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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 2, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i hope he gets the opportunity. at that is amazing, i cannot draw a stick figure, i am in complete all of his work. >> that is terrific. >> never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> fox news alert, following two major stories tonight. the attorney general's refusal to attend a hearing on the mueller report. a failed overthrow attempt against the government in venezuela. we will have an exclusive interview with president trump coming up shortly. we have steve harrigan as venezuela's disputed president tries to unify the military, we begin with the john roberts and the bitter fight over the attorney general snub of one of the most powerful democrats on capitol hill. >> good evening, the attorney general's been more than five
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hours yesterday answering questions from senators, but when the house judiciary committee chairman wanted to involve staff attorneys, bill barr said thanks, but no thanks. >> an empty chair, a bucket of the kernels of finest and a ceramic chicken. at the scene at the house judiciary today as democrats marked his no-show and a slam to president trump. >> to render congress entered as a separate but equal cobranch of government peer to the challenge we face, if we don't stand up together, we risk forever to lose the power to stand up to any president in the future. >> but he accused him of turning the committee to a spectacle. >> we go back to a circus political stunt, to say we want it to look like an impeachment hearing. because they won't bring impeachment proceedings. >> and her weekly news
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conference, house speaker nancy pelosi took a shot at bill barr for telling the house committee back on april 9th that he knew nothing about complaints from the mueller team about his summary of the mueller report's findings. mueller had sent a letter to barr outlining his concerns. >> he lied to congress. he lied to congress. if anyone else did that, it would be considered a crime. >> barr insisted he was answering a a question about mueller's team and not the report itself. "speaker pelosi's baseless attack on the attorney general's reckless, a responsible, and false." house minority leader said today, democrats need to move on. >> i think it is time to stop wasting this majority and actually get something done for the american public. speak about the white house isn't letting the mueller report go. in a letter to the attorney general obtained by fox news, white house special counsel ripped the report as a political document because it
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mueller didn't make a decision on obstruction, but talked in detail about it. the letter was sent to the day after the mueller report was released. the special counsel and his staff failed in their duty to act as prosecutors, and only as prosecutors, and called the report a prosecutorial curiosity. the truth commission report and part of law school exam. the letter lays the foundation for president trump to keep aids and documents away from congressional committees, even though he did not assert executive privilege over the mueller report. writing, "it is the president's decision not to assert privilege is not a waiver of executive privilege for any other material, or for any other purpose. and it does not affect his ability as president to instruct his advisors to decline to appear before congressional committees." all of this could end up in court peer to the white house thinks it does set the law on its side, citing a justice department opinion from 2014, however there
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is a 2,000 a decision that says they do have to comply with subpoenas. if this thing is ever to get before a judge, it could be a coin flip. >> mike: john, many thanks. first freshman democratic congressman eli and omar say trump and the u.s. are partly responsible for what she calls the devastation in venezuela. she called the policy bullying. also, the majuro regime is fracturing with internal regimes within his own inner circle. meanwhile, the streets were relatively calm today after two days of demonstrations that left at least four people died. correspondent steve harrigan's live in the venezuelan capital. good evening. >> good evening. it's quiet right now on the streets, but it is clear that both sides are preparing for battle.
