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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 5, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> two final thoughts. he's worse. he's worse. jon: 41 people have died every russian airliner is engulfed in flames. the flight forced to around and do emergency landing in moscow before bursting into a fireball on the runway. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report". video shows the aircraft burning on the tarmac as people flee with emergency exits. the report confirms 73 passengers and five crew members were on board the jets. jackie has the latest on what happened there. reporter: jon, we know 41 people passed away and lost their lives in the crash. two were children and 37 people surviving. the plane a sukhoi super 100 regional jet shown skidding down
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the runway tarmac with its tail end engulfed in flames before coming to a stop and smoke was billowing from the wreckage. passengers escaped the flames three emergency exits near the front of the plane and ran down the tarmac to safety. flames can be seen burning on the runway as the fuel leaks from the wreckage. plane was heading to the northern city of vermont but according to a statement from the airport the pilot turned back around for unspecified technical reasons. tracking radar as the pilot lived around over the airport before attempting to land. at this time it is still unclear what caused the fire and crash is under investigation. the planes manufacturers sukhoi civil aircraft to the play involved in the accident have received maintenance at the beginning of april and they said the flight had some or pilot had 1400 hours of flying experience in this plane. this is the same kind of plane that was grounded in 2016 by
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russian aviation authorities over safety concerns after inspectors discovered battle fatigue in the tailings of the plane. sukhoi super that's for banded in mexico in 20 team because of delays with engine maintenance. sukhoi super that was brought to market to place outdated soviet era aircraft but also have been used in other countries like armenia and mexico. note u.s. airlines fly this plane and it's the second fatal accident for this plane type. 2012 sales deposition in indonesia struck a mountain killing all 45 people on board. spivak there are many people. >> many problems of the plane initially in the engines and preservation issues, their claim is not allowed to fly above a certain altitude in the airplane had state-of-the-art technical wing balance issues which with fuel its ability to even fly in a normal configuration.
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reporter: the cause of the crash is under a mitigation but then use those 41 people jon lost the life. jon: scary video of what happened in myself. jackie, thank you. not to washington with a battle between house democrats and attorney general william r continues. this after bar decided not to show up for a house judiciary committee hearing last thursday. that committee's chairman during other assigning toolbar in contempt of congress if he does not it over the unredacted version of the mueller report by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. earlier today "fox news sunday" house judiciary committee democrat david sicily says there's a chance robert mueller appears before the committee soon. >> the tentative date has been set for may 15 and we hope the special counsel will appear and we think the american people have a right to hear directly from him but until the day comes we never have an absolute guarantee but the white house has a far gated they were not interfere with mr. mueller's attempt to testify and we hope that will not change. jon: garrett tenney's live at white house with more.
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>> congressman clarified that may 15 is when they are hoping to have bob mueller up to the hill to testify but at this point no date has been agreed upon in negotiations between mueller steam and house judiciary democrats are ongoing. president trump may have something that about mueller test financial and the president said he would not get in the way of the special counsel testifying to congress and would leave it up to attorney general bill barth was repeatedly said he has no objections to it but however this afternoon the president made clear he has plenty of objections and as i think mueller should testify to congress tweeting in part -- it
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is important to note special counsel did not clear the president of obstruction of justice in the report but that the attorney general decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute for it. that is one of the many decisions democrats are now attacking the 84 and demand he turned over the full unredacted version of the mueller reports by tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. if he does not, democrats on house judiciary committee plan to move ahead with proceedings to hold bill barth in contempt of congress. >> chairman of the committee conveyed to the attorney general additional compromises and said produce all the documents but prioritize those that are referenced in the report and give us an opportunity to see the unredacted version and gave until tomorrow morning at 9:00 o'clock to produce the documents. if the attorney general does not then they will ask the committee to move forward with a contempt citation. >> attorney general and just disbarment say they have tried to work with democrats to find some type of, demise or
