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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 5, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ . >> breaking tonight how democrats are threatening to hold attorney general in contempt if he does not turn over the unredacted mother report by monday. welcome to justice i am judge dineen thank you for coming we have a big show on deck including my exclusive sitdown with the chief of staff mulvaney house minority leader mccarthy governor huckabee and charlie kirk to name just a few plus a final goodbye. but first the swamp has officially entered new
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territory because they know that justice is coming the democrats have turned into the and angry unreasonable mob you see in the movies when have you ever seen a real live bunch of crazies so desperate to hang onto a narrative of their own team that they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off clicks there one mantr mantra, impeach anyone who gets in their way, this week it was this man the attorney general. he voluntarily testified beef for the senate judiciary committee over his four-page conclusion and did so until this subjectively mandated weed actions to be released no democrats took advantage of his offer to look at the less
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redacted report he did not even want to see it but as show put on by the hyperventilating democrats dripping with hate and venom was must-see tv. . >> the american people know you are no different from rudy giuliani or kellyanne conway or any others for the grifter and liar that sits in the office. >> you are the chief law enforcement officer and arrange your own credibility you are not even willing to be critical in your summarization. i believe it falls within your credibility. >> i thank you have made it clear you did not look at the evidence and we can move on. the american public has seen you have not been objective. you did exactly what i thought
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you would do y-letter voted against your confirmation for go i suspected you would protect the president and you did. being the attorney general is a sacred trust you have betrayed that trust you should resign. lisa: on the other hand, he was focused and unflappable. >> no surprise the calls for his recognition were immediately one - - immediate. >> there is no sugarcoating this pic i think he should step down. >> i think he should resign if not he should be facing impeachment proceedings also. >> if anybody else did that it would be a crime. >> it is illegal. he seems to have testified non- truthfully. he should resign to lose
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credibility. >> i would write a letter sending it to him this morning explicitly these questions and asking him if he stands by his statements. because if he does, he should not be attorney general. judge: to add more drama that defeated the collusion fiction the left has a new web weaved that t3 is misrepresenting the mueller report a letter suggest that his conclusions did not fully capture the content and substance of the findings by mueller. so they do their crazy dance again. the truth? 's attorney general barr offered the opportunity to review the conclusions but he declined. upon receipt of the letter attorney general barr says what's the issue? 's. >> i asked if he suggested the h
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letter was inaccurate and he said no but the press reporting was inaccurate. judge: isn't that special now even robert mueller says that mainstream media cannot get the news right will complain to your powell one - - her pals "the new york times", cnn msnbc, what makes you think attorney general barr can convince the main stream media? 's next time let's hope there isn't one for you don't write a 448 page report and expect everyone to get it just the way you wanted it in four pages. the left simply refuses to accept the mueller investigation is over and that justice is coming for them. they are fixated on obstruction but if mueller wanted the indictment he would have recommended one. they even dieted george
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papadopoulos for getting a date wrong. they could have indicted for obstruction but they did not. didn't mueller look into that over two years with an army investigators with search warrants and grand jury's? weeks ago i said it was political poor midshipmen mueller's attempt to satisfy the unsatisfied client by leaving crumbs to fight over this whole thing has been the biggest political con job in american history. they hate trump and to do anything including subjugating the constitution and it isn't even entertaining. i'm done with them.
