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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 9, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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miners. take a look. the fund has given out $870 million. >> never miss an episode of "the five." special report is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: hey, dana. the clock ticks down as negotiations try to hammer out a landmark trade deal right now. the administration tries to turn the tables on democrats on the russian collusion investigation, and president trump expresses doubts following the second weapons lodge of the week. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we are a matter of hours from in positions of new tariffs of $200 billion worth of chinese imports on what could be a dangerous next step in the trade disputes between the worlds
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biggest economies. the u.s. and global markets watching closely to the afternoon talks what could be the most anticipated in washington tonight while the president continues to talk tough. chief white house correspondent john roberts tonight live from the north lawn very good evening, john. >> bret, good evening to you. what happens in the next 24 hours could be the difference between a new trade relationship between united states and china and an all-out trade war. the chinese vice premier arriving for what may be a decisive round the trade talks between the u.s. and china. president trump saying that his threat of tariffs lit a fire under a chinese, who had been dragging their feet. >> they up the meeting that was supposed to take place on thursday. five weeks ago they said, how about friday, next week -- i said, what's this all about? >> over the weekend, china said it was reversing course and several core principles it agreed to, including
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intellectual property and binding legal language, which for president trump was unacceptable. >> whether it's intellectual property -- they took many, many parts of that deal and renegotiated. you can do that. >> the president remains hopeful that the two countries can reach a deal, revealing he got a beautiful letter from president xi. at the same point, the u.s. stepping up its military presence in the persian gulf to counter new threats from iran. >> we have a new information that you don't want to know about. >> president trump said that iran should be calling him and that they can make a fair deal, and that accused john kerry of torpedoing -- >> violated a very important element of what he supposed to be doing. he violated the logan act. >> a spokesman for carrie fired
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back saying, everything president trump said today is simply wrong, and of story. he's wrong about the facts, wrong about the law. the president also step forward today to defend his son donald trump jr. who was subpoenaed to again appear before a senate intelligence committee. in december 2017, trump jr. met with committee staff are nine hours, and this be the report no evidence. >> my son being subpoenaed to go speak again after close to nine hours telling everyone that would listen about a nothing meeting? yeah, i'm pretty surprised. >> democrats are demanding trump juniors testify. if he refuses, considering what richard blumenthal says, he should be put in jail. >> i want to know what he said to his father about the meeting with russian agents.
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he truly misled the judiciary committee. and now he needs to be held accountable. >> sources close to donald trump jr. tells fox news that he's willing to give the intelligence committee information and even possibly appear in person for some limited follow-up, but the committee wants a complete do over to compare his testimony to what they heard from michael cohen some months back. donald trump jr. believes it's unreasonable. the president weighed in today on the possibility special counsel robert mueller testified before congress, saying that it's up to attorney general william barr whether he does that. bret? >> bret: john roberts live in the north lawn. that meeting happening with the chinese. if anything comes from it, we'll bring it like to you here on "special report." the trade war kept the stocks in the red today. the dow down 450-point before finishing up 149. the nasdaq also plunged early before settling at minus 33.
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president trump renewed his attack on democrats on the obama administration on the russia probe. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge looks at the focus of justice is now shifting towards investigating the investigators. >> a source familiar with the matter confirms the fox news that the investing that was used to secure a surveillance warrant in three renewals for trump campaign aids. based on the heavily redacted records, the first surveillance warrants signed by then fbi director james comey in decembey tell the national security court that the dossier was opposition research funded by democrats. instead, the fbi speculated the project "was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate run 1 campaign." candidate one was donald trump.
