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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 2, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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we are back here on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow. now, here's harris. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. plenty of fireworks and finger-pointing on capitol hill after the attorney general refused to testify before a democrat-led panel today. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. for a hearing that lasted just a few minutes, really, it packed a powerful punch. plenty of drama. when house judiciary chairman jerry nadler held a hearing with an empty seat for ag william barr after barr decided not to show. the main sticking point, the attorney general took issue with nadler's decision to have committee lawyers question end. the panel's ranking republican calling today's proceedings a political stunt, as the democratic chair defended the format. watch. >> given the attorney general's lack of candor before other congressional committees, i believe my colleagues and i were right to insist on the expended questioning.
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he has failed the men and women of the deferment of justice by placing the needs of the president over the fair administration of justice. he has even failed to show up today. >> yesterday he said dumb like that for over six hours in the senate voluntarily answering questions come even on the second round he was taken up by democrats who wanted to ask more questions. we are not giving del not getting the opportunity to because the stunt on the circus continues here. >> harris: kristin fisher read more the hill. >> harris, believe it or not, the circus has gotten even crazier since a hearing with no witness wrapped up. the speaker of the house is now accusing the attorney general of the united states of committing a crime. >> he lied to congress. he lied to congress. if everybody else said that, it would be considered a crime. nobody is above the law. not the president of the united states, and not the attorney general. >> speaker pelosi is reportedly referring to bill barr's testimony last month when he claimed that he was not aware of
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any concerns expressed by the special counsel about his 4-page summary of the mueller report. but, it has since been revealed that robert mueller did send barr a letter complaining that it did not fully capture the context of his work. the debarment of justice is not fighting back saying speaker pelosi's baseless attack on the attorney general's reckless, irresponsible, and false. this is happening just hours after barr was a no-show at another hearing, but i was judiciary committee hearing about the mueller report. here he is leaving his house at about the same time that the hearing was starting. a democrat on the committee went so far as to put a chicken in the empty witness seat. the doj says barr didn't show because of the format the democrats had implemented for today's hearing, allowing the staff attorneys to question the ag in addition to members of congress. >> chicken barr should have shown up today and answered questions. he was afraid of barry burke, he was afraid.
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and attorney general picture his legal acumen and his abilities would not be fearful of any other attorneys questioning and for 30 minutes. >> the question i have here is not what bill barr is scared of. my question is, what if the democrats scared of? they don't want bill barr here today. they have the report, they read it, they don't like what's in i it. >> the two big questions going forward, "will determinedly make good on his threat to hold the general in contempt of court, congress, and will the special counsel himself, bob mueller, testify? there are still working to firm up a date but he is hoping it will happen on may 15th. harris, watch for that in about two weeks. >> harris: kristin fisher, thank you very much. let's bring in our public and member of the house judiciary committee, tom mcclintock of california. congressman, a chicken in an empty chair this morning. no william barr. was it a good idea for him not to show? >> i think he's absolutely righ right. the precedent-shattering notion
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that elected members of congress can hide behind it counsel asking questions or making statements, i think, is rightly deployable. we are elected and accountable to the people that we represent. that's my only elected members of the house become the floor. that's why only elected members of the house ask questions and committees. because we are accountable for those questions. we are accountable for the words that we speak. for the democrats to try and hide behind their general counsel, that's just plain silly. but there's been a lot of that going on recently. >> harris: it's interesting, i did a little drill down to look at how many members of congress, the house, and senate are lawyers. you got a lot. 53% in the senate, 36, almost 37% have a law degree. they may not be practicing today. we look at who should be on the floor asking questions, you got a lot of options there. >> i'm not a lawyer myself, but as you point out, there are many layers on the judiciary
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committee. nadler's insistence that they all go out and hire one to ask their questions for them tells me they are not very confident in their own legal skills. >> harris: you know, i want to get to what it was like to be in that room. because you were there today. it looks so much like spectacle. you are hearing people call it a circus. >> i would call an embarrassment. there was a decided lack of supervision in in the leadershf the committee, that's become quite apparent with all of that. the stunts and photo ops, if you see the democrats are starting to it. what they are trying to do, don't forget, for two and half years now they have spun a complete falsehood that somehow donald trump was conspiring with a foreign government to corrupt our government. it turns out that was all false. it was all dreamed up by the clinton campaign. it was used by the highest officials in our government to try and influence our elections. and then underline, when they feel that, that's been laid bare as a complete lie.