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but what is worth talking about how the tables world turn sources say how the counterintelligence investigation began is time to investigate the beginning with the doj and fbi and white house to overturn the will of the american people. grab your popcorn it's showtime. multiple criminal investigations are underway the pfizer warrants are under review they tried so hard to cover up and the inspector general's report was supposed to be damning and the report over the loretto lynch doj will be out in weeks than it is showtime or obama brendan clapper white strong mccabe and the whole crime family
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obstructing not only the will of the american people that the very foundation of justice in this great nation. that's my (-left-parenthesis go tell me what you think on facebook and twitter. here with reaction to my open new house minority leader mccarthy. good evening congressman. so the whole idea of the democrats going after attorney general barr to hold him in contempt. they are two things. let's start that if he does not appear on monday to testify before the house judiciary committee, which he has volunteered to hold in contempt what is that about? before the judiciary committee
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last week. you have to understand the committees adopt their rules never in the history of the judiciary committee to allow staff to interview anybody at the cabinet level even cnn fact checker cannot find one item after attorney general barr said he would come to the committee nadler changed the rules. do you know, why? he wants it to look like impeachment. he change the rules of the committee that never had the history of the committee to do this. does he not trust his own members to be the voice of the people? 18 on his side are attorneys. judge: i never heard of anyone other than congress people and a person who has been asked to
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appear. and then to rant and rave. >> they change the rules and rightfully so. would attorney general barr should not have gone to that committee with a history of congress never have been. judge: a try to make it look like an impeachment proceeding. correct? judge: let's talk about attorney general barr and the claim they want total unredacted copy of the mueller report and if they don't get it again they will hold him in contempt? . >> first of all, nadler has the right to have the unredacted version which would not include the grand jury. i have read have been first of all, the american public has to understand there are two
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volumes or sections. first of all, was collusion, 90 percent of all of that has been made public for weeks the part that they care about is the obstruction, 98 percent, 98 pert of that has been made public. the last 2 percent nadler has the right to go read it but he won't last i checked. so does the care that much? judge: they have the opportunity to read the unredacted version in a secure room that no democrat has taken advantage it is to do that they just do the crazy dance to hold them in contempt. so you have read it, lindsey graham has read it and you say.
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>> and doug collins. >> 90 percent of collusion 90 percent on obstruction is out there so there is very little that is redacted. what is going on? . >> not just out there for members of congress but all of the world. attorney general barr has been one of the most transparent individuals out there he offered mueller to read the letter before he put it out to the american public. attorney general barr has handled the situation better than anybody else the most transparent bringing it forward to the american public if you watch nadler he decided to impeach president trump the day of the election. do you know, what? there is no proof so then he tried to change the law. he tried to change the history of congress so if you watch the way the chairman handles
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his committee i have never had so many complaints on both sides of the aisle of his inability to handle the most basic motions as a chairman. . >> and to despise him for years from his days in new york and is a personal vendetta. and then to satisfy his own issues so to talk about why justice is coming and then to indicate and then to get them to declassify how does this happen? . >> i don't know the date but
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to make sure america never has to live through this again and then to get to the bottom of it never to have to go through this again it doesn't matter what side of the aisle to make sure this never gets repeated in the ig report are nonbiased to put it forward to the senate into the house to both sides of the aisle that's why people run for congress. not that you just handed off to a committee. judge: the president has tweeted today that i believe
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kim jung-un realizes the greatest potential and knows doesn't want to break his promise to me he is sending us missiles but my understanding is there are short range missiles yes i see what is happening but ronald reagan in the second term he did that because of that idea had ronald reagan had not walked away and the wall would not collapse neither with the soviet union at the end of the day president trump will have changed north korea for the better for the rest of the world and he was right to walk away when he did and sends a very clear message. but kim jung-un does understand.
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judge: house minority leader i totally agree that there is a message between the two of them. thank you for being on justice tonight thank you for being on justice tonight prayers are with you and the loss of your mother i am so sorry. judge: thank you. governor huckabee and the political panel ready for battle that first with nick mulvaney what he thinks of the frenzied attack of attorney general barr only focusing on taking down the president.
