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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 4, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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you here. >> on east coast. >> next time you come to the west koation one of these daysly. we'll be back, though, tomorrow our work is not over. tomorrow at 12 p.m. eastern. >> bigger than water gate that's how donald trump is describing a meeting between papadopoulos and woman undercover agent taking center stage again at the white house. good evening i'm rick leventhal in for jon scott this is the "fox report." ♪ >> a "new york times" report say fbi sent undercover investigate to meet during the 2016 presidential campaign. just yesterday the president spoke by phone with russian president vladimir putin for more than an hour discussing wide range of topic including mol or report potential interference in 2020 race. >> the president has made clear to everybody -- every person that is not an american voter has no business
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in our elections we've said it a lot and we're actually doing things to prevent everybody from meddling in our election. something that other administration failed to do. live at the white house with more on this good evening. >> a rare compliment from president trump, as it revealing in a report this week a that fbi sent undercover informant to london to meet with trump campaign aid to discover figure out if there was coordination between campaign and the russian government. this there several republican pushing an a investigation into the decisions to investigate the trump campaign during the 2016 election. when attorney general barr described spying in a radio interview then if i director james comey defended the inquiry. >> at the end of july we learned that a trump campaign advisor tbhopts earlier before this was public had talked to a russian representative about the fact that the russians had dirt on hillary clinton and wanted to arrange to share with the trump
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campaign. what should the if i do it when it gets that information? it should investigate to figure out what any americans are hooked up with a massive interference effort and that's what we did. >> president says he spoke for probably more than an hour yesterday with russian president vladimir putin. the president described it as a very good conversation and dismissed what he's called the russia hoax. the investigations into russian meddling into 2016 lect and two weekses after dpght of justice released a mueller report that detail what had it described as russian government sweeping and systemic interference in that election. the president also said that two leaders spoke about crisis in venezuela. we talked about venezuela and he is -- not looking at all to get involved in venezuela other than like it see something positive happen for venezuela. last week secretary state mike pompeo qarned to stop interventions in venezuela and
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backing of the regime and said it is hurting u.s. russian relations president trump called out cuba he's warning cuba that the united states will impose nor sanctions perhaps complete embargo if security forces continue their operations in cuba. rick. >> rich live at the white house rich thanks very much. north korea launching a short range projectiles off east coast earlier today. apparent test comes less than three months after president trump second summit with north korean leader kim jun unand it is likely to raise tensions as the denuclearization talks reman at a stand still experts say u.s. will have to react accordingly against north korea's apparent latest act of defiance. >> not going to back down but what president trump can do is use overwhelming american leverage not only against north korea but its sponsors moscow beijing, we do that, we can force north korea to do things that they never thought they would do. and most people said look will never give up weapons well it
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will if united states forces it to. >> julianneturner is following this story. >> north korea fired several short range missiles off a the east coast beginning just after 9 a.m. local time. according to the latest from the south korean government, these missiles originated from juan. a coastal town just east of pyongyang. the japanese government confirms the missiles flew 70 to 200 kilometers before landing in the sea between north korea and japan. president trump weighed in this morning via twitter writing anything in the very interesting world is -- fully realize the great economic potential of north korea and will do nothing to interfere or tend. he also knows that i'm with him and does not want to break his promise to me. deal will happen. these tests, though, come as denuclearization talk with the united states will mean -- this after president trump's summit will kim jong-un in vietnam in february fell apart.