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now they are grasping for a new line they can come up with a try and cover the old lie that has now been exposed. >> harris: speaker pelosi -- and we played this for our audience just a few months ago. they can watch it live on the network a couple hours ago. she said that barr lied to congress. she's going for accountability. "he was lying to congress. if it were anybody else, they would be held accountable." is she speaking the truth about william barr? >> she's making a ridiculous ad hominem personal attack on his integrity, which i think is deplorable. the fact is, william barr spoke to mueller after he received the letter and said, "is there anything in the letter that's an accurate?" , he said no his complaint was with the way the press was handling it. that's not a complaint against bill barr or the letter that he sent summarizing the report that he then released to the
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congress. >> harris: then there is where -- we know the invitation has been issued for bob mueller to come and talk about his own report. replicant senator kennedy of louisiana said he'd be front of me were testifying about it. let's watch. >> if mr. mueller wants to come over here and explain why he conducted an investigation and spent a lot of taxpayer money and then couldn't make up his mind, i would be happy to listen to him. did the mueller team recommend an indictment of donald trump for conspiracy or collusion? the answer is no. number two, did the mueller team recommend an indictment of donald trump for obstruction of justice? and the answer is no. everything else is just cream cheese. >> harris: it's interesting, i interviewed kelly in conway with -- just a couple weeks ago. she said, "we already know it merely thinks because we have his report. 95% of it not redacted." >> mueller was assigned over a
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principal charge. that the trump campaign conspired with the russians to affect the election. that was his purpose. he determined at some point in those 20 -- what, 22 months of investigation, that that was not the truth. why didn't he report that at the time? why did he let it go on so long that's an important question. and even more important question is, at the center of this lie was this phony dossier concocted by the clinton campaign. it was used as a justification to the court to spy on an american presidential campaign, on private american citizens. why was that not delved in with more? there are a number of questions i would like to ask robert mueller. >> harris: all right. we look forward to that. tom mcclintock, congressman from california, joining us today. figure very much. >> my pleasure, thanks for having me. >> harris: i want to get reaction from the other side of the political aisle, bringing a democratic harassment and commission chairman, ted lieu.
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he called barr one of the most dangerous men in the nation's capital paid you heard from congressman mcclintock. while you see something like that question ? >> figure, harris, for your question. bill barr is dangerous for two reasons. one, he misled the american people about what was in the mueller report. not because robert mueller wrote him a letter saying so. second, bill barr is suing in court to eliminate the law that guarantees existing conditions health care coverage. >> harris: we may have time to get to the health care, but i want to drill down on barr. that's the news from yesterday, that long hearing that we saw. and the ag not going to the house judiciary committee today. say that he misled. that letter -- i've got it copy of it here -- that letter that he wrote barr blamed the media. maybe the media gets a lot of blame for a lot of things, but he was complaining to bill barr that he didn't like the way the media was portraying the mueller report or the 4-page deal that
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he handed over himself, william barr. 95% of it is unredacted. you've got a lot to work with there. >> harris, i understand why you just said what you did, because that's what i call lee, tom mcclintock, said -- >> harris: i have a copy of the letter, that's what i said it. >> so let's read the letter together. robert mueller specifically says the attorney general about stress march letter is the one that he was worried did not capture the context of the report. he wasn't talking of the media come he was referring to the four-page summary. tom mcclintock simply got that wrong. >> harris: no, i'm looking at it. he does say the media. he says that there is now public confusion. >> right, but read the sentence or two before that. he talks specifically about bill barr's march letter. >> harris: i previously sent you a letter dated march 25th. it includes the introduction in consecutive summary for each
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volume of the special counsel report." at issue here is that he doesn't say that the attorney general gets it wrong. he says he doesn't like how it's being portrayed. so then the attorney general turns around and he puts information out that his 95% unredacted. by the way, congress -- you -- you can move as a body of government and change the law to include that a grand jury. you could see the whole thing if you wanted to why not? you are correct, harris. you can change the law. also we could rely on court precedent that simply says that congress, specifically the house judiciary committee, is entitled to the full interjected report. during watergate, leon jaworski, the special prosecutor, issued a report. he relied on the same grand jury secrecy. that the chief of staff of the white house could suppress it. that's what we are trying to -- >> harris: it stopped with the independent counsel that could
