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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 10, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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five days. >> julie: it works out. >> bill: to my mom at home, happy mother's day. >> julie: happy mother's day. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump firing back at former fbi director james comey's comments in a growing showdown. over the mueller report. he's weighing in on the justice department's probe in the origins of the russia investigation that he helped launch. this is "outnumbered" on a friday. i'm melissa francis. here today as host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, the aforementioned kennedy. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. fox news business anchor, dagen mcdowell. and sirius xm host, fox news contributor, and a host of reality check on the fox nation skimming service, we love that mug, david webb. he is "outnumbered" but not really. >> lisa: that is some great
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advertising. >> david: i'm even wearing the red! >> melissa: could the print that says "reality check" be any bigger? >> david: it could be. i have a giant beer stein coming next. >> melissa: [laughs] let's get to it. i love it. all right, former fbi chief james comey appearing at a cnn town hall last night two years after president trump fired him. he is saying that he believes robert mueller's findings would have resulted in obstruction charges if president trump were not in office. watch this. >> do you think you should be charged when he's out of office? based on what mueller has shown. >> i think the justice department will have to take a serious look at that. whether it's a wise thing to do to a former president, i don't know. that's a harder and much bigger question than the facts of the case. >> but you think the evidence is there to prosecute? >> it sure looks like it, with
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respect to the episodes of obstruction. >> melissa: president trump heading back on twitter, saying, "james comey is a disgrace of the fbi and will go down as the worst director in its long and once-proud history. he brought the fbi down. almost all republicans and democrats i should be fired but the fbi will regain greatness because of the great men and women who work there!" , he also says he does not believe that general michael horowitz's investigation will fight any wrongdoing by him or if it's at the fbi. the president in a recent interview with our own catherine herridge slamming officials over what he says was biased against them. >> i think but they should be focusing on is how this mess started. how did this whole investigation start? i think it is corrupt as hell and i think what's happened between comey and mccabe and brennan and all of these people, and it strzok and his lover, lisa page, this tremendous thing
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that people want to find out. and they really want to find out. and i hope they are going to. >> melissa: he appears to have no regrets about how the russia probe was launched. listen. >> are you confident you did everything by the book and the fbi, the people around you, did everything by the book? >> yes. no doubt in my mind, but that doesn't mean i'm against review of it. that's totally fine. >> so you think they will find nothing inappropriate? >> at least not that i know of. if they do, they do. they should be transparent about it. >> melissa: i don't know, that seems like a little head to there! "at least not that i know of." "no bank robbery has happened, at least i know of." that's a good qualifier. what you think, david? >> david: comey has to set the stage for what happens because it's not just him, but the inspector general's report will open up a can of worms on lisa strzok -- page, rather. peter strzok. we mix them up, they were
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lovers. according to the president, bruce and nellie ohr -- who nobody has paid attention to, the ties to fusion gps, and the fisa warrant page one which comey signed off on. that's what he's got to be worried. >> melissa: dagen, blockbuster article in "the hill" talking about this memo that went out from the deputy assistant secretary of state who said she had sat down with him and found i'm not credible. he had all kinds of crazy facts, he talked about the russian consulate in miami where the police they were organizing out of. no place like that exists. he had some basic checkable facts, where things are wrong. she sent a memo saying, "do not trust this guy," before the dossier was used as a fisa warrant. for the very first time. then they signed off on it. the report has been corroborated and used in criminal
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proceedings. that is christopher steele. and they are unaware of any derogatory information relating to their informant. thus the important part. they were aware of derogatory information. they have the own deputy assistant secretary of state sing his life. >> dagen: let's be clear about this, this is a warrant to spy on a member of the presidential campaign using a document that was unverified. and we know it's largely discredited. it was paid for by the said presidential candidate's opponent. and jim comey had the gall and the nerve and the stupidity to say that he didn't know the clinton campaign and the dnc paid for it? he said he only found that out through the media. roast most recently he told brer that when his book came out. in the rules, the fbi cited "news reports," that u.s. intelligence officials were investigating allegations similar to the christopher steele ones. it turned out that christopher steele admitted in
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u.k. proceedings in the spring of 2017 that he had briefed the report, that he had essentially planted the very story that they were using to assert steele's credibility. there is so much wrong with this. i don't know why jim comey stayed on a cfa director. even "the wall street journal" editorial page warrant the president, "do not keep them on. he's a sanctimonious spotlight-seeking individual who abuses his power." be when he actually told bret baier he still doesn't know if the dnc paid for it. "i still don't know that for sure." he's covering himself because he would've had to go back and update the fisa warrant, we learned, to say they know it comes from the dnc or from opposition research. in a lot of ways he was covering himself. he's also covering himself by trashing rod rosenstein. listen to this and i will get both your reactions. >> i think people like that, like rod rosenstein, people of
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accomplishment but not real sterling character, strong character, they find themselves trapped. they start to make little compromises to stay on the team, echo his words, use the term "spying," talk about pollution, or just be silent, thinking, "that's what i need to do to survive." in the process, he has eaten their soul. >> david: [laughs] you want he munches on moral fiber every morning for breakfast, comey. >> lisa: this is the guy the inspector general said was insubordinate and flouted protocols while he was at the helm of the fbi. we also know this is a guy who wrote the exoneration, drafted the exoneration letter about hillary clinton before finishing the investigation into her. yet, he used false information, information me and it was false. potentially russian disinformation, to obtain a fisa warrant against a trump campaign official. if you look at that juxtaposition, it tells you everything you need to know about comey.
