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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 6, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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including 360 degrees underwater, this is ridiculous. exactly come i will not be going but enjoy. and missing the episode of the five, special report up next. we went this bear is not in the hot tub, thanks, jesse. [laughter] this is a fox news alert, bret baier and under the table tonight in the high-stakes game of poker with china. a renewed trade deal. the trade representative said just a short time ago new round of tariffs worth hundreds of billions of dollars will be imposed on chinese imports 12 oh 1:00 a.m. friday morning. that is just one day after the u.s. and chinese negotiators sit down here in washington to try to hammer out a truce trade war whose stakes could expand exponentially, global markets and a shaky mood after the president's tweets over the weekend with breaking news about
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the deteriorating trade deal prospects futures are dropping even further. life on the north line with the latest, good evening, kevin. >> kevin: what a day at the white house, good evening to you we have learned from negotiators on the u.s. side the chinese pushback is so hard that one negotiator builder told fox ne fox news, simply moving backwards. and even more urgency. the u.s. to hit china with a new round of tariffs. >> of the country needless to say doing needlessly well sending records over 100 days of stock market went smack meaning the highest in history. speak to eager to help her help her from its president trump took a moment during the rose garden commander ceremony to celebrate the continued strength of the u.s. economy. >> over 100 days of stock market wins and unemployment numbers are the best in 51 years. >> kevin: still his rosy outlook, a stark contract of the mood of the markets monday.
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the root cause of that volatility. the intention of street talks with china. heightened after mr. trump threatened over the weekend to impose 25% tariffs on more chinese imports by friday. surprisingly, the president's strategy grew support from unlikely source. senate minority leader chuck schumer who urged the president on twitter to hang tough having that strength is the only way to win with china. the senate chair a committee in pennsylvania avenue. >> the president is issuing a warning here. the president's tariffs however extremely useful in negotiating. we believe china needs to deal more than we do. >> kevin: there are warning signs to make the trade dispute could escalate. the chinese ball continue negotiations. they have to contend with domestic audience in china to view this as capitulation to the united states. every country has its politics. china, of course, no exception. >> kevin: experts believe as long as talks continue, the
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potential earthquake. >> we actually have a trade war, it will be that for the whole world. and could be very bad depending on the extent of the war. but, there are times in negotiations when you talk tough. it is a dangerous game. it doesn't mean it should not be engaged but a dangerous game. >> kevin: a risk, the president seems content to take as he enjoys his best poll numbers. that is the highest of his presidency. u.s. and chinese officials insist the talks would resume on thursday as planned although we don't know if all of the principles will be here from beijing has previously planned. but if nothing happens, midnight thursday night, those new tariffs will kick in, brett. >> bret: at the north lawn, kevin thank you the dow jones before the latest news down nearly 500 points in early trading and finished off just 66. s&p 500 lost 13 today nasdaq
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fell 41 as i mentioned the futures are taking a dive early. senior pentagon official said u.s. forces headed towards the persian gulf after what is being called a credible threat against the american troops and the middle east. the u.s. carrier strike group planning to at least send a very strong message. national security jennifer griffin monitoring the situation right from the pentagon >> we have continued to see activity that leads us to believe there is escalation may be taking place. >> jennifer: mike pompeo warning today that iranian forces could be planning a possible attack on u.s. forces in the middle east. without warning led to an accelerated deployment of the aircraft carrier strike group uss abraham lincoln to the region. >> we are taking all the appropriate actions in both security perspective and while it is our ability to make sure the president has a wide range of option should this take place. >> jennifer: the straight group already in the
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mediterranean and now must pass through the suez canal and will not be in position for days or weeks. the two missile destroyers, already in the gulf, uss, amphibious assault ship with more than 1,000 marines on board and at dozens of helicopters and jets. they was also announced it sending bombers like these b-52s back to the middle east. they were withdrawn as anti-isis syrian operations around town. last month at state department designated iranian guard corps or irg see a terrorist group. the first time the u.s. government has ever designated another country's military in return, iran with u.s. forces in the middle east terrorist and in a statement national security advisor john bolton added "the united states is not seeking where with the iranian regime, but we are fully prepared to respond to any attacks whether by proxy, islamic resolution
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guard corps or iranian forces." in terms of intelligence that prompted last night's decision, he says the intelligence provided by israel's most aside to john bolton two weeks ago and was nonspecific in nature. last month president trump announced the u.s. will no longer exempt any country from u.s. sanctions if they continue to buy iranian oil. it was almost a year ago today, brats, the u.s. pulled out of the rand/nuclear deal. >> bret: jennifer thank you. more breaking news before the show, the white house escalating house democrats over the president's tax returns. moments ago, treasurer secretary mnuchin denied a request for the presidents tax documents and the house ways and means committee had asked for six years of the presidents personal and business tax returns. but today the secretary mnuchin said lacks a legitimate purpose. the treasury department is therefore but not authorized to