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over the past year, president trump has often touted no missile test and no nuclear test. as proof that korea strategy is working. so it's unclear now whether the white house will take a tougher stance after this latest round of tests. south korea's military wasted no time issuing the statement today emphasizing they're tightly sinked with u.s. count part our military has been closely watching north korea's movement and maintained a full fledged posture in close coordination with the u.s.. this is north korea's second test this year, the last being a cruise missile test that came just a couple of weeks ago on april 18th. their last known ballistic missile test was on november 28th, 2017. yesterday during nearly hour and a half long call with russian president putin, president trump got a read out of putin meeting with kim jong-un on april 25th. putin reportedly told president
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trump that north korea has fulfilled its obligation and stressed the u.s. should reduce sanctions on the kingdom. rick. >> jillian tuner reporting from washington. thank you. venezuelan gathering out military posts calling on armed forces to oust disputed leader nicholas maduro south american country is middle of an economic and political crisis with opposition leader an u.s. recognized president of venezuela calling for maduro to step down. vice-chairman of the house foreign affairs committee francis says the u.s. should be careful and how it gets itself involved in the conflict. >> we've done so much. we hate maduro. mead row is a bad guy your days are numbered you know like the school board bully we need to be care what feel we with say and make sure they mean business and be ready to do whatever we're willing to do even if it means military force which is a drastic option in latin america. >> with more on this is steve.
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steve. >> rick, juan, opposition leader an man recognized by the u.s. and 53 other nation as interim president of venezuela ised a milling now he made mistakes to unseek disputed president nicholas maduro he had told "the washington post" that he overestimated his support of the military. on tuesday he attempted to leave and put down in hour and he did not have the military support he is also saying now that he might be open to military intervention from the u.s. to fight along side with venezuela against the maduro government so some remarkable statements there by and overestimated support and could be looking for military intervention from the as far as the protest on street go, they have decline dray dramatically m the start of the week a and saw thousands in support of him by today it was just hundreds. the opposition called for
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massive protest today instead just a few hundred people went to different military bases trying to convince those soldiers to come over to opposition side. as far as nicks last maduro goes, he is still trying to woo the soldiers too trying to win their support. he visits military bases or -- cadet academies almost every day that's shown on state television. so far just one high level security official has defected from maduro over to opposition. so clearly, the reigns of power momentum still in nicholas hands here in caracas back to you. >> steever thanks very much. now to venezuela border with columbia people trying to flee chaos seeking food, method and safety but journey is not an easy one. allison barber report from the border tonight. >> this is one of many trenches in this area there are six trenches in this area and this one is called --
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this is where a lot of people come crossing over this way from venezuela to get into columbia. they have to pay a fee to gang like militia on the other side. you look right over here, this river this is separates columbia to venezuela we are here with columbian police because it is not safe for us to be here by ourselves. we went all the way down back there towards the river and we saw a group of men sitting on the other side. we are told i asked police about that. they told me i need to be quiet and we couldn't take any photo it was those are men -- the group that gang like militia that according to columbian officials were responsible for massive fire fight and saw just yesterday. rick, those shots rang out for over 30 minutes we saw ton of migrants ton of columbians as well as lith running fear for le and one of many challenges to try to get there. you can see more people right down there --
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crossing the river with all of their belongings they come carrying many things. some people are sick, some people have difficulty walking we've seen people on these paths in wheelchairs seen them come through these over last few day. columbian officials say 25,000 venezuelan cross into their country every day. and that at least one million refugees venezuelan refugees live in columbia. rick. >> remarkable reporting there from allison barber, thank you. meantime resilient president has canceled his trip to the united states where he was supposed to be honoredded as person of the year. at brazilian american chamber of commerce. cancelation came after u.s. protest over racist home phobic remarks in the past major sponsors such as delta airline and financial times hold their support of the event. so frightening moments for 143 people onboard a boeing 737 friday night in florida.
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with the ntsb now investigating why charter plane from cuba skidded off runway into river in jacksonville. the aircraft as you can see there wound up in shallow water. not fully submerged phil keating is live in jacksonville with the latest on what happened to all of those folks onboard. phil. >> rick, a terrifying crash and splash landing for certain. according to one passenger, the plane came down so hard upon landing that it actually bounced plane back up into the air slammed back on to the runway shot off the runway through the perimeter fence and ultimately 100 feet out into st. johns river and stormy around that time of the night a lot of rain has come down and lightning was in the air ands it was total darkness as well. in all, 143 people onboard made it back to land after being rescue. a little bit wet but most importantly alive. at 7 crew member and 13 of passengers with a very, very scary story to tell.
