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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 7, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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1989 because you couldn't get anyone to cover for her work so they presented her with a cap and gown and invitation to walk at the ceremony. you are our midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. >> it has been a long couple days. we feel vindicated. we grieve for the family. ibly28 it is may 7th and this is fox and friends first. happening at 4:00 on the east coast, fox news alert, the teenager accused of killing a mississippi police officer in cold blood seen smiling as he is all the way in handcuffs. that community asking why. mueller mayhem. bill bar refusing to answer demands for an unredacted russia report. the showdown with democrats on the verge of a vote for contempt. the game of thrones plot twist
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no one saw coming. the cameo creating a firestorm with fans and how much that mistake was worth. fox and friends starts right now. ♪ >> haven't heard that song in a little while, nice spring morning in new york city, live shot of the city where the lights are shining, you are watching fox and friends first, thank you for starting the day with us. we begin with a fox news alert. look at this. watch closely, suspected cop killer seen smiling after his arrest in mississippi overnight.
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a 19-year-old accused of gunning down robert, who was standing outside police headquarters when he was ambushed, he was a 23 year veteran of the force. the air force veteran was planning to retire at the end of the year. he leaves behind a wife and four children. the 16th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. new fbi data shows an increase in officers killed on the job, 55 died in duty in 2018 up from 46, in 2017. today family and friends plan to line the streets to on a north carolina officer ambushed in the line of duty, george sheldon shot and killed during a traffic stop this weekend. the suspect taking his own life. leaving flowers and cars, look at that. also signs to honor the 6 year veteran of the force, sheldon's
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funeral this friday in charlotte. the fight over the unredacted mother reported intensifying on capitol hill, democrats taking their battle straight to the doj, they consider holding the attorney general in contempt of congress, griff dickens live in washington where things are heating up. >> just when you thought things were headed over the contempt cliff, the justice department voted to meet with the judiciary committee today, holding william barr in contempt of congress, jerry nadler issuing this statement. it remains vital the committee obtain access to the full unredacted reports and underlying the materials. our plans to consider holding william barr accountable for failure to comply with the subpoena still stand. my hope is we make concrete progress at tomorrow's meeting toward resolving this dispute. the doj have taken steps to
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accommodate the request. we will see what comes up today's meeting, senator john kennedy is blasting both sides. >> i think it is juvenile, you can only be young once but you can always be immature. both sides in this are doubling down on stupid. both sides need to sit down and negotiate what the administration can provide and what the house actually needs. >> the house judiciary committee at the center of another massive fight, getting robert mueller to testify himself, donald trump reversed course of the weekend saying mueller should not testify but republicans say they want a chance to question it in public and in private. that wasn't enough. this was the deadline for don mcgann to provide documents the
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committee-related to jeff sessions's firing, michael flynn, the now famous trump tower meeting. mcgann has been subpoenaed to testify later this month. coming back and now to the judiciary committee. if they end of voting to hold bar in contempt that would go to the full house for a vote. daymac clear this up for me because i'm confused. is it not the case that any member of the judiciary committee, the senate or the house can go to the meeting room and read the and redaction report now? >> reporter: that is correct. they've taken, quote, extraordinary steps to accommodate the committee. that is what they are referring to although that is not enough for chairman never. he wants all of this in broad daylight and made public. daymac appreciate it. democrats are furious that william barr keeps coming in their words, stonewalling their requests for more testimony and the complete unredacted mueller
