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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 7, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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take it and go to camp. >> ring that bell. >> good job! >> bill: that's an active morning on fox square. top republicans following through on their push to investigate the obama-era investigators as we learn of potential new evidence that multiple individuals were leaking to the media as we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. if you prove this and prosecute it you could go to jail. how are you doing? >> julie: no pressure at all. i'm in for sandra smith. i'm julie banderas. it comes back to the fateful messages from strzok. they could indicate leaks from the highest level of the obama administration. >> bill: all that coming as the house judiciary committee continues their push to hold bill barr in contempt and
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mueller mania continues in washington >> they turn their wrath on attorney general barr. that's unfortunate. they have accused that man of doing everything from abandoning his children to wolves. >> department of justice policy you cannot discuss derogatory information against someone you did not indict. either indict or shut up. >> his letter that was then leaked on the very eve of bill barr's testimony was essentially, i believe, an unfair whiney complaint. that is to me the unforgiveable sin. he, bob mueller, badly injured this attorney general and the attorney general didn't deserve that. >> julie: kevin corke is live from the north lawn with the latest. >> you may know this. democrats had been invited to visit the d.o.j. wednesday after the expected vote looking for a possible compromise. as you know now, that meeting has been moved up to today.
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this is just the very latest in what is obviously a complicateed story that will likely end up with a contempt charge for the attorney general, if you believe jerry nadler, the house judiciary chair. he has been battling back and forth. you may remember his committee released a report citing barr for contempt of congress after the expiration of a second deadline to produce the full mueller report. keep those words in mind. full mueller report. barr also skipped a hearing before the committee last week. he has refused to produce the full report because there are materials in it that are subject to grand jury exclusion. but nadler is not budging despite the fact he knows it would be against the law for barr to release the underlying evidence if it is involved in a grand jury. he is pushing for it writing this. it remains vital that the committee obtain access to the full, unredacted report and the underlying materials. at the moment our plans to consider holding attorney general barr accountable for
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his failure to comply with our subpoena still stands. congressional democrats continue to ask for the president's tax returns but their latest request was rejected by the treasury department late yesterday. treasury secretary mnuchin said in reliance on the advice of the department of justice i have determined the committee's request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose. and pursuant to section 6103 the department is not authorized to disclose the requested returns and return information. you probably also have heard of that section 6103. that basically pertains to not just the returns themselves but who might have access to them. it is pretty broadly speaking pretty simple. you can't get access to those unless there is a very narrow specific reason. i want to share one more nugget of news we're following at the white house today. this is somewhat interesting. you mentioned this at the very top. it has to do with text messages
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and perhaps a bit of leaking. republican congressional leaders are calling for a new investigation of media leaks surrounding the russia probe. messages between former f.b.i. employees peter strzok and lisa page. it is believed hint that other government agencies may have been leaking to the press. and what's more the f.b.i. may have been aware. we'll be watching that one very carefully. don't forget 11:00 this morning we expect to see the president and first lady on that be best ceremony. we'll have that and much more. back to you. >> bill: the race for the white house. joe biden surging in recent national polling. the former vp's support doubles that of his closest competitors. 39%. how does the trump team see it? ronna mcdaniel, chairman of the rnc. do you see joe biden as a
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frontrunner? >> a temporary runner. he is well-known around the country. he has not faced any tough questions and certainly hasn't hit the debate stage with the other 20 candidates that are going to be gunning for him. i think the real question is joe biden is going to have to answer for the failure of the obama/biden administration. i think especially on foreign policy. we have seen recently joe biden has no understanding on foreign policy when he says that china is not a competitor of ours. we already saw many missteps through the obama/biden administration calling isis the j.v. team and he said don't go after osama bin laden. we saw inaction with syria when they cross had that red line. we saw their inaction on the russia meddling. biden doesn't have a great record when it comes to foreign policy and that among many other things will be vetted through this process. >> bill: he has an impressive
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lead at the moment. long way to go we can concede that. now we played this clip from hillary clinton that was spoken over the weekend. we played it yesterday a couple of times and i want to revisit it for a moment and get your reaction to the following as she reflects. >> as i've been telling candidates who have come to see me, you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee, and you can have the election stolen from you. [applause] >> bill: what do you think of that? >> i think it's shameful. it is sad that hillary clinton cannot accept the loss that she brought on upon herself. i was the state party chair in michigan. she never traveled to our state. she didn't go to wisconsin one time during that election. she was a failure of a candidate running on a failing message. and donald trump talked to the american people and he said guess what? i'm going to raise wages, i'm going to get our gdp and economy going and bring back manufacturing jobs. he has done all those things
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despite a democrat party that for two years has shrouded his presidency under investigation after investigation and prevented him from being as successful as he could have been. imagine if he had a party that we'll work with you to help the american people. imagine all the things he could have done. >> bill: i didn't hear a fact or evidence that came from the comment. she said it and feels that way. if you go to the "new york times" earlier today they have a piece out today, in biden's campaign style some hear echoes of clinton. let's see where it goes. the sizable lead is something that gets a lot of attention. will you try and make this campaign an issue against socialism? if joe biden is the candidate, he is not the best messenger for socialism, right? >> well, we haven't seen him answer a lot of tough questions yet. we have to get where he is on the single payer, medicare for all, free college education.
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the democrat party is definitely going down the path of socialism and government takeover of our primary functions. this case will be the economy, economy, economy, period. when you have five million jobs created under president trump, over 3% gdp and wages growing and the lowest unemployment for african-american, hispanics and asians and women. i don't know how the democrats can say we'll make a better case to get the cone me humming when president trump has done so well. socialism is not the answer. >> bill: we have a year and six months to go. a lot can happen in that time. you would admit that as well. thank you for your time today. ronna mcdaniel, head of the rnc in washington, d.c. we'll talk again soon. thanks. >> julie: a big meeting at the white house today. senate republicans will hear details on president trump's soon to be released immigration
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plan as ice announces a new program to let local police act as immigration officers. william la jeunesse is live at our los angeles bureau. let's start at the border. what exactly is happening there? >> julie, i just came back from a week in south texas where you have an open border in that one sector, a new migrant is crossing the border illegally every minutes. 1400 a day. in the last 10 days 33,000 apprehensions in 10 days. 1.2 million a year and hundreds more don't get caught. the difference in 10 years ago these people are not being deported. mostly it's economics. make $5 a home or $15 an hour in the u.s. messaging. what friends, family, the president are telling people in central america, asia, africa, we can't hold you. paralysis in congress means anyone with a heartbeat and desire for better life can cross the border and the u.s.
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can't hold you. >> our capacity issues are so bad and so overwhelmed that priority one for us now is getting them out of custody. >> the border patrol released 24,000 illegal immigrants into el paso texas, 8500 in san diego where gavin newsom wants to expand taxpayer funded medical care. >> julie: how the administration trying to get around pressure from sanctuary cities and political pressure from the left? >> so every day criminal aliens are being released from jail only to commit new crimes. in most cases sheriffs who run the jails oppose that but have no choice. sanctuary policies prohibit them from holding or honoring ice detainers. yesterday ice rolled out a new program designed to get around sanctuary laws. deputies would serve a type of
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federal warrant mandating that criminal alien inmates be turned over to ice within 48 hours of their scheduled release. >> this is a voluntary program that we worked out with the national sheriffs association. a tremendous partner of ours. sheriffs can sign up for this program and get training and their deputies will be authorized to execute and immigration warrant at the direction of an ice officer or super viceor. >> this comes as some cities are trying to protect more criminal aliens by reducing their sentence from 365 to 364 days. meeting at the white house as lawmakers try to put legislation language what the president wants on his immigration policy. >> julie: thank you very much. we'll have much more on all this with national border patrol council vice president art del cueto. he joins us at 9:40. >> bill: the battle over trade continues with china. the president said china is not playing fair and america will
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no longer take it. what is the next move and what does it mean for working americans. >> julie: what the iran rogue regime was planning against military in the region and ilhan omar sparks new reaction after her comments. >> bill: suspected cop killer captured hundreds of miles away from the murder scene and his reaction will stun you. >> it's been a long couple of days. these officers have spent some of them up for 38, 40, 44 hours. we thought it fitting for them to be here and see the arrest.
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>> julie: fox news alert from mississippi where a suspected cop killer has been arrested in biloxi. the 19-year-old, seen here, as he was walked off in handcuffs. he is accused of shooting officer multiple times in the police station parking lot on sunday. he was a veteran of the force and planning to retire at the end of the year. >> bill: wow. reports of threats to u.s. troops in the region, a fragile cease-fire holding for the moment between israel and gaza after the worst violence in years. a lot of action in this part of the world. the president of the islamic forum for democracy dr. zuhdi jasser. how do you think the deployment of ships is deterrent?
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>> there was credible intelligence as secretary pompeo reported that there were threats against our military be it folks stationed in syria, iraq or elsewhere. so as iran continues to be squeezed. they'll be more lethal and dangerous. huge domestic problems with the revolution. economic sanctions, the response is perfectly appropriate for us to roll the u.s.s. lincoln in there and tell them we mean business. it is not an act of war. we're simply deterring them from the threats that were credible intelligence that they were threatening our troops. they have threatened in the region trying to increase belligerence through hezbollah law and their surrogates continue to be active as we talk about with the palestinians. we're basically sending a warning that they cannot threaten our troops. >> bill: this is a 180 compared to the obama administration.
6:18 am
there are 700 rockets fired into israel. do you think iran had a connection to that? what do you think? >> not only do they have a connection. it amazes me the read the reporting on the left how much truth they're ignoring. the traoulgt was friday night a jihad sniper shot at an israeli soldier wounded him. palestinians which make no mistake hamas, p.i.j. begins the fight, hamas starts sending in rockets on saturday and israel had to to respond. even the use of the term cycle of violence is absurd. a liberal democracy defending itself and terrorists in -- it is not occupied territory, it is run by hamas. they began a cycle.
