican folks who are fed up and tired of these caravans. here's what roberto espinoza had to say. >> they probably feel frustrated because of these people coming over to our country especially over here, having a hard time, people coming over. i'm not saying they are taking our bread for us but a lot of
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people -- >> mexico's interior secretary was done playing concerns of the health risk posed by these migrants but we do know that these migrants include a global reach to countries like angola, congo, and other places where ebola has been present. there was one lawmaker in the mexican congress calling for sanitary bids on the southern border. we will try to get a firm statement from health officials when the sun comes up here. shannon: what about you and your crew? what precautions are you taking to stay safe and healthy? >> we are taking every precaution. we cannot go inside, we've not been granted access but there are busloads of federal police here in case things are out of control. we are staying in contact with all the folks here, we feel safe, thank you for asking.
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shannon: appreciate it, he does a great job. the time is 12 minutes after the top of the our. democrats grilling attorney general william barr for 5 hours but the ag was cool under pressure. >> we have to stop using the, justice process as a political weapon. we have multiple criminal leak investigations underway. >> our next guest bringing down the biggest take aways and tiger woods taking his green jacket to the white house. ♪ twist and shout ♪ come on come on baby now ♪ come on and work it on out
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>> donald trump lied to the
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american people? >> i'm not in the business of determining when lies are told the american people, i'm in the business of determining whether a crime is committed. we need to start using the, justice process as a political weapon. >> we have multiple criminal leak investigations underway. i don't think there is anything to have a day in court on. i think the government did not have a prosecutable case. we were surprised they were not going to reach a decision on obstruction. >> facing nonstop attacks from senate democrats about the mueller report for more than 5 hours. can you imagine? here to discuss the biggest take aways from the hearing is assistant attorney general john malcolm. thank you for joining us. what a long day it was. >> yes. your little compendium was a pretty good summary of the highlights. heather: blumenthal asked him for his notes and he said no. let's begin with the biggest take aways. one of them being where he blasted democrats for using the
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criminal justice process as what you refer to as a criminal weapon. what are your thoughts on that? >> he got asked whether the president was acted appropriately, lying to the american people. senator booker said this is the new normal, this bad behavior, is that a good thing or bad thing? william barr is the head of those affirmative justice. is not the head of the terms of good manners. he's not there to determine whether the president is a nice guy were behaved appropriately. he is there to determine whether there was a conspiracy with the russians in order to interfere with the 2016 election and whether or not the president of the united states attempted to obstruct the investigation. at the end of the day he said this is a binary choice for prosecutors to make after examining the facts and that is what he was there to do, not talk about whether the president on occasion acted in a petulant manner. shannon: what did you think of his mannerisms? >> is a pretty unflappable guy.
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he has been to this rodeo once before having been attorney general and served in some high-level positions. i would have had a difficult time listening to the haranguing he received from senator hirono of hawaii but william barr is aware, he is a professional and he handled himself quite well. >> he was aware there would be a lot of grandstanding going on and he talked about multiple criminal leak probes being underway. what are your thoughts on that? >> leaking is a problem in all department of government, certainly the department of justice and he made it quite clear he is going to look into these matters, taken seriously. they undermine faith in the criminal justice system that uses the department is going to be looking at whether there was a predicate to undertake this investigation in the first place and whether there was proper
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factual predicate to as his words, spy on the trump campaign. those are very important issues. senator graham appears intent in looking at those issues as well. there will be more shoes to drop in the days ahead. >> he said the government did not have a prosecutable case against trump and he was surprised mueller did not come to a conclusion on obstruction. >> that is right. robert mueller, former fbi director, former us attorney, former head of the, division, that was his mandate, to investigate all these things and to make a prosecutorial decision, that binary choice if you will and i would have been surprised if he didn't reach that conclusion but since he didn't and since the department of justice is left with that binary choice, rod rosenstein and whether you agree or disagree, certainly seems they approached the issue in a sober and professional manner and reached a reasonable conclusion.
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shannon: we will see what happens because he says he's not coming back today for the house but we have run out of time. thank you for joining us, john malcolm, this morning. we will be right back, stay with us. what do you look for when you trade?