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report but trey gowdy, former house oversight committee chairman says that is not how the doj operates. >> is not going to have a lot to say because doj policy does not allow him to discuss derogatory information against an uncharged person so what democrats want is for him to painstakingly go through all the information he had that led to obstruction or that they think leads to obstruction. the department doesn't speak in press conferences and reports, they use indictment so either indicts or shut up. >> democrats in the scene media never met a subpoena for the first 6 years i was in congress, the obama administration routinely ignored requests for information. that can't be in impeachable effect so you need to be very careful when you use or how you authorize the use of what is
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tantamount to the political death penalty. they are not going to succeed. the jury is not going to go along. is this about fundraising and placating your base. >> reporter: robert mueller could testify as early as next wednesday. donald trump pardons and army lieutenant convicted of murdering a suspected terrorists in iraq. he says he shot and killed an al qaeda prisoner in self-defense in 2008. prosecutors argue he opened fire in retaliation because he thought the prisoner set off a bomb that killed two american soldiers. he was released on parole after serving 5 years over concerns of how the court handled his claims. chelsea manning asking to be released from jail, manning was put behind bars in march for contempt, you may remember that after refusing to testify in a grand jury probe into wikileaks, and nothing will convince her to betray her beliefs. manning spent 7 years in prison for leaking the government
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documents to wikileaks back in 2010. ice unveils a new program allowing local police to detain illegals even if sanctuary policies bar them from doing so as part of the warranty service officer program agents will have 48 hours to transfer detained migrant into custody after being arrested by trained local offices, the program is to keep dangerous illegal criminals off the streets. the aclu calling it the latest game by ice to in this local police in its abusive deportation agenda. how about this? the controversial kentucky derby ending. it is heading to the courthouse. gary west, the owner of maximum security is suing the horse racing commission after denied his appeal after race officials said that it cut off other horses.
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the commission says all decisions are final. it is not his horses. >> when all is said and done, the evidence put on display frame by frame in slow-motion you will find the one horse that caused the infraction, not our horse. >> maximum security will not race in the preakness next week. big day for tiger woods, woods as a presidential medal of freedom to go with his green jacket. the golf star on it at the white house in any event he calls an incredible privilege. ray bogan takes us there. >> we were in the presence of a true legend. an extraordinary athlete who has transformed golf and achieve new levels of dominance and a great person. >> reporter: donald trump bestowing golf great tiger woods with the presidential medal of freedom.
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woods receiving the nation's highest civilian honor in the white house rose garden monday. surrounded by his family, his caddie and several lawmakers, fresh off his dramatic fifth when at the masters last month, putting on the same green jacket ending an 11 year major championship drought and his years long attempt at making a comeback fighting injury and problems in his personal life. >> i have battled, tried to hang in there and tried to come back and play the great game of golf again and the amazing experience i had a few weeks ago certainly, the highlight of what i have accomplished so far in my life, golf course. >> following the masters donald trump vowed to award him the medal of freedom. >> tiger woods is a global symbol of american excellence, devotion and drive.
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>> the 43-year-old is the fourth and youngest professional golfer to receive the high honor. woods and the president hit the links together several times, most recently in february at the trump golf course in jupiter, florida with fellow legend jack nicholas. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. daymac the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and democrats threatening to put william barr behind bars if he doesn't hand over documents on the report. but whose side is the lawn. jenna ellis calls it a total abuse of power by the dems and she joins us live up next. baby name mayhem. his royal highness has arrived but what will he be called. the top names swirling around social media.
