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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 5, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. ♪ ♪ eric: fox news alert on deadly runway horror in moscow, airplane forced to make emergency landing after fire breaks out shortly after it takes off, the crash landing as you see has carried 13 people. hello, we can to america's news headquarters. i'm eric sean. >> i'm anita vogel. at least 78 people on board, jackie has more from new york, jackie. >> anita, there's very little information confirmed right now but russian state news is reporting that two children are among the dead, video of the landing show the plane as
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regional jet hitting the tarmac where rear-end engulfed in flames. in the air in northern of city, forced to turn around after takeoff and made hard landing already on fire, some initial reports from flight tracking websites confirm that the suggest that the pilot looped around once over the airport before attempting to land a second time, 73 passengers and 5 crew members were on board the plane, the video shows passengers scrambling off the plane on emergency exit slides. having speaking to aviation expert, former commercial pilot and congressional investigator in twa airlines crash, tells me that had engine problems in certification which we don't know the official cause of this crash yet but as soon as we learn more we will report it.
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anita. >> thank you so much, jackie, incredible video and thankfully many people did get out alive. thank you for the report. >> meanwhile in washington, d.c. attorney general william barr now on notice facing looming deadline from democrats on capitol hill after he refused to testify before the house judiciary committee on thursday the committee chairman congressman jerry nadler of new york now threatening to hold barr in contempt of congress if he does not handover the full unredacted mueller report by 9:00 o'clock in the morning tomorrow. meanwhile house lawmakers with special counsel robert mueller will testify soon. >> a tentative date has been set of may 15th, we hope the special counsel will appear, we think the american people have a right to hear directly from him until the date comes we never have an guaranty, the white house said so far indicated they would not interfere with mr. mueller's attempt to testify, we hope that won't change. >> for more on the developing story, garrett tenney in the north lawn of the white house,
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hi, gary. >> president trump would not get in the way of special counsel robert mueller testifying to congress and leaf it up to attorney general bill barr to decide if that happens, however, this afternoon the president made clear he does not think mueller should testify to congress in a two-part tweet saying, after spending more than $35 million over 2-year period interviewing 500 people, 18 trump-hating angry democrats and 49 fbi agents, showing no collusion, why would democrats and congress need robert mule the other testify, are they looking for a review because they hate seeing the strong no-collusion conclusions, no crime except on the other side, incredibly not covered in the report and no obstruction, bob mueller should not testify, no reasons for the dems. to be clear the special counsel did not clear the president of obstruction of justice in his report but based on the evidence the attorney general determined there was not evidence to support it.
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now, as for mueller potentially testifying in congress, ag barr has repeatedly said he would have no objection. it's not clear what the president's tweet or points to action to prevent mueller from testifying, democrats are currently negotiating with mueller's team and aiming for a hearing on may 15th, part of their questioning will likely resolve around news this past week, mueller's contact of attorney general to express concerns about the initial summary of the investigation findings released. here is congressman this afternoon. >> i think there's some discrepancy about the way that attorney general barr portrayed the mueller report when it first came out of the box, so it'll be interesting to ask special counsel mueller what the differences between what he thought the report should be and the one that was given by bill barr. >> as you mentioned bill barr facing a 9:00 a.m. deadline
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tomorrow from democrats to turn over the full unredacted version of the mueller report to congress and if he does not, they're threatening him to push him or to have him be held in contempt of congress, so far, though, the justice department has not responded to these latest demands by the democrats, eric. eric: contempt of congress could be coming. all right, garrett, thanks. >> economic crisis in venezuela, opposition leader juan guiado not backing down to overthrow maduro, has support from the u.s. and dozens of other world leaders, secretary of state mike pompeo saying there's many options on the table including having the u.s. military intervene. steve harrigon live on the ground in the capital of caracas, hi, steve. >> anita, juan guiado recognized as interim president by the u.s.