6:19 am
i don't think it's coincidence this started on ramadan. they try to sort of enrage and radicalize their community. >> bill: worst rocket attack since 2014 as i mentioned. you have to go back five years. you mention ilhan omar. she sent out this tweet. how many protestors must be shot, rockets must be fired, little kids must be killed until the endless cycle of violence end. the status quo of occupation and humanitarian crisis in gaza is unsustainable. what do you think of that? >> if she truly is about universal human rights and humanitarianism there is no cycle. this is started and can be ended by hamas's terrorist actions. they are throwing rockets into civilian neighborhoods, at schools and elsewhere. palestinian islamic jihad started this. my question to her is if she
6:20 am
cares about muslim civil rights and humanitarianism call for them to stop the violence and call for an arab spring in the palestinian areas against their tyrants, hamas and call for new peaceful leadership. as she said a few days ago, bill. her hero is angela davis and her idol was lenin. she uses talking points that come from the communist and islamist ideology and unfortunately there is nothing that israel and america can do right. no matter what terrorists like hamas do she will continue to talk about them. >> bill: nikki haley said so what should be done about hamas? they're the ones behind all this. dr. zuhdi jasser, thank you for your time. thank you for your input today, appreciate it. >> julie: we are learning a lot more about the young american killed in that fiery moscow plane crash. the latest on the investigation
6:21 am
and who this young man was. >> bill: there is more fallout from the derby. officials now denying an appeal from the owners of maximum security. that's not the end of the story. what that owner is prepared to do now to fight for victory. >> if they're talking about the one horse, the one horse didn't even claim an objection. the one horse was totally irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. what makes these simple dishes the best simple dishes ever?
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6:25 am
other horses in the turn. the owner is pinning the blame on another horse will to win which ran from the number one post position. >> i think when it's all said and done and all the evidence is put on display, frame by frame in slow motion, you will find that the one horse actually caused the infraction, not our horse. the 1 horse if they would have finished ahead of our horse we would have had every right in the world to claim an objection against the 1 horse. >> bill: three days later and still talking about it. he blamed organizing with staging the race with 20 horses. typically you get 20 horses to start in the kentucky derby every year. >> julie: we haven't been able to show the video. we don't have the rights to that video. if we were showing that video over and over i think the controversy would be bigger. if people watched it over and over they could dissect whether
6:26 am
or not there was nothing really wrong there. >> bill: seldom have we seen so much reaction to a sporting event such as this. it will go on for some time. he is suing the state of kentucky. that's where he is bringing a suit. my guess is it won't go anywhere. >> julie: and he won't continue on. we're learning more about the young american killed in a fiery russian plane crash. a recent college grad was heading to northwest russia as a job as a fishing guide. the plane burst into flamed and killed 41 people on board. greg palkot has the latest on this tragic story. >> tragic indeed. more details about the american killed in that horrendous sunday crash of a russian plane and more details about the crash itself. as you noted 22-year-old jeremy brooks was a fly-fishing fanatic. he worked at a fishing store in sante fe, new mexico.
6:27 am
he guided fishing trips. he was well liked and yes, he was on his way to northwestern russia for his passion to do some angling up there before he died. he was one of at least 41 killed on the plane. it crashed shortly after take-off from moscow. there was a total of 78 people on board. five are still hospitalized. the investigation continues now into what caused it. weather or pilot error, the plane was forced to return to moscow after a half hour of flight and made a hard landing. it was full of fuel and thought it triggered that horrible fire. tales of herroism are emerging. a flight attendant tried to save their life and one tale of deadly lack of consideration. reports one guy blocked a lot of people trying to flee for their lives as he tried to get
6:28 am
his carry-on bag out of the overhead storage rack. i think that should be a tale for all of us in these situations. one final note, technical note. the plane is russian made and been in operation since 2011. it is used by a couple of international airlines, asian and mexican but no talk of grounding. maybe one of the biggest takeaways leave, don't go for your carry-on bag. back to you. >> julie: thank you, greg palkot. >> bill: a minute away, stocks open on wall street. futures headed lower. the trump team says china isn't playing fair and american workers can no longer accept that. >> julie: the house democrats refusing to back down from a vote to hold a.g. bill barr in
6:29 am
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6:33 am
big rally yesterday afternoon, right? we regained 400 points. that's what traders are thinking about a right now. they got sideswiped by that press conference mnuchin the treasury secretary had been telling everybody the deal was almost in the bag and then to have the president then say he would ratchet up tensions with higher tariffs sunday in tweets. that's why the big sell-off. today the reason the stocks are trading lower today is because it's clear that any resolution is going to take longer than anticipated. it is not going to be fast and not what the experts were saying it was going to be yesterday. there are lots of companies on the dow that rely on china for a big proportion of their sales. for example, caterpillar relies on china for 10% of sales, apple 20%. those stocks down 1.5% just this morning. and let's talk about how traders down here feel about the president's tweets. they know that anything he says
6:34 am
on twitter can move markets. they are used to that. having said all of that, one trader told me today that it would not be financial armageddon if these sanctions were to be raised on friday at 12:01 a.m. it will come sooner than you think i'll tell you that. they've expected this resolution will take longer than expected and affect a lot of companies but that's the focus right here on the floor today. trade, trade, trade, china, china, china. they are somewhat happy to hear that the chinese vice premier will visit thursday and friday to participate. that's good news. >> bill: we'll see who needs it more, u.s. or beijing? we were off 450 yesterday and came back strongly in the end. hang on. 217 but it is early. five minutes into trading. >> i think that both sides in
6:35 am
this are doubling down on stupid. i think that both sides need to sit down and negotiate what the administration can provide and what the house actually needs. >> julie: that is senator john kennedy on the escalating fight. never short for words, between the trump administration and house democrats over the mueller report. members of the house judiciary committee staff meeting with the d.o.j. today as the committee considers a contempt citation for attorney general barr. i can't help laugh. doubling down on stupid. that was funny. it made me laugh because i'm childish humor. will republican staffers attend? >> i don't know that we've been invited. we haven't -- i received that notice this morning. i received other communication but not specifically about this
6:36 am
meeting. it is breaking right now. >> julie: should they be invited and would you like to be there? >> i would love to be there. they won't let me be there that's for sure. but our staff -- questions whether our staffers should be allowed to come in. they should be. it will impact how we go forward. >> julie: if you were to be there or if republicans were to be invited as they should it seems, what would be the main sticking point you would want to ask if you were having that question? >> since it's all about the subpoena document, the unredacted mueller report, the question would be what basis do they have for let's say getting the grand jury information, making that unredacted? i would also want to know about the basically what i call the innocent bystander rule. you have people whose names are mentioned that otherwise wouldn't be mentioned. that's policy. you have policies and procedures. 95% of this report was already unredacted. what is it that they think
6:37 am
they'll get? i would ask mr. nadler, the chairman, why he hasn't bothered to look to see if there any value in that other 5%. that's been made available to him. he is hanging onto this as if it's the glory road to impeachment. who knows? he doesn't even know. he needs to probably go take a look and i would ask him pointedly have you gone down to look. it is valuable information for whatever your objectives are? >> julie: he said no, what is his explanation for not going down to look as you mentioned. >> so far it's been well, you know, it's unfair for me to see it and everybody else not to get to see it. that happens and he knows this, that happens all the time on this stuff. so it doesn't make any sense to me. he ought to be down there looking at it to see if there is a real basis to go forward and cause the consternation and
6:38 am
discord. >> julie: you wrote why are house democrats out to get a.g. barr. they're so worried the american people will find out what is not in the mueller report that they'll say and do almost anything. my question to you is if democrats are so worried about what is not in the mueller report, why are they then so eager for the entire thing to be released? >> well, because it becomes kind of a cause celeb. they get to go after the messenger, not the message. it distracts from the underlying body of work that mr. mueller did and as revealed in his report. that mueller report basically says there was no russian collusion by anybody on the trump campaign and also that there was no indictment for obstruction of justice which by the way that's what they do. they either indict or don't indict. they aren't supposed to make public commentary after that. it really undermines everything they've been putting all their eggs in one basket for for the
6:39 am
last two years. that's it, julie. >> julie: thank you so much, andy biggs. thank you very much for talking to us, congressman. appreciate you coming on. i hope you get that invitation. fingers crossed? >> i don't think so. >> julie: thank you so much. >> bill: master champ tiger woods got a very special honor. president trump awarded him with the congressional medal of freedom in the rose garden. thrilling victory at august last month. woods his 15th title and first major tournament victory in 11 years. >> president trump: tiger, we are inspired by everything you have become and attained. the job you've done is incredible. your triumph over physical adversity and your relentless will to win. >> i have tried to hang in there and come back and play the great game of golf again. i've been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to do it again. >> bill: he was he joins arnold
6:40 am
palmer, jack niclas and charlie sifford. he broke down barriers in the game of golf for minorities and tiger following in his footsteps. very cool. >> julie: the president is probably star struck to have him. he has tiger woods right there on the white house lawn. >> bill: good stuff. a democratic candidate questioning our country's greatness while taking shots at the president. >> president targeted with a message saying we could find greatness by stopping the clock and turning it back and making america great again. when that past that he is promising to return us to was never as great as advertised. >> bill: what do you think about that from mayor pete. the past is not as great as advertised. pete buttigieg tries to stand out. >> julie: a former patrol
6:41 am
agent, border patrol chief picked to lead ice as republican senators get set to hear the trump administration's immigration plan. all that and an exclusive firsthand look at the border crisis straight ahead. >> being fathers and mothers you look at some of the economic conditions and some of the things they've gone through. but it really takes a toll on you mentally and the agents as well. it is a struggle but that's what we're here to do. we're here to enforce the law. with a barbershop quartet? [quartet singing] bum bum bum bum... pass the ball... pass the rock.. ...we're open just pass the ball! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. yea. [quartet singing] shoot the j! shoot, shoot, shoot the jaaaaaay... believe it! geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> julie: it wasn't rain but bees that delayed yesterday's game between the cincinnati reds and san francisco giants. i would have had a heart attack if i was at this game. the bees swarmed home plate as the reds got set to take the field. fans had to move as the bees made their way into the upper stands. the second time this happened to these two teams. back in 1976 bees delayed their game for 35 minutes. i would have been out of there like flies on you know what.