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laura laughlin and felicity huffman, who is next? fears working through the circles that the college admission scandal could grow. the new york times reporting prosecutors have already told more parents they are under investigation. in the meantime 14 have chosen to plead guilty while several others are fighting the charges. we will follow that. what about this? big night at the billboard music awards lighting up the vegas strip with glitz, glamour and even a wedding. sophie turner tying the not with the help of an elvis impersonator after the show but it was drake who made music history becoming the most awarded artist ever. >> the winner is drake for scorpion. >> drake! >> good for him. the singer nabbing 12 awards last night but he wasn't the only big winner.
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>> bb rexson. heather: love my florida georgia line, taking home top country song from end to be. the opening number has a lot of people talking this morning. >> you will never find another like me. >> reporter: talus with kicking off the show with a marching band. some on social media claiming she copied the idea from beyoncé's homecoming performance. what do you think? i think taylor swift is used a marching band before. the time is 26 after the top of the hour and the power struggle in venezuela at a tipping point as juan guaido and nicholas maduro battle for control of the socialist country. who is backing who and which world leaders can tip the scale? our next guest breaks down the balance of power.
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heather: a look at top headlines. william barr not testifying before the house judiciary committee say. democrats are vowing to have the hearing anyway while threatening to hold william barr in contempt of conference after is heated senate hearing over the findings, he was grilled over the letter from robert mueller which many democrats said mischaracterized the special report. the white house requesting $4.5 billion to end the border crisis, trump's administration says, providing, and processing at the border. the request comes as a new caravan marches towards the us with thousands of migrants. thousands of protesters hitting the streets of venezuela for a third day as the crisis in the
1:31 am
country intensifies. juan guaido speaking out for the first time, ramping up calls for a takedown of nicholas maduro's regime. unless they are willing to support the stability and prosperity of venezuela. the united states recognizes juan guaido as the elected leader of venezuela but some world power still support the maduro regime. who exactly is backing him? joining us to break it down is vice president for foreign-policy a marriage foundation, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. we have sides that support both. let's pull up a map here. these other countries who
1:32 am
recognize juan guaido as the new leader. what can you tell us? >> the united states has done a remarkable job pulling together particularly in latin america, working together, colombia is absolutely key and if you think broader the european union and much of europe is solidly with the united states in support of juan guaido. shannon: some of these countries who continue to support nicholas maduro. >> right. look at russia for example, this is all part of vladimir putin's grand strategy which is he doesn't have a grand strategy but he's a meddler. he looks for gaps and weaknesses and tries to exploit the whether it is ukraine, russia and links in venezuela. they see an opportunity to annoy the united states of a support maduro and vladimir putin would be the most happy guy if the united states intervened, that
1:33 am
would be the happiest day for him. >> one more thing about russia. they have a major investment in venezuela's oil industry. >> they do. this is similar to syria. the difference is caracas is a long way from moscow. russia really can't do logistically and on the ground the kind of things they could do in syria. >> they sent 100 military personnel to caracas. let's focus on iran now. >> iran and all its surrogates particularly hezbollah have long had a long-established footprint in latin america and among other things that is due to a lot of their fundraising, they get involved in kernel enterprises and what kept the venezuelan government in power isn't the oil revenue but kickbacks from transnational, cartels. they use that for fundraising and also their basic intelligence operation in the western hemisphere, the united states so iran would love to see the regime stick around. shannon: why they discussed this
1:34 am
new flight route when airline stopped flying to venezuela. >> and they have been doing that repeatedly and use that in various steps from the regions and others to the venezuelan government. shannon: let's talk about cuba and sanctions. what are their primary interests here? >> cuba has long been the leader in organizing socialist latin america against the united states and being a proxy for other interests in the region. they are the main bad actors because they provide the boots on the ground so maduro today is surrounded by russians and cubans and venezuelan soldiers, he would probably be thrown out of the country by now. they have a deep interest here and what is funny about this is they have overreached. trump will come down, they will get more sanctions, in worse shape than when they started
1:35 am
under obama. this is a strategic overage. heather: 20,000 cuban troops on the ground. finally china. >> china put many billions of dollars into venezuela and use it for power and influence and exploitation of resources but the chinese are different actor. they want to preserve financial interest and don't care who is in charge and they have bigger stakes. all the actors they can least afford to but had with the united states but they did help shutdown social media and broadcast media in the country so they have been aiding venezuela. shannon: political solution to the crisis or military one? >> it is an internal solution. in the military we call it a meeting engagement.