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release them. we are awaiting comment from the democrats on the hill. new york's democrat attorney general is suing the treasury department and the internal revenue service over the refusal to respond to records request about disclosure requirements for tax-exempt groups. letitia james with the change policy without notice, last summer the government eliminated the requirement but certain tax-exempt groups provide specific donor information. critics say this makes it easier for foreign governments to influence u.s. policy. no comment so far from the administration. in the meantime house democrats have put attorney bill barr on the clock again. they have scheduled to vote for wednesday on a resolution to hold barr in contempt over his refusal to release an unredacted version of the mueller report. this comes as lawmakers try to firm up testimony from robert mueller himself. chief intelligence correspondent
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catherine herridge. this 27 page report from house democrats with legal and political map of the attorney general william barr in contempt over what they say is a lack of access to the full special counsel report and underlying evidence. chairman jerry nadler said the obstruction case is strong. his investigators need everything to decide the next steps. the justice department has released a more complete version of the report to key lawmakers including nadler. in a statement doj officials called up the democratic chair "refusing to read minimally redacted version in opposing novel and unreasonable turns on the attorney general's offer to testify before the committee." the council said barr hands are tied on democratic request. >> he can't hand over grand jury material because he would be in violation of the criminal law if he did that. he would actually commit a criminal fine. >> catherine: robert mueller to testify may be key. >> never an absent guaranty and
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the white house so far indicated they would not interfere with mr. muller's attempts to testify. we hope that won't change. >> catherine: on twitter the president said the investigation was exhausted "bob mueller should not testify, no redos for the dams." how quickly the democrats want to go down a path simply to have two tar and throw dirt at a president that they don't like. >> catherine: all this as the president with a personal attorney begins a three year prison sentence. charges that stem from the put special counsel investigation. >> i hope that when i rejoined my family and friends, that the country will be in a place without xenophobia, injustice, and lies at the home of our country. there still remains much to be told. and i look forward to the day that i can share the truth. spoon two the members include
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high-profile obama administratin officials posted online statement that apparently hundrf prosecutors and justice department officials who served under democratic and republican administrations say mr. trump would have been prosecuted for obstruction would -- were he not president. and the best of their ability. >> bret: thank you. this talk about the barr situation, senior political brit hume is with us on sets good evening. at about this contempt effort that we will see a vote on on wednesday and what it means big picture. >> brit: politically they are free to do it but what we found out from attorney general under president obama was that these contempt citations issued by congress are toothless. he was held in contempt for refusal to turn over materials and that was the end of it. it wasn't as though the sergeant of arms down to the justice department with a group of troops to try to haul him up to congress or something. so i talked to the attorney general and something that what he would desire to happen but would not do
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anything. >> bret: robert mueller, one assumes, he can make a decision, i guess to testify were not. >> brit: yeah, the president can't declare executive approved village -- privilege for the testimony of someone who is not an advisory capacity for him. you know, i don't see that happening and it seems to me if mueller wants to testify and the committee wants him to, he will testify. >> bret: we will see where that goes but in the meantime's "new york times," an interesting take on the election coming up. recent weeks pelosi said that she does not automatically trust the president to respect the results of any election short of an overwhelming defeat. that view by substantiated claims democratic voter fraud is one of the reasons she says, imperative not to play into the presidents hands especially on impeachment from the speaker. >> brit: well, she is saying he won't respect the result of the election. the information she cites there
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is pretty thin. i mean, the president made some sort of threat to that effect, that would be one thing. but he has not, surprisingly. she was not challenged by journalist as to what she was talking about. the other thing about this, it is pretty rich for a leader of the democratic party, which has spent the last two years doing everything they could to be legitimized president trump's election principally by the allegation that he was importantly aided by russia in a scheme where russia and the trump campaign work to get him elected which we now know did not happen. at least we can trust the mueller report. so the irony of that seems to be pretty clear. >> bret: pretty amazing if you look at the polls, the gallup poll numbers for the president's job approval stand at 46%. at this exact time, the third year of his presidency, president obama's job approval with gallup poll was 44%. >> brit: . >> brit: sample. >> bret: so democrats have to look at that and say, red flag.