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what i'm interested in learning -- and i'm hoping the inspector general gets to the bottom of this -- this much the russia investigation, how much of the basis was based on the dossier. that's what i want to know. i've mentioned this before on the show, that the fbi says the investigation was launched because of papadopoulos, his conversation with donner, but we know they had previously talked to christopher steele prior to launching the investigation. that's what i really want to know. i also want to know at what point these investigators knew that there was no there there with the dossier. and why they continued with the investigation. >> melissa: and mccabe testified they couldn't have gotten the fisa warrant without the dossier. that's what he testified before. >> kennedy: there was no way. the moscow station chief, the cia moscow station chief who works for the united states government, he said he knew that the dossier was garbage. that it was essentially baseless. bob would emerge, for two years, had been screaming that christopher steele was questionable. but so was the dossier. there are a couple of questions
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i have. number one, james comey was in charge of the fbi. the letter i stands for the investigation and he couldn't do basic investigatory work. in terms of the dossier is, find out who were the people involved. who did steele talk to? steele was working with the fbi paid that gets glossed over when we talk about this. what was his relationship with the fbi customer quote was he paid? what other projects was he working on? obviously james comey knows about that. i know he is trying to kind of temper everything and seem like the good guy, but his excuses are wearing very thin, and christopher wray better be careful. i don't know that he has change the culture enough in order to re-instill that trust that america needs to have in this top law enforcement organization. the other thing, comey, not a cop. law enforcement officers hate it when >> melissa: has referred to as a cop. he does not have a law enforcement background. he was never a police officer. >> dagen: but it was his
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background of the justice department. "the wall street journal" wrote an editorial in president obama picked them to run the fbi in 2013. going through his prosecutorial abuses. whether it was for an courtroom, or stephen hatfield, the falsely-accused individual. the anesthetic anthrax mill at. the guy -- how much more attention does he need? will he go on "naked and afraid" or "celebrity big brother?" speed when i think he will run to office, if i have to bet. it's october 21st 21st 2016 toe fisa judges that the reporting had been corroborated and used in criminal proceedings before. he was determined reliable by the fbi. even after he had been fired. >> kennedy: but the use that circular reasoning with the michael messick off reporting's. that steele had planted with
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him. and steele is like, "yep, see?" [laughter] >> dagen: is the inspector general looking at that? >> melissa: he helped founded facebook as mark zuckerberg's start down my college roommate but he says the company needs to be broken up. by the cofounder is speaking up now, as facebook fights back. plus, the crisis at the border, more urgent needs from the border chief. will congress act? our lawmakers listening? >> right now, i'm using my operational budget to fund this humanitarian mission. at all costs, the border security mission, the mission we were hired for, is suffering. ♪ balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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the latest inisn't just a store.ty it's a save more with a new kind of wireless network store. it's a look what your wifi can do now store. a get your questions answered by awesome experts store. it's a now there's one store that connects your life like never before store. the xfinity store is here. and it's simple, easy, awesome. >> this humanitarian mission is having a negative impact on our national security.