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judge: breaking tonight 145
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kentucky derby country houses the winner following a disqualification of maximum-security the horse that did cross the finish line first fox news is watching this continuing developments but earlier i sat down with the acting chief of staff nick mulvaney to discuss with his take on the dems and the outrageous attack on attorney general barr take a look. >> thanks for being with us. 263,000 new jobs unemployment the lowest unemployment in 29 years that is quite a record. >> i was wine and you were not even born. [laughter] but gdp unemployment and then
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something that doesn't get much attention is wage growth in the 3 percent. to say we need higher wages. and the need for better labor. spent with those democrats running for president what are they talking about? this is the exact opposite. it is fascinating to watch everybody get richer with the wage increases with the thumb on the economic scale. it is everything that donald trump said would happen with his policies. . >> saying that the democratic party was infested but when attorney general barr refused
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to go to the house judiciary committee not being questioned but what was that about? . >> i was on the oversight committee and maxine waters i have been in congress they are supposed to be the ones asking question so attorney general barr did what he was supposed to do he went to the senate and took as many as they had because the members were asking the questions but if the house doesn't trust their own members they should not be in congress. judge: what will they do with the lawyers? . >> that's part of it. it is not the judicial branch of government they don't get to second-guess the mueller report they are in the legislative branch so with oversight that is fine but
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they are not a judge and jury and then if they want to do oversight fine me to say is time for the democrats and republicans to come together to get real work done. so do you think the democrats can actually work with him? . >> we are giving every opportunity to do that we are not down there today like infrastructure meeting with him this week on that like health care and trade. we are working on the business of the government. i don't think they have figured out yet. . >> but they came out to say they are talking about $1 trillion for infrastructure
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but republicans are voicing opposition. how do you get the money without raising the debt? there is a bunch of places you can look to be half that but we are just starting the process. still in my soul i know them because i used to work with them i wondered if they were serious or trying to set a trap for the president to get him to commit to something to make him look bad. so now we can work on infrastructure but it will be up to the democrats to send a clear message if they want to legislate or litigate. fight or work with us you cannot do both i cannot see you on monday and sit with you on tuesday. judge: they are not stupid. and then the american people elected them to do things so
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why am i willing to risk themselves? . >> and then they have other democrats across the street is to treat donald trump as badly as a possible can. with the ascendant hard-core left-wing and then there are those in congress anything they can do to make donald trump look bad so that is interesting how that balance and power ways out with the democratic party. judge: do you think we will see a health care plan for the republicans before 2020? . >> you have seen part of it every time democrats talk about health care which is obama care which is a tiny slice of health care prickle
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you have already seen drug prices which have come down for the first time in 50 years last year under this administration. new cures. medicare. some democrats don't want to talk about that. they do talk about medicare for all or private markets. the democrats say if you do medicare for all that all goes away siu will protect that. we are talking about health care more than they are. judge: you are very different from kelly. your reputation is you let trump the trump where general kelly by most accounts he is military. i get it. chain of command. but the chief of staff you are
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not the chief of the president regardless of what you read in all the books, none of them actually directed the president of the chief of staff figures out a way to make the staff help serve the president and make the president successful. we think we are doing it. he got elected. he's the one the nation wanted. if he is not successful we are not doing our job. judge: he is tweeting about joe biden is that because they think he is the nominee quick. >> i think he is the latest flavor of the day and the next week it is somebody else as the mayor of some town was on time magazine yesterday. judge: how many hours do you work as the acting chief of staff you are the director of management and budget. >> all my time as chief in
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mid-december. judge: can you keep up with the president quick. >> no. [laughter] no. it's late i will go home and go to bed he will be up until the wee hours of the morning the phone call started at 6:00 a.m. and they go well past midnight. judge: it is a pleasure to have you on justice. judge: worse than watergate the president calls out the fbi attempt to spy on his campaign in 2016. did they go too far? our panel will join us to break it down
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injured. now back to "justice with judge jeanine". judge:. >> happy to see back on the front page of "the new york times" about the spying on my campaign it is bigger than watergate as far as i'm concerned.
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judge: now we have our panel. i will start with you the president is using the word spying. the left has a conniption every time they hear the word any new "new york times" is coming around to recognize what it was that the surveillance by the fbi was actual spying. . >> it's interesting to see that using the word spying. but it is pretty clear that the obama administration was potentially looking into the rival administration and president trump has a lot to be upset about. they have been dragged through the mud for the past two and half years despite what we learned from the mueller report now they go into obstruction xyz and why they
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felt the need to buy off the campaign and then we need to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. people should support this by the way. judge: "the new york times" it is not pejorative. it is a real word. so why was there such a frenzy for them to deny they were spying? . >> i think it was counterintelligence work that wasn't necessarily political but what was his him asking to spy on joe biden and political opponents that's why he could not answer kamala harris question. that is bigger than watergate. judge: you are on the show to answer the question. the answer was whether or not
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there was spying by the fbi which now "the new york times" even seems to admit is the case but go i suspect when the investigations continue that we will see more of comey denial there was any spying by the investigators. why would he deny that but not counterintelligence. >> the objection is using the word spying that sounds like it is nasty. actually it was law enforcement following leads as they should. other was no evidence that anyone ordered them other than to follow. if they did not get warrants that is what we should all talk about and be concerned about. but if we follow the law , that's what we should be doing.
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judge: you are taking issue with the word spy as opposed to counterintelligence that even the deputy head of the fbi counterintelligence with the counterintelligence fund so there is no basis. . >> we will find out. >> we will. that what i want to do now is james comey did an interview so they will be back and reelect the - - donald trump. judge: comey is back and that is why he had to say. look at where we are.