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>> brit: as time goes on and the economy continues to improve it was fair to wonder at the end of last year the economy spurted growth to come after trump but it has. that doesn't mean it will go on forever and maybe turn down the election year. but they've got to be looking at this and say, this guy may be harder to beat than we thought. now look, he offends a lot of people and that is why his approval rating has never gotten out of the 40s. but at this rate, there has to be concern among democrats than it might rise further. it is an all time high and his numbers on the economy are terrific. 51% "wall street journal" poll and hire another polls. >> bret: tiger woods is out the white house to receive a major report -- the presidential medal of freedom. the nations highest civilian honor. let's listen in. >> a very special guy, i got to
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know him a veteran of the vietnam war and army special forces, he was tough, tiger, but good. and i think she might be tougher. [laughter] she might be tougher. practice in the garage of his family home at 18 months, tiger was on the driving range and he was looking good. people were saying wow. starting at age 15 junior titles and at 18 he become the youngest ever winner of the u.s. tournament. and at 20 he kept off amateur career with unrivaled third consecutive title. so that would be six in a row and that is a record that can never be broken. incredible, stroke play, match play, that will never be broken and then in 1996, he burst onto the professional stage as rookie of the year.
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but it was in 1997 at augusta national, bobby jones temple to the sport of golf, that the game would forever change for four straight days at the masters, tiger's down the road with power, grace and strategic brilliance. he shaped perfect 350-yard drives down agosta rolling fairways. when flag hunting and tucked away tends with a heart stopping precision like nobody has ever seen before and he buried one clutch pot after another. on that sunday, we saw tiger crushed the field by a record margin of 12 strokes, unheard of. with the lowest score in masters history, 270. at 21 years old, he became the youngest masters champion of all
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time in the first person of african-american or asian heritage to win the tournament. or any of golf's four majors. as "the new york times" headline said the next day, would smack tears up agusta and tears down barriers. credible in achievement and after clinching the green jacket -- [applause] >> amazing. >> president trump: after clinching the green jacket he marched to his first coach, his dad and embraced the game. and then tiger turned to hug his mom. the study presents throughout his life. that is true. i've seen that and i've watch that. the person who told him that red is his power color. on that, that was a good move. [laughter] in the years that followed, tiger launched one of the single most dominant runs in the
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history of sports. he holds the record for the lowest scoring average in pga tour history, 68.17 in 2,000. remember he only plays in the hardest tournaments. that is a pretty amazing thing. i wonder what would happen if you play 35 a year. let's try it, tiger, that back is in good shape. he played a record 142 consecutive pg eight defense without missing a cut. that is incredible. he has a pga tour winning percentage of 23% of the offense he played. and merely defies comprehension, nothing like it. at -- at the punishing pebble beach, the entire field shot ovr but tiger finished 12 under the first time in u.s. open history and new beat or by double digits, he led the field by 15 strokes setting the record for
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the largest margin of victory in the 150 year history of a major golf tournament. that was the most amazing day of golf i have ever seen. tiger's cumulative stroke total was better than the field average. a month later the british open at st. andrews the home of golf, tiger finished 19 under part a and eight strokes ahead of the field. he then took the 2001 masters becoming the only player in the modern era to win all four major championships in a one-year period of a feat no now has the the tiger slam. tiger's determination and work ethic drove golf to new heights of athletic competition and popularity. the age of tiger gave us moments that will live forever in sporting. such as his chip and on the 16th hole at the masters.