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>> nicolas maduro surrounded himself in a sea of green, 5:00 a.m. visit to a military base after a failed uprising to show he is in control and to warn, bloodshed is ahead. >> translator: soldiers of the motherland, the time to fight has come. at the time has come to give an example to history and the world and say in venezuela, the national armed forces are consistent, loyal, united, united as never before. >> opposition leaders says the interim president agrees on one point, that there is no turning back for either side in venezuela. >> we remain united, and armed forces are listening to us, this message of progress, and it was very clear yesterday. the central of power of venezuela, so as long as we are mobilized and united, we are
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very close to achieving our freedom. >> the opposition tried and failed to take over an airbase here. what we are seeing is cleanup. the rocks and the stones used by opposition members, there is still a heavy smell of teargas in the air. the promise of military uprising just lasted a few hours. frustration is clear after three months of protest. at the street have turned violent. venezuelan journalist was reporting on the protest when government national guard forces fired an explosive grenade at his feet. a blood filled his gas mask. he boasted that he lives in a country where the government attacks journalist. his fight to replace that government is not over. he said his next move will be to escalate a series of national strikes, to shut down the government entirely. 20 people were shot in the protest yesterday, including a
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4-year-old child. >> mike: steve harrigan doing good work on the streets of caracas, thanks a lot. and now for our exclusive interview with president trump. catherine herridge is live at the white house tonight appear tonight appear >> thank you , and good evening. we just finished 20 minutes of sit down with president trump. we covered a wide variety of topics, including the attorney general william barr emma who refused go to the house judiciary committee on the basis that he would take questions from committee staff lawyers. he also addressed the issue of whether he would allow the former white house counsel dom began to testify to congress. here is part of the interview. >> i've had him testifying already for 30 hours. >> is the answer now? >> i don't think i can let him and then tell everyone else you can, especially him because he was a council. they've testified for many hours, all of them peered at many, many
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one can and the other can't. >> so it's done? >> i would say it's done. nobody has ever done what i've done. i've given total transparency. it's never happened before like this. >> congress should be -- >> they shouldn't be looking anymore. this is all. it's done. even my finance -- they must've been looked at 4:30 $5 million. i assume they looked at my taxes. i assumed mueller looked at my financial statements, having 20 people and 49 fbi agents and all of the staff and all the money that was spent, i assumed they looked at my taxes, which are fine. except, they are under audit, by the way. i will tell you that officially. >> they are coming down on you pretty hard. >> i'm going to come after trump, can you imagine so many campaigning who doesn't know anything about me question actually is is campaigning on that fact.
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i assume for the $35 million, my taxes, my financial statements, which are phenomenal, they've gone through anything. and i'm so clean. think of it, two and a half years and all that money spent, nothing. very few people could have sustained that. >> he also went on at length about attorney general william barr saying it was his call to decide not to go and testify today before the house judiciary committee, and he made the point that he felt the attorney general was being treated differently or unfairly, if you will. we also asked him about venezuela, and specifically, if there was a physical threat for juan cueto, or if he was detained, how the u.s. would respond. here is that section. >> he is actually a brave person, and because i know what he is going through, i'm speaking to my people all the time, he is a brave guy. what's happening in venezuela is sad. when you look at 20 years ago, one of the wealthiest countries
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in the world, if you think about it. now they don't have food, they don't have water, people are dying from hunger, it's a very, very serious situation. >> what are your redlines in venezuela? >> i don't want to say, but we have lots of options and some of them are tough options. >> is there a tipping point for military intervention? because there is always a tipping point but i would rather not do that. i just want to help the people. the people are dying. they have nothing. if these are people who were living well 20 years ago. they have nothing. they don't have water and food. and they are dying of hunger right on the border. it's terrible. >> we also asked the president about the 2020 race, especially given another democrat has entered the field, senator bennet, and the president had some surprising answers on how he thinks the democratic field is shaping up in who he thinks he may face about 18 months from now. >> he's not going to win. i think joe biden seems to have
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a lead. i would be very happy if it were biden. sleepy joe. >> why? >> i think he did a bad job, i would be running against -- >> you think he is beatable? >> i just don't think he would be a very good candidate. we will see what happens. you know, i wish him well. i would like them to get it. i would be happy. i would be happy with bernie. i personally think it is those two. >> between those two? >> i don't see anyone else. in my case, i announced, and i was pretty much -- i know i was at the top from the beginning. i think he is now leading. bernie would be second, we will see what happens. >> who would you rather face? >> well, i don't want to say that. i don't think it matters very much. we have the strongest economy we've ever had. we are doing phenomenal. we have the best unemployment numbers. effort african-americans, asiane
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best numbers we've ever had. women, the best numbers we've ever had. job numbers, wealth numbers appeared at the best economy we've ever had. and more people working right now than the in the history ofe country. >> joe biden said china is "not competition for us in the u.s. ">> which vice president? >> vice president joe biden. pardon me. >> mike pence would not have made that statement. everyone is competition. >> is he being naive about china? >> he is being very naive about china. after i signed the bill, there won't be anything like that. china, during the obama years in particular, just took advantage of our country so badly.
