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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 7, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> neil: the talks are still on. this time, it's not helping stocks. the dow diving for a while more than 600 points before finishing down 471. this as the president prepares to ramp up tariffs on chinese goods. if you think it doesn't effect you, wait till you see the potential hit to your wallet. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." china's top economic adviser headed to washington for trade walks. the chances of reaching a deal before the tariffs kick in
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friday morning, let's just say not looking good. stocks moved down, way down. we're all over it with blake burman at the white house where this drama is unfolding. jackie deangelis has more on how much monies could be paying. black? >> the talks will indeed take place later this week, although it will take place thursday and friday. china said their top negotiator will be a part of the discussions. as far as the expectations for china, a spokesperson said "our home is that the two sides should work together and move in the same direction and strive to take care of each other's legitimate concerns. on the basis of mutual respect and equality and strive for a mutually beneficial and win-win agreement." after the markets closed
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yesterday, the u.s. trade ref robert lighthizer and steve mnuchin went on the record said the talks have suddenly gone backwards. lighthizer said the bottom line is we were on track to get somewhere over the last week or so. we have seen an erosion in commitments by china, retreating from commitments that have already been made in our judgments. while that made investors nervous, president trump happens to have an unusual ally in the top democrat in the senate. chuck schumer saying today that he believes that president trump should stand tough. >> china will take advantage of us and it will help america in the long run. >> we are still waiting for the formal post for the tariffs to be raised from 10% to 25% or
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$200 billion of goods. that will go in effect friday. when you take a step back and look at the big picture with the delayed meeting and who is coming and who is not coming, there is not a scheduled meeting between president trump and president xi. neil? >> so 12:01 a.m. friday, this kicks in? >> yeah. when this happens at 12:01. so overnight thursday into friday, here in washington, either in this building or the one behind me, the u.s. side and the chinese side will be sitting down face to face with those tariff levels increasing. >> neil: thanks, buddy. now jackie deangelis in new york city with the potential hit. jackie? >> good afternoon to you, neil. the tariffs and the potential threat to hike them up as the
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stock market rattled. it can have an impact on the consumer and the overall economy. if businesses that use chinese goods see these kinds of price hikes, they're going to have to absorb those prices themselves or they're going to have to pass them on to the consumers. either way, your impact profitability or consumer spending drops. that's the threat. these tariffs are on every day goods that you and i pups. clothes, handbags, personal care items, home items like dishes, bed sheets. business i say absorbing the 10% tariff is difficult enough. it will be hard or when you headache the prices. >> our members will start leaving china. many of them have already left. they go to another country and they have to bump somebody out.
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there goes your product integrity. you bake inflation into the system. price goes up, sales go down and jobs get lost. this is what scares us to most. >> a study suggests this could have an impact of a million jobs. when it comes to how it would impact a family of four over the course of a year, almost $800. that is a lot for a lot of people. when you look at gdp, the estimates right now, it could shave .3% off. consider that. there's the probability that there could be another 25% tariff impacting the remaining $325 billion of chinese imports. that could be coming down the pike as well. there's one bright spot here, neil. a lot of economists say people will start buying made in the
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u.s.a. it won't make up for the losses. that's a positive point. >> neil: thanks. a lot of companies will absorb the 10% without passing it on to you. at 25%, all bets are off and you'll feel the pinch. when tariffs are imposed, governments don't pay them, you do. so the impact for our economy, we have lindsey here, ed lawrence and allen over at the cme. ed, are you getting a sense that this is going to happen? that there's not a lot of time presumably by thursday for them to agree on much of anything? >> yeah, yesterday i sat down from robert lighthizer. it looks like unless the chinese come thursday and say they'll put back the concessions they rolled away, the tariffs are going into effect. robert lighthizer, the trade representative, made no uncertain terms, he said the president is going to impose
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these tariffs on friday at 12:01 a.m. >> neil: i'm looking at this, looking at the relatively limited impact we've been seeing from what tariffs are in effect now and the ones proposed. all of a sudden everything changes if they go to 25%. if they go from a few dozen items to 6,000 as is likely the case, then what? >> there's a lot of threats here. optimism wins. i've been bullish for a while now. i don't think this changes the equation that much. we're only 3/4 of a percent off of the all-time highs so we're seeing a pull back, yes. the point seems scary but a percentage down 1 3/4% today, not that really significant. when we talk about the trump world and the way things are unconventionally negotiated, let's be prepared for anything.