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the jacksonville sheriff office and fire and rescue immediately responded and marine units with with both helped with rescue. according to passengers once the plane came to a stop in the shallow part of the river everybody exited the plane and stood on a wing to wait for the rescue boats just like they did you may remember a few years back on that miracle on the hudson in new york. the 737 charter plane operated by miami air international flies twice weekly between air station in cuba to north a mix of military civilian and dependents all heading become to states for some vacation and others to go home. and ntsb go team has been here all day. >> the pavement is not grooved what that means is -- a grooved payment allows quarter to flow off the runway faster in the event of heavy rain. we don't know if that is a factor yet. >> it is very, very early in the
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investigation keep that many mind. the plane ended up in shallow water where it is still remains part of its nose broke off during the crash. no word on whether wh they're going to float tow that plane become on to it land a lot of jet fuel leaked and surrounding boat right now. investigators have recovered the flight data recorder in excellent condition and, in fact, are already off to lab. the cockpit voice recorder, however, is in the tail of the plane and it remains underwater and unrecovered. and there were an unknown number of -- that were onboard that plane not in seating area with all of the passengers but down below in the belly of the plane in the cargo hold these are cats and dogs from some of the passengers traveling with them. that part of the plane remains submerged and -- not a good outcome for all of the pets i wouldn't think. rick no doubt. >> phil keithing in jacksonville, thanks very much. one dead two others missing after a massive explosion shakes parts of an illinois town.
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last night blast injured four others and caused catastrophic damage you can see there to ab specialty a town in roughly 40 miles north of chicago. residents recall filling the ground shake miles away from the blast. >> i live about 20 miles north, and north side -- and been watching tv downstairs and heard window shake in the house, and asked my wife did you feel that too? and she didn't think it was thunder didn't think anything of it and i started looking on facebook and there was all sorts of crazy report about what happened starting to seeing it was next door to us. >> the fire as you can see is out. but the search for the missing had to be suspended due to dangerous conditions. with a hazmat team on scene. no cause has been determined. the plant was open at the time of the explosion. >> the two front runs for dmblght presidential nomination back on the campaign trail today. as the field of candidate gets even more crowded. a live report, next. about insurance.
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it was a busy day for two of the leading candidates from the presidential nodges former vice president joe bide and senator bernie sanders doing weekend work on the campaign trail.
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sanders holding rally in town hall in iowa. and biden making a stop in columbia, south carolina. as jam-packed field of contenders reach 21. joins us now with more. can you save a 21 in alphabetical order? >> i can tell you democrats have their work really cut out for them to set themselves apart from the pack. on the campaign trail former vice president joe biden focus not on the competition but on the president. any problem just the other the black community it's that those folks coming across border those folks who are, you know, and so anyway just goes on and on quite frankly i've had it up to here. polls have king thely shown biden and ?artd bernie sanders as candidate to beat. but the leat cnn poll buck that trend showing beto o'rourke in a double digit lead against the president in a hypothetical general election matchup. biden was one point behind. 21 democrats now in the race
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news contender colorado senator michael bennett the early primary state got their attention this weekend. john and seth were in new hampshire today julian castro and beto o'rourke were in texas. o'rourke continued on to iowa a. joe biden was in south carolina and smart elizabeth warren eric and bernie sanders all went to iowa. a big hurdle for the democrats is going to be competing with such a strong economy. according to the april jobs report, 263 thowrk jobs were added in the month of april and unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 49 years at just 3.6%. democrats had to answer to that on the campaign trail l. i'm glad to see more in their pockets but the experience of much of america is is basically flat wage for a generation now. >> front pages of the paper today saying that economy is booming unemployment is down. unemployment is down. i want you to think does that
3:21 pm
mean that the economy is booming for ordinary people? >> a major moment for did democs this week was testimony before the senate judiciary committee over his handling of the mol or report several democrats accusing him of lying to congress when he wasn't aware of concerns in special counsel team over his four-page summary when, in fact, he received a letter from mr. mueller himself. at least ten of the the democrats running for president have called for barr to resign. rick. >> all right. jackie thanks so very much. meantime 2020 democratic hopeful julio secures his spot in first primary debate. the former housing secretary met 65,000 donors requirements laid out by the dnc so his campaign team saying it is encouraging milestone as he fights to raise through the rank of the crowded 2020 field the democratses first primary debate is scheduled in late june. >> congress wants the president tax returns but treasury secretary steven mnuchin is still deciding whether or not to