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very, very big competition, china. i've stopped it. and i am stopping it. over the course of two and a half years, we've gone up $17 trillion in value. china has gone down to $17 trillion. they have taken a very, very big hit because of the tariffs, and everything else i've imposed. for somebody to be so naive and say china is not a problem, if biden actually said that, that is a very dumb statement. >> we also asked the president a series of questions about the next phase of this russia investigation, which is the genesis of the counterintelligence investigation into 2016, and he told us he expects declassification of these russia records -- the surveillance warrant applications. he intimated weeks, maybe a couple of months, but in effect, that is coming soon. i also asked him to address an editorial in
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"the new york times," an opinion piece by the former fbi director where he called the president "amoral," and claimed it rubbed off on the attorney general and deputy attorney general. i asked the president if he would take a director coming out of the equation, if you will, over the last couple of years, whether the country would really be in the same place. the president essentially said that he felt that director comey shared a lot of the blame for where we are today and the division, if you will, in the country. >> mike: fascinating conversation. congratulations, thank you very much. you can see more of her exclusive interview with president trump tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern on "fox news at night" with shannon bream. at 20 people officially vying for the 2028 democratic nomination. president trump just told fox news bennett has no chance to win. >> michael bennet knows all about uphill battles.
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he represents the rockies. now the senator who just beat prostate cancer is trying to beat 20 other democrats. >> i called my mom and said to her, somebody has to be 22, and that is why i'm writing. it turns out i am not, i'm 21. so i've already made a little bit of progress. >> his race to qualify for the debate begins today. he started today almost 2,000 donors short of the 65,000 to guarantee a spot. that is something that won't be a problem for joe biden, raising eyebrows arguing china is not a problem. >> they are not bad folks, folks. but guess what? they are not in competition for us. >> that is not a gaffe, because joe biden has been saying it for years. >> i moved here from scranton, pennsylvania, these guys aren't an economic patch on our genes. they are not close! >> bernie sanders a disagrees tweeting, it's wrong to pretend
3:16 pm
china isn't one of our biggest economic competitors. >> china is getting stronger, militarily and economically. >> china is attacking us on the internet every single day. >> they are also calling for attorney general barr to resign. >> he's lost the confidence of the american people. >> i think you are a heck of an honorable guy, i think it's an honor to work with you. >> for something that happened eight years ago this week, the seal six team raid that killed bin laden. joe biden advised obama not to go that night. >> mike: thank you. we are happy to announce another fox news town hall featuring a democratic candidate. kirsten gillibrand will join chris wallace in iowa sunday, june 2nd, at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
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next wednesday, bret baier and martha maccallum will host minnesota senator amy klobuchar for milwaukee at 6:30 eastern. and on sunday, may 19th, south bend mayor pete buttigieg will be our guest with chris wallace from claremont new hampshire. up next, how cyber thieves may be using your home security system or baby monitor to steal from you. first, here's where our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. embattled democrat mayor resigned this afternoon amid a scandal over the sale of her children's books to organizations doing business with the city. she is the subject of a federal grand jury investigation. fox 11 in charleston, west virginia, as the state reaches a $37 million settlement with drugmaker, west virginia is one of the hardest hit states in the opioid abuse crisis. and this is a live look at davenport, iowa, appeared at the big story tonight, parts of
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downtown davenport remain underwater after the mississippy barrier tuesday. several mississippi river towns are seeing floods reaching levels reached in 1993, the benchmark flood for many areas of the midwest. that is tonight live look outside the beltway from a "special report." we will be right back. ♪ ♪ this simple banana peel represents a bold idea: a way to create energy from household trash. it not only saves about 80% in carbon emissions... it helps reduce landfill waste. that's why bp is partnering with a california company: fulcrum bioenergy. to turn garbage into jet fuel. because we can't let any good ideas go to waste. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. we humans are strange creatures.