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you needed to be prepared for the statement sunday. i wouldn't be surprised ant yount think you would either saying if there's another statement and we just made the greatest trade agreement in the history of the world. >> neil: you're right. history said if you have been overcome -- you know, lindsey, you could argue that if people just calmly got through these hits, they would be richly rewarded for doing so. every time this has happened in the past, markets have come back. a daring journey. what do you think? >> it's sort of a waiting game. although the u.s. will not escape unscathed, the vast majority of the pain is being felt overseas. when we look at the impact of the tariffs from 2017 to 2018, it shaved off .2 percentage points from top line gdp. the impact in china was three
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times that or maybe more. so we know that china is feeling the pain. they do want to reach an agreement as does the u.s. there's more of a economic push on the chinese side. that being said, there's somewhat of a political push here in the u.s. with the 2020 elections very much on the voters minds at this point. the trump administration does want to reach some sort of a deal, even if it's not a perfect deal but a step in the right direction in order to say that he met that promise, that campaign promise and pander to the base. >> neil: i'm looking at the big u.s. companies that have exposure to china from intel, western digital, qualcomm, anywhere from 20 to as much as 70% of their revenue coming from that neck of the woods. so any delay in a deal could also have an impact, couldn't it? >> yeah, let's remember, i think china has little more room to delay. a lot of constituents here from
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soy bean farmers to supply chains to the manufacturers to the consumer. it's a tax on us meaning the u.s. the tariffs get paid by us. the consumer may not be the first step but paid by the importer but then we pay. there's some push back if this drags out over time. let's remember how mr. trump operates. my father's a psychologist. he likes a drama arc. we're seeing that come into play right now. until it doesn't happen, the markets bounce become to new highs after he pulls back and it's an opportunity. >> edward, the argument has been for the administration that china needs a deal more than we need a deal. is that still the ongoing sort of strategy? >> and that is the strategy. as you know, their economy is suffering. one of the things they have to balance is the supply chains moving out of china. some companies say the 25%
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tariffs enacted friday and everything else and move the supply chains. analysts reports the end of last year where they said apple at 25% making an iphone in china might be worth apple moving that supply chain out of china. that is something that the chinese can't give back easily. this is something that they have to weigh as companies look long-term down the road. could it be a fundamental shift in the chinese economy? they need to protect for that. >> neil: thanks very much. just a reminder, even though we fell 473 points today, that wasn't 1.8% of the dow's value. a point of perspective. in 1987, the dow fell a similar amount. that was then, this is now. more after this. r minds in reti. you may have always imagined your dream car
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>> neil: might not have a healthcare plan but looks like the administration is moving fast to get an immigration plan going as the u.s. border patrol report 30,000 apprehensions in the last ten days. the president meeting with key senators on this growing crisis. among them, republican senator from arizona, martha mcsally. how did it go? >> thanks, neil. i appreciate being at the white house and visiting with the president and other senators to talk about the border crisis in arizona and how we can move forward with legislation not just to secure the border but we had a really good conversation about modernizing our legal immigration system as well. something that's been working on for a long time. as we speak, our city of yuma declared a state of emergency. we have people that have come in
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and we're unable to catch them. we need democrats and republicans to work together to close these loop holes now. that was the conversation today. >> neil: no democrats were there. the administration tried to reach out on this. the democrats say not so. do you know if democrats were invited? >> i'm not sure what the process was there. it was a thoughtful conversation. this should be a unifying issue. border security used to be unifying. there's a lot of pressure on the democrats that they need to stop obstructing, this is not a game in arizona. it's a public safety issue, a national security issue. when i'm out and about in my state, we have to fix the border and secure it and fix our immigration system. so i ask my colleagues, let's come to the table and let's work on this together to solve it for the american people. >> neil: is that the plan then, senator, all of those things are address in this plan, to discuss with the president, did he talk
1:17 pm