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middleground to work with but democrats clearly not pleased with those efforts thus far and at this point justice department notably has not responded to the latest demand by democrats. tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. top decisions for democrats. jon: garrett tenney, thank you. present .-dot making news when it comes to his administration. tapping mark morgan as director of immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. in a tweet this morning. morgan will take over for former acting i.c.e. director who resigned last month. in the past morgan has backed some of the president covers immigration ideas. >> if this president asked me to come up i say yes in a heartbeat and this is not based on political ideology but dirty years of law-enforcement and i know this border. the president is doing the right thing and right on this issue but if you have to i go work for him in a heartbeat. jon: morgan's credentials include beating up a patrol under president obama and the 20 year career at the fbi. political crisis continues in venezuela as protesters supporting opposition leader
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want the military to oust strongman leader, niclas maduro. u.s. and dozens of other countries have organized guido is venezuela's president and mike prevails in the u.s. could intervene. >> president has made clear the obstinance of the table and we work this way do for the plantings we have a wide range of options, dramatic options, political options that would involve the department of defense and many options we will fully bake and make sure were getting laid out in exquisite detail but we would not want to be flat but it. jon: steep arrogant life of the ground in venezuela capital of caracas. steve. reporter: juan guaido is president and has omitted he made mistakes in calling for a military uprising this past tuesday. he said he overestimated the amount of support he had among the venezuelan military and his uprising was put down in just a
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matter of hours. he also said he would be open to considering any offers from the u.s. about u.s. military intervention here in venezuela. in the meantime, important meeting had between russia and the u.s. on venezuela and u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo saying the trump ministrations position is unified and its desire to end russian meddling in venezuela. here is pompeo. >> sometimes the president told the world and that every country must get out including the russians and that's what it is all about but we don't want anyone to see with venezuela. want them to have an autonomous, independent, sovereign state, democratic elected officials and this is what we desire. some people. reporter: venezuelan officials are meeting in moscow with foreign minister and he said in fact, it's not the russians but the american who are interfering in venezuela business. here is him.
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>> we now see an unprecedented campaign led by the united states in order to overthrow the legitimate and israeli government and the condemning campaign was fiercely violates all principles of international law provided by the united nation statute. reporter: on the streets we have seen things come down over the week at the start of the week there were violent protests and hundreds of people injured in several thousand people out on the street yesterday despite the call for the opposition to march 200 opposition protesters out on the street saturday. jon, that you. jon: steep arrogant life from caracas. thank you, steve. many venezuelans are fleeing the country trying to cross into columbia for food, shelter and medicine but the journey is not an easy one. ellison barber has more from the venezuela colombia border. >> this is an area just right off the venezuelan colombian border the neighborhood is known as [inaudible] but venezuela migrants across through this area after they left the trenches with many of them come with lots of scrap metal on
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their back and pieces of cars and pieces of statutes that they took off statutes back in venezuela and brought here because they're trying to sell it and make money. they sell it at this scrapyard over here. we spoke to two brothers who say they make this trip three times a week. translator: the money we get is very little. we only received 25000 pesos for scrap metal. in saint crucible it's [inaudible]. reporter: this is a long journey to bring this here and not easy for children to carry this on their back. it's also not really safe to take this opportunity say they are often afraid and worried about running into that gang like militia and say they have heard shooting for the past couple of days and worry a lot about that as a try to make it here but they selling all of
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this is necessary in order to survive even if it means they only make pennies. each pound of this in u.s. dollars to make about 17 cents, 17 cents to self 1 pound of scrap metal. jon. jon: ellison barber, thank you. ♪ in the democratic race for the white house the crowded field is going. so far, 21 candidates are vying for the chance to challenge presidential trump in 2020. bernie sanders trying to separate himself from the jampacked field and setting his sights on former vice president joe biden. >> joe voted for the war in iraq and i led the effort against it. joe voted for nafta and trade agreements with china and i led the effort against average joe voted for the deregulation of wall street and i voted against that. i think if you look at joe's
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record and my record, i don't think there's much question about who is more progressive. jon: dan springer with more on the state of that race. live in los angeles. reporter: he declared this morning is more progressive than former vice president joe biden and bernie sanders went to iowa to try to prove it with his latest campaign speech. he unveiled the new plan to break a big agribusiness and if elected, singer says will take antitrust action to block farmer and band contract farming. he also wants to genetically change how farm subsidies handed out taking from the big growers and giving them to small and medium-sized farmers. >> while jon deere is ripping off farmers and ceos over 18 million in compensation last year and just in passing i might want to mention that that same company that made two-point to billion in profit last year made gate paid nothing in federal income taxes as a result of --