1:36 am
juan guaido and maduro didn't plan on may 1st being the cataclysmic day they would clash on this. both of them entered this not knowing which way the military would go. i think it gets settled internally. i don't think there's a role for us military intervention. you cannot through the 82nd airborne into the middle of the civil war without expecting it to be a mess. >> that would be catastrophic, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. some other headlines to bring to you at this hour. julian assange is due in court at any moment as the us fights for his extradition. the wikileaks cofounder is expected to appear via video link one day after being sentenced to 50 weeks in prison for skipping bail. he was arrested last month for conspiring with chelsea manning to break into a us government computer in 2010. he spent the last 7 years taking refuge in the ecuadorian embassy in london.
1:37 am
mitt romney criticizing joe biden after he downplayed china's threat to the us during a rally in iowa. >> i have met every major world leader in my role as vice president, foreign relations chairman for the last 30 years. that is not hyperbole. china? they are not even competition for us. >> mitt romney tweeting this will not age well. hundreds of passengers quarantined on a cruise ship due to a measles outbreak. of official docking this is believed to be used by the church of scientology in st. lucia. the infected crewmembers in isolation, the ship is set to depart today. back on land in the meantime a woman with measles attended a
1:38 am
pack california movie theater to see avengers end game. officials warning other moviegoers may have been exposed. there are over 740 cases nationwide. they have increased production of the vaccine. they are the only supplier of the measles vaccine in the us. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and joe biden basking in the endorsement that they will do whatever it takes to get him elected. >> international firefighters and my friend for a long time, make no apologies. i am a union man. jillian: a firefighter says he would not want biden representing him in the white house and he is not the only one. ♪ - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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1:42 am
today, one of those victims is hailed as a hero. jonathan siri has the incredible story. >> community at the university of north carolina charlotte is stunned and searching for answers after the deadly campus shooting. >> there is an investigation and that is thorough enough to fill in questions and the answers to your questions, to fill in those blanks. let us take that time. >> police say tristan terrel opened fire near the kennedy building at 5:00 on tuesday. officers say they were able to quickly december 22nd-year-old but the gunfire still left two students dead and several others injured, some critically. one of the deceased, riley howell, reportedly charged the gunmen giving other students the chance to escape, likely saving their lives but for his work -- >> the assailant may not have
1:43 am
been disarmed. he gave his life in the process. >> reporter: krista dean was presented senior research project when she heard gunshots a few classrooms away. >> i was mentally preparing myself for what it would feel like to get shot and just kind of bracing myself for if it did happen. >> parents reuniting with their kids in a nearby parking lot say it is another reminder of the prevalence of gun violence. >> you can't go to school the grocery store, you can't worship anymore which it is terrifying. >> in charlotte, north carolina, fox news. >> and as an bracing yourself to see what it would feel like to be shot. embattled congresswoman omar is blaming the us for the crisis in venezuela. >> a lot of the policies we have put in place have helped lead to the devastation in venezuela.
1:44 am
this particular bullying and the use of sanctions does not help. heather: she has not recognized juan guaido as venezuela's leader despite the us and 50 other countries backing him. donald trump pushing back against three 2020 democratic hopefuls after their calls for william barr's resignation. >> he performed incredibly well today. probably very nasty. how about these people who are not doing very well but 3 of them are running for a particular office, three running against me ranting and raving like lunatics. >> the president taking aim at kamala harris and amy klobuchar claiming their move is purely political.