about that and how to use the $4.5 billion in emergency fund something. >> i support the emergency funding because of the crisis. we have to push that through as well, this is a meeting where we talked about ideas to revamp our legal immigration system and security our border, build the partnerships with the executive branch and the legislative branch so we can set this legislation up for success to solve these really pressing problems. so we talked about a lot of issues. it was a very good collaboration and discussion on how to move forward. >> neil: a lot of the things you mentioned are a lot of things the democrats are mentioning. maybe the discussion was you come up with a plan, maybe daca, the children of illegals who are here and what to do about them, is that the idea? come up with a plan, let the democrats look at it and run with it or what? >> yeah, we're having
1:18 pm
conversations today about any legislation. our branch of government has to be the one to start it and move out of committee. they've done substantial work and working with the administration on it. we're focusing on border security, common sense issues and modernizing and having a 20th century immigration system. i meet with businesses all the time, looking for workers. we have to compete with others and this is a good step forward. >> neil: thanks, senator. i want to go to my colleague, shepard smith. apparently an incident in colorado. shepard? >> we just got word of a school shooting in colorado. the location is highland ranch, california. we're told a suspect is down and there's multiple victims. the school in douglas county, colorado, is called stem school of highlands ranch. law enforcement sources are
1:19 pm
telling our local fox station in denver that they have one suspect that they're looking for two more. they believe two people have been injured. local reports indicate a plethora of law enforcement have arrived on scene. more than 50 law enforcement agents said to be there working to close down areas around the school. again, it's in douglas county, colorado outside of denver. highlands ranch is the name of the place. a stem school there. again, one suspect down, looking for two more. a very fluid situation and we're expecting a feed in from our local station momentarily there. the sheriff in that particular county has said they'll have a news conference in just a moment. so we expect to have further information from him if and when that begins. our local station fox for denver has crews on scene. the latest information is that as i mentioned, cordoning off the area, this is a google maps
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shot of the place. we don't have a feed out of there. whether the other two suspects have been brought into custody is a matter for future reporting. we expect to hear more from authorities in just a moment. our coverage will continue and "your world" with neil cavuto after this. nick, nick, we need a decision. these days we all feel a little anxious sometimes. but if you could see inside my mind; you'll find i go to my happy place. see if we let tensions run the show up here, then our bodies won't perform at their best out here. wait, aren't we going to the sound check? priorities. so i'm partnering with cigna, to remind you that how you're doing emotionally affects you physically. go for your annual check-up and be open with your doctor about anything you're feeling. physically, and emotionally. body and mind cigna. together all the way.
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but we all know we're paying too much for it. enter xfinity mobile. america's best lte, with the most wifi hotspots combined for the first time. when you're near an xfinity hotspot you're connected to wifi, saving on data. when you're not, you pay for data one gig at a time. use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. it's a new kind of network. call, visit or go to >> neil: vice president mike pence making news in venezuela. rich edson at the state department. what's going on? >> mike pence just announced the united states there try to convince officials to flip on nicholas maduro. they're lifting sanctions from a former intelligence chief that announced that he was going to support the opposition leader in the u.s. and recognized juan
1:24 pm
guaido. pence says the u.s. will offer sanctions relief to all those that do the same. >> as president guaido builds a brighter future for venezuela, we hope the action that our nation is taking today be encourage others to follow the capable of general christopher figuero and members of the military that have taken a step ford for the constitution. >> pence suggested the united states would sanction the 25 magistrates in the pro maduro supreme court if they fail to change the way they're conducting business in that country. the united states will also be sending a hospital ship to the caribbean to address the crisis there. the ship is expected to arrive in june and it's on a five-month mission in that region. the u.s. has been consistently calling out cuba and russia for
1:25 pm
their interference in the crisis in venezuela, supporting the maduro regime there. last week, guaido tried to get the military establishment to finish the overthrow of nicholas maduro. that failed. since then, maduro has been calling for continued demonstrations. neil? >> neil: thanks, rich. to retired army lieutenant colonel, daniel davis. colonel, i know we're hitting you broad side with the latest developments. guaido has been talking about getting u.s. help here, that this is too much for the protesters to handle on their own. what do you think? >> yeah, you know, honestly i think these measures were strange honestly. guaido has been trying to get the military to flip on his side since january. then last week when you had the best chance, it didn't happen either. so i don't know what these very small measures here are going to do. most people don't know that they have sanctions on them. doesn't give them money or anything. i don't know why they would switch.