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do the thing you're talking about, and did so with the clinton case. that expired in 1999. what we have now are new rules that regulate what special counsel can do. so that grand jury 6e is in play. you can go to court to get released or you as a body could just change it automatically. i want to get to a new cnn poll that shows 44% of people saying congressional democrats are doing too much to investigate president trump. could you be risking, politically, what republicans risked a couple of decades ago? >> harris, it does turn out that in congress we can chew gum and walk at the same time. >> harris: oh, goodness... >> we will work on infrastructure, just this week, speaker pelosi, senator schumer, and donald trump agreed on a $2 trillion number for infrastructure. that's terrific. i support infrastructure, i think it's something that republicans and democrats can work together on to get done. we also passed to the violence against women act off the house floor. we are working on legislation to
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reduce the price of prescription drugs. we can do both at the same time. that's what we plan on doing to protect americans' health care, work on it for structure. >> harris: real quickly, before or after to let go, you brought up infrastructure. house minority leader kevin mccarthy was speaking moments ago live on our air from capitol hill, just like speaker pelosi did earlier today. he said he would want to raise taxes to get to some of that $2 trillion. is that true, as democrats? is that what you want? >> no discussions yet have happened between the white house and democrats and republicans. with the revenues would be. but there is really only two ways to pay for things. either you increase revenues or you make cuts in other places of the governments. so we are going to sit down and work to have her on a bipartisan basis to see with the package is going to be put out that will get bipartisan support in both houses. >> harris: congressman ted lieu of the great state of california, think you for joining me on the program. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: we will get to this
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fox news alert now, the 22-year-old man accused of getting down to students at the university of north carolina charlotte is in court today. we are learning more about one of the victims. police calling the young manicure. jonathan is live outside the courthouse in charlotte, north carolina. boy, his family is so proud of him. >> absolutely. this one student to sacrificed his life to tackle the gunman in this incident, police saying that his brave actions likely saved more lives and prevented more injury. as far as the accused gunman, the latest we are hearing from the courtroom is that his first appearance is scheduled to get underway. or expected to get underway at approximately 1:30 this afternoon in the courthouse. you see it behind me. the 22-year-old defendant, tristen terrel, it faces multiple charges including two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder. police say they are still trying to determine a motive behind the
10:15 am
shooting. he was a student at unc charlotte but withdrew the semester. his grandfather tells the associated press that he was bright but on the autism spectrum, and not very social. last night a crowd packed every seat of the arena at the unc charlotte campus to honor the victims of tuesday's shooting, including the two who died. 19-year-old ellis parlay her, and the 21-year-old heroic student, riley help they say he sacrificed his own life to tackle the gunman. >> riley was my classmate and friend. i do not want his courageous acts to protect all the students in that classroom and among the rest of the university to go unnoticed. >> his actions certainly are not going unnoticed. how will's bali dominic body received a police escort as is casket began began the journey back to his home town of waynesville,
10:16 am
oscar land. >> harris: so important to mention the name of the hero rather than elevating that of gunman. let's all say "riley" a few times today. thank you. former vice president joe biden surging out of his fellow 2020 contenders, and new national polling. but president trump says he's not worried. this, and it reports the president's biden-bashing has some inside his campaign worried. ♪ place for mom, the nation's largest senior-living referral service. for the past five years, i've spoken with hundreds of families and visited senior-care communities around the country. and i've got to tell you, today's senior-living communities are better than ever. these days, there are amazing amenities, like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars, and bistros, even pet-care services. and nobody understands your options like the advisers at a place for mom. these are local, expert advisers that will partner with you
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10:21 am
it's the first confirmed case there this year. the cases nationwide have surpassed the highest number on record since the disease with eradicated in the united states united states in 2000. president trump is ramping up attacks on the 20 democratic candidate joe biden, dismissing him as a threat to his reelection efforts. it comes just after the president went on a twitter rant against the former vice president yesterday morning. but the escalating biden-bashing has reportedly split trump campaign advisors. some are saying they fear the president may be giving biden too much oxygen. i want to bring in hugo gurdon now, editor in chief of the "washington examiner." one thing is for sure -- joe biden certainly doesn't mind the elevation. but his trump smart, though, to say that these are the things that are wrong with this guy? >> i think it's fine for president trump to take occasional shots but i don't think a twitter stream of 50 or 60 tweets is really the way for the president to go. i think those advisors who say