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[crowd boos] reporter: joe biden was in south carolina a state he says is critical for his chances to win the nomination. biden coordinated the black vote at it church but had history to overcome with african-americans but in the 1970s when he was new to the senate he led the effort to ban forced busing is way to desegregate public schools. ended up losing that fight. another challenge for biden and all the democrats is how do they overcome historically good economy? president trump a great week on the front with another better-than-expected job suppo support. on employment at record lows for women, blacks and hispanics. wages up 3.2% but even more for the lower wage earners and inflation is in check. biden is calling for higher taxes. >> first thing i would do is repeal this trump tax cut would raise your hand if you've really benefited from it? not only do most of it go to the top one tenth of the 1% of the american people but created a
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bunch of new loopholes into the law to keep the super wealthy from having to pay the taxes. reporter: two other candidates were to out trying to appeal to black candidates. among the topics criminal justice reform, housing, education and senator molly harris had a fundraiser for the naacp in michigan. large democratic field could grow this week in new york merit bill diblasio says he'll decide soon whether to jump in and if he does, jon it will be number 22. jon: dan springer from los angeles. thank you. what north korean leader kim jung-un telling military after a surprise is a test and how the u.s. is reacting. , at the kentucky derby after the horse the finishes first and up disqualified. more in one moment. let's be honest. safe drivers shouldnt have to pay as much for insurance... as not safe drivers! that's why esurance has drivesense.® the safer you drive,
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jon: secretary of state mike pompeo discussing fighting at the gaza strip and classes there between israeli and hamas militants intensifying this weekend as both sides step up attacks against each other. multiple casualties reported on both sides but jeff paul has the latest from southern israel. reporter: for the second straight day violence between gaza and israel continues. for those living on the ground near the conflict is only seems to be getting more intense. israel says it leads 600 rockets have been fired from gaza into israel. israeli military responded with airstrikes throughout the gaza strip and the militant strongholds. twenty-five palestinians were killed including two infants and to pregnant women. rockets fired from gaza killed for in israel where cars were targeted as well as several neighborhoods and in one case, on the rocket fire got close to
3:20 pm
one school. this is where one of the hundreds of rockets fired from gaza landed in israel. take a look at the wall of this apartment you can see those holes in the wall from shrapnel from the moment of impact that rocket here on the ground. i should take a few steps away conceived is applicable here that would normally be full of kids playing vaguely for the people who live in this area school was canceled today. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is not backing down right now he says he will continue to order as of strikes in the gaza strip. translator: this morning i instructed the forces around the gaza strip to step up tanks, artillery, infantry forces. hamas bears response ability not only for its own attacks and action but also for those of the islamic jihad for which it pays a high price. reporter: hamas chief responded to the escalation say in part, the return to a state of calm as possible and to maintain such
3:21 pm
calm depends on the commitment of the israeli occupation to a complete cease-fire. the region will face many rounds accommodation. egypt continues to play the role of mediator and working on forming a cease-fire between gaza and israel in order to end the latest escalation of violence. jon: jeff paul reporting, thank you. north korean leader kim jung-un telling military forces to remain on alert after the country launched several short range missiles off the sea of japan. trump administration insists there is a path forward for north korea to give up its nuclear weapons. even democratic residential candidate bernie sanders agrees negotiate with cam is the right path to take. >> this is one area where i do not fault trump. i think the idea of sitting down with kim jung-un is the right thing to do and it is eerie difficult but clearly they are a threat to the planet and isolated [inaudible] and we have
3:22 pm
just got to do everything we can to have china and the people in the pacific rim but as much pressure on north korea. jon: gillian turner has latest on this from washington. reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo joins "fox news sunday" this morning to confirm kingdom launched several short range test missiles but rather than condemned the test which sources tell fox news may violate the terms of an existing moratorium between the u.s. and north korea pompeo said this. >> if i come in and they were not intermediate range and that they were not a long-range missiles or intercontinental and we have every intention of negotiating a good resolution with north korea to get [inaudible]. reporter: president trump and kim jung-un nearly met three months ago in vietnam for negotiations fell apart after just two days. pompeo says he is on hold that against dictator kim either. >> i have extended our