1:26 pm
the bigger issue is why would we want to? any time we tried over the last several decades by regime change, it has never worked out well. when we try to insert ourselves in, we make their problems our problems. that doesn't help anyone. >> neil: we're seeing it in guaido's popularity numbers after his failure to get maduro to leave. so where is this going with or without assurances to generals? >> that's something that we have to be careful about. we don't want to can't to put america's credibility on the line to advocate for something that doesn't work. then that lessens our influence that we could have elsewhere. again, it doesn't work out for us. we need to let the people of venezuela handle their own situations. it's a terrible humanitarian disaster. we should help with that, diplomatically but take the military off the table that
1:27 pm
won't help anyone. >> neil: why do you think -- we chat about this. the generals are so loyal to maduro. that unlike lower ranking soldiers and the venezuelan people, they are getting food and medicine. maduro is taking very good care of them. you think we made any guarantees to protect them, offer them amnesty? that was on the table months ago to flip. so far they're not flipping or at least not in significant numbers. >> i think that we probably made efforts in that regard. one thing we have to keep in mind, there's very, very certain reporting that many of these generals are very much in the corrupt nature of the maduro regime. they benefit from the status quo. they're the last ones in the world that would want to see it end because their gravy train, their tickets to get money would dry up. they're not likely to do that. we should find some other ways.
1:28 pm
i don't think it's a winning ticket. >> neil: to your point, maduro is still there. he's not moving. colonel, thanks very much. >> my pleasure. >> neil: i want to go back to shepard smith with more on this colorado incident. shepard? >> shepard: more information coming in from students that were witnesses. we've been listening to our affiliated stations in colorado. one of them, abc 7 there, has been speaking with children that were inside the school when it happened. they report of hearing the lots and locking down, a bunch of kids in the school and trying to keep away. the sheriff is reporting that two people are injured. one person is in custody. at this moment the last word has been that they're looking for possible other suspects. the school is now on lockdown. this is stem school in highland
1:29 pm
ranch which is off the highland ranch country club in the denver area. the sheriff holding a news conference in just a minute. it's local coverage on fox 31 in denver right now. let's listen in. >> wanted to pass that on to you, jeremy. >> thanks. stick around. gather any information you can. we'll get back to you as soon as we can. there's the information that speaks to the seriousness here. the government pulled out of a meeting and updated on highland ranch. there's been a shooting it appears at the stem school highland ranch off of 470. we understand at least one person in custody and two people injured. our sources are telling that's two people are on the way to the hospital. we don't know the extent of those injuries. >> we're hearing reports of one victim that was wounded. obviously there's scanner
1:30 pm
traffic that we monitor as well. that is not confirmed. >> shepard: we have multiple stations, shepard smith in new york now. the abc station there -- this is from the public information officer from one of the police authorities there. numerous units from south metro on scene for an incident update. to avoid the area. they're telling people to stay away. on other stations we've heard from students that heard the shooting, that they knew of a suspect. the authorities telling us one suspect is in custody. varying reports on whether there may be more. they're checking. a reporter on scene from abc 7 said first responders are going classroom by classroom to clear the building methodically as they have been taught to do in the days after the columbine high school shooting, which changed the number of protocols for law enforcement agencies,
1:31 pm
which was also there in the denver area. the abc news correspondent, clayton sandell is reporting that a high ranking law enforcement says several people have been shot. this is in douglas county in the highland ranch area. two suspects now in custody according to abc's reporting. police are engaging a third. again that from the reporting of clayton sandell in the denver bureau for abc news. an unfolding situation now. we do have confirmed, this is the location in colorado. at least two people are injured. we're told by people that are on scene now that multiple law enforcement agencies are working on this incident and that a line of ambulances came to the school, not to suggest that there's more victims, but as protocol when there's a shooting at a school. so it's been a very chaotic
1:32 pm
scene to hear it described by the local as ambulances and balance came blaring into the neighborhood to try to get this situation under control. again, it's 2:30 in colorado. school likely in session as this happened. there's been no information thus far about what may have precipitated this, who the particulars are, who may have been responsible for this or who the victims are. the school is a charter school in douglas county. it serves about 1,850 kids in grades k-12. about 600 high school students at this one location it's my understanding. they may be in different buildings. we're expecting to hear from the sheriff's office in just a moment. we know at least one, now told by abc news that two suspects are in custody and according to abc news, at least a third
1:33 pm
suspect is being engaged by police. they appear to be reporting there's some sort of dialogue going on at the moment. local hospitals are on stand by. local sheriff's department is there along with help from many different municipalities around as the shooting happened sometimes in just about the last hour. let's listen on the phone now to natalie teasedale who is on the phone. >> two or three blocks from here. i just walked up and a really heart breaking site. i'm looking at grandkids to see their kids that they pick up. they're in tears trying to figure out how they can get in touch with these kids. they're being told to head over to the rec center as well. >> parentally we lost natalie. she's telling a heart breaking