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admitted he made mistake in calling military uprising on tuesday, the uprising was put down a few hours time, guiado admitting that he did not have support among senior military officers in the venezuelan military, he also said that he would be open to considering an offer from the u.s. for military intervention. we are seeing important meeting on the coming weeks between u.s. and russia on venezuela, secretary of state mike pompeo saying the administration's position is clear and unified if they want rush a out of venezuela, here is pompeo. >> same thing the president told the world, every country must get out including the russians. we don't want anyone messing around with venezuela, we want democratic elected official, this is what we desire for the venezuelan people. >> venezuelan officials are in moscow meeting with russia's
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foreign minister sergey lavrov. here is lavrov. >> we have seen unprecedented campaign lead by the united states in order to overthrow the legitimate venezuelan government which violates principles of the national law provided by the united nations statute. >> right now in caracas, traffic is flowing evenly, we saw large protests, several thousand people out yesterday the opposition called for protestors to just about 200 people out on the streets, anita, eric, back to you. >> steve harrigon on the ground in venezuela, thank you very much. >> back here at home ice getting new leadership, president trump naming mark morgan to be head of immigration customs and enforcement agency, formerly served as u.s. border patrol
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under president obama said recent they the situation on the southern border is dire and is an emergency. in fact, a few days ago publicly stated situation at the border should not be politically. >> if the president asked me to come up i would say yes in a heart beat. it's based of 30 years of law enforcement and i know this border, the president is doing the right thing, he's right on this issue. eric: mr. morgan will still be confirmed by the senate to take his job. meanwhile coverage of contentious right here in fox news channel, laura engram heading to texas and all on the ingraham angle tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> there is an objection posted on the board. >> well, stunning upset in 145th
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running of the kentucky derby, 65 to 1 long shot, country house wins but only after maximum security becomes the first horse in the history of the race to be disqualified for straying out of its lane interfering with other horses, live in louisville, kentucky with more on this. matt, historic turn of events there. >> yeah, anita, a lot of americans are pretty upset with historic unprecedented ruling at kentucky derby at churchill downs, let's bring with the president of the united states who tweeted this afternoon, the kentucky derby decision was not a good one, it was rough and tumble on wet and sloppy track, beautiful thing to watch, only these dais of political correctness could such an overturn occur, not even close. maximum security, the horse was declared the winner of the 2019 kentucky derby for about 20
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minutes yesterday but then confusion and even outrage two jockeys filed objections arguing maximum security broke the rules and basically cut them off during the race. the officials called stewart's and first time in 145 years the winning horse was disqualified, we talked to an expert who was on the ground here during the race and he says unfortunately maximum security could be seen impeding at least up with other horse and now the controversial shines light on racing rules vary by state and perhaps the u.s. should set nationwide set of rules like other countries do. >> there's a great chance that the rules could come under revision maybe, adopt a uniform standard across america, 38 states where it is legal. possible that each of those is slightly different wording in all of the rules. >> people online not holding back tweeting at the kentucky
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derby, the rules don't change because it's a bigger race, that will be loss of credibility. another person writes, was 100% the right call. should have been dq'd, absolutely. every single thing the monitored to the minute now, no room for sports or human judgment. we heard from regarding the rules, had taken place in state like new york the outcome might have been much different and concern there's controversial ruling could have impact on consumer confidence in future gambling at races, anita. >> wow, thank you very much, race to be remembered for sure. thank you. eric. eric: in another race, nancy pelosi offering explosive advice to 2020 democrats. what she said is next
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>> time is up for president trump's personal michael cohen, set to report to federal prison tomorrow morning in new york where he will begin serving a 3-year sentence for campaign finance violations, tax evasion, bank fraud and lying to congress. cohen says he plans to hold a news conference tomorrow before reporting to prison, eric.
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eric: race for the white house now, the number of presidential candidates growing by the week, take a look at the list, two rows now, 21 candidates in all for the challenge to challenge president trump. all for an opportunity to break out of the jam pack, dan springer with what they are doing over the weekend. >> busy day of campaigning for democratic hopefuls and many of them early voting states of iowa and south carolina, but before getting on the stump several did sunday morning talk shows, bernie sanders made it clear he's more progressive than former vice president joe biden who got in the race, he went onto iowa and tried to prove it with speech about breaking big business, sanders unveiled the plan to take antitrust action to block mergers and subsidies away from large farms and swift to small and medium-size farms.
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>> over 18 million in compensation last year. and just in passing i might ought to mention that that same company that made 2.2 billion in profit last year paid nothing in federal income taxes as a result of -- >> joe biden is in south carolina courting the african-american vote by attending service at baptist church, he also spoke to the congregation and spent of the time ripping president trump for moral character but biden may have own work to do in black community, back in 1970's he led opposition to desegregate public schools and ended up losing that fight. another challenge for biden and democrats, how do you talk about the economy and incoming presidents usually win when the economy is good and the u.s. economy is rolling. >> first thing i'd do is repeal the trump tax cut.
