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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 6, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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scandals, asking to, quote, no experience necessary, actress accused of paying $500,000 to get daughters into unc. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thanks so much for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. >> monday may sixth, fox news alert, ussa abraham lincoln towards the middle east in response to alarming report that iran was firing at u.s. forces. rob: dozens dead after explosion in plane. >> how in the world did this happen? investigators revealed 3 possible causes. >> look at joe's record and my record, i don't think there's any question.
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>> bernie sanders making progressive power play. rob: "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rob: that's a lot on monday morning. now you're awake. carley: i like it. rob: i'm rob schmitt. carley: i'm carley shimkus in for jillian mele, we begin with fox news alert, breaking overnight u.s. sending iran a clear and unmistakable message.
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rob: iran was planning attacks on american forces. carley: major military development, good morning, garrett. >> it is rare to be announced ahead of time but official told associated press that there were clear indications that iran and iranian forces were preparing to possibly attack u.s. forces in the region both on land and at sea. in response, the u.s. is sending a bomber task force to the middle east along with the uss abraham lincoln carrier strike group which includes aircraft carrier, guided missile cruiser and destroyers, national security adviser john bolton to send clear unmistakable message that will be met with unrelenting force. on its way to europe for meetings, secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. has been working for a little while and told reporters that it is
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absolutely the case that we have seen actions from the iranians and it is equally the case that we will hold the iranians accountable for attacks on american interest. this is the latest move by the trump administration and efforts to assert maximum pressure on iran's aggressive and destabilized behavior in the region. however last week iran's foreign minister was defiant telling chris wallace that president trump's strategy will not work. >> look, i believe president trump's intention to put pressure to policy of maximum pressure on iran in order to bring iran to its knees so we will succumb to pressure is none to failure. >> trump administration reportedly considering additional stations against iran, you would remember a month ago the white house took the rare step of designating islamic revolution guard a terrorist organization.
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>> yeah, more on this about 10 minutes here, thank you so much. turning to fox news alert, intense manhunt underway after officer ambushed outside of police station in mississippi, unidentified on duty police officer was sitting in parking lot at headquarters when gunman allegedly fired multiple shots and ran away. authorities releasing this surveillance photo of the suspect but information about him is quite limited at this hour. this is the 16th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. carley: teen football star featured in sports illustrated is shot dead, police say a stray bullet hit mckenzie at party in illinois. featured by sports illustrated last year as one of 16 for future in sports, mckenzie
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wanted to play in nfl and had scholarships to university of missouri and university of illinois. police are still looking for suspect. rob: israeli army lifting protected restrictions on residents in israel after days of fighting, some of the bloodiest between two sides in years. wow, look at that. hamas militants firing and israeli responding with own air strikes, 23 palestinians and 4 israelis killed. we support israel 100% in defense of its citizens, to gazzan people, will bring you nothing but more misery and the violence and work towards peace,
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it can happen. carley: brand-new photos show north korean leader kim jong un overseeing missile tests despite the latest drill, the trump administration attack forward on denuclearization. >> we don't chairman kim, we will verify any denuclearization that takes place, that's why we will ensure that we see on the ground outcomes, we still believe there's a path forward where chairman can denuclearize. >> north korea firing 7 missiles friday with secretary mike pompeo did not violate self-imposed moratorium on testing, launches come amid stalled talks between u.s. and north korea. rob: bickering on who can move the party more to the left.