1:34 pm
story, grant parents showing up crying trying to figure out what's going on. a big law enforcement presence on the scene at the school. if we know anything about what we learned from columbine, which happened 20 years ago last month, that is that law enforcement doesn't waste any time getting inside these schools. that was a lesson of columbine. they waited for 45 minutes or longer for swat teams to show up. what we learned since then, the first responders go right in to the school, right in harm's way and get the situation under control. we can a assume that is happening here. >> we understand that churry creek schools are willed in a security perimeter in douglas county. >> shepard: you can see the local map. i want to give you an idea. if you're in denver proper and head south, you take i-25 or highway 85. as you go south, you come to
1:35 pm
inglewood first. then you come to littleton, colorado, which is where columbine high school was and is to this day. littleton, columbine. the next community south of denver as you continue to progress in the suburbs is highland ranch. highland ranch is between highway 85 and interstate 25, this is a charter school in highland ranch. again, it serves about 1,800 students in grades k-12. that is the location south of ken ve-- denver proper. the latest is, two people injured in some way in this incident. two suspects reported by abc news to have been -- and now natalie teasedale is back live with fox denver.
1:36 pm
let's listen. >> many parents are here. they have five kids at the school. they're very upset trying to figure out more. sounds as if law enforcement is asking everyone to head to the rec center. that's where they're trying to get the kids out. it's an active situation. just sent some video back to you with an update on law enforcement saying they're trying to get the kids out. that's about all i have right now. these parents have not talked the their kids. all they're hearing is the school is on lock down. >> natalie, can you put a parent on the phone? would they talk to us? i know you said they haven't heard much. will they be willing to chat? she cut out. we're getting conflicting information. i just saw a tweet from the sheriff's office saying that parents should go to northridge elementary school to pick up
1:37 pm
your child that conflicts with what we heard earlier, go to northridge rec center. >> shepard: communications challenge when something this traumatic happens in a local community. this is south of denver in the suburbs passed littleton at highland ranch. from reporters on scene, authorities are going room to room to clear the billing. some are reporting indicates two, some reporting indicates there was a third being engaged by authorities. in addition, at least two people reported injuries and at least one of those taken to a hospital. trace gallagher is with us with more information. trace? >> and this is part of the reason as we talked about columbine happening 20 years ago about two weeks ago is the anniversary. all of the protocols in place are being used here today. we listened to law enforcement
1:38 pm
going from room to room. this school is two stories. the way this is done, they will flood both of the stories with police officers and start going room to room because it's our understanding from history that what you have in these situations, even if the all clear is given, you have people hiding in certain areas and law enforcement going in the rooms, knocking on doors and closets and they don't know because we believe that a third suspect might be still on the run. they don't know if the people in these closets that are hiding in these classrooms are students or possibly suspects. so there you kind of have this very tricky task that law enforcement goes through every time there's a school shooting, which is trying to do through. we have seen it so many times when the kids comes out with their hands up, drop their backpacks. that is standard operating
1:39 pm
procedure now. in the early going, everybody is considered a suspect. i just want to point out, this is near central park, which is a shopping center near the school. that makes it more difficult when you're trying to lock down these certain areas. because in this central park shopping center, you have an orange theory, a fitness place, a shake shack and other stores in there. right now it's 20 minutes to 3:00 p.m. all of these places would be busy. so now you have people keeping people in these buildings, lock down the roads and at the same time go through this two-story school and do room to room. you mentioned it's a charter school, stem school, science, technology, engineering and math, k-12. you have very young students in here that have to be just frightened beyond believe and seniors. you know in these types of
1:40 pm
situations, the younger students have buddies. some of the older students, you know, will go by and see them in the walkways and stuff and they'll be mentors, if you will, for lack of a better term. again, you're talking about differing analysts of kids, kindergarten through 12. so it is a tough situation right now for police to be able to go through and get us information. when you said they would have a news conference, that pretends to go a good sign for us because it means they have information to tell us. when they have information to tell us, it means that somebody on the inside is telling the police on the outside what's going on and how serious it is. that is a picture of the school. you can see the response. the response is going to be huge. we're hearing two injured, two
1:41 pm
suspects in custody. we don't know the suspects. there was one person shot and another person is unknown. remember, a lot of people are injured in school shootingspy running away. in fact, a lot of the injuries that we see when you hear these large numbers are from people that were trying to get clear of any type of gun fire that was underway. so that is the early going right here, shep. the live picture of the school. the first live picture of the school, which it's fascinating to see how robust the response is to the shooting, shep. >> shepard: and it has been. i have new information. thanks, trace. for those unaware -- well, i'll give you this. the media are to be given an update at a staging area that is near the school that will happen in a minute from the sheriff's department. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is on the way.
