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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 6, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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i would like for this to be a dialogue not just us talking at you, we are back here, heather: good morning, may sixth, "fox & friends first", happening right now, fox news alert for you, officer shot and killed in cold blood right outside of police station. search intensifies for killer ta bracing for war, message for iran. finishing finish line.
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"fox & friends first" start right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning, live from new york city, pretty good today, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this very early monday morning, i'm heather childers, thank you for starting the day and brand-new week, we appreciate it as always. fox news alert for you, overnight the u.s. sending iran a clear and unmistakable message, aircraft carrier and strike group deployed to the middle east after alarming reports that iran might have been planning an attack on american sphorses, garrett tenney live in washington with the latest on major military
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development, good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning. officials are not getting a lot of details. the president's national security adviser john bolton, indications that iran are planning some kind of attack either u.s. or allies n response u.s. sending uss abraham lincoln strike group and bombing task force to middle east as john bolton put it to send a unmistakenable message to iranian regime that any attack on united states interest of those allies will be met with force. it is absolutely the case. we have seen action from iranians and case that he would hold iranians accountable on attacks on america's interest.
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maximum pressure of iran to change aggressive and destabilizing behavior in the middle east. last week on fox news sunday iran's foreign minister told chris wallace that president trump's strategy won't work. >> president trump's intention to put pressure on policy of maximum pressure on iran in order to bring iran to its knees so that we will succumb to pressure is none to failure. >> trump administration certainly going to be challenging that and reportedly considering additional sanctions against iran. heather. heather: thank you very much, we will continue to follow this for sure.
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new overnight israel with cease fire and missing restrictions on residents after days of fighting described some of the bloodiest in years. hamas militants firing hundreds of rockets from gaza toward israel, the israeli army responding with its own series of air strikes, at least 23 palestinians and 4 israelis were killed, president trump tweeting, quote, once again, israel barrage of deadly attacks from terrorist groups, hamas and islamic jihad, we support israel 100% of defense of citizens. to gaza people, terror attacks of israel will bring you nothing but more misery. work toward peace, it can
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happen. brand-new photos show kim jong un overseeing military or missile tests, still see forward path of denuclearization. >> we will ensure that we see actual on the the ground outcomes. we still believe there's path that kim can denuclearize. heather: secretary pompeo says did not violate testing. well, another fox news alert for you-intense manhunt underway after officer is ambitioned and killed outside of police station in mississippi, unidentified officer sitting in headquarters
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when gunman allegedly fired multiple shots and ran away. surveillance of the suspected shooter but it is limited of the hour, 16th officer killed and shot this year and that includes north carolina officer who was shot dead after a traffic stop on saturday night. in the meantime in north carolina hundreds of people mourning the loss of unc charlotte student credited with saving class mates. at 21-year-old riley howell buried with military honored after he tackled gunman, ended up killing him and another student. presented parents with flag and howell was a cadet and planned on serving his country. in just a few hours michael cohen will begin his 3-year prison sentence, he's expected
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to speak before heading inside, todd piro from outside the prison in new york as we know prosecutors refused final meeting with cohen, good morning, todd. >> good morning to you, heather, michael cohen holding news conference this morning before making 70-mile track north to what has been labeled one of the -- prisons, on august 21st, the president's former personal attorney pleaded guilty tax evasion, fraud. cohen pleaded again this time to making false statements to congress in connection to special counsel investigation and on december 12th, cohen sentence today 3 years in prison. as for the federal correctional
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institution in otisville, dormitory-style unit, minimum security prison, cohen must be here at 2:00 p.m. to begin which he reportedly tried to shorten by trying to set up meeting with federal prosecutors to spill more info about the president but those officers of whistle blower never accepted by the feds, we reached out to attorneys and here is what he told "fox & friends", quote, why don't you ask president trump first if it is okay to communicate with me, wouldn't want to get an old friend in trouble. like so many things in this saga, heather, everybody trying to be a comedian, back to you. heather: thank you so much, todd, we will check back with you today for sure. >> no problem. >> 2020 democratic hopefuls,
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more of debate of who is the most liberal progressive, good morning. >> good morning to you heather, let's take a trip of memory lane before joe biden even entered the race, remember this? >> i have the most progressive record for everybody running for the united states, anybody who would run. [cheers and applause] >> not so fast, according to bernie sanders, he takes the most progressive title and he's pushing back. >> if you look at joeys record and my record, i don't think there's much question about who is more progressive. >> sanders told abc this week that while biden was voting for war in iraq he was fighting against it. same thing after deregulation of wall street, meanwhile sanders and cory booker trying to get former president barack obama all the credit for current
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economic boom but in and out with economic council step nothing to reject that. >> but the substance of economy going. >> potus policy perfectly honest, policies to rebuild the economy have entered us into a tremendous prosperity cycle. >> trust economy actually added 263,000 jobs in april, dropping the unemployment rate down to 3.6%, that's the lowest number since 1969, heather. heather: can't argue with good news. thank you so much. well, president trump in the meantime honoring two champions at the white house today. the president will first present commander in chief trophy to army football team and by beating both the navy and airport last season and then let's talk about this, the
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presidential medal of freedom to tiger woods after winning fifth masters tournament last month. so lots of of news going on in the white house. horror on the runway, dozen dead as plane burst into flames, how those who did survive manage to escape this fiery chaos? and the president new leader of ice, worst border crisis, former supervisor tells us why morgan is the perfect pick at critical time.
