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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to rabbi yisroel goldstein, a great moment today, not covered by many in the process at the white house. that is all the time we have, member my podcast, kellyanne conway exclusive today, she was on fire. you've got to listen to it. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. >> shannon: laura, thank you so much pretty busy night for you and our team. we begin with a fox news alert hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. president trump tonight telling democrats that it is over, he's lost his patience and his former white house counsel don mcgann will not be testifying anymore. but he has some tough words for former vice president joe biden, and fired fbi director james comey. catherine herridge is here next with more of her wide-ranging interview with the president. the president also weighing in on attorney general bill barr tonight, who is being bombarded by calls to resign or be impeached. house democrats floating fines, arrest, contempt, even jail,
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after barr refused to show up on the hill to be questioned by committee staffers instead of the lawmakers themselves. no barr, but plenty of props, as republicans and saying they are making a joke of a serious national security issue. plus, is the window closing to topple nicholas madero in venezuela? the debate whether the u.s. military should get involved continued, we will take you to the streets of caracas later on. but first, as the dust settles on capitol hill over the barr battle, president trump giving us a look into investigating investigators and the democrats want to relitigate what has been settled. catherine herridge is here with more from her interview with the president. catherine, you covered a lot of ground today. >> we did, 20 minutes with the president, and a number of key points that he defended attorney general barr's decision not to testify up with the committee, and after a strong backlash for the democrats called him a liar and threatened contempt, ask the president under what circumstances he would allow
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former white house counsel don mcgann to testify about the special counsel investigation. >> president trump: well, i've had him testifying already for 30 hours. i don't think i can let him come and then tell everybody else you can't, especially him, because he was a counsel. they testify for many hours, all of them. >> as far as you concerned, it is kind of done. >> president trump: one can on the others can't -- i would say it is done. nobody has ever done what i have done. i have given total transparency. it has never happened before like this. >> so congress -- goes >> president trump: it's done. even my finances, it must have been looked at for $35 million, i assume they looked at my taxes, i assume mueller looked at my financial statements. for $35 million, and plenty of people, 49 fbi agents, all of the staff and all of the money that was spent, i assume they looked at my taxes, which are
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fine, and i assume -- except they are under audit. >> the new york attorney general is coming at you pretty hard. >> president trump: she campaign on the fact she is going to get this before, so she is precluded from doing anything. can you imagine somebody campaigning, doesn't know anything about me, and she is campaigning on that fact. i assume that, for the $35 million, they've gone through everything, my taxes, my financial statements, which are phenomenal, they have gone through everything. and i am so clean. think of it, after two and a half years, all of that money spent, nothing. very few people could have sustained that. >> shannon: talked about this lengthy, intrusive, millions of dollars investigation, he said it is settled. of course democrats don't feel that way. >> that's right, and we spent a lot of time talking what the next chapter in the investigation, which is this deep dive on the genesis of the fbi's russia counterintelligence
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investigation that began in jul. repressed the president on the former fbi director james comey, the allegations, as well as media reports of deputy attorney general secretly recording him and invoking the 25th amendment in may 2017. but we began with the russia surveillance warrants on the records for trump campaign aid that will be declassified very soon. >> president trump: yes, allowing declassification pretty soon. i didn't want to do it originally because i wanted to wait, because i have seen the way they play, they play very dirty. so i decided to do it, and i'm going to be doing it very soon. far more than you would have even thought. >> may, june, july? >> president trump: soon. whenever they needed, i will be doing it, but i will be declassified, yes, everything. >> director comey wrote in "the new york times," called you "amoral," and that this hasn't rubbed off on the attorney general and deputy attorney general. >> president trump: comey