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carley: pretty much a contest here. >> rob, carley, good morning to you, let's take a trip down memory to march before joe biden entered the race, remember this? >> i have the most progressive record for anybody running for -- anybody who would run? [cheers and applause] >> not so fast, according to bernie sanders he has most take progressive title and he's pushing back. >> if you look at joe's record and my record, i don't think there's much question about who is more progressive. sanders told abc this week that while biden was out there voting for war in iraq he was fighting against it, same thing with deregulation of wall street, in the meantime sanders and fellow 2020 candidate cory booker trying to get former president barack obama all the credit for current economic boom but not without national economic council stepping in to reject
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that one. >> i love that trump is taking credit for recovery that started under obama but the substance of this economy, who is this economy going to work for? >> simply not true, potus policies to be perfectly honestly, policies to rebuild the economy have entered us into tremendous prosperity cycle. >> here are the real numbers on the economy, the u.s. committee added 263,000 jobs in april dropping unemployment rate to 3.6%, that's the lowest number since 1969. rob, carley. >> no question we can give that progressive award to bernie sanders. i didn't think that was up to for debate. appreciate it. one of the progressive policies being pushed by the 2020 democrats is medicare for all, of course. rob: congressman sits on house appropriations and budget committees an says the american people know that policies like this sound good but do come with a massive price tag.
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>> medicare for all great sounding phrase but the reality it's a real bad idea, 32 trillion-dollar minimum price tag in a decade and it's one-size fits all. so i think it's going to be a topic for discussion and the hearing is helpful that way, the more people understand the price, but the american people are pretty street smart, remember, you pay for a lifetime before you're eligible for it at 65. carley: all of 2020 candidates have support for universal health care but only these candidates say they support some version of medicare for all. >> after a heartbreaking disqualification at the kentucky derby maximum security could be sitting out the next triple crown qualifier, the horse's owner considers appealing the derby's outcome. the owner claims it might not be worth racing in two weeks if they're not running for triple
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crown. maximum security was disqualified for interfering with other horses at the derby after it appeared to be clearly won, country horse ended up winning the race. carley: the president will first present the commander in chief trophy to army football team, the black nights earned it by beating both navy and air force last season. president of medal freedom after winning tournament last month and happy about that win, rob. rob: chance of major here in new york. carley: kentucky derby was nuts. rob: yes. carley: you were in vegas. rob: all right. carley: all right. time now 10 minutes after the hour, the ussa abraham lincoln deploy today middle east amid reports iran planned to attack u.s. forces, is this meant to send a message or is the u.s.
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ready to unleash military might, national security analyst ryan says iran's link to al-qaeda is crucial the watch. rob: one governor to pull millions of dollars from firefighter support fund, critics calling a horrendous threat to community heros.
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rob: fox news alert, the u.s. deploying uss strike group to middle east in response to what officials calling clear indication that iran is planning in attack in u.s. forces in the region. >> national security adviser john bolton saying, quote, the united states is not seeking war with iranian regime but fully prepare today respond to any attack whether by proxy, islamic revolutionary guard force or iranian forces, to react, seems
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like the whole situation escalated quickly, how big of a deal is everything that's going on in the middle east with iran. >> it happened very suddenly, support between the united states and iran, some people feel this is kind of business as usual. it actually isn't, this is pretty subtle movement, reaction to something that the public does not know about and anonymous u.s. officials saying that iran were planning some sort of attack on u.s. military, it's possible that the information came in from defacto, he brought documents with him, could be related to that. if you hear attack on u.s. military bases or something like that in coming weeks and it's not connected to iran, it doesn't mean iran is not
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involved. a lot of people have forgotten that al-qaeda has thriving branch, leadership within iran and they use them as proxy. rob: could possibly push this through al-qaeda for attack there in afghanistan where we have 14,000 troops? >> absolutely. foreign minister of iran just last week with chris wallace on fox news sunday talked about the idea that he thinks john bolton and other middle east leaders, saudis, israelis want to have -- they go to war between iran and u.s., conflict that they won, what was your response to that? >> being tough with iranian regime is exactly what we need to do to avoid war, antiwar position is to hit them with sanctions and to i don't think they will do enough. rob: you don't think bolton is making more -- >> definitely not. if iran wants to not have conflict, it would be harboring
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al-qaeda leaders. carley: also with that interview with chris wallace, they talked about the fact that the united states just named iran's military a terrorist organization. what does that necessarily mean when you label something with terrorist organization, do we treat them differently, how big of a deal is that? >> as criminal penalty, so it does add increase pressure to them, but i don't think this apparent iranian plot in reaction to that, i think it's in reaction to sanctions that are targeting iranian oil industry, that's going to scare them, when you lose at least half of your budget for your entire government and your government is already poor and people are essentially revolting against you, they are going to start to panic a little bit. the iranian regime from there actually want because that -- carley: yeah, everything in the
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united states. rob: they have been crippled by the sanctions, let's move onto north korea, this is another foreign policy area that's been troubling for the administration in the past week, kim jong un watches missiles be fired up. all of a sudden he changes tune a little bit, what do you make of this? >> drive a wedge between trump and pompeo. there's difference in rhetoric between those two. pompeo will more openly talk about north korea, dictatorship, history of saying that we should ally with north korean that are challenging regime not just nuclear weapon's program and north korea has been saying we don't want pompeo involved in nuclear talks, what they are trying to do deterioration in the relationship and pompeo is to blame, trump take out pompeo. carley: that's probably not going to happen.