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it is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. the embattled endorsement for the international firefighters union as joe biden says he has their full support but one firefighters, say they don't want him to represent them. ♪
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heather: pete buttigieg could be getting advice from hillary clinton. the south bend indiana mayor met with the former secretary of state in new york this week. clinton has not endorsed a 2020 candidate but she has met with several of them including kamala harris, elizabeth warren and cory booker. an update for you, nicholas
1:49 am
andman taking another media organization to court. filing a $275 million lawsuit against nbc for defamation. on this stems from coverage of that confrontation in capitol hill in january. sandman's attorney says the facts show the antitrust narrative in dc pushed so hard. he filed similar lawsuits against cnn and the washington post. nbc has not responded to our request for comment. tiger woods taking his green jacket to the white house, he will celebrate his fifth masters when on monday. the president tweeting after the big win last month i will be presenting him with a presidential medal of freedom. the two have golfed together several times. he was once called too small for
1:50 am
the nfl but this photo of panthers star christian mccaffrey has social media going crazy. the team hosting the viral photo of the running back from their off-season workout. notice anything different? on twitter user writing my man looks like he puffed out his sleeves and another writing haters will say this photoshop but i don't think it is. i think they are ready for the season. might be the year. the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. game day goes from bad to worse. this dodgers fan made the ultimate sacrifice for not one but two foul balls. ♪ i want to reach out and grab you ♪
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heather: joe biden boasting of his commitment to firefighters and their unions. >> international firefighters general president in my friend for a long long time, one of the guys in our union that they say, reading the dance when i started, thank you. i make no apologies. i am a union man. heather: despite a major endorsement from the top firefighters union, do rank and file members support joe biden for president? joining me is 9/11 first responder prince edward. thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. what about this? what are firefighters on the
1:55 am
street saying? >> the majority of them, the brothers i know and speak to are very upset about the situation. we weren't polled to find out who we backed, who we endorsed. donald trump for us has been on the ground level, backed us up through many different things, back to many first responders, not just firefighters but police officers and other first responders around the country. he had are back and that is something we feel as though the international firefighters association hasn't had that opportunity to pull any members, to get our opinion. heather: seemed surprising to a lot of folks because the president does seem to have been right there front and center in terms of supportive first responders. how does it work? you put money into the union and once it gets in their you have no control?
1:56 am
>> as far as being a retiree we pay union dues, local 94. they take part of that money and bring it to the internationals. we don't have any control where the money goes. heather: it was the iaf after decided to put this behind joe biden. without asking 300,000 firefighters if they agree. >> 300,000 members of the night a f after, the usa, over 11, 12,000 firefighters but nobody has been asked how we felt, who do we endorsed. we stand behind donald trump because donald trump stands behind us. heather: has anyone approached them and asked what was their reasoning?
1:57 am
>> not that i know -- it is political. i mean that is something i can't answer for them. i think the decision to do that was premature. they should have waited and had an idea and polled the members because union is a strong as the weakest link and that is something that should be focused on. being members on the street we are sacrificing our lives. >> you and your families. this is what donald trump had to say. he has been vocal and social media. i have done more for firefighters than this dude sucking union will ever do. i get paid 0. i wanted to bring that up because i wanted to ask who would make a better firefighter? biden trump? >> to be honest i think if
1:58 am
donald trump didn't become such a great builder he would have made an unbelievable firefighter. the reason i say that is in order to be a firefighter you have to run towards danger. that is what he does all-time every day since he became president, runs into danger. number 2 you can never crack under pressure. number 3 you get the job done. those are three traits donald trump has had since he has been president, been under attack ever -- every corner you turn has been under attack and for us to understand that is a major quality of a firefighter, don't ever crack under pressure. run towards danger and always get the job done. heather: thank you for joining us. >> it is honor to be on the number one show in the world. thank you for having me. thank you so much.
1:59 am
heather: that almost wraps it up but we have time for the good, the bad and the ugly. let's start with a good. two teenagers rescued after being stranded in the ocean. their savior was heaven sent. >> the name of the but was theymen. >> no other reason that wasn't god. >> prayers answered after fighting a florida waiver for two hours. now the bad, 100 people behind bars after a massive drug bust that happened in florida, deputies confiscating a fentanyl to kill every person in the country. 75 firearms also seen. finally the ugly. a dodgers fan goes for two foul balls and loses his lunch. >> it is the same thing. heather: twice! the guy dropping fries and pizza
2:00 am
all over the fans at the san francisco giants game. if that wasn't bad enough for him, the dodgers lost. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> very clear with me that he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report. i understand why he wants to avoid that scrutiny. there are many questions that must be answered. >> it is thursday, may 2nd. attorney general william barr tells the house to take a hike refusing to sit for another hours long hearing on the mueller report. rob: the major bombshell came in the senate and could put big names in big trouble. jillian: a health emergency for migrants. rob: a call for sanitation senses as mexico ramps up calls for the caravans to start turning back. griff jenkins is live from the heart of the border crisis.


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