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it seems to me that he is giving 2022 trump because they will be back again with their attempt to protect themselves for what may be a real defeat in 2020. >> i don't think we should worry about political people protecting themselves and asked the president what he is doing to protect america from russia coming back. that they are coming back and we should be safeguarding against that. judge: when obama found out about this do you think he did anything about it in 2016?
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he thought hillary would win no. he said he wasn't worried about it for anybody to hack our elections unless the democrats are cannot concerned because they are not talking about that right now. they spent a couple hundred thousand on facebook add so why are we looking into china or our other adversaries and no one has answered my questions yet. they are still upset over the loss to continue that narrative. but i go out on the streets and i talk to people that are still upset over russia russia russia but they cannot explain those are hard-working americans. judge: i got it. hillary calling on china to get involved? what you say to that?
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and then tried to make the same joke the president made. judge: is that relevant? but i cannot wait to talk to about it. >> venezuela in chaos with the market prices and that seems so dangerous.
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judge: while democrats
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continue to rev up their socialist agenda we are beginning to see the reality of socialism up close and personal and venezuela. former governor huckabee. what is going on in venezuela? the pictures are horrible. we don't want to get into the internal politics but talk about two issues. one is the idea of socialism and what we are seeing in venezuela and with the progressive liberal. to bring socialism to the united states. >> and they never lived in a world where socialism was prevalent. aoc was born one month after the soviet collapse so she has
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no frame of reference so she can speak eloquently how great socialism is. in venezuela we see it always leads to deprivation, prices go high and people's wages collaps collapse. the only way government can get people to behave and accept what is now socialism that the only thing people that are left with are the people with guns. it's a terrible system and it has never worked. in order for it to work you have to kill several million people to make it work. . >> the idea that and then they
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certainly can handle these babies so they deliver them because there is no medical care for these people. when you take that incentive for people to work because they would be rewarded it used to be said people pretended to work in the government pretended to pay them. and the government wasn't really paying them and the result is nobody gets ahead. look at what happens in her own economy? we have prosperity the lowest 25 percent of the income bracket - - income brackets by president trump's economic policies. but 25 years ago it was one of the most prosperous nations on planet earth. certainly all south america for co- it was a goose with
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lots of golden eggs and now they have cracked and there is nothing left. it is tragic what is happened. judge: talk about the second amendment in the united states and so what has happened to the weapons possession in venezuela and the impact? . >> a lot of people say it was never about hunting. it's not about hunting. and this sounds radical the last stand freedom had with tyrannical government was to fight for it self. if the government did so the second amendment so that people have the right if they don't have that like in
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venezuela to pick up a rock or a stick so to have freedom to have that second amendment and we should want that in america as well. judge: thank you for being with us. well said. >> social media may try to censor conservatives you can only hear them here on justice and the fallout with president trump.
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judge: most people already know the first amendment protects free speech but these days something is totally unclear what that means. joined me now is from turning point usa founder. something that is considered horrible is protected by the first amendment because we don't need it if we all agreed. and then to repeatedly reaffirm the fact the only speech that is not protected that insights into a riot or causes people to produce
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imminent danger. what is that have them to prevent others. what is going on? . >> this is a huge issue. so it has now happened in silicon valley every single day. this is one of the biggest issues coming into the 2020 election. so president trump uses twitter so effectively that using facebook so innovatively. so the analogy that i make these social media companies have such a monopoly that people need to communicate. it's no different than these
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airlines that have a monopoly so then all of a sudden you are not allowed to fly on her airplane because you engage in hate speech that how do i get to montana if only one airline goes there? that is what's happening with the big tech companies they are using their monopoly to exert their power. >> and then not to be regulated by government it wouldn't tolerate this it would not censor the first amendment. >> as a conservative of done a lot of thinking is time to get government involved. i don't trust the government to do much of anything but controlling 85 percent over 1 billion active loser - - users and then with parts of
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the federal government and with that antitrust act that exist or that equal application free-speech policy you can make the argument they are so big and so powerful it is no different than electricity providers everybody uses them
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. >> madam secretary thank you for being here. i've been a little busy. [laughter] know you are not. [laughter] . >> what day care center a collection of toddlers soiling their diapers now screaming cover-up that the report is public look if you spin a conspiracy theory pick ufos or bigfoot or what is in rachel maddow's


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