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leaks and he lies, he lied in front of congress. sworn testimony, classified information. i did a terrible job, everybody wanted him fired -- everybody, schumer, every democrat, almost, every republican almost, probably 100%, but i say almost, just as they it so there is no mistake, but i read quotes from schumer, prior to my firing, everybody wanted him gone. he did a lousy job, was a terrible director, terrible. there was dissension in the fbi. >> can ask your question, president trump? if you take director comey out of the equation and his actions in 2016 and 2017, with the country be where it is today? >> president trump: i think he did a terrible job. i was that he probably led some kind of an effort, the word "spying" has been used, he is probably one of the people leading the efforts on spying. >> that is a very serious charge to make. >> president trump: i know, we will find out whether it was
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true. it could very well be true. we are going to find out pretty soon. >> how did the deputy attorney general explain media reports that he discussed secretly recording you and invoking the 25th amendment? >> president trump: i don't know what happened. >> did he have a phone call with you about it? did he explain -- go >> president trump: would rather have you ask him that question. it sounds a little far-fetched, frankly, but a lot of things in this case are far-fetched. i get along with him. and i think that question, you probably have to ask him. >> his comment, always gets a lot of attention, but "the new york times" broke the story about how the fbi investigation, sent in to work with this informant, stephan helper, and target the campaign aide, george papadopoulos, so you can see these coming together. >> shannon: you also talk to him about the man who is the
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front runner for the democrats, questions about ukraine. >> it's a complicated story with the former vice president and the ukraine, but in a nutshell, the allegations are that he put pressure on the ukraine to get a prosecutor fired who was looking at a russian oligarch's business, where joe biden's son sat on the board, so there was a conflict of interest. but we began the section by asking first about the upcoming election and whether the president had asked vladimir putin to back off in 2020. >> president trump: i don't think i've spoken with him about the 2020, but i've certainly told him, you can't do what you are doing, and i don't believe they will be. i don't believe they will be. >> you been firm with the russian president? >> president trump: i think so. i think nobody has done more about russia than i have. president obama in september, before the november election, my november election, if you look, he was told by the fbi and
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others about russia. he did nothing about it. >> what could he have done? >> president trump: he could have done something. he could have called out the troops, said let's look at this closely. he did absolutely nothing, because he thought that kirk and hilary was going to win the election, she didn't even come close. it is just one of those things. nothing to do, by the way, with russia, because everybody said it didn't affect the vote, you've heard that many times, didn't affect the vote, but i don't want russia or anybody else playing around with our elections. >> should the former vice president explain himself on his dealings in ukraine and whether there was a conflict? >> president trump: yeah, here it was a very serious -- in short, i'm hearing it is a very serious scandal, major problem, bad things happen. we will see what that is. they even have him on tape talking about it, joe biden on tape talking about the prosecutor, and i have seen that tape, a lot of people are talking about that tape. they have to solve that problem.
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>> that point about the election interference in 2016, the other side of the argument is the last administration was very nervous about taking any kind of overt action because they thought that would be seen as tipping the balance or putting their finger on the scale in favor of hillary clinton. i think it really was a tough call that way. >> shannon: we know there was a struggle with numerous investigations that they thought could impact the election itself, and not wanting the agency to look like they were biased. obviously, news playing out in venezuela, something you discussed, as well. >> this administration has invested so much -- i will say sort of diplomatic capital, and also the position on the world stage, what is happening in venezuela. i asked the president if one point juan guaido, how would the u.s. respond? >> president trump: he is actually a brave person, because i know what he is going through.