3:23 pm
negotiating and to the and white we've heard back from them and i had to continue those negotiations would want to work toward a peaceful resolution. reporter: since then the north korean government has really called the trump administration to lift economic sanctions. so far they have refused at president trump is a purely let the north korean dictator to support publicly and in response to yesterday's missile test he tweeted -- pompeo said this morning the deal seemed impossible until they are finalized but he is focused on the mission which is to get a deal despite obstacles along the way. national security sources are ringing alarm bells and tell fox news the administration's failures so far to hold north korea accountable for its continued nuclear activity could
3:24 pm
ultimately tip the scales in kim's favor. jon. jon: gillian turner, reporting thank you. turn into boxes sunday with chris wallace speaks with secretary of state mike pompeo about the prospect for peace with north korea in crisis in venezuela. he will also interview house judiciary committee member democrat david sicily as his committee looks for special counsel robert mueller to testify soon. that is coming up right after the park support at the top of the hour here on fox news channel. a memorial service be held this morning for riley howell, university of north carolina charlotte student who died trying to stop a gunman last week. please and classmates say he tackled the suspected shooter interest in to stop them from shooting more people but it cost him his life. police are calling howell a hero. i will who was an rotc cadet is being buried with full military honors on friday. house speaker is a plus he accuses attorney general william
3:25 pm
barr of lying to congress and reported he has a lot to say about 2020 democratic presidential politics and how the parties in the president trump we have the latest on th that, next to unless we start showing there are consequent as for their actions he's only going to get worse. we have to start taking this president seriously and speaking the only ismy they know which is forcing consequence. ♪ ♪ like a drifter i was-- ♪ born to walk alone! keep goin' man! you got it! if you ride, you get it. ♪ here i go again geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress >> tech: you think this chip is well sooner or later... every chip will crack. >> mom: hi. >> tech: so bring it to safelite. we can repair it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance, it's no cost to you. >> mom: really? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. ♪ ♪ >> with bob fellers did support your conclusion connect. >> i don't know whether he supported mike conclusion. >> you like to congress. if anyone else to that would be considered a crime. jon: house speaker nancy pelosi this past week coming down hard on attorney general william barr for his remarks regarding the mueller report. i'm just got in this is the park support. bottom of the hour and if you are just joining us a new report as pelosi also is focused on the 2020 presidential race and defeating president trump as a
3:30 pm
top goal for the credit party. even if it means staying more to the center politically. report from yesterday's new york times "-right-double-quote -- in recent weeks ms. pelosi has told associates she does not automatically trust the president to respect the results of any election short of an overwhelming defeat. that you but by his repeated and on subsidy claims of democratic voter fraud is one of the reasons she says it is imperative not to play into the presidents hands especially on this. let's bring in alina, axial's white house reporter. does that mean we will continue to see nancy pelosi's pooh-poohing the idea of impeachment connect. >> that does seem to be the case. between -- what is important to remember is speaker pelosi is really tough and knows what she's doing politically and she's a very strong position and so her message to not let democrats hype up this impeachment talk and recognizes it could be dangerous to the party especially when you look at a 2020 and what she said as
3:31 pm
believing they don't win in a landslide this president could perhaps call into question the results of the election. >> she is tough but has a fractious caucus. many members who are crying out for impeachment. >> that is true but one thing to look at and i reported on the story recently that a lot of people are calling were talking about impeachment but i don't think that many are for it. i wrote a story prior to the more important findings about six of democrats in the house wanted that the president should be impeached and thought we should wait for the findings and now i've been talking to people or democrats in the house and say that waiting and not letting and they recognize that the senate is controlled by republicans and that any effort to actually move forward with impeachment would be a futile one so i do think the rhetoric
3:32 pm
is there and that something that speaker pelosi is warning against. jon: here is how doug collins, ranking member republican on the house judiciary committee, sees the democrats perspective on the impeachment question. >> i'm very disappointed that my term and let that happen but i wanted to talk to bill bar and he had that opportunity in the day before within the senate and set for six hours in the double round of questions for democrats but bill bar is not rated of testifying. he's brinkley has said he will testify that do not want to be part of a show in which the democrats who have not brought conviction because they can't . jon: he says they can't arms assume he's talking about the fact that the senate is retold by republicans and would not vote on articles of impeachment. >> exactly what he's referring to. it's a two-point the speaker and other people, and house leadership are trying to get across to some of the more younger a new freshman democrats who are calling for this. it is politically dangerous and in a time when we saw a lot of voters run away from some of the