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>> not going to happen. carley: denuclearization with north korea, do you think it can happen? >> i believe in miracles. carley: it's going to take miracles. rob: what do you think pompeo should be telling sergey lavrov? >> be aware of your own people. rob: why is he firing off missiles? >> from rubio, china, venezuela, iran, north korea, they are operating as single entity, we need to start treating it like that instead of taking one situation and the next situation, isolated conflicts, they are all working together and following similar plans. to make progress on one front you need to make progress on all fronts. carley: thank you so much, crazy, crazy world. thank you for analyzing for us. we are following two major aviation accidents first in russia, investigators are
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pinpointing to possible causes. rob: look at that. so what exactly went wrong? new information on both of these just in this morning.
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carley: good morning, welcome back, black box recorder from fiery plane crash recovered. 41 people killed when plane burst into flames skidding down the runway moments after taking off in russia. investigators now eyeing 3 possible causes including inexperienced pilots, equipment failure as well as bad weather.
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rob: unbelievable video there. the pilots of jet that slid into a florida river made last-minute change to landing plan. request for different runway shortly before the jet touched down in jacksonville, florida on friday, it's unclear why the change was made. ntsb does not have the cockpit voice recorder, none of 143 board on the flight from guantanamo bay were hert. -- hurt. carley: at least 4 people and in the midwest waters hit near record levels and some communities in mississippi river overflow. rob: adam klotz tracking the latest storm. >> some of the flooding rivers in mississippi right not get back to normal levels until sometime in june, there's been so much rain, more rain on the way, what's in the middle of the
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country, pretty warm temperatures, 73-degrees in dallas, 51 in kansas city, warm air in middle of the country, round of early morning storm, several days worth of storms this week, more rain on areas that they are water load. it's not huge area but absolute downpour and severe thunderstorms, very strong winds with this running closer to oklahoma and closer to mississippi, already at high levels, severe weather warnings stretching back in plain states, this afternoon to overnight hours, eastern texas for tomorrow and we start to look at that chance in east texas for form -- tomorrow, all the way into friday and saturday, guys, it just continues to be very, very soggy. rob: all right, thank you so much.
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the manager of the boston red sox will not celebrate his team's world series win at the white house on thursday, alex cora, native of puerto rico citing response on hurricane maria for his response. [inaudible] rob: red sox star. carley: this isn't a normal race. rob: more than 5,000 runners gathering in texas. [laughter] >> here i am. dressed up like him. greatest person in the world. carley: that is awesome.
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rob: runners tried to set the most record for more chuck norris look-alikes in the same place. carley: it'll be a while. could there possibly be another event where there's chuck norris look alike? rob: we will see. michael cohen's time as freeman is nearly up. carley: president trump's former attorney heading to jail for 3 years but not before delivering one last message. we are live with preview next webut some of us turn outhose dreams...... into action... the bookers. the doers. the 'hit that confirmation button and let's go!'- ers! because bookers know that the perfect place to stay... is right there for the booking.