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>> you have to have them lots of the most he agrees to participate. >> the chamber has an inherent power to compel a witness to testify, that includes arrests and even jail. >> the attorney general of the united states of america is not telling the truth to the congress of the united states. that is a crime. >> reporter: democrats threatening to hold william barr in contempt if he does not hand over unredacted mueller documents, they are meeting with jerry nadler today but whose side is the law on? joining me with expert insight is jenna ellis and congressman jerry nadler. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. strong words from a lot of folks saying throw him in jail,
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throw him in contempt, this is a crime, he lied to congress. what do you think? >> this is absolutely absurd and ridiculous abuse of power by the congressional house democrats. there is absolutely no legal basis for them to seek to compel bar's testimony when he is not under subpoena, he simply declined to volunteer to come in when chairman nadler changed the rule and it was unprecedented and inappropriate according to the doj spokesperson which is absolutely true. according to president of the house rules but then second, bar would be disobeying the law and breaking the law if he gave the fool unredacted report in the manner the democrats have asked for because let's remember he has to by law make certain redactions and he did that before he released the report to the public and congress can, members of congress can go in and read the
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fool unredacted report but they are trying to make a big deal of it, hold william barr in contempt and assassinate his character. this is something that is so far beyond the pale in these congressman who vote for contempt if they do should be immediately impeached for breaking their oath of office to go and act according to rule of law. daymac in terms of what was rejected, out of 400 some pages there were 12 pages total that were redirected and you mentioned just to be sure anyone on the judiciary committee, the house and senate can read it, they just can't take anything out after they read it. listen to what nadler had to say in terms of the meeting happening today. remains vital the committee obtain access to the fool unredacted report and the underlying materials. at the moment our plan to hold attorney general william barr accountable for failure to comply with the subpoena still stand. as you are discussing a couple
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issues here. they have a problem that he would not allow questioning from staff attorneys via the house judiciary committee and they have a problem with not meeting the deadline in terms of turning over the unredacted report but there is also three different areas where he could be held in contempt. >> the law does differentiate between three types of contempt, there is inherent contempt where we get the whole lock him up phrase going on which is congress's power to literally have them arrest william barr, hold him in jail until he agrees to testify. we seen that happen in other countries with journalists who refuse to reveal their sources. a very extreme example. that would be an unprecedented move we haven't seen since the 1800s and there's no inerrant obligation here when congress doesn't have this type of oversight power anyway but there is also criminal and
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civil contempt that would be more of the court process where congress would have to go in front of court and say that william barr committed a criminal offense that would have criminal sanctions -- >> which is what nancy pelosi is trying to say, that he lied to congress in answering questions to charlie crist out of florida. >> yes. what democrats are saying, he lied and using that term lying meaning they don't like what he said. they have no proof whatsoever of that, everyone can read the report, 7% of 448 pages were redacted and that according to law. they have no legitimate basis so to say they will hold him and criminal contempt simply for presenting the facts and saying this is what i did is just a political maneuver and would not hold water for the legal rules that would be sufficient for criminal contempt, no way they could
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prove that in a court of law. daymac we will see what happens today. love having you with us. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. mayor pete abca11 blasting the president and america. >> the past he is promising to return us to was never as great as advertised especially for marginalized americans. ibly20 the backlash is growing and hbo pouring out apology to game of thrones and after a starbucks cup has been seeming on social media. the top trending stories up next. ♪
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>> a fox news alert, live look at pope francis visiting the memorial of mother teresa in north macedonia in honor of her lifelong dedication to serving the poor. he made her a saint in 2016. the pope will say a prayer during his stop. he may be about to do that right now. the vatican saying he's planning to bring a message of peace, unity and diverse the to the small balkan nation, this is the first time that a pope has ever visited the country and we will continue to monitor that in north macedonia. back at home 2020 contender pete abca11 turning heads after making these comments about america.
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>> our current president targeted with a message saying we could find greatness by just stopping the clock and turning it back. that passed he is promising to return us to was never as great as advertised especially for marginalized americans. >> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 year with the online reaction. a lot of folks had something to say. >> mayor pete taking on donald trump's make america great against logan and his point was the president is living in the past and wants to make the future a better place. by criticizing the slogan some say are criticizing the history of the country which is why we see reaction like this, john says, greatest country in the world even better now, what country is better? we will wait. the statement automatically disqualifies him from office. another twitter user chiding in saying did we say perfect? know. we said great.