3:33 pm
more radical leftist policies the democrats have talked about we saw that happen in 2016 and the way they one the house back in 2018 midterms does not talk about impeachment or planar politics against this president but by driving home policy issues and that speaker pelosi is trying to across with some of those younger members. jon: talking about policy issues and i want to read another quote from that new york times piece. the time rights -- if that is the case, if centrist politics, are her focus why are the rashida to leaves and
3:34 pm
alexandria ocasio-cortez in her carcass getting so much of the attention? >> a lot of it is the energy we have seen and it's interesting to see not only as members but also the democrats running for president in 2020 have become we more progressive and democratic strategies are saying that's where the energy is and where at least democratic voters are trying to gravitate toward but at the same time with speaker pelosi was trying to get across in that piece was that the majority of the party are not progressive as the democrats and the democratic majority is not alexandria ocasio-cortez and rashida but they all are more centrist and that's what we seem former vice president joe biden try to drive home in his campaign and so i think it's something we have to wait and see.
3:35 pm
another good point to why these democratic candidates running for president have not been focusing on president trump and recognize they have to pay more attention to policy and not talk about impeachment or bring down president trump. >> alina from axial's pretty good to have you on. thank you. >> thank you, jon. jon: michael cohen reports to present tomorrow morning and president trump's former attorney has spent his final days of freedom with but family and friends before he begins a three year sentence for campaign-finance violations, taxation, bank fraud and lying to congress. he will report to the federal correctional institute in otis phil, new york and says he plans to hold a news conference tomorrow before reporting to prison. president trump upping the pressure on china with threats to hike tariffs on $200 billion worth of goods. president tweets earlier today hinted at a slow pace and trade talks between the two countries. some members of the jump in ministration including larry kudlow say this latest clampdown on china will help move negotiations forward. >> great progress and we want to be optimistic but if it does not work out then i think what the
3:36 pm
president is saying today in today's tweet is that we will continue the tariffs and believe that is in the best interest of the united states and china has got to end unfair non- reciprocal trading system. they are breaking the loss. >> the decision comes happy days before talks with china are set to resume in washington. right at the end of yesterday's program we reported maximum-security and won the kentucky derby but what we did not get to tell you is what happened after the program signed off. maximum-security crossed the finish line first only to become the first horse in the race's history to be disqualified for strain out of its lane on the final turn. that handed the victory to 65 65-one long-suffering matt ben is live in louisville, kentucky with more on that. matt. reporter: jon, the outcome of this year's kentucky derby here at churchill downs unprecedented, very controversial and while it might not have been the popular
3:37 pm
decision apparently it was the right call. according to the rules. for about 20 minutes yesterday maximum-security the horse was the winner of the 2019 kentucky derby but then to jockeys filed objections say maximum security broke the rules basically cut them off during the race. there was confusion even outrage as judges reviewed the tape. payouts were held and in the stewards for the first time in 145 years disqualified the winner of the kentucky derby. excellent security without county house with the new victor. one expert on the ground here says the judges made the right call. >> it was very clear it took place. it took place at a position of racetrack that sometimes it's tough to see because of the angles on the turn and whatnot but there's so much photography and work that became pretty clear that that happened. reporter: the president weighed in tweeting this afternoon the
3:38 pm
kentucky derby decision was not a good one. it was a rough-and-tumble race on a wet and sloppy track and a beautiful thing to watch. only in these days of political correctness could such an overturn occur. the best horse did not win the kentucky derby -- not even clo close! even online saying stream on the judges for on inspected contacts. maximum-security was by far the better horse. drew tweeted -- from the experts this controversial ruling shed light on the issue that there are many different roles for horse racing and very bistate. for example, if the decision was made in new york the outcome might have been different so there are growing calls for perhaps an international nationwide rulebook for horse
3:39 pm
racing and the owner of maximum-security says he might appeal and even threatening legal action. jon. jon: thank you very much. what a decision. president trump and congressional democrats coming together on infrastructure. >> it is clear that both the white house and all of us want to get something done on infrastructure in a big and bold way. there was goodwill in this meeting and that is different than some of the other meetings we had. >> what obstacles might have potential objects or base? that report, next. e. as my broker, what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. (thumps) ugh! carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? (splash) carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in? it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab.