3:22 pm
release them. that's decision expected to come monday. meanwhile politicians on the state level are also getting involved. drafting bills requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns and if they don't, they won't be aloud on the 2020 ballot. dan springer following this development from the west coast newsroom. dan. >> hey rick interest in president trump's tax returns goes yongd democrats on capitol hill while there's no law requiring candidates to release the return to the public, democrats and many states houses want to move the goal post to get on the ballot. americans file taxes weeks ago but controversy surrounding return of one tax a payer will not go away. now 17 states are considering bills that would require any presidential candidate to make his or her returns public in order to appear on their election ballot. the measures have passed senate and four state and even being debated in three states one by prump. democrats say it is about
3:23 pm
transparency. >> tax returns just go to the core of your true financial interest and, obviously, it is just unprecedented for president trump not to release his taxes no one has even imagined that someone would do that and so ping it is a legitimate public policy issue. candidate donald trump said he could not release his tax returns because he was being audited he's still deflecting the issue. >> mueller i assume -- the 35 a million dollars check my taxes -- check my financials which are great by the way. >> republicans called the ballot qualification bills a stunt and in washington state point out top democrats would clearly benefit. governor aye is running for president and his attorney general is rumor ared to be running for governor. >> a blinked partisanship of the attorney general and a governor running for office this is 2020 presidential politics but not about our state. states do run elections legal experts say they can't add
3:24 pm
requirement to be president. >> the constitution has spoken to that and if you want to change the qualifications for the presidency including if you want to add a qualification that says you have to release your tax returns. you need to amend the constitution. >> democrats are also being called hypocrites over issue in washington state bill sponsor who lived in the wealthiest district in the state refuse to make her tax returns public. her bill only applies to people running for the white house. rick. inch dan springer in los angeles, dan thanks very much. president trump once again going after the russia investigation. >> been no president in history that has given what i've given in terms of looking at just a total witch hunt i call it the russian hoax it turned out to be. no collusion -- no obstruction, it was a total hoax. >> now, attorney general william barr and house judiciary committee jerry knadler are at odds after barr decided against
3:25 pm
showing off for the committee hearing. could the ag be held in contempt of congress that is next on the "fox report." ♪
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don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. i am certain that there was no way forward to this country that does not include a reckoning with a clear and president danger to our constitutionallal order. these judges how we face this challenge, we will all be held accountable. that was house judiciary committee jerry natd her after a attorney general william barr decided not to attend the committee's hearing on thursday. hello i'm rick leventhal many for jon scott this is the fox reported a bottom of the hour and if you're just joining us ag barr know no, show sparked threats from democrat control housed to hold official in contempt of congress with knadler setting a monday deadline for the justice department to comply with the subpoena it see the entire
3:30 pm
mueller report. let's bring in center for public integrity i have two cousins named dave leventhal and you're not either one with of them. >> on different sides of the river. >> you're spelling it wrong i don't know if i told you that. any event dave leventhal congress already had access to the redacted report so what's what the argument for seeking secret grand jury information that justice department says it can't legally give them? >> well democrats want everything. they want whole shebang not just a -- a close to full measure here. but they want every last detail about the mueller report. so ultimately this is really the argument that democrats have made from the beginning. they're making it still to this day. and they're going to see ultimately what happens on monday if they get what they're asking for. >> well this is a pretty remarkable threat to hold law enforcement official in contempt
3:31 pm
how likely is that to happen? >> we're not playing patty cake to say the least so holding in contempt it's a very extraordinary measure to take. but it wouldn't be unprecedented other is -- at least one even earlier in this decade where that was the case so with ag eric holder but question is as well what happened next. there are couple of remedies if you for going forward at least from congressional democratic standpoint a remedy in courts and potentially go forward and -- try to conduct additional hearings. there is the very highly unlikely possibility that law enforcement would get involved and attorney general william barr would be arrested for being in contempt of congress. and the ultimate remedy again if you will is impeachment. and that's something that in regards to donald trump and now in regards to attorney general bartha democrats are having to consider is the -- is the crime or is the