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who open the russia case two months earlier. now republicans say democrats are afraid the new attorney general will act on the ig's findings. >> when this comes out, they'll have to deal with the fact that what i talked about how this actually got started, that's what they are afraid with bill barr. >> there's been a lot of calls for other or additional investigations. those aren't necessary because the inspector general area is already looking at these important questions. >> this week, comey said that trump campaign surveillance was necessary. >> the fbi does not spike, the fbi investigates the republicans need to breathe and to into a paper bag. >> spying has been used, probably one of the people leading the effort on spying. >> these are serious charges to make. >> and we'll find out whether or
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not it's true. i think it could very well be true but we are going to find out pretty soon. >> the fbi general attorney that they expect to find them on things next month or next, but developments could delay the release paid the spokesman for the inspector general has no comments. >> bret: president trump will nominate patrick shanahan as secretary of defense. according to a white house statement leak this afternoon. shanahan has been serving as acting or interim chief since the registration resignation of james mattis. north korea has fired two more short-range missile, although they , we are getting worried that they are confirming that multipe ballistics missiles this morning in the early morning hours, early evening hours in seoul and tokyo. coming across right at this
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moment. it's the communist nation's second weapons test of the week and it has the u.s. and its allies on edge with the future of the north korean program. senior corporate affairs correspondent greg palkot has the latest tonight. >> north korea is at it again after lodging one short-range missile over the weekend with kim jong un looking on, it fired off to go more into the sea of japan today. the latest missiles only reach 270 miles. they do not appear to violate a commitment to halt long-range missile and nuclear devices. >> they were smaller missiles. short-range missiles but no one's happy about it but we are taking a good looking we'll see. >> ten minutes after the launch of today, the u.s. fired from vandenberg air force base and on launched minuteman intercut dental ballistic missile which reached 4200 miles into the
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pacific. the test was planned for years and the timing was coincidental. symbolism though not lost on some. >> we have power, potential to use it. the president often communicates on willingness to use power. >> the u.s. has for the first time sees a north korean cargo ship from smuggling coal in violation of u.s. sanctions. the ship has been held in indonesia and is now being brought to american samoa. all the while, u.s. lush north korea envoy steve keegan meets for south korean and japanese counterparts. the president added today that he's not sure that kim wants to negotiate anymore. >> right now things are not looking good. but it's not a hapless situation. >> the air force fired another minuteman icbm. three days later, north korean launched its first round of
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missiles. both sides say they were routine drills. may be dangerous games. >> >> bret:>> bret: president tp denying a report that he's not happy with how his team is handling what was supposed to be the overthrow of the nicolas maduro regime for this comes as the disputed government in venezuela is receiving international condemnation for the arrest of the major opposition lawmaker. correspondent rich edson has all report. >> a senior venezuelan opposition figure is in custody. maduro regime security forces surrounded -- and live tweeted it. when they refused to leave our vehicle, they used a crane and told him in his car to prison. >> to give the impression they are strong, control they no longer have, what is the only tool they used for years? state run terrorism. >> opposition leader and u.s.
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recognized president lombardo says international alleys have given him unconditional backing. president trump is questioning his administration strategy, complaining he was misled about how easy it would be to depose maduro. president trump dismissed the report. >> john has strong views on things but that's okay. i actually temper john kimmel which is pretty amazing. i get very good advice from him. >> failed to replace contested president nicolas maduro. vice president mike pence would grant sanctions relief to a former maduro officially defected. >> the arrogance. they believe latin america is their backyard. we are a kind of colony of united states and venezuela is going to submit to their mandates? no, mr. mike pence but let me tell you.
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>> state department officials were confident that maduro is loose and support, that his downfall is inevitable. guaido has announced another nationwide protest for saturday. >> richardson of the state department, thanks. let's get an insider's perspective on the venezuelan situation for joining us in the studio, carlos bacca which is recognized as the country's legitimate government. give us the latest, if you would, on the ground and with this latest major arrest. actually, two of them in the past few hours. >> correct. thank you for helping me for this opportunity. they are trying to -- what is maduro is doing is maddening for that's what he's doing. persecuting people who are against him. we will keep our determination
3:13 pm
on the streets. we will put an end back to his power, said a transition of government in venezuela, and we want a free and fair election. >> bret: what happened to? last week there was this anticipation that this big protest and cult of the streets was going to lead to a lot of defections to from the maduro regime. elliot abrams said, looks as if all those people in the regime talking to guaido and his people frankly chickened out. it's planning meetings, it's another -- >> is that what happened to? we didn't get the support that we wanted. but we will get it. the most important thing in my view is that members of the inner circle of maduro, including military office
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officers, negotiating the exit of maduro. it's showing that this regime is collapsing, that this regime is not able to provide any kind of solutions to the venezuelans. so it's a matter of time. if we keep our determination, and we will on the street, and we increase the pressure, if we increase the pressure from the international community, i i dt have any doubt we will conquer freedom again. >> bret: there is by predators >> bret: there is bipartisan support in acknowledging that guaido is the president in the u.s. and other countries pfizer's eyes. a lot of countries around the globe recognize. but a lot of countries dog but still recognize maduro. the fear is, i think here at the u.s. if you take a look here, the u.s. is going to be drawn into a military situation. do you think that's going to happen?