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to provide an opportunity for more individual greatness. donald trump said he might do i with make america great and go with keep america great so we might have from m aga to gag. i don't know. by the way, pete abca11 is not very original and what he is saying because this was said during the campaign as well. several democrats have criticized the m aga slogan, a more pessimistic outlook. >> i want to talk about game of thrones going viral because the starbucks cup. daymac it happened so quickly but those eagle eyed game of thrones and sent out a starbucks cup made it into the scene of one of the scenes on
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sunday's episode starbucks is quick to respond saying i was surprised she didn't order a dragon drink, that cashier is not ready to write the name on the coffee cup tab and include this picture with that tweet and check out this meme of amelia clark with her name written out and game of thrones responded saying news from the latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake, she had ordered an herbal tea. one expert said of starbucks wanted to pay for that product placement it would have cost $250,000 so that was something for free. i'm not sure it was 100% of starbucks with the hot cover. >> i see that as a saturday
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night live skit. a new member of the royal family. >> seventh in line to the throne, queen elizabeth's 8 great-grandchild, they have not picked the name yet but they are all over it. are there, alexander 6-1, albert 8-1, shane, philip and charles at 16-1 odds and one twitter user says his name, his royal excellency, lord edgar derby covington windsor, 14 earl of cornwall, 29th baron of hertfordshire. that sounds like something they might be interested in but the royal baby -- >> i know i name it will not be. megan michael's dad. >> probably not. but her mom was there, at her daughter's bedside and everybody doing well. thank you so much.
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the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and fox news on the front lines. you have to see this. the crisis at the southern border, border patrol agents rescuing migrants illegally crossing the rio grande. the ride along you will not see anywhere else and a former marine jailed in russia contacts his family for the first time in months, his twin brother joins us live.
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>> welcome back, you are watching fox and friends first. look at top headlines at this hour, suspected cop killer seen smiling after his arrest in mississippi overnight. darien atkinson is accused of gunning down a biloxi police officer who was standing outside police headquarters
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when he was ambushed. he was a 23-year-old veteran of the force who leaves behind a wife and four children. the doj agreeing to meet with the staff of the house judiciary chairman jerry nadler today is house democrats consider holding william barr in contempt of congress, the committee has been threatening him for in a rejected version of the mueller report. brian kemp such to sign a controversial hard the bill into law today. the legislation bans most abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. the measure includes exceptions for rape, incest and to save the life of the mother. current law allows termination procedures in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. today republican senators will hear the trump administration's new immigration plan at the white house, the proposal is expected to enhance security at the southern border, increase the number of migrant workers allowed in the us and lower the
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number of family members american citizens can sponsor. it is unclear when the plane will be released. fox news was at the border as agents risked their lives to save migrants raging waters of the rio grande and this is just a glimpse of what border agents do every day. watch. >> look, he's jumping in, they are getting ready. >> where will you intercept them? >> the minute they start getting into distress. >> you see a father - he is in the water, the baby has got the device on. >> are you going to come up the side? >> every day all time sun up to sun down when folks are in here they are doing this. many of them don't want to do it. there is a long way at the
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bridges. they can only process so many a day. they don't want to waste. >> you can't even in the water. daymac look at these numbers, new numbers show agents have arrested for 76,000 illegals at the border since october, 264,000 more arrests the same time a year ago. switching gears the case of paul wheeling growing more complicated. the american and former marine a lot of details on alleged spying charges spent 5 months in prison with little progress being made on his case but for the first time since leland was detained his family has made contact with him, 40 letters detailing the initial days of
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his imprisonment. where does this case stand now. his twin brother joins us with more. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. where does the case stand? what do you know? >> we don't know anymore than we did before, the russians haven't released any information about politics case. we only know what has been flowing through paul and those letters were a huge benefit to my parents who are both 80. they can hear paul. we have been receiving notes through paul's lawyer. paul believes the case has to do with efforts at corruption rather than any espionage. daymac what about those letters? has paul been able to read what you say to him? is he getting any information? >> it is a 1-way street. the letters came to my parents a week ago but paul is not receiving letters we sent to him.