6:45 am
>> bill: like a bee. >> julie: faster. >> bill: they wiped them out and moved them to the upper part of the stadium. >> julie: would you have stayed? bees freak me out. >> bill: reds won, by the way. >> this happens every day all the time from sun-up to sundown with the boats here. they're doing this pretty much non-stop. many don't want to wait. there is a long wait at the bridges. they can only cross so many a day. no matter what bridge they are, many of them get tired and don't want to wait and they jump on this flotation devices and try to come across. >> bill: border patrol agent on the job. fox news getting a firsthand look at the crisis. laura ingraham and her team showed us that during a special edition of the ingraham angle. republican senators go to the white house to learn what the immigration plan is from the
6:46 am
white house. art del cueto, thanks for coming back. fiscal year up to 414,000 border apprehensions. 2018 for the whole year you were only at 396,000. >> it is getting worse. >> bill: what will we hear from the white house? >> well, we're hoping to see that there is some change coming and that there is real sanctions against a lot of these individuals who are breaking our laws. obviously what they've been doing is just simply not working. you guys have heard it many times before. we have a lot of individuals that are crossing into the united states with children claiming they're the parents, some of them are. but a lot of them aren't. and that's a huge, huge issue, of course. we're seeing, you know, at least some people that are actually going to try to do some kind of change. something that people need to be aware of is a lot of these individuals that are crossing and the numbers are so high but these individuals are not being
6:47 am
detained. our detention facilities are so overwhelmed that we are releasing a lot of these individuals and one thing that people need to really be aware of is how many of these folks will actually show up to the immigration court. last night a lot of you got to see -- a lot of you got to see last night something we've been seeing for months and months now. >> bill: i apologize for the interruption. here is the acting director matt all bin. listen to what he said about the smuggler's game. >> the first thing we need to do is close the loopholes and change the outdated laws. we know that these smuggling organizations are recycling children and using these children over and over again because the adults that they're coming with who aren't their parents know they'll be released. >> bill: i know you know that. how do you stop that? >> we've been seeing it. what's amazing to me is we
6:48 am
still have individuals today and politicians that are so angry at one particular person, that person being the president, that they choose to turn a blind eye and ignore that there is a problem. well, you know, it's not just americans that are suffering. a lot of them are these children that are coming across. by turning a blind eye you are allowing that to happen. >> bill: we believe some of what is involved in the plan is the following, enhanced security at the southern border. increase the number of migrant workers allowed in the u.s. and you lower the number of family members that american citizens can sponsor. what do you make of those ideas just in a broad sense? >> i think it shows different areas that definitely need to be looked at. we need some help in. at the same time, you know, none of us are against immigration. we're against illegal immigration. and a lot of the lingo and the
6:49 am
talk about it being a racial issue has gotten pretty old. we aren't racist. no one is racist and we aren't against immigration. we're all for a legal way to migrate into the country. i've said it many times before. people need to be vetted. i vet you before i allow you inside my house. no difference with our nation's borders. >> bill: jared kushner is in charge of a lot of these new ideas and see what we get later today from the white house and their ideas. thank you for coming back on our program. >> julie: a scary new study out just in time for summer, why the fda is now saying that sunscreen gets into your bloodstream after just one day. dr. siegel is on call next. and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call
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6:52 am
>> julie: today's big vote in
6:53 am
denver. you won't believe this one. setting up the mile high city for another first. magic mushrooms on the ballot. voters will decide on decriminalizing it. the initiative seems and seeks to deprioritize criminal penalties for personal possession and use of the psychedelic mushrooms. here with me now dr. marc siegel. professor of medicine at nyu and fox news contributor. i grew up and never touched the stuff. i remember people doing it. i thought it was scary and dangerous. i've seen people on them. why would any city try to legalize the stuff? >> here is what's changed. it is schedule 1 under the dea. that means it is believes to have no medicinal value. we've been learning the last few years medical marijuana has a use, a study about a year ago in 19 -- in 2018 showed that it
6:54 am
actually decreases resistant depression by 47%, a study in nature, an important jurn am. it works for depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder. it seems like our veterans coming back from the war have some positive impact from this. >> julie: there is definitely no underscore on the fact it can be helpful to people but also can be serious and it can be abused. that's the question of whether or not you make it legal for medicinal purposes but if you're found to have it on your possession and not using it for medicinal purposes you should be penalized, should you not? >> i'm more on the side of the libertarians in denver. it is not just the left saying it. the libertarians are saying should we be locking people up for this? i'm okay for decriminalizing it. >> julie: would you like your kids to be caught with it?
6:55 am
>> absolutely not. if you don't have regulated use by a physician for anxiety or depression you are dealing with a situation where it can go out of control. that's what's happened in denver with marijuana. i want it to be prescribed only. >> julie: i want to ask you about sunscreen. nothing new. there is a new study that talks about how sunscreen gets into your bloodstream. takes 24 hours. four different ingredients that the fda recommends should not be beyond certain levels that could become toxic. some are cancer-causing ingredients. >> let me tell you the problem. we used to think of sunscreen as the white cream that you put all over yourself, zinc oxide. people don't like how it looks so we've gone more in the direction of chemicals and one oxy been zone is the one you are talking about. the center for drug evaluation research has a new study out in the journal of the american medical association. over 24 hours there is 50 more
6:56 am
times of this chemical and it can lead to fertility issues, less sperm. people are most worried about it for endome tree owesis and fertility. skin cancer being number one in the country for cancer, use your sunscreen. use your sunscreen. >> bill: thank you, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will appear a moment from now. he will have strong things to say. republican lawmakers pushing to investigate the investigators. the a-team is coming up at the top of the hour. come on back. when did you see the sign?
6:57 am
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can lift you right up. flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. >> bill: fox news alert now. top republican senators pushing forean investigation into investigators after we learn top obama officials were leaking to the media. that's a no no and if you get caught it's trouble. i'm live in new york, how are you doing? >> julie: ready for hour two? day two out of five. let's go. we have a couple more in our belt. i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. rampant leaks to the media may have come from the other intel agencies. now their watchdog is facing calls from two top gop senators to get to the bottom of it. >> bill: catherine herridge picks up live in d.c. now. good morning.
7:01 am
>> in a new letter to the intelligence community's internal watchdog ron johnson and chuck grassley want an investigation based on text messages between peter strzok and f.b.i. lawyer lisa page. in a december 2016 text a month after the election strzok tells page think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. they're kicking into overdrive. sisters is typically code for the c.i.a. the agency is not explicitly named. a c.i.a. spokesman referred reporters to the office of the inspector general. and in an april 2017 email strzok comments on a media reports that british spies had an alleged link between russia. i believe the agency got a lot of info earlier than we thought and hasn't shared it completely with us. might explain the weird seemingly incorrect leads all the media folks have. highlight agency a source of some of the leaks.
7:02 am
fox news first reported they talked about targeting the vice president's office during the transition seeking to leverage pence's chief of staff whose wife worked for strzok. the chief of staff said there was no infiltration of that office. last night senator ron johnson, one of the two senators to write the letter the leaks were like an echo chamber reinforcing the anti-trump story line. >> to have agencies, the united states government leaking stories that would indicate that might be the case and creating this incredible narrative that has really taken 18 months to get to the bottom of the fact there was no story there. >> attorney general william barr recently testified to congress that there are multiple criminal leak investigations underway. as you know the justice department inspector general michael horowitz has been looking at the leak issue for over a year since he released the f.b.i. and d.o.j. report into their activities during the emails. it is worth going back to that
7:03 am
report. there are a number of charts, link analysis charts goes to the level of contact between senior f.b.i. executives and reporters. that's the subject of these leak investigations, bill. >> bill: thank you. a-team is ready to roll. jessica tarlov fox news contributor. david avella chairman of gopac and tom bevan editor of real clear politics. multiple criminal leak investigations take us where. >> the i.g. report is as important in the mueller report. will we find out was the obama administration, how politicized did they make the justice department? and indications are it was pretty political over there and really is it that surprising given that eric holder left the justice department to now go run an organization dedicated to defeating republicans at state and local level, to take back state legislators and try to give democrats an unfair
7:04 am
advantage? >> bill: mitch mcconnell is on the floor of the senate. a stinging response to the mueller matter. we'll bring it to you. in the meantime has he gone yet or not? he is not there yet? okay. thank you. jessica, your turn. >> so i have no problem with investigating the origins of the mueller probe or how it all got started. we know about george papadopoulos and the number of people in the trump campaign that lied about ties to russians and have the mueller findings. i think you can have a more honest two-prong track about this. talk about the findings of the mueller report and also talk about these text messages or what might have been illegal leaks going on. both parties are guilty of leaking as well. we have seen that. >> bill: the problem is when you get caught is the issue.
7:05 am
multiple leak investigations. punishable by jail. >> i don't have a problem about that. we need to bifurcate these two issues. this is what the mueller report found and this is what is going on with the investigators. >> julie: what i would like to hear is the intelligence community talking about an honest conversation about the fact there were internal text messages that indicate a wider spread problem and a bias. that's an honest conversation that needs to be had. >> i would actually like to see trump do what he said he would do, declassify everything. the american people deserve to get to the bottom of it. they should hear from bob mueller before congress but we need to get to the bottom of this and the i.g. report will be important. i think the investigations that attorney general barr will conduct. trump promised to declassify it. i wish he would so we could see it. >> bill: michael horowitz is the inspector general. four to six weeks from now for the report. david says it's more important
7:06 am
than the mueller report? >> given what we found with the mueller report. the fact there was no collusion and it was a narrative spun over the course of two years it is important to go back and look at how it got started, the fisa visas that may or may not have taken place and potentially how that narrative was fed through to the media. >> bill: bill mcgurn says plainly mr. nadler can't get donald trump. instead of calling off a political hanging he will try to string up the attorney general. is barr is target? >> they want to do anything they can to keep the focus on the mueller report so we talk less about the i.g. report. julie's question got to the center of this. was there a culture in the obama administration justice department to go after political enemies? the more information we get the more you think it is whether it's loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton to protect hillary clinton, whether it be the strzok and page trying to use the system to get after donald
7:07 am
trump and put spies and what's the word i'm looking for her, wiretap him. was the justice department used for political gain? indications are it was. >> i don't think that's fair whatsoever. when you see what bill barr did when he came out with a four-page summary of the mueller report. bob mueller sent a letter to bill barr saying the context and substance of what has happened does not accurately reflect what is actually in this report. when you have bill barr giving an advance copy to the white house, when you have him coming out and talking about the mueller report on the day of the release hours before he gave it to journalists so he wouldn't face tough questions bit. >> bill: jessica makes that point. i go back to bill mcgurn. if democrats really want to know more why hasn't a single one bothered to read it? if mr. nadler is not interested in the mueller report's redactions, what is he interested in spectacle.