8:10 pm
i am speaking to our people all the time, he is a great guy. what is happening in venezuela is sad. when you look at 20 years ago, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, if you think about it, now they don't have food and water, and people are dying from hunger. it's a very, very serious situation. >> what is your redline in venezuela? >> president trump: i don't want to say, but we have a lot of options, some of them are very tough options. >> is there a tipping point for military intervention? >> president trump: there is always a tipping point, but certainly i would rather not do that. i just want to help the people. the people are dying. they have nothing. these were people that were living well 20 years ago. catherine, they are nothing pair they don't have water and food. and they are dying of hunger, right on the border. it is terrible. >> that situation, if you have one last question, what i would have asked him, really on venezuela, is it developing into a proxy conflict with russia, china, cuba, the syrians? that is the issue, whether there
8:11 pm
is an effort to destabilize venezuela, pull in the united states. almost like another syria, but in this hemisphere. >> shannon: and the time you had, you cover numerous topics that were very important to our reviewers. >> we kept it moving. >> shannon: you did keep it moving, great job. >> i was glad for the opportunity. >> shannon: we start with a fox news alert, after two days of violent unrest on the streets of caracas, venezuelans return to the daily struggle of feeding their families, but the medical crisis is far from over. steve harrigan and is in venezuela with more. >> nicolas maduro surrounded himself in a sea of green, a 5:00 a.m. visit to a military base two days after a failed uprising to show he is in control and to warn of bloodshed head. >> soldiers of the motherland, the time to fight has come. the time has come to give an example to history, and the
8:12 pm
world, and say, in venezuela, the national armed forces are consistent, loyal, united, united as never before. >> opposition leader and the man recognized as interim president by the u.s., one point oh, agrees with maduro on one point, that there is no turning back for either side in venezuela. >> we remain in strength because we remain united, and the armed forces are listening to us, this mission message of uns clear yesterday in the city of caracas, and the center of power in venezuela. as long as we are mobilized and united, we are very close to achieving our freedom. >> the opposition tried and failed to take over an air base here. we are seeing cleanup now, these were national guard motorcycles burned down, they are picking up weapons here, rocks and stones used by opposition members, still a heavy smell of tear gas in the air. the promised military uprising
8:13 pm
lasted just a few hours. >> frustration is clear after three months of protest. the street marches have turned violent. venezuelan journalist greg heim is was reporting on the protest when national guard forces fired an explosive grenade at his feet. blood filled his gas mask. he lives in a country where the attack journalist. juan guaido's fight to replace that government is not over, said his next move will be to escalate a series of national strikes to shutdown the government government entirely. 20 people were shot in yesterdays protest, four killed, including a 4-year-old child. shannon? >> shannon: steve harrigan on the scene, thank you. "the new york times" dropped a potential bombshell, the fbi did send a spy to meet with the trumpet eight in 2016. why is the information coming to life now? the head of the doj, inspector general investigation into the investigators. we will talk about it with our
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♪ >> shannon: you heard the president say he wants to declassify everything in relation to the origins of special counsel robert mueller's pro. also addressing the maritime bombshell today a terming number confirming the fbi sent an undercover agent in 2016 to ask campaign advisor george papadopoulos about russia. we'll talk about it tonight with tonight's power panel, former spokesperson for hillary clinton upon stress campaign. former chief u.s. attorney. and harmeet dhillon. great to have you with us. of course there are plenty of questions about why this article has come out now. here is what rush limbaugh is theorizing today.
8:19 pm
>> the fbi, "new york times" story today, there is no question that it is trying to get ahead of the horowitz report, which is looking into all of this. it is unclear whether mr. horowitz will find fault with the fbi's decision to havet publicly known, meet with mr. papadopoulos. we are not on offense, we are on defense, and you can see that today, this "new york times" story out of the blue, which is a cya attempt, if there ever was one. >> shannon: how much does this have to do with the upcoming release of the horowitz report? >> it is entirely possible it does, but i think the idea that it would be wrong for the fbi to conduct legal surveillance when they have one of our allied nations come to them and say a
8:20 pm
trump aide says russia offered to hack, they have to investigate that. do not investigate that would be a dereliction of their duty. i hope the fbi looked into all of these claims and took them seriously come in this case russia was interfering with the election peered whether papadopoulos was an integral part of that are not, they did -- in the election, they committed crimes against our country, and i'm glad the fbi investigated. >> shannon: and becoming you know a number of people, including the attorney general, was taken all kinds of flack, we'll talk more about that, but in other in a number of people have said, why did they go to someone like yourself, associated with the campaign? chris christie, rudy giuliani? why didn't they tomorrow to one of trump campaign? >> because, shannon, this was not a question of two or three bad apples around the campaign, in the orbit of the trump campaign. that is the story that has been put out for a long time, and it
8:21 pm
has never been true. i thought the most interesting thing, to my mind in the story today, they kept mentioning that she was sent over, in this environment, who conducted the surveillance activity, she was sent over to see what was the involvement of the trump campaign with the russians. i thought from the beginning here that the target of this investigation was the candidate, it was donald trump. they believed the steele dossier. if they hadn't believed it, they wouldn't have brought it to the fisa court. the theory of the steele dossier was that donald trump himself was in cahoots with russia. there was this big trump-russia conspiracy, and it was running from the top. you do a defensive briefing when you want to go -- when you think you can go into somebody and say, hey, you have a problem with one, two, three people that