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you have 4.3 minutes this time,to yourself.rn. this calls for a taste of cheesecake. philadelphia cheesecake cups. rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts. into. jon: president trump met with top democrats this past week to discuss the nation's infrastructure. democrat leaders for the two sides reached agreement on the potential 2 trillion-dollar plan
3:44 pm
but there are plenty of skeptics and many hurdles to clear before that plan becomes a reality including how we pay for it. peter ducey has more from washington. reporter: democrats president trump might be one step closer to a plan to make america's roads and bridges and tunnels great again. >> we agree on a number which was very good. $2 trillion infrastructure. reporter: the idea is to improve travel by roads, railroad and air but while democrats and the president point of greed republicans on the hill were not invited. majority leader was waiting for it debrief from his the transportation secretary. >> my roommate was in the meeting and i not spoken with her body yet. reporter: is unclear if they will raise taxes, top spending ulcer or borrow money to find 2 trillion. >> many different ways to pay for it private, public partnerships and i know they
3:45 pm
will want to raise taxes. >> we agreed the same group would be in about three weeks and the president would present his ideas on funding and we would take it from there. reporter: white house press secretary sarah sanders said the nazis has not come even close to properly investing in a preceptor for many years foolishly prioritizing the structure of other countries over our own but there is something that makes these negotiations with democrats different than others that have failed. >> we have a president a builder not a typical politician. reporter: and in post mueller dc. >> in previous meetings the president has said if these invitations continue i can't work with you and did not bring it up. reporter: they described uncommon goodwill. >> when i go to a meeting with many members and that rule is the purpose of the meeting is not to criticize the president of the united states.
3:46 pm
reporter: the white house chief of staff is pessimistic about getting anything done before the end of a second term in scene relief on the west coast and the west wing. >> folks here have had kidney stones. right now. >> oh my god. >> it was a fun night but getting to better than a meeting with chuck and nancy at white house. reporter: it might be big or it might be small as a tictac because democratic aide told fox at one point today the president pulled out tictac for himself and then shared with speaker pelosi who took a couple in washington, peter ducey, fox news. jon: detente in washington. let's make a deal. that is the message for the sperm insert to resume sending to opposition labor leader jeremy corbin about brexit. they made the public orbiter to her counterpart in a letter published in the daily mail. she wants to get a brexit deal to parliament by the end of june and the prime minister has acknowledged across party
3:47 pm
compromise is not what she wanted and the uk's departure date from the european union has been postponed from late march until the end of october. iowa not getting a break from the rain this weekend. >> press, more troubling is that duration. we believe that is what has caused many of our problems and the fact that we been underwater for some 40 plus days at this point. jon: widespread wet weather is on the way and will it hit your area? it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999... senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both comfortable. and snoring? how smart is that? smarter sleep. so you can come out swinging, maintain your inner focus, and wake up rested and ready for anything. sleep number is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j. d. power. save $400 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. control your blood sugar
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♪ ♪. jon: what begin to parts of the midwest and east coast. rain causing the mississippi river to reach record levels and i were in the downpour is not over yet. but more rain on the way. meteorologist adam's life in the box extreme weather center with adam. reporter: unfortunately you said it exactly. we are in a pattern for missing rounds and rounds of heavy rain hitting the middle of the country and that will happen again and we get. the one we had over the course of the weekend began across portions of texas no sleeping all the way up into new england with many soggy day for folks along the east coast doubling your drought the early overnight hours that will eventually clear off and then we look back west and were just at the beginning of what's several rounds of rain in the first initial one with severe here's the future radar.