7:08 am
they offered the leadership of the committee to read it. three people showed up and they were all republicans. >> people showing up and people reading something are very different. 3% of the american public read it. >> bill: three republicans showed up to read the mueller report. >> are you alleging that democrats did not read the mueller report. >> the unredacted version that barr made available to committee chairmen and members. >> julie: he said nadler has not gone down to read it. >> lindsey graham said it in his opening remarks in the senate. he saw this and he said i don't know why they redacted it. it didn't add anything to the narrative. what jerry nadler is doing in the house is all about show and spectacle. barr sat before the senate and asked tough questions. he could have sat before the house with the constraints that
7:09 am
nadler wanted staff to question attorney general. having staff sit down and question the attorney general. members were welcome to question him. he was going to go to that committee. it's not fair to say barr isn't willing to answer questions. >> he answered questions. the house spent more time talking about the mueller report than asking him questions about the budget of what he wants to do with the justice department. >> bill: ken starr talked about i don't know how to characterize it other than to say whiney. here is ken starr. >> his letter that letter that was leaked on the eve of bill barr's testimony was an unfair, whiney complaint when he wasn't saying that the letter, the march 24th letter from bill barr that summarized the conclusions that he was ob
7:10 am
liejd to do. he had to do what he did. here comes bob mueller with this letter which is then leaked. that is to me the unforgiveable sin. >> bill: the point of all that is once barr received the letter he knew it would be made public at some point. it happened the night before his testimony. and that's when barr testified that he called up mueller and said bob, what's the problem? just pick up the phone and call me. barr knew this would go public. >> he knew it would go public. if you want to know what barr thought about the mueller report, read his summary that he gave. he made it clear what he believes about this. there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the russians and there is nothing that leads to an obstruction of justice charge. we know that. that came out in the summary. >> there were 10 cases for obstruction of justice laid out there. 500 former prosecutors have signed onto a letter saying if it wasn't a president he would
7:11 am
be charged with obstructions. provable conspiracy. what bill barr did when he lied in front of congress after being asked -- >> he lied? >> nancy pelosi said it. i'm saying it. >> oh, that makes it true. >> chris van hollen asked him do you know about bob mueller's feelings about this? he already received the letter from bob mueller that made it clear how bob mueller felt about it and he said there is no problem. moving on and he came back and contradicted his testimony when he was there last week. that's what democrats want to pick apart here. >> bill: the question had to do about mueller's associates and barr hasn't spoken to any of them. david, jessica, tom, spirited, i appreciate it. >> he is a temporary frontrunner. he has gotten a bounce because of name i.d. because he just launched his campaign. he is well-known around the
7:12 am
country. i think the real question is joe biden is going to have to answer for the failure of the obama/biden administration. >> julie: brand-new reaction from rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel as a crowded democratic field takes shape for 2020 with former vice president joe biden as the early frontrunner. peter doocy has more from our bureau in washington >> joe biden doesn't have barack obama's endorsement but that isn't stopping him from bringing up barack obama every chance he gets. >> i heard you playing a tape of my buddy. my buddy, i shouldn't be so casual. president of the united states barack obama. >> biden's high name i.d. translates to a 20 point advantage of national polls. the advantage disappears in the early states where for months primary and caucus goers are getting to know lesser-known candidates. biden is up just 4 and in new
7:13 am
hampshire biden is up a real clear average of 1. there are stories about slip-ups the strong frontrunner has made like the bloomberg report that he told fundraisers he was on the phone with margaret thatcher talking about her concerns with president trump. the problem being margaret thatcher passed away long before president trump got elected. he said he was talking about theresa may. other democrats aren't going after biden so far. the closest has come from bernie sanders. >> joe is a good friend of mine and i'm not here to attack joe. joe voted for the war in iraq. i led the effort against it. joe voted for nafta and trade relations and trade agreements with china. i led the effort against that. joe voted for the deregulation of wall street. i voted against that. >> biden maintains his status as the democratic frontrunner despite declining to talk very much about pollz. he says that
7:14 am
can wait for the debate stage. that's not until the end of next month, julie. >> julie: peter doocy. thank you very much. >> bill: u.s. cranking up the pressure on iran. >> julie: all right. >> what we've been trying to do is to get iran to behave like a normal nation. >> bill: house armed services committee member mac thornberry is here and we'll talk to him about that. >> julie: new details about the case of a missing girl whose stepdad tells police she was kidnapped during a carjacking. meanwhile the desperate search continues. >> please, i just want to find my baby. i just want to find. help me find her, please. help me find her. address my fellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country
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>> julie: the search for a 4-year-old texas girl intensifies at this hour as new reports come out she had recently been returned home by child protective services following abuse allegations. she disappeared last friday. stepfather saying she was abducted by three carjackers. he claims they knocked him unconscious and kidnapped his
7:19 am
son and him and malaya. her mother is pleading for help. >> anything helps. anything helps. it is greatly appreciated. i mean that from my heart. i mean that with every bit of me. >> anyone with information is urged to call the police. >> we have continued to say activity that leads us to believe there is escalation that may be taking place and so we're taking all the appropriate actions from a security perspective as well as our ability to make sure the president has a wide range of options in the event something should take place. >> bill: new intelligence warnings about iran targeting american interests in the middle east triggering the decision to send more military power to the region. the u.s.s. lincoln strike group brought the fist of the fleet
7:20 am
in a dramatic show of force. our headliner ranking member of the house armed services committee mac thornberry. what do we need to understand about these threats from iran about the potential for an attack? >> it sounds like there was some specific intelligence information which led to the speeding up of the deployment of the carrier. number two, iran is active throughout the region. we don't know whether this is iraq, syria, lebanon, yemen, iran -- iran is active in a variety of places, a carrier is a powerful symbol of u.s. power and it can be flexible wherever iran may attempt to act. >> bill: you think tehran listens to this and pays attention? >> they have to. it is an enormous amount of military power on their
7:21 am
doorstep. they have to pay attention to the fact that it is there. now, they are still making a calculation all time what can we get away with? they are always testing, pushing the limits. so they are balancing things here but they can't ignore it. >> julie: secretary pompeo speaking on the iranian threat making it clear the united states isn't playing games. >> any time we receive threat reporting, things that raise concerns, we do everything we can both to do all we can to make sure that those planned or contemplated attacks don't take place and to make sure we have the right security posture. the american people should know we've done that. >> julie: u.s. officials said it is unclear whether the new intelligence indicated that operations tehran was planning on carrying out imminently or preparations in the case of a u.s. strike. let me ask you what would iran be preparing for exactly if they were going to be preparing for anything? >> well, we don't know the
7:22 am
details. that's -- any time you get intelligence information it's a fragment. it just gives you part of the story. so there is concern iran could take action -- either i ran could take steps against the united states or service members in the region. they could be preparing a variety of different kinds of attacks and that's the reason making sure we get the carrier in the region ahead of time is important. people ought to know, however, that there has been a gap when we didn't have a carrier in the persian gulf because we don't have very many of them. so that gets back to congress's job to make sure that we have the military capabilities so any president has the tools available to deal with a change. >> bill: ilhan omar has been critical of the situation with israel and gaza and some connected the rocket attacks to over the weekend to iranian influence. she said this about the president. this is a president who has
7:23 am
come to power -- he proudly said we should halt muslims from entering our country. not a surprise he finds his biggest nemesis in me. >> there is competition about democrats to get more notoriety by being the primary opponent of the president. most democrats in congress wouldn't agree with that statement. they know the rockets have killed innocent israelis. what is concerning is whether this is coordinated with iran or whether iran is taking advantage of the situation, or the people in gaza are taking advantage of the situation. it seems like threats are escalating against us, against israel and we have to be prepared. >> bill: when congresswoman omar speaks with words like that do you believe it's only
7:24 am
for attention? >> i believe -- i believe she believes it. but i also think there is a competition going on to get further and further out on the extremes to draw attention to herself. now, but i do not believe she reflects the vast majority of democrats or republicans in congress when she makes statements like that. >> bill: on venezuela, juan guaido says military intervention on behalf of the u.s. might be necessary. will it? >> i hope not. it should not. the important thing to remember about venezuela is there are thousands of cubans there that are basically controlling things. i believe that juan guaido would already be acting as president of all of venezuela if the cubans have not been present. they're the security forces and making sure the military stays in line. how this foreign intervention
7:25 am
from cuba, a few russians in there as we know. how that plays out i think is going to be the key. >> julie: i would say many would say it would be a big mistake if the united states got involved in venezuela. it is not a military fight we should be in. >> i think we should be very careful about direct military engagement and about where that might lead. but i also believe it is very important you don't say what you will never do because we want the pressure to be on maduro and the cubans who are there propping him up. the truth is, the cubans need to let the venezuelan people decide this. if they do none of us have to get involved. >> bill: how concerned are you with chairman kim testing short range missiles over the weekend? >> i'm concerned. because we've seen the lengths to which he will go in nuclear and missile tests. and i think he is headed back down that path. this is a traditional north korean way to say don't forget about us. you've got to give us what we want or else.
7:26 am
and so they will do longer range, more provocative sorts of tests as we. i am concerned about that. the most important thing we can do is have strong military presence in the region so whatever he fires off we make the point we can shoot it down. now that takes the wind out of his sails. >> julie: he is trying to send a message to the president. no question that is exactly what his intention was. the message has been received. he knows what president he is dealing with. interesting to see. >> we can send a message back with more u.s. military power. >> bill: thank you for being here in person. mac thornberry. >> julie: a former army ranger with a clean slate after the president issues him a full pardon. details on the case ahead. >> mayor pete buttigieg. what he said and if he needs to clarify. the a-team is coming back for round two. >> what's going on in this white house is shocking and we
7:27 am
may well be underreacting. excuse me a minute...