8:22 pm
we are worried about. but the one person a campaign can get rid of is the candidate. >> shannon: that's true. >> they decided donald trump was the problem, that a defensive briefing wasn't going to do much for them. >> shannon: harmeet, what do you make about the intentions? worried about influence of russia over the candidate, they should come in interest of the country, be looking into it? >> that might be true if we didn't have so many examples of lies, texts between senior fbi officials, clearly looking to frame the president, looking to frame his advisors, and looking to stir up this dirt. the reason there weren't defensive briefing is because they wanted this to be true, in my opinion. to auntie's point about believing the dossier, i'm not sure they really believe the dossier, or really care if it were true. it was a weapon to use to discredit donald trump, and it continued to be used to discredit him even after he won the election. that is why that happened and
8:23 pm
why all of this is coming out. exactly for the reason that rush mentioned, they're going to be heads rolling on capitol hill because we have a new sheriff in town, and the attorney general is clearly going to get to the bottom of this. laws were broken. fbi rogue agents putting covert ops overseas, do that against american citizens. george papadopoulos, the response to "the new york times" story is that actually it was a cia intel operation with turkish intel, and it wasn't fbi. we actually don't have all the answers about this. >> the fbi did brief trump directly before the election, and he publicly denied anything about russia's involvement. the papadopoulos tip came in before the dossier was in the fbi's hands. >> shannon: and he is saying no, because there are contentious things about exactly what triggered what and when the dossier versus papadopoulos. andy, looks like you want to address that. >> they were talking about doing
8:24 pm
a defensive briefing, in the house intelligence committee's report in march of 2016, attorney general lynch, director called me, and deputy director mccabe talked about doing a defensive briefing for the campaign, where you go in and tell the campaign, we think you have a problem with russia. the briefing that i think josh is talking about is the standard briefing that they give to the candidates, the two candidates for president. that happened in august, six months later. that is not what we are talking about, we are talking about a defensive briefing that they could have done -- >> i believe they did that too. they did try to reach the campaign. >> shannon: we are out of time and have to leave it there, but andy says no, josh is yes. we will dig it up and let our viewers decide, but we will get information on that timeline, as well. thank you all for being with us tonight. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: facebook under fire for banning users they
8:25 pm
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♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the alabama democrat who says abortion should be kept legal in his state because some kids are unwanted, saying this "you bring them in the world unwanted, unloved, send them to the electric chair. so you kill them now or you kill them later." his words. now he is going after the president sons, donald trump tutor, junior called the comments truly sickening here tonight, roger's firing back, saying this about donald trump , saying he is "proof," using a ws considered derogatory, and says he is crazy. facebook taking steps to enforce its hate speech policies today, banning several controversial figures and organizations. correspondent trace gallagher has more on those social media
8:30 pm
is dubbing "dangerous." >> hi, shannon. object a objectionable speech permissible as long as it does t bleed into hate to now the social media giant appears to point fingers at those who have gender hit, including milo yiannopoulos, alex jones, and jones' and for his website. on the far left, the band includes the anti-semitic louis farrakhan, who some believe was put in so facebook could appear balanced, especially since conservatives have long criticized the social media giant for unfairly censoring conservative speech. farrakhan's band has generated a significant amount of pushback. watch. >> so facebook and instagram just band minister louis farrakhan. i want to know for what? all he ever did was tell the truth. but you're all going ban him no now. >> facebook said this about buying certain content, "we have
8:31 pm
always band individuals or organizations that promote or engage in hate, regardless of ideology. the process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and is what led us to remove these accounts today." many believe facebook might have to come up with better reasons and definitions. glenn beck said, "i personally have 700 active pursuers mike and security team deals with. those who listen to me say it is hate speech from the left. before you ban more people, please clearly define hate speech." this quote, "alex jones, milo, and others currently banned from facebook, but i am still seeing a hamas page? in my reading this right?" and it appears the phrase "permanent band" might have wiggle room considering hours after being banned, alex jones was again live streaming on facebook. monitoring and removing people is tough because it is so easy
8:32 pm
to pop up a new page, so policing this site becomes a giant game of whac-a-mole. shannon? >> shannon: all right, trace gallagher, thank you very much for the update. after made a protest, a brawl broke out between far left nt for members and a far right group in portland. a video on social media reportedly showing a woman being knocked on unconscious. one journalist claimed pepper sprayed. police then no arrests were made at may day event. meanwhile, depaul university professor defending a pro-israel piece he wrote despite mounting pressure and protest from the faculty and students. says he is facing death threats and has an armed guard now, but telling can tucker carlson he is not going to be silence pretty big win for religious freedom advocates on the right, and warnings from the left. the trump administration is expanding protections for medical workers with faith-based objections to procedures like abortion, setting off what seems to be almost certainly brand-new legal battles.