1:42 pm
the school district sent out a notice that all the county schools are placed on a secure perimeter meaning essentially people don't come and go. they are planning a normal dismissal schedule for all the schools in this region. this sort of a thing affects people in school after school across the region. certainly tensions get high. we just got from denver 7, which is our network news service affiliate, the abc station there. josh whitson, who is a reporter, says that a group of swat officers are headed in the area and have been on scene now for quite some time. the first report of this was at 1:53 mountain daylight time. so about an hour and 50 minutes ago. they responded to the school on a call of shots fired in the school. they gave us the first update of two injured and deputies in the process of identifying and locating the shooters. one, the initial report is one
1:43 pm
suspect was contained very quickly. and then reports of other possible suspects including a report that police had engaged one of those suspects. they're sending out new information where parents can meet their kids. if you happen by some chance to be watching in that area. parents going to northridge elementary to get the students and reunification. let's talk with jordan franklin who works across the street. jordan, describe what you see. >> you see swat, the sheriff's department. police are walking off every road. there is another ambulance. i just pulled up. we saw individuals getting to is one of the ambulances. i guess they got shot. i'm not sure. >> shepard: did you see kid evacuated? >> yeah, on both ends. no describe that scene, if you could. >> yeah. they were just scrambling out.
1:44 pm
a few were hands up. just running out at an alarming rate. it was crazy. >> shepard: it had to have been disturbing at minimum to see this at this huge school a cross the street. >> yeah. came out of nowhere. heard two shots. >> shepard: tell us about that. >> it was -- we thought it was thunder. it was raining awhile ago. we thought it was thunder. look over, there's police everywhere. two quick boom booms. that was it. >> shepard: so from the time you heard the shots till the time you heard the police, any idea how long that was? >> 30 minutes. >> looks like there's many agencies in the area. >> multiple agencies here. >> shepard: does it appear the lockdown is over or -- >> no. >> shepard: seems like they're
1:45 pm
still looking for some shooter. they're still in the building. they have swat here. >> shepard: they're calling this an active scene from what i can see. that's the latest report. to you it appears to be quite active. >> very. >> shepard: no trouble at this school before that you can look across the street and notice. >> definitely not. i park across the street every day. it's quiet. normal school. >> shepard: jordan franklin, all the best. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> shepard: deborah is also on the line with fox in denver. let's listen. >> shepard: three shooters, two of them in custody right now. officers going classroom to classroom clearing the school and presumably looking for the third shooter. the heart breaking reports of children running from the
1:46 pm
school. >> difficult to hear for us. >> shepard: as relayed by kdbr. fox 31 in denver. as we've been reporting, two suspects now contained. we have reports that authorities were engaging a third suspect. we have some sort of communications with the person. we don't have them in our custody or contained. that would suggest since they were engaging this suspect, that they know where -- they at least have contact with is the suspect. the hope is no one else is injured. authority are clearing the facility to make sure that there's no other victims and b, no other suspects. as of the last minute or two, it's being described as an active scene. if you don't have a suspect in
1:47 pm
custody, that makes sense. for clarity, we've been calling them shooters. i've called them suspects, others have called them shooters. we don't know how many there were. it's within the realm of possibility there could have been one shooter and police believe multiple accomplices. could be there was more than one shooter. the information we have thus far is of two shots fired. we have that from the caller on the line, that's what he heard. we have it separately from other sources including students speaking on our network news service in the area. if there was more than one shooter, we don't know about it. we do know there is more than one suspect. may sound like semantics, but there's a difference and we won't know until authorities tell us. we know two people are in custody, we know there is a third person that they're trying to speak to or at least contain in some way. we know two students or --
1:48 pm
that's not right. two people have been injured. we don't know who they are. we don't know if they're students or faculty or staff. we don't know if they were visitors. we don't have a way to know that until authorities come forward with the news conference which we're expecting in a staging area in just a moment. those of you joining us, this is highland ranch, colorado. if you drive south from denver, you get to littleton, colorado. the next community you'd reach is highlands ranch, this is a charter school a stem school. science, technology, engineering and math. and one of those schools to which kids come from all over the region to get specialized training, this is a kindergarten through 12th grade. the whole bunch. fox 31 in denver with more.