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7:31 am
>> they told everyone there had been a conspiracy between russia and the trump campaign. yet on this central question the special counsel's finding is clear, case closed. case closed. >> bill: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell calling on democrats to end their push to keep the mueller and bill barr saga alive. the russia investigation was litigated for two years. it should be over. while that was happening the f.b.i. director christopher wray is testifying at a hearing. the democratic senator asked mr. wray a moment ago what he thinks about recent spying allegations leveled at the f.b.i. this is what he said today. >> do you believe that they are engaging in spying when they're following f.b.i. investigative policies and procedures? >> well, that's not the term i
7:32 am
would use. >> thank you. so i would say that's a no to that question. >> well, i mean look, there are lots of people have different phrases. to me the key question is making sure that it is done by the book, consistent with our lawful authorities. >> bill: we're monitoring this and as we get morehead lines like that we'll bring it to you from that hearing on the hill. >> julie: fox news alert. president trump pardoning a former army lieutenant convicted in 2009 of killing an iraqi prisoner suspected of being an al qaeda terrorist. lucas tomlinson has more from the pentagon. >> military court had sentenced former army first lieutenant behenna for 25 years in prison for murder in iraq. the appellate court expressed concern. press secretary sarah sanders
7:33 am
said about the pardon, mr. behenna's case has gotten a lot of support from the public and oklahoma. many sign a brief in support of his claims for self-defense claim. during his trial he acknowledged not transferring al qaeda prisoner to an ordered destination but instead took the man to a railroad culvert, stripped him and questioned him at gun point about a roadside bombing that killed two members of his platoon. behenna was 24 at the time and claims he acted in self-defense when the prisoner threw a chunk of concrete at him and reached for his weapon when the u.s. army officer killed him. the full pardon came hours after president trump hosted the west point football team at the white house. he was paroled. oklahoma state attorney general applauded the president's decision. first lieutenant behenna served his country with distinction,
7:34 am
honor, sacrifice and admitted to his mistakes, learned from them and deserves to move on from this incident. he told a local tv station he is grateful for president trump's act of mercy. >> julie: thank you very much. >> our current president targeted with a message saying we could find greatness by stopping the clock and turning it back and making america great again. when that past that he is promising to return us to was never as great as advertised. >> bill: pete buttigieg went there. campaign trail taking aim at the main slogan the president trump used to win the white house. bring back the a-team jessica tarlov, david avella and tom bevan. america was never perfect but we're working on it sounds better, doesn't it? >> i don't think it's a message -- it will appeal to democrats and rank and file of the base
7:35 am
but i don't think it will -- the idea it will be a winning general election message. trump's message make america great again was aspirational to a lot of voters. they wanted to see america come back and so democrats have to contend with that. but i don't think by saying america was terrible and we had all these problems in the past and trump wanted to take us back to slavery and jim crowe, i don't think most americans believe that. >> bill: never great as advertised. how will that look? >> mayor pete has a great logo and that's on the majority of cars supporting him. tom is right. there are certain things you say for the base and certain things you say for moderates and republicans who might have held their nose and voted for donald trump. mayor pete is running a centrist campaign. an indiana campaign. hanging around 7 or 8% in the polls and third and fourth position depending which poll you're seeing and right now all eyes are on how high biden can
7:36 am
go here. he had a much larger bump than was projected. you would think he could get a 10-point bump. now he is up to 20 ahead of bernie sanders. >> julie: let's put it on the screen to show people how good joe biden is doing. nationally 36.8%. in iowa in particular and new hampshire he is doing extra good. >> bill: he has a sizeable lead across the country. iowa and new hampshire are really close. which means here at the bottom you see what the margin is overall. i guess you could make the guess it's all who gets a medal in iowa. you get gold, silver, bronze, the only three who get attention. >> joe biden's victory will get taken away faster than maximum security's kentucky derby win and he will be out by south carolina as democrats focus on the race. as rank and file democrats look.
7:37 am
it's clear the enthusiasm for impeachment the democrats and tom steyer continues to stir, whether it be the green new deal, whether it's medicare for all. they are looking at democrats in complete contrast to donald trump. joe biden doesn't give them that contrast. and while -- >> julie: who does if he doesn't? >> as i've written in the "wall street journal." look at someone like kamala harris with a huge advantage now that california has moved up. >> julie: people's tax cuts. let's put up or actually play sound from kamala talking about how she wants to repeal the tax cuts. >> i am proposing that we change the tax code as follows. this will benefit the members of almost everybody who is represented here. i'll tell you how we'll pay for it. on day one we'll repeal that tax bill that that benefited the top 1%.
7:38 am
>> julie: no centrist, biden won't be good enough. kamala wants to take away tax benefits. is that what americans want to see? the money we've been enjoying every week in our salaries taken away? >> you can't repeal it on day one. >> julie: i think she means hypothetically speaking she wants to do away with it. >> their on replace and replace issue. going back to joe biden in the polls. bill, you had it right. a big national lead. wore paying too much attention to the national polls that biden is the frontrunner and has this thing in the bag. individual states are much closer. a lot of race to be run yet. we haven't gotten to the debate portion of the program. it will have a big effect on the outcome of the race. it is wide open. but biden hasn't -- if you look at past history, he hasn't fared well over time in presidential primaries. it is a different situation now. but joe biden has to prove. >> bill: here is what david
7:39 am
writes. joe biden will lose early and big. in the piece what a frontrunner can't endure is a rapid evaporation of his or her support. joe biden will be out of the race by the time the south carolina primary votes are counted. >> you have had three more states led by democrats who want a national popular vote. democrats ought to be called out on this. if they're for a national general election, how about a national primary day? why does iowa and new hampshire get undo influence in the democratic primary? if they're for a national popular vote in a general election why is a national primary day not acceptable for the democratic primary? >> i don't want to jump on that actually. i want to talk about south carolina. i don't think that's the case that certainly many frontrunners will be making. it is interesting i haven't heard of that before. to the point about joe biden in the lead if you look at the states the margins are centered
7:40 am
in iowa and new hampshire. south carolina he is further ahead of kamala. picked up key endorsements there last week as well as florida. i don't think it's just the establishment. the breakdown, it seems like people are becoming aware that older people vote. it's all about the millennial vote. democratic primary voters are 50 plus. >> julie: are you concerned obama isn't endorsing him? >> he might in time. the obamas said they would stay out for now. >> julie: thank you all. a-team. brand-new poll showing president trump's approval rating reaching new heights and besting president obama's approval from the same point in miss presidency. we'll bring that to you next. >> bill: the president facing off with china saying beijing isn't playing fair. how the trade war could affect american workers. the money man charles payne will explain. >> if we actually have a trade
7:41 am
war it will be bad for the whole world. and could be very bad depending on the extent of the war. newday usa helps veteran homeowners get cash
7:42 am
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7:45 am
call 1-833-844-6706 >> julie: a pair of journalists free after spending more than 500 days in prison in burrman. the reporters were originally sentenced to seven years for reporting on a government crackdown on an ethnic minority group. their arrest sparked and outcry from diplomats. the two men did not commit any crime according to reuters. >> bill: the dow taking a bit of a dip today. we saw this yesterday. trade tensions between china and the u.s. rising again. off 350 so far. well, charles payne is the money man. he is here to tell us what's going on. >> how is it going? >> bill: great kickback, you are down 400 and finish up 60. what's going on today?
7:46 am
>> same thing. getting close to the new friday deadline. president trump is not playing around. not one of the lines in the sand kicked around, erased or ignored. we're learning more about the details of this. apparently china in the last-minute switch wanted to move away from some of the promises they made around i.t. protection. one of the three things we need to get resolved with china. it's estimated they stole at least $200 billion of intellectual property every year. and so this is a massive, massive problem. and listen, they make a lot of money off of it. it is advancing their own global ambitions but unfair and has to stop. >> julie: what's unfair is to the farmers, the big losers is the american farming industry with the trade war. >> i'm glad you brought that up. trump's fight against china isn't what hurt the farmers. it is china's retaliation
7:47 am
against american farmers. it's unfortunate when people try to blame trump for that. if someone breaks into your house and you call the police and they retaliate by burning your car you don't want to fold to these folks. we need to also ask big business america, corporate america are they down for this fight? are they willing to help or do they want to continue to kind of play indicate? when i read these headlines in the journal or chamber of commerce, tariffs only hurt the american consumer. is there any product out there you would pay 25% more for tomorrow? if we go 25% tariffs on friday there is not a single product out there that any american business would sell. that means that businesses have to take the hit. that means it will hurt their margins. when they put this out there they're being disingenuous. this is a war, a fight. put some skin in the game, big business. this is why we have the situation in america right now where people are pushing back
7:48 am
against these large corporations that have billions for buy backs but don't want to put skin in the games in the fight of our lives. we're in the fight of our lives right now. >> bill: trump's china brinksmanship. if you read the piece they make the case for both sides. who has more to lose, charles, the united states or china? >> from the trade war or not fighting the trade war? right now china is in a worse economic position than we are without a doubt. and we are stronger. we just posted a 3.2% gdp growth. wages are growing up. we're so much stronger right now but china but we have the most to lose if we don't fight back at this moment. we could lose everything. >> julie: the trump approval rating i have to bring up a new poll. his job approval rating hitting a high of 56% from april 17th to april 30th.