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raise your hand if you benefited from it? >> not only did it go to top tenth of 1%, the 1% of the american people, did something else, gather new loopholes from keeping wealthy from having to pay the taxes. >> democratic field could go again this week perhaps as early as sometimes as new york mayor bill de blasio to throw name in the hat which would make it an even 22 candidates, almost a double dirty dozen there. eric: thanks so much. anita. >> did bob mueller support your conclusion? >> i don't know whether bob mueller supported my conclusion? >> he lie today congress, he lied to congress and everybody else did that it would be considered a crime. >> house speaker nancy pelosi this past week accusing attorney general william barr of lying to congress after learning that special counsel robert mueller had complained to barr3 days
1:19 pm
after he released summary on march 24th, now today the new york times reporting another explosive accusation from pelosi writing, quote, in recent weeks mrs. pelosi told associate that is she did not automatically trust the president to respect the results of any election short of overwhelming defeat. the view said by mr. trump's repeated and unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud is one of the reasons t imperative not to play into the president's hands especially on impeachment. on that let's bring in gabi. >> thanks for having me, anita. >> the speaker of the house calling attorney general a liar but telling ranking members of congress to stay away from talks of impeaching the president, is she trying to have it both ways, gets to talk tough but members don't? >> it's a good question, a lot of people watched the democratic
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party especially those in capitol hill going path of impeachment want to go take actions against president trump and directing anger and much of criticism more recently at attorney general bill barr and i think part of this is done strategically because if you look at the polling that shows americans are overwhelmingly against starting impeachment, impeachment proceedings against the president, i think that's what you see speaker pelosi on this interview with "the new york times" is saying, you know, to some extent there are things that the president, that his administration, that his attorney general even have done that we question might be worthy of impeachment but to go down that direction would be absolutely disastrous for a democrat heading into the 2020 election cycle. >> okay, may not play well with the american people. also, in a brand-new new york times article, speaker pelosi offers advice to democratic member, quote, own the center left, own the mainstream, and she goes onto explain the
1:21 pm
midterm victory when her party picked up 40 seats on the house, on that she said, passions were for health care, bigger paychecks, cleaner government, simple message. for democrats, especially the ones running for president, stop talking about progressive ideas and focus on the issues that really matter to americans, only problem with that is you have candidates like kirsten gillibrand talking about abolishing ice, kamala harris doing away with private health insurance and bernie sanders still talk about free college and giving murderers the right to vote, quite a pivot to the center, can they do that and still seem authentic to voters? >> no, i don't think at this point that a lot of them can do that and they're not really likely to do that as well because we have, you know, the liberal base of a party be more progressive wick encouraging a lot of candidates to move further to the left than maybe where they already stand and this kind of shows how oppose the two separate wings of the
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democratic party are at this moment. nancy pelosi has great deal of control on caucus in capitol hill but when it comes to urging 2020 presidential candidates to adopt centric views as opposed to progressive policies, unlikely to happen and it's actually been pretty interesting to see the backlash to a lot of the comments that she has made, most recently to the new york times but also previously where she's urged democrats to be as moderate and centrist as possible. plenty of liberal activists, progressive who is have said that doing is not going to convince to vote for a candidate, they want somebody that will support impeachment, somebody that will support a trillion dollar climate change package, these are the things that many members of the democratic base are supportive of and i think that's why you are being seeing so much backlash from other candidates who are in this wide democratic field to joe biden because he is
1:23 pm
sort of running in the centrist lane so far. >> yeah, let's talk about joe biden, he's probably the most mainstreamed of all the democratic candidates, now, is that why he has a commanding lead or is it because he has tremendous name id and everybody knows who he is? >> it's probably a bit of both. he does have near 100% name id, that has to be a factor in why he has such a lead among the democratic pack, you know, if you look at how he's polling in a lot of the battleground straits and you look at what's most important to democrats, when they're surveyed on these, the number one thing for democratic voters is electability and joe biden according to not only his own team but actually many people who are advising president trump will admit that he is probably the most viable opponent in places like pennsylvania, his home state, michigan, parts of midwest where voters are more likely between democrat and
1:24 pm
republican candidate sort of the blue-collar worker, that's not what we are seeing from a lot of other democrats in the presidential field. >> okay, going back to nancy pelosi for just a moment, she has quite a balancing act she has to play, for example, the infrastructure bill, that's center mainstream issue. let him take credit for it in the campaign even though he's been talking about fixing the infrastructure from the get-go, how did she manage that issue? >> well, we have sort of seen this play out a week and a half. that was not initially a number that the president was comfortable with nor his economic advisers were comfortable with.