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the shot rolled perfectly along the slope of the green and hung on the edge of the cuff for a breath taking three seconds before finally dropping in. we've seen that shot, many, many times. in the midst of the success, tiger suffered severe injury. in 2008, he entered the u.s. open with two leg fractures and a torn acl. on the third day, of torrey pines, he was one over par and after the 12th hole, and it really looked like he had no chance, then came some of the most riveting scenes in golf history. he equaled the 13th. do you remember that, tiger? [laughter] he's got a great memory, this tiger. he remembers the good stuff. not that bad. we don't want to remember -- we just what you did there was
3:20 pm
amazing. he chipped and come a birdie on the 17th and the equaled the 18th hole, all vivid memories fr all of us. the final round on the 72nd hole, his ball was buried in thick rough, 101 yards from the pen. he had to get it up and down to keep his u.s. open hopes alive. after hitting a 16-degree wedge within 15 feet, tiger willed the pot into force a playoff. that was a great play off, and fought through the pain and won the dramatic 19 hole playoff on monday and unfortunately two days later tiger announced he would be unable to compete the rest of the season due to his injuries. in the years that followed, tiger endured knee surgery and four excruciating back surgeries. i know that you remember too. that is not good. but it ended up good.
3:21 pm
including a spinal fusion in 2017. he fell from number one in the world rankings to 1,199. and i don't believe that even if he had one leg, i don't believe that. [laughter] that's got to be the best bet anybody ever made. tiger's injury so profound that for two years he could barely swing a club. as tiger said, there was a point in time i didn't know if i would ever do this again. if he would ever play again. but tiger fought through the terrible pain, and he fought all the way back to the summit of. we saw a sign last year of what was to come when he won the tour championship. people forget that, but he won the tour championship last year. then just weeks ago, the world turned into the 2019 masters.
3:22 pm
that was something special. what happened next was one of the most incredible comebacks that golf or any -- golf or any sport has seen. on saturday, tiger shot six birdies for a score of 67, sending him into the final round tied for second place and just two strokes behind the leader. and they were looking, watching, going, here we go again. in the gusty winds on sunday, still behind by two strokes on the 12th, tiger called the pond as with -- upon his wisdom to play for par while others shot d unfortunately they found the water. there was a lot of water they found. he birdied the par-5 on the 15 to take the lead for the first time in the 2019 masters. then on the 16th, he shaped a perfect draw and the patrons roared like they can only do,
3:23 pm
frankly, at agusta. as the ball rolled within feet of the hole. tiger was back on top and one his first major in 11 years. and that was some major. with record-setting television. i don't know if you know about that, tiger. record-setting ratings. [applause] before just as he did sinking his putter in the final 18th hole all the way back in 1997, he went straight to his loved ones and embraced his kids who were too young to remember the last time he won a major. as of today, tiger is 81 pga tour victories, one behind the all-time record. you are going to catch that soon. he has won the second most major championships. he holds the record for most weeks at number 1 in the world, more than twice as long as anyone else. that is an amazing number. and in addition to his
3:24 pm
incredible playing career, tiger is a successful entrepreneur to put it mildly, and devoted philanthropists is how i met tiger. his pga foundation supports junior golf programs around the country. his learning lab has helped 165,000 students pursue their dreams and stanfield -- stem failed. tiger we are inspired by everything you have obtained and the job you have done is incredible. your spectacular achievement on the golf cord and triumph over physical adversity. relentless, will to win, win, win. these qualities embodied the american spirit of pushing boundaries, defying limits and always striving for greatness. that is what he does. congratulations, again on your amazing comeback in your amazing life and forgiving sports fans a
3:25 pm
lifetime of memories. we can't wait to see what is next, tiger. it is going to be good, we know that, it's going to be good because there are no winners like you. and now i would like to ask the military aid to come forward and read the citation for aldrich tiger woods, presidential medal of freedom. thank you. [applause] >> bret: president trump awarding the medal of freedom to tiger woods. the president has the complete discretion whom they honor with this metal. the fourth professional golfer to receive this. check nicholas, and also receiving it, brit hume, your thoughts on this moment. obviously the president. >> brit: you heard so much what he had done but it strikes me that a lot of people will look at what you just did, complete come back and say that
3:26 pm
was equal to everything he had done before. an extraordinary comeback physical and as we know his private life, emotional problems. >> bret: tiger woods given the medal of freedom from president trump and the ceremony in the rose garden. we wanted to bring that to you live. up next, million species facing extinction, global emergency and united nations exaggeration. first beyond the borders tonight and troops in effect between israel and the palestinians in gaza. this follows the worst fighting between the two sites in five years. 25 people died on the gaza side for israel. we will continue to upstate -- update that story from the ground. and both flight recorders have been recovered from the plane that caught fire making an emergency landing in moscow's airport sunday. at least 40 people were killed. a spokesperson said investigators looking at three main possibilities, insufficient pilot qualifications, equipment