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allegedly fired multiple shots and ran off. carley: u.s. sending iran and unmistakable message, aircraft carrier and flight crew deploy today middle east after reports that iran might have been planning attack on american forces or allies. rob: any moment now secretary of state mike pompeo will arrive in finland for the arctic conference. plans to discuss trade groups along with oil and gas competition, pompeo will meet with foreign minister of russia to discuss up rising in venezuela and potentially vladimir putin's meeting with kim jong un from last week. carley: right. in just a few hours president trump's former lawyer michael cohen will begin his 3-year prison sentence. he is expected to speak before heading inside. rob: todd piro from outside the prison in otisville, new york, prosecutors refused the final meeting with cohen, hey, todd.
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>> hey, rob, carley, michael cohen reportedly holding news conference this morning before making 70-mile track to what many people call one of america's cushiest prisons. on april 9th of last year the fbi raided cohen's apartment, hotel room, office and safe deposit box, on august 21st, the president's former attorney pleaded guilty to 8 felonieses including fraud, tax evasion and illegal campaign contribution, on november 9th, cohen pleaded guilty this time making false statements to congress in connection to special counsel investigation and on december 12th, cohen sentence today 3 years in prison. as for this prison, the federal correctional institution in otisville as its known, cohen in tomorrowtory-style unit in prisons minimum security camp where he will have access to a full-time rabbi as well as
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cafeteria, snacks like doritos and cohen must be here by 2:00 p.m. which he reportedly tried to shortened by setting meeting with prosecutor to spill more about the president, offers to be a whistleblower not accepted by the fed. we reached to get a statement and here is what mr. david said to "fox & friends", quote, why don't you ask president trump if it's okay to communicate with me, wouldn't want to get on old friend in trouble, comment. rob: cohen will be with billy mcfarlan, mike the situation, they are all going to be pals in white collar prison. >> the question do the abs on cohen match the abs on
2:34 am
torentino. rob: bob mule the other testify before congress as early as next week, house democrats preparing for a tentative hearing on may 15th. >> until the day comes we never have absolute guaranty, the white house is so far indicated they would not interfere with mr. mueller's attempt to testify, we hope that won't change. rob: the president questioning why they would want special counsel to appear, are they looking for redo because they hated seeing the no collusion conclusion. bob mueller should not testify, no redos for the dems. democrats headed to showdown with attorney bill barr with lawmakers to begin proceedings. congressman jim jordan says it is the left's latest obstruction tactic masked as the pursuit of justice. >> i think they are nervous
2:35 am
about bill barr, remember what he said 3 weeks ago in finance committee, he made 4 important points, first of all he said spying did take place, second, there's a basis for his concern that the spying wasn't properly predicated, third he said there was a failure of leadership at the upper of fbi, we know that for sure. comey, mccabe, we know that there was leadership there, four, he used two terms that i never really heard before and my guess is most important haven't, he used the term unauthorized surveillance and used the term political surveillance so the democrats are scared. frankly, when we are talking about obstruction of justice, the real on transaction of justice is what democrats are trying to do to the attorney general, they are trying to stop him by all the things and not have him come testify. rob: all right, house judiciary committee jerry nadler given barr until 9:00 a.m. to turn
2:36 am
over unredacted report. carley: two people under arrest, located near the hometown of player in deadly easter sunday attacks which killed more than 250 people, police believe islamic extremist shooting and bomb-making at that camp. president trump announcing obama-era border patrol chief mark morgan aspect to be the new chief of ice. the president tweeting in part, quote, mark is true believer in american patriot, he will do a great job, morgan will replace former acting ice director who resigned earlier this month. former ice supervisor joined us on why morgan is fit for the job. >> right off the bat he can work with both sides of the aisle as long as they're willing to come to the table. he's going to understand border
2:37 am
crisis with working with border patrol and internal affairs, he does have the optics so he can deploy the right resources. carley: acting director of ice will stay on the job until morgan is confirmed. rob: boeing admitting that there was issue with 737 max jet as far back as 2017, discovered a defect with safety alert after jet went into flight but didn't think it negatively impacted the plane. it's not clear that the safety alert would have prevented either of the crashes. carley: drivers are going on strike in major american cities, uber and lyft workers plan to walk off the job on wednesday to protest uber's announcement to cut driver's pay, uber predicts it will raise $9 billion and finish publish offering on thursday, some of the strengths will happen during rush hour.