7:49 am
our economy isn't being hit that badly as far as the trade war and tariffs. nonetheless our economy is doing excellent and the main message. >> at the beginning of the earning season. corporate america, currency, wages, raw materials, weather, europe. number five was tariffs, right? wall street where they trade stocks make a big thing about this. great report out today. red states are seeing faster job growth than blue states for the first time in 70 years. one of the reasons president trump's approval rating is up he delivered. five minutes ago they reported in this country job openings 7.5 million. >> julie: i don't know how the democrats run against that. the tax cuts and jobs are up. charles, good to see you. the ftc reporting an uptick in a phone scam. people are getting one ring robocalls. why calling these numbers back
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> julie: the fcc is warning of a new phone scam to tell you about. one-ring robocalls often in the
7:54 am
middle of the night. carley shimkus and bret larson are here. they are annoying because they come in the middle of the night. if you get them back you get zapped. >> my grandma used to say call me when you get home and let it ring once so you get home. similar situation here. scammers are calling you letting it ring once. the thought being you'll pick up your phone and i'll call them back. then the number you are calling back is potentially a toll number which there is a phrase we haven't heard for 10 or 15 years and you end up getting whopd with massive telephone charges that they try to keep you on the phone for a while. similar to the 900 and 976 numbers we used to have where you could call for information. >> bill: people getting suckered. >> they may call you multiple times. >> bill: don't call back on the one ringers. carley, there was a coffee cup
7:55 am
that interrupted my "game of thrones". >> it didn't involve killing off your favorite character. a coffee cup spotted in the latest episode on sunday. >> bill: it was spotted. >> it was spotted. >> they posted this funny tweet about it saying the latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. he had ordered an herbal tea. a couple experts say if starbucks wanted to pay for this amount of publicity it would cost them upwards of a million dollars. this season is so expensive apparently each episode costs around $15 million to create. >> julie: they said it's a miracle this is all that's gone wrong with the props people because they have so much going on. >> so much going on. >> bill: i need one-word answers. do you watch? >> yes. >> bill: do you watch? >> no. >> bill: do you watch?
7:56 am
>> negative. >> julie: did you notice the coffee cup? >> if they have dragons, they can have starbucks, how about that? >> a starbucks on every corner. >> bill: i want whole milk, you want dragons, thanks guys. an alert right now. joe biden, can the frontrunner stay ahead of the pack? donna brazile, chris stirewalt and a cast of thousands join us at the top of the hour, come on back. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we know sooner or later...
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8:00 am
>> bill: fox news alert on a big meeting in the justice department. house judiciary meeting weighs a contempt say sigh indication against bill barr. bill hemmer and julie banderas. >> julie: good to be here. i'm here for sandra smith today and for the week. that meeting could happen any moment. house democrats invited to discuss a compromise. judiciary chairman jerry nadler says his committee should get the full unredacted report and underlying evidence. andy biggs on "america's newsroom" earlier. >> 95% of this report was already unredacted. what is it they think they'll get? i guess i would ask mr. nadler why he hasn't bothered to look to see if there is any value in the other 5%. that's been made available to him. he is hanging onto this as if
8:01 am
it's the glory road to impeachment. >> bill: chief white house correspondent john roberts kicking off a new hour from the north lawn. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. the house judiciary committee chairman jerrold nadler asked for this meeting five times and finally getting it today. he wants to see the unredacted version of the mueller report so he will go to the department of justice today to try to negotiate its release. in a statement nadler saying it remains vital that the committee obtain access to the full unredacted report and underlying materials. at the moment our plans to consider holding attorney general barr accountable for his failure to comply with our subpoena still stands. we hope we can make progress toward resolving this dispute. the committee remains committed finding a reasonable accommodation. nadler hasn't shown interest in reading the less redacted version of the report that has been on the hill for weeks.
8:02 am
they say they have to stay in the parameters of the law and references to grand jury testimony in the unredacted version. the house speaker nancy pelosi supports her colleague's demands for information. listen to what she said a second ago. >> the facts, the data, the evidence, the truth is what we want to base our decisions on and the administration should be willing to share that unless they have something to hide. and that's what we will find out. >> if they can't reach accommodation in the meetings today it is likely that chairman nadler will move ahead with plans he has tomorrow to hold the attorney general, bill barr, in contempt of congress for not providing that unredacted report. >> bill: you have another committee looking for the president's tax returns. twhas latest >> you have a lot of committees on capitol hill looking for a lot of things no question about that. the house ways and means committee is demanding that it see the president's tax returns and yesterday the treasury
8:03 am
secretary mnuchin says sorry, we aren't going to comply. he released the following statement saying the committee's request is unprecedented and it presents serious constitutional questions. the resolution of which may have lasting consequences for all taxpayers. i have determined that the committee's request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose and pursuant to section 6103 the department is not authorized to disclose them. the new jersey congressman bill pass cal firing back on twitter saying what is unprecedented is refusing to comply with our lawful request. what is unprecedented is a d.o.j. being bodyguard for the executive and an entire government shielding a corrupt president from accountability and this response from senator chuck grassley saying quote, big difference between legitimate congressional oversight and using the i.r.s.
8:04 am
as a political weapon. it's the latter. we should all hope we never go back to the i.r.s. being political like under nixon, lbj. republican senators will take on the mueller report today. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will give a floor speech where he will say it's case closed when it comes to the mueller report and that it is time to move on. all of this the back drop as the president and first lady in the next couple minutes, bill, will be on the south lawn of the white house to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her be best campaign. >> bill: thank you so much, john roberts from the north lawn. >> julie: more now with fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. thank you for talking us to. chris, house democrats will be meeting with the d.o.j. ahead of the barr contempt vote. what do you think will come out of that meeting? >> this is a negotiation that is not just limited to seeing the unredacted version. this is about all of the things
8:05 am
that our colleagues were talking about. remember, they still want barr himself to testify in front -- they want him to be interrogated by staff attorneys. he refused to do that. they still want him to come and do that part. they want the president's tax returns. they want the unredacted mueller report. what the hope here would be is that you can somehow come to an accommodation where each side gives a little bit and comes up with something so the house doesn't really want to -- nadler doesn't really want to hold barr in contempt and barr doesn't really want to be held in contempt. they have to find some way they can walk back from this line. >> julie: in an op-ed titled jerry nadler's contempt. he is more interested in spectacle than information. bill mcgurn writes this. a crooked sheriff in a low budget mr. nadler is determined to go on with the hanging. andy biggs said that nadler has
8:06 am
been urged to go downstairs and read the unredacted report and refused to do so. how is it you do not read the unredacted report and yet insisting for it to be released. don't you want to know what's inside it? >> he believes that committee has the right to the full report and in fact this is something that the courts may have to resolve. look, we watched with justice department and the house judiciary and the house oversight committee when it was under republican control. a lot of antics and back and forth and you better come up here. we'll send a strong letter to follow and back and forth. nadler would like to avoid that. i really do believe what nadler would like to do is come to some accommodation and not have to repeat what happened under republican control of the house. but on the other hand he has a serious problem. the members on his committee are out for blood. they want results up to and including the impeachment of the president. nadler has to walk a fine line here trying the get results but
8:07 am
not go overboard and this is a tough -- very tough spot for him to be in. >> julie: he goes on mcgurn rights mr. nadler isn't interested in the mueller report. if he isn't or its redactions what is he interested in? spectacle. mitch mcconnell will be speaking on the floor today one of the most important ones, he will be using the phrase case closed. the case is closed, yes, because the mueller report has been released. the mueller investigation is over. collusion has been disproven. is the case really closed or will it ever be for democrats? >> for 10% of the folks on either end of the political spectrum it doesn't matter what's in the mueller report or what the testimony is. they knew what they knew before they knew it. that's fine for them. for the rest of the country, as we try to sort this stuff out, look, in every likelihood the house is going to find a way to get robert mueller to be able to testify about this important work that he did.
8:08 am
and they will need to hear and probably the country needs to hear from mueller in his own words to say look, i'm either satisfied or not satisfied with the redactions. i'm satisfied with barr's characterization or not satisfied. we are doing shadow boxes and talking about conversations we weren't privy to. we need to hear mueller's testimony and be done with it. >> julie: nancy pelosi accusing barr of lying n. that four pages what did everyone want to know? they wanted to know whether there was collusion or not. the democrats have been banking on for the last two years. to call barr a liar would be inaccurate, would it not? >> pelosi -- barr very successfully did a very good job for the president. he gave donald trump 10 days or
8:09 am
two weeks before the report came out in which the top line conclusion no obstruction, no collusion that the president repeated over and over again. barr gave him that space to operate and became a headline and shaped the narrative. by the time the report comes out and has more complicated stuff and what the president did, by the time you get to that point it was too late. a lot of frustration about what barr did among democrats. that's life and that's politics. >> julie: it sure is. seems to rule in every category. chris stirewalt. great to see you. >> bill: another alert. border patrol saying more than 30,000 migrants apprehended in the last 10 days alone. the agency calling the situation in the southern border unsustainable. william la jeunesse picks it up in l.a. with more. good morning. >> the white house and congressional allies meet today to map out a plan of attack on several fronts trying to close
8:10 am
some asylum loopholes. the number you mentioned 33,000 in 10 days would be 1.2 million apprehensions a year. highest in more than a decade. most are fraudulent claims meaning these are economic migrants, not victims of persecution. up to 30% are fraudulent families. adults are using children not their own to get released. cartels making a fortune, a million a day in south texas alone turning the border patrol into a way station for thousands of asylum seekers who disappear into u.s. cities and working below minimum wage. >> the numbers are so high but these individuals are not being detained. our detention facilities are so overwhelmed that we're releasing a lot of these individuals. >> many into sanctuary cities. a new administration programs allows deputies to serve a federal warrant mandating that criminal alien inmates be turned over to ice within 48
8:11 am
hours subverting sanctuary laws. >> it was a voluntary program we worked out with the national sheriffs association. a tremendous partner. sheriffs can sign up for this program. they'll get training and deputies will be authorized to execute an immigration warrant at the direction of an ice officer or super vice ao*r. >> now comes the politics. key democrats continue it a manufactured crisis. 26 states offer well a fair services to illegal immigrants and some cities are changing their criminal code. no solution in congress will be easy. >> we've seen that. thank you. >> julie: wall street selling off after the u.s. accuses china of backtracking on trade commitments and the president calls for new tariffs on chinese goods effective friday. what does it mean for the economy? senate republican whip john thune joins us straight ahead. >> bill: joe biden taking heat from the left as polls show he is leading the field. what does that say about what
8:12 am
voters want? donna brazile will tell us coming up in minutes. >> the new left. i have the most progressive record for anybody who would run. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are getting real relief with cosentyx. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. cosentyx treats more than just the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis. it even helps stop further joint damage. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms. if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to.