1:37 am
it has been 5 months and he has not received those. when ambassador huntsman goes to speak to him and is not allowed to read letters we sent to paul a them allowed, he has only received a few letters from the american embassy staff? daymac what has ambassador huntsman communicated with him about? >> sound like nothing to communicate very much. some tweets coming out of the american embassy in russia sounds like they are not allowed to talk about his arrest, his case, his health, to ask whether he was given information about his right to remain silent. daymac what initially happens? he was at a wedding and took some folks on a tour of russian museums. >> he was in russia for a wedding to help a fellow in former marine and the russians arrested him at his hotel and
1:38 am
that is all we know in a few month later the russians haven't released any information to explain details about why they thought paul was the person they wanted so we think it has to do with the police and corruption more than anything to do with paul, nothing about paul. ibly20 this alleged flash drive he supposedly was handed and that is what they are hanging the case on. >> we don't know that from russian authorities, we only know that from press accounts and paul's lawyer so we don't have that information at all. daymac what happens next? >> we continue to wait and see. we hope mike pompeo in his conversations with the foreign minister will raise paul's case, paul has another detention hearing, it will be another opportunity for the russian authorities to perhaps a assess the fact they have no
1:39 am
case. all they can do is try to force a confession from paul. we hope that will be a great point. otherwise it will continue to go on. he will be kept in detention another 2 or 3 months and we will repeat the cycle ad infinitum which is unfortunate. as my parents get older they are less likely to see paul alive again the longer he stays in russia. daymac what about paul's health? >> we are concerned about that. the american embassy and canadian irish embassies into diplomat of note asking him to be seen by a private doctor and the russians haven't responded. daymac thank you for joining us. our prayers are with you and your family and we hope this is solved quickly, thank you. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. cory booker hanging low in the polls with this pitch about the second amendment.
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>> i will bring the fight to this issue in a comprehensive manner like the nra has never seen before. daymac is going after america's guns a winning strategy? we will talk about it.
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ibly28 cory booker unveils his plan to combat gun violence if he wins the presidential election. the democrat writing and part, quote, i'm sick and tired of hearing thoughts and prayers for communities shattered by gun violence was under the proposal the fbi would issue federal gun licenses to gunowners who pass a background check and gun safety course. the license would be renewable every 5 years. this would also been military style weapons and bump stocks. this presidential hopeful, joe biden, taking a huge lead in a
1:44 am
new paul, the former vice president jumping 32 points over bernie sanders and hill harris poll, nearly half of the democratic voters supporting joe biden for democratic presidential nominee, sanders at second with 14% while in the enemy europe eat abca11 follows behind with 8%. joe biden may be surging in the polls washington post political reporter says don't place your bets just yet because this all looks very familiar. >> in a very interesting way those numbers look very much like hillary clinton numbers in 2007 at this point come big lead in the national numbers, very tight in iowa in particular, not some site in new hampshire. it is understandable, former vice president did get a bump from his entry into the race. it is probably artificial as we have seen these go up and down before but the competition iowa
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and new hampshire will be very fierce and one thing that is interesting is bernie sanders's numbers are really down since 2016 when he was against hillary clinton. there is tension between those two campaigns and opportunities for others so it will be a battle. daymac joe biden hits the trailing henderson, nevada, a state that went to hillary clinton in 2016. fashion's biggest night taking over new york city, celebrities stepping into the spotlight at the annual met gail addressing to the theme of camp. lady gaga wearing not one but four four different outfits, starting off in a peek ballgown and stripping all the way to her underwear. katy perry making a bold
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statement with a chandelier inspired dress and jared leno turning edge, the actor holding a replica of his own head on the carpet and then this actress getting attention for various reasons channeling cinderella with a light up down. really cool. twitter having a field day with this colorful look, some concerned cinderella's stepsisters, they look pretty good. others say the sisters resemble santa, soda or snacks, hot cheetos as well. let's us know what you think. they look pretty good. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. pennsylvania lawmaker facing backlash over his call to incite hate against a woman outside planned parenthood, even told followers to show up at her home. the outrage boiling over.
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daymac welcome back to fox and friends first, more life pictures for you. the fox news alert, pope francis holding a public mass in north macedonia, the pope delivering a message of peace, unity and diverse city in the small balkan nation, this is the first time the pope has ever visited the country and you see folks welcoming him with smiles, happy to see him. earlier the pope visited the memorial of mother teresa, we show that in honor of her lifelong dedication to serving the poor, he made her a saint in 2016. happening in north macedonia, the pope making an appearance at offering prayers and a mass.