1:49 pm
listen. >> you're a parent in the district, too, we know, douglas county. >> shepard: also on the line now, a parent and worker. listen. >> how hard is this for you to watch? >> you know, i first got the call from my 18-year-old that is in a douglas county school and said what's going on and then some friends. i live about a mile from here. i pulled up, probably 30 parents lining the streets in tears. it's so scary. i think the thing that is the hardest for everybody that i talked to, they don't know what is happening. we're not getting updates. even the parents i'm talking to here, they only know that the kids are inside being brought out little by little. again, let me paint the scene here. i'm standing in front of the school. there's a street between us. i have four ambulances --
1:50 pm
>> shepard: reporter now on room 254. let's listen. live pictures coming in from a reporter's camera that is giving us a live update. now back to the kdbr shot, which shows an ambulance coming on the scene. local parents and many other concerned residents wondering when will they get more information. we're listening to natalie teasedale who is a local anchor in denver. she's an anchor on the morning show and a parent of a kid at the school. listen. >> we're not getting any other updates at the moment. as soon as i get off the phone, i'll walk to the officers and ask them. >> we're hearing from the sheriff. we're expecting a briefing in five minutes with more information. hopefully we'll get more
1:51 pm
information. michael is on the scene. we hope to get to them. this is clarification. parents should go to northridge rec center to pick up their children. here's michael on scene. what are you seeing out there? >> yeah, lots of tears in parent's eyes. we'll show you the scene here. law enforcement may push us back. we're just down the street from the school. i heard from a deputy that said there's one suspect at large. we can confirm that according to deputies out here on the scene. one of the suspects at large right now. a huge presence of fire trucks and sheriff deputies, vehicles and also ambulances as we came in 470. ambulances battling traffic trying the get here. as we parked ahead of the road closure, we saw a woman with tears in her eyes asking us if
1:52 pm
we knew anything because she's just really frightened right now for her child at this school. so it is a massive scene right now. a lot of information still unfolding. people in the area just unsure what's going on. if their child is okay. so you can imagine the fear and the worry and concern that these parents are experiencing right now. back to you. >> michael, was that deputy able to confirm that two were in custody in addition to the -- >> shepard: kcnc. some students talking about their experience. listen. >> not any threats that stood out. a lot of the students at least in the culture of the school because it's a very small school, we tend to make a lot of crass jokes. humor associated with being in a school that has rigorous academic standards. we didn't expect something like
1:53 pm
this. we didn't hear any sort of threats. obviously a lot of things wondering who could have done this, why did it happen. we have no idea. this was out of the blue. >> how did >> reporter: is there a security guard? >> there is a counselor. we have multiple counselors and we have security at the school as well. we don't have a resource officer but we do employee security. >> reporter: where you going now? >> we first went the only way we could what was up the street behind the school and we went to chick-fil-a where they were really nice and they locked the doors. >> shepard: parents at the staging ground. our fox 31 in denver with the reporter on scene and a chopper overhead. let's listen. it's because they are often the distance. we wouldn't be able to see them. here we go with the air
1:54 pm
ambulance landing just on the other side of e4 70. we have seen families. >> shepard: we are seeing an air ambulance land. we are told there's two people injured. we can only hope they were already on the way to the hospital. my fear is when we see this air ambulance landing, there might be more injured. we understand the press conference from douglas county sheriff's office is about to get underway. we can show alive picture from the podium. it is landing just outside stem school in highlands ranch right now after the school shooting this afternoon. >> we will get back to you shortly. we are awaiting the press conference. douglas county sheriff tweeting that at 1:53 they responded to stem school shooting. >> shepard: listening for the news conference.