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as i'm happy to pull my men and women away from a 40% of the time is being spent dealing with taking care of these families, processing the families. we need a lot more resources across the board. we need a fix to this. border patrol can't do this alone. i need congress to act. >> kennedy: she is absolutely right. that's carla provost, the border patrol chief. leading for congress to act in this surge of migrants of the border. it is the highest in more than a decade. this, as ice has already released 168,000 migrant family members into the u.s. this fiscal year. a pilot program showing a staggering 80% of them skipping their court dates. the number of arrivals likely to keep spiking as the border situation deteriorates. border chief provost also citing thousands of cases of fraud this year, seeing it sad that migrants are exploiting children to get across the board because family units get released into the u.s. meanwhile, customs and border protection commissioner beating the drum for more funding earlier today.
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watch. >> right now the emergency supplemental that was put forth some of the four and half billion dollars, is a top priority. we have invested in soft sided facilities to augment the facilities that were outdated. transportation, sustenance for the migrants in our care, moving nearly 1,000 agents and officers throughout the seven border. we need funding to address all those needs. >> kennedy: this is a tough thing to do under good circumstances, but this is really overwhelming some of those agencies. they made the public plea. they are trying to treat these family members as humanely as possible. what can you do when you have people like aoc saying, "not one more dime for this is administration?" there has to be disconnect between how you feel about the president and helping people at the border who are in need. >> david: there isn't a disconnect for the democrats and the open borders card. to be there till mike fair, those in the republican party
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want the open borders for a variety of reasons. >> kennedy: i wanted them, by the way. i'm not a republican, but i'm differently for human beings deciding where they want to go and when. >> david: well, great. except i have one question for all of the people who want this to be open. make the economic argument for illegal immigration when it comes to wage suppression, when it comes to supplanting labor in communities, especially at the lower rungs of the income ladder. make the argument for resources being used, for multiple languages, for medical, for all of this. not at the border, not at detention centers, but in communities around america. we do think those 148,000 people go? >> kennedy: the term used was "illegal." but it what if you have legal immigration? that's where congress has to act. we have to decide how many people we are willing to allow them to the and what we expect of people who are coming here.
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>> melissa: i will make the economic argument. you talk about more people coming in, we have more consumers, more workers, a bigger economy. the problem is they have to be texas. the larger problem is we can't have open borders and the liberal social welfare system. we either have to slam the doors and then we can give out everything, we open the border and we have to stop giving away the store. one thing i hadn't heard before, we had rodney scott, the san diego chief patrol agent. the border patrol agent. he said that right now only 6% of the people across are claiming asylum. because they don't need to any longer with his argument. that they were coming in with children and recycling the children. >> david: the renter-a-kid program. >> dagen: he said a lot of the problem all my children are being abandoned once had been across twice. just left there. >> david: he found an 8-year-old or something wandering with a number on his sneaker. he really realize what this crisis is? >> lisa: we do need more funding, but that's not the
9:20 am
solution. that's only going to deal with the problems that we are currently facing. you have to stop the stem and the flow. that is going to create -- that needs congressional action, not just money. >> kennedy: what can congress do, specifically? >> lisa: for instance, the flora's decree. which limits amount of time they can be detained together. remember, president trump faced a lot of criticism over the family separation. the bow "washington post" reported in the three months after that, there were dramatic increases the family units crossing the border. an 80% increase in families crossing the border because the system is being gamed. we know this even with the recent report of a guatemalan man indicted by a federal court for human trafficking. what he did was he paid a family, $130 to rent his son. he told them the reason he did so scared it's easier to cross the border if you're part of a family unit. we also know that according to recent pilot programs 87% of released families were not able to track them down.