1:51 am
back at home, for more than a century new jersey kept a special fund to help families of fallen firefighters in times of need but now phil murphy wants to take $33 million from it to fund his own agenda. here to react is the president of new jersey firefighters benevolent association at donnelly, thanks for coming in. what is he thinking and how will this impact you? >> this was established 100 years ago for a specific reason, to take care of firefighters in their hardships in the worst times and it is a renders this administration is even considering this. >> and to what he had to say, governor murphy on the firefighters fund controversy. >> i hold them with our educators and other public servants up on a pedestal, we are very open-minded to sitting
1:52 am
with them on this but folks need to understand this fund has a fund balance 6 times the amount that it needs. daymac we have 38,000 active firefighters in new jersey and this fund goes to help pay medical benefits, burials am a what else? >> any hardship we encounter, we can go to this fund for belief. how you consider there and say it is overfunded, i don't know where his numbers are coming from. we will never be able to pinpoint how much money is needed. we've been good stewards of this fund for over 100 years. why does government take a look at how we managed this and prevent people from putting their fingers in it and taking this money and take a lesson from it. they should start acting like that. daymac one of the argument he is saying is there are local funds that would make up the missing money. >> the comptroller issued a
1:53 am
report, he made some recommendations, nowhere in that report did he say take the money that was coming into this fund annually and put it towards your budget to fill a budget gap. daymac ibly25 fighters, first responders all across the country do need to pay attention to what is happening in new jersey because it could happen to them as well and these folks putting their lives on the line to save our families, their families also impacted by this. how will this impact one firefighter's family? >> when sandy hit, 14 feet of water on my first floor of my house, i went to that fund and got relief from that fund. every penny that is there is there for a reason, to protect the men and women who are out there every day. a sacred fund.
1:54 am
daymac and so firefighters can and i with dignity. >> houses for firefighters, in the waning years of their life so they can spend the last months and years in dignity with other firefighters. that's where the money needs to go, not to fill the budget gap. >> this is just a plan, not set in stone yet. what can people do or what needs to happen? >> i'm confident -- i don't believe he can take this money. we have attorneys looking into how that can happen but i've gotten a ton of calls from our legislature which is up in arms. they can't believe we are even having this conversation. daymac thanks for bringing it to our attention, hopefully you will hear from some of them and we will be right back, stay with us.
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ibly28 democrat records himself arresting protesters outside planned parenthood clinic. brian sims shaming the pro-life woman for her beliefs. >> who would've thought of old white lady would be in front of planned parenthood telling people what is right for their body. shame on you for hiding your face at the same time you are shaming other people. shame on you, shame. if you know who this woman is, give me her address.
1:59 am
>> sims use the video to ask people to donate to planned parenthood. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. we begin with country music legend dolly parton honored for donating to victims of the 2016 gatlinburg wildfire. >> an honor for me to be recognized by the fbi. no higher calling than your mission to protect and serve. many thanks again and remember i will always love you. >> the fbi says she and the dollywood foundation gave $10,000 to each of the families impacted. now the bad. a swarm of bees forced an 18 minute delay to the start of the baseball game at the great american ballpark in cincinnati. derek dietrich emerging from the dugout in a beekeepers suit saving the day. and finally, don't how they had been on hand. the ugly. a bobcat in colorado found a
2:00 am
soccer net. wildlife officials sharing these photos, showing the animal suspended in the air. officials using this as a reminder, take your net down when not playing or that can happen. thank you for joining us. fox and friends first continues right now. goodbye. >> it is tuesday, may 7th and this is a fox news of. accused copula wanted for the chilling ambush of the mississippi officer overnight. >> what we learned about the 19-year-old who was all smiles as the community awaits justice. the crusade to find a crime in the mueller report continues and william barr remains the latest target. >> will democrats cave on their threats to hold him in contempt? live in washington. >> ladies and gentlemen.


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