1:55 pm
>> had a school shooting at the stem school, highlands ranch. this school has about 1800 students, k-12. we have two suspects in custody and there is tentatively a third suspect. they are still clearing the school so we don't know that yet we have multiple students that have been injured. >> reporter: where the shooter students? >> we don't know that yet. >> reporter: what can you say about the injuries, how many students? >> we are trying to get a recap of that now. we don't have it now. it's a revolving situation and they are treating it as an active situation. >> reporter: obviously a large school, what are your telling parents as they are hearing this news? >> we are asking parents not to come to the scene. it's very congested. there is police activity in cars. they are being told to go to the northridge rec center on broadway, north of highlands ranch parkway in highlands ranch. there will be apparent reunification center. we'll be working with the school district and sheriff's office. >> reporter: what do you say
1:56 pm
about how the shooters were apprehended. >> we don't know that yet but we have many people on scene. our substation is a block away and our s.w.a.t. team is on scene and we have numerous squad s.w.a.t. officers and people that are actively searching the school right now. >> reporter: talk to us about the protocol that goes into place in terms of what you're doing on the scene in the school. >> obviously first off we do rescue team. we look for victims and the suspect. they are clearing the school room to room, evacuating students. some have self evacuated. we have a large number of students that are trying to get to that parent reunification center. we are asking parents not to come to the school because they won't be able to get to it. there's too much police activity, too many vehicles and rescue units. we have multiple rescue units on scene treating injured and transporting injured. we'll get back to you on how many that is as soon as we can.
1:57 pm
>> reporter: this is a k-12 school but was this a certain section of the school where this happened, in the high school or the middle school? >> i don't know that for sure. >> reporter: was there a school resource officer? >> the stem school does have a school resource officer. i don't know if they were present. >> reporter: how did you learn about this? >> this started with in last hour. >> reporter: houde -- how did this initially come in? how did it originate? >> i don't know that. i apologize. i don't know exactly how it was called in. >> reporter: any description of the injuries? >> no, i don't have any description of the injuries. i do know there is multiple students. they have been injured. >> reporter: you are calling it an active shooter situation? >> it still is an active shooter situation. we still don't know that there's no shooters in the school. we are clearing the school right now. >> reporter: you have two in
1:58 pm
custody. >> we have two suspects in custody. we hope it's the last. >> reporter: you say it's fairly common in situations to look for people responsible. what are you doing? he said there's a possibility of a third suspect. do you have reason to believe there's a third suspect or is that just normal protocol? >> i do not know that. >> reporter: when can we expect another update? >> it will give you another update within the next 15 minutes or so. >> shepard: douglas county colorado sheriff. for those of you who may have tuned and in progress, it's a live coverage of a school shooting which has happened not far frankly from columbine high school in the denver area. if you go south from denver, first you reach littleton and columbine. the next community would be highlands ranch and that's where the school is. just about an hour in 5 minutes ago the first report, 1:53 local time in denver, reports of shots fired at this stem school, k-12
1:59 pm
school in highlands ranch, south of denver. then we got reports of a shooter in custody. authorities confirm two suspects in custody and one potential suspect still not in custody. they are continuing as an active shooter situation at the school and authorities are going door to door from classroom to classroom, facility to facility, making sure everything is clear. they have set up a reunification area for students and in the last few minutes, he may have noticed five or 6 minutes ago i guess it was, we watched live through fox denver, fox 31 in denver, as an air helicopter landon and questions about whether there might be more than two victims. sheriff's office reporting multiple victims. we don't have a count. there the helicopter is. it has landed. we will have updates throughout the afternoon on the situation,
2:00 pm
as it continues to unfold. highlands ranch, colorado, south of denver. two victims, two suspects in custody. one suspect thought to be at large. now it's time for "the five." i am shepard smith. fox news new york. >> kennedy: >> authorities say e been fired outside denver, colorado, . two people have been injured but they are still gathering information. the sheriff reportedly describing the situation is unstable and is asking the public to avoid the area. we are monitoring the breaking news and will bring you the details as they come. meantime, hello, everyone. i am dana perino with dagen mcdowell, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld. he's back. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." turning to our other top story, tensions rising between the white house and congressional democrats who are now threatening


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