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is that the wish for the opposition on the ground? >> the president has been very clear. if we keep the pressure on the street with the international community, we will reach a peaceful situation in venezuela. however. >> bret: however? >> yes, however. i must say that also that the most important latin american country, you know, they are just backing a solution in venezuela. also, we have most european countries with us. this is quite relevant. president guaido said he would explore other dumb like any other option in order to protect the venezuela and people under the principal responsibility to protect. we are not ceiling with a number regime, we are dealing with a
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criminal regime, a mafia that deals with drug trafficking, money laundering, and terrorist groups. we need to keep that in mind. >> bret: one of the countries that supported nicolas maduro and his regime is russia. here is the foreign minister sergey lavrov talking about this. >> venezuela is our old reliable partner and an irresponsible campaign has been lodged against a sovereign state, seeking to topple its legitimate government. we reiterate our solidarity with venezuela, its government, its president, and the venezuelan people. >> bret: is it true that maduro was ready to leave but russia convinced him to say and to fight the u.s.? >> i cannot comment on that. i have no detail. but i can tell you that the venezuelan situation, they have more confidence with the
3:17 pm
presence of cuba and russians. maybe he's not taking this decision on his own. we set a clear message to russia. we want to have a peaceful transition in venezuela. they have compounded the problem as well. they are supporting maduro in supporting the severity of the venezuelans. that all they are doing is supporting solve your 90 in venezuela >> bret: we saw this call for a regime leader to leave in syria, bashar al-assad. in light of the ministrations that his days were numbered. problem was we didn't know what the number was, and he's still in. is there going to be something soon can you believe, that changes this dynamic? >> i have no doubt that will come to freedom again. we have the democratic society united the next leadership of one point
3:18 pm
juan guaido. we have this hope that people are mobilizing in venezuela and will continue to put this pressure, we now understand that the leadership is looking for an exit of nicholas munro. including the military force. they are loyal until they aren't. we are pretty close. also we need to increase the pressure from the international community. so i'm fully confident. >> this is about your embassy here in washington. a new embassy. we recognize you as a legitimate government. "the washington post" set a piece that organizers with code pink, organization, saying the utility bills have been paid to the building but that the electricity is off, that the maduro that government had been paying. the group has been inside the embassy since april 10th at the invitation of the maduro government.
3:19 pm
venezuelan and venezuelan american protesters gathered outside and have not left sins. basically you have left-leaning protesters in the embassy here and you can't use it? >> they do not have legal authority to be there. as you know, we are in a very complex situation. and i've been following all the legal administer the procedures joining with the state department and secret service and i have all those papers, and i gave them the notification in order to proceed, to get back our embassy. >> is that going to happen? >> that's going to happen but i'm doing this very -- >> bret: methodically. >> yes. i'm following all the international and legal rules because i understand we are not in the regular situation. but in the end of the day we will get back our embassy and will be back there soon. >> we will follow up about the situation on the ground.
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>> thank you very much for this opportunity. >> bret: up next, he helped found facebook with mark zuckerberg, chris hughes says it's time to break up the social media giants. fox 25, the city's new mayor is sworn in, bernard jack young takes office a week after predecessor catherine he resigned in the corruption investigation. students at the school where one teenager was killed and nine injured in tuesday's shootings walked out of a candlelight vigil after they said the event turned political. democratic senator michael bennet of colorado and congressman jason crow spoke about gun control at that event. several students shouted "mental-health" and stormed out of the event. the brady campaign to help gun violence helped organize the veil jewel vigil. our affiliate out there, the big story tonight that the authorities arrested a man after seizing more than a thousand guns from a mansion in a posh
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area of l.a. police and federal agents found stacks of hundreds of rifles and handguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition along with weapons manufacturing equipment. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway. "special report" will be right back. 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger. the only adventure gear built ford tough.