3:32 pm
allegation thereof going to be serious enough for them to move forward with really the strongest power that congress has in its pocket at all times. the impeachment of a public official. >> dave we heard from texas republican dan crenshaw defended bar and play his sound to get reaction to that and democrat side. go ahead. >> just doing his job only adult in the room saying listen this is a criminal justice process. my job was to ascertain whether there was a crime committed. you guys are asking me to talk about wrong doing and character flaws that's not his job. and he's making that very clear. and what he also makes clear is do not let the the criminal justice process be used in your political process. >> your reaction to that? >> yeah. so congress has as it has from the beginning of the nation a balance of power they have a certain amount of power the executive branch has certain amount of power, of course, judiciary has power as well so when we have disagreements as we have right now. and the executive branch is
3:33 pm
saying one thing. congress is saying another. you have a standoff. this is the standoff that we have which is why courts could be a very likely rout to go here. and if congress is going to push this issue if attorney general barr is held in contempt that's really going to be probably the first stop they're going to consider regarding what general barr thinks whether he's right or president think he's right. congress still has a perspective and it is one that they can try to go as far as they deem fit. if they ultimately decide to go that rout. >> there's another wrinkle here dave -- the north carolina democrat david price says that mueller needs to testify before congress. >> i think it is essential that we hear from mueller. especially now that we know that he octobered strongly to way his report was characterized by attorney general and that the attorney general is essentially
3:34 pm
lied and need to understand more fully. >> critics are saying that democrats just want something that they didn't get enough from the mol or report that he they wanted or results they wanted to they're just looking for anything now. and they should just move on. republicans feel that way and have said that and continue to say that because they believe it at the same time too. democrats in congress feel differently, and they're going to keep going forward from all indications right here. regards robert mueller, lindsey graham he asked that very question during the testimony in the u.s. senate earlier this week. and at the time william barr said hey i don't mind if he testifies now, of course, that's in the shat. house is different ball game because it is controlled by democrats republicans control the senate, democrats control the house. so there could definitely be some tension there and some intrigue that would be different from one house to another. >> and that's as you mention if hay do try to hold the ag in
3:35 pm
contempt this is a battle that could take months it could take years and not over this week. >> no, you can't expect that this is over any time soon. something that could last months and a ultimately hey there's political considerations all over the map here and the longer this get dragged out the more opportunity is for other headlines to superseeseed it and place a donald trump strength here he wouldn't have to do something that he, obviously, does not want to do along with releasing his taxes and whole variety of other things that could be problematic that democrats have said from beginning hey we have power in the house we want to make donald trump's life as miserable as possible. they're trying to keep good on that promise and donald trump is pushing back. >> dave leventhal senior political reporter for center for public integrity, and no relation to me, dave thanks very much. >> thanks, brother. >> tension in the middle east escalating again today as palestinian militants fire 200 rockets into israel. this triggered dozens of retaliatory air strikes on
3:36 pm
targets across the disa strip at least three palestinians were reportedly killed including mother and baby daughter and three israelis injured by the rocket fire. ryan is in london with more on this. that cycle of death and destruction has resumed it in gaza and in israel after a lull in the violence that it lasted a good long month according to the israeli military palestinian militants have spent dozens upon dozens of rockets in israel over last 24 hours. many of which have interpreted r defense system or landed in open field but not all. incidentally israel started deploying iron dome battery earlier this week anticipating there may be an a up tick in attacks on the palestinian side in may. why well there's a whole event some of which are contentious set to take place this month including israel independence day one year anniversary of the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem and international
3:37 pm
singing competition and the list depose on. israel, of course, has also been on the offensive both with tank fire and air strikes that have killed both militants and innocent bystanders alike. and that's all just over the last day or so. even as funerals took place in gaza this one of a hamas fighter that was killed friday. that's when this all kicked off. that's also when two israeli soldier were wound bid palestinian fire during weekly protest over people's polite in gaza. so this is a a very dangerous escalation many that region. back in 2014 israelis fought a 50-day war ever since then we've had a fragile truce, obviously, this escalation is a threat to that. rick. >> ryan, reporting ryan thank you. the country meze epidemic may have a anti-vaccination book letha health officials are calling propaganda.