2:38 am
other cities likely won't have ride-share access for 24 hours. rob: yeah. avengers end game dominates the box office. listen to this. this film has brought in more than $2 billion in 11 days. whatever it takes. >> whatever it takes, baby, marvel super hero movie second highest grossing film ever released worldwide, instant hit trailing avatar for top spot, 2009 fantasy film brought in $2.8 billion around the world. avengers easily going to past that. amazing. rob: that's ridiculous amount of money. >> good movie, i saw it. i would see it again. people want to see it twice.
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[laughter] rob: all right. carley: time now -- thank you. 38 minutes after the hour, president trump is making the economy great again but according to 2020 front runners more money in your pocket is bad thing. >> i do not believe that trump's massive tax breaks for billionaires are good cause of economy. rob: would democrats support socialist style policies over best economy that we have seen in decades. panel to debate up next.
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>> guess what thing i would do repeal trump tax cuts.
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>> what we are looking at 10-year rebounded from crash of 2008. i do not believe that trump's massive tax breaks for billionaires is cause of good economy. rob: trying to convince voters that trump tax cuts were a bad thing but is it smart for anybody to run against roaring trump economy or should liberals try to stay away from the topic, joining to debate, ladies, thanks so much, ladies, we will start with you. >> we just heard biden say he wants to get rid of tax cuts, who wants to pay more in taxes, that's outrageous, living in alternate reality, the fact is that the economy is booming under president trump and that would be thanks to tax cuts and deregulation and for some reason i don't understand why biden
2:44 am
would take on the booming economy, it's not going to work. if he wants to win this election, he would need to focus on policies and that's not something most of democrats are doing. a lot of them are running against president trump and his character and that will not resinate with the american people. rob: everybody has some sort of tax cut, kathy, let's look at numbers here from april just last month and we had incredible job's report and incredible economy, 263,000 jobs added, that's tremendous number, look at that unemployment rate at 3.6%, you're getting down to numbers that nobody ever expected to see, and when you look at wage growth, if you can do one more here to push the point further, average hourly wage earnings up 3.2%, wage growth doing much better than inflation which means people have more money in pocket, easier to live, right? >> well, yes, election were today, sure easy to win but we are talking 15 months from now, many months from now.
2:45 am
rob: okay. >> so, yeah, the economy would be on trump's side but then biden could say it was part of the team who was in history and part of team that brought that back and it's been going up and thanks to what he did with president obama. rob: not because of them. >> we heard this over and over again from the left, favorite talking point, they like to get credit where it's not due. trump economy has nothing to do with our former president barack obama or biden. it's a fact and you can look at the numbers. you can listen to some of the videos where obama said that we couldn't do better than 2% growth. also he said that trump cutting taxes and deregulation would have destroyed the economy. all of these people that made the predictions are completely
2:46 am
wrong. rob: kathy, should democrats be picking this fight or should they focus on medicare for all and topics have nothing to do with the raging economy? [laughter] >> it's primary right now, not necessarily going against trump right now, so to keep it against each other the one who will win primary is the one who is antitrump, anybody but trump message and that angers the base and that will get voters out there, democrats, we are looking at primary, we are not going against trump. the economy can go in back corner for now, it can change, months away, many quarters away, so we don't know what's going to happen. rob: maybe a lot of democratic candidates probably praying for a recession to come for shot of winning. >> no, i don't think so. rob: i hope that too but it feels that way sometimes. carley: 46 minutes after the hour, islamic center employee
2:47 am
fired and massive investigation underway after disturbing video, watch. [speaking in native tongue] carley: children singing they would sacrifice their lives in name of of allah, how did this happen in american city? rob: happy monday, steve. steve: thank you very much, rob, carley. carley i think i saw you on instagram, you have been traveling this weekend. carley: i have for wedding, i think we will talk about it in a little bit. steve: i think we are, indeed. rob: rob wasn't invited, whatever. carley: rob, you wouldn't have gone. steve: coming up on "fox & friends" at least two dozen kills between gaza fired hundreds of rockets towards israel, well, now the breaking
2:48 am
news is there has been egyptian broker cease fire, what's that about, we will talk about that, plus the fact that the administration has deployed the uss abraham lincoln terrorist strike groups sounds like toward iran, what's up with that, we have a pretty good idea. congressman zeldon from the state of new york will be with us. dan bongino, i saw him over the weekend. he will be joining live. busy 3 hours, kicks off just 12 minutes from right now right here carley and rob and the channel folks trust for morning and weekend wedding news. >> that's right. see you in a bit.