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", look at this, 46 people killed
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when russian plane burst into flames moments after takeoff, you can see the fire and thick black smoke trailing the jet as it keeps on skidding down the roadway. the cause of the crash landing is still under investigation, but the media suggesting that it may have turned back after lighting strike. made last-minute change to landing plans, air traffic controllers got request for different runway shortly before touching down at naval air station jacksonville on friday, none of the 143 people on board that flight from gaub -- guantanamo bay are injured thankfully.
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mark morgan, former border control chief under obama administration will now need to be confirmed by the senate but what should top priorities be if he's to control the migrant crisis at the southern border, here to weigh in former ice supervisor and author of unwavering your honor gray hunter to hunted. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> always great to have you with us jason, what do you think of the pick, a good one? >> i think it's great one, excellent background, not only border patrol but 20-year fbi guy. heather: being a 20-year-old fbi guy, what would that experience bring into this role, how would that be helpful? >> what ice needs head to border and dismantle organizations and human trafficking organizations. >> we have president trump's tweet announcing his choice to head ice, please today inform
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everyone that i believe in a strong, fair and sound immigration policy that mark morgan will be joining the trump administration as head of hard working men and women of ice, he will do a great job and also had the job under the obama administration for a period of time. so what will that knowledge bring to the situation now? >> welshing right off the bat he can work with both sides of the aisle as long as they are willing to come to the table, he can work with them, maybe get stuff done. heather: it's gotten so much worst, we can take a look at southern border apprehensions and bring them to people at home, fiscal year 2019, 414,000 compare that to just over 369,000 in all of fiscal year 2018, so how can we get this under control? >> well, dismantle organizations and enforce immigration laws. he's going to be able to understand the border crisis from, you know, his time with
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the border patrol and working with internal affairs, so he does have the optics of what's going on down there so we can deploy the right resources. he's strong believer of the border wall, he believes that sanctuary cities, the last conversation that we've had with him, i believe it was last week or the week before, the sanctuary cities should be willing to bring in the folks that they are saying that they're willing to protect, that being one of the latest controversies involved in all of this, in terms of the border wall itself, do you think he'll be able to help get that done? >> i think he can make others understand the crisis and that's one of his big pluses for coming to this office because he has the full spectrum. heather: what about getting more assistance at the border because that's another thing that's frequently discussed, you need more people down there to help get this under control, just the people, the amount of people
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that you need? >> we do all in federal government when it comes to enforcement and that's one thing you need to do, he will need to push to hire more special agents, the only way you will hire organizations, the ones that are making big pushes of migrants and narcotics is across the border to hire special agents and dismantle the organizations. heather: two questions, do you think the president will listen to him and why do you think the president brought him on board and what would be the difference between his leadership and the previous leadership of ice? >> i think he has a lot going for him. he knows counterterrorism, he worked in iraq, he knows like i said the full spectrum of the border, hopefully the president will listen to him, 31 years plus of service. heather: interesting one of the first things you said he will be be able to work with both sides of the aisle and the problem lies with congress and its ability to get any work done
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when it comes to immigration so hopefully he can tackle that as well. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. heather: have a good day. >> you too. heather: well, looks like video from isis training camp but it's actually children in philadelphia vowing to kill in the name of allah. derby drama, how the horses disqualified at churchill downs is still fighting for the trophy okay, paint a picture for me.