8:33 pm
here's fox news chief religion correspondent lauren green with more. loren? >> along with praise for the power of prayer, president trump announcing a policy change concerning ledges freedom for health care workers. during the national day of prayer ceremony at the rose garden at the white house, the new health and human services policy to protect people of faith working in medical field against disciplinary actions or firing if they object to participating in procedures which go against their deeply held beliefs. >> president trump: today we finalize new protections of conscience rights for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, students, and faith-based charities. >> faith-based organizations have been fighting for conscious pretensions for health care workers, claiming under the obama administration, many had been subject to firing or demotions for objecting to taking part in procedures like abortions. conservative faith organizations
8:34 pm
are pleased. a representative from the catholic association stated "no health care worker should ever be forced to choose between their practice or their faith. that principle is enshrined in countless laws and regulations, but has been violated for far too long" there the president also mentioned preserving the role of faith-based adoption and foster agencies, saying they will have to violate their traditional beliefs about families. he also promised that faith-based organizations would be allowed to serve inmates in federal persians. shannon? >> shannon: lauren green, thank you so much. google employees force out a woman of color because they disagree with her conservative views. heritage foundation president kay coles james speaking out for the first time right here, next. with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy!
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a lot of people say, "i'll believe it when i see it" but i tell you what, they got it backwards. because there are certain things in life you can only see when you first believe so, in cities around the country.
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we're putting belief into action. because we are believers. run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. beacuse changing your attachments, should be as easy as... what about this? changing your plans. yeah. run with us. search "john deere 1 series" for more. he'd be proud of us. protect your family, your business and everyone who counts on you. see how lincoln can help. >> shannon: fox news at night exclusive now, my next guest ist time about the hostile reception she got from some google employees at silicon valley who were outraged after the company appointed her,
8:39 pm
a conservative, to a diversity advisory board. the president of the heritage foundation, kay coles james, great to have you with us tonight. >> thank you. >> shannon: in a great op-ed he wrote explaining the situation, you are reassured when you initially got the invite to be part of this. it could be a good exchange of ideas. >> there so much skepticism about silicon valley, many of the social media platforms, and about whether or not they truly are interested in diversity. diversity of ideas and diversity of thought. so i was so encouraged when the opportunity came, and i thought, what a great opportunity to get in there with people who may share a different point of view, a different perspective, and it would be a great opportunity for them to get to know a conservative. and how we think and how we process information. find out that we may not be exactly who they think we are. >> shannon: you never got that opportunity, because it was disbanded. there was a petition started,
8:40 pm
employees who said you were anti-lgbt, and other things they thought were going to be very harmful. >> my favorite? did you know, news flash, i am a white nationalist. >> shannon: i would find that surprising, knowing your record and knowing you. >> to see the comments that were made, i didn't recognize the person they were describing. it was a hateful, i'm in extermination it's, i don't like immigration, i'm a homophobe, i am a white nationalist, it is almost like they went to a set of cards, came out, and spewed the same stuff, without even doing just a little bit of homework to find out who this person, k james is. perhaps you can bring something to the conversation. google wanted us to stress some of their ideas, and i thought it
8:41 pm
was interesting that they would want to know what many of their customers, we use google products at the heritage foundation, of course, is one of their customers, i would think they would want to know what our opinions are, what our concerns are about artificial intelligence. it was such a missed opportunity. >> shannon: yeah, and you talk in the pc wrote wrote in "the washington post" about your experience as a very young girl being part of a schot was being integrated, and what you experienced there from some parents and students who were horrible to you, and you said this felt a lot like that. >> it really did. i thought we were beyond that in america. where, you know, in very real terms, this is bigotry. this was prejudice. they were prejudging, they were stereotyping. all the things that i never thought i would see come from the left, they blame those of us on the right.