10:22 am
to him that he should be emphasizing his achievements in office such as putting more money back in people's pockets with the tax cut, increasing economic growth about 50% above where it was in the stagnant years of obama and biden, they are actually probably giving better advice. harris, the thing is that there are 19 other democratic candidates who can do the bashing of biden right now. some of them are, particularly bernie sanders. i think trump would probably be better advised to emphasize his achievements and see above the fray. >> harris: may be joe biden doesn't want to punch with any of those people within his own party because he effectively than does what others are accusing trump of doing. he elevates their status. some of them in the 1%, like eric swalwell, who barely made it into one of the debates here recently. republicans are pushing back, though, after joe biden said this about china. he's potentially making some gaffes while he's out there. let's watch. >> i met virtually every major
10:23 am
world leader in my role as vice president, as foreign relations chairman, over the last 30 years. that's not hyperbole. china is going to eat our lunch customer and come, man. they are not competition for us. >> harris: even the napoleon bonaparte said, "wake china, and you shake the world." there are many different versions, but that's the meaning. he got it way back when. >> china is a strategic rival and ultimately might be an enemy. certainly a threat. so there's nothing wrong with biden pointing that out. i don't think he's very wise to be talking about all the world leaders he has met, because then you will have to talk about his journey to el salvador to meet daniel ortega during the reagan years. he has got a lot in his background that he is going to have to -- he has been in politics for nearly 50 years. there's a lot of ammo he is providing his opponents prayed with his democratic opponents and then later, if he gets the
10:24 am
nomination, president trump. with really specific things they can say about his past. >> harris: and it doesn't really capitulate as out to some of the millennials who say they would like to see someone potentially looks more like them. you talk about his age prayed let's move on. a new cnn poll shows president trump's job approval rating, approval standing, at 43% since the completion of the mueller report. that is the highest level since april of 2017. everybody sees it on the screen here. you have the economy working for the president. what else is working? >> the economy is the big one. i also think that, actually, the southern border is to some extent working for the president. obviously there is a crisis down there, but this is the issue that he has been emphasizing since before he was elected as needing to be fixed. i think that the increasing or steadfast intransigence of the democrats about controlling illegal immigration works for the president.
10:25 am
i think, too, that his efforts in foreign policy, his talk -- his efforts in north korea, even though they are not going anywhere, people admire his efforts to try and do something about that problem, too. >> harris: he is doing what he said he would do. >> he's doing what he said he would do, and some of it is working, some of it's not. but he hasn't go back on his promises. >> harris: hugo gurdon, thank you very much for being on with me. president trump commending attorney general william barr's performance before congress yesterday. as we learn new information about the white house's opinions of the special counsel's report. chief white house correspondent john roberts will be with me, coming right after the break. ♪ ♪ hoo
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10:30 am
well. john? >> this is going to form the basis going forward, harris, for the white house refusing to comply with those subpoenas that will be coming down from capitol hill. here's the letter. we obtained this earlier today, it's dated april 19th, which is the day after the mueller report dropped. this is from emmet flood, the president's in-house counsel on the mueller report to the attorney general william barr. the letter is very critical of special counsel robert mueller, saying that mueller did not properly do his job by not making the determination. whether there was obstruction of justice, but then writing in detail about the special counsel's findings. flood writing, "the special counsel and his staff failed in their duty to act as prosecutors and only as prosecutors." going on to say, "the special counsel's office instead produced a prosecutorial curiosity. part true commission report and part law school exam." it has been suggested that the report was written with the intent of providing congress
10:31 am
some kind of road map for congressional action. that was, in fact, the social office intention, it serves as evidence of the special counsel's refusal to follow applicable law." the left letter also argues that the president on popular way executive privilege just because did not claim it over the mueller report. flood writing, "his, the presidents, decision not to assert privilege is not a waiver of executive privilege for any other material or any other purpose." as to whether or not the president might allow don mcgahn, who was his white house counsel during the whole russia investigation, or other senior white house officials to testify before a congressional committee led either by republicans or by democrats, flood rights, "the president's decision does not affect his ability as president to instruct his advisors to decline to appear before congressional committees and answer questions on these same