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who wanted to get away who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. flights, hotels, cars, activities, vacation rentals. expedia. everything you need to go. >> julie: new video captures the moment a flood wall broke last week in iowa in dave en port. millions of gallons of water. look at this from the mississippi river crashes into
8:16 am
the parking lot and restaurant workers run out hoping to save their cars, melting snow, heavy rains have the river -- >> joe voted for trade agreements with china. if you look at joe's record and my record there is no question who is most progressive. >> bill: senator bernie sanders taking a shot at joe biden. biden is 24 points ahead of sanders and everybody else, wow. donna brazile, former interim chair for the dnc and fox news contributor good morning to you. so they're starting to fire inside the tent. how do you feel about that? >> it's going to backfire. people know joe biden. joe biden can walk into a union hall, go to a corner grocery store and go to church in a
8:17 am
black church. joe biden is one of the candidates that people know, they respect him, they know his record of leadership. while there are many progressives in the race, joe biden is someone that has not just good values, but he is somebody who can speak to progressives as well as moderates and conservatives. >> bill: are you saying bernie sanders should back off then? >> i'm saying it didn't work in 2016 with an establishment candidate called hillary clinton. she received four million more votes. perhaps the best way to win if you aren't joe biden is to go out there and to talk about your record of leadership and talk about the things you hope to do to help the american people but to attack joe biden for being joe biden, that's not going to work. >> bill: this is politics. >> of course it's politics. >> bill: you know the way it works. >> he is the frontrunner. >> bill: i think people's initial reaction the concern is that he is out of step with the
8:18 am
primary electorate. >> i don't know that. >> bill: what were you shoeing away there? >> they don't fly that high. this was like a big -- i don't -- you know me, i don't like things to fly in my face. >> bill: i thought you were -- ronna mcdaniel was here. >> i think he is a temporary frontrunner. he has gotten a bounce because of name i.d. because he just launched his campaign. he is well-known around the country. he hasn't faced any tough questions and certainly hasn't hit the debate stage with the other 20 candidates. >> bill: how about that? >> well, let me just say this. i've been around the block a time or two. let me tell you something joe biden has been around the track a time or two. all i'm saying is joe biden is a strong candidate. this is not a cake walk. he will face a lot of competition and you have some
8:19 am
people like kamala harris and of course elizabeth warren and others believe the party should go in a different direction. i'm looking forward to the debates as well. >> bill: they start in about a month's time. here is the question on impeachment. nbc news, "wall street journal." 48% say don't impeach. 32% say keep investigating. a big split. i don't know how it's managed but you'll have this debate inside the democratic party. did you hear from mayor pete said? america was never as great as advertised. never as great as advertised. what do you think about that? >> well, perhaps he is starting with the beginning, the founders and the key questions that they did not put on the table. >> bill: i have a slogan for you, how about america was never perfect but we're still working on it. >> hell yeah, i like that. >> bill: why doesn't he go there as opposed to the place he went? >> look, this guy is a public
8:20 am
servant. he has served his country in the military. i respect him. i have think he is one of these -- i get so hoarse when i talk to you. he is one of the leaders of the future in terms of the democratic party. he has strength, he has stamina, but i don't know if i would have said the same thing. i have my own way of saying that this is one of the most beautiful places on all of god's earth. i would hope that everybody would come to appreciate the challenges, the struggles, how we've overcome them over the last 240 plus years. >> bill: amen to that. chase that fly. >> look what i did for you today. this is all 22 candidates who are running and look at this. look at this. look how beautiful this looks. >> bill: look at all the roll
8:21 am
dexs. im >> i'm going to enjoy this great day and when i get my louisiana ice cream i'll think of you. >> bill: see you. thank you, donna. >> julie: we're learning more about a young american who died in a fiery moscow plane crash. more on the recent college grad who just landed his dream job. >> bill: the search for a missing little girl intensifies in the state of texas. malaya davis disappeared on friday. her stepfather says she was abducted by three carjackers. >> anything helps. share the flyer, anything. anything helps. it is greatly appreciated. i mean that from my heart. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis
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and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> bill: word from the white house. the white house sending a letter according to john roberts reporting from the north lawn to the house judiciary committee that states the documents that were subpoenaed from mcgahn are protected from disclosure because they imme indicate executive branch interests. in other words, they will not be handed over to congress. sarah sanders was asked also whether or not mcgahn would comply with the subpoena. she said i don't expect that to happen. that's the news of the moment here. if that's the case, you can expect some sort of legal battle forthcoming. stand by, more on this in a moment inside of "america's newsroom." >> julie: we're learning more about the young american killed in the fiery moscow crash landing. jeremy brooks was one of 41 people who died when a russian
8:26 am
passenger plane exploded in a fireball during an emergency landing. 78 people were on board. greg palkot has more from london. >> we're learning more about the american on board that horrendous plane crash on sunday in russia. also a little bit more about the crash itself. you mentioned the name was mentioned again 22-year-old jeremy brooks. he was a fly-fishing fanatic. he worked in a fishing store in sante fe, new mexico, a guide on fishing trips. well liked by customers and friends on his way to fish in northwestern russia and one of some 41 killed on an aeroflight plane that crashed. there was a total of 78 on board. according to the latest reports there are five people still hospitalized. the investigation continues into what caused the crash, a
8:27 am
lightning strike, system failure, pilot mistake, it is all being examined. the plane was forced to land in moscow only half an hour. it was full of fuel. a very bad, hard landing. triggered the fire. there are tales of her orism still coming out. flight attendants risking their lives to get people off the plane. frankly to be honest with you tales of stupidity, too. people trying to get their carry-on bags out of those overhead storage bins blocking people and maybe losing more lives. one less technical note, this is a russian-made plane. the model has been in operation since 2011. mostly used here but other asian airlines as well as one mexican airline. there is no discussion of taking it off of operation as the investigation continues. back to you. >> julie: thank you, greg palkot. >> bill: another alert. new details on exactly why the
8:28 am
pentagon is deploying an aircraft carrier strike group to the middle east to deal with iran. we're live from the pentagon for more on that. >> julie: the latest on a stand-off over the mueller report with new criticism leveled at the special counsel over the leak of his letter to a.g. barr. former deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree joins us next. >> his letter leaked on the eve of bill barr's testimony was i believe a whiney complaint. only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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the pressure cooker that crisps. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one. with tendercrisp technology, food will be juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. (upbeat drumming) the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. >> bill: a couple of things going on now. we mentioned this a moment ago. letter from the white house saying that the documents that were subpoenaed on behalf of don mcgahn, the former president's attorney at the white house, they are protected from disclosure because they implicate executive branch interests is what is in the
8:32 am
letter. they won't be handed to congress. keep an eye as to whether or not don mcgahn appears before that committee or whether they fight the subpoena if there is one. f.b.i. director christopher wray is on the hill making news of claims of surveillance by the f.b.i. and trump campaign during the election of 2016. very interesting back and forth throughout the morning. here is one between director wray and jean shaheen. >> do you believe the f.b.i. and its agents spied into the 2016 presidential campaign operation? >> i think it's important for everybody to respect the independent inspector general's investigation which i think this question -- this line of questioning starts to implicate and important for everybody to have full confidence in his review. >> at this time do you have any evidence that any illegal surveillance into the campaigns or individuals associated with the campaigns by the f.b.i.
8:33 am
occurred? >> i don't think i personally have any evidence of that sort. >> bill: we give that to you as a back drop. the inspector general's report should be made public we do believe anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. barr testified on this recently as well. barr said relevant to the point of spying, he said he felt spying did occur by the u.s. government on trump's campaign of 2016. we'll see where it goes. the hearing continues on the hill right now. >> julie: all right. more on the mcgahn story now. tom dupree is a former deputy assistant attorney general under president george w. bush. sarah sanders in a podcast with abc talked when asked whether or not mcgahn will comply with daem democrat's request for a subpoena she said she doesn't expect it. >> it exposes him to legal risk.