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click, call, or visit a store today. ♪ >> mike: president trump is saying goodbye to another perspective nominee to the federal reserve. a conservative commentator stephen moore has withdrawn from consideration after losing republican support in the senate. he has been criticized for past columns, some interpreted as disparaging of women's. he said they were attempts at humor. lastly, herman cain withdrew after past allegations of infill infidelity. the s&p 500 fell 6, the nasdaq dropped 15. at the pentagon says china's military remains a growing threat to the u.s. armed forces. a just released report says china's military is increasingly able to project power and
3:23 pm
challenge u.s. superiority. meanwhile, chinese technology could be causing you a big problem, your home security system. digital video recorder, even your baby monitor may be a serious risk for eavesdropping, credential threat, and remote compromise. correspondent julian turner tells us how tonight. >> 2 million home security cameras, webcams, electronic doorbells, and baby monitors are vulnerable to spying and hacking. this according to new research that ideas serious security flaws and 140,000 devices in the united states. cyber security experts say americans should beware. >> whether it is intentional or not, the vulnerability is still there and could be exploited by the chinese government. >> the culprit, a chinese software company. a given the chinese aggressive use of facial recognition technology for law enforcement, experts say there is a cause
3:24 pm
alarm. but the lack of security is an industry-wide problem. there is zero evidence to suggest that these issues are the result of deliberate intent. these devices rely on peer to peer software, allowing any computer to connect to each other via the internet. igor security devices could be transporting video of you around the world. the fec won't comment on this incident but does offer these security tips. don't just click next when you set up your device. download the latest security update for your device, and change your preset password. some cybersecurity efforts say that doesn't cut it. >> i would frankly throw it away and turned towards more trusted device manufacturers. >> put it down. go away. >> security devices intended to
3:25 pm
make life easier may invite risks that just aren't worth it. gillian turner, fox news. >> mike: the pentagon says military sexual assault recorded by females members rose by 44% between 2016 and 2018. a new report based on an anonymous survey is 6.2% of women in the military reported being a victim of sexual assault last year. the defense department says it is "disturbed over the findings after years of implementing steps to stop sexual assault in the ranks." up next, the jussie smollett case gets even weirder. first, beyond our borders tonight. authorities on the eastern island of st. lucia have quarantined a shift after discovering a confirmed case of measles aboard. the island's chief medical author says the ship is still important and no one is allowed to leave. a case against julie massage will take many months
3:26 pm
speak of the wikileaks founder appeared in london court from prison where he is serving a 50. israelis stood still for nationwide moments of silence today in members of the 6 million jewish victims of the holocaust. a siren wailed across the country on annual holocaust remembrance day when they pay respect to those systematically killed by nazi germany and their collaborators in world war ii. some stories from beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> mike: another bizarre twist tonight in the jussie smollett saga. a judge in chicago has been asked to recuse himself from a case involving a state's attorney who recused herself and the actors alleged faking of a hate crime. we have the latest from chicago tonight. >> on other possible conflict of interest in the jussie smollett case. at the chicago judge deciding whether a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate jussie smollett's criminal case and how kim foxx's office handled the case is now considering recusing himself because it is revealed his son works for foxx's office as an assistant attorney. sheila o'brien submitted this petition requesting a special prosecutor, arguing state law is clear on its face that a special
3:31 pm
prosecutor should have been assigned when kim foxx recused herself from the jussie smollett case. in a sudden twist, it was requested that judge martin recuse himself. in a feisty exchange, he argued that the judge should "take the high road." judge martin fired back that his owns a job has never been an issue before, but he agreed to think over his own recusal. foxx's attorneys argued there is no conflict of interest because his son has no hand in the case. she had to admit she only colloquially recused herself, writing, that indicate foxx was being less than truthful. foxx responded saying there was no conflict of interest and state law only requires a special prosecutor if foxx is sick, absent, or unable to fulfill her duties. she argues foxx was already admitting she was unable to fulfill her duties.