10:32 am
subjects." so basically what he is saying is that even though the president waived executive privilege on the release of the mueller report, he is drawing the line there. if congress wants to talk to any of his senior advisors, including don mcgahn, he may indeed claim executive privilege over that or any of the documents or any of the investigative materials that are contained within, that were the basis for the mueller report. >> harris: john? >> i was just going to say, all of this could end up in court. with the white house points to this 2014 decision during the obama administration as a firm legal basis for saying that congress does not have the power to subpoena senior administration officials. harris? >> harris: you emailed the letter and i'm dutifully reading it as talking. he clarifies everything you said in terms of executive privilege, i think. "under a system of government, unelected branch officers --" which, for the doj, special counsel robert mueller would be
10:33 am
that. "those executive branch officers and intelligence agency personnel are supposed to answer to the person elected by the people. i.e., the president, and nothing of other way around." so there's an opportunity that mueller was able to get whatever he needed in terms of information per executive privilege, but that does not blink it give it to anybody else going forward, including, i would think, members of congress as we move forward. this is fascinating. >> it is. >> harris: do you see that's a game-change in terms of how much information the white house would hand over? >> i think the white house is going to head over as little information as they possibly can going forward, because the president has has said, "we give it all to mueller." he was contained in the executive branch so there's no privilege there. "beware are not going to give it to congress." if you go back to the days of watergate, had people in the administration who gave information to to the judge hes in charge of the grand jury, who
10:34 am
then given to congress. so it went from article two of the constitution to article three of the constitution, to article one. but this letter is a very strong indication that the president intends to keep a lot of that information within article two. article one, the congress, isn't going to get their hands on it. again, it'll probably all went up in court but the white house think that has a strong legal basis to exhume executive privilege. if you want is always break down things with you. thank you for joining me for just a few minutes. good to see you today. >> you, too. >> harris: venezuela racing from a potential violence after opposition leader juan guaido called for an uprising to kick of the embattled president, nicolas maduro. this, as the united states once again reiterates its support for guaido, saying that u.s. military action is possible but maduro is not backing down. claims of the time to fight has come. our steve harrigan is live in the capital city, caracas, with more. steve? >> harris, the surprise
10:35 am
appearance by disputed president nicolas maduro at 5:00 a.m. this morning at a military base here in venezuela, maduro trying to surround himself in a sea of green uniforms, trying to show that the military is still behind him, even the rank and file military members. just two days after a failed military uprising against him. maduro said the uprising has no chance, but there are more jackals to come. he warned the troops of the possible civil war in venezuela. here's maduro. >> translator: soldiers of the motherland, the time to fight has compared the time has come to give an example to history and the world and say, in venezuela, the national armed forces are consistent, loyal, united. united as never before. >> we've had two days of violence here in caracas, street protests. more than 70 people injured on
10:36 am
tuesday. on wednesday, more than 20 people injured with gunshot wounds. one of those injured was a venezuelan journalist. the national guard fired a grenade at his feet that exploded, you could see his gas mask actually fill up with blood. he is recovering now from that attack at home. he says he lives in a country where the government attacks journalists. the streets right now are pretty quiet. opposition leader and the man recognized as interim president by the u.s. and 54 other nations, one go ido, says his next move is to call for a series of nationwide strikes. back to you. >> harris: a steve harrigan with the latest venezuela. thank you very much. the white house is asking congress for billions of dollars in emergency funds for border security. another caravan has gathered in mexico with the goal of entering the united states. a live report. stay with us. ♪ i have fantastic news for
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>> harris: covington catholic high school student nicholas sandman is suing nbc universal for $275 million. he accuses the company falsely portraying his viral video encounter with the native american elder outside the lincoln memorial back in january. his attorneys say nbc portrayed that moment as "a hate crime." this is the third lawsuit he has filed liver media coverage of the video a massive drug was in florida, policing bases and offense and fentanyl and other opiates to kill "every person in the county." they are issuing arrest warrants for more than 100 people saying to connect to criminal organization. this come after a month-long investigation considered one of the largest are cases in our nation's history. the suspects based racketeering related charges. the white house is now asking congress for billions of