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>> welcome back, amber alert, frantically searching for 5-year-old girl, stepfather claims she was abducted by 3 men who also carjacked him and left him unconscious in houston, texas, maliah has had several brain surgeries and requires serious medical attention, last seen on friday wearing a pink bow and n her hair and light blue jacket. credit card was used in oklahoma city 6 months after he was brutally killed on vacation. his father making the shocking discovery while closing bank accounts. >> it's disturbing that --
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heather: parents will join the 8:00 o'clock hour of "fox & friends". new jersey governor phil murphy plan to go rip millions away from firefighters, democrat is looking to divert $33 million away from special fund to pay some medical bills and burials for fallen first responders, 2020 budget laying out plans to transfer the money into general fund allowing as see fit. state officials claim the funds will have plenty of money. heartbreaking disqualification of kentucky derby, maximum security could be triple crown qualifier, the owner claims that it might not be worth racing in two weeks if they are in running for a triple crown. maximum security was disqualified for interfering with other horses at the derby,
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country horse ended up winning the race. well, the time minute 25 minutes after the hour, joe biden claiming republicans of racism during campaign stop in north carolina. >> you see it, we have jim crowe sneaking back in. guess what, they lose. heather: is biden playing racism or will it resinate with minority voters, up next, we will debate geico makes it easy to get help when you need it. with licensed agents available 24/7. it's not just easy. it's having-a-walrus-in-goal easy! roooaaaar! it's a walrus! ridiculous! yes! nice save, big guy! good job duncan! way to go!
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>> welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", look at top headlines for you this morning, starting fox news alert, intense hand hunt underway after officer is ambushed an killed outside of police station in mississippi,
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officer sitting in headquarters when gunman allegedly fired multiple shots and ran away, authorities releasing surveillance photo of suspected shooter, take a look and see if you can help. breaking overnight, u.s. sending iran clear and unmistakenable message, reports that iran might have been planning an attack on american forces or allies. secretary of state mike pompeo said the trump administration has been working on response on iran's action, less than an hour from now, secretary of state mike pomp inte will arrive in finland, plans to discuss new trade routes along with oil and gas competition, pompeo will meet with foreign minister of russia to discuss plut call uprising of venezuela.
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jeff paul has more. >> israeli forces in return carrying out dozens of air strikes throughout the gaza strip targeting militant strongholds, targets were in residential areas, the escalation started friday in part due to palestinians accusing israelis of slowing down measures which has made the quality of life for 2 million gazans difficult, israel said islamic jihadist investigating latest round of fighting after injuring israeli troops on protest friday that left four palestinians dead. >> hamas bears responsibility not only for attacks and actions but also islamic jihadists and
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will pay heavy price for it. >> latest violence almost a month after israeli election, when egypt succeeded in informal truce between israel and hamas. hamas in exchange to halt. in jerusalem, jeff paul, fox news. heather: accusing republicans of bringing back jim crowe in south carolina. >> 24 states introduced 70 bills to curtail the right to vote and guess what, mostly directed at both people of color. you see it, we have jim crowe
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sneaking back in. guess what, they lose. heather: so is that the right message to win over minority voters, here to debate gop strategist and democratic strategist, thank you both for joining thus morning, we appreciate it. >> hi, heather. heather: sasha, is that the right strategy specifically for biden? >> you can call them jim crowe laws if you want but the reality is that republicans put laws into place to prevent black people from voting and not just black people, they do all democratic voters who have seen court declaring all the gerrymandering districts unconstitutional. republicans try to cep democratic voters from voting. heather: jen, we have the statistic that we can bring that shows nonwhite support for biden among democratic voters, 50%, so does he need to go down this
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route? >> well, this is very sad to see, you know, joe biden even with his launch a week ago start ed racial discord, he did so with comments over the weekend, this is very ironic given that the race relations in america were actually at their lowest in 50 years under the obama-biden administration. also mischaracterizing president trump's comments in charlottesville which the media hasn't covered accurately, if you look at president trump's statements in charlottesville which was biden referring to, jim crowe sneaking back in, president trump was actually very clear about that, he said, yes, that both sides did have to right to their first amendment, free speech but he also condemned each of those groups name by name, neo nazis, white supremacists, the kkk, he called