3:32 pm
foxx objected and did not appear today, jussie smollett did not show. at the case continues may 10th. >> mike: thanks a lot. we are getting our first look tonight inside the massive tents constructed near the southern border to handle the surge of immigrants trying to gain entry into the u.s. hello, william. >> it not attend, it's a soft sided facility but it was built in 13 days, has air conditioning, showers, kitchen, and sleeping for 500 on 500 unaccompanied children. officials said the space, which does not include any chain-link partitions, relieves pressure on overcrowded conditions elsewhere appear >> i hope it's enough. i don't know. we don't know what we don't kno know. we had seen, as i said, a 240% increase with the family unit,
3:33 pm
and it is definitely an exploitation of the families and crossing here. high numbers, a difficult journey for them. >> under current law, unaccompanied children cannot be sent home, but a senate bill would change that, allowing the u.s. to return any child to their home countries. one reason why, out of 23,000 unaccompanied children, the u.s. released 18,002 sponsors or relatives known to be here illegally, including more than 600 in removal proceedings or ordered out of the country. another problem, paternity. they are now in fingerprinting and photographing some children. others require a dna test. why? in a recent sample, 30% of children did not belong to the parents who claimed them. agents apprehended 1400 immigrants in this sector alone. >> i need for you guys to help me, i need to apply for asylum because i cannot return to my
3:34 pm
country. >> why come to the united states? >> because i am ecuadorian indian, and there is suffering. i want my kid to get help. if you want to return me, return me. but keep him here. >> some arrived sick and under paramedics, they will screen immigrants looking for chicken pox, dehydration. this facility will open and just a few hours. we are also told they are burning through money. at this facility and another one just like it in el paso, $39 million in an update on the radio nearby. a raft overturned with migrants inside. one baby is dead and two other are missing. >> mike: the humanitarian crisis on the border, many thanks. up next, the panel on our exclusive interview with president trump, and the tug-of-war with democrats over his attorney general and the mueller report. call "mom."
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♪ >> i think what they should be focusing on is how did this mess start? how did this whole investigation start? i think it is corrupt as hell, and what happened with james comey, and john brennan, and peter strzok, and his lover, lisa page. this tremendous things people want to find out, and they really want to find it out. and i hope they are going to. >> mike: that new clip with catherine herridge's exclusive interview with president trump done within the last hour. chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner," mollie hemingway, senior editor at the federalist, and zeke miller, white house reporter for the associated press. lots to chew over in that brand-new interview. use at their front row in the briefing room every day, what
3:40 pm
stuck out to you? speak of his commentary on the o inject himself in the conversation. we have seen this president, he wants to be the center player. he is not ceding the attention, he wants to be the pundit in chief and we saw that on display. we want let's go to a clip of him speaking about former vice president joe biden getting into the race. >> biden seems to have the lead, i would be very happy if it was biden. a sleepy joe. >> why? >> i think he did a bad job. >> you think he is beatable? >> i just don't think he would be a good candidate. we will see what happens. >> i think that clip you aired where he talks about investigating how this whole conspiracy theory began. if you look at what's been happening in the news come easy a lot of people in the media, people who are politicians, people who used to be in the government, who perpetuated this false story that donald trump was a traitor.