10:42 am
additional dollars in emergency border spending, as a new caravan is now making its way toward america. this come after the pentagon approved sending hundreds of additional souped on my troops to this on the board. william la jeunesse joins me live from texas. william? >> harris, whether it be manpower, bed space, transportation, the border patrol here is overwhelmed. 1400 migrants a day here in south texas alone, which is one reason why the agency today is opening a new facility behind me. it's a tent. some bureaucrats prefer the term "soft-sided facility." it's a classic. it has room for uncovering minors, air condition, showers, kitchen, sleeping mats. they will stay here before being released, either to a relative or another shelter. there is an identical facility being open in el paso for families. >> i need for you guys help me. i don't want to return to my
10:43 am
country. >> i come to the united states? >> i'm in ecuador indian and my daughters were suffering. i'm coming with my kids. i want for him to get help. if you want to return me, return you but keep him here. >> not all families who claim to be a family actually are. cbp has begun photographing, fingerprinting, and here in south texas taking a dna sample of those who are suspected of fraud. agents are asking, "what is your kid's birthday?" if they don't know, that suspicion. a random sample showed 30% of the families "were lying." now some will be detained. in suspected cases, they are going to have a rapid dna test. a cheek swab, to establish paternity. >> it's very time-consuming. it has taken the symbol of the saliva, lifter sent you a laugh
10:44 am
it's time-consuming. >> they avenue medical protocol. they are examining migrants as soon as they cross into the border before they even get into processing. they are looking for illness, disease, dehydration. that came after those two children died last year and then also earlier this week. a 16-year-old guatemalan boy died after a week in intensive care with, according to the nbc there, a brain infection. harris, the situation is this -- the agencies here are burning through tax money. diapers, food, transportation. they are bringing more investigators here. they have closed down some of the checkpoints, necessary to stop drugs. migrants hidden in vehicles. it's not a good situation but they been begging congress for help. up until now, at least, they've gotten -- >> harris: i'm curious about the morel for the border patrol. it's an area i've reported on the job openings there, north of 2,000. how critical it is we fill the spots so the people working on
10:45 am
not feeling so much pressure. a quick last word from you, william. >> it's like groundhog day. i talked to the agents about that. how can you -- it would be so depressing, resignation. your job is to catch people. you've done it, i've done it. that's what the border patrol does. in the situation they are really just saying, "come on in and go to the bus over there." it's demoralizing but they said they are influencing enforcingr it. they doing their job. what's happening behind them, the asylum problem, they can concern themselves with that because that's not within their purview. >> harris: i know lawmakers are trying to get together a bill and funding to be able to fill some of this border patrol spots, which will greatly aid them in the work there during the border. >> harris: it wasn't just william barr in the spotlight at yesterday's hearing. some 2020 democrats who question the attorney general were also under the microscope. one of them is gaining the most headlines today.
10:46 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. the capitol hill hearing had a
10:50 am
chicken. plus, in its closed escrow in her tracks on billboard in the senate majority leader. about 40 million people from texas to ohio on alert for flash flooding. we will have the latest on "the daily briefing" ." >> reaching your conclusion, did you personally review all of the underlying evidence? >> no -- >> so you accepted the report as the evidence? >> yes. >> yet you are a percentage the american public that the evidence was not "sufficient to support an obstruction of justice offense." speak of the evidence presented in the report >> harris: senator kamala harris there among the 32020 candidates on the senate judiciary committee who got to trust in attorney general william barr during his testimony yesterday. harris garnered the most headlines by getting the ag to admit he never reviewed underlying evidence before clearing president trump obstruction. senator amy klobuchar also
10:51 am
landed a punch, but many reports describing senator cory booker's performance as forgettable. all of this, as at least 11 democratic candidates now calling on william barr to resign. which president trump calls ridiculous. the power panel now. former spokesperson for the senate intelligence committee, david burstein, founder of run for america. ridiculous, the present calls it. and you say what? >> absolutely decodes. you have to call for bar to resign just to show that you are against the trump administration at this point. we did the same thing when i was working in the senate, as far as president obama goes. we always were calling on members of his in this region to resign whenever we disagreed with her policies. so is not surprising they are doing this. but it's almost become a litmus test for the democratic field at this point. >> harris: david? >> i think that's accurate. there is no chance that bill barr is going to resign, so i don't know why we are even talking about. the democrats feel they have to say something or do something.