9:21 am
they are not showing up for the court date. >> kennedy: let me take issue with that, because my feeling is if you want to come to this country, show up for court. if you want to be part of the system, i don't have a problem with that at all. you are right about the entitlement state. we have to shrink it. we can't have a conversation while we are talking about a $32 trillion medicare for all program over ten years. you have to shrink entitlements in this country because not everyone who lives on the planet is entitled to what we have. >> david: where you are idea fails is that when you get to the states that decide they are going to give state benefits to the illegals and fight the federal government, it doesn't matter. because the incentive is still there to come here by any means necessary. >> dagen: to your point, with hearts that we have this big hole in medicare and the trust fund goes broke, to increase legal immigration for the people paying into the system and let's keep this chain letter going a little bit longer. but i want to point this out, because you were talking about solutions. but congress has been the
9:22 am
problem. there was a law pastor at the end of the bush administration that basically slowed the ability of sending miners back to noncontiguous countries. we can't send them back as fast as those who come in from mexico and canada. >> lisa: the unaccompanied minors. >> dagen: that eats effect as well. i want to put this on the democrat. now they are going to be the party of putting women and children at risk. if they won't give this administration funding to handle this humanitarian crisis of the border, because they tried to lay that on the administration -- in some ways, rightfully last year, with the family separation problem -- but now it's on them. >> lisa: but even if you look at the recent agreement over dhs funding, section 224c, it gives deportation amnesty to potential sponsors that it unaccompanied minors. or that are with unaccompanied minors. the problem is it depends on how
9:23 am
the funding is structured as well, that we are not continuing to tie the hands of law enforcement. >> kennedy: you have to look at what is being incentivized. if the gray economy is the incentive, that's wonderful. to your point, there were people working and paying sales tax -- >> melissa: and consuming. >> david: but we spend $134 billion a year at the federal state and local levels. and it's a growing problem. the number has grown since it was put out on illegal aliens in this country. that is borne by the taxpayers. no matter how much you pay income if you're consuming more in resources, if he were taking multiple -- >> melissa: we are talking about the people who are legal paying taxes. >> dagen: they didn't do a thing about starving the sanctuary cities. >> lisa: i think we will solve this. i'm really confident. >> kennedy: added son. backlash from the president an end fellow republicans after the senate until chair subpoenas donald trump jr. whether he should have to testify again on russia even after cooperating with the mueller probe, and one happened if you want.
9:24 am
plus, the u.s. and china back to the negotiating table for trade talks after they hiked them as promised and china threatens retaliation. what it means for the economy and for the consumer. that's next. >> we believe a deal as possible. what president trump has made clear is we think we are in a very strong position either way. ♪ cestry is celebrating all the one-of-a-kind women we call "mom." with an engaging new experience... ...ancestrydna can help her uncover her history... tell a story as unique as she is. order a kit for mom (or dad) at it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods child guard pack helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. to close, twist until it clicks. tide pods child guard packaging.
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>> i happen to think that tariffs for our country are very powerful. we are the piggy bank that everybody steals from, including china. i have been paying china $500 billion a year for many, many years. china rebuilt their country because of us. we are not going to be taken advantage of anymore. >> melissa: president trump on china as we watch the markets with the u.s. and chinese negotiators wrapping up another bout of high-stakes trade talks today, after hours after the increased tariffs kicked in.
9:29 am
the chubb administration more than doubling tariffs from ten to 25%. these products imported from china, saying beijing reneged on commitments regarding theft of intellectual property. trade secrets, and currency mutilation. the president tweeting earlier, "tariffs will make a country much stronger, not weaker. just sit back and watch." don't like in the meantime, china should not renegotiate deals with the u.s. at the last minutes. this is not the obama administration or the administration of sleepy joe, who let china get away with murder!" but china's commerce ministry is going to retaliate, saying, "tiny deeply regrets that they will have to take necessary countermeasures, a high-level trade consultations are underway. it is hoped that the u.s. and chinese side will work together, and work together to resolve existing problems the
9:30 am
cooperation and consultation." dagen, he is kind of boiling it down for people. it has been the easy and sort of lazy thing to do, to get cheap chinese goods that we love in exchange for letting them steal our intellectual property. it's been sort of the easy thing to do and what the government has done for a long time. turning that around is like starting to work out if you have been sitting on the couch for 200 years. it's very, very difficult. >> dagen: it is difficult. i think almost everyone is in agreement that china does force -- they do steel or intellectual property. country's foreign would have been dealing with this on their own. from company to government. the issue at hand is how you change the relationship and tariffs are the weapon to use in the situation. with 25% tariffs going from 10% to 25% on the $200 billion in goods, and potentially 25% on
9:31 am
every dollar we import from china, this is a weapon. we ultimately get the win. these tariffs will stick around, and everyone. i want to be clear about something -- the piggy bank is talking about, that's the united states businesses and u.s. consumers. because we have the ones who pay the tariffs. china does not pay them. >> melissa: let me push back on that for second. >> dagen: that's a fact. >> melissa: i understand what you're saying but there's another way to look at it. i was thinking this morning on the way income i was listening to the radio and they had a local news reporter saying, "if you cost this backpack at the beginning of school, cost $25. with the tariffs it'll cost you 25% more." and they do the math if you get it from china. i thought about that last part. "if you get it from china." eight look on amazon or anywhere else, you have a choice of what you buy. you can buy from somewhere else. if i buy from amazon it comes in from china, they spray it with something as it comes through customs. i don't like that. i've stopped buying stuff from china because i don't want it.