8:42 pm
i just want the people in silicon valley, and people on the far, far left, to live up to their own bumper stickers. they are the ones who said "mean people suck." i've never seen anything meaner, nastier, more vile than the hatred that came toward me in that particular time. i was disappointed in the google leadership, who really thought they were doing the right thing to disband. i really think they should have stood up to the mob rule, and it was not a good thing to capitulate to that sort of thinking. >> shannon: i want to read something that came from one of the posts of google employee's who were concerned and pushed back. they said of the heritage foundation, "i would disagree conservatives, their views are important to consider when those views include erasing trans people, targeting immigrants, and denying climate change." they have these objections to you in the heritage foundation.
8:43 pm
>> none of which is true, by the way. none of it is true. at the heritage foundation, and i personally, i know that this country is rich because of our tradition of welcoming immigrants into our country. just want them to do it the correct way, and do it legally, and protect our borders so that we know who is coming in. not against immigration. immigrants made our country who we are today, all in favor. climate change, of course the climate is changing, but do we want to in fact adopt rules and regulations, which i don't know what they do, but they certainly don't affect climate change. no one is being a climate denier, as they suggested. homophobe? i don't think so. i've never talked about it publicly, but i have a gay son who i love beyond all measure,
8:44 pm
and he and the community have welcomed me and helped me grow, have helped me to understand. there is no hatred there. that is my child you are talking about. >> shannon: i think a lot of people would be very surprised if they sat down and had a conversation with you based on the way you are pictured, and that is what -- we all need to respect each other across viewpoints, sit down with conversations, that is the way to make things better. we thank you for this conversation pit kay coles james, great to have you. >> oh, thank you prayed >> shannon: in catherine catherine herridge's interview with the president, china is not in competition with the u.s., what did daniel hoffman think omabout that? is here to talk china and more. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary. on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] -the colossus of rhodes.
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♪ >> shannon: the crowded 2020 democratic field is getting even bigger tonight. colorado senator michael bennett is joining the race for the white house paired by the way, he is also cancer free after recent treatment. next month, fox news will have a town hall with another presidential home full, senator kirsten gillibrand in iowa june 2nd, check it out for former vice president joe biden taking heat from both sides of each political party tonight for downplaying the threat that china poses. senator mitt romney said the comments aren't going to age well, and brand-new tonight, the pentagon has a new report on expanding chinese military.
8:49 pm
the president weighing in. leland vittert is here to break it down. >> biden is indeed getting hit from all sides on this pair the issue of china stealing manufacturing jobs is crucial in battleground states like wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. places biden hopes his blue-collar appeal will flips before voters. it is clear the president now thinks that biden has given him an opening. >> president trump: for somebody to be so naive and say that china is not a problem, if biden actually said that, that is a very dumb statement to make. it is a very foolish statement. >> biden said it all right, here is the former vice president at a rally on wednesday. >> china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man. >> auntie said said something similar before. >> we use the expression, i moved from pennsylvania, these guys aren't economic tax on our
8:50 pm
genes, not close paired >> pentagon disagrees, saying china is closer and closer to u.s. military capabilities. their stealth jet may be ready this year, despite pledging not to militarize, the pentagon reported today that they continue militarization in the south china sea by placing antiship cruise missiles on the island. and deploy the spy ship near hawaii. plus, hypersonic cruise michelle that could challenge u.s. naval dominance in the western pacific. >> i think he is watching a different movie. i think that statement is about as out of touch as i have seen. >> i don't know what world senator biden has been living i in, but reality is calling him and he is not answering. >> not just republican senators. bernie sanders tweeted "it's wrong to present that china isn't one of our major economic
8:51 pm
competitors." >> sanders is not alone, number of other 2020 dems hitting hard on china, hoping the message of economic warfare resonates with primary voters as well as national security issues resonating in the general election. >> shannon: leland vittert, thank you so much. former vice president joe biden says china is not competing with us. talk to our fox news contributor and former cia station chief friend, dan hoffman. he is here to weigh in paired good to have you tonight. >> good to be here. >> shannon: what is your initial reaction to that? you might look this at the assessment of national security threats, as well. >> sure. i was surprised to hear this rare bipartisan consensus among the elected officials and intelligence community that china is not just a competitor, but a major strategic threat. you look at their theft of intellectual property, which cost our economy's billion, militarization the south china sea as leland mentions. they deny their citizens every human right, massive espionage