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>> bret: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein and said goodbye today. rosenstein appointed special counsel robert mueller to lead the investigation and supervise that probe. >> to those who taught me, those who worked beside me, those who stood behind me, i'm grateful for your friendship. and i'm thankful for your accomplishments. i leave here confident that justice is in good hands. >> bret: rosenstein had intended to leave the department in mid-march but stayed on for the completion of the mueller investigation. one of the founders of facebook says it's time to break up the social media giants, and chris hughes has plenty of company on capitol hill. here is correspondent gillian turner. >> if you are concerned about facebook and mark zuckerberg's monopoly on the social media industry, you're not alone. so was one of facebook's
3:26 pm
founders. chris hughes who helped launch the company is speaking out for the first time in years, along with a spate of recent privacy scandals, he is calling for an end to facebook as we know it, taking hits at his former company and cofounder. "mark's power is unprecedented and un-american. it's a time to break of facebook. mark is a good, kind person. but i'm angry he focused on growth, sacrificing security and stability for clicks." hughes said zuckerberg's desire for dominance shaped facebook into a company worth half a trillion dollars, takes up 80% of social media revenue worldwide. in the years since facebook acquired instagram and whatsapp, it's grown exponentially powerful and now poses a threat to american civil liberties union and national security. hughes says it's time for the government to step in. "mark may never have a boss, but he needs to have some check on his power." regulators on capitol hill couldn't agree more.
3:27 pm
>> facebook should be broken up because it has misused its monopoly power to stifle competition and subjugate innovation. >> he says he's disappointed in himself for not thinking more about how the new feed algorithm could change our culture, influence elections, and empower nationalist leaders. a facebook spokesperson tells fox news the company accepts the accountability that comes with their success. but at the same time, they say you cannot enforce accountability by calling for the breakup of a successful american company. they say zuckerberg has got meetings with government officials coming up this week. bret? >> bret: thank you. pope francis is putting nuns of the pope's latest effort to get a grip on a scandal that has rocked the world's catholics. up next, joe biden makes a move to the left. we'll explain how.
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3:32 pm
immigrants. >> regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented. >> bret: that's the most noteworthy thing he said about health care since... a confident biden is now wondering when contenders in single digits will start dropping out. biden says the time for a detailed discussion about policy will be next month's first debate, but elizabeth warren doesn't want to wait. she's on the cover of "time" magazine. time reports, her campaign is built on substance, not theatrics, and will throw in for the candidate who puts forth serious ideas to create change. president trump he believes his earlier attacks on war and her
3:33 pm
out of contention. now biden -- >> buttigieg! >> president trump argues he'd stumble on the world stage. speak representing us against president xi of china, that it be great. i want to watch that one. >> president's rally is in florida because he can do something that the democrats can't do next year. their focus is the primary, but the president can use daily he's been collecting since 2016 to focus on the general election already. bret? >> bret: peter, thank you. bernie sanders burgeoning his progressive credentials tonight, teaming up with congresswoman alexandra alexandria ocasio-cortez which would tap credit card rates at 50%. such a move would allow pork people to obtain credit poor people to obtain credit.