9:32 am
>> kennedy: it's those things that everybody wants to buy american, but they cover the bargains are. japan doesn't have the number -- >> melissa: india! >> kennedy: that's a problem. the part scouting the short term is china has set up an infrastructure where american companies can easily go over and manufacture their goods. it's cheaper, it's better for the margin on u.s. products. american consumers like cheaper stuff. that's just the way it is. you are not going to change people's behavior with good intentions. but there's a difference between that and we actually have to do something and put pressure on china about the intellectual property theft. that is not okay. joe biden is saying that china is not a big threat. "we don't have to worry about them, they are not going to out muscle us in economic terms." but we don't know that. they've got a 20-year plan and an authoritarian presidency. so they don't have to answer to
9:33 am
the electorate the way we do. >> melissa: one thing i would say about what kennedy said, a lot of earnings calls this quarter and for people who have gone overseas to do their deal due diligence, they realize it may or may not work out so they switch their manufacturing over to india and other places alrea. there is less concern among the business community over with the workaround is going to be because they have already gotten one. they've already cut out china. >> lisa: i will you guys address the business aspect. i look at the political dynamics because that's my background. the way i look at this, china -- i assume they are probably betting on the fact of the 2020 elections are coming up, betting on the fact that president trump is going to want to make a deal. because we know farmers are feeling the ramifications of this trade dispute with china. >> kennedy: that's why -- >> lisa: they've been very strategic going after particular e.g. goods like soybeans, which impacts a lot of states. you look at senators from states
9:34 am
like iowa. iowa. joni ernst has expressed her concern over the impact. speech i never thought it would leave -- >> lisa: i have one more point. >> dagen: you know, i never thought the president of the united states, as a republican, would brag about recent taxes on people. >> lisa: do you mind if i finish my point real quick? does your quick, david. china also took out an insert in "the des moines register," basically trying to undermine trade, or trump on trade. talking about the impact and i would. we know they are targeting this politically. david? >> david: you need a mechanism in order to make china change baby. the wto is not going to do it. china's economy is not as strong as they say it is. they have their own problems, including in the indian ocean are most commerce transit, and with india, the other economies you mentioned. knowing that we need a mechanism. the tariff talks are part of that. 1% of our gdp growth in this
9:35 am
past quarter can be attributed to the changes in this battle with china over parity. we've got to get to parity, and you need a mechanism. >> melissa: chris hughes helped found facebook and it made him a very rich man, but now he says the social media giant has to be broken up, cleaning, claiming mark zuckerberg's power is unprecedented and un-american. why he is speaking out now and how facebook is hitting back. speak of the best way to hold a company accountable is competition. what keeps happening now is there's another privacy scandal or another election scandal, seemingly every week. at least every month. and people get outraged. ♪ ♪
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>> melissa: we are getting breaking news right now from the chairman of the house committee -- the judicial committee, talking about that robert mueller will not appear next week. we heard he might come before and testify and take questions next week, now that is not
9:40 am
happening. also, we have no time horizon on when the house will consider the contempt citation for barr. they said it will not happen next week, it'll be soon enough, that was the quote. neither of those actions we were looking to may become before the house next week are going to happen. dagen? >> dagen: it is a big know from facebook. the world's largest social media company flatly rejecting cofounder chris hughes' call to break itself up, while one senator is asking for an antitrust probe. hughes, a former harvard remade a facebook ceo and founder mark zuckerberg, says his power is "unprecedented, and un-american." and that the company needs to be reined in. >> i think we have a long tradition in america of holding power accountable. after all, our constitution is built on checks and balances. sometimes folks in the private sector who are ceos of companies just get too big. just like we've done with
9:41 am
standard oil, at&t, we say, "this is a monopoly, the market is frozen, there is no competition, and there is no accountability." and the government needs to step in and break it up. >> dagen: with the company sing any statement, "facebook accepts that with success comes accountability, but you don't enforce accountability by calling for the breakup of a successful american company. accountability of tech companies can only be achieved through the painstaking introduction of new rules for the internet. that is exactly what mark zuckerberg has called for." meantime, senator mike, the republican who chairs the banking committee and the top democrat, sherrod brown, want facebook to answer questions about the data sharing practices and consumer privacy protections. plus, the mechanic senator richard blumenthal wants antitrust investigation >> facebook should be broken up because it has misused its monopoly power to stifle
9:42 am
competition and subjugate innovation. >> dagen: david, where do you think this goes? elizabeth calling for breakup. clearly there's a problem because facebook has not been good at self regulating so so . >> david: may be just being more of a realist, neither side is going to do a darn thing about facebook. they really aren't. you see here, mr. stallone valor, he was a field attorney general. elizabeth warren is going to feel under presidential bid. republicans and democrats don't want to go into election season with a fight with facebook, that's what's going to happen. if you want the reason why this happens versus other companies, when you say they are too big and that you have to break them up, between the different apps were looking at, between facebook and whatsapp and instagram, you have 3 billion people. mark zuckerberg alone controls 60% of the voting share.