3:38 pm
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3:43 pm
blaming anti-vaccination sentiments for largest measles outbreak to hit since the virus was eliminated in the u.s. in 2000. there are now 704 cases across 22 states. >> it is important that parent realize that the vaccine is safe and effective. hardest hit are ultra orthodox jewish community in new york rock land county and in williamsburg section of brooklyn where anti-vaccination propaganda is spreading. posters showing a needle attached to a gun where back scenes are dangerous peach and anti-vax organization is spreading booklet with a credit misinformation that vaccines cause autism or abort fetuses makes robo call and holds teleconferences instilling fear references rad xreermts right to refuse medical treatment is denied in name of public health precisely largely used by senate subsidies. rockland health commissioner --
3:44 pm
>> it is misinformation misguiding people in the community, and the concern with this group is that they are affecting a population where with a lot of what is decided by moms is by word of mouth. orthodox published own booklet urking parent to vaccine. some fear the outbreak could fuel anti-semitism. fact of the matter is that there are anti-vax in every way of life. they support a new york bill that it passed would ban religious exemptions ran about buys say jewish faith does not product vaccines in new york, brian, fox news. >> parts of iowa hit hard by heavy rain and severe throeding and more is on the way. meteorologist adam will have the forecast up next -- yeah that rain is on the move and now we're seeing some of those heavy showers move across louisville because that will be affecting the kentucky derby as that moves, we can be talking
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more rain in the comes day sparking fearing in iowa a about rising waters on mississippi river as parts of the state have already been devastated by record-breaking flooding. meanwhile flood warning withs
3:49 pm
continue along the river from minnesota all the way down to louisiana. meteorologist joins us from the fox news extreme weather center with more on this. adam. >> for the last couple of weeks it's just been systems firing up across portion of texas lifting into the middle of the country and bringing round after round after round of rain the most recent now move across the southeast and paying attention to stretching that flood potential into the southeast eventually into the mid-atlantic. these are large areas where heavy rain currently is falling across the fairly large area but as you said it has been just a lot of flooding stretching all the way from upper midwest these are flood gauge and everything you're looking at here in red that's at least moderate flooding at some of these areas back across the missouri up mississippi river down to louisiana. everything there into purple colors that's getting into major river flooding and we've been seeing it for weeks and weeks even as we go into the pfng five-day forecast lingering withs us and system we're talking about right now moves
3:50 pm
from southeast tonight potential flooding actually running up into the mid-atlantic as it moves in overnight up to new england so if you've been along east coast avoiding that soggy weather for your saturday, it does arrive for your sunday as this big -- kind of slow moving rainmaker eventually works it way through the area. now in the next five day, there is really no rest for the weary this is -- our forecast models taking you all the way into thursday this is additional rainfall and it is really piling up there in upper midwest all the way down to texas. so areas where they've already seen very soggy conditions -- widespread four to five more inches of rain here in next five so six days so more rain unfortunately son the way. temperature wise things have been looking pretty good across country here's what we're looking at a little bit cooler down in the southeast because of some of that rain 64 degrees in memphis. 60 currently just outside of louisville. everywhere else, though, temperatureses getting up into the 70s and some cases getting up closer to 80s especially if you're still out in front of that heavy rain are. it is -- spring this time so --
3:51 pm
temperatures will be staying here pretty good this is your saturday forecast things stay good into sunday and monday just going to be dodging those rain drops here unfortunately rick. in the week ahead. >> looks pretty miserable adam thank you for that. united nations praising india for its early warningses of a cyclone that struck coastal areas killed more than a dozen people on friday morning. a u.n. agency says that country meteorology department used quote lm pinpoint accuracy to minimize loss of life with a well targeted evacuation plan. cyclone went on to strike bangladesh where a dozen more people were killed. the booming business of youth sports leaves some opportunities out of reach for kids of working families. we take an inside look, next plus here's a preview at what's ahead tonight on waters world. "the new york times" actually admits obama spy on trump sarah sanders react plus joe biden had a very bad week and show you low
3:52 pm
lights and diamond and silk go wild on stage at a trump rally. tonight -- hey, who are you?