1:25 pm
that will allow her eventually on capitol hill and we do see infrastructure package get passed in 2020 election to sort of own that and this is a compromise that i encourage the president to reach with us, so one big question the democrats will have to answer for is how do you fund a 2 trillion-dollar package and is far they have sort of said, well, we will let the president figure that out. >> that's when we will be certainly watching and hearing on the days to come, thank you so much gabby orr. >> thank you. >> our military no longer tracking the taliban's movement in afghanistan, is this the right move? that straight ahead
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>> fighting on the gaza strip intensifies, israel and hamas militants stepping up attacks against each other over the weekend.
1:30 pm
israeli defense force saying more than 600 rockets have been fired as israeli civilians, country is now responding with air strikes, multiple casualties have been reported on both sides, correspondent jeff paul live in southern israel with the very latest on this, hi, jeff. >> hi, anita, second straight day violence between gaza and israel continues and those for living on the ground near the conflict it only seems to be getting more intense. [sirens] >> israel said that least 600 rockets have been fired from gaza into israel. the israeli military responded with air strikes throughout the gaza strips targeting militant strongholds, at least 25 palestinians were killed including two infant and two pregnant women, the rocket fire in gaza killed 4 in israel where cars were targeted as well as
1:31 pm
several neighborhoods and in some case we saw the rocket fire got very close to one school. this is one of the hundreds of rockets that were fired from gaza landed in israel, as you take a look at the wall of this apartment, you can see all the holes in the wall, that's from the moment of impact the rocket hit on the ground. a few steps away, you can see there's a playground that would be normally full of kids playing, thankfully for the people that live in the area school was canceled today. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is not backing down, he will continue to order massive strikes in gaza strip. >> instructed forces around the gaza strip be stepped up with intense artillery and infantry forces, hamas bears responsibility not only for own attacks and actions but also for those of islamic jihad for which it pays high price.
1:32 pm
>> hamas chief responded to the escalation saying in part, the return to a state of calm is possible and to maintain such calm depends on the commitment of the israeli occupation to a complete cease fire, without that the region will face many rounds of confrontation, continues to play the role of immediater, they are working cease fire between israel and gaza. >> jeff, no doubt an intense situation on the ground, thank you jeff paul reporting live, eric. >> we are working to achieve a reconciliation so that conflict now coming on two decades can be resolved. we can get political outcome. >> secretary of state mike pompeo describing now round of peace talks between the u.s. and
1:33 pm
the taliban. first lasting peace agreement that includes withdrawing all american troops, all this new report says the u.s. has stopped tracking how much of afghanistan is actually held by the taliban. one would think that that would be safer, author, chris gibson, retired u.s. army colonel, former new york congressman, member of house armed services committee, thank you congressman for joining us, service in the military and the people's house of congress. >> great to be with you this afternoon. eric: of course, what's that about? do you think you would need to know that, the pentagon spinning it? >> i see it differently, eric, the purpose of collecting data information is to track progress, if you're looking to refashion afghanistan in our
1:34 pm
image as democracy, then you'd want to collect the data, what this administration rightfully changing course here as you just heard secretary pompeo, help forge political settlement so we can bring our military intervention to a close and reposition forces. that data is not needed for that. what we need to do is express the ability and the will to punish the call bean if they -- taliban if they don't come to the table, if you look at this year this administration authorized the mother of all bombs that was dropped, there has been change to the approach in afghanistan and general miller and his forces are bringing the fight to the taliban so that they understand that it's in their interest to reach an agreement with president donnie, that's where we are right now and i support this approach.