3:27 pm
failure and weather. a beaming prince harry said his wife meghan gave birth to a baby boy early today. harry says he's incredibly proud of his wife and that they have a healthy son. a name for the child as is tradition there has not yet been revealed. just some of the other stories beyond the borders tonight. we will be right back. ♪ hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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environmentalist a panic over newburyport suggesting 1 million animal and plant species are at imminent risk of extinction. humanity is to blame. as an all such cases, some humans say the report and the response for exaggerations. senior correspondent eric shawn takes a fair and balanced look tonight. >> the united nations presented in paris with dancers and musice on earth. then showing what it says will happen if we do nothing. darkness, silence and death from mother earth. that prediction from science policy biodiversity study. nature is threatened "rights unprecedented in human history in living species face being wiped out." >> if we want to leave a world for our children and grandchildren not destroyed by human activities, we need to act now. >> eric: the group of
3:32 pm
scientists behind the study blaming burning of fossil fuels, pollution and organization among conclusions greenhouse gas emissions doubling since 1980. 1 million animal and plant species threatened by extinction. >> we need to slow down the loss and degradation of natural habitats. the forest, wetlands, grasslands, coral reefs and along with this we need to slow down the extinction of species. >> eric: how to turn it all around? the report says stop wasting food. the reduced amount of water consumed and the way electricity is generated. critics say the report is over-the-top, alarmist and exaggerates the consequences. this is politics and not science, expanded space to include climate and species that are looking for more treaties, more regulation, they have identified a problem, juice it up and put themselves in charge of solving the problem. that is called a self-interested lobbying organization.
3:33 pm
>> eric: wealth of reports presents ominous future, the author says it's up to the world's governments to change course and others claimed the u.n. prediction doomed are far from plausible. ret. >> bret: eric shawn in new york thanks. maximum security is contesting his disqualification after finishing first in saturday's kentucky derby. the finish and subsequent ruling is making history and the sport of kings and matt finn and churchill downs in louisville tonight. the owner of the worst briefly declares the saturday kentucky derby filed an appeal with the kentucky racing commission objecting to the decision that his horse was disqualified maximum security. >> nontransparent about anything as anything i've seen in my whole life. gary west said he can spot but it is common and calls churchill downs greedy. packing too many horses on the track. >> just because they can make more money, they are willing to
3:34 pm
risk horses lives and people's lives to do that. >> matt: churchill downs responding in part it respects the decision in infraction committed by maximum security has nothing to do with the number of horses and the race. which has been a consistent number for many years. for about 20 minutes saturday maximum security it declared the winner of this year's kentucky derby but two talkies objectives a maximum security broke the rules and cut them off. for the first time 145 years of the kentucky derby, the winning horse was disqualified for a foul on the track. country house was named the new victor. >> we determined the seventh horse, number one. >> churchill downs, expert and trainer to help fox news it might not be the popular call, but it was the right one. speak with the the bid, watch it over and over and over again for 20 some odd minutes just shows
3:35 pm
how serious they took this decision. >> matt: the president tweeting sunday only in these days a political correctness sewage set -- soot -- should such an overturn occur. not even close. the horse racing commission has already denied the appeal filed earlier today by maximum securities owner sang the steward's call is not subject to an appeal, bret. >> bret: churchill downs, matt thanks. owner of maximum security, joins on the story next hour. joe biden, brags about his buddy and talks with a dead prime minister and sees the poll numbers and early voting states. a little bit shaky. ♪ so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. and now try new boost®
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♪ >> bret: the election headquarters now. former vice president joe biden continues to set the pace among the field of democratic candidates for the party's nomination next year. the biden big lead nationally may be a little bit misleading
3:40 pm
as is his record particularly when attacking the current president. here is correspondent peter doocy. >> president trump has talent for making nickname stick in less time lame come a little and low energy but this time, sleepy joe. joe biden doing something republicans never got around to doing creating a nickname for trump here at political reports though choice for the president's clown. >> above all else we must defeat donald trump. >> biden called out trumping claim to called him. told donors a closed fund-raiser of the british prime minister recently expressed concerns about trump. but margaret thatcher died in 2013. and by it and later corrected himself he didn't mean thatcher but theresa may but still of the democratic front runner trying to boost his lead mining voters who he used to work for. >> i heard you play the tape of my body -- my buddy come i shouldn't be so casual the