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carley: amber alert issued as police frantically search for 5-year-old, stepfather claims she was abducted by 3 men who also carjacked him and left him unconscious in houston texas. malia has had several brain surgeries and requires serious medical attention. last seen on friday wearing pink bow in her hair and light blue jacket. atm records could solve mystery of american murdered in méxico. credit card was used in oklahoma city after brutally killed on vacation, father making shocking discovery while closing bank accounts. >> it's disturbing that they would use my son's credit card, you feel violated. carley: wow, police looking for the man and woman seen on surveillance using meyer's credit card, his parents will
2:53 am
join the 8:00 o'clock hour of "fox & friends". interesting development. rob: muslim american society says an event organizer has been dismissed after disturbing video has surfaced of children saying that they will kill for allah, this incident happened at philadelphia islamic center last month, mas leader says school rented space at the center and the center did not properly vet the video before posting it on facebook and internal investigation is underway. muslim scholar dr. ahmed joined us earlier to weigh. >> this is the exactly indoctrination of children that leads to success of islamic movements, hamas, launching attacks on israel, those movements cannot function without indoctrination of youth. rob: muslim american society says it's, quote to condemning hate speech everywhere.
2:54 am
phil murphy to rip millions of dollars to fire fighters, $33 million that pays for medical bills and burials for fallen first responders. firefighters union fighting back saying, quotes, those who serve as the administration moves forward on this plan. murphy administration claims the fund will have plenty of cash despite using money. carley: when it comes to royal baby's birthday, all bets are off. rob: congratulations. baby may have been born after prince harry canceled trip to netherlands. the current favorite for the girl is ivy. if it's a boy you have arthur.
2:55 am
carley: ivy sounds pretty but not royal. they go against the royal grain, bob. rob: fair enough. 54 minutes after the hour, maybe worst criminal disguise we've ever seen. shaming the suspect online. carley: almost as bad as get away car, we will see it next. rob: wow. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. . some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur.
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♪ ♪ do what you want
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♪ you're never going to break me ♪ sticks and stones ♪ never going to shake me. rob: everything is so clean with all this rain. carley: i was just enjoing the sock. time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. sister network fox business officially a married woman, tracy and her husband rodrigo tying the knot in front of family and friends over the weekend. it was a beautiful ceremony. shear picture of me and jillian mele with the beautiful bride. congratulations, tracy, we couldn't be happier four. thank you for inviting us. good to celebrate your big day with you. rob: fugitive tried to sneak past the perimeter with his blonde wig ton hide his identity. moral of the story do not wear a hideous wig while
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trying to run from the popo. carley: really ugly wedding dress gets online. asked if they thought it would upstage the bride and most said no. rob: see you later. ♪ it's fine by me ♪ if you never leave ♪ and we can live like this forever ♪ it's fine by me ♪ brian: if we were to sign an artist to work our morning show five days a week i would start with andy grammar. will. ainsley: not the dj we had on my first day. brian: no. you had to go dance. ainsley: okay. he is a nice guy doing a good job. we needed to pep it up a little bit. ainsley go, dance with


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