3:41 pm
that is punishable by death. it turns out he was falsely accused of this. how was it that he became to be falsely accused? just today, "the new york times" said there were multiple overseas assets run against the campaign, and there's an interesting story that needs to be looked through, it looks like this is part of a much larger operation then we have thus far been told. we're going to have to find out a lot more. attorney general bill barr is that he wanted to get to the end of the russia investigation, let that go through unimpeded. he also wants to know what was happening at the department of justice and fbi, so hopefully we will get some answers there. >> you do have this real division between the parties on this, on capitol hill, because you have the republicans wanting to do exactly that investigation and the attorney general yesterday dropped a big hand that he thinks there might've been more surveillance going one knew about appeared on the other hand, the democrats want to reinvestigate the mueller report
3:42 pm
and stage hearings on it and the reason you are seeing so much emphasis on getting cameras in the houses because democrats in the house want to make this a television show. they don't think the american people is going to give in with 448 carefully written report. they want drama, and they want a picture is. that's why you are seeing this push to end. >> mike: speaking of the former white house counsel, let's take a listen to that cli clip. >> i've had him testifying already for 30 hours. >> is the answer no? >> i don't think i could let him, then tell everyone else, you can. especially him because he was a council. so they testified for many hours, all of them. many, many, many. >> so you say it down? >> i can't say one can come of the other can't. >> are you saying it's done? >> i would say it's done. >> martha: the president said he is not going to allow what we
3:43 pm
saw earlier today, in the letter to the attorney general, saying that the president is not going to cooperate in this investigation and the special counsel's cooperation that the president documents allows people to testify. that was a one-time deal, one-time offer. that is not the case with these congressional investigations. that set up quite a legal showdown and certainly a political showdown. both parties seem to want to continue this fight, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. >> that is a key point, republicans definitely now in a new way that we haven't seen previously, definitely want to continue to fight. they patiently waited, they said they were promised collusion with russia to steal the election. and no one was indicted for collusion with russia, no indictments for obstruction. i think part of what you are saying on the hill, where people want to have all these hearings, is not just they are frustrated that everything ended, they promised their constituency the not only was there to reason,
3:44 pm
that they would be able to out the president and the report came out as a dud. at the same time, the people who were involved with it might be held accountable and they are trying to avoid having those people held accountable. >> steve cohen with a bucket of kfc chicken and a porcelain chicken, calling the attorney general a chicken. how >> nancy pelosi today making a pretty serious charge against attorney general william barr appeared to take a listen to this. >> it wasn't about technicality. it wasn't about who wrote the letter, and how he characterized the letter. that's interesting. but what is deadly serious about it is the attorney general of the united states of america was not telling the truth to the congress of the united states. that's a crime. >> well, it did kind of dissent into forest today with the fried chicken. it was all over in about 20 minutes. but what the speaker is saying is really, really quite serious.
3:45 pm
yesterday, barr gave a very plausible explanation for this issue that nancy pelosi says he is lying about it. but they could vote the attorney general and contempt, they could take action against him and she clearly seems to have judged this case already. >> mike: all right, up next, the leadership crisis in venezuela. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough. can we talk? we used to play so beautifully together. now we can barely play anything... even cards with the girls.
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♪ >> how many deaths with there be of the civil war erupted here because of the foolishness of the plotters and traders? how many years would be last in a war if they invaded us? >> today, they continue to usurp the power in venezuela, but that is not going to stop the people. >> the brutal repression of the venezuelan people must end, and it must end soon. we will be there to help, and we are there to help. >> mike: within the last hour, catherine herridge and her interview with president trump asked the president about his redline when it comes to the situation in venezuela. take a listen. >> i don't want to say, but we have lots of options. to some of them are very tough options. there is always a tipping point, but certainly i would rather not do that. i just want to help the people. the people are dying. they have nothing.
3:50 pm
>> mike: with that, we are back with our panel. byron, mollie, zeke. is there concern at the white house that he is not gone yet? >> a little bit of concern, there was some hope earlier this week that momentum is building, that there would be a major foreign policy discussion that as every day and hour goes by, there is another concern that the administration goes a little too far in supporting this uprising that ultimately seems to have fizzled out a a little bit. >> mike: your thoughts on what you heard from the president? >> i think the administration does have to be careful not to overpromise and underachieve. this is not the first time we have been hearing that he is on his way out. it is offensive to hear him talk about what a civil war would bring to his people when he is starving his people himself. and when the u.s. considers getting involved, if they are doing it for humanitarian concerns, invasion is not always
3:51 pm
a way to maximize humanitarian concerns. it can lead to greater death and prolonged unrest. i think we should be careful and monitor. it is a great coalition of people throughout the hemisphere who do care about a peaceful transition, encouraging it and incentivizing it without military. >> mike: our colleagues spoke with juan guaido about the timing of taking power. take a listen to this. >> we remain here because we remain united, and the armed forces are listening to us. this message of the union, of progress, and it was very clear yesterday in the city of caracas in the center of power of venezuela. as long as we are mobilized and united, we are very close to achieving our freedom. >> mike: showing great courage is standing up to the dictatorship. your thoughts? >> unclear how much the armed forces are listening to them, because it seems like this week has shown if you want to have a military uprising, you need to get the military to go along.