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>> i had no idea what was going to happen. i did last night in a very beautiful letter from president xi. let's work with each other, we've been losing $800 billion on trade. $800 billion! we are going to stop that. we've already started. >> we oppose the unilateral increase of terrorists. there is no winner in a trade war. it does not serve the interest of china, the u.s., the whole world. >> markets here in the u.s., globally, concerns about really this. in this meeting that's happening right now, just wrapping up,
3:39 pm
actually, the most important dinner in washington tonight. what happens with the u.s. and chinese trade negotiators, the chinese news agency's moving story saying that the chinese vice premier, says china believes raising tariffs not a solution to u.s. china problems. he's been saying that paris doesn't give us any indication what's happening behind closed doors. let's bring in our panel, start there. charles hurt, opinion editor for the washington "the washington times." amy stoddard, editor of real clear politics. met the content d, editor of "the washington free beacon" ." matthew, it seems like president trump is continuing to talk tough. doesn't seem like the chinese is re-figuring things. at least, not the indication we are getting at. >> there is a focus on the stock market, bret. in fact, there is more of this than the stock market. it's a fight over who defines the 21st century, the united states or china. in the midst of a trade war that began a couple of years ago, the
3:40 pm
trade war is just one component of a quickly emerging second cold war that has military dimensions, espionage dimensions, cyber dimensions, and ideological dimensions. this fight is just getting started, it's nowhere being concluded. >> bret: doesn't the president on capitol hill, ab, have the backing of his -- >> everything matthew has said is true and it's just a question of how long a game president trump can play. the political pressures and the timing of this, if you've noticed, the publicans on capitol hill about nafta in 2017 and about tariffs in 2018 were brought down the quiet in the discussions with the president. they met six months after the midterm elections, but senator grassley is talking to push back on section 232, the way you impose tariffs and international security criteria, the beginning of more public rumblings. now they are about to lose it.
3:41 pm
so the timing is right when we thought the chinese really wear at the table and then he threatened these new tariffs, now the deal really is falling apart. they are falling out of time on the electoral calendar. the farmers are hurting. the retaliatory tariffs on steel and aluminum against us are so devastating to political constituencies for publications that i think unless he brings the chinese back to the table, they are going to start to roll back this deal in aluminum tariffs. >> we are about five and a half hours away from the tariffs, 2.5 billion on chinese imports. >> if you read these statements from chinese officials, they make it very clear that these things do hurt. and that is, i think they probably -- nobody likes tariffs, or if you like free markets, you don't like tariffs. they are bad for china too. i talk to farmers a lot about
3:42 pm
this. and ab is right, they are taking it in shorts right now. it is across the country, enormous pain for them. at the same time, the next thing they say is that they also do want better markets. and this is what got donald trump elected. i think more than just about anything outside of immigration. this is an important issue. if donald trump can come up on the other end and make china squeal and get the uh, concessions that tribe quads, those farmers will be happy in the long run. >> bret: thank you for that. we'll put it in the lower third. speaking of that, i of iran is doing the same thing. president talking about iran and the tensions there.
3:43 pm
asked about it, going to be a military engagement. came back with this. >> what i'd see with iran, i'd like to see them call me. john kerry speaks with them a lot. john carey's tells them not to call. that's a violation of the logan act. frankly he should be prosecuted for that. he's had many phone calls and telling them what to do. >> bret: john kerry former secretary of state, former democratic nominee. his office released a statement saying everything that donald trump said today is wrong, end of story. bringing a nuclear agreement that solved the problem but we hope the president will focus on solving foreign policy problems instead of attacking his predecessors for theater. who is right here, matthew? speak i think there are concerns about some of the meetings that john kerry may have had with the iranian foreign minister. and the content of what those discussions were.
3:44 pm
this takes place in the context of iran really struggling under the latest round of sanctions, the designation of the irc as a terrorist organization. they are going to start spending the centrifuges again if europe doesn't play. that's nuclear blackmail, and exactly the reason why the letter states nafta deal a year ago this week. >> bret: before anybody knows, the logan act is whatever citizen indirectly or directly carries out correspondence or interest with the intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government of any other officer or agent thereof in relation to any disputes or controversies with the united states or defeats the measurement measures of the united states.