9:43 am
so he can be unchallenged when he designs or decides an algorithm should show people their newsfeed, what shows up in your newsfeed. for 3 billion people, you have this one person who has total control of the algorithms and what people see when they think they are getting news off of facebook. and they are just not treated like a media company. they act like they are something else, but that -- they wouldn't let that go on in media. >> dagen: they say they are not a media company because they actually have liability cover from the 95 communications and decency act. that they can be sued for libel for the contact that is on the site. so that our media company and people should be able to see them, but they can't based on the existing law. >> kennedy: that's interesting, because we are talking about facebook as though it's the most relevant platform.
9:44 am
if you have conversations and people come a lot of people have stopped using it altogether. and that since the market is deciding for the company's very big, but i don't mind this "too big to fail" nonsense. i don't necessarily like it here, i didn't like it in 2008. i'm also not a fan of antitrust laws. if people don't like facebook they shouldn't use it. that sort of pressure forces other companies to come up with better platforms. if you want to know how social media works, talk to a 13-year-old. it's very, very fickle. they are changing platforms constantly. i don't think you can find a middle school are in this country who talks about faceboo facebook. >> kennedy: don't ask me if it's no longer cool. when i find interesting about all this having worked in polling on the data side of things little bit, facebook really came under the cross hairs with the cambridge analytica revelations and the way that adam was harvested. but if you go back to the obama years in the 2012 campaign, they were allotted for essentially doing the same thing
9:45 am
consumer debt it so easily purchasable, you don't even need facebook to acquire a lot of that information. political campaigns weaponize or use that information all the time to target voters. you can even go on facebook's on a platform and target voters specifically based on the information facebook acquires from users. >> dagen: facebook and google combined control the vast majority of internet advertisin advertising. >> kennedy: let's move to the woods! [laughs] >> dagen: we don't know whether hands are paid by the become of their facing a $3 billion or $5 billion fine. >> kennedy: that's his hoodie budget, that's a drop in the bucket. [laughter] >> dagen: i can get in david's shot! test when he thought the russia probe was starting to wind down, controversy over the decision by a republican-led committee to
9:46 am
subpoena donald trump do need to testify yet again. one democratic senator even warning that don jr. should be locked up if he doesn't comply. reaction from the sofa ahead. >> if he fails to answer, he ought to be put in jail. if he fails to comply with the lawful subpoena, he has no -- (grunti)g i'll take that. (cheering) 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar ensure. for strength and energy. take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn. so you don't have to stash antacids here... here... or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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>> i was very surprised. i thought richard bruce saying there was no collusion to a few weeks ago. my son, after being exonerated, to know get a subpoena? to go again, and speak again after close to 20 hours of telling everybody that would listen about a nothing meeting? yeah, i'm pretty surprised. >> lisa: president trump wing and among a growing intraparty battle after republican chair of the committee, richard burr, subpoena donald trump jr. to testify once again. they've been looking to interference in the last few years, and republican john cornyn also splitting with burr over the subpoena to don jr. others like senator susan collins are standing behind the senate intelligence chair. >> mr. trump jr. has cooperated
9:51 am
extensively with the committee. i can understand his frustration at being asked to come back. it's not about finding facts, this smacks of politics. i think we have an important job to do to try and keep the intelligence committee out of politics and just keep yourself focused on our mission. >> i believe that senator burr has been a very good chairman, he has been an excellent at conducting this investigation. i'm sure the report that we produce is going to be comprehensive and fair. >> lisa: david, mueller found no collusion. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell gave a speech thing case closed. so why isn't this close for senator richard burr? >> david: i've no idea. why doesn't he just come out as a democrat? let's call it what it is. if you look at his history, this is someone who clearly falls more along the liberal line then the conservative line. susan collins, i don't know.