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them evil, he called the acts egregious and statement went on and on, i don't know why the media hasn't picked up on it and the democrats don't acknowledge it but it's disingenuous. heather: part of 1994 crime bill, hearing for anita hill. so all of that opens the door to bring all of that back to the forefront. >> well, i will take that argument and run with it. if you want to create a moral equivalency between what biden was doing and what trump was doing and calling for execution of 5 black teenagers who were innocent, so, you know, give me a break, we all know what trump meant with charlottesville, no need to go further. >> we do know what he meant because he issued a lengthy statement from the white house, almost 2 pages and run on the pages of the usa today newspaper
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and went on and on about disavowing the groups by name, but heather, here is what this is really about, this is really about the 8 or 9% support that president trump got elected with african-american community and guess what, because he's gotten unemployment in lowest in 50 years for african-american, his support among african americans near 2004%, the line that joe biden used there, if they don't win the vote, he doesn't get elected, that's exactly what the democrats are afraid of. >> in terms of winning the vote and sasha, i will have you respond to this, she fears that president trump will not accept election result ifs he loses but hillary still has not accepted now that she said it was stolen. so let's take a look, first of all, nancy pelosi on 2020 election in reference to the house, by a thousand votes each,
1:37 am
not voting to respect the election, he would poison the public mind and challenge each of the races and would say you can't see these people, we had to win, as we go forward we have to have the same approach. so what do you think? >> well, saying and doing are two different things, okay, if you imagine the scenario reversed, hillary clinton won 3 million more votes than trump, trump got the white house by 70,000 in 3 states, try to imagine trump in that case seating the election, hillary could have called for recount, she could have sued. does anybody really think that trump is above that? heather: but at the same time hillary clinton has continued to fight and talk about how she rightfully won the election, jen, back in 2016 it kind of became talking point for election, she said this to say he won't respect the results of election in reference to donald trump, that's direct threat to democracy, she said we had been
1:38 am
around 240 years, fro and fair elections, accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing in debate stage but does it seem to you that she has accepted the results? >> , no in fact, when you think about how long it's actually been that was november of 2016, it's now summer of 2019 and hillary clinton still hasn't quite found out, quote, unquote what happened, she didn't even come to that conclusion in her book. this just shows you howdies ingenuous the democratic party is and they are the masters of deflection because the very thing they have done which is try to overthrow a dually-elected president because they didn't like the results, they used the intelligence community to do it, they used paid research from hillary clinton campaign and dnc to do it, this shows you low they are willing to do to win power back. heather: we will see now that mueller report is wrapped up and allegedly he will speak at
1:39 am
hearings, thank you very much. >> thanks, heather. heather: 20 minutes until the top of the hour, what did boeing know and when did they know it, stunning new admission of 737 max aircraft causing outrage this morning that you need to know about. mayor pete turning heads first meeting with hillary clinton and another high-profile sit-down
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heather: more wet weather after devastating floods kill at least 4 people in midwest, water in record levels in some communities as missouri and mississippi rivers overflow. slow-moving storm to bring 1 to 3-inches of rain through mid
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western states this week. well, search resumes this morning for last missing worker after deadly factory explosion in illinois, third body found in rubble sunday, nine people inside the plant when it exploded friday night, 3 people are still hospitalized, no word on their condition, still not clear what caused the explosion but police they it was an accident. boeing now admits that it knew about issues in 737 max jet far back as 2017, discovered defect with safety alert months after jet went into flight but didn't think that negatively impacted the plane. one of two deadly crashes oversea that is boeing starting working on fit. it's not clear the safety alert would have prevented the tragedy. well, china may pull out of trade talk this week amid president trump's latest threat to ramp up terror, according to wall street journal beijing
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officials may not show up in washington on wednesday. this comes after president trump that he plans to increase a 10% tariff on chinese goods to 25% by friday. the trade war causing stock futures to tumble despite last week's massive increase. well, 2020 joe biden taking heat, the republicanman bradley burn of alabama says that biden's family connections to china during the obama administration raises several red flags. >> well, the vice president's son to travel on that united states jet to china and shortly after that business deal plops out, come on, people have reason to ask questions, what really happen there?
1:45 am
there's one set of rules for washington and another set of rules for the rest of us. what my home state senator doug jones has endorsed joe biden, i have questions for him, do you really believe china is not a threat to the united states? do you think everything about these ties between the vice president's son and china are okay? don't you think asking important questions like we spent money and time with president trump, i would like to hear what he has to say about that. heather: biden also in microscope for influence in government funds in ukraine in 2015, we talked about this a little bit last week after son hunter landed position with energy company. well, the time now 15 minutes until the top of the hour, looks like video from an isis training camp, it's actually children in philadelphia vowing to kill in the name of allah, look at this.