3:45 pm
it was mentioned about michael flynn and the president mentions it now. >> the president accused michael flynn in the transition of 2017 -- 2016, i'm sorry. >> bret: although he was in coming national security advisor. >> at the time he was accused of violating the logan act. this is obviously there have been discussions and they keep hearing about john kerry informing mike pompeo about his discussions still a major irritant to the president. but right now if you look across the board, the great news is that mr. shanahan is going to be the secretary of defense. he was nominated to be no longer acting after five months, three wars and to go other potential conflicts. that's really important that civility comes in. a report today that there was a secret meeting with the cia about iran with mike boynton,
3:46 pm
gina haspel, mike pompeo. we are not sure what the white house's message that they intentionally got out at the displeasure of john bolton's stands was the policy on iran is right now. the world is watching, the administration is to find a way to speak with one voice. they are being accused by democrats of provoking iran. >> bret: you are chuckling over there. >> but donald trump, he has a way that she likes to remind people who it was who got it in the right in the first place for that's why he likes to bring up john kerry. but he's always campaigning and i think he always understands that chinese and iran, they are both wondering wow, is this win elections, can we possibly wait them out? i think he instinctively understands that he wants this to be part of the next campaign. so he's campaigning on it right now. >> part of the message of john kerry and joe biden oversees is, hey, give us some
3:47 pm
time. it's going to be another democratic president soon. >> if that's not a violation of the logan act, i don't know what is. >> is not our behavior that's provocative, it's iran's behavior that is provocative. >> as he stands accused, he and his officials -- both of them provoking the iranians, i think they should have an answer about what the goal is. is it regime change? i think we should know soon. >> bret: we still don't know. this is going to be a lightning round for the next panel. but next up, 2020. joe biden veers left. gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here? get the ford ranger.
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>> bret: president trump going to a all 22 of them to get on the bait stage in june. the qualifications are as follows as right now, these are the calendar candidates who qualify. 65,000 individual donors, these are ones who qualify with polls as they stand and the ones who are not yet qualify. that'll be a big debate stage in june. a lot of focus on this health care question for biden. listen. >> anyone who is in a situation, regardless whether there they are documented or undocumented. >> bret: here's the question. matthew, was he saying emergency rooms for illegal immigrants? it was unclear. then he started talking about clinics. so if he is talking about
3:53 pm
coverage, actual coverage for illegal immigrants, that's in a different place. >> its coverage he's talking about, we are in burning land. this he's doing very well now and the democratic primaries. problem is in two weeks, he's delivered two statements that's going to cost them real trouble in the general election. the first one is when we are waging political and economic war against this country, the people of china, are good people. the second gaffe came today, when he left it open that he's for health insurance for illegal immigrants. >> bret: is he going left? we heard from amy klobuchar, she's going the center lane. >> i think she did well. she was affable, acceptable, answer for everything.
3:54 pm
there's always a bill. the audience responded to her they were clapping throughout and really engage with her and i think she tried her best. but no one is hungry for a moderate. in the course of trying to keep this competition at bay and remain the front runner, he's going to dig into some rabbit holes. on immigration, the whole party, the driving energy of the party's prior to immigrant rights that's out of step with the mainstream of the country. i think that's going to -- i don't know if it's accidental, but that is going to be -- be when the biggest achilles' heel in the general? >> absolutely. still the conventional wisdom around here is that biden is the perfect match up against trump, but what we are seeing, he's tries his folksy thing, but he's said a lot of stupid things. and while donald trump says things that shocks people around here, he's pretty good at
3:55 pm
staying on message and saying the same thing over and over and over again and not giving up the field. >> bret: will have time to talk about this democratic field. when we come back, panel, making a lifelong dream come true. [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ when didwhen i needed ton? jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at
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♪ >> bret: finally tonight come a baseball team welcomes a special new member. >> 95-year-old ernest decker crossed an item off his bucket list on tuesday. the world war ii vet and former preacher was chosen to throughout the first pitch at the cleveland indians game. the tribe with missing particle of its starters for the game. he said he was prepared to stick around of the indians needed his help. cleveland could have used that help, losing to lycan zero. without world war ii vet was the winner, just days from the 75th
4:00 pm
anniversary of d-day. congratulations. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. they are, balanced, still unafraid. "the story," guest hosted by ed henry, begins now. >> ed: good to see you. tonight, president trump on offense taking a right to democrat jerry nadler, saying the head of the house judiciary panel is harming the country. remember, nadler first charge attorney general william barr was engaged in a cover-up are not immediately turning over the entire mueller report. and then barr turned over almost the entire report, and nadler was still not satisfied. now he is trying to hold the attorney general in contempt. >> and now guys like jerry nadler, who i thought for many years, successfully i might add, back in new york and manhattan. he was a manhattan congressman. i beat him all the time. and i come to washington, and now i have to beat him again. over nothing, over nothing. over a hoax appeared to be one, i