1:35 pm
eric: you think that's in their interest and start stream and commanding that we get out completely, immediately. >> well, of course, they're going to do that and they see as opportunity oh to the try to lefnlg in -- leverage in the talks but given track record, new commander in afghanistan, what he's looking to get done and quite frankly what i expect to happen here over the next couple of weeks, you will see u.s. forces taking fight to taliban so they understand their best option is to come to the table to reach this political settlement, it's going to be the best for all concern. as you mentioned the book earlier, what i'm trying to do is get the country to change direction here to embrace peace through strength. you know, this all war all of the time, that doesn't make us safer, it's costs us trillions of dollars and it's not in our interest ultimately. we have a generation of veterans we will have to care for for the next 50 to 60 years, what we want to do is build up military
1:36 pm
capability so we have strong posture so we can bring up concept of deterrence that allows us to leave with diplomacy, economic engagement and other types of leadership which we are very strong at and we don't star wars but if somebody hits us we retaliate and bring annihilation to that force. that's what we need to do and these actions in afghanistan i think support with that and i'm supporting the administration's changes in this. >> we shouldn't focus on the centralize, we have to try new approach and others say it's a loss cause, it's not going to work and not happen. >> well, look, i mean, that's partly true, you know, the fact of the matter is when we think of nation states we have certain perspectives here in the united states of america but in afghanistan they don't have the same consciousness that we do
1:37 pm
here. clearly there is but most of the political reflection is tribal and regional and so the expectations for the government of afghanistan within afghanistan actually is very low. i think the conditions are set, you know, i've met president gani when he came before joint session of congress, i've heard him speak. i appreciate the leadership that he brings to bare, this is such a history of corruption in that government that not only do they have a local outlook or tribal regional outlook but part of the reason is they have low expectation of national government is it doesn't perform, it doesn't deliver. gani is trying to whoirnt that, you know, part of what we have seen is that the fact of the matter is there are people who live inside afghanistan that are sympathetic to the taliban or that needs to be ultimately
1:38 pm
settled by the people of afghanistan and i think that's one to have reasons we can play a constructive role in qatar is bringing the forces together so that they cease two things, end of fighting and the second is that they understand that the united states will not tolerate any kind of entity, any kind of entity that plans coordinates or conducts attacks on americans, will not be tolerated and so we have that capability. we no longer need to occupy that country to do that, we have the ability to come over the horizon with kinetic strikes, aerial strikes but operation command raid, on the ground if necessary to eradicate any kind of safe haven that we believe is threatening the united states, so this is really the time quite frankly where we will pass the time but now is the day to do this and i support what the administration is endeavoring to do. >> we will see what happens of 18 years of country's blood and
1:39 pm
treasure in this continuing war, chris gibson. and our servicemen and women. what about venezuela, juan guiado attempt to get power has crumbled, we will have that when we come back to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. is like me. ♪ [spanish recording] so again, using "para", you're talking about something that is for someone. ♪
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>> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. >> we have done so much, we hate maduro, the days are numbered, it's kind of like school-boy bully, we need to be careful what they say and be sure we mean business and willing to do whatever we need to do even if it means military force which is drastic in latin america. >> u.s. military involvement in venezuela we mains option, this the country's opposition leader and u.s. recognize president of venezuela juan guiado prepares to another bid for military uprising, followed his failed
1:44 pm
attempt last tuesday. let's bring in ana, quintana at heritage foundation, ana, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so the trump administration has said all options are on the table but we haven't had a clear signal from the president about the u.s. military getting involved there on the ground nor has guiado asked for that yet although reporter on the ground steve harrigon say that is they remain open. what are you hearing? >> what i'm hearing right now is one thing that we should be clear about is last week was not a -- was not upset, he was not defeated, in fact, actually he achieved, by he guiado, strategic victories, maduro had intelligence deflected and now he's on guiado's side and nasty things that the russians and chinese have been doing and now getting information on where are maduro's weak points and what's
1:45 pm
the best way of beating maduro, so, you know, when you hear about why aren't we hearing more definitive answers about military inside of venezuela, it's pretty much why, we are so far away from that there's still so much that trust and other international partners can do to oust maduro. >> right, well, it also seems like a fluid situation on the ground there where anything could happen. one thing is clear, though, the trump administration does not want to leave the door open for odd bad act or, -- actor, so to speak to slip in there. here is the secretary of state on that. >> i think several tweets back the russians have to get out, we want the venezuelan people not to have interference from any country whether it's china, russia, you now have iranians on the ground in venezuela, we know about the long history with a couple of cuban thugs controlling the country today. >> so ana, based on that, if we
1:46 pm
don't do anything to stop that, russia, china and even iran will gain control and what are the ramifications of that? >> huge concern, not just regional countries involved but the international power players like russia and china. they are capitalizing on this and they are trying to take advantage of the weaknesses within the maduro regime but i think one of the advantages about the trump administration has right now and supporting a transition inside of venezuela is that it's not just the united states that's at this alone, it's facing 3 other countries, significantly chunk of latin america and the vast majority of south america, you have never seen such regional consensus on a singular issue and a lot of this is due to trump administration and coalition of willing partners that they've put together. >> okay, and in the meantime people are without electricity there, they're without food,
1:47 pm
they are without basic necessities, how long can the united states standby while this is happening in our hemisphere? >> you know, the united states and other countries have committed a significamendment -- significant amount of resources to over 3 million refugees that have fled the country, the united nations is involved as well, various other multilateral partners and, you know, u.s. agencies are involved in bringing humanitarian officials to the country but frankly the greatest tool and the greatest policy prescription to fixing the humanitarian crisis is to get maduro out of power, maduro needs to leave and regime needs to change and to start rebuilding of venezuela. >> well, we are all hoping for a peaceful solution there, ana quintana, thank you so much for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> okay, so what kim jong un is now telling his military as of
1:48 pm
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>> north korean leader kim jong un telling his military forces to remain on alert after the country launched several short-range projectiles off east coast.