3:41 pm
president of the united states barack obama. >> peter: the national numbers a 20-point lead in a clear politics average polls. but that leads drinks a lot in the states where candidates have been campaigning for months, the first state to award actual delegates to a nominee. iowa a four pointed advantage, new hampshire biden by one, number 2 in the averages bernie sanders. >> always a good friend of mine. i'm not here to attack joe. >> peter: sanders to increase his place in the polls with iowa to rebuild rule america which would perform farm subsidies so the majority would not giant farms but small midsized firms. sanders focuses on farms, cory booker is focusing on firearms. the plan to require every gun owner to get a license with a process that includes fingerprinting. >> i will bring a fight to this issue, comprehensive manner and the nra has never seen before. >> peter: the latest proposal by primary contenders struggling
3:42 pm
with polls and in the low single digits. >> should you be concerned? no, the polls it's much more about recognition. >> bret: proposals like that get more attention the mueller report in the rearview mirror but the more the democrats either candidates, the less excited they are getting. nbc and "wall street journal" have a poll to find and registered republicans more interested in 2020 then democrats, bret. >> bret: we will see you in milwaukee on wednesday. >> peter: thank you. >> bret: peter doocy thanks. biden, 2020 news and the news of the day. ♪ these days we're all stressed.
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♪ >> i think it is also critical to understand that as i've been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign. you can even become the nominee. you can have the election stolen
3:47 pm
from you. >> bret: okay, that was the former nominee for the democrats. talking this week and about having the election stolen. as you look at a list of recent polls, this is a great altogether kind of graphic where you see nationally joe biden is leaving 122 points but then you look in iowa and new hampshire and that strikes significantly. understanding these are they average of recent polls and there is a margin of error. it is pretty tight and some of those places between biden and sander and mayor pete making a surge in iowa and new hampshire. let's start with the panel, chris stirewalt app fox news, mollie hemingway sr. editor and dan balz for "the washington post" but mollie, first reaction to hillary clinton. >> mollie: stunning to hear her say she ran a good campaign but the russian stole it from her. i think somebody needs to sit down and have a frank conversation about the fact she did lose. she did not run a good campaign
3:48 pm
and the russians did not steal that election. to have so much commentary people are worried donald trump will not accept next results of the election. we have had a problem with people not accepting results of the 2016 election. and that is on the democratic side. it also is filtering down to other races, stacy abrams still says she is not going to concede even though she left by tens of thousands of votes and she said we know longer need to concede. i've never seen anybody fact-checking stacy abrams on this issue. >> bret: you were just in iowa and seen joe biden on the trail. you look at those polls and in the early states, it's getting tighter. >> dan: it is not a surprise. and in a very interesting way, those numbers look like very much hillary clinton numbers and 2007 at this point. big lead in the national numbers. very tight in iowa in particular but not so tight and new hampshire at that point.
3:49 pm
i think it is understandable that the vice president former vice president did get a bump from naturally his end of the race. naturally come artificial as we have seen these go up and down before. but i think the competition in iowa and new hampshire will be very, very fierce. if you look at that, one thing, bernie sanders numbers way down from what he got both of those states in 2016 when he was against hillary clinton. so there is tension between those two cocampaigns already and opportunities for others. it will be a battle out they are. >> bret: do the gloves come off? so far they haven't and it's early. you will get in debates in a month. >> you can already start to see bernie sanders taking jabs at joe biden, elizabeth warren to set herself apart from biden. that will be a bad fight. they have decades of bad blood between the two of them and fighting since biden was in the senate and she was a celebrity professor. biden has something going for him. these polls reflect that which
3:50 pm
he does best with african-american voters and especially african-american women who tend to be more moderate than the west of the white democratic elector. new hampshire is tough but he's looking at south carolina in looks down the trail and says i got this. >> bret: the candidates are not talking about the mueller report on the trail, at least not marginally. they have not even asked about it a lot of them. but it is a focus in washington come a contempt foe on wednesday, mollie against bill barr potentially for not putting out the hold mueller report, unredacted. and you have the prospect of the mueller testifying. >> mollie: right, it is interesting people are not talking about this on the campaign elizabeth warren beto o'rourke said they get no questions about the mueller report. we know why it can out in the end with not a single indictment for trying to steal the election which we were led to believe would be happening at the end of this. but also, the fight on the hill is interesting.