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[speaking in native tongue] heather: posted disturbing posts now only says that it wasn't properly vetted, our next guest says it's evidence islamism has arrived in the united states, ahmed explains why the timing of the video is not random.
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heather: welcome back, special counsel robert mueller could testify before congress as soon as next week. the house democrats says tentative day has been set for may 15th. >> until the day comes we never have absolute guaranty, the white house has so far indicated they would not interfere with mr. mueller's attempt to testify, we hope that won't
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change. heather: well, president trump does not seem to be on board, though, he suggested mueller should not testify, president writing, quote, are they looking for a redo because they hated seeing strong no collusion conclusion. bob mueller should not testify, no redo for the dems, we will see what happens. 2020 hopeful pete buttigieg meets with former president jimmy carter, reading from the bible, they also had lunch together. pete buttigieg calls public servant and america blessed for his leadership. here amazing story for you, muslim american society investigating oversight after shocking video surfacing showing children in philadelphia at it's lammic center chanting violent phrases, watch this.
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[speaking in native tongue] heather: but is this oversight as this being called isolated incident? here to weigh in dr. ahmed, thank you so much for joining us. so overnight and not properly vetted, what do you think about this? >> to be fair the muslim american society made statement published in hill today that they rented out space to another group, wasn't represented to the society and they are looking to who the decision-makers were and firing the chapter leaders, this comes as shock to them but to me as muslim in america this is devastating and this is exactly the kind movement, hamas that are launching attacks on israel, those movements cannot function
1:52 am
without the indoctrination of youth. heather: not all were properly vetted. this was unintended mistake and oversight and the students are reinforceful, they will conduct internal investigation to ensure that this does not occur again. they weren't fully aware the group they rented the space out to were going to do? >> according to what they claim, muslim american society has history of being founded in muslim brotherhood. the mothership of islamic terrorism and central to that is a cosmic with judaism. there's been investigations by the middle east that american taxpayer finances go to groups like this, to chain of $310,000 since 2007 going to groups including the muslim american
1:53 am
society, though over $47 million goes towards groups, the chance for irs and government to look into, what is happening to public funds. heather: you mentioned the timing of this because the number of antisemitic incidents in the u.s. in 2018 was 1,879 and they appear to be rising. >> that's right, the vast majority, the vast majority of hate crimes in this country are directed against -- against america's jews to the tune of 58% of hate crimes, fbi data from 2017. this is a former anti-semitism, islamic anti-semitism which is very troubling and plays not only here to demonization and dangers against jews but the assault in israel that we are seeing in gaza.
1:54 am
heather: they are young age, what could you call this if you don't call it indoctrinization? >> terrorists see children as investment, if you answer with investment, they will come back to you, we know that from radicalization, so this is very disturbing and to think that those children might have been american and their parents maybe americans who knew that these children were going to this activity or singing those songs, in that video clearly adult woman on the cell phone while children are performing. heather: clearly the one little girl saying we will chop off their heads? >> many muslims have written to me on social media because this is completely not what islam teaches, islam teaches, believers who are party to paradise who have a true message from god and we cannot be muslim
1:55 am
unless we believe in bible and tora. heather: we've not heard back, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate. we do know at this point that the event oers, the way the information has been dismissed. we will see if there's more to come, thank you. >> thank you. heather: time now 5 minutes until the top of the hour, a nurse who set world record in london marathon denied the title because she wasn't wearing a skirt. yes, you heard that right.
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heather: time for the good, the bad and the ugly, first the good, surprising little boy with a brand-new running prosthetic. >> awesome and can't wait -- [laughter] heather: griffin giving gift to 10-year-old headquarters in oregon, we love it. now the bad, a woman denied world record for running marathon in nurse's uniform because she wore scrubs, beat previous record by 32 seconds in london, doesn't count because according to rules she needed to be wearing a dress. finally the ugly, old poster of southern california team going viral, college admission's
2:00 am
scandals, asking to, quote, no experience necessary, actress accused of paying $500,000 to get daughters into unc. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thanks so much for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. >> monday may sixth, fox news alert, ussa abraham lincoln towards the middle east in response to alarming report that iran was firing at u.s. forces. rob: dozens dead after explosion in plane. >> how in the world did this happen? investigators revealed 3 possible causes. >> look at joe's record and my record, i don't t


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