1:52 pm
yet the trump administration still insisting there's a path forward for north korea to surrender its nuclear program. gillian turner has the story. gillian: secretary of state mike pompeo joined fox news sunday this morning to confirm the hermit kingdom launched several short-range test missiles yesterday but rather than condemn the tests which sources tell fox news may violate the terms of an existing moratorium between the u.s. and north korea pompeo said this. >> we have high confidence that they were not intermediate range missiles, we still have every intention in negotiates gillian: negotiations fell apart after just two days. pompeo says that he doesn't hold that against dictator kim either. >> i have extended negotiating hand, i extend my hand to
1:53 pm
continue those negotiations, we want to continue to work towards a peaceful resolution. gillian: since then north korean government has repeatedly called for trump administration to lift economic sanctions, so far they've refused. president trump has repeatedly lend support publicly in response to yesterday's missile tests, he tweeted anything in interesting role is possible then i believe kim jong un realizes potential of north korea and will do nothing to interfere or end it and also knows that i'm with him and doesn't want to break his promise to me. pompeo said this morning that he's focused on the mission which is to get a deal despite obstacles along the way, national security sources are ringing alarm bells, they tell fox news the administration's failure to hold north korea accountable for activities could ultimately tip the scale in kim's favor.
1:54 pm
anita. >> gillian turner, thank you so much. eric. eric: anita, back here at home historic rainfall drenching in major part of the we will have the forecast next. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip. turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. brought to you by geico.
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i got it! what? what? l.a. bookers book apartments and vacation homes as easy as hotels. ridin' scooter! l.a. baby! l.a. baby! be a booker you're welcome. at >> flooding on the mississippi river it could stick around for a while. forecasters saying it could last through june. the rain is continuing to hammer the midwest and all of this is happening on top of the levee breach that well in davenport
1:58 pm
iowa. let's go to the weather center for the very latest. what is going on ? >> it is been never ending, it's round and round of heavy rain across the middle country, back towards the missouri river, these systems firing up in the middle of the country and runoff twin cities. a lot of folks across the east have been getting heavy rain. the most recent rain is battling across the portions of the mississippi. now running up into new england areas from d.c., after new york, boston, a pretty soggy day on the sunday but as we look for the last there is another system coming together. maybe not as widespread but still be a big rainmaker and severe weather. it will take a couple of hours to see the system going to the overnight hours and running across kansas and stretching to oklahoma and north texas. this could bring severe weather as we are looking at an area of towards wichita, kansas city, wins getting up to 60 miles an
1:59 pm
hour and severe thunderstorms and maybe hail. of course the heavy dampers, we're going to get real surrounds of heavy rain. this is the system tonight, likely a lot more of these coming in the next week. this is our forecast precipitation coming and other integrated, what you see is a widespread area from the southern edge of the mississippi river valley running up a little farther north into the points, but you start to see yellows and oranges and that is getting three to 4 inches of rain in the next week. the ground saturated. not a lot of places for the water to go and then we talk about running into the summer is still talking about river levels being so high because the rain keeps on coming. >> they are talking through june, that will be tough for those folks. adam thinking. anita vogel, thank you. happy cinco de mayo.
2:00 pm
>> happy cinco de mayo. thank you for watching folks, thank you for choosing us for your news. >> adam secretary, thank you so much for being here. . >> what day care center a collection of toddlers soiling their diapers now screaming >> forgetting that the report is public. if you're going to spend a conspiracy. hathink about the book or what did rachel madhouse copy but not


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