3:51 pm
a complicated fight for the democrats to wage. attorney general barr released 400 pages. he made available a less redacted report that nobody has consciously before they want to complain to him and hold him in contempt. this letter from the department of justice today said let's come over and look up the redacted version. let's actually negotiate rather than up the ante with contempt citations. so once again come attorney general barr seems to be the adult in the room going up against people with buckets of chicken and all sorts of antics. let's just behave responsibly here. >> bret: does this put a needle on the trail? this issue right now? maximum -- >> dan: one reason the candidates are not talking about it because most of the people at the events have already made up their minds abot president trump and about his role in all of this. particularly on the obstruction. they would say he obstructed justice. they are not asking about it and the candidates are not volunteering because that is kind of a settled issue with
3:52 pm
that group. they have to find another way in to get support. they are talking about themselves. they are talking about the issues they want to emphasize and introducing themselves. but this is still part of the background music of the democratic party. >> bret: especially the left part of the party, amy klobuchar, if asked should impeachment go forward, they have a different answer. >> dan: elizabeth warren has said there is grounds to do it. senator harris has said. there is a split in the democratic ranks. some of my speaker pelosi is, keep the investigations going, but let's not move towards impeachment at this time. >> bret: democrats, staying in the center where eric trump may contest election results in "the new york times" over the weekend. >> chris: i mean, look at every expectation this is a closed election whether democrat or republican and the lawyers involved will be acrimonious. we have been there before.
3:53 pm
2,000 election. and i think to molly's point, i think to the larger issue, we are having a hard time and it's a little bit and both parties, we don't trust the gatekeepers and the referees. people, we don't have the confidence that people will accept outcomes. i have every confidence we will have a decisive and the winner will win and the loser will lo lose. >> dan: again with my contest at the last two years 2016 race but as you look at the gallup polls, and in the president's approval 46%, should that worry democrats as compared to barack obama 44% at this time in his presidency? >> dan: statistically there's not a difference between 44% and 46%. but there is, it is important that he has at that level. he has traded in a narrow range. his numbers go up a tad and back down. but, the state of the economy is
3:54 pm
something the democrats definitely should be concerned about. a strong economy if the economy is strong in the next year at this point, he will be tough to beat. >> bret: 51% and some have it up to 56% in the gallup poll. >> mollie: not just in terms of gdp but job creation, wage growth. this is one of the things interesting for joe biden. he has to run basically on the obama economy. that is what people remember him for and that was not a good issue for them. and i think people might be entering the economic gains made in the last couple of years. >> bret: he says my buddy barack and not endorsing him yet. so there's a little disconnect there. >> dan: you can see he's attaching himself to the former president as closely as possible and puts obama in a deposition because he wants to keep his brand clean and not be involved and biden will drag it in bit by bit by bit. >> bret: we are at 21's probably soon to be 22 candidates. panel thank you so much. when we come back a stranger's
3:55 pm
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your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha mccallum starts right now with a special guest tonight, right, martha? >> martha: looking forward to that did you catch the derby this weekend, bret? >> bret: i did, wow. >> sandra: w >> martha: we will see him on wednesday. a show down between house and congress as house democrats are set to hold a vote about the attorney general and whether or not they will hold him in contempt. good evening, everybody, i'm martha mccallum and this is "the story" tonight. the president says the russia story is over. time to move on. no need for robert mueller to testify. trey gowdy and ken starr on that in just a moment. but, first tonight, hillary clinton says this time around democrats should ignore the economy, stupid because there are bigger concerns. watch this. >> it is the economy. it's always the economy but that's n