3:52 pm
scattered shower activity right now but this is going to come together in a line of thunderstorms and this could be severe across portions of kansas down into oklahoma and maybe portions of north texas. that could produce winds up to 60 miles an hour with severe what thunder storms and highlighting it here the church is an area in which top up toward kansas city and farther off to the east but this is going to be one of what ultimately could be several rounds of big weather with maybe not big tornado in fact although there could be some but definitely we are considering a lot of rain and we seen so much with the ground saturated in this precipitation model taking you from now all the way toward begin to this is the way into friday. additional rifle across the middle of the country continues to pile up. see the yellow and orange and red that's anywhere from 306 inches of additional rain with all flowing into the mississippi where we seen some cases of record high levels. that will continue to be a
3:53 pm
problem unfortunately in the week ahead. otherwise, there's a not looking too bad because country. up to 80 in kansas city, cold spots are where the rain that we've been tracking currently living 61 degrees in new york city and it is brings to get this wild weather but it comes back up into the 80s will be part of what's fueling the big storms as we get into monday and tuesday in the week ahead but middle of the country little bit of a roller coaster with a whole lot of rain on it. jon: soggy spring. adam, thank you. a colorful and moving experience in key west this weekend. recyclable bicycles made their way down the island's main street to find out why, next. ♪ ♪ you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last.
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it's no cost to you. >> mom: really? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. jon: rate area braces for brand-new tech boom triggered by startups going or about to go public with plans to raise billions of dollars in their ipos. what impact will this have on housing prices and what is already one of the country's most extensive place to live? claudia cowan has a look at th that. reporter: san francisco is bracing for a new tech boom. the kind that makes millionaires overnight. it is a wave of startups going public. levi's in left already have uber, air b&b, slack and others will soon with plans to raise
3:58 pm
hundreds of billions of dollars in their initial public offering. it will mean a big payday for employees who cashin on their stock options. by one estimate the bay area could see up to 10000 new limited millionaires within money to spend on everything from high-end cars to real estate. in san francisco already one of the most expensive cities in the world the median home price is $1.4 million. that could soon look like a bargain. >> over the next five years i expect rent prices and home prices to appreciate 50%. one 100% is also plausible. we're looking at a much more expensive city. reporter: this tech boom comes a few years after the ex post growth of companies like apple, google and facebook saw the gentrification of middle-class neighborhood where longtime tenants were suddenly priced out. that coupled with the arrival of
3:59 pm
private shuttle buses to get tech workers to and from silicon valley create attention that still linger and could deepen. don't offend expect a buying frenzy immediately. apple does a good take a year or more for the money from all these ipos to make it from wall street to market street. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. jon: disney's avengers endgame dominating the box office again earning another $145 million in its second weekend in domestic theaters. blockbuster film already has made a jump or jaw-dropping two-point to billion globally since its debut. the film is on track to surpass the highest grossing film in history and that was avatar. what is one man's junk is another man's treasure. that motto helped fuel this weekend's annual kinetic sculpture parade in key west, florida. more than 20 people powered votes with moving parts made their way down the main street and most constructive was brightly decorated recycled and repurposed material. the event inspired by the late key largo metal sculptor,
4:00 pm
stanley pompeo, a pioneer in the field of recyclable art. that is how box reports this sunday, may 5. i'm just got a thank you for joining us. i will see you next weekend. ♪ will the u.s. intervene? >> military action is possible if that's what's required. >> we will discuss the failed uprising in venezuela and how its increasing tensions between the u.s. and russia when we sit down with secretary of state, mike pompeo. >> if everybody else did that, that would be considered a crime. chris: calls for resignation after testimony on mueller report, the ongoing battle between demo


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