3:52 pm
you have been ongoing at five in the morning to a military base addressing soldiers of the motherland so it has this classic southern american revolution feel to it, but i was glad to see the president being cautious about this because this could be an enormous mass, and the talk is all of, will the united states intervene in any sort of military way? you can think it through and think of all sorts of strategies, but there could be very, very unpredictable events happening down there. >> mike: meanwhile, the folks i cover over on the hill, congresswoman ilhan omar is blaming the u.s. for some of the problems and of venezuela appeared to take to this. >> i don't believe that intervention for people pushing for regime change in the best interest of venezuela. >> these people who are pure socialists, why don't we see all these people moving to caracas? because you're going to starve to death, no food, no water, no
3:53 pm
medicine. >> mike: senator rick scott probably get an ear full from american constituents about the situation there. your thoughts on what lawmakers are saying about the situation there. >> just because things are terrible in venezuela does not mean the united states needs to intervene militarily. again, what a mollie was saying about regional ideas, nonmilitary ideas, all the pressure we can exert, we can do that. but be really, really careful about military intervention pair >> that is what i would point out, we have a history of entering into conflicts without a very good game plan for what we want to achieve and how to exit out of that complex. there are very real concerns with venezuela. they do have allies that are dangerous and a threat to the united states, but we need to have a plan. you hear people kind of talking this up, this idea of military involvement, and if past is prologue, we haven't had a good track record of figuring out how to get involved without getting bogged down in a situation that becomes very expensive in terms of life and money.
3:54 pm
>> mike: president trump, didn't really want to get into redlines on the situation of venezuela. it's because that is probably wise, previous administrations issued administrations issued redlines and failed to keep that many want to make sure that your word is solid, which is why they should be careful about what they are promising might happen there and thinking through it. >> is important to note that the diplomatic effort is a great success of the president, lessening international pressure on maduro's government, his opposition at leadership in the states. that has been unsung here and regardless of what happens, is it an interesting internationalism approached by this president that we have not really seen him bring to conflicts before? >> mike: secretary of state mike pompeo keeping up the pressure on maduro and the regime and trying to marshal our allies. >> the question is, will there be enough? >> mike: thank you very much. when we come back, desperate prayers answered. when you rent from national...
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sorry, toyota. it's easy to love a subaru. ♪ >> mike: finally tonight, a godsend. two florida teams were celebrating a senior skip day but a swim at the ocean turned into a fight for their lives. tyler smith and heather brown ended up 2 miles from shore. weak and tired, they started praying to god and crying out for help. they were stranded for two hours before a boat named "the amen" came to their rescue. >> i was like, god, if you really do have a plan for us come on, bring something. no other explanation in the world that that wasn't god. >> mike: amen. that is to be 21 tonight i am mike emanuel in washington. don't forget, you can see more of catherine herridge's
4:00 pm
exclusive interview with president trump tonight. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: good evening to you. all right, everybody. >> you are not suggesting that spying occurred? >> i don't -- well -- i guess you could -- i think some spying did occur. >> martha: jaws dropped in the prior testimony, but tonight, "the new york times" is starting to do some digging into a story that many thought was worth reporting on for quite some tim time. also, lambasted by the media for suggesting that perhaps there might've been an effort by u.s. intelligence debate members in the trump campaign and give reason to keep digging. tonight, "the times" rights of the m,