8:52 pm
operations, he should remember from when he was vice president. a lot of concern about countering china, deterring their bad behavior, working with our allies to do so. it is important for the elected officials to call them out so we educate our citizens about the threads and make it clear to china where the red lines are that they shouldn't cross. >> shannon: so much of what former vice president resume has been about, talking constantly, those who are excited and him, about his work as a senator, eight years as vice president. are you surprised he would say something like that? >> yeah, i think there's going to be a lot of follow-up from his own party and other presidential candidates, from the media, and that is a good thing paired let's see what he says tomorrow and the days and weeks ahead. china is not going to stop their pernicious attacks our democracy, and it is important, and i think of great value that we have this bipartisan consensus to do something about it. at the moment, at least, vice president biden is kind of
8:53 pm
an outlier paired >> shannon: china, russia, cuba, other entities involved in what is going on in venezuela. a lot of actors down there, worry of a proxy war between russia, the u.s., cuba, others. i want to play something that congress roman ilhan omar has said about what is going on in venezuela. >> a lot of the policies that we have put in place has kind of helped lead the devastation in venezuela. and we have sort of set the stage floor where we are arriving today. this particular bullying and the use of sanctions. >> shannon: i talked to florida senator rick scott last night from a legislative purpose, i'm interested for your take from a national security perspective. >> there are so many reasons for us to be involved in venezuela, the way we are, and i think the administration is threading the needle just right there there is a moral and ethical reason to stand with the venezuelan people fighting for democracy right
8:54 pm
now, many risking their lives to do so. we got russia and china and cuba, as you mentioned, really exploiting venezuela. russia cemented an alliance hugo chavez years ago, abated our oil sanctions, constructed an air defense there. we owe it to the region and the venezuelan people to pursue the policy we are paired juan guaido is the elected leader of venezuela, we support a peaceful transfer of power. and we have made it clear that he shouldn't be mistreated in any way. those have been clear statements from the master bolton and secretary of state pompeo. we are using sanctions as we do when we have foreign policy goals that are consistent with that method. representative omar, i think, is quite an outlier here, she might want to go back and do some reading about the autocratic regimes that threaten their own people, the region, and beyond. >> shannon: it seems like we are at a tipping point and everyone is watching closely to
8:55 pm
see what happens next. daniel hoffman, thank you for stopping in tonight paired >> thank you. >> shannon: our midnight here was an expert plus, this lucky dodger fan caught a ball at the game, but at what cost? stick around to find out. our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase . let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me. navy federal credit union our members, are the mission. alright, let's get going! and you want to make sure to aim it. i'm aiming it. ohhhhhhh! i ordered it for everyone. [laughing] (dad vo) we got the biggest subaru to help bring our family together. i'm just resting my eyes. (dad vo) even though we're generations apart.
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? ♪ >> shannon: gushing floodwaters left residents trapped in their cars and homes with no chance to escape, but dearborn, michigan firefighters are unstoppable. check this out. they rescued the elderly, children, even pets. sometimes the water was so high, they had to use their boats to get out there, and they did. the brave firefighters pushed through waist deep water to help stranded residents. thank you to lay out the emergency workers out there lending a helping hand. you are our mennonite hero. check this out. dodger van , winner and loser at the ballpark. he goes after a sell ball, last apron try, but he's got the ball. later in that same game, this guy, and other foul ball, he
9:00 pm
loses a piece of at this time -- loses his pizza. he didn't get the ball on the second one. listen, sometimes you get a sacrifice for food. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the night with us. good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." antifa went on the attack in portland, oregon, yesterday. one of the victims joins us ahead with an account on what happened. first it has been a bewildering couple of months for bill barr. imagine you are bill barr. you served at the attorney general with george h.w. bush, 1991. alexandria ocasio-cortez had just turned two years old. that's how long it was. this february, purely by process of elimination, he was the one guy who could get confirmed, barr became attorney general of the united states once again. the mueller investigation was nearly over when he got the job


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