8:34 am
if mcgahn follows the white house instructions and refuses to testify and produce documents the democrats won't go away. they have made clear they want to put as many people in jail as they can. they want to take them to the mat on this. i think what we'll see is a legal battle between the white house's claims of executive privilege. the democrats' demands for disclosure and get propelled into a federal court for resolution. >> julie: jerrold nadler has subpoenaed don mcgahn to testify publicly next month. nadler describes mcgahn who stepped down from the white house as counsel in october of 2018, as a critical witness. this is a quote, to many of the alleged instances of obstruction of justice. clearly they are going after the obstruction card here since the collusion card kind of didn't play so well, right? the question is will democrats cite mcgahn with contempt as well? >> if mcgahn refuses to appear
8:35 am
and answer their questions that would be the next card they will play. what's interesting from my perspective is that clearly the democrats are zeroing in on volume two of the mueller report and want to get to the bottom of the obstruction and want to talk to mcgahn and ask mcgahn what the president asked him to do. what the president pressured him to do and trying to fill in the gaps of the mueller report. mueller and his team did a thorough job. democrats aren't satisfied. they want to see if there is more information they can squeeze out of don mcgahn. >> julie: ken starr's comments last night about he refers to that letter that bob mueller later sent in reaction to barr's summary calling it whiny and basically calling it unforgiveable. what do you make of the leak when barr was simply trying to do his job and mueller behind is scenes is ripping him to shreds? >> it was a bit of a surprise. the mueller investigation, for the most part throughout the investigation they kept a lid
8:36 am
on the leaks not trying to work the press in the back room. that seems to have changed a little bit and it surprised me. when the letter came out the night before barr's testimony it was a leak done for political purposes and inconsistent with the way the special counsel investigation had been run and i think from the perspective of the leakers it did its work. certainly the back and forth between mueller and barr and the accusations that barr was shading the truth is what dominated the hearing at least from the perspective of the democrats. >> julie: that's all the time we have. we appreciate you coming in. jam-packed hour. thank you very much. >> bill: thank you, tom. another alert now. new details on the reasons why the pentagon is sending this aircraft carrier strike group to the persian gulf. jennifer griffin is tracking the story for us. >> the lets to u.s. military forces rose to the level late friday that the white house and central command thought it
8:37 am
would be good to send a message to iran. >> we have continued to see activity that leads us to believe that there is escalation that may be taking place. >> the acting defense secretary added in a tweet we call on the iranian regime to cease all provocation. we will hold the regime accountable for any attack on u.s. forces or our interests. the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group was headed to the gulf in two weeks but now ordered to forego a port call and head straight to the suez canall where it should be in the next 48 hours. the threat to u.s. forces based on the latest intelligence assessment is in iraq where the u.s. has nearly 7,000 forces. kuwait, syria and possibly at sea off the coast of yemen. iran has allied shia proxy fighting forces in all these locations. the pentagon is sending 4 to 6 aircraft bombers back to the
8:38 am
middle east. ambassador bolton who before becoming national security advisor wrote late sunday any attack on united states interests or those of our allies will be met with unrelenting force. bolton's statement is a clumsy use of a burned out happening for psychological warfare a spokesman for the supreme national security council wrote on twirt. the initial intelligence assessment was provided to the u.s. by the israelis. >> bill: thank you so much. jennifer. >> julie: fox news alert on a desperate search for a little girl in texas. her stepdad claims she was abducted by men who kidnapped him and his family and let him and his son go and let the girl go. this is a confusing case. >> this little 4-year-old girl who is missing apparently has a long history of medical
8:39 am
problems. her family tells us that she has had multiple brain surgeries in recent years and that requires a lot of extra care and attention. so clearly the race is on to find little malaya davis and bring her home. several people have been scouring the area and handing out flyers. that is all down in sugarland texas, a suburb of houston. she was last seen friday night. she was on her way to the airport with her stepfather and brother. they were picking up the little girl's mother who was flying home from her own father's funeral. but they never made it to the airport that night. according to the stepfather he stopped to check a flat tire on the way when he says two men jumped out of a pickup truck, assaulted him and knocked him unconscious. he claims that he came to the next day some 20 hours later on
8:40 am
the side of the highway holding his son but malaya and the car had vanished. >> please, please. i just want to find my baby. i just want to find her. help me find her, please. help me find her. >> bill: police have not yet named the stepfather as a suspect at this point. they only say that they are continuing to work leads and they are gathering evidence but they are also looking for the family car and this blue pickup truck described in the stepfather's account. volunteers say they're playing for the best but preparing for the worst now that we're entering day five of her disappearance. >> julie: casey stiegel. thank you. >> bill: if you fears of a -- the white house now calling for a big hike in tariffs on chinese goods effective three
8:41 am
days from now. republican whip john thune is live from the hill in a moment on this next. >> china has absolutely stolen our technological edge outright theft. the president has to stay strong. i think that's what the president understands.
8:42 am
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we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right. ♪ acoustic music >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace. >> bill: president trump calling for new tariffs on $200 billion in chinese goods effective friday coming days before china's top negotiator arrives in washington for trade talks and as u.s. officials say china renegeed on its trade promises. he we've seen an erosion in commitments by china retreating from commitments already made in our judgment. senate republican whip john thune of south dakota with me now. thank you for coming back here. has china bailed on an agreement or a commitment? >> i think what happened was they were starting to back away from some of the agreements
8:45 am
they previously made and the president and his team concluded the only way to get their attention was to ratchet up the stakes which they have done and now china is coming to washington this week to resume these negotiations. so in the end they understand one thing, bill. that strength. the president realizes that to get this deal done, to get china to end some of the trade abuses that have been occurring, they've got to take a hard line. that's what he is doing and hopefully it will have the desired effect. >> bill: do you have a concern we might get in a protracted trade war. >> i worry about it. i don't think anybody wins with that. but china has been for years stealing our intellectual property. forcing our companies to transfer their technology, subsidizing their own businesses. hurting our opportunity to trade in a fair handed way with them. this deal in my view is really important for both countries. their economy is hurting. i think that a trade war would
8:46 am
not help anybody. certainly wouldn't help the farmers i represented in places like south dakota but i do think this kind of leverage is what the president needs to get a good deal. >> bill: who needs it more? >> china does. we're the biggest market in the world. 20 to 25%. they need us and export driven economy. i think the president gets that and his team gets that. they're drawing the hard line now simply because they understand that you can't let china walk away from some of the commitments they've already made and not address some of the trade abuses. historically occurring. >> bill: you know what the stock market did yesterday. bounced back in the end. we'll see which way it goes today. your office passed a note to me. i want to read the statistics and frame a question for you, all right? job opening up 7 1/2 million in march of 2019. which exceeds the number of unemployed at 5.8 million. i know you think that's an important point but how is it
8:47 am
relevant to this battle with china? if you are arguing the u.s. economy is coming at this whole discussion from a position of strength, suggesting that what we can get a string it out longer than the chinese can, is that part of the mentality for negotiating right now? >> i think what we're seeing is a very robust economy. unemployment at historically low level, 50-year low and the number that you just quoted shows we're creating more jobs than people looking for job for the 13th month in a row. historic as well. we have a really strong economy that could get even stronger if we get a good deal with china. and so this economy right now is hitting on all cylinders and i think the president recognizes that this is the time to take advantage of that strong growth in our economy to get a deal with china which desperately needs access to that growing economy in the united states. i'm hope full these
8:48 am
negotiations will pay off and the posture they're taking is a good one. china willing to make concessions and do away with some of the trade abuses they've been employing for years. >> bill: you're at the white house on thursday and friday the increase from 10% on tariffs to 25%. and a week from now we're chewing on this topic. do we think we're digging a bigger hole than he expect? >> honestly our message to the president was and there are a number of us who represent different areas of the country all of which have different sectors of the economy, we need to start closing some deals out. usmca. we need implementing language to get that one done. with china he indicated that china -- i talked to his trade team at that meeting -- that the chinese were starting to get cold feet and move away a little bit from some of the things they agreed upon and he felt was necessary to take a stronger position relative to what we have so far.
8:49 am
i have think in the end that is what the president decided to do. like i said i hope it has the desired effect. i have think we operate from a position of strength and he is using that position right now to get the best deal possible. but we need a deal and we certainly need a deal for american agriculture which is not experiencing the economic growth and vitality that we're seeing in other sectors of the economy. >> bill: thank you for your time. john thune, south dakota. see what we get. thank you. >> julie: all right. let's head downstairs to harris and melissa. what do you have on tap? >> the president moves to block democrat subpoena for documents related to the former white house legal counsel as the showdown over the mueller report intensifies. >> the democrats divide is growing. why college democrats who do so much grass work for the party are urging a boycott of the congressional campaign arm and how much it could cost the
8:50 am
democrats in 2020. >> julie: 10 minutes and counting. we'll see you then. venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido returns to the national assembly as his battle to oust nicolas maduro heats up. what happens next in venezuela? we have a live report from caracas next. our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase . let's see what kate sent. for you. for all of us. that's for me. navy federal credit union our members, are the mission. my time is thin, but so is my lawn. now there's scotts thick'r lawn 3-in-1 solution. with a soil improver! seed! and fertilizer to feed! now yard time is our time.
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>> julie: one week after an attempt to oust nicolas maduro from power failed in venezuela, opposition leader juan guaido is returning to the national assembly saying he is now open to u.s. military intervention. steve harrigan joins us live from caracas with the latest. hi, steve. >> juan guaido the opposition leader who is recognized by the u.s. and 53 other countries as interim president of venezuela
8:54 am
went back to work today. he entered the national assembly. now the national guard and police forces in riot gear loyal to the maduro regime let guaido enter and walk in but blocked the journalists trying to follow him in. it is interesting that you have the situation here, a man who called for a military uprising against the government is allowed to walk right through a police line and continue working. the maduro government still afraid to arrest guaido and the con againsts it could bring. how bad the economy has gotten. hard for people to imagine what 10 million annual inflation looks like. >> in crowds in this typical caracas grocery store. empty shelves, dish washing liquid. that's the choice. one pound of meat sells for two
8:55 am
weeks salary. here it is rotting because of no refrigeration. 20 years of socialism means venezuelan stores look like soviet union 1989. opposition protestors have been coming on the street for the past three months. what a challenge it is to ask people come out in protest when it is such a basic challenge to feed their families. julie, back to you. >> bill: showdown over the mueller report heating up. white house blocking a congressional subpoena for the former white house lawyer don mcgahn. where does this matter go now? that's coming up next. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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0g$ç)fmnndv-b0.h#ú$dp;n.úun&>xqi noso let's promote ourke summer travel deal on like this: surf's up. earn a fifty-dollar gift card when you stay just twice this summer. or.. badda book. badda boom. book now at >> bill: watching water now. check it out. the dow going a little bit lower right now. well below 400 points. all this in reaction to the sell-off, the trump administration announcing plans to raise tariffs at about $200 billion worth of chinese goods. it started over the weekend and
8:59 am
continues into this week. there is a chinese delegation, julie, en route to washington to try and salvage some of these talks. they are not going well the moment. it's because they are not. the one thing we were talking about earlier with charles payne is the pain the farmers a feeling of it. not because the u.s., because of china. it's been interesting to see how this once but friday. >> bill: the latest argument, the lead trade rep, robert lighthizer, is saying that the chinese have essentially pulled out of out e previous agreement that they had made. that's a bit of a bump in the road. we are left to wonder how big the bump is. spee >> julie: trend has more to lose than the united states. that something miniature member. >> bill: our economy is strong. there is, not so much. but i think what this trump administration is going for is a long-term solution to make sure that if you develop a problem the united states of america, it cannot be copied and stolen by someone working in china on behalf of the chinese government or company in china. that's been going on for a long time. we've allowed it, this is mr. sheena standing up to it.
9:00 am
we are about to find out whether or not we can be successful. a long road. we will see what we get. >> julie: all right paid let's do this tomorrow. shall we? and a few more times this week. [laughs] "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, the white house moving to block democrats 'a subpoena for key documents related to the mueller report. it's playing out across washington and on the floor of the u.s. senate today. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, harris faulkner. political columnist for the "washington examiner" ," kristen soltis anderson. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. and joining us on the couch come at radio host fox news contributor, richard fowler. you picked a newsy day to join us. >> richard: i picked a good day to be "outnumbered." [laughs] >> harris: you can put it that way! speak to let's get right to. the white house sending a letter to the house judiciary committee saying that it will


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