10:52 am
to be fair, they believe he has lied to congress. they need to come out and say there should be accountability for that. but i think the real problem here is that democrats are not necessarily doing themselves any favors by continuing to spend all their time focusing on this. they should make the points they have to make and then move on. this is not a winning argument going into 2020. >> harris: hoag don't like you know you need to call? congressman ted lieu who was on a short time ago who said he could walk and to come at the same time. i stick it because that's what there was tony. there must be a lot of gum chewing going on! maybe they can't? >> the public only gets one perception at a time. of what the parties doing. in a decentralized environment, everybody stands for the democratic party. you don't get to pick and choose. "no, listen to this person, this is really our leader. this person isn't." >> harris: nancy pelosi think it's her. when she says no evidence for impeachment, yet she has been saying for weeks, all, all of a
10:53 am
sudden today she calls barr a liar and says he ought to be held accountable, so on and so forth. she is speaking for the party. >> she thinks she is speaking for the party and she's tried to hold that back is much as possible. it will break on her at some point. it's just a matter of when. as these calls increase and increase and increase, she will be speaking for the party anymore. >> harris: what is the take four -- bennett from colorado, democrat who just jumped in. now he's in it. so there are 20 men candidates. you've got the president pretty much going back and forth with joe biden. what is happening for the over 20? what does it take to pop? >> i think all these people have to come out with something for bernie sanders, he service large base. this view and he's got name recognition. >> even he has to go out there and has an ability to make an issue, like this issue on felon voting. as far as i'm concerned, it's a whole sideshow from what we should be talking about. or elizabeth warren. college of forgiveness.
10:54 am
you are seeing people come out with some bold thing. there aren't a lot of differences in the field. we all agree one of these things comes up, they are all for the green new deal. but they are not actually for detailing where the details are. there on what that actually means. >> the media portion of this, what kamala harris is doing so well. why she has the media spreads. 24 hours, she's in the new cycle. she was able to use the hearing in a consistent way that helps her brand parade this is the second hearing she's done this. she pulled out a newsworthy nugget. much of the new cycle and allowed her to go out and get a lot of free tv advertising, essentially. it's very important in this environment. >> harris: the impeachment or what is being talked about again today. excuse me, this is a treat. which means i will read in my treaty voice. "donald trump isn't king and no one is above the law. we know barr's deceptive summary
10:55 am
was intended to protect the man in the white house. congress should begin impeachment proceedings against the president." what evidence is there? >> i'm really torn on this. >> harris: do you think there's any evidence for impeaching the president? >> i think there is further investigation to answer that question prayed like mueller's report, it's not necessarily clear when we are the other. it's a very murky area. a notch of the democrats should be spending their time on it. >> the thing that drives me crazy about the impeachment discussion is ultimately it's a political discussion. it's the will of the people. he's serving the country, should be removed. >> harris: do you have any reason to think that's true? >> the american people have said -- and it's in all the polling -- that they don't care about this. and for the democrats of anyway forward on impeachment and they would be losing arguments for them. >> harris: i know you don't agree, but you got to go. good to see both. i'll be right back i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans,
10:56 am
because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably.
10:57 am
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>> harris: i sit her today, let's say riley howell's name is many times as we can pay the man who saved lives of the university of north carolina at charlotte. let's say his name instead of the gunmen spread let's lift riley howell. have a great day. speaker your daily briefingsre sappy for big stories. bill barr declined to parrot house hearing, the future action for both sides. and karl rove wonders, can democrats resist the urge to beat present from customer he's here life. johnny cash's son, john carter cash, will jump from nashville. what he's doing to promote criminal justice for them. hello, everyone paid i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ first, and a squinty showdown between the trap administration and congressional democrats is has begun nancy pelosi accuses attorney general william barr of committing a crime by lying to congress. >> lost sleep last night


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