9:52 am
maybe she is searching for relevance. but you have a report, maybe they should give him a copy of "mueller report for dummies" to read. it was laid out. a member william barr said? "no collusion by term, any member of his campaign, or no american." that's a finite cement. takes a while to read it, but apparently the staffers are not reading it. this is politics. this is going after trump, which burr wants a concert we do. it's not his first action, it's not his last. >> kennedy: he may be contradicting himself. who knows? if there's nothing there and he in fact -- if the subpoena is actualized and he goes before the senate intelligence committee and they don't find anything, then you've got to stop the politicking. but if there really is a question there, and they found some sort of statement of his that doesn't chime jive with r, he has to answer for that.
9:53 am
>> david: mitch mcconnell can kill this. he should kill the subpoena. enough. he should. i don't know if if you will, be should. it's time. we have governments, we have business to do with. we have a national security problem on the border. we are dealing with trade deals. give a breakdown of venezuela. we are deploying carrier strike groups. we've got a lot going on in this country. we have a report that has made a determination. it is they are. at no on. >> dagen: do you really score political points by going after the president's son who doesn't even work in the white house? >> lisa: he's not running for reelection so i suppose -- i assume if he was he wouldn't. >> david: they get very brave when they are not running for reelection. >> dagen: whether they win the say that, his committee -- when he is up next. >> lisa: one aspect is michael cohen said he told don jr. about the trump tower project at least ten times. don jr. told congress he had only heard about it
9:54 am
peripherally. that's something they should look into. or has this already been exhausted? >> david: how would you even get it through court? when you got michael cohen, a disgraced witness in many ways. go back to the trump tower meeting. here's what happened at the meeting. nothing. they were emailing his assistant, "get me out of this meeting." nothing invalid was given. just like any of the campaign, somebody says they have something, it goes nowhere. on top of that, mueller devoted hundreds of hours to that meeting. but how much did he devote to christopher steele on >> kennedy: they have the opportunity to issue further indictments before he closes the report, and he didn't. don jr., if you broke the law, could have been indicted. >> lisa: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. don't tell your mother. dad, it's fine. we have allstate. and with claimrateguard they won't raise your rates just because of a claim. that's why you're my favorite... i know.
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>> kennedy: thinks too much of the glorious david webb. you can catch him on our streaming service, fox nation.
9:59 am
go to and figure out how you can get in there. his show was called "reality check." you can start watching for free. tell us about your show, it sounds amazing. >> david: we are having fun. i brought a mug. i'm bringing you a stand, you will get the first sign. this is about taking a reality check. life is not all politics. the former nfl player no hitting up the opportunities on project, dr. carson, cabinet secretaries. we will continue to reach out to kelly on conway. these are issues that matter to all americans. yesterday had my friend john jordan on to talk about china and terrace. he understands national security and economy. so we've got to do with these issues. as educated americans. this weekend in arizona we are going to have a product dog party. meet me at the w hotel, tuesday night. i get in on monday. ed herron, tom shillue , pete, the gang.
10:00 am
party in scottsdale. i'll be there! >> kennedy: we are back monday at noon eastern. now here is melissa francis and farris in for harris! >> melissa: who develop and submit the growing showdown of the mueller report. let's get a "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. just a short time ago, house judiciary chairman jerry nadler saying special counsel robert mueller will not be testifying next week and the house also won't be considering the contempt charge against the attorney general william barr. they will be doing next week, but will "be doing it soon enough." this all coming as we get a reaction, as former fbi director james comey defends his handling of the investigation as the justice department's inspector general investigates the fbi's actions during the 2016 campaign. comey is saying


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