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>> youth sports is a billion-dollar business.with a major cost to parents across the country leaving some leads out of reach for kids of working-class families. but there are some programs designed to give everyone a chance. >> youth sports. exercise, discipline, cool operation. come moderate. all an important part of growing up. but the chance to play can come at an exorbitant cost. >> 17 billion-dollar year industry and growing. >> year-round training programs, travel, equipment, facility and coaching fees have turned youth sports into a booming industry. some parents even spend 10 percent of the annual income on sports. >> i've heard of polls being taken on facebook, was the best baseball cities? trying to look to where to relocate my eight-year-old. >> the starting price tag has created inequality on the playing field. with kids from poorer families on able to participate. >> in last 10 years everything
3:57 pm
has become professionalized. professional coaches, more equipment. better facilities. chris david runs a training program for a soccer team in new jersey. owned by the energy drink, red bull, the program targets five potential talents per boys and girls. >> we see low income areas, they may not always have the same accessibility to the better facilities to the best coaches, the best programs. >> this is the elite level program for a super soccer store. the organization provides scholarships from players whose families cannot afford it. this is a 14-year-old of honduran immigrants. >> i didn't get accepted for that team then --
3:58 pm
>> will prepare for nationals. >> he looked a bit lost sight invite him to join us for a full season. i saw something in him when he came to practice with this. >> there is value in equal opportunity on the playing field for last summer he and his teammates won national championships in colorado. >> we went to the championships, i felt like i achieved one of my dreams. >> of all walks of life. i call this the un. we have players from all over the is very important for the kids to have these opportunities. >> owes brian kilmeade reporting. an epic nba playoff game had people up late last night. the denver nuggets and portland trail blazers missed numerous opportunities to win. forcing four overtimes.
3:59 pm
the second time in the history they needed that much bonus basketball to finish a playoff game. finally the blazers got a three pointer to put them up by two. 18.6 seconds to go. there it is. denver had one last chance but the inbound pass stolen by the blazers who went on to win 140 ã137. -- if you're generous enough to donate or lucky enough to make a list for the brown party, a star-studded black-tie gala in the 31st year, that is richie sambora right there with janice dean. it draws athletes, including the super bowl winner, tom brady seen right there. along with artists including boyz ii men, taylor dan, travis trick and jennifer nettles. the event hosted by former twin
4:00 pm
brown and her sister priscilla has raised more than $70 million for diabetes research. the amazon founder jeff bezos was in attendance last night. and the maximum-security written by jackie luis -- just under two minutes.♪ ♪ [music] ♪ >> hello america, i am mark ♪ levin. ♪ this is "life, liberty and ♪ levin". ♪ great guest again. attorney general, of virginia. >> thank you.>> you had a big landmark case. the obama case and it got all screwed up in court. [laughter] your well-known, anot just in conservative circles in legal circles. you have a great